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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Around 1994 the Author researched the maternal side of his family, and produced this Tree. He has now been asked to add it to the Wirksworth website.

The DOXEY Tree

The Doxeys seem to originate from Middleton-by-Wirksworth, a village in mid-Derbyshire where lead has been mined since Roman times. The men have mostly been lead miners, and the family did not move away from Middleton until the 1850's. Some of the women worked in the world's first factory, the water-powered cotton spinning mill built by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1771 at Cromford, two miles away. The information in this Family tree was derived from Parish registers, Bishop's transcripts and Census records held at Derbyshire and Lichfield Record Offices, from the Mormon International Genealogical Index 1992 for Derbyshire, from information from Sam Doxey of Utah, from entries in the Family Bible and from living memories. Dates before 1837 are usually baptisms. Over the years, Doxey family movements have been: 1594-Longford-1606-Wirksworth-1670?-Middleton-by-Wirksworth-1870-Matlock-1890-Ecclesall-1930-Twickenham-1966-Poole-1994. | | | | 1570? 1570? Roger (Longford) Dorothy DOCKSEY====20oct1594====BROOKS 1594 27jan1628 | | | |----------|---|------|------| | | | | William Elizabeth James | 1596? 1600? 1600? | 24aug1650 27jan1641 | | | (Wirksworth) 1606? 1610? Thomas (Wirksworth) Ellen DOXEY=======6jun1631=======HUNT 1630 | | |--------|----------|---------|---------|-|--------|-----|---------| | | | | | | | | (Infant) Thomas Thomas Ann Robert | William Richard 1632? 18sep1633 3may1635 8jul1638 12aug1640 | 3may1646 31aug1651 27jul1632 d.1633 | | ? (Wirksworth) 15oct1643 1648? John (Wirksworth) Ann DOXEY =====20apr1669===== NADIN 1670 | | |--------|---|-------| (This connection is not proven, since records for 1668-74 William Mary | are missing from Bishop's Transcripts at Lichfield.) 20jun1677 31jan1675 | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) | | (Wkwth?) (Cromford) Mary married at 22 and had Thomas lived his whole life in 22may1672 28dec1678 15 children in 14 years. Middleton-by-Wirksworth, married Thomas (Wirksworth) Mary at 29 and died at 49 DOXEY =====25jan1702==== WOODIWISS 1700 d.5jul1721 | | | |---------|------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|-|---------|---|-----|---------|---------|---------|---------| Ann Sarah? John? Penelope Robert Thomas Abraham | Jacob Adam Joseph Benjamin Maria Maria Aaron 14may1703 1704? 17may1706 17may1706 12may1708 10apr1709 26may1710 | 10sep1714 11feb1714 15feb1717 29jan1718 10oct1718 12mar1721 13sep1721 (Wkwth) | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) | | | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) NOTE 2 4feb1712 14dec1709 Isaac (Wirksworth) Alice DOXEY =====12jan1736===== HALL 1740 | | |--------|----------|-------|----------|--------|----|----|---------| Thomas | Isaac Mary Alice Thomas Jacob Hannah 20jly1737 | 1jly1741 10aug1743 21aug1745 5mat1746 11mar1747 17apr1750 (Wkwth) | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) | | (Wkwth) (Bonsall) | 23may1739 19aug1744 | William (Wirksworth) Mary NOTE 1 William was a lead miner. DOXEY =====31jan1765===== SMEDLEY 1770 | | |-----------|--------|---------|-----O--|---------|---------|---------|-------|---------| Hannah Thomas Isaac William | Mary Alice Samuel Mary Sophia 2oct1765 3jun1767 23jun1769 5jly1771 | 25oct1775 19apr1778 4may1780 22jun1783 aug1784 (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) | | | (Wkwth) (Cromford) NOTE 3 29sep1773 25sep1779 Abraham (Wirksworth) Hannah DOXEY =====27mar1799===== LONGDON 1800 | | |---------|---------|---------|--------|--O----|---------|----------|---------| John | Samuel Elizabeth Abraham Mary James Andrew Lydia 20sep1799 | 9sep1804 14sep1806 6jan1809 26may1815 12dec1817 10sep1820 24mar1822 (Wkwth) | (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Wkwth) (Ashford) (Ashford) | | | | | NOTE 4 (Wkwth) (Ashford) 13feb1802 17aug1806 E.D. was 3rd of 8 children of John Howe, Poet of Ashford- William (Bradbourne) Eliza Dorothy in-the-Water. She worked as Tallow chandler, cook, maker William was a lead miner, DOXEY =====14aug1833===== HOWE of umbrella tops and fustian coats, dressmaker, school- 1830 and could sign his name. d.9apr1875 | d.25jan1888 mistress, trimmer of hosiery, shopkeeper and Toll gate- He died aged 73. (Matlock) | (Matlock) keeper. Ten letters exist written by her 1884-88, | revealing her as intelligent and a delightful character. |-----O------| She died suddenly at 82 after a cold. William trained as a joiner and | Alfred became Clerk of the Works at | Smedley's Hydro, Matlock. He was (Wkwth) a miner when married and also 21may1838 21mar1837 built several houses. William (Ashover) Emma Emma's father was a gardner at Cowley Hall, He married twice and died of DOXEY =====25apr1863===== ELSE Darley. She died of a miscarriage at 37. 1860 pneumonia at 68, caught d.3dec1906 | d.20dec1874 waiting for a train. (Matlock) | (Matlock) | | NOTE 5 |-----O-----| Walter lived at Matlock, married Lucy Hague and had | Walter 3 children. He worked at Smedley"s Hydro, was keen Alfred was short, quiet and hard-working. | 28nov1867 on cycling and became addicted to planchett writing. He came to Sheffield at 12, apprenticed | at a power station. With Lucas he helped (Matlock) (Sheffield) install the first phones in Sheffield. 23dec1865 31jan1877 Gertrude was very short and always dressed He died at 68 soon after retiring. Alfred (Ecclesall) Gertrude in Victorian fashion, with a fox-skin round DOXEY =====25dec1893===== LONGDEN her neck. She was worried about money and d.29jan1933 | d.13jly1954 cooking made her bad tempered. She died at 77. 1890 (Ecclesall) | (Ecclesall) (see LONGDEN tree) | William joined the Navy as | an electrical fitter and survived |---------|-----O---|--------|---------| the Battle of Jutland. He caught William Dorothy Ernest Lucy | blackwater fever in the Gold Coast 16apr1894 12nov1895 28jan1898 22may1900 | but became rich trading in shares. 15may1963 (Ecclesall) Ena worked as a needlewoman and He died at Sheffield aged about 85. 8sep1907 store manageress when her husband Ena died at 51. She was very interested DOXEY in Doxey history and kept many records. 29jan1994 She lived for her two sons, and died (to PALMER Tree) | at Poole aged 86. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1994 Note 1: Married Elizabeth Bateman, daughter Alice, descendent John F Wright lives at 35 Charlbury rd, Oxford OX2 6UX Note 2: See the Bolehill Pedigree of 1829. Note 3: Descenents of Thomas are Cathy Askham 1 Rivelin Glenn Cottages, Sheffield S6 5SF and Sam Doxey 727 W800S, Oram, Utah 84058 USA Note 4: Descendents of James are: Minnie Prince 17 Henry St, Matlock and Margaret Nightingale 23 Rutland St, Matlock Note 5: A descendent of William's second marriage is: May Walker, 1 Thornsett Rd, Sheffield, Yorks S7 1MA

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