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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Wills, Canterbury 1393-1574
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Inceana - the last word
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Derbyshire parishes
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Autobiography of Pearl Hayes DOXEY
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Wirksworth Floral & Hort. Show 1834
A visit to the DRO
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GAYLER birth cups
Photographers in the Wirksworth area
1861 Census, Derby Gaol
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Part autobiog. of George O'SHAUGHNESSY
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Birth cups - sell or keep?
Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust
CHANDOS-POLE-GELL family and friends
Welcome to Wirksworth
Eva DAKIN's Bible
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Matlock area description 1894
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Derby crime
Ashbourne burials 1668-1702
Ashbourne baptisms 1668-75
Mineral Accounts 1827, 1829
ARKWRIGHT and family
The HURT family of Alderwasley
Alice HURT's photos 1845-60
James BEESON's cashbook
Wirksworth burials 1900-1905
Charles WRIGHT of Wirksworth
Josiah SLACK, convict
Smedley's Bath Book
Walter DOXEY of Matlock
Opening the new Drawing room at Smedley's
Wirksworth Postal History
Views by BARBER 1888
Brassington probates 1535-1800
MARSDEN the Auction 1823-1960
MARSDEN the Hardware 1754-1982
The HALL family
Macbeth at the Grammar 1954
HACKETT the author 1843-1900
What miners wore
Wirksworth cinema 1935-1967
Elizabeth WRIGHT's album 1888
Bonsall conveyance 1861
Scans of Bonsall conveyance 1851
Anthony Gells Grammar, Wirksworth 1949
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Richard Nathan HUBBERSTY
Knobstick wedding
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Elizabeth WEBSTER's diary
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Earth toilets and coal fires
Starvation of children
Matlock Mercury article
Bonsall map 1848
Bonsall Tithe returns 1848
Middleton Release 1827
Wirksworth UDC Chairmen
Matlock to Madron and back
Placenames near Wirksworth
1895 Directory for Area
Six families
War Poems
KILLER Brothers
Trial for Murder at Red Soil mine
Manuscript Book 1855
Inquests at Wirksworth
Derbyshire Regiment 1813
Middleton fieldnames 1843
Children's Games
Football ballad 1820
Wirksworth newspapers 1858
Wirksworth catalogue cards
Stuart Flint's emails
Photos of Wirksworth
HALLOWS family
Wirksworth pardons 1503
Wirksworth map 1710
Ancestors of Edna DOXEY
Descendents of Peter Peal 1683
Peal & Co,shoemakers
Gas lights 1896
Bye-Laws 1879
Wirksworth Cookery 1610
Hubert Harrison's Memoirs
Hubert Haywood's Loom
Water Supply 1909
Adverts from 1909
Richard Mason the convict
Last Lady of Wirksworth Hall
GELL pedigree manuscript
Warm grave-IRONSIDE
Grammar school heads
Surrender Vellum, 1769
Smedley's obituary 1874
LONGDEN tree 1841-1911
Survey of Fields, Iretonwood
Indentures from 1834
Letters from G.H.EVANS
"The Lees" Auction 1880
"The Lees" in 2015
Farm Auction 1824
GELL fields 1790
Wirksworth charities

OLDFOTOS, but more detailed than usual
St Mary's Church, Wirksworth
Railway Station, Wirksworth
Town Hall, Wirksworth
Fern Bank Cottage, Greenhill
Middleton School 1903
Middleton School 1906
Loco at Wirksworth 1874
Middleton Hillside 1930
Middleton Football team 1913
Willersley Castle
Walter DOXEY and bicycle 1895
Smedley's Hydro, Matlock 1890
Ithersay House, Idridgehay
Thomas BROOKS 1843-1931
Shottle railway station
Royal Hotel, Matlock Bath
Dale road, Matlock
Riber Castle, Matlock
Rockside Hydro, Matlock
Bank Road, Matlock
Sir Frederic TREVES' House, Wirksworth
Adam Bede Cottage, Wirksworth
Pic Tor and Derwent, Matlock
Crown square and cable tram, Matlock
Jeffs' Hydro, Matlock
Via Gellia, Matlock Bath
Petrifying Well, Matlock Bath
88 Bank Road, Matlock
High Tor and station, Matlock Bath
Middleton Top engine house
David OXSPRING 1900-1941
Gwenillian FLINT
Cromford Bridge and Station
First cotton mill, Cromford
Cromford station
John & Caroline SMEDLEY 1867
Steep-gradient trams, Matlock
The Switchback at Matlock Bath
Hopton Incline on CHPR
Charabancs ar Matlock Bath
Bottom of Fiagellia, Cromford
CHPR Sheep Pasture Incline
New Bath Hotel, Matlock Bath
TRAVIS' Folly, Shottle
Tufa Cottage, Via Gellia
58856 at Middleton Top
Bank House, Matlock
Charnwood, Wirksworth
Moot Hall, Wirksworth
Matlock House Hydro
Lilybank Hydro, Matlock
Hopewell House, Matlock
Whittaker's, Matlock Bath
Postcard to Winifred FLINT 1888
Fatal accident, Hopton 1937
Whatstandwell Bridge, Cromford canal
Hopton Hall 1951
Cromford Canal
Lawrence BEESLEY & the Titanic
Three Little Maids, Matlock Bath
Return from 2nd Boer War
Steeple Grange & Barrell Ledge
Postcard from Russia
Mary Jane STEEPLES of Wirksworth
Lydia GOULD 1872-1947
Ebenezer HALL
Coconut shy, Wirksworth fair 1886
Walter MASKREY 1902
Daniel WILSON & Co, maltster
The Basin, Middleton
Wirksworth Paper Money 1840-43
Harrison Almshouses, Matlock
New Barn Farm, Alderwasley
John DEAN's Solar System
Arbitration Bond 1832
William EVANS 1890
Marsden's List of Baths 1882
William DOXEY and the secret
Kirk Ireton Funeral cards
Chemist shop in Market Place
Jubilee Wirksworth 1887
Market Place 1910
St Betti of Wirksworth 653
Cottages, Matlock Dale 1899
Smedley's Hydro, plans 1875/89
Millionth visitor to this website
Settlement certificate 1818.
Cromford programs 1876-97.
Letter from Richard Hurt 1839.
Coronation decorations, Cromford
Over House Farm, Biggin
Dale Farm, Wirksworth
BRATBY wedding 1901 Cromford
Adverts from 1900
Lectern 1910
Frank Watson DYSON
BUNTINGs from Bonsall
Bonsall War Memorial
Royal Hotel football team
Heights of Jacob
Quarryman killed by crane
Matlock families
Black Swan, Idridgehay
Alton Manor, Idridgehay
HOLES family of Riber
Black Rocks, Brassington
Murder at Red Soil Mine
Middleton Volunteers
Problems at Wirksworth Hall
Thomas BULLIVANT, enginesmith
Holly Bush Inn, Grangemill
How to send a letter
KIDD tinsmith, Cromford
Hopton Guide Stoop
Rock House, Cromford
Naughty postcard 1907
Rainster Rocks, Brassington
Mrs COXON & Olly Oakley
Luke HALL of Bolehill
Photos from Dennis Stansfield
Emma Goodall 1849-1938
Letter to Charles Hurt
Greenhill, Wirksworth
Letter to Hopton Hall
Longway Bank
Sam Buckley 1903-72
James HARRISON, plumber
Waltham House
Walter GREGSON, grocer
from David OGILVY
RENSHAW family
from Peter ARKWRIGHT
HARRISON Bros.patent
Lilies Inn, Ible
WGS teams 1918-19
PC from White City 1908
Views of Wirksworth
Traders in Wirksworth
Hope & Anchor Inn
Cromford Scouts 1909
Grange Mill P.O. 1911
Thomas Roebuck-painter
Wirksworth Railway Station
Wirksworth Engine Shed
Gate House, Wirksworth

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