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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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DOXEY entries obtained from IGI (1994) covering the whole of England

Compiled, edited, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

C 18Sep1822 DOXEY Ebenezer son Isaac/Martha (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 18Sep1822 DOXEY Ebinezer son Isaac/Martha (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M 26Jun1848 DOXEY Ebenezer (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) husb Rebecca HALL
C  5Dec1858 DOXEY Ebenezer son Isaac/Ann (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C  4Apr1877 DOXEY Ebenezer son Thomas/Martha (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
M  9Jul1877 DOXEY Ebenezer (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Mary ELSE
B   Abt1799 DOXEY Edith spou Nathaniel/GODBEHERE (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1799]
M 20Apr1820 DOXEY Edith (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Nathaniel GODBEHERE
C  5Aug1838 DOXEY Edith dau Richard/Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
C 18Oct1877 DOXEY Edith dau Thomas/Edith (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C 16Oct1823 DOXEY Edna dau Richard/Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
C 29Apr1819 DOXEY Edward son John/Sarah (PatricroftIndependent,BartonUponIrwell)
C  7Mar1802 DOXEY Ephrim son John/Ann (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
M 22Feb1824 DOCKSEY Ephraim (SaintJohn,Burslem,Stafford,) husb Prudence DALE
C 23Jan1825 DOXEY Ephraim son Ephraim/Prudence (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
C 23Nov1828 DOCKSEY Ephraim son Emanuel/Ann (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
C  5Jul1829 DOCKSEY Ephraim son Ralph/Sarah (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
C  2Oct1807 DOCKSEY Elijah son John/Ann (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
C 10Jul1833 DOXEY Eli son James/Mary (Leek,Stafford,England)
M  5Apr1608 DOXCYE Elen (Snelston,Derby,England) wife Thomas COXSON
C   Apr1790 DOXEY Ellen dau Joseph/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 12Jun1806 DOXEY Ellen dau John/Ann (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
M  5Nov1812 DOXEY Ellen (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife William SLACK
C 11Feb1813 DOXEY Ellen dau Isaac/Hannah (Bonsall,Derby,England)
B 15Sep1813 DOXEY Ellen dau Aaron/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 15Sep1813 DOXEY Ellen dau Aaron/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 15Dec1822 DOXEY Ellen dau Job/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 15Dec1822 DOXEY Ellen dau Job/Ann (Bolehill,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M  6Jul1825 DOXEY Ellen (Halifax,Yorkshire,England) wife Joseph WATSON
C 18Mar1827 DOCKSEY Ellen dau Ephraim/Prudence (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
M  3Apr1833 DOXEY Ellen (Bonsall,Derby,England) wife Benjamin BUNTING
M 27Apr1835 DOCKSEY Ellen (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,) wife Andrew MOUNTFORD
M 19Sep1839 DOXEY Ellen (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife James BUCKLEY
M 16Dec1839 DOXY Ellen (Duffield,Derby,England) wife Thomas PEACH
B      1849 DOXEY Ellen rel MaryA.I./WATKINS (Middleton,Derby,England)
C  4Feb1849 DOXEY Ellen dau Nehemiah/Ellen (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 10May1849 DOCKSEY Ellen dau John/Maria (Endon,Stafford,England)
C 20Mar1853 DOCKSEY Ellen dau Thomas/Ellen (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
C 10Aug1870 DOXEY Ellen dau William/Emma (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
M  8Sep1878 DOXEY Ellen (Bonsall,Derby,England) wife Moses NEWTON
C 19Feb1587 DOXCYE Elenor dau John (Snelston,Derby,England)
M 29Jul1686 DOXY Ellenor (SaintJamesDukesPlace,London,) wife Giles SMITH
M 29Jul1686 DOXEY Ellenor (Aldgate,London,England) wife Giles SMITH
C 14May1790 DOXEY Eleanor dau David/Martha (Ewell,Surrey,England)
M 28Jul1810 DOXEY Eleanor (SaintSaviour,Southwark,Surrey,) wife James HULME
C  9Jul1837 DOCKSEY Eleanor dau Frederick/Mary (SaintDunstan,Stepney,London,)
M 26Nov1640 DOXEY Elizabeth (Alderley,Cheshire,England) wife  
C 23Jan1642 DOXS Elizabeth dau Willm. (Whickham,Durham,England)
C 10Sep1678 DOCKSEY Elizabetha dau Roberti/Elizabethae (Snelston,Derby,England)
C 30Sep1694 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau John/Elizabeth (Ellastone,Stafford,England)
C 26May1696 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Thomas/Elizabeth (Horton,Stafford,England)
C 10Feb1698 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau John/Elizabeth (Ellastone,Stafford,England)
C 29Jun1701 DOCKSEY Elizth. dau Richd/Hester (Biddulph,Stafford,England)
M 26May1705 DOCKSEY ElizabethMrs (Rocester,Stafford,England) wife Benjamin WHIGLEY
M 30Dec1706 DOXCY Elizabeth (Hanbury,Stafford,England) wife Ralph WALL
M 22Jan1707 DOXEY Elizab (Biddulph,Stafford,England) wife Jas HENSHAL
B   Abt1712 DOXEY Elizabeth spou Robert/CHANDLER (LeightonBuzzard,Bedford,) [Abt1712]
M 18Mar1715 DOCKSEY Elizabeth (SaintOswald,Ashbourne,Derby,) wife Philip MADDOCK
M 11Oct1720 DOCKSEY Elizabeth (Ellastone,Stafford,England) wife William SHERRATT
M 14Dec1725 DOCKSEY Elizabeth (Eccleshall,Stafford,England) wife Richard MILLWARD
M 17Oct1732 DOXEY Elizabeth (LeightonBuzzard,Bedford,England) wife Robert CHANDLER
C 29Jul1734 DOXY Elizabeth dau (SaintOswald,Ashbourne,Derby,)
C 28Sep1735 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Richd./Eliz. (Horton,Stafford,England)
C 23Apr1742 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau Robert/Elizabeth (Mansfield,Nottingham,England)
C 15May1748 DOXY Elizabeth dau John/Mary (Leek,Stafford,England)
C 26Sep1753 DOXEY Elisabeth dau Aaron (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 26Sep1753 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Aaron/Elizabeth (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 11Dec1754 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Joseph (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 11Dec1754 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Joseph/Elizabeth (Cromford,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M 29Sep1755 DOCKSEY Eliz. (SaintNicholas,Liverpool,) wife John FARAKERLY
C 18Sep1757 DOXSEY Eliz. dau Wm./Eleanor (SaintLukeOldStreet,Finsbury,)
C 19Mar1758 DOXSEY Elizabeth dau Thomas/Catherine (St.BotolphBishopsgate,London,)
M  3Jul1764 DOXEY Elizabeth (Horton,Stafford,England) wife Thos. HARRISSON
B   Abt1765 DOXEY Elizabeth rel/DOXEY (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1765]
M 24Aug1766 DOCKSEY Elisabeth (Harborne,Stafford,England) wife John GOODWIN
S   Abt1769 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Samuel/Isabella (Clonbron,ClonenaghPar,Laoighis,) [Abt1769]
C  1Dec1771 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau Jose.
C   Mar1777 DOXEY Elizth. dau Thos./Sarah (St.MaryWhitechapel,Stepney,)
M 19Nov1777 DOXEY Elizabeth (SaintAlphageLondonWall,London,) wife Andrew SMITH
M 30Apr1781 DOXEY Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Rueben SPENCER
M 30Apr1781 DOXEY Elizabeth (Middleton,Derby,England) wife Reuben SPENCER
C   Sep1781 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Joseph/Susanna (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 23Oct1785 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Thos./Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C  8Jun1788 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Abraham/Ann (SaintAndrew,Holborn,London,)
C 14Sep1791 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Jacob/Susanna (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 28Apr1793 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Joseph/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1796 DOXEY Elizabeth spou William/SIMS (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1796]
B 17Jul1796 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Anthony/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 14Aug1796 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Anthony/Hannah (Cromford-Independent,MatlockBath,)
M 26Nov1802 DOXEY Elizabeth (SpitalfieldsChristChurch,Stepney,) wife William FORD
B   Abt1805 DOXEY Elizabeth spou John/PEARSON (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1805]
B 11May1806 DOXEY Eliz. rel MaryA.I./WATKINS (Middleton,Derby,England)
C 14Sep1806 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Abraham/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 28Dec1806 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Richard/Elizabeth (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
B      1808 ROPER DOXEY Eliz. rel MaryA.I./WATKINS (Middleton,Derby,England)
C 19Feb1808 DOXEY Elisabeth dau John/Elisabeth (SuttonInAshfield,Nottingham,)
B 24Sep1808 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Aaron/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 25Sep1808 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Aaron/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 14Jan1809 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Benjamin/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 15Feb1809 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Benjamin/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M 13Mar1810 DOXEY Elizabeth (Marston-Upon-Dove,Derby,England) wife Richard HELLABY
C 14Sep1814 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Joseph/Edith (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 14Sep1814 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Joseph/Edith (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 16Mar1817 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Jacob/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M  6Nov1817 DOXEY Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife William SIMS
C  2Feb1819 DOXEY Elizabeth dau James/Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
B 30May1824 DOXEY Elizabeth dau/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 30May1824 DOXEY Elizabeth dau/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 13Oct1825 DOXEY Elizabeth dau John/Ruth (Leek,Stafford,England)
M  7Feb1826 DOXEY Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife John PEARSON
C 30Mar1828 DOXEY ElizabethSidney dau Samuel/Ann (FennyBentley,Derby,England)
C  6Jul1828 DOXSEY ElizabethSarah dau Thomas/FannySophia
M  4Apr1831 DOXEY Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Anthony BUCKLEY
M 13Jul1831 DOXEY Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife James ROPER
C 11May1835 DOXY Elizabeth dau Charles/Mary (SaintMichael,AshtonUnderLyne,)
M  8Oct1835 DOXEY Elizabeth (FarnworthWithKearsley,Lancashire,) wife Thomas DAVIS
M 12Jan1836 DOXSEY Elizabeth (ChristChurch,Southwark,London,) wife Hugh MULEBY
B 22Sep1837 DOXEY Elizabeth dau David/AnnWRAGG (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 24Sep1837 DOXEY Elizabeth dau David/Anne (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C  8Oct1837 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Thomas/Sarah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 12May1839 DOXSEY Elizabeth dau Andrew/MaryAnnJenevrah (Cheltenham,Gloucester,England)
C  4Aug1839 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Jacob/Mary (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C  4Nov1841 DOCKESAY Elizabeth dau John/Elizabeth (Maryport,Cumberland,England)
C  9Oct1842 DUXEY ElizabethAnn dau JohnJames/Elizabeth
C  9Oct1842 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Richard/Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 19Mar1843 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau Thomas/Ann (Egginton,Derby,England)
C 29Mar1843 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau Thomas/Ann (Egginton,Derby,England)
M 17Apr1843 DOXEY Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife John WRAGG
M  7May1844 DOCKSEY Elizabeth (Marston-Upon-Dove,Derby,England) wife James STONE
B  2Aug1846 SPENCER DOXEY Elizabeth dau William/Dorothy (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C  2Aug1846 DOXEY ElizabethSpencer dau William/Dorothy (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M 20Jun1847 DOXSEY ElizabethSarah (AllSouls,St.Marylebone,London,) wife Matthew BROSMAN
C  4Jun1848 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Anthony/Catharine (Bonsall,Derby,England)
C 19Nov1848 DOXEY Elizabeth dau George/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 19Jan1851 DOXEY Elizabeth dau John/Lydia (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
B   Feb1851 DOXSEY ElizabethAnn dau Andrew/MaryAnnJenevrah (Cheltenham,Gloucester,England)
C 11Jan1852 DOXEY ElizabethAlice dau Abraham/Bridget (Ashford,Derby,England)
C 24Jul1853 DOCKSEY ElizabethAnn dau Thomas/Anne (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
C 14Jun1857 DOCKZE Elizabeth dau Samuel/Elizabeth (Smethwick,Stafford,England)
C  5Feb1860 DOXEY Elizabeth dau William/Emma (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 12Aug1861 DOXEY Elizabeth dau Ebenezer/Rebecca (Ashford,Derby,England)
M 24May1863 DOXEY Elizabeth (Manchester,Lancashire,) wife John SMITH ["Cathedral"]
M 16Jan1865 DOXEY Elizabeth (Bonsall,Derby,England) wife William SHELDON
C 17Apr1865 DOCKSEY Elizabeth dau William/Mary (SaintPeter,Liverpool,Lancashire,)
M  1Feb1866 DOXEY Elizabeth (OsmastonByAshbourne,Derby,) wife Richard ROBINSON
M  3Feb1873 DOXEY Elizabeth (Bonsall,Derby,England) wife John BARNES
B 14Feb1880 DOXEY ElizabethAgnes dau William/AgnesWOODS (HulmeByManchester,Lancashire,)
B 12Mar1805 DOXEY Eliza dau James/Miss (Laoighis,Ireland)
C 11Dec1825 DOXEY Eliza dau Samuel/Anna (SaintAlkmund,Derby,Derby,)
C  2Feb1826 DOXEY Eliza dau Richard/Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
C 28Jan1827 DOCKSEY Eliza dau Ralph/Sarah (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
M 26Mar1827 DOXEY Eliza (Chesterfield,Derby,England) wife William BENNETT
M 11May1830 DOCKSEY Eliza (Otley,Yorkshire,England) wife John MAUDE
C  3Feb1837 DOXEY Eliza dau John/Margaret (Leek,Stafford,England)
C  1Dec1839 DOXEY Eliza dau Thomas/Sarah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C  1Dec1839 DOXEY Eliza dau Thomas/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 18Mar1842 DOXEY Eliza dau Thomas/Elizabeth (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
M 29Nov1842 DOXEY Eliza (Eccles,Lancashire,England) wife Thomas SEDDON
C 17Aug1862 DOXEY Eliza dau Charles/Rosamond (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 23Oct1825 DOXEY Emma dau Thomas/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 24May1835 DOXEY Emma dau David/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 24May1835 DOXEY Emma dau David/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 15Dec1844 DOXEY EmmaMatilda dau Thomas/Sarah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 15Dec1844 DOXEY EmmaMatilda dau Thomas/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M 24Apr1850 DOXEY Emma (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Robert ABBOTT
C  2Jan1852 DOCKSEY EmmaEliza dau Frederick/Emma (SaintMary,Cardiff,Glamorgan,)
B 10Aug1854 DOXEY Emma dau John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C  3Sep1854 DOXEY Emma dau John/Mary (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
B   Sep1855 DOXSEY Emma dau Andrew/MaryAnnJenevrah (Cheltenham,Gloucester,England)
M 24Jun1862 DOCKSEY Emma (OsmastonByAshbourne,Derby,) wife John HOLMES
M 17Sep1863 DOXEY EmmaMatilda (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) wife Thomas BROOKS
C  3Apr1866 DOXEY Emma dau William/Emma (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 31Aug1873 DOXEY Emma dau Samuel/Sarah (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C 31Aug1873 DOXEY Emma dau Samuel/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M 17Nov1875 DOXEY Emma (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) wife George TURNER
C 30Sep1877 DOXEY Emma dau Anthony/Sarah (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C  8Dec1799 DOXEY Emanuel son Richard/Elizabeth (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
M 19Jun1826 DOCKSEY Emanuel (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,) husb Ann GIBSON
B   Abt1766 DOXEY Mrs.Emily spou Thomas/DOXEY (Longwaybank,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1766]
C 15Feb1852 DOXEY Emily dau Nehemiah/Ellen (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 24Aug1864 DOXEY EmilyJulia dau John/Lydia (Milwich,Stafford,England)
M  1Jan1873 DOXEY Emily (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) wife George FROST
M 26Mar1722 DOXEY Esther (Biddulph,Stafford,England) wife Willm BOLTON
M 22Sep1823 DUXOY Esther (SaintMaryMagdalen,Richmond,Surrey) wife Abraham HIGLETT
C 21Oct1849 DOCKSEY Esther dau Ephraim/Prudence (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
C  1Feb1863 DOCKSEY Eveline dau William/Harriet (WetleyRocks,Stafford,England)
M 21May1889 DOCKSEY EvangelineAnneMaria (Kniveton,Derby,England) wife Joseph GINNIS
B 10Sep1809 DOXEY Fanny dau James/Miss (Laoighis,Ireland)
B 13Sep1836 DOXEY Fanny dau John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C  9Oct1836 DOXEY Fanny dau John/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 22Sep1839 DOCKSEY Fanny dau Emmanuel/Ann (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
M 13Feb1854 DOXSEY/MOULE FannySophia (SaintMartinInTheFields,) wife Hugh THOMSON
C 19May1855 DOXEY Fancy dau Ebenezer/Rebecca (Ashford,Derby,England)
C 29Sep1870 DOXEY Fanny dau Aaron/Eliza (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
M 29Jun1828 DOCKSEY Frederick (SaintDunstan,Stepney,London,) husb Mary RICHARDSON
C  9Oct1831 DOCKSEY Frederick son Frederick/Mary (SaintDunstan,Stepney,London,)
B 18Aug1874 DOXEY Frederick son William/Agnes (Manchester,Lancashire,England)
C  6Sep1874 DOXEY Frederick son William/Agnes
B 31Aug1889 DOXSEY FrederickHarold son AndrewRobert/AliceJane (Cheltenham,Gloucester,England)
C 22Apr1666 DOCKSEY Fillicia dau Abraham (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 22Apr1666 DOCKSEY Felicia dau Abraham/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 12Nov1568 DOCSEI Francis son James (Moulton,Northampton,England)
C 22Aug1758 DOCKSEY Francis son/Mary (Snelston,Derby,England)
C 22Sep1771 DOCKSEY Frances dau Ralph/Mary (Tilton,Leicester,England)
M  5Jul1796 DOCKSEY Frances (Marston-Upon-Dove,Derby,England) wife Thomas HULLAND
C 28Dec1806 DOXEY Frances dau Daniel/Milicent (Pentrich,Derby,England)
C 25Aug1809 DOXEY Frances son Richard/Betty (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
M 25Dec1828 DOXEY Frances (Manchester,Lancashire,) wife William PEARSON ["Cathedral"]
M  4Feb1833 DOXEY Frances (Wolstanton,Stafford,England) wife Preston HOROBIN
C 26May1843 DOXEY Francis son James/Mary (Leek,Stafford,England)
C  3Oct1845 DOCKSEY Frances dau Thomas/Anne (Boylestone,Derby,England)
C 26Jan1851 DOXEY Frances dau Thomas/Sarah (Manchester,Lancashire,) ["Cathedral"]
C 21Aug1855 DOCKSEY FrancesMaria dau John/Maria (SaintJohn,Burslem,Stafford,)
C  4Apr1858 DOXEY Francis son Charles/Rosamond (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 22May1864 DOXEY Francis son William/Ellen (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 26Oct1873 DOXEY Frances dau Samuel/Frances (OsmastonByAshbourne,Derby,)
M 21Feb1679 DOXEY Geo. (Leek,Stafford,England) husb Mary WARING
M 21Feb1679 DOXIE George (NewcastleUnderLyme,Stafford,) husb Mary WARINGE
B 28Jun1787 DOXEY George son/Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C  1Aug1787 DOXEY George son/Elizth. (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 28Oct1812 DOXEY George son/Ann (Alfreton,Derby,England)
C 25May1817 DOXEY George son Thomas/Sarah (SaintPeter,Swinton,Lancashire,)
B 22Feb1818 DOXEY George son Aaron/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 22Feb1818 DOXEY George son Aron/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 13May1834 DOXEY George son Aaron/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 18May1834 DOXEY George son Aaron/Mary (CromfordCircuit,Derby,) ["Wesleyan"]
C 22Mar1839 DOXEY George son William/Charlotte (SaintPhilipTheApostle,Stepney,)
B 31Mar1839 DOXEY George son William/Dorothy (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 31Mar1839 DOXEY George son William/Dorothy (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M 29Oct1845 DOXEY George (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Sarah SPENCER
B 15May1850 DOXEY George rel Thomas/DOXEY (Derby,England)
C 23Jun1850 DOXEY George son Abraham/Bridget (Ashford,Derby,England)
C  4Jun1854 DOXEY George son Aaron/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M  6May1858 DOXEY George (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) husb Sarah DOXEY
C 25Jan1865 DOXEY George son Daniel/Millecent (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 25Jan1865 DOXEY George son Daniel/Millicent (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C  7Jun1868 DOXEY George son Samuel/Fanny (Fairfield,Derby,England)
M  1Oct1871 DOXEY George (Chorlton-On-Medlock,Lancashire,) husb Mary GRAHAM
C 24Jun1872 DOXEY George son Robert/Lydia (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C 21Oct1872 DOXEY George son George/Sarah (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
B 11Feb1876 DOXEY GeorgeHenry son George/Mary (ChorltonUponMedlock,Lancashire,)
B 11Feb1876 DOXEY GeorgeHenry son George/Mary (ChorltonOnMedlock,Manchester,)
M 30Aug1886 DOXEY George (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,) husb Sarah KILKENNY
C 19Sep1895 DOXEY GeorgeKilkenny son George/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C  8May1850 DOXEY GeorgianaMary dau Richard/Elizabeth (Manchester,Lancashire,) ["Cathedral"]
C 17Aug1748 DOXEY Grace dau Robt. (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 17Aug1748 DOXEY Grace dau Robert/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B   Abt1749 DOXEY Grace spou Thomas/BATEMAN (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1749]
C  3Apr1752 DOXEY Grace dau Aaron (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M 19Jul1770 DOXEY Grace (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Thomas BATEMAN
B 24Feb1780 DOXEY Grace dau Jacob/Sarah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 29Mar1780 DOXEY Grace dau Jacob/Sarah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 24Apr1825 DOXEY Grace dau John/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 24Apr1825 DOXEY Grace dau John/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 12Oct1841 DOXEY Grace dau Samuel/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B 29Jun1842 DOXEY Grace dau John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 10Jul1842 DOXEY Grace dau John/Mary (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 11Jun1843 DOXEY Grace dau Samuel/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 11Jun1843 DOXEY Grace dau Samuel/Hannah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 10Nov1745 DOXY Hanh. dau Jhn/Mary (Leek,Stafford,England)
B 12Apr1750 DOXEY Hannah dau Isaac/Alice (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 12Apr1750 DOXEY Hannah dau Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1751 DOXEY Hannah spou Israel/SHAW (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1751]
C  7May1755 DOXEY Hannah dau Abraham (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B  7May1755 DOXEY Hannah dau Abraham/Tamer (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 26Sep1762 DOXEY Hannah dau Joseph (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 26Sep1762 DOXEY Hannah dau Joseph/Elizabeth (Cromford,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B  2Oct1765 DOXEY Hannah dau William/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B   Abt1771 DOXEY Mrs.Hannah spou Abner/DOXEY (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1771]
C  8May1771 DOXCEY Hannah dau Jos. (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M  1Jan1772 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Israel SHAW
B   Abt1777 DOXEY Mrs.Hannah spou Isaac/DOXEY (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1777]
B 21Feb1780 DOXEY Hannah dau Thomas/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 27Feb1780 DOXEY Hannah dau Thomas/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1782 DOXEY Hannah spou Thomas/BOOTH (Duffield,Derby,England) [Abt1782]
M  4Jul1782 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Adam SIMPSON
M 16Oct1786 DOXEY Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,) wife Samuel OMER
B 13Feb1788 DOXEY Hannah dau Thomas/Millicent (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 24Feb1788 DOXEY Hannah dau Thos./Milicent (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B  5Mar1788 DOXEY Hannah dau Joseph/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 13Mar1788 DOXEY Hannah dau Joseph/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1790 DOXEY Hannah rel MaryA.I./WATKINS (Middleton,Derby,England) [Abt1790]
C 15Mar1791 DOXEY Hannah dau Richard/Elizabeth (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
B 30May1798 DOXEY Hannah dau Thomas/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 30May1798 DOXEY Hannah dau Thomas/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 18Sep1799 DOXEY Hannah dau Joseph/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 18Sep1799 DOXEY Hannah dau Joseph/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B   Abt1802 DOXEY Hannah rel/DOXEY (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1802]
B   Abt1803 DOXEY Hannah spou Jabus/THOMPSON (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1803]
M      1803 DOXEY Hannah (Duffield,Derby,England) wife Thomas BOOTH
B 28Nov1803 DOXEY Hannah dau Anthony/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M 28Dec1803 DOXEY Hannah (Duffield,Derby,England) wife Thomas BOOTH
C 12Sep1804 DOXEY Hannah dau Anthony/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C  2Apr1820 DOXEY Hannah dau Aron/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 10Sep1820 DOXEY Hannah dau James/Hannah (Bilston,Stafford,England)
C 18Feb1821 DOXEY Hannah dau James/Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
B 15Feb1823 DOXEY Hannah dau Samuel/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M 27Apr1823 DOXEY Hannah (Duffield,Derby,England) wife John STREET
C 15Feb1824 DOXEY Hannah dau Samuel/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M 13Sep1824 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Jabus THOMPSON
C 10Jul1825 DOXEY Hannah dau Jacob/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 10Jul1825 DOXEY Hannah dau Jacob/Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M  7Aug1825 DOXEY Hanh (Biddulph,Stafford,England) wife Jhn GOODWIN
M  6Oct1825 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Joseph POTTER
C 30Sep1826 DOXEY Hannah dau John/Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M 12Sep1827 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife JohnHews SLACK
C 30Jan1829 DOXEY Hannah dau/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 30Jan1829 DOXEY Hannah dau/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B 24May1830 DOXEY Hannah dau John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 13Jun1830 DOXEY Hannah dau John/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M  3Aug1834 DOXEY Hannah (Astbury,Cheshire,England) wife Thomas CROMPTON
C  7Feb1836 DOCKSEY Hannah dau Emmanuel/Ann (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
C  1May1836 DOXEY Hannah dau Samuel/Sarah (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B  1May1836 DOXEY Hannah dau Samuel/Sarah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C  1Dec1836 DOCKSEY Hannah dau Richard/Hannah (NortonInTheMoors,Stafford,)
M 13Oct1844 DOXEY Hannah (Manchester,Lancashire,) wife RobertMatthew LEECH ["Cathedral"]
M 24Feb1845 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife William BUCKLEY
C 11May1845 DOXEY Hannah dau Anthony/Catherine (Bonsall,Derby,England)
M  9Aug1849 DOXEY Hannah (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) wife Francis SPENCER
M 17Nov1851 DOXEY Hannah (Crich,Derby,England) wife William JACKSON
M  2Aug1853 DOXEY Hannah (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) wife Isaac SPENCER
M 23Nov1853 DOXEY Hannah (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Henry BUCKLEY
B   Abt1856 DOXEY Hannah dau John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1856]
M  8Nov1858 DOXEY Hannah (AllSaints,Derby,Derby,England) wife William KILLER
C  5Nov1873 DOXEY Hannah dau Daniel/Harriett (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
M 25May1874 DOXEY Hannah (Bonsall,Derby,England) wife JohnSamuel HASLAM
M  9Dec1878 DOXEY Hannah (SouthWingfield,Derby,England) wife John HALL
B  5Sep1788 DOXEY Harriet dau John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 14Sep1788 DOXEY Harriet dau John/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B  4Jul1802 DOXEY Harriet dau James/Miss (Laoighis,Ireland)
B 21Aug1822 DOXEY Harriot dau John/Martha (Wirksworth,Derby,England) ["Baptist"]
B 21Aug1822 DOXEY Harriet dau John/Martha (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 19Jan1823 DOXEY Harriet dau Thomas/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 21Aug1824 DOXEY Harriot dau John/Martha (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
B 24Mar1829 DOXEY Harriett rel MaryAnn/DOXEYWATKINS (Derby,Derby,England)
B 24Mar1839 DOXEY Harriet dau Thomas/Susannah (Derby,Derby,England)
C  2May1841 DOCKSAY Harriet dau Ephraim/Prudence (BucknallCumBagnall,Stafford,)
M 23Nov1848 DOXEY Harriet (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) wife Joseph SHELDON
M 29Nov1853 DOXEY Harriet (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Edward BOWMAN
C  4Mar1877 DOXEY Harriet dau Samuel/SarahAnn (SaintMichael,Derby,Derby,)
C 30Sep1877 DOXEY Harriet dau Anthony/Sarah (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C  5Jun1872 DOXEY Harry son/Elizabeth (Bonsall,Derby,England)
M 15Jan1692 DOXEY Hellena (Wirksworth,Derby,England) wife Jon. HALL
C 23Mar1634 DOXY Henry son Willm. (WestonUponTrent,Derby,England)
C  1Jan1695 DOCKSEY Henry son Ralph/Elizabeth (Snelston,Derby,England)
C 19Jan1729 DUXEY Henry son Wm./Frances (SaintAndrew,Holborn,London,)
M 16May1742 DOCKSEY Henry (MartonByCongleton,Cheshire,) husb Ann TEMPEST
C  3Jun1761 DOXEY Henry son Samuel (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B  3Jun1761 DOXEY Henry son Samuel/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
D      1774 DOCKSEY Henry rel Thomas/DOXEY (Chester,Cheshire,England)
C  6Apr1783 DOXEY Henry son Jacob/Elizabeth (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M 15Jul1784 DOXEY Henry (DarleyDale,Derby,England) husb Mary WALL
C 18Sep1799 DOXEY Henry son William/Martha (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 19Sep1800 DOXEY Henry son Thomas/Millicent (Longwaybank,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 19Sep1800 DOXEY Henry son Thomas/Melicent (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 25Mar1820 DOXEY Henry son Thomas/Mary (Bolehill,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 25Mar1821 DOXEY Henry son Thomas/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 10Aug1828 DOXEY Henry son William/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 10Aug1828 DOXEY Henry son William/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 20May1841 DOXEY Henry son William/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 13Jun1841 DOXEY Henry son William/Ann (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
B   Dec1849 DOXSEY HenryGeorge son Andrew/MaryAnnJenevrah (Cheltenham,Gloucester,England)
C 25Dec1857 DOXEY Henry son John/Sarah (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M 15Nov1866 DOXEY Henry (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) husb Rebecca BRAILSFORD
C  3Sep1876 DOXEY Henry son Henry/Rebecca (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
M 30Sep1878 DOXEY Henry (Ashford,Derby,England) husb Elizabeth MAYCOCK
M 24Apr1867 DOXEY Herbert (Bonsall,Derby,England) husb Hannah ROWLAND
C  1May1870 DOXEY HerbertWilliamKnowles son Joseph/Elizabeth (SaintMaryMagdalene,Woolwich,)
S   Abt1635 DOXEY Hercules spou Mrs.Hercules/DOXEY (Killone,Laoighis,Ireland) [Abt1635]
S   Abt1640 DOXEY Mrs.Hercules spou Hercules/DOXEY (Killone,Laoighis,Ireland) [Abt1640]
M   Abt1669 DOXEY Mrs.Hercules (Ballyroan,Laoighis,Ireland) wife Hercules DOXEY [Abt1669]
M   Abt1669 DOXEY Hercules (Ballyroan,Laoighis,Ireland) husb Mrs.Hercules DOXEY [Abt1669]
S   Abt1732 DOXEY Hercules son William/Elizabeth (Ballyroan,Laoighis,Ireland) [Abt1732]
M 26Aug1750 DOXEY Hercules (SaintNicholas,Liverpool,) husb Elizabeth TAYLOR
B  1Dec1795 DOXEY Hercules son James/Miss (Laoighis,Ireland)
C  7Feb1717 DOXEY Hester dau Richd./Hester (Biddulph,Stafford,England)
C 23Jun1712 DOXIE Hope son Robert/Mary (Trusley,Derby,England)
C  2Nov1862 DOXY Hope son JosephHope/MaryRadford (SaintJames,Didsbury,Lancashire,)
B 15Nov1879 DOXSEY HoraceGeorge son AndrewRobert/AliceJane (Cheltenham,Gloucester,England)
M 30Sep1565 DOXIE Hughe (SaintLeonardEastcheap,London,) husb Joan OWEN
C  3Oct1676 DOXI Hugh son Geore/Dorothy (Alton,Stafford,England)
M 18Aug1715 DOXSEY Hugh (StokeDamerel,Devon,England) husb Grace BEST
C  4Feb1712 DOXEY Isaac son Tho. (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B  4Feb1713 DOXEY Isaac son Thomas/MariaorMary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M 12Jan1736 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Alice HALL
B  1Jul1741 DOXEY Isaac son Isaac/Alice (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C  1Jul1741 DOXEY Isaac son Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1746 DOXEY Isaac spou Hannah/PEAL (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1746]
C 10Oct1750 DOXEY Isaac son John (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 10Oct1750 DOXEY Isaac son John/Hannah (Crowford,Wirksworth,Derby,)
B   Abt1765 DOXEY Isaac spou Martha/ELLIS (Wirksworth,Derby,England) [Abt1765]
B 23Jun1769 DOXEY Isaac son William/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 23Jun1769 DOXCEY Isaac son William (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M  1Jan1771 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Hannah PEAL
B   Abt1773 DOXEY Isaac spou Hannah (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,) [Abt1773]
B   Abt1775 DOCKSEY Isaac spou Mary/WOODROUGH (StantonbyDale,Derby,England) [Abt1775]
C 14May1775 DOXEY Isaac son Jacob (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1776 DOXEY Isaac rel Thos./DOXEY (Middleton,Derby,England) [Abt1776]
B 14Feb1787 DOXEY Isaac son Joseph/Susanna (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 13May1787 DOXEY Isaac son Joseph/Susanna (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
M 11Mar1790 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Martha ELLIS
B 31May1795 DOXEY Isaac son Thomas/Ann (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 31May1795 DOXEY Isaac son Thomas/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B   Abt1799 DOXEY Isaac rel Thomas/DOXEY (StoneyMiddleton,Derby,England) [Abt1799]
M  8Dec1800 DOCKSEY Isaac (StantonByDale,Derby,England) husb Mary WOODROUGH
B 18Apr1816 DOXEY Isaac son Job/Ann (Bolehill,Wirksworth,Derby,)
M 15Jul1816 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Martha SPENCER
C  4Jul1818 DOXEY Isaac son Isaac/Hannah (Bonsall,Derby,England)
C 15Sep1819 DOXEY Isaac son Job/Ann (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C 13Sep1826 DOXEY Isaac son Isaac/Martha (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
B 13Sep1826 DOXEY Isaac son Isaac/Martha (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C  2Jan1831 DOXEY Isaac son Jacob/Mary (Wirksworth,Derby,England)
C  4Jan1833 DOXSEY Isaac son JeremiahWheate/Jemima
M 30Aug1840 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Mary DAWSON
M  5Nov1840 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Hannah SHELDON
M 25Oct1847 DOXEY Isaac (Rowlstone,Hereford,England) husb Ann FLINT
C 25Dec1848 DOXEY Isaac son Isaac/Ann (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
M 17Jan1870 DOXEY Isaac (Wirksworth,Derby,England) husb Ann ALLSOP
C 23Aug1871 DOXEY IsaacHenry son William/Martha (Tideswell,Derby,England)
C 17Dec1873 DOXEY Isaac son Thomas/Edith (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C  4May1876 DOXEY Isaac son John/Harriet (Rowlstone,Hereford,England)
C 17Oct1624 DOXIE Isabell dau James/Sarah (Moulton,Northampton,England)
M  9Mar1651 DOXCE Isabell (SaintChristopherLeStocks,London,) wife John STUCKEY
B 29Jan1844 DOXEY Isaiah son John/Mary (Middleton,Wirksworth,Derby,)
C 10Mar1844 DOXEY Isaiah son John/Mary (MiddletonByWirksworth,Derby,)
C 29Dec1861 DOXEY Isaiah son John/Sarah (RipleyCircuit,Derby) ["Wesleyan Methodist"]

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