Updated 22 Jun 2003

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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New banner

Here's the New banner used on other websites to represent this "Wirksworth Parish Records 1600-1900" website. Banners are a colourful way of bringing sites to the attention of potential visitors. This banner is "animated" but they don't have to be. A great piece of software to make banners yourself is called Banner Maker Pro. It can be downloaded from www.bannermakerpro.com and comes free for the first 30 days. I found it very easy to learn and use even though I'm not at all artistic. It introduced me to a new "dimension" on the Internet. Why don't you have a go?
Want to use one of these banners? Click on a banner with your right mouse button. Click on "Save Picture As" or "Save Image as". Find where you want to store the file on your PC. Click on "Save".

Non-animated - 20k
Use code: (IMG SRC=ban-11.gif)

Animated - 54k
Use code: (IMG SRC=ban-10an.gif)

Reduced-size non-animated - 20k
Use code: (IMG SRC=ban-11.gif WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=45)

non-animated - 20k
Use code: (IMG SRC=WPR-2.gif WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=200)

non-animated - 21k, use on spare wheel cover of 4x4
Use code: (IMG SRC=SP-WH-1.gif WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=200)

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