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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in Marriages

These Strays from the Wirksworth Area were transcribed from Phillimores Marriages in Derbyshire Parish Registers by Kathryn Farrell of Massachussetts. The 411 entries date from 1602 to 1836. Thanks Kathryn.

Date       SURNAME       Firstname   Abode         Rel    Firstname   SURNAME        Abode          Married at     Comments
1675sep30  ADAMS         John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        MOWMAN         Codnor         Heanor
1785jun20  ADAMS         John        Wirksworth    husb   Sara        HUNT                          Pentrich
1803apr17  ADAMS         William     Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       HODGKINSON                    Duffield
1711mar17  ALLAN         Ann         Alderwasley   wife   Samuel      HOULBROOK                     S Wingfield
1688may27  ALLEN         William     Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       LYTTON         Wirksworth     Duffield
1717nov22  ALLEN         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Mordecai    BADESLEY                      S Wingfield
1748mar24  ALLEN         Elizabeth   Alderwasley   wife   John        HAYNES         Derby          Alfreton       by license
1836apr14  ALLEN         Job         Wirksworth    husb   Mary        RATCLIFF                      Foremark       by license
1728mar10  ALLIN         Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Phoebe      RAGG           Matlock        S Wingfield
1701nov03  ALSOP         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Fernando    TURTON                        Pentrich
1751apr10  AMETT         George      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      DOWN                          Kirk Ireton
1745feb03  AMOT          Anthony     Wirksworth    husb   Ann         PEARS                         Alfreton
1706nov24  ANNABLE       Silence     Cromford      wife   George      GODBER         Cromford       S Wingfield
1726apr16  ANSTIE        Alice       Callow        wife   Joseph      COOPER         Callow         S Wingfield
1791mar25  ASHTON        Adam        Wirksworth    husb   Martha      CLAY                          Shirland       by license
1685apr06  ASPINALL      Mary        Wirksworth    wife   William     MATHIR                        Duffield
1739aug06  AUSTIN        Susana      Biggin        wife   -           BRADSHAW       Derby All Sts  Alfreton       by license
1712feb15  BACON         Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      HAMMOND                       S Wingfield
1795apr20  BACON         Martha      Wirksworth    wife   John        MELLOR                        Kirk Ireton
1708dec16  BAINBRIDGE    Martha      Wirksworth    wife   William     BRIERLY        Wirksworth     Parwich
1794jun19  BAINBRIDGE    John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        WHEATLEY       Wirksworth     Kirk Ireton
1807jun13  BAINBRIGGE    John        Biggin        husb   Sarah       MARTIN                        Brailsford     by license
1627jul25  BALLENTON     Alice       Wirksworth    wife   William     TATUM                         Duffield
1725may13  BALY          Francis     Wirksworth    wife   Elizabeth   MASON          Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1747sep03  BAMFORD       Martin      Wirksworth    husb   Anne        STANHOPE       Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels
1724jun15  BANKS         Ann         Cromford      wife   John        WHEATLEY       Shottle        S Wingfield
1770nov21  BARKER        Rebeccah    Wirksworth    wife   Mark        DAVILLE                       Duffield
1672apr01  BARTON        Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   MILNES         Turnditch      Duffield
1711jul29  BARTON        William     Wirksworth    husb   Ann         MATHER         Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1771jul03  BEALEY        Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Henry       MOORE          ?              Derby St Peter by license
1778jan01  BEARDMORE     Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Betty       COKE                          Kirk Ireton
1732nov11  BEARDSLEY     Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Robert      BYARD                         S Wingfield
1782jun26  BEARDSLEY     Jane        Wirksworth    wife   George      THORNELY                      Kirk Ireton
1711may21  BELL          Ruth        Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      BURTON         Brassington    Allestree
1713apr01  BELL          Millicent   Wirksworth    wife   William     FOX                           S Wingfield
1714nov14  BELL          Benjamin    Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   GOOGWIN        Hopton         S Wingfield
1711nov07  BEMBRICK      Alice       Wirksworth    wife   Matthew     HARVEY         Kertlington    S Wingfield
1727apr05  BENNETT       Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        BOWRING                       Alfreton
1760sep25  BERRISFORD    Francis     Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   MERRY                         Breadsall      by license
1699jun22  BINE          John        Cromford      husb   Dorothy     FLETCHER       Wirksworth     Duffield
1721dec21  BLOOD         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      CAL___EET      Bradbourn      Derby St Werburgh
1829mar15  BOGG          John        Wirksworth    husb   Frances     CHADDERTON                    Longford       by license
1827oct22  BOOTH         John        Biggin        husb   Hannah      SAINT                         Pentrich
1746aug14  BOWAN         Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   Arthur      SMITH          Ashleyhay      Derby St Michaels
1748nov14  BOWMER        Mary        Wirksworth    wife   John        FRITCHLEY      Fritchley, C   Derby St Michaels Crich
1738may29  BRAILSFORD    Anne        Callow        wife   Robert      LEE            Brassington    Derby St Michaels
1740nov27  BREARLEY      Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       SEEDS                         Derby St Michaels
1760apr16  BREDON        Job         Wirksworth    husb   Mary        SIDDON                        Alfreton       by license
1767oct07  BRELSFORD     Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        HUTCHINSON                    Kirk Ireton
1708dec16  BRIERLY       William     Wirksworth    husb   Martha      BAINBRIDGE     Wirksworth     Parwich
1751jun13  BRIERLY       Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   John        SEEDS          Wirksworth     Kirk Ireton
1751sep25  BRIGHT        John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        WOOD           Wirksworth     Kirk Ireton    Mr and Miss
1770sep24  BRITLAND      Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       COOPER                        Alfreton
1744mar04  BRITTLEBANK   Francis     Wirksworth    husb   Mabella     ROULSTON       Melton Mowbry  Derby St Michaels Melton Mowbray LEI
1794mar04  BROCKLEHURST  Anthony     Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      MACHIN                        Shirland
1800mar05  BROCKLEHURST  Henry       Wirksworth    husb   Mary        RICHARDSON                    Duffield
1717feb07  BROOKFIELD    Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Edward      LAMBERT        N. Wingfield   S Wingfield
1741nov05  BROOLS        George      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        HALL           Heanor         Heanor
1784sep27  BRUCKFIELD    Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   John        GOUGH                         Kirk Ireton    Rev., rector, by license
1723feb03  BRUSSELL      Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Robert      STORER                        S Wingfield
1715nov07  BUNTING       Alice       Wirksworth    wife   William     STREET                        S Wingfield
1725apr11  BURTON        Bruno F     Wirksworth    husb   Dorothy     KNOWLES        Wirksworth     S Wingfield    Bruno Francis
1735jun02  BURTON        Anne        Wirksworth    wife   Joseph      ROWLAND                       Duffield
1794nov23  BURTON        William     Wirksworth    husb   Lydia       MEAKIN                        Derby St Werburgh by license
1729sep29  BUTLER        Ruth        Alderwasley   wife   William     SMITH                         Duffield
1707may08  BUXTON        Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   William     GREGORY        Dethick        S Wingfield
1717apr16  BUXTON        Mary        Wirksworth    wife   William     BAMFORD                       S Wingfield
1723may10  BUXTON        Henry       Middleton     husb   Eleanor     RAGG           Middleton      S Wingfield
1788jun18  BUXTON        John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        MILLINGTON                    Kirk Ireton
1830aug10  BUXTON        William     Cromford      husb   Millicent   FROST                         Buxton         by license
1701apr25  BYARD         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Matthew     PEAT           Alderwasley    Duffield
1746apr10  CADMAN        Catherine   Wirksworth    wife   Obadiah     BILLINGS                      Duffield
1752jul08  CADMAN        George      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   HARRISON       Callow         Brailsford
1803sep27  CARLINE       Mark        Alderwasley   husb   Henrietta   WILLIAMS                      Derby St Werburgh by license
1715jan20  CHAPMAN       Martha      Wirksworth    wife   Richard     PEAT                          S Wingfield
1772aug27  CHENEY        Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Bridget     LEACROFT       Wirksworth     Kirk Langley   by license, late sp.
1734jun10  CHORLEY       Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   John        OLDHAM         Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1712dec08  CLEUGH        Mary        Middleton     wife   Nathaniel   HUTCHINSON     Langley        Derby St Werburgh
1819jul22  CLOUGH        Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   John        WALL                          Derby St Werburgh by license, chandler
1715may01  COCKER        Mary        Wirksworth    wife   William     THACKER                       S Wingfield
1698aug01  COCKERAM      Millicent   Walston       wife   Anthony     WHEATCROFT     Wirksworth     Duffield
1720dec25  COLLEDGE      Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      TAYLOR         Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1824feb16  COLLEDGE      George      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        PRIESTLEY                     Dronfield
1754jan16  COOK          Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   William     NORTH          Itheridgehay   Brailsford
1726apr16  COOPER        Joseph      Callow        husb   Alice       ANSTIE         Callow         S Wingfield
1786apr11  COOPER        Edward      Wirksworth    husb   Anne        GREATOREX                     Duffield
1791may25  COOPER        Robert      Hurstfield    husb   Elizabeth   STORER                        Kirk Ireton
1705apr25  COSSAL        Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Phoebe      HITCHCOCK                     Derby St Peter
1724nov12  COTTRIL       John        Cromford      husb   Mary        NORMAN         Ashleyhay      S Wingfield
1743aug10  COTTRILL      Hannah      Cromford      wife   George      HOLE           Ribble, Matlk  Derby St Michaels
1799jun14  COWLISHAW     Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   Joseph      GELL           Duffield       Duffield       by license
1640jan06  COWPER        Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      BALLINGTON                    Duffield
1772dec05  CRICHLOW      Zacharias   Middleton     husb   Alice       NORTON                        Kirk Ireton
1740jan08  CUMMING       William     Wirksworth    husb   Alice       WRAGG          Cas Donington  Derby St Werburgh
1746dec12  DAWSON        John        Allton        husb   Mary        DEAN           Allton         Derby St Michaels
1602jun27  DAY           John        Wirksworth    husb   Margaret    BOLER                         Horsley
1728jan24  DAYBANK       Mary        Cromford      wife   Thomas      HARDEY         Hardstaff      S Wingfield
1712sep17  DAYBANKS      Penelope    Cromford      wife   Anthony     WESTON                        S Wingfield
1712dec28  DEAN          Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Edward      RIPPEN                        Duffield
1746dec12  DEAN          Mary        Allton        wife   John        DAWSON         Allton         Derby St Michaels
1814sep19  DEAN          John        Alton         husb   Sarah       WILDER                        Derby All Saints by license
1708jul06  DEBANK        Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      SPENCER        Wirksworth     Shirland       by license
1773feb04  DUFFIELD      Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Isabell     MERCHANT                      Duffield       by license
1723oct07  DURDEN        Grace       Ideridgehay   wife   Robert      WEBSTER                       S Wingfield
1743apr15  ELLIS         Elizabeth   Wigwall       wife   Edward      PATTISON       Bramley Grnge  Derby St Michaels BG Braithwell YKS
1731sep02  ELSE          Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Jonathan    HURT                          S Wingfield
1717jan27  FEARN         Rebecca     Ible          wife   Joshua      SLATER                        S Wingfield
1708oct21  FERN          Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Joshua      HOLMES                        Duffield
1699jun22  FLETCHER      Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   John        BINE           Cromford       Duffield
1705may05  FLETCHER      Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Adam        YOUNG          Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1750apr22  FLETCHER      Joseph      Alderwasley   husb   Anne        BRAMLEY        Shottle        Horsley
1699feb04  FLINT         Jane        Wirksworth    wife   Henry       TIPPIN         Belper         Duffield
1758jun26  FLINT         Samuel      Alderwasley   husb   Elizabeth   WOOD                          Duffield
1732dec11  FORRET        Mary        Callow        wife   William     WIGLEY                        Duffield
1715mar22  FOULK         Daniel      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        CROSSLEY       Quarn          Derby St Werburgh
1744apr02  FOULKE        Ann         Wirksworth    wife   William     KIRKHAM                       Duffield
1776jul28  FOX           William     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        BROWN                         Kirk Ireton    age 20 (consent) by license
1684jun01  FROST         John        Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       BEARDSLEY      Heage          Duffield
1717jul12  FROST         Edmund      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       PARKER         Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1683oct31  GAMBLE        William     Alderwasley   husb   Ann         OLIVER                        Duffield
1704sep06  GELL          Philip      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   TURNER         Wigwall        S Wingfield
1712jun19  GELL          Phillip     Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      MARSHALL                      Derby All Saints
1715mar01  GELL          Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      KEYS           Callow         Derby St Werburgh
1715sep30  GELL          Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   Anthony     GELL           Middleton      S Wingfield
1715sep30  GELL          Anthony     Middleton     husb   Sarah       GELL           Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1757mar06  GELL          Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         FRANCEYS                      Derby All Saints by license
1764sep    GELL          Elizabeth   Cromford      wife   Joseph      FRITCHLEY      S Wingfield    S Wingfield
1770apr12  GELL          Jobe        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   STUBBING       Heanor         Heanor         by license
1820jun12  GELL          German      Wirksworth    husb   Prixcilla   POUNTAIN                      Repton         by license
1682jun05  GODBAR        Ellen       Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      WINFIELD                      Duffield
1706nov24  GODBER        George      Cromford      husb   Silence     ANNABLE        Cromford       S Wingfield
1693oct01  GOODWIN       John        Wirksworth    husb   Jane        GILLETT        Belper         Duffield
1711nov02  GOODWIN       Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Edward      COLLINSON                     S Wingfield
1719sep24  GOODWIN       Alice       Ashleyhay     wife   John        GREATROX       Bonsall        S Wingfield
1808jul25  GRACE         John        Wirksworth    husb   Eleanor     HODGINGS                      Duffield
1736may16  GREATOREX     Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Edward      MALIN          Duffield       Horsley
1802feb17  GREATOREX     William     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        SMEDLEY                       Duffield       by license
1711apr14  GREATRICKS    Mary        Callow        wife   William     FOGGE                         S Wingfield
1719sep24  GREATROX      John        Bonsall       husb   Alice       GOODWIN        Ashleyhay      S Wingfield
1763apr04  GREEN         Lawrence    Wirksworth    husb   Mary        CHANTREY                      Kirk Ireton
1718may06  GREENHOUGH    Grace       Wirksworth    wife   Daniel      SMITH                         S Wingfield
1688nov18  GREENSMITH    Ellen       Wirkworth     wife   John        ROWLAND        Shottle        Duffield
1716jun21  GREENSMITH    Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      ROOD           Chesterfield   Hault Hucknall
1717jan08  GREGORY       Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       BRITTON        Crich          S Wingfield
1718nov24  GREGORY       Millicent   Wirksworth    wife   Anthony     BUNTING                       S Wingfield
1727dec06  GREGORY       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Henry       SHEPHERD       Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1752jul30  GREGORY       Ellen       Wirksworth    wife   Arthur      SMITH          Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels by license
1720nov28  GRETERIX      Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   John        VINSAM                        S Wingfield
1651feb22  GRETTERIDGE   Roger       Ible          husb   Ann         SMEDLEY        Shottle        Duffield
1747jan22  GRIFFEN       Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      HUNT           Denby          Derby St Michaels
1811aug19  GRIFFEN       Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Jane        WATKINSON                     Pentrich
1782dec27  HAGUE         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Martin      CONDLIFF                      Chapel-en-le-Frith by license
1708may06  HALL          William     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        TURNER                        Duffield
1725apr04  HALL          Caleb       Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      SPENCER        Wirksworth     Derby St Alkmund
1805sep16  HALLAM        George      Wirksworth    husb   Grace       WRIGHT                        Alfreton
1747dec29  HARDING       Hugh        Alderwasley   husb   Jane        PEAT           Crich          S Wingfield
1752jul08  HARRISON      Elizabeth   Callow        wife   George      CADMAN         Wirksworth     Brailsford
1797may22  HARRISON      Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   ELLIOT                        Derby St Alkmund by license
1802nov25  HARRISON      John        Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      JENNY                         Duffield
1808oct26  HARRISON      Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Anthony     SPENCER                       Duffield
1717jan25  HAYNE         Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      TAYLOR                        S Wingfield
1741may04  HAYNS         Robert      Biggin        husb   Sarah       SIMNET         Kirk Ireton    Derby St Werburgh
1672oct19  HEAPY         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Ralph       BENTLEY        Derby          Breadsall
1768apr06  HEAPY         John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   HARRISON                      Kirk Ireton
1776oct23  HEAPY         Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        SMITH                         Kirk Ireton
1665apr26  HEMONS        William     Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   KIRKLAND                      Heanor
1714jun13  HEROD         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      JENNINGS                      S Wingfield
1789dec24  HEWIT         Anthony     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        TAYLOR                        Shirland
1631jun08  HIBBERT       John        Wirksworth    husb   Ann         BEARDSLEY                     Duffield
1683jan13  HIBBERT       Hellen      Wirksworth    wife   Isack       TOMSON         Wirksworth     Morley
1798oct09  HICKSON       Susanna     Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      HICKSON        Alfreton       Alfreton       by license
1775nov02  HIGTON        Daniel      Wirksworth    husb   Rosamund    BEATSALL                      Alfreton       by license
1716apr04  HILL          William     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        BOTHAM         Derby St Werb  Derby St Werburgh
1730apr22  HILL          John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        TOMLINSON                     Morton
1763jun10  HILL          Nathaniel   Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   MATHER                        Duffield
1740mar20  HOADES        Margeret    Wirksworth    wife   Joseph      PEGG           Brailsford     Brailsford     by license
1721jan28  HOADS         Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      BROUGH                        S Wingfield
1777feb19  HODGKINSON    Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      DANNAH                        Duffield
1745may09  HOLBROOK      Joseph      Biggin        husb   Mary        HOLBROOK       Intake Hall,M  Mackworth      Mugginton
1665sep23  HOLBROOKE     Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Dorothy     SPENCER        Shottle        Duffield
1704jan02  HORSLEY       Will        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        STEARE         Alvaston       Derby All Saints
1719jan26  HORSLEY       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   William     GREATROX                      S Wingfield
1754oct28  HOUGH         John        Ashleyhay     husb   Hannah      AUSTIN                        Kirk Ireton
1769mar28  HOUGH         Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        FROGGATT                      Duffield       by license
1714sep07  HOUGHTON      Henry       Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      POTTER         Wirksworth     Shirland       by license
1727nov02  HOWLBROOKE    Daniel      Ashleyhay     husb   Ann         WILD           Ashleyhay      S Wingfield
1740jan07  HOWLEY        Anthony     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        COOPER                        Shirland
1742apr04  HUGHS         John        Wirksworth    husb   Ruth        CLARKE         Quarne         Derby St Alkmund
1689oct24  HUNT          John        Biggin        husb   Sarah       JACKSON        Turnditch      Duffield
1717sep21  HUNT          Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      BLOWER         Bradley        Derby St Werburgh
1729oct17  HURT          Bridget     Wirksworth    wife   George      JOLLAND        Brigg LIN      S Wingfield
1778aug31  HURT          Francis     Alderwasley   husb   Elizabeth   SHUTTLEWORTH                  Aston          by license, Esq.
1808mar19  HURT          Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Caroline    SHUTTLEWORTH                  Derby St Werburgh by license
1711jul22  JACKSON       Ann         Alderwasley   wife   Richard     JACKSON        Shottle        S Wingfield
1681nov05  JEFFREY       Jane        Wirksworth    wife   Joseph      PEAT           Kirk Langley   Duffield
1723oct07  JOHNSON       Benjamin    Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       SMITH          Ilkeston       Ildeston
1754oct10  JOHNSON       Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   Joshua      DANNOW                        Duffield
1796oct11  JOHNSON       Peter       Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   HARLOW                        Duffield
1723mar28  JOWET         Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   James       SHELDON                       S Wingfield
1794apr18  KEETON        John        Wirksworth    husb   Avis        ARMSTRONG                     S Wingfield
1744jul05  KELSALL       William     Wirksworth    husb   Dorothy     SPENCER        Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels
1715mar01  KEYS          Hannah      Callow        wife   Thomas      GELL           Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1827oct24  KIDD          David       Wirksworth    husb   Martha      ELLIOT                        Pentrich
1812mar29  KIDDY         Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   WINFIELD                      Stanton by Dale
1725apr11  KNOWLES       Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   Bruno F     BURTON         Wirksworth     S Wingfield    Bruno Francis
1713aug16  LANGTON       Hannah      Middleton     wife   Thomas      LEES                          Parwich
1757jun05  LANT          Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      SPENCER                       Duffield
1772aug27  LEACROFT      Bridget     Wirksworth    wife   Robert      CHENEY         Wirksworth     Kirk Langley   by license
1690jan30  LOCKER        Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      KEYS           Shottle        Duffield
1737sep02  LOE           Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      WOOD           Pentrich       Derby St Werburgh
1688may27  LYTTON        Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   William     ALLEN          Wirksworth     Duffield
1810nov20  MADDOCK       William     Wirksworth    husb   Ellen       TOMLINSON                     Spondon
1803jan26  MALIN         Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         TOPLIS                        Duffield       by license
1704jan13  MANNORS       William     Wirksworth    husb   Jane        STERLAND       Codnor         Heanor
1776nov18  MARSDEN       Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Frances     THORPE                        Duffield
1757nov20  MARSHALL      George      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         WATERFALL                     Duffield       by license
1725may13  MASON         Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Francis     BALY           Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1702apr29  MATHER        James       Wirksworth    husb   Ellen       SMITH          Turnditch      Duffield
1710apr10  MATHER        John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   YATES          Breadsall      S Wingfield
1711jul29  MATHER        Ann         Wirksworth    wife   William     BARTON         Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1728mar02  MATHER        John        Wirksworth    husb   Dorothy     SOWTER         Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1816dec23  MEE           James       Wirksworth    husb   Mary        WILDIN                        Derby St Werburgh
1727nov12  MIDDLETON     Elizabeth   Middleton     wife   John        BOWER          Alfreton       S Wingfield
1730mar29  MOLANUS       William     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        SKINNER        Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1705nov05  MOSELEY       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Joseph      BENNET         Derby          S Wingfield
1718jun20  NASH          Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        BROWNLOW       Derby St Mich  -
1775feb28  NEWTON        Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       BROCKLASS      ?              Derby St Peter by license
1722mar06  NEWTON.       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   John        KNOWLES        Matlock        S Wingfield
1701oct09  NORMAN        Ludovicu    Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   COCKRAM                       Derby St Peter
1724nov12  NORMAN        Mary        Ashleyhay     wife   John        COTTRIL        Cromford       S Wingfield
1738aug06  NORTH         Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        BEARDSLEY      Duffield       Derby St Werburgh
1754jan16  NORTH         William     Itheridgehay  husb   Sarah       COOK           Wirksworth     Brailsford
1639sep23  NOTON         Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Daniel      ROLLAND?       Wirksworth     Duffield
1812jun04  OAKLEY        George      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      BAYLEY                        Derby St Peter by license (signs BEELY)
1713aug30  OGDEN         Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   Benjamin    GREGORY                       S Wingfield
1714jan31  OGDEN         Hellen      Wirksworth    wife   Charles     POTTER                        S Wingfield
1734jun10  OLDHAM        John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   CHORLEY        Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1717jul12  PARKER        Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   Edmund      FROST          Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1769oct13  PARKS         Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Hephzebah   BLAND                         Duffield
1747feb12  PAYE          Isaac       Wirksworth    husb   Esther      SADLER         Allestree      Mackworth
1701apr25  PEAT          Matthew     Alderwasley   husb   Mary        BYARD          Wirksworth     Duffield
1783dec27  PEAT          George      Wirskworth    husb   Ellen       TURNER                        Duffield       by license
1818jan26  PENNISTON     Mary        Wirksworth    wife   James       RAISIN                        Dronfield
1728dec12  PHILLIPS      Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Adam        CLAYTON                       Duffield
1712jan13  PICKARD       Dorothy     Alderwasley   wife   John        WATHALL        Horsley        S Wingfield
1721aug23  PICKARD       Thomas      Alderwasley   husb   Susannah    WALKER         Matlock        S Wingfield
1745may28  PICKARD       Sarah       Alderwasley   wife   Oliver      FLETCHER       Horsley Woodhs Derby St Michaels
1791oct12  PICKARD       Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         MALIN                         Duffield
1646apr02  PICKERING     Margaret    Biggin        wife   Francis     CLERK          Wirksworth     Breadsall
1757aug11  PICKERING     Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      HEAPY                         Duffield
1762feb08  PICKERING     Stephen     Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   LONGDON                       Kirk Ireton
1724nov07  PITCOCK       Bennett     Wirksworth    wife   John        STUBBS         Wirksworth     Derby St Alkmund
1706jan24  POINTON       Rebecca     Wirksworth    wife   John        BERISFORD      Kniveton       Alsop-en-le-Dale baker
1701may15  POISAR        William     Ashleyhay     husb   Mary        HOLBROKE       Shottle        Duffield
1625sep30  POTTER        Hugh        Wirksworth    husb   Alice       HURT           Heage          Duffield
1682sep14  POTTER        Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   William     OLLIVER        Shottle        Duffield
1712nov28  POTTER        Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Peter       MILWARD                       S Wingfield
1714sep07  POTTER        Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   Henry       HOUGHTON       Wirksworth     Shirland       by license
1740mar02  POTTER        Dudley      Wirksworth    husb   Hanna       STORER         Ireton         Alfreton       by license
1705nov05  POYSER        Ralph       Wirksworth    husb   Ann         HIGGET         Shottle        Duffield
1821aug22  POYSER        John        Wirksworth    husb   Ann         PEAT                          Alfreton       by license
1632may03  PRIDIE        Edward      Wirksworth    husb   Ellin       LEES           Turnditch      Duffield
1806feb26  RADFORD       William     Cromford      husb   Anne        DEBANK         Ripley         Pentrich       miner, with consent of parents by license
1715sep26  RAGG          Susannah    Wirksworth    wife   Joseph      FRITH                         S Wingfield
1723may10  RAGG          Eleanor     Middleton     wife   Henry       BUXTON         Middleton      S Wingfield
1820jul31  RAWSON        Ephraim     Wirksworth    husb   Charlotte   ALTON                         Alfreton
1731aug01  RAYNES        Mary        Ible          wife   Thomas      LEE                           S Wingfield
1718may25  RICHARDSON    Thomas      Alton Hall    husb   Alice       HAYWOOD        Kirk Ireton    S Wingfield
1784jan06  RODGERS       William     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        HANBURY                       Elvaston       by license
1829nov02  RODGERS       William     Wirksworth    husb   Alice       REDFERN        Draycott       Wilne
1639sep23  ROLLAND?      Daniel      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         NOTON          Wirksworth     Duffield
1697dec06  ROPER         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   John        SMITH          Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1710jul24  ROPER         William     Cromford      husb   Hannah      COATS                         Derby St Peter
1736jun10  ROPER         Ann         Wirksworth    wife   George      GREATLY        Birmingham     Church Broughton by license
1805sep09  ROPER         Henry       Wirksworth    husb   Mary        WOOD                          Derby All Saints
1700jul01  ROSE          Joshua      Cromford      husb   Lydia       COTES                         Derby St Peter
1703sep30  ROZINGTON     Clement     Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       BURTON                        Dronfield      Mr and Mrs
1725jan07  RUDGARD       William     Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      SMITH          Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1666sep08  SALLEY        Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      SPENCER        Middleton      Duffield
1726oct23  SEEDS         Jonathan    Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   CHADWICK                      Brailsford
1751jun13  SEEDS         John        Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      BRIERLY        Wirksworth     Kirk Ireton
1693aug20  SELLARS       Dorothy     Ashleyhay     wife   Robert      PANNOW         Shottle        Duffield
1716aug03  SHAW          Hannah      Ashleyhay     wife   John        PEAT                          S Wingfield
1717dec14  SHELDON       Anne        Wirksworth    wife   John        HALL                          Chapel-en-le-Frith
1716may27  SHEPHEARD     Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   John        HEWS                          S Wingfield
1727dec06  SHEPHERD      Henry       Wirksworth    husb   Mary        GREGORY        Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1706apr04  SHOER         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   George      MASON          Crich          S Wingfield
1709dec10  SHOER         Faith       Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      ALLEN                         S Wingfield
1762apr14  SIKES         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   John        FORD                          Kirk Ireton
1728jul26  SILCOCK       Catherine   Alderwasley   wife   William     SMITH          Alderwasley    S Wingfield
1777nov10  SIMES         James       Cromford      husb   Sarah       WARD                          Kirk Ireton
1745apr17  SIMMES        Charles     Wirksworth    husb   Anne        TOMLINSON      Brackenfield   Morton
1779feb14  SIMPSON       William     Wirksworth    husb   Ruth        HANDLEY                       W. Hallam      by license
1765apr29  SIMS          Ann         Alderwasley   wife   George      FISHER                        Denby          (signs SIMMES), collier
1718may28  SIMSON        Matthew     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        THACKER        Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1730mar29  SKINNER       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   William     MOLANUS        Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1671aug15  SLADEN        John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   PEGG           Derby          Duffield
1740jul29  SLATER        Grace       Alderwasley   wife   John        SMITH          Alderwasley    Alfreton       by license
1760oct19  SLATER        Benjamin    Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   HALL                          Kedleston      by license
1707oct07  SLIDE         Ann         Ashleyhay     wife   Robert      CHADWICK       Shottle        Duffield
1713apr30  SMEDLEY       Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Sara        NEWHAM                        Derby St Peter
1719sep06  SMEDLEY       Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   William     BODEWELL       S Wingfield    Derby St Werburgh
1763apr14  SMEDLEY       Richard     Wirksworth    husb   Mary        HICKTON                       Kirk Ireton
1697dec06  SMITH         John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        ROPER          Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1725jan07  SMITH         Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   William     RUDGARD        Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1728jul26  SMITH         William     Alderwasley   husb   Catherine   SILCOCK        Alderwasley    S Wingfield
1740jul29  SMITH         John        Alderwasley   husb   Grace       SLATER         Alderwasley    Alfreton       by license
1741oct30  SMITH         Sarah       Wirksworth    wife   William     ADSETTS        Sheen STS      Derby St Michaels
1746aug14  SMITH         Arthur      Ashleyhay     husb   Hannah      BOWAN          Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels
1752jul30  SMITH         Arthur      Wirksworth    husb   Ellen       GREGORY        Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels by license
1760dec28  SMITH         Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Richard     KIRKHAM                       Alfreton       widow & widower, sojourner
1788dec22  SNIBSONE      John        Wirksworth    husb   Lydia       NUTTALL                       Alfreton
1708feb02  SOWTER        Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   John        SMITH          Leay           S Wingfield
1728mar02  SOWTER        Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   John        MATHER         Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1646jun06  SPENCER       John        Wirksworth    husb   Alice       PEATE          Shottle        Duffield
1666sep08  SPENCER       Thomas      Middleton     husb   Ann         SALLEY         Wirksworth     Duffield
1681apr21  SPENCER       Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Edmund      WINTER         Langley        Kirk Ireton    by license, Mr and Mrs
1698oct29  SPENCER       John        Middleton     husb   Dorothy     LAUNDER        Belper         Duffield
1708jul06  SPENCER       Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      DEBANK         Wirksworth     Shirland       by license
1717jul25  SPENCER       Charles     Wirksworth    husb   Grace       ALLSOPP        Matlock        S Wingfield
1725apr04  SPENCER       Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   Caleb       HALL           Wirksworth     Derby St Alkmund
1744jul05  SPENCER       Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   William     KELSALL        Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels
1756sep09  SPENCER       Susannah    Wirksworth    wife   Abraham     MOORE                         Duffield
1634feb23  SPENSER       Maria       Wirksworth    wife   Richard     ADAMS          Darley         Horsley
1732aug14  SPENSER       John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   STABLE         Cowhouse Lane  Derby St Werburgh
1804oct01  STAFFORD      Matthew     Wirksworth    husb   Lydia       BROWN                         Duffield
1747sep03  STANHOPE      Anne        Wirksworth    wife   Martin      BAMFORD        Wirksworth     Derby St Michaels
1738may08  STANLEY       Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         SHAW                          S Wingfield
1705feb15  STEEPLE       Ann         Wirksworth    wife   John        STEEPLE        Aldwark        Duffield
1638nov28  STORER        William     Wirksworth    husb   Ann         TWIGGE         Shottle        Duffield
1771jan03  STORER        German      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        DERBYSHIRE                    W. Hallam
1784apr29  STREET        Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Millicent   BUXTON                        Kirk Ireton
1724nov07  STUBBS        John        Wirksworth    husb   Bennett     PITCOCK        Wirksworth     Derby St Alkmund
1686jan28  SUMERS        Thomas      Middleton     husb   Elizabeth   HOTHERING                     Duffield
1771sep26  SUMMERFIELD   Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Betty       BARKER                        Kirk Ireton
1770jan31  SWAIN         Martha      Wirksworth    wife   John        DAWSON                        Kirk Ireton
1671jan23  SWETHAM       Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   WRIGHT         Wirksworth     Duffield
1746jul25  SYMS          Martha      Wirksworth    wife   John        HEAPY                         Duffield
1719nov14  TAYLOR        Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      WEBSTER        Derby All Sts  Spondon
1720dec25  TAYLOR        Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      COLLEDGE       Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1723may13  TAYLOR        Lydia       Cromford      wife   Josiah      FRITCHLEY                     S Wingfield
1757jul03  TAYLOR        Charles     Wirksworth    husb   Martha      JENNINGS                      Derby St Werburgh by license
1787may21  TAYLOR        Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Martha      HARRIZON                      Duffield
1829       TAYLOR        Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Lucy        SAINT                         Longford       by license
1718may28  THACKER       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Matthew     SIMSON         Wirksworth     Derby St Werburgh
1736oct26  THACKER       Dorothy     Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      RULLAND        Duffield       Horsley
1810dec31  THOMPSON      Job         Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       BOOTH                         Pentrich
1747nov06  THOMSON       Mary        Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      WOODHOUSE                     Duffield
1768aug31  THOMSON       Daniel      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       WRIGHT                        Shirland
1747jan07  TIMPERLY      Ann         Wirksworth    wife   George      KIDDIE         Duffield       Duffield
1741mar22  TOMLINSON     Joseph      Callow        husb   Mary        MILLARD                       Kirk Ireton    by license
1782sep21  TOMLINSON     John        Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      COOPER                        Duffield       by license
1683jan13  TOMSON        Isack       Wirksworth    husb   Hellen      HIBBERT        Wirksworth     Morley
1700may27  TOPLIS        Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   John        WILCOXON       Wirksworth     Morton         by license
1702nov16  TOPLIS        Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Sarah       FRANCIS        Coxbench       Duffield
1711apr25  TOPLIS        John        Wirksworth    husb   Rebecca     VALENCE        Alderwasley    S Wingfield
1701dec15  TOWNDROW      Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   John        HARDY          Derby All Sts  Derby St Peter
1711jul20  TURNER        Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Richard     WATERFALL      Matlock        S Wingfield
1764sep27  TURNER        George      Wigwell Hall  husb   Ann         WALKER                        Dronfield      by license, gent.
1684jul18  UDAL          Sara        Wirksworth    wife   Francis     WILLIMOT       Wirksworth     Duffield
1719jan29  UDALE         Ann         Wirksworth    wife   William     HIGGIT                        S Wingfield
1777feb12  UDALE         Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   William     GREATOREX      Duffield       Duffield
1711apr25  VALENCE       Rebecca     Alderwasley   wife   John        TOPLIS         Wirksworth     S Wingfield
1775apr13  WADE          Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        MILWARD                       Shirland
1718oct01  WAGSTAFF      Alice       Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      HUNT                          S Wingfield
1639oct20  WALKER        Anthony     Wirksworth    husb   Jane        WIBBESLEY?     Wirksworth     Duffield
1711jun21  WALKER        Elizabeth   Ashleyhay     wife   Robert      BEIGHTON                      S Wingfield
1714apr18  WALKER        Hannah      Alderwasley   wife   Robert      FLINT                         S Wingfield
1743dec28  WALKER        Joseph      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   THACKER                       Duffield
1785feb14  WALKER        George      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         SHAWCROFT                     Alfreton
1635sep27  WALL          Ellen       Wirksworth    wife   ?           SMITH          Smalley        Horsley
1654nov07  WALL          Ann         Wirksworth    wife   Richard     STREET         Belper         Duffield
1731oct20  WALL          William     Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   BUXTON         Derby St Werb  Derby St Werburgh
1732dec24  WALL          Hannah      Wirksworth    wife   Thomas      HUNT                          Duffield
1742sep06  WALL          William     Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      WRIGHT         Shirland       Alfreton       by license
1777jan01  WALL          Mary        Wirksworth    wife   William     PLATTS                        S Wingfield
1681feb05  WEBSTER       Mary        Biggin        wife   Samuel      WRIGHT         Wirksworth     Duffield       by license
1701feb11  WEBSTER       Eleanor     Wirksworth    wife   George      COOPER         Alkmanton      Derby St Peter
1749nov01  WEBSTER       Lucy        Wirksworth    wife   Richard     ROOSE                         Kirk Ireton
1698aug01  WHEATCROFT    Anthony     Wirksworth    husb   Millicent   COCKERAM       Walston        Duffield
1706oct16  WHEATCROFT    Jane        Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      TREVERS                       Duffield
1794jun19  WHEATLEY      Mary        Wirksworth    wife   John        BAINBRIDGE     Wirksworth     Kirk Ireton
1639oct20  WIBBESLEY?    Jane        Wirksworth    wife   Anthony     WALKER         Wirksworth     Duffield
1703oct20  WIGLEY        Henry       Cromford      husb   Helen       DRABELL                       Heath
1707apr29  WIGLEY        Lydia       Cromford      wife   Daniel      ALLSOPP        Matlock        S Wingfield
1710may18  WIGLEY        Helen       Cromford      wife   William     MARSH          Matlock        S Wingfield
1727oct12  WIGLEY        Mary        Cromford      wife   Anthony     DAYBANK                       S Wingfield
1729sep24  WIGLEY        Elizabeth   Cromford      wife   John        WOODLANDS      Matlock        S Wingfield
1750jan14  WILCOCKSON    William     Wirksworth    husb   Grace       TOMLINSON      Alfreton       Alfreton
1755jan08  WILCOCKSON    John        Wirksworth    husb   Hannah      TUNNICLIFF                    Kirk Ireton    by license
1796may04  WILCOCKSON    John        Wirksworth    husb   Mary        WOODHOUSE                     Denby          by license
1700may27  WILCOXON      John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   TOPLIS         Wirksworth     Morton         by license
1727nov02  WILD          Ann         Ashleyhay     wife   Daniel      HOWLBROOKE     Ashleyhay      S Wingfield
1734apr12  WILKOKSON     Peter       Wirksworth    husb   Anne        SOWTHER        Heanor         Heanor         by license
1651mar30  WILLIAMSON    Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Adam        WADLEY                        Duffield
1684jul18  WILLIMOT      Francis     Wirksworth    husb   Sara        UDAL           Wirksworth     Duffield
1759sep10  WILLIS        George      Biggin        husb   Esther      SHELDON                       Kirk Ireton
1722apr14  WILSON        Frances     Wirksworth    wife   Jabez       OWEN                          S Wingfield
1776jul01  WINFIELD      Robert      Wirksworth    husb   Ann         JACKSON                       Duffield       by license
1681jul01  WOOD          Daniel      Alderwasley   husb   Mary        GREEN          Belper         Duffield
1751sep25  WOOD          Mary        Wirksworth    wife   John        BRIGHT         Wirksworth     Kirk Ireton    Mr and Miss
1748nov22  WOODHOUSE     Ann         Alderwasley   wife   George      MELLOR                        S Wingfield
1794mar23  WOODHOUSE     Thomas      Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   ROE                           Derby All Sts  by license
1628nov03  WRIGHT        John        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   ASHMORE                       Horsley
1671jan23  WRIGHT        Elizabeth   Wirksworth    wife   Samuel      SWETHAM        Wirksworth     Duffield
1675jun29  WRIGHT        John        Wirksworth    husb   Gertrude    KEY            Shottle        Duffield
1681feb05  WRIGHT        Samuel      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        WEBSTER        Biggin         Duffield       by license
1717dec28  YEOMANS       Hellen      Wirksworth    wife   George      COUPE                         S Wingfield
1779jan11  YEOMANS       Sarah       Alderwasley   wife   John        REEVE          Brailsford     Brailsford     by license
1780dec23  YEOMANS       Daniel      Wirksworth    husb   Mary        LONGDEN                       Duffield       by license
1705may05  YOUNG         Adam        Wirksworth    husb   Elizabeth   FLETCHER       Wirksworth     S Wingfield

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