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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Board of Guardians 1837-51

The Board of Guardians examined the Woes of the Poor and decided who was to pay for their improvement.
This information about the Board originated as a collection of emails between Mike Spencer and the DERBYSGEN mailing list. Mike's records, comments and his overview of the subject are given here with his permission. Thanks Mike

  1. Bakewell 1838    

    These folks appeared before the Board of Guardians or were considered by them in 1838. Eyam --- Sarah BRUSHFIELD wid 65 Eyam --- Elizabeth BRIGHTMORE wid 42 Mary 16 , Joseph 14, Barbara 12, Charles 7 Eyam --- Lydia BENNESON 60 Elizabeth 41 sister Eyam --- Benjamin COOPER 72 resides with dau in Stockport,suffers with rheumatism Eyam --- Mary DANIEL 66 wid Eyam --- Elizabeth FRITH 78 wid Eyam --- Milly GARNER 60 husband absconded some years ago Eyam --- Robert BENNESON 74 Eyam --- John GREGORY 71 resides at Killamarsh, asthmatical,has several children son to be proceeded against Eyam --- Elizabeth HOWE 48 resides at Great Hucklow with her brother,she is very deaf Eyam --- Ann MARSDEN 55 Eyam --- Mary MORTIN 71 wid has a lmae hand,Has a daughter Elizabeth 31, her other child married. Eyam --- Ann MIDDLETON wid 46 has Abraham 12, Mary 8, Thomas 9, Rebecca 3, Rebecca is an illegitimate child since the death of her husband. She (Ann) lives with brother in law. Eyam --- Robert NALL 49 short sighted Eyam --- William ROBINSON 69 and Mary wife 53, she washes Eyam --- Nanny UNWIN wid 88 lives in her sons cottage rent free. Eyam --- Sarah RIDGWAY wid 43 has Elizabeth 15, Sarah 14, Joseph12, John 9, and Ann 7 (has four children ?) Eyam --- Martha UNWIN wid 45 has Edward 12, John 11 , Martha 9 "she is of unsound mind" Eyam --- Joseph SKIDMORE 70 breaks stone for the road Eyam --- George WHITE 75 wife Ann 54 has Elizabeth 21, John 19, Frederick 13, Joseph 11 Eyam --- Joseph WILDGOOSE 71 Eyam --- Hannah WILSON wid 41 has Ann 15, Martha 13, Ellen 10 Eyam --- Elizabeth WHITEBY 38 and her brother Jesse WHITEBY,. Jesse collects manure in the road ,earns 1/- a week, he is subject to fits and is rather idle. Eyam --- Lydia MELLOR 81 wid resides Staffs Eyam --- Betty HIBBERT wid 75 resides with son and dau Notts. Eyam --- Samuel ROBINSON 59 and wife resides Salford Eyam --- Ann MOSSLEY 35 single resides Yorks, of unsound mind Eyam --- Hardy GREGORY 71 resides Yorks with son. Short sighted Eyam --- Catharine GREGORY wid 42 resides Yorks has five children Eyam --- William GREGORY 50 and familyresides Yorks. Eyam --- Mary Ann MORTON wid 50 and family.Resides Yorks. Eyam --- Widow BRADSHAW 79 living with widowed dau in Yorks. Eyam --- Sarah MORTON 10 lives with Aunt in Manchester Hathersage --- Martha SMILTER 62 single Hathersage --- Ruth HOBSON wid 61 Hathersage --- Phoeby BINGHAM wid 68 Hathersage --- Betty BROOMHEAD wid 79 Hathersage --- Mary BROOMHEAD wid 79 Hathersage --- Martha ROBINSON 30 single ill has a child of 5 Hathersage --- George SMILTER 5 ill child,living in poor house Hathersage --- Thomas BROWN 77 and wife 71 All these folk belonged to the parish listed before their name, they did not always as I have tried to show live in that parish. The Board decided if the applicants because of their "difficult" circumstances were entitled to out relief. In many cases a few shillings and a few pounds of bread were offered. Others members of the family were subject to being interviewed as to why they did not support their mother or father and warrants were issued. In many cases out relief was refused because the Board deemed they were living on sufficient monies or had property they could sell first before coming to the Board. If they hadn't sufficient and thwe Board refused out relief the dreaded Workhouse was offered as an alternative. Not all details of these cases are listed, in fact not one entry has been listed completely. These reports are extremely useful to find out what is happening to certain members of a community as well as to where they are living, what they are suffering from, what they do to earn a little money . Like Jesse WHITEBY shovelling dung of the road, or not listed yet, an old man in Ilkeston who played his harp in a public house to make a bit of money. They also reveal what illness a person may have been suffering from, broken legs being the cause of many seeking relief, others because of inclement weather, the early part of 1841 was a time of a very hard frost and storm. Many lead miners were unable to dig the ground being solid. I am sure over the coming months you are going to find many missing links and if not find out that little bit extra about some members of your family. Not every one left a Will, but even the rich got old, and infirm and made the annals of the Board of Guardians. We open those Annals tonight. Have fun. =============================================================================
  2. Belper 1841    

    These folks were before Belper Board, just a few weeks before the 1841 Census. Recognise any ? Alfreton Ann HOLMES 28 and children,asks for a change of air, wishes to see parents in Stockport and Board to defray costs. Alfreton --- Nathaniel WARD 40 wife 30 and six children , Workhouse . Pentrich --- Ann TOPHAM 26 single pregnant Crich --- Mary HARRISON 39 wid Charles 14 apprenticed to Thomas WHEATCROFT Crich --- Ann RADFORD 52 wid 52, William fractured his thigh in December and having no bed for him a pair of sheets and blankets were provided, she now refuses to give them to the Relieving Officer and asks for a pair of shoes for her son Peter. Refused. Sheets and blakets to be returned Ashleyhay --- Hannah BULLOCK 64 single, living with married daughter Ashleyhay --- William FOX 39 wife 38 applicant very ill Wirksworth --- Thomas ROPER 77 wid very ill Wirksworth --- William LAND 31 wife 29 with seven children,wife had a relapse Alfreton --- Joseph BURGOYNE 57 wife 57, injured in one eye. Settlement disputed Smalley --- Ann NOON 67 wid died this week. Kirk Langley --- Harriet TOPLIS 19 single left workhouse this week, re-admitted, order to with-hold flesh meat dinners to be enforced. Kilbourne --- Hannah HAND 62 wid son William and his wife and one child live with her, and Catherine a single dau pregnant Belper --- Mary GREGORY 44 one child,7, husband William deserted her, Settlement Ashover .Workhouse ordered. Belper --- Ann GIBSON 65 Settlement Barleston,Leics ,has been relieved by Barleston at Nottingham =============================================================================
  3. Shardlow 1840    

    The Shardlow Union as did other Unions dealt with people and parishes in other Counties.Many of these folks had Derbyshire connections as you will see. I cannot list these Shardlow entries without including these other parishes, they are an integral part of the Union, and no doubt your families will be connected somewhere. It will all make sense. Donington --- Ann WEBB 75 resides Melbourne died Saturday Donington --- Ann TUNNICLIFFE 30 wid, husband died a short time ago Donington --- William NEALE 34 wife Sarah 37, pregnant ,six children all with small pox Barrow --- William BANCROFT 68 wife Rebecca 79, in Shardlow Workhouse,tailor Chellaston --- Frances PEARSON 59 husband Thomas left house Thursday, not been seen since. Keeps an Illegitmate child of her daughter Rebecca Diseworth --- Samuel BAXTER 44 wife Mary 40 ,has Samuel 9 Jane 7, Elizabeth 5. Diseworth --- Mary WOODY 39 resides Donington single, has a speech impediment, father in Lockington Melbourne --- John BAILEY 23 wife Susannah 23 has Emalia 3, Albert 13 wks. Shoemaker, fever Melbourne --- Joseph BUCK 30 ,wife Melbourne --- Mary HATTON 59 wid. Melbourne --- Joseph DUNNICLIFF 27 wife Ellen 22,have Emma 4, Jane 2, Mary born Nov 8th, wifes recovery doubtful Melbourne --- John BATES 27 settlement Packington ,single man ,has fits. Father, a tailor had a paralytic stroke Melbourne --- Thomas KIRKMAN 43 resides Castle Donington Aston --- Alpheus BARTON 16 resides Kegworth Aston --- Isaac HINDS 39 resides Breedon Derby --- Hills Hannah KNIGHT wid 66,resides Thrington Swarkestone --- Sarah NEWBOLD 69 wid Breedon --- James BONSER 51 wife Catherine 48,Hannah 12, Ellen 7, Harriett 5, Breedon --- Mary KNOWLES 87 resides Tong, wid, her property having been taken possession of by the Trust under her late husbands Will. Destitute. Breedon --- Ann HICKING 40 has Isaac 12, William 10, John 8, married. Husband absconded, son Isaac has an abcess on neck. =============================================================================
  4. Bakewell 1841    

    Any of these yours ? Cromford --- Sarah TURNER 28 single, pregnant Ashford --- George NEEDHAM and family lost use of hand Matlock --- Fanny WALKER 61 wid asks for pair of shoes Ashford --- Mary HARRISON very ill Bakewell --- Elizabeth WEBSTER now dead Beeley --- Ralph HAGUE 38 wife 35, Eliza, John 11, Sarah 12, Harriet 7, George 5, Ellen 4, James 2, are resident within Eccleshall Union Birchover --- John BARKER and family Elizabeth 19,William 16, Caroline 15, Jane 11, Margaret 5, Adelade 2, are residing at Hunslet near Leeds Birchover --- James BARKER at within Pateley Bridge Union ,Yorks. Very ill Bakewell --- Sarah FENTEM 33 ill child, Destitute Cromford --- John NEEDHAM and family Destitute Matlock --- James CROWDER and family being ill Baslow --- William KING resides at Heanor Litton --- David REDFEARN confined to Debt in Chapel Court Prison Hassop --- Ann WILSON and child Hassop --- George DOOLEY and wife "insulting laguage to Relieving Officer, Chesterfield Union Gt Hucklow --- Robert BEATON and wife she teaches at school Baslow Benjamin CORNISH letter from Chesterfield Union "removal to Asylum" =============================================================================
  5. SWINDELL 1841    

    Just to give you some idea of a case involved with the Board I use as an example that of Joseph SWINDELL of Crich in 1841. Again this is just before the 1841 Census ,so now you actually get "proper" ages as opposed to rounded up ones on the Census. 29 May 1841 Joseph SWINDELL 43, wife 32 and five childeren, viz; Mary Ann 12, Elizabeth 9, Sarah 7, Hannah 4, Ellen 2. He is a labourer and earns 2/- a day. Wife is very ill and confined to bed, three of the children are also ill. Mary FROST, the wifes mother is now taking care of the family and asks for 6/- a week relief.. The Boards decision was "To relieve at Discretion." 5 June 1841 Joseph SWINDELL 43 wife 32 and five children see last week, wife since dead. Overseers then ordered to relieve at discretion. Ordered a coffin. John FROST wifes father ordered a coffin of greater value intending to pay the difference. Several of the children are ill. Coffin refused 12 June 1841 Joseph SWINDELL 43 wid and five children ,see last week, funeral expenses of wife then refused - it is now stated that the coffin was not of greater value than a parish coffin, charge 11/- Church fees 3/6 14/7 allowed. RO (Relieving Officer) has given food value 3/6, allowed. Children still ill. To continue relief at Discretion. So here you have an actual case developing over the weeks, in this case for Mrs Swindell rather to quick, but from these reports you learn how difficult it must have been for Joseph and even the love of his wifes parents as they did possibly all they could in sickness and after her death for their daughter. Not all the cases listed are as revealing as this but all give some extra information about your ancestors that you may never have known about, or might might they just even confirm the old story grand dad used to tell ! Hope you are enjoying looking through the lists, Sadly some Derbyshire parishes were assigned to Unions outside the County and for which in Derbyshire there are no records. Also not all Guardians and their scribes kept the same standards and some books contain very little while others are a dream. Don't blame me, I am digging out what I can from the not so clever, or cant be bothered to write that gang of scribes, listing what I can to give some sort of information. By the way if you are related to Joseph Swindell or Mr and Mrs Frost I hope you didn't know the above details before these were listed. I hope it is a pleasant ,if not somewhat sad, surprise. =============================================================================
  6. Hayfield 1838    

    Hayfield is one of those can't be bothered to write that Unions. So here goes. George JACKSON to maintain his bastard child John BOWDEN Ann BAILEY illegitimate child at Biddulph Thomas BOWDEN the father of Ann FORDS illegetimate child In consequens of the bad quality of the bread furnished by SAMUEL TWIST it was ordered that no more be purchased from him. (Can you imagine Oliver, "Please sir, I don't want some more" !) True honest believe me,it's in the annals. Beard , Ollerset, Whitle and Thornset,Hayfield pay Wednesday. Disley Monday Mellor pay Tuesday.Thursday, Friday and Saturday examine cases and paupers. Mellor --- John SWINDELLS of Quick, lIving at Saddleworth Mellor --- Thomas McMERRICK hurt in a coal pit Beard --- William LOMAS Mellor --- Ann STAFFORD Mellor --- Robert BOWDEN Mellor --- Benjamin BOWDEN been troublesome Hayfield --- Mary ROBINSON Disley --- Mary STAFFORD second illegitimate child by John SIDEBOTTOM, the first dead Hayfield --- Sarah HALL single ,pregnant As you can see not much detail as the other Boards but not all is necessarily listed here. =============================================================================
  7. Belper 1841    

    Another batch of names, and hopefully useful notes. Belper --- Isabella DORMAN 64 wid belongs Carlisle. Belper --- William RATCLIFFE 47, wife 44, Philip 7, Thirza 5 Edward 1. From Cheadle Union. Belper --- William BURTON 32, wife 33, Samuel 8, living with wifes father. Morley --- Mary BURROWS 38 wid and six children, Relief discontinued. Heage --- John PARR 76 removed from Cheshire Heage --- John HAWKINS 46, wife 38, William 13, Ann 10, John 8, Edward 5, Joseph 5m, resident in Basford Union, collier, ill. Heage --- Robert STRAW 5, Wm 4, John 2, orphans, mother died last week, father 21m ago. They are with Mary WAINWRIGHT who states they are ill. Stock in shop and furniture siezed by Creditors and children destitute. Heage --- Thomas GILL 63, wife 58. Weston Underwood --- Samuel THOMPSON 74 wife 79, employed by son. Kedleston --- Elizabeth BARKER 26 , Harriet 4. Amelia 2, husband in gaol. Mugginton --- Maria HITCHCOCK 27 and child, Child ill. Mugginton --- John TURTON 60 wid fwk res Ilkeston in Basford Union,he is ruptured and asks for a truss and 1/- a week. Mr Jedediah gave an order for a truss. Relief refused,out of Union. Mugginton --- Frances WHEELDON 29 ,one child, husband deserted her. Duffield --- James BRASSINGTON 38, wife 29, Hanah 11, Ann 9, James 4, Eliza 1,. He fractured a leg in a scuffle with George MASON, a shoemaker. Wirksworth --- Hannah THOMPSON 69 wid, Inmate in the Workhouse states she should reside at Wirksworth. Can you link any one yet? =============================================================================
  8. Ashbourne 1849    

    Another list of those persons considered by the Board of Guardians for out relief and all kinds of things. Ashbourne area this time, this is one of those areas that decided to record things to a minimum ,but there is still plenty to read. Brassington --- Mary LEE resides Manchester. Ashbourne --- James PIDCOCK one quarters pay to Sandfield Asylum. Mayfield --- Sarah HODGKINSON in Stafford Asylum Snelston --- Michael ROE, young able bodied. ? --- Elizabeth HARDY Prosecution for seeling workhouse clothing Ashbourne --- Lavinia FENTON pauper, payment to Henshaws Blind Asylum Carsington --- Ann ALSOP mo (Medical Officer) charges for midwifery . ? --- Ann LAKIN as above Parwich --- George FERNIHOUGH mo charges, compound fracture of the leg Offcote and Underwood --- Ann GETLIFF in Cheshire, paid 26 wks payment. ? --- Sarah HULLAND Sadly no ages given , but hopefully you can still identify them. Hope you are anticipating your lot. =============================================================================
  9. Ashbourne 1850    

    It seems the case of Joseph Swindells has touched many of you. Many other peole had a similar plight it just that I highlighted Joseph case. What became of the children no doubt will be recorded and I will list their complete and full entries to keep the story going. Meanwhile heres a few more names from Ashbourne Union who had representation before the Board . Mr SPENCER appeared before the Board respecting a boys lameness which he had taken into his service out of the Workhouse. Ordered Mr GREAVES, Medical Officer to examine him. The boy is Henry STORER. Longford --- Sarah TIPPER and family ,letter from Burton Union Brassington --- W HODGKINSON to be apprentice to W KENDRICK of Wirksworth,baker Brassington --- William HODGKINSON an orphan pauper to be apprenticed to William Frank KENDRICK given go ahead and done Ordered that if any children go out of the Workhouse to service that after a months trial they be hired at once for a year. Hollington --- Elizabeth HARDY conviction expenses for her vagrancy It having been reported that the goods of the late Mrs Pidcock were selling by auction,ordered that the Clerk write to Mr HOBSON the auctioneer claiming the proceeds of the sale in behalf of her son ,now a lunatic in Sandfield Asylum. Prosecution of Isaac WEBSTER for neglect of family Brailsford --- W BEIGHTON fractured leg MO (medical Officer) charges Prestwood --- H WOOD fractured leg Clifton --- T STEVENSON fractured thigh Brassington --- T WALTON fractured leg Bonsall --- W GREGORY fractured thigh Bonsall --- J MATHER dislocation Kirk Ireton --- R WARD Truss Basledon --- Ellen HADFIELD midwifery charges Prosecution charges for William SLATER neglect of family Proposal to send Sarah HULLAND to Asylum Clifton --- Sarah HULLAND Conveyance to Sandfield Asylum Mr KENDRICK asks for a pair of shoes for William HODGKINSON to complete his outfit Hartington Town Quarter Payment to Glossop Union for Lettice SUTTON Patrick DOYLE buried George STORER had left his place at Middleton and was back in the Workhouse. Ordered the Master fetch him back and keep him during the period of his service Ordered that George STORER who has left his situation at Mr HAWLEY's in Middleton and is now in the Workhouse be sent back to his place on Monday next. Blore --- Dorothy HARRISON MO charges for Childbirth Ilam --- William TWIGGE Truss Ellen VINCENT Childbirth Ashbourne --- Mary TURNER Childbirth Ashbourne --- Edward FOGG Truss ? --- Sarah MASSEY Broken arm Ashbourne --- Jane NEEDHAM Childbirth Atlow/? --- Alice BEESON, husband left five years ago, she is now pregnant by her master Mr HIND. (a long case ) Unfortunately Asbourne does not at this stage give the ages of those concerned but hopefully you can identify them. Hope ,as it seems you are getting something out of these lists. It seems some of you have had good success in making some sense of why your families ended up where they did. More Unions to follow. =============================================================================
  10. Belper 1841    

    Further folks who appeared or who were considered before the Board of Guardians of Belper Union. Belper --- Lydia COGLAN 31, Ann 7, John 2, Elizabeth 3m her husband is a native of Ireland, deserted her at Barnsley and is now in America Denby --- John HOPE 44 wife 34, Hannah 9, Thomas 7, Harriet 5, Mary 2, Joseph 1m resides Greasley. Alfreton --- Hannah MOSS 50 wid. one child 9, to come to Workhouse Alfreton --- William BLAND 28, wife 29, and two children .Scalded South Wingfield --- William WHARTON 9, in care of Hannah JACKSON Crich --- Thomas CURZON 22 single ,now dead . Coffin 11/- Crich --- William WILBRAHAM died , at Mr FISHERS Asylum,Derby Crich --- Thomas WHEATCROFT 38, wife 31, and four children, illness. Crich --- Joseph SWINDELL 43, wife 32 (case covered) Wirksworth --- Joseph TOPLIS 43, widower, three children, infirm resides Uttoxeter Shottle --- Ann SMITH 42 single now dead Pentrich --- Edmund BRAMLEY, wife and two children removed Walsall Belper --- Mary BRITTLEBANK 18 single removed by Officers to Manchester a fortnight ago, has returned to Belper to her grandfather who refuses to keep her. To be received into Workhouse and write to Manchester. Hope you can recognise some of these. =============================================================================
  11. Bakewell 1839    

    A further batch of people this time before Bakewell Board. Winster --- Jonathan HARDY must have a truss Darley --- Anthony WALL cannot subsist Matlock --- Amy SCORER unable to follow employment Winster --- Ann HENSTOCK husband not returned Winster --- John CADMAN scrofula (a disease with glandular swellings, probably a form of TB) Middleton --- James MERRYMAN son of Joseph MERRYMAN who is a Chelsea Pensioner and a lunatic but not dangerous. Son James resides with his mother in Cheshire Middleton by Youlgreave ---Mary MILWARD factory stopping now unemployed. Wensley --- Mary ALLEN 70 wid. res with son and daughter Bonsall or Bakewell --- Ralph KINDER Edensor --- William RANDLE 56, Robert 13, Thomas 11, Fanny 19 res. Walton in Chesterfield Union Edensor --- Hannah RILEY lettter from Spotland,Rochdale, one child ill Tideswell --- Elizabeth HARRISON 31 single and 18m illegitimate child res Cheadle Bulkely from which place she has been removed. Tried to get hold of Dickens' Oliver Twist in Derby and Matlock Bath. Not a single copy anywhere. Are you all buying them up because of Oliver in the Workhouse! =============================================================================
  12. Shardlow 1837    

    Shardlow Union folk before the Board in 1837. Shardlow --- Esther WALL 30, girl 8, boy 5, illegitimate Shardlow --- Mary WALL 21, has Emma illegitimate 2, resides Newark Shardlow --- Ann SAXTON, illegitimate boy aged ,6 resides Donington Shardlow --- Sarah WRAGG has illegitimate girl resides Crich Alvaston --- William AUSTIN 83 has three sons and three dau, Martha,Samuel, Thomas, Catharine, Elizabeth, Martha. Alvaston --- John TAYLOR 74 has John, Joseph, James, Thomas, Elizabeth. Alvaston --- Martha JACKSON resides with Ann BUCKLAND Alvaston --- Hannah ADAMS 60, has Samuel, James, William ,Isaac a cripple, Jane, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Hannah all wed. Alvaston --- Jane DRAPER 36 has Hannah, John 11, Elizabeth 8, Charlotte 6, Sarah 1 illegitimate and Harriott Alvaston --- William WOODWARD 77, wife 78 infirm, has two sons in London, Elizabeth married Alvaston --- Thomas WRIGHT 70/or 76, wife 74 asthmatical son James a servant, dau Sarah. Alvaston --- Sarah AUSTIN 49, John 14, Elizabeth 11, William 8, her mother a widow, brother a servant Alvaston --- Isaac HARDY 85 resides Findern infirm two sons, Samuel a shoemaker and ? Hardy a labourer Alvaston --- Elizabeth ROBINSON 64 resides Derby two brothers Thomas and John Elvaston --- Sarah WOODWARD 37 resides Thulston, has Amos 14, Mary 10, Sarah 6, (or 8 or 5) Hannah 4 and three bros. Elvaston --- Elizabeth BROWN 70 resides Staffs, infirm Elvaston --- Edwin FORD 8 ill resides at Borrowash, mother married Elvaston --- Robert BROWN 8 ill resides Borrowash,mother married Elvaston --- Elizabeth WOODWARD 75 res Ockbrook has John who has 10 children, William who has 7 children, Ann who has 5 children. Chaddesden --- Hannah BURROWS 60 infirm, has three brothers Thomas, John and Robert Chaddesden --- Thomas BURROWS 64, lame ,deaf. Chaddesden --- Frances COCKAYNE has three sons William, George, blind and John. Hope you find them among these. =============================================================================
  13. Belper 1841    

    Here are a few more folks before the Belper Board around the time of the 1841 Census. Duffield --- George RILEY 25,wife 24, James 6, Mary 4, Samuel 1 ill. Duffield --- Elizabeth RAINSFORD 35,wid. wants rent arrears paid. Duffield --- William KIRK 45, wid. he in infirmary, children with grandmother Duffield --- William FOX 66 wid. Duffield --- Mary HALLSWORTH 30 and four children, husband deserted her. Denby --- Martha BROWN 42, Harriet, Martha 5 a bastard. Res Heanor in Basford Union ,she is ill Kedleston --- Catherine BARKER 50 wid one child aged 8, ill. Heage --- William RODGERS 56 single, nailor and fiddler, cohabits with Sarah RODGERS by whom he has three children Morley --- Sarah CHAMBERS 23 single, has Elizabeth her 15wks old child removed from Lancashire Belper --- Edward BACON 36 ,wife 32, Mary Ann 12, George 11, John 8, Edwin 6 Joseph 3. Belper --- James CLARK 81 wid. Alfreton --- Samuel WHARTON 12, Mary 9 Ann 6, Sarah 4, John 8m all orphans of George WHARTON and his wife who died of fever about 2m ago - he had a house, son Thomas is in possesssion and has care of the children. Alfreton --- Hannah SHAWCROFT 21 and one child deserted, child returned, asked for relief Alfreton --- Francis SHERRETT 60 ,wife 60, he is very ill. Crich --- Mary HARRISON 39 wid. Charles 14, binding Charles Apprentice approved Crich --- Ann and Elizabeth HARRISON ill, pair of sheets. Crich --- Mary WHEATCROFT 22 single, Elizabeth 3m Crich --- Thomas SIMS 57 ,wife 48 fwk ill. Crich --- James JACKSON wid four children Harriet 12, Sarah 10, Lydia 7 , Elizabeth 5, resided in Dukinfield, he deserted them, he is now in Knutsford House of Correction, the children have been removed and they are now with Charles Jackson Crich --- Joseph SWINDELL (case reported ) Crich --- William KIRK 39 wife 34 ,Ann 14, Sarah 8 William 6, He is still ill. Crich --- Thomas KIRK 34, wife 34 and five children. He is ill and asks for 2lb of mutton weekly Ireton Wood --- Joseph HUDSON 24, single ,labourer been ill. Ireton Wood --- Ann HUDSON 19 single ,confined to bed, ill Windley --- Charles BENTLEY 62, wid, infirm. Windley --- George ANTHONY 23, single , blind, resides Derby, taught to make baskets, asks for osier bed to be rented. Wirksworth --- Eli MILWARD 71 wife 75 unemployed labourer,wife ill. Wirksworth --- William STORER 77, wife 57 recovered. Wirksworth --- Grace HOLMES 30 and illegitimate child, re-admitted to Workhouse. South Wingfield --- William WHARTON 9 asks for 20/- to buy tools for him to work as a nailer. Just another assortment of circumstances to show just what is recorded. Not all the details of each case ,such as judgement are listed, simply to much to list. As you will see most of the cases are just victims of circumstance and old age. The four Jackson girls deserted, but who knows if James didn't do it for the best! Blind George Anthony ,taught to make baskets trying desperately to rent an osier bed, his request was refused. And what about 9yr old William Wharton asking for 20/- to buy tools to set him up in business. That lad should have gone far. What became of him. I don't know, but if it's in the annals I will let you know. =============================================================================
  14. Shardlow 1837    

    Some more cases from 1837, covering basically Leicestershire parishes, but as you will notice having in quite a few cases Derbyshire connections as you would expect on the border. No doubt some of you will have some connections to those totally Leics. based. I know this is a Derbyshire list but I hope you will forgive these "extras" ,and after all they may just prove to be yours . Hemington --- Mary HALFORD wid 75, resides (res) Lockington Hemington --- Hannah JOHNSON wid 73 living with son Hemington --- Susannah TWELLS wid 77 res with husbands grand daughter at Castle Donington (Cas.Don) Hemington --- Blank HALLAND wid 70 res at Long Eaton. Daughter married to a person of property at Ticknall Hemington --- Hannah DAKIN wid 53 disabled Hemington --- Blank HUDSON wid 70 living with dau. Hemington --- Ann BOSWORTH 52 res at Cas.Don part infirm, son a boatman. Hemington --- John COOK 77 res at Kegworth ,infirm Hemington --- David PARKER 65, WIFE res at Yeverly, Derbys, very infirm Hemington --- William POXON 16 res with aunt. Lame, an idiot and an orphan. Hemington --- Ann HUDSON 30 and illegitimate child 4, putative father John YEOMANS poor Hemington --- Elizabeth WATTS and her illegitimate child 10. Putative father John OLDERSHAW Hemington --- Elizabeth MILLETT and her illegitimate child 10. Putative father William EAGLESFIELD Hemington --- Ann HUDSON illegitimate child 5 Putative father Thomas LEES Lockington --- Mary GADSBY and her illegitimate child 4. Father John EITOVER Lockington --- George HALLAM 40 wife and five children res Kegworth,nearly blind. Lockington --- Mary HALLAM 80 wid rers Kegworth ,infirm Lockington --- John AINSWORTH 80 and wife res Great Leeke. Infirm ,wife ill. Lockington --- Ann NEWBOLD 73 wid res Sawley, infirm, dau infirm. Lockington --- Sophia POXON 33 has three sons 3, 7, 9 . Husband absconded. Res Cas.Don. Lockington --- Mary POXON wid 70 res Cas.Don. Infirm. Lockington --- Sarah HUDSON wid 30 children aged 2 and 4. Res Cas.Don. Keeps a small school. Hemington --- Mary TWELLS wife of George TWELLS of Ashby, res. at Hemington. Husband parted from her. Cas.Don --- Rebecca GLOVER wid 70, infirm ,one son, a beer seller with children. Cas.Don --- Mary WHEELDON 50 partially disabled ,4 daughters and two sons. Cas.Don --- Ann WEBB 72 infirm 1son 2 daus. Cas.Don --- Blank SPENCER wid 78 infirm. 1 son a shopkeeper, 2 daus. Cas.Don --- Alice DAKIN wid 80 infirm Cas.Don --- Elizabeth LACEY wid 67 partially disabled Cas.Don --- Margaret SUMMERFIELD wid 63 partially disabled ,1 son, Joseph 19, labourer and 2 daus, one named Eliz. Cas.Don --- Ann WILDERS wid 80 res Hathern 1 son and 2 daus. Cas.Don --- Grace BROWN wid 70 res Uttoxeter ,2 daus. Cas.Don --- Elizabeth DAKIN wid, infirm 5 sons ,1 dau wife of John BUCKNALL Maltster Cas.Don --- Mary KING wid 72 res Hemington infirm has John married, a boatman and Thomas single, a boatman Cas.Don --- Ann LAUNDER wid 57 has John 24,has two children 2 and 4. Thomas 24, in service with Mr WHITE, Ann married, Elllizabeth single, but lives with her. Cas.Don --- Elizabeth FOWKES wid 69 partially disabled Thomas, James, Samuel, Joseph, John, William 25 Cas.Don --- Rosanna EATON wid 23, two children 1 and 3. Cas.Don --- Mary WOOTTON wid 65 partially infirm Cas.Don --- Mary BROWN wid 67,very infirm, 2 daus. Cas. Don --- Hannah SNAPE wid 66 partially disabled son Thomas married, four married daus. Cas.Don --- Ann DOMELOW wid 70 res Shardlow, infirm, son John a boatman, three daughters all poor. Cas.Don --- Elizabeth WINFIELD wid 44 two sons 4 and 8. Cas.Don --- Sarah WILLIAMSON wid 76 infirm, son framework knitter,2 daus. all married Cas.Don --- William TOMLINSON 40 deprived of use of his limbs by a stroke, wife, three sons, 1, 10, Theophilus 17, two girls 12, Elizabeth 14. Cas.Don --- William CHAMBERLAIN 76 wife Sarah, has four married daus. Cas.Don --- Hannah HACKETT 28 huband transported girl 8 ,boy 6 Cas.Don --- William COOK wid 77 infirm,two sons Robert named Cas.Don --- George FESSANT 5 res with aunt,an orphan child. Cas.Don --- John FESSANT 7 an orphan Cas.Don --- Thomas WAKER 56 bodiy and mental infirmity,wife 53 ,four sons and four daus. Cas.Don --- Richard LAMBERT 60,wife Eizabeth 70 infirm pensioner, wife insane Cas.Don --- Hannah TOMLINSON husband a booket maker committed to the House of Correction for 12m for robbing the Birmingham Waggon, father William BURTON Cas.Don --- William HUNT 36, settlement uncertain,very ill. Wife Hannah 24, child 16m Cas.Don --- Elizabeth TOPLIS wid, 72 infirm has five married daus. Cas.Don --- Mary MALHULM wid 30 living with another man unmarried, 3 children 8,5, and illegitimate 5m . Cas.Don --- Ann GARTON wid 74 infirm has two married daus. Cas.Don --- Ann HUDSON wid 30 one child 2m Cas.Don --- Patience HACKETT 62 partially disabled two sons,one transported, son Thomas lives with her dau,married Cas.Don --- Joseph SHAW 19 res Hemington, a poor idiot,mother very poor. Cas.Don --- Joseph TOPLIS 83 and Phoebe TOPLIS his wife ,four sons and a dau. Cas.Don --- Mary CHAMBERS wid 74 infirm, one dau married Cas.Don --- Ann WHEELDON 32 two daus,6,10. husband transported for life Cas.Don --- Mary TOPLIS 46 son 9. Husband transported for life Cas.Don --- Lydia SMITH 30, four children,1,4,8,and 10. Husband transported for life. Cas.Don --- Blank THOMAS wid 80, res Melbourn,infirm Cas.Don --- Blank HOWARD wid 47, res Loughborough infirm Cas.Don --- Blank ALLEN wid 60 res Mount Sorrell . Cas.Don --- Blank WORRALL wid 60, res Melbourne ,partially disabled, 3 married sons Cas.Don --- Esther PEGG wid 36 res Macclesfield, delicate health, four children about 14,10,8 and 6. Cas.Don --- Blank CHARLESWORTH wid 30 res Rugeley two children about 2 and 4. Cas.Don --- Mary WATTS wid 75, res Derby ,infirm ,three married sons. Cas.Don --- Sarah HUTCHINSON wid 34 res Leicester ,three boys aged 14,10 and 8. Cas.Don --- Blank COOK wid 74 res Draycott,infirm. Cas.Don --- Mary HUNT money lost, ill child 10. Cas. Don --- Sarah BACON res Hartshorn illegitmate child 8, putative father dead. Hope you find these useful, =============================================================================
  15. Belper 1841    

    Some more of those unfortunate to appear before, or be considered by the Board of Guardians for Belper Union. Testimonial for Rev R. LEIGH chaplain of the Workhouse - to become candidate to Chaplaincy of Liverpool Poor House. Alfreton --- John ENGLAND 83, wife 64, rent Alfreton --- Isaac BULLOCK 69 wife 59 fwk Alfreton --- Mary Ann COOPER 21 single, Charles 7m ill. is the dau of Isaac BULLOCK's wife Alfreton --- William BRAILSFORD 76 wife lives in Nottingham, he is employed on the roads. Alfreton --- Thomas TRUEMAN 37 wid, res Notts, ill. Alfreton --- Anthony WILLIAMS 68 wid and Sarah Ann 7 res Notts, framesmith. Alfreton --- James PEACH 66,wife 45 Dorothy 12, William 9 res Walton labourer. Alfreton --- Martha SELLORS 66 wid res Notts. Alfreton --- Sarah BARKER 72 WID res with two grand-children. Crich --- William BLAND 37 wife 38 two children,scalded foot. Crich --- Joseph SWINDELL 43, wid, and five children (case covered) Crich --- Mary WHEATCROFT 22 single and I child, to be removed to workhouse Crich --- Anthony HIGGOTT 67,wife 66 tailor,little work ,wife ill. Crich --- Job WILDGOOSE 20 single relief discontinued. Crich --- Joseph HAYES 66 single, he travels with matches, states now poorly, Workhouse offered. Alderwasley --- Millicent ADAMS 30 wid has John 10, Ellen 6, Eliza 1m, her husband died about 6m ago. Recognise any of them. The four Jackson girls who were deserted by their widowed father have been claimed. It seems some others have been also. Great, hope some walls start tumbling down. =============================================================================
  16. BARTON Shardlow 1837    

    Heres a good example of what can be found with this instance of Mary BARTON Aston --- Mary BARTON wid . 70 residing at Aston in a house of which she pays 10 per year, has eight children living. 1st Thomas labourer married and a family, 2nd Mary married to Robert BATES who works for Messrs Daniels and Payne at Shardlow at 10/- a week and have five children.3 Jno, absented from his wife and family. 4 Sarah married a labourer and has five children. 5 William married and lives at Aston and two children a labourer. 6 Ann married Jas YEOMANS labourer and has four children. 7 James ,a soldier. 8 Samuel married and lives at Aston ,labourer and two children, and she goes to work for E.A. HOLDEN Esq. in his gardens and receives 1/6 per week from the parish. Relief discontinued. If you are related to Mary Barton ...well, I hope it makes your day. =============================================================================
  17. Chesterfield 1841    

    A few from the Annals of Chesterfield Union, just before the 1841 Census. Ashover --- Ordered that the wife of Michael SMITH having deserted her children and left them chargeable to the parish of Ashover be apprehended. Flagg --- Ordered that George WILSON a pauper in the Workhouse belonging to Flagg having refused to work when ordered by the master be again ordered to do so by him on Monday next and in case of his refusal that he do take him before the Magistrates to be dealt with according by Law. Unstone --- Mary RAYSON a lunatic pauper in Mr FISHERS Asylum in Derby Heath --- George SHEPHARD a lunatic pauper in Mr FISHER's Asylum in Derby Chesterfield --- Elizabeth TURNER a lunatic pauper in Mr FISHER's Asylum in Derby Chesterfield --- William STOKES pauper in Workhouse refusing to work Someone might identify them. =============================================================================
  18. Bakewell 1839    

    Hathersage --- Susannah BENTLEY removed from Stockport, recovered from illness wishes to return to work as loom worker. Hathersage --- James NASH and family Vagrants Baslow --- Thomas MORTON res Stockport, help with rent. Taddington --- Isaac MOSS for lodging Taddington --- Thomas HALL for lodging Taddington --- Elizabeth BATEMAN for lodging Gt Longstone --- Sampson FURNISS for lodging Litton --- Martha BLACKSHAW casual relief Higham --- Martha WHITE wid 67 res Calver infirm Bradwell --- Ann ELLIS single, MO to check state of health Mr STAFFORD the Medical Officer attended the Board this day in pursuance of an Order of the Board to the effect passed at the last meeting and was rebuked by the Guardians for apparent neglect in the case of HANNAH MARSDEN a pauper belonging Walton in the Chesterfield Union but residing in Darley and under the care of the MO. Mr STAFFORD stated that he had repeatedly been refused admittance at the residence of the pauper by her daughter and that the pauper had frequently refused to take medicine. MO to investigate case of Ann ELLIS a pauper belonging Bradwell respecting her health . Joseph SLATER a pauper belonging Tideswell and William ROWSE belonging Birchover had both died neither leaving effects which could be made available towards defraying the expenses of the burials. Bradwell --- Benjamin HALLAM 81 res Stocton, Yks. Placed under order of removal Any of them yours ? =============================================================================
  19. Shardlow 1837    

    A further batch of those folk who had cause to be examined ,either in person, or letter or discussed as a long standing problem before the Board of Guardians for the Shardlow Union in 1837. Aston on Trent --- Hannah WATERFIELD wid 73 infirm Aston on Trent --- John PORTER wid 79 has five children James,54,lives in Birmingham has a daughter aged 30 who is deaf and dumb, John 45, labourer married and six children, Thomas married lives at Derby, Hannah 40, lives Leicester and Phoebe married. Aston on Trent --- Elizabeth BIRKIN wid 80, res Loughboriugh has seven children Aston on Trent --- William LACEY 77, wife, works on Highways has eight children Aston on Trent --- Sarah FOSTER 58 wid res Shardlow has nine children Aston on Trent --- Sarah BOOTH 18 dau of Mary BOOTH by Simeon HOLT of Stanton has an illegitimate child by Thomas ALCOCK,his res not known Aston on Trent --- John WILD 56 wife, seven children Thomas, Sarah (a bad character) William , James, Samuel 12, Hannah 10, and Stephen 14. Aston on Trent --- George DAKIN Snr. 63 and wife, and seven children Aston on Trent --- Samuel HACKETT 10 an orphan Aston on Trent --- Ruth HOWETT has three illegitimate children with three different fathers. Aston on Trent --- Hannah JOYNS 22 has illegitimate child by Joseph COOK Aston on Trent --- Mary CLEMENTSON dau of John CLEMENTSON has illegitimate dau. Aston on Trent --- Ann LOCKER has illegitimate child by George ORDISH Aston on Trent --- Sarah WATERFIELD a lunatic Aston on Trent --- George BANNISTER old lame man living at Castle Donington. Aston on Trent --- DRAPERS child res at Melbourne. Barrow --- Jonathan SHARPE 71 wife 64 paralytic has four children. Barrow --- William SHARPE 8 res Alvaston with an Uncle and Aunt Barrow --- James SHARPE an orphan res Alvastonwith an Uncle and Aunt Barrow --- John WHITAKER 68 res at Barrow disabled rheumatic has one son, John a soldier not heard of him for 25 yrs. Barrow --- Lydia WILSON wid three children late husbands father keeps a beer shop. Barrow --- William MEAKIN 75 wife 87 son William village schoolmaster Barrow --- John BATES 75, wife , six children William, John, Joseph in Sussex, Harriott, Celia and Ann. Barrow --- William CAMPION 48 wife 42 lame from an accident. Barrow --- Ann WHITE 70 res Ilkeston Barrow --- Mary SPENCER wid 34, brothers Thomas, Joseph, William, Mary has four children . Barrow --- Ann BANCROFT 20 Barrow --- Martha RATCLIFF res Smalley illegitimate Barrow --- Blank RATCLIFF res Smalley illegitimate Barrow --- Ann BANCROFT epileptic fits, mother a widow and a small shopkeeper Shardlow --- Elizabeth FRANCIS 70 infirm Shardlow --- Elizabeth RATCLIFFE 66 widow one dau and one son Shardlow --- Sarah MOUSLEY wid 30 John 12,Mary 10, Joseph 7. Any of them yours. ===========================================================================
  20. Bakewell 1839    

    Another extended case this time 1839. Mary WHARTON resides at Matlock and has the folloeing children James 12, Frederick 8 Phoeby 5 and Mary 3. Her present husband has absconded, has had two husbands. James is illegitimate being born at Middleton by Wirksworth prior to her first marriage. Phoeby is also illegitimate and belongs Matlock, her first husband belonged to Matlock by who she had Frederick and the present husband belongs Winfield. Works at a paper mill and earns 4/- a week and James earns 3/-. Pays rent 1/6. Relieving Officer gave casual relief 1/- on the 19th Inst. Ordered 1/- confirmed and casual relief to be given until the Belper Board can be referred to on the case. 6 Jan 1840 Mary WHARTON The Relieving Officer reports that the Belper Board have decided to admit them into the Wirksworth Poor House and each Union to pay the expenses of their respective parts of the family. If you have Mary Wharton in your tree hopefully this little episode will unravel the roots a bit. =============================================================================
  21. Belper 1837    

    Belper Board met to discuss and interview these folks in 1837. Are they yours? Morley --- Thomas MARTIN 40 wife 38 Joseph, John 9, Mary 3. Labourer. Morley --- Mary WALL 75 wid. Morley --- Elizabeth WOOLLIN 67 wid. Lives in own cottage Morley --- Ann HIBBERT 70 res West Hallam Morley --- Mary CHAMBERS 27 ,two bastard children Morley --- Ann BURROWS 25,Phoebe 6,Harriet 2 bastards Morley --- Ann ROPER wid 58 Smalley --- Henry BOOTH 79 wife 71 stocking maker Smalley --- Elizabeth CRESSWELL 63, wid son Joseph, gamekeeper and Henery a stockinger. Smalley --- Jane HAYWOOD 70 wid seaming stockings, takes care of old woman. Smalley --- Mary LIGGETT 79 is the old woman above mentioned. Smalley --- Ann OLDKNOW 28 wid William, 9 AND eMMA 3, a bastard by Joseph BACON Smalley --- Hannah BOOTH 68 res Horlsey Woodhouse Smalley --- Mary CARRINGTON 25 wid, Thomas 3, father and mother dead Smalley --- Hannah WOOD 79 widow Smalley --- Hannah BESTWICK 75 widow. Smalley --- Ann CARRINGTON 38 wid William 6 a cripple cannot talk Smalley --- Thomas HOLLAND 40 infirm Smalley --- Sarah HOLLAND 70 widow lives at Cromford Smalley --- William KERRY 78 lives Alfreton. with son THOMAS a collier Smalley --- Hanah KERRY 70 wid lives Ripley to dau to live with her Smalley --- William WALKER 73 lives Derby Smalley --- Martha BENNISTON 76 wid lives with dau at Greasley Smalley --- Elizabeth BENNISTON 40 wid and children res Eastwood Anticipation knows no bounds doesn't it. Sitting on the edge of your seats. No doubt they will turn up sooner or later,don't despair. =============================================================================
  22. Bakewell 1839    

    Some more whose cases were considered by the Board of Bakewell that met in 1839. Hathersage --- Betty BARBER at Chorlton, typhus and a child ill. Bradwell --- Ann ELLIS to Workhouse when she can be removed. Tideswell --- Fanny SLATER 54, wid, partially infirm, states she has a cancer on her breast. 1/- confirmed. MO to report. Baslow --- Ann BESWICK relief for her two illegitimate children not collected from their fathers by the Overseer. Baslow --- Henry BESWICK 6 illegitimate "similar to last case" Foolow --- Thomas JOHNSON now recovering. MO reports he must have half a pint of porter daily. Stanton --- Hannah BROOMHEAD cannot give answer as son has not been paid yet. Cromford --- David WILSON and Hannah HOLMES two vagrants Matlock --- Elizabeth YOUNGE 25 wid. has five children youngest 3m. Husband recently died Bakewell --- George ROSE Stockport RO discontinued relief and stated he should attend Bakewell Board, which he has. Asks for 5/- a week until his health better when he will return to his wife and family. Ordered 5/- a week for a month. Grange Mill --- Sarah ELEY wid. Allowance not enough. RO thinks too much. Ordered allowance diminished. Winster --- John BURTON son partially employed Darley --- Anthony WALL money given him to carry him to Manchester. Did not go. Workhouse Taddington --- Sarah ALSOP to affiliate her illegitimate child. Bradwell --- Ann ELLIS MO to attend Board regarding his want of attention to Ann Ellis. Tideswell --- Ellen BRIGHT belongs St James, Westminster died leaving no effects to defray expence of funeral Birchover --- Anthony HARDY died leaving no effects to defray expence of funeral. =============================================================================
  23. Ashbourne 1850    

    A further look into the workings of the Board of Guardians for Ashbourne. Don't die in Ashbourne Workhouse! Hognaston --- Sarah COOPER Admitted into Workhouse. ? --- William BANKS resigns Mayfield --- S HODGKINSON in Stafford Asylum ? --- James GRIFFITHS in Sandfield Asylum Ashbourne --- James PIDCOCK in Stafford Asylum Clifton and Compton --- Sarah HULLAND in Stafford Asylum Ashbourne --- Ann ALLEN in Stafford Asylum A GETLIFF Ashbourne --- E SALT fractured arm Stanton --- Samuel SMITH truss Blore --- Elizabeth MOULD childbirth Hanging Bridge --- Jesse MADDOCKS pauper Prosecution charges regarding Frederic WIGLEY Ann CONLIN shoes Longford --- Mary CARRINGTON child birth Alice BEESON Peter GOODALL a young man elected porter. That the paupers dying in the Workhouse be buried in the shirts and chemises with a piece of calico sewed to the bottom to make them a proper length for a shroud. Told you ! Hollington --- Richard MEACHEM a grateful paupers letter. (no doubt Richard had not seen the previous decision) Peter GOODALL declined as porter on account of age. Decision by Poor Law Board. Medical Expenses. Middleton --- H SPENCER truss Bonsall --- E SPRINGTHORPE labour, bad case. Ashbourne --- J HAWORTH truss Ashbourne --- E SALT child birth F GALLIMORE truss Atlow --- M BRADSHAW child birth Osmaston --- A HODGKINSON child birth Ashbourne --- J GALLIMORE double truss Clifton --- M YEOMANS child birth Clifton --- J MEAKIN double truss Clifton --- Mrs STONE child birth Longford --- Charlotte SHAW child birth Parwich --- YATES fractured leg Brailsford --- Ordered that Blank SCROPE a dangerous lunatic in the Workhouse belonging to Brailsford be sent to the Camberwell Asylum. A cheque was given to Benjamin PLANT for three days care of a dangerous lunatic in the Workhouse Brailsford --- A cheque was given to Samuel FINNEY for conveyance of above (Wm SCROPE belonging to Brailsford) to Camberwell Asylum, Surrey. James GRIFFITHS in Sandfield Asylum Ashbourne --- James PIDCOCK Clifton --- Sarah HULLAND Ashbourne --- Ann ALLEN Mayfield --- Ann HODGKINSON in Stafford Asylum Offcote and Underwood --- Fanny PEARSON at Macclesfield Letter received refusing Peter GOODALL as porter after one month Waterfall --- Isaac BAGNALL and wife ,allowance paid by Leek Union too much, reduced. Peter GOODALL commendation Peter GOODALL minute sent to Poor Law Board Peter GOODALL final payment 5/9 a week. Ashbourne --- Sarah WILDER payment rec from Bury Union Lavinia FENTON blind pauper, cheque paid to Henshaws Blind Asylum,Manchester Alstonefield --- John MASSEY appointed as porter. ( Obviously older than Peter Goodall) Hope you find some of yours here. Or rather maybe you don't. =============================================================================
  24. Shardlow 1837    

    Some more unfortunate folks. Bet you are hoping they are yours. Risley --- Robert LONGMAN 70 res Ilkeston, married, plays harp. Risley --- John BLACKSHAW 75 res Ilkeston Risley --- Mary FOX res Stanton by Dale, son Joseph marr with 7 or 8 children, dau marr to MORRALL, has 7 children Rilsey --- John BAYLEY 88? res Stanton by Dale Risley --- Catherine BANCROFT wid 26, res Breaston,has James and Martha, father from Leics. Risley --- Jane MOORLEY 83 Breaston --- Hannah BROWN 64 res Sawley Breaston --- Blank CORAH wid 72, res Kegworth Breaston --- Mary SPENCER 54, res Mackworth Breaston --- William MOORLEY 56 res at Nottingham Breaston --- Lydia SMEDLEY 66 res at Wilne Breaston --- Blank CARTER wid 30, res at Horsley Wodhouse Breaston --- Sarah HALL 27 Breaston --- Ann KIRK 63 only one arm Breaston --- Mary STEVENSON father John TATLOW Breaston --- Thomas SHORE illegitimate Breaston --- Ann GREGORY 56 Breaston --- Jane PLACKETT 22 one illegitimate child Breaston --- Mary WHEATLEY 64 broke wrist Breaston --- Kitty KIRK 88 Breaston --- William HOOD 78 Breaston --- Mary HALL 74 Draycott --- Fanny SQUIRES 40 res at Derby Draycott --- Martha HALLAM 87 res Hatton Draycott --- Blank EDEN wid 66 res Nottingham Draycott --- Ann PEARSON 69 res Stanton by Dale lame and blind. Hope you uncovered some links. =============================================================================
  25. Belper 1841    

    More folk before the Board at Belper in 1841 either in person or via letter, be considered for relief because of being in stressful situations. Windley --- George SMITH single infirm Ashleyhay --- Samuel REDFEARN 80, wife 80 , live at Wirksworth Shottle --- Elizabeth ALLEN 46, wid, Ann 12, Thomas 9, Mary 8. Wirksworth --- Alfred ORRIDGE 25 single Wirksworth --- Mary WHEELDON 21 single weak mind, pregnant, destitute. Wirksworth --- Sarah TURNER 28 res Cromford Wirksworth --- Elizabeth WARD 64, wid. res Kimberley settlement disputed. Wirksworth --- Samuel SIMS single lives St Giles, Cripplegate, ill. South Wingfield --- William LUDLAM 55 wife 50, 2 children relief at Discretion Denby --- Ellen WESTON 74, wid. Denby --- Sarah BROWN 32 single, one child. Denby --- Ferdinand GODBER single ,left Workhouse, died Derby Infirmary, burial expenses to be paid. Ripley --- Mary YOUNG 40 wid, has Amelia11, William 7 res Sheffield Ripley --- Samuel MOORE 65 wid, out of work Heage --- John WIGLEY 71 res Radford, ill. Heage --- William STONE 39, wife and five children res Oldham. Any yours ? =============================================================================
  26. Bakewell 1839    

    Further details of those appearing before or being considered by the Board at Bakewell in 1839 Litton --- Martha BLACKSHAW husband sent money, no further relief required according to RO. Edensor --- Martha PLANT 21 has Betty 4, Sarah 3, James 8m husband absconded from Stoney Middleton where they reside. Returned. Ordered relief repaid or summons. Bradwell --- Ann ELLIS wishes to be carried to Worsley, Baslow --- Ellen JEPSON 73 wid. very industrious, son Joseph 23 single. Tideswell --- George CLARKE 71 wife Phoeby 68, res Chesterfield, broken arm , ankle and shoulder injury, question over whether he belongs Tideswell Hassop --- Francis BOND and Ellen his wife require MO Eyam Woodland --- Alice WILLIS RO informed she earns 11/8 by book keeper at factory. Eyam --- Hannah WILSON 42 wid has Mary 14, Ellen 11, Taddington --- George DAVIES still in bad health according to Manchester Overseer Chelmorton --- Joseph HOWARD at Chorlton upon Medlock relief to discontinue Chelmorton --- William FIDLER now ill, wife sells butter and eggs at Buxton, son Samuel. Await Medical Officers report. Barlow --- Mary FLETCHER relived for 6 wks, will be placed under order of removal if relief not confirmed. Chesterfield Union Bakewell --- John HIBBERT found employ at Marple Birchover --- Frances MARSDEN is in daily expectation of confinement. Newbold --- Betty RANDLE relief discontinued, Newbold Guardians deny their Settlement Chesterfield Union Darley --- Betty SMITH ordered her a pint of wine Darley --- Eliza PASHLEY Ashford --- Martha BRAY calico to make shifts Spot any of yours. Wonder if this lot got fish or gruel! =============================================================================
  27. Bakewell 1838    

    Doesn't time fly when you are having fun. Morning gone already, still better off than these poor souls at Bakewell in 1838. Every one a reason to be cheerful, at least we aren't before the Board, ..yet! Hathersage --- Mary WOODHOUSE 44 wid. has Edward 15, John 8, Mary 5 Ann3. Hathersage --- Mary HODGKINSON wid 34, has Basty 15, Catharine 13, Vincent 8 Mary 6, Sarah Ann 3, Henry 6m Hathersage --- Mary HOWE wid 29 has Hannah and Robert 5, Mary 4, resides with Brother in Law Hathersage --- Betty LILLYMAN wid 39 has Josrph 12, Mary Ann 8 ,Elizabeth 6, John 4, George 1 Hathersage --- Milicent BROOMHEAD 30 single has illegitimate child 6m Hathersage --- Elizabeth WHITAKER 45 single had stroke Hathersage --- Jane SHELDON wid 71 son Joseph, complains of rheumatism (don't we all ) OK Tarzan so you don't.Good for you. Hathersage --- Hannah BIRCH 83 Hathersage --- Widow DOWNS 85 res Killamarsh Hathersage --- Sarah SWINDEN 83 wid res Sheffield Hathersage --- Widow EATON 60 res Sheffield Hathersage --- Wid BINGHAM very old, living Manchester Hathersage --- Betty GOTTHARD 70 res Stoney Middleton with Son in law Hathersage --- Widow SLINN res at Sheffield with son and dau. Hathersage --- Enoch SLIGHT and wife, very old people , live near Chesterfield Eyam Woodland --- Grace KERR (possibly KEY difficult to read ) has Jane 9, John 8, Mary 5. "has a cancer" Eyam Woodland --- Sarah BOWERING 69 Eyam Woodland --- Alice WILLIS living Glossop two illegitimate children one belonging Eyam Woodland the other Glossop Rowlsey --- Andrew GEORGE wid 48, Elizabeth 13, Hannah 9, resides Youlgreave Rowlsey --- Mary BRIDDON 60 three children 18, 16 and 9. Beeley --- Rachael WORRAL wid 83 living Ashover Beeley --- John RANDLE 13, living with aunt,father dead. Beeley --- Thomas HAGUE 14 child of an idiot. Beeley --- Harriett DOWNS 8 father dead, mother remarried Beeley --- Elizabeth HIGGS 40 wid. child Elizabeth 8, living with father in law in Darley. Beeley --- Elizabeth RANDALL in Ashover poor house. Hope you can see a few walls crumbling . =============================================================================
  28. Shardlow 1837    

    A few more from Shardlow in 1837. Hope you locate someone missing. Shardlow --- Rebekah TINGLE widow 67 resides (res) Wilnes One son and also two daus. at home. Shardlow --- Mary WINFIELD widow 62 ,son 17, dau 20. Shardlow --- Jane JOHNSON widow 64 has a son a wid. with one child with her. Shardlow --- Sarah GASKIN widow 84 Shardlow --- Thomas BATES 78 wife Francis 77 infirm Shardlow --- Ann DRAKEFIELD widow Hemington Shardlow --- Priscilla BUTLER widow 50 res Ashbourne Shardlow --- Christopher LACEY widower 77 infirm Shardlow --- Elizabeth BUCKLAND res Ilkeston infirm Shardlow --- Dorothy WILTON widow 66, res Belper. Shardlow --- Mary BUCKLE widow 33 res Donington Shardlow --- Joseph TAYLOR 73, wife Mary 74 infirm Shardlow --- John CORBETT 67 res Castle Donington infirm Shardlow --- Sarah RATCLIFFE widow 35 Shardlow --- Martha BIRKIN widow 35 res Castle Donington has John 12, Sarah 8, Ann 6, William 4 Shardlow --- Catherine WOOD widow 66 son in Derby conducting a school Shardlow --- Edward SAXTON widower 70 infirm Shardlow --- Jane WILTON 30 res Belper with 8 yr old illegitimate child Hope you found some connections. =============================================================================
  29. VICKERS Shardlow 1837    

    Another case that came before the Guardians in Shardlow giving an idea again of the diversity of information to be found. Normanton --- Joseph VICKERS 37 able bodied earns 9/- a week and his food in addition during harvest. Wife died on Thursday August 31st .The Overseer was applied to for a coffin which he ordered ,which amounts to 16/- as per bill. He has four children, viz John 10 years ,unemployed, born before marriage belongs to Dalbury Lees and Bill 16/- for coffin allowed. =============================================================================

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2003, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.