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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Middleton & Crumford
10 June 1689

The Poll Tax was an alternative method of raising money by central government from medieval times. It was levied at various times between about 1290 and 1872. The numbers who evaded payment were probably fewer than those who did not pay when the tax was revived in the late 1980s!
Here is a list transcribed by Barry Marple and sent to me via e-mail. The heading on the record says:
'An assessment for Bonsall by vertue of a late Act of Parliament entituled an Act for the raiseing of money by a Poll & otherwise for Reduceing of Ireland as followeth'.
The original document has the amount assessed against each name, it appears to be one old shilling per poll (head).

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Ref  SURNAME      Firstname        Comments

79   ADAM         William          and his wife
47   ALIN         Jane
23   ANABLE       John             his wife and 2 children
65   BAGSHAW      Robert           his wife
9    BANKS        Edward           his wife and 2 children
45   BRIDDEN      Anthony
30   BUXTON       Henry            his wife and l child
63   BUXTON       Richard          his wife and maid
104  BUXTON       Thomas           and his wife
57   CARMEN       Edward
38   CARNELL      George           and his wife
71   CLOUGH       David            and his wife
80   CLOUGH       Anthony
80   CLOUGH       William
20   COATES       Anne             and l child
13   COATES       Anthony          and his wife
21   COATES       Jonathan         and his wife
40   COATES       William          and his wife
89   CRESWELL     Exuperius        and his wife
11   DEBANKS      Elizabeth        and 3 children
10   DEBANKS      William          and his wife
68   EATON        Jonathan         wife
74   ELLAT        Jonathan         his wife
35   FLINT        Anthony          and his wife
53   FLINT        Anthony
48   FLINT        Jonathan
33   FOX          Edmund           and his wife
34   FOX          Henry            and his wife
88   GELL         Anthony          and his wife
96   GELL         Anthony          his wife and a Servant lad
97   GELL         Philip           his wife
95   GELL         Ralph            his wife and maid
64   GELL         Thomas           his wife
26   GODBEERE     Thomas           his wife and 2 children
107  GODBERE      Anthony          his wife and Son
43   GODBERE      George           and his wife
19   GODBERE      John
5    GODBERE      Martha
46   GREENHOUGH   Ralph
24   HALL         James            his wife and l child
32   HARDY        Christofer       and his wife
12   HIDE         Jonathan         and his wife
50   HIGHTON      Isaac
3    HIGTON       Anthony          his wife and 2 children
42   HIGTON       Jonathan         and his wife
2    HIGTON       Thomas           and two children
31   HODGKINSON   Henry            and his wife
85   HOLEHOUSE    William          and his wife
66   HUDSON       Jonathan         his wife and maid
70   HUDSON       Ralph
29   KEELING      John             and his wife
22   KILHARE      George           his wife and 2 children
78   KINGDOM      Jonathan         and his wife
94   LONGTON      George           his wife and daughter
73   LUMAS        Jonathan         his wife
109  MARPLE       Ralph            and his wife
99   MATHER       Godfry
18   MORT         Henry            his wife and 1 child
14   MOYSOR       James            and 1 child
98   OGDEN        Ralph            his wife and a lad
72   OGDEN        William          his wife and maid
52   POTTER       Mary
7    ROPER        Anthony          and his wife
17   ROPER        Jonathan         his wife and 3 children
51   ROPER        Jonathan         and his maid
15   ROPER        Widdow
37   ROPER        Widdow           and 2 children
1    ROUSE        Richard          his wife and 2 children
58   SAUNDER      William
36   SEEDAS       Rosamond
103  SLACK        Abram            and his wife
102  SLACK        Isaac            and his wife
60   SMEDLEY      Thomas           and his sister
105  SOMERS       Thomas           and his wife
82   SORESBY      Adin             his wife
81   SPENCER      Anne             and 2 sons
41   SPENCER      Anne             and 2 children
77   SPENCER      Anthony
83   SPENCER      Edmund
77   SPENCER      Edward
86   SPENCER      Francis          his wife and son
84   SPENCER      Francis William  and his wife
67   SPENCER      Henry            his wife
59   SPENCER      John Robert      his wife and 2 children
106  SPENCER      Jonathan         his wife and Son
93   SPENCER      Jonathan         and his wife
75   SPENCER      Jonathan         and his wife
92   SPENCER      Robert           and his wife
61   SPENCER      Robert           and his wife
108  SPENCER      Thomas           and his Sister
76   SPENCER      Thomas           and his wife
69   SPENCER      William          and his wife
54   SWIFT        Elizabeth
87   SWIFT        William          his wife and a Servant
90   TOMPSON      Jonathan         and his wife
62   TOMPSON      Thomas           and his son
49   TOPLIS       Samuell
56   VALENCE      Elizabeth
39   WAGSTAFF     Jonathan         and his wife
27   WAGSTAFFE    Anthony          and his wife
6    WAGSTAFFE    Thomas           his wife and 1 child
28   WAGSTAFFE    William          and his wife
55   WARDMAN      Tamar
25   WESSON       Anthony          and his wife
44   WESSON       Jonathan         and his wife
100  WHITE        Thomas           and his wife
101  WHITE        Thomas           junior and his wife
91   WIGLEY       Jonathan         his wife and Son
4    WIGLEY       Thomas           his wife
8    WOODIS       Jonathan         and Grandchild
16   WOODIS       Thomas           his wife and 1 child

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