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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Board of Guardians 1837-51

The Board of Guardians examined the Woes of the Poor and decided who was to pay for their improvement.
This information about the Board originated as a collection of emails between Mike Spencer and the DERBYSGEN mailing list. Mike's records, comments and his overview of the subject are given here with his permission. Thanks Mike

  1. Bakewell 1838    

    Hope you keep looking for some of your lot, makes interesting reading, never know what to expect. Here goes.. All from Bakewell Union 1838. Wensley and Snitterton --- Dorothy RIDLEY 80 living at Lea Wensley and Snitterton --- Mary VICKERS wid 42 lives with father and mother Wensley and Snitterton --- Hannah SWINDELL wid 63 lives with son in law Wensley and Snitterton --- Mary WOOD 32 wid Elizabeth 9 Ann 6, John keeps a cow and pig. Has a lodger (Sure put him in his place) Wensley and Snitterton --- Sarah WEBSTER has 3 illegitimate children Wensley and Snitterton --- Hannah DUNN's illegitimate child , has neither father nor mother. Wensley and Snitterton --- Joseph FLETCHER 36 idiot Wensley and Snitterton --- Joseph NEAL 83 and wife 81, living Matlock Wensley and Snitterton --- Hannah POTTER wid 81 daus. partially infirm Wensley and Snitterton --- Ralph BLACKWELL 70 res Matlock has deaf and dumb dau. Wensley and Snitterton --- Jonathan BARKER 80 wife 77 live at Matlock with single dau. Wensley and Snitterton --- William HAWLEY 56 stroke, living Matlock Wensley and Snitterton --- Betty FEARNE wid 70 res Thornhill,Yorks. Winster --- Ann COOPER wid 27 has son ,2. Winster --- Mary BUNTING wid 45 Mary 16, John 14, Sarah 12, Elizabeth 9, Lydia 8 Winster --- Hannah STONE wid 78 Blind Winster --- Sarah HODGKINSON wid 77 living with son Winster --- Mary BUNTING wid 68 has a son William ,he has a wife but she is not with him. Winster --- Mary BOTTOM wid 22 Has a child 2. Winster --- Mary BATEMAN wid 75 lives with wid. dau. Did you come across them then! =============================================================================
  2. Shardlow 1837    

    Some from Shardlow Union living just over the border some of them, could be yours! Weston --- Edward BARKER wid 74 res Long Whatton, has John and Edward Weston --- John BAXTER 50 res Nottingham wife and two children Weston --- Frances KERRY wid 42 res Chilwell George 14, John 10 ,Hannah 6. Weston --- Samuel STEVENS 71 Elizabeth 69 res Spondon John ,William, James, George, Elizabeth, Hannah ,Sarah. Diseworth --- Ann JERRAM wid 38 Fanny 20, Harriott, 14 Rosannah Diseworth --- Ann BRAMLEY wid 80, John 50, Thomas, Joseph 38, Mary ,Sarah Diseworth --- Ann UNDERWOOD 53 wid has James 19, Charles 15, Timothy, Sarah, Joseph, William ,fits, Thomas 26 ,Samuel, Peter lives Hyson Green ,Elizabeth. Diseworth --- John SHEFFIELD 69 wife 50, John 25, Robert, Diseworth --- Henry THOMPSON 55 nearly an idiot Diseworth --- Thomas CHEETHAM wid 77 Blind Diseworth --- Ann HUCKNALL wid 70 res Belton John 40, James , Thomas ,soldier, Ann 45, Elizabeth Diseworth --- Elizabeth TOON wid 55, blind, two brothers and one sister living Hinckley Diseworth --- Mary CHAMBERLAIN wid res Loughborough William, Ann, George 5, Mary 9, Elizabeth 2. mother a widow Diseworth --- Jane JAMES wid 50 res Loughborough John ,Robert, George 23, Thomas 20 Diseworth --- Elizabeth DEXTER wid 74, William 35, George 32, James, Elizabeth Diseworth --- William LESTER 75 ,wife 77, infirm son William, Elizabeth, Ann single 30 Diseworth --- Jane WARDLE wid 74 John 50, Thomas, William Diseworth --- Samuel BAXTER 41 wife 38 fwk. Thomas 15, John ,Hannah, Samuel 6, Elizabeth, Jane 6. Diseworth --- George NORTH 55 wife 54 res Packington fwk ill five months Diseworth --- Mary HINDS wid 65, has George 40, Thomas 35, William, Ann, Mary 44, Dorothy, Sophia 33, Sarah 28 Diseworth --- Elizabeth WHEATLEY res Long Whatton illegitimate 9 Diseworth --- Hannah SHEFFIELD res Quarndon illegitimate 5 year old Diseworth --- Diana HAYES res Long Whatton illegitimate 4 year old Isley Walton --- William JOHNSON wid 80 res Kegworth Isley Walton --- Christopher Oldknow 82, wifee 77 Samuel 40, Mary 53, Sarah , Elizabeth, Esther. Isley Walton --- Margaret BEEBY wid 86, John 50, Joseph 48, William 46, Thomas, Mary, Ann, Catherine 46 Swarkeston --- Henry MEAKIN wid 81 res Chellaston Swarkeston --- Sarah NEWBOLD wid 66 "very unwilling " Swarkeston --- William SMITH wid 47 Elizabeth 16, Hannah 15, Rebecca Swarkeston --- John HOLT wid 46 Catharine 10, John 9, Eliza 8. Did they just jump out out you after all those years in hiding? No. Well never mind. Used to it aren't you. =============================================================================
  3. SWINDELL Belper 1841    

    You may remember the case of Joseph Swindell whose wife died after the Overseers decided to relief at their discretion, and her fathers desire to have a better coffin and pay the difference. Well the story moved on with the girls being ill, one in particular; Joseph SWINDELL 42 Wid five children Cannot get work and that three children are ill. M.O reports one has typhus. Ordered twelve pounds of bread and 2/- weekly and to report in a fortnight Joseph SWINDELL 42 the child has now recovered. Children now in care of grandfather ,father having deserted them. Ask for relief to be continued. Refused. To come to Workhouse. What would this mean for these five girls? On arrival they would be placed in a Probationary Ward and shall there remain until examined by the Medical Officer of the Workhouse. If the Medical Officer pronounces the pauper to be free from disease ,the pauper shall be placed in that part of the Workhouse assigned to the class to which he or she may belong, and shall thereafter be treated according to the regulations hereinafter contained Mary Ann 12, Elizabeth 9 and seven year old Sarah were in Class 6, Hannah 4 and her younger sister Ellen just two ,were in Class 7. Before removal from the Probationary Ward the pauper shall be thoroughly cleansed ,and shall be clothed in Workhouse dress, and the clothes which he or she wore upon admission shall be purified ,and deposited in a place to be appropriated for that purpose, to be restored to the pauper on leaving the Workhouse or else to be used by the pauper as the Board of Guardians shall direct. To each class shall be assigned by the Board of Guardians that apartment or separate building which may be best fitted for the reception of such class, and in which they shall respectively remain without communication with any other class, unless as in hereinafter provided. (Which basically meant if we have room we may think about putting you together,) The three oldest girls could also be used as assistants to nurses in any of the sick wards, or in the care of infants or as assistants in household work. (So the opportunity is there for they younger two to be cared for by their older sisters.) Discipline. Half an hour after the bell for rising has been rung the girls the three older ones that is, would have to stand in their ward while they answered their name in a roll call, and to be inspected by the matron. The boys and girls shall have for three of the working hours at least every day be respectively instructed in reading, writing and the principles of the Christian religion and such other instructions shall be imparted to them as are calculated to train them to habits of usefulness ,industry and virtue. The diet of the paupers shall be so regulated as in no wise to exceed in quantity and quality of food ,the ordinary diet of the able bodied labourer living within the same district. (Please Sir,I want some more) No person shall be allowed to visit any pauper in the Workhouse ,except by permission of the master, and providing that the interview take place in the presence of the master or matron. Divine service shall be performed every Sunday at which all paupers will attend except the sick and young children, and also those paupers who object to attend on account of their professing religious principles differing from those of the Church of England Dring the time of their meals silence, order and decorum shall be maintained. Prayers said on rising, before and after meals and the master checked that all males were in bed on the Wards by nine o'clock at night ! These were the regulations from Bakewell Workhouse, I have no doubt they were standard for all others. There were other regulations and duties by various officers and such like, but I think we get the picture. What happened to the girls, someone is related to them, maybe they can tell us what became of them. I wonder did they defy the order to go to the Workhouse ! Wouldn't you. =============================================================================
  4. Bakewell 1840    

    It's 1840 and these folks appear or are considered by the Board of Guardians regarding relief. Any of them yours? Matlock --- Solomon MARCHANT 39 Lydia 37 Thomas 4, Samuel ? 2 been on travel seeking employment Ashover --- William BARKER 39 Lydia 37 ,labourer ,destitute Cromford --- John NEAL 28 wife 28 ,Mary 5m residing (res) Chorlton cum Medlock Winster --- John MARSDEN case referred (ref) to Ashby de la Zouch Union Darley --- Joseph HALLOWS and family ref to Chesterfield Union Bakewell --- Ellen NAYLOR ref to Prescott Union Ashford --- George NEEDHAM and family Mansfield Union Matlock --- William ROUSE's widow, ref to Mansfield Union Tansley --- George HOLMES the RO has paid for a truss Ashford --- Frances BENNET 24, illness, shoes. Ashford --- Sarah ALLCARD insane and removed into Workhouse. Sheffield Bakewell --- John WARD and wife vagrants Darley --- Alice STEPHENSON and two children res Blackburn Bradwell --- Richard HAWKSWORTH and family been very ill Baslow --- Thomas MARPLES and family ref Eccleshall Hathersage --- Betty LILLYMAN 41 wid Joseph 14,Mary 11, Betty 7, John 5 , George 3, Litton --- John BROOMHEAD and family Tideswell --- John CLARKE 13 orphan res with grandfather, typhus. Stoney Middleton --- George WILLIAMS wife and three children vagrants Sheldon --- John BAGSHAW 11 orphan ,goes to school, clothing. Tideswell --- Mary BRAY singlewoman, has had one of her legs amputated some time ago, MO says it is neccessary for her to have a wood leg. Hope this little lot gets you thinking and scurrying for your tree. =============================================================================
  5. Shardlow 1837    

    1837 in the Shardlow Union and these people are being checked out. Any of them yours ? Cas.Don --- Sarah HARGREAVES child of 6 ill Cas.Don --- Harriet HICKLING illegitimate child 5 Cas.Don --- Sarah IRONMONGER illegitimate child 7 money lost Cas.Don --- Elizabeth RAYNES illegitimate child 4 Cas.Don --- Fanny CARTWRIGHT illegitimate child 5 money ost Cas.Don --- Elizabeth GIDLOW illegitimate child 8 Cas.Don --- Alice HACKETT illegitimate child 4 Cas.Don --- Samuel NEWBOLD wid 64 infirm with large family, Inmate in Workhouse Castle Donington Cas.Don --- Edward KILBOURNE 18 an idiot " Cas.Don --- John SMITH 19 orphan " Cas.Don --- George WHETTON 10 mother dead, father transported " Cas.Don --- Dorithy SMITH 83 blind " Cas.Don --- Sarah CRACKLE 67 very infirm " Cas.Don --- Sarah GLOVER 64 insane " Cas.Don --- Matilda DOMELOW 23 an orphan " Cas.Don --- Sarah DOMELOW 23 with child " Cas.Don --- Elizabeth WETTON 12 mother dead, father transported " Cas.Don --- Mary WETTON 7 mother dead, father transported " Cas.Don --- Isabella WETTON 5 mother dead, father transported " Lockington --- Thomas SHAW 30 has Emily 7 inmate in Shardlow Workhouse, Labourer works at farm work Recognise any? =============================================================================
  6. Shardlow 1837    

    A few more unfortunate folk having a difficult time of it. Shardlow 1837 Chaddesden --- Elizabeth CLARK 74 son Thomas, Elizabeth and Alice married Chaddesden --- Mary ORDISH wid 64 Thomas a publican, William, George, John , Mary, William Chaddesden --- Elizabeth MEE 70 John, Elizabeth, Catherine, Melicent, Wiliam Chaddesden --- Robert PRESTON 75 wife Mary, have Thomas, Mary Chaddesden --- Sarah CHOLERTON 60 res Castle Donington brother Francis. Chaddesden --- Robert CHOLERTON 80 ,wife 73 res Belper , two sons joiners one married dau. Chaddesden --- Sarah MIDDLETON wid 65 res Staffs. Chaddesden --- Ann CURZON 60 res Derby Hills idiot, has a brother of weak intellect Chaddesden --- Hannah SMITH 66 res Derby has one brother. Chaddesden --- Blank HANSON 26 , res Norwich. Chaddesden --- Mary JONES 60 infirm Chaddesden --- Elizabeth ROOME 70 res Nottingham Chaddesden --- Jane DOWMAN 70 res Derby Chaddesden --- Blank HOLLINGWORTH wid 72 res Derby Chaddesden --- Robert SMEDLEY 66 res Derby Chaddesden --- Thomas BRATBY 66 wife 56 infirm Chaddesden --- Thomas HICKINBOTHAM 75 asthmatical Chaddesden --- Matthew MARTIN 30 res Kilborne ill, has a wife and four children, has a father. Chaddesden --- James JOLLY wid 74 res Ripley Chaddesden --- William BURTON 72 res Sheepshead Chaddesden --- William BRITTON 75 res Nottingham Chaddesden --- Blank STINSON wid 33 res Derby has three children Chaddesden --- Widow Martins two children res Horsley. Mother in Gaol. Chaddesden --- Elizabeth CLARK wid 66 res Little Eaton Chaddesden --- Ann GREEN wid 73 son Robert, Dau. Elizabeth one grandson Thomas Stanley --- Thomas RICHARDSON 70 wife Mary 70 son tailor Stanley --- James BARBER wid 70 son James. Stanley --- William HAND 75 res Ashbourne West Hallam --- Frances BANCROFT 61 infirm West Hallam --- George BRADDOW wid, dau 27 West Hallam --- George DERBYSHIRE 32 absented from his three chidren Alice, Isaac, Ann. West Hallam --- Elizabeth CAREY wid 66 res Bobbers Mill,one son Did you recognize anyone? =============================================================================
  7. Bakewell 1838    

    Anticipation running high again. Thomas the cat been spotted now with a two hundred pound price on his head for his capture. He's looking a bit thin, wonder when he will be turning up at the Board. Bakewell --- John FENTEM 9 orphan living Sheffield Bakewell --- Wid. FURNISS res Belper Bakewell --- Wid. HAMILTON 70 lives at Youlgreave Bakewell --- MOTTRAM's child orphan living Buxton Bakewell --- Wid. NAYLOR 65 living neaer Liverpool Bakewell --- Mary SMITH wid 70 living with dau. Bakewell --- Wid. FROST 75 res at Sheffield Bakewell --- Abraham DRABLE's child 9 orphan, deaf and dumb living Chorlton Bakewell --- Benjamin HOWARD 80 lunatic Bakewell --- Elizabeth GRANT 37 single paralytic, recently had an illegitimate child . Bakewell --- William BRADBURY 64 wife 60 Bakewell --- George HEATHCOTT 60 wife 42 Wensley and Snitterton --- Mary DUNN 32 has a 3 year old illegitimate child. Wensley and Snitterton --- Robert FLINT 9 living with sister, father of weak intellect Wensley and Snitterton --- Rose HARRISON wid 75, lving at Belper Wensley and Snitterton --- Jane BOND wid 70 living with son, Lancs. Wensley and Snitterton --- John TOPLIS 73 wife 70 he has been in Army Wensley and Snitterton --- Hannah BOND wid 48 living Cheshire Wensley and Snitterton --- Jane JARVIS 8 Joseph 5, James 4 orphans living with grand father Wensley and Snitterton --- Elizabeth MITCHELL 82 single Wensley and Snitterton --- Alice ROBINSON wid 78 lives in Alms houses Wensley and Snitterton --- Hannah LOWE wid 62 Wensley and Snitterton --- Elizabeth POTTER wid 75 Wensley and Snitterton --- Mary ALLEN wid 61 lives with son about 18 in Almshouses Hope you find someone of yours. Have those walls broke down yet. Never mind maybe your lot were fitter and richer ,maybe they took their jelloids and went jogging, and took to drinking Horlicks before they blew the candle out. See what a fitness regime you are on. =============================================================================
  8. Ashbourne 1851    

    Gleaned from Ashbourne 1851. Recognise any of yours here. Brailsford --- Francis SCROPE Ashbourne --- James PIDCOCK in Sandfield Asylum Ashbourne --- Ann ALLEN in Sandfield Asylum Clifton --- Sarah HULLAND in Sandfield Asylum Mr CORBISHLEY appointed Constable, dispute over salary Wootton --- Ann WARIN lunatic Bradley WARNER a dangerous lunatic belonging to Bradley to be moved to the Asylum, his father to reimburse. Offcote and Underwood --- Fanny PEARSON in Macclesfield Mayfield --- Ann HODGKINSON in Stafford Asylum Proposed that the Clerk write to Mrs Ann HATTON to give her notice to maintain her grandchild. Parwich --- the master of Eliza KIRKHAM a person belonging Parwich be written to respecting the support of the child Hognaston --- Sarah COOPER pauper proposed by Mr COPESTAKE that the sum of 3/- be paid. Bonsall --- that the relief station at Bonsall be removed to Mrs BATTY's , the Britannia Inn. Rodsley --- Sarah SHAW and her son Sturston --- Clerk write to the Executos of Ann MELLOR a pauper respecting her legacy Of any use ? =============================================================================
  9. Belper 1842    

    Evening list, or whatever it is where you are. Further visitors to the Board of Guardians for Belper in 1842.Very generous to Thomas Shaw weren't they. Alfreton --- Christopher SMITH 38 wife 39 six children. Alfreton --- Joseph IRONMONGER 11, living with Uncle Alfreton --- Lucy STRAW 22 very ill Alfreton --- Ann WILD 22 framework knitter (fwk) Alfreton --- Elizabeth EMOR 46 wid ,4 children Alfreton --- Samuel ROBINSON 27, wife 27, Cassiah 4, Eliza 2, Louisa 6m Alfreton --- Mary SHELDON 46 wid, and one illegitimate child, once of Nottingham, workhouse ordered Alfreton --- William LOVEGROVE 66 fwk Alfreton --- Fanny TRUEMAN 13 has a place if clothes provided Alfreton --- Reuben LEE 68 wife 66 wife now dead, resided Codnor in Basford Union, to have 16 lbs of bread per week for the old man, to be received into the workhouse. Crich --- Sylva BRAMLEY 69 wid belongs Ilkeston Crich --- William PARKER 52, wife 41 William 11, Joseph 9. Crich --- William HOLMES 46, wife 41 res Walton, Chesterfield Crich --- James SWEETING 37 wife 36, Julia 12, Mary 6, Hannah 3, res. Derby South Wingfield --- Mary MARSDEN 24 single asks for conveyance fare to Infirmary South Wingfield --- Sarah TOPHAM 37 wid .with five children asks for continuance of relief South Wingfield --- Thomas SHAW 25 fwk res Ashover Chesterfield ordered to relieve at discretion ,now dead, allowed South Wingfield --- Joseph BOOTH 34 wife and seven children, wife ill after being confined Shottle --- Mary SMITH 32 single left the Workhouse in search of work Shottle --- Grace WINSON 77 widow lent son Joshua some money. Wirksworth --- Lydia ALLEN 71 wid daughter 16 Wirksworth --- Mary POYSER lunatic in Derby Asylum South Wingfield --- James OSBORNE lunatic in Derby Asylum South Wingfield --- Edward WRIGHT lunatic in Derby Asylum Idridgehay --- John CLARK 44 wife 35, Ann 13, Martha 7 , Edwin 2 hat dyer in Manchester Smalley --- Harriet CRESSWELL 36 wid, Elizabeth 10, Thomas 8 husband died last week Smalley --- John REDGATE 22, James 18, Mary 14 res with step father Smalley --- Elizabeth KERRY 37 Mary Ann 10, Eliza 8, William 6, Sarah 3, husband left ten days ago Smalley --- Ann MARTIN 51 infirm, lodges with brother who asks for an extra 6d a week. If not content come to Workhouse Horsley Woodhouse --- Samuel RILEY 59, wife 60 Joseph a grand child, Mary 8 William 2, Wife died this week, William is his sons child who is now in gaol, unable to bury wife, coffin an church expenses given. Horsley Woodhouse--- Christiana BACON 70 wid she is now dead, buried by her club. Hopeful someones found something of use and interest. =============================================================================
  10. VICKERS Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, another case highlighting the type of information to be found in the sort of records. William VICKERS 52 and Ann his wife 42, reside Sunny Hill, Littleover,able bodied and now earns 10/6 per week and his food (mowing) but much less the greater part of the year, has four children and no earnings, Frances 12, Samuel 11, Nathaniel 9, Mary 7, Eliza 3 Henry one and a half. The wife has been in a very ill state 23 weeks, applied to be allowed Medical Relief. The Receiving Officer has been informed the husband is of bad character and that he has a horse and cart but which is stated to be of little value. Derbyshire Parishes in Shardlow Union. Mapperley, West Hallam, Kirk Hallam, Stanley, Stanton by Dale, Dale Abbey, Sandiacre, Risley, Sawley, Breaston, Elvaston, Weston on Trent, Aston on Trent, Melbourne, Barrow on Trent, Sinfin Moor, Osmaston by Derby, Littleover, Normanton, Breadsall, Chaddesden, Spondon, Ockbrook, Wilne, Alvaston, Boulton Chellaston, Swarkestone, Stanton by Bridge, Derby Hills, Little Eaton =============================================================================
  11. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, I do appreciate all your thanks, but please no Knighthood. I already have a balaclava and the thought of going down on bended knee, I did that once before and ended up with 'edmad clipperhands ! Ouch. And with my dodgy knee I would never get up again. Not until surgeon Grossman has done his stuff. Here are some more people who in my opinion deserve a medal more than most, by they had it hard in early Victorian England, it's a wonder any of us are here today. Melbourne --- Elizabeth BAILEY wid 84 no direct relations Melbourne --- Ann BARTON 7 orphan Melbourne --- Mary CLUER wid 43 has Thomas 6 Mary 3 Martha one and a half. Melbourne --- Lydia WARREN wid 42, resides at Melbourne,pauper ,works lace earns 1/9 a week,has two daughters Ann 6, Elizabeth 3. Has a father living in Melbourne a joiner by trade and a freeholder, now receiving 3/- per week, to receive 12lb of bread per week and report.(Being a freeholder possibly meant her father had some means to look after his daughter, hence I suspect the report.)(Full entry). Melbourne --- Elizabeth NALL wid 46 has two sons and four daughters, Daniel married and two children and carries coal for a living. Ann married and poor. Sarah 12, a servant for her victuals, Francis 10, earns 6d per week, Elizabeth 20, earns 2/- per week, now receiving 3/- per week ,to receive 16lb of bread and report (Full entry) Melbourne --- Jane NALL wid 69 has William 26 living at home ,married and three children, a sawyear (sic) by trade, Ann 45, married and a large family, Frances 28 married and a large family, Ellen married living Melbourne, her husband a journeyman tailor, now receiving 1/- a week, to receive 4lb of bread and 6d a week till further orders.(Full entry) Melbourne --- Ann WRIGHT wid 53 has Francis and Ann. Melbourne --- Catherine TAFT wid 62 has four daughters married with families. Melbourne --- Milicent ENSOR wid 57, has John 32, Thomas 29, George 27, Joseph 22, Ann 25. Melbourne --- Ann JACKSON wid 25, a son of 3 and a daughter aged 2. Hope you found something of interest. =============================================================================
  12. Bakewell 1839    

    Hi list, Bakewell Union this time. 1839. Darley --- Mary WHEELDON illness Bakewell --- James FROST 68, WIFE 70 reside(res) Fairfield in Chapel en le Frith Union. Totally infirm . Cromford --- Charlotte FROGGATT removed to Almshouses, consequently no rent to pay. Reduction. Cromford --- Francis CARMAN landlord turned them out. Matlock --- Fanny WALKER pair of shoes Matlock --- Hannah BUNTING recovered ,maybe discharged from lunatic asylum Wensley --- Ann BLACKWELL 26 living with sister at Cromford Pendleton --- Charles MORGAN 38, Mary wife 36 Sarah Ann 13, Elizabeth 7 Thomas 4, William 2 res Gt Hucklow. Eyam --- Sarah BRUSHFIELD now ill. Tideswell --- Ellen LEECH reduce allowance Tideswell --- Mary MIDDLETON shoes Tideswell --- Charles MILWARD 63, Emmet, wife 47 wife very ill Great Longstone --- Henry HODGKINSON in Chapel gaol Great Longstone --- Sampson FURNISS period of relief now expired, has again written, has sold all his furniture to supply his wants. To write for confirmation from Stockport Relieving Officer. Edensor --- Josiah FEARN no prospect of any help Edensor --- John TAYLOR 34 Charlotte 33 wife, William 11, Harriet 9, Charlotte 7, Charles 4, Henry 1. Res Macclesfield. Only works two days a week and one child recently broken thigh. Settlement disputed. Did you see any connections? =============================================================================
  13. Bakewell 1838    

    A few folks being considered by the Board for Bakewell in 1838. Winster --- Sophia ELLIS wid 30 child 3yr, lives with sister Winster --- Ann HANCOCK wid 23 keeps brother house Winster --- Elizabeth HARDY wid 70, no one to help her Winster --- Martha ORME wid 55 infirm resides (res) with son Winster --- George BUXTON 78 wife 42 infirm ,dau 15. Winster --- Abraham BRADLEY 72 wife 74 she earns a litttle by peddling Winster --- John BAGSHAW 48 and wife res Holy Head in Wales, Decripet Winster --- Wid RAYNES 29 living Cheshire, two children under six ,picks cotton Winster --- Maria NEWTON 26 wid one child one year old, Winster --- Anthony WHEELDON 67 wife 66 she has the palsy Winster --- Rebecca BUXTON 66 living Belper Winster --- Wid MARSDEN is res Belper she has just buried her husband, has six children one in the infirmary. Did you see any of yours ? Mike =============================================================================
  14. Bakewell 1841    

    Census year of 1841, Bakewell Board. Any of yours before it ? Bakewell --- John HIBBERT 44,wife Betty 44, Anthony 17 ,George 14, Ann 13, Fanny 11 reside Cheshire Matlock --- Sarah ROOSE resides and referred to Sutton, in Mansfield Union Winster --- John FEARNE and Mary wrote to Belper Union Bakewell --- Jos BUXTON 68 wife 60, partially insane Darley --- William RANDLE 47, wife 43, Daniel 12, William 5, Sarah 4 Robert six months. He is very diminuitive and not fit for much. Ashford --- Fanny BENNETT single, been in Sheffield Infirmary Monyash --- John HAWLEY and family Darley --- Isaac FEARNE 52, wife Mary, Rachael 9, Abrm 5, James 3, son Henry 16 Rowsley --- Jos SHIMWELL children girl should have some relief Matlock --- James SMITH 32 Harriett wife 31, Jos 9, Mary 7, Cath.6, Elizabeth 4, John 2 Harriet 1 Wensley --- Emma FLINT single, 20 Matlock --- Mary HUNT and three small children ,settlement not known, husband absconded. Wensley --- Edward BLACKWELL 66, wife 77 res. Belper Matlock --- William DIXON 63, Ann wife 57 Matlock --- James KNOWLES 55, Jane wife 50, Thomas 13, Hannah 12,William 8, Ann 5, Emma 2. Matlock --- Samuel BRADSHAW 46,wife 49 James 13, Mary 11, Samuel?9, Eliz 7, Joseph 5, Job 2 Cromford --- Richard AUSTIN 67 wife 66 he asthmatical Tansley --- Benjamin POTTER 40, wife Lydia 43, William 9, Maria 4, Benjamin 2, res at Belper. Accident. Matlock --- Elizabeth AMOT and family Belper want to move them to make room. Don't get excited,all the ages are wrong, it's the wrong place and they were not married by then. No you can't make it fit. Go and clean the oven, that will sort you out and get you thinking straight. Mike =============================================================================
  15. Vagrant Wanderers    

    Hi list, No its not a new football team, but does anyone recall a list of sorts dedicated to wanderers and vagrants. The reason I ask is that during the listing of Before the Board folks a fair number of them have travelled from where they were living to the Board they need to obtain relief from, particularly if the Board where they lived decided not to give them anything as is the case in one previously listed. Which means a man from Manchester has spent a couple of nights or more on the road before getting to his destination. Could some of those families in various census having just a wife but no husband listed, actually have husbands on the road seeking relief for their families. It has to be the case in many of them, others have just upped sticks and gone and maybe they would be harder to find, but a man missing from the census might be tracked down if for instance you know where he either came from or where he was heading. Got it, clear as mud Michael! If you have a missing hubby, and the family were living in say Manchester and he had to travel to Baslow could it be if you followed the main routes village by village on the census you may just pick them up. Yes were talking long shots I know but if every one recorded their vagrants etc onto such a list could it be you may find him there. Just a thought.Us men can find owt if we want to cant we lads! Mike =============================================================================
  16. Belper 1840    

    Some more encounters with the Guardians. This time Belper 1840 Alfreton --- Joseph TOMLINSON 20 lives with brother in law ,who objects now. Alfreton --- Lydia UNWIN 35 wid.John 11,William 9,Hannah 7,receive 4lbs of bread and 1/-,earnings of family 7/4 .Discontinue. Alfreton --- Thomas ELLIOTT 42,wife 43 Sarah 14,William 12, Harriet 9, Ann 6, reside (res) Snenton, Radford Union. Relieve till removable. South Wingfield --- James SMITH 40 wife 37 , and a child James 9, he is a cordwainer, the boys also works at the same business, wife seams hose and earns a !/- a week, he is troubled with rheumatism, says he has done no work the last fortnight and asks for relief. Refused (total entry) South Wingfield --- Charles SWAIN 58 single fwk reduction South Wingfield --- William CARLINE 16 ill, father in house of correction Ashleyhay --- William GREATOREX 40 single subject to fits Crich --- Ann HOGG 46 wid. Mary 14, Fanny 13, Ellen 10, Henry 1 all girls work in mill Crich --- Joseph MARSH 50 wife 52 Mary 18, Thos 14, Elizabeth 12. Sarah 9, William 6 husband deserted. Crich --- Ann RADFORD 51, wid has John 18, William 14, James 12, Jane 9, Peter 3, ordered 12lb of bread and 2/- on account of William and James being ill. James now dead. Overseer has ordered coffin 8/- and church fees 3/7 allowed. William continues ill. To receive the bread only. (total entry) Wirksworth --- Hannah HOWE 74 wid. now dead. coffin 11/- church fees 3/6 and beares 6/- ,allowed .Had no relations or friends to carry her. Wirksworth --- Hannah WALL 74 wid lately returned from Manchester where she has resided many years and was received into Workhouse. Relieving Officer lately employed her to attend a sick pauper in the town, now refuses to return to the Workhouse. She asks for 4lb bread and 1/6 per week . Refused (total entry) Wirksworth --- Sarah ROOSE 23 single, and Josiah 3m, asks to go to Workhouse and affiliate the child. Wirksworth --- John SEEDS 35 wid has Samuel 9, labourer res Sheffield, boy is with his grandfather David Slater, the boy being ill he asks for 1/6.. Refused (total entry) Wirksworth --- James WIGLEY 59 wid weak and infirm, accident. Back at work. Wirksworth --- John MELLOR 15 orphan res. Kegworth with a married sister. Cripple. ,To be received into Workhouse. Dethick/Lea --- John STERNDALE 33 wid has Lydia 11, Harriet 9 ,John 5 , George 4. res Codnor Park in Basford Union Pauper dead. Relief to children to continue till removable if settlement recognised. Anyboby claimed anyone . Don't let the Board know, they'll be round ! Mike =============================================================================
  17. Shardlow 1837    

    Don't worry,Gayle and them went through nothing compared with this lot. This lot played it for real. West Hallam --- Martha FLETCHER wid 37 Thomas 7, Charlotte 5 West Hallam --- William HOBSON 70 wife Ann 70 West Hallam --- John HAND res Nottingham idiot. West Hallam --- Mary HOLLINGWORTH wid 40, William 17, Sam 12, Jos. 9 West Hallam --- Ruth MEE wid 43 res Stanley Common has five children,names Thomas 20, Alphs 17, Joseph 15, Robert 5. West Hallam --- Sarah RICHARDSON wid 30 one child aged 2 West Hallam --- William WALKER 63 res Radford, Weston --- Catharine THOMPSON wid 72 has William, James, Joseph, Samuel,Henry Weston --- Joseph FISHER 87 wife Jane 82, James, George, Joseph, Fanny, Sarah in Derby, Jane, Elizabeth Weston --- Ann KERRY wid 37, Thomas 15, Elizabeth 9, James 6, brothers Thomas and William Weston --- Mary BROADHEAD wid 84, one son and one dau. Weston --- Elizabeth THOMPSON wid 68 James,John, George, Mary, Rebecca, Ruth Weston --- Mary BEARDMAN wid 64, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann Weston --- Mary WARD 51 Weston --- Sarah EATON wid 66, one son ,one dau. Weston --- Hannah JOHNSON wid 80 Thomas, William, Sarah, Mary, Alice, Lydia. Hope someones found something of use. Mike =============================================================================
  18. Bakewell 1840    

    Further folks before Bakewell Guardians.1840 Beeley --- William TWELVES and family, belong to Wingerworth Darley --- Robert MASON and family res at Brampton Ashford --- Martha BINGHAM wid 87, dau Ann 56, Martha blind Bakewell --- Robert THOMPSON wid ,vagrant Susan 8, Elizabeth 7, Margaret 6, Step.5, Mary 4, and William CUMMINGS grand-father Ashford --- Martha BRAY 54 wid Matlock --- Eliza KNOWLES 21 single, one illegitimate female child to affiliate on Thomas BUNTING of Matlock Cromford --- Mary Ann NALL 23 Amelia 4, Ellen 2 res Manchester, near her confinement, husband absconded. Matlock --- James MARCHANT and family Winster --- Hannah WALKER and family Winster --- Matthew BROCKLEHURST 27,Alice wife 28 bastard Ann 4, Mary Ann 2, res Roydon Ashford --- Sarah TAYLOR confined Tideswell --- Samuel BALL 77 confined to bed, not likely to survive long. Stoney Middleton --- Jane CHECKLEY 22 single, vagrant, bad leg, can't travel Tideswell --- Richard REDFEARNE 63 Hathersage --- Beth BROOMHEAD wid 81 Tideswell --- Thomas DRABBLE 72 ,wife 70 son George ,44, labourer with them. Wensley --- John SHAW's wife Over Haddon --- Margaret TAYLOR 5 pauper at Eccleshall Bierlow Union,fever Ashford --- Mary FROST Salford. Monyash --- James GOODWIN 38, Sarah wife and four mall children accident. Darley --- George HOYLAND settlement in dispute. Darley --- James HIBBS 71 partially infirm Darley --- Obadiah SMITH 72 Betty wife 61, have Ann 11, poorly, he partially infirm, she ill. Cromford --- William MACENZIE and family vagrant Cromford --- John WILLIAMS vagrant Cromford --- Michael TODD vagrant Cromford --- William Evans vagrant Cromford --- John NEEDHAM , family, four small children Cromford --- Mary BODEN 27, Eliza 7, Lydia 2 husband absconded three weeks ago. Winster --- Sophia ELLIS lying in of an illegitimate child Darley --- James WHARTON 36, Sarah wife, have four children. What a lot to go at, might be yours. Hope so. Mike =============================================================================
  19. Belper 1841    

    Back to Belper Board tonight. Any of these yours. Heage --- William WHEATCROFT 74 wid. wife died this week. Heage --- Abm. STARBUCK 68 wid. ill, workhouse Heage --- Sarah ABELL 39 Saloma 15, Alfred 6, illegitimate, husband transported. Markeaton --- Thomas HENCHCLIFFE 79 wife 87 ask for an extra 1/- Duffield --- Dorothy BLOOD 11 orphan has obtained work,discontinue relief. Duffield --- Ann SIMPSON 48 Sarah 9, husband and son Anthony 15, gone to Macclesfield to seek work. Duffield --- James BRASSINGTON 34 wife 25, Hanah 11, Ann 8, James 5, Eliza 2. Duffield --- William KIRK 40, wid, William 12, Frederic 10, Sarah 6, Lydia 4. Horsley --- Thomas GRACE 39 wid Rosanna 17, James 14, John 11 William 8. Horsley --- Mary LANCASHIRE 46 her husband refuses to maintain her. Ripley --- John WALTERS 36 single, weak intellect. Ripley --- Henry SHAW 65,wife 65, Samuel 24. Occupy parish house rent free. Ripley --- James HARDY 73 wife 68 sells small wares, he keeps a grand child whose father is an engine smith at Wiggan,in Lancashire and pays nothing to its maintenance. Overseer to proceed against father. Ripley --- William WEBSTER 40 wife 39, William 17, Sam 15, deaf and dumb, Elizabeth 12, destitue .Workhouse. Ripley --- Joseph BARNES 36 wife 45 Elizabeth 13, Mary Ann 9, Hannah 4, Joseph 3, Alfred 6m Belper --- William HARRISON wid 64 goes a begging. Belper --- Priscilla BOOTH 50 wid usually employed brickmaking but has nothing to do and asks for relief till the brickmaking season commences. Workhouse. Belper --- Joseph GAUNT 39 wife 34 and ten children viz. John and Ann twins 12, Samuel 10 Martha 9, Joseph 7, Frederick 6, Abraham 5, Hannah 4, Hiram 3 Saloma 7 wks. He is a beesom and crate maker and only earns 7/- a week John and Samuel work at the pottery and earn together 5/- weekly, and Ann and Martha work at the Mill and earn together 4/- weekly making together 16/- a week, ask for 7/- a week. Refused. Should try to find more profitable work or Workhouse. (Total entry) Never seen the name Saloma before and along come two on one page! and what and when is the brickmaking season ? Mike =============================================================================
  20. Belper 1841    

    Further folks venturing their arm with the Board of Guardians. Belper --- Joseph GAUNT 39, wife 34 ,ten children reapplies Belper --- Rebecca HUNT 66 single lives with brother who refuses to keep her any longer. Heage --- John TURNER 49 wife 39 Isaac 13, Anthony 10, William Cooper 10, wifes bastard belonging Shottle, Martha 8 Edward 1 He is a blacksmith, father is a blacksmith and has considerable property. Heage --- Joseph REDFERN 28 wife 25 Sarah 8, George 6, Charlotte 3 and an infant. Been removed from Brinsley. Returned Heage --- William HALL 66 wife 59 he ill, wife washes. Heage --- Matthew BARBER 78 wid. sold goods for six pounds and four shillings. Money not expended yet. Allestree --- Sarah GREGORY 52 William 15, Jeremiah 13 Adelina 10, Has James ill in the infirmary Kirk Langley --- Philip MUSGROVE 69 wife 65 wive insane at time, rents 1 acre of land sold grass for five pound. Kirk Langley --- Jacob AULT 65 wife 70, reduction. Kirk Langley --- Joseph DAKIN 43, wife 42, John 13, Ann 11, Mary 8, William 6, George 4, Emma 2, Frances 1. Res. Mickleover Kilbourne --- Dorothy OLDKNOW 61 fwk, ill. Ripley --- James LINEGAR 70 wid. labourer, has John 21 and another married son aged 35 Ripley --- Sarah WALTERS 33 John 9, Mary 6, Jesse 4, David 2, Isaac her husband left her 10 m ago. She res. Coleorton,Leics with her mother. Workhouuse Denby --- Elias PARKIN 35 wife 37, Demaras 14, Myra 12, Samuel 9 work at Milford Mills Horsley --- Emma TAYLOR 28 single, she left workhouse on Thursday, pregnant, asks to be re-admitted Did you find them then ? Mike =============================================================================
  21. Shardlow 1837    

    Shardlow Board 1837 and cases considered by the Guardians. Any of yours here? From what I can see a few walls are crumbling . Great. Ockbrook --- John SUMMERS 35, wife 33, resides (res) Borrowash five children, two very ill. Ockbrook --- Enoch STONE 30, wife 24 res Spondon Mary 3, Joseph 1 Hopwell --- Ralph GAMBLE 76, wife Ann 59, res Draycott, two sons. Hopwell --- Elizabeth GAMBLE 81 res Draycott infirm Hopwell --- Sarah BATES 48 wid res Draycott has Thomas 12, Simeon 8, Joseph, James. Hopwell --- Sarah STEVENS wid 55, res Little Eaton, two children. Hopwell --- William BECK 32 wife Mary 30, res Borrowash Elizabeth 9, James 8, Sarah 5, Maria 3, Samuel 1 Chellaston --- Elizabeth CHAPMAN wid 54, has one son three dau Sarah, Elizabeth and Ann. Chellaston --- William JORDAN 84, wife 76, Thoamas, John 40, Samuel 38, Mary. Chellaston --- John BIRCHER wid 82, John 56 at Kings Newton, William at Derby, Joseph at Burton Chellaston --- Elizabeth THRUTCHLEY wid 50 res aT Shaw Lane. Chellaston --- Elizabeth WOODWARD wid 50 res Derby, son lame, dau. Chellaston --- Sarah DOMELOW 65 res Derby has two sons and four daughters. Chellaston --- Sarah SOAR wid 71 res Derby ,one son 32. Chellaston --- William PEARSON 21 res Derby single Stanton by Bridge --- Mary WAKEFIELD 35, an idiot. Stanton by Bridge --- John WHITAKER 32 res Stanton, ill, in last stage of consumption, has five children all under nine years old. Stanton by Bridge --- Sarah BIRD wid 79 rheumatism, son Thomas and five married daughters. Stanton by Bridge --- Samuel MURFIN 84 wife 87 have Samuel ,Henry, William, John Charles all daus married Derby Hills --- John BUCKNALL 70 res Ticknall Derby Hills --- William KNIGHT res Swannington Derby Hills --- Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD 31 one illegitimate child 3. Derby Hills --- Thomas STANYARD 79 res Whitwick Derby Hills --- William THOMPSON 36 res Ticknall Eliza 21, Thomas 18, Philip 16, William 14, George 12. Melbourne --- Martha EARP wid 47 has Thomas 10 and dau .7. Melbourne --- George GOODHALL 71 ,wife 73. Mary married , Frances, Ann. Melbourne --- John PEACH wid 74 very infirm Melbourne --- John GLOVER wid 50 is an errand man, William 12 in service, John 4, Mary 10, Phoebe 7 go to school Melbourne --- Mary HATTON wid 50 Ann 28, Mary married, husband transported, Robert 19, Thomas 14, Frederick 7. Melbourne --- Sarah SMEDLEY 35 res Derby ,fits. Melbourne --- Elizabeth BAKEWELL wid (sic) 59 res Melbourne is a married woman but not living with her husband who is a stockinger, Pauper very ill, has one son John in Staffordshire, Ann 32 ,Lydia at home Mary, husband in gaol. Now you can start searching. Go for it. Mike =============================================================================
  22. Chesterfield 1839    

    1839 Chesterfield Guardians had to consider these folks in their deliberations. Chesterfield --- Willaim LUCAS absconded from Workhouse Ashover --- Joseph NADIN absconded from Workhouse Pilsley --- John BRADDA absconded from Workhouse Richard LANGFORD of Shirland chosen as Porter. Chesterfield --- Elizabeth TURNER Newbold --- John MITCHELL Lunatic in Mr Fishers Asylum account paid Unston --- Mary RAYSON Lunatic in Mr Fishers Asylum account paid. Staveley --- Samuel HARRISON Lunatic as above Staveley --- Sarah SMITH Lunatic as above Heath --- George SHEPHARD Lunatic as above Walton --- Jno WETTON Lunatic as above Woodthorpe --- Mary BIGGIN Lunatic as above Dronfield --- A loan of two pounds was granted to Jarvis HARVEY a blind man belonging to Dronfield to enable him to purchase a violin. Ashover --- Joseph NADIN of Ashover applied for a loan of three pounds and ten shillings to furnish a house, to be repayed at installments of one shilling a week. Chesterfield --- William WILKINS applied for a loan of 11/- to assist him in burying a child Brampton --- Samuel LOWE applied for a loan to help furnish a house. OK so own up who annoys the neghbours with the violin ? I know it's in your blood. Mike =============================================================================
  23. Ashbourne 1851    

    A few more folk this time seeking help and succour from Ashbourne, 1851. Don't count on it.! Clerk to write to the Magistrates for an order upon Mrs HATTON for the maintenance of her two grandchildren Offcote and Underwood --- Payment for Fanny PEARSON at Macclesfield Payment to Samuel FINNEY re prosecution of --- ROE for neglect. Snelston --- Cheque to Derby Union for Elizabeth TOMLINSON a pauper belonging Snelston Ashbourne --- Cheque to Bury Union for Sarah WILLDER settlement Ashbourne Warrant for apprehension of Blank WARDLE ,desertion Offcote and Underwood --- Payment for Fanny PEARSON at Macclesfield Sarah Ann WOOD Mayfield --- Blank HODGKINSON Wootton --- Mary PHILIPS pauper Snelston --- Cheque to Birmingham Borough Asylum for care of Elizabeth TOMLINSON Hognaston --- Mary MANSFIELD child birth and subsequent attendance, this was disallowed and was repayed by Mr CANTRELL Medical Officer. Middleton --- William BUCKLEY fracture Kirk Ireton --- Charles YEOMANS fracture of thigh Kirk Ireton --- Francis SKIFFORD Double truss Hollington --- George BARKER fracture Longford --- Charlotte SHAW child birth Longford --- Rachel YATES child birth Ashbourne --- Ellen WARDLE child birth Calton in Blore --- Hannah MALBON child birth Offcote and Underwood --- Mary SMITH child birth Mary CONLON child birth Complaint as to the quality of the cheese supplied to the Union,, to write to Mr MORLEY requesting him to send better cheese. Ordered that the Clerk write to the Poor Law Board respecting a charge made by Mr CANTRELL FOR Extra Medical fee for subsequent attendance on Mary MANSFIELD, five weeks after confinement.(who gives you extra !) Bonsall --- Letter from John TYAS Union Clark for Barnsley on non acknowledgment of Sarah WIGLEY of Bonsall. Proposed by Mr COPESTAKE and seconded by Mr BRADLEY and unanimously resolved that a vote of thanks be given to Mr John SMITH Relieving Officer for the Northern District for his vigilance in detecting an improper charge for Extra medical fee by Mr William CANTRELL,Medical Officer for the Brassington District. Children in Workhouse treated to buns and tea and trip to Dovedale it being Ashbourne Wakes.(Fair) Ann ALLEN settlement unknown removed to Lunatic Asylum in Derby recently ready for the reception of Lunatics. Ramshorn --- Jane HARRISON settlement Ramshorn ,payment recieved from Cheadle Union William TWIGGE a pauper youth in Workhouse going into service in Birmingham. Proper clothing provided Mary THOMPSON a pensioned pauper directed to apply for her pension Ann ALLEN expenses for removal to Asylum Brailsford --- Overseers of Brailsford prosecute William VALLANCE's father for suffering him to become chargeable to the Parish. a few more stories to add to the tree. Mike =============================================================================
  24. Shardlow 1837    

    Shardlow 1837 and more folks being dealt with by the Shardlow Union. Cas Don --- Sarah HARGREAVES illegitimate child 6. Cas Don --- Harriet HICKLING illegitimate child 5 Cas Don --- Sarah IRONMONGER illegitimate child 7, money lost Cas Don --- Elizabeth RAYNES illegitimate child 4 Cas Don --- Fanny CARTWRIGHT illegitimate child 5, money lost Cas Don --- Elizabeth GIDLOW illegitimate child 8 Cas Don --- Alice HACKETT illegitimate child 4 Cas Don --- Samuel NEWBOLD wid 64 infirm with a large family,inmate in Workhouse,Castle Donington Cas Don --- Edward KILBOURNE 18 idiot " Cas Don --- John SMITH 19 an orphan " Cas Don --- George WHETTON 10 mother dead, father transported " Cas Don --- Dorithy SMITH 83 blind " Cas Don --- Sarah CRACKLE 67 very infirm " Cas Don --- Sarah GLOVER 64 insane " Cas Don --- Matilda DOMELOW 21 an orphan and an idiot " Cas Don --- Sarah DOMELOW 23 with child " Cas Don --- Elizabeth WETTON 12 mother dead ,father transported " Cas Don --- Mary WETTON 7 mother dead ,father transported " Cas Don --- Isabella WETTON 5, mother dead, father transported " Lockington --- Thomas SHAW 30 Emily 7, inmate in Shardlow Workhouse, lab works at farm work. James NEWBOLD letter of Resignation as Relieving Officer to the Shardlow Union. South of the Border down Donnington way, good job one of 'em is in Shardlow Workhouse! Mike =============================================================================
  25. Belper 1840    

    These folks throughout the Belper Union were dealt with by the Board of Guardians in 1840. Horsley --- Joseph TAYLOR 78 wife 49 was ill, discontinue relief. Weston Underwood --- Mary THOMPSON 15, ill Weston Underwood --- Hannah BERRISFORD 39 wid Eliza 14, Mary 12, George 10 Elizabeth 5, washes. Duffield --- Mary PAYNE 57, wid, Elizabeth 16, Joseph 13, belong to Langwith and receive 1/- a week, Joseph lame, Elizabeth just lain in of a bastard which is dead. Discontinue. Duffield --- John HENCHLEY 41, wife 38 and ten children belonging Sutton, ask for 20lb of bread. Refused. Duffield --- Jane ALLEN wife of Samuel ALLEN and three children now in Radford. Husband deserted them. Ripley --- James GODBER 22 single, ill, lives with father or Burton Joyce. Unfit to be removed Belper --- William VARNEY 83 wife 72 nail maker, son John 35, a wid. with two small children living him. Belper --- Grace TAYLOR 20 Edward 2, she left her husband eighteen months ago, asks for 2/6. refused. Belper --- Phoebe MIDDLETON 27 Joseph 7 Sarah 5, Mary 4, Eliza 6m. Husband George left three weeks ago, is supposed to be near Dudley. Workhouse, husband to be punished. Belper --- Samuel WINDLEY 67 wife 68 belongs to Chaddesden son James 26 and wife and one child lodge with them. Belper --- John DUDHILL 66 wid belongs Darlaston. To be removed. Belper --- Hannah ASHTON wid 46, Thomas 19, Samuel 17, Eliza 15, Harriet 13, Hannah 10 William 8 James 5, thanks the Board for their assistance. Belper --- Thomas CHEETHAM 46 wid Eliza 19, Joseph 17, George 12, Ann 8, Thomas 4 wife dead, applied for the value for a coffin. Refused. Morley --- Mary CHAMBERS 28 wid Emma 5, Elizabeth another child 3, died this week. Coffin and church fees paid. . Mugginton --- George HOROBIN 44, wife 44, Elizabeth 10, Ellen 3, disabled by a fall of earth upon him. They've got to be someones. Get checking. Mike =============================================================================
  26. Bakewell 1838    

    A few folks from the great city of Darley Dale, well village anyway, who had recourse to visit or be considered by the Bakewell Guardians in 1838, any of them yours ? Darley --- Ann MASON wid 56 Darley --- Ann CHARLESWORTH wid resides (res) Manchester has George 16, William 14, Ellen 12, Sarah 9, Maria 7 AND Susannah 3. Darley --- Sarah FOGG wid 70 res Cotgrave, Notts. Darley --- Anthony WALL 45 three children under ten, res. Manchester Darley --- Hannah WILMOTT 40 res Tansley has illegitimate child Darley --- Rebecca WILMOTT 28 single has a 4 year old illegitimate child. Living with father Darley --- Grace STONE 35 single living with brother has ilegitimate child Darley --- Dinah WALL wid 72 living with son Darley --- Susannah PARKES 22 living with widowed mother Darley --- Mary PARKES 19 Darley --- Widow COTTERILL 70 living with son at Lea Darley --- Isaac ALSOP 74 been in army, wounded in hand. Darley --- Eve NEAL wid 72 Darley --- Ann ASH wid 64 lives with son in law at Matlock, he a framework knitter. Darley --- Fanny ASH wid 29 has Joseph 8, William 6, living with parents who have a beer shop. Darley --- Ann NAIL wid 68 res with son in law Sheffield who keeps a beer shop Darley --- Elizabeth WRAGG 6 living with a person who is no relation to her, no father or mother. Grandfather has two grandchildren to maintain. Darley --- Benjamin FENTEM 77 and wife 89 they take in a lodger Darley --- Thomas CAVE 74 wife 69 living with daughter a widowed Publican. Darley --- Sarah DOXEY 28 wid, res Middleton by Wirksworth has two children 3, and 5 m. Darley --- Elizabeth BOWLER 48 wid, res Rotherham with three grown up daughters and two other children Eliza 13 and Wm 7. Darley --- Joseph ALLEN 25 quite blind, living with Aunt and Uncle Darley --- Ann MASON 68 wid living with nephew at Brimington Darley --- Sarah CLAY 65 wid, in Ashover Poor House Darley --- Rachael HOLMES 64 wid in very bad health, living with son in law. Darley --- Grace WRAGG wid 37 has Roselle 13, Matilda 11, Elias 9 Joseph 7 Henry 3, Jacob 1 she is living with a married man Darley --- Joseph LOMAS 8 living with grandmother and Uncle Darley --- Martha BROWN wid 62 living at Alfreton with son and dau. Darley --- Charlotte MILWARD wid 48 has three children by late husband,Mary, Wm and Eliza, she is living at Chesterfield has had two illegitimate children since the death of her husband. She is a charwoman. Darley --- Mary HODGKINSON 83 lives with her nephew. ok start unravelling ! Mike =============================================================================
  27. Bakewell 1841    

    Here's another list of some who fell foul of circumstances and were left wondering what know. Bakewell Union 1841 Baslow --- Samuel BINGHAM 37, wife Mary 41, Mary 14, Elizabeth 5 reside(res) Eccleshall Bierlow Hathersage --- Elias FROST 32, wife 40, Lewes 5, Hannah 3, George 1 res at Leeds. Tideswell --- Mary FURNISS 47 single, charwoman Eyam Woodland --- Alice WILLIS 31 single res Glossop Foolow --- Susan FROGGATT res Stockport with son. Tideswell --- Adam TOWNSEND 48 wife Sarah 44, Mary 12, May 5, a sort of pedler and short sighted. Tideswell --- Margaret LEECH widow 46, liveswith her son,20. Stoney Middleton --- John HIBBERT 75, wife Sarah 67 res Chesterfield Litton --- Samuel MARRIETT 44, wife Sarah, Alice 6, Jonathan 4, Joseph 3. Res in Griesley, Basford Union Stoney Middleton --- George WALKER 34, Betty wife 34, her first husband died intestate consequently house descended to eldest child. Wardlow --- Charles ROBINSON 10, Jasper 8, James 6 are the three children of Betty WALKER named in the last case by her former husband whose settlement is a Wardlow Hope you found some. Seems from previous comments we've an orchestra on this list, or at least the violin section. I wonder how the blind fiidler got on in life. Anyone related to him ? Yes, it's Jarvis Harvey, maybe related to Alex ! Mike =============================================================================
  28. Shardlow 1837    

    Shardlow 1837 and a few more folk hoping to get help. Melbourne --- Bet HOPWELL 80 resides(res) Ticknall Melbourne --- Sarah SHELDON wid res Tong, 81, infirm Melbourne --- Joseph JACQUES wid res Tong 60, one son, an idiot. Melbourne --- John SHAW 81 wife 80 John 52, William 43,Thomas 40, residence unknown, Sarah , Frances, Mary 55 a lunatic. Melbourne --- William TIVVEY 44 wife 38 husband in gaol for poaching, William 9 George 2, Alice 5 Sarah 3. Melbourne --- Ann ENSOR wid 62 Thomas 28 a servant to Mr FOX, William 13 servant to Mr CHILD, George , Samuel 20, Mary 33 .Sarah 31 (George possibly 26, diff to read) Melbourne --- Ann SMITHARD wid 50 Joseph ,George and two daus. Chilwell --- Blank_ ARAM wid res Strelley Joseph,Peter, Jervis, John, two dau one an idiot. Chilwell --- Elizabeth BEETON 30 illegitimate son 7. Chilwell --- Diana BAGULEY 31 three illegitimate children Chilwell --- William KNOWLES 64 wife 65 res Kegworth,son and dau. Chilwell --- Harriet BOYD wid 33 res Chilwell, Mary, James, George, Thomas, Matthew and one illegitimate, Three brothers William, Thomas, Matthew, sisters Louisa, Elizabeth ,Emma, Eliza, Mary ,Lydia. Chilwell --- Elizabeth SUTTON wid res Stapleford Chilwell --- Martha MARSHALL 80 no direct relations Chilwell --- Blank JACKSON wid 60 res Nottingham Chilwell --- Hannah SMITH wid 40 res Ilkeston son collier, dau living with man in Nottingham and has one illegitimate dau. Chilwell --- Blank LACEY wid 72 res Beeston Chilwell --- Catharine HOLLINGWORTH 35 Chilwell --- wid ARAM's Dau 34 res Strelley Chilwell --- William BEETON 38 Ellen 34 has two children by her former husband , Diana,single ,Mary has one child. Chilwell --- Sarah KIDDY wid 79 son John Chilwell --- Sarah LAMBERT wid 63 res Nottingham Chilwell --- Catherine CLIFFORD wid 70 Chilwell --- Henry MORLEY 34 wife 34 Toton --- Mary KNIGHT wid 74 ,has John ,William Toton --- Martha DABEL wid 70 res Sawley, has Hannah, John, William, Joseph. Hope you find some here. A few folks belonging to Notts places but some living in Derbyshire, also at Shardlow asking for relief. Hope it helps track some down. Mike =============================================================================
  29. Chesterfield 1841    

    Some more to follow up, this time from Chesterfield Union. Once you were in the Workhouse you wished you could get away. People tried all sorts to escape. Evans and Cook must have been desperate ! Chesterfield --- William GIBBONS absconded and left his children. Unstone --- James WHITE belongs to Unstone but absconded from Clay Lane, left the family chargeable. Dronfield --- Jonathan EVANS and two paupers who have been in the Workhouse had absconded with the Union dress on. Litton --- James COOK Account paid to Mr FISHER for the maintenance of Lunatic Paupers viz; Newbold --- John MITCHELL Unston --- Mary RAYSON Staveley --- Charles SOULT Heath --- George SHEPHARD Elizabeth TURNER Lunatic. paid Mr James MARTIN at Gate HOLMSLEY. Chesterfield --- Overseers removal expenses for Joseph INKLES and family The Governer also reported that he had sold bones for 10/6 and swill for 1/- and that he had found 3/10 in the pockets of various paupers who had died in the Workhouse. Ordered that the whole amount be paid to the Treasurer and debited to his account and Establishment credited therewith Staveley --- loan to James BARLOW Heath --- removal of Christopher SMITH and family from Alfreton to Heath. Disputed. Heath --- Board refused relief to widow SILCOCK res Heath. Poor Law Commissioneers asking why refused. Hope you find yours. Nerves of steel this lot. Didn't have wash day, they had no socks ! Mike =============================================================================
  30. Bakewell 1838    

    Hi list, another group of folk at the mercy of Bakewell Board. Any of yours here. If they are thats why you have got an iron resolve, stubborn,spirited, fighter.All because they faced the music and won. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. Darley --- Sarah WILMOT wid lives with son in law. Darley --- Elizabeth MILWARD 40 James 10, John 8, husband left her, lives with father. Darley --- Ann KINDER wid 40 John 15, of weak intelect, Jane 12, James 8 Herbert 4, Edwin 2. Darley --- Mary WHEELDON 65 in a precarious state of health Darley --- Thomas WILDGOOSE 50 able bodied Darley --- Obadiah SMITH 64 is able bodied Darley --- Richard KEELING 50 resides at Belper Darley --- Ellen BOWLER wid 82 blind ,living in Notts. Darley --- William NAIL 39 very short sighted,living in Yorks. Darley --- Martha BOWLER wid 81 has one dau who has 3 illegitimate children with whom she lives, supported by her other children. Darley --- Hannah KNOWLES 52 nurses an illegitimate child belonging to the woman who lodges with her. Darley --- Ann COTTERILL wid 65 living with her brother in Matlock Darley --- James WRAGG 68 Darley --- Mary DOXEY wid 60 lives with her married son at Middleton by Wirksworth. Darley --- Elizabeth DOXEY wid 55 living with son, she is in a delicate state of health. Darley --- Ralph WILDGOOSE 81 living with son in Matlock who is a cordwainer. Has a brother who is the possesor of property! Darley --- Mary BIRDS wid 60 son 22, child 10. Darley --- Thomas SELLORS 70 never been married,lives Beeley. Darley --- Ann SHEPSTONE 60 single lives at Barlow Bakewell --- Grace BLACKWELL 46 single sometimes works in the fields, "is industrious" . Bakewell --- Thomas BERRISFORD 78 wife 68 have two grown up daughters who live with them, one lame in the arm. Bakewell --- Grace BRAMWELL 48 single totally infirm from lameness, has to be carried to bed. Bakewell --- Alice BRUNT 30 single has four illegitimate children. works at factory. Bakewell --- Mary BEARD wid 60 earns a little at harvest time, one son a soldier, one son out of apprentice one dau out of place. Bakewell --- Mary ELLIS 43 three illegitimate children Edward 10, Samuel 6, Henry 4, earns from sewing seldon, have no furniture. Bakewell --- Mary EVANS wid 77 depends on nephew. Bakewell --- Mary HEATHCOTE wid 57 dau. works at factory The Darley above just to make it clear is Darley Dale. Makes you wonder what Wednesday pamper day meant for them! Enjoy the list, and I hope a few walls crumble. Mike ===========================================================================

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2003, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.