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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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PRO "Doxey" documents

Here's the result of a search for documents containing
the word "Doxey" in the catalogue on the website
of the Public Record Office at Kew, which can be found
at http://catalogue.pro.gov.uk/listint/ and click on
"Search catalogue". Each of the 25 documents has a
"details" button which gives more information about
the document. PRO lettercode expansion is given in red.

Reference     Scope         Date

AY=Records of various research institutes AY 29/49 Results from the M6 (Doxey) axle weight survey (1982) by J Prudhoe 1985
AY 31/33 Results from the Doxey axle weight survey (1983) by Jamieson Mackay and Partners Consultants Ltd 1986
AY 31/39 Results from the M6 (Doxey) axle weight survey (1985) by J M P Consultants Ltd 1986
BT=Records of the Board of Trade and of successor and related bodies BT 31/15963/57044 No. of Company: 57044; Brooks & Doxey Ltd. 1898
BT 31/37533/260974 No. of Company: 260974; DISSOLVED COMPANIES 1958: Brooks and Doxey Limited. 1931
C=Records created, acquired, and inherited by Chancery, and also of the Wardrobe, Royal Household, Exchequer and various commissions C 1/949/20-22 John [BOURGCHYER], earl of Bath, great-grandson and heir of William Bourgchyer, lord Fitzwarine, v. Elizabeth BOURCHYER alias Bacon, late the wife of Humphrey Bowrchyer, a bastard, and William STAUNFORD.: Manors of Haughton, Offley, and Doxey, and messuag
C 1/975/63 Thames DOXEY of Sneyd in Burslem v. John RYLEY of Harecastell.: Price of a gelding.: STAFFORD.
C 1/979/38 Thomas DOXEY of Sneyd (in Burslem) v. John ROWLEY of the Tornehurst. Price of cattle sold to John Ryley of Harecastell.: STAFFORD.
C 1/1281/41-42 John WHYTMORE v. George and Robert COCKES and William BRATT.: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Doxey (in Seighford) and Dorytiend (i.e.. Derrington in Seighford ?) and felling of trees.: STAFFORD.
C 1/1290/44 Richard BRATT v. Thomas his brother.: One-fourth of the manor of Doxey, defendant being tenant of one-half.: STAFFORD.
C 1/1335/58 William grandson of Humphrey BRETT v. George BRETT.: Manor of Doxey of the demise of John Burchyer, late Lord Berners.: STAFFORD.
C 9/297/69 Doxey v. Doxey 1706
C 10/234/49 Peacock v Meynell, Doxey and Ley: Derby 1687
C 11/121/2 Attorney General - at reln of Doxey v. Elches 1736
E=Records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and the Court of Augmentations E 40/1638 Grant by Richard Doxey, of Chertesey, Surrey, and Alice his wife, to Geoffrey Maynard, cooper, citizen of London, and Margaret his wife, of the tenement in the parish of All Saints at the Haywharf (ad fenum), in Douegate ward, London, which they had by fe Sunday after St. Valentine, 32 Edward III
E 40/1789 Grant by John Marchaunt, of Srode, Kent, and Alice his wife, sister of John de Slappelee, late citizen and wood merchant (Buscarii) of London, to Richard Doxey, of Chertsey, Surrey, and Alice his wife, of the tenement that Alice aforesaid, sister of Slapp (Middx.)
HO=Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies HO 107/995 PARISH: Seighford, TOWNSHIP: Great Bridgeford, Little Bridgeford, Aston, Doxey 1841
J=Records of the Supreme Court of Judicature and related courts J 121/5056 Testator: Doxey, William 1898
MT=Records created or inherited by the Transport Departments and of related bodies, and of the London Passenger Transport Board MT 102/216 Special motor roads: Dunston-Preston motorway (M6); Staffordshire, Keele and Doxey, maintenance compounds 1960-1962
MT 109/226 Construction, improvement and maintenance: M.6 (Staffordshire); Doxey Maintenance Compound 1961-1970
PROB=Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 4/12898 Doxey, James, of St. Mary Matfellon alias White Chappell, Mdx 1671 28 Oct.
RAIL=Records of the pre-nationalisation railway companies, pre-nationalisation canal and related companies, the London Passenger Transport Board, and successors RAIL 783/518 Doxey Road Depot: Hall & Co Ltd 1910 Apr-1914 Oct
WO=Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies WO 339/64650 DOXEY-PARKINSON J [1914-1922]
WO 363/D 683 Dowson, John G - Doxey, Arthur [1914-1920]
WO 363/D 684 Doxey, Benjamin W - Doyle, Andrew [1914-1920]

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