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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Mentioned in Wills

Names mentioned in some Wills from the Wirksworth Area. Transcribed by Mike Spencer, thanks Mike. Some names have been identified and linked to the Census etc.
The year in red is the year that the Will was PROVED, not the year the Will was made nor the year of death. See Wills FAQ

Index of Makers of Wills

ABBOTT john | ADDY john | ADSETTS william | ALLEN john | AMATT elizabeth | ANABLE joseph | BAMFORTH john | BEESON robert | BEESTON thomas | BESWICK william | BODEN abel | BODEN edward | BODEN thomas | BODEN william | BOOT eleazer | BOWMER george | BOWMER john | BRACE mary jane | BRIDDON james | BRIDDON william | BROCKLEHURST henry | BROCKLEHURST william | BROWNSON james | BUXTON edmund | BUXTON ellen | BUXTON robert | CARLINE william | CARRINGTON william | COLLEDGE isaac frederick | COTTERILL john | DALE charlotte | DEAVILLE robert | DERBYSHIRE john | DOXEY aaron | DOXEY ann | DOXEY john | DUROE samuel | EVANS john | FARNSWORTH john | FEARN daniel | FEARN francis | FEARN john | FLINT james | FLINT joseph | FLINT samuel | FOX Mary | FROST robert | GELL robert | GOODWIN elizabeth | GOODWIN francis | GOULD joseph | GRATTON william | GRATTON william | GREAVES elizabeth | GREAVES james | HALL joseph | HARRISON john | HARTLE joseph | HAWLEY abanathan | HAWLEY george | HAYNES henry | HAYNES john | HEATON john | HIGTON anthony | HOWITT hannah | HURT francis | JOWETT daniel | KEELING thomas | KILLER henry | KILLER sarah | KNIVETON charles | KNIVETON john | KNIVETON samuel | LAWTON mary | LEACROFT mary ann | LOMAS richard | LONGDEN hannah | LOXLEY john | LUDLAM william | MACBETH andrew | MADDOCKS william | MANSFIELD henry | MARCHINGTON hannah | MARSH joseph | MARSHALL john | MATHER dorothy | MATHER john | MATHER thomas | MELLOR john | MILNER thomas | OGDON alice | OSBORNE mary | PEAT job | PICKARD george | PICKARD gill | PICKERING mary | POTTS mary | POYZER john | PRESTWIDGE william | PRINCE samuel | RAINS john | REDFERN henry | ROGERS william | ROPER francis | ROUSE john | SEALS henry | SHAW rebecca | SILKSTONE charles | SIMS james | SIMS william | SKIDMORE john | SLACK james | SLACK samuel | SLATER samuel | SLATER william | SMEDLEY isaac | SMEDLEY lydia | SMEDLEY thomas | SMEDLEY william | SMITH joseph | SMITHURST edward | SPENCER job | SPENCER robert | SPENCER reuben | SPENCER william | STAFFORD theophila | STATHAM william | STEEL elizabeth | STONE samuel | STREET samuel | TATLOW ann | TAYLOR george | TAYLOR john | TAYLOR john | TAYLOR mary | TRAVIS Thomas | TWIGG hannah | TWIGG isaac | TWIGG sarah | VERLING patrick | WALKER john | WALL henry | WALTON alice | WARD samuel | WATERFIELD john | WAYNE robert | WAYNE william | WEBSTER henry | WHEELDON george | WHITE benjamin | WHITE lydia | WIGLEY henry | WIGLEY joshua | WILKINSON john | WILCOCKSON sarah | WOOD anthony | WOOD george | WRAGG ann | WRAGG nathaniel | WRIGHT george | WRIGHT william | WRIGHT william geo | YEOMANS stephen |

          Will proved in 1858
Stephen YEOMANS of Kirk Ireton mentions;
wife Margaret
Charles PICKERING   made 1854
          Will proved in 1858
Benjamin WHITE of Whitewells ,Alderwasley mentions;
wife Margaret
William MARSDEN of Oaker
Adam MARSDEN of Oaker
John WALKER son of Cha WALKER of Shottle
Benjamin CLAY
Abraham CLAY
William CLAY
Joseph CLAY of Wensley
Ann CLAY of Wensley
William MARSDEN of Wensley
Henry MARSDEN of Wirksworth
Job ASHTON,gamekeeper
          Will proved in 1858
John BAMFORTH of Matlock  mentions
wife Sarah
Elizabeth SHEPPARD
          Will proved in 1858
William PRESTWIDGE of Brassington mentions;
wife Jane
wifes neph John BUXTON son of the late John BUXTON of Aldwark
Benjamin BUXTON son of the late Thos BUXTON
Matilda BUXTON illegitimate dau of Jane WAGSTAFF
John BUXTON son of Edmund BUXTON
          Will proved in 1863
Job PEAT of Alderwasley  yeoman,mentions;
wife Sarah
Eliza MEYNELL of West Hanley,Derbys 
Phoebe Elizabeth MALIN
William MEYNELL son in law
Richard MALIN of Sandyford
Alexander ORME witness
David WOOD witness
Elias CALLADINE witness
          Will proved in 1860
James SIMS of Alderwasley ,farmer mentions;
Hannah REDGATE ,wid.
Ellen wife of William BROCKLEHUURSTT,farmer
German SIMS illeg. son of my sister Ellen BROCKLEHURST
John WILMOT witness
Joseph WITHAM witness             made 1858
          Will proved in 1859
Joseph Thomas MARSH Wirksworth,chemist,mentions;
Elizabeth MARSH wid of my late father Joseph MARSH
"to cousin Wm CLEWLOW ,if he be living,one pound"
Elizabeth HUGHES witness
Joseph STONE Slr.Wirksworth
          Will proved in 1860
William SPENCER elder of Middleton by Wirksworth ,butcher ,mentions;
dau Elizabeth Spencer
grandson Wm KILLER "my covered cart and stall at East Wood
chidren John, Geo, Wm, Lydia DOXEY, Ann BODEN,Easter KILLER,
Elizabeth,Mary JONES, Martha BROCKLEHURST
son William SPENCER of Bonsall,butcher
Samuel SPENCER witness 
Robert ADAMS senr             made 1858
          Will proved in 1858
Joshua WIGLEY of Bonsall mentions ;
Mary Seedhouse WIGLEY
son Joshua
Hannah wife of Henry FROST
son John
Lydia wife of Abell
Abell BODEN of Matlock Bath ,baker
Wm KIRKLAND witness,miner
Joseph BUNTING witness
Thomas HENSTICK witness
Mary Ann WIGLEY witness
J. Tunstall SMITH Surrogate Commissioner of Oaths    made 1851
          Will proved in 1858
John WALKER of Wirksworth mentions;
son Wm
friend Richard RICHARDSON Bankers Clerk
grand son James ROBINSON
grand dau..Elizabeth WALKER
C.APPLEBY witness   clerk to Messrs HUBBERSTY and HODGKINSON
W.ROSEWARNE witness                made 1849
          Will proved in 1858
Mary LAWTON Wirksworth ,widow,mentions;
to be buried next to her husband in Wirksworth Cemetery
bro Daniel HARLEY
Mary wife of Thomas BOSTOCK "gold ring with "Mary JESSOP" engraved inside
Catherine BOSTOCK,dau of Mary
Ann BOSTOCK silver jug left to me by the late Mrs WALL
Wm JESSOP late husbands silver watch
friend Elizabeth Sarah HODGKINSON
friend  Sarah DEAKIN
friend Mary HALL
friend Fanny HALL
friend Richard RICHARDSON
servant Hannah HALL
bro Samuel HARLEY
friend Frances wife of Henry JACKSON of Grove St, Derby
Wm LAWTON bro of my late husband
Richard WALL jnr witness
Charles SURTEEZ witness
          Will proved in 1858
Thomas MILNER of Brassington, yeoman, mentions;
housekeeper Mary SPENCER
Wm CANTRELLsurgeon,Wirksworth
Wm WRIGHT Brassington,grocer and farmer
godson Wm WRIGHT of Ballidon
Wm WALKER of Brassington
Francis MILNER of Biggin by Newhaven,farmer
Tho MILNER son of Francis above
Thomas MILNER late of Elton farmer and publican
Joseph HALL witness
          Will proved in 1865
Samuel STREET of Wirksworth mentions;
son in law John GRATTON ,younger
son William, Wirksworth,miner
wife Hannah
"Old Gells Mine and Fox Clouds"
daus Elizabeth, Emma,Phebea, Ellen, Mary,Hannah.
son Samuel
Francis BOWMER baker,witness
Tho. PICKARD yeoman.
          Will proved in 1866
Elizabeth GOODWIN of Rowsley ,now residing Matlock mentions;
brother James GOODWIN of Rowsley
property near Bakewell in occup of Francis ROE
John HOLMES witness blacksmith
Ellen HOLMES  witness
H.K. CORNISH Surrogate        made 1860
          Will proved in 1870
John TAYLOR Brassington,miner,mentions
wife Mary
Spider Low house lot land in Brassington
children Joshua,Richard,John,Wm, Maria, Lydia,Sarah Ann.
James ABBOTT schoolmaster,Brassington,witness
Henry GREATOREX miner,witness
          Will proved in 1864
John FARNSWORTH Matlock bleacher mentions;
wife Hannah
friend Joseph WHEATCROFT Wirksworth
son Thomas
Richard WALKER witness
Wm GREEN witness
          Will proved in 1877
James FLINT of Bolehill,Wirksworth mentions;
wife Hannah 
dau Hannah
son Matthew
bro Samuel , miner
friend John SLATER Bolehill
shares in Spar rake mine and Grey House mine
Robert ADAMS witness
Tho THOMPSON witness
          Will proved in 1858
Joseph ANABLE Wirksworth yeoman ,mentions;
brother James, farmer 
friend Job ALLEN currier
Isaac BUXTON occ of land in Ashleyhay
land at Crich Carr
brother John
neph Joseph KNIVETON
cousin Hannah HEAPY dau of Isaac HEAPY of Belper
niece Catherine GREATOREX
niece Sarah CORDEN
niece Elizabeth CALDWELL
niece Ann BROWN
niece Charlotte CAULDWELL
niece Emma CAULDWELL
late sister Elizabeth
sister Martha KAY
Mary ,Elizabeth ,Ann dau of my bro Thomas dec.
Tho ,Job, Wm, John, Lucy Ann Jane children of my late sister Hannah SPENDLOVE
Elizabeth late dau of my late bro Thomas
sister Elizabeth HODGKINSON
Tho PICKARD yeoman Wirksworth witness
John ALLEN currier Wirksworth witness   made 1857
          Will proved in 1873
Isaac SMEDLEY of Wirksworth mentions;
wife Mary Ann
son Isaac of Pembroke Traffic manager
son Wm of Leicester railway clerk
J.F.KINGDON Solr Wirksworth witness
John SMITH his clerk witness       made 1867 
          Will proved in 1873
Aaron DOXEY of Middleton by Wirksworth hosier,mentions;
friend Hugh WALKER of Middleton by Wirksworth farmer
son George miner
wife Mary
dau Ann wife of Samuel SHELDON
son Aaron 
land known as "Job BATEMANS piece"
dau Jemima DOXEY
Hugh WALKER witness
George DOXEY witness
          Will proved in 1873
William BESWICK of Carsington mentions;
son John ,labourer
landlord Philip GELL Esq
Geo BESWICK of Nottingham,servant
Thomas BESWICK of Guisley Station,Yks.
Robert WILKINSON witness
Wm STEVESON (sic) witness
          Will proved in 1864
William STATHAM of Starkholmes,Matlock shopkeeper mentions;
son Abanathan Daffin STATHAM property in Matlock Green
wife Hannah
occupier Isaac STATHAM property in Hearthstone
son Wm
Masson meadow purchased off Peter ARKWRIGHT
occupiers Geo WALL, John SPENCER
occupiers Sarah TAYLOR, Joshua STATHAM his son Isaac, Albert WHITE
Tho WALKER Starkholmes shoemaker
Wm GREEN Clerk to Messrs MILNES and NEWBOLD Solr Matlock
Jas. C NEWBOLD witness         made 1860 codicil 1862
          Will proved in 1858
Henry KILLER Middleton by Wirksworth
wife Mary
son Henry
bro in law Joseph GREATOREX
John DICKEN innkeeper
James DICKEN         made 1844
          Will proved in 1858
Robert DEAVILLE of Idridgehay yeoman mentions;
son in law Wm DEAVILLE of Shottle ,farmer
friend Tho JENNISON Belper
property at Ireton Wood
dau Mary SLACK
wife Thirza
"Fidlers Meadow " Idridgehay
dau Hannah
Tho JENNISON witness
Wm LITCHFIELD   witness
          Will proved in 1861
Isaac TWIGG of Bonsall mentions
James WALL of Wirkksworth ,Gent
bro in law Josiah ALSOP Bonsall farmer
wife Elizabeth
dau Eliza TOMLINSON wife of Robert
Jas C. NEWBOLD Solr Matlock
Luke GREGORY farmer Bonsall        made 1845
          Will proved in 1861
Henry BROCKLEHURST Longway Bank farmer mentions;
friend Joseph BOWMER Wigwell,farmer
friend Francis BLUNSTONE Crich 
brother John and his son Henry
Martha widow of neph George BROCKLEHURST
John BROCKLEHURST children, Aaron, John, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary ,Ann
bro Thomas BROCKLEHURST children Wm. Aaron. Thomas, Phebea, Ann
niece Ellen SANDERS
neph James WINTER and his mother Hannah WINTER
Isaac HADFIELD Longway Bank farmer
Thomas PICKARD Wirksworth,yeoman
          Will proved in 1858
Sarah TWIGG Bonsall spinster mentions;
John Thomas SHAW surgeon Wirksworth
John Henry TWIGG Bonsall Gent
Sarah TWIGG Bonsall spinster
sister Betty TWIGG
sister Hannah TWIGG her children being Sarah Hanah TWIGG, 
Mary wife of George FROST,John Henry TWIGG, Eliza Ann TWIGG.
Geo SANDS Clerk to Mr HUBBERSTY Wirksworth Solr.
William ROSEWARNE Clerk     made 1846
          Will proved in 1861
Ann TATLOW of Wirksworth mentions;
sons James and William TATLOW
dau Elizabeth FROST
grandsons James Jeremiah,John Gamaliel, Ernest Henry ,Edward  all TATLOW
grand dau Ann Elizabeth TATLOW
James SANDERS witness
Thomas PICKARD witness           made 1858
          Will proved in 1869
Theophila STAFFORD of Matlock mentions;
son Robert
son George
dau Hannah KNOWLES
dau Elizabeth HURD
grand son George SWIFT
son in law Zaccheus STAFFORD (dead by time of codicil)
Joseph TOMLINSON witness
Wm GREEN witness
Thomas WALKER Matlock Bath witness to Codicil
James POTTER Law Student witness to Codicil
made 1847, Codicil 1868
          Will proved in 1869
Mary PICKERING Matlock Bath widow mentions;
sons Chas and Alfred both of Sheffield
son John OF Matlock Bath
Henry WRIGHT Witness
Henry CLIFFE witness   made 1867
          Will proved in 1869
Henry REDFERN Shottle Pork Butcher mentions;
son Geo
mother Ann 
father Job
sisters Patience, Ellen ,Elizabeth.
John SMITH Shottle farmer trustee
bro John Shottle yeoman
John WILSON Shottle
Joseph PICKARD witness
          Will proved in 1858
Sarah KILLER of Middleton by Wirksworth widow
son James of Wirksworth joiner
son Adam of Warwickshire joiner
dau Sarah wife of Joseph JEBSON
dau in law Easter KILLER
gr dau Martha and Ann dau of Easter KILLER
Wm KILLER witness
Robert ADAMS snr witness
          Will proved in 1858
Daniel JOWETT late Manchester now of Longway Bank, 
    Minister of the Gospel,mentions;
bro Job of Derby bent timber merchant
Samuel RAINS Butler St Manchester flour dealer
bro John
sister Jane WHARTON
sister Elizabeth HADFIELD
sister Mary MOTTRAM
sister Ann JOWETT
bro Joseph
late father Job
mother Esther
Jas FOOTTIT witness
Wm WHARTON witness
          Will proved in 1871
William ROGERS of Hulland Ward mentions;
friend John Beresford RODGERS
wife Mary 
son John
Charles CLARKE witness
Joseph DOWNING witness
Joseph STONE Commissioner to Administer Oaths     made 1865
          Will proved in 1876
Rebecca SHAW of Matlock Cliff widow mentions;
dau in law and niece Hannah SHAW wid now residing with me
Lindsey HODGKINSON witness
Wm CLARK witness
dau in law Elizabeth SHAW widow of my son John SHAW
property at Wensley
Samuel JACKSON witness
Ruth WARD  witness           made 1874
          Will proved in 1859
Mary OSBORNE Cliff Farm Hulland Ward spinster mentions;
bro Francis ,The Burrows,nr Brailsforsd
cousin James OSBORNE 
bro Wm   Cliff Farm
bro Alfred ,The Snapes,Kik Langley
John C. NORTON witness
Joseph JOHNSON witness
          Will proved in 1861
Elizabeth AMATT Wirksworth spinster mentions
sister Sarah HARLEY
cousin Tho BONSALL Long Eaton lace manufacturer
mother Elizabeth
father John 
bro Richard Udale AMATT
sister Mary
Tho HANSON witness
Arthur HARWOOD witness
          Will proved in 1862
Robert SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth
sons John, Benjamin, Isaac, 
wife Ann
dau Martha BLACK of Manchester
dau Ellen DOXEY
dau Frances SPENCER
dau Ann BARKER
grandchildren Ellen ,Peter, and Ann JONES
Daniel SLACK witness
Tho KIRKLAND witness
Frances KIRKLAND witness             made 1857
          Will proved in 1873
Andrew MACBETH Wirksworth mentions;
sons Geo, Wm, Andrew Robert, Thomas Alexander, John Sutherland MACBETH
Geo SPENCER Manchester
dau Isabella Marie and Jane Eleanor
Edward HARLEY Wirksworth witness
Henry ROPER witness Wirksworth
          Will proved in 1868
John BOWMER Wirksworth farmer,mentions;
occupier John FROST
occupier James MOULD
wife Mary
half brother Benj COLLEDGE
half sister Elizabeth STOPPARD
Aunt Mary BOWMER
Joseph BOWMER Wirksworth
Francis BOWMER Wirksworth baker
Arthur HAREWARD Solr Wirksworth witness
Wm PEARSON witness shopkeeper
          Will proved in 1861
Job SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth mentions;
bro Thomas
Job SPENCER miner
Richard RICHARDSON Matlock
made 1840
          Will proved in 1861
Robert WAYNE Brassington farmer mentions;
occupiers James ALLSOP, Wm WAYNE
sons Wm and Samuel
neph Wm WAYNE son of my bro Wm WAYNE dec
Wm ALLSOP witness
land called Bank Roads Ralf furlongs,Narrow Dale piece 
Waltons Closes, Rider Hill, Millingtons Allotments.
made 1857
          Will proved in 1860
Isaac Frederick COLLEDGE Kirk Ireton mentions;
wife Grace
Tho SPENCER Hurstfield farmer
Richard BUXTON witness
made 1837
          Will proved in 1860
Mary FOX Steeple Grange Wirksworth mentions;
Wm SHAW Steeple Grange maltster
niece Sarah FOX dau of late Solomon FOX
Matthew KNOWLES earthenware manufacturer witness
Samuel BUXTON witness
made 1858
          Will proved in 1866
John LOXLEY elder, Bonsall labourer mentions;
son John at Leek, Staffs
son David at Sheffield
son in law Samuel NEWTON
grandson John NEWTON
gr dau Sarah Elizabeth NEWTON
late wifes dau Ann MILWARD
Elizabeth PALFREYMAN dau of Ann MILWARD
Tho LOXLEY witness
Joshua WIGLEY witness
Stephen KIRKLAND witness
          Will proved in 1866
James GREAVES Matlock Bath and later Wessington yeoman,mentions;
wife Eunis
William SMEDLEY witness
Samuel HARDY
          Will proved in 1858
Joseph DERBYSHIRE younger,Wirksworth 
  Tallow chandler and grocer mentions;
Joseph FROST Grocer
Wm MARSDEN Wensley cordwainer
Caroline DERBYSHIRE wid of my late bro John
Father Joseph DERBYSHIRE 
  occupier of field called Englands Day field in Wensley
Neph Wm eldest son of my dec bro John DERBYSHIRE
Property in Oker End in occ of Tho MARSDEN
Prop in Snitterton late in occ of wid MITCHELL but now of Francis YOUNG
Neph Frederick DERBYSHIRE sec son of my dec son John
Blackwell Croft in occ of my father in law (in Oker)
Uncle Wm FROST
Neph John sec son of my dec bro John DERBYSHIRE
Prop purchased off John TAYLOR called Lady Bangs
Nieces Annie and Caroline DERBYSHIRE dau of my said dec bro John
Neph Joseph DERBYSHIRE ,fourth son of my dec bro John
Tho HOWE Wirksworth witness
Jas C NEWBOLD Solr Matlock
          Will proved in 1858
John MARSHALL Wirksworth High Constable mentions;
Wife Elizabeth
Son Joseph
Son in law John GREGORY
Dau Ann wife of John GREGORY
Dau Jane
Charles SURTEES witness
James GLOVER Clerk to Messrs Mr HODGKINSON Solr, Wirksworth
          Will made in 1858
George HAWLEY of Matlock,blacksmith ,mentions;
Occupier William HOLMES
Wife Mary
Son James
William YEOMANS Tansley ,farmer
William YEOMANS Senior, witness
James BLOOD witness
Samuel POTTER witness
Made 1856
          Will proved in 1859
Samuel FLINT Wirksworth mine agent mentions;
Wife Ann
Richard ROSEWARNE witness
William ROSEWARNE witness
Will made 1842
          Will proved in 1858
Ellen BUXTON of Kirk Ireton "single whoman" mentions;
BrotherRobert BUXTON
Niece Ellen SMITH dau of my sister Mary SMITH
Niece Elizabeth HARDY wife of George
Children of my late niece Hannah PROCKTER
Joseph LEEDHAM witness
James RENSHAW witness
Made 1851
          Will proved in 1858
William GRATTON Upper Town,Bonsall framework knitter,mentions;
Wife Alice
Sons Joseph, John, Wm, Benjamin, Henry, Francis, Thomas.
Son Adam joiner of Ashbourne
Dau Hannah wife of James SMEDLEY miner.
Dau Esther
Dau Alice wife of Charles HARTLE of Bonsall
Dau Ellen wife of Joshua BROOKS miner of Middleton
Thomas KIRKLAND witness
Francis KIRKLAND witness
Pearcy BUNTING witness
Made 1850
          Will proved in 1858
George PICKARD Wirksworth yeoman,mentions;
Bro Joseph Wilshaw PICKARD Manchester,architect
Bro James Wirksworth grocer
Uncle Gill PICKARD Wirksworth glazier
Sister Georgeania PICKARD
Sister Mary PICKARD
Bro Wm
Bro John
Bro Thomas
Bro Frederic
Bro Philip
Gill PICKARD shoemaker Wirksworth witness
Thomas PICKARD yeoman Wirksworth witness.
          Will proved in 1858
Nathaniel WRAGG Middleton by Wirksworth, miner, mentions;
Wife Ann
Son Thomas
Children John of Sheffield, Elizabeth SPENCER of Middleton, Peter of
Sheffield, Thomas of Middleton, Mary of Middleton
Friend Wm BUCKLEY Middleton, Registrar
Friend Robert ADAMS elder
Ann BUCKLEY witness
Elizabeth SHELDON witness
          Will proved in 1858
Charles SILKSTONE of Bolehill,p.Wirksworth ,miner, memtions;
Wife Elizabeth
Neph James TOMLINSON shoemaker Wirksworth
Occupier Joseph FLINT jnr of Far Marl Meadow
Sister Maria TOMLINSON Ashbourne
Henry TOMLINSON Wirksworth
John MARSHALL witness
Wm WALKER witness
Made 1853
          Will proved in 1858
William GRATTON Wirksworth stone mason mentions;
wife Martha
friend Jonathan JEPSON Wirksworth cordwainer
friend Joshua WINSON younger Wirksworth cordwainer
children of Simeon SPENCER of Middleton by Wirksworth ,miner
Gervis THOMPSON tape weaver Wirksworth witness
Jno JAMES Clerk to 
Mr HARWARD Solr Wirksworth
          Will proved in 1858
Robert BEESON of Middleton by Wirksworth tailor,mentions;
Clay Butts,land in Middleton
George GOODALL,Mr NUTTALL, James SPENCER owners of land adjoining Clay Butts
granddaughter Mary BEESON only dau of my late son Joseph BEESON
dau Mary BEESON spinster
Isaac SPENCER owner of land adjoining property
Obadiah ADAMS
son Thomas BEESON
son William BEESON of Middleton
dau Ann wife of Robert DOXEY
Joseph BROWN
made 1853
          Will proved in 1858
Henry MANSFIELD farmer Brassington ,mentions;
wife Mary Anne
Thomas WALTON witness
John MANSFIELD witness
          Will proved in 1858
Reuben SPENCER elder Middleton by Wirksworth miner ,mentions;
wife Mary
Lime Tree Grove lead mine Liberty of Aldwark
bro Isaac
bro Arthur
niece Hannah MATHER
friend Joseph DOXEY Midd by Wirksworth, Grocer
Robert ADAMS elder Midd by Wirksworth ,miner
Arthur SPENCER witness
Wm KILLER witness
          Will proved in 1858
John RAINS Griffe Grange farmer,mentions;
wife Hannah
sons John, Isaac, James, Stephen, Samuel, Henry
land at Ible
dau Mary RAINS
dau Ann wife of Wm TRAVIS
dau Hannah RAINS
dau Lydia RAINS
children of my late dau Elizabeth wife of Joshua GREGORY
Wm YEOMANS Wakebridge farmer,witness
Arthur HARWARD Solr Wirksworth witness

Frank DUNN [frank.dunn2#btopenworld.com] writes:
John Rains born 9 May 1790 at Ivonbrook Grange. Wirksworth One of 10 children
He moved to Griffe Grange about 1819. His Father Isaac Rains, died 3 July 1825
mother Elizabeth COBB. Elizabeth Cobb was born in Yorkshire died 11 January 1848
John also had another daughter Jane born [1836 may 04] not mentioned in Will. He 
died [1858 mar 19] buried St John Winster. Hannah WOODAS, his wife born at Biggin 
died [1873 jan 4] buried St Mary, Wirksworth, at which church they were married 
[1816 jan 25]
[dates corrected by author at request of Frank]
          Will proved in 1860
John SKIDMORE Matlock Bath Gent mentions;
father in law Tho BODEN
land at Upperwood purchased from Job BODEN
wife Elizabeth
daus Margaret,Elizabeth, Mary,
sons Peter, Tho, Samuel, Anthony,
Richard WILSON Macclesfield grocer
John BROWN Ind Minister ,Wirksworth
Samuel SKIDMORE draper Matlock Bath
John Wood LANE Hosier Mill St Macclesfield witness
Joseph SHARPE wollen draper Macclesfield witness
James COLLINSON Manchester
Tho M COLVILLE Commissioner to Administer Oaths
made 1853
          Will proved in 1864
John WATERFIELD Wirksworth Innkeeper mentions;
son John
Saml FLINT or his widow Ann FLINT
dau Mary Ann FLINT wife of Reuben
dau Elizabeth WATERFIELD
bro in law Robert WILKINSON Carsington
Arthur HARWARD Solr Wirksworth witness
Jno JAMES his clerk
          Will proved in 1868
John ALLEN Matlock Bath mentions;
John FRITCHE Chesterfield
Luke ALSOP Crich ,Cliff House
William STONE Cromford
Mary Ann BODEN Matlock Bath niece of 
my late wife Lydia.
Wm Corden CLARKE Matlock schoolmaster
Anthony ALSOP Wensley
property in Lea
Mary Ann STONE grand niece of my late wife (my adopted dau)
Joseph GREAVES Matlock Bath witness
Arthur Ellis MAGIN witness
made 1866
          Will proved in 1869
William BODEN Scarthin Row, Matlock farmer,mentions;
sister Elizabeth BODEN
wife Peggy
son Joseph
son James
occupiers Sarah and Elizabeth BODEN
occupier Anthony WESTON property in Scarthin
Joseph STONE Solr Wirksworth witness
Walter KIRKLAND his clerk witness
made 1861
          Will proved in 1871
Anthony WOOD Bonsall farmer mentions;
neph Anthony WOOD son of my late bro Wm.
Tho WOOD grand son of my bro Wm
Elizabeth wife of Joseph FOX of Cromford
neph Tho WOOD of Matlock Bath paper maker
niece Ann DIXON
niece Elizabeth wife of Edward SEEDHOUSE
neph Anthony WOOD grand son of my bro William
niece Rebecca wife of John BUNTING
Tho WOOD son of my late neph John WOOD of Nottingham fishmonger
Ralph WOOD son of Tho WOOD of Bonsall
Tho WOOD Lenton Executor
Wm GREEN witness
Jas POTTER witness
Geo WOOD son of my bro William
Samuel TIDESWELL witness
Daniel LOXLEY snr, witness
made 1868 Codicil 1870
          Will proved in 1871
Robert BUXTON Kirk Ireton farmer mentions;
neph Geo SHELDON Lowe Fields p Youlgrif farmer
occ Tho RAINS and James SIMPSON land in Kirk Ireton
sister Mary SMITH
niece Mary COCKERAM
niece Hannah WINSON
niece Ellen FANCOTE
two nieces of my late bro Wm BUXTON now residing in USA
neph Wm HEATH
children of my late bro John
children of my late bro Thos
children of my late niece Hannah PROCKTER
Geo BUXTON son of my late neph German BUXTON
Saml SHEPHERD witness
Mary SHEPHERD witness
Daniel PICKERING witness
made 1860
          Will proved in 1863
Joseph HALL Brassington ,farmer,mentions;
wife Sarah
children Thomas,Edwin, Peter,Joseph,John and Sarah Jane.
Wm CANTRELL Wirksworth surgeon
Edwin TRUMAN Hognaston farmer
Wm GREATOREX Brassington ,miner ,witness
James ALLSOP witness
T Tunstall SMITH Surrogate
          Will proved in 1859
Wm WRIGHT Wirksworth wine and spirit merchant mentions;
wife Anne
Geo HODGKINSON witness
Geo WRIGHT witness
          Will proved in 1876
Edward BODEN Scarthin Row, Cromford butcher mentions;
wife Lydia
John MATHER witness
Elizabeth MATHER witness
made 1873
          Will proved in 1873
Alice OGDON Wirksworth spinster mentions;
sister Sarah OGDON
bro John butcher Wirksworth
neph Wm Doxey joiner Wirksworth
Edward Geo HARLEY witness
Wm MARSH witness
          Will proved in 1864
Mary TAYLOR Castle Top Farm,Matlock mentions;
dau Mary Ann TAYLOR living with me."six Windsor Chairs"
son Henry now living with me.
dau Selena TAYLOR
son Wm
son John
David KIDD Cromford grocer and ironmonger
John WILDGOOSE farmer witness
Samuel WRIGHT servant witness.
          Will proved in 1861
George WHEELDON p Brassington,yeoman,mentions;
Wm KNOWLES Brassington wheelwright
Wm WHEELDON Hognaston blacksmith
sister Hannah WHEELDON
four cottages in Hognaston
Robert BUNTING Hognaston farmer witness
Anthony WALL witness
Joseph STONE Comm to Admins. Oaths.
          Will proved in 1861
George WOOD Postern farmer mentions;
son George
children Edward, Ann ,John,Mary ,Charles
wife Ann
Samuel MORLEY witness
Geo HOULGATE witness Hazzlewood, farmer
John James SIMPSON District Registrar.
          Will proved in 1869
John DOXEY Middleton by Wirksworth miner mentions;
grandson John SHELDON now residing with Mr Joseph SPENCER 
Coal merchant Middleton by Wirksworth as carter.
dau Martha wife of Anthony HIGTON
son in law Anthony HIGTON
Thomas SPENCER miner Middleton
George CLAYTON miner Middleton 
made 1867
          Will proved in 1869
Anthony HIGTON Middleton by Wirksworth miner mentions;
wife Martha
cousin Hugh WALKER Middleton by Wirksworth miner
dau Elizabeth HIGTON
son Anthony HIGTON
made 1868
          Will proved in 1870
Henry SEALS Brassington farmer mentions;
son Joseph
son Henry
Edwin WILLERS son of my dau Mary wife of William WILLERS
son Thomas
son William
son Richard
son Edmund
dau Hannah BRIDDON
George BROWNSON witness
Joseph SWINDELL Parwich witness
made 1861
          Will proved in 1859
William SIMS Wirksworth weaver,mentions;
son John
dau Sarah SIMS
dau Lydia SIMS
William WESLEY Wirksworth tailor Executor
Thomas SPENCER Wirksworth joiner Executor
dau Alice
John TOMLINSON witness
Thomas PICKARD witness
          Will proved in 1869
Wm CARRINGTON Wirksworth cordwainer mentions;
dau Sarah
Francis HATFIELD Liverpool coal merchant
Matilda JEPSON witness
Jno JAMES witness
          Will proved in 1869
Chas WRIGHT Matlock earthenware dealer mentions;
dau Ann
grandson Chas KNOWLES
Wm Geo WHEATCROFT Solr Matlock Bridge witness
John ROUSE Matlock carrier
made 1866
          Will proved in 1863
Alice WALTON Wirksworth widow,mentions;
son John
dau Hannah wife of Jesse MARRIOTT farmer
dau Dorothy wife of Joseph WAGSTAFF lab.
friend James KILLER Wirksworth joiner
John MARSHALL witness
made 1852
          Will proved in 1863
Hannah LONGDEN Ashleyhay spinster mentions;
two great nephews Henry LONGDEN of Liverpool and 
Jonathan STORER of Alderwasley farmer
late bro Richard LONGDEN
late sister Rebecca WEBSTER
Elizabeth STORER
John LONGDEN son of my bro Richard departed this life leaving two daus 
Elizabeth and Eliza LONGDEN
Sarah Melcome WILLIAMS dau of Richard LONGDEN died leaving four dau 
and one son, Phebe,Rebecca, Sarah, Mary and Samuel.
Thomas WEBSTER,Ann SWINDELL, Sarah THORPE ,Elizb BRITTIAN ? who are 
the son and dau belonging my sister Rebecca WEBSTER 
and whereas her dau Hannah has been twice married first to 
Wm POTTS as has left issue Wm and Elizabeth and 
her second marriage was with Tho LINGARD ,one son Thomas by him.
Joseph BYARD witness
Peter KIDDY witness
Tho RICKARD witness
          Will proved in 1861
Daniel FEARN Brassington farmer mentions;
wife Elizabeth
son Francis
neph William KNOWLES
Adam KNOWLES witness Brassington wheelwright
Wm WHEELDON witness
J Tunstall SMITH Surrogate
          Will proved in 1861
Dorothy MATHER Wirksworth spinster mentions;
sister Mary CHEETHAM Holloway,widow
Newton MANT Surgeon Wirksworth
R RICHARDSON Wirksworth Bankers Clerk
          Will proved in 1861
George TAYLOR Matlock farmer and beer retailer mentions;
John TRICKETT son of my wife Mary TAYLOR
Mary wife of Geo ALLEN dau of my said wife by her former husband
friend Thomas SPENCER Tansley
friend Benjamin TWIGG Tansley farmer
Melville HOLMES Incumbent of Tansley witness
Thomas Mortimer SIDDALL Solr Hallfield Gate nr Alfreton witness
          Will proved in 1861
Mary POTTS Brassington spinster mentions;
Wm WALKER shoemaker Brassington
Wm WRIGHT grocer and farmer, Brassington
natural dau Elizabeth POTTS
Arthur HARWARD Solicitor Wirksworth witness
          Will proved in 1861
Robert FROST Wirksworth coal merchant mentions;
wife Ann
John PERCIVAL grocer witness
John JAMES Clerk to Mr HARWARD Solicitor Wirksworth witness
made 1857
          Will proved in 1862
Samuel SLATER Ireton Wood Kirk Ireton farmer mentions;
son Samuel
daus Mary and Elizabeth SLATER
property at Biggin
friend Rbt CRESSWELL Ideridgehay Gent
John PARKIN Ideridgehay land surveyor
Geo HODGKINSON witness
Frederick SIMMS witness
Walter KIRKLAND witness
Joseph WRIGHT witness Ideridgehay blacksmith
made 1850
          Will proved in 1862
John ADDY Matlock farmer mentions;
property in Brampton
Thomas LITTLEWOOD youger of Brampton farmer Executor
Matthew CROSSLAND Nether Padley farmer
John ASH Belper pork butcher
wife Martha
Crispin Inn,Darley Dale purchased from Samuel and Henry MILNER
Tom BENTLEY son of Elizabeth Mary Lees BENTLEY
John HIGGS otherwise John ADDY illeg .son of 
Elizabeth Mary Lees BENTLEY the wife of Benjamin BENTLEY Matlock farmer 
heretobefore Elizabeth Mary Lees HIGGS spinster the illeg. dau of 
my said wife before my intermarriage.
Wm Machin INGLE Solr Belper
Martha BENTLEY dau of Elizabeth Mary Lees BENTLEY by her husband 
Benjamin Wm WATSON Innkeeper witness
made 1855
Also see Matlock Parish Registers for:
          Will proved in 1861
Thomas BEESTON Biggin by Wirksworth mentions;
wife Hannah
land in Hulland Ward
son Wm
son John
son Thomas
dau Lucy wife of John PICKERING
dau Frances wife of Wm KELLY
dau Mary wife of John YOUNG
John HARRISON Wheelwright Hulland Ward
John HALL Atlow
Saml BAINBRIGGE witness
Tho REDFERN witness
made 1858
          Will proved in 1861
Hannah TWIGG Bonsall widow,mentions;
son John Henry
dau Sarah Hannah TWIGG spinster
dau Eliza Ann TWIGG spinster
dau Mary wife of Geo FROST
A O BROOKS Solr Wirksworth
Richard CLAY Chemist Cromford
made 1855
          Will proved in 1861
Hannah MARCHINGTON Bonsall Dale mentions;
Ann wife of Saml BARKER Bolehill
John BOSTICK of Ilkeston
Moses BOSTICK Ilkeston
Joseph BOSTICK of Ilkeston
Wm BOSTICK of Ilkeston
Joseph WALKER Bonsall Executor
Joseph BUNTING witness
Henry SELLORS witness
made 1858
          Will proved in 1861
Francis HURT Alderwasley Esq. mentions;
Richard NORMAN St Asaph, Nth Wales
Robert Manners NORMAN Harby ,Leics
son Albert Frederic Act Lt R.N.
wife Cecilia Emily
marr settlement 21 Aug 1829
Jas C NEWBOLD Solr Matlock witness
Tho H NEWBOLD his Clerk witness
plate belonging late Duchess of Beaufort
Jas MILNES witness
Geo HOLLAND witness
made 1856
          Will proved in 1869
Francis ROPER Middleton by Wirksworth mentions;
son Godfrey Rise End higgler
son Henry Middleton engineer
wife Esther
occ Francis WALKER
dau Ann ROPER
Henry MARSDEN witness
Thomas PICKARD witness
made 1858
          Will proved in 1860
John ROUSE Matlock Bath labourer mentions;
dau Rebecca
Adam KNOWLES Solr Chesterfield
Geo WARD witness
Thomas LUDLAM witness
made 1857
          Will proved in 1861
Wm MADDOCKS of Bonsall mentions;
Lewis WIGLEY baker
Job SHELDON Hollow Brook
Wm S J DORSETT Jnr Matlock
          Will proved in 1866
James SLACK Hulland Ward innkeeper ,mentions;
son James,Ireton Wood,farmer
son in law Arthur DEAVILLE Idridgehay farmer
friend Ralph HALL Hulland Ward saddler
property in Kirk Ireton occ by Mary Ann BEARDSLEY
wife Elizabeth
dau Barbara SLACK]
to son Wm,"the Nags Head" at Hulland Ward
Joseph BROWN owner of land
land formerly belonging my brother Joseph now occ by Geo COPESTAKE
dau Sarah LAND
dau Hannah DEAVILLE
John POOL witness
          Will proved in 1876
Thomas MATHER Wirksworth yeoman ,mentions;
occupiers Joseph KNIVETON, Geo BROWN
Edward HARLEY occupier of Gilgin Field .
dau Elizabeth MATHER
occupier Wm STEVENSON
dau Mary wife of Wm STEVENSON
Frederick Pollock WEBSTER Wirksworth
S WEBSTER witness
made 1874
          Will proved in 1858
Henry WIGLEY Hollow Finis, Bonsall,miller,mentions;
bro Joshua WIGLEY Bonsall lab.
bro Wm WIGLEY Bonsall lab.
neighbour Henry KNOWLES Latterway Green miner
Job SHELDON witness
Wm GRATTON witness
Wm KIRKLAND witness
          Will proved in 1858
Charles KNIVETON Bolehill p,Wirksworth,miner, mentions;
dau Hannah KNIVETON
son John
occ Wm SPENCER butcher of Middleton
son in law Henery JONES Bolehill
occ Joseph SLACK
dau Martha KNIVETON
dau Mary JONES
dau Susanah BROOKS
neph John SPENCER Middleton by Wirksworth
Robert ADAMS witness
Elizabeth ADAMS witness
          Will proved in 1858
Joseph FLINT Bolehill mine agent,mentions;
son Henry
son Joseph
late dau Mary wife of Thomas HALL
late dau Elizabeth wife of Peter BRITLAND
A O BROOKES Clerk to Mr HUBBERSTY Solr Wirksworth
Isaac LAND miner Bolehill witness
made 1855
          Will proved in 1858
Samuel SLACK Middleton miner,mentions;
dau Ruth SLACK spinster
James CLAYTON witness
Benjamin CLAYTON witness
          Will proved in 1858
William Beeson SMEDLEY Ireton Wood farmer mentions;
dau Mary SMEDLEY and her son Arthur SMEDLEY
George LANDS Wirksworth Gent.
John BAINBRIDGE Kirk Ireton farmer
children Isaac,Wm, Saml,John,Mary ,Joel.
George MARSDEN Wirksworth
Samuel WALKER Ireton Wood farmer
John SHEPHERD timber agent Aldridgehay (sic)
          Will proved in 1861
Samuel PRINCE Bonsall Esquire,mentions;
sister Sarah OSBALDISTON
son Samuel
Joseph Stanger ROSE
made 1828
          Will proved in 1861
John POYZER Wirksworth currier,mentions;
dau Mary
dau Sarah Ann BUXTON
property St John Street occ by Anthony PEAT
property in Wirksworth occ by John SMEDLEY,Henry WALKER,Sarah WRAGG and Tho WAIN
Hanging Close in occ of Phineas PEAT
property in Bonsall called School Broad in occ of Newton WRIGHT Snr
occ Geo FROST prop in Wirksworth
occ Joseph FROST prop in Wirksworth
occ W Mwalker prop in Wirksworth
occ Tho PEAT land in Kirk Ireton
Saml BROOKES Derby currier
Daniel WILSON malster Wirksworth
P HUBBERSTY Solr Wirksworth
made 1854
          Will proved in 1861
Ann WRAGG Uppertown,Bonsall but now of Northwood, p.Darley,spinster,mentions;
neph Jacob Wragg MILWARD son of my sister Grace WRAGG of Darley Hill Side
property in Bonsall in occ of Horatio MILWARD
bro Samuel WRAGG
John SWIFT witness Darley Dale lab.
Joseph FEARN witness Darley Dale lab
Arthur HARWOOD Commissioner.
          Will proved in 1866
James BROWNSON Cromford, farmer,mentions;
wife Sarah
Wm GREEN witness
James GELL witness
made 1851.
          Will proved in 1876
John HAYNES Matlock Bank, labourer,mentions;
wife Margaret
dau Emma wife of Edward RAWSON
Geo BARTON Hydro keeper and owner
Daniel VAWDREY Rector of Darley
Wm KNOWLES joiner Matlock Bank
          Will proved in 1876
Joseph SMITH Matlock ,Gent. mentions;
wife Ann
son Geo Harry
John Rich DUDLEY Staveley spade and shovel manuf.
dau Sarah DUDLEY
dau Emily SMITH
Wm WALL witness
John CUTTS witness
Elizebeth Annie OAKLEY witness
Thomas NUTTALL witness
made 1874
          Will proved in 1876
John FEARN Brassington yeoman,mentions;
wife Mary
son Daniel Baker FEARN
son Geo
son John
son James
son Edwin
dau Sarah wife of Daniel FEARN of Sheffield
dau Mary Jane wife of Geo WARD of Leeds
grand dau Matilda FEARN child of my 
dau Rachel 
now the wife of Wm GOTT
three grand daus 
Mary Josephine MELLOR, 
Sophia MELLOR and 
Esther Ellen MELLOR the children of my 
late dau Ellen MELLOR dec.
Wm GLOVER witness
Esther STONE witness
          Will proved in 1865
Wm BRIDDON Brassington miner, later of Lumsdale, Matlock , mentions;
property at Kings Mill,Brassington.
dau Sarah SMITH Lumsdale
son Wm of Middleton
son Thomas of Brassington
Speedwell and Howard mines
dec daus two children Mary Ann and Selina EYRE
David DOXEY witness Lumsdale bleacher
Geo ALLEN witness
T Tunstall SMITH Surrogate
          Will proved in 1865
Richard LOMAS Brassington ,farmer,mentions;
wife Mary
John WEBSTER witness
Josiah BURTON Bradbourne ,farmer,witness
J Tunstall SMITH Surrogate
          Will proved in 1865
Francis FEARN Brassington miner,mentions;
son Thomas
son Francis
dau Mary wife of Tho SEALS
dau Ann wife of Tho WATSON
dau Sarah SPENCER widow
dau Elizabeth wife of Francis WATSON
bro William of Brassington farmer
John FEARN grocer ,Brassington
Jno JAMES Clerk to Mr HARWARD Solr Wirksworth
          Will proved in 1865
Francis Green GOODWIN Wigwell Grange, p. Wirksworth Esq. mentions;
son Wm Henry
John PARKIN Idridgehay ,LandAgent and Surveyor
Agnes wife of Wm Henry GOODWIN
grand dau Cecilia Frances GOODWIN eldest surviving dau of my son Wm Henry GOODWIN
grand dau Isabella Harriet dau of my son Wm Henry GOODWIN
son Francis Cornelius
sister Margaret Leaford EVANS
Tho H NEWBOLD Solr Matlock
Wm GREEN Clerk to Mr NEWBOLD Matlock
son James Berrisford GOODWIN
Joseph BELLAERS witness
made 7 Mar 1864
Codicil 12 May 1864
          Will proved in 1865
John HARRISON late of Belper now of Idridgehay,yeoman.
grand nephew Joseph WRIGHT of Idridgehay blacksmith Executor
friend Michael JESSOP of Crich Gent.
Robert JACKSON (dec. by Codicil)
Elizabeth wife of Robert WINSON
Hannah wife of Isaac SWAIN
Ann wife of William REDFERN
Sarah wife of ---------- RADFORD of Lea.
Zaradiah dau of late Jabez JACKSON
Mary wife of John MASKERY
Joseph and Thomas children of Joseph WRIGHT dec.
Hannah JONES and Mary WRIGHT (Mary dec.by Codicil) children of Chas WRIGHT dec.
Frank Hartle WRIGHT son of Hannah JONES
Mary Ann WRIGHT(dec by Codicil) Eliza WRIGHT,Charles WRIGHT (dec by Codicil) John Harrison WRIGHT, 
children of Joseph WRIGHT.
Ann dau of late Elizabeth PALMER
William OAKLEY Idridgehay witness
Elizabeth WRIGHT mother of Joseph WRIGHT the Executor.
made 1861
Codicil 27 Feb 1865
          Will proved in 1866
Samuel WARD Matlock miner,mentions
wife Susannah
dau Ann WARD
garden next to John FARNSWORTHS house
son James
son William
dau Mary EDWARDS
Wm SLATER Matlock Bank marble worker
Hanah SLATER witness
John ELSE witness
testator died 1861
          Will proved in 1866
Thomas KEELING Callow,p.Wirksworth farmer,mentions;
wife Dorothy
J F KINGDON Slr Wirksworth
Clara FORD witness
made 1864
          Will proved in 1866
Samuel STONE Fishponds Farm Alderwasley farmer, and late of Elton,mentions;
property at Elton
wife Ann
Thorn Tree Inn,Brassington
son Samuel
dau Ann STONE
dau Hannah wife of Francis MILLNER
dau Mary wife of Robert LOMAS
son Matthew
Henry CAMPION witness
James BUNTING witness
Testator died 10 Apr 1866 at Elton
          Will proved in 1866
William SLATER Brassington farmer,mentions;
wife Elizabeth
bro in law John GREGORY of Harborough,Brassington farmer
cousin Richard WRIGHT Brassington farmer
children Jane SLATER,George Wright SLATER and Sarah SLATER
mother in law Mrs WATSON (still living)
"my house known as the George and Dragon occ by Robert GREATOREX"
house in occ of Thomas ALLSOP,John SMITH
James ABBOTT Brassington witness
Arthur HARWARD Solicitor, Wirksworth witness
          Will proved in 1866
George BOWMER Holly Seat ,Shottle,farmer,mentions
son George of Aston on Trent
son Isaac of Shottle,farmer
son Joshua
son William
dau Mary wife of Samuel SLATER Holly House Belper,farmer
dau Phoebe BOWMER
dau Hannah BOWMER
property in Wirksworth "Crab Tree Close"
Ed Ley GREAVES Solr Belper
Patience CLARKE servant to Mr BOWMER
          Will proved in 1866
Thomas BODEN Matlock,baker, mentions;
Richard BLACKWELL Tansley miller
Joseph BRAILSFORD of Rowsley railway porter
son Anthony
dau Fanny wife of Wm DAWES
dau Mary Ann wife of Geo BAMFORD
son Thomas
dau Elizabeth wife of Geo WALL
dau Sarah wife of Thomas BUXTON
son William
dau Lydia BODEN
Samuel DYALL witness
William John NEALE Solr Matlock
made 1863
          Will proved in 1866
Thomas SMEDLEY Matlock Bath ,marble turner,mentions;
bro William
friend Joseph HODGKINSON Matlock Bath grocer
dau Eleanor SMEDLEY
wife Ann
occ (occupier) Col LEACROFT
dau Eliza Ann SMEDLEY
Wm GREEN witness
Wm Bernard THIMBLEY witness Clerks to Messrs MILNES and NEWBOLD Matlock Solr.
dau Emma JORDAN.
made 1860
          Will proved in 1861
John HEATON Hulland Ward,farmer, mentions;
wife Sarah
son John
F M HAYWOOD Solr Derby witness
J Davenport NORTON Clerk to Mr HAYWOOD witness
          Will proved in 1861
Henry WALL Riber, p.Matlock, farmer ,mentions;
wife Elizabeth
son in law Henry REDFERN
Richard WALTHALL property deal.
son in law Thomas REDFERN
dau in law Mary wife of Adam KNOWLES Matlock miner
dau in law Lydia wife of John SMITH Over Hackney flax dresser
dau in law Charlotte GREGORY wife of Philip of Derby ,joiner
Jas C. NEWBOLD Solr Matlock ,witness
William GREEN Clerk to Messrs MILNES and NEWBOLD Solr,Matlock
made 1851

          Will proved in 1866
Sarah WILCOCKSON Blackwall,Kirk Ireton, spinster, mentions;
Emma Frances wife of William STATHAM
Edward EVANS
Mary Blackwall wife of Rev Wm ROWLANDS Clerk
Wiliam EVANS
Fanny Balckweall EVANS
Mary widow of Rev Henry CLARK
George WAYNE yngr
Rev Chas EVANS Worcester ,Clerk and Emma his wife
Miss Harriott PIDCOCK Kirk Ireton
cousin Jane OLDFIELD late Jane JOHNSON ,spinster
cousin Mary JOHNSON
cousin Mary wife of Samuel COOPER,late Mary GREATOREX spinster
cousin Lydia wife of George CALADINE late Lydia GREATOREX
Aunt Sarah STALEY
Elizabeth BLACKWALL Spondon
God daughter Ann Downing EVANS
Mary wife of George SMITH late Mary ROE spinster
late servant Sarah HALL wife of Langley HALL ,now residing in United Staes of North America, late Sarah LYGO spinster
William STATHAM Green Bank Gent, Exec.
John PARKIN Ideridge Hay Gent. Exec.
property in Kirk Ireton occ by David DEAN
Ratchwood and Middle Peak mines
Ann widow of Alexander MANSON of Nottingham,Doctor of Physic
occ Samuel WAYNE Wagstaffs Ground in Kirk Ireton
occ Samuel WAYNE of property in Brassington
occ Samuel WAYNE of property in Hulland Ward
cousin Elizabeth dau of late Uncle Robert WAYNE
occ Samuel WAYNE property in Biggin and Ireton Wood
children of Samuel BUNTING late of Atlow ,farmer
property in Kirk Ireton occ by John BEMBRIDGE
William WHISTON jnr Solr Drby
Thomas COOPER his Clerk.
made 1864
          Will proved in 1866
Patrick VERLING, Roman Catholic Priest, Matlock Bridge, mentions;
sister Mary LEARY
Sabina VERLING wife of Bartholomew
bro Bartholomew
John ELSE Auctioner and Valuer ,Matlock
Alice MATTHEWS widow
Josiah CASH L.R.C.P. and M.R.C.S Matlock Bridge witness
Wm Geo WHEATCROFT Matlock Bridge witness
          Will proved in 1866
John COTTERILL grocer, Bonsall,mentions;
wife Ellen
son Robert
son Benjamin
Robert BAMFORD witness
Adam KNOWLES witness
William KNOWLES witness
made 1864
          Will proved in 1866
George WRIGHT Matlock,shoemaker,mentions;
wife Ann
son Henry
son Robert
Richard GREGORY gardner (maybe a surname,rather than occupation)
Henry MARSDEN Schoolmaster
          Will proved in 1866
John TAYLOR Bow Wood, Matlock farmer and cattle dealer, mentions;
wife Sarah
son Herbert Saint TAYLOR
William YEOMANS Holloway Agent Exec.
Robert TURNER Barn Close farmer, witness
Samuel BARKER witness
          Will proved in 1870
Joseph GOULD Brassington,miner and farmer,mentions;
wife Martha
dau Mary Ann
son Moses
son Aaron
dau Margaret
son Charles Robert COLVILLE
shares in ;
mine in Gainstone Close
Top of Dale mine
Rider Hill mine (Robert WAYNE)
Bear John mine
John GOULD Snr and Luther GOULD son of John,executors
J BARTRAM witness
Mark GOULD witness
Job HALL witness
J Tunstall SMITH Surrogate
          Will proved in 1870
Robert GELL Kirk Ireton, Clerk ,mentions;
Daniel PICKERING Kirk Ireton schoolmaster
housekeeper Sarah BANKS
servant Alice GREATOREX
godson Theodore WIRGMAN eldest son of my friend Rev Augustus WIRGMAN Vicar of Hartington.
friend Wm WEBB Wirksworth M.D
nephs John Sherbrooke GELL ,Phillip GELL, Francis GELL ,sons of my late bro John Sherbrooke GELL.
niece Lucy NEWENHAM dau of my late bro John Sherbrooke GELL.
nieces Elizabeth GELL, Harriett GELL, Caroline GELL daus of my bro Rev Philip GELL
neph John Phillip GELL
neph Frederic GELL (Lord Bishop of Madras)
friend John PARKIN Idridgehay Land Agent
George HODGKINSON Solicitor, Wirksworth
John BEMBRIDGE farmer Kirk Ireton
made 1866
          Will proved in 1870
John WILKINSON Wirksworth later of Carsington,labourer, mentions;
cousin Robert WILKINSON Carsington ,cordwainer
cousin Martha wife of Benjamin YOUNG of Tansley weaver
cousin Mary wife of Joseph KNIVETON Wirksworth labourer
cousin Elizabeth wife of Joseph BUXTON,Winster miner
cousin Ellen WILKINSON Derby spinster
Charles SURTEES Clerk to Mr HODGKINSON Solr.
Godfrey BROCKLEHURST witness
made 1853
          Will proved in 1864
Henry WEBSTER Hulland Ward,yeoman,mentions;
sister Hannah WOOD
bro in law Charles WOOD
bro Isaac WEBSTER
neph John WOOD
neph James WOOD
niece Alice WOOD
niece Hannah POOL
niece Emma WOOD
neph Chas WOOD
neph Henry WEBSTER
neph John POOL
Emma POOL, Maria WHEATCROFT, Mary WEBSTER daus of the said Henry WEBSTER.
friend Curtis KNIFTON
friend Joseph HOON Hulland Ward farmer
Joseph WESTON witness
Stephen BLACK witness
James VALLACK Commissioner.
          Will proved in 1870
Mary Jane BRACE Wirksworth spinster,mentions;
friend Thomas NEWTON yngr Wirksworth maltster
Richard RICHARDSON Bank Manager ,Wirksworth
cousin Frances OVETT
cousin Sarah SMITH
cousin Elizabeth COLLAR
cousin Mary WILSON
cousin Nancy BRACE
William BRIDDON Postman Wirksworth
Charles DRAPER Postman Wirksworth
John ALSOP Postman Wirksworth
Alice GREATOREX Wirksworth
Catherine GREATOREX Wirksworth
Job WALLBANK Wirksworth
cousin Walter Mather Shore EVANS
Ruth RICHARDSON dau of Richard
Arthur HARWOOD Solr witness
Jno JAMES his Clerk witness
Martha WHEELDON Little Eaton witness
made 1868
          Will proved in 1870
Edward SMITHURST, Matlock labourer, mentions;
wife Mary
son Edward
son William
dau Grace SLATER
cottage occ by John GREGORY in Matlock
cottage occ by George TAYLOR in Matlock
Agnes BODEN dau of my said wife
Nathaniel STALEY Cromford witness
James POTTER Matlock Law Student witness
          Will proved in 1870
John EVANS Sheffield and Matlock,Gent, mentions;
wife Mary
neph John RAINS Manchester M.D.
John Broxup COATES Bonsall ,farmer trustees
occ. Mr MATTOX of property in Matlock
"my adopted child Margaret Clay RAINS dau of John RAINS the elder of Bonsall,Gent.
"family Tankard" to Mary IBBOTSON wife of Thomas, of Sheffield.
relative Sarah BAMFORD ,Fanny BAMFORD daus of my late cousin John BAMFORD late of Ashover.
cousin Sarah HOLE widow of Richard of Eddlestow Farm Ashover
cuosin Samuel EVANS (son of my late Uncle Stephe EVANS late of Moira Baths, Leics")
John Bruce EVANS ,son of Samuel EVANS
relative Thomas Buxton HAWKSWORTH,Sarah Ann HAWKSWORTH, 
  Martha wife of Michael HUNTER yngr,(children of John Wilson HAWKSWORTH of Sheffield,merchant)
cousin Joseph Evans RAINS (son of my said neph John RAINS)
J W A BROMLEY Matlock witness
William GREEN Matlock Bath witness
Matlock Bank Congregational Chapel
Francis CLAY Matlock shopkeeper
Sarah MARSHALL sister of Francis CLAY
John Samuel Broxup COATES (son of John Broxup COATES)
Mrs BLYTHE dau of my dec Uncle Stephen EVANS
Charles LEE,Gertrude LEE(children of Sarah LEE dec. dau of John CLAY of Shirland ,farmer.dec.
Lucy HASLAM witness
made 1865
Codicil 1867
          Will proved in 1870
William ADSETTS, Shottle ,farmer,mentions;
wife Sarah
John BARBER witness
Thomas GIBBS witness
made 1862
          Will proved in 1861
John MATHER Wirksworth Innkeeper, mentions;
friend Charles SURTEES
son William
wife Mary
son John
dau Mary
dau Ann
property Wash Green
bro Thomas ,property at New Bridge
Thomas TAYLOR witness
          Will proved in 1861
Mary Pichott FIDLER Biggin Grange widow mentions;
dau Elizabeth Pichott FIDLER Biggin Grange
Landlord Duke of Devonshire
dau Mary Pichott FIDLER
Gilbert GOULD Pilsbury Gent.
William MASON Parwich Gent.
"Will of Ann GOODWIN spinster Biggin Hall"
John Joseph WISE witness
Thomas PETT witness
          Will proved in 1861
Abel BODEN Matlock Bath baker,mentions;
son John
Thomas H NEWBOLD Solr Matlock ,witness
Fanny WIGLEY Bonsall witness
          Will proved in 1872
Ann DOXEY Middleton by Wirksworth widow ,mentions;
friend Hugh WALKER Middleton by Wirksworth grocer and farmer
bro Thomas BEESON 
and his three children; Robert, John, 
and Elizabeth wife of Francis SPENCER
sister in law Sarah BEESTON
sister in law Elizabeth wife of Anthony BUCKLEY
bro in law Joseph DOXEY
niece Ann BEESON
bro in law George DOXEY
bro in law Aaron DOXEY
my [his?] four children: George, Aaron, Ann wife of Samuel SHELDON, Jemima DOXEY.
Jno JAMES witness
Ann ADAMS witness
          Will proved in 1864
Samuel KNIVETON Wirksworth yeoman,mentions
Edward MOULD Wirksworth miner
George SEEDS Wirksworth shoemaker
wife Mary
children. un-named
Roger KNOWLES witness
Thomas PICKARD witness
made 1856
          Will proved in 1871
John ABBOTT Wirksworth ,butcher,mentions;
mother Elizabeth
brother Josiah
brother James
H BEESLY Witness
made 1869.
          Will proved in 1877
Elizabeth STEEL Sheffield spinster, later of Knowlestone Place Matlock ,mentions;
sister Ann STEEL
sister Sarah STEEL
sister Mary STEEL
Emily MOXON witness
Annie WINKS witness
made 1864
testator died 29 Sep 1876 Matlock Bridge.
          Will proved in 1863
George COOPER Shottle farmer, later of Turnditch,mentions;
wife Martha
son Lewis
John Bland WALKER Solr Belper witness
John WALKER his Clerk witness
made 1859
          Will proved in 1863
Wiliam CARLINE Starkholmes ,Matlock, farmer, mentions;
dau Maria CARLINE
dau Esther Ellen CARLINE
son Herbert
son Abanathan Daffin CARLINE
occ. Thomas BUXTON
son Alfred William
occ. Sarah BUXTON
property purchased from Peter BROWN
dau Hannah wife of Joseph HODGKINSON
Thomas CARLINE witness
Joseph FOX witness
This Will also contains numerous field names and reference numbers to a map. 
Most likely the Tithe, but can't be certain.
          Will proved in 1872
Eleazer BOOT Wirksworth Gent.mentions;
wife Mary
William WEBB M.D.
William ROSEWARNE Clerk to Geo HODGKINSON Solr.
made 1867
          Will proved in 1864
Charlotte DALE Matlock Bath spinster,mentions;
Miss Elizabeth GRAHAM Chesterfield
Alice SAXTON Matlock Bath spinster
George Henry SAXTON Neph of Alice SAXTON
Ann Elizabeth SAXTON niece of Alice SAXTON
Mary SAXTON niece of Alice SAXTON
Lucy Harriett SAXTON niece of Alice SAXTON
Mary Ann SAXTON Matlock Bath spinster
Eliza SAXTON Matlock Bath spinster
Harriet SAXTON Matlock Bath spinster
Edward GREENHOUGH witness
Lucy GREENHOUGH witness
made 1862

Frank Dunn writes
Charlotte DALE (Spinster)
In 1841 census age 30 she was living with the SAXTON family (Victualers) in Matlock
In 1861 census age 52 she was a boarder with the family of Joseph BODEN (coachman) of Matlock Bath being a companion of Mary Gratton, a landed proprietor who also lived there
Her parents were Thurston DALE b 1782 at Chelmorton and Mary GREATOREX b abt 1782 and died Apr 1643 at Shirley. They married 8sep1806 at Shirley
Charlotte was their first child, b 12apr1807 at Shirley.
Other children were:-
Elizabeth b 11feb1810 married Joseph RIDE 7jun1830 at St Peter Derby
William b 10mar1813 d 23may1895 at Elton married (1) Sarah MOORE 19mar1834 at Shirley she died 1901 and (2) Sarah HOUSLEY 6jul1863 at Elton
George b abt1816 d 1841 Shoemaker
Barbara b 2nov1817
Mary b 29apr1821 d 1864
Thomas b 17nov1823
Margaret b 8oct1826
I have record of 5 generations ancestors of Thurstan if it would help anyone
-----148-------------------------------- Will proved in 1864 Lydia SMEDLEY Wirksworth spinster.,mentions; niece Sarah wife of Herbert OLDFIELD of Atherstone, Warwicks niece Eliza wife of Arthur WALKER of Wirksworth nephew George BAMFORD of Derby neph Gervase BAMFORD of London brother Idris SMEDLEY of Repton Executor Timothy CLARK Wirksworth Jno JAMES Clerk to Mr HARWARD Solicitor,Wirksworth. made 1862 -----149-------------------------------- Will proved in 1860 Joseph HARTLE Bonsall ,miner ,mentions; brother Robert Robert HARTLE combmaker,Bonsall (may be same) Children Mary Ann KIRK, William HARTLE, John HARTLE, Joseph HARTLE, Hannah SYERS ?, Lucy HARTLE, John HARTLE, Ruth WOOD Joseph STONE witness Solr. John ABELL Innkeeper,Bonsall made 1857 -----150-------------------------------- Will proved in 1875 William WAYNE Idridgehay sub postmaster,mentions; property in Brassington wife Esther dau Emily MORGAN son John William son Joseph brother Samuel Joseph Taylor SURREY ? Clerk Idridgehay Joseph BARTON Innkeeper,Idridgehay witness -----151-------------------------------- Will proved in 1871 Thomas TRAVIS Postern Lodge, Shottle, mentions; wife Jane Elizabeth Landlord Duke of Devonshire brother Hugh William SMITH of Selston farmer Joseph STONE Solr Wirksworth witness Jno RAINS M.D. Manchester witness Jno Horner JENKINS witness Charles LAUGHTON witness -----152-------------------------------- Will proved in 1871 Hannah Maria HOWITT Temple Terrace,Matlock Bath ,spinster, mentions; bro Henery of Durham,Quarter Master bro Edward of Birmingham late sister Caroline HOWITT Agnes Freane ? LEACH wife of John Comyn LEACH of Stourminster nr Newton,Dorset surgeon niece Ann Maria HOWITT Gratian Charles Barry HART Surgeon, Chesterfield witness H ARCHER Nottingham, witness -----153-------------------------------- Will proved in 1869 William LUDLAM ,Matlock ,farmer, mentions; wife Hannah property Matlock Moor dau Mary LUDLAM dau Sarah Ann LUDLAM John GOODWIN Wold Farm David DOXEY Lumsdale David DOXEY witness Luke WILMOT witness -----154-------------------------------- Will proved in 1871 Gill PICKARD plumber and glazier of Wirksworth mentions; son Joseph dau Mary PICKARD neph James PICKARD of Wirksworth Commercial Traveller money the late Anthony WARDMAN owes me. son Francis PICKARD son William PICKARD John JAMES witness Elizabeth JAMES witness -----155-------------------------------- Will proved in 1869 Mary Ann LEACROFT Tor House, Matlock, late of Dale Cottage, Matlock,widow mentions; property Soresby St. Chesterfield dau Augusta Caroline LEACROFT dau Catherine Louise Carpenter LEACROFT William Grimwood TAYLOR Solr Derby William FREEMAN Clerk to Messrs SIMPSON,TAYLOR, SIMPSON made 1865 -----156-------------------------------- Will proved in 1869 Lydia WHITE Matlock Bank, spinster, mentions; son Samuel Francis HATFIELD shopkeeper witness Titus CARLINE Matlock fwk, witness made 1863 Testator died 3 Sep 1863 -----157-------------------------------- Will proved in 1862 John MELLOR Brassington, cordwainer, mentions; bro in law Thomas FEARN Brassington yeoman Joseph GENNIS Brassington farmer Elizabeth SEEDS dau of my wife by her former husband children Sarah, Robert, Mary, Hannah, Emma, Alice, George Josh TOMLINSON witness John BAMFORD witness Will made 1846 -----158-------------------------------- Will proved in 1863 Edmund BUXTON Brassington ,farmer and grocer, mentions; son Edmund nephew Joshua BURTON wife Mabel dau Mabel dau Ann dau Hannah property purchased from Thomas SLACK dau Ann WATSON property of Henry GREATOREX property of James ROWBOTTOM property of William SHIPLEY William SLATER witness Joseph BUXTON Brassington ,farmer, witness Will made 1858 -----159-------------------------------- Will proved in 1863 John KNIVETON Bolehill, Wirksworth, miner, mentions; bro in law Henry JONES Bolehill bro in law Thomas LAND Bolehill property occupied by Samuel BROOKS property occupied by James LICHFIELD dau Emily KNIVETON dau Clasia KNIVETON dau Hannah KNIVETON son John dau Mary KNIVETON son James Herbert KNIVETON Robert ADAMS Snr witness Elizabeth LAND witness -----160-------------------------------- Will proved in 1863 Elizabeth GREAVES formerly Elizabeth TOPLIS spinster, now widow of George GREAVES Wirksworth Esq, mentions; George Richard GREAVES son of Henley George GREAVES Maria Elizabeth dau of above Frederick William Charles WHALLEY Park St. Westminster Rev James WHALLEY son of Frederick WHALLEY Westminster Agnes CATLOW dau of Rev Samuel CATLOW Maria CATLOW dau of above Rev Thomas GELL Ann Toplis SWETTENHAM dau of late James SWETTENHAM Peter ARKWRIGHT Willersley Edward RADFORD Tansley Wood William Henry Greaves BAGSHAWE Ford Hall James WALL Wirksworth Elizabeth Anne wife of Henley George GREAVES Mary Catherine Anne widow of Henry Marwood GREAVES Louisa Jane widow of John GREAVES Mary Ellen de Cardonnel WRIGHT Lucy Anne de Cardonnel ELMSALL Georgena de Cardonnel FINDLAY Ellen Elizabeth GREAVES dau of Henry Marwood GREAVES Mary OVEREND Frances JACKSON Ann CARR dau of Rev Jhn CARR Holbrook Mary CARR dau as above Henry Ed. WATSON Solr, Sheffield James NORTH Butler to Elizabeth GREAVES Frederick Buxton WHALLEY James WHALLEY Incumbent of Wretham Mary Ann wife of Peter ARKWRIGHT John SENIOR my coachman Ann WALKER housekeeper Elizabeth SAUL cook Charles Henry OWEN witness Marianna BAILEY housemaid Sarah RATCLIFFE kitchen maid Henry CALDWELL my young footman Maria H BARNETT witness Arthur HARWARD witness Will made 1861 Codicil Jan 1862 Codicil Jul 1862 -----161-------------------------------- Will proved in 1872 Abanathan HAWLEY Wirksworth lead miner and innkeeper, mentions; son in law William WARDMAN son George HAWLEY wife Elizabeth son John son Francis son Abanathan son William dau Sarah wife of William WARDMAN dau Elizabeth wife of Robert BEESTON dau Alice wife of Thomas WETTON dau Hannah HAWLEY William JAMES witness Jno JAMES witnesss Will made 1866 -----162-------------------------------- Will proved in 1872 James BRIDDON Bonsall blacksmith, mentions; wife Lucy son Joseph tailor, Bonsall occupier Henry KNOWLES Bonsall John REDFERN combmaker Clatterway occupier of house Ball Leys son John ,blacksmith son Herbert, blacksmith property in Common Wood, Matlock, occupier Sarah HADFIELD and Jabez BAGSHAW, Henry CRAWFORD son George, blacksmith -----163-------------------------------- Will proved in 1872 William BROCKLEHURST Alderwasley, farmer, mentions; wife Ellen neph. Thomas BROWN house called Ansons Farm in occupation of German SIMS Docksey Close adjacent to Summer Lane in occ. of Richard WALL John Stephen HALL Executor , Middleton niece Elizabeth TRUMAN niece Alice WRAGG niece Mary BATEMAN niece Ann STEEPLE niece Ellen SPENCER German SIMS Longway Bank, Executor George WHEATCROFT grocer, Whatstandwell Bridge. witness James KNIVETON Wirksworth, lab. witness Edward HARLEY witness Wirksworth Henry DAKIN witness, Wirksworth "Sweeting Cottage to be sold ". Will made 1866 Codicil 1867 -----164-------------------------------- Will proved in 1872 Samuel DUROE Hulland Ward, mentions; friend William HALL Carr Hall farmer Executor friend Thomas WOOLLEY bricklayer and farmer, Executor "aged mother Frances DUROE" brother John brother Thomas brother Frank sister Dorothy sister Fanny sister Judy George Thomas WHITE witness John Berresford RODGERS witness -----165-------------------------------- Will proved in 1872 Henry HAYNES, Idridgehay later of Turnditch, farmer and cattle dealer, mentions; wife Millicent friend William ALLSOP Postern, farmer late son George late dau Martha JEBB dau Eliza wife of Samuel WALKER property in Hulland Ward in occ. of Samuel WALKER grandson Henry HAYNES son of the late George James GLOVER Clerk to Mr HODGKINSON Solr Wirksworth witness Joseph POYSER Auctioneer witness Wirksworth Frederick Dean BEARDSLEY Ashleyhay William BEARDSLEY Wallstone Farm, p. Hazlewood J.F.KINGDON witness Solr. Wirksworth. --------------------------------------------------------

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