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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Board of Guardians 1837-51

The Board of Guardians examined the Woes of the Poor and decided who was to pay for their improvement.
This information about the Board originated as a collection of emails between Mike Spencer and the DERBYSGEN mailing list. Mike's records, comments and his overview of the subject are given here with his permission. Thanks Mike

  1. William VICKERS    

    Hi list, one more case study from 1840's Shardlow Union. Littleover --- William VICKERS 13, Residing in Towcester Workhouse the boy is a son of William VICKERS of Littleover a man of bad character he keeps a horse and cart and it is believed he has also a cow, this boy has been very ill used by him and was in this workhouse about 12 months ago. Relieving Officer submits a letter from the Relieving Officer of the Towcester Union stating that the boy has been found in the parish of Stoke Bruerne in a destitute state and wishing to know whether their Union will acknowledge him and pay the expenses incurred without orders of removal. Towcester Union to be written to send the boy home and the expenses whilst in their Union will be repaid by this Union. Stoke Bruerne is about six miles south of Northampton. I hope the being sent home is to the Workhouse in this case. Mike =============================================================================
  2. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, 1840 SHARDLOW Guardians deliberations on these folks. Anyone looking for a Fortune ? Melbourne --- Peter HEMSLEY 49, wife Sarah 50, res Derby ,stone mason ,ill, wife ill. Melbourne --- Joseph BACK 30, and wife, relief for extreme illness of wife. Melbourne --- Thomas MEAR 60, wid, framework knitter, harvests . Daughter Sarah ill, Mary 34, James 36, res Melbourne. Hemington --- John MERRIMAN 38 ,wife Mary 30 fwk, has Mary Ann 12, Sarah 14, Selina 10, Hannah 3 ill, William 1. Lockington --- George HALLAM 41, Ann wife 41, Sarah 15, Mary 14, Elizabeth 8, Ann 5, George 3. Labourer blind of one eye, other inflamed. Chellaston --- Elisha COXON 66 wife Ann 64, res Aston asthmatical, have Hannah 24, Elizabeth 21, Esther 17. John 22, Joseph 20, in farm service Aston --- Thomas CLEMENTSON 48 wife Sarah 40, John 13, Mary 8, Joseph 5, Thomas 3. A shoemaker. Also has George 20 and Robert 16. Aston --- Joseph COOKE 35,wife Maria 31, res Walsall, collier Kegworth --- Fortune HUDSON 50 wid, ill. Emma 14 Keziah 10. Don't worry back to Belper and Bakewell et al soon. Mike =============================================================================
  3. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, 1840 SHARDLOW Guardian deliberations .....again ! Donington --- Joseph DAKIN 48, wife 43, fwk,Eliza 13, Peter 11, Maria 5, Thomas 3. Burial fees for Thomas. Donington --- Mary SMITH and three children res. Ashby de la Zouch, husband in gaol for theft. Settlement dispute. Donington --- William JOHNSON 23 Settlement Coleorton, wife ill. Shardlow --- Thomas CORBETT 39 labourer, accident. Melbourne --- Mary HATTON58 ,widow with illegitimate child. Sent to Workhouse. Littleover --- William VICKERS 13, residing Towcester Workhouse, son of William VICKERS. (Case reported) Diseworth --- Hannah GREGORY deceased, coffin bill, Breedon --- Alexander CROSS 15, works for Mr MUGGLESTON for his food, he is one of five orphans mother deceased ,father transported, an elder brothers relief discontinued. Breedon --- Mary WALDRAM 24 and two illegitimate children, single, bill for confinement. Alvaston --- Joseph WATTS 29 wife Sarah 29 res Spondon,lab. ill, gone to infirmary, five children Elizabeth and Mary twins 8, Joseph 6, William 4, Ann 2, wife earns 1/- a week. Alvaston --- Elizabeth THRUTCHLEY 41 ,Hannah 5, George 3, widow. Payment of bill when under order of removal. Alvaston --- Ann JACKSON 26, Elizabeth 3, Richard 18m single Workhouse. Alvaston --- Samuel ADAMS 32, wife res Ilkeston lab out of work, William 6, Mary 3, Rheuben 9m. Workhouse. Connections all round. Good. Mike =============================================================================
  4. Belper 1840    

    Hi list, Belper Guardians deliberations. Heartless. Alfreton --- Mary WORTHINGTON 25 Harriet 2 and infant 4wks., husband in Brighton, Settlement Bingham, destitute. Workhouse. Alfreton --- Benjamin SPRAY 41 wife 40 George 17, William 14, John 12, Christopher 6, Richard 4, Robert 1. He is a stone getter and lives at Ashover, wife and family are at Greenhill Lane, three eldest ironstone getters. Christopher was burned to death this week. Assistant Overseer gave an order for a coffin and fees subject to the approval of the Board. Ask for payment of 11/6, the amount. Refused. Alfreton --- Mary DAWES 84 wid lives with a married dau, asks for 6d a week more. Approved. Alfreton --- William BRAILSFORD 75, asks for shoes to be repaired. R.O. to get them done. Crich --- John PEAT 41 wife and four children temporary relief of 1/-, now in Workhouse. Crich --- Joseph JACKSON 85, wife 71 he died this week Crich --- Ann RADFORD 52 wid three children, son William broke thigh. Crich --- Mary WHEATCROFT 22 single, pregnant, Workhouse Crich --- Thomas WHEATCROFT 38 wife 31, Mary Ann 10, Elizabeth 8, Maria 5 Samuel 5m. ill , inflammation of lungs Alderwasley --- James TAYLOR 41 and 6 children, now in Derby Infirmary, brother John conveyed him there and asks for expenses. South Wingfield --- Ann CARTLEDGE 71 wid res Aashbourne, ill now recovered, relief refused. South Wingfield --- Edward THORPE 47, wife 39 Sarah one of seven children ill, discontinue relief, Workhouse offered Shottle --- Joshua JENNEY 87 wife 73 wife died this week, four sons, Joshua lives Bilbro' farmer, Joseph farmer at Belper, Samuel at Duffield and William at Long Eaton, relief refused. Workhouse. Hard cases here. Lets hope they all made it. Mike =============================================================================
  5. Shardlow 1840    

    Hi list, Shardlow 1840 Before the Board of Guardians with trepidation no doubt were Melbourne --- Jane NALL 72, wid Washing when well, had a fall Melbourne --- William FAIRBROTHER settlement Hartshorne, wife ill, bill from Ashby Union. Breedon --- James BONSER settlement Worthington bill from Ashby Union when pauper ill. Breedon --- William AULT as above Donington --- Elizabeth BEIGHTON settlement Ticknall bill from Ashby Union when applied for relief Donington --- Hannah, Mary ,Ann BAILEY settlement Worthington, bill from Ashby Union Donington --- Daniel BRADBURY 39 settlement Hathern illness Donington --- Eliza TOMLINSON 18 single, destitute parents reside Long Eaton Diseworth --- Dinah SPENCER 33 dau Sarah Ann 7, deserted by husband Joseph SPENCER who is not of sound intellect, stated to be employed at Lime kiln, Ticknall Hemington --- Thomas BRADLEY in Shardlow Workhouse, settlement Hartshorne, illegitimate boy Remove to Ashby Workhouse Boulton --- Hannah HARDY 28 single, illness ,continues very ill, MO strong suspicion she is pregnant. Chellaston --- Sarah SOAR 74, resides Derby widow died Tuesday the relief was not given Thursday (!). Kegworth --- John MELLORS settlement Wirksworth a cripple. Kegworth --- John HARDY fwk, wifes confinement Kegworth --- William BUCKLEY 29 wife Millicent 23, Thomas 2, Joseph 5m fwk unemployed. Workhouse Kegworth --- Thomas BUCKLEY 33 wife Ellen 32 Henry 8, Ann 5, Ann 5,(sic) Charles 8m fwk workhouse Have you found 'em at last ? Mike =============================================================================
  6. Belper 1841    

    Hi list, more folks waiting for relief this time from Belper Guardians. Belper --- Eliza WILLIAMS 16 lives with parents,ill Belper --- Thomas CHEETHAM 48 wid. asks to be admitted to Workhouse, able bodied and in health. Refused Heage --- Ellen HAWKINS 36 wid and four children, now recovered Duffield --- Elizabeth MOURTON 30 Thomas 8, husband not affording assistance, asks to be admitted, refused. Duffield --- Thomas INGLEBY 61 wife 61 settlement Chaddesden, ill, report to Shardlow Duffield --- Mary THOMPSON and two children on travel and destitute. Duffield --- Joseph HASLAM 73 wid labourer out of employ, workhouse offered Mackworth --- Matilda POTTER 27 single,has illegitimate dau Emma 3, now pregnant Holbrook --- Joseph TAYLOR 75 wid Louisa 15, Elisha 12, Tamera 9, infirm and chiefly in bed. Good to see that Matlock remains the centre of the Universe with an International convergenge at the DRO yesterday with Canadian exile McHugh and the Gloucestershire Aussie R Neep along with the advisory capacity of Treweek Travel. Rumour had it that Taxman Cockin still smarting from missing the entry into the Barlborough quiz was about to swoop and impose a Jet set tax on them, so they left early. =============================================================================
  7. Belper 1840    

    Hi list, back to the Board room, at Belper 1840. Wirksworth --- Isaac GRATTON 41 wife 38 and children 4lbs of bread less Idridgehay --- Mary TAYLOR 8 William 6 John 4 orphans their mother Martha TAYLOR dies at Derby last week ,children now with grandmother Ellen TAYLOR at Belper who asks for 6/- a week and a pair of shoes for Mary. To receive 8lb bread, 3/- a week Shoes for Mary Alfreton --- John BULLOCK 77 wife 68 fwk wife ill, no better. Alfreton --- John HORSLEY insane pauper in Peckham Asylum Alfreton --- Joseph TRUEMAN 81 wid resides Radford Alfreton --- Thomas ELLIOTT 42 wife 43 Sarah 14, William 12 Harriet 9 Ann 6. reside Snenton in Radford Union, wife ill unable to be removed Alfreton --- Elizabeth POYSER 75 wid. resides Lenton in Radford Union Alfreton --- Isaac BULLOCK 69 wife 59 fwk, Mary Ann 20 dau lives with them. Ireton Wood --- Sarah PEACH 61 wid reside Radford, pauper is represented as being in a dangerous state. Crich --- Sarah FROGGATT 38 wid Sarah 11, Eliza 8, reside Radford and were in the Workhouse there three weeks, removed to Wirksworth. She has deserted her children. Crich --- Ann RADFORD 51 wid John 18, Wiliam 14, Jane 9, Peter 4, children ill of fever. Crich --- Elizabeth COWLISHAW 37 wid extra relief at discretion. Crich --- Maria HOLLAND 25 single, and two children One child ill, reside Derby. Crich --- Martha PEDLEY 65 wid makes and mends clothes earns 1/- a day Unable to work the last fortnight and asks for 2/- a week. Wirksworth Workhouse. South Wingfield --- Sarah HILL 50 wid. had a relapse South Wingfield --- Edward WRIGHT insane pauper in Mrv FISHERS Windley --- Samuel WASS 40 wife 34 and seven children he is now recovered Windley --- Lydia KEY 21 single very ill, requires nurse Windley --- Joseph WASS 74 wid lab, fall from a cart Wirksworth --- William THOMPSON 31 wife 30, seven children ,five ill of fever. Hope you find some of yours here.... or maybe not ! Mike =============================================================================
  8. Bakewell 1841    

    Hi list, a visit to those caretakers of the poor,the Board of Guardians. This time at Bakewell Union 1841, Eyam --- Edward UNWIN and family, in worse health Great Longstone ---Joseph WARD 44 Hannah wife 35, Hannah 15, Betty 13, Ann 8, Jane 7,Jos 4, Christ.2 Eyam --- Joseph SKIDMORE 73, Eyam --- Hannah WILSON 45 wid, has Ellen 12, weaver Great Longstone ---William SKIDMORE 59, wife 46, Richard 12, Henry 9 Betty 6, Sarah 4, John 1 Tideswell --- William BRAY 69 wife 60, no work for last five weeks Over Haddon --- Thomas NEWTON 42, eSTHER wife 41, George 12, Dorothy 10, Mary 9, Joseph 7, Hannah 5, Thomas 4. Winster --- Elizabeth STONE single 23, recently confined of an illegitimate child, Her mother with whom she lives is a pauper Winster --- John BURTON 78, wife 78. Winster --- William SALT wife and family, wife very ill. Winster --- John FEARN and Mary have again appealed for relief. Matlock --- Mary HUNT John 12, Issac 8, Betty 5 husband gone in search of work, now at Ashton under Line. To see that she goes to her husband. Matlock --- Elizabeth HARDY 50 Henry 8, Francis 6 Matlock --- Samuel BRADSHAW and wife Matlock --- James SMITH and family Tansley --- George HOLLAND 75,widower, son who resides with him of weak intellect. Cromford --- John NEEDHAM and family boatsman,owing to the frost he has been unemployed. Any yours ? Mike =============================================================================
  9. Bakewell 1841    

    Hi list, these folks were being considered by the Board of Guardians of the Bakewell Union in 1841. They either appeared personally or were discussed as a result of a letter from another Union or person concerned within a parish or as a result of a visit by an Overseer into the families affairs. Many people because of lack of work or illness, injury or a husband ,or wife, absconding fell into difficult circumstances and begged for relief from the Guardians. Relief came in the form of money. help with rent ,bread clothing, shoes and petticoats, help in costs to travel to seek employment. Some cases on being reviewed had either money or bread allowances deducted. Other cases were turned down completely and for some the only offer of help was the Workhouse and it's regime. Most of the people during this time were people asking for relief in the hope of staying out of the Workhouse. Originally no one was to receive any "out relieve" only by going to the Workhouse. The numbers applying was so vast that it failed from the beginning. Some Workhouses were not even built when the law was passed. Edensor --- John WINDLE and family no employ Bakewell --- John SIMPSON and wife 28, Eliza 6, Esther 4, John 2, Hannah 4m lately residing at Leicester, they are now come to Bakewell, "a weakly sort of man" fwk. Elizabeth WARD vagrant William WOODMAN vagrant John CUNDY 73 and wife 64, Communication from Arnold, pauper requests relief Matlock --- Martha REEVES still ill Darley --- George HOYLAND ill Winster --- William SALT and family destitute Monyash --- John HAWLEY and family ill. Matlock --- Thomas BRADSHAW and wife request more relief Tansley --- George HOLLAND 75 destitute Cromford --- Sarah LONGSTONE wid 74 a pair of shoes Cromford --- Hannah HALLAM wid 27 Sarah 3, Susan 18m husband just dead, lives with her parents Litton --- Sophia HUNT 19 has Robert 6m husband absconded, she destitute Hathersage --- John METTAM 30 Martha 29, Mary Ann 2, Caroline 1 have latterly resided at Hallam near Sheffield, he is a stone cutter, had an accident where one of his hands is totally disabled. Bradwell --- Thomas CHAPMAN 72, Elizabeth wife 62, residing at Sheffield, partially infirm have Mary single 27, Joseph 26, Sarah 23 and has a bastard child Tideswell --- Martha MELLOR 63 single "it would not be prudent to move to Workhouse" Tideswell --- Betty MARCHINGTON and family attack of illness Eyam --- Samuel ROBINSON and wife more relief Bradwell --- John PALFREYMAN and family Wortley Board have given relief Curbar --- Hannah CHATTERTON wid 42 James 9, John 5, Robert 5, residing at Glossop Bradwell --- Mary BARBER 42 wid plus 3 Are residing at Heap in Lancs, eldest son ill Tideswell --- Mary LEECH 45 wid asks for an extension of relief Bakewell --- Samuel JOHNSON Henry THOMPSON and family, Charles STEVENSON Wensley --- Emma FLINT 28 single is ill Cromford --- Ann BLACKWELL 50 single partially infirm Ashford --- Sarah TAYLOR wid one of these paupers children are dead and had not the means to bury it. Hope you find these of interest. More to follow. Mike =============================================================================
  10. Bakewell 1841    

    Hi list, further deliberations by the Board of Guardians for Bakewell Union concerning folks in need of help Jan 1841 when it was so bad even the dogs were starving ! Ashford --- Ann SELLORS and family Ashford --- Sarah TAYLOR Ashford --- James SMITH ,wife,six children, just buried one of his children,destitute Matlock --- Fanny WALKER 54 wid. a person of disolute habits Ashford --- Elizabeth FLINT 64 wid in great distress Monyash --- Benjamin BONSALL 51,wife 41, John, Benj. Mary, Sarah , residing at Fairfield Rowsley --- Mary HADFIELD single, has illegitimate child. Bakewell --- Rebecca WATERFIELD 50, bit by dog on arm Darley --- Betty ASH wid, ill. Darley --- William RANDLE and family Darley --- Martha BOWLER single 42, Geo, John , both illegitimate.,she has absconded and left children. Winster --- Tho WALKER and family has come out of prison, destitute. Beeley --- Ralph HAGUE 37 Harriett 34, Elizabeth, John ,Sarah, Harriett, George, Ellen ,Joseph, residing at Eccleshall Bierlow destitute Bakewell --- Elizabeth RABY wife of Joseph death Great Longstone --- William GREGORY 45, Sarah 44, Ann ,Sarah James, Silena, John, residing Eccleshall Bierlow,stone mason. Hathersage --- John FROST 57,Mary 54, Jos, Grace, Geo, Betty. Grace earns 2/6 a week. Baslow --- Tho MARPLES and family Sheffield Board Hassop --- Adam BOND 29, Rachel 30,3 small children, res.Glossop. He unemployed in consequence of turn out. Taddington --- Ann MAKINSON wid 72 residing with her two daughters at Glossop, one of whom is a cripple. Have they turned up then ? Mike =============================================================================
  11. Shardlow 1837    

    Hi list, Shardlow Guardians this this time checking the ceredentials of mainly Melbourne folk,or folk once connected with Melbourne. It's May 1837 and these folk appear or are considered. Melbourne --- Mary TAYLOR wid 87, John 59, Thos 57 shop and Public House, William 55, James 48 Ann 43 Melbourne --- Alice GILL wid 54 resides Macclesfield Melbourne --- John WARNER 9, William WARNER orphan, grandfather miller of Melbourne Melbourne --- Elizabeth BRIDGETT 38 infirm idiot Melbourne --- Hannah EARPE 60 idiot Melbourne --- George HANLEY 8 illegitimate,mother at Melb. Melbourne --- John PRIESTLAND wid 87, nearly blind has 2 sons 3 dau,(not named) Melbourne --- Catherine WARREN wid 58 John, William living Ashbourne, Sarah Melbourne --- Mary CASTLEDINE wid 40 res. Chellaston Mary, Ann, William, father working with Mr SMITH,Swarkestone. Melbourne --- Mary MIDDLETON wid 75,res Loughborough dau married to a barber Melbourne --- James KINSEY 64 wife 60 res Chellaston, Francis a miller works for Mary MANFULL, Mary lives in Lancashire. Pauper is of unsound mind. hope some of this makes sense to some of you. Mike =============================================================================

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