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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Wirksworth Floral and Horticultural Show 1834

Helen Wilson, of the Pentrich Historical Society, wrote:
Hi John,
I was transcribing some Pentrich related material from some photocopies of old Derby Mercury newspapers, and came across an 1834 Wirksworth related extract, which I have transcribed for you. I thought you may like to post it on your web site somewhere?
Most kind Helen, here it is, with links to the 1841 Census (only 7 years later).

Extract from 'Derby Mercury' Newspaper
Dated 24th September 1834 (Pg 3 Column 6)

The third and last meeting of this society for 
the season, was held at the Red Lion Inn, on 
Thursday last. It exceeded in point of interest 
either of the former meetings. The show room 
was crowded with visitors during the whole 
afternoon, and every exertion had been used 
by the members to give effect to the exhibition.
At the entrance of the room the Cavalry Band 
was stationed and played in a very masterly style; 
the room was decorated in a very tasteful manner 
with a variety of flowers and evergreens, and 
together with the large quantities of Dahlias 
brought for exhibition, presented a very splendid 
and pleasing appearance. Mr. Lakin of Derby, 
Mr. Turton of Alfreton, and Mr. Fowell of 
Oakerthorpe, were again chosen judges and 
awarded the prizes to the following gentlemen:

   Best Basket of flowers   Rev. N. Hubbersty
   Best pan of six Dahlias  Mr. Frances Shaw
   Best seedling            Mr. Allen
   Best Dark                Mr. F. Shaw
   Best Purple              Mr. Robinson
   Best Shade               Rev. N. Hubbersty
   Best Crimson             Mr. Cantrell
   Best Scarlet             Mr. Goodwin
   Best Rose                Mr. Allen
   Best Orange              Mr. Mould
   Best Yellow              Rev. N. Hubbersty
   Best Tip'd               Mr. Goodwin
   Best White               Mr. Allen
   Best Lettuces            Mr. Bristol
   Best Potatoes            Mr. B. White
   Best Kidney Beans        Mr. Cresswell
   Best Carrots             Mr. Mould
   Best Turnips             Mr. Cresswell
   Best Onions              Mr. R. Wall
   Best Dessert Apples      Mr. Aires
   Best Winter ditto        Mr. B. White
   Best Pears               Mr. Cresswell
   Best Beet Root               Ditto
   Best Melon               Rev. N. Hubbersty

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