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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photographers operating in the Wirksworth Area

This data is taken with permission from Brett Payne's excellent Derbyshire Photographers which states: This ongoing study of 19th- and early 20th-Century Derbyshire studio photographers includes an index with their known dates of operation, as well as profiles of selected studios. Genealogists and family historians will hopefully find this a useful tool for dating old family photographs
Where available, a link is provided between the photographer's name and a biographical profile on the Derbyshire Photographer's website.
Data here is listed under: Name, Address, Town, Dates & sources, Notes.

  1. BARBER, Frederick - The Matlock Studio of Art photography Bank road
    Matlock Bank
    1891 (Kelly)
    Artist & photographer (h. The Beeches, Matlock Town);
    1881 Census shows FB and wife Emma at Baslow-with-Bubness DBY
    1891 Census at Matlock
    also in 1901 Census at Matlock (courtesy of Chris Watts).

  2. BARBER, Wm. Harvey - The Matlock Studio
    Bank Road, Matlock Bank & Moor
    Matlock Bank
    1895 (Kelly)
    1891 Census shows Frederick Barber (51, b. Sheffield YKS, artist/photographer)
    & son William H Barber (20, b. Sheffield YKS, photographers assistant) at
    The Beeches, Church St, Matlock

  3. CLARK, John
    Museum parade (1870) South Parade (1887)
    Matlock Bath
    1870 (Harrod) 1876 (Kelly) 1881 (Kelly) 1887 (Kelly)
    & lodging ho., b. c1823 South Witham LIN,
    1871 & 1881 Census show him as "Photographer" in Matlock Bath,
    but not shown in 1891 Census; Succeeded by JW Hilder

  4. DAVIS, Charles
    Matlock Bank
    Matlock Bath
    1876 (Kelly) 1881 (Kelly)
    1871 Census shows Charles Davis (47, b. Stonehouse GLS) and
    Charles Davis, son (18, b. Soho MDX), both as photographers in Matlock Bank;
    1881 shows Charles senr still at Matlock; not shown 1891 Matlock

  5. DRAKE, Joseph V.
    Bakewell Road
    1926-27 (Trades) 1932 (Kelly)
    1891 Census shows Joseph Drake (25, b. Huddersfield YKS, boarder/photographic artist)
    at Off Church Street, Matlock

  6. HENSHALL, Thomas Meredith
    Derwent Gardens
    Matlock Bath
    1912 (Kelly)

  7. HILDER, John William
    South Parade
    Matlock Bath
    1891 (Kelly) 1895 (Kelly) 1899 (Kelly)
    Successor to J. Clark; 1891 Census shows J W Hilder (33, b. Lewisham KNT, photo artist)
    at South Parade, Matlock, and in same household, F C Graffton (29, b. Aberdeen SCT, photo artist);
    operated until at least 1907 (Bradley)

  8. JONES, David Sherwood
    Matlock Bridge
    Matlock Bath
    1881 (Kelly) 1887 (Kelly)
    1881 Census shows David Jones, Photographer (24, b. Rugby WAR) at Matlock;
    not shown in 1891

  9. LATHAM, John
    Taghill Cottage
    Bradley, 2004
    1861 Census

  10. MILLS, J.

    Matlock Bath
    c. 1904
    Cabinet card known

  11. POTTER, Jsph.
    Matlock dale
    Matlock Bath
    1881 (Kelly)

  12. POTTER, William
    Matlock Dale (1891) Derwent par. (1895)
    Matlock Bath
    1891 (Kelly) 1895 (Kelly) 1899 (Kelly)
    1881 Census shows William Potter (38, b. Matlock, draper's traveller & photographer)
    & his wife Louisa Potter (32, b. St Johns Wood MDX, photographer's printer)
    at Matlock Dale; in 1891 only William is a photographer operated until at
    least 1908 (Bradley ).

  13. ROWBOTHAM, Percy
    by Royal Hotel
    Matlock Bath
    1912 (Kelly)

  14. STATHAM, William Nathan (& Sons)
    Matlock Bridge (1891, 1895) Dale Road (1908-1932)
    Matlock Bath Matlock
    1891 (Kelly) 1895 (Kelly) 1908 (Kelly) 1912 (Kelly) 1916 (Kelly)
    1926-1927 (Trades) 1932 (Kelly)
    c. 1900 "Certified Art Master and Photographic Artist.
    The Studio, Matlock Bridge. Tel. 73" (Prince, 2001); operated as late as 1940 (Bradley)
    1891 Census

  15. UNWIN, George Washington
    Matlock Bath
    1881 (Kelly)
    & lodging house

  16. WATTERSON, George
    Bailey Croft terrace
    1895 (Kelly)
    b. c1843 Wirksworth; was a Commercial Clerk in 1871 & 1881
    also 1891 Census

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