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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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WIRKSWORTH-Directory Tradesmen A-K

Index of Wirksworth & Area Tradesmen A-K

Surname: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K

The data in this Index is taken from 4 Directories for Derbyshire:
Pigot 1821, Glover 1827, Pigot 1835 and Bagshaw 1846.
The majority are Tradesmen, but Gentry and Clergy are also included. The data has been scanned, OCRed, e-mailed, re-formatted and imported to database, so some errors may appear. To be certain, check the Directory itself. Thanks to Bob Belfield and Brett Payne for scan and OCR.
The Area covers Wirksworth, Cromford, Middleton, Alderwasley, Bolehill, Ible, Hopton, Ashlehay, Ideridgehay, and Grange Mill. The streets included for Wirksworth were St John's, North End, Pig Market, Market Place, Coldwell Street, Dale End, Causeway, China Yard, Church Street and Wash Green.
"The names distinguished with F are for the most part Freeholders, returned into the County Office, as being able to serve on Juries. This forms only a portion of the Freeholders of the County, as it does not include the Clergy, Professions and Others, who are exempt. Those distinguished by C are Copyholders"

Year SURNAME Firstname (Address) Category [Comments]

27 - - (Cromford) Birmingham Brass Co. Calamine mills
35 - - (Pig market) Banker [Savings bank]
35 - - (Coldwell st) Stamp Office
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46 ABBOT Josiah (Wirks.St.John's Street) Horse dealer
35 ABBOTT William (Middleton) Butchers
35 ABBOTT William (Dale) Butchers
46 ABBOTT Wm (Wirks.Dale) Butcher
27 ADAMS Edward (Middleton) Miner [F]
35 ADAMS Mary (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
21 ADAMS Obadiah (Cromford) Sadlers and harness makers
27 ADAMS Obadiah (Cromford) Saddler
27 ADAMS Obadiah (Middleton) Shopkeeper
35 ADAMS Obadiah (Middleton) Baker & Flour Dealer
35 ADAMS Obadiah (Cromford) Saddlers & Harness Makers
35 ADAMS Obadiah (Middleton) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 ADAMS Obadiah, (Cromford) Coddler and harness maker
46 ADAMS Obadiah (Middleton) Farmer and shopkeeper
35 ADAMS Sarah (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
21 AKERS George (Wash green) White & blacksmiths
27 AKERS George (Wirksworth) Blacksmith
21 ALLEN George (Cromford) Linen and woolen drapers
27 ALLEN George (Cromford) Draper
35 ALLEN George (Cromford) Linen & Woolen Drapers
35 ALLEN George (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 ALLEN George (Cromford) [Mr]
46 ALLEN George (Wirks.New bridge) Baker & flour dealer
46 ALLEN Job (Wirks.North end) Currier & leather cutter
46 ALLEN John (Wirks.New bridge) Boot & shoe maker
46 ALLEN John (Cromford) Gingham manufacturers
46 ALLEN John (Wirks.North end) Shopkeeper
46 ALLEN Silence (Wirks.New bridge) Straw hat maker
27 ALLEN William (Bolehill) Miner [F]
46 ALLEN William (Cromford) Gingham manufacturers
35 ALLSOP Charles (North end) Saddlers & Harness Makers
46 ALLSOP Charles (Wirks.Market place) Patten & clog maker
46 ALLSOP Charles (Wirks.Market place) Saddler & harness maker
35 ALLSOP Isaac (Dale) Seedsmen
46 ALLSOP James (Wirks.Godfrey holes) Miner
21 ALLSOP John (Brassington) Butchers
27 ALLSOP John (Wirksworth) Victualer [Dog & Partridge]
35 ALLSOP Mary (Market place) Tavern and Public House [Dog & Partridge]
35 ALLSOP William (Brassington) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 ALLSOP William (Wirks.Green hill) Boot & shoe maker
21 ALLSOPP John (Market place) Taverns & public houses [Dog and Partridge]
35 ALSOP - (Lea hurst) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
21 ALSOP John (Lea Bridge) Lead merchants [& Co]
35 ALSOP John (Crich) Lead Merchants
35 ALSOP John (Lea bridge) Lead Merchants
46 ALTON Elias (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 ALTON Samuel (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 AMATT John (St John's St) Butchers
21 AMATT John (St John's St) Fire, &c. office agents [PHOENIX]
27 AMATT John (Wirksworth) Butcher & agent [F]
35 AMATT John (St John St) Butchers
46 AMATT John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Sheriffs' officer
21 ANABLE James (North End) Bakers & flour dealers
27 ANABLE James (Wirksworth) Baker & flour dealer
35 ANABLE James (North end) Baker & Flour Dealer
35 ANABLE James (North end) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 ANABLE James (Wirks.North end) Farmer
21 ANABLE John (St John's St) Bakers & flour dealers
27 ANABLE John (Ideridgehay) Victualler [Black Swan]
46 ANABLE John (Ideridghay) Farmer
46 ANABLE Mary (Ashlehay) Farmer
27 ANABLE Thomas (Beighton Bank,Ashlehay) Farmer
27 ANDREW John (Wirksworth) Solicitor
35 ANDREW John (St John st) Attorney
46 ARDWICK - (Wirks.St.John's Street) Inn & tavern [Hope and Anchor]
46 ARKWRIGHT Alfred (Wirks.Gate house) [Esq.]
46 ARKWRIGHT Frances (Cromford) [Miss, Rock house]
46 ARKWRIGHT Jas. Chas. (Cromford) [Esq, Rock house]
21 ARKWRIGHT Peter (Rock house) Gentry and clergy [esq]
27 ARKWRIGHT Peter (Rock house, Cromford) [Esq, F]
27 ARKWRIGHT Peter (Cromford) Cotton spinner, Cromford & Masson Mill [F]
35 ARKWRIGHT & CO Peter (Cromford) Cotton Spinners
35 ARKWRIGHT Peter (Rock house,Cromford) Gentry and Clergy [Esq]
21 ARKWRIGHT Richard (Willersley castle) Gentry and clergy [esq]
27 ARKWRIGHT Richard (Cromford) Magistrate [Esq]
27 ARKWRIGHT Richard (Willersley hall) Magistrate [Esq]
35 ARKWRIGHT & CO Richard (Causeway) Banker
35 ARKWRIGHT Richard (Willersley) Gentry and Clergy [Esq]
46 ARKWRIGHT Richard (Wirks.Causeway) Banker [and Co.]
27 ARKWRIGHT Robert (Cromford) Cotton spinner, Cromford & masson Mill [F]
21 ARKWRIGHT Robert + Peter (Cromford) Cotton spinners
21 ARKWRIGHT, TOPLIS & CO. (Causeway) Bankers
27 ARKWRIGHT, TOPLIS & CO (Wirksworth) Bankers
35 ARMSTRONG - (St John St) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 ARMSTRONG Sarah Elizabeth (Wirks.St.John's Street) [Miss]
21 ARMSTRONG Thomas (St John's St) Gentry and clergy [gent]
27 ARMSTRONG Thomas (Wirksworth) Farmer [Gent,F]
21 ATHERTON James (Brassington) Maltsters
35 ATHERTON James (Brassington) Maltsters
21 ATKINS Charles (St John's St) Perfumers, &c [(& jeweller)]
27 ATKINS Charles (Wirksworth) Hairdresser, perfumer, jeweller, toys
35 ATKINS Mary (St John St) Perfumers & Hair cutters
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35 BACON John (Carsington) Parish clerk
35 BACON John (Carsington) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 BACON Nathaniel (Cromford) Iron Founder
46 BAGGALLEY Thomas (Wirks.Mary's gate) Corn miller
27 BAILEY Thomas (Wirksworth) Cooper, constable
35 BAILEY Thomas (West end) Coopers
35 BAILEY Thomas (West end) Deputy Constable
46 BAINBRIGGE John (Biggin) Land agent and surveyor
46 BAINBRIGGE Samuel (Biggin) Land agent & surveyor
21 BAKER Charles (Crich) Taverns & public houses [Jovial Dutchman]
21 BALLINGTON Anthony (St John's St) Hatters
27 BALLINGTON Anthony (Wirksworth) Hat manufacturer
35 BALLINGTON Anthony (St John St) Hat Manufacturers
46 BALLINGTON Saml (Wirks.St.John's Street) Hat manufacturer
27 BAMFORD Elizabeth (Wirksworth) Silk dyer
35 BAMFORD Elizabeth (Green hill) Dyers - Garments &c.
35 BAMFORD George (St John's Lane) Boot & Shoe Maker
46 BAMFORD James (Wirks.Dale) Tailor
21 BAMFORD John (St John's St) White & blacksmiths
27 BAMFORD John (Wirksworth) Blacksmith, farrier [F]
35 BAMFORD John (St John st) Blacksmith
35 BAMFORD John (Dale) Retailor of Beer
35 BAMFORD John (St John St) Retailor of Beer
35 BAMFORD John (Dale) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 BAMFORD John (Dale) Tailors
46 BAMFORD John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Beerhouse
46 BAMFORD Joseph (Wirks.Churchyard) Tailor
46 BARBOR G.A. (Hopton Hall) Captain
27 BARKER Benjamin (Wirksworth) Tailor
35 BARKER Benjamin (Bailey's croft) Tailors
46 BARKER Benjamin (Wirks.Beeley Croft) Tailor
46 BARKER John (Cromford) Beerhouse
46 BARTON Thomas (Cromford) Linen & woolen drapers
35 BASTINGS Robert (Middleton) Tailors
35 BASTINGS Thomas (Middleton) Joiners
46 BATEMAN John (Ible) Farmer
27 BATEMAN Philip (Middleton) Schoolmaster
35 BEALEY John (St John st) Boot & Shoe Maker
35 BEALEY John (St John St) Tavern and Public House [Wheat Sheaf]
21 BEARDSLEY Isaac (St John's St) Taverns & public houses [Tiger]
27 BEARDSLEY Isaac (Wirksworth) Victualler [Tiger,F]
21 BEARDSLEY Jos (St John's St) Gentry and clergy [gent]
27 BEARDSLEY Joseph (Wirksworth) [Gent,F]
46 BEARDSLEY Joseph (Wirks.St.John's Street) [Mr]
46 BEARDSLEY Samuel, (Alton Hall) Farmer
46 BEASTAL Matthew (Scarthin nick) Beerhouse
46 BEELEY Joseph (Wirks.St.John's Street) Boot & shoe maker
27 BEELY John (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
21 BEELY Thomas (Pig market) Coopers
46 BEESON Joseph (Middleton) Tailor and clerk
46 BEESON Robert (Middleton) Tailor
46 BEESON Thomas (Middleton) Joiner
46 BEMBRIGGE Robert (Biggin) Farmer
21 BERRY Elizabeth (St John's St) Milliners and dress makers
27 BERRY Elizabeth (Wirksworth) Milliner
21 BERRY Mary (St John's St) Milliners and dress makers
27 BERRY Mary (Wirksworth) Milliner
46 BIGNELL Joseph (Wirks.St.John's Street) Architect
46 BIRDS Jph (Wirks.Market place) Linen & woolen draper, Taylor
46 BLACKAM Wm (Wirks.Bole hillWirks.Dale) Nail maker
21 BLACKWALL Robert (Pig market) Linen and woolen drapers
27 BLACKWELL Robert (Wirksworth) [Esq,F]
27 BLACKWELL Robert Eaton (Wirksworth) Draper,man.of ginghams [F]
35 BLAND James (Middleton) Boot & Shoe Maker
21 BLOUNT Henry (China house yard) Boot & shoe makers
27 BLOUNT Henry (Wirksworth) Shoemaker [F]
46 BLOUNT James (Middleton) Shoemaker
35 BLOUNT Joseph (Belper Lane End) Boot & Shoe Maker
21 BOAM Francis (Cromford) Curriers and leather cutters
27 BOAM Francis (Cromford) Currier, leather cutter
46 BOAM John (Ivonbrook grange) Farmer
21 BOAM Thomas (Cromford) Fishmonger
27 BOAM Thomas (Cromford) Fishmonger
35 BODEN Anthony (Cromford) Retailor of Beer
46 BODEN Anthony (Scarthin nick) Beerhouse
46 BODEN Anthony (Scarthin nick) Butcher
46 BODEN Anthony (Cromford) Farmer
46 BODEN Ebenezer (Cromford) Coal merchant
35 BODEN Edward (Cromford) Baker & Flour Dealer
35 BODEN Edward (Cromford) Retailor of Beer
46 BODEN Elizabeth (Cromford) Baker
27 BODEN George (Cromford) Flour dealer
46 BODEN Mary (Scarthin nick) Milliner & Dress maker
46 BODEN Samuel, (Scarthin Nick) Whitesmith
27 BODEN Thomas (Cromford) Shoemaker
46 BOOTH John (Biggin) Farmer
46 BOWDEN Samuel (Wirks.New bridge) Inn & tavern [Checker]
46 BOWLER Francis (Ashlehay) Farmer
35 BOWLER Thomas (Ashbourn rd) Tailors
35 BOWMER Francis (New bridge) Baker & Flour Dealer
46 BOWMER Francis (Wirks.New bridge) Baker & flour dealer
46 BOWMER Jph (Wigwell) Farmer
21 BOWNES George (Crich) Postmaster
21 BOWNES George (Crich) Tallow chandlers
35 BOYD William (China house yard) Retailor of Beer
27 BRACE Mary (Wirksworth) Stamp & post office [Mrs]
46 BRACE Mary J. (Wirks.Church Street) Postmistress
46 BRACE Mary Jean (Wirks.Church street) Stamp distributor
21 BRACE Mrs (Coldwell St) Taverns & public houses [King's Arms]
46 BRADDON John (Wirks.Coldwell street) Vet. surgeon
21 BRADFORD Ann (Lea) Taverns & public houses [Three Horse Shoes]
35 BRADSHAW - (Green hill) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 BRADSHAW Mary (Wirks.Coldwell street) [Mrs]
46 BRANSON John (Wirks.Mary's gate) Wood turner
46 BRATTON John (Wirks.North end) Blacksmith
27 BREARY Thomas (Hopton) Butler to Philip Gell esq
46 BREWELL Joseph (Wirks.North end) Sweep
27 BRIDDON John (Wirksworth) Farrier & cow leech
35 BRIDDON John (Coldwell st) Farriers
35 BRIDDON Maria (Dale) Academy and School
46 BRIGHTMORE Joseph (Wirks.Coldwell street) Inn & tavern [King's Head]
46 BRISTOL William (Wirks.Coldwell street) Gardener
35 BRITLAND Anthony (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 BRITLAND Anthony (Cromford) Mineral agent
46 BRITLAND Dorothy (Cromford) Academy
46 BRITLAND Joseph (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
46 BRITLAND Mark (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker
27 BRITLAND Robert (Cromford) Joiner
35 BRITLAND Robert (Cromford) Joiners
46 BRITLAND Robert (Cromford) Joiner
46 BROCKLEHURST Anthony (Alderwasley) Farmer
27 BROCKLEHURST Henry (Waterplace,Alderwasley) Farmer
46 BROCKLEHURST Henry (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 BROCKLEHURST Richard (North end) White & blacksmiths
27 BROCKLEHURST Richard (Wirksworth) Blacksmith
35 BROCKLEHURST Richard (North end) Blacksmith
35 BROCKLEHURST Richard (Cromford) Boot & Shoe Maker
46 BROCKLEHURST Rich (Wirks.North end) Blacksmith
46 BROCKLEHURST Richd (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker
46 BROCKLEHURST Thomas (Wirks.Godfrey holes) Beerhouse
46 BROCKLEHURST Ths (Wirks.Godfrey holes) Farmer
46 BROCKLEHURST Wm. (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 BROCKLEHURST Wm. (Alderwasley) Shoemaker
27 BROMLEY Edward (Lawn,Alderwasley) Farmer
21 BROMLEY Robert (Coldwell St) Seedsmen
27 BROMLEY Robert (Wirksworth) Seedsman & gardener
35 BROMLEY Robert (Coldwell st) Seedsmen
46 BROOKES Edward (Middleton) Farmer
46 BROOKES Samuel (Wirks.Bole hill) Inn & tavern [Miners' Standard]
35 BROOKS Hugh (St John St) Baker & Flour Dealer
27 BROOKS John (Middleton) Miner [F]
35 BROOKS Thomas (Bolehill) Tavern and Public House [Chequers]
27 BROUGH (Wirksworth) Ladies' boarding and day school [The misses]
21 BROUGH John Bennett (Church St) Upholsterer
27 BROUGH John Bennett (Wirksworth) Upholsterer
21 BROUGH Mary (Church St) Academies [Ladies']
35 BROUGH Mary (Church st) Academy and School [Ladies boarding]
46 BROUGH Mary (Wirks.Church street) Academy
46 BROWN John (Wirks.West End) [Rev (Independent)]
27 BROWN Samuel (Cromford) Farmer
46 BROWN Samuel (Cromford) Inn & tavern [Junction Inn]
27 BROWN Thomas (Wirksworth) Clog & petten maker
27 BROWN Thomas (Wirksworth) Victualler [Lord Nelson]
35 BROWN Thomas (Cromford) Druggists
35 BROWN Thomas (Cromford) Surgeon
21 BROWN William (North end) Clog and patten makers
27 BROWNSON John (Wirksworth) Turner
35 BROWNSON John (China House yard) Joiners
35 BROWNSON John (China house yard) Turner & Chair Maker
27 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Middleton) Shoemaker [F]
35 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Middleton) Boot & Shoe Maker
46 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Wirks.Middle Peake) Miner
46 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Middleton) Mineral agent
46 BUCKLEY George (Cromford) Farmer
35 BUCKLEY Grace (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
46 BUCKLEY William (Middleton) Shoemaker and registrar for Brassington district
46 BUCKNEL Charles (Wirks.West End) Basket maker
35 BUDWORTH George (Crimble Court) Braziers and Tin-Plate workers
46 BUDWORTH Henry (Wirks.Godfrey holes) Inn & tavern [Tiger]
46 BUNTING Anthony, (Hopton Hall) Gamekeeper, [Hall]
46 BUNTING Henry, (Ideridghay) Corn miller [Sherbourn mill]
46 BUNTING James, (Alderwasley) Blacksmith
46 BUNTING Thomas (Cromford) Wheelwright
21 BUNTING William (Cromford) White & blacksmiths
27 BUNTING William (Cromford) Blacksmith
35 BUNTING William (Cromford) Blacksmith
46 BUNTING William (Cromford) Blacksmith
21 BURTON John (Crich) Bakers & flour dealers
46 BURTON Mary Ann (Cromford) Baker
46 BURTON Mary Ann (Cromford) Shopkeeper
27 BURTON Thomas (Cromford) Baker, confectioner
35 BURTON Thomas (Cromford) Baker & Flour Dealer
35 BURTON Thomas (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 BUSH John (St John's St) Boot & shoe makers
27 BUSH John (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 BUSH John (St John St) Boot & Shoe Maker
35 BUSH John (St John St) Retailor of Beer
27 BUTLER - (Ible) Farmer
27 BUTLER - (Ible) Farmer
46 BUTLER Wm (Ible) Farmer
46 BUXTON Anthony (Biggin) Corn millers
21 BUXTON Edmond (Brassington) Grocers & tea dealers
35 BUXTON Edmund (Brassington) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 BUXTON German (Warmbrook) Dyers - Garments &c.
46 BUXTON Henry (Wirks.North end) Painter
46 BUXTON John (Wigwell) Corn miller
21 BUXTON Mary (Lea) Joiners & builders
46 BUXTON Rowland (Middleton) Blacksmith
46 BUXTON Thos (Wirks.West End) Butcher
46 BUXTON William (Wirks.Church street) Boot & shoe maker
46 BUXTON William (Biggin) Corn miller
27 BYARD John (Broadgates,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 BYARD John (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 BYARD Joseph (Ashlehay) Farmer
27 BYARD William (Bear Inn,Alderwasley) Victualler
35 BYARD William (China House yard) Retailor of Beer
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46 CADMAN William (Wirks.Causeway) Lace agent
46 CALLADINE Joseph (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 CANTRELL William (Coldwell St) Surgeons
27 CANTRELL William (Wirksworth) Surgeon
35 CANTRELL William (West end) Surgeon
46 CANTRELL Wm (Wirks.West End) Surgeon
46 CARLINE Mark (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 CAWOOD Rt. (Cromford) Ale & Porter merchant & corn factr
46 CAWOOD Robert (Wirks.Market place) Ale and porter merchant, and corn factor
21 CHADWICK William (Pig market) Taverns & public houses [Green Man]
27 CHADWICK William (Wirksworth) Victualler, carrier [Kings Head]
35 CHARLTON Hannah (Brassington) Milliners and Dress Makers
21 CHARLTON William (Brassington hall) Gentry and clergy
35 CHARLTON William (Brassington Hall) Gentry and Clergy [Captain]
27 CHEATHAM Roger (Wirksworth) Shopkeeper
35 CHEETHAM John (Middleton) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 CHEETHAM Roger (Wirks.St.John's Street) Sawyer
35 CLARK Samuel (Alderwasley) Butchers
35 CLARK Samuel (Alderwasley) Tavern and Public House [Bear]
35 CLARK Timothy (St John St) Boot & Shoe Maker
46 CLARKE Samuel, (Alderwasley) Vict. [Bear]
46 CLARKE Wm (Alderwasley) Farmer
35 CLAY Barton (Coldwell St) Boot & Shoe Maker
27 CLAY Benjamin (Cromford) Hairdresser
46 CLAY Richard (Cromford) Chemist and druggist
46 CLAYTON Benjamin (Middleton) Grocer and draper
27 CLAYTON John (Middleton) Shopkeeper
35 CLEMMONSON George (Bailey croft) Boot & Shoe Maker
21 CLOUGH John (Dale end) Butchers
27 CLOUGH John (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 CLOUGH John (Dale) Butchers
46 CLOUGH Joseph (Wirks.Dale) Butcher
21 CLOUGH William (Coldwell St) Butchers
35 CLOUGH William (North end) Butchers
46 CLOUGH Wm (Wirks.Market place) Butcher
35 COATES George (Market place) Booksellers,Printers,Stationer
35 COLLEDGE - (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 COLLEDGE George (Cromford) Tailor
35 COLLEDGE Hannah (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 COLLEDGE James (Cromford) Attorney's clerk
21 COLLEDGE John (Wash green) Taverns & public houses [Ship]
27 COLLEDGE John (Wash green) Victualler [Ship]
35 COLLEDGE John (Wash green) Tavern and Public House [Ship]
46 COLLEDGE John (Wirks.Wash Green) Inn & tavern [Ship]
46 COLLIER John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Excise officer
21 COLLINSON Joseph (North end) Joiners & builders
27 COLLINSON Joseph (Wirksworth) Joiner
21 COLLINSON Thomas (Coldwell St) Taverns & public houses [White Lion]
27 COLLINSON Thomas (Wirksworth) Schoolmaster [Jun]
27 COLLINSON Thomas (Wirksworth) Vict.,dep Bar Master [White Lion]
35 COLLINSON Thomas (Coldwell st) Tavern and Public House [White Lion]
46 COLLINSON Thomas (Wirks.Coldwell street) Barmaster
27 CONWAY Joseph (Cromford) Farmer
46 CONWAY Jph (Wigwell) Farmer
46 COOPER Jeremiah (Cromford) Wheelwright
27 COOPER Thomas (Dovewood,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 COOPER Wm. (Callow Well) Farmer
46 CORBETT Wm (Ible) Farmer
21 CORNTHWAITE Thomas (Crich) Gentry and clergy [Rev.]
46 COTES Geo (Wirks.Market place) Painter
21 COTES George (Market place) Booksellers, stationers and printers
21 COTES George (Market place) Painters
27 COTES George (Wirksworth) Bookseller, stationer, printer, and painter [F]
35 COTES George (Market place) Painter
46 COTES George (Wirks.Market place) Bookseller, printer
46 COTES George (Cromford) Painter
46 COTES George (Cromford) Printer, stationer, and painter
46 COTES William (Wirks.Causeway) Ale and porter merchant
46 COTES William (Wirks.Causeway) Auctioneer & appraiser
21 COTTERILL John (Coldwell St) Watch & clock makers
27 COTTERILL John (Wirksworth) Watch and clock maker [F]
35 COTTERILL John (Coldwell st) Watch & clock maker
46 COTTERILL John (Wirks.Coldwell street) Watch & clock maker
46 COTTON Miss, (Alderwasley) School
46 COWLISHAW Thomas (Wigwell) Farmer
35 COWLISHAW William (West end) Supervisor
46 CRESSWELL Robert, (Ideridghay) Land agent [Esq]
27 CRESWELL Robert (Ideridgehay) Farmer [Gent, F]
35 CROOKS Abraham (St John St) Nail maker
46 CROOKS Abraham (Wirks.Churchyard) Nail maker
46 CROSSLEY Wm (Cromford) Wood turner
27 CUMMINS - (Beighton Bank,Ashlehay) Farmer
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46 DAKIN Henry (Wirks.West End) Joiner & cabinet maker, builder
21 DAKIN John (Causeway) Joiners & builders
27 DAKIN John (Wirksworth) Joiner
35 DAKIN John (Causeway) Joiners
35 DALE George Tertius (St John St) Linen & Woolen Drapers
35 DALE George Tertius (St John St) Tailors [And draper]
21 DALE & DOCKER (St John's St) Linen and woolen drapers
27 DALE AND DOCKER (Wirksworth) Drapers, clothiers, straw bonnet warehouse
46 DAWSON Esther (Cromford) Straw hat maker
46 DEAKIN Sarah (Wirks.St.John's Street) Acadamy
46 DEAN G. (Midden hole) Farmer
46 DEAN German, (Callow Hall) Farmer
35 DEAN John (St John st) Turner & Chair Maker
46 DEAVILE Robert, (Ideridghay) Butcher
46 DEAVILE Wm. (Ideridghay) Farmer
35 DICKEN John (West end) Farriers [(and horse breaker)]
46 DICKEN John (Wirks.West End) Vet. surgeon
21 DOMELOW Hannah (Coldwell St) Tailors
46 DOWNING Ann (Biggin) [Miss]
21 DOXEY David (Townhead) Butchers
27 DOXEY David (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 DOXEY Joseph (Green hill) Boot & Shoe Maker
46 DOXEY Joseph (Middleton) Shopkeeper
46 DUDSON Job (Wirks.St.John's Street) Stone mason
46 DUNNICLIFF Wm (Wirks.St.John's Street) Shopkeeper
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27 EATON George (Cromford) Miner [F]
46 EATON George (Cromford) Butcher
46 EATON George (Cromford) Farmer
46 EATON George (Cromford) Inn & tavern [Red Lion]
46 EATON Wm. (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
35 EDGE Richard (Brassington) Butchers
21 ELLIOTT George (Crich) Grocers & tea dealers [(& druggist)]
46 ELLIOTT Jn. (Hobknowl) Farmer
27 ELLIOTT Samuel (Cromford) Boot, shoemaker
35 ELLIOTT William (Coldwell st) Tailors
46 ELSE Jane (Wirks.Dale) Inn & tavern [Recruiting Sergeant]
35 ELSE John (Holloway) Tavern and Public House [Board]
35 ELSE Mabel (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
35 ELSE William (Lea) Millers & Flour Dealers
35 EVANS Elizabeth (Cromford Bridge) Gentry and Clergy [Miss]
46 EVANS John (Wirks.Causeway) Chemist & druggist
46 EVANS John (Wirks.Causeway) Grocer tea dealer
21 EVANS Noah (Brassington) Joiners & builders
35 EVANS Noah (Brassington) Joiners
35 EVANS Samuel (Market place) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 EVANS Saml (Wirks.Market place) Linen & woolen draper(and velvet manufr.)
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21 FARRAND Anthony (St John's St) Butchers
27 FARRAND Anthony (Wirksworth) Butcher [F]
35 FARRAND Anthony (St John St) Butchers
46 FARRAND Joseph (Wirks.North end) Butcher
46 FARRAND Nehemiah (Wirks.St.John's Street) Boot & shoe maker
35 FEARN James (Cromford) Booksellers,Printers,Stationer
35 FEARN James (Cromford) Perfumers & Hair cutters [& bookseller]
35 FEARN James (Brassington) Stone Masons [& Co]
46 FEARN James, (Cromford) Hairdresser
21 FEARN Richard (Brassington) Taverns & public houses [George & Dragon]
35 FEARN Sarah (Brassington) Milliners and Dress Makers
35 FEARN William (Brassington) Tavern and Public House [George & Dragon]
46 FLETCHER Benjamin () Inn & tavern [Barrel]
35 FLETCHER Henry (Mill houses) Tavern and Public House [Board]
27 FLETCHER John (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 FLINT George (Lea) Taverns & public houses [Jug & Glass]
35 FLINT George (Lea) Tavern and Public House [Jug & Glass]
35 FLINT Joseph (Bolehill) Agent,Lead ore and mineral
46 FLINT Joseph (Wirks.Bole hill) Mining & mineral agent
27 FLINT Joshua (Bolehill) Mineral agent
46 FLINT Samuel (Wirks.Bole hill) Boot & shoe maker
46 FLINT Samuel (Wirks.Coldwell street) Mining & mineral agent
27 FLINT Walter (Cromford) Boot, shoemaker
35 FLINT Walter (Cromford) Boot & Shoe Maker
46 FLINT Walter (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
21 FORD - (Market place) Grocers & tea dealers
46 FORD Geo (Wirks.St.John's Street) Cooper
27 FORD John (Wirksworth) Grocer
46 FORD John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Cooper
35 FORD Joshua (Market place) Druggists
35 FORD Joshua (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 FORD Joshua (Wirks.Market place) Grocer tea dealer
21 FORD Samuel (Pig market) Coopers
27 FORD Samuel (Wirksworth) Cooper
35 FORD Samuel (St John St) Coopers
46 FORD Thomas (Wirks.Coldwell street) Baker & flour dealer
46 FORD Thomas (Wirks.Coldwell street) Confectioner
46 FOULKE Joseph (Wirks.Brayfield) Farmer
21 FOWKE Jesse (St John's St) Seedsmen
27 FOWKE Jesse (Wirksworth) Gardner & seedsman
35 FOWKE Jesse (St John St) Seedsmen
21 FOX Robert (Green Hill) Joiners & builders
27 FOX Robert (Wirksworth) Joiner, limeburner [F]
35 FOX Robert (Green hill) Joiners
27 FOX William (Grange Mill) Corn miller [F]
46 FOX William (Ivonbrook Grange Grange Mill) Farmer & miller
46 FRITCHLEY Isaac (Wirks.Church street) Boot & shoe maker
46 FRITH Joseph (Wirks.West End) Boot & shoe maker
35 FROST Benjamin (Dale) Tavern and Public House [Recruiting serjeant]
46 FROST Benjamin (Wirks.St.John's Street) Inn & tavern [Blue Bell]
27 FROST Ellen (Cromford) Milliner
46 FROST George (Wirks.Beeley Croft) Joiner & cabinet maker
35 FROST Grace (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
27 FROST John (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 FROST John (Coldwell st) Tavern and Public House [King's Head]
27 FROST Joseph (Wirksworth) Shoemaker, town-cryer
35 FROST Joseph (Warmbrook) Boot & Shoe Maker
21 FROST Samuel (Pig market) Bankers [Savings Bank]
21 FROST Samuel (Pig market) Grocers & tea dealers
27 FROST Samuel (Wirksworth) Grocer, man.of ropes, dealer in feathers, ale and porter, clerk to Savings Bank [F]
35 FROST Samuel (West end) Coal Dealers
35 FROST Samuel (Westend) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 FROST Samuel (West end) Porter Dealers
35 FROST Samuel (Pig market) Rope maker
46 FROST Samuel (Wirks.St.John's Street) Actuary [Mr, Savings Bank]
46 FROST Samuel (Wirks.West End) Grocer tea dealer
46 FROST Samuel (Wirks.West End) Lime burner
46 FROST Samuel (Wirks.West End) Rope and twine maker, ale and porter merchant, and coal dealer
46 FROST Samuel (Wirks.West End) Tallow chandler
21 FROST Thomas (Coldwell St) Taverns & public houses [Nelson's Arms]
27 FROST Thomas (Wirksworth) Victualler [Glazier's Arms]
35 FROST Thomas (Market place) Tavern and Public House [Glazier's Arms]
21 FROST William (Cromford) Clog and patten makers
21 FROST William (Market place) Druggists
21 FROST William (Market place) Grocers & tea dealers
21 FROST William (Market place) Tallow chandlers
27 FROST William (Wirksworth) Grocer, druggist, tallow chandler [F]
27 FROST William (Cromford) Patten, clog, last maker
35 FROST William (Dale) Coal Dealers
35 FROST William (Market place) Druggists
35 FROST William (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers [And tallow chandlers]
46 FROST Wm (Wirks.Market place) Grocer tea dealer
46 FROST Wm (Wirks.Market place) Tallow chandler
46 FRYER - (Cromford) Agent
46 FRYER - (Cromford) Grocer
46 FRYER - (Cromford) Linen & woolen drapers
35 FRYER Elizabeth (Cromford) Milliners and Dress Makers
46 FRYER Elizabeth (Cromford) Milliner & Dress maker
46 FRYER John (Cromford) Grocer and draper
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21 GALLIMORE John (St John's St) White & blacksmiths
27 GALLIMORE John (Wirksworth) Victualler, blacksmith, farrier [Three Horse Shoes]
35 GALLIMORE John (St John st) Blacksmith
35 GALLIMORE John (St John St) Farriers
35 GALLIMORE John (St John St) Retailor of Beer
21 GALLIMORE Jonothan (St John's St) Taverns & public houses [Three Horse Shoes]
46 GAMBLE Charles (Wirks.Causeway) Joiner & cabinet maker
46 GAMBLE Thos (Ideridghay) Farmer
46 GAMBLE William (Wirks.Warm brook) Boot & shoe maker
27 GARRATT Robert (Ideridgehay) Farmer
21 GAUCHER John (North end) Tailors
27 GAUCHER John (Wirksworth) Tailor
46 GAUCHER John (Wirks.North end) Tailor
21 GAUCHER & SONS Simon (Coldwell St) Tailors
35 GAUNT John (Holloway) Boot & Shoe Maker
35 GELL - (Gate House) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
21 GELL Ann (St John's St) Gentry and clergy [Miss]
27 GELL Ann (Wirksworth) Dealer in flour
35 GELL Ann (North end) Milliners and Dress Makers
21 GELL Benjamin (Green hill) Surgeons
21 GELL Daniel (Cromford) Maltsters
27 GELL Daniel (Cromford) [Gent]
27 GELL Daniel (Wirksworth) Maltster [F]
35 GELL Daniel (Cromford) Maltsters
35 GELL Daniel (Cromford) Tavern and Public House [Blue Bell]
46 GELL Daniel (Cromford) Farmer
46 GELL Daniel (Cromford) Inn & tavern [Bell]
46 GELL Daniel (Cromford) Maltsters
21 GELL James (Cromford) Maltsters
21 GELL James (Cromford) Taverns & public houses [Blue Bell]
27 GELL James (Cromford) Victualler, maltster [Blue Bell]
35 GELL James (Coldwell st) Tavern and Public House [Nelson's Arms]
46 GELL John (Cromford) Grocer
35 GELL Joseph (Wash green) Retailor of Beer
21 GELL Philip (Hopton Hall) Gentry and clergy [esq]
27 GELL Philip (Hopton hall) Magistrate [Esq]
35 GELL Philip (Hopton Hall) Gentry and Clergy [Esq]
27 GELL Ralph (Wirksworth) Woolcomber
35 GELL Robert (Gate House) Gentry and Clergy [Rev.]
21 GELL Thomas (Causeway) Gentry and clergy [Major]
27 GELL Thomas (Gatehouse) [F, esq]
35 GIBBONS Thomas (Dale) Blacksmith
35 GIBBONS Thomas (Coldwell st) Blacksmith [Jun]
46 GIBBONS Thos (Wirks.Dale) Whitesmith & bellhanger
35 GIBSON John (Lea) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 GILLATT Benjamin (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 GLOVER Stephen (Wirks.New bridge) Shopkeeper
35 GODBEHERE John (North end) Joiners [& millwright]
35 GODBEHERE John (North end) Wheelwright
35 GODBEHERE Samuel (Warmbrook) Wool-comber & Hosier
27 GOLDSMITH J (Steeplehouses) Auctioneer
27 GOODALL Robert (Middleton) Miner [F]
46 GOODBEHERE John (Wirks.North end) Wheelwright
46 GOODWIN Ann (Wirks.Churchyard) Milliner & dress maker
21 GOODWIN Francis Green (Wigwell) Gentry and clergy [Esq]
27 GOODWIN Francis Green (Wigwell hall) Magistrate [Esq]
27 GOODWIN Francis Green (Wigwell hall) Magistrate [Esq, F]
35 GOODWIN Francis Green (Wigwell) Gentry and Clergy [Captain]
46 GOODWIN Francis Green (Wigwell hall) [Captain]
46 GOODWIN Rebecca (Wirks.Churchyard) Milliner & dress maker
35 GOULD Anthony (Carsington) Tavern and Public House [Miners' Arms]
35 GRAHAM Thomas (West end) Basket Maker
21 GRAHAM William (Pig market) Basket maker
27 GRAHAM William (Wirksworth) Basket maker
35 GRATTAN David (Middleton) Blacksmith [Jun]
35 GRATTAN David (Middleton) Blacksmith
35 GRATTAN John (North end) Blacksmith
35 GRATTAN Joshua (Middleton) Blacksmith
35 GRAY Hugh (Cromford) Tailors
46 GRAY Hugh (Cromford) Tailor
46 GREATOREX Alice (Callow Hill) Farmer
27 GREATOREX Benjamin (Beighton Bank,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 GREATOREX Dorothy (Ashlehay) Farmer
27 GREATOREX John (Ideridgehay) Farmer
35 GREATOREX John (St John St) Joiners
46 GREATOREX Jn. (Whiteh.) Farmer
46 GREATOREX John (Wirksworth moor) Inn & tavern [Malt Shovel]
46 GREATOREX Joseph (Wirks.St.John's Street) Blacksmith
35 GREATOREX Joshua (Carsington) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 GREATOREX Mary (Wirks.St.John's Street) Academy
35 GREATOREX Robert (St John St) Turner & Chair Maker
46 GREATOREX Robert (Wirks.St.John's Street) Joiner & cabinet maker
27 GREATOREX Samuel (Spout village,Ashlehay) Farmer
35 GREATOREX Thomas (Carsington) Retailor of Beer
27 GREATOREX William (Ideridgehay) Farmer
27 GREATOREX William (Spout village,Ashlehay) Farmer
27 GREATOREX William (Wirksworth) Turner
46 GREATOREX William (Wirks.St.John's Street) [Mr]
46 GREATOREX William (Wirks.Beeley Croft) Boot & shoe maker
46 GREATOREX Wm. (Ashlehay) Farmer
21 GREEN James (Cromford) Grocers & tea dealers
21 GREEN James (Cromford) Linen and woolen drapers
27 GREEN James (Cromford) Grocer, draper
35 GREEN James (Cromford) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 GREEN James (Cromford) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 GREEN Mary (Cromford) Grocer
35 GREEN Thomas (Dale) Butchers
46 GREEN Thomas, (Hopton Hall) Gardener, [Hall]
46 GREENHOUGH Adam (Wirks.North end) Inn & tavern [Cheshire Cheese]
35 GREENHOUGH John (North end) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 GREENHOUGH Thos (Wirks.Dale) Butcher
35 GREENOUGH Mary (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
21 GRETRIX William (St John's St) Joiners & builders
21 GRIFFIN Silvanus (Coldwell St) Boot & shoe makers
35 GRIFFIN Silvanus (Coldwell st) Boot & Shoe Makers
27 GRIFFIN Sylvanus (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
27 GROWCOTT Thomas (Cromford) Tailor
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46 HACKETT Richard (Cromford) Manager, Cromford Hill
35 HAINES John (Lea) Wheelwright
21 HAINES Samuel (Crich) Joiners & builders
27 HALL - (Middleton) [Mrs]
27 HALL Caleb (Middleton) Miner [F]
46 HALL Charles, (Hopton) Farmer
21 HALL Francis (Church yard) Butchers
27 HALL Francis (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 HALL Francis (Church yard) Butchers
46 HALL Francis (Wirks.Churchyard) Butcher
35 HALL James (Market place) Hatters [And hosier]
21 HALL Job (St John's St) Butchers
27 HALL Job (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 HALL Job (St John St) Butchers
35 HALL Joseph (Market place) Tavern and Public House [Greyhound]
35 HALL Mary (Cromford bridge) Gentry and Clergy [Miss]
27 HALL Nathaniel (Stainbro Hall,Hopton) Farmer [F]
21 HALL Samuel (Market place) Linen and woolen drapers
27 HALL Samuel (Wirksworth) Draper [F]
35 HALL Samuel (Market place) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 HALL Samuel (Wirks.Market place) Linen * woolen draper
21 HALL Stephen (St John's St) Grocers & tea dealers
27 HALL Stephen (Wirksworth) Grocer and tea dealer [F]
27 HALL Thomas (Rise end) [Gent,F]
27 HALL Thomas (Rise end) Farmer [F, gent]
35 HALL Thomas (Hopton) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
35 HALL Thomas (Bolehill) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 HALL Thos (Wirks.Bole hill) Shopkeeper
46 HALL William (Middleton) Schoolmaster
46 HALLAM Joseph (Wirks.Bole hill) Farmer
46 HALLAM Joseph (Wirks.Bole hill) Hosier & manufacturer
21 HAMPSHIRE Thomas (Crich) Taverns & public houses [Bull's Head]
35 HANSON Isaac (Church yard) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 HANSON Thos (Wirks.China square) Boot & shoe maker
46 HARDWICK Thomas (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Spread Eagle]
46 HARDWICK Ts (Wirks.Market place) Joiner & cabinet maker [junr]
46 HARDY George, (Cliff Ash) Brickmaker and farmer
35 HARLEY Daniel (Coldwell St) Plumbers and Glaziers
21 HARLEY Samuel (Market place) Plumbers & glaziers
21 HARLEY Samuel (Market place) Taverns & public houses [Red Lion]
27 HARLEY Samuel (Wirksworth) Plumber, glazier, painter [Jun]
27 HARLEY Samuel (Wirksworth) Victualler, plumber, glazier, newsroom, excise office, post house [Red Lion Inn, F]
35 HARLEY Samuel (Market place) Inn [Crown]
35 HARLEY Samuel (Market place) Plumbers and Glaziers
46 HARLEY Samuel (Wirks.Coldwell street) Inn & tavern [George Inn]
46 HARLEY Samuel (Wirks.Coldwell street) Plumber & glazier
27 HARPUR James (Wigganlee,Alderwasley) Farmer
27 HARPUR Samuel (Sandyford,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 HARRISON Daniel (Wirks.West End) Inn & tavern [Bull's Head]
46 HARRISON Edward (Cromford) Bailiff and gamekeeper
46 HARRISON Robert (Cromford) (Wesleyan) [Rev.]
35 HARWARD John (Vicarage) Gentry and Clergy [Rev.]
46 HARWOOD John (Wirks.Vicarage) Vicar [Rev.,M.A.]
21 HASLAM Edward (Market place) Ironmongers
46 HASLAM Hannah (Cromford) Academy
46 HASLAM Harriet (Cromford) Academy
35 HASLAM Mary (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 HATFIELD Wm (Wirks.St.John's Street) Tailor
46 HAWLEY Abanathan (Wirks.Dale) Beerhouse
35 HAWLEY Ann (Middleton) Academy and School
35 HAWLEY John (Dale) Retailor of Beer
27 HAWLEY William (Middleton) Victualler
35 HAWLEY William (Middleton) Blacksmith
46 HAWLEY William (Middleton) Farmer
46 HAYNES Hy. (Ideridghay) Farmer & berhs
21 HEALD George (Market place) Taverns & public houses [Black's Head]
27 HEALD George (Wirksworth) Victualler [Black's Head]
35 HEALD George (Market place) Tavern and Public House [Black's Head]
46 HEALD George (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Black's Head]
27 HEAP George (Wirksworth) Clothier [F]
35 HEAP George (St John St) Clothier
35 HEAP George (St John St) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 HEAP George (Wirks.Mary's gate) Clothier
27 HEAP John (Wirksworth) [F, gent]
35 HEAP John (Wash green) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 HEAP John (Wirks.Bole hillWirks.Dale) [Mr]
35 HEATON William (Cromford) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 HENSTOCK James, (Ible) Blacksmith
35 HEWITT Anthony (Cromford) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 HIGGOTT George (Cromford) Inn [Greyhound]
35 HIGGOTT George (Cromford) Maltsters
46 HIGGOTT George (Cromford) Corn miller
46 HIGGOTT George (Cromford) Farmer
46 HIGGOTT George (Cromford) Inn & tavern(flys, gigs and posting house) [Greyhound]
46 HIGGOTT George (Cromford) Maltsters
27 HIGGOTT John (Cromford) Corn miller
27 HIGGOTT Joseph (Cromford) Corn miller
46 HIGGOTT Joseph (Cromford) Coal merchant
46 HIGGOTT Joseph (Cromford) Corn miller
46 HIGGOTT Joseph (Cromford) Farmer
21 HIGGOTT Mary (Greyhound) Taverns & public houses [Cromford]
27 HIGGOTT Mary (Cromford) Victualler, commercial inn & coach house [Greyhound]
21 HIGGOTT William (Cromford) Butchers
27 HIGGOTT William (Cromford) Butcher
35 HIGGOTT William (Cromford) Butchers
46 HIGGOTT William (Cromford) Butcher
46 HIGHTON John (Alderwasley) Farmer
27 HIGTON Daniel (Middleton) Baker
35 HILL Charles (Cromford) Tailors [And draper]
35 HILL John (Cromford) Watch & clock maker
27 HILL Nathaniel (Ideridgehay) Farmer [Gent,F]
46 HILL WilIiam (Wirks.Coldwell street) Banker's clerk
21 HINE James Samuel (Market place) Gentry and clergy [Rev.]
27 HINE James Samuel (Wirksworth) Independant minister [Rev.]
46 HINKLEY Herbert (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Crown Inn]
46 HOADES, William (Helmsford cottage,Wigwell) Inn & tavern [Letters]
46 HODGKINSON Ann (Wirks.West End) [Mrs]
21 HODGKINSON Edmund (Market place) Linen and woolen drapers
27 HODGKINSON Edmund (Wirksworth) Draper, man. of ginghams, checks [F]
35 HODGKINSON Edmund (Westend) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
21 HODGKINSON Edward (Market place) Smallware manufacturers
46 HODGKINSON Geo (Wirks.New Bridge house) Attorney and clerk to the magistrates
35 HODGKINSON George (St John St) Attorney
46 HODGKINSON George (Cromford) Farmer
46 HODGKINSON James (Cromford) Butcher
46 HODGKINSON John (Cromford) Bar master
27 HODGKINSON Joseph (Cromford) Farmer, deputy bar master
35 HODGKINSON Joshua (Cromford) Bar Master [For liberty of C.]
35 HODGKINSON Joshua (Cromford) Retailor of Beer
46 HODGKINSON Joshua (Cromford) Farmer
46 HODGKINSON Joshua (Cromford) Joiner
27 HODGKINSON Paul (Cromford) Cooper
46 HODGKINSON Paul (Cromford) Umbrella maker
46 HODGKINSON Saml. (Scarthin nick) Greengrocer and fishmonger
27 HODGKINSON Thomas (Cromford) Farmer, baker
35 HODGKINSON Thomas (Wirksworth moor) Brick maker
35 HODGKINSON Thomas (Wirksworth moor) Maltsters
46 HOLE Hugh (Alderwasley) Farmer [& Sons]
27 HOLEHOUSE Hannah (Wirksworth) Milliner
46 HOLEHOUSE John (Wirks.Bole hill) Farmer
27 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Wirksworth) Turner [F]
35 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Warmbrook) Turner & Chair Maker
35 HOLMES Anthony (Cromford) Hatters
35 HOLMES Anthony (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 HOLMES George (Crich) Boot & shoe makers
27 HOLMES John (Middleton) Miner [F]
46 HOLMES John (Middleton) Miner
27 HOLMES Joseph (Middleton) Independent minister [Rev.]
46 HOLMES Peter (Cromford) Tailor
46 HOLMES Richd. (Callow Park) Farmer
21 HOPKIN William (Brassington) Tailors
35 HOPKIN William (Brassington) Tailors
27 HOULDGATE Mary (Alderwasley) Farmer
27 HOULDGATE Nathaniel (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 HOUSELEY Geo. (Steeple houses) Inn & tavern [Railway Inn]
35 HUBBERSTY - (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
21 HUBBERSTY Nathan (North End) Academies [Gent's]
21 HUBBERSTY Nathan (North End) Gentry and clergy [Rev.]
27 HUBBERSTY Nathan (Wirksworth) Headmaster of the free grammar school [Rev.,F]
35 HUBBERSTY Nathan (Church yard) Academy and School [Free School, head]
35 HUBBERSTY Nathan (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Rev.]
46 HUBBERSTY Nathan (Wirks.North end) [Rev.,M.A.]
46 HUBBERSTY Nathan (Wirks.North end) Headmaster [Rev.Grammar]
27 HUBBERSTY Philip (Wirksworth) Solicitor [F]
35 HUBBERSTY Philip (Coldwell st) Attorney
46 HUBBERSTY Philip (Wirks.St.John's Street) Attorney & clerk
46 HUGHES John Colehouse (Wirks.Bole hill) Farmer
46 HUGHES Matthew (Cromford) Book-keeper
27 HUNT Charles (Wirksworth) Magistrate [Esq, F]
35 HUNT Elizabeth (St John St) Tavern and Public House [Hope & Anchor]
21 HUNT Joseph (St John's St) Overseer
27 HUNT Joseph (Wirksworth) Assistant overseer
35 HUNT Joseph (Westend) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 HUNT Joseph (Wirks.St.John's Street) [Mr]
35 HUNT William (North end) Clog & Patten Makers
35 HUNT William (Bolehill) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 HUNT William (Wirks.Bole hill) Brickmaker
46 HUNT William (Wirks.Bole hill) Farmer
21 HURT Charles (Coldwell st) Gentry and clergy [jun, esq]
21 HURT Charles (Coldwell St) Gentry and clergy [esq]
27 HURT Charles (Wirksworth) [Jun, esq, F]
27 HURT Charles (Wirksworth) Magistrate [Esq]
35 HURT Charles (Coldwell St) Gentry and Clergy [Esq]
35 HURT Charles (Coldwell St) Gentry and Clergy [Jun.esq]
46 HURT Charles (Wirks.Coldwell street) [Esq.]
21 HURT Francis (Alderwasley) Gentry and clergy [esq]
27 HURT Francis (Alderwasley hall) Magistrate [Esq]
27 HURT Francis (Alderwasley Hall) Magistrate [Esq]
35 HURT Francis (Alderwasley Hall) Gentry and Clergy [Esq]
46 HURT Francis, (Alderwasley Hall) [Esq]
35 HURT James (St John St) Gentry and Clergy [Major]
46 HURT James (Wirks.St.John's Street) [Esq.]
21 HURT Richard (Coldwell St) Lead merchants
46 HURT Richard (Wirks.Coldwell street) [Esq.]
27 HURT Rickards (Wirksworth) Lead merchant [Esq, F]
21 HUTCHINS William (Vicarage) Gentry and clergy [Rev]
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21 INCE Rickards (Coldwell St) Attorneys
27 INCE Rickards (Wirksworth) Attorney and clerk to the magistrates
27 INCE Thomas Norris (Wirksworth) Clerk to the magistrates
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27 JACKSON Henry (Wirksworth) [F,gent]
35 JACKSON Henry (Market place) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
21 JACKSON Joseph (Coldwell St) Auctioneer
27 JACKSON Joseph (Wirksworth) Auctioneer, appraiser
35 JACKSON Joseph (Church st) Auctioneer
46 JACKSON Joseph (Wirksworth moor) Inn & tavern [Noah's Ark]
21 JACKSON Mary (Green hill) Grocers & tea dealers
46 JACKSON Mathew (Wirks.New bridge) Inn & tavern [Miners' Arms]
35 JACKSON Robert (Market place) Tavern and Public House [Spread Eagle]
27 JACKSON William (Grange Mill) Farmer
46 JAMES Alex (Wirks.Market place) Wine & spirit merch, British wine
35 JAMES Alexander (Market place) Druggists
46 JAMES Alexander (Wirks.Market place) Chemist & druggist
46 JEPSON James (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
46 JEPSON Jonathan (Wirks.Market place) Boot & shoe maker
27 JEPSON Jonothan (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 JEPSON Jonothan (Market place) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 JEPSON Timothy (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
27 JEPSON William (Wirksworth) Hosier
35 JEPSON William (St John St) Wool-comber & Hosier
46 JESSOP Wm (Wirks.The Petty) Farmer
46 JEWETT Job (Wigwell) Stone & marble manufacturer
46 JONES Robert Morgan (Cromford) Rev
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46 KAYS Thos. (Ridgway's folly) Farmer
46 KAYS Wm (Brookwall) Farmer
46 KEELING Thos. (Callow Car) Farmer
46 KEELING Wm. (Stainsbro' hall) Farmer
46 KENDRICK Wm. F (Wirks.North end) Baker & flour dealer
46 KENNEY Richard (Wirks.North end) [Rev.,(Baptist)]
27 KEY Samual (Belper lane end) Farmer
27 KEY Thomas (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 KIDD John (Cromford) Farmer
46 KIDD John (Cromford) Tinner and brazier
27 KIDD Moses (Cromford) Bailiff to Richard Arkwright
46 KIDD Samuel (Cromford) Shopkeeper
27 KIDD William (Cromford) Schoolmaster
27 KILLER Isaac (Middleton) Joiner [F]
46 KILLER James (Wirks.Church street) Joiner
35 KILLER John (Middleton) Joiners
35 KILLER John (Middleton) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 KILLER Samuel (Middleton) Joiners
46 KILLER William (Middleton) Joiner
46 KILLER & SPENCER - (Wirks.Church street) Joiner & cabinet maker, builder
35 KINDER Elizabeth (St John st) Milliners and Dress Makers
35 KINDER John (Mill houses) Tavern and Public House [Chequers]
35 KINDER John (Causeway) Wire Worker
21 KINDER Richard (Church yard) White & blacksmiths
27 KINDER Richard (Wirksworth) Whitesmith
46 KINDER Samuel (Ible) Farmer
35 KIRK Richard (Brassington) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 KIRK Samuel (China house yard) Seedsmen
46 KIRKLAND Emma (Wirks.Church street) [Mrs]
46 KIRKLAND George (Wirks.Churchyard) Third master [Grammar]
46 KIRKLAND Samuel (Biggin) Farmer
35 KNIVETON Benjamin (Bolehill) Tavern and Public House [Holly Bush]
46 KNIVETON Benjamin (Wirks.Bole hill) Inn & tavern [Holly Bush]
35 KNIVETON Charles (West end) Gingham &c Manufacturers [Checks,hanks,frocks]
27 KNIVETON George (Wirksworth) Hatter
35 KNIVETON George (Dale) Gingham &c Manufacturers [Cottons,checks,frocks]
35 KNIVETON George (Market place) Gingham &c Manufacturers [Cottons,checks,frocks]
35 KNIVETON George (Coldwell st) Hatters
46 KNIVETON George (Wirks.West End) Gingham manufacturers
46 KNIVETON George (Wirks.Coldwell street) Hatter
21 KNIVETON George Henry (Coldwell St) Hatters
21 KNOWLES Benjamin (Bailey's Croft) Lead ore & mineral agents
27 KNOWLES Benjamin (Wirksworth) Mineral agent
35 KNOWLES Roger (Bailey's croft) Agent,Lead ore and mineral
46 KNOWLES Roger (Wirks.Coldwell street) Ironmonger
21 KNOWLES William (North end) Wheelwrights
27 KNOWLES William (Wirksworth) Wheelwright
35 KNOWLES William (Brassington) Wheelwright

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