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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Charles Wright of Wirksworth

Charles WRIGHT 1835-1912 ran a Wine and Spirits company in the centre of Wirksworth, which became one of the large staple businesses in the town. The business was mentioned in 1797 and continued until 1962

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Market Place              Coldwell Street
Red Lion Inn
2 residential flats
The Vaults public House formerly part of the HQ of Messrs Charles Wright, Wine & Spirit merchants with international connections.

The fourth building on the right was the wine and spirit shop of Charles Wright. This was a large business with offices in Leith and London. The Vaults public house were round the corner on the site of the present Barmote Croft car park.

Inside Charles Wright's malt whisky bottling department that was in buildings, which used to stand on the site of the Barmoot Croft car park. This was one of the large staple businesses in the town. Glen Haddon and Old Gran were whisky trade marks of Charles Wright. Glen Haddon was a seven year old whisky and Old Gran was ten years old. The business was mentioned in 1797 and continued until 1962. Charles Wright, who died on 5th June 1912, was one of the town's prominent businessmen. He supported many of the town's institutions, especially the cricket club.
A large
two tone
with an
slab seal
to the shoulder


33 cm tall
3.5 kg

photo sent
Advertising sign for
Wright's Brandy Wine,
Charles Wright & Son,
Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Length 17.5 cm,
Height 14 cm

found in Via Gellia
1930s in date


An old gummed label.

9¾" x 3½"
Made by JL & Co

The company brass name plate, that went outside the Wirksworth office. The vaults closed in 2009, they are planned as a shop at the front and apartments to the rear
sent by David Russell
Possible older bottle
photo sent by Keith McElrea

Rare Glen Haddon
9"hi, 4" waist, 2" base
Old Grans Flask
7.5"hi, 3.5" wide, 1.5" deep
Invoice dated 10 Feb 1910 for CHARLES WRIGHT & SON,LTD.

Signed by Charles Wright (1869-)

              Transcription of Invoice
Established over 100 years                 * To
National telephone No 6 Wirksworth         *
Wine and          Chas.Wright & Son, Ltd., *
Spirit Merchants  Special Whisky Merchants *
   *                            WIRKSWORTH *
London Address                  Derbyshire * Messrs Spencer Clay
33,Great Tower Street, E.C. Feby 10th 1910 *    brewer
   *                |-------------------------------------------
Telephonic Address: |All communicationstobeaddressedtoWirksworth
"WRIGHT WIRKSWORTH" | Purveyors of "Old Grans" Scotch Whisky
                    | to the Officers of H.M.Navy
Sole Blenders of    |
The Celebrated      | Your kind order has had our
Old Grans           | best attention & we have
Special Toddy       | forwarded it today per
Scotch Whiskey      | rails, carriage paid, invoice
10 Years old        | now enclosed With thanks
  and               |           We are
Wrights Liqueur     |               Faithfully yours,
SLOE GIN            |        for CHARLES WRIGHT & SON,LTD.
                    |                    Charles Wright
Orders carriage paid|                       Director
   *                | We enclose receipt for your cheque
Bonded Stores       | value £2-4-0 on a/c with thanks & we
LONDON and LIVERPOOL| have given you a full statement from
                    | which you will see a balance of £2-2-0
Export Stores       | is left to July 14/09. Please remit this
LEITH, SCOTLAND     | by early post

Label on Invoice 1910
Label on Invoice 1910
Invoice, brandy & champagne, 1891

Charles WRIGHT's Pedigree

    Phillip HINCH=====v===== 1733 | | Matlock Ashover 1703 Bradborne 1706 James 1725 Rose WRIGHT=====v=====HINCH [2] 1728 | | | 1729 Matlock 1727 James 1753 Sarah WRIGHT=====v=====POTTER [1] 1802 | 1819 | |----------|-----|------|---|---|------|----|--------|------| | | | | | | | | | 1755 1756 1759 1761 1763 1764 1766 1769 1774 Elizabeth Rose Sarah Esther James Ann Charles Lydia William [1] | | | | 1763 1766 Wirksworth 1768 Margaret James Charles 1796 Mary MILLINGTON=====v=====WRIGHT WRIGHT=====v======TOPLIS | 1846 | 1836 | |--------|-----|-------|-------|-----|----------------| | | | | | | 1797 1798 1800 1802 1804 1805 Margaret Mary Charles William James Ralph 1883 1840 1803 1858 1826 1839 | | | 1805 Brailsford 1809 Ralph 1831 Elizabeth WRIGHT=====v=====HULLAND 1839 | 1859 | |---|----| | | 1835 1838 Charles Elizabeth 1912 | | | 1835 Leintwardine 1840 Charles 1863 Eliza Ann WRIGHT======v=======MASON 1912 | 1901 | |--------|-----|----|---------| | | | | 1864 1865 1867 1869 William Elizabeth Margaret Charles

[1] see email from Graham Wright
[2] see email from Jo MacDonald

Census entries

Entries extracted from Census 1841-1901 in Wirksworth website.

1841 census ---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]---(p9, Wirksworth, district 6, HO 107/198/12)--- W750a Elizabeth WRIGHT 30 f Y Ind W750b Charles WRIGHT 6 m Y Ind W750c Elizabeth WRIGHT 20 f Y Ind W750d Mary WESTON 15 f Y F.S. W750e Sarah MATHER 20 f Y F.S. 1851 census #038---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]---(p8, Wirksworth district 6, Enumeration district 2a, HO 107/2145) W038a Elizabeth WRIGHT Head W 41 F Annuitant Ednaston W038b Charles WRIGHT Son U 16 M Wirksworth W038c Elizabeth WRIGHT Dau U 12 F Scholar Wirksworth W038d Jane BUNTING Servant U 24 F House servant Cromford W038e Hannah MARSH Servant U 36 F Washerwoman Bonsall 1861 census #7---Coldwell Street---[Wirksworth]---(Page 2,ED 1, RSD "Wirksworth",RG9/2517)--- W007a Charles WRIGHT Head U 26 M Wine Merchant Wirksworth W007b Francis OGDEN Servant U 30 M Assistant Wirksworth W007c William H POTTER Servant U 22 M Assist grocer Matlock W007d Frank SAVAGE Appr U 19 M Apprentice Mansfield NTT W007e James WRIGHT Appr U 18 M Apprentice Matlock W007f James RADFORD Appr - 15 M Apprentice Sandeacre NTT W007g John ROBINSON Appr - 15 M Apprentice Matlock W007h Maria WATSON Servant W 59 F Housekeeper Derby W007i Fanny WALKER Servant U 22 F Cook Middleton W007j Elizabeth FROST Servant U 27 F Housemaid Wirksworth 1871 census #14---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]--- W014a Charles WRIGHT Head M 37 M Wine merchant,grocer Wirksworth W014b William WRIGHT Son U 7 M Scholar Wirksworth W014c Elizabeth WRIGHT Dau 5 F Scholar Wirksworth W014d Margaret deV WRIGHT Dau 3 F Scholar Wirksworth Venice W014e Charles WRIGHT Son 2 M Wirksworth W014f Mary CASSWELL Servant U 21 F Housemaid Kilburn W014g Ann MELLOR Servant U 24 F Cook Wirksworth W014h Fredrick HADFIELD Servant U 22 M Shopman grocer Wirksworth W014i James STONE Servant U 24 M Shopman grocer Burnston W014j William Hen INGHAM Servant U 23 M Shopman grocer Boston LIN W014k Henry ROPER Servant U 23 M Shopman grocer Matlock W014l Sarah Ellen HOLMES Servant U 23 F Nurse Cromford W014m Rachel HARRISON Servant U 22 F Under nurse Wirksworth 1881 census #38---West End, Yokecliffe House---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-3-p8) W353a Eliza A. WRIGHT Wife M 43 F None Leintwardine HEF W353b Clara A. JAMES Visitor U 26 F None Clifton GLS W353c Mary A. GIBSON Servant U 30 F Servant cook dom Derby W353d Sarah WAIN Servant U 30 F General servant dom Wirksworth W353e Elizabeth MOULD Servant U 18 F General servant dom Wirksworth 1891 census #37---West End, Yokecliffe---[Wirksworth]--- W339a Charles WRIGHT Head M 57 M Wine merchant Wirksworth W339b Eliza A WRIGHT Wife M 52 F Leintwardine HER W339c Margart de V WRIGHT Dau S 23 F Wirksworth W339d Charles WRIGHT Son S 22 M Wine merchants asst Wirksworth W339e Lydia LONGDEN Servant S 39 F Cook,dom servant Winster W339f Sarah WAIN Servant S 40 F General servant dom Wirksworth 1901 census #17---Yockliffe---[Wirksworth]---(page 3,ED 3, RSD "Wirksworth",RG13/3234)--- W318a Charles WRIGHT Head W 67 M Wine+Spirit Merchant Wirksworth W318b Margaret V NOWELL-UST. Dau M 33 F Wirksworth Ust=Usticke W318c Charles M NOWELL-UST. Son iL M 32 M Living on own means Falmouth CON M=Michael W318d Charles WRIGHT Son S 32 M Wine+Spirit Merchant Wirksworth W318e Sarah WAIN Servant S 50 F Housemaid dom serv Wirksworth W318f Lydia LONGDON Servant S 49 F Cook dom servant Winster W318g Alice JACQUES Servant S 20 F Housemaid dom serv Wirksworth W318h Elizabeth GELL Servant S 46 F General servant dom Wirksworth


Entries extracted from Tradesmen in Wirksworth website

1791----Wright Charles, tea dealer
1821----WRIGHT Charles (Coldwell St) Grocers & tea dealers
1821----WRIGHT Charles (Coldwell St) Wine & spirit merchant
1827----WRIGHT Charles (Wirksworth) Grocer, tea dealer [F]
1827----WRIGHT & SON Charles (Wirksworth) Wine & spirit merchants
1831----Wright and Sons,Market place, GROCERS & TEA DEALERS
1835----WRIGHT & SONS (Market place) Grocers & Tea Dealers
1835----WRIGHT & SONS (Market place) Porter Dealers [Hop,seed,wine,spirit]
1846----WRIGHT Chas (Wirks) Grocer tea dealer [& son]
1846----WRIGHT Chas (Wirks.Coldwell street) Wine & spirit merch
1846----WRIGHT Ralph (Wirks.Coldwell street) [Mrs]
1857----WRIGHT Charles+Son [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Wine and Spirit Mchts (wholesale and retail)
1857----WRIGHT Chas. & Son [Coldwell st, Wirksworth] Grocers,Tea Dealer

Memorial Inscriptions

Entries extracted from MIs in Wirksworth website.

[Ch042]..... In memory of/WILLIAM WRIGHT/who died October 23rd 1858/ aged 56 years/ also of/WILLIAM BANKS WRIGHT/son of the above/ who died April 1st 1848/aged 4 months/ and also of/ANNE his wife/who died/on the 21st day of January 1894/aged 85 years. (Alabaster tablet on Slate surround)
[Ch017]..... To the glory of God and in loving memory of ELIZA ANN WRIGHT who died/ Jany 15th 1901 .This window is placed here by her bereaved husband CHARLES WRIGHT of Wirksworth 1905.
(Stained glass window)
[Ch043]..... In memory of/CHARLES WRIGHT/of this town/who died Jany 1st 1846/ aged 79 years/and of/MARY his wife/who died April 12th 1836/aged 68 years/also of/ CHARLES their eldest son/who died Feby 4th 1803/aged 2 years/and of/JAMES their third son/who died May 19th 1826/aged 22 years/and of/MARGARET their eldest daughter. who died May 9th 1883/aged 86 years.
(Alabaster tablet on Slate surround)
(See photo 057)
[Ch044]..... In memory of/JOSEPH JOYNSON/of Handsworth Staffordshire/ who died July 3rd 1820/aged 32 years/also of/MARY his wife and daughter of/CHARLES and MARY WRIGHT/who died Jany 24th 1840/aged 40 years/and of/MARY their only child/ who died June 20th 1838/aged 18 years.
(Alabaster tablet on Slate surround)
(See photo 056)
[QC122]..... In loving memory/of/ELIZA ANN/wife of/CHARLES WRIGHT/of Wirksworth/ died 15th January 1901/aged 61 years/In loving memory/of/CHARLES WRIGHT/of Wirksworth/ died 2nd June 1912/ aged 78 years.ELIZA ANN WRIGHT.
(Granite plinth & Limestone ledger)
[QC123]..... In loving memory of/MARGARET surviving daughter/of the late CHARLES WRIGHT/ of The Moor Wirksworth/who died May 9th 1883.
[Ch017]..... To the glory of God and in loving memory of ELIZA ANN WRIGHT who died/ Jany 15th 1901 .This window is placed here by her bereaved husband CHARLES WRIGHT of Wirksworth 1905.
(Stained glass window)
[Ch041]..... In memory of/RALPH WRIGHT/who died October 10th 1839/aged 34 years/and of/ ELIZABETH his wife/who died April 25th 1859/ aged 50 years.
(Alabaster tablet on Slate surround)
[D017]..... WILLIAM WRIGHT/--------1858/-------
(Limestone tomb in Iron railings)



11 Mar 2011
Jo MacDonald writes:
I hope you are well. I've got a little more info on the pedigree of the 
Wright family of the large grocer & wine shop that you have a page 
devoted to.
James Wright 1729 father & mother are James Wright bap. 1703 Matlock 
& Rose Hinch bap. 1706 Ashover married 29 APR 1725 Bradbourne.
Her father was Phillip Hinch here's an extract of his will from the 
GENUKI Derbyshire Wills page, the contact is Rosemary Lockie.
HINCH, Philip - of Matlock, yeoman, 10 Jan 1732/3.
to my son Joseph HINCH - "only one Shilling I haveing Given him his 
ffortune before";   to my son William HINCH ("if ever he Returns") 
- 100;   if he doesn't return the same amongst the children of my 
son George HINCH and children of my sons in law William TWIGG and 
James WRIGHT;   my son Phillip HINCH - 100 at 21 unless the Executors 
"putt him out Apprentice" in which case the money to do it be deducted;
my son in law James WRIGHT - house and premises [Shop, Stables, Garden];
grandson William WRIGHT and James WRIGHT (sons of aforesaid James);
son in law William TWIGG - 100;   my brothers in law Joseph HUGHSON 
and Cornelius HUGHSON - both one Guinea; my Loveing daughter 
Elizabeth TWIGG - my large Silver Tankard. 
Executors: wife Hannah HINCH; sons in Law William TWIGG and James WRIGHT. 
Also mentioned: "my Mynes shares and poscions [portions] of mynes". 
Witnesses: Thomas PARKER;   George ['g' his mark] BLAND;   Tho BRIGHT. 
Inventory by: George SOWTER and John HOLLEY, 20 Feb 1732. Total: 42-07-06.
A disparate debt due from Thomas HARVEYs supposed to be about 10-00-00. 
Probate Lichfield 19 Jun 1733; before R RIDER sur. 
I haven't got the original yet.
Incidently there is a great pedigree for the Wrights on your Ince pages, 
but it's under Potter. I expect you've spotted this. I can't see it under 
the Wright index if you see what I mean. It's page 
Page 020b (-,63,H929.2/47)
I hope this is of interest & sorry my email is such a mess. 
Mum & Ivor say hello. 
Regards Jo Macdonald

23 Jan 2008
Graham Wright writes:
The following are extracts from Matlock Parish Registers and also your
"Wirksworth" site (the prime mover in getting me going).  There is also some
additional data from Val Neale's CD for St Giles Church, Matlock

The parents are James Wright and Sarah Potter who married 29 October 1753.
Their children were as follows:

Elizabeth Wright      b.Jan 1755        Matlock     bap. 7 Jan   1755
Rose Wright           b.5 April 1756    Matlock     bap. 3 Oct   1756
Sarah Wright          b.14 Jun 1759     Matlock     bap. 8 July  1759
Esther Wright         b.2 April 1761    Matlock     bap.26 April 1761
James Wright          b.4 Jan 1763      Matlock     bap. 6 Feb   1763
Ann Wright            b.16 Dec 1764     Matlock     bap 31 Dec   1764
Charles Wright        b.6 Dec 1766      Matlock     bap.13 Dec   1766
Lydia Wright          b.10 April 1769   Matlock     bap  7 May   1769
William Wright        b.28 Nov 1774     Matlock     bap.28 Dec   1774

I've found Val Neale's CD's extremely reliable with only the occasional
typo but I haven't checked everything against actual parish records.  I may
be wrong but I think data on your site was originally based on Bishop
Transcripts where there are some known gaps.  Put me right on that if it is
not the case.

James WRIGHT b.1763 I believe married Margaret Millington.  Two of his sons
William WRIGHT and George WRIGHT were engaged in occupations related to
their uncle Charles WRIGHT.  William WRIGHT was a grocer and George WRIGHT
was a traveller in Spirits and Groceries.



From:  Andy Foster 
Subject:  Wirksworth Bottle 
Date:  Wed, 5 Jul 2006 18:11:52 +0100 

Hi John,

Looking at your web site, thought you may be interested that I have 
a whiskey bottle from Wirksworth, found in Via Gellia.
There is a picture of it here...

It's from Charles Wright & Co, Wirksworth, Leith and London
I think it's 1930's in date.

I also have four Whittaker bottles that are not any of the ones on 
your site, they are 
Dobson 10oz codd, with heads
Cork stoppered - (no Ashford) without heads
Screw Stoppered Imperial half pint with Ashford and heads
Squat screw stoppered without Ashford, with heads...

If you'd like to see them I'd be happy to take pics...

Best Regards
Andy Foster
From:  Andy Foster 
Subject:  Re: Wirksworth Bottle 
Date:  Thu, 6 Jul 2006 19:04:20 +0100 

Hello John,

The wording is:


I'll get a better picture, that one isn't too good, and I'll photograph my
other local bottles.

I'm trying to get hold of the Cromford Codd. I have found broken fragments
of two versions of it.

I'll send the pictures ASAP...


Andy Foster

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