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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire apprentices in London

Jean Durbin sent this fascinating list to DERBYSGEN. Apprentices are from Derbyshire and working in London. Apprentices from the Wirksworth area have been underlined. Thanks Jean.

    From: Jean Durbin [jeand#multiline.com.au] Subject: [DBY] Derbyshire folk as London apprentices Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:49:41 -0700 To: [DERBYSGEN-L@rootsweb.com] Dear listers I have been browsing through our State Library records and have come across Derbyshire folk who were apprenticed to masters in London. Most are early, some go up to the early 1800s, so hope it will help someone. Fields are: Name of apprentice, father, father's occupation, residence, master, date. More to follow, best wishes Jean

Derbyshire apprentices in London

These extracts are taken (with permission) from a continuing series of over 40 books containing 125,000 apprenticeship records of nearly 70 companies, compiled by Cliff Webb and published by the Society of Genealogists from whom a full list of those in print is obtainable. All the entries are also available on the British Origins pay-per-view website.

    Name of apprentice -- father -- father's occupation -- residence -- master -- date.

    Tylers & Bricklayers Company
    George son, George HIBBARD, mason, Barlborough, John Curd, 13 Nov 1705.
    Thomas son, William HOLLACE, husbandman, Anson ? Montgomery ?, William Shatterwheate, 23 Apr 1619.
    Edward son, Thomas HOLMES, yeoman, Barrow, Thomas Hopkins, 25 Apr 1624.
    William son, William JACKSON, lab, Swadlincote, Peter Shirley, 1 May 1614.
    William son, William JENKINSON, joiner, Brailsford, John Tanner, 1 May 1630.
    John son, John HUNTER, yeoman, Beadsall, John Martons, 13 May 1681.
    John son Thomas INGERSALL, shoemaker, Derby, Thomas Dawes, 25 Jan 1641/42.
    Gilbert son, Henry FORD, farmer, Carsington, William Pennard, 29 Sep 1735.
    Isaac son, Robert MANSFIELD, yeoman, Chaddesden, Thomas Booker, 25 Mar 1630.
    John son, Sanborne CHALLENOR, butcher, Cubley, George Booth, 27 Apr 1669.
    Thomas son, Walter CHEATLEY, blacksmith, Derby, Thomas Seagood, 29 Jun 1693.
    Robert son, Walter CHETLE, blacksmith, Derby, Richard Cooper, 18 Aug 1686.
    John son, William BRIAN, tailor, Derby, Edward Ballance, 16 Jan 1668/89.
    Daniel son, Daniel BROOKHOUSE, cordwainer, Derby, Thomas Drakelow jun, 7 Oct 1668.
    Jonathon son, Thomas JEWIN, blacksmith, Derby, Edward Ballance jun, 28 Mar 1671.
    Thomas son, George STAFFORD, yeoman, Derby, John Burden, 24 Jun 1626.
    George son, Thomas TARBOCK, husbandman, Long Eaton, Thomas Greene, 1 May 1625.
    Henry son, George THOMAS, freemason, Derby, William Mason, 25 Jul 1626.
    Richard son, Richard TITTERTON, currier, Ashbourne, John Emery, 28 Nov 1693.
    ---------------(to be turned over to Thos. Laurence citizen & draper & bricklayer by trade)
    Thomas son, George TOMLINSON, mason, DBY, Anthony Tanner, 24 Jun 1635.
    Elias son, Roger WARD, carrier, Derby, John Hore, 25 Jul 1635.
    John son Roger WARRIS, carpenter, Glossop, John Barncoate, 25 Apr 1637.
    Hezekiah son, Samuel HARLOW, bricklayer, Ashbourne, Joseph Tilley, 17 Mar 1779.
    Thomas son, Richard HARRISON, St Michael Derby, John Carter, 25 Apr 1622.
    Philip son, Thomas BINGHAM, yeoman, Horsley, Henry Silver, 27 Jul 1619.
    Edward son, Thomas STARBUCKE, yeoman, Long Eaton, Anthony Bristow, 24 jun 1619.
    Richard son, John BURTON, husbandman, Longford, Robert Burton, 23 Apr 1684.
    Christopher son, William BOND, mason, Marston on Dove, John Hudson, 7 Jul 1713.
    Hugh son, William BRUCKSHAW, sawyer, Pentrich, John Wathen, 21 Sep 1638.
    Thomas son, William BUCKLAND, yeoman, Tibshelf, Henry Pestall, 21 Dec 1683.
    William son, John SUTTON, yeoman, Sawley, Robert Sewell, 23 Apr 1642.
    Joseph son, Anthony SYDDALL, miner, Bakewell, Michael Cletheroe, 25 Jul 1716.
    ---------------(to be turned over to Jn Chandler citizen, butcher & bricklayer by trade)
    Christopher son, Robert BANTON, husbandman, Shardlow, John Needle, 25 Jan 1614/15.
    Samuel son, Robert Ralph WOLLART, collarmaker, Spondon, John Crosse, 19 Apr 1671.
    John son, Samuel HALL, yeoman, Weston on Trent, James Hobcraft, 13 May 1635.
    Joseph son, Joseph GRATRIX, yeoman, Wirksworth, Gilbert Ford, 13 Oct 1752.
    Thomas son, Reynold LANE, bricklayer, Ashbourne in the Peak, William Bottisford, 25 Mar 1641.
    Thomas son, Isaac MILLWOOD, yeoman, Aston, Peter Gaunt, 24 Feb 1620/21.

    Brewers Company.

    John son, John WOODWARD, ........., Ashbourne, Edward Hopton, 18 Jan 1697.
    Robert son Joseph JOHNSON, saddler, Wirksworth, William Woodroffe, 28 Feb 1687.

    Bowyers, Fletchers, Longbow Stringmakers Company.
    (letter in brackets indicates which trade the apprentice was with)

    William son, Samuel HEATHCOTE, attorney, Derby, Thomas Thornhill, 17 Mar 1742/43 (B).
    Godfrey son, Henry FOLIAMBE, gent., Holme Hall, Roger Poole, 22 Jan 1656/57 (L).
    Samuel son, Peter WATKINSON, clerk, Kirk Ireton, Roger Poole, 17 Jul 1655 (L).
    William son, George WATTS, ........., Normanton, 1 May 1638, (L).
    Thomas son, John THORNHILL, Esq., Stanton, John Cossins, 27 Feb 1730/31 (B).
    John son, John BAMFORD, brickmaker, Ticknall, Thomas Bremer, 23 Nov 1693 (B).

    Dyers Company

    Richard son, John WYNN, Gent., Ashbourne, Robert Bayfield, 14 Oct 1741.
    Henry son, William BRADSHAW, schoolmaster, Chapel en le Frith, Edward Allington, 3 Sep 1712.
    ---------------(turned over to Edward Brookes)
    John son, Thomas FISHER, yeoman, Dore, Randall Fearnley, 1 Dec 1708.
    William son, John WILLET, yeoman, Ilkeston, William Mills, 3 Sep 1729.
    John son, Joshua FOWLER, blacksmith, Pleasley, Jonathon Fowler, 4 May 1720.
    Jonathon son Joshua FOWLER, blacksmith, Pleasley, Jonathon Fowler, 7 Apr 1714.
    Robert son, Robert FROST, yeoman, Wirksworth, John Rose, 8 Mar 1721/22.
    John son, Charles GILBERT, wheelwright, Shirland, John Fowler, 7 Feb 1738/39.
    Samuel son, Robert BAKEWELL, farmer, Sutton, Anthony Wint, 9 Sep 1719.
    Benjamin son, Robert WOOD, bargeman, Shardlow, Thomas Gregg, 3 Sep 1718.

    Glovers Company

    Elizabeth dau, John MARSH, blacksmith, Weston Underwood, William Webb, 25 Nov 1678.
    William son, John MARSH, blacksmith, Weston Underwood, William Webb, 25 Nov 1678.
    John son, John MILWARD, farmer, Bakewell, William Milward, 3 Sep 1778.
    Joseph son, John MILWARD, DBY, William Milward, 12 Apr 1790.
    Joseph son, James GREGORY, carpenter, Baslow, Joseph Gregory, 14 Oct 1803.
    Joseph son, Joshua GREGORY, carpenter, Baslow, David Davis, 16 Mar 1774.
    John son, Charles KINDER, tallow chandler, Chesterfield, Arthur Jennings, 26 Apr 1774.
    Trevillion son, Marmaduke TAYLOR, apothecary, Derby, John Allen, 4 Oct 1736.
    Abraham son, William WRIGHT, doctor in physic, Derby, Bartholomew Bisse, 28 Aug 1676.
    Thomas son, Robert SIMS, framework knitter, Heage, William Buckland, 14 Jan 1739/40.
    Ralph son, John WALTHALL, hosier, Horsley, Thomas Walthall, 27 Nov 1740.

    Poulters Company

    Benjamin son, John BRADSHAW, husbandman, Allestree (Hall Lees), Henry Newdick, 18 Aug 1691.
    John son, Bartholomew CANTRELL, husbandman, Bradley, John Baley, 10 Jul 1691.
    ---------------(turned over to Nicholas Jarvis 6 Nov 1696)
    Robert son, John LITTLEWOOD, innkeeper, Chesterfield, Sarah Grinway, 13 Dec 1709.
    Thomas son, Jonathon ALLAM, miner, Wirksworth, Samuel Sells, 3 Aug 1705.
    John son, Robert ALLEN, yeoman, Dethick Lee, Thomas Burbidge, 10 Mar 1698/99.
    Robert son, George HATTERSLEY, chandler, Eckington, Ralph Pope, 7 Jun 1695,
    Edward son, Edward PEATE, farmer, Hapton ? (Hopton ?) Mary wid of Anthony Glover, 16 Nov 1703.
    ---------------(turned over to Daniel Botley 16 Jun 1708)
    Robert son, Joseph HUGHES, miner, Wirksworth, Joseph Gratrix, 10 Jan 1771.

    Tinplate Workers Company

    Christopher son, Christopher PEGG, carpenter, Brailsford, William Leeson, 3 Aug 1713.
    John son, John PRICE, yeoman, Glankellho ??? (Glapwell ??), Joshua Hadleigh, 1 Nov 1704.
    William son, George ALLEN, yeoman, Hartshorne, Thomas Floyd, 26 Aug 1696.
    William son, William THORNHILL, gent., Longstone Bakewell, John Drinkwater, 2 Jun 1755.
    Francis son, Dennis HAYFORD, gent., Rowsley, John Mearing, 2 Dec 1713.

    Masons Company

    Isaac son, George ROBINSON, farmer, Bakewell, John Wood, 19 Nov 1777.
    John son, Samuel HORROCKS, gent., Derby, John Horobin, 4 Mar 1772.
    William son, James VALES, husbandman, Dronfield, William Skillman, 10 Aug 1668.
    Thomas son, Thomas SHAW, yeoman, Duckmanton, Samuel Steemson, 14 Jun 1735.
    Michael son John BABB, smith, Staveley, Samuel Steemson, 4 Oct 1733.
    Thomas son, Richard BARLOW, yeoman, Duckmanton, Samuel Steemson, 8 Jan 1767.
    ---------------(master, turned over to Michael Babb 23 Dec 1771)
    John son, William WOOLENSCRAFT, turner, Glossop, John Richardson, 19 Apr 1681.
    Arthur son, Robert BRADLEY, husbandman, Pentridge, Josuah Tullye, 16 Oct 1684.
    ---------------(turned over to Edw. Hill citizen & cutler)
    William son John SUTTON, husbandman, Wirksworth, John Richardson, 5 Apr 1698.

    Makers of Playing Cards, Musicians, Saddle & Tobacco Pipe Makers.
    (Letters in brackets indicate which profession the apprentice was in):

    Christoper son, Robert SHADWELL, shoemaker, Ashbourne, Roger Bryan, 12 Sep 1661 (S)
    Francis son, Richard BARKER, surgeon, Bakewell, Samuel Barker, 18 Jan 1773 (M)
    Thomas son, John MANDER, attorney at law, Bakewell, Richard Hodges, 26 Apr 1770 (M)
    John son, James MASSEY, flaxdresser, Bakewell, Samuel Barker, 16 Jan 1772 (M)
    Robert son, Paul BRITCHFORD, yeoman, Boyston ? Boylestone ?, Thomas Cotsell, 19 Apr 1664 (S)
    Nicholas son, Nicholas SHARTE, weaver, Chapel Milton, John Randall, 26 Sep 1662 (S)
    John son, William LEES, skinner, Chesterfield, Thomas Hearne, 30 Nov 1692 (C)
    Thomas son, Jasper FIRTH, innholder, Derby, William Powell, 30 Dec 1658 (S)
    Joseph son, Thomas GOODMAN, Derby, gent., William Warner, 29 Mar 1784 (M)
    John son, John GREEN, husbandman, Gresley, John Pocklington, 5 Mar 1722/23 (C)
    John son, William CLARKE, yeoman, Markeaton, Nicholas Purse, 20 Nov 1662 (S)

    Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers Company

    Charles son, Thomas ALLSUP, clerk, Boyleston, Henry Southouse, 13 Nov 1697 (dead)
    Robert son, Richard GILBERTHORPE, yeoman, Whittington, John Cumberlidge, 26 Sep 1712
    Samuel son, Emanuel HALTON, gent., Wingfield Manor, James Huthwait, citizen & merchant tailor, 16 Aug 1693 (free)
    Robert son, Anthony LONGDEN, gent., Wormhill, Edward Page citizen & haberdasher, 27 Apr 1694 (free)

    Needlemakers & Pinmakers Company.
    (Letters in brackets indicate which profession the apprentice was in):

    William son, William ASHMORE, gardener, Barlborough, Robert Sugden, 23 Jul 1789 (N)
    Francis son, Francis ATKINS, butcher, Chesterfield, John Williams, 5 Oct 1699 (N)
    Richard son, Robert MIDDLETON, mercer, Chapel en le Frith, James Feild, 17 Dec 1698 (N)
    Thomas son, Thomas SUTTON, carrier, Chesterfield, Thomas Smith, 12 Oct 1684 (N)
    Henry William son, William MARSHALL, hosier, Derby, Mathew Appleby, 21 Aug 1798 (N)
    Charles son, Thomas WILKINS, gent., Longford, Christopher Hurdd, 17 Jul 1741 (N) not served time out
    John son, John BELCHOUSE, mercer, Youlgreave, James Feild, 1 Jan 1693/94 (N)

    Broderers, Combmakers, Fanmakers, Framework knitters, Fruiterers, Gardeners, & Horners Company.
    (Abbreviations are; B, C, F, FRA, FRU, G, H) :

    Samuel , ..........HALL, ..........., ................., Hannah Steer of Belper, 1 Oct 1728 FRA
    Ann dau, Nicholas OTTWELL, nailer, Belper, Francis Green, 10 Apr 1710 B
    John son, John CHAPMAN, Blackwell, yeoman, Samuel Whitaker of Ilkeston, 6 Feb 1727/28 FRA
    Henry son, Rev. John DEWE, clerk, Calke, Roger Smith wholesale haberdasher, 5 Apr 1797 B
    William son, Thomas BARKER, hatter, Derby, Samuel Coppock of Nottingham, 7 May 1728 FRA
    Samuel son, Gadwin BROUGHTON, maltster, Derby, John Murry, 12 Mar 1679/80 B
    John son, Richard COOPER, framework knitter, Derby, Thomas Cooke, 5 Dec 1727 FRA
    Thomas son, Thomas HAUGHTON, merchant, Derby, Peter Geary, 12 Jan 1682/83 B
    Samuel son, Joseph PRIME, lab, Derby, Samuel Broughton, 27 May 1703 B
    John SPYBY, ..............., ................, DBY, George Hutton, 2 Jul 1728 FRA
    Abraham son, Abraham WEBSTER, yeoman, Kirk Ireton, Joseph Wallis of Derby, 5 Mar 1727/28 FRA
    Edward son, Gervase RAYNER, gent., Duffield, Samuel Ongley, 20 Sep 1693 B
    --------------------(brother Nicholas Rayner present)
    Joseph son, John JOHNSON, yeoman, Thulston Elvaston, Richard Lambert of Nottingham, 5 Mar 1727/28 FRA
    John son, Samuel GOODRIDGE, shoemaker, Eveley ?? Yeaveley ?, Edward Price, 17 Dec 1705 B
    Robert son, Samuel GOODWIN, mercer, Tideswell, George Nawle of Litton, 7 May 1728 FRA
    Samuel son, Samuel ADDERLEY, shoemaker, Holbrook, Francis Hardy sen, 1 Feb 1693/94 B
    Benjamin son, Benjamin WINDLEY, baker, Kedlestone, Robert Bamford
    --------------------(bound to Robert Bamford jun since 28 May 1723) 7 Nov 1727 FRA
    John son, John STALEY, yeoman, Litton, Robert Lyon of the same, 7 May 1728 FRA
    William son, William DUNICLIFFE, gardener, Melbourne Kings Newton, James Fenton, 2 Jan 1727/28 FRA
    John son George DALE, gent., Monyash, Thomas Haughton, 9 Oct 1690 B
    Pole son, John BERISFORD, clerk, Radbourne, William Durant, 14 Mar 1689/90 B
    --------------------(Henry Berisford of Grays Inn MDX present)
    Henry son, Thomas PLEMAR, butcher, Roston, Joseph Bennett, 12 Dec 1681 B
    William son, William FRECKLETON, yeoman, Spondon, Francis Jackson of the same, 7 May 1728 FRA

    Upholders Company.

    Jacob son, Isaac REDFEARNE, yeoman, Ashover, Oliver Edwards, 3 Jul 1717
    Thomas son, Thomas BINGHAM, mercer, Derby, Daniel Cowper, 16 Mar 1709/10
    Charles son, Joseph HARVEY, gent., Ludworth Loads, William Pyke, 2 Aug 1710
    --------------------(turned over to Geo Brathwaite blacksmith)
    John son, John TOPHAM, cooper, Pentridge, John Horne, 1 Sep 1708
    John son William HORNE, gent., South Normanton, John Horne, 1 Sep 1708
    Elizabeth dau, William HORNE, gent., Butterley Hall Ripley, John Horne, 3 Dec 1712

    Ironmongers Company:

    Richard son, Richard ETCHES, cordwainer, Ashbourne, George Dawes, 12 Oct 1697
    Francis son, Peter BOTHAM, gent., Ashover, James Kirkby, 27 Nov 1745
    John son, Mary SPENCER, widow, Newbold Chesterfield, William Champante, 7 Aug 1777
    Francis son, Thomas HOOS, gent., Derby, William Allen, 27 Feb 1688/89
    Thomas son, Thomas HOOS, gent., Derby, William Allen, 27 Feb 1688/89
    Walter son, Walter HORTON, esq., Catton Croxall, John Bradford, 17 Mar 1719/20
    --------------------(turned over to Thos Martin citizen & goldsmith 25 May 1720)
    Samuel son, Joseph SWETNAM, minister, Derby, Catherine widow of Robert Broome, 24 Jun 1663
    Francis son, William COXON, yeoman, Slainston ?? Nicholas Turner, 12 Apr 1662
    Philip son, John FERRES, gent., Duffield, George Newton, 11 Jan 1655/56
    Poole alias Francis son, William HEAWOOD, husbandman, Egginton, Francis Walker, 21 May 1672
    Isaac son, John WHEELDON, yeoman, Hartington, Richard Syer, 2 Aug 1725
    --------------------(turned over to Wm Wayte citizen & draper 27 Oct 1731)
    John son, William GOULD, Pilsbury Hartington, yeoman, Samuel Richards, 4 Jul 1715
    John son, John HALL, blacksmith, Walton, William Bradford, 9 Jan 1689/90
    Nathaniel son Samuel HALLOWES, esq., Norton, Thomas Hurst (Levant Co.) 27 Mar 1679
    Francis son, Peter BILL, gent., Rosliston, Henry Fewtrell, 20 Nov 1662
    Richard son Richard ALLIN, clothworker, Snelston, Nicholas Turner, 27 Jun 1658
    William son, Francis LAKIN, farrier, Stapenhill, Jenner Swaine, 6 May 1727
    Jenner son, Abraham SWAINE, clerk, Stapenhill, John Bradford, 14 mar 1717/18
    Joseph son, William WATSON, yeoman, Stapenhill, Jenner Swayne, 20 Jan 1757
    William son Godfrey FROGATT, gent., Staveley, Edward Jones, 5 Jun 1775
    Bartholomew son, John BRADFORD, yeoman, Walton on Trent, William Bradford, 7 Apr 1669
    John son, John BRADFORD, yeoman, Walton on Trent, William Bradford, 11 Jul 1689
    Richard son, John DICKENS, husbandman, Walton on Trent, John Bradford, 7 Apr 1724
    Robert son, William CLAYTON, esq., Whitwell, John Sampson, 25 Mar 1682

    Founders Company.

    Edward son, John JONES, yeoman, Chirk ??, James Dickonson, 1 Jun 1680
    Edward son, Richard POWELL, smith, Chirk ??, William Sharpe, 29 Sep 1667
    Samuel son, John CROOKES, tailor, Crich, William Gosloe, 29 Sep 1688
    Richard son, George BEARDSLEY, gent., Derby, Stephen Skiner, 29 Sep 1694
    Samuel son, Richard GOVAR, gent., Derby, Thomas Pearson, 9 Jul 1694
    John son, Thomas HOOE, mason, Derby, Walter Hawgood, 3 Feb 1689/90
    John son, William PEARSON, tailor, Derby, Thomas Pearson, 25 Apr 1693
    Thomas son William PEARSON, tailor, Derby, Abel Hodges, 1 Apr 1683
    Roger son, David WILLSON, glover, Derby, Robert Whitmay, 10 aug 1685
    Samuel son, Samuel WHEATCROFT, yeoman, North Wingfield, Clement Dawes, 15 Mar 1687/88
    William son, William BARBER, yeoman, Repton, Philip Davis, 3 Jul 1721
    James son, John JACKSON, yeoman, Snelston, Henry Aimes, 3 Jul 1721
    George son, George CANTRILL, ........., Swadlincote, Thomas Knightley, 20 Sep 1644
    Jonathon son, Joseph BEARDMORE, weaver, Unston Dronfield, Joshua Beardmore, 5 Apr 1756
    Thomas son, Thomas FARR, ..........., Wingerworth, Richard Hollis, 20 Jan 1663/64
    Elijah son Elijah WATHEY or WATLEY, flaxman, Wirksworth, Joseph Drury, 2 Oct 1721.

    Basket Makers Company.

    Richard son, Thomas WALTON, shoemaker, Ashbourne, John Ballitt, 19 Jan 1673/74
    Jonas son, William WINGFIELD, tailor, Dale Abbey, George Ball, 16 Oct 1673
    William son, Nicholas WEBSTER, lab, Mackworth, Thomas Board, 24 Oct 1692
    William son, Richard LEE, lab, West Hallam, Thomas Hayes, 14 Oct 1684

    Paviours Company:

    Roger son, William FLITCHER, tanner, Ashbourne, William Menell, 28 Oct 1657
    William son, George HAND, husbandman, Bradbourne, John Jolly, 15 Feb 1681/82
    --------------------(cancelled 14 Nov 1683)
    Nicholas son, John HAYWARD, weaver, Ashbourne, William Knight, 9 Feb 1625/26
    Joseph son, Thomas CHESHIRE, yeoman, Breaston, Thomas Knight, 20 Nov 1671
    George son, George PETTE, miner, Great Longstone, Richard Welford, 28 Mar 1683
    Francis son, Francis DRONGFEILD, tailor, Whittington, Abraham North, 2 Feb 1684/85
    --------------------(ran away, indentures given up 30 Sep 1685)
    William son, William CLAY, tailor, Wirksworth, Robert Fouracre grocer, 16 Mar 1797

    Armourers & Braziers Company:

    Charles son, Thomas COPSTAKE, husbandman, Alkmonton, John Midleton, 24 Jun 1656
    Nicholas son, Nicholas HATHERSEDGE, yeoman, Bradley, Edward Gillett, 14 Feb 1649/50
    William son, Richard HAYNE, esq., Ashbourne, Henry Parker, 6 Oct 1772
    Richard son, Godfrey WOLSTONHOLME, blacksmith, Chesterfield, Andrew Bird, 11 Nov 1687
    Humphrey son, George WOODHOUSE, husbandman, Ashford, Joshua Milward, 9 Jun 1618
    Luke son, Richard TURNER, lead miner, Bakewell, Richard Holden, 27 Jul 1683
    William son, Edward SMITH, husbandman, Bradley, Nicholas Hathersedge, 30 Jun 1657
    John son, John CARTER, milliner, Chesterfield, John White, 21 Dec 1682
    Benjamin son Joseph PARKER, carpenter, Chesterfield, Francis Preston, 24 Jun 1689
    John son, George WHITE, hatter, Chesterfield, Samuel Bellamy, 3 Apr 1718
    William son, John MORLEY, butcher, Derby, Benjamin Webb, 4 Jul 1745
    James son, Joseph BLOODWORTH, yeoman, Derby, Jeremiah Hancocke, 15 Jan 1710/11
    --------------------(ran away)
    Joseph son, Joseph BEARDMORE, weaver, Dronfield, John Beardmore, 12 May 1752
    John son, George BESEMORE, yeoman, Dronfield Unstone, Edward Browne, 29 Sep 1708
    Thomas son, Lawrence LEESON, lab, Duffield, Francis Rawlinson, 24 Jun 1627
    John son, Richard LEES, yeoman, Duffield, James Bailey, 13 Oct 1654
    Isaac son, Thomas BRUNT, husbandman, Wirksworth, John James sen, 31 Mar 1670
    Edward son, Henry BROOKE, gent., Mapperley Kirk Hallam, Nicholas Blackwell, 13 Jul 1678
    John son, John MARROTT, husbandman, Linton, Richard Holding 9 Feb 1681/82
    --------------------(ran away, cancelled 20 Jun 1683)
    Mathew son, John WRIGHT, clerk, Longford, William Hall, 24 Oct 1682
    David son, Francis RIDGATE, husbandman, Morton, Thomas Callingwood, 24 Mar 1672/73
    --------------------(struck through, cancelled)
    George son, Robert TEBATT alias TEBBOTT, yeoman, Sawley, William Dawston, 28 Oct 1631
    Joshua son, Jacob HOLLOND, butcher, Ticknall, Richard Godfrey, 1 Mar 1683/84
    Richard son, Richard HODING alias HODIN, husbandman, Swadlincote, George Locker, 28 Apr 1658
    Humphrey son, John HILL, yeoman, Ticknall, Francis Rawlinson, 19 Dec 1615
    Ezra son, Elijah WATHEY, flaxdresser, Wirksworth, James Taylor, 28 Jun 1722

    Spectacle Makers & Loriners Company

    Ellis son, Tobias DANIEL, miller, Chesterfield, Jeremy Mathewes, 17 Jul 1675 (S)
    James son, John CAREY, clerk, Donisthorpe, Joseph Halfhide, 4 May 1726 (L)
    Stephen son, Joseph WRIGHT, carpenter, Snelston, Joseph Wright, 18 May 1769 (S)

    Gunmakers Company

    Joseph son, William DICKENS, husbandman, Chilcote, Anthony Morris, 14 Jan 1691/92
    Thomas son, Thomas BOOTHOUSE, husbandman, Ilkeston, William Parsons, 12 Nov 1674
    Roger son, Anchor CARRIER, yeoman, Ilkeston, John Johnson, 3 Oct 1706
    Thomas son, John CARRIER, yeoman, Ilkeston, John Johnson, 1 Oct 1713
    Richard son, Richard BAMBRIDGE, husbandman, Newton Solney, John Townsend, 5 Mar 1672/73
    Samuel son, Richard WOODWARD, yeoman, Sutton on the Hill, John Sibley, 1 Aug 1700
    William son, James HOLLAND, Ticknall, butcher, Henry Anthonise, 10 Jul 1679
    Thomas son, Henry CLAYTON, yeoman, Tideswell, James Brown, 3 Mar 1708/09

    Cooks Company

    Philip son, Philip MADDOCKS, farmer, Ashbourne, Dorothy widow of Robert Scott, 10 Jun 1736
    William son, William WALL, innkeeper, Wirksworth, Thomas Bently, 14 Dec 1687
    Charles son, Charles WARD, Triplett ?? DBY, milliner, William Mills, 13 Jul 1671
    George son, William WARDLOW, yeoman, Bakewell, John Horsley, 19 Dec 1684
    William son, William WARDLOW, yeoman, Bakewell, George Wardlow, 8 Apr 1696
    Thomas son, John SHEPHERD, dyer, Clowne, Henry North, 13 Oct 1693
    Stephen son Benjamin SMEDLEY, innholder, Derby, Mary Crosbey, 16 Feb 1681/82
    William son, John MALLABER alias MALLABURNE, yeoman, Coton in the Elms, William Watts, 5 May 1676,
    --------------------(turned over to Sm Staynes 14 Sep 1676)
    Godfrey son, Anthony ROOKEBEY, gent., Crich Wheatcroft, Rees Hughes, 14 Sep 1669
    David son, Nathaniel COLLUMBELL, plasterer, Derby, Simon Sprigg, 21 Oct 1712
    John son, Thomas FLINTHAM, joiner, Derby, Henry Buxton, 27 Feb 1770,
    --------------------(turned over to Robt. Pickering 14 Sep 1771)
    Samuel son, Roger MORLIDGE, carpenter, Derby, John Stamford, 16 Jan 1745/46, age 19
    John son, John STAMFORD, fwk, Derby, Nathaniel Ball, .........Jun 1728
    John son, John OLD, yeoman, Duffield, Henry Deeplowe, 5 Sep 1656
    Samuel son, John MALLABER, yeoman, Lullington, William Cleaver, 2 Feb 1684/85
    Philip son, Richard AUSTIN, yeoman, Mapleton, Lawrence Remnant, 9 Jul 1703
    Robert son, Richard AUSTIN, yeoman, Mappleton, Lawrence Renant, 25 Jan 1706/07
    Henry son, Henry ORTON, miller, Melbourne, Peter Morris, 24 Jun 1754, age 15
    Jonathon son, Joseph DEANE, yeoman, Shirley, Thomas Lowe, ........Mar 1720/21
    William Mills son, Thomas EATON, yeoman, Ticknall, Thomas Osborn, 11 Mar 1684/85
    William son, Christopher ELLIOTT, South Normanton, yeoman, Robert Baynes, 9 Nov 1668
    Joseph son, Robert COOPER, gardener, Stanton, Henry Watson, 14 Dec 1677
    Jacob Kirkman son, John FOSTER, carpenter, Swarkestone, his brother William Kirkman Foster, 1 Jul 1800
    William son, George BIKERKE, husbandman, Wingfield, Michael Sellers, 11 Dec 1657
    Thomas son, William HOUGHTON, yeoman, Wirksworth, Lawrence Renant, 8 Apr 1696
    George son, Joseph JOHNSON, saddler, Wirksworth, John Carey, 10........ 1688

    Coachmakers & Coach Harness Makers Company

    Thomas son, William HEWSON, tallow chandler, Ashbourne, Robert Johnson, 9 Oct 1694
    Thomas son, Thomas SPALDEN, cordwainer, Ashbourne, Nicholas Spalden, 12 May 1691
    Timothy son, William BUDWORTH, husbandman, Brackley, Joseph Linnett, 6 Dec 1693
    Samuel son, Charles DANIEL, yeoman, Croxall, John Cross, 3 Oct 1745
    Henry son, Thomas WRIGHT, maltster, Derby, William Watson for John Clarke, 10 Jun 1678
    Robert son, William WALBANK, farmer, Egginton, Charles Fairchild, 28 Jun 1711
    Theophilus son Theophilus BEARDSLEY, gent., Egginton, John Coleman, 2 Jul 1717
    Thomas son, Thomas HARRISON, yeoman, Elton, William Watson, 20 Apr 1680
    Samuel son, Ralph WATSON, yeoman, Heanor, William Watson for Warden Phillips, 20 Jan 1679/80
    Obadiah son Obadiah BOOT, innkeeper, Higham, Henry Duck, 20 Nov 1716
    Isaac son, Peter KIRKBY, yeoman, Little Hallam Ilkeston, Thomas Taylor for Isaac Territ, 4 Oct 1711
    Francis son, Francis HENLEY, shoemaker, Kirk Hallam, Nathaniel Lane, 31 Mar 1698
    John son, John ORME, yeoman, Repton, Henry Parsons, 2 Oct 1729
    John son, Joseph GOODBAR, shoemaker, Ripley, William Best, 30 Sep 1708
    John son, Francis ASTILL, farmer, Swarkestone, John Parsons, 9 May 1706
    Samuel son, Henry BAGSHAW, yeoman, Wormhill, Benjamin Thody, 1 Jul 1690

    Farriers Company

    Joseph son, Thomas GALLAMOUR, farrier, Ashbourne, Mathew Powell, 1693
    Thomas son, Michael STONE, farrier, Ashford, William Aris, 28 Apr 1709
    John son, Edward MARTIN, husbandman, Aston on Trent, Robert Bentley, 18 Dec 1652
    Reynold son, Thomas MILLINGTON, carpenter, Stainsby Ault Hucknall, Mary widow of Wm Woodhouse, 25 Mar 1632
    John son, John KING, husbandman, Barlow Grange Barlow, Edward Salisbury, 2 Nov 1641
    William son, Robert KINDLE, yeoman, Belper, Nicholas Palmer, 12 Feb 1627/28
    Richard son, William HASLOME, husbandman, Blackwell, William Haslome, 2 Feb 1621/22
    Thomas son, Richard LUDLAM, husbandman, Blackwell, William Haslome, 25 Jul 1622
    William son, William SAMSON, tailor, Blackwell, Richard Haselam, 20 Jun 1632
    Thomas son William MARRIOTT, yeoman, Blackwell, William Haselam, 9 Nov 1635
    James son James PEETT, husbandman, Bradley, James Lovejoy, ........., 1637
    Francis son Hugh COCKINGE, husbandman, Breley ??, John Mosse, 7 Dec 1669
    Thomas son, John BRAY, freemason, Chaddesden, Edward Mesey, 26 Jan 1664/65
    Francis son Thomas CHAPMAN, husbandman, Chapel en le Frith, Thomas Kent, 14 Feb 1625/26
    Francis son, Daniel SMYTH, smith, Chesterfield, Richard Haslum, 12 Aug 1674
    Henry son, Henry MIDLETON, husbandman, Church Broughton, Robert Steeds, 18 Oct 1677
    Thomas son, John HIDE, ..............., Clowne, James French, 14 Feb 1688/89
    Ralph son, Ralph ALLEN, husbandman, Curbar, John King, 2 Jul 1657
    Henry son, Roger BALL, husbandman, Darley, Samuel Dickens, 26 Oct 1670
    William son, John WALL, husbandman, Darley, Samuel Dickens, 15 Nov 1670
    Francis son, Robert BAKEWELL, irongate maker, Derby, Francis Cokayne, 23 Oct 1739, free
    Joseph son, John PEPPER, smith, St Werburgh Derby, Edward Costen, 29 Dec 1673
    George son, George COCKAYN, vicar, Doveridge, Francis Cockayn, 24 Jul 1730
    Joseph son, Thomas HAND, joiner, Doveridge, James French, 1 May 1684
    Gilbert son, Gilbert WALTON, tailor, Dronfield, Mathew Taylor, 30 Mar 1647
    Jarvis son, Thomas TAYLOR, tailor Cowley Dronfield, William Comber, 30 Oct 1622
    William son, James TURNER, yeoman, Eaveley, Robert Wood, 16 Sep 1693
    John son, Richard HIBBART, yeoman, Edensor, John Willis, 14 Apr 1682
    Francis son, Francis KEMP, yeoman, Elmton, William Ragg, 24 Feb 1684/85
    Joshua son, William ALLEN, Gt Longstone, husbandman, Ralph Allen, 18 Mar 1672/73
    George son, Lawrence TOMLINSON, miner, Gt Longstone, Ralph Allen, 9 Sep 1678
    James son, Anthony MATHER, baker, Heage, John Mather, 3 Oct 1776
    William son, Thomas PARKER, ............., Langley, John Lewis, 7 Mar 1718/19
    John son John CHERRYBUBB, baker, Nether Seale, William Harley, 18 Jul 1671
    Jeremy son, John WARRIDEN, husbandman, Norton, Thomas Lovejoy, 12 Feb 1626/27
    Francis son, Francis WEBSTER, yeoman, Tupton North Wingfield, John Mosse, 3 May 1671
    Samuel son, Timothy RICHARDSON, yeoman, Spondon, Thomas Lardner, 3 Mar 1703/04
    Thomas son, Evan ROGERS, husbandman, Osleston, Thomas Frith, 1 Dec 1681
    Thomas son, William MELLOR, husbandman, Oucather ??? DBY, Gregory Costen, 18 Jun 1674
    David son, Thomas BROWNE, yeoman, Sandiacre, Geoffrey Collins, 6 Jun 1634
    Thomas son, William CLERK, smith, Stoney Middleton, Grace Hammerton widow, 28 Feb 1690/91
    Henry son, Robert COWLEY, farrier, Stoney Middleton, John Kinge, 27 Apr 1665
    Gervase son, Ralph SOMERS, miner, Stoney Middleton, Ralph..............., 31 Jan 1684/85
    Mathew son, Thomas TAYLOR, tailor, Cowley Dronfield, William Comber, 31 Oct 1622
    John son, Thomas SWINNERTON, husbandman, Stoney Middleton, John Howard, 9 Nov 1680
    Henry son, John PEIRSON, lab, Tideswell, Henry Andrews, 6 Jul 1654
    Rowland son, Thomas BOOTH, yeoman, Wirksworth, Gregory Costen, 20 Jan 1658/59

    Patternmakers Company

    Charles son, Charles ALLEN, mason, Marston, Sarah Gapen, 7 Feb 1716/17

    Distillers Company

    Henry son, Christopher HOLMES, yeoman, Alfreton, William Ashton, 7 May 1678
    William son, Jerman BUXTON, gent., Eccles Chapel en le Frith, Edward Buxton, 8 Jan 1722/23
    William son, William KERBY, ..............., Eckington, John Hargrave, 5 Jan 1724/25
    William son, Thomas ASHTON, ............., Derby, Thomas Read, 18 Apr 1665
    John son, Thomas HOROBIN, yeoman, Derby, James Gifford, 14 Jul 1674
    Francis son, Robert ROBERTS, soap maker, Derby, John Hawkesly, 8 Jan 1733/34
    Henry son, Thomas BAKER, yeoman, Duffield, Mark Jarvis, 25 Apr 1666
    William son, William EATON, yeoman, Etwall, Edward Shaller, 11 Sep 1678
    James son, Samuel BENSKIN, gent., Hartshorne, John Elwall, 24 Jan 1661/62
    William son, William TAYLOR, yeoman, Hartshorne, Lewis Smart, 6 Dec 1734
    Joseph son William BYROM, yeoman, Hulland, Thomas Rawlinson, 10 Nov 1674
    Henry son, Henry BROOKE, gent., Kirk Hallam Mapperley, John Sawyer, 9 Apr 1672
    John son Mathew BATE, gent., Butterley Pentrich, Henry Waller, 2 Jun 1666
    Robert son, William GRANGER, yeoman, Stanton, Walsingham Heathfield, 14 Jan 1672/73
    Walter son, John BUXTON, farmer, Thorpe, Joseph Stubbs, 18 Sep 1746
    Joseph son, John RENSHAW, gent., Birks Whitwell, Thomas Roffey, 3 Sep 1685

    Glass-sellers & Woolmans Company.
    Initials show which company:

    John son, Robert CLARKE, wool winder, Aston on Trent, to his father, 11 Sep 1682 (W)
    Thomas son, Edward BAKER, tailor, Bakewell, John Rayner, 19 Oct 1691 (G)
    Henry son, Henry STAFFORD, glass seller, Bakewell, John Rayner, 27 Apr 1700 (G)
    William son, William FISHER, yeoman, Calow, Samuel Watkinson, 21 Dec 1699 (G)
    Robert son, Robert WATSON, feltmaker, Calow, Samuel Watkinson, 23 Mar 1703/04 (G)
    Mathew son, George BRETLAND, husbandman, Chesterfield, Benjamin Bretland, 30 Mar 1709 (G)
    Samuel son, Benjamin BRETLAND, ................., no place given, to his father, 26 Sep 1723 (G)
    John son, John MARSER, gardener, Chesterfield, Samuel Watkinson, 28 Sep 1693 (G)
    Henry son Henry ALLSEYBROOKE, blacksmith, Church Broughton, William Stretton, 17 Feb 1700/01 (G)
    Thomas son, Thomas MOSELEY, clerk, Darley Dale, Fawcett Newman, 18 Nov 1691 (G)
    Thomas son, Thomas STATHAM, ironmonger, Derby, Mary widow of Thomas Crofts, 3 May 1666 (W)
    George son, Thomas LEVICK, hosier, Eckington, Nathaniel Crawford, 7 Jan 1778 (G)
    Robert son, Richard BODELL, lab, Ashby de la Zouch, Robert Martin of Kings Newton, 29 Sep 1670 (W)
    Henry son, John SMITH, husbandman, Longford, Maurice Pugh, 22 Apr 1714 (G)
    William son, Anthony BROWNE, husbandman, Muggington, Maurice Pugh, 18 Jun 1719 (G)
    Thomas son, Thomas WEATE, yeoman, Potluck ?? DBY, John Dutton, 21 Jun 1671 (W)
    Joseph son, John HINDE, tanner, Whittington, Samuel Watkinson, 12 Nov 1696 (G)
    Joseph son, Robert HOOD, tanner, Wirksworth, James Alsopp, 9 May 1666 (W)
    Thomas son, John TOPLEYS, tanner, Wirksworth, James Alsopp, 9 May 1666 (W)

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