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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Website Approval

I was delighted to receive this letter on 9 July 1999 and wish to thank the Council for the honour, on behalf of my Doxey ancestors who lived in the Parish for 300 years, and in remembrance of the 30,000 ordinary parishioners of Wirksworth, whose only record may lie in this website. I shall strive to maintain the standard of quality and quantity of information for which this website is known and Wirksworth deserves.


TOWN HALL, WIRKSWORTH, DERBYSHIRE. DE4 4EU Tel.Wirksworth (01629)823408
TOWN CLERK Mrs MARY SHARPE 7 July 1999 Dear Mr Palmer, WIRKSWORTH PARISH RECORDS I am writing at the request of the Wirksworth Town Council to thank you for your major undertaking in transcribing three hundred years of Wirksworth parish records onto the Internet. We understand that it has taken you three years of dedicated research and a further year at your computer to complete your project and we congratulate you on your tenacity! We consider the records to be an invaluable account of a very interesting aspect of the history of Wirksworth which will prove extremely useful to students of history, genealogy and social development. Its accesssibility on the Internet means that your work will be available internationally to anyone with a connection or an interest in our town. The Wirksworth Town Council is pleased to commend and approve the document and wishes you every success with the increased development of the site.
Yours sincerely, Mary Sharpe Town Clerk

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