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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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The Matlock Train 1851

Mike Spencer sends a list of "Items delivered to Matlock station 1851". Many of the people signing for the goods have been identified in the 1851 Census. Thanks Mike.

From:  michael spencer 
Subject:  [DBY] THE 1851 MATLOCK TRAIN 
Date:  Tue, 22 Jun 2004 17:39:25 +0100 
Reply-To:  mike@decc9.fsnet.co.uk 

Hi list,
the following items were delivered to Matlock Train station in 
July - Aug 1851.

2 July 1851 from Derby for Seeds of Wirksworth
bundle of leather
collected by S SEEDS

3 Jul 1851 from Masboro' for BRAILSFORD of Matlock
1 bedstead
3 matresses
2 flock beds
1 table
2 hampers
1 roll carpet
Collected by Septimus BRAILSFORD

7Jul 1851 from Derby for BUCKLEY of Lea
1 couch
Collected by J BUCKLEY

7 Jul 1851 for MARSDEN of Wirksworth
bundle of zinc
Collected by H MARSDEN

11 Jul 1851 for PARKER of Cromford
crate of glass
Collected by John PARKER

15 Jul 1851 from Hull for GARTON of Lumsdale
Collected by David DOXEY

15 Jul 1851 from Warrington for FARNSWORTH Lumsdale
Collected by R FARNSWORTH

17 Jul 1851 from Hull for Meerbrook Sough Co Bolehill
coil and rope
Collected by Jacob FROST

25 Jul 1851 from Sheffield for WEBSTER of Wirksworth
bags of nails
Colllected by Ellen WEBSTER

25 Jul 1851 from Burton for VALLENCE of Bath,(Matlock?)
1 empty box
Collected by H HANSON ?

29 Jul 1851 from Manchester for BOWER of Darley
casks of soda
Collected by Chas BOWER

12 Aug 1851 from London for BRIDDON of ?
Collected by E BRIDDON

19 Aug 1851 from London for PERCIVAL of Wirksworth
chest tea
Collected by Mo PERCIVAL

These are only some of the entries in a register of goods received. 
John SMEDLEY figures a lot with his factory at Lea, bales of paper 
and bundles of rags are also mentioned .
TATLOWS of Wirksworth are mentioned.
There are many others but some do not give full names ,the list above 
I hope you can identify with some of them as they give more information.

Reference is made to damaged goods arriving and the fact that one cargo 
was a week in arriving! Matlock station must have been a very busy station.


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