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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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FLINT connections

Stuart Flint has sent me these wonderful emails, telling how his ancestors are connected with many other families in the Wirksworth Area. Thanks Stuart, I hope many more folk with Wirksworth connections do the same.

Surnames mentioned in these emails:

From: STUART FLINT [stuart.flint1@btopenworld.com]
Subject: Comments
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 20:44:13 +0000 (GMT)


The following is a response to your request for information concerning photos on your site.

Photo 097 on your old photo pages was at one time my family home which my father rented from Samuel and Roseanne SLACK in the 1940s. South View was renamed by my father Axeholme...We lived there up to approx 1952 and then moved to Highfields which is shown on Photo 096 which Dad purchased from George BRACE who was our relation.. Highfields is the house in the background with two windows facing the lane ..The house on the left of Highfields was owned by my Grandfather and Mother John and Annie WALKER nee CAULDWELL..John WALKER was son of Joseph and Martha WALKER nee SHELDON Josephs 3rd wife... Joseph WALKER's 1st wife was Anne WRIGHT of Bolehill who was also my kin as we share the same Grandforebear Robert FROST Mining Agent.. Joseph's 2nd wife was Margaret FLETCHER who was Derek WALKER's grandforebare. Opposite my grandfather's house was William AXE who married Rose KILLER who was niece of my Gr Gr Grandmother Mary KILLER who married Samuel FLINT. The first Wharfinger employed in 1835 on The Cromford & High Peak Railway on it being opened.. Samuel was also a coal Merchant in his own business at Middle Peak Wharf at one time in partnership with his cousin Isaac SPENCER whose forebear had married into the SIMPSON family of Bonsall, Middleton and Wirksworth/Idridgehay .. Samuel FLINT's mother's maiden name was Elizabeth COLLEDGE.. Elizabeth's mother was Millicent SIMPSON daughter of Peter and Ellen SIMPSON nee CURZON of Millers Green and Crich respectively. Peter SIMPSON was a relation of Mary who married Richard ARKWRIGHT 2nd..Peter was a Woolcomber at a workshop in the area where Sir Richard ARKWRIGHT built his Haarlem Mill in the 1780s one of his first mills using water power via the Ecclesbourne Brook.. Mary KILLER's brother William KILLER founded Killers Quarry in 1845 and after his first wife Mary WILLANS died he remarried Anna BROWNSON who was Grt Grandfather Joseph WALKER's sister Elizabeth WALKER's daughter.. William and Anna had a son Thomas Samuel KILLER who married Elizabeth MATHER, daughter of Thomas and Pheobe MATHER nee SPENCER. Thomas's sister Millicent married 1st wife Daniel DOXEY a kinsman of the KILKENNY Doxey's...Millicent married her 2nd husband William EVANS who was my wife's Grt Uncle.....Roseanne SLACK was also my kin and my wife's kinswoman as my wife's Grt Grt Grandmother was Mary SLACK, daughter of John and Esther SLACK who married Joseph EVANS. Joseph's Gr Grandaughter was Dorothy EVANS, my wife's mother.. Herbert EVANS her father who married Sarah Jane HALL who was a kin of my family via FLINT/HALL marriages. My wifes 5xGrandparents were Caleb and Hannah HALL nee FLINT, my direct 5xAunt. Caleb was son of Gamaliel HALL who was a partner at Goodluck Mine Via Gellia, owned by HALLs (Ebenezer). Gamaliel was killed at Goodluck Mine when he fell down the shaft when a Stemple gave way.. at the inquest the barmaster was Adam SIMPSON father of Mary who married Richard ARKWRIGHT 2nd. The jurymen were all my wife's/my family of SLACK..GODBEHERE..ASHOVER.. HALL..etc. Alfred AXE, I believe, was Uncle of Samuel AXE married Ellen JONES as his first wife.. Ellen's mother was my direct 4xAunt Mary FLINT who married Peter JONES.. The house where William and Rose AXE lived at the bottom of Chapel Lane was previously where my Grandmother Gwenillian SPRAKE came as Governess to a Lord BUTTERLEY or BATTERLEY who often visited Middleton on business.. My Grandmother was born at Blaenafon, South Wales where her father Edwin was Iron Master/General Manager at Blaenafon Iron Works. Blaenafon Iron Works purchased Fluxing stone from KILLER Bros... Gwenillian married William FLINT in 1886. Grandfather was born 1863 at Friden where his father Henry son of Samuel and Mary FLINT nee KILLER was like his father Wharfinger and Stationmaster at Friden and Parsley Hay Station... He also ran his own business as a Corn/Flour Merchant from premises at Parsley Hay Station and Hulme End.. William at age 18 is noted in the 1881 census for Hartington as an Agricultural labourer at Dains farm and Inn Newhaven .... 60 years previous a distant kinsman Henry FLINT had married Margaret DAIN of the same family. Cornelius FLINT was father to him and to William FLINT and Charles FLINT who became a doctor and was a major shareholder in The London North Western Railway Co., North Staffs Railway Co., Cromford Canal Co., Cromford & High Peak Railway Co. Cornelius FLINT was Mining agent at Ecton Copper Mine and mines at Grassington Yorkshire.. 1760s- re Duke of Devonshire and had shares in Hubbersdale Lead Mine at Flagg ..Cornelius was also involved with Boulton & Watt in improving the water capacity which could be pumped from the mines he was involved with re The Newcomen Pumping Engine..I have seen his drawings sent to James Watt for approval. Dr.Charles FLINT F.R.C.S. had a practice at Leek with partners Dr James BRINDLEY and Dr CHADWICK and married Elizabeth GOUGH of Manchester whose father and mother were cousins Joseph and Mary GOUGH, Joseph Land Agent to Sir John GERRARD at estates in Westmoreland and Manchester...The GOUGH family were Quakers, Elizabeth's brother is immortalised in two poems by Sir Walter SCOTT and William WORDSWORTH in that Charles GOUGH in 1820 broke with family tradition and joined the Volunteer Corp, an early day Dad's Army, formed due to a threat of Napolean invading Britain.. Charles GOUGH was disowned by The Society of Friends as was Dr Charles FLINT when he also joined the Corp.. as an Officer Medic..Charles GOUGH whilst on exercises with the corp at Grasmere being a fine landscape painter, against his officer's advice, set out with only his dog Foxie as companion to climb Helvelyn, a nearby mountain. On reaching the place known as Red Tarn he fell.. His skeletal body was found some weeks later by a shepherd with his faithful dog Foxie stood over his body... Edwin LANDSEER also painted a depiction of GOUGH lying at the foot of Red Tarn.. In 1891 Cannon RAWLINSON the founder of the National Trust built a memorial on Helvelyn to Charles GOUGH which to this day the N.T. care for.. WORDSWORTH's poem is Fidelity, Sir Walter SCOTT's Helvelyn. I have both in my posession and the wills and private documents of Charles FLINT and his last heir Elizabeth who died in 1905 aged 86 years, the last of her line.. The GOUGH family and I have communicated about our joint families. Middleton Mount Zion Methodist Church Photo 149 was built by Joseph WALKER & Sons, Wirksworth, my mothers WALKER family.. John WALKER my Grandfather was a journeyman joiner with the firm and made the pews, choir stalls and organ casings... Walkers had the contract from approx 1850 - 1900 to build railway property on The London & North Western Railway Co line from Monmouth - Carlisle and into West Yorkshire. My Uncles Joseph, Alec and John were all born en route at Lancaster and Carlisle whilst my Aunt Doris who was a senior manager at Lea Mills 1930s - 1960 was born near Barnsley.. Uncle Alec a soldier in the Lancashire Regiment was killed in France 1st W.W.. buried at Albert War Graves Cemetary Belgium.. Uncle John was a Captain in the Coldstream Guards in the 1st W.W. Uncle John and Joseph were Master Stonemasons. Uncle John married Nellie ENGLAND daughter of the General Manager of Winning A & B Coal Mines Blackwell who was a school teacher at Middleton School in approx 1918.. After the 1st War they moved to Kent and established a Building Co. Uncle Joseph married Celia COOPER of Skegby nr Sutton in Ashfield.. She was a school teacher at Cromford C of E School; built by Richard ARKWRIGHT 2nd. They moved to Westcliffe On Sea and built Guest Houses which to my knowledge his heirs still own to this day .. Derek WALKER has photographs of my kin on his computer which he was going to place on your web site some months ago.. I have now completed my family history and in the process have found mistakes on the site I placed on your web pages.. although it is only on the FLINT history.. If it is possible to make slight alterations I would be obliged.. My other kinsmen that I have completed are COLLEDGEs, EVANS, SLACK, FARNSWORTH, SHELDON, WRAGG, BRAILSFORD, SIMPSON, WRIGHT, FROST, ALLEN


S Flint
From: STUART FLINT [stuart.flint1@btopenworld.com]
Subject: Photo 202 / and correction
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 16:33:37 +0000 (GMT)

Mr Palmer
Thank you for making my last e mail tidy on your site..One small detail I got wrong..Charles Gough on the report set out to climb Helvelyn in 1805 not 1820 as I stated..

On Photo 202 William Wesley MARSDEN was son of Daniel and Ellen MARSDEN nee WESLEY ..Ellens brother was William WESLEY who married Catherine WALKER. Catherine was my Gr Gr Aunt sister to my Grt Grandfather Joseph WALKER (Master Stonemason/Building Contractor.}.. William WESLEY's grandforebare Anne WESLEY nee SIMS was also my kin via marriages ....D.BOTHAMs newsagents eventually was owned by their son in law Herbert Leonard DOXEY who married Ada BOTHAM of that family ..Ada was cousin to my Uncle Arthur BOTHAM husband of my fathers sister Amelia Leah BOTHAM nee FLINT...Herbert Leonard DOXEY was cousin to Douglas SLACK of Middleton who was 2nd cousin to my father Harry Sprake FLINT (also related by other forebears i.e. COLLEDGEs/SIMPSONs ..plus his 1/2 sisters were Lillian HARRISON nee PETTS wife of Councillor Norman HARRISON whose father also a Councillor had Harrison Drive named after him, Ethel PETTS and their sister Ada who married my Uncle John Samuel FLINT brother to my father Harry Sprake FLINT).. Dad and Douglas were Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church ... Harry was also Sunday School Superintendant and a Local Preacher ... Douglas the Organist...Douglas married Mary STONE of Street Lane Denby related directly to Stones Building Merchants Wirksworth today...

My father Harry FLINT owned a Drapery Shop opposite Marsdens (now Hambridges Butchers and Beechwood Estate Agents Market Place) Douglas lost his finger tips in an accident at his father in laws sawmills Abergate and became manager of Dads shop eventually taking over the business..When Douglas died in his 40s Herbert Leonard DOXEY took over the business his daughter managing the shop (name witheld as his daughter is living). My father was also a grocer at Middleton (took over Gregsons shop Main Street) with a sweet shop at Alexandria Building under the house he lived at on The Alley Middleton..Dad was Liberal Councillor for Middleton from 1928 - 1952 firstly on Ashbourne Rural District Council and then on Local Government Reorganisation 1933 Wirksworth Urban District Council..resigning due to ill health he was replaced by his kinsman via KILLERs and DOXEYs; by W.H.DOXEY J.P. MBE... Father was Chairman of the water Committee 1932 which oversaw the provision for the first reserviour and fresh water supply to every home at Middleton drawn from Springs on Slaley Moor the land belonging to George Henry KEY of Hopton ....The water was thrust up the valley by a counterbalanced ram pump later replaced by a diesel driven pump from the pump house near Tufa Cottage..A family photograph shows Dad addressing fellow councillors on the opening of the pump house... The second pump was officially opened by Councillor L.A.DOXEY ...Father was also a founder member of Wirksworth Rotary Club...and was a President of Wirksworth Free Church Federal Council in the hey days of The Free Church Choir conducted by Mr Victor HATCHETT...


S Flint

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