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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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DOXEY Families

Over 1,000 DOXEY entries from the Wirksworth Parish Registers 1608-1899 have been divided up into families and listed here. Each family is numbered, and listed in chronological order. Entries without a family number have not been allocated yet. These are usually Burials without an age to identify them. Eventually it is hoped families will be linked with each other and with the Census. If you need an Index, then click on INDEX.
The first number of the entry is the Family number. For the meaning of the rest of the entry, see: Layout. The author is only human, if you spot a mistake please contact:

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Entries allocated to families 1-194

1 B 1621sep03 DOCKSEY Infant of William/
1 B 1621oct01 DOCKSEE Mary(wife)William/

2 M 1622jul02 DOCKSEE William/CHADDOCKE Isabell 2 C 1627jun13 DOCKSEE Mary=(dau)William/ 2 C 1629dec27 DOCKSEY Thomas=(son)William/ 2 C 1632apr19 DOCKSEY Elizabeth=(dau)William/ 2 B 1633oct27 DOCKSEY Elizabeth(dau)William/ 2 C 1634aug17 DOCKSEY Dawrathy=(dau)William/ 2 C 1638jan28 DOCKSEY Ann=(dau)William/ 2 B 1638apr13 DOCKSEY Ann(dau)William/ 2 C 1639aug20 DOCKSEY Ann=(dau)William/ 2 C 1643feb19 DOCKSEY Abraham=(son)William/ 2 B 1647feb25 DOCKSEY Izabell(wife)William/ 2 B 1648mar21 DOCKSAYE Ann(dau)William/
3 M 1631jun08 DOCKSY Thomas/HUNT Ellen 3 B 1632jul27 DOCKESEY Infant ofThomas/ 3 C 1633sep18 DOCKSEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/ 3 B 1633dec01 DOCKSEY Thomas(son)Thomas/ 3 C 1635may03 DOCKSEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/ 3 C 1638jul08 DOCKSEY Ann=(dau)Thomas/ 3 C 1640aug12 DOCKSEY Robeart=(son)Thomas/ 3 C 1643oct15 DOCKSEY John=(son)Thomas/ 3 C 1646may03 DOCKSEY William=(son)Thomas/ 3 C 1651aug31 DOXSE Richard=(son)Thomas/ 3 B 1661aug25 DOXCI Thomas(son)Thomas/ 3 B 1661aug25 DOXCI Robeart(son)Thomas/
4 M 1632oct14 DOCKSEY Jane/FROGGET Richard
5 M 1654oct19 DOXSIE Thomas/GRATRIX Mary 5 C 1655oct07 DOXCIE William=(son)Thomas/ 5 B 1664jan10 DOCKSEY William(son)Thomas/ 5 B 1665mar15 DOCKSEY Thomas(son)Thomas/ 5 B 1680dec22 DOXIE Mary(wife)Thomas/(Middleton)
6 M 1665jan16 DOCKSEY Abraham/CAMPION Mary 6 C 1666apr22 DOCKSEY Fillicia=(dau)Abraham/(Middleton) 6 B 1668feb11 DOCKSEY Felicia(dau)Abraham/(Middleton) 6 C 1668mar25 DOXEY William=(son)Abraham/(Wirksworth) 6 B 1673dec11 DOXY Abraham(Midleton)
7 M 1669apr20 DOXEY John/NADIN Ann 7 C 1672may22 DOXY Thomas=(son)John/(Midleton) 7 C 1675jan31 DOXEY Mary=(dau)John/(Midleton) 7 C 1677jun20 DOXIE William=(son)John/(Middleton) 7 B 1681jan14 DOXIE John(Middleton)
8 M 1671apr30 DOXEY Dorothy/BOTHAM Edward
9 M 1672jun04 DOXY Richard/HIGTON Mary 9 C 1673jun26 DOXY Ellena=(dau)Richard/(Midleton) 9 B 1674may17 DOXY Ellena(dau)Richard/(Midleton) 9 C 1677jan14 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Richard/(Middleton) 9 C 1684jun29 DOXI Alice=(dau)Richard/ 9 B 1713jul20 DOXEY Mary(wife)Richard/(Middleton)
10 C 1683may05 DOXIE John=(son)-/Mary(Middleton) 10 B 1683jun17 DOXIE John(son)-/Mary
11 M 1684apr10 DOXIE Thomas/JOHNSON Grace
12 M 1693jan15 DOXEY Hellen/HALL John
13 M 1702jan25 DOXY Thomas(Middleton)/WOODWISS Mary 13 C 1703may14 DOXY Ann=(dau)Thomas/(Midleton) 13 C 1706may17 DOXY Penelope=(dau)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1707nov21 DOXEY John=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1709apr10 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 B 1709apr17 DOXEY Thomas(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1710may26 DOXEY Abraham=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1713feb04 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1714sep10 DOXEY Adam=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1715feb11 DOXEY James=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 B 1716oct25 DOXEY Adam(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1717feb15 DOXIE Joseph=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 B 1718mar20 DOXEY James(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1718oct10 DOXY Mary=(dau)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1719jan30 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1721mar12 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 C 1721sep13 DOXEY Aaron=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 B 1723dec06 DOXEY Mary(dau)Thomas/(Middleton) 13 B 1746aug06 DOXIE Mary(wife)Thomas/(Middleton)
14 M 1704jan19 DOXY Anthony(Middleton)/EVINS Ann 14 C 1704jul26 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Anthony/(Midleton) 14 C 1704nov22 DOXY Sarah=(dau)Anthony/(Midleton) 14 B 1705may21 DOXY Hannah(dau)Anthony/(Midleton) 14 C 1706feb17 DOXY Martha=(dau)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 B 1706nov17 DOXEY Penelope(dau)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 C 1708may12 DOXEY Robert=(son)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 C 1710jul19 DOXEY John=(son)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 B 1710sep20 DOXEY John(son)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 C 1711sep26 DOXEY Phoebe=(dau)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 B 1711oct31 DOXEY Phoebe(dau)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 C 1712nov28 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 C 1715aug19 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Anthony/(Middleton) 14 B 1716jun13 DOXEY Ann(wife)Anthony/(Middleton)
15 M 1714may15 DOXEY Mary/BOMFORD William
16 C 1727aug18 DOXEY Samuel=(son)-/Sara(Middleton),"Illegitimate"
17 M 1731sep15 DOXY John(Cromford)/HOLMES Alice 17 C 1733jan10 DOXEY Rebecca=(dau)John/(Cromford) 17 B 1733jul05 DOXEY Rebecca(dau)John/(Cromford) 17 C 1734oct02 DOXEY Penelope=(dau)John/(Cromford) 17 B 1737oct29 DOCKSEY John(son)John/(Cromford) 17 C 1740sep17 DOCKSEY John=(son)John/(Cromford) 17 C 1740sep17 DOCKSEY Joseph=(son)John/(Cromford) 17 B 1743sep24 DOXEY Alice(wife)John/(Cromford) 17 B 1743oct20 DOXEY John(son)John/(Cromford) 17 M 1766may22 DOXY Penelopy(Wirksworth)/HARDY John Witnesses: Henry ROWLAND,Thomas LOMAS Comment: Miner 17 B 1774nov15 DOXEY John(Wirksworth)
18 M 1732dec29 DOXEY Ann(Middleton)/PEARSON Cornelius
19 M 1734aug28 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)/ANDREWS Mary
20 M 1735apr10 DOXEY Robert(Middleton)/BROWN Ann 20 C 1736feb27 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Robert/(Middleton) 20 C 1738nov15 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Robert/(Middleton) 20 C 1743may18 DOXEY Martha=(dau)Robert/(Middleton) 20 B 1745feb26 DOXEY Martha(dau)Robert/(Middleton) 20 C 1746jan03 DOXIE Joseph=(son)Robert/(Middleton) 20 C 1748aug17 DOXEY Grace=(dau)Robert/(Middleton) 20 C 1751oct25 DOXEY Susanna=(dau)Robert/(Middleton) 20 B 1758mar26 DOXEY Anthony(son)Robert/(Middleton) 20 B 1779feb06 DOXEY Ann(wife)Robert/(Middleton) 20 B 1787may01 DOXEY Robert(Middleton)
21 M 1736jan12 DOXEY Isaac(Middleton)/HALL Alice 21 C 1737jul20 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1739may23 DOXEY William=(son)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1741jul01 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1743aug10 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 B 1744jan27 DOXEY Thomas(son)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1745aug21 DOXEY Alice=(dau)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1746mar05 DOXIE Thomas=(son)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1748mar11 DOXIE Jacob=(son)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 C 1750apr12 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Isaac/(Middleton) 21 B 1750jul10 DOXEY Isaac(Middleton) 21 M 1772jan01 DOXEY Hannah(Middleton)/SHAW Israel Witnesses: William DOXEY,John BATEMAN
22 M 1737jan14 DOXEY Abraham/SPENCER Tamer Comment: at Carsington (IGI) 22 C 1739mar21 DOCKSEY John=(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1741sep16 DOXEY Martha=(dau)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 B 1742oct29 DOXEY Isaac(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1744mar21 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1748jun10 DOXEY Abraham=(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 B 1749may23 DOXEY Thomas(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1751feb01 DOXEY David=(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1753aug01 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1755may07 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 C 1758sep13 DOXEY James=(son)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 B 1768may30 DOXEY Tamer(wife)Abraham/(Middleton) 22 B 1780jun27 DOXEY Abraham(Middleton)
23 M 1742oct27 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)/ROWLEY Elizabeth 23 C 1743aug24 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Joseph/(Middleton) 23 C 1745oct23 DOXIE Martha=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1747sep16 DOXIE Mary=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 B 1748nov08 DOXEY Mary(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 B 1748nov18 DOXEY Martha(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1749dec25 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1752aug19 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1754dec11 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 B 1755dec17 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1756nov03 DOXEY Nanny=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 B 1758mar12 DOXEY Joseph(son)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1760jan11 DOXEY Dorothy=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 B 1760nov17 DOXEY Nanny(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 C 1762sep26 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford) 23 B 1781sep08 DOXEY Elizabeth(wife)Joseph/(Middleton)
24 M 1744oct02 DOXEY Anthony(Wirksworth)/ROWES Sarah 24 C 1745jun05 DOXIE Anthony=(son)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 B 1746sep14 DOXIE Anthony(son)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 C 1747mar27 DOXIE Sarah=(dau)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 B 1748sep07 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 C 1748nov16 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 C 1752jan01 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 B 1753oct04 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 C 1755sep17 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Anthony/(Wirksworth) 24 B 1772sep30 DOXEY Sarah(wife)Anthony/(Wirksworth)
25 M 1746nov16 DOXIE Aron(Middleton)/SPENCER Elizabeth 25 C 1747nov18 DOXIE Thomas=(son)Aron/(Middleton) 25 C 1750jan03 DOXEY Jacob=(son)Aron/(Middleton) 25 C 1752apr03 DOXEY Grace=(dau)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 B 1752aug15 DOXEY Grace(dau)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 C 1753sep26 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 C 1756mar24 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 C 1756mar24 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 C 1758mar08 DOXEY Aaron=(son)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 B 1758jun21 DOXEY Benjamin(son)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 B 1758jul23 DOXEY Aaron(son)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 C 1759sep26 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 C 1762feb21 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Aaron/(Middleton) 25 B 1826sep02 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)[78-1748] 25 B 1841jan06 DOXEY Anthony(Middleton)[78-1763],#1664
26 M 1748may03 DOXIE John(Cromford)/HODGKINSON Hannah 26 C 1749mar08 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)John/(Cromford) 26 B 1750mar27 DOXEY Benjamin(son)John/(Cromford) 26 C 1750oct10 DOXEY Isaac=(son)John/(Cromford) 26 B 1752dec16 DOXEY George(son)John/(Cromford) 26 C 1754feb01 DOXEY Jacob=(son)John/(Cromford) 26 B 1754dec27 DOXEY Jacob(son)John/(Cromford)
27 C 1749aug20 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 27 C 1752mar11 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 27 B 1773dec23 DOXEY Anthony(son)Thomas/(Middleton)
28 M 1756oct28 DOXEY Samuel(Wirksworth),Miner/HIGTON Ann Witnesses: John FROST,Robert LOCKALL Comment: Miner 28 C 1757sep14 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Samuel/(Wirksworth) 28 C 1759sep12 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Samuel/(Bolehill) 28 C 1761jun03 DOXEY Henry=(son)Samuel/(Wirksworth) 28 B 1796jun06 DOXEY Henry(Ilkinstone) 28 B 1812jul03 DOXEY Ann(wife)Samuel/(Bolehill)[77-1735] 28 B 1813may24 DOXEY Samuel(Bolehill)[85-1728]
29 C 1758feb22 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Benjamin/(Wirksworth) 29 C 1764nov16 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Benjamin/(Middleton) 29 B 1781may19 DOXEY Benjamin(Wirksworth)
30 M 1761sep21 DOXEY Ann(Middleton)/BUCKLEY Joseph Witnesses: William JEPSON,Arthur SPENCER
31 M 1765jan31 DOXEY William(Middleton),Miner/SMEDLEY Mary Witnesses: Job HALL,Stephen HALL Comment: Miner 31 C 1765oct02 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)William/(Middleton) 31 C 1767jun03 DOXEY Thomas=(son)William/(Middleton) 31 C 1769jun23 DOXEY Isaac=(son)William/(Middleton) 31 C 1771jul05 DOXEY William=(son)William/(Middleton) 31 C 1773sep29 DOXEY Abraham=(son)William/(Middleton) 31 C 1775oct25 DOXEY Mary=(dau)William/(Middleton) 31 C 1778apr19 DOXEY Alice=(dau)William/(Middleton) 31 B 1779dec17 DOXEY Mary(dau)William/Mary(Middleton) 31 C 1780may04 DOXEY Samuel=(son)William/Mary(Middleton),dob=1780apr17 31 C 1783jun22 DOXEY Mary=(dau)William/Mary(Middleton),dob=1783jun17 31 M 1797oct19 DOXEY Alice(Wirksworth)/GREATOREX William Witnesses: John RAINS,Peter SMEDLEY 31 B 1808apr04 DOXEY Mary(Middleton) 31 B 1837jan08 DOXEY Isaac(Middleton)[68-1769]
32 M 1765oct09 DOXEY Joseph(Middleton),Miner/BROOKS Ann Witnesses: William JEBSON,Joseph BUCKLEY Comment: Miner 32 B 1766mar06 DOXEY William(son)Joseph/(Middleton) 32 C 1767jan21 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/(Middleton) 32 C 1769jun28 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Joseph/(Middleton) 32 B 1769jul28 DOXEY Ann(wife)Joseph/(Middleton)
33 M 1769nov30 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton),Miner/BATEMAN Elizabeth Witnesses: Henry HALL,Joseph DOXEY Comment: Miner 33 C 1770mar23 DOXEY Alice=(dau)Jacob/(Middleton) 33 C 1772oct21 DOXEY Jacob=(son)Jacob/(Middleton) 33 C 1775may14 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Jacob/(Middleton) 33 C 1778apr22 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Jacob/(Middleton) 33 C 1778sep13 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Jacob/(Middleton) 33 B 1785sep04 DOXEY Elizabeth(wife)Jacob/(Middleton) 33 B 1794dec13 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton) 33 B 1844jun13 DOXEY Benjamon(Middleton)[66-1778],#2254"at Middleton"
34 M 1770may09 DOXEY Joseph(Middleton)/BUXTON Elizabeth Witnesses: William JEBSON,Thomas BATEMAN 34 C 1771may08 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 B 1771aug09 DOXEY Hannah(dau)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 B 1772dec21 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 C 1773may26 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 B 1773aug11 DOXEY Ann(dau)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 C 1774sep14 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/(Wirksworth) 34 B 1775jun26 DOXEY Daniel(son)Joseph/(Wirksworth) 34 C 1775sep10 DOXEY Robert=(son)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 B 1776feb08 DOXEY Robert(son)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 B 1808jan16 DOXEY Elizabeth(wife)Joseph/(Middleton) 34 B 1836may10 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)[62-1774]
35 M 1770jul19 DOXEY Grace(Middleton)/BATEMAN Thomas Witnesses: Joseph DOXEY,John BATEMAN
36 M 1771jan01 DOXEY Isaac(Wirksworth)/PEAL Hannah Witnesses: S. PEAL,John BAMFORD
37 M 1774feb12 DOXEY Mary(Middleton)/FROST John Witnesses: Robert FROST,George SALT Comment: Miner
38 M 1774apr04 DOXEY Thomas/BARTON Ann Comment: at Matlock (IGI) 38 C 1775oct01 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 38 C 1776dec15 DOXEY William=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 38 C 1777nov23 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Thomas/(Middleton) 38 C 1779apr25 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Thomas/(Middleton),dob=1779feb07 38 B 1779dec13 DOXEY Joseph(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton) 38 B 1780feb25 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Thomas/Ann(Middleton) 38 C 1781apr15 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1780dec05 38 B 1784jun09 DOXEY Thomas(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton) 38 C 1789jun03 DOXEY Job=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1789may25 38 C 1792feb19 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1792feb04 38 B 1794jan19 DOXEY William(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton) 38 C 1795may31 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1795feb07 38 B 1816jun06 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)[66-1750] 38 B 1832aug03 DOXEY Ann(Middleton)[80-1752] 38 B 1841nov21 DOXEY Isaac(Middleton)[46-1795],#1790
39 M 1775may14 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)/ORME Susannah Witnesses: Daniel WILSON,John BALL 39 C 1777feb16 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Joseph/(Wirksworth) 39 C 1778sep13 DOXEY William=(son)Joseph/(Wirksworth) 39 C 1779mar17 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Joseph/(Middleton),dob=1779feb16 39 C 1779sep15 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Joseph/(Wirksworth),dob=1779feb17 39 C 1779sep15 DOXEY Daniel=(son)Joseph/(Wirksworth),dob=1779feb17 39 C 1780jan09 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth),dob=1779dec07 39 B 1780sep12 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth) 39 B 1780sep20 DOXEY Joseph(son)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth) 39 C 1781sep09 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth),dob=1781jun30 39 C 1783feb16 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth),dob=1783jan19 39 C 1784nov21 DOXEY Matthew=(son)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth),dob=1784nov01 39 B 1785oct29 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth) 39 C 1787may13 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth),dob=1787feb14 39 B 1795jun13 DOXEY Matthew(son)Joseph/Susanna(Wirksworth) 39 B 1829dec31 DOXEY Susannah(Wirksworth)[75-1754] 39 B 1842apr28 DOXEY Benjamin(Wirksworth)[59-1783],#1867 39 B 1846sep12 DOXEY William(Wirksworth)[68-1778],#134

41 M 1776jul29 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)/WOOLEY Mary Witnesses: Joseph BALL,John WIBBERLEY
42 C 1777sep17 DOXEY Samuel=(son)/Susanna(Middleton),"Bastard"
43 M 1777sep18 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton)/ROPER Sarah Witnesses: Thomas DOXEY,Isaak SPENCER 43 C 1780mar29 DOXEY Grace=(dau)Jacob/Sarah(Middleton),dob=1780feb24 43 B 1782may05 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Jacob/Sarah(Middleton) 43 B 1782may05 DOXEY William(son)Jacob/Sarah(Middleton) 43 C 1784sep12 DOXEY Jacob=(son)Jacob/Sarah(Wirksworth),dob=1784jun17 43 C 1788feb06 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Jacob/Sarah(Middleton),dob=1788jan12 43 M 1809apr06 DOXEY Sarah(Middleton)/BROOKS Joshua Witnesses: Robert MATHER,Caleb MOORE 43 B 1828nov21 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton)[78-1750]
44 M 1779feb04 DOXEY Mary(Wirksworth)/HOLEHOUSE John Witnesses: Samuel ALLSOP,George TITTERTON
45 M 1779may24 DOXEY Joseph/HAWLEY Ann Comment: at Darley Dale (IGI) 45 C 1780jul30 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Joseph/Ann(Middleton),dob=1780jun12 45 C 1782mar31 DOXEY Aaron=(son)Joseph/Ann(Middleton),dob=1782feb25 45 C 1784may16 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Joseph/Ann(Middleton),dob=1784apr18 45 C 1786sep10 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/Ann(Middleton),dob=1786may12 45 C 1788mar13 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Joseph/Ann(Middleton),dob=1788mar05 45 C 1790apr11 DOXEY Ellen=(dau)Joseph/Ann(Middleton),dob=1790feb11
45a C 1780feb27 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1780feb21 45a C 1783jan12 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1783jan07 45a B 1784sep20 DOXEY Mary(dau)Thomas/Mary(Middleton) 45a C 1785oct23 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1785oct21 45a B 1787mar02 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Thomas/Mary(Middleton) 45a C 1788mar30 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1788feb12 45a B 1812nov27 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)[24-1788] 45a B 1829apr19 DOXEY Mary(Middleton)[77-1752]
47 B 1780feb25 DOXEY Ann(dau)Jacob/Elizabeth(Middleton) 47 C 1780sep13 DOXEY Philip=(son)Jacob/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1780jul19 47 C 1783apr06 DOXEY Henry=(son)Jacob/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1783mar06 47 B 1785sep08 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Jacob/Elizabeth(Middleton) 47 B 1786jan09 DOXEY Henry(son)Jacob/Elizabeth(Middleton) 47 B 1786jul29 DOXEY Hannah(dau)Jacob/Elizabeth(Middleton) 47 B 1800jan07 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton)
48 M 1781apr16 DOXEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/GREGORY Milicent Witnesses: Samuel DOXEY,Joshua GREGORY 48 C 1782jan02 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Thomas/Millicent(Bolehill),dob=1781nov09 48 B 1782jan17 DOXEY Samuel(son)Thomas/Millicent(Bolehill) 48 C 1783mar09 DOXEY Lydia=(dau)Thomas/Milicent(Bolehill),dob=1782mar05 48 C 1785sep14 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Milicent(Bolehill),dob=1785aug14 48 C 1788feb24 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Thomas/Milicent(Wirksworth),dob=1788feb13 48 C 1790mar14 DOXEY David=(son)Thomas/Milicent(Wigwall),dob=1790feb21 48 B 1832nov09 DOXEY David(Wirksworth)[42-1790] 48 C 1792apr18 DOXEY Milicent=(dau)Thomas/Milicent(Longwaybank),dob=1792mar10 48 C 1794apr27 DOXEY Martha=(dau)Thomas/Emily(Longwaybank),dob=1794apr03,"(Emily prob=Milicent)" 48 C 1796sep14 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Thomas/Milicent(Longwaybank),dob=1796mar27 48 C 1798sep12 DOXEY Richard S=(son)Thomas/Milicent(Longwaybank),dob=1798jul30,"Samuel" 48 C 1800sep19 DOXEY Henry=(son)Thomas/Melicent(Longwaybank),dob=1800sep14
49 M 1781apr30 DOXEY Elizabeth(Middleton)/SPENCER Reuben Witnesses: Thomas DOXEY,Benjamin BUCKLEY
50 M 1782mar31 DOXEY John(Wirksworth)/GOODWIN Mary Witnesses: William WOODIWISS,George SALT 50 C 1783mar30 DOXEY Ann=(dau)John/Mary(Middleton),dob=1783mar21 50 C 1784aug01 DOXEY Sophia=(dau)John/Mary(Middleton),dob=1784jul29 50 C 1786jan22 DOXEY Charlotte=(dau)John/Mary(Middleton),dob=1785nov21 50 B 1786sep21 DOXEY Sophia(dau)John/Mary(Middleton) 50 C 1787sep09 DOXEY John=(son)John/Mary(Middleton),dob=1787aug12 50 C 1788sep14 DOXEY Harriet=(dau)John/Mary(Middleton),dob=1788sep05 50 B 1791aug03 DOXEY Thomas(son)John/Mary(Middleton) 50 B 1799jun22 DOXEY John(Middleton) 50 B 1809mar26 DOXEY Charlotte(Middleton) 50 B 1813feb09 DOXEY Harriott(Middleton)[24-1789]
51 M 1782jul04 DOXEY Hannah(Wirksworth)/SIMPSON Adam Witnesses: Samuel WRIGHT,Thomas DOXEY
52 M 1784sep15 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)/SLADING Elizabeth Witnesses: William POWELL,John RODGERS 52 B 1836jun27 DOXEY Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[81-1755]
53 M 1786feb04 DOXEY Samuel(Wirksworth)/WRAGG Ann Witnesses: John WRAGG,George SALT 53 C 1787jan01 DOXEY Thomas W=(son)Samuel/Ann(Gorseybank),dob=1786nov05,"Wragg" 53 C 1788dec25 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Samuel/Ann(Gorsybank),dob=1788oct04
54 M 1786aug09 DOXEY Jacob(Wirksworth)/DOXEY Susanna Witnesses: Jos. DOXEY,Thomas BATEMAN 54 C 1787jun03 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Jacob/Susanna(Middleton),dob=1787mar01 54 C 1789jun21 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Jacob/Susanna(Middleton),dob=1789mar27 54 C 1791sep14 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Jacob/Susanna(Middleton),dob=1791mar20 54 C 1793sep15 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Jacob/Susanna(Middleton),dob=1793jun19 54 B 1794jan19 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Jacob/Susanna(Middleton) 54 B 1794jan23 DOXEY Joseph(son)Jacob/Susanna(Middleton) 54 B 1806dec05 DOXEY Susanna(Middleton)
55 M 1787jun21 DOXEY Ann(Wirksworth)/SPENCER Benjamin Witnesses: Joseph DOXEY,Daniel SPENCER
56 C 1787aug01 DOXEY George=(son)-/Elizabeth(Wirksworth),dob=1787jun28,"Illegitimate"
57 M 1787dec10 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)/STORER Elizabeth Witnesses: James JEBSON,Paul BROOKS 57 C 1787dec19 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1787dec15 57 B 1814mar24 DOXEY Elizabeth(wid)Joseph/(Middleton)[45-1769] 57 B 1815apr21 DOXEY Joseph(Middleton)[28-1787]
58 M 1789jan05 DOXEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/HIGTON Ann Witnesses: Robert SPENCER,Thomas SMEDLEY
59 C 1789jun07 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Thomas/Margaret(Middleton),dob=1789may29 59 B 1789jul12 DOXEY Ann(dau)Thomas/Margaret(Middleton) 59 B 1841jul23 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)[74-1767],#1784
60 M 1790feb18 DOXEY Alice(Wirksworth)/GRATTON Job Witnesses: Charles KIRKLAND,John ROPER
61 M 1790mar11 DOXEY Isaac(Wirksworth)/ELLIS Martha Witnesses: Samuel SILKSTONE,Simeon SPENCER
62 M 1792jul09 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)/ROGERS Hannah Witnesses: Jacob DOXEY,George SALT 62 C 1793apr28 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Cromford),dob=1793mar30 62 B 1793nov03 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Cromford) 62 C 1794sep14 DOXEY William=(son)Joseph/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1794may01 62 C 1797sep10 DOXEY John=(son)Joseph/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1797jul29 62 B 1798jul20 DOXEY John(son)Joseph/Hannah(Middleton) 62 C 1799sep18 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1799jul25 62 B 1830feb28 DOXEY Hannah(Middleton)[64-1766]
64 M 1795aug10 DOXEY Anthony(Wirksworth)/BROOKES Hannah Witnesses: Samuel BROOKS,Thomas PARKER? 64 C 1801sep16 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Anthony/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1801aug19 64 C 1804sep12 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Anthony/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1803nov28 64 C 1807sep16 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Anthony/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1798apr15,"(see Ann Bap.same day)" 64 C 1807sep16 DOXEY Ruth=(dau)Anthony/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1807jan15 64 B 1820mar12 DOXEY Anthony(Cromford)[42-1778]
65 M 1795nov25 DOXEY Joseph(Wirksworth)/ROOSE Martha Witnesses: James SHAW,John PARKER 65 C 1796sep14 DOXEY James=(son)Joseph/Martha(Callow),dob=1796sep08 65 B 1797feb16 DOXEY Joseph(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth) 65 B 1798feb20 DOXEY Daniel(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth) 65 C 1799sep18 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth),dob=1799mar17 65 C 1802sep17 DOXEY John=(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth),dob=1801nov05 65 C 1804sep09 DOXEY Daniel=(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth),dob=1804mar15 65 C 1807sep20 DOXEY Martha=(dau)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth),dob=1806sep17 65 C 1809sep17 DOXEY James=(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth),dob=1809aug09 65 B 1812sep20 DOXEY Daniel(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)[7-1805] 65 B 1814mar28 DOXEY George(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)[6m-1813sep23] 65 B 1814may02 DOXEY Joseph(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)[15-1799] 65 B 1816jul14 DOXEY John(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)[15-1801] 65 C 1816sep20 DOXEY Matthew=(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)[Shoemaker],dob=1815dec15 65 M 1827sep12 DOXEY Martha(Wirksworth)/THOMPSON George Witnesses: Elizabeth BAMFORD,Samuel CHARLEWORTH 65 M 1837apr28 DOXEY Matthew(Wirksworth)/NEWBOLD Elizabeth Witnesses: James DOXEY,Richard POYSER 65 B 1844jan24 DOXEY Martha(Wirksworth)[72-1772],#2109
1841 Census

66 M 1797jan11 DOXEY William(Wirksworth)/GREATOREX Martha Witnesses: Samuel BROOKS,Jacob BROOKS 66 C 1797nov05 DOXEY Mary=(dau)William/Martha(Middleton),dob=1797oct25 66 C 1799sep18 DOXEY Henry=(son)William/Martha(Middleton),dob=1799may20 66 C 1802apr11 DOXEY Ann=(dau)William/Martha(Middleton),dob=1802mar13 66 B 1803apr30 DOXEY Henry(son)William/Martha(Middleton) 66 C 1804sep09 DOXEY William=(son)William/Martha(Middleton),dob=1804jul01 66 C 1807sep13 DOXEY Lydia=(dau)William/Martha(Middleton),dob=1807mar20 66 C 1810sep16 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)William/Martha(Middleton),dob=1810sep12 66 B 1811feb27 DOXEY Martha(wife)William/(Middleton)[35-1776] 66 B 1816nov05 DOXEY Ann(dau)William/Martha(Middleton)[14-1802]
67 M 1797jun29 DOXEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/BROOKS Ann Witnesses: Samuel BROOKS,George SALT 67 C 1798may30 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1798feb01 67 C 1801apr10 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1801apr05 67 C 1804sep09 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1804jun07 67 C 1805sep20 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1800apr27 67 C 1807jan01 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1806dec21 67 C 1807sep16 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1798apr15,"(see Sam.Bap.same day)" 67 C 1810jan01 DOXEY John=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1809dec03 67 C 1812sep13 DOXEY William=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton),dob=1812jun22 67 M 1835dec23 DOXEY Anthony(Middleton)/FROST Grace Witnesses: George FROST,Marey MASKREY 67 B 1879sep13 DOXEY John(Middleton)[69-1810],#802"MPR"
68 M 1798jul23 DOXEY Jacob(Wirksworth)/WRAGG Mary Witnesses: Thomas DOXEY,A. GOODWISS? 68 C 1799sep15 DOXEY John=(son)Jacob/Mary(Cromford),dob=1799jul14
69 M 1799mar27 DOXEY Abraham(Wirksworth)/LONGDEN Hannah Witnesses: William GREATOREX,John FROST 69 C 1799sep20 DOXEY John=(son)Abram/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1799sep16 69 C 1802feb21 DOXEY William=(son)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1802feb13 69 C 1804sep09 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1804apr04 69 B 1805jun30 DOXEY Samuel(son)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton) 69 C 1806sep14 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1806may11 69 C 1809jan06 DOXEY Abram=(son)Abram/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1808aug11 69 C 1811feb15 DOXEY Alice=(dau)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1811jan25 69 C 1813may16 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1813apr06 69 C 1815may28 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1815may04 69 B 1816jul11 DOXEY Thomas(son)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton)[3-1813] 69 C 1818jan18 DOXEY James=(son)Abraham/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1817dec12 69 B 1852dec28 DOXEY Abraham(Middleton)[79-1773],#127"MPR"
1851 Census... 1841 Census

70 M 1799nov25 DOXEY Samuel(Wirksworth)/WORSLEY Elizabeth Witnesses: Thomas MATHER,Joseph BATEMAN 70 C 1802sep15 DOXEY Jacob=(son)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1802may29 70 C 1804sep12 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1804feb23 70 C 1806sep17 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1806feb19 70 C 1808sep14 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton),dob=1808jul01 70 B 1833jun16 DOXEY Elizabeth(Bolehill)[60-1773] 70 B 1837aug14 DOXEY Samuel(Middleton)[29-1808] 70 B 1846jun01 DOXEY Samuel(Wirksworth)[73-1773],#101
71 M 1800oct13 DOXEY Lydia(Wirksworth)/MARSDEN John Witnesses: Samuel DOXEY,George BOAMER
71 C 1802sep29 DOXEY Joshua G=(son)Thomas/Millicent(Longwaybank),dob=1802sep14,"Gregory" 71 B 1804mar11 DOXEY Melicent(wife)Thomas/(Longwaybank) 71 M 1824may18 DOXEY Joshua(Wirksworth)/BURTON Elizabeth Witnesses: William BURTON,Thomas PICKARD 71 B 1835nov22 DOXEY Thomas(Milford)[76-1759]
72 M 1803feb07 DOXEY Anthony(Wirksworth)/BOWN Bethia Witnesses: Abraham WRIGHT,George SALT 72 C 1804may20 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Anthony/Bethia,dob=1804apr30,"Cromford chapel"
73 M 1803sep14 DOXEY Aaron(Wirksworth)/ADAMS Ann Witnesses: Ralph GREEN,Edward ADAMS 73 C 1804sep12 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Aaron/Ann(Middleton),dob=1804jun02 73 C 1806apr06 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Aaron/Ann(Middleton),dob=1806jan10 73 C 1808sep25 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Aaron/Ann(Middleton),dob=1808sep24 73 C 1809sep13 DOXEY Aaron=(son)Aaron/Ann(Middleton),dob=1809aug19 73 C 1811jun27 DOXEY Robert=(son)Aaron/Ann(Middleton),dob=1811jun04 73 C 1813sep15 DOXEY Ellen=(dau)Aaron/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1813aug24 73 C 1815nov12 DOXEY William=(son)Aaron/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1815oct19 73 C 1818feb22 DOXEY George=(son)Aaron/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],"(see jun 1818)" 73 C 1820apr02 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Aaron/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1820feb18 73 B 1820apr07 DOXEY Hannah(dau)Aron/Ann(Middleton)[infant-] 73 C 1821oct21 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Aaron/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1821sep17 73 B 1827jan21 DOXEY Ann(wife)Aaron/(Middleton)[44-1783] 73 B 1837may10 DOXEY Aaron(Middleton)[55-1782] 73 M 1837sep14 DOXEY Ann(Middleton)/BODEN Anthony,#11.00 Fathers: Aaron DOXEY,Miner/ , Witnesses: Robert DOXEY,Ellen DOXEY Status: S,F/, 73 M 1839sep19 DOXEY Ellen(Middleton),-/BUCKLEY James(Middleton),Miner,#123 Fathers: Aaron DOXEY,Miner/Samuel BUCKLEY,Miner Witnesses: William DOXEY,Mary HILL? Status: S,F/B,F 73 M 1841sep15 DOXEY Mary(Middleton),-/BUCKLEY John(Middleton),Miner,#224 Fathers: Aaron DOXEY,Miner/- -,- Witnesses: Robert DOXEY,Sarah WRAGG Status: S,U/B,U 73 M 1844dec24 DOXEY Robert(Middleton),Miner/WRAGG Sarah(Middleton),#354 Fathers: Aaron DOXEY,Miner/Isaac WRAGG,Miner Witnesses: Anthony BUCKLEY,Mary WRAGG Status: b,f/s,f 73 M 1849sep13 DOXEY Robert(Middleton),Miner/BEESON Ann(Middleton),Lacerunner,#33 Fathers: Aaron DOXEY,Miner/Robert BEESON,Tailor Witnesses: Obadiah ADAMS,Mary BEESON Status: w,f/s,f Comment: MPR 73 M 1858may06 DOXEY George(Middleton),Miner/DOXEY Sarah(Middleton),#87 Fathers: Aaron DOXEY,Miner/William DOXEY,Miner Witnesses: William DOXEY,Ann DOXEY Status: b,f/s,f Comment: MPR 73 B 1871jan11 DOXEY Robert(Middleton)[59-1812],#587"MPR"
1851 Census... 1851 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census... 1841 Census

74 M 1804dec13 DOXEY Benjamin(Wirksworth)/SLACK Ann Witnesses: George SPENCER,Thomas DOXEY 74 C 1805mar10 DOXEY Jacob=(son)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton),dob=1805feb24 74 C 1806dec25 DOXEY Daniel=(son)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton),dob=1806oct24 74 C 1809feb15 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton),dob=1809jan14 74 C 1811apr15 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton),dob=1811mar19 74 C 1814jun19 DOXEY John=(son)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1814may28 74 C 1817may11 DOXEY Josiah=(son)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1817apr06 74 B 1823aug08 DOXEY Josiah(son)Benjamin/Ann(Middleton)[6-1817] 74 B 1892oct28 DOXEY John(Middleton)[78-1814],#1059"MPR"
1861 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census

75 C 1805jun16 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Isaac/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1805jun08
76 M 1805aug08 DOXEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/ROOSE Mary Witnesses: Joshua GRATTON,George ROWSE
77 M 1806apr02 DOXEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/BYARD Mary Witnesses: James TAYLOR,Mary BYARD 77 C 1807sep16 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1807jul29,"(appears twice in register)" 77 C 1807sep16 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1807jul29,"(appears twice in register)" 77 C 1809sep13 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1809aug29 77 C 1809dec21 DOXEY David=(son)Thomas/Mary(Wigwell),dob=1809jul23 77 C 1811nov17 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Mary(Wigwell),dob=1811sep03 77 C 1812nov08 DOXEY Richard=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton),dob=1812oct19 77 C 1814feb20 DOXEY Milicent=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1814jan10 77 C 1815sep17 DOXEY Joseph=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1815jan26 77 C 1816dec08 DOXEY Lydia=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1816oct21 77 C 1818jun07 DOXEY William=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton)[Miner] 77 B 1818oct23 DOXEY William(son)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[1-1817] 77 C 1819feb28 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1819jan22 77 C 1821mar25 DOXEY Henry=(son)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1821feb22 77 C 1823jan19 DOXEY Harriet=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1822dec18 77 C 1825oct23 DOXEY Emma=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1825sep12 77 C 1828sep14 DOXEY Joshua=(son)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1828jun06 77 C 1831apr24 DOXEY Charles=(son)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Miner] 77 B 1833jun30 DOXEY Charles(Steeplehouse)[2-1831] 77 M 1839mar14 DOXEY Mary(Wirksworth),-/SMITH Francis William(Wirksworth),Baker,#94 Fathers: Thomas DOXEY,Mason/John SMITH,Bleacher Witnesses: C? NEWTON,Emma SMITH Status: S,F/B,F 77 B 1849dec02 DOXEY Thomas(Steeple Grange)[64-1785],#581 77 M 1850apr24 DOXEY Emma(Wirksworth)/ABBOTT Robert(Wirksworth),Butcher,#91 Fathers: Thomas DOXEY,Miner/Isaiah ABBOTT,Butcher Witnesses: Mary ABBOTT,John FOULKES Status: s,f/b,f 77 M 1853nov29 DOXEY Harriet(Wirksworth)/BOWMAN Edward(Mansfield NTT),Ostler,#240 Fathers: Thomas DOXEY,Miner/John BOWMN,Farmer Witnesses: Eliza WETTON,James HARDY Status: s,f/b,f 77 B 1855jan16 DOXEY Mary(Bolehill)[68-1787],#1107 77 B 1879nov22 DOXEY Samuel(Middleton)[71-1808],#807"MPR" 77 B 1895apr11 DOXEY Joseph(Middleton)[80-1815],#1114"MPR"
1851 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census... 1841 Census

78 M 1806may08 DOXEY Ann(Wirksworth)/MOOR Joseph Witnesses: Gamalle? MOORE,Gamaliel HALL
79 M 1807jan26 DOXEY William(Wirksworth)/REYNOLDS Elizabeth Witnesses: Thomas ORME,John COLLIDGE 79 C 1809sep10 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth),dob=1809jun06 79 B 1811feb10 DOXEY Sarah(dau)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[1-1810] 79 B 1812jul17 DOXEY Elizabeth(wife)William/(Wirksworth)[29-1783] 79 B 1867jan19 DOXEY William(Middleton)[87-1780],#471"MPR"
1841 Census

80 M 1809feb09 DOXEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/WOOD Elizabeth Witnesses: Joseph HUNT,F. BROUNT 80 C 1811sep18 DOXEY Charles=(son)Thomas/Elizabeth(Wigwell),dob=1811apr16 80 B 1831apr30 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)[47-1784]
81 M 1809mar02 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton)/KNIVETON Hannah Witnesses: Anthony BODEN,Joshua BROOKES 81 C 1811aug09 DOXEY Jacob=(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton),dob=1811jul18 81 C 1813mar14 DOXEY Benjamin=(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1813mar08 81 C 1815apr16 DOXEY Millicent=(dau)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1815mar30 81 C 1817mar16 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1817feb16 81 B 1819jan16 DOXEY Elizabeth(dau)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[1-1818] 81 C 1819jul11 DOXEY Nehemiah=(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1819jun22 81 C 1822mar17 DOXEY Charles=(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1822jan27 81 C 1825jul10 DOXEY Josiah=(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1825may31 81 C 1825jul10 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1823mar21 81 C 1827jun24 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1827may10 81 B 1827oct09 DOXEY Josiah(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[2-1825] 81 C 1831feb14 DOXEY Josiah=(son)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner] 81 B 1831feb17 DOXEY Josiah(Middleton)[infant-] 81 C 1834jun08 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Jacob/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner] 81 M 1849aug09 DOXEY Hannah(Middleton)/SPENCER Francis(Middleton),Miner,#32 Fathers: Jacob DOXEY,Miner/Thomas SPENCER,Miner Witnesses: Charles DOXEY,Mary SPENCER Status: s,f/b,f Comment: MPR 81 M 1855aug01 DOXEY Sarah(Middleton)/SPENCER William(Middleton),Miner,#72 Fathers: Jacob DOXEY,Miner/Simeon SPENCER,Miner Witnesses: Gamaliel HALL,Emma SPENCER Status: s,20/b,f Comment: MPR 81 B 1867may04 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton)[82-1785],#482"MPR"
1861 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census

82 M 1810jan01 DOXEY Joseph(Middleton)/WARDMAN Edith Witnesses: Edward WHEATCROFT,Samuel DOXEY 82 B 1810apr04 DOXEY William(son)Joseph/Edith(Middleton) 82 C 1811sep18 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Joseph/Edith(Middleton),dob=1811jul23 82 C 1814sep14 DOXEY Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/Edith(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1813sep20 82 C 1815nov12 DOXEY Martha=(dau)Joseph/Edith(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1815oct23 82 B 1826oct26 DOXEY Martha(dau)Joseph/Edith(Middleton)[11-1815] 82 B 1843jan08 DOXEY Elizabeth(Middleton)[29-1814],#1977 82 B 1859dec30 DOXEY Edith(Middleton)[76-1783],#299"MPR"
1851 Census... 1841 Census... 1841 Census

83 M 1811feb27 DOXEY Thomas(Middleton)/ALLEN Ellen Witnesses: W. WILKINSON,John BLOUNT 83 B 1812jul27 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Thomas/Ellen(Bolehill)[infant-] 83 C 1815sep13 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Thomas/Ellin(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1815jun18
84 M 1811jun03 DOXEY Melicent(Bolehill)/SHELDON Joseph Witnesses: William PEARSON,Solomon SHELDON
85 M 1812nov05 DOXEY Ellen(Middleton)/SLACK William Witnesses: William FLINT,W. WILKINSON
86 M 1814may05 DOXEY John(Middleton)/SPENCER Martha Witnesses: Ruben SPENCER,Luke SLACK 86 C 1816apr28 DOXEY James=(son)John/Martha(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1816mar22 86 C 1819may30 DOXEY Martha=(dau)John/Martha(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1819may12 86 B 1826mar17 DOXEY Abraham(son)John/Martha(Middleton)[infant-] 86 M 1854jan19 DOXEY Martha(Middleton),Semstress/HIGTON Anthony(Middleton),Labourer,#59 Fathers: John DOXEY,Miner/Anthony HIGTON,Farmer Witnesses: Benjamin CLAYTON,Mary WALKER Status: s,f/w,f Comment: MPR 86 B 1868feb20 DOXEY John(Middleton)[80-1788],#505"MPR"
1861 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census

87 M 1814may30 DOXEY William(Middleton)/BROOKS Mary Witnesses: John HOLMS,W. WILKINSON
88 M 1815feb04 DOXEY Ann(Wigwell)/ALLEN John S Fathers: Thomas DOXEY,/ , Witnesses: David DOXEY,Marther DOXEY Comment: Smith
89 M 1815feb23 DOXEY Martha(Wigwell)/WHEATCROFT Edward Witnesses: David GREGORY,Lydia WHEATCROFT
90 M 1816jan25 DOXEY Job(Middleton)/ALLEN Ann Witnesses: Abraham DOXEY,Septimus FRITH 90 C 1819sep15 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Job/Ann(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1816apr18 90 C 1819sep15 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Job/Ann(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1819apr01 90 C 1822dec15 DOXEY Ellen=(dau)Job/Ann(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1822sep21 90 C 1824mar14 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Job/Ann(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1824feb11
91 M 1816jul15 DOXEY Isaac(Middleton)/SPENCER Martha Witnesses: Joshua BROOKES,W. WILKINSON 91 C 1817sep14 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Isaac/Martha(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1817apr22 91 C 1822sep18 DOXEY Ebenezer=(son)Isaac/Martha(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1822jul19 91 C 1826sep13 DOXEY Isaac=(son)Isaac/Martha(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1825apr08 91 C 1828nov02 DOXEY William=(son)Isaac/Martha(Middleton)[Miner] 91 C 1837jan04 DOXEY David=(son)Isaac/Martha(Middleton)[Miner] 91 M 1848jun26 DOXEY Ebenezer(Middleton),Miner/HALL Rebecca(Middleton),#21 Fathers: Isaac DOXEY,Miner/William HALL,Labourer Witnesses: William DOXEY,Ann DOXEY Status: b,f/s,f Comment: MPR 91 M 1850aug12 DOXEY William(Wirksworth),Miner/SMITH Agnes(Wirksworth),#104 Fathers: Isaac DOXEY,Miner/Jane? SMITH, Witnesses: William SPENSER,Elizabeth SPENSER Status: b,u/s,f 91 B 1856dec07 DOXEY David(Middleton)[20-1836],#220"MPR"
1851 Census... 1841 Census

92 M 1817nov06 DOXEY Elizabeth(Middleton)/SIMS William Witnesses: John SIMS,Samuel SIMS
93 C 1819jun06 DOXEY Susanna=(dau)Thomas/Helen(Bolehill)[Miner],dob=1819may12
94 M 1820apr20 DOXEY Edith(Middleton)/GODBEHERE Nathaniel Witnesses: Job HALL,W. WILKINSON
95 M 1820apr27 DOXEY Ann(Middleton)/BRACE James Witnesses: W. WILKINSON,Anthony DOXEY
96 C 1820apr30 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1820mar22 96 B 1820may07 DOXEY Mary(dau)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton)[infant-] 96 B 1821oct31 DOXEY Sarah(dau)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton)[14-1807] 96 B 1823nov21 DOXEY Hannah(dau)Samuel/Elizabeth(Middleton)[6-1817]
97 M 1822apr11 DOXEY Samuel(Middleton)/PEARSON Hannah Witnesses: Anthony DOXEY,Anthony DOXEY 97 C 1822aug18 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1822jul30 97 C 1824feb15 DOXEY Hannah=(dau)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1823jan25 97 C 1826jan22 DOXEY Ruth=(dau)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1825dec25 97 C 1828mar30 DOXEY Samuel=(son)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1828mar08 97 C 1830aug29 DOXY Catherine=(dau)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner] 97 C 1834apr06 DOXEY Dolly=(dau)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1832nov05 97 C 1835apr12 DOXEY Antony=(son)Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1835jan25 97 B 1837apr28 DOXEY Ann(Middleton)[14-1823] 97 C 1843jun11 DOXEY Grace=Samuel/Hannah(Middleton)[Miner],#568 97 B 1853apr17 DOXEY Samuel(Middleton)[25-1828],#136"MPR" 97 M 1854apr17 DOXEY Catherine(Middleton)/BUCKLEY William(Wirksworth),Miner,#60 Fathers: Samuel DOXEY,Miner/Jacob BUCKLEY,Miner Witnesses: Anthony DOXEY,Dolly DOXEY Status: s,f/b,f Comment: MPR 97 M 1865nov23 DOXEY Anthony(Middleton),Miner/BLACKHAM Sarah Jane(Middleton),#134 Fathers: Samuel DOXEY,Miner/Ambrose BLACKHAM,Nail Maker Witnesses: Edward ?,Mary Ann PEARSON Status: b,f/s,f Comment: MPR 97 M 1866sep15 DOXEY Dolly(Wigwell grange)/SPRAY William(Wirksworth),Groom,#128 Fathers: Samuel DOXEY,Miner/Edward SPRAY,Shoemaker Witnesses: Ruth DOXEY,John SPRAY Status: s,f/b,f
1871 Census... 1861 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census

98 M 1823sep02 DOXEY Anthony/SMEDLEY Mary Comment: at Bonsall (IGI) 98 C 1824jun20 DOXEY Lucy=(dau)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1824may31 98 C 1826feb26 DOXEY Ann=(dau)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner],dob=1826feb09 98 C 1828mar16 DOXEY Thomas=(son)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner] 98 C 1830may02 DOXEY Mary=(dau)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner] 98 C 1832jun10 DOXEY Sarah=(dau)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner] 98 C 1835mar15 DOXEY Dorothy=(dau)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner] 98 C 1837may21 DOXEY Moses=(son)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner] 98 C 1839jul07 DOXEY Anthony=(son)Anthony/Mary(Middleton)[Miner],#75 98 B 1870feb19 DOXEY Anthony(Middleton)[69-1801],#560"MPR" 98 B 1879may15 DOXEY Lucy(Middleton)[54-1825],#794"MPR"
1901 Census... 1891 Census... 1881 Census... 1871 Census... 1861 Census... 1851 Census... 1841 Census

99 M 1823dec25 DOXEY Jacob(Middleton)/THOMPSON Edith Witnesses: John BAMFORD,Thomas PICKARD

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