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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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I run 8 websites, which is quite hard work, and am proud to find that in the Google search engine they are all ranked #1 and #2 for their particular search phrase. This might change, so I'm going to take the opportunity of recording the situation before it does. Blow your own trumpet!


Search Phrase


Other sites found

Wirksworth Parish Records


#1, #2


Major Oak of Sherwood Forest

"Major Oak"

#1, #2


The Diary of Stonecrop Wood

"Stonecrop Wood"

#1, #2




#1, #2


One Place Study

"One Place Studies"

#1, #2


Bear Mead on the Dorset Stour

"Bear Mead"



The Eye Mead Project

"Eye Mead"



Planting an oak wood in Dorset

"Oak Wood in Dorset"



            I asked "Google Answers" the reason for this success.
Subject: 8 #1 Google Rankings: Why? 
Category: Computers -- Internet 
Asked by: doxeyman-ga 
List Price: $15.00  Posted: 08 Nov 2003 16:58 PST 
Expires: 08 Dec 2003 16:58 PST 
Question ID: 273971 
I have hand-coded 8 websites, and they have all gone immediately to 
Rank #1 in Google. I'm not complaining, but would like to know just 
what I have done right. URLs, descriptions and keywords can be found 
at: http://www.eyemead.com. One site is very big (1,300 pages) one
average (50 pages) and the rest small (5 pages or less). Is the reason
that all the websites are about rather obscure subjects? Or perhaps
that the big one (Wirksworth) links to all the others? Or that they
are hand-coded? Or that I have used META tags carefully? Or that I
have my own domain names? Or some reason I don't know about?

Subject: Re: 8 #1 Google Rankings: Why? 
Answered By: robertskelton-ga on 09 Nov 2003 21:26 PST 
Hi there, 
There are three reasons why your pages are ranking well - your website
is popular, the keywords are in the best places and the search terms
are reasonably rare.
Site Popularity 
The reason Google is such a good search engine is that it uses link
popularity to help determine the ranking of results.
There are many sites that link to Wirksworth.org, each effectively
giving a vote for your site:
One of the most important links you can get is a listing in Open
Directory. Google's software gives higher ranking to sites listed in
Open Directory and Yahoo.
Combined with the factors mentioned below, this is the reason why you
are at #1 for "wirksworth"
Rare keywords 
Some of the keywords you rank well for are very uncommon: 
"eye mead" has 11 results 
"One Place Studies" = 191 
"Stonecrop Wood" = 12 
"Bear Mead" = 23 
"Eye Mead" = 11  
"Oak Wood Dorset" = 1! 
Note: I have searched for the above as phrases. Google gives higher
ranking when the search keywords are found as a phrase, as they are on
your sites. Without the quotes "one place studies" returns 7 million
Keyword Locations 
Google gives added ranking to a page if the search keywords are found
in places other than general text. You have the keywords in all the
correct places:
-H1 tags 
-Links to the page 
Google virtually ignores Meta Keyword tags and many web designers have
stopped using them. They have no effect on your ranking.
Hand Coding 
Makes no difference to Google. As long as the code is clean enough to
allow the page to fully load, it doesn't matter whether it was written
by hand or by using software like Dreamweaver.
Own Domain Name 
In my experience Google seems to give websites that use services like
Geocities and Tripod a lower ranking. Having your own domain can also
help if it has keywords in it - that will be a factor in ranking well
for "wirksworth"
If you have any more questions on this topic, just ask for a
clarification and I'll get back to you.
Best wishes, 

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