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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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White's 1857 Directory of Derbyshire

Here is the list of notable people and Tradesmen given in "White's 1857 Directory of Derbyshire", scanned and OCRed by Neil Wilson for:
Alderwasley, Ashleyhay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridgehay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth
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ABBOTT William [Dale, Wirksworth] Butcher
ABEL Jno. [Canal wharf, Cromford] Coal Merchant
ABEL John, jun. [Bonsall] Coal merchant
ABELL John [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
ABELL John [Bonsall] Farmer (and corn miller)
ABELL John [Bonsall] King's Head Inn/Tavern
ABELL William [Hulland Ward] Cowkeeper
ADAM Jph. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Surgeon
ADAM William [Matlock Town, Matlock] Geologist and mineralist
ADAMS Obadiah [Middleton] Farmer
ADAMS Obadiah [Middleton] Grocer (and mineral agent)
ADAMS Obadiah [Cromford] Saddler
ADAMS Robert [Middleton] Miner
ADAMS Robert, sen. [Middleton] Dept. bar master
ADAMS Robt+Obadiah [Town, Matlock] Saddlers and Harness Makers
ADAMS Robt., jun. [Middleton] Miner
ADAMS Robt., sen. [Middleton] Farmer
ADAMS+CASH  [Bridge House, Matlock] Surgeon
ADDY John [Bank, Matlock] Farmer
ADSETTS Mary, Miss [Ecclesburn House, Idridgehay] 
ADSETTS William [Shottle] Farmer
ALDERSON Miss Elizabeth [Tor Vale, Matlock] 
ALEXANDER Mary, Mrs [Dimple, Matlock] 
ALLEN George, Esq. [Riber Hall, Matlock] 
ALLEN Job [North end, Wirksworth] Currier, Leather Cutter
ALLEN John [North end, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
ALLEN John & Wm. [Cromford] Gingham mnfrs.
ALLEN John, Esq. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
ALLEN Rebecca [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Hodgkinson's Hotel
ALLOTT Joseph+Jane [Tansley] National school
ALLSOP Charles [Postern] Farmer,corn miller
ALLSOP Chas. [Market place, Wirksworth] Saddlers,Harness Maker
ALLSOP John [Green hill, Wirksworth] Carter
ALLSOP Josiah [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Farmer
ALLSOP Sarah [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Berlin wool dept
ALSOP Alfred [Bonsall] Lead merchant, Via Gellia Lead-works
ALSOP George [Brassington] Cattle dealer
ALSOP Henry [Bonsall] Miner
ALSOP Jas. [Godfrey holes, Wirksworth] Lead miner
ALSOP Margaret [Brassington] Dressmaker
ALSOP Thomas [Bonsall] Miner
ALSOP MR. John [Brassington] 
AMATT John [St. John st, Wirksworth] Sheriff's officer
ANABLE Jas. Norman [North end, Wirksworth] Farmer
ANABLE John [Idridgehay] Farmer
ANABLE Mary, Mrs [Ashleyhay] 
ARKWRIGHT Alfred [Gate House, Wirksworth] Esq.
ARKWRIGHT Frances, Miss [Oak hill, Cromford] 
ARKWRIGHT Peter, Esq. [Willersley Castle, Matlock] 
ARKWRIGHT+CO  [Cromford] Cotton spinners, and Masson Mills; 
     Rd. Hackett, manager
ASHTON Job [Shud House, Alderwasley] Gamekeeper
ASKEY John [Alderwasley] Stone mason
ATTREE Francis Town, Rev [Middleton] B.A., incumbent
AUSTIN Daniel [Biggin] Farmer (cowkeeper)
BACON Dorothy+Sarah [Alderwasley] Shopkeepers
BACON Matthew [Carsington] Parish clerk and miner
BADDELEY Elizabeth [Cromford] Grocer
BAGALEY Thos. [China square, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
BAGOTT George, Rev [Bonsall] M.A., curate
BAGSHAW John [Bank, Matlock] Millwright
BAGSHAW Noah [Taghill end, Matlock] Hairdresser
BAGSHAW Noah [Tagghill end, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
BAILEY Peter [Matlock Bath, Matlock] King's Head Inn/Tavern
BAINBRIDGE John [Ireton Wood] Farmer
BAINBRIGGE Samuel [Biggin] Land agent and surveyor
BALLINGTON Geo. [Bridge, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
BALLINGTON John [Bank, Matlock] Farmer
BAMFORD Joseph [Church yd, Wirksworth] Tailor
BANKS John [Carsington] Shoemaker
BARKER Benj. [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] Tailor
BARKER Benj.jun [North end, Wirksworth] Tailor
BARKER John [Cromford] Beerhouse
BARKER John [Old Lane, Matlock] Boat House Inn
BARKER John [Dimple, Matlock] Painter, Plumber, Glazier
BARKER Mary [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
BARKER Samuel [Cromford] Bookkeeper
BARKER Wm. [Kirk Ireton] Tailor
BARNSLEY Joshua [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Confectioner
BARNSLEY Joshua [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Baker+Flour Dlr
BARNSLEY Joshua [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
BARTHOLOMEW John [Kirk Ireton] Butcher
BARTON F [Steeple Grange & Middle Peak, Wirksworth] Agent,
     CHPR coal merchants
BARTON Francis [Wirksworth] Agent to the Cromford and High Peak Co. 
     Steeple Grange and Middle Peak
BARTON Francis [Cromford] General manager to 
     Cromford & High Peak Railway Co., and civil engineer
BARTON George [Cromford] Farmer
BARTON George [Cromford] Linen & Woollen Draper
BARTON John [Moor, Matlock] Quarry Owners (Gritstone)
BARTON Thomas [Cromford] Linen & Woollen Draper
BATEMAN John [Ible] Farmer
BATEMAN Robert [Ironbrook] Farmer
BATTY Ann [Bonsall] Britannia Inn/Tavern
BAXTER James [North End, Wirksworth] National Academy
BEARD William Day, Rev [Biggin] B.A., curate of Hulland
BEARDSLEY John [Kirk Ireton] Blacksmith
BEARDSLEY Joseph [Shottle] Farmer
BEARDSLEY Joseph [Brassington] Schoolmaster & parish clrk
BEARDSLEY William [Alton Old Hall, Idridgehay] Farmer
BEARDSLEY Wm [Brassington] George and Dragon Inn/Tavern
BEARDSLEY Wm. [Brassington] Farmer
BEESON Elizabeth [Ireton Wood] Farmer
BEESON Thomas [Middleton] Joiner
BEESON Thomas [Biggin] Butcher
BEESTON Martha [Hulland Ward] Cowkeeper
BEMROSE Wm. & Sons [Matlock Bath, and Derby, Matlock] 
     Bookseller & Stationer (and printers, lithographers, &c., 
     News room, & circulating library)
BEMROSE+SONS W [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Publisher 
     Matlock Bath Advertiser
BERADSLEY Isaac [Handley, Shottle] Farmer
BERESFORD David [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
BESWICK William [Carsington] Farmer
BESWICK William [Market place, Wirksworth] 
     Blackmoor's Head Inn/Tavern
BEWBRIDGE John [Hulland Ward] Black Horse Inn/Tavern
BIDDULPH Ann [West end, Wirksworth] Straw Hat Maker
BIDDULPH Isaac [Idridgehay] Corn miller
BIRD Edw. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Artist
BIRD Edwd. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Etcher and Ornamenter
BIRD Edwd. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Museum,
     Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
BLACKAM John [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] Nail Maker
BLACKWELL Joseph [Tansley] Farmer
BLACKWELL Jph. [Cliff House, Matlock] Farmer
BLACKWELL Jph. [Matlock mills, Matlock] Corn miller (and maltster)
BLORE Simon [Sycamore Lodge, Hopton] Farmer
BLUNDERSTONE Mr. Wm. [Longway bank, Wirksworth] 
BOAM John [Hulland Ward] Farmer
BOBANKS James [Tansley] Grocer,chandler
BODEN Abel [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Baker & Confectioner
BODEN Abel [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
BODEN Abel [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Baker
BODEN Ebenezr [Canal wharf, Cromford] Coal Merchant
BODEN Edward [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Butcher
BODEN Elizabeth [Cromford] Baker
BODEN Jas. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
BODEN Job [Whitehouse, Matlock] Farmer
BODEN John [Cromford] Stone merchant, mineral agent, and spar dealer
BODEN John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Joiner
BODEN Mary [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Milliner & Dress Maker
BODEN Ruth [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Beerhouse
BODEN Samuel [Bank, Matlock] Duke William Inn/Tavern
BODEN Samuel [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
BODEN Sarah [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
BODEN Sarah [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifying Well
BODEN Thomas [Town, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
BODEN Thos. [Town, Matlock] Baker
BOOT Mr. Eleazor [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] 
BOOTH John [Lane Head, Biggin] Farmer
BOWLER Isaac [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
BOWLER John [Carsington] Farmer
BOWMER Francis [New bridge, Wirksworth] Baker+Flour Dlr
BOWMER George [Holly Seat, Shottle] Farmer
BOWMER Isaac [Shottle] Farmer
BOWMER Jph. [Grange Farm, Wirksworth] Farmer
BOWN William [Tansley] Farmer
BOWN William [Gate, Tansley] Victualler
BRACE Anthony [Middleton] Tailor
BRACE Mary J [Church St, Wirksworth] Postmistress
BRACE Thomas [Middleton] Miner
BRACEY Mary Jane [Church street, Wirksworth] Postmistress 
     and stamp distributor
BRAILSFORD George [Green, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
BRAMLEY Thos. [Bank, Matlock] Farmer
BRATBY Wm. [Bridge, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
BRATBY Wm. [Bridge, Matlock] Chemist and Druggist
BRAYFIELD Joseph [Gate, Shottle] Victualler
BRETT Rev Francis Hy [Church yd, Wirksworth] Head master MA,
     Free Grammar
BRETT Rev. Francis Henry [North end, Wirksworth] M.A.,
     head master of Grammar school and curate of Carsington
BREWELL John [Dale, Wirksworth] Chimney Sweep
BREWELL Jph. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Chimney Sweep
BRIDDON James [Bonsall] Blacksmith
BRIDDON Jas [The Hollow, Bonsall] Pig of Lead Inn/Tavern
BRIDDON Wm, Mr [Highfield, Hulland Ward] 
BRINDLEY Joseph [Brassington] Tailor
BRISTOL Wm. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Gardener+Seedsman
BRITLAND Anthony [Cromford] Miner
BRITLAND Dorothy [Cromford] School
BRITLAND Joseph [Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
BRITTLEBANK Mary, Mrs [Bonsall] 
BROADFOOT Elizabeth [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
BROADHURST Benj. [The Bridge, Matlock] Station master
BROCKLEHURST Hy. [Longway Bank, Wirksworth] Farmer
BROCKLEHURST Martha [Godfrey Holes, Wirksworth] Farmer
BROCKLEHURST Martha [Godfrey holes, Wirksworth] Beerhouse
BROCKLEHURST Rhd [North end, Wirksworth] Blacksmith
BROCKLEHURST Richd. [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
BROCKLEHURST Sarah [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
BROCKLEHURST Wm. [Alderwasley] Farmer
BROMLEY -, Miss [Bonsall] Boarding school
BROMLEY Harriet, Mrs+Mary [Green, Matlock] Academy (boarding)
BROMLEY James Wm. A. [Bridge, Matlock] Linen & Woollen Drpr
BROMLEY Jas. W. A. [Bridge, Matlock] Bookseller & Stationer
BROMLEY Robert [Alderwasley] Farmer
BROMLEY Robert [Alderwasley] Steward & land agent
BROOKES Isaac [Middleton] Miner
BROOKES John [Middleton] Miner
BROOKES John+Saml. [Middleton] Miner
BROOKES John, jun. [Middleton] Miner
BROOKES Sml. [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Miner's Standard Inn/Tavern
BROOKES Thos. [Middleton] Miner
BROOKES William [Bonsall] Miner
BROOKHOUSE Joseph [Taghill end, Matlock] Gent
BROOKS A.O. [Church yd, Wirksworth] General Fire+Life Office
BROOKS A.O. [Church yd, Wirksworth] Medical Invalid Fire+Life Office
BROOKS Edward [Middleton] Farmer
BROOMHEAD Elizabeth [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
BROUGH Mary [Church st, Wirksworth] Academy
BROWN Edw. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Surgeon
BROWN Edwin [Bonsall] Colour manufacturer
BROWN Francis [Ireton Wood] Butcher
BROWN Fras. Smedley [Cromford] Junction Inn
BROWN John [Kirk Ireton] Tailor
BROWN Joseph [Hulland Ward] Shoemaker
BROWN Joseph [Top Farm, Kirk Ireton] Farmer
BROWN Rev. John [Church yard, Wirksworth] (ind.)
BROWN Samuel [Birchwood, Cromford] Farmer
BROWN Thomas [Bonsall] Cooper
BROWNSON John [China sq, Wirksworth] Wood Turner
BROWNSON John [China sq, Wirksworth] Joiner+Cabinet Mkrs
BRYAN Bryan [Matlock bath, Matlock] Cavern guide
BUCKLEY Benjamin [Middleton] Mine owner and composition agent
BUCKLEY George [Cromford] Cowkeeper
BUCKLEY J. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Brunswick Fire+Life Office
BUCKLEY Jacob [West end, Wirksworth] Lead miner
BUCKLEY Jph. [Market place, Wirksworth] Bookseller+Printer
BUCKLEY Millicent [Steeple grange, Wirksworth] Beerhouse
BUCKLEY William [Middleton] Brick, tile, and drain pipe maker, 
     registrar of births and deaths for Brassington district, 
     and agent to the English Widows Fund, 
     and the General Life Insurance Co.
BUCKLEY William [Steeple grange; h. Middleton, Wirksworth] 
BUCKNELL Charles [West end, Wirksworth] Green grocer and basket maker
BUCKSTON Isaac [Hole House, Wirksworth] Farmer
BUDSWORTH Henry [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Hope and Anchor Inn/Tavern
BUDWORTH Hy. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Brazier+Tinner
BULLOCK Thomas [Middle Peak, Wirksworth] Wheelwright
BUNTING Benjamin [The Dale, Bonsall] Miner
BUNTING James [Alderwasley] Blacksmith
BUNTING Job [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
BUNTING John [Bonsall] Blacksmith
BUNTING Jph., sen [The Dale, Bonsall] Miner
BUNTING Piercy [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Blacksmith
BUNTING Reuben [Green, Matlock] Wheelwright
BUNTING Robert [Green, Matlock] Free Academy
BUNTING Silas [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
BUNTING Thomas [Cromford] Wheelwright
BUNTING Thos. [Town, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
BUNTING William [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
BUNTING Wm. [Cromford] Blacksmith
BURTON Benjamin, Mr [Bonsall] 
BURTON Mary Ann [Cromford] Baker
BURTON Mary Ann [Cromford] Shopkeeper
BUTLER Eliz. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
BUTLER John [The Dale, Bonsall] Farmer
BUTLER Wm. [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
BUTTS Misses Ann & Jane [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
BUXTON Edmund [Brassington] Farmer
BUXTON Edmund [Brassington] Post Office
BUXTON Edmund [Brassington] Grocer
BUXTON Henry [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Butcher
BUXTON Hy. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Museum,
     Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
BUXTON John [Brassington] Grocer
BUXTON Joseph [Brassington] Farmer
BUXTON Robert [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
BUXTON Rowland [Middleton] Whitesmith and edge tool maker
BUXTON William [Biggin] Corn miller
BUXTON William [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
BYARD Elizabeth [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
BYARD John [Ashleyhay] Farmer
BYARD Joseph [Ashleyhay] Farmer
CADMAN Mrs. Mary [Causeway, Wirksworth] 
CALLADINE Anna Maria+Elias [Noton Stear Farm, Alderwasley] Farmer
CALOW Francis [Tansley] Wood turner
CALOW William [Tansley] Shoemaker
CAMPBELL Jas. [Hunt's Bridge, Matlock] Civil engineer
CAMPION Henry [Alderwasley] Farm bailiff
CANTRELL Wm. [H. West end, Wirksworth] Surgeon
CANTRELL+WEBB  [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Surgeon
CARDING John [Green, Matlock] Farmer
CARDING Solomon [Bridge, Matlock] Paint+Colour Manfr
CARLINE Joseph [Starkholmes, Matlock] Shopkeeper
CARLINE Mark [Alderwasley] Farmer
CARRINGTON Wm, [West end, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
CARTLEDGE William [Green, Matlock] Manufacturer of silk velvets, 
     plush, satin, & barathea vestings, and Manchester warehouseman
CAULDWELL Elizabeth [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
CHADWICK Robert [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
CHADWICK Robert [Bonsall] Farmer
CHADWICK Thomas [Brassington] Tailor
CHAMBERS John [Market pl, Wirksworth] Butcher
CHARLES Robert, Mr [Cromford] 
CHARLTON Alfred [The Hall, Brassington] Gent.
CHARLTON Hannah [Brassington] Milliner and dressmaker
CHARLTON John [Green, Matlock] Saddlers and Harness Makers
CHARLTON John [Brassington] Collector of poor rates, and assessed, 
     property, and income tax, surveyor of highways, and constable
CHARLTON Sarah, Mrs [The Hall, Brassington] 
CHARLTON William [Bonsall] Gardener
CHEETHAM Joseph [Cromford] Tailor
CHINERY Wm. [The Dale, Matlock] Surgeon
CLARK Grace [Shottle] Farmer
CLARK Timothy [West end, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
CLARKE Charles, Esq. [Masson Lodge, Matlock] 
CLARKE William [Alderwasley] Farmer
CLARKE Wm C [Matlock, Matlock] M C P, principal, 
     Matlock Green Academy (boarding)
CLARKE Wm. [Noton Lane, Alderwasley] Vict., The Bear
CLARKE Wm. [Green, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
CLAY Francis [Green, Matlock] Chemist and Druggist
CLAY Francis [Green, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
CLAY Fras. [Green, Matlock] Ironmonger (furnishing,)
CLAY Richard [Cromford] Chemist & druggist
CLAY Robt., Esq. [Nether Green House, Bonsall] 
CLAY Thomas [West end, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
CLAYTON Benjamin [Middleton] Grocer (& draper)
CLOUGH Miss Ann [Dale, Wirksworth] 
CLOUGH Mrs. Sarah [China square, Wirksworth] 
COATES Mrs. Elizabeth [Market place, Wirksworth] 
COATES Richd [Mathlock Bath, Matlock] Butcher
COATES Saml. [Blakelow Farm, Bonsall] Farmer
COATES Thomas [Bonsall] Farmer
COATES Thomas [Shottle] Farmer
COATES William, Mr [Brightgate, Bonsall] 
COLLEDGE George [Cromford] Tailor
COLLEDGE Isaac [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
COLLEDGE John [Newbridge, Wirksworth] Ship Inn/Tavern
COLLINSON Mr. James [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] 
CONWAY Jph. [Longway Bank, Wirksworth] Farmer
COOK John [Tansley] Farmer
COOKE Eliz. [Dale, Matlock] Milliners,Dressmkr
COOKE Wm. [West end, Wirksworth] Painter
COOPER George [Shottle] Farm bailiff
COOPER George [Hulland Ward] Farmer
COOPER George+Samuel [Hulland Ward] Butchers
COOPER Jeremiah [Cromford] Wheelwright
COOPER John [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
COPE John+Mrs [Matlock Bath, Matlock] National Academy
COTES John [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
COTES John [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Painter, Plumber, Glazier
COTTERILL John [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
COTTERILL John [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
COWLEY Ann [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Milliners,Dressmkr
COWLEY Charles [Kirk Ireton] Wheelwright
COWLEY Thos. [Blackwall, Kirk Ireton] Farmer
COX Joseph [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Mngr. at gas wrks.
CRESSWELL Robt., Esq. [Idridgehay] Land agent
CROFTS John [Bonsall] Free schoolmaster
CROSS Sydney [Cromford] Greyhound Coml. Hotel
CROSSLEY Ann [Green, Matlock] Wood turner
CROUCH James [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr
DAKIN Henry [China sq, Wirksworth] Joiner+Cabinet Mkrs
DAVIS George, Mr [Bank, Matlock] 
DAVIS Horatio [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
DAVIS Ralph [Bank, Matlock] Baths (Hydropathic)
DAVIS Ralph [Bank, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper 
     (& Hydropathic establishment,)
DAVIS Wm. [Bank, Matlock] Miners' Arms Inn/Tavern
DAWES Samuel [Bonsall] Hosier, &c.
DAWES Thomas [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
DEAKIN Sarah [Church yd, Wirksworth] Academy
DEAKIN William [Market place, Wirksworth] Bookseller+Printer
DEAKIN Wm. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Phoenix Fire Fire+Life Office
DEAN German [Midding Hole, Ashleyhay] Farmer
DEAN German [Kirk Ireton] Shopkeeper
DEAN John [Callow] Farmer
DEAN John [North end, Wirksworth] Wood Turner
DEAN Samuel [Old Hall, Callow] Farmer
DEAN Samuel [Kirk Ireton] Barley Mow Inn/Tavern
DEAN Wm. [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
DEAN Wm. [Blackwall, Kirk Ireton] Farmer
DEAN Wm., [Wallstone, Ashleyhay] Farmer
DEAVILL Arthur [Idridgehay] Farmer
DEAVILL Robert, Mr [Idridgehay] 
DEAVILLE William [New Buildings, Shottle] Farmer
DERBYSHIRE George [Bank, Matlock] Slater
DIAL Rev Saml. [Lumsdale, Matlock] (Indpt.)
DICKEN John [West end, Wirksworth] Vet. surgeon
DOXEY Aaron [Middleton] Miner
DOXEY Anthony [Middleton] Miner
DOXEY Charles [Middleton] Miner
DOXEY Charles [Middleton] Farmer
DOXEY Daniel [Kirk Ireton] Stone Mason
DOXEY Jacob [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Holly Bush Inn/Tavern
DOXEY Joseph [Middleton] Shopkeeper
DOXEY Nehemiah [Middleton] Miner
DOXEY Samuel [Middleton] Miner
DOXEY William [West end, Wirksworth] Bull's Head Inn/Tavern
DOXEY William [Middleton] Butcher
DOXEY Wm. [West end, Wirksworth] Joiner+Cabinet Mkrs
DRONFIELDD Francis [Carsington] Gamekeeper
EATON Ann [Tansley] Farmer
EATON Charles [Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
EATON George [Dale, Matlock] Fishing tackle maker
EATON John [Cromford] Red Lion Inn/Tavern
EDLEY Martha, Mrs [The Bridge, Matlock] 
EDWARDS Rev. Jph. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] M.A., 
     vicar of Barrow-on-Trent-with-Twyford
ELCE Thomas [Middleton] Mine agent and ore buyer
ELLIOTT John [Hobknool, Callow] Farmer
ELLIOTT Robt+Wm. [Shiningford, Carsington] Farmer
ELLIOTT Thos. [Wigwell Grange, Wirksworth] Farmer
ELLIOTT William [Callow Park, Callow] Farmer
ELLIS George [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Devonshire Arms, & Family Hotel
ELSE Chas, Mr [Lime Tree hill, Matlock] 
ELSE Eliza [Bridge, Matlock] Milliners,Dressmkr
ELSE John [Bridge cottage, Matlock] Collector of poor rates, 
     property, income, & assessed taxes
ELSE Thos. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] King's Head Inn/Tavern
ERRINGTON Eliz. [Green, Matlock] Milliners,Dressmkr
EVANS Anthony [Bonsall] Parish clerk
EVANS Hester & Co. [Temple Hotel,Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
     Livery Stable Keeper
EVANS William [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Watch & Clock Maker
EVANS & CO Hester [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
     Temple Hotel and Posting-house
FARNSWORTH Jno [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
FARNSWORTH John [Lumsdale, Tansley] Bleacher
FARNSWORTH John [Lumsdale, Matlock] Bleacher
FARNSWORTH John [Bank, Matlock] Farmer
FEARN Aaron [Griff Grange, Brassington] Farmer
FEARN Daniel [Brassington] Thorntree Inn/Tavern
FEARN Danl. [Brassington] Farmer (& miner)
FEARN Fras. [Brassington] Farmer (& miner)
FEARN James [Brassington] Stone mason
FEARN John [Lidgate, Brassington] Farmer
FEARN John, jun. [King's Hill, Brassington] Farmer
FEARN Jph. [Brassington] Farmer (& miner)
FEARN Thomas [Bonsall] Stone mason
FEARN Thomas [Brassington] Farmer
FEARN Thos. [Union House, Brassington] Gent
FEARN William [Brassington] Farmer
FEARN Wm. [Brassington] Stone mason
FEARN Wm. [Carsington] Stonemason
FEARN Wm. [Ireton Wood] Farmer
FEARNE Henry [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
FERN William [Bonsall] Farmer
FLETCHER Mary [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Baker & Confectioner
FLETCHER Mary [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
FLETCHER Samuel [Hulland Ward] Farmer
FLETCHER William [Hulland Ward] Farmer
FLETCHER Wm. [Miller's green, Wirksworth] Barrel Inn/Tavern
FLETCHER Wm. [Miller's Green, Wirksworth] Farmer
FLINT Joseph [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Agent 
     (to the Ratchwood and Badge mines)
FLINT Jph. jun. [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
FLINT Samuel [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Agent 
     (to the Ranters lead mine and the Gang mine)
FLOWER Thos. Simpson [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Chemist and Druggist
FORD Elizabeth [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
FORD Emma [Carsington] Schoolmistress
FORD George [Kirk Ireton] Post Office
FORD John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Cooper
FORD Joshua [Market pl, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
FOULKE Joseph [Bray field, Wirksworth] Cowkeeper
FOULKES John [Green Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
FOWLK Joseph [Alton, Idridgehay] Gardener
FOX Ellen [Ironbrook] Farmer (and corn miller)
FOX James [Starkholme, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr
FOX James,Joseph [Tansley] Corn millers
FOX Joseph [Bridge station, Matlock] Coal Merchant
FOX Luke [Woodseats, Matlock] Farmer
FOX Samuel [Starkholmes, Matlock] White Lion Inn/Tavern
FOX Samuel [Starkholme, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
FOX William [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
FOX Wm. [Starkholme, Matlock] Farmer
FOX Wm. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Linen+Woollen Drpr
FRANCIS William [Cromford] Joiner
FRANCIS William [Cromford] Wheelwright
FRECKINGHAM Henry [Bank, Matlock] Farmer
FRITCHLEY Isaac [China sq., Wirksworth] Jobbing gunsmith
FRITH Joseph [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
FROGGATT Benjn. [Upper Wood, Matlock] Guide to Speedwell mine, 
     and mineral dealer
FROGGATT John [Green, Matlock] Wheelwright
FROGGATT John [The Green, Matlock] Horse Shoe Inn, 
     Commercial and Posting-house
FROGGATT John [Green, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr
     (& builder & timber dealer,)
FROST George [West end, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
FROST George [Shottle] Farmer
FROST George [Beeley croft; h. Causeway, Wirksworth] 
     Joiner+Cabinet Mkrs
FROST Henry [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Farmer
FROST Jacob [North end, Wirksworth] Agent (Mineral, &c.)
FROST Jacob [Northend, Wirksworth] Agent,Meerbrook Sough Co
FROST Jacob [Middleton] Mine agent to the Meerbrook Sough Company
FROST Jas., junr [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Bank clerk
FROST Joseph [Wirksworth] Carrier
FROST Jph [Wirksworth] Carrier
FROST Samuel [Steeple House, Wirksworth] Coal merchant
FROST Samuel [West end;, Wirksworth] Rope maker, ale & potte merchant
FROST Samuel [St.John's st, Wirksworth] Actuary,Savings Bank
FROST William [Bonsall] Miner
FROST Wm. [Market place, Wirksworth] Chemist,Druggist
FROST Wm. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
     (& tallow chandler)
FRYER Elizabeth [Cromford] Milliner & Dress Maker
FRYER Jno. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Linen+Woollen Drpr 
     (& silk velvet mfr)
FRYER John [Cromford] Linen & Woollen Draper
FRYER John [Cromford] Agent, Cromford Mineral Paint Co
FURNISS Edwin [Cromford] Station Master
FURNISS Edwin [Wirksworth] Station master, Railway
GAMBLE Thomas [Idridgehay] Farmer
GAMBLE Wm. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
GAMBLE Wm. [Idridgehay] Butcher
GAMBLES Ann [Cuckoo stone, Matlock] Farmer
GARNER Thos. [The Hall, Alderwasley] Coachman
GARTON John [Lumsdale, Matlock] Bleacher
GARTON John [Lumsdale, Matlock] Barytes Mnfr
GARTON John [Lumsdale, Matlock] Paint+Colour Manfr
GARTON John [Lumsdale, Tansley] Bleacher,paint works
GAUNT Wm. [Town, Matlock] Kings Head Inn/Tavern
GAUNT Wm. [Town, Matlock] Butcher
GELL Peter [Cromford] Farmer
GELL Peter [Cromford] Bell Inn/Tavern
GELL Peter [Cromford] Maltster
GELL Robert, Rev [Kirk Ireton] M.A., rector
GERRARD Elizabeth [Brassington] Schoolmistress
GIBBONS Thomas [Dale, Wirksworth] Whitesmiths & Bellhng
GILLATT Benjamin [Ashleyhay] Farmer
GLEESON John [Green hill, Wirksworth] 
     Birmingham and Sheffield warehouse
GLEESON Patrick [Green Hill, Wirksworth] Linen+Woollen Drpr
GODBEHERE William+John [North end, Wirksworth] Wheelwright
GODSMARK John Mayo [The Hall, Hopton] Gardener
GOODALL John [Middleton] Miner
GOODWIN Ann [Woulds, Matlock] Farmer
GOODWIN Captain Francis Green [Wigwell Hall, Wirksworth] 
GOODWIN Thomas [Chapel Farm, Shottle] Farmer
GOULD John [Brassington] Grocer
GOULD John, gent. [Brassington] 
GOULD Joseph [Cromford] Marble manufacturer, &c.; h. Scarthing row
GOULD+HOLMES  [Cromford] Manufr and Inlayer in Marble
GRATTON David [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] Currier, Leather Cutter
GRATTON Fras. [Middleton] Blacksmith
GRATTON Henry [Bonsall] Miner
GRATTON John [North end, Wirksworth] Blacksmith
GRATTON Miss [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
GRATTON William [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
GRATTON William [Dale, Wirksworth] Stone Mason
GRAY Hugh [Cromford] Tailor
GREATOREX Francis [Carsington] Farmer
GREATOREX John [Moor, Wirksworth] Noah's Ark Inn/Tavern
GREATOREX Joseph [Masson, Matlock] Farmer
GREATOREX Jph. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Blacksmith
GREATOREX Jph. [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper, (and blacksmith)
GREATOREX Samuel [Kirk Ireton] Wheelwright
GREATOREX Samuel [Beighton Bank, Ashleyhay] Farmer
GREATOREX Sarah Eliz. [Ashleyhay] Farmer
GREATOREX Wm [Kirk Ireton] Windmill Inn/Tavern (& corn miller)
GREAVES John, Esq. [The Rocks, Matlock] 
GREAVES Wm. [Old Bath Hotel,Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
     Livery Stable Keeper
GREAVES Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Old Bath Royal Hotel, 
     and Posting-house
GREEN Mary [Cromford] Grocer
GREENHOUGH Adam [North end, Wirksworth] Cheshire Cheese Inn/Tavern
GREENHOUGH Edwd. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Linen & Woollen Drpr
GREGORY Ed. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
GREGORY Edw. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
GREGORY Jacob [Bank, Matlock] Ironmonger
GREGORY Jacob [Bank, Matlock] Horse & Jockey Inn/Tavern
GREGORY Jacob [Bank, Matlock] Linen & Woollen Drpr
GREGORY Jane [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Blue Bell Inn/Tavern
GREGORY John [Bonsall] Joiner
GREGORY John [Harbro, Brassington] Farmer
GREGORY Luke [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Farmer
GREVILLE Eden Septimus, Rev [Bonsall] B.A., rector
GRIFFITHS Alice [Cromford] Mistress, girls' school
GRIFFITHS Emma [Cromford] Mistress, infant school
HACKETT Richd. [Cromford] Manager to Arkwright& Co.
HACKETT Thomas [Tansley] Smallware manuf
HADFIELD Isaac [Longway bank, Wirksworth] Farm bailiff
HADFIELD Luke [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
HALL Cath. & Son [Market pl, Wirksworth] Linen+Woollen Drpr
HALL J. [Green hill, Wirksworth] Stone Mason
HALL Job [Causeway, Wirksworth] Cowkeeper
HALL John Stephen [Bonsall] Land agent, timber valuer, 
     and general appraiser
HALL John, Mr [Holly Phineas, Bonsall] 
HALL Joseph [Brassington] Farmer
HALL Luke [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Glass, China, and Earthenware Dlr
HALL Luke [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Green Grocer
HALL Miss Mary [Green, Matlock] 
HALL R [Hulland Ward] Post Office
HALL Ralph [Hulland Ward] Saddler & harness maker
HALL Samuel [Causeway, Wirksworth] Coml. traveller
HALL Samuel [Manor House, Hopton] Farmer
HALL Thos. [Middleton] Road surveyor
HALL Thos. [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
HALL William [White House, Idridgehay] Farmer
HALL William [Shottle] Master, endowed school
HALLAM Jph. [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
HANDLEY John [Hoe Grange, Brassington] Farmer
HANDLEY William [Brassington] Farmer
HANSON Thos. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Hairdresser
HANSON Thos. [Beeley croft; h. New Bridge, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
HARDSTAFF Geo. [Masson side, Matlock] Marble mason & inlayer
HARDWICK Robt. [Market place, Wirksworth] Greyhound Inn/Tavern
HARDY George [Carsington] Vict., Miner's Arms
HARDY George [Carsington] Farmer
HARDY George [Cliff-Ash, Idridgehay] Brickmaker
HARDY John [John's st, Wirksworth] Tiger Inn/Tavern
HARDY Samuel [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Livery Stable Keeper
HARLEY Daniel [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Plumbers & Glazier
HARRISON Edward, Mr [Ash Cottage, Cromford] Steward
HARRISON Jno. [Mouldridge Grange, Brassington] Farmer
HARRISON John [Hulland Ward] Wheelwright & joiner
HARRISON Wm. [Brassington] Grocer 
     (& agt.to the United Kingdom Temperance 
     & General Provident Institution)
HARRISON+HUGHES  [Bonsall Hollow, Bonsall] Saw mill, 
     and lace card manufacturers
HARTLE Abel [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Shoemaker
HARTLE Francis [Bonsall] Shoemaker
HARTLE Robert [Bonsall] Comb maker
HARTLE Robt [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Museum,
     Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
HARTLE Robt [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Tortoise shell comb manfr.
HARVEY Moses [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
HARWARD A. [Coldwell st., Wirksworth] Sun Fire+Life Office
HARWARD Arthur [Coldwell st.; h. The Lees, Wirksworth] Attorney
HATFIELD Fras. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Lead miner
HATFIELD Wm. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Tailor
HAWLEY Abanathan [Dale, Wirksworth] William IV. Inn/Tavern
HAWLEY Geo. [Bridge, Matlock] Blacksmith
HAWLEY Geo. [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
HAWLEY William [Middleton] Farmer (and caulk dealer)
HAYNES Henry [Idridgehay] Beerhouse
HAYNES Henry [Idridgehay] Farmer
HAYNES Thomas [Bonsall] Farmer
HEAP Edwin Griffin [Market place, Wirksworth] Clothier
HEAPY Hannah [Ireton Wood] Farmer
HEATHCOTE John [Kennel, Meadow Farm, Carsington] Farmer
HEATHCOTE Samuel [Hulland Ward] Farmer
HEATHCOTE Wm. [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
HEMSTOCK John [Bonsall] Tailor & naturalist
HEMSTOCK Mary, Miss [Bonsall] Slaley Hall
HEMSTOCK Thomas [Slaley, Bonsall] Farmer
HENCHLEY Mary [Bray field, Wirksworth] Cowkeeper
HENDRY Abraham [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Gardener
HENDRY Abraham [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
     Rutland's Arms Inn and Family Hotel
HEPWORTH Fras [Shottle] Farmer
HEWITT Lydia, Mrs [Cromford] 
HICKLIN Benjamin [Kirk Ireton] Wheelwright
HICKLIN William [Tansley] Farmer
HIGGETT Elizabeth [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Beerhouse
HIGGOT George [Cromford] Corn miller
HIGGOT George [Cromford] Maltster
HIGGOT George [Cromford] Farmer
HIGGS Rev John [Bank, Matlock] 
HIGHTON John [Alderwasley] Cowkeeper
HOADES William [Homesford, Wirksworth] Homesford Cottage Inn/Tavern
HODGKINSON Charles [Hulland Ward] Farmer
HODGKINSON Esther [Middleton] National school
HODGKINSON G. [New Bridge, Wirksworth] Notts+Derbys Fire+Life Office
HODGKINSON George [New bridge, Wirksworth] Attorney 
     (and clerk to magistrates)
HODGKINSON James [Wall ends, Brassington] Farmer
HODGKINSON John [Cromford] Barmaster for Cromford  and Wirksworth
HODGKINSON Joseph [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
HODGKINSON Joshua [Cromford] Farmer
HODGKINSON Joshua [Cromford] Joiner
HODGKINSON Lindsey [Bridge, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
HODGKINSON Lindsey [Matlock Bridge, Matlock] Post office
HODGKINSON Samuel [Cromford] Cooper
HODGKINSON Wm. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Glaziers' Arms Inn/Tavern
HODGKINSON+BROOKER  [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Wine+Spirit Mrchts 
     (& hop merchants)
HODGKINSON+BROOKER  [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Butcher
HODGKINSON+BROOKER  [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Ale and Porter Mercht 
     (and hop merchants and dealers in cigars)
HODGSON Hannah [Kirk Ireton] Infant schoolmistress
HOLBROOK Wm. [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
HOLE Hugh & Son [Alderwasley] Farmer
HOLLAND George [The Hall, Alderwasley] Butler
HOLLAND James [Ireton Wood] Farmer
HOLMES Anthony [Cromford] Shopkeeper
HOLMES Barnett [Old lane, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
HOLMES James [Starkholme, Matlock] Farmer
HOLMES John [Middleton] Miner
HOLMES John [Middleton] Duke of Wellington Inn/Tavern
HOLMES Joseph [Town, Matlock] Plasterer
HOLMES Joshua [Middleton] Parish clerk
HOLMES Melville (Rev) [Parsonage, Tansley] Incumbent
HOLMES Peter [Cromford] Tailor
HOLMES Richard [Warmbrook, Wirksworth] Superv. of inland revenue
HOLMES Samuel [Dale end, Wirksworth] Whitesmiths & Bellhng
HOLMES Thomas [Alton, Idridgehay] Farm bailiff
HOLMES Thomas [H. Cromford Moor, Cromford] Marble manufacturer
HOON Michael [Kirk Ireton] Shoemaker
HOON Samuel [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
HOOSON John [Hopton] Blacksmith
HOPKIN William [Brassington] Maltster, 
     (successor to the late Ann Atherton)
HOPKIN William, sen. [Brassington] Farmer (and farrier)
HORTON Charlotte [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Fancy repository
HOULGATE John [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
HOUSELEY Ann [Cromford] Railway Inn
HOUSELEY Ann [Steeple House, Cromford] Farmer
HUBBERSTY Philip [St. John st, Wirksworth] Attorney 
     (& clerk to County court, and to the Turnpike trust)
HUGHES Matthew [Cromford] Goods manager, 
     Cromford & High Peak Railway Co.
HUNT William [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Brazier+Tinner
HUNT Wm. [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
HURD Jno [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
HURD Jno [Bank, Matlock] Stone Mason
HURT E E S & F, Misses [Rock house, Cromford] 
HURT Francis [The Hall, Alderwasley] Esq.
HURT James [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Esq.
HUTCHINSON Samuel [Ireton Wood] Farmer
INGALL Samuel, Mr [Green, Matlock] 
IVATT Miss [Matlock Bath, Matlock] New Bath and Family Hotel
IVATTS & JORDAN  [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Livery Stable Keeper,
     New Bath Hotel
JACKSON Geo. [School, Shottle] Farmer
JACKSON John [Shottle] General smith
JACKSON Wm. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Linen+Woollen Drpr
JAMES Alex. Dean [Ivy Bank, Brassington] Gent.
JAMES Thomas [St. John's st, Wirksworth] China and earthenware dlr
JEBB Hannah [Shottle] Farmer
JEPSON Jonathan [Market pl, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
JEPSON Timothy [Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
JESSOP Wm. [The Petty, Wirksworth] Cowkeeper
JOHNSON Geo. [Miller's green, Wirksworth] Checkers Inn/Tavern
JOHNSON John [Miller's green, Wirksworth] Tailor
JOHNSON Mary Ann [Shottle] Farmer
JOHNSON Thomas [Hulland Ward] Farmer
JOHNSON Thomas [Hulland Ward] Wheel Inn/Tavern 
     (& joiner, builder, wheelwright, and contractor)
JOHNSON Thos. [Upper Field, Kirk Ireton] Farmer
JONES Robert Morgan, Rev [Cromford] Incumbent
JORDAN Mrs. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] New Bath and Family Hotel
JOWETT Mrs. Esther [Longway bank, Wirksworth] 
KAY Samuel [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
KAY Thomas [Ashleyhay] Farmer
KAYS Wm. [Brook Walls, Wirksworth] Farmer
KEELING Francis S, Rev [Cromford] (Wesleyan)
KEELING George [Town, Matlock] Painter, Plumber, Glazier (& gas fitter)
KEELING Prudence [Callow] Farmer
KEELING Thomas [Carr, Callow] Farmer
KENDRICK Mrs. Dorothy [St. John's st, Wirksworth] 
KENDRICK William Frank [North end, Wirksworth] Baker+Flour Dlr
KERR Wm. [Willersley, Matlock] Gardener
KEYS George [Ireton Wood] Farmer
KIDD John [Cromford] Farmer
KIDD John [Cromford] Brazier and tinner
KIDD Samuel [Canal wharf, Cromford] Coal Merchant
KIDDY Joseph [Kirk Ireton] Clock maker
KILLER James [H. North end, Wirksworth] Builder, &c.
KILLER Wm. [Middleton] Joiner
KILLER+SPENCER  [Blind ln., & New bridge, Wirksworth] 
     Joiner+Cabinet Mkrs (& timber valuers)
KINDER George [Bonsall] Farmer
KINDER John [Bonsall] Queens Head Inn/Tavern
KING Anthony [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
KING George [Town, Matlock] Parish clerk
KING James [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
KING Jas. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
KING Jas. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Tailor
KING John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Manufr and Inlayer in Marble
KING Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Tailor
KIRK John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Hat manufacturer
KIRKLAND Charles [Bonsall] Joiner
KIRKLAND Charles [Amber House, Matlock] Farmer
KIRKLAND Charles [Bonsall] Miner
KIRKLAND John [Bonsall] Miner
KIRKLAND Samuel [Biggin] Farmer
KIRKLAND Thomas [Bonsall] Farmer
KIRKLAND William [Bonsall] Miner
KNIFTON Curtis [Hulland Ward] Farmer
KNIVETON Charles [North end, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
KNIVETON Geo. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Hatter
KNOWLES Adam [Bank, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
KNOWLES Benjamin [Bonsall] Miner
KNOWLES Job [Bank, Matlock] Farmer (and limestone merchant)
KNOWLES John [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
KNOWLES Mary [Bonsall] Farmer
KNOWLES Mary [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
KNOWLES Roger [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Agent (Mineral, &c.)
KNOWLES Thomas [Riber, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr
KNOWLES William [Brassington] Wheelwright
KOLLEY Ann [Bonsall] Schoolmistress
KOLLEY Josiah [Bonsall] Joiner
LAMB Chas. [Carsington] Farmer (cowkeeper)
LAMB William [The Hall, Alderwasley] Gardener
LAME Henry [Shottle] Farmer
LANCASHIRE Joseph [Gorsey bank, Wirksworth] Agent (lace)
LAND John [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
LANGHORN Thos. [Green, Matlock] Tailor
LANT Wm. [Hulland Ward] Butter dealer
LAWTON Mr. John Taylor [St. John's st, Wirksworth] 
LEACROFT Col. Richard Beecher [Tor House, Matlock] 
LEACROFT Frederick Richard [Ireton Wood] Esq.
LEACROFT Miss [Cliff House, Matlock] 
LEE Robert [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Currier & Leather Cutter
LEEDAM Joseph [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
LEEDHAM Joseph [Kirk Ireton] Shopkeeper
LITCHFIELD Wm. [Idridgehay] Vict., Black Swan
LITCHFIELD Wm. [Idridgehay] Shopkeeper
LOMAS Richard [Brassington] Farmer
LOMAS Wm. Robt [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Surgeon
LONGDEN Hannah [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
LONGDEN Job [Ible] Farmer
LOWE William [Idridgehay] Joiner and wheelwright
LOXLEY Thomas [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Rope maker
LUDLAM Mary [Moor, Matlock] Farmer
LYNN John [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
MACBETH Hannah [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Baker+Flour Dlr
MALIN George [Bowman Lane, Ashleyhay] Farmer
MALIN Joseph [New School, Shottle] Farmer
MALIN Richard [Sandyford, Ashleyhay] Farmer
MANSFIELD Henry [Brassington] Farmer
MANSFIELD Samuel [Ireton Wood] Farmer
MANT Newton [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Surgeon
MARCHINGTON Joseph [Ible] Farmer
MARRIOTT James [Dimple, Matlock] Farmer
MARRIOTT John [Bridge, Matlock] Butcher
MARRIOTT John [Bridge, Matlock] Farmer
MARSDEN Ellen [Causeway, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
MARSDEN Hy. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Academy
MARSDEN John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Auctioneer+Apprasr
MARSDEN John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
MARSDEN Miss Catherine [Bridge, Matlock] 
MARSDEN Rebecca Mary, Mrs [Scarthing Row, Cromford] 
MARSDEN Wm. [Bridge station, Matlock] Coal Merchant
MARSDEN+ROSEWARN  [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
MARSDEN+ROSEWARN  [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Straw Hat Maker
MARSDON Henry [Market pl, Wirksworth] Brick+Tile Maker
MARSH J.T. [Market pl, Wirksworth] 
     Householders & General Fire+Life Office
MARSH John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
MARSH Jph. Thos. [Market pl, Wirksworth] Chemist,Druggist
MARSH Matthew [Low Lees, Matlock] Farmer
MARSH Matthew Morewood [West end, Wirksworth] Three Tuns Inn/Tavern 
     (and sub-bailiff to County Court)
MARSH Thomas [Market pl, Wirksworth] Crown Hotel
MARSH Wm. [Green Hill, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
MARSHALL John [North end, Wirksworth] High constable 
     for the Wirksworth Hundred, bailiff to the ecclesiastical court 
     for the conveyance of property, and to the copyhold and freehold 
     court for the inspection of nuisances
MARSHALL Robert [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Butcher
MARSHALL Thomas [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
MARSON John [Warmbrook, Wirksworth] Nail Maker
MART John [Cromford] Colour Manufr, Cromford Mineral Paint Co.
MART John [Cromford] Cock Inn/Tavern
MART John [Cromford] Farmer
MART Paul [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Baker & Confectioner
MART Paul [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
MARTIN George [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
MASKREY Wm. [Gorsey bank, Wirksworth] Stone Mason
MASON Sarah [Cromford] Shopkeeper
MASSEY John [Puddle hill, Bonsall] Builder
MATHER Edw+Saml. [Middleton] Miner
MATHER Jno. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Horse & Jockey Inn/Tavern
MATHER John [Cromford] Farmer
MATKIN Joseph [Callow Moor, Kirk Ireton] Farmer
MATKIN Joseph, jun [Kirk Ireton] Bull's Head Inn/Tavern
MATKIN Joseph, jun [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
MATKIN Jph.+John [Callow] Farmer
MAYHEW Susan [Kirk Ireton] Schoolmistress
MEAKIN Edwin [Cromford] Manufr and Inlayer in Marble 
     (and parish clerk & mine agent)
MELBOURNE William [Brassington] Farmer
MELLOR John [Brassington] Shoemaker
MELLOR John [Brassington] Farmer
MELLOR Thos. Vernon [Idridgehay] M.A. incumbent
MELLOR Wm. [Cliff, Matlock] Watch maker
MELVILLE Rev Wm Rylance [Rectory, Matlock] M.A.
MERCHANT Joseph [Longway Bank, Wirksworth] Farmer 
     (& freestone merchant)
MEYERS John Frederick, Mr [Mount view, Bonsall] 
MILES Wm. [Kirk Ireton] Colr. of property & income tax
MILLINGTON German [Kirk Ireton] Stone Mason
MILLINGTON Henry [Kirk Ireton] Wheat Sheaf Inn/Tavern
MILLINGTON Mr. Thomas [North end, Wirksworth] 
MILLS Samuel, Mr [Ireton Wood] 
MILLWARD Moses [China sq, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
MILLWARD Robert [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
MILNES C [Dimple, Matlock] Agent,Corder Mining Co
MILNES Chas [Wood end, Matlock] Lead merchant
MILNES James, Esq. [Alton Manor, Idridgehay] 
MILNES Wm. & Chas. [Whatstandwell, Alderwasley] Lead smelters
MILNES & NEWBOLD  [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Attorney
MILWARD John [Biggin] Farmer
MILWARD Robert [Carsington] Shoemaker
MOLD John+Chas. [Alderwasley] Bar, rod, & sheet iron manfacturers.
MOOR Miss Ann [St. John's st, Wirksworth] 
MOORE Caleb [Middleton] Farmer
MOORE Caleb [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Coal Merchant
MOORE Caleb [Canal wharf, Cromford] Coal Merchant
MOORE Gamaliel [Newbridge, Wirksworth] Miner's Arms Inn/Tavern
MOORE John [Dale, Wirksworth] Recruiting Sergeant Inn/Tavern
MOORE Mary [Middleton] Shopkeeper
MOORE Thos. [Bank, Matlock] Baker
MORLEY John [Hulland Ward] Farmer
NALL Jas. [Church st, Wirksworth] Hosiers+Haberdasher
NALL Jas. [Church st, Wirksworth] Hatter
NEAL Luke [Tor cottage, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
NEWBOLD Jas. C [H. Lower Tower, Matlock] Solicitor & steward 
     of the Barmote court, for the Wap. of Wirksworth
NEWTON Miss Sarah [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
NEWTON T. [Church st., Wirksworth] Sun Fire+Life Office
NEWTON Thos. [Church st, Wirksworth] Maltster (& corn dealer)
NOEL Martha [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
NORMAN Rev. Denham Rowe [St.John's st, Wirksworth] B.A., curate
OAKLEY Charles [Cliff, Matlock] Painter, Plumber, Glazier
OAKLEY Geo. [Wigwell grange, Wirksworth] Corn miller
OAKLEY John [Newbridge, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
OAKLEY Ralph [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
OAKLEY Ralph [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Wheat Sheaf Inn/Tavern
OAKLEY Thomas [Idridgehay] Farmer
OAKLEY Thos. [Idridgehay] Boot and shoe maker
OAKLEY William [Hobknool, Callow] Corn miller
OAKLEY William [Idridgehay] Brickmaker (& drain pipe maker)
OATES Walter [Dale, Matlock] Shopkeeper
OGDEN George [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
OGDEN Thos. [Market place, Wirksworth] Butcher
OGDEN William [North end, Wirksworth] Butcher
OGDEN Wm. [North end, Wirksworth] Farmer
OGDON Jph. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Hosiers+Haberdasher
OGDON Samuel [Market pl, Wirksworth] Butcher
OGDON Wm. [North end, Wirksworth] Royal Oak Inn/Tavern
OLDFIELD John [Owslow, Carsington] Farmer
OLDKNOW Samuel [Nock-a-Down, Carsington] Vict., Greyhound
OLIVER Josiah [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
OLIVER Josiah [Bonsall] New Inn
OLIVER Josiah [Bonsall] Farmer
OLIVER William [Bonsall] Farmer
OLIVER William [Bonsall] Framework Knitter
OLLERENSHAW John [Bonsall] Stone mason, slater and builder
ORME Alexander, Rev [Alderwasley] B.A., chaplain
OSBORN William [Cliff Farm, Hulland Ward] Farmer
OTTER Ann+Caroline [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Academy (boarding)
OUTRAM Thomas Smith [Cromford] Currier & Leather Cutter
OXSPRING David [Bole hill, Wirksworth] New Inn
PALIN Samuel [China square, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
PARKER Jno. [Cromford] Glass, China, and Earthenware Dlr (& paintr)
PARKER John [Cromford] Post Office
PARKIN John [Idridgehay] Surveyor and estate agent, 
     and Agent to the National Live Stock Insr. Co., 
     and to the Atlas Fire and Life Office
PEACH Richard [The Hays, Ireton Wood] Farmer
PEAL M [Church Yard, Wirksworth] Second master,Free Grammar
PEAL Marcellus [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
     Second master of Grammar school,
     registrar of births and deaths for the Wirksworth district,
     and clerk to the Gas and Coke Co.
PEARSON Ellen [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
PEARSON Jas., Mr [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
PEARSON Joseph, Mr [Middleton] 
PEARSON Thos. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifying Well
PEARSON Thos. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
     Museum,Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
PEARSON William [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Post master, 
     close and open carriages, pony phaetons, saddle-horses, &c., 
     on the shortest notice, and lessee of tolls
PEARSON William, Mr [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
PEARSON Wm [Bonsall] Post Office
PEARSON Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
PEARSON Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Livery Stable Keeper
PEAT Ann [Lodgings, Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
PEAT Anthony [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
PEAT George [Ashleyhay] Farmer
PEAT Job [Nob Farm, Alderwasley] Farmer
PEAT Phineas [Market place, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
PEAT Phineas [Coney Grave, Ashleyhay] Farmer
PEAT Thomas [Kirk Ireton] Farmer (& shoemaker)
PECHELL Alfred Henry, Esqr. [Guilderoy House, Matlock] Barrister at law
PERCIVAL John [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Register office for servants
PERCIVAL John [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
PHILLIPS Wm. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Hairdresser
PICKARD Geo. [North end, Wirksworth] Farmer
PICKARD Gill [North end, Wirksworth] Plumbers & Glazier
PICKARD Gill [Church yard, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker (& parish clerk)
PICKARD Joseph [Wirksworth] Carrier
PICKARD Mr. Thomas [Newbridge, Wirksworth] 
PICKERING Danl. [Kirk Ireton] Schoolmaster & parish clk.
PICKERING John [Ireton Wood] Shopkeeper
PIDCOCK John [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
PIDCOCK William [Ashleyhay] Farmer
PIDDOCK Harriet, Miss [Kirk Ireton] 
PLATTS John [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
POOL George [Hulland Ward] Blacksmith
POOL Richard [Hulland Ward] Blacksmith & shopkeeper
POTTER Henry [Matlock Bath, and the Dimple, Matlock] Hosiery Manufr
POTTER John [Tansley] Stonemason
POTTS Samuel [Cliff-Ash, Idridgehay] Farmer
POYSER John [Bonsall] Painter, glazier, & paper hanger
POYSER John [Cheaney square, Wirksworth] Currier, Leather Cutter
POYSER Joseph [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Auctioneer+Apprasr
POYSER Joseph [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
     (inspctr)National Live Stock Fire+Life Office
POYSER Joseph [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Agent (Mineral, &c.)
POYSER Jph. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] George Inn
POYSER Richard [West end, Wirksworth] Maltster
POYSER Thomas [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Surgeon
PRESWIDGE Wm. [Brassington] Farmer
PRINCE Charles [Bonsall] Shoemaker
PRINCE Lydia [Bonsall] Infant schoolmistress
PRINCE Samuel, Esq. [The Study, Bonsall] 
PRINCE Samuel, Rev [The Study, Bonsall] 
PRINCE Thomas [Green hill, Bonsall] Farmer
RADFIRTH Geo. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
RADFORD & Sons [Lumsdale, Tansley] Cotton spinners
RADFORD Edward [H. Tansley Wood, Matlock] Cotton spinner
RADFORD Edward [Tansley Wood, Tansley] Cotton spinner
RADFORD John [Brassington] Blacksmith
RADFORD Thos. [H. Green, Matlock] Cotton spinner
RADFORD & SONS  [Lumsdale, Matlock] Cotton spinners
RADFORD+SONS  [Lumsdale, Matlock] Bleacher
RAINS Isaac [Bonsall] Butter dealer
RAINS Isaac [Bonsall] Farmer
RAINS John [Curzon Lodge, Brassington] Farmer
RAINS Josiah [Upper House, Ironbrook] Farmer
RAINS Saml. [Ironbrook] Farmer
RAINS Stephen [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
RAINS Thomas [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
RAWSON Geo. [Bank, Matlock] Tailor
RAWSON George [Bank, Matlock] Farmer
RAWSON Henry [Bridge, Matlock] Crown Inn/Tavern
RAWSON Henry [Lumshill, Matlock] Quarry Owners (Gritstone)
RAWSON Thos. [Old Lane, Matlock] Lime burner
RAWSON Wm, [West end, Wirksworth] Green Man Inn/Tavern
RAYNES Ann, Miss [Bonsall] 
REDFERN Samuel [Ashleyhay] Farmer
REDFERN Thomas [Biggin] Farmer
REDISH Jane+Emily [Bridge, Matlock] Academy (boarding)
REDISH Joseph, Mr [Bridge, Matlock] 
REEVE Thomas [Hulland Ward] Farmer
REEVES Thomas [Blind lane, Wirksworth] Professor of music 
     and organist at St. Mary's Church
REINES Isaac [High Lees, Matlock] Farmer
RENSHAW Edward [Bonsall] Barley Mow Inn/Tavern
REPTON Samuel [Alderwasley] Wheelwright
RICHARDS Alfred [Old Lane, Matlock] Professor of music
RICHARDSON Mrs [Shottle] Farmer
RICHARDSON Rd. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Banker's clk.
RICHARDSON Richd [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Yorkshire Fire+Life Office
RICHARDSON Thomas [Brown House, Ashleyhay] Farmer
RICHARDSON William [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
RILEY John [Hulland Ward] Farmer
RILEY William [Well Cottage, Callow] Gamekeeper
RILEY William [Alton, Idridgehay] Farmer (and corn miller)
ROBERTS Joseph & Son [Market place, Wirksworth] Cooper
ROBINSON Edw. [Warmbrook, Wirksworth] Manager Gas Works, 
     and manfr. of refiners for fishing gutt
ROBINSON Richard [Bonsall] Mine owner
ROBINSON Thomas [Bonsall] Farmer
RODGERS Jno. [Lumber Lane, Idridgehay] Farmer
RODGERS John [Green, Matlock] Baths (Hydropathic)
ROGERS John [Green, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr
ROGERS John [Green, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper 
     (& Hydropathic establishment,)
ROGERS John [Postern] Farmer
ROOSE Jonathon [Over Biggin, Biggin] Farmer
ROPER Elizabeth [Bridge, Matlock] Queen's Head Inn/Tavern2
ROPER Francis [Middleton] Farmer
ROPER Frank [Moor, Bonsall] Farmer
ROPER George [Middleton] Carter
ROPER William [Bonsall] Farmer
ROPER William [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
ROSEWARNE John [North end, Wirksworth] Agent (Mineral, &c.)
ROTHWELL M. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
ROUSE John [Town Gate, Matlock] Duke William Inn/Tavern
ROUSE Wm. [Moor, Matlock] Farmer
ROWLAND Fredk. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
ROWLAND Henry [Bonsall] Miner
ROWLAND James [New House, Biggin] Farmer
ROWLAND Samuel [Market pl, Wirksworth] Red Lion Inn/Tavern
ROYAL John, Mr [Green, Matlock] 
SANDARS Samuel [The Moor, Wirksworth] Farmer
SANDEARS Thomas [Towngate Farm, Alderwasley] Farmer
SANDEARS William [Alderwasley] Farmer
SANDERS Mr. James [St. John's st, Wirksworth] 
SANDERS Samuel [The Moor, Wirksworth] Malt Shovel Inn/Tavern
SANDS George [North end, Wirksworth] Solicitor's clerk
SAWYER Edw. [Alderwasley] Park keeper
SAXTON George W. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
SEALS Henry [Brassington] Farmer
SEALS John [Brassington] Farmer
SEALS Richard [Brassington] Farmer
SEALS Thomas [Brassington] Farmer
SEALS William [Brassington] Farmer
SEDDON John [Cliff House, Matlock] Gent.
SEEDS Jph. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
SELLORS John, Esq. [Herbert Lodge, Bonsall] 
SETCHEL Joseph [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
SHAW Edw. S. [Market place, Wirksworth] Watch & Clock Maker
SHAW John [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Lime Burner
SHAW John [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
SHAW Misses Mary & Eliza [St. John's st, Wirksworth] 
SHAW Mrs. Elizabeth [West end, Wirksworth] 
SHAW Rev. Jas. [West end, Wirksworth] (P.M.)
SHAW William [The Moor, Wirksworth] Farmer
SHAW Wm. [Steeple Grange, Wirksworth] Maltster
SHAW Wm. [Cromford] Schoolmaster
SHELDON Aburnethea [Middleton] Miner
SHELDON Elizabeth, Miss [Bonsall] 
SHELDON John [Middleton] Miner
SHELDON John [Slaley gate, Bonsall] Farmer
SHELDON Joseph [Cromford] Beerhouse
SHELDON Samuel [Cromford] Cooper
SHEPHERD John [Idridgehay] Timber agent
SHEPHERD Saml. [North end, Wirksworth] Wheelwright
SHEPHERD Samuel [Kirk Ireton] Tailor
SIMONS Geo. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Paper Manufacturer
SIMONS George [Bonsall Hollow, Bonsall] Paper manufactr.
SIMPSON James [Kirk Ireton] Butcher
SIMS German [Market place, Wirksworth] Wheelwright
SIMS German [Market pl, Wirksworth] Spread Eagle Inn/Tavern
SIMS James [Alderwasley] Farmer
SKIDMORE Margaret [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
SKIDMORE Mary [Bridge, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
SKIDMORE Samuel [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Linen & Woollen Drpr
SKIRROW Robert [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Station master
SLACK Daniel [The Moor, Wirksworth] Butcher
SLACK Edw. [Market place, Wirksworth] Butcher
SLACK James [Hulland Ward] Nag's head Inn/Tavern
SLACK James [Hulland Ward] Farmer
SLACK James [Ireton Wood] Farmer
SLACK John [Starkholme, Matlock] Blacksmith
SLACK Joseph [Middleton] Miner
SLACK Thomas [Middleton] Miner
SLACK Thomas [Brassington] Farmer
SLACK Thomas [Brassington] Miner's Arms Inn/Tavern
SLACK William [Middleton] Farmer
SLACK William [Brassington] Farmer
SLACK Wm. [Brassington] Stone merchant
SLATER Cornelius [Brassington] Farmer
SLATER Francis [Carsington] Farmer
SLATER George [Idridgehay] Farmer
SLATER Isaac [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
SLATER John [Hulland Ward] Shopkeeper
SLATER Mary [Market pl, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
SLATER Samuel [Ireton Wood] Farmer
SLATER William [Brassington] Farmer
SMEDLEY James [Ashleyhay] Farmer
SMEDLEY Job [Cromford] Grocer
SMEDLEY Job [Cromford] Baker (& confectioner)
SMEDLEY John [Bank, Matlock] Baths (Hydropathic)
SMEDLEY John [Bonsall] Farmer
SMEDLEY John [Bank, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper 
     (& Hydropathic establishmt.,)
SMEDLEY Joseph [Handley, Shottle] Farmer
SMEDLEY Mr. Joseph [West end, Wirksworth] 
SMEDLEY Robert [Bonsall] Farmer
SMEDLEY Thomas [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Museum,
     Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
SMEDLEY Thos. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifying Well
SMEDLEY William [Hill Top, Shottle] Farmer
SMEDLEY Wm. [Kirk Ireton] Baker
SMEDLEY Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
SMEDLEY Wm. [Ireton Wood] Farmer
SMEDLEY Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
SMEDLEY Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
SMITH Charles [Alderwasley] Miller & shopkeeper
SMITH Geo. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Gardener+Seedsman
SMITH James [Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
SMITH John [Brassington] Wheelwright
SMITH John [Buggarts Inn, Wirksworth] Farmer
SMITH John [Bank, Matlock] Gardener
SMITH John [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
SMITH John [Shottle] Farmer
SMITH John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Baker
SMITH John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Grocer
SMITH Joseph [Biggin] Farmer
SMITH Joseph [Town, Matlock] Hat Manufacturer
SMITH Joseph [Town, Matlock] Blue Ball Inn/Tavern
SMITH Joseph,Stephen [Tansley] Nurserymen
SMITH Jph, sen [Lick Penny, Tansley] Nurseryman
SMITH Mrs. [Newbridge, Wirksworth] 
SMITH Rev. Thomas Tunstall [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] M. A., vicar
SMITH Samuel [Tansley] Dyer
SMITH Samuel, Mr [Ible] 
SMITH Stephen [Green, Matlock] Hat Manufacturer
SMITH Thomas [Idridgehay] Shopkeeper
SMITH Thomas [Idridgehay] Farmer
SMITH Thomas [Shottle] Farmer
SMITH William [Stone Bridge, Wirksworth] Farmer
SPENCER Benj. [Lees, Bonsall] Farmer
SPENCER Benj. [Middleton] Shopkeeper
SPENCER Benjamin [H. Bonsall, Ible] Farmer
SPENCER Geo. [Middleton] Farmer
SPENCER Geo. [Middleton] Baker and confectioner
SPENCER Geo. [Middleton] Butcher
SPENCER George [Middleton] Boot and shoe maker, 
     and wholesale shoe warehouse
SPENCER George [Middleton] Miner
SPENCER Grace [West end, Wirksworth] Straw Hat Maker
SPENCER Isaac [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Wheelwright
SPENCER Isaac [Middleton] Miner
SPENCER James [Middleton] Miner
SPENCER James, Mr [Hopton] 
SPENCER John [Lowe, Bonsall] Farmer
SPENCER John [Middleton] Butcher
SPENCER John [Middleton] Miner
SPENCER John [Brassington] Butcher
SPENCER Lois [Middleton] Nelson's Arms Inn/Tavern
SPENCER Mary [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Baths, Fountain
SPENCER Peter [Middleton] Butcher
SPENCER Phoebe, Mrs [Lime Tree hill, Matlock] 
SPENCER Richard [Middleton] Butcher
SPENCER Richard [Middleton] Miners Standard Inn/Tavern
SPENCER Richd [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Butcher
SPENCER Robert [Middleton] Miner
SPENCER Robt. [Middleton] Farmer
SPENCER Simeon [Cromford] Carrier
SPENCER Simeon+John [Cromford] Green Grocer
SPENCER Simeon+John [Cromford] Glass, China, 
     and Earthenware Dlr (& hosiers)
SPENCER Thomas [Tansley] Farmer
SPENCER Thomas [Middleton] Miner
SPENCER Thomas [Alton, Ireton Wood] Farmer
SPENCER Thomas [Millfield, Ireton Wood] Farmer
SPENCER Thos. [Cliff, Matlock] Farmer
SPENCER Thos. [H. Wash Green, Wirksworth] Builder, &c.
SPENCER Timothy [Town, Matlock] Farmer
SPENCER Timothy [Town, Matlock] Wheat Sheaf Inn/Tavern
SPENCER William [Bonsall] Butcher
SPENCER William [Spout, Ashleyhay] Farmer
SPENCER William [Tansley] Shoemaker
SPENCER Wm. [Middleton] Shopkeeper
SPENCER Wm. [Cliff, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
SPENCER Wm. [Middleton] Farmer
SPENDLOVE George [Shottle] Farmer
SPENDLOVE Job [Tansley] Farmer
SPENDLOVE Robert [Shottle] Farmer
SPENDLOVE Thomas [Crow Trees, Shottle] Farmer
SPENDLOVE Thomas [Lawn, Shottle] Farmer
STAFFORD Jacob [Carsington] Shopkeeper & miner
STAFFORD Miss Charlotte [Steeple grange, Wirksworth] 
STAFFORD Robt. [Town End, Bonsall] Farmer
STALEY Geo. [Cromford] Grocer (& ironmonger)
STALEY George [Tansley] Gent
STALEY Ralph [Bonsall] Agent, Bonsall Lees Mining Company
STANION Rev. Richard [West end, Wirksworth] (bap.)
STATHAM George [Bonsall] Butcher
STATHAM George [Bonsall] Miner's Standard Inn/Tavern
STATHAM Joshua [Bridge, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
STATHAM Joshua [Green, Matlock] Tailor (& draper)
STATHAM Nathan [Green, Matlock] Chemist and Druggist
STATHAM Nathan [Green, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
STATHAM Phoebe [Ashleyhay] Farmer
STATHAM Sarah [Starkholme, Matlock] Linen & Woollen Drpr
STATHAM Solmn [Starkholme, Matlock] Butcher
STATHAM Wm. [Town, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr
STATHAM Wm. [Starkholmes, Matlock] Shopkeeper
STEEPLES Stephen+James [Carsington] Lime burners
STEVENS Chas. [Allin hill, Matlock] Butcher
STEVENS Henry, Esq. [The Shaws, Matlock] 
STEVENS T & F W [Tor Wks., Matlock] Barytes Mnfr
STEVENS Thos. [H. Bridge, Matlock] Barytes mfr.
STEVENS Wm. [Allin Hill, Matlock] Farmer
STEVENSON James [Coldwell St., Wirksworth] Dyer and bleacher
STEVENSON Mary [Newbridge, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
STEVESON Sml. [Carsington] Farmer, cow-keeper
STONE Catherine, Mrs [Cromford] 
STONE Francis [Dale, Wirksworth] Baker+Flour Dlr
STONE Fras. [Dale, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
STONE John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Baker
STONE John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Grocer
STONE Joseph [Market place, Wirksworth] Attorney 
     (and secretary to the Bonsall Leys Mining Co.)
STONE Joseph [Market pl, Wirksworth] 
     Norwich, & Law, Union Fire+Life Office
STONE Matthew [Fish Pond, Ashleyhay] Farmer
STONE Samuel [Brassington] Farmer
STONE Samuel [Brassington] Holly Bush Inn/Tavern
STONE William [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Joiner (and builder)
STOPPARD Aaron [Alderwasley] Castrator
STORER Ann [Alderwasley] Schoolmistress
STORER Edward [Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
STORER Elizabeth [Lane  Head, Alderwasley] Farmer
STORER Joseph [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Ale & porter merchant
STORER Jph. [Scarthing row, Matlock] Ale and Porter Mercht
STORER Jph. [Scarthing row, Matlock] Grocers & Tea Dealer
STOREY John [The Green, Matlock] Blacksmith, shoeing, general smith, 
     and farrier
STREET B. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Lancashire Fire+Life Office
STREET Benjamin [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] White Lion Inn/Tavern 
     (and assistant overseer)
STREET George [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
STREET Mary [North end, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
STREET William+Samuel [H. Northend, Wirksworth] Lead miner, 
     Old Gell's mine;
SURTEES Chas. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] 
     Secretary to Mechanics' Institute
SUTCLIFFE Thos Fox, Mr [Dale house, Matlock] 
SWINDELL E, Mrs [Dale Top, Bonsall] 
SWINDELL James [Roke House, Brassington] Esq.
SWINDELL John [Kirk Ireton] Cowkeeper
SWINDELL Robt. [Brassington] Farmer (cowkeeper)
SYNGE Rev Edw. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] MA., incumbent, Parsonage
TATLOW Benj. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
TATLOW James [H. Mill houses, Wirksworth] Smallware manufacturer
TATLOW Jas. & Wm. [Haarlam Tape works,Mill houses, Wirksworth] 
     Smallware Mnfr
TATLOW William [H. St. John's st, Wirksworth] Smallware manufacturer
TAYLOR Alice [Bonsall] Farmer
TAYLOR George [Cliff, Matlock] Farmer
TAYLOR James [Kirk Ireton] Beerhouse
TAYLOR Jas. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Butcher
TAYLOR Jno. [Brassington] Farmer (& miner)
TAYLOR John [Alderwasley] Shoemaker
TAYLOR John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
TAYLOR Joseph [Alderwasley] Joiner
TAYLOR Joseph [Little Common, Ashleyhay] Farmer
TAYLOR Joseph [Beighton Bank, Ashleyhay] Farmer
TAYLOR Joseph [Bridge, Matlock] Painter, Plumber, Glazier
TAYLOR Robert [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
TAYLOR Thomas [Kirk Ireton] Wheelwright
TAYLOR Thomas [The Cottage, Hopton] Gamekeeper and bailiff
TAYLOR Timothy [Allin st, Matlock] Farmer
TAYLOR Timothy [Brough Wood, Matlock] Farmer
TAYLOR Timothy [George & Dragon, Tansley] Victualler
TAYLOR Wm. [Town, Matlock] Joiner & Cabinet Mkr (& builder,)
TAYLOR Wm. [Ireton Wood] Farmer
TAYLOR Wm. [Castle top, Matlock] Farmer
THATCHER John [Tansley] Grocer
THATCHER John [Tansley] Post Office
TIDSWELL Samuel [Bonsall] Farmer
TILER Rev William [Matlock Bath, Matlock] (Independent)
TIPPER Martha [Moor, Wirksworth] Farmer
TIPPER Mrs. Ellen [Gorsey bank, Wirksworth] 
TIPPING Peter [Hall Dale, Matlock] Farmer
TOMISSON William [Bonsall] Farmer
TOMISSON William [Bonsall] Shopkeeper
TOMLINSON E. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Blacksmith (& edge tool mfr.,)
TOMLINSON Hp. [North end, Wirksworth] Supr. constable
TOMLINSON Jas. [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
TOMLINSON John [Green hill, Wirksworth] Clerk to Commissioners of taxes
TOMLINSON Robert [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Farmer
TOMLINSON Thos. [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer (& ironmngr)
TOMLINSON William [Hulland Ward] Farmer
TOMLINSON Wm [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Royal Exchange Fire+Life Office
TOMLINSON Wm. [St John's st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
TOPLIS Anthony [Holly Seat, Shottle] Farmer
TOPLIS John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Grocer
TOPLIS Wm [Brassington] Gate Inn/Tavern
TORR George [Brassington] Tailor
TORR William [Brassington] Farmer
TRAVIS John [Hulland Ward] Farmer
TRAVIS Maria [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
TRAVIS Miss [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Post Office
TRAVIS Thomas [Postern Lodge, Postern] Farmer
TRAVIS William [Ible] Farmer
TRICKETT John, Mr [Lime Tree hill, Matlock] 
TUNSTALL Thomas [St.John's st, Wirksworth] Whitesmiths & Bellhng 
     (and machinist and agricultural implement maker),
TURNER Geo. [West end, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
TURNER Robert [Sich Farm, Callow] Farmer
TURNER Robert [Callow] Land agent & tillage valuer
TURNER Thos. [Hulland Ward] Boot and shoemaker
TURNER Wm. [Green hill, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
TWIGG Benjamin [Tansley] Farmer
TWIGG Hannah, Mrs [Bonsall] 
TWIGG Henry [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
TWIGG Isaac, Mr [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] 
TWIGG Sarah, Mrs [Bonsall] 
TWIGGE James [Hopton] Joiner
UDALE Wm. [Causeway, Wirksworth] Tailor
UPTON John [Idridgehay] Farmer
WAGSTAFF Joseph [Ible] Farmer
WAGSTAFF Joseph [Ible] Miner and shopkeeper
WAGSTAFF Thomas [Via Gellia, Bonsall] Corn miller
WAIKER Francis [Greenhill, Wirksworth] Butcher
WAIN Samuel [Derwent side, Alderwasley] Farmer
WAIN Samuel [Biggin] Farmer
WAIN Thomas [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Tailor
WALKER Charles [West end, Wirksworth] Surgeon
WALKER Charles [Shottle] Farmer
WALKER Charles [Town, Matlock] Mine agent and proprietor
WALKER David [Middleton] Rising Sun Inn/Tavern
WALKER David, [Middleton] Farmer
WALKER Eliz. [North end, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
WALKER George [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Mine agent
WALKER Henry [North end, Wirksworth] (house, sign, furniture painter, 
     gilder, paperhanger, photographic artist)
WALKER James+Joseph [Bole Hill, Wirksworth] Builder
WALKER James+Joseph [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Stone Mason
WALKER John [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Bull's Head Inn/Tavern
WALKER John [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Tailor
WALKER John [Cromford] Butcher
WALKER John [Cromford] Farmer
WALKER Joseph [The Dale, Bonsall] Farmer
WALKER Richd [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
     Walker's Boarding House and Family Hotel,(established 1798)
WALKER Samuel [Ireton Wood] Butcher
WALKER Thomas [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Royal Museum, 
     Petrifaction+Spar Dealer & Mfr
WALKER Thos. [Starkholme, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WALKER William [Brassington] Shoemaker
WALKER William [Cliff Ash Farm, Idridgehay] Farmer
WALKER Wm. [Newbridge, Wirksworth] Tailor
WALKER Wm. [The Acres, Wirksworth] Commercial traveller
WALL Geo. [Bank, Matlock] Stone Mason
WALL George [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
WALL Henry [Riber, Matlock] Farmer
WALL James [Causeway, Wirksworth] Bank manager
WALL Jas. [Wigwell Cottage, Wirksworth] Farmer
WALL Mr Jas [Causeway, Wirksworth] Manager,Wirks+Derbys Bank
WALL Mr. Charles [Causeway, Wirksworth] 
WALL Richard+Son [Market place, Wirksworth] Saddlers,Harness Maker 
     (and fellmongers)
WALL Thos. [Bank, Matlock] Butcher
WALLACE Joseph [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
WALLIS James [Hulland Ward] Farmer
WALTERS Thomas [Bridge, Matlock] Linen & Woollen Drpr
WALTHALL Wm. [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WALTON Anthony [Bank, Matlock] Shopkeeper
WALTON Anthony [Bank, Matlock] Stone Mason
WALTON Anthony [Moor, Matlock] Quarry Owners (Gritstone)
WALTON Dorothy [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Milliner+Dressmaker
WALTON Geo. [Taghill end, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WALTON George [Green, Matlock] Hat Manufacturer
WALTON George [Green Rose Cottage, Matlock] Red Lion Inn/Tavern
WALTON John [Town, Matlock] Baker
WALTON Thomas [Brassington] Grocer
WALTON Wm. [Taghill end, Matlock] Butcher
WARD Geo. [Bank, Matlock] Wheelwright
WARD Geo. [Bank, Matlock] Beerhouse
WARD Wm. [Moor, Matlock] Quarry Owners (Gritstone)
WARDMAN A. [North end, Wirksworth] Lime Burner
WARDMAN Anthony [North end, Wirksworth] Lime Kiln Inn/Tavern
WARDMAN Ruth [Slaley, Bonsall] Farmer
WASS Joseph [Biggin] Shopkeeper
WATERFIELD Charles [Shottle] Farmer
WATERFIELD John [Idridgehay] Farmer
WATERFIELD John [North end, Wirksworth] Swan Inn/Tavern
WATSON Henry [Brassington] Red Lion Inn/Tavern
WATSON Henry [Brassington] Farmer
WATSON Henry [Brassington] Blacksmith
WATSON James [Moor, Brassington] Farmer
WATSON John [Brassington] Grocer
WATSON John [Brassington] Farmer (& cattle dealer)
WATSON John [Ible] Vict., Lilies of the Valley
WATTS Grace [Tansley] Farmer
WAYN Geo. [Market place, Wirksworth] Butcher
WAYNE George [Brassington] Cheese factor
WAYNE Robert [Brassington] Farmer
WAYNE William [Brassington] Shoemaker
WEBB William [H. Coldwell st, Wirksworth] M.D.
WEBSTER Edw. [St, John's st, Wirksworth] Blacksmith
WEBSTER John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
WEBSTER John [Hulland Ward] Wheelwright
WEBSTER John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Stone Mason
WEBSTER John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Farmer
WEBSTER John [St. John's st, Wirksworth] Builder 
     (& contractor, & dealer in marble monuments & mnfr. of tombstones)
WEBSTER John [Biggin House, Biggin] Farmer
WEBSTER Mary [Top Hill, Bonsall] Farmer
WEBSTER Mary [Top Hill, Ironbrook] (Exrs. of) Farmer
WEBSTER Simon [Brassington] Jug and Glass Inn/Tavern
WEBSTER Thos. [White Cifff, Ible] Farmer
WESLEY John [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Tailor
WESLEY Wm. [Market place, Wirksworth] Tailor
WEST Henry [Steeple Grange, Wirksworth] Painter
WESTON Anthony [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Manufr and Inlayer in Marble 
     (& tombstone maker & engraver)
WESTON Mary [Beeley croft, Wirksworth] Angel Inn/Tavern
WESTON Thos. [Hulland Ward] Joiner end wheelwright
WESTON Wm [Wirksworth] Carrier
WETTON Elizabeth [Tansley] Farmer
WHEATCROFT A [Canal Wharf, Cromford] Agent,Grand Junction Canal Co
WHEATCROFT Abraham [Canal wharf, Cromford] Coal Merchant
WHEATCROFT Abraham [Cromford Bridge, Matlock] Coal Merchant
WHEATCROFT Edward, Mr [Matlock Bath, Matlock] 
WHEATCROFT G. & Son [Canal wharf, Cromford] Carrier by water
WHEATCROFT James [Steeple grange, Wirksworth] Agent (Mineral, &c.)
WHEATCROFT John [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Cavern guide
WHEATCROFT John [Dale, Matlock] Civil engineer
WHEATCROFT Joseph [Speedwell mill, Wirksworth] Smallware Mnfr
WHEATCROFT Lenrd. [Dimple, Matlock] Farmer
WHEATCROFT Nath. [Willersley, Matlock] Farmer
WHEATCROFT Nathaniel, Mr [Chapel hill, Cromford] 
WHEATCROFT Nathaniel,jun. [Canal wharf, Cromford] Coal Merchant 
     (& agent to the National Loan Union Insurance Co.)
WHEATCROFT Nathnl, jun [Canal wharf, Cromford] Carrier by water
WHEATCROFT Nathnl, jun. [Cromford] General agent
WHEATCROFT Wm. [Ash Hill, Wirksworth] Farmer
WHEELDON Edward [Ireton Wood] Farmer
WHEELDON John [Idridgehay] Blacksmith
WHEELDON Moses [Tag-hillend, Matlock] Stone Mason
WHITE Benjamin [Alderwasley] Farmer
WHITE George [Town, Matlock] Farmer
WHITE George [Tansley] Blacksmith
WHITE Henry [Green, Matlock] Blacksmith
WHITE Robert Gum [Cromford] Linen & Woollen Draper
WHITE Robert Gum [Cromford] Tailor
WHITE Thomas [Waterford, Alderwasley] Farmer
WHITEMAN Jas. [Sand Hall, Ashleyhay] Farmer
WHITTAKER William [Tansley] Shopkeeper
WIGLEY Eliz. [China square, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
WIGLEY James [China square, Wirksworth] Plasterer
WIGLEY John [Breach, Carsington] Farmer
WIGLEY Joshua [Bonsall] Farmer
WIGLEY Lewis [Green Hill, Bonsall] Baker
WILCOCKSON Richard [Ireton Wood] Farmer
WILCOCKSON Sarah, Mrs [The Mansion, Kirk Ireton] 
WILD John [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
WILD John [Middle Peak, Wirksworth] Lime Burner
WILDGOOSE Geo [Cromford] Carrier
WILDGOOSE George [Cromford] Glass, China, and Earthenware Dlr
WILDGOOSE Jno [Bank, Matlock] Stone Mason
WILDGOOSE L. [Hurst, Matlock] Farmer
WILDGOOSE Lawrence [Bank, Matlock] Stone Mason
WILDGOOSE Ralph [Bank, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WILDGOOSE Ruth, Mrs [Lime Tree house, Matlock] 
WILKINSON Robert [Carsington] Shoemaker
WILKINSON Robert [Carsington] Farmer
WILLATT Jacob [Postern] Farmer
WILLOUGHBY Stephen [Hulland Ward] Farmer
WILMOT Edmund, Esq. [Hopton Hall, Hopton] 
WILMOTT Chas. [Moor, Brassington] Farmer
WILSON Daniel & Son [Chinahouse Yard, Wirksworth] Maltsters
WILSON Daniel+Son [China House yard, Wirksworth] Wine and Spirit Mchts
WILSON Danl. & Son [Warmbrook, Wirksworth] Wheelwright
WILSON Danl. & Son [China House Yard, Wirksworth] Farmer
WILSON John [Shottle] Farmer
WILSON John Poyser [Ashleyhay] Wheelwright
WILSON Mr. George [Dale end, Wirksworth] 
WILSON William [Wood Cottage, Wirksworth] Farmer
WIMOT John [Alderwasley] Farmer
WINFIELD John [Biggin] Farmer
WINNING Wm. [Willow Bath mill, Wirksworth] Smallware Mnfr
WINSON George [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
WINSON George [Scarthing Row, Cromford] Boot & Shoemker
WINSON John [Kirk Ireton] Farmer
WINSON John [Ashleyhay] Farmer
WINSON Joshua [China square, Wirksworth] Boot+Shoemaker
WINSON Judith [Postern] Farmer
WINSON Thomas [Ashleyhay] Farmer, Cow-keeper
WINSON William [Shottle Gate, Shottle] Farmer
WINSON Wm. [Warmbrook, Wirksworth] Blacksmith
WOOD Anthony, Mr [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] 
WOOD Charles [Hulland Ward] Farmer
WOOD Edwd. [Slaley, Bonsall] Farmer
WOOD George [Postern] Farmer
WOOD George [Round Meadow, Callow] Farmer
WOOD Gervase [The Moor, Wirksworth] Farm bailiff
WOOD Saml. [Millers green, Wirksworth] Cowkeeper
WOODFIELD William [Matlock Bath, Matlock] Artist, (in black marble)
WOODHOUSE Alfred+James [Bridge station, Matlock] Coal Merchant
WOOLISCROFT Thomas [Hopton] Farmer
WORTHY John [Bonsall (Upper), Bonsall] Miner
WRAGG Joseph [Middleton] Miner
WRAGG Saml. [Aston Hill, Brassington] Farmer
WRIGHT Charles+Son [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Wine and Spirit Mchts 
     (wholesale and retail)
WRIGHT Chas [Town, Matlock] Earthenware dlr.
WRIGHT Chas. & Son [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer
WRIGHT Geo. [Town, Matlock] Shopkeeper
WRIGHT George [Bank, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WRIGHT George [Bridge, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WRIGHT George [Dale, Matlock] Boot & Shoe Maker
WRIGHT George [Shottle] Blacksmith
WRIGHT James [The Dale, Bonsall] Shoemaker
WRIGHT James [Ashleyhay] Farmer
WRIGHT James [The Dale, Bonsall] Shopkeeper
WRIGHT John [Lime tree hill, Matlock] Lodging House Keeper
WRIGHT John [Kirk Ireton] Blacksmith
WRIGHT John [Lime tree hill, Matlock] Farmer
WRIGHT Joseph [Idridgehay] Blacksmith 
     (and agricultural implement maker)
WRIGHT Martha [Town, Matlock] National Academy
WRIGHT Miss Margaret [The Cottage, Wirksworth] 
WRIGHT Misses H & R. [Tagghill end, Matlock] 
WRIGHT Mr. George [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
WRIGHT Mr. William [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] 
WRIGHT Newton [Bonsall] Shoemaker
WRIGHT William [Bonsall] Shoemaker
WRIGHT William [Brassington] Grocer
WRIGHT William [Brassington] Farmer
WRIGHT William [Bole hill, Wirksworth] Cowkeeper
WYON E. [Bonsall] Schoolmistress
YATES Rev. Thomas [Newbridge, Wirksworth] (bap.)
YATES Thomas [Hulland Ward] Farmer
YEOMANS Abraham [Longway bank, Wirksworth] Shopkeeper
YEOMANS Anthony [Ashleyhay] Farmer
YEOMANS Jno [Town, Matlock] Shopkeeper
YOUNG Charles [Dimple, Matlock] Red Lion Inn/Tavern
YOUNG Charles [Bonsall] Butcher
YOUNG Chas. [Dimple, Matlock] Stone Mason
YOUNG George [Ashleyhay] Farmer

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