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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Board of Guardians 1837-51

The Board of Guardians examined the Woes of the Poor and decided who was to pay for their improvement.
This information about the Board originated as a collection of emails between Mike Spencer and the DERBYSGEN mailing list. Mike's records, comments and his overview of the subject are given here with his permission. Thanks Mike

  1. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, another batch of folk,this time basically the Notts and Leics sections of the Shardlow Union but still with some Derbyshire connections. Hope you are finding the entries interesting enough to want to read those that are not in your area as well. Toton --- Mary OSMAN wid 69 res Radford,has Michael, Thomas, Joseph and Mary Toton --- Ann HASELDINE wid 72 res Beeston has Francis, Samuel, William ,Hannah. Toton --- John SHAW 70 res Breaston lame Toton --- Hannah TOWLSON wid 75 resides Attenborough has four sons William (a twist hand ) wife and 3 children, rents a cottage and two acres of land, Elijah a stocking maker a wife and one child, Samuel an apprentice, John at home, she also has five daughters Mary repairs lace, Hannah a servant, Eliza seaming stockings, Phoebe a stocking maker,Sarah a servant, now receiving nine pence per week to receive 4lb of bread per week till further notice, (Full entry) Toton --- William HASELDINE 47 Ann wife 40 res Beeston 2 children Toton --- Hannah SPENDLOVE wid 49, res Arnold, William, Thomas, George 12, and another 8. Toton --- Hannah MASSEY wid res Selson Bridge Kegworth --- Samuel PARROTT 78 res Kegworth Workhouse, to be removed to Castle Donington Workhouse. Kegworth --- Sarah FREARSON wid 50 res Kegworth Workhouse to be removed to Cas Don. Workhouse, 2 sons 2 daus. Kegworth --- Elizabeth ROPER 21 res Kegworth Workhouse, relief discontinued except Shardlow Workhouse Kegworth --- Ann WALLIS wid 38 as above as above Kegworth --- Sarah WALLIS 60 sister Elizabeth 60, Ann 55 marr. as above but Cas. Don Kegworth --- Rebecca WEDGWOOD 50 res Kegworth Workhouse to remove to Cas. Don Kegworth --- Elizabeth WOOLLEY 21 resides Kegworth Workhouse, pregnant remove to Shardlow. You might find some. Lets hope so. Mike =============================================================================
  2. Bakewell 1838    

    Hi list a few from the parishes that made up Bakewell Union who in 1839 appeared before the Board seeking relief for various reasons. Litton --- Matthew BRAMWELL asks permission to go to Stockport Tideswell --- George CLARKE after examination by Overseer of Chesterfield convinced he belongs to Tideswell Tideswell --- Martha MELLOR an idiot Great Longstone --- John SKIDMORE 30 Mary Ann wife 26 William 3 Cecilia 11 res Macclesfield Baslow --- Betty BUXTON idiot,gown,apron,shoes,shifts. Stoney Middleton --- Alice HALLAM ill Tideswell --- John WILLIAMS and wife vagrants Chelmorton --- Matthew NEEDHAM Relieving Officer opinion, the pauper would be much better off in the Workhouse. Bradwell --- Benjamin HALLAM wishes to go to Yorkshire Ashford --- Robert STALEY employed at Darley near Derby, needs help to get there with family. Endeavored to obtain a character and Relieving Officer transmit same to Darley. Ashford --- Caroline HOWARD allowance is sufficient Cromford --- William KIRKLAND and family res at Codnor Ashford --- Fanny HOROBIN asks for additional relief Ashford --- George STONE res Taddington recently buried a child. Ashford --- Elizabeth FAWLEY vagrant Darley --- Elizabeth PASHLEY much worse Darley --- Anthony WALL eldest child given money to carry her to Manchester. Darley --- Joseph PARKES 19 single ill Matlock --- Jemimah CARLINE 80 wid shoes Cromford --- Frances CARMAN husband absconded, warrant Cromford --- John OTTER, Jno HITCHCOCK vagrants Matlock --- Sarah SHAW ,James SIMPSON and family vagrants Bakewell --- Thomas MEDCALF and family vagrants Bakewell --- James ROYDE sick, vagrant Bakewell --- John SOWDEN vagrant Bakewell --- George ROSE found lodgings Bakewell --- Martha ROCK back at Workhouse, why did she leave ? did not like Workhouse. Re-admitted. Cromford --- Ruth ALLEN child very ill. Ashford --- Ruth THORP now recovered Sarah BRUSHFIELD parish of Eyam and James STORER Tideswell died leaving no effects to defray cost of funeral. Eyam --- Mary DANIEL recovered Any of them yours ? Mike =============================================================================
  3. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, 1841 Belper Board and more folks hoping against hope ! Alfreton --- Maria STANHOPE 56 wid, belongs South Normanton Has two lodgers.Refused. Alfreton --- Christopher SMITH 37 wife 38, William 11, Hannah 9, Sarah 7, Joseph 5, Elizabeth 3, Martha 5wk. Says he belongs to Heath where he served Thomas Gregory two years. Offer Workhouse and remove Alfreton --- Henry EYRE 60 wife 62 Settlement Bradwell,Sarah 26,fits,but goes washing,Thomas 23, Sophia 17. Alfreton --- Richard BELLAMY 58 wife 58 res Sutton in Ashfield FWK. Crich --- Samuel WRAGG 28 wife 27,Hanah 5, Martha 3 Charles 1, Settlement Barlow. Boatman detained in London by frost Crich --- Henry PEDLEY 45 wife 37 and five children, been ill bit now worse. South Wingfield --- Dorothy HARDWICK 22 single ,has illegitimate child 8m Afreton --- John HORSLEY insane pauper in Peckham Asylum. Died a short time ago, Wirksworth --- Elizabeth LAND 66 wid. Wirksworth --- Martha ROOSE 30 wid Samuel 10, John 3, George 1 res Macclesfield Just a few, but never mind surely someones. Mike =============================================================================
  4. Hayfield 1838    

    Hi list, venturing North West to see how these fared at Hayfield Board 1838. Beard --- maintainance costs for Grace PARKINSON at East Stonehouse,Devon Beard --- Benjamin BOWDEN Beard --- William LOMAS's son John has been earning 14/11 for the last 16 weeks. John to pay. Disley --- Mary STAFFORD and bastard Mellor --- Thomas WARDLE Beard --- Sarah TAYLOR 45 Sarah HAMBLETON Abraham ARNFIELD Beard --- Edward POTTS Disley --- Rachel SWINDELLS and son William. Beard --- Mary BENNETT Disley --- Thomas ANDREWS, Medical Officer to attend to his sick dau. and to ask Mr Robert STRINES if employment can't be found.for applicant. Hope you can find some of yours here. Not the most informative of lists is it but you might just make something of it. Mike =============================================================================
  5. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, another group being given the once over by the Board at Belper 1841 Belper --- Samuel VARNEY 40 wife and two daus. he died at Rotherham. Belper --- William RILEY single 18 Medical Officers to report, fit object for the Workhouse. Belper --- Mary LIGGETT 36 single and an illegimate child She has a weak mind. Settlement Wilford, Notts. Belper --- Thomas HAWKSLEY 42 wife and three children Relief at discretion of Nottingham Board Belper --- Mary NORMAN Widow Belper --- John FEARN res Winster,son 25, dau 20 both deaf and dumb, has appplied Bakewell who stated he had some real property in Winster. Heage --- Susannah BRAMLEY wid, six children. another child ill Heage --- Joseph FLETCHER 38 wife and 3 children, Childs coffin Heage --- Elizabeth KEY 77 wid died a few days ago. Heage --- Humphrey MARSHALL 48, wife 34 Mary 11,John 9, James 8, Martha 6, Joseph 3, Harriett 6m he is a coke burner wife has fever Kirk Langley --- Elizabeth KIRKLAND 10 in care of grandmother who refuses to keep her any longer. Workhouse Mugginton --- Joseph HUTCHINSON 20 illegitimate son of Prudence HUTCHINSON . Work house. Kedleston --- Ruth BARKER 47 George 11, David 10, James 9 Julia 7. Her husband and three sons were committed to Derby Gaol for trial a few days ago on a charge of stealing beef at Hazlewood. She is ill and receives 4/- a week from her club, has a good fat pig and a good stock of potatoes - asks for relief. Refused. (Total entry) Kedleston --- Elizabeth BARKER 26 Harriet 3 Amelia 1, her husband is one of the sons of the last mentioned applicant, and one that was committed for relief. Offered Workhouse which she refuses. Hope you find them here. At least someone got pork chop and chips instead of gruel. Mike =============================================================================
  6. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, Belper Union folks in 1841 before the Guardians. South Wingfield --- William WALKER 47 wid Thomas deaf and dumb Ann 8, FWK very ill. Alderwasley --- James TAYLOR 42 wid and five children,viz Dorothy aged 16 with a grandmother,Alfred 13 and Thomas with father James 9, with an Aunt at Bolehill and William 5, with an Aunt at Tansley. He is lame of one leg was ordered 12lb bread and 2/- a week for a month, that time has expired - is not yet able to maintain his family. To receive 4lb bread and 2/- weekly for one month Crich --- William YOUNG 78 wid destitute Crich --- John RADFORD 21 single fwk, bad eyes. Crich --- Charles NEWCOME 23 single belongs Blaby Leic, fever Crich --- William TRUEMAN 80 wid very ill, requires constant attendance. Crich --- William KIRK 37 wife 34 Ann 14, Sarah 9, William 7, He was ill, now in Derby Infirmary. Wirksworth --- Hannah OGDEN 80 wid get 6d a week more Wirksworth --- Benjamin POTTER 36 wid, William 11, Maria 4 Benjamin 2 labourer out of employment, children all ill Settlement at Tansley. Wirksworth --- James WOODHOUSE 35 wife 36 John 11, Eliza 10, William 8, James 4, Hannah 1, three children ill. Wirksworth --- Elizabeth THOMPSON 16 single now dead. Wirksworth --- Lydia COLLEDGE 50 wid Emma 8, Ann 5 Hannah 3 res Derby. Two daus live with her Mary ,imbecile, Sarah 18, 16lb bread, 1lb sugar, 1oz tea, 1lb rice So at least one got a cup of tea. When it gets tough put the kettle on. Mike =============================================================================
  7. Bakewell 1840    

    Hi list, these folks dotted from all over the Bakewell Union were considered by the Guardians in 1840. Curbar --- Mary MARSHALL 37 Mary 9, John 7, Sarah 4, Jane 2, husband in prison Litton --- Joshua GREGORY Foolow --- Mary DAVIES and family residing in Grassington Stoney Middleton --- John FURNISS and family Edensor --- Martha PLANT 30 Betty 6, Sarah 4, Jane 1 Husband absconded Chelmorton --- Joseph NEEDHAM and wife Litton --- John BROOMHEAD and family Litton --- Harriett LINGARD 14 illegitimate Cromford --- William BLACKWELL 57 Hannah wife 63, son William 15, res. at Radford. Over Haddon --- Richard GLOSSOP Matlock --- George HOYLAND wife and family Matlock --- John HOLEHOUSE 32 Ellen wife 36, Elizabeth 6 James 4, John 2, Mary 5m res at Stockport. Cromford --- Nicholas KIDD wife and family Cromford --- Hanah SHELLY 36 wid, Sarah 10, John 9, also illegitimate son of her dec. sister. Bakewell --- Mary BEARD 56 wid. Great Longstone --- George SKIDMORE wife and family. Refer to Macclesfield Baslow --- Samuel BINGHAM 43 Mary wife 41, Anne 11, Betty 3, Caroline 6m left family at Curbar Pilsley --- Mary HIBBERT 10 orphan Stoney Middleton --- Jane FRICKLEY 22 single vagrant passing through Tideswell --- Martha MELLOR 67 single idiotic. Litton --- William BENNETT 85 wife 69 Litton --- John BROOMHEAD and family Any turn up then ? Mike =============================================================================
  8. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, more people who in 1837 went before the Board, this time at Shardlow. Kegworth --- Ann FRIGG 26 has Mary 4,illegitimate Kegworth --- Ann BURTON res Nottingham, one illegitimate child Kegworth --- Elizabeth STENSON 22, has Thomas 4,illegitimate Kegworth --- Sarah SUTTON 26 and 4 yr old illegitimate child Kegworth --- Ann NORTH 24 has Emma illegitimate aged 3. Kegworth --- Hannah ROPER 32 has Thomas 4, illegitimate Kegworth --- Catharine MOORE has one illegitimate child Kingston --- Joseph WAKEFIELD wid 60, Rheumatism,William, Joseph, John and three married daus. Kingston --- Samuel BARSON wid 78 res with son in Loughborough. Kingston --- Mary WARING wid 77 res Doveridge with married dau , her husand keeps 2 or 3 cows and a beershop Kingston --- Thomas HARRIS 74 wife 75 res Shardlow Workhouse Kingston --- Blank HEAPS an illegitimate child aged 1. Kingston --- Israel WALDRAM 9 illegitimate Long Eaton --- Elizabeth LYDALL wid 74 has William, boatman and one married dau. Long Eaton --- Mary HILL wid 82 has Mary, William, Hannah single residence unknown, Ellen and a fourth dau single. Long Eaton --- William CROW 80 has William, John , Mary, Elizabeth. Long Eaton --- Mary EATON wid 68 has James boatman with a wife and one child, wife lame one side, Samuel single, boatman, Sarah married, a cripple Long Eaton --- Catharine MOORE wid 84 has William, Joseph, John, Mary. Long Eaton --- Ann WILSON wid 70 has John ,George, Samuel, Alfred, Ann Mary, Sarah. Long Eaton --- Mary BUCKNALL wid 54 her father is a rag gatherer, her husband has two sons prior to her marriage, George single, and another un-named son both boatmen, and has Thomas, William, Samuel Sarah and Mary. Hope some of these are yours. Mike =============================================================================
  9. Hayfield 1838    

    Hi list, Another batch from Hayfield Union, the clerk of this time not being very helpful and not making notes of ages or reasons in many cases. Still he may have done enough to help you find something to have a bash at a wall. Mellor --- Anthony POTT Hannah WILSON belongs Wigan Beard --- Benjamin BOWDEN severe illness Beard --- Margaret MASON Hayfield --- Mary HADFIELD dead Hayfield --- Thomas WATERHOUSE two shirts for his sons Maria GODDARD and family Ashton under Lyne removal William OLDHAM alias WAGSTAFF . Hattersley in Ashton under Lyne Union, found perishing in a coal pit. Typhus. Beard --- Joshua BOWDEN Beard --- Overseers order James GARSIDE to support the bastard of Maria GODDARD Beard --- Sarah JOULE left Ardwick in a state of destitution Bridgett EDGE remove to Bollington Beard --- Joseph LEES Hayfield --- Sally CASH Maybe it means something to some of you. Mike =============================================================================
  10. Bakewell 1840    

    Hi list, Bakewell Union this time ,1840 and a few more folks struggling to survive and what have yer. Bradwell --- Sarah BARBER 54 wid dau Hannah 21 son of 18 George 17 Litton --- Ellen BAKER 22 Hannah 2 pregnant, husband committed for felony Eyam --- Ann MIDDLETON 47 wid Mary 12 Thomas 10 Rebecca 5 illegitimate. Stoney Middleton --- Jane CHICKLEY 22 single Stoney Middleton --- John SMITH 44 wife 45 Vagrant from Stoke on Trent . Typhus. Litton --- James PHIPPS wife and family Great Longstone --- George SKIDMORE and family Litton --- Betty HUNT 34 single has Betty illegitimate 15,res at Ashton Cromford --- Nich. KIDD and family Matlock --- Mary KILLER single 21 attended by Mr POYSER the Mill Doctor Cromford --- Stephen HIGTON wife and family Bakewell --- Ann PHEASEY wid 50 Mary Ann 13, Jane 18 Cromford --- Grace BESTWICK 53 husband absconded, Her settlement unknown. Bakewell --- Hannah WAIN wid 71 dau Mary 30 Winster --- James NUTTALL 40 Esther wife 35 Mary 11, Elizabeth 8 res Werneth near Manchester. Should keep you Bakewell Union pauper seekers happy. Mike =============================================================================
  11. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, Belper 1841, and these were before the Board wanting some sort of relief. Any of them yours ? Duffield --- Sarah JACKSON 62,widow destitute Duffield --- William NEWTON 52 wid now in Belper Workhouse from Derby Workhouse Denby --- Ann CALLADINE 18 single as above Denby --- Joseph ELLIOTT wife and 5 children res Nottingham, were directed to Derby Workhouse. Horsley --- Hannah KERRY 19 single re-admitted after leaving of her own account, to be without flesh meat for a month. Horsley --- Godfrey ANNABLE 38,wife and 4 children at Nottingham. Smalley --- Thomas ELLIOTT 50 res Stretton in Chesterfield Union, receive into Workhouse Mackworth --- Elizabeth JOHNSON 67 wid res Derby, Workhouse. Kilbourn --- Joseph BOWLEY 13 orphan ,he ran away from the workhouse and took with him the Union clothes. He was apprehended at Derby and detained in the Lock Up three days. Morley --- Mary CHAMBERS 65 wid refuses Workhouse Mugginton --- Robert REEVES now in Workhouse, and an out Pensioner from the 23rd Regiment of Dragoons at 6d a day. Order signed by the Chairman for the Pension to be received and applied on account of his maintenance. Nothing changes, if you wear designer clothes you will be noted straight away, and if you have a Pension it didn't always go to you.! Mike =============================================================================
  12. Bakewell 1838    

    Hi list, this lot were considered before the Board of Bakewell Union. Although all were belonging to Matlock, the vast majority lived elsewhere. Can't think why ? Matlock --- Ruth COOK 58 wid lives Wirksworth, has John 23, William 21 Joseph, 3 single dau. Refuses to say what they earn. Matlock --- Sarah BOWN wid 66 lives Eckington two sons and 3 daus. Matlock --- Dorothy ALLWOOD single 32 Elizabeth 13, Joseph 9, George 5, Roseannah 3 Mary 8m, all illegitimate by one father. She lives with her 60 year old father. Matlock --- Mary WALKER wid 59 lives Brampton, Sarah 15, has a dau and son. Sarah and the son short sighted. Matlock --- Isabella BUNTING 23 single Elizabeth 4, Joseph 1 both illegitimate. In Ashover Workhouse. Matlock --- Roberet CLULOW 69 single in Ashover Workhouse Matlock --- Peter ELLIOTT wid 75, in Ashover Workhouse Matlock --- Ann FOX single 55 deaf and dumb in Ashover Workhouse Matlock --- George HOPKINSON single 45 has had a paralytic stroke. Matlock --- Susannah BUXTON wid 52, Samuel 10, George 9, Joseph 8, Charles 6, live Newark Matlock --- Sarah CARLINE wid 70 living Milford has single son and dau, sons residence unknown Matlock --- Mary MOUNTNEY wid 73 lives Derby has two marr sons lives with single dau. Matlock --- Mary WARD single 80 lives Nottingham, has two illegitimate children married, lives with one. Matlock --- Elizabeth SHAW 69 is shortsighted, lives Nottingham with dau whose husband has absconded dau earns 7/- a week or more at the factory and keeps not a very reputable house. Matlock --- Sarah SHAW 34, Elizabeth 11, John 9, Edward 7, Joseph 3, Henry 6m living Lenton, husband absconded. Matlock --- Jacob CARLINE wid 80 lives Heage has a son living Yorkshire Matlock --- Joseph JACQUES wid 45 Benjamin 12, William 9, Lucy 5 lives Ripley, able bodied but idle, son John 18 with him. Hope you can identify your lot. Mike =============================================================================
  13. Bakewell 1841    

    Some more who died and could not afford the funeral costs. Feb 1841 Over Haddon --- John INGLEBY Over Haddon --- Hannah WHITE Darley --- Mary HODGKINSON Matlock --- Mary KILLER Matlock --- Elizabeth YOUNG's child Mike =============================================================================
  14. Belper 1842    

    Hi list, missing these ! Some more folks who had a hard time of it back in 1842 Belper Union. Denby --- Sarah BROWN 34 Alfred 7 illegitimate, she died this week Denby --- John PALFREYMAN res Pinxton Mansfield Union Horsley --- Joseph SEAL 35 wife 37 Ann 16, John 14, Martha 12,Hannah 9, Sarah 7, Elizabeth 5, Joseph 3, Lab. ill Horsley --- George JOYCE 15 suit of clothes Smalley --- Stephen CRESSWELL 38, wife 35 Elizabeth 9 Thomas 7, wife fwk and earns 2/6, nurses him loses time. Smalley --- George BENNISTON 64 wife 59 res Kirby fever Belper --- William WATSON 72 lab. unable to work Belper --- Ann DYER 62 wid relief discontinued Belper --- John COOPER 28,wife 27 and one child Belper --- Samuel PUGH 30 wife 28 Jane 9, Mary 7 Hannah 5, Joseph 4, Martha 2, Thomas 3wks. Martha died this week Jane is ill of measles ,Father in law gave coffin Belper --- William HILL wife and William 5, Emma 2, removed from Leicester Belper --- James RIDE 88, wife 74 wife dead, son William provided coffin. Hope yours are here. Mike =============================================================================
  15. Hayfield 1838    

    Hi list, a few from up north way who went before or who were considered by the Board of Guardians of the Hayfield Union in 1838 - --- Margaret MASONS son to find out earnings Hayfield --- Ann BENNETS son to support her Hayfield --- Martha GEE 2/6 weekly Azariah SHAW 7/- weekly Beard --- Hannah GARRAT delivered of a bastard, Mary GARRAT her mother applied for her relief Beard --- Martha WARRAND 2/6 temporary relief Thomas ARDERN Beard --- John PENNY overseer to find lodgings for Hayfield --- William HADFIELD Joseph PEARSON summoned for his rates Mellor --- Jane RATFLIFF Mellor --- Hannah GORMAN been in fever ward and her bedding burnt, asks for new bedding Hayfield --- William HADFIELD's wife has given a false statement Jane RATCLIFF's son Joseph to support mother Margaret MASON 2/- Disley --- Sarah LEAH allowed 10/- in consequence of mill stoppage (Mr James ASHTON's) Hope some of you can piece together something from this little lot. The clerk a bit economical with the ink ! Mike =============================================================================
  16. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, further South and east, Shardlow Union folks finding the going tough. Any of them yours ? Swarkeston --- James SNOW wid 38 Seven children under ten. Sawley --- Elizabeth ALLEN 80 infirm Sawley --- John ALLEN 70 ,Ann wife 70 William , Thomas, James, Ann . Sawley --- Sarah ALLEN 68 res Sawley Sawley --- Jane DAKIN wid 84 Elizabeth wid Sawley --- Ann DAVIES 65 no direct relations Sawley --- Ann EATON 32 , Sarah 10, Samuel 7, a girl one, all illegitimate Sawley --- Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE wid 70 res Castle Donington Sawley --- STEVENSON wid 65 res Castle Donington Sawley --- Arthur WHITEHEAD 8 orphan Sawley --- William WHITEHEAD orphan 6. Sawley --- Elizabeth JERRAM wid 70 ,Thomas a higgler, Ann. Sawley --- Ann REYNOLDS 36 Thomas 15, Elizabeth 13, Joseph 12, Ann 11, Joanna 5 Father Jos.TAYLOR Sawley --- EDEN wid 31 res Breaston four children from 10 to 3 yr old Sawley --- Ann SAXTON wid 66 John ,Mary, Ann, Hannah. Sawley --- Maria SMITH 19 res Hemington Did you find any then ? Mike =============================================================================
  17. Bakewell 1841    

    Hi list , a few Bakewell Union folk struggling this time in 1841. Great Longstone --- Henry FENTEM 43 single weak intellect Stoney Middleton --- George MOSELEY 40 single Foolow --- Mary DAVIES and family Stoney Middleton --- James SIDDAL 34 single ref.to Chapel Board, now dead Hathersage --- Sarah WILSON 62 widow Hathersage --- Thomas GREEN 65 single Eyam --- Edward UNWIN 41, wife Martha 43, Ann10, Mary 7, Betty 5 James 3, Thomas infant. Stoney Middleton --- George WALKER 34 Betty wife 34, Charles 10, Joseph 8, James 6, Ann 2 Tideswell --- Timothy WILD 56, Ann wife 53, James 12, Jane 7 Great Hucklow --- Ann BLACKWELL 49 wid, Ann 7, Sam 5, her settlement someplace in Eccleshall Union Chelmorton --- George BRASSINGTON 30, Mary wife 28, Samuel 5, Lydia 3, Sarah 1, has typhus Litton --- Mary BAKER 66 wid two sons living with her Wardlow --- George NUTTALL wife and five children res at Hucknall Eyam --- George WHITE and wife Did you find them here then ? Mike =============================================================================
  18. Belper 1840    

    Hi list, back to the Board.Belper Guardians this time deciding the outcome for these folks. SOUTH WINGFIELD --- Samuel COPE 38 wife 32 he is in Derby Gaol WINDLEY --- Saml WASS 40 wife 34, Phebe and Sarah 12,twins, Joseph 11, Elizabeth 8, John 6, Thos 3, Saml 6m lab.lame SHOTTLE --- Patrick SMEDLEY 22 single has been injured on his head in a quarrel about a month ago. Relief refused CRICH --- Sarah FROGGATT 38 wid Sarah 11, Eliza 2, rem from Radford,has since deserted children WIRKSWORTH --- William SEEDS 10 mother dead, father deserted him,kept by grandfather David SLATER, the boy died this week. WIRKSWORTH --- Sarah THOMPSON wid res Winster, ill . WIRKSWORTH --- Robert COOPER 74 wid lab now ill,lives with a marr son. Joseph another son has a family ,keeps a beerhouse and a small farm. WIRKSWORTH --- Mary FOWKE 25 single illegitimate child died WIRKSWORTH --- Robert TOMLINSON 21 single res Clay Cross, ill. ALFRETON --- William STOCKS 62 wid collier ill ALFRETON --- Richard SHAWCROFT 21 wife and one child, wife appeared before the Board and stated her husband left her a fortnight ago and had enlisted in the Army. ALFRETON --- George MARPLES 25, wife 25 Sarah 5 Wm 5m res Sth Normanton ill,destitute ALFRETON --- Sarah BATTESON 50 wid res Sth Normanton ,lame, one unmarr son app to wheelwright ALFRETON --- John BROWN 16 orphan ,idiot lives with an Aunt in Sth Normanton ALFRETON --- Isaac BULLOCK 69, wife 59 Mary Ann single 20, appeared before, former order confirmed. ALFRETON --- Richard BELLAMY 58 wife 57 Removed from Sutton in Ashfield ALFRETON --- Gervase ADAMS 30 single fwk ill belongs Ockbrook,lives with Geo WHARTON WINDLEY --- William KEY 65 wid died this week, paid 6 bearers to carry him for four miles. WINDLEY --- Lydia KEY 21 ill. SHOTTLE --- Joseph ALLEN 28 wife 27 Saml 8, Eliza 5, William 4 Mary 1 and infant 2wks, wife very ill. CRICH --- Maria HOLLAND 25 single Alice 4 John 1 both illegitimate res. Derby Alice ill, not fit to be removed. WIRKSWORTH --- Mark STONE 77 wid mends shoes WIRKSWORTH --- Isaac GRATTON 41 wife 38, James 14, Milicent 9 Alice 6, Elizabeth 4, Hannah 11m .Miner. Fractured thigh WIRKSWORTH --- Sarh DERRY Hannah 4, husband deserted her. WIRKSWORTH --- Melicent STREET 27 wid, and one child ,she very ill. WIRKSWORTH --- James WILLIAMSON 55 wife 40, Wm 12, John 11, Jas 6, Enoch 4 Mary 1 res Sutton in Ashfield WIRKSWORTH --- Mary FROST 29 single idiot lives with her father 72 yrs old. Hope you find some of your lot here. Mike =============================================================================
  19. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, some more folks awaiting the results of the Board of Guardians deliberations. Belper Union 1841. Good to see the toll collector and the taxi driver at DRO today,nearly had an AGM but it was cancelled because the general wasn't there. Alfreton --- Thomas BARKER single,collier, injured by fall of earth Alfreton --- John SALES 52, has been removed and now in Workhouse. Alfreton --- Hannah DAWES a child removed from Mansfield Crich --- Elizabeth COWLESHAW 35, wid and five children, three bastards Crich --- Ann HARRISON 19 single ill Crich --- Joseph SWINDELL 42 wid, five chilren, he cannot work, three children have typhus Crich --- James JACKSON 38 wid,been in prison for deserting family Crich --- Joseph WALTERS 20 wife 19, lab. ill of fever Crich --- John CURZON 38 wife 36, five children, wife much better. Medical Officer reports she requests Wine and animal food. Crich --- William KIRK 37 wife 34 four children relief discontinued. Hope you find some here,little list as it is. Mike =============================================================================
  20. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, more folks before Belper Board of Guardians. Look out for the chap wanting to set up as a Hawker, he must have known we were doing badgers and swailers on the list ! Looking forward to Barlborough, remember I am going to be doing the quiz questions. Not to hard, honest believe me. Ripley --- Henry SHAW 63 wife 65 blind Samuel 20 collier Belper --- John TAYLOR 87 wid died Belper --- Mary BRINDLEY 65 wid very deaf Belper --- Hannah KIRK 71 wid of late Samuel KIRK lives with her only child a widow. Belper --- Thomas HAMPSON 58 wife 46 John 18, Sarah 15, George 9, Hannah 6, nailer, wife states her husband was drunken and neglected to provide for his family Horsley Woodhouse --- Esther SANDERS 22 single deaf and dumb Heage --- Martha HULLAND 12 William 10, Joseph 8, live with their mother Heage --- Humphrey MARSHALL 36 wife 32 five children John 9, died last week. Heage --- William STONE of Oldham ask for four pounds to set him as a hawker. Refused, Workhouse Smalley --- Samuel SEVERN 60 wid shoemaker resides Norwich, that he was relieved by Smalley in 1816. Settlement disputed. Smalley --- Samuel SHELTON 41 wife 45 Sarah 14, Thomas 10, res Brinsley, ill with fits. Anybody doing cartwheels then ? Mike =============================================================================
  21. Belper 1840    

    Hi list, more folks at Belper Board asking for help. 1840. Smalley --- Mary SMITH 31 wid, 3 children, Wm youngest died this week Heage --- Sarah STOPPARD 19 single, Ann illeg 18 wks, Ann died this week, coffin. Duffield --- Mary SMITH 67 wid, infirm, lives alternatively with two married daus, one Belper one in Nottingham, help refused Belper --- John DUDHILL 66 wid infirm , remove to Walsall he objects, relief discontinued. Belper --- John SANDERS 59, wid bad ulcerated leg Workhouse. Weston Underwood --- Hannah BERRISFORD 39 wid Eliza 14, Mary 12 George10, Elizabeth 5, a young man cohabits with her, relief refused. Mugginton --- Robert REEVES 68, wife 67 Chelsea Pensioner, left Workhouse in Wirksworth last Pension day and has since spent the whole of it. Likes to be re-admitted. Pension to be assigned to the parish and return to the Workhouse. Wife is with her own relations. Morley --- John ROPER 35, wife 36, Sarah 14, Hannah 16, Frances 11, Mary 8, Joseph 6, John 4, Thos 3, Ann 1. ill Alfreton --- George JEPSON 35 wife 30, Mary 8, Sarah 6, Ann 4, Hannah 2, settlement Sth Normanton. Collier and disabled, earth fall. He subscribes to the Field club, says he has only worked 3m and is not entitled to relief from club till 6m. To be checked out. Alfreton --- George MARPLES 25 , wife 25 and two children. Res Sth Normanton. ill Crich --- Joseph SWINDELL 41 wife 31 four children ,ill Crich --- William SIMS 25, wife 24, both fwk, he is ill. South Wingfield --- Joseph ALTON 71 wid, stocking maker,resides with marr dau. Consents to relinquish the 6d a week South Wingfield --- Charles SWAN 58 single, ill, now recovered South Wingfield --- Sarah HILL 50 wid ill, now recovered. South Wingfield --- William CARLINE 16 lives with his mother and is ill, Father lives at Wessington having just returned from the House of Correction where he has been imprisoned for refusing to provide for his family. Shottle --- Ruth ALLEN 43, wid, Mary 12, Sarah 8, they were all in Wirksworth Workhouse. Mary is gone to live with Mr SLATER of Hazlewood as a servant for food only. Mother has left the Workhouse without taking with her the child Sarah. Appeal is now made for an Allowance for clothes for Mary, refused. Mother to be apprehended and taken before the Magistrates. Wirksworth --- Mary COOPER 21 an idiot, was removed from Stockport. Settlement in dispute Hope this little bunch yields results. Mike =============================================================================
  22. Bakewell 1838    

    Hi list, some more names to feast your eyes on. I can see you scanning down the list, anticipating with baited breath finding some unfortunate soul. What a lot you are hoping someones suffering so you can add it to your tree ! Wish I could find some of mine . Keep the brain active, you will need it working overtime soon. No time to sit on the sofa ,get them knowledge books out, them old editions of Look and Learn and practice to learn to remember. This is not like going to the shops and then forgetting the moment you walk through the door.This is serious stuff, the eleven plus in nothing compared to what is about to befall you. Went to Sudbury Hall yesterday to the Victorian School, and I got caned for being left handed, dropping my slate and told off for wearing a hat, the famous hide the patch hat !. Still gives me ideas if anyone becomes unruly at Barlborough! Wonder how these fared at school ? Winster --- Samuel CADMAN 11 orphan, goes to school Winster --- Elizabeth HODDGKINSON wid 60 lives in her own house, two sons living with her, single, has two daus. Winster --- Mary ROWSE 15 Hannah ROWSE 13 both orphans, Mary delicate, earn 9d a week, They have agrandfather in Staffordshire in good circumstances. Little Longstone --- Joseph HIGGINBOTTOM 39, paralitic stroke,living with wid mother Abney --- Mary WALKER 83 living with Mr FOX,not expected to live long. Great Hucklow --- John HOWE 22 stroke,lives with parents Great Hucklow --- Hannah CHEETHAM wid 52, on crutches, living Foolow Toll Bar, William 19, Hannah. Great Hucklow --- William NALL 84 infirm. res with dau who is a weaver. Great Hucklow --- Ann ROBINSON 78 living Staley Bridge, confined to bed. Great Hucklow --- John BOWMAN 80 wife 80 in Macclesfield Workhouse Great Hucklow --- Mary BLACKWELL 79 res Warslow,rents afield about 3 roods at Warslow Great Hucklow --- Robert BEATON 68 living Glossop quite blind, wife teaches Great Hucklow --- Mary POINTON wid, has three children under 16 res Chelsea, husband dead, Birchover --- Anthony HARDY 75, lives by himself and goes a begging Birchover --- Mary BARKER 40, Hannah 14, John 9, Robert 6, James 4, res Manchester Birchover --- Widow MARSDEN 88, 3 sons and 1 dau ,res at Brampton with a son. Birchover --- William ROWSE 75, Sarah wife,he breaks stone. Birchover --- Hannah MARSDEN wid 40, Char12, Mary 9 Edwin 6, Abraham 3, Birchover --- Rachael ROBERTS 70 single, earns from charring, parish pays rent of 15/- a year. Discontinue rent payment. Found them here then ? Never mind many more opportunities to come. Mike =============================================================================
  23. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, further folks before the Shardlow Board this time in 1840. Whose related to William Thompson then, what a story to tell. Diseworth --- Ann UNDERWOOD 56 son Frank,son William 32 at Sheepshead, Peter 28 and James 23 at Nottingham, Charles aged 19 harvesting, Sarah 21. Diseworth --- Dinah SPENCER married woman,lives separate from her husband of weak intellect. Melbourne --- Mary GILL 53, Wid, workhouse Melbourne --- William THOMPSON 81 wid, hurt by a savage pig. Melbourne --- James KINSEY 67 res Chellaston infirm. Breedon --- Ann HICKLING married with 3 children, husband Bryan absconded Breedon --- John TOON settlement Stretton Stanton by Bridge --- Samuel MURPHIN jnr. wife Zillah 63, res Ingleby, illness Chellaston --- Mary SHEPPERD settlement Newton Solney husband in prison. Weston --- Elizabeth DRAYCOTT 17 res Stapleford single, ill living with father Henry Barrow --- Jonathan SHARPE 40 wife Ann 42, George 11, Ann 9, John 5, Jopseph 2, lab, dau Elizabeth 16, lives with them. Swarkestone --- Charles SPARKES 77 wife Mary 53 infirm. Hopefully you found someone related to you. Mike =============================================================================
  24. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, more from Shardlow Board. They didn't miss a thing . Aston --- John CHAMBERLAIN 66 wife Mary 38 Charlotte 15 returned from service to attend to her mother. Hannah 9 nurses, Maria 4, Henry 20 days son William 21 has a wife and two children, son George 16 in service. Castle Donnington --- Eliza TOMLINSON single, 18, and infant child Castle Donnington --- John SNUTCH settlement Arnsby in Lutterworth Union, an idiot helpless and kept in female attire, been supported by father William 41, Elizabeth 42 wife, Samuel 11, Thomas 3, Jane 1. Shardlow --- Hannah STATHAM 45 res Castle Donington single a fwk now nursing Ratcliffe --- John ANKERS 71 illness Castle Donnington --- Lydia SMITH 31, Samuel 11, Ann 6, Elizabeth 3, Sophia 1 all girls illegitimate Kegworth --- George TOPLIS 54 wife Ann deaf, 44, George 14 learning basket making, Elizabeth 12, Lilley 9, Samuel 7, John 5, William 3, Pauper res Ilkeston has a liver complaint. also Mary 20, Charlotte 16. Kegworth --- Tramp women and two children destitute Kegworth --- Tramp woman and two children destitute Kegworth --- James MURFIN 28 settlement Trusley illness Kegworth --- Ann COTTRELL 37 Mary 15 Sarah 12, Thomas 10, Eliza 8, Henry 6, Charles 4, Jmaes 18m. Husband in Leicester Gaol, theft. Kegworth --- Ann COTTRELL 16 dau of Ann above, Workhouse unable to support herself Keep looking, you never know. Anyone got a Pharaoh in the family tree. ? Mike =============================================================================
  25. Ashbourne 1850-2    

    Hi list, a few days ago I made mention of 81 year old Billy Thompson being savaged by a pig. Did he get any sympathy, not a jot, not so much as a poor old Bill, instead I mention a word and the whole world has gone chuntering mad ! Billy Thompson must be chuntering in his grave ! Here's a few more cases that must have made 'em chunter. Mr Williams pig jobber be allowed the swill .... at 2/6 a quarter. Ashbourne paupers to collect coffins from contractor instead of having them delivered ! Thomas Wood of Kniveton absconded from the Workhouse .......with the Workhouse clothes. Lots of chuntering there ! Thomas Wood apprehended, James Corbishley paid 2-4-6d, no chuntering from James. Thomas Wood denies he consented to have 2/- deducted from his wages to pay for the expenses of prosecuting him for taking Workhouse clothing. More chuntering from Tom. Only ten more days to get brain in gear. Questions based on Boys book of Knowledge 1733 Edition. I expect no paffes. Mike =============================================================================
  26. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, predominantly from Long Eaton, any of these yours before the Shardlow Board in 1837 ? Long Eaton --- John BIDDLES 66 wife Mary 66 son John 30. Long Eaton --- Hannah HURT wid 42 has 7 children, eldest George 13, drives plough Sarah 12, Diana 9, Samuel 7, Hannah 5, William 2, Mary 1. Long Eaton --- ? HALL wid res Stapleford 36 ,has 3 children Long Eaton --- Sarah HOUGHTON wid 70, mentions three marrieddaus, un-named Long Eaton --- Mary COATES wid 60 infirm Johnand three marr daus. Long Eaton --- Ann HALL wid 76 Thomas, John, Ann, Sarah. Long Eaton --- Mary PARKER wid 74 John, William, and one dau. Long Eaton --- Elizabeth SAMPSON wid 74 son William Long Eaton --- Mary DICKINSON 25 two illegitimate children Long Eaton --- Elizabeth HARRISON 25 and one illegitimate child Long Eaton --- Martha DAVIES and one illegitimate child Long Eaton --- Ann LOCKER wid 63 and two married daus Long Eaton --- William LEES 66 ,Ann wife 70 , infirm and lame, Samuel , John, William all boatmen. Long Eaton --- John COATES 34 Elizabeth wife 29, Samuel 9, Thomas 7, Elizabeth 2, John 5m. Hope you find some of yours here. Mike =============================================================================
  27. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, another lot of folks waiting with baited breath for the nod. Sawley --- Christopher TURNER 74 ,Mary wife 71,Christopher, William, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Ann Sawley --- Ann WARDLE wid 68 Elizabeth,Hannah,Mary single, insane at times Sawley --- John WILMOTT 60 res Leicester ,very deaf. Sawley --- William ROPER 63 res Diseworth ,a bad leg Sawley --- Blank POUNDRELL wid 40, res Ticknall four children 13-4 yrs. Sawley --- William MEADS 30 wife 30 res Spondon children 3.,2. Sawley --- Charles WILCOCKS 38, Mary wife 38, 5 children, 11-3m. James his father a stockinger. Sawley --- Judith NEWBOLD wid 80 res Sheepshead,Thomas, John. Sawley --- William PARKINSON wid 78 very ill, one married dau. Sawley --- Blank STAFFORD 25 res Stanton by Dale ,has an illegitimate child Ockbrook --- Mary WINFIELD wid 55 res Spondon dau Hannah. Ockbrook --- Mark BRENTNALL 57 res Derby. Ockbrook --- Ann THOMAS 50 res Derby (note alter this to THOMPSON) sic. Ockbrook --- John GAMBLE 45 wife 30 res Spondon Ann 12, Sarah 3. Ockbrook --- James MILWARD and wife 30, res Derby and children. You must have found some this time,surely. Didn't your lot ever want new clogs, didnt they have arthritis, weren't they ever bitten by a pig ! Time yet you now hundreds to go at. Mike =============================================================================
  28. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, just a few more to keep you happy, even if this lot weren't. Draycott --- Thomas TAYLOR 74 John, Thomas, William, Sarah, Mary,Ann. Draycott --- Mary HOOLLEY 19 (or 10) illegitimate,her mother married has three children Draycott --- Samuel THEOBALD 6 illegitimate mother a widow and five children Draycott --- Thomas STATHAM 68 wife 66 infirm ,has seven married children. Aston --- Mary PERKINS 77, George PERKINS grandson lives with her son Thomas Aston --- Sarah GODFREY 66 lives with her dau,Grace wid lives in London, son keeps a public house in London, lately married, Mary married to Thomas RICE, gardener to HOLDEN. Aston --- Ann MORETON wid 55, William 28 servant to Mr BRIGGS, John 20 at Cromwell,Notts, Jos 32 in Aston, George farm servant at Mickleover, Eliza marr Thomas CORBETT of Shardlow,Sarah 13,works lace, Francis drives plough. Aston --- Mary ROULSTON 77 res Borrowash has Mary a wid 50 at Allestree, Elizabeth WINFIELD has 7 children ,Ann TOMLINSON. Aston --- Edward BROWN wid 73 clockmaker, lives with son in law. George 39 married works as porter in shop in London, Mary 39 husband a blacksmith in Breaston, Sarah 39 (or 30) married to Thomas CLEMENTSON. Aston --- Elizabeth WHYMAN wid aged 61 asthmatical dau in Worcestershire Aston --- Elizabeth BARTON wid 69 son Thomas aged 40 in Bristol Aston --- Hugh GODBER 43 res Loughborough John son a soldier 21. Aston --- Joseph JOYNS 77 wife 63 Aston --- Ann BARTON 40 res Kegworth Aston --- Robert ROBY aged 31. Aston --- William ASTLE wid 70 Aston --- William ASTLE works at Mr SIMMS,Shardlow horsekeeper ,wife dead, has son aged 10. Aston --- James PERINSson of William ASTLE's wife by a former husband, 21 yrs of age and lame. Aston --- Mary BARTON wid 70, has eight children. (Case reported earlier) Start searching round the country now,Bristol, London, Cromwell, Loughborough,Worcs.. Whose going to be joining other lists ? Mike =============================================================================
  29. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, a few more from 1840 SHARDLOW Board of Guardians . Diseworth --- William LESTER 77 wid, bill for sago 4d. Diseworth --- Hannah GREGORY 24 res Castle Donington, single has illegitimate child.M.O. ordered wine. Shardlow --- Celia TOPLEY 28 single woman ill. remove to Belton to parents Shardlow --- William WHITEACRE and family res Castle Donington ,debility Normanton --- William VICKERS 68 lab wife 74 died ,coffin ordered. Littleover --- John POUNTAIN 44 labourer ,ill but recoverd Kingston --- Mary WARREN 80 res Doveridge wid. Not many but enough to keep you happy I hope. Mike =============================================================================
  30. Bakewell 1841    

    Hi list, from all over Bakewell Union they came for succour and relief ,hoping the Guardians would help them in times of distress. I wouldn't bank on it. Over Haddon --- Elizabeth TAYLOR wid 35Margaret 8 Ann 5, 3rd time she has absconded from her children Ashford --- Alice HIBBERD 62 wid ill, resides Stockport with son. Matlock --- James CROWDER and family, wife ill Bakewell --- Jane FROGGATT 18 single res Stockport has neither mother ,father or friend. Matlock --- Newton WRIGHT 31 wife 39 res Sheffield,destitute Matlock --- The Overseers have paid the funeral expenses of a child recently born at one of the lodgings houses expenses as per bill 6/10. Matlock --- Thomas JOHNSON 58 single practically infirm Brampton in Chfd Union --- Hannah SLATER 74 wid is res at Tansley totally infirm three sons and a dau all married poor. Stanton --- Lydia WAIN 37 wid has John 13, Charles 11, Sarah 8, Jane 6 Stanton --- Jacob YATES 45 single minus bread. Bakewell --- Ann BATEMAN wid and family ,in moderate earnings Cromford --- Hannah FARRAND 65 wid very infirm Over Haddon --- Sarah BOTTOM 51 wid Samuel 10, John 8, in distress Wheston --- Catharine MIDDLETON 38 single ,child 4, res Fenny Bentley Litton --- William TALENT 70 res Marple with dau who is a widow. Litton --- John DRABBLE and family refer to Basford Union Taddington --- Noble MAYCOCK 75, wife 77 both infirm Bradwell --- Thomas BARBER 36 Martha,wife 37, Mary 10, Sarah 8, John 4, Samuel 1 Baslow --- William KING and family refer to Basford Union Litton --- Ellen BAKER 24 Hannah 2,husband in gaol. Tideswell --- James BROCKLEHURST and family no means to pay midwife Stoney Middleton --- Patrick MACQUIRE and wife two children, she not recoverd sufficiently to travel. Bradwell --- Thomas CHAPMAN and family in Eccleshall Bierlow Union Froggatt --- Edward MOSELEY 80 infirm Edensor --- Ellen SHARMAN res Sheffield, lame Hannah MASON, Matlock ..Thomas HIBBERD Pilsley,.. Joseph DALE Litton,..all died having no effects to pay for funeral. Ashford --- Charlotte HOWARD and family offered Workhouse Ashford --- Sarah TAYLOR and family offered Workhouse Ashford --- Sarah ALLCARD wid, in Sheffield Union Wensley --- Jeremiah NAIL 35 single, res with father and mother, he is ill, they are destitute. Wensley --- Elizabeth SHAW wid 38 William 14, Sarah 12, George 10, Mary Ann 7, John 3, Alice 4m Husband dead Bakewell --- Mary ASHTON wid 73 res Stockport ill. Matlock --- Ann BODEN has Harriett 3, res Belper Husband absconded ,now confined to child bed. Cromford --- Joseph WRAGG and family ref to Wortley Union Cromford --- James HOLMES 56,Ellen wife 51, Daniel 14, he is ill Winster --- Martha ORME wid 62 ill, has two sons, summons to ask why they do not support her. Eyam --- Martha BAMFORD 62 single partially infirm Great Hucklow --- Mary OLDFIELD single 39, has Hannah 13, Francis 6 illegitimate .Again in the family way. Mother and father old and infirm Bradwell --- Robert HAWKSWORTH 78 wife 70 has son John 54 Bradwell --- Ann HILL 74 wid totally infirm,nearly blind Bradwell --- Henry EYRE 61,Sarah wife 64 res Alfreton, Hatter. Baslow --- Ellen BESWICK 75 her husband absconded some time ago Tideswell --- Mary MIDDLETON 78 wid,infirm, lives alone,unfit to be by herself Tideswell --- Henry LONGSDEN very infirm, has the scrofula,(or the Kings evil, a form of TB, a disease with glandular swellings formerly thought to be curable by the royal touch ! Mike.) Bradwell --- Harriett MARSHALL wid refer to Wortley Union Bradwell --- John PALFREYMAN and family, refer to Wortley Union Baslow --- Thomas MARPLES and family Eyam Woodlands --- HAWKS children ,refer to Sheffield Union. Baslow --- William WING and family unable to work Alice HALLAM,Stoney Middleton..Ann CHARLESWORTH,Stanton.. Alice PLANT Hartington Middle Quarter all died leaving no effects to defray costs of funeral. Stanton --- George YATES refer to Leek Board Bakewell --- Daniel ROSE and wife have latterly been in workhouse at Chesterfield but have come out and asks for 5/- to carry them to Manchester. Workhouse offered. Matlock --- Fanny WALKER a person of bad character. Surely someone out there can identify some of this lot.Whose going to be a friend to Jane Froggatt. She must be someones., and did Fanny Walker ever reform ? Come on own up, whose got a rum'en in their family ? Mike =============================================================================
  31. Hayfield 1838    

    Hi list, up north to see if any of these folks got any relief from Hayfield Board of Guardians in 1838. Stockport --- Lucy SHAW to take Settlement Examination Mille GEE pay rise, club pay reduced Esther TOMMINS funeral expenses for child William HIGGINBOTTOM's wife and children allowed relief, legal steps to compel father to support family Wigan --- Hannah WILSON of Standish, to write to Wigan to attend to her case Mellor --- Hesketh SHUFFLEBOTTOM flannel shirts Beard --- Sarah JOULE clogs and peticoat for her and her two little children John GREGORY 7/- more by way of loan Mary GARRATT 7/6 weekly, clogs for Hannah Joseph BATE 8/- LOAN John OPENSHAW relief one week longer James BEAUMONT allowed one shirt, and clogs for wife Hayfield --- William HADFIELD to show Overseers why he does not allow his wife and children 4/- according to his agreement. Mille GEE club pay was not reduced -relief to former amount Beard --- William HIGGINBOTTOM summoned as to why he does not support his family and prior to summons to ascertain whether Mr FLETCHER a tailor, at Poynton Lane Ends has offered William HIGGINBOTTOM constant work provided he would remove his family to that place Disley --- Hannah WILSON suspended order be taken out Hayfield --- Edward BURGESS Examination and report A threatening letter or notice having been received by one of the Beard Overseers Mr GREGORY and one of similar import having been posted in New Mills both of which notices were this day produced to the Board. Ordered that the Clerk lay the same before the Magistrates that they may take such steps as to the circumstances may require, and that he further state to the Bench that it has been reported to the Board that Air Guns are secretly manufactured on Mr John POTTS premises. Hayfield --- Ann BENNETT 1/6 till further orders Beard --- James HOOLEY 5/- loan Hayfield --- Elizabeth BENNETT arrears of pay Beard --- John SWINDELL 3/- temporary relief Disley --- Mille BOTTOMS 1/6 till further orders Anyone going to Barlborough related to Mr Potts will be frisked ! Hopefully your lot will not be found in this wild west part of Derbyshire. Mike =============================================================================
  32. Belper 1840    

    Hi list, Belper Board decided these cases in 1840, are they yours. Go on give 'em a bed. Heage --- Samuel SLATER 46, wife 47 Sarah19, Grace 13, Benjamin 11 ,Martha 9 Richard 3 settlement Pinxton. Collier Heage --- Hellen BRADLEY 62 wid,blind, did reside Derby until taken by her dau to London who failed to get her into hospital there, her sister brought her to Belper. Workhouse Belper --- William DYER 35 single usually works in Mills, ill 3 wks, lives with widowed mother. Belper --- Ann SLATER 30 Elizabeth 3, Sarah 6, husband Thomas deserted her about a month ago and is supposed to be working Woodhead Tunnel seven miles from Manchester, he is a brickmaker and earned in the season 25/- a week .Workhouse. Husband to be apprehended. Belper --- Jane TYMPERLEY 19 Mary Ann 14 wks says her husband Samuel deserted her and asks for 3/- per week relief. Refused. Belper --- Isaac WALKER 49 wife 45 Ann 16 he has a diseased heart Duffield --- Jane ALLEN 43 Susanna 10, Eliza 7, Henry 5, husband deserted her, supposed to be working for a Mr BARBER at Baston near Burn in Lincolnshire. Family now in Belper Workhouse (There is a Baston near Bourne,Lincs. Mike) Duffield --- Rebecca COOPER 26 Samuel 7, Joseph 3, Eliza 2, now in Derby Workhouse, husband deserted them. Horsley --- Joseph GIBSON and wife res Selston, wife ill, suspended removal order, wife since dead Mugginton --- Mary Ann BEARD 19 single ,she being a disolute bad character. Belper --- Isaac WALKER 49 wife 45 Ann 16, states wife earned 2/6 in fact 5/5. Relief discontinued Belper --- John KERRY 62 wid wife died this week, applied to Relieving Officer for a coffin, afterwards refused to accept coffin. Single dau and son, also John a married son. Relief discontinued. Belper --- John DUDHILL 66 wid settlement Darlaston, Walsall Union Belper --- William HODGKINSON ,wife and five children removed from Great Bolton Belper --- Daniel MARTIN 75 wife 63 removed from Rowley Regis Belper --- John BROTHEWOOD 26, wife 23, Maria 5, Jabez 2, settlement Sheepshead in Loughborough Union. Belper --- Elizabeth WALKER 34 wid, Gervase 3 she is ill. Has a married brother at Wirksworth. Duffield --- Mary ALLSOP 21 single ,ill child John 8wks died this week. Denby --- Sarah CRESSWELL 46, wid, George 19, Stephen 16 colliers, Abigail 14 seams hose, Lucy 8, Hannah 5, she a fwk Ripley --- Betty BARLOW 74 wid,belongs Cheadle lives with son William ,George single son lives with them ,he a coke burner. Kilbourne --- Mary STAPLETON 24 wid George 3 James 10m gone to reside West Bromwich Smalley --- Stephen CRESSWELL has fractured a leg, ordered by Basford Union to receive 3/- Field Club also pay 6/-, suspected he also receives 6/- from Sick Club. Alfreton --- Mary DAWES 83 wid lives with married dau of six children Alfreton --- Thomas ALTON 48 wife 43 Mary 15, Elizabeth 13, William 5, very infirm wife very ill. Mutton value 10d given. Plenty to go at there. I hope some brickwalls have cracked if not fallen over the last few weeks.Hope your brains are protein packed for Barlborough and the quiz, and remember if you are not going you can still take part in your own special quiz. I have been recently accused on this list for being sexist by stating that the questions are being taken from the 1733 Edition of the Boys book of Knowledge. That being the case and I apologise, and some questions will be taken from the Girls Book of Knowledge ..I had hoped to make them all somewhat difficult.... they will be the easy ones. Remember no paffes. Mike =============================================================================
  33. Belper 1840    

    Hi list, further folks seeking relief or at least having their case discussed by the Board of Guardians for Belper Union 1840.Some sad cases here. Wirksworth --- John ROOSE 32 wife 30 Samuel 9, Sarah 5, John 3, George 6m res. Macclesfield Wirksworth --- Joseph STAFFORD 57 wife 54, Sarah 10,William ,Job 7 twins, res Kniveton .Paralytick,confined to bed. Five other children all single and in service. Mapperley --- Richard NEAL 83 wid. unable to care for himself Mapperley --- Elizabeth HAWLEY 38 wid. Joseph 16, William 13, Ann another child died 7 wks ago Denby --- Mary OTTIWELL 26 wid. William 3, Abraham 21m, husband died 5m ago, she is pregnant. Keeps a single child of her sister. a single brother lives with her. Denby --- John WESTON 30 wid wife who lived with her father James JOHNSON and was subject to fits was burned to death by falling into the fire whilst in a fit. Husband who has not lived with her of late refuses to provide for her burial and JOHNSON is not able. Receiving Officer to provide a coffin and pay church fees if husband permits. Mackworth --- Joseph COLBOURNE 64 wid. Resides Derby ,subject to fits, badly burned on face. Drives cattle. Belper --- Elizabeth POOL 26 wid. Herbert 2, William 5m belongs to Sutton in Ashfield, ill of fever. Belper --- Samuel VARNEY 40 wife32 ,Harriet 4, Alice 3, res Rotherham, he is ill, wife near confinement. Workhouse if it is possible for them to be removed. Belper --- Frances BACON 76 wid. Mary 46, Edward, Thomas three single children. Belper --- Patience BRIDGES 26, Alfred 3, Sarah 4m husband deserted her a month ago, asks for relief. Workhouse. Belper --- John DUDHILL 66 wid. belongs Darlaston, Walsall Union, ill remove if possible. Quarndon --- Ann HURT 74 wid. settlement Trusley in Burton Union . Has removed to Derby. Relief discontinued. Hope you are finding these useful. Anybody had any joy as a result. Off list. Don't want any hogging of the list. Mike. =============================================================================
  34. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, Shardlow Union this time. 1840 .Seems small pox is in Melbourne. Swarkestone --- Elizabeth THRUTCHLEY 41 res Castle Bridge settlement Alvaston, wid. husband Thomas died last August, was a boatman. Supported herself by the sale of her husbands horse and boat articles. Resides with her father.Has Hannah 5, George 3. Settlement disputed. Kegworth --- Frances HEWITT 34 Emma 10, Lucey 9, John 7, wid. Kegworth --- Ann CROSS 42, and her children before the Passing of and not acknowledged by Chilwell, John 14, Harriett 11, Eliza 8, Ann 6, Robert 4, George 5wks. A married woman living with a man to who she is not married ,her husband having deserted her many years ago. Kegworth --- Thomas GUTTRIDGE settlement East Leake ,wife ill,confinement. Kegworth --- Mary ROWARTH 34, wid, earns sewing, has lately had an illegitimate child which has been dead a week, man living with by whom she had child has left her. Has Joseph 10 earns 2/- Edwin ? 7, William 5, Sarah Ann 3. Workhouse. Kegworth --- Robert HAYWOOD 62, res Catle Donington, married, his second wife living separate from him at Breedon , has Thomas 24, John 19, both as Castle Donington, George 14, all single. Kegworth --- John WOOTTON in Shardlow Workhouse Kegworth --- John OSBORN, wife and seven children ,in Shardlow Workhouse from Kegworth Kegworth --- John HARDY wife ,four children res Hucknall Torkard, lately in Kegworth, destitute. Kegworth --- Hannah PLACKETT and family in Shardlow Workhouse, removed from Sheffield to Kegworth. Kegworth --- Millicent ROPER single ,illness Kegworth --- William CHAPLIN 38 wife Elizabeth 36 framework knitter, has inflammation of eyes. Have Mary 14 earns 1/6, Henry 13 earns 2/- at framework, Randal 10 earns from 6d to a shilling. Emma 8 earns 6d, Elizabeth 4, Maurice 3, Lydia 3m. Melbourne --- Thomas HOLT 47 wife Ann 49, framework knitter, promised 2 days work this present week, dau Rebecca 18 earns 2/- at lace, Wife infirm in hands and feet. Mary 15, Elizabeth 11, Thomas 5, Samuel 3 both ill with small pox. Melbourne --- John PASS 55 wife Sarah 47 framework knitter, settlement Staunton Harold, has Hannah 15, George 13, Joseph 9 ill with small pox, William 4 ill with measles. Melbourne --- William SALSBURY 27 wife Charlotte ,warp hand. Melbourne --- William THOMPSON 80 wid, son Thomas 38 single at Nottingham. Melbourne --- Ann GOODALL 31 Frederick 11, John 9, both illegitimate, single,ill. Melbourne --- Thomas BERRISFORD 56, wife Sarah 54,labourer,ill,have Thomas 23, Joseph 21, George 16 in service at Marquis of Hastings, Mary 18, James 14, Henry 11 very infirm, cripple. Melbourne --- George POTTS 36, wife Mary 37, Frances 13, John 12, Emma 8, Matilda 7, Hannah 6, Job 4, Amos 1, last three children all with measles. Hopefully someones happy even if this lot weren't. Mike =============================================================================
  35. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, 1840 Shardlow Union and more deliberations to be made concerning these folks within and connected to Shardlow Union. Chellaston --- Samuel JORDAN 49 wife Ann 43 ,lab, R.O. submits letter from Derby stating the man to be ill and asks for relief. Have Frederick 14, Georgianna 11. Barrow --- Mary PORTER 24 bastard child Keziah 1, res. Derby single, child has scarlet fever. Barrow --- John PORTER 65 lab. illness Aston --- John BULL 35, wife Dorothy 35, William 10, Joseph 7, Absalom 3m res. Denton in Ashton under Line Union. Hat dyer, broke his collar bone. Wifes father Jarman STORER aged 68 wid at Wirksworth, is a shoemaker, owns the house he lives in, but has a single son who lives with him who carries on the business. Aston --- Isaac HINDS and family res. Breedon lab. illness, small pox. Aston --- John CHAMBERLAIN 65 wife Mary 37, labourer, son William 20, has a wife with rheumatism 16m in same house and one child. Aston --- Ann BARTON 43 and three children left Workhouse asks to be re-admitted. Ratcliffe --- Joseph ALDRIDGE 59, wid, bad shoulder but back at work. Kegworth --- Thomas HUDSON 26 wife Lydia 25 bad leg Kegworth --- James HARDY 33 wife Mary 37 a framework knitter, wife's confinement Jane 10, George 8,John 5, Alice 3, and infant. Kegworth --- Thomas RICHARDS 64 res.Loughborough, settlement Kegworth. Labourer for Mr WARNER at Loughborough. So badly ruptured as to be incapacitated. Kegworth --- Sarah KNIGHT 33 single res. with Uncle framework knitter, she is deaf and of weak intellect. Kegworth --- Ann CROSS 42 and five children, Settlement undecided, left workhouse to obtain work as a fwk. Re-admitted cannot get frame till Monday. Kegworth --- Elizabeth CROSS 18 single, dau of Ann above. Workhouse. Donington --- Phoebe TOPLIS 74 wid husband Joseph died last week, lives with son George,married no family, rope maker at James SUTTON Esq. Could it be yours are here ? Hope so. Mike

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2003, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.