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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Professional Researchers for Derbyshire

Here is a list of Professional Researchers for Derbyshire, who have skill but may charge for their time. If you know of such a researcher omitted from this list, please send details to the author at: Email addresses have been placed as images, to prevent reading by spam robots.


Postal address


E-mail address

Sara F Scargill

Flat 2/1 Waterloo Mill, Waterloo Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8AT.


Joan Measham

Tor Cottage, 81 Cavendish Rd, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3HD


Jane James

Derby Local Studies Library, 25b Irongate, Derby DE1 3GL


Richard Green

6 Stanway Close, Uttoxeter ST14 8UZ


Sovereign Ancestry

246 Mauldeth Rd, Burnage, Manchester M19 1AA


Chris Rayson

123 Shardlow Rd, Alvaston, Derbt DE24 0JR


Kate Henderson

16 Steeple Grange, Wirksworth, Derbyshire DE4 4FS


Simon Martin

21 Petticoat Lane, Higher Ince, Wigan, Lancs WN2 2LH


Blanche Charles1

160 Oban Street, Wellington 6001, New Zealand.

Freda Raphael 2


1 Blanche lives close to the NZ Archives and writes:
   "I have some good resources at home and also live only a few minutes 
    from our National Archives (passenger lists, wills etc) & National 
    library (electoral rolls etc), so if people think that their Derbyshire 
    folk came to NZ then I can help from this end."
2 Freda writes:
   "I've been a researcher for six or seven years,... following being
    hooked by local history (I went back to Uni at Nottingham and studied for
    the Advanced Cert in Regional and Local History with Dr David Marcombe,
    gaining a Distinction) I live just across the valley from Wirksworth - 
    down the hill from Crich, in Bullbridge, Ambergate and opposite Stevenson's 
    dye works. I've lived here four years - I was in Nottingham previously, 
    and the East Midlands for 30 years. Part of the reason for moving here 
    was that this area is so steeped in history - lead mining and quarrying 
    (cf Wirksworth), dyeing (I'm keen on historic textiles, too, and grow 
    woad, weld and madder in my garden!); coal, canals and tramways - 
    my house was built for Harry Hyde, a local coal-merchant. I'm on the 
    list of record agents at Notts and Derbys Archives."

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