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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Index of Wirksworth & Area Tradesmen L-Z

Surname: L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z

The data in this Index is taken from 4 Directories for Derbyshire:

Pigot 1821, Glover 1827, Pigot 1835 and Bagshaw 1846.
The majority are Tradesmen, but Gentry and Clergy are also included. The data has been scanned, OCRed, e-mailed, re-formatted and imported to database, so some errors may appear. To be certain, check the Directory itself. Thanks to Bob Belfield and Brett Payne for scan and OCR.
The Area covers Wirksworth, Cromford, Middleton, Alderwasley, Bolehill, Ible, Hopton, Ashlehay, Ideridgehay, and Grange Mill. The streets included for Wirksworth were St John's, North End, Pig Market, Market Place, Coldwell Street, Dale End, Causeway, China Yard, Church Street and Wash Green.
"The names distinguished with F are for the most part Freeholders, returned into the County Office, as being able to serve on Juries. This forms only a portion of the Freeholders of the County, as it does not include the Clergy, Professions and Others, who are exempt. Those distinguished by C are Copyholders"

Year SURNAME Firstname (Address) Category [Comments]

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46 LAMBERT John (Alderwasley) [Mr]
35 LANCASHIRE Joseph (West end) Curriers and Leather cutters
46 LANCASHIRE Joseph (Wirks.Dale end) Lace agent
35 LANCASHIRE Julia (Town head) Straw hat makers
21 LAND John (Pig market) White & blacksmiths
27 LAND John (Wirksworth) Blacksmith
35 LAND John (West end) Blacksmith
46 LAND John (Wirks.West End) Blacksmith
46 LAWTON John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Banker's clerk
27 LAYHE John (Alderwasley) Blacksmith
21 LEA Thomas (Crich) Linen and woolen drapers
46 LEE George (Wirks.St.John's Street) Hairdresser
35 LEE Isaac (Brassington) Boot & Shoe Makers
21 LEE John (Cromford) Grocers & tea dealers
27 LEE John (Cromford) Shopkeeper
35 LEE John (Cromford) Grocers & Tea Dealers
21 LEE Samuel (North end) Curriers and leather cutters
21 LEES Thomas (Lea) Bakers & flour dealers
27 LEGGETT Benjamin (Broadgates,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 LEONARD John (Cromford) Cromf. and High Peak railway office, and civil engineer, Birchwood house
27 LEVY Thomas (Wirksworth) Tailor
35 LEVY Thomas (Dale) Tailors
46 LITCHFIELD Thomas (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 LONGDEN Richard (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 LONGDIN Job (Ible) Farmer
27 LONGFORD Richard (Sandyford,Ashlehay) Farmer
35 LOVEGROVE Harriet (Carsington) Academy and School
46 LOW Wm, (Ideridghay) Wheelwright
27 LOWE - (Cromford) Surgeon
35 LOWE Samuel (Town head) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 LOWE Samuel (Wirks.West End) Boot & shoe maker
35 LOWE William (St John St) Tavern and Public House [Tiger]
46 LOWE William (Wirks.Stone bridge) Inn & tavern [Three Tuns]
21 LUDLAM John (Cromford) Wheelwrights
27 LUDLAM John (Cromford) Wheelwright
35 LUDLAM John (Cromford) Wheelwright
21 LYMN Charles (Cromford) Boot & shoe makers
27 LYMN Charles (Cromford) Shoemaker
35 LYMN Charles (Cromford) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 LYMN Charles (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker
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21 MACBETH Andrew (Market place) Tailors
27 MACBETH Andrew (Wirksworth) Tailor
35 MACBETH Isaac (St John St) Baker & Flour Dealer
46 MACBETH Isaac (Wirks.Coldwell street) Baker & flour dealer
21 MACKEW Elizabeth (Crich) Taverns & public houses [Sun]
46 MALIN George (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 MALIN Richard (Sandiford) Farmer
46 MALIN Richard (Alderwasley) Farmer
27 MALIN William (Brownhouse,Ashlehay) Farmer
35 MAPPLEBACK John (North end) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 MAPPLEBACK John (North end) Turner & Chair Maker
21 MAPPLEBECK John (North end) Chair maker
27 MAPPLEBECK John (Wirksworth) Chair turner
46 MARCHINGTON Jsh. (Ible) Farmer [jun]
46 MARCHINGTON Jsh. (Ible) Farmer [sen]
27 MARSDEN & SON (Wirksworth) Braziers and tinmen
21 MARSDEN Godfrey (Market place) Braziers and tinplate workers
35 MARSDEN Henry (Market place) Braziers and Tin-Plate workers
46 MARSDEN Henry (Wirks.Warm brook) Academy
46 MARSDEN Henry (Wirks.St.John's Street) Brazier and tinner
46 MARSDEN John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Auctioneer & appraiser
46 MARSDEN John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Shopkeeper
46 MARSDEN Lewis (Cromford) Ale & Porter merchant
46 MARSDEN Lewis (Cromford) Coal merchant
35 MARSH Elizabeth (Wash green) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 MARSH William (Green hill) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 MARSH Wm (Wirks.Dale end) Bailiff to the Court of Requests
46 MARSH Wm. (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 MARSH Wm (Wirks.Dale end) Grocer tea dealer
21 MARSHALL John (Coldwell St) Sheriff's officer
27 MARSHALL John (Wirksworth) Sherriff's officer
35 MARSHALL John (Coldwell st) Bailiff & High Constable [For Wirksworth hundred]
46 MARSHALL John (Wirks.Steeple grange) High constable for the Wirksworth hundred
46 MARSHALL John (Wirks.Steeple grange) Inn & tavern [Thorn Tree]
35 MARSHALL Sarah (Alderwasley) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 MARSHALL Thomas (Coldwell st) Academy and School
46 MARSHALL Thomas (Wirks.Church street) Academy
46 MARSON John (Wirks.Warm brook) Nail maker
21 MART John (Cromford) Taverns & public houses [Cock]
27 MART John (Cromford) Victualler, carrier [Cock]
35 MART John (Cromford) Tavern and Public House [Cock]
46 MART John (Scarthin Nick) Carrier [junr]
46 MART John (Cromford) Cromford minerl paint compy
46 MART John (Biggin) Farmer
46 MART John (Cromford) Inn & tavern [Cock]
21 MASKERY John (Dale end) Butchers
27 MASKERY John (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 MASKERY John (Causeway) Basket Maker
35 MASKERY John (Dale) Butchers
35 MASKERY John (Wash green) Stone Masons
46 MASKREY Benjamin (Wirks.Causeway) Stone mason
46 MASKREY John (Wirks.Gorsey bank) Stone mason
46 MASKREY Wm (Wirks.Wash Green) Stone mason
35 MASON Ann (Pig market) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 MASON Sarah (Cromford) Shopkeeper
35 MASON William (Cromford) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 MASSEY Charles, (Hopton) Farmer
21 MATHER James (St John's St) Bakers & flour dealers
21 MATHER John (St John's St) Horse dealer
27 MATHER John (Wirksworth) Horse dealer
46 MATHER John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Inn & tavern [Horse and Jockey]
21 MATHER Robert (St John's St) Boot & shoe makers
27 MATHER Robert (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 MATHER Robert (Dale) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 MATHER Robert (Wirks.Mary's gate) Boot & shoe maker
27 MATHER Thomas (Wirksworth) Baker
27 MATHER Thomas (Wirksworth) Baker [Jun]
46 MATHER Thomas (Wirks.St.John's Street) Baker & flour dealer
46 MATKIN Jph. (Askew) Farmer
46 MEAKIN Edwin, (Cromford) Marble mason (and clerk)
21 MEE James (Market place) Perfumers, &c
27 MEE James (Wirksworth) Hairdresser
35 MEE James (Market place) Perfumers & Hair cutters
46 MEE James (Wirks.St.John's Street) Hairdresser
35 MELLOR John (Brassington) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 MELLOR John (Wigwell) Farmer
46 MELLORS Thomas (Wirks.Wash Green) Boot & shoe maker
46 MELVILLE Wm. & Co. (Cromford) Cotton spinners [Cromford and Masson mills]
27 MERCHANT Joseph (Ible) Farmer
27 MERCHANT Samuel (Cromford) Shopkeeper
46 MILLINGTON Thomas (Wirks.West End) Inn & tavern [Green Man]
46 MILLINGTON Thomas Hughes (Wirks.Steeple grange) Tallow chandler
46 MILLWARD Moses (Wirks.Warm brook) Boot & shoe maker
46 MILLWARD William (Wirks.Green hill) Boot & shoe maker
46 MILNES Chs. (Alderwasley) Lead smelters & manufrs.
46 MILNES Wm. (Alderwasley) Lead smelters & manufrs.
46 MILWARD John (Biggin) Farmer
27 MILWARD Thomas (Spout village,Ashlehay) Farmer
35 MITCHELL - (St John St) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
35 MITCHELL - (St John St) Gentry and Clergy [Rev.]
35 MOLD Charles (Alderwasley) Iron Masters [Morley Park Iron Works]
46 MOLD Chas. (Alderwasley) Bar, rod and sheet iron manufacturers
27 MOLD John (Alderwasley) Iron forge [F]
35 MOLD John (Alderwasley) Iron Masters [Morley Park Iron Works]
46 MOLD John (Alderwasley) Bar, rod and sheet iron manufacturers
27 MOLESWORTH J.E.N. (Wirksworth) Vicar [Rev.]
35 MOORE Caleb (Middleton) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 MOORE Caleb (Cromford) Coal merchant
46 MOORE Caleb (Middleton) Farmer shopkeeper and vict. Miners' Standard
46 MOORE Gamaliel (Middleton) Farmer and shopkeeper
46 MOORE Richard (Wirks.West End) Hat manufacturer
27 MORLEDGE Joseph (Grange Mill) Farmer
46 MOSS Edward (Wirks.Coldwell street) Inn & tavern [Rose and Crown]
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21 NALL James (North St) Wool combers
27 NALL James (Wirksworth) Woolcomber
46 NALL James (Wirks.Market place) Hatter
46 NALL James (Wirks.Market place) Hosier
46 NEWTON Ann (Wirks.Coldwell street) [Mrs]
21 NEWTON Mary (Church St) Maltsters
27 NEWTON Mary (Wirksworth) Maltster [F]
21 NEWTON Mrs (Causeway) Milliners and dress makers
21 NEWTON Thomas (Church St) Joiners & builders
27 NEWTON Thomas (Wirksworth) Cabinet maker [F]
35 NEWTON Thomas (Church st) Joiners
35 NEWTON Thomas (Church st) Maltsters
46 NEWTON Thomas (Wirks.Church street) Fire & life agent [Sun]
46 NEWTON Thomas (Wirks.Church street) Maltster
21 NIGHTINGALE William (Lea Hurst) Gentry and clergy [esq]
35 NIGHTINGALE William E.S. (Lea Hurst) Gentry and Clergy [Esq]
27 NUTTALL - (Wirksworth) Maltster [Mrs]
21 NUTTALL James (St John's St) Sadlers and harness makers
27 NUTTALL James (Wirksworth) Saddler
21 NUTTALL Samuel (Wash green) Curriers and leather cutters
27 NUTTALL Samuel (Wirksworth) Currier & leather cutter [F]
35 NUTTALL Samuel (Wash green) Curriers and Leather cutters
35 NUTTALL Sarah (St John St) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
21 NUTTALL William (Market place) Maltsters
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46 OAKLEY George (Wirks.St.John's Street) Corn miller
46 OAKLEY George (Wirks.St.John's Street) Inn & tavern [Wheat Sheaf]
46 OAKLEY Thos, (Ideridghay) Shoemaker
46 OAKLEY William, (Ideridghay) Brickmaker and shoemaker
46 OAKLEY Wm. (Hobknowl) Farmer, miller
21 OATES Jonathan (Cromford) Braziers and tinplate workers
27 OATES Jonothan (Cromford) Brazier, tinplate worker
35 OATES Jonothon (Cromford) Braziers and Tin-Plate workers
21 OGDEN Job (Coldwell St) Butchers
27 OGDEN Job (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 OGDEN Job (Wash green) Butchers
21 OGDEN John (Coldwell St) Butchers
27 OGDEN John (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 OGDEN John (North end) Butchers
35 OGDEN Joseph (Coldwell st) Butchers
46 OGDEN Joseph (Wirks.Coldwell street) Butcher
27 OGDEN Thomas (Wirksworth) Victualler [Miners' Arms]
35 OGDEN Thomas (New bridge) Tavern and Public House [Miners' Arms]
46 OGDEN Thomas (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Dog and Partridge]
21 OGDEN William (North St) Butchers
27 OGDEN William (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 OGDEN William (North end) Butchers
35 OGDEN William (North end) Tavern and Public House [Royal Oak]
46 OGDEN Wm (Wirks.North end) Butcher
46 OGDON William (Wirks.North end) Inn & tavern [Royal Oak]
27 OLDFIELD John (Hopton) Farmer [F]
35 OLDFIELD John (Hopton) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
35 OLDHAM Thomas (Holloway) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 ORRIDGE James (Wirks.Dale) Shopkeeper
46 OXSPRING David (Wirks.Bole hill) Inn & tavern [New Inn]
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27 PACKARD Thomas (Alderwasley) Farmer, miller
27 PAGE Francis B. (Wirksworth) Solicitor and agent to Sun Fire Office [F]
35 PAGE Francis B. (Coldwell St) Fire,&c Office, Agents [SUN]
21 PAGE Francis Bradshaw (Market place) Attorneys
21 PAGE Francis Bradshaw (Market place) Fire, &c. office agents [SUN]
35 PAGE Francis Bradshaw (Coldwell st) Attorney
46 PAGE Hannah (Wirks.Church street) [Miss]
35 PAGE Sarah (Church yard) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
46 PALIN Samuel (Wirks.Coldwell street) Inn & tavern [Nelson's Arms]
46 PARKER John, (Cromford) Painter & plumber and glazier
21 PARKER William (Cromford) Plumbers & glaziers
27 PARKER William (Cromford) Plumber, glazier
35 PARKER William (Cromford) Plumbers and Glaziers
21 PEAL Charles (Church yard) Boot & shoe makers
35 PEAL Charles (Church lane) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 PEAL Marcellus (Coldwell st) Academy and School
46 PEAL Marcellus (Wirks.Coldwell street) Registrar and clerk to the Gas Company
46 PEAL Marcellus (Wirks.Coldwell street) Second master [Grammar]
21 PEAL William (Coldwell St) Boot & shoe makers
35 PEAL & JACKSON (North end) Stay Makers
21 PEARSON Henry (Dale) Taverns & public houses [The Recruiting Serjeant]
27 PEARSON Henry (Wirksworth) Victualler [Recruiting Serjeant]
46 PEARSON James (Wirks.Steeple grange) Farmer
46 PEARSON Wm (Wirksworth moor) Farmer
21 PEAT Ann (Williamson's square) Straw hat makers
27 PEAT Ann (Wirksworth) Straw hat manufacturer
35 PEAT Ann (Causeway) Straw hat makers
21 PEAT Anthony (St John's St) Boot & shoe makers
27 PEAT Anthony (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 PEAT Anthony (St John St) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 PEAT Anthony (Wirks.St.John's Street) Boot & shoe maker
35 PEAT Eliza (Church yard) Milliners and Dress Makers
35 PEAT Ellen (Middleton) Academy and School
27 PEAT George (Conygreve) Farmer
27 PEAT George (Fish Pond,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 PEAT Job (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 PEAT Josiah (Market place) Boot & shoe makers
27 PEAT Josiah (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
21 PEAT Phineas (North End) Boot & shoe makers
27 PEAT Phineas (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 PEAT Phineas (Market place) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 PEAT Phineas (Wirks.Market place) Boot & shoe maker
21 PEAT Richard (New Bridge) Boot & shoe makers
27 PEAT Richard (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 PEAT Richard (Wash green) Boot & Shoe Makers
21 PEAT William (Williamson's square) Boot & shoe makers
27 PEAT William (Dirty Lane,Ashlehay) Farmer
27 PEAT William (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 PEAT William (Causeway) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 PEAT William (Cromford) Tavern and Public House [Pig of Lead]
35 PEEL - (North end) Gentry and Clergy [The misses]
27 PEEL Charles (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
27 PEEL William (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
46 PEET George (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 PEET Phineas (Coney Grave) Farmer
35 PEGG Robert (Wash green) Paint Manufacturers
21 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Coldwell St) Grocers & tea dealers
27 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Wirksworth) Grocer
35 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Coldwell st) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Wirks.Coldwell street) Grocer tea dealer
35 PHABAY - (Town head) Gentry and Clergy [Captain]
21 PHOEBE Francis (Townhead) Gentry and clergy [Captain]
27 PHOEBE Francis (Wirksworth) Captain [F]
21 PICKARD George (North end) Ironmongers
21 PICKARD George (North end) Stone mason
27 PICKARD George (Wirksworth) Stone & marble mason, ironmonger & joiner [F]
35 PICKARD George (North end) Stone & Marble Merchants [Hopton Stone]
35 PICKARD George (North end) Stone Masons
46 PICKARD George (Wirks.North end) Stone & marble manufacturer
21 PICKARD Gill (North end) Plumbers & glaziers
27 PICKARD Gill (Wirksworth) Plumber, glazier and painter
35 PICKARD Gill (Coldwell st) Plumbers and Glaziers
46 PICKARD Gill (Wirks.Coldwell street) Boot & shoe maker
46 PICKARD Gill (Wirks.Coldwell street) Painter
46 PICKARD Gill (Wirks.Coldwell street) Plumber & glazier
21 PICKARD Joseph (Coldwell St) Taverns & public houses [Rose & Crown]
27 PICKARD Joseph (Wirksworth) Victualler, car W to Derby [Rose & Crown]
46 PICKARD Joseph (Wirks.Wash Green) Farmer
35 PICKARD Joshua (Coldwell st) Tavern and Public House [Rose & Crown]
27 PIDCOCK William (Ashlehay) Farmer [Jun, F]
27 PIDCOCK William (Dirty Lane,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 PIDCOCK Wm (Ashlehay) Farmer
21 PIGGIN William (Crich) Boot & shoe makers
46 PILLEY Wm (Wirks.Beeley Croft) Tailor
35 POTTER James (Wash green) Plasterers
35 POTTER Lydia (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 POTTER William (Coldwell St) Plasterer
27 POTTER William (Wirksworth) Plasterer
27 POTTER William (Cromford) Shopkeeper
35 POTTER William (New bridge) Plasterers
35 POTTS John (Brassington) Tavern and Public House [Thorn Tree]
21 POTTS Jonothan (Brassington) Taverns & public houses [Thorn Tree]
27 POYSER John (Wirksworth) Currier, leather cutter [F]
46 POYSER John (Wirks.China square) Currier & leather cutter
46 POYSER Joseph (Wirks.West End) Painter
46 POYSER Joseph (Wirks.West End) Plumber & glazier
21 POYSER Richard (Pig market) Plumbers & glaziers
27 POYSER Richard (Wirksworth) Plumber, glazier
35 POYSER Richard (Market place) Maltsters
35 POYSER Richard (West end) Plumbers and Glaziers
46 POYSER Richard (Wirks.West End) Maltster
46 POYSER Richard (Wirks.West End) Parish clerk
21 POYSER Samuel (St John's St) Taverns & public houses [Hope & Anchor]
27 POYSER Samuel (Wirksworth) Victualler [Hope & Anchor]
35 POYSER Samuel (Market place) Maltsters
21 POYSER Thomas (Coldwell St) Surgeons
27 POYSER Thomas (Wirksworth) Surgeon [F]
35 POYSER Thomas (Coldwell st) Surgeon
46 POYSER Thos (Wirks.Coldwell street) Surgeon
21 POYZER John (Church yard) Curriers and leather cutters
35 POYZER John (China House yard) Curriers and Leather cutters
21 PRIOR John (Coldwell St) Smallware manufacturers
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27 RADFORD James (Wirksworth) Fellmonger
35 RADFORD Jemima (Holloway) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 RADFORD John (Brassington) Blacksmith
35 RADFORD John (Holloway) Blacksmith
21 RADFORD Joseph (Lea) White & blacksmiths
35 RADFORD Joseph (Holloway) Baker & Flour Dealer
35 RADFORD Joseph (Lea) Tavern and Public House [Horse Shoe]
27 RAINES - (Grange Mill) Farmer [Mrs]
27 RAINES - (Topsey,ible) Farmer [F]
27 RAINES John (Grange Mill) Farmer [F]
27 RAINES Josiah (Grange Mill) Farmer
46 RAINS Elizabeth (Ivonbrook Grange Top hill) Farmer
46 RAINS Josiah (Ivonbrook grange Upper house) Farmer
46 RAINS Robert (Ible) Farmer
46 RAINS Samuel (Ivonbrook grange Wigley meadow) Farmer
27 REDFERN Samuel (Broadgates,Ashlehay) Farmer
46 REDFERN Samuel (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 REDFERN Thos (Biggin) Farmer
46 REEDS John (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
46 REEVES Thos (Wirksworth) Organist & professor of music
35 REYNOLDS Samuel (Wash green) Academy and School
46 RHODES John (Wirks.Dale) Hat manufacturer
27 RICHARDS John (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 RICHARDSON Charles (Market place) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 RICHARDSON Charles (Market place) Tavern and Public House [Bull]
21 RICHARDSON John (Coldwell St) Grocers & tea dealers
27 RICHARDSON John (Wirksworth) Grocer, baptist minister [Rev]
46 RICHARDSON Thomas (Brown house) Farmer
35 RICHARDSON William (New bridge) Millers & Flour Dealers
35 RICHARDSON William (New bridge) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 RIDGARDS Henry (Coldwell St) Butchers
27 RILEY, EVANS & CO (Wirksworth) Smallware manufacturers
35 RILEY,EVANS & CO (Mill houses) Smallware manufacturers
21 ROBERTS Joseph (Market place) Coopers
27 ROBERTS Joseph (Wirksworth) Cooper
35 ROBERTS Joseph (Market place) Coopers
46 ROBERTS Joseph (Wirks.Market place) Cooper
21 ROGERS William (Coldwell St) Wool combers
27 ROGERS William (Wirksworth) Woolcomber
35 ROGERS William (Wash green) Wool-comber & Hosier
21 ROLLEY James (Cromford) Hatters
27 ROLLEY James (Cromford) Hatter
35 ROLLEY James (Cromford) Hat Manufacturers
46 ROLLEY James (Cromford) Hat manufacturers
35 ROOSE Ann (West end) Straw hat makers
35 ROOSE John (New bridge) Retailor of Beer
35 ROOSE Richard (Cromford) Hatters
46 ROOSE Richard (Scarthin nick) Shopkeeper
27 ROPER Daniel (Middleton) Shoemaker
27 ROPER Francis (Middleton) Miner [F]
46 ROPER Francis (Middleton) Miner
21 ROPER Joshua (Cromford) Taverns & public houses [Crown]
21 ROPER Joshua (Cromford) Wheelwrights
27 ROPER Joshua (Cromford) Victualler, wheelwright [Crown Inn]
35 ROPER Joshua (Cromford) Tavern and Public House [Crown]
35 ROPER Joshua (Cromford) Wheelwright
35 ROSEWARE John (North end) Agent,Lead ore and mineral
35 ROSEWARNE Hannah (Coldwell st) Straw hat makers
21 ROSEWARNE John (St John's St) Booksellers, stationers and printers
21 ROSEWARNE John (North end) Lead ore & mineral agents
27 ROSEWARNE John (Wirksworth) Bookseller, bookbinder, printer
27 ROSEWARNE John (Wirksworth) Mineral agent [Sen.]
46 ROSEWARNE John (Wirks.North end) Mining & mineral agent
46 ROSEWARNE Mary (Wirks.Coldwell street) Milliner & dress maker
46 ROSEWARNE Mary (Wirks.Coldwell street) Straw hat maker
27 ROUSE & GREEN (Cromford) Hatters
35 ROWLAND John (Dale) Butchers
46 ROWLAND John (Wirks.Dale) Butcher
46 ROWLAND Samuel (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Red Lion Inn]
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27 SAINT Samuel (Ideridgehay) Farmer
27 SANDARS William (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 SANDERS James (Market place) White & blacksmiths
35 SANDERS James (Market place) Ironmongers [(& smith)]
46 SANDERS John (Wirks.Dale end) Whitesmith & bellhanger
46 SANDERS John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Whitesmith & bellhanger
46 SANDERS Wm. (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 SANDS George (Wirks.Beeley Croft) Assurance agent
46 SANDS George (Wirks.Beeley Croft) Fire & life agent [York and London]
21 SAUNDERS James (Market place) Ironmongers
27 SAUNDERS James (Wirksworth) Whitesmith, ironmonger, man.of cut nails
21 SAXTON John (Crich) Gentry and clergy [esq]
46 SAXTON John (Wirks.West End) Boot & shoe maker
35 SCOTT Mathias (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 SCOTT Mathias (Market place) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 SCOTT Thomas (Wirks.Market place) Grocer tea dealer
46 SCOTT Thomas (Wirks.Market place) Linen & woolen draper
46 SEDDON John (Cromford) Cashier, [Cromford mill]
46 SEEDS Edward (Wirks.Wash Green) Boot & shoe maker
46 SEEDS George (Wirks.St.John's Street) Boot & shoe maker
27 SEEDS John (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 SEEDS Mary (St John St) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 SEEDS William (Wirks.Green hill) Boot & shoe maker
35 SHAW Ann (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
21 SHAW Edward (Market place) Watch & clock makers
35 SHAW Edward (Market place) Watch & clock maker
46 SHAW Edw (Wirks.Market place) Watch & clock maker, toy dealer
21 SHAW Francis (Meal market) Surgeons
27 SHAW Francis (Wirksworth) Surgeon [Gent, F]
35 SHAW Francis (West end) Surgeon
46 SHAW Francis (Wirks.West End) Surgeon
27 SHAW Hugh (Wirksworth) Watch maker
35 SHAW Hugh (Market place) Joiners
27 SHAW James (Bolehill) [Gent, F]
35 SHAW James (Bolehill) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
27 SHAW John (Wirksworth) Victualler, lime burner [Green Man,F]
35 SHAW John (Steeple houses) Lime Burners and Dealers
35 SHAW John (Steeple houses) Maltsters
46 SHAW John (Wirks.Bole hill) Farmer
35 SHAW Sarah (Market place) Birm & Shef w'house
21 SHAW Thomas (Market place) Boot & shoe makers
27 SHAW Thomas (Wirksworth) Shoemaker [F]
35 SHAW Thomas (Market place) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 SHAW Thomas (Steeple houses) Maltsters
35 SHAW Thomas (St John St) Maltsters
46 SHAW Wm. (Cromford) Academy
46 SHAW William (Wirks.Steeple grange) Maltster
46 SHAW William (Wirks.Gorsey bank) Maltster
35 SHELDON Joseph (Cromford) Retailor of Beer
46 SHELDON Joseph (Cromford) Beerhouse
27 SHELDON Solomon (Cromford) Cooper
46 SHELDON Solomon (Cromford) Cooper
46 SHEPHERD Samuel (Wirks.North end) Wheelwright
35 SHEPPARD Mary (Bailey's croft) Milliners and Dress Makers
46 SHIPLEY Daniel (Scarthin Nick) Currier
46 SHIPLEY Daniel (Wirks.Market place) Currier & leather cutter
35 SHIPLEY Francis Henry (Cromford) Curriers and Leather cutters
21 SHIPSTONE William (Crich) Scythe-stick maker
27 SIDDON John (Cromford) Bookkeeper & cashier to R & P Arkwright
46 SILKSTONE James (Wirks.Wash Green) Brassfounder
21 SILVESTER Jonothan (Crich) Taverns & public houses [Wheatsheaf]
21 SIMMS George Frederick (St John's St) Prof. of music
27 SIMMS George Frederick (Wirksworth) Professor of music
21 SIMMS Samuel (Market place) Taverns & public houses [Spread eagle]
46 SIMPSON James (Biggin) Farmer
35 SIMS James (West end) Tailors
46 SIMS James (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 SIMS James (Wirks.West End) Tailor
27 SIMS Samuel (Wirksworth) Victualler [Spread Eagle]
35 SIMS William (Holloway) Stone & Marble Merchants [Stone]
21 SLACK Daniel (Market place) Butchers
27 SLACK Daniel (Wirksworth) Butcher [F]
35 SLACK Daniel (Brassington) Academy and School
46 SLACK Edward (Wirks.St.John's Street) Butcher
35 SLACK Ellen (St John St) Butchers
35 SLACK John (Market place) Butchers
35 SLACK Josiah (Middleton) Butchers [& son]
46 SLACK Josiah (Middleton) Farmer
35 SLACK Mary (Brassington) Milliners and Dress Makers
35 SLACK Robert (Brassington) Retailor of Beer
21 SLACK Thomas (Brassington) Taverns & public houses [Miner's Arms]
35 SLACK Thomas (Brassington) Bar Master [For liberty of B.]
35 SLACK Thomas (Brassington) Tavern and Public House [Miners' Arms]
35 SLACK William (Middleton) Tavern and Public House [Miners'Standard]
46 SLACK William (Middleton) Farmer
46 SLATER Geo (Ideridghay) Farmer
27 SLATER Helen (Ideridgehay) Farmer
46 SMEDLEY Isaac (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Black Bull]
27 SMEDLEY Job (Cromford) Shopkeeper
35 SMEDLEY Job (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 SMEDLEY Job, (Cromford) Baker and confectioner
46 SMEDLEY Job (Cromford) Grocer
21 SMEDLEY John (Lea Mill) Wool combers
35 SMEDLEY John (Lea mill) Hosiery Manufacturer [Merino spinner]
35 SMEDLEY John (St John St) Stone Masons
46 SMEDLEY John (Wirks.Warm brook) Dyer
27 SMEDLEY Joseph (Wirksworth) Stone mason [F]
46 SMEDLEY Joseph (Wirks.West End) Stone mason
21 SMEDLEY Mary (St John's St) Gentry and clergy [Miss]
27 SMEDLEY Mary (Wirksworth) [Miss]
35 SMEDLEY Mary (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Miss]
27 SMEDLEY Thomas (Wirksworth) Mineral agent
35 SMEDLEY Thomas (Steeple houses) Agent,Lead ore and mineral
35 SMITH - (West end) Gentry and Clergy [Miss]
46 SMITH Ann (Wirks.Bole hill) Farmer
35 SMITH George (West end) Retailor of Beer
35 SMITH George (Holloway) Shopkeepers & grocerers
27 SMITH Hannah (Wirksworth) Milliner
35 SMITH Hannah (St John St) Milliners and Dress Makers
46 SMITH Hannah (Wirks.St.John's Street) Milliner & dress maker
21 SMITH John (Crich) Wheelwrights
21 SMITH John (Townhead) Wool combers
27 SMITH John (Wirksworth) Hosier, woolcomber [F]
46 SMITH John (Scarthin nick) Baker
46 SMITH John (Wirks.Wash Green) Farmer
46 SMITH John (Buggart's Inn) Farmer
46 SMITH John (Scarthin nick) Grocer
46 SMITH John, (Ideridghay) Vict.and maltsters [Swan,]
46 SMITH Joseph (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
21 SMITH Ralph Wheeldon (Crich) Butchers
27 SMITH Samuel (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 SMITH Samuel (Cromford) Gardener, Rock house
27 SMITH Thomas (Ideridgehay) Farmer
46 SMITH Ts. (Ideridghay) Farmer & flour delr
21 SMITH William (Brassington) Wheelwrights
35 SMITH William (Brassington) Wheelwright
46 SMITH William (Wirks.North end) Constable
46 SMITH Wm (Wirks.Stone bridge) Farmer
27 SPENCER - (Bolehill) [Miss]
27 SPENCER - (Hopton) Blacksmith
27 SPENCER Arthur (Wirksworth) Miner [F]
46 SPENCER Benj (Ible) Farmer
21 SPENCER Benjamin (St John's St) Butchers
27 SPENCER Benjamin (Wirksworth) Butcher
35 SPENCER Francis (West end) Butchers
35 SPENCER Francis (West end) Tavern and Public House [Green Man]
46 SPENCER George (Cromford) Greengrocer
46 SPENCER George (Middleton) Shoemaker
21 SPENCER Grace (St John's St) Straw hat makers
27 SPENCER Grace (Wirksworth) Straw hat maker
35 SPENCER Grace (St John St) Straw hat makers
46 SPENCER Grace (Wirks.West End) Straw hat maker
21 SPENCER Hannah (Market place) Grocers & tea dealers
27 SPENCER Hannah (Wirksworth) Shop keeper
35 SPENCER Hannah (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 SPENCER Hannah (Market place) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 SPENCER Hannah (Wirks.Market place) Shopkeeper
21 SPENCER Isaac (Lea Mill) Corn miller
27 SPENCER Isaac (Middleton) Mineral agent, victualler [F]
35 SPENCER Isaac (Middleton) Agent,Lead ore and mineral
35 SPENCER Isaac (Middleton) Tavern and Public House [Nelson's Arms]
46 SPENCER Isaac (Wirks.St.John's Street) Wheelwright
35 SPENCER James (Hopton) Blacksmith
46 SPENCER James, (Hopton) Blacksmith and agricultural implement maker
46 SPENCER James (Wirks.Causeway) Farmer
46 SPENCER James (Middleton) Miner
27 SPENCER Job (Middleton) Miner [F]
46 SPENCER Job (Middleton) Bookkeeper
21 SPENCER John (St John's St) Braziers and tinplate workers
27 SPENCER John (Wirksworth) Brazier, tinman
35 SPENCER John (China house yard) Braziers and Tin-Plate workers
35 SPENCER John (Middleton) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 SPENCER John (Middleton) Butcher
46 SPENCER Lois. (Middleton) Farmer & vict. Nelson's Arms
35 SPENCER Mary (Middleton) Milliners and Dress Makers
35 SPENCER Peter (Middleton) Butchers
27 SPENCER Reuben (Ible) Farmer [F]
27 SPENCER Richard (Ashlehay) Farmer [F]
27 SPENCER Richard (Spout village,Ashlehay) Farmer
35 SPENCER Richard (Middleton) Butchers
35 SPENCER Richard (St John St) Butchers
46 SPENCER Richard (Middleton) Butcher
46 SPENCER Richard (Wirks.St.John's Street) Butcher
27 SPENCER Robert (Ible) Farmer [Jun]
46 SPENCER Robert (Middleton) Farmer and miner
21 SPENCER Thomas (Market place) Taverns & public houses [Bull]
27 SPENCER Thomas (Hurstfield,Ideridgehay) Farmer
27 SPENCER Thomas (Wirksworth) Victualler [Black Bull]
46 SPENCER Thos (Alton) Farmer
46 SPENCER Thomas (Wirks.Church street) Joiner
46 SPENCER Thomas (Wirks.New bridge) Joiner & cabinet maker
46 SPENCER Thomas (Middleton) Miner
21 SPENCER William (St John's St) Grocers & tea dealers
21 SPENCER William (St John's St) Joiners & builders
27 SPENCER William (Wirksworth) Joiner, shopkeeper
35 SPENCER William (Middleton) Butchers
35 SPENCER William (St John St) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 SPENCER William (St John St) Joiners
46 SPENCER William (Middleton) Butcher & shopkeeper
46 SPENCER Wm (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 SPENCER Wm (Wirks.St.John's Street) Shopkeeper
46 SPENDLOVE Gervase (Ashlehay) Farmer
27 SPENDLOVE John (Alderwasley) Farmer [F]
27 SPENDLOVE John (Ashlehay) Horsedealer, farmer [F]
35 SPRINGTHORPE William (Cromford) Engineer
21 STAFFORD John (Cromford) Tailors
27 STAFFORD Matthew (Cromford) Tailor
35 STAFFORD Matthew (Cromford) Tailors
46 STAFFORD Thomas (Cromford) Tailor
46 STALEY - (Cromford) Agent
46 STALEY - (Cromford) Grocer
46 STALEY - (Cromford) Linen & woolen drapers
21 STALEY Francis (Cromford) Grocers & tea dealers
21 STALEY Francis (Cromford) Ironmongers
27 STALEY Francis (Cromford) Grocer, draper, ironmonger [F]
35 STALEY Francis (Cromford) Druggists
35 STALEY Francis (Cromford) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 STALEY Francis (Cromford) Ironmongers
46 STALEY George (Cromford) Draper and grocer
46 STALEY Nathaniel (Cromford) Farmer
46 STATHAM Ann (Ideridghay) Ecles-burn [Mrs]
21 STEAR Thomas (Coldwell St) Taverns & public houses [Miner's Arms]
27 STEAR Thomas (Wirksworth) Victualler, shoemaker [Greyhound]
21 STEARS Thomas (Coldwell St) Boot & shoe makers
27 STEEPLES William (Ideridgehay) Farmer
46 STEEPLES Wm (Ideridghay) Farmer
27 STERLAND - (Cromford) Grocer, tea dealer [Mrs]
46 STERLAND Mary Ann (Cromford) Academy
35 STERLAND Susannah (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 STERLAND Thomas (Cromford) Grocers & tea dealers
21 STEVENSON James (Wash green) Yarn bleacher
27 STEVENSON James (Wirksworth) Yarn bleacher
35 STEVENSON James (Wash green) Bleachers
46 STEVENSON James (Wirks.Wash Green) Bleacher
46 STEVENSON James (Wirks.Market place) Ironmonger
21 STEVENSON William (Wash green) Yarn bleacher
27 STEVENSON William (Wirksworth) Yarn bleacher
35 STEVENSON William (Wash green) Bleachers
46 STEVENSON Wm (Wirks.Wash Green) Bleacher
35 STONE Mark (St John's Lane) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 STONE Mark (Wirks.Mary's gate) Boot & shoe maker
46 STONE Matthew (Ashlehay) Farmer
21 STONE Thomas (Cromford) Taverns & public houses [Bull's Head]
27 STONE Thomas (Cromford) Victualler [Bull's Head]
21 STONE William (Cromford) Joiners & builders
27 STONE William (Cromford) Joiner, builder
35 STONE William (Cromford) Joiners
46 STONE Wm. (Scarthin nick) Joiner & buildr
46 STORER Edward (Cromford) Boot & shoe maker
46 STORER George (Alderwasley) Farmer
27 STORER Joseph (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 STORER Joseph (Wirks.Bole hill) Boot & shoe maker
46 STORER Joseph (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 STREET Benjamin (Wirks.Coldwell street) Inn & tavern [White Lion]
27 STREET John (Ashlehay) Farmer [F]
35 STREET Mary Ann (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 STREET Mary Ann (Cromford) Grocer
27 STREET William (Dairywood,Alderwasley) Farmer
27 STREET William (Cromford) Runs car to Derby
35 SWAIN Mary (Mill houses) Shopkeepers & grocerers
21 SWETTENHAM & ANDREW (Church St) Attorneys
27 SWETTENHAM & INGLE (Wirksworth) Solicitors
46 SWIFT Edward (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker
46 SWIFT Joseph (Scarthin Nick) Carrier
35 SWINDELL Thomas (Brassington) Baker & Flour Dealer
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46 TATLOW Elizabeth (Wirks.St.John's Street) Grocer tea dealer
46 TATLOW Jeremiah (Wirks.St.John's Street) Smallware manufacturer
35 TAYLOR Ann (St John St) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
35 TAYLOR Dorothy (St John St) Baker & Flour Dealer
35 TAYLOR Edward (Wash green) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 TAYLOR Henry (Wirks.West End) Stone mason
21 TAYLOR James (St John's St) Bakers & flour dealers
27 TAYLOR James (Wirksworth) Baker
27 TAYLOR James (Ideridgehay) Corn miller
46 TAYLOR Jas. (Alton) Corn miller [Alton mill]
21 TAYLOR John (Crich) Boot & shoe makers
35 TAYLOR John (Dale) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 TAYLOR John (Alderwasley) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 TAYLOR John (Wirks.Dale) Boot & shoe maker
46 TAYLOR John, (Alderwasley) Shoemaker
27 TAYLOR Joseph (Ashlehay) Farmer
46 TAYLOR Jph. (Ashlehay) Farmer & mlstr
46 TAYLOR Joseph, (Alderwasley) Joiner
35 TAYLOR Samuel (Alderwasley) Joiners
35 TAYLOR Samuel (Alderwasley) Parish clerk
27 TAYLOR Thomas (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 TAYLOR Thomas, (Hopton) Bailiff and gamekeeper
27 TAYLOR William (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 TAYLOR William (Church yard) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 TAYLOR William (Wirks.Churchyard) Boot & shoe maker
21 THELWALL John (Mill houses) Hatters
27 THELWALL John (Wirksworth) Hat manufacturer [F]
35 THELWELL John (Mill house) Hat Manufacturers
35 TIPPER Joseph (St John St) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 TISSINGTON George (Cromford) Paint Manufacturer [C.Mineral Paint Works]
27 TOMLINSON & SON (Wirksworth) Boot & shoemakers
46 TOMLINSON Eliz (Wirks.Warm brook) Straw hat maker
21 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (Warmbrook) Straw hat makers
27 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (Wirksworth) Straw hat manufacturer
35 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (Warmbrook) Straw hat makers
21 TOMLINSON Henry (Coldwell St) Boot & shoe makers [& son]
46 TOMLINSON Henry (Wirks.North end) Boot & shoe maker
35 TOMLINSON James (Coldwell st) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 TOMLINSON James (Wirks.Coldwell street) Boot & shoe maker
35 TOMLINSON John (St John st) Auctioneer
35 TOMLINSON John (St John St) Tavern and Public House [Blue Bell]
46 TOMLINSON John (Wirks.North end) Clerk to the commissioners, & inspec. of weights & measures
46 TOMLINSON Joseph (Wirks.North end) Butcher
21 TOMLINSON Thomas (Market place) Druggists [(& glass warehouse)]
21 TOMLINSON Thomas (Market place) Fire, &c. office agents [ROYAL EXCHANGE]
21 TOMLINSON Thomas (Market place) Seedsmen
27 TOMLINSON Thomas (Wirksworth) Druggist, perfumer, glass warehouse, agent
35 TOMLINSON Thomas (Rise end) Fire,&c Office, Agents [ROYAL Exchange]
35 TOMLINSON Thomas (Rise end) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 TOMLINSON Thomas (Wirks.St.John's Street) Fire & life agent [Royal Exchange]
46 TOMLINSON Thos (Wirks.St.John's Street) Grocer tea dealer
46 TOMLINSON Thos (Wirks.St.John's Street) Ironmonger
46 TOMSON My. Ann (Scarthin nick) Milliner & Dress maker
27 TOPLIS - (Wirksworth) [Miss, F]
21 TOPLIS Elizabeth (St John's St) Gentry and clergy [Miss]
21 TOPLIS George (Brassington) Butchers
35 TOPLIS George (Brassington) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
35 TOPLIS John (Cromford) Druggists
35 TOPLIS John (Cromford) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 TOPLIS John (Scarthin nick) Grocer
21 TOPLIS William (Brassington) Taverns & public houses [Gate]
35 TOPLIS William (Brassington) Tavern and Public House [Gate]
35 TORR George (Brassington) Tailors
27 TORR Joseph (Wirksworth) Wireworker [F]
21 TORR Joshua (North end) Wire worker
21 TORR Thomas (Brassington) Grocers & tea dealers
21 TOUNDROW Ann (Coldwell St) Milliners and dress makers
27 TOWNDROW Ann (Wirksworth) Milliner, dressmaker
21 TRAVIS Samuel (Crich) Gentry and clergy [esq]
21 TRAVIS Thomas (Crich) Gentry and clergy [esq]
27 TRAVIS Thomas (Ible) Farmer [F]
46 TRAVIS Thos (Ible) Farmer
46 TUNSTALL Thos (Wirks.St.John's Street) Whitesmith & bellhanger
21 TURNER George (Coldwell St) Tailors
27 TURNER George (Wirksworth) Tailor
35 TURNER George (St John St) Tailors
46 TURNER Robert, (Callow Ditch) Farmer
46 TURNER Thos (Wirks.Green hill) Boot & shoe maker
46 TWIGG Ann (Cromford) Milliner & Dress maker
21 TWIGG John (Hopton) Joiners & builders
21 TWIGG John (Market place) Taverns & public houses [Glazier's Arms]
35 TWIGG John (Hopton) Joiners
35 TWIGG John (Causeway) Plumbers and Glaziers
35 TWIGG Mary (Church yard) Dyers - Garments &c.
27 TWIGGE John (Hopton) Joiner, cabinet maker
27 TWIGGE John (Wirksworth) Plumber, glazier
46 TWIGGE Wm. (Hopton) Joiner and cabinet maker
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46 UDALE Hannah (Wirks.Green hill) Butcher
21 UDALL John (Greenhill) Butchers
27 UDALL John (Wirksworth) Butcher [F]
35 UDALL John (Green hill) Butchers
27 UDALL William (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 UDALL William (North end) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 UVEDALE Wm (Wirks.North end) Boot & shoe maker
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21 WAGER Jasper (New Bridge) Tanner
27 WAGER Jasper (Wirksworth) Tanner [F]
35 WAGER Jasper (New bridge) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 WAGSTAFF Hannah (Cromford) Straw hat maker
21 WAGSTAFF Joseph (Cromford) Linen and woolen drapers
27 WAGSTAFF Joseph (Cromford) Draper, tailor
35 WAGSTAFF Joseph (Cromford) Tailors
35 WAGSTAFFE John (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 WAIKER Francis (Wirks.North end) Butcher
46 WAIN Samuel (Biggin) Farmer
46 WAIN Samuel (Alderwasley) Farmer
35 WAIN Thomas (Cromford) Tailors
46 WAIN Thomas (Scarthin nick) Tailor
46 WAINE Anthony (Wirks.New bridge) Joiner & cabinet maker
46 WAINE George (Wirks.Market place) Butcher
35 WALKER Abraham (Middleton) Boot & Shoe Makers
27 WALKER Daniel (Middleton) Coal agent
27 WALKER David (Middleton) Victualler [Jun.]
35 WALKER David (Middleton) Tavern and Public House [Rising Sun]
46 WALKER David (Middleton) Vict. Rising Sun
46 WALKER Elizabeth (Wirks.North end) Milliner & dress maker
27 WALKER Hugh (Middleton) Farmer [F]
46 WALKER James (Wirks.Bole hill) Stone mason
21 WALKER John (Church St) Tailors
27 WALKER John (Wirksworth) Tailor
35 WALKER John (Brassington) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 WALKER John (Church st) Tailors
35 WALKER John (Cromford) Tavern and Public House [Bull's Head]
46 WALKER John (Scarthin Nick) Inn & tavern [Bull's Head]
46 WALKER John (Wirks.Coldwell street) Tailor & draper
46 WALKER Joseph (Wirks.Bole hill) Stone mason
27 WALKER Samuel (Cliffe Ash) Farmer [F]
27 WALKER Samuel (Cliffe ash,Ideridgehay) Farmer
27 WALKER Samuel (Packhorse,Alderwasley) Farmer
46 WALKER Thomas James (Wirks.North end) [Rev.(Methodist minister)]
27 WALKER William (Cliffe Ash) Farmer [F]
27 WALKER William (Cliffe ash,Ideridgehay) Farmer [C]
35 WALKER William (Brassington) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 WALKER William (Lea) Hat Manufacturers
35 WALKER William (Brassington) Parish clerk
35 WALKER William (Bolehill) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 WALKER Wm (Cliff Ash) Farmer
46 WALKER Wm (Wirks.Bole hill) Shopkeeper
46 WALKER Wm (Wirks.New bridge) Tailor
35 WALL Hugh (Church yard) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 WALL Hugh (Wirks.Churchyard) Sexton
21 WALL James (St John's St) Taverns & public houses [Bell]
46 WALL James (Wirks.Causeway) Bank cashier
21 WALL John (Causeway) Tallow chandlers
27 WALL John (Wirksworth) Victualler, tallow chandler [Bell, F]
27 WALL Joshua (Wirksworth) Tailor
35 WALL Joshua (Dale) Tailors
21 WALL Richard (Market place) Sadlers and harness makers
27 WALL Richard (Wirksworth) Sadler [F]
35 WALL Richard (Market place) Saddlers & Harness Makers
46 WALL Richard (Wirks.Market place) Fellmonger
46 WALL Richard (Wirks.Market place) Patten & clog maker
46 WALL Richard (Wirks.Market place) Saddler & harness maker
35 WALL Samuel (Bree field) Stay Makers
46 WALTON John (Wirks.Churchyard) Tailor
46 WALTON Robert (Wirks.Coldwell street) Relieving officer
35 WALTON Thomas (Brassington) Shopkeepers & grocerers
35 WALTON William (Brassington) Butchers
35 WARD Ann (North end) Gentry and Clergy [Mrs]
21 WARD Jacob (Crich) Tanner
21 WARD Richard (Cromford) Gentry and clergy [Rev]
27 WARD Richard (Cromford) Perpetual curate [Rev.]
46 WARDMAN Anthony (Wirks.North end) Inn & tavern [Old Lime Kiln]
46 WARDMAN Anthony (Wirks.North end) Lime burner
35 WASS Joseph (Lea lead works) Lead Merchants
21 WATERALL George (Market place) Linen and woolen drapers
27 WATERALL George (Wirksworth) Draper, ginghams, checks, calico
35 WATERALL George (Market place) Gingham &c Manufacturers
35 WATERALL George (Market place) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 WATERALL George (Wirks.Market place) Gingham & frock manuf
21 WATERFALL Nathaniel (North end) Lime burner
27 WATERFIELD John (Wirksworth) Lime burner
35 WATERFIELD John (North end) Lime Burners and Dealers
35 WATERFIELD John (North end) Retailor of Beer
46 WATERFIELD John (Wirks.North end) Inn & tavern [Limekiln]
46 WATERFIELD John (Wirks.North end) Lime burner
35 WATERFIELD Nathaniel (North end) Lime Burners and Dealers
27 WATERFIELD William (Wirksworth) Lime burner
35 WATSON Alice (Brassington) Academy and School
35 WATSON Henry (Brassington) Blacksmith
35 WATSON Henry (Brassington) Retailor of Beer
35 WATSON Henry (Brassington) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 WATSON John, (Ible) Vict. [Lilies of the Valley]
21 WAYNE John (Brassington) Butchers
21 WEBSTER George (Coldwell St) Ironmongers
21 WEBSTER George (Coldwell St) Joiners & builders
27 WEBSTER George (Wirksworth) Ironmonger, joiner [F]
35 WEBSTER George (Coldwell st) Ironmongers
46 WEBSTER George (Wirks.Coldwell street) Joiner & cabinet maker
21 WEBSTER John (St John's St) Ironmongers
21 WEBSTER John (St John's St) Joiners & builders
27 WEBSTER John (Wirksworth) Stonemason
35 WEBSTER John (St John St) Dealer in cast metal goods
35 WEBSTER John (St John St) Stone Masons
46 WEBSTER John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Shopkeeper
46 WEBSTER John (Wirks.St.John's Street) Stone mason
35 WEBSTER Joseph (New bridge) Tanner & Fellmonger [& leather dresser]
46 WEBSTER Wm. (Biggin house) Farmer
46 WEIGHTMAN James (Cromford) Coal merchant
46 WESLEY Jane (Wirks.Coldwell street) Straw hat maker
35 WESLEY John (Coldwell st) Tailors
46 WESLEY John (Wirks.Coldwell street) Tailor
46 WESLEY William (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Glazier's Arms]
46 WESLEY Wm (Wirks.Market place) Tailor
46 WESSON Anthony (Scarthin nick) Marble mason
21 WESSON Job (Coldwell St) Taverns & public houses [Angel]
46 WESSON Job (Wirks.Coldwell street) Inn & tavern [Angel]
27 WESSON Joseph (Cromford) Higgler [F]
35 WESSON Martha (Cromford) Shopkeepers & grocerers
46 WESTHALL Geo. Saml (Wirks.Dale) Academy
27 WESTON Ann (Wirksworth) Milliner
21 WESTON Job (St John's St) Hatters
27 WESTON Job (Wirksworth) Hatter
27 WESTON Job (Wirksworth) Victualler [Angel]
35 WESTON Job (Coldwell st) Tavern and Public House [Angel]
46 WESTON Job (Wirks.St.John's Street) Butcher
27 WESTON John (Wirksworth) Carrier to derby
21 WESTON Joshua (Steeple house) Taverns & public houses [Cromford & High Peak Railway Inn]
27 WESTON Joshua (Steeple houses) Victualler [Railway Inn]
35 WESTON Joshua (Steeple houses) Tavern and Public House [Cromford and High Peak Railway Inn]
46 WESTON Wm (Wirks.St.John's Street) Farmer
21 WETTON Thomas (Crich) Joiners & builders
35 WHEATCROFT Abraham (Cromford) Gentry and Clergy [Mr]
46 WHEATCROFT Abraham (Scarthin Nick) Merchant
21 WHEATCROFT Edward (North end) Lead ore & mineral agents
21 WHEATCROFT German (Cromford) Grocers & tea dealers
27 WHEATCROFT & SONS German (Cromford) Carriers by canal, wharfingers, coal, corn, timber merchants
27 WHEATCROFT German (Cromford) Grocer
46 WHEATCROFT German (Cromford) Carrier
46 WHEATCROFT Jabez (Scarthin nick) Corn miller
46 WHEATCROFT Jabez (Scarthin Nick) Corn miller and small ware manufacturer
46 WHEATCROFT Jabez (Wirks.Miller's green) Corn miller
46 WHEATCROFT Jabez (Wirks.New bridge) Smallware manufacturer
27 WHEATCROFT John (Wirksworth) Land surveyor
35 WHEATCROFT John (North end) Land Surveyor
46 WHEATCROFT John (Wirks.North end) Surveyor
35 WHEATCROFT Mary (North end) Retailor of Beer
21 WHEATCROFT Nathaniel (Cromford) Merchants [Timber,coal,corn,slate]
27 WHEATCROFT & SON Nathaniel (Cromford) Timber, coal, corn merchants, wharfingers, carriers
35 WHEATCROFT & SON Nathaniel (Cromford) Merchants [Timber,corn,coal,slate]
46 WHEATCROFT Nathaniel (Scarthin Nick) [Mr, senr]
46 WHEATCROFT Nathaniel (Cromford) Coal merchant
46 WHEATCROFT Nathaniel (Cromford) Junr. timber, slate, brick, corn, and salt merchant
46 WHEATCROFT Wm (Cromford) [Mr]
46 WHEELDON John (Cromford) Hat manufacturers
27 WHITE - (Grange Mill) Farmer [Mrs]
46 WHITE Benj. (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 WHITE Benjamin (North end) Taverns & public houses [Royal Oak]
27 WHITE Benjamin (Wirksworth) Victualler [Royal Oak Inn]
35 WHITE Benjamin (Market place) Inn [Red Lion]
46 WHITE Geo (Cliff Ash) Farmer
46 WHITE Robert (Cromford) Tailor
21 WHITE Samuel Moore (Cromford) Grocers & tea dealers
21 WHITE Samuel Moore (Cromford) Linen and woolen drapers
27 WHITE Samuel Moore (Cromford) Draper, grocer
35 WHITE Samuel Moore (Cromford) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 WHITE Samuel Moore (Cromford) Grocer
46 WHITE Samuel Moore (Cromford) Linen & woolen drapers
35 WHITE Samuel moore (Cromford) Linen & Woolen Drapers
46 WHITE Thos. (Alderwasley) Farmer
46 WHITE William (Cromford) Grocer
46 WHITEFORD Jolm (Wirks.North end) Supervisor
21 WHITTAKER James (Market place) Booksellers, stationers and printers
27 WHITTAKER James (Wirksworth) Bookseller, stationer, printer
35 WHITTAKER James (Market place) Booksellers,Printers,Stationer
46 WHITTAKER James (Wirks.Market place) Bookseller, printer and circ. library
46 WHITTAKER James (Wirks.Market place) Fire & life agent [Phoenix Fire]
27 WHYSALL William (Grange Mill) Victualler
46 WIGLEY James (Wirks.Mary's gate) Plasterer
21 WIGLEY William (Market place) Sadlers and harness makers
27 WIGLEY William (Wirksworth) Saddler [F]
46 WIGLEY Wm (Wirks.St.John's Street) Boot & shoe maker
46 WILD George (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker
21 WILD John (Coldwell St) Boot & shoe makers
35 WILD John (Coldwell st) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 WIID John (Wirks.Coldwell street) Boot & shoe maker
46 WILD John (Wirks.Coldwell street) Lime burner
35 WILD Joseph (St John St) Clog & Patten Makers
46 WILD Joseph (Wirks.St.John's Street) Patten & clog maker
35 WILD Thomas (Green hill) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 WILDGOOSE George (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker & earthenware dlr
27 WILKINSON George (Cromford) Shoemaker
35 WILKINSON George (Cromford) Boot & Shoe Makers
35 WILKINSON Robert (Carsington) Boot & Shoe Makers
21 WILLIAMSON John (Williamson's square) Corn & flour dealer
27 WILLIAMSON John (Wirksworth) Corn miller
46 WILLIAMSON John (Wirks.St.John's Street) [Mr]
46 WILLOUGHBY Stephen (Biggin) Farmer
46 WILMOT John (Alderwasley) Farmer
21 WILSON Daniel (Coldwell St) Lead ore & mineral agents
27 WILSON Daniel (Wirksworth) Mineral agent [F]
35 WILSON Daniel (Coldwell st) Agent,Lead ore and mineral
21 WILSON George (Market place) Grocers & tea dealers
27 WILSON George (Wirksworth) Grocer [F]
35 WILSON George (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers
46 WILSON George (Wirks.Dale end) Farmer
46 WILSON George (Wirks.Dale end) Grocer tea dealer
21 WILSON John (St John's St) Wheelwrights
27 WILSON & SON John (Wirksworth) Wheelwrights, maltsters [F]
35 WILSON & SON John (North end) Maltsters
35 WILSON John (St John St) Wheelwright [& son]
46 WILSON John & Son (Wirks.Warm brook) Farmer
46 WILSON John (Wirks.China Square) Maltster [& son]
46 WILSON Jn (Wirks.Warm brook) Wheelwright [& Son]
21 WILSON Joseph (St John's St) Lead ore & mineral agents
27 WILSON Joseph (Wirksworth) Mineral agent
21 WILSON & GELL (North end) Maltsters
46 WINSON George (Scarthin nick) Boot & shoe maker
46 WINSON John (Ashlehay) Farmer
35 WINSON Joshua (St John St) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 WINSON Joshua (Wirks.St.John's Street) Boot & shoe maker
35 WINSON William (Green hill) Blacksmith
46 WINSON William (Wirks.Warm brook) Blacksmith
35 WINT Samuel (West end) Lime Burners and Dealers
46 WOOD George, (Callow Round Meadow) Farmer
21 WOOD Samuel (Market place) Hatters
27 WOOD Samuel (Wirksworth) Hat manufacturer
35 WOOD Samuel (Dale) Hat Manufacturers
46 WOODFIELD Thomas (Cromford) Inlayer of marble
46 WOODFIELD Thomas, (Cromford) Marble mason inlayer
46 WOODHOUSE Eliz (Wirks.Market place) Confectioner
46 WOODHOUSE Elizabeth (Wirks.Market place) Inn & tavern [Greyhound]
21 WOOLAND Henry (Carsington) Taverns & public houses [Miner's Arms]
46 WOOLLISCROFT Thomas, (Hopton) Farmer
35 WRAGG George (Green hill) Farriers
35 WRIGHT & SONS (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers
35 WRIGHT & SONS (Market place) Porter Dealers [Hop,seed,wine,spirit]
21 WRIGHT Charles (Coldwell St) Grocers & tea dealers
21 WRIGHT Charles (Coldwell St) Wine & spirit merchant
27 WRIGHT Charles (Wirksworth) Grocer, tea dealer [F]
27 WRIGHT & SON Charles (Wirksworth) Wine & spirit merchants
46 WRIGHT Charles, (Ideridghay) Blacksmith
46 WRIGHT Chas (Wigwell) Farmer
46 WRIGHT Chas (Wirks) Grocer tea dealer [& son]
46 WRIGHT Chas (Wirks.Coldwell street) Wine & spirit merch
46 WRIGHT Job (Wirks.Brayfield) Farmer
21 WRIGHT John (Coldwell St) Gentry and clergy [gent]
35 WRIGHT John (Holloway) Boot & Shoe Makers
46 WRIGHT Ralph (Wirks.Coldwell street) [Mrs]
27 WRIGHT Samuel (Bolehill) Miner [F]
35 WRIGHT William (Brassington) Shopkeepers & grocerers
27 WYLD Isaac (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
35 WYLD Isaac (Church yard) Boot & Shoe Makers
21 WYLD Job (North end) Boot & shoe makers
27 WYLD Job (Wirksworth) Shoemaker
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21 YOUNG George (North end) Painters
21 YOUNG George (Crich) Taverns & public houses [Black Swan]
27 YOUNG George (Wirksworth) House & sign painter
35 YOUNG William (Cromford Bridge) Tavern and Public House [George & Dragon]

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