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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Universal British Directory 1791

Here is the list of 157 notable people and Tradesmen given in "The Universal British Directory 1791", for Wirksworth town. Scanned and OCRed by Roy Sims

Extract from "The Universal British Directory 1791"
Wirksworth   Derbyshire.

No stage goes or comes from this town.
The post sets out for Derby at seven in the morning and 
for Bakewell at five in the afternoon.
It arrives from Bakewell at seven in the morning and 
from Derby at  five in the afternoon.
John Winsor is the Postmaster. 
The Excise office is at the Red Lion Inn,
James Bruce supervisor and Thomas Cartwright and Mr Atherton officers.
A cart goes from the Red Lion Inn to Derby on Monday and Friday and
returns the same days.
Here are fine alms houses endowed by Anthony gell Esq for six poor men
in 1584.They are allowed five pounds a year each. Also a free grammar
school left by the same gentleman.
The Town hall was built by the direction of Thomas Lord Hyde chancellor
of his majesty's duchy and palatine of Lancaster,in the thirteenth year
of George III ad 1773. A court is held at this hall twice a year.
At the lower part of this hall is the butchers market.

The following are the Principal Inhabitants.


Arkwright Lady
Bright Mrs
Gell  Phillip
Hurt Mrs
Hurt Charles esq
Leecroft Capt Thomas
Leecroft John Gent.
Toplis Miss
Toplis John Gent.


Brace Thomas surgeon
Gell Benjamin surgeon
Goodwin Anthony surgeon

Bennet Rev Abraham
Chandlor Rev John

Bladen George  Attorney
Ince Richard  Attorney
Saderfield Joseph  Attorney

Allsop Mary, Victualler, Dog & Partridge
Allsop William, Flour dealer
Anson Samuel, Victualler, Falcon
Bamford John, smith
Bamford  Marsellis, shoemaker
Ballington Anthony, hatter
Barton Samuel, wool comber
Blackwell Rob, linen & woolen draper
Beizley Isaac, huckster
Beizley John, cooper
Bellfield Henry, taylor
Belfield John, taylor
Booth Thomas, stocking weaver
Bramley Sarah, victualler
Branson Jos, Master of the poor house 
Brearey George, draper
Brierley Thomas, wool comber
Bush John, victualler, Kings Head
Buxton Thomas, victualler, Bottle & Glass
Clay william, taylor
Cluff thomas, farmer
Coates John, stationer & bookbinder
Colledge Edward, huckster
Colledge John, miner
Colledge Samuel, huckster
Collinson John, ironmonger
Collinson Thomas, victualler, The Jovial Dutchman   
Dally John, cotton factor
Elliot Henry, smith
Elliot henry, worsted maker
Elliot John, shoemaker
Eley Thomas, cotton factor
Folkes John, frame & whitesmith
Fowles Rich,  victualler, Black Bull
Fox William, joiner
Frost Joseph, huckster
Gallimore J, smith
Gallimore Thomas, smith
Gibbins Thomas, smith
Gill  E & A, tea dealers
Gill  phillip, hairdresser
Gill Ralph, grocer
Gill Allen, miner
Goacher Slinon, taylor
Godbehere Thomas, hairdresser
Greatrix William, cabinet maker
Griffin Ann, grocer
Harding William, draper
Haslam Edward, cooper
Hickton Samuel, smith
Hodgkinson Joseph, malster
Hogden Francis, butcher
Hogden John, butcher
Hogden William, butcher
Holdhouse Joseph,linen-weaver
Houghton David, victualler, Angel
Houghton Henry, baker
Hudle Thomas, butcher
Jackson Edward, grocer
Jesson William, plumber & glazier
Kinder Richard, whitesmith
Kirk Samuel, gardener
Lamonby  Joseph, clothes shop
Larard Edward, watchmaker
Lomas Thomas, baker
Mackbeth Andrew, taylor
Marsden Godfrey, Brazier
Marshall Thomas, victualler & shop
Mather Edward, grocer
Mather John, baker
Mather  J, worsted maker & victualler
Mather Thomas, baker
Morley Joseph,  George Inn
Morville John,  shoemaker
Moss Bartholomew, tinplate worker
Newton Thomas, joiner
Nipson J, victualler & sheriffs officer
Nuttal John, Crown Inn
Nuttal Samuel,  currier
Parker Thomas, plumber & glazier
Peal Charles, shoemaker
Peal Peter, shoemaker
Peal William, shoemaker
Pearson George, sadler
Pearson Hannah, confectioner
Pearson Henry,  victualler
Peat ?,  victualler, Green Man
Peat John, shoemaker
Peat Thomas, shoemaker
Pickard Joseph, baker
Potter George, miner
Potter Thomas, plasterer
Poyser Anthony, currier
Poyser James, currier
Poyser Mary, leather cutter
Poyser Sam,  victualler, Wheat Sheaf
Richards Isaac, victualler, White Hart
Salt George, taylor
Sheppard Henry, breeches maker
Simpson Robert, clockmaker
Simpson Robert, worsted maker
Simpson Samuel, taylor
Simpson Strother John, breeches maker
Sims John, taylor
Smedley Thomas, worsted maker
Smedley John & Isaac, hosiers
Smith Richard, hosier
Spencer Arthur, grocer & flaxdresser
Spencer Benjamin, grocer
Stear Thomas, shoemaker
Stubbs john,  victualler, Miners Arms
Stubbs Miss, ladies boarding school
Taylor Benjamin, baker
Taylor D, milliner
Taylor James, carpenter
Taylor Kitty, grocer
Tell Samuel, huckster
Thompson William, butcher
Thompson William, staymaker
Tinsley John, schoolmaster
Tomlinson Henry, boot & shoemaker
Toplis Ralph, grocer
Twigg Jonathan, victualler & plumber
Wainwright Robert, cotton factor
Walker Francis, Red Lion Inn
Walker John, shoemaker
Wall James,  victualler, Bell
Warner George, wool comber
Wheatley Edward, victualler, Gate
Wigley William, sadler
Williamson John, wheelwright
Williamson Sam, miller & flour dealer
Wilshaw Joseph, mason
Wood Samuel, hatter
Wragg Anne, victualler, The Ship
Wright  Charles, tea dealer
Wright John, ironmonger & grocer
Wright Joseph, victualler, Cross Keys
Wright Samuel, breeches maker
Young Joseph, taylor

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