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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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School Logbooks

Mike Spencer sent these transcriptions of school logbooks in the Wirksworth Area. Thanks Mike. Some of the persons have been tentatively identified in the Census for 1871 and 1881. If you locate a person in the Census, please send details to

1 Admissions and Logbooks
2 Wirksworth National 1864-67
3 Middleton 1868-71
4 Middleton 1871-76
5 Middleton 1875-76
6 Cromford 1869
7 Cromford 1870-73
8 Matlock All Saints 1875-79
9 Matlock All Saints 1895-98

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 05:06:08 -0000
From:  "michael spencer" 
To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com
Message-ID: <007701c3f381$6c92da00$aea44c51@home>

Hi list,
          admissions to Cromford School.So far this register of admissions 
is the best for giving details, people came from more than just Cromford 
to attend, Bonsall and Wirksworth ,Matlock and Longwaybank being among 
the places named. Sadly though it does not name parents.

Name           enrolled  age  Reside       leaving/reason/remarks                             
John GREGORY   28/6/69   10   Scarthin Row 1/3/72  gone to work

Saml GOULD     28/6/69  8y5m  Cromford     18/12/72 obtained situation as bookking clerk on railway

James SHAW     28/6/69    9   Bole Hill    21/3/73  gone to work Willersley,gardener   
Geo BRAILSFORD 20/9/69  6y4m  Cromford     26/2/75 left village,gone to res nr London

James RENSHAW  29/1/72   13   Bonsall      5/7/72 gone to work apprentice to wheelwright

Edward GREGORY 28/6/69  6y11m Scarthin Row 19/2/75 gone to work at Lea Mills

Tho BARKER     28/6/69  5y 7m Scarthin Row 28/5/75 gone to reside Wirksworth

John BODEN     20/9/69  6y 5m Scarthin Row 10/4/73 driving donkeys at Matlock Bath

makes some interesting reading .Lea Mills still operates today, and 
donkeys were in use in Matlock Bath presumably just as they are on 
Skegness beach, without the sand!.

more to follow

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 11:30:30 -0000 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <001c01c3f549$748b2680$85024e51@home> Subject: [DBY] THIS WEEK AT SCHOOL CROMFORD Hi list, more admissions to Cromford School. Name adm age residence left reason/remarks Tho OLDFIELD 5/6/71 8y 6m Longwaybank 5/9/72 Rem to Whatstandwell Tho ARMER 21/9/70 6y 1m Cromford 2/12/73 because punished for willfully throwing a stone at a boy severely injuring his head. Wm EATON 5/7/71 7y 3m Cromford drowned in canal whilst bathing Newton WRIGHT 14/3/72 7 Bonsall dead Joseph TAYLOR 22/3/72 12 Starkholmes 28/6/72 gone to work at Tansley mill Peter WORTHY 6/5/72 4y 11m Cromford 6/11/74 because mother unwilling for him to conform to discipline Geo Henry BRITAIN 3/6/72 6y 9m Cromford 8/11/72 gone to live with parents at London Geo Henry BRITAIN 18/8/73 7y 11m Water Lane 19/12/73 gone to live with parents at London, come on a visit to grand parents nice bits of info,hope some of it's yours. mike
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:32:36 -0000 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <009501c3fa19$e2141840$5e004e51@home> Subject: [DBY] THIS WEEK AT SCHOOL MIDDLETON BY WIRKSWORTH Hi list, early admission register for Middleton by Wirksworth School ,it doesn't give parents but occupations of parents and means of previous Instruction which basically is which school if any was attended before. Again I have concentrated on those names which give details about previous existences . The register as you would imagine,if you are familiar with MbW is full of Spencer references. On this list only one is mentioned, the rest stayed put. Name adm date age Parents Occupation Prev Inst left Mary MORRIS 68/5 12 .3 blacksmith Carsington 68/8 left par Rbt FROST 68/7 7.3 shoemaker Prvt Sch Sheffield 68/9 lft par John SLACK 68/9 5.7 farmer none 73/5 parent offended by home lessons Ada BUCKLEY 68/9 4.1 miner none 71/4 would not pay fees Frances BLOORE 68/11 9.6 land merchant Wirksworth NS 70/4 lft par. Wm ELCE (Fred) 69/6 11.0 mechanic Prvt Sch 73/4 Grammar Sch Ann BAINBRIDGE 69/9 10.6 Tollgate kpr Brassington ------------ Edward KIRBY 69/10 12.6 Dead Oldham NS ill health Rich BIRLEY 71/3 11.10 stone cutter Pentrich work Wm BARNES 71/3 12.10 labourer Pentrich work Mary LEA 71/6 9.10 miner London 71/7 left parish Wm CORDAY 71/7 6.7 miner Wirksworth 71/9 because he was punished more to follow. mike
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:50:00 -0000 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <003f01c3fa5f$5f236c60$44124e51@home> Subject: [DBY] THIS DAY IN SCHOOL MIDDLETON BY WIRKSWORTH Hi list, further admissions for MbyW . MIDDLETON BY WIRKSWORTH School Admisions name adm date age parents occup. previous instruction left Clara DOXEY 71/8 6.10 miner Manchester 1y 8m lft par 71/9 James FRANKLIN 71/10 11.10 carpenter Chobham Sch ----------- Sarah KILKENNEY 73/7 9.0 wid Burton 73/10 fact work Eliza HOULGATE 73/9 9.3 farmer Temple Normanton 73/9 ret to friends Annie CARTER 73/12 5.7 cabman London ----------------- Elizabeth CHAPELL 74/1 11.5 --------- Burbage ----------------- Alfred ROWE 74/3 11.5 coach builder Liverpool St Lukes 75/3 no reason Wm WARD 11/12/76 4.10 --------- Lincoln ------------------ Sarah WRAGG 1/5/76 born 68/7 quarrymman Staveley NS ----------------- Those above and on the previous Middleton By Wirksworth school Admissions all had as their residence Middleton. The two below were different Annie SPENCER 14/8/76 5.2 Residence,Manchester ------------ Manchester ------------ Martha DOXEY 14/8/76 4.11 " " " The two above both enrolled on the same day,were they related ? The difficult part is leaving so many children out of these lists,but they are basically all local and if your ancestors were in MbyW at this time and had children you should be able to find similar records. Later registers may give more like parents names. mike
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:58:17 -0000 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <008001c4067d$d5ed64c0$9d2b4e51@home> Subject: [DBY] THIS DAY IN SCHOOL WIRKSWORTH NATIONAL Hi list, Admissions from Wirksworth National School from 1871-79.Again only a few,but the ones with useful "locate me elsewhere " information. This register does not give many leaving dates up to this point.Didn't have time to do much today but I hope some will find it useful. Adm name DOB Parent/guardian/place last school -/5/71 John PIDCOCK 17/1/64 John, Green Hill -/3/73 Ernest MASKREY 25/4/66 Hugh WALL, Wash Green, Middleton Natnl 12/5/75 Wm AUSTIN 12/8/68 Geo.,Bole Hill Crich Carr -/12/76 Alfred WARDMAN 12/6/64 John BREWELL, Dale 7/7/78 Wm PATTON 5/5/64 Water Lane Warmbrook Belper Natnl 13/5/78 Alfred WILSON 21/9/70 Geo Thomas, St Lukes,Leeds 31/3/79 Benj. ABELL 2/11/65 Henry, Gerrard St,Derby 2710/79 Tho ALLEN 12?/4/73 John, Wash Green Ripley 2/11/79 Albert BOTHAM 9/5/33? Tho., live Idridgehay , Idridgehay 1/12/79 Samuel SMITH 21/9/67 Wm.,North End Ashton only a few, but hopeful all the way. mike
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 16:44:23 +0100 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <016401c42300$875540e0$451d4e51@home> Subject: THIS DAY IN SCHOOL Matlock All Saints Hi list, Admissions from the Matlock All Saints School admission register. Unfortunately the teacher never recorded the date when the child left. Again it's only those children who had a previous school outside of Matlock who are listed, so once again if your ancestors had children on the likes of Wilmot Street or Jackson Road, John Street or The Dimple and area they are most likely in this volume as this was the nearest school. Adm name parent address previous DOB 7/1/95 Saml WHEELDON Mrs WHEELDON Spring Villas Bradford 11/3/89 grandparent 27/2/95 FredChas PHILLIPS James. Wilmot St. Bakewell 5/8/87 8/4/95 Doris Evelyn PALMER John. Wilmot St. Nottingham 28/1/90 8/4/95 Maudel PALMER John. Wilmot St. Nottingham 15/8/91 18/6/95 Elsie COOK Tho Darley Hillside Two Dales 2/8/87 22/8/95 Walter H THOMPSON Geo. Kelvin Grove Liverpool Brd 10/1/89 26/8/95 John POYSER Wm Matlock Moor St Lukes Crosby 9/7/83 16/9/95 Jas Hy WILDGOOSE Frank H. Oak St Sheffield 25/7/87 18/11/95 Rachel WRAGG Barbara. Jackson Rd Leicester Brd 10/1/84 15/10/95 Isabella F HALKSWORTH Chas. Smedley St. Wirksworth Brit. 19/4/86 dead 4/5/96 Geo BATES Fanny Mrs Jackson Rd Derby All Sts 18/3/85 15/6/96 Wm S TOFT Benjamin. New St. Youlgreave 24/8/87 1/3/98 May BAILEY Peter 37 Stowe St Lichfield St Chads 1/9/91 you may be lucky. mike
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:32:08 +0100 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <019001c42307$33c66600$451d4e51@home> Subject: THIS DAY IN SCHOOL Matlock All Saints Hi list, further from Matlock All Saints school .These entries from the Log Book say very little about the individual child,although there are occassional references, but basically what was happening at the school collectively. 11 Oct 1875 the pupils were taught the song "Catch the sunshine" Five weeks later another song to drive the mums and dads mad was being taught. 18 Nov 1875 Taught the school song "Over the Lea " 27 Jun 1876 many children away hay making 24 Jul 1876 many children away, hooping cough (teachers spelling,not mine !) 18 Sep 1876 average attendance 110 30 Jul 1877 many children away gathering fruit 30 Jul 1877 Annie HITCHCOCK appointed monitor. Jane KING was appointed as an assistant some time later. 8 Jul 1878 Jane KING requested to go home as her mother had a stroke. 9 Jul 1878 Jane KING admitted that it was untrue her mother had a stroke. The school sent a telegram to ask about her welfare. Jane KING was dismissed on the 9 July. 5 May 1879 Sarah Brailsford Selina Paulson SHELTON former Mistrees in St Ann infant school Nottingham appointed 18 Jul 1879 Sarah Elizabeth BAGSHAW, Elizabeth WHITE and Annie SMITH were presented with prizes by Mrs J.C. ARKWRIGHT. Sarah BAGSHAW for plain needlework and the other two girls for button holes hope some of you get a little something from this sparse attempt to bring to life the life of the children at All Saints. The Log Book is full of the names of those visiting, namely the ARKWRIGHTS and Mr MELVILLE the Vicar who seemed to "drop in " almost every week.The average attendance of 110 gives you some idea of how little is recorded on this list from the Admission registers. mike
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:15:25 +0100 From: "michael spencer" To: DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com Message-ID: <007e01c42852$bc4b5760$6ea14c51@home> Subject: SCHOOL ADM AND LOG BOOKS Hi list, for the benefit of those interested in school records and wondering if such records exist at DRO here is a partial list of places having either, L = Log Books or A = Admission Registers.I must state this list covers only Adm and Log Books for earleir than 1900, there may be later ones not listed. There may also be more than one school in the place in which you are interested, and the "L" or " A " may not apply to your little Tommys school. However on the basis you do not know which school he went to anyway, the only way to find out is to look and see if he appears in the books for the school mentioned. If he does, all well and good, if he doesn't at least you know he more than likely went to one of the others. In 1880 the law required all children to attend school up to the age of ten, by 1893 it was raised to eleven and in 1899 unless employed in agriculture you were at school until 12. In 1914 it was raised again to 14 , then to 15 in 1947 and 16 in 1965. So there you have a time scale to help you see if Tommy should have been in school or not. We start with the places beginning with the letter "A".If the place you want does not appear it basically means no school records concerning Log Books and Admission rgeisters are held at DRO.It is possible a "rogue" book may survive in a totally different location within the records at DRO and not among "School Board Records", but this is a rarity. One last thought, please do not put DRO under Log Book strain, they are understaffed at present and some may also be on holiday. Far better if you can stagger your requests if you cannot get there yourself. Remember if they check it for you there is a search fee of eleven pounds, and one other small point, I have to face them the next day. Enough said. ALDERWASLEY L (Log Book) A ( Admission register) pre 1900 ALLESTREE L ALVASTON L A APPERKNOWLE L ASHBOURNE L ASHFORD L ASHOVER L ASTON L A Log books deal with what is going on in the school ,the village may get a mention because of illnesses going round, the weather, the fair coming to town, who visited the school ,lessons, attendances, awards, Inspectors reports on the standard and occassionally a pupil may be mentioned. Admission registers generally give details about the pupil and can be a good source of when a family left the area, where they went and also name previous schools. The early ones begin about 1875 but by no means all do, sometimes only a few years survive in one register in the late 1800's. Hope this will prove to be of some use. mike
From: michael spencer Subject: [DBY] THIS DAY IN SCHOOL MIDDLETON by WIRKSWORTH Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:07:35 +0100 To: [DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com] Reply-To: mike@decc9.fsnet.co.uk Hi list, entries from the Log Book of Middleton by Wirksworth School. 17 Dec 1875 a very fair school this week considering the inclemency of the weather. 6 Jan 1876 The children have been very unpunctual and careless all week. The home lessons have been badly done. 4 Feb 1876 John SPENCER left the school on Tuesday because he was sent home for coming repeatedly after registers were closed. 11 Feb 1876 an accident occured during the dinner time on Wednesday by which G..THOMPSON (who was staying dinner) got his arm severely injured. 17 Mar 1876 Miss SPENCER absent yesterday and today as suffering from Neuralgia. 31 Mar 1876 List of Songs Far Away Oh come come away The pit boy Lightly row Ye mariners of England 5 May 1876 Rachel PRESTON teacher 2nd Class Sarah SPENCER Asst teacher Anne SPENCER pupil teacher 12 May 1876 sent after the absentees and found the excuse given in most cases was "wanted to assist in cleaning " 2 Jun 1876 prevalence of bronchitis 23 Jun 1876 3rd Standard, David SPENCER is still very backward. 30 Jun 1876 Pupil teacher left. and I ain't related to one. more to follow mike

From:  Kath Marvill 
Subject:  Re: [DBY] School Logbooks, Wirksworth 
Date:  Sat, 19 Jun 2004 12:46:51 +0100 

Hi John

Geo Henry BRITAIN 3/6/72 6y 9m Cromford 8/11/72 
                         gone to live with parents at London

Geo Henry BRITAIN 18/8/73 7y 11m Water Lane 19/12/73 
                         gone to live with parents at London, 
                         come on a visit to grand parents

Could this be George Henry Britain in 1881?

Armford a mis-transciption for Cromford?


Kath Marvill

Household Record 1881 British Census
Name-Relation-Marital Status-Gender-Age-Birthplace-Occupation-Disability

Thomas BRITTAIN-Head-M-Male-42-Birmingham, Warwick,England-Die Sinker
Mary BRITTAIN-Wife-M-Female-41-Armford, Derby, England-Wife Of Die Sinker
George H. BRITTAIN-Son-Male-15-London, Middlesex, England-Scholar
Thomas A. BRITTAIN-Son-Male-8-London, Middlesex, England-Scholar
William College BRITTAIN-Son-Male-6-London, Middlesex, England-Scholar

Source Information:
Dwelling 147 Bradford St
Census Place Aston, Warwick, England
Family History Library Film 1341721
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 3017 / 49
Page Number 42

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