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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Wills in Canterbury 1393-1574

Derbyshire Record Society have published a book called
"Derbyshire Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1393-1574".
(ISBN 0-946324-22-0, Edited by David G Edwards, Derbyshire record Society 1998)

"This volume makes available the Wills of 230 testators connected with Derbyshire proved in the central probate court between the end of the fourteenth century, when the records begin, and the second half of the sixteenth century; most date from the reign of Queen Elizabeth. For about half the total, where the testators lived in the county, the complete Will, and accompanying probate sentence, are given in a detailed calendar; for the rest, where the link with Derbyshire may have been incidental, a summary is given of the references to the county in the Will. The book also contains a comprehensive index of persons and places, a brief subject index and a glossary."

The author has a copy of this book, but for copyright reasons he cannot list any Transcriptions of the Wills in this website. However, a list of Testators and the year of the Will is given below. Any queries please contact the author at .

The Data on this page has been removed from public access after complaints from the Derbyshire Record Society about breach of their Copyright over the Data.
If you have views about Copyright and freedom of information on the Internet, you should contact:
Philip Riden
Secretary and General Editor
Derbyshire Record Society

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