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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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PARISHES in Derbyshire

Before about 1900 there were 327 parishes in Derbyshire, each with its own church and Parish Registers. Since then, a few have disappeared, parts have been transferred to other parishes, and some parishes have moved to neighbouring counties. Each parish contains villages, hamlets, and many field names. Parishes vary greatly in area and population

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Derbyshire is divided into 6 Wapentakes or Hundreds
High Peak                Hundred contains 79 parishes
Appletree                Hundred contains 63 parishes
Repton and Gresley       Hundred contains 43 parishes
Scarsdale                Hundred contains 55 parishes
Wirksworth               Hundred contains 37 parishes
Morleyston and Litchurch Hundred contains 50 parishes

PARISH (Hundred) [Comments]
Abney (High Peak) Alderwasley (Appletree) Aldwark (Wirksworth) Alfreton (Scarsdale) [part Codnor Park added 1934] Alkmonton (Appletree) Allestree (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part Markeaton transf.1934] Alvaston and Boulton (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part transf to Derby 1926] Appleby (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1897] Ash (Appletree) Ashbourne (Wirksworth) [parts of other parishes added] Ashford (High Peak) Ashleyhay (Appletree) Ashover (Scarsdale) Aston (High Peak) Aston upon Trent (Morleyston and Litchurch) Atlow (Appletree) Ault Hucknall (Scarsdale) Bakewell (High Peak) Ballidon (Wirksworth) Bamford (High Peak) Barlborough (Scarsdale) [part to Clowne 1935] Barlow (Scarsdale) Barrow upon Trent (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part is in Appletree H] Barton Blount (Appletree) Baslow and Bubnell (High Peak) Bearwardcote (Appletree) Beauchief (Scarsdale) [to Sheffield 1934] Beeley (High Peak) Beighton (Scarsdale) Belper (Appletree) Biggin (Appletree) Birchover (High Peak) [part transf.to Stanton 1934] Blackwell (High Peak) Blackwell (Scarsdale) Bolsover (Scarsdale) [part to Scarcliffe 1935] Bonsall (Wirksworth) Boundary (Repton and Gresley) [to Smisby 1934] Boylestone (Appletree) Brackenfield (Scarsdale) Bradbourne (Wirksworth) Bradley (Appletree) [part of Sturston added 1934] Bradwell (High Peak) Brailsford (Appletree) Brampton (Scarsdale) [to Chesterfield 1910] Brassington (Wirksworth) Breadsall (Appletree) [part added to Little Eaton 1934] Breaston (Morleyston and Litchurch) Bretby (Repton and Gresley) [changes Vol 3 p623] Brimington (Scarsdale) Brough and Shatton (High Peak) Brushfield (High Peak) Burbage (High Peak) [from Harrington U Q 1894,now in Buxton] Burnaston (Appletree) Buxton (High Peak) [changes see Vol 1 p52] Caldwell (Repton and Gresley) Calke (Repton and Gresley) Callow (Wirksworth) Calow (Scarsdale) Calver (High Peak) Carsington (Wirksworth) Castle Gresley (Repton and Gresley) [part to Chrch G 1934] Castleton (High Peak) Catton (Repton and Gresley) Chaddesdon (Appletree) [part transf.to Derby 1901,1928,1934] Chapel en le Frith (High Peak) Charlesworth (High Peak) Chatsworth (High Peak) Chellaston (Repton and Gresley) Chelmorton (High Peak) Chesterfield (Scarsdale) [other parishes added] Chilcote (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1888] Chinley Buxworth and Brownside (High Peak) Chisworth (High Peak) Church Broughton (Appletree) Church Gresley (Repton and Gresley) [part to Castle G 1934] Clay Lane (Scarsdale) [name change to Clay Cross] Clifton and Compton (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part Transf.to Ashbourne 1934] Clowne (Scarsdale) Coal Aston (Scarsdale) [to Eckington & Dronfield 1935] Codnor Park (Morleyston and Litchurch) [changes Vol 1 p436] Codnor and Loscoe (Morleyston and Litchurch) Coton in the Elms (Repton and Gresley) Crich (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part to Heage 1934] Cromford (Wirksworth) [part to Wirksworth 1934] Croxall (Repton and Gresley) [to Staffs 1894] Cubley (Appletree) Curbar (High Peak) Dalbury Lees (Appletree) Dale Abbey (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part Kirk Hallam added 1934] Darley (High Peak) Darley Abbey (Morleyston and Litchurch) [changes 1934 Vol 1 443] Denby (Morleyston and Litchurch) Derby (Morleyston and Litchurch) Derby Hills (Repton and Gresley) Derwent (High Peak) Dethick, Lea and Holloway (Wirksworth) Dore (Scarsdale) [to Sheffield 1934] Doveridge (Appletree) Drakelow (Repton and Gresley) Draycott and Church Wilne (Morleyston and Litchurch) Dronfield (Scarsdale) Dronfield Woodhouse (Scarsdale) [to Dronfield 1935] Duffield (Appletree) Eaton and Alsop (Wirksworth) Eckington (Scarsdale) [Coal Aston & Staveley added 1935] Edale (High Peak) Edensor (High Peak) Edingale (Repton and Gresley) [to Staffs 1894] Edlaston and Wyaston (Appletree) Egginton (Morleyston and Litchurch) Egstow (Scarsdale) [to Clay Cross 1935] Elmton (Scarsdale) [part to Whitwell 1935] Elton (Wirksworth) Elvaston (Morleyston and Litchurch) Etwall (Appletree) Eyam (High Peak) [part transf.to Stoney Midd 1934] Eyam Woodlands (High Peak) Fairfield (High Peak) [now in Buxton] Fenny Bentley (Wirksworth) Fernilee (High Peak) [transf to Buxton 1934 Hart U Q 1935] Findern (Morleyston and Litchurch) Flagg (High Peak) Foolow (High Peak) Foremark (Repton and Gresley) Foston and Scropton (Appletree) Frogatt (High Peak) Glapwell (Scarsdale) Glossop (High Peak) Gratton (High Peak) Great Hucklow (High Peak) Great Longstone (High Peak) Great Rowsley (High Peak) Green Fairfield (High Peak) Grindlow (High Peak) Harthill (High Peak) Hartington (Wirksworth) Hartington Middle Quarter (Wirksworth) Hartington Nether Quarter (Wirksworth) Hartington Town Quarter (Wirksworth) Hartington Upper Quarter (Wirksworth) [part to Buxton 1934] Hartshorne (Repton and Gresley) [part to Bretby 1934] Hasland (Scarsdale) [part to Chesterfield 1892] Hassop (High Peak) Hathersage (High Peak) Hatton (Appletree) Hayfield (High Peak) Hazelbadge (High Peak) Hazelwood (Appletree) Heage (Appletree) [part of Crich added 1934] Heanor (Morleyston and Litchurch) Heath (Scarsdale) Highlow (High Peak) Hilton (Appletree) Hognaston (Wirksworth) Holbrook (Appletree) Hollington (Appletree) Holmesfield (Scarsdale) [part Dronfield W added 1935] Hoon (Appletree) Hope (High Peak) Hope Woodlands (High Peak) Hopton and Griffe Grange (Wirksworth) Hopwell (Morleyston and Litchurch) Horsley (Morleyston and Litchurch) Horsley Woodhouse (Morleyston and Litchurch) Hulland (Appletree) Hulland Ward (Appletree) Hulland Ward Intakes (Appletree) [incorp.into H.Ward 1934] Hungry Bentley (Appletree) Ible (Wirksworth) Idridgehay and Alton (Appletree) Ilkeston (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part of K Hallam transf 1934] Ingleby (Repton and Gresley) Ivonbrook Grange (High Peak) Kedleston (Appletree) Kilburn (Morleyston and Litchurch) Killamarsh (Scarsdale) Kingsterndale (High Peak) [part transf.to Buxton 1934] Kirk Hallam (Morleyston and Litchurch) Kirk Ireton (Wirksworth) Kirk Langley (Morleyston and Litchurch) Kniveton (Wirksworth) Lea Hall (Wirksworth) Linton (Repton and Gresley) Little Eaton (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part of Breadsall added 1934] Little Hucklow (High Peak) Little Longstone (High Peak) Littleover (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part added to Stoney Mid 1890,1928] Litton (High Peak) Long Eaton (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part Sawley & W added 1921,1934] Longford (Appletree) Ludworth (High Peak) [transf.to Cheshire 1934] Lullington (Repton and Gresley) Mackworth (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part to Derby 1934] Mapleton (Wirksworth) Mapperley (Appletree) Markeaton (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part to Derby 1934] Marston Montgomery (Appletree) Marston on Dove (Appletree) Matlock (Wirksworth) Matlock Bath (Wirksworth) Measham (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1897] Melbourne (Repton and Gresley) Mellor (High Peak) Mercaston (Appletree) Mickleover (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part to Derby 1928] Middleton and Smerrill (Wirksworth) Middleton by Wirksworth (Wirksworth) [to Wirksworth 1934] Milford (Appletree) Monyash (High Peak) Morley (Morleyston and Litchurch) Morton (Scarsdale) Nether Haddon (High Peak) Nether Padley (High Peak) Netherseal (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1897] New Mills (High Peak) Newbold and Dunston (Scarsdale) [to Chesterfield] Newton Grange (Wirksworth) Newton Solney (Repton and Gresley) Newtown (High Peak) Norbury and Roston (Appletree) Normanton (Repton and Gresley) [to other parishes 1901] North Wingfield (Scarsdale) Norton (Scarsdale) [to Sheffield] Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1897] Ockbrook (Morleyston and Litchurch) Offcote and Underwood (Wirksworth) [part Sturston added 1934] Offerton (High Peak) Osleston and Thurvaston (Appletree) Osmaston (Appletree) Osmaston by Derby (Morleyston and Litchurch) [to Derby 1901 and Sinfin 1902] Outseats (High Peak) Over Haddon (High Peak) Overseal (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1897] Packington (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1884] Parwich (Wirksworth) Peak Forest (High Peak) Pentrich (Morleyston and Litchurch) Pilsley (High Peak) Pilsley (Scarsdale) [part to Clay Cross 1935] Pinxton (Scarsdale) Pleasley (Scarsdale) Quarndon (Morleyston and Litchurch) Radbourne (Appletree) Ravensdale Park (Appletree) Ravenstone (Repton and Gresley) [to Leicestershire 1884] Repton (Repton and Gresley) Ripley (Morleyston and Litchurch) Risley (Morleyston and Litchurch) Rodsley (Appletree) Rosliston (Repton and Gresley) Rowland (High Peak) Sandiacre (Morleyston and Litchurch) Sawley and Wilsthorpe (Morleyston and Litchurch) [to Breaston 1934 and Long Eaton 1921] Scarcliffe (Scarsdale) [parts Bolsover, U Langwith added 1935] Shardlow and Great Wilne (Morleyston and Litchurch) Sheldon (High Peak) Shipley (Morleyston and Litchurch) Shirebrook (Scarsdale) [part U Langwith added 1935] Shirland and Higham (Scarsdale) Shirley (Appletree) Shottle and Postern (Appletree) Sinfin Moor (Morleyston and Litchurch) [changes Vol 2 p 504] Sinfin and Arleston (Morleyston and Litchurch) Smalley (Morleyston and Litchurch) [part to Stanley 1934] Smisby (Repton and Gresley) Snelston (Appletree) Somersal Herbert (Appletree) South Normanton (Scarsdale) South Wingfield (Scarsdale) Spondon (Appletree) [part transf.to Derby 1901,1928,1934] Stanley (Appletree) [part of Smalley added 1934] Stanton (High Peak) [changes Vol 1 p165] Stanton and Newhall (Repton and Gresley) Stanton by Bridge (Repton and Gresley) Stanton by Dale (Morleyston and Litchurch) Stapenhill (Repton and Gresley) [to Staffs 1894] Staveley (Scarsdale) [part to Eckington 1935] Stoke (High Peak) Stoney Middleton (High Peak) [part of Eyam added 1934] Stretton (Scarsdale) [part to Clay Cross 1935] Stretton en le Field (Repton and Gresley) [to Leics 1897] Sturston (Appletree) [transf.to Bradley & Offcote & Underwood & Ashbourne 1934] Sudbury (Appletree) Sutton cum Duckmanton (Scarsdale) [part to Staveley 1935] Sutton on the Hill (Appletree) Swadlincote (Repton and Gresley) [part Hartshorn added 1934] Swarkestone (Repton and Gresley) Taddington (High Peak) Tansley (Wirksworth) Tapton (Scarsdale) [to Chesterfield 1920] Temple Normanton (Scarsdale) Thornhill (High Peak) Thorpe (Wirksworth) Tibshelf (Scarsdale) Ticknall (Repton and Gresley) Tideswell (High Peak) Tissington (Wirksworth) Totley (Scarsdale) [to Sheffield 1934] Trusley (Appletree) Tupton (Scarsdale) [part to Clay Cross 1935] Turnditch (Appletree) Twyford and Stenson (Appletree) Unstone (Scarsdale) [part to Dronfield 1935] Walton (Scarsdale) [part Brampton added 1935] Walton upon Trent (Repton and Gresley) Wardlow (High Peak) Wensley and Snitterton (Wirksworth) Wessington (Scarsdale) West Hallam (Morleyston and Litchurch) Weston Underwood (Morleyston and Litchurch) [Mugginton added 1886] Weston upon Trent (Morleyston and Litchurch) Wheston (High Peak) Whittington (Scarsdale) [to Chesterfield 1920] Whitwell (Scarsdale) [part to Elmton 1935] Willesley (Repton and Gresley) [to Leics 1897] Willington (Morleyston and Litchurch) Windley (Appletree) Wingerworth (Scarsdale) [part Woodthorpe added 1935] Winshill (Repton and Gresley) [to Staffs 1894] Winster (High Peak) Wirksworth (Wirksworth) Woodthorpe (Scarsdale) [to Clay Cross 1935] Woodville (Repton and Gresley) [to Swadlincote 1934] Wormhill (High Peak) Yeaveley (Appletree) Yeldersley (Appletree) Youlegreave (High Peak)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.