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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Wills, Probates and Inventories

Here is a draft list of 181 Wills, Probates and Inventories that are held at Lichfield Record Office and cover 1524-1602 (up to 1700 coming soon). The list was supplied by David Kiernan, who is planning to transcribe the Wirksworth Probate Records - Wills and Inventories - for the Derbyshire Record Society. Thanks David.

SURNAME      Firstname    Location      Will        Inventory   Probate     Comments
ABELL        William      Cromford      12jul1561   03jul1561   12jul1561   (of Bonsall in inv.)
ADAM         Thomas       Ashleyhay     18feb1560   07apr1561   17apr1561
ALSOP        William      Wirksworth    18jun1541   10aug1542   12sep1542   alias HALSOP
ALSOP        William      Wirksworth    16may1542   No date     23oct1543
ALSOPPE      John         Wirksworth    No will     07oct1539   07oct1539
ALSOPPE      Richard      Wirksworth    No will     20dec1589   13sep1591   or Parwich
ALSOPPE      William      Ashleyhay     14jun1584   06mar1584   16nov1586   the younger
ALTON        John         Idridgehay    No will     No date     15sep1586
ALTON        Richard      Ashleyhay     16apr1591   24aug1591   13sep1591
ALTON        Thomas       Idridgehay    14nov1561   07apr1562   09apr1562
ASPENALL     Joan         Wirksworth    19dec1569   No date     21sep1570   alias PEERS
ASPENHAUGHE  Richard      Wirksworth    06may1591   30jun1591   17mar1592   alias PIERS
BEGHTON      William      Biggin        31mar1539   30apr1539   06may1539
BEIGHTON     Ellen        Alderwasley   16mar1559   17apr1559   25apr1560
BEIGHTON     Ralph        Alderwasley   01jan1554   23apr1555   28apr1555
BEIGHTON     William      Alderwasley   03jul1559   11dec1559   25apr1560
BEIGHTON     William      Ashleyhay     09may1588   14oct1588   22oct1588
BENNETT      Thomas       Middleton     05dec1552   03feb1552   13apr1553   the elder
BENNETT      William      Middleton     22jan1551   08apr1551   09apr1551
BERRYE       Thomas       Alderwasley   23mar1582   07apr1582   09may1582
BEYGHTON     John         Biggin        20feb1564   27feb1564   03may1565
BLAKEWALL    Thomas       Wirksworth    23jan1524   No inv.     05apr1525
BOLLINGTON   John         Wirksworth    04mar1544   30may1545   08may1545
BONSALL      John         Biggin        30dec1553   24feb1555   1556
BONSHALL     John         The Grange    08apr1592   30apr1592   13sep1591
BOROWSE      Agnes        Hopton        05dec1536   10jan1536   26jan1537
BOROWSE      Henry        Wirksworth    06nov1537   22sep1538   06may1539   (Winster in inventory)
BORROSE      William      Hopton        07feb1536   27apr1536   27apr1536   (BOROYS in will, BOROWSE in inv.)
BRADSHAW     Rob & Elln   Idridgehay    No will     06apr1557   16mar1567   Robert & Ellen
BROOKE       Richard      Wirksworth    12sep1581   27sep1581   22sep1584
BROWNE       John         Biggin        19jan1578   28jan1576   03may1577
BROWNELOW    Henry        Biggin        May1539     02oct1539   10oct1539
BROWNELOW    William      Biggin        30oct1597   08nov1597   01mar1598
BUCKLEY      Edmund       Ible          No will     10aug1581   29jul1581
BUCKLEY      John         Ible          24mar1594   19th July   21jul1595
BUCKSTONS    Richard      Milnhouses    13feb1541   16jun1541   02jul1541
BURGAYNE     Richard      Wirksworth    No will     11may1593   14jul1593
BURGON       Agnes        Alderwasley   07sep1568   21oct1568   24apr1569
BURGON       Richard      Alderwasley   02dec1556   26apr1557   29apr1557
BUXTON       George       Hobbe Knowle  03feb1572   26mar1573   20apr1573
BYRRY        William      Cromford      21aug1541   12oct1541   20oct1541
CADMAN       Elizeus      Wirksworth    28aug1571   16apr1572   17apr1572
COCKESHUT    Christian    Alderwasley   13dec1572   20.5.1574   15may1574
COCKESHUTT   Robert       Wirksworth    No will     28nov1558   02dec1558
COCKESHUTT   Thomas       Wirksworth    04may1558   14aug1566   20sep1566
COOTS        Thomas       Cromford      08aug1556   25jul1557   17sep1557
COWGHEN      Ellen        Wirksworth    31dec1556   02mar1556   07may1557
DAKEN        Agnes        Callow        30jun1574   10nov1574   14apr1575
DAKIN        Thomas       Ible          No will     07jun1592   28jun1592
DAKYN        John         Ible          15may1557   20may1557   17sep1557
DAMPORT      Bartholemew  Callow        14jan155[?] No date     17apr1561
DEANE        Edward       Wirksworth    16apr1598   03may1598   12jan1599
DEYNE        James        Wirksworth    27jan1553   May [1553]  27may1553   the elder
DUTTON       Thomas       Wirksworth    14feb1568   20sep1569   22sep1569
EIRE         John         Callow        20apr1561   10sep       09apr1562
EYRE         Christopher  Ible          30sep1560   No inv.     17apr1561
EYRE         Stephen      Wirksworth    [?]         No date     16jan1539
EYTON        Robert       Wirksworth    13feb1554   23apr1555   25apr1555
FEALLS       Henry        Ball Close    09aug1586   24aug1586   25aug1597
FLECCHER     John         Wirksworth    No will     09sep1542   12sep1542
FLECCHER     Robert       Ashleyhay     06jul1551   24jul1551   26jul1551
FLECCHER     William      Ashleyhay     14jul1551   No inv.     26jul1551
FLINTE       Philip       Ashleyhay     20feb1588   01mar1588   05mar1589
FLYNTE       Henry        Callow        No will     30oct1576   18apr1577
FOANE        William      Ashleyhay     19may1598   05sep1598   06sep1598
FORD         John         Alderwasley   08nov1564   No date     03may1565
FOWCHER      Richard      Biggin        25apr1597   No date     13may1597
FOWKE        Ralph        Ashleyhay     08apr1590   06dec1590   10dec1590   (FOUCKE in will)
FOWKE        Roger        Alderwasley   25may1573   01aug1573   18sep1573
FYSHER       Elizabeth    Biggin        08feb1557   20apr1557   29apr1557
GAMBLE       William      Idridgehay    13jan1556   02apr1559   06apr1559
GELL         Ralph        Carsington    23may1547   No date     1547
GELL         Roger        Wirksworth    27jul1535   29oct1535   10may1536
GODDENOGH    William      Wirksworth    No will     No date     16apr1534
GREATRACKE   John         Ible          07jun1596   21aug1596   02jun1596
GREATRACKES  Ralph        Wirksworth    23mar1573   29mar1574   19apr1574
GREATRACKES  Ralph        Hopton        11nov1580   28may1581   08jun1581
GREATRACKES  Thomas       Hopton        25apr1582   27jul1588   30jul1588
GREATRACKS   Thomas       Ible          04oct1569   28mar1570   21sep1570
GREATRACKS   William      Hopton        20jan1595   23apr1601   27may1601
GRETRACKS    Richard      Wirksworth    No date     No inv.     1551
HARRISON     Thomas       Wirksworth    No will     No date     20oct1541
HASLAM       Hugh         Wirksworth    23jun1580   06jul1580   08jun1581
HELLAT       William      Wirksworth    No will     29aug       13sep1558   Philip & Mary
HODGKYNSON   Thomas       Wirksworth    04jun1555   12jul1555   15jul1555
HOLYLEY      John         Wirksworth    02sep1538   No date     10dec1538
HOWDES       William      Wirksworth    20jul1552   30aug1552   13sep1552
HOWSON       Christopher  Grangemill    1582        No date     1582
HURTE        Robert       Idridgehay    No will     11may1592   04may1593
HYGAT        William      Wirksworth    24jul1536   No inv.     05oct1536
HYGGETT      William      Stonebridge   02dec1575   19dec1575   03may1576
HYLTON       Robert       Milnhouses    03jan1554   22apr1555   25apr1555
KYNDARE      Anthony      Wirksworth    No will     10may1547   1547
LANE         James        Wirksworth    18jun1557   16sep1557   17sep1557
LEE          Thomas       Alderwasley   04sep1549   17oct1549   25oct1549
LEE          William      Alderwasley   15jul1551   27jul1551   18sep1551
LINLEY       Richard      Alderwasley   No will     18sep1599   18sep1599
LOWE         Anthony      Alderwasley   No will     28jun1600   24jun1600
LUDLAM       Henry        Wirksworth    28apr1540   22jun1540   06jul1540
LYNDOP       Roger        Alderwasley   07apr1541   10may1541   02jul1541
MACHIN       John         Wirksworth    No will     No date     20sep1563
MELLER       Thomas       Idridgehay    No will     28mar1547   21feb1547
MELLERS      Alice        Idridgehay    24nov1551   10may1561   25apr1566
MELLOR       Richard      Idridgehay    17jun1598   33oct1598   14feb1600   33[sic]
MEYCOKE      Thomas       Wirksworth    18dec1542   No inv.     27feb1546   (also MAYKOE)
MOSELEY      Richard      Ashleyhay     05jun1565   02jul1565   25apr1566
MOWBRAY      Robert       Wirksworth    10jan1557   16jan1557   21apr1558
MYLNER       John         Alderwasley   12jan1547   11sep1549   08oct1550
PIERSON      Robert       Hopton        22dec1581   No inv.     19nov1583
PLANT        Hugh         Wirksworth    13jul1544   01oct1544   08may1545
POOLE        Robert       Wirksworth    08mar1577   15mar1585   23sep1586   inventory of Izabell POOLE
RENSHAW      John         Wirksworth    20sep1554   04feb1555   07feb1556
ROWES        John         Cromford      01nov1598   14nov1598   03feb1599
ROWLAND      Richard      Wirksworth    27sep1536   20jan1536   26jan1537
ROWLAND      William      Callow        17mar1533   03apr1534   13apr1534
SHAKLOCKE    James        Milnhouses    29mar1598   No date     12may1598
SKYRMER      Thomas       Biggin        20sep1573   10jun1574   14apr1575   (SCIMAR in inv.)
SMYTH        William      Wirksworth    10jun1569   18sep1569   22sep1569
SPENCER      Richard      Wirksworth    08sep1599   22sep1599   25oct1599
SPENCER      William      Ashleyhay     20nov1524   No inv.     1525
SPENDELUFF   Thomas       Alderwasley   07feb1550   06apr1551   09apr1551
SPENSER      Agnes        Wirksworth    04aug1571   03sep1571   18sep1572
SPENSER      Cicely       Ashleyhay     27oct1598   26jan1598   15oct1598
SPENSER      Henry        Middleton     23apr1575   06apr1578   10apr1578
SPENSER      Henry        Wirksworth    24jan1576   16sep1578   29apr1579
SPENSER      John         Ashleyhay     12aug1552   18mar1552   13apr1553   the elder
SPENSER      Richard      Wirksworth    23feb1549   16apr       21apr1558
SPENSER      Richard      Wirksworth    07dec1562   22mar1563   22apr1563
SPENSER      Robert       Wirksworth    No will     01dec1592   27nov1592
SPENSER      William      Wirksworth    No will     26jun1593   14jul1593
SPREY        Joan         Wirksworth    12dec1592   20dec1592   30jan1593
STAFFORD     William      Wirksworth    No will     20mar1572   1572        the elder
STEPULL      William      Hopton        25feb1541   11apr1542   1542
STONE        Joan         Carsington    21apr1547   No date     1547
STONE        Thomas       Carsington    23apr1547   No date     1547
STONE        Thomas       Hopton        06aug1591   09sep1591   13sep1591
STORER       Agnes        Idridgehay    20apr1573   11jun1573   1573
STORER       John         Ashleyhay     13feb1571   12apr1572   17apr1572
STORER       Robert       Idridgehay    No will     20apr1573   25apr1575
STYPLE       Thomas       Hopton        22aug1573   21sep1573   18sep1573
THACKER      William      Ashleyhay     02may1598   08may1598   12may1598
THAKKER      Richard      Ashleyhay     06mar1560   09apr1561   17apr1561
TOMSON       Thomas       Middleton     18oct1584   16apr1585   08jun1585
VALENCE      John         Alderwasley   04oct1557   16sep1558   16sep1558
VALLANCE     Thomas       Alderwasley   18nov1591   01apr       04apr1592
VERNEY       Richard      Ashleyhay     18apr1552   11sep1552   13sep1552
WALL         Edward       Ashleyhay     30mar1598   04apr1598   12may1598
WALL         Richard      Wirksworth    06dec1565   10dec1565   25apr1566
WALL         William      Ashleyhay     19mar1542   14oct1543   23oct1543
WASLOWE      Joan         Wirksworth    25sep1545   03nov1545   06nov1545
WEBSTER      John         Middleton     15feb1597   20nov1597   30nov1597
WEBSTER      John         Middleton     19nov1597   No inv.     31jan1598
WEBSTER      William      Wirksworth    No will     No date     16jun1598
WETTON       James        Milnhouses    No will     29apr1598   12may1598
WEYLEY       William      Wirksworth    1536        No date     27may1536   Sir William
WIGLEY       John         Cromford      No will     23jan1589   04mar1590
WILLYMOTT    Ralph        Alderwasley   06jun1590   18nov1590   10dec1590
WINFELD      Margaret     Ashleyhay     13apr1583   25may1583   17oct1583
WINFIELD     James        Wirksworth    21may1602   11oct1602   10mar1603
WINFIELD     Rose         Wirksworth    10oct1597   12oct1597   12may1598
WINGFIELD    Richard      Wirksworth    18oct1597   14oct1597   12may1598
WINNEFEELDE  Alice        The Hill      26jul1586   18oct1586   16nov1586
WOOD         Joan         Alderwasley   23nov1563   16jan1563   22sep1564
WOOD         John         Alderwasley   08feb1558   09jun1559   01oct1559
WOOD         Robert       Alton         28sep1542   29dec1542   27feb1546
WOOD         William      Wirksworth    06oct1557   09oct1557   21apr1558
WOODYWISE    John         Wirksworth    12mar1589   03apr       07apr1589
WOODYWISE    Thomas       Cromford      02mar1590   11oct1590   07feb1591
WORSLEY      Thomas       Idridgehay    1576        1592        23jun1592
WYGLEY       Alice        Wirksworth    08aug1533   No inv.     24sep1533
WYGLEY       Richard      Middleton     09may1540   02oct1540   19oct1540
WYGLEY       Robert       Wirksworth    25may1562   No inv.     30apr1565
WYLCOXON     Margery      Biggin        28oct1559   09feb1559   09feb1560
WYLCOXON     Thomas       Biggin        14aug1556   03sep1556   19sep1556
WYLD         Hugh         Wirksworth    12feb1554   23apr1555   25apr1555
WYLGOOSE     Thomas       Wirksworth    07dec1567?  04jun1566   20sep1566
WYLLYMOTE    Thomas       Wirksworth    20feb1572   03mar1571   17apr1572
WYNDEFELD    John         Wirksworth    03apr1562   07apr1562   09apr1562
WYNFELD      Richard      Wirksworth    30aug1561   08apr1582?  09apr1562
WYNFIELD     Richard      Ashleyhay     10jan1548   15apr1549   12jan1550
YEATON       Thomas       Hopton        07feb1550   08apr1551   09apr1551

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