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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1901 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ivonbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 19,072 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2004, John Palmer.
All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation            Where born           Comments


#258---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 39,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0255a  James         ANTCLIFF     Head    M 41  M  Plumber               Caunton NTT
Mk0255b  Caroline M    ANTCLIFF     Wife    M 38  F                        Derby
Mk0255c  George Henry  ANTCLIFF     Son       16  M  Plumbers apprentice   Matlock
Mk0255d  James W       ANTCLIFF     Son       14  M  Errand boy            Matlock
Mk0255e  Annie G       ANTCLIFF     Dau       11  F                        Matlock
Mk0255f  Frank L       ANTCLIFF     Son       8   M                        Matlock
Mk0255g  Edgar E       ANTCLIFF     Son       4   M                        Matlock
---(All Saints Church)---
#259---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0256a  George (Mrs)  TURNER       Head    W 49  F  Cook domestic         Gainsborough LIN
Mk0256b  Mary A        TURNER       Dau     S 23  F  House keeper          Matlock
Mk0256c  John Tom      TURNER       Son     S 20  M  Groom                 Matlock
Mk0256d  Annie         TURNER       Dau     S 11  F  School                Matlock
#260---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0257a  Kendall       SCOTTHORN    Head    M 40  M  Gardener              Matlock
Mk0257b  Pollie        SCOTTHORN    Wife    M 28  F                        Brampton
Mk0257c  Catherine     SCOTTHORN    Mother  W 74  F                        Matlock
#261---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0258a  William       HALL         Head    W 39  M  Soldier Sergt Instr   Watford HRT           2nd V[olunteer] B[attalion] Derby Regt
Mk0258b  George        HALL         Son     S 13  M                        Kilkenny IRL
Mk0258c  Clara         HALL         Dau     S 20  F                        Fermoy IRL
Mk0258d  Lilian        HALL         Dau     S 14  F                        Kilkenny IRL
Mk0258e  Kathleen      HALL         Dau       13  F                        Normanton
#262---Wilmott St---[Matlock]---
Mk0259a  Alfred W      CAHILL       Head    M 21  M  Chef Smedleys         Cambridgeshre CAM     [Smedley's Hydro]
Mk0259b  Eliza M       CAHILL       Wife    M 22  F                        Donisthorpe LEI
#263---Wilmott St---[Matlock]---
Mk0260a  Joseph        WOOLEY       Head    M 58  M  Stone quarryman       Holloway
Mk0260b  Louisa        WOOLEY       Wife    M 56  F                        Crich
Mk0260c  Joseph        WOOLEY       Son     S 15  M  Hosiery warehouseman  Matlock
Mk0260d  William       WILSON       Boarder S 44  M  Farm labourer         Barnsley YKS
#264---Wilmott St---[Matlock]---
Mk0261a  Joseph J      HAWLEY       Head    M 40  M  Grocers warehouseman  Matlock Bank
Mk0261b  Florence      HAWLEY       Wife    M 36  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0261c  Edith         HAWLEY       Dau     S 15  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0261d  Florence      HAWLEY       Dau     S 13  F                        Douglas IOM
#265---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 40,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0262a  Fred          SIMPSON      Head    M 28  M  House painter         Saddleworth YKS
Mk0262b  Annie E       SIMPSON      Wife    M 29  F                        Matlock
Mk0262c  Ernest        SIMPSON      Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0262d  Muriel        SIMPSON      Dau       4m  F                        Matlock
#266---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0263a  Job           GARROTT      Head    M 41  M  Housepainter,decrtor  Alfreton              Decorator
Mk0263b  Priscilla     GARROTT      Wife    M 30  F                        Denton CHS
Mk0263c  Priscilla W   GARROTT      Dau       6   F                        Matlock
Mk0263d  Gertrude M    GARROTT      Dau       5   F                        Matlock
#267---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0264a  George W      THACKER      Head    M 25  M  Bootmaker             Matlock
Mk0264b  Eliza A       THACKER      Wife    M 26  F                        Needwood STS
Mk0264c  George H      THACKER      Son     S 2   M                        Matlock
Mk0264d  Jacob         KNOWLES      Boarder S 22  M  Grocers labourer      Matlock Bath
#268---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0265a  Arthur        WRIGLEY      Head    M 29  M  Baker                 Rochdale LAN
Mk0265b  Sarah E       WRIGLEY      Wife    M 23  F                        Darley Dale
Mk0265c  Ada           PEARSON      Sis iL  S 20  F                        Darley Dale           ["wife's sister"]
#269---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0266a  Robert        STANIFORD    Head    M 40  M  Bill poster           Chatham KEN
Mk0266b  Mary A        STANIFORD    Wife    M 42  F                        Brampton
Mk0266c  Gertrude A    STANIFORD    Dau     S 11  F                        Matlock
#270---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0267a  John          HART         Head    M 63  M  Tailor                London LND
Mk0267b  Eliza         HART         Wife    M 37  F                        Brampton
Mk0267c  Constance     HART         Dau     S 16  F  Tailoress             Matlock
Mk0267d  Hilda M       HART         Dau     S 15  F                        Matlock
Mk0267e  Harry V       HART         Son     S 13  M  Errand boy            Matlock
Mk0267f  Alice M       HART         Dau     S 11  F                        Matlock
Mk0267g  Beatrice A    HART         Dau     S 10  F                        Matlock
Mk0267h  Gertrude M    HART         Dau     S 9   F                        Matlock
#271---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0268a  George        HODGE        Head    M 29  M  Grocer                Pentewan CON
Mk0268b  Charlotte     HODGE        Wife    M 25  F                        Stamford LIN          Barholm near Stamford
Mk0268c  George A      HODGE        Son     S 2   M                        Gt Grimsby LIN
Mk0268d  Walter B      HODGE        Son     S 10m M                        Boston LIN
#272---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 41,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0269a  John W        MORETON      Head    M 44  M  Gritstone cutter      Derby
Mk0269b  Eliza         MORETON      Wife    M 42  F                        Birchover
Mk0269c  Louise        MORETON      Dau     S 20  F  Laundry maid          Birchover
Mk0269d  Charles W     MORETON      Son     S 18  M  Gritstone cutter      Birchover
Mk0269e  Tom W         MORETON      Son     S 14  M  Groom                 Birchover
Mk0269f  Helen         MORETON      Dau     S 12  F                        Birchover
Mk0269g  Frank         MORETON      Son     S 9   M                        Birchover
Mk0269h  John E        MORETON      Son     S 6   M                        Matlock
Mk0269i  Arthur J      MORETON      Son     S 4   M                        Matlock
#273---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0270a  John W        LEWIS        Head    M 23  M  Joiner                Matlock
Mk0270b  Agnes A       LEWIS        Wife    M 24  F                        Longstone
#274---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0271a  William       LILL         Head    M 44  M  Book repairer         Legbourne LIN
Mk0271b  Emily A       LILL         Wife    M 43  F                        Louth LIN
Mk0271c  Charles W     LILL         Son     S 23  M  Joiner                Manchester LAN
Mk0271d  Edith         LILL         Dau     S 21  F  Laundress             Levenshulme LAN
Mk0271e  Annie         LILL         Dau     S 17  F  Laundress             Bradford LAN
Mk0271f  Sydney        LILL         Son     S 15  M  Errand boy            Bradford LAN
Mk0271g  Herbert       LILL         Son     S 11  M                        Bradford LAN
Mk0271h  Florence E    LILL         Dau     S 7   F                        Matlock
#275---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0272a  George H      MOORE        Head    M 37  M  Baker,confectioner    Brampton
Mk0272b  Rose          MOORE        Wife    M 36  F                        Sutton Hull YKS
Mk0272c  Violet E      MOORE        Dau     S 11  F                        Matlock
Mk0272d  Ellen N       MOORE        Dau     S 9   F                        Matlock
Mk0272e  Eveline M     MOORE        Dau     S 7   F                        Matlock
Mk0272f  Alice         MOORE        Dau     S 5   F                        Matlock
Mk0272g  William H     MOORE        Son     S 3   M                        Matlock
Mk0272h  George A      MOORE        Son     S 2   M                        Matlock
Mk0272i  Vera K        MOORE        Dau     S 1   F                        Matlock
#276---Bank Rd---[Matlock]---(page 42,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0273a  James H       RICHARDS     Head    M 34  M  Town letter carrier   Matlock Bank
Mk0273b  Martha A      RICHARDS     Wife    M 34  F                        Bonsall
Mk0273c  May E         RICHARDS     Dau     S 8   F  Attending school      Matlock
Mk0273d  Sarah L G     RICHARDS     Dau     S 6   F                        Matlock
Mk0273e  Ada N         RICHARDS     Dau     S 3   F                        Matlock
Mk0273f  Grace         COTTERILL    Sis iL  S 19  F  Servant domestic      Bonsall
#277---Bank Rd---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0274a  Samuel        ROOSE        Head    M 28  M  Gritstone quarryman   Stanlow Hillside
Mk0274b  Maria         ROOSE        Wife    M 23  F                        Bonsall
Mk0274c  Sarah A       WEBSTER      Adopted S 1   F                        Wensley
#278---Bank Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0275a  Henry W       ATKINS       Head    M 38  M  Drapers manager       London LND
Mk0275b  Mary A        ATKINS       Wife    M 37  F                        On Sea SEA            British subject
Mk0275c  Hilda         ATKINS       Dau     S 5   F                        Matlock
Mk0275d  Eric W        ATKINS       Son     S 4   M                        Matlock
Mk0275e  Charles R     BEASLEY      Boarder S 25  M  Grocers clerk         Hilgay NFK
#279---Bank Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0276a  Robert H      BAKER        Head    M 38  M  Teacher               MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk0276b  Emily L       BAKER        Wife    M 39  F                        Hertford HRT
Mk0276c  Thomas W      BAKER        Son       8   M                        Matlock
#280---Bank Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0277a  Margery       TIMMINS??    Head    W 56  F  Living on own means   Stockport CHS
Mk0277b  Jane N L      TIMMINS??    Dau     S 26  F                        Nantwich CHS
Mk0277c  Annie         GREENFIELD   Servant S 42  F  Domestic help         High Offery SAL
#281---Bank Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0278a  William       SMITH        Head    M 45  M  Joiner                Codnor
Mk0278b  Emily         SMITH        Wife    M 51  F                        Ettington WAR
#282---Bank Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0279a  Samuel        BAGSHAW      Head    M 35  M  Joiner                Matlock
Mk0279b  Ellen M       BAGSHAW      Wife    M 34  F                        Buxton
Mk0279c  Florence J    BAGSHAW      Dau     S 12  F                        Matlock
Mk0279d  Samuel H D    BAGSHAW      Son     S 9   M                        Matlock
Mk0279e  John L        BAGSHAW      Son     S 6   M                        Matlock
Mk0279f  Walter K      BAGSHAW      Son     S 2   M                        Matlock
#283---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 43,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0280a  Frank         ALLEN        Head    M 34  M  Driver steam roller   Sittingbourne KEN
Mk0280b  Sarah         ALLEN        Wife    M 34  F                        Long Eaton
Mk0280c  George        ALLEN        Son     S 6   M                        Long Eaton
Mk0280d  Frank         ALLEN        Son     S 4   M                        Long Eaton
Mk0280e  Alice         ALLEN        Dau     S 3   F                        Long Eaton
Mk0280f  Charles T     ORMROD       Lodger  S 19  M  Steam engine maker    Milnthorpe WES        Fitter
#284---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0281a  George        KNOWLES      Head    M 42  M  Joiner,builder        Matlock Bank
Mk0281b  Elizabeth     KNOWLES      Wife    M 39  F                        Cannock STS
Mk0281c  Arthur W      KNOWLES      Son     S 14  M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0281d  George A      KNOWLES      Son     S 4   M                        Matlock Bank
#285---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0282a  James M       REYNOLDS     Head    M 32  M  Rail Station porter   Melbourne LIN
Mk0282b  Ada W         REYNOLDS     Wife    M 28  F                        Crawley HAM
Mk0282c  Thomas B      REYNOLDS     Son     S 5   M                        Matlock
Mk0282d  Archibald     REYNOLDS     Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
#286---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0283a  Antliff J     WILDGOOSE    Head    M 25  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0283b  Florence L    WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 22  F                        Darley Dale
#287---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0284a  Charles       HILL         Head    M 31  M  Hairdresser           Portsmouth HAM
Mk0284b  Mary          HILL         Wife    M 26  F                        Birchover
Mk0284c  Norman        HILL         Son     S 3   M                        Portsmouth HAM
Mk0284d  Dorothy       HILL         Dau     S 2   F                        Matlock
Mk0284e  Horace        HILL         Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
#288---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0285a  Edward        PROFFITT     Head    M 33  M  Watchmaker            Barton OXF
Mk0285b  Alice         PROFFITT     Wife    M 37  F                        Cropthorn WOR
Mk0285c  Reginald      PROFFITT     Son       9   M                        Matlock
#289---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0286a  Ernest        UDALL        Head    M 33  M  Comercial traveller   Wirksworth
Mk0286b  Ann           UDALL        Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock
Mk0286c  May           UDALL        Dau     S 9   F                        Wolverhampton STS
Mk0286d  Doris A       UDALL        Dau     S 1   F                        Matlock
#290---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0287a  William       EYRE         Head    M 43  M  Manager for hosier    Fairfield,Hope
Mk0287b  Annie         EYRE         Wife    M 47  F                        Cleobury Mort SAL     Mort=Mortimer
Mk0287c  Reginald R    EYRE         Son     S 9   M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0287d  Alice H       EYRE         Dau     S 6   F                        Matlock Bank
Mk0287e  George        HANCOX       Visitor S 19  M  Insurance Agent       Frodingham LIN
#291---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---(page 44,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0288a  John          HAGUE        Head    M 63  M  Living on own means   Gleadless YKS
Mk0288b  Martha        HAGUE        Wife    M 58  F                        Edensor
#292---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0289a  Harry         TOLLADY      Head    M 49  M  Salesmn,tin hardware  Bury St Edmds SFK
Mk0289b  Caroline      TOLLADY      Wife    M 49  F                        Marylebone LND
Mk0289c  Albert H      TOLLADY      Son     S 20  M  Hawker,tin hardware   Marylebone LND
Mk0289d  Kate L        TOLLADY      Dau     S 19  F  Seamstress            Marylebone LND
Mk0289e  Leonard A     TOLLADY      Son     S 14  M                        Marylebone LND
#293---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0290a  (Mrs)         BATES        Head    W 72  F                        Oldham LAN
Mk0290b  Richard       BATES        Son     S 31  M  Tripe dresser         Matlock
#294---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0291a  John          YOUNG        Head    M 54  M  Stone dreser          Matlock
Mk0291b  Elizabeth     YOUNG        Wife    M 50  F                        Matlock
Mk0291c  John          YOUNG        Son     S 17  M  Apprent coachbuilder  Darley Dale
Mk0291d  Charles P     YOUNG        Son     S 10  M                        Matlock
#295---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0292a  Sarah         RICHARDS     Head    W 70  F                        South Darley
Mk0292b  George W      RICHARDS     Son     S 39  M  Town letter carrier   Matlock Bank
Mk0292c  Mary E        RICHARDS     Dau     S 36  F  Asst fancy drapery s  Matlock Bank          Shop
Mk0292d  Sarah J       RICHARDS     Dau     S 32  F                        Matlock Bank
#296---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0293a  Charles       WARDLE       Head    M 39  M  Hosiery warehouseman  Belper
Mk0293b  Millicent     WARDLE       Wife    M 39  F                        Belper
Mk0293c  Charles W     WARDLE       Son     S 4   M                        Matlock
#297---Matlock Bank, Dimple---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0294a  Alfred        ALLSOPP      Head    M 44  M  Framework knitter     MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294b  Elizabeth     ALLSOPP      Wife    M 44  F                        MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294c  Eliza A       ALLSOPP      Dau     S 23  F                        MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294d  Clara         ALLSOPP      Dau     S 21  F                        MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294e  Percy         ALLSOPP      Son     S 6   M                        Matlock
Mk0294f  Eleanor       ALLSOPP      Dau     S 3   F                        Matlock
#298---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---(page 45,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0295a  Charles       EYRE         Head    M 57  M  Hydropathists asst    Pilsley
Mk0295b  Elizabeth A   EYRE         Wife    M 58  F  Hydropathists asst    Baslow
Mk0295c  Caroline      EYRE         Dau     S 28  F                        Baslow
Mk0295d  Lydia         HAIGH        Dau     M 36  F                        Baslow
Mk0295e  Evelyn        HAIGH        Gdau      1   F                        Matlock Bank
Mk0295f  George        VIVIAN       Boarder M 61  M  Gas fitter            Bath SOM
Mk0295g  Charlotte     VIVIAN       Boarder M 57  F                        Southampton HAM
Mk0295h  Sarah J       BODEN        Servant S 16  F  Servant domestic      Cross Green
#299---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0296a  Samuel N      BENNETT      Head    M 65  M  Living on own means   Chester CHS
Mk0296b  Mary L N      BENNETT      Wife    M 54  F                        Matlock
Mk0296c  Anne C N      BENNETT      Dau     S 25  F                        Matlock
#300---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0297a  Joseph        ALLEN        Head    M 45  M  Farmer,cabproprietor  Heage
Mk0297b  Sarah         ALLEN        Wife    M 48  F                        Belper
Mk0297c  John T        ALLEN        Son     S 22  M  Driver                Darley Dale
Mk0297d  Joseph        ALLEN        Son     S 20  M  Driver                Darley Dale
Mk0297e  William       ALLEN        Son     S 18  M  Driver                Darley Dale
Mk0297f  Frederick     ALLEN        Son     S 17  M  Driver                Darley Dale
Mk0297g  George        ALLEN        Son     S 15  M  Worker on farm        Darley Dale
Mk0297h  Lucy A        WALKER       Servant S 18  F  Servant domestic      Darley Dale
#301---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0298a  Herbert       WILMOT       Head    M 44  M  Stone mason           Darley Dale
Mk0298b  Elizabeth J   WILMOT       Wife    M 32  F                        Westminster LND
Mk0298c  John W        WILMOT       Son     S 15  M  Workerlimestonequarr  Darley
Mk0298d  Thomas H      WILMOT       Son     S 11  M                        Matlock
Mk0298e  George A      WILMOT       Son     S 10  M                        Matlock
Mk0298f  Charles A     WILMOT       Son     S 5   M                        Matlock
Mk0298g  Alice E       WILMOT       Dau     S 1   F                        Matlock
Mk0298h  Benjamin      TRUEMAN      Lodger  - 50  M  Stockinger            Sutton Ashfrd NTT
#302---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0299a  Thomas        BRAILSFORD   Head    M 55  M  Farmer                Wirksworth
Mk0299b  Anne          BRAILSFORD   Wife    M 60  F                        Youlgreave
Mk0299c  Harry         BRAILSFORD   Son     M 28  M  Farmer                Matlock
Mk0299d  Alice         BRAILSFORD   Dau iL  M 26  F                        Holloway
Mk0299e  Alice M       BRAILSFORD   Gdau    S 4   F                        Matlock
Mk0299f  Vera          BRAILSFORD   Gdau    S 1   F                        Matlock
#303---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---(page 46,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0300a  Elizabeth     MERCHANT     Head    W 39  F                        Winster
Mk0300b  Clement S     BOAM         Son     S 15  M  Employed grrengrocer  Winster
#304---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0301a  Eliza         ANTHONY      Head    W 45  F  Living on own means   Chesterfield
#305---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0302a  William       HAWLEY       Head    M 51  M  Journeyman joiner     Matlock
Mk0302b  Mary          HAWLEY       Wife    M 49  F                        Matlock
Mk0302c  William F     HAWLEY       Son     S 20  M  Joiners apprentice    Matlock
Mk0302d  Florence A    HAWLEY       Dau     S 17  F                        Matlock
Mk0302e  Arthur        HAWLEY       Son     S 13  M                        Matlock
Mk0302f  George H      ARCHER       Boarder S 22  M  Police constable      Milton
#306---Matlock Bank, Dimple---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0303a  George        LANGFORD     Head    W 55  M  Grocer, shop keeper   Broseley SAL
Mk0303b  Emily A       LANGFORD     Dau     S 27  F                        Oldbury SAL           Bridgenorth
#307---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0304a  Mary A        HARRISON     Head    W 70  F                        Duffield
Mk0304b  Mary          HARRISON     Dau     S 42  F  Sales woman           Belper
#308---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0305a  Jane          ASKER        Head    W 64  F                        Leeds YKS
Mk0305b  Christina M   ASKER        Dau     S 43  F                        Crich
Mk0305c  Barbara C     HAZELWOOD    Dau     M 41  F                        Matlock
Mk0305d  Jane          HAZELWOOD    Gdau    S 15  F  Apprentice millinary  Matlock
Mk0305e  Emily E       FAY          Boarder S 52  F                        Not Known UNK     feeble minded
#309---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0306a  William       LEWIS        Head    M 54  M  Joiner                Loughboro LEI
Mk0306b  Jane          LEWIS        Wife    M 56  F                        Cromford
Mk0306c  Lydia         LEWIS        Dau     S 25  F                        Matlock
Mk0306d  Joseph        LEWIS        Son     S 20  M  Joiner                Matlock
Mk0306e  Alfred        LEWIS        Son     S 18  M  Plumber               Matlock
Mk0306f  Frank         LEWIS        Son     S 16  M  Mason stone           Matlock
#310---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0307a  William H     WARD         Head    M 58  M  Miller                Wingfield
Mk0307b  Sarah         WARD         Wife    M 58  F                        Lea
Mk0307c  Fred          WARD         Son     S 15  M                        Lea
#311---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---(page 47,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0308a  James         POTTER       Head    M 56  M  Solicitor             Matlock
Mk0308b  Bessie        POTTER       Wife    M 47  F                        Broughton LAN
Mk0308c  James S       POTTER       Son     S 19  M  Articled clerk        Matlock
Mk0308d  Charles H     POTTER       Son     S 18  M  Art student           Matlock
Mk0308e  Clara         BATES        Servant S 29  F  Housemaid dom         Burton Trent STS
Mk0308f  Elizabeth     KIRKREAN     Servant S 30  F  Cook dom              Alveston
#312---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0309a  Charles       BATES        Head    M 48  M  Farm labourer         Kirk Ireton
Mk0309b  Lucy          BATES        Wife    M 44  F  Domestic              Alderwasley
Mk0309c  Winifred L    BATES        Dau     S 9   F                        Cromford
Mk0309d  George W P    FLINT        Dau     S 18  F  Carter                Ashbourne
Mk0309e  Andrew        PEARSON      Lodger  S 65  M  Weaver                Bonsall
Mk0309f  William       COLLINS      Lodger  S 49  M  Labourer              Ireland IRL
#313---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0310a  Thomas        BRADSHAW     Head    M 68  M  Gen labourer (boots)  Darley Dale
Mk0310b  Hannah J      BRADSHAW     Wife    M 63  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0310c  Sarah E       BRADSHAW     Dau     S 25  F  Drapers manageress    Matlock
#314---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0311a  Emily         STOCKS       Head    S 54  F  Living on own means   Wilmston CHS
Mk0311b  Ada M         STOCKS       Sister  S 48  F  Living on own means   Hulme LAN
#315---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0312a  William       WARRENER     Head    W 81  M  Cabinet maker         Bolsover
#316---Matlock Bank, Dimple---[Matlock]---
Mk0313a  Sarah E       TAYLOR       Head    W 66  F                        Derby
Mk0313b  Timothy       TAYLOR       Son     S 33  M  Farmer                Derby
Mk0313c  William       TAYLOR       Son     S 26  M  Farmers brother       Derby
Mk0313d  Frederick     TAYLOR       Son     S 24  M  Farmers brother       Derby
#317---Matlock Bank, The Woodland---[Matlock]---
Mk0314a  Edward        SLACK        Head    M 53  M  Butcher,farmer        Wirksworth
Mk0314b  Agnes         SLACK        Wife    M 55  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0314c  Eliza         LUDLAM       Relatn  S 44  F                        Matlock               Distant relation
Mk0314d  Henry         SUNDERLAND   Servant S 23  M  Asst butchers busin   Gorton LAN            Butchers business
Mk0314e  Walter        HANCOX       Servant S 16  M  Asst butchers busin   Ashby LIN             Butchers business
#318---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0315a  George        STATHAM      Head    M 60  M  Tailors cutter        Matlock
Mk0315b  Harriett H    STATHAM      Wife    M 63  F  Confectioner          Matlock
Mk0315c  George W      STATHAM      Son     S 33  M  Baker                 Matlock
Mk0315d  Harold H      STATHAM      Son     S 18  M  Baker                 Matlock
Mk0315e  Richard N     MINNS?       Visitor S 25  M  Traveller             Victoria Rd LND
Mk0315f  Henry J       KNOWLES      Servant S 23  M  Baker                 Starkholmes
Mk0315g  James F       GREGORY      Servant S 17  M  Carter                Bonsall
Mk0315h  John B        MUIR         Servant S 16  M  Apprent baker         Matlock
Mk0315i  Edith L       BUNTING      Servant S 15  F  Servant domestic      Matlock
Mk0315j  Millicent     SORLEY       Servant S 17  F  Servant domestic      Bonsall
#319---Wellington St, Oldham House---[Matlock]---(page 48,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0316a  John          WILDGOOSE    Head    M 63  M  Hydropathist          Matlock
Mk0316b  Rachael       WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 62  F                        Matlock
Mk0316c  Sarah E       WILDGOOSE    Dau     S 21  F                        Matlock
Mk0316d  Elizabeth     MARRIOTT     Servant S 39  F  Domestic cook         Manchester WAR
Mk0316e  Eva E         MARRIOTT     Servant S 14  F  Servant domestic      Ashover
Mk0316f  Agnes W       HILL         Servant S 30  F  Domestic table maid   Darley
Mk0316g  Lilian        MCCONNEL     Servant S 25  F  Domestic table maid   Borrowash
Mk0316h  Helen         ASKEW        Servant S 17  F  Servant domestic      Tansley
Mk0316i  Frances M     WHEATCROFT   Servant S 20  F  Servant domestic      Wessington
Mk0316j  Maud          MARCH        Servant S 17  F  Servant domestic      Tansley
Mk0316k  Maria         MARCH        Servant S 21  F  Servant domestic      Tansley
Mk0316l  Elizabeth     PROUST       Servant S 47  F  Servant domestic      Matlock
Mk0316m  Hannah        HURSTHOUSE   Servant S 40  F  Domestic seamstress   Matlock           deaf,dumb
Mk0316n  Thomas        KNOWLES      Servant S 19  M  Domestic boots        Matlock
Mk0316o  Daisy A       WILDGOOSE    Gdau    S 11  F                        Matlock
Mk0316p  John          FISHER       Visitor M 63  M  Gentleman             Ashover
Mk0316q  Lewis N       WHALEY       Visitor S 25  M  Plumber               Ashton LAN
Mk0316r  Elizabeth     LANGFORD     Visitor S 79  F                        Manchester LAN        Manchester,Long Sight
Mk0316s  Frances       EYRES        Visitor S 70  F                        Cheshire CHS
Mk0316t  Sarah A       CATHER       Visitor W 56  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk0316u  Elizabeth     OLIVER       Visitor W 63  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk0316v  Elizabeth A   SALT         Visitor M 33  F                        Gawsworth CHS
Mk0316w  Henry         LEES         Visitor M 70  M  Watch maker           Macclesfield CHS
Mk0316x  James         HILTON       Visitor M 57  M  Machinist master      Oldham LAN
Mk0316ya Mary I        HILTON       Visitor M 55  F                        Oldham LAN
Mk0316yb Richard       WHALEY       Visitor M 63  M                        Great -? UNK
Mk0316yc Egbert        THOMPSON     Visitor S 26  M  Accountant            Oldham LAN
Mk0316yd Frances       RATHBONE     Visitor S 52  F                        Hornsey MDX
Mk0316ye John H        FARMER       Visitor S 40  M  Lace manufacturer     Nottingham NTT
Mk0316yf Seth          DAWSON       Visitor M 57  M  Engineer master       Skellinthorpe YKS
Mk0316yg Simon         BUTTERWORTH  Visitor M 54  M  Woolen manufacturer   Rochdale LAN
Mk0316yh Robert        FIDLER       Visitor M 46  M  Grocer                New Mills
Mk0316yi William H H   SHAW         Visitor S 35  M  Cotton Mill manager   Nottingham NTT
Mk0316yj Richard       HARTLEY      Visitor M 50  M  Fancy goods manufact  Liverpool LAN     partly deaf
Mk0316yk Hannah        HARTLEY      Visitor M 53  F                        Thirsk YKS
Mk0316yl Henrietta     HARDERN      Visitor M 50  F                        Rochdale LAN
Mk0316ym Jesse         HARDERN      Visitor S 16  F                        Oldham LAN
Mk0316yn Elizabeth     TOULSON      Visitor W 47  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0316yo Joseph        REEDS        Visitor M 43  M  Fitter                Cromford
Mk0316yp Agnes L       MILTON       Visitor S 25  F                        Oldham LAN
Mk0316yq Mabel         CLEGG        Visitor S 23  F                        Oldham LAN
Mk0316yr Jane          WOOD         Visitor M 50  F                        New Church LAN
Mk0316ys Thomas W      STOCKDALE    Visitor M 64  M  Grocer                Settle YKS
Mk0316yt George R      WATSON       Visitor S 17  M  Machine joiner        Failsworth LAN
#320---Wellington St---[Matlock]---(page 49,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0317a  Thomas        WALKER       Head    M 74  M  Retd coal merchant    France FRA            British subject
Mk0317b  Elizabeth     WALKER       Wife    M 57  F                        Sudbury
Mk0317c  Clarice E     HURST        Servant S 14  F                        Huddersfield YKS
#321---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0318a  Esther        MARRIOTT     Head    W 60  F  Living on own means   Tansley
Mk0318b  Walter H      MARRIOTT     Son     S 20  M  A. pupil,auctioneer   Matlock               Articled pupil
Mk0318c  Henry         FARNSWORTH   Brother S 58  M  Gardener,nurseryman   Tansley
#322---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0319a  Joseph L      DEAN         Head    M 54  M  Draper                Kirk Ireton
Mk0319b  Eliza A       DEAN         Wife    M 52  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0319c  Gertrude L    MARSHALL     Dau     M 30  F                        Matlock
Mk0319d  Mary E        TURTON       Dau     M 28  F                        Matlock
Mk0319e  Wilfred J     DEAN         Son     S 22  M  Clerk builders        Matlock
Mk0319f  Laura A E     DEAN         Dau     S 20  F                        Matlock
Mk0319g  Charles E     DEAN         Son     S 15  M  Clerk builders        Matlock
Mk0319h  Edith A       TURTON       Gdau    S 3   F                        Waun Lleod MON
Mk0319i  Gladys        MARSHALL     Gdau    S 2   F                        Blyth NBL
Mk0319j  Edward W      TURTON       Gson    S 7m  M                        Waun Lleod MON
Mk0319k  Gertrude L    MARSHALL     Gdau    S 6m  F                        Blyth NBL
#323---Wellington St---[Matlock]---(page 50,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0320a  Emily E       BROWN        Head    S 53  F                        Bow wood
Mk0320b  Emily E       MUIR         Niece   S 19  F                        Matlock
#324---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0321a  Harriett      ALLCART?     Head    W 67  F  Retired draper        Sheffield YKS
Mk0321b  Kate E        OSBOLDISTON  Gdau    S 20  F                        Sheffield YKS
#325---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0322a  Anne E        WILLAN       Head    S 63  F                        Cosby LIN
#326---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0323a  James         SWIFT        Head    M 50  M  Stone mason           Darley Dale
Mk0323b  Annie E       SWIFT        Wife    M 45  F                        Sheffield YKS
#328---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0324a  Mary A        GAUNT        Head    W 68  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0324b  Florence M    GAUNT        Dau     S 31  F  Domestic servant      Matlock
Mk0324c  Arthur W      GAUNT        Son     S 26  M  Warehouseman          Matlock
Mk0324d  Ethel M       GAUNT        Dau     S 21  F  Housemaid dom         Matlock
Mk0324e  Gladys M      GAUNT        Gdau    S 1   F                        Matlock
#329---Wellington St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0325a  Anthony       HOLMES       Head    W 73  M  Gritstone dresser     Youlgreave
Mk0325b  Esther        HOLMES       Gdau    S 21  F  Housekeeper           Darley Dale
#330---Wellington St---[Matlock]---
Mk0326a  Caroline      LILLEY       Head    M 45  F  Sick nurse            Matlock
Mk0326b  Florence C    LILLEY       Dau     S 24  F  Domestic servant      Matlock
Mk0326c  Oliver        SMITH        Visitor S 24  M  Hairdressers assist   Chesterfield
#331---Cavendish St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0327a  Arthur        FARNSWORTH   Head    M 35  M  Nurseryman            Matlock
Mk0327b  Sarah         FARNSWORTH   Wife    M 37  F                        Birchover
Mk0327c  Philip        FARNSWORTH   Son       12  M                        Matlock
Mk0327d  Liowe         FARNSWORTH   Son       11  M                        Matlock           feeble minded from childhood
Mk0327e  Victor        FARNSWORTH   Son     S 10  M                        Matlock
Mk0327f  Gertie        FARNSWORTH   Dau     S 6   F                        Matlock
Mk0327g  Reginald      FARNSWORTH   Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
#332---Cavendish St---[Matlock]---(page 51,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0328a  Lubin G       WILDGOOSE    Head    M 27  M  Joiner,organist etc   Matlock
Mk0328b  Jane E        WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 26  F                        Matlock
Mk0328c  Harold D      WILDGOOSE    Son       1   M                        Matlock
#333---Cavendish St---[Matlock]---
Mk0329a  Herbert       SLATER       Head    M 38  M  Gritstone quarryman   Matlock
Mk0329b  Sarah E       SLATER       Wife    M 36  F                        Matlock
Mk0329c  Frances M     SLATER       Dau     S 10  F                        Matlock
Mk0329d  Herbert       SLATER       Son     S 8   M                        Matlock
#334---Cavendish St---[Matlock]---
Mk0330a  John          BYARD        Head    M 33  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk0330b  Eliza         BYARD        Wife    M 39  F                        Matlock
Mk0330c  Richard       BYARD        Brother S 24  M  Journyman blacksmith  Matlock
#335---Cavendish St---[Matlock]---
Mk0331a  John          MASSEY       Head    M 26  M  Ironmongers assist    Bonsall
Mk0331b  Ellen         MASSEY       Wife    M 30  F  Dressmaker            Birchover
#336---Cavendish St---[Matlock]---
Mk0332a  Job W         SLATER       Head    M 28  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk0332b  Annie E       SLATER       Wife    M 27  F                        Matlock
Mk0332c  Arnold        SLATER       Son     S 2   M                        Matlock
#337---Cavendish St---[Matlock]---
Mk0333a  William       BIRCH        Head    M 42  M  Quarry man            Ockbrook
Mk0333b  Elizabeth     BIRCH        Wife    M 40  F                        Matlock               [firstname="E", see 1891 Census]
Mk0333c  Walter        BIRCH        Son     S 20  M  Steam crane driver    Matlock
Mk0333d  Elizabeth     BIRCH        Dau     S 18  F                        Matlock               [firstname="E", see 1891 Census]
Mk0333e  Archie        BIRCH        Son     S 17  M  Joiner                Matlock               [firstname="A", see 1891 Census]
#338---Cavendish St, Rockside---[Matlock]---
Mk0334a  Eliza         GOODWIN      Head    W 67  F  Living on own means   Derby
Mk0334b  Anne E        GOODWIN      Dau     S 43  F  Manageress of Hydro   Matlock
Mk0334c  James H       GOODWIN      Son     S 32  M  Chartd accnts clerk   Matlock
Mk0334d  Harriett A    GOODWIN      Dau     S 29  F  Housekeeper of Hydro  Matlock
Mk0334e  Dora          GOODWIN      Dau     S 24  F  Private secretary     Matlock
Mk0334f  Clara         BULLOCK      Servant W 23  F  Waitress domestic     Rolleston STS
Mk0334g  Lucy          SHEPHERD     Servant S 20  F  Housemaid dom         Derby
Mk0334h  Frances       DALZIEL      Boarder S 43  F  Living on own means   Scotland SCT
Mk0334i  Harriett      SMITH        Boarder M 51  F                        Maltby YKS
Mk0334j  Frances       SMITH        Boarder S 22  F                        Rotherham YKS
Mk0334k  Mary A        ROBERTS      Boarder M 50  F                        St Clear CMN
Mk0334l  Kate          CRAIG        Boarder S 33  F                        London LND
Mk0334m  Margaret      CRAIG        Boarder S 30  F                        Peterboro NTH
Mk0334n  Harrietta     CRAIG        Boarder S 20  F                        Peterboro NTH
Mk0334o  Marie B       PROST        Boarder S 36  F  French lecturer       France FRA            French subject
Mk0334p  Agnes         SHIPMAN      Boarder S 26  F                        Leicester LEI
#339---Highfield---[Matlock]---(page 53,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0335a  Robert N      SMEDLEY      Head    S 56  M  Retd manufacturer     Egginton
Mk0335b  Harriett      STEPHENS     Hkeeper S 48  F  Domestic housekeeper  Horsehay SAL
Mk0335c  Hannah        WHEELDON     Servant S 28  F  Domestic servant      Matlock Bank
#340---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0336a  Archer        BIRCH        Head    M 38  M  Labourer              Matlock Bank
Mk0336b  Elizabeth     BIRCH        Wife    M 32  F                        Matlock Bank
Mk0336c  Archer        BIRCH        Son     S 14  M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0336d  Henry         BIRCH        Son     S 12  M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0336e  Arthur        BIRCH        Son     S 9   M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0336f  Richard       BIRCH        Son     S 8   M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0336g  Sarah         BIRCH        Dau     S 6   F                        Matlock Bank
Mk0336h  Hannah        BIRCH        Dau     S 2   F                        Matlock Bank
#341---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0337a  Mary          CLARKE       Head    S 59  F  Cook, not domestic    Shipnall SAL
Mk0337b  Edward        CLARKE       Brother S 49  M  Masons labourer       Wellington SAL
#342---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0338a  Lydia         SMITH        Head    W 67  F  Retd bathwoman        Matlock
#343---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0339a  Richard       WHEELDON     Head    M 55  M  Labourer              Ashover
Mk0339b  Maria         WHEELDON     Wife    M 51  F                        Matlock
Mk0339c  Richard A     WHEELDON     Son     S 22  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0339d  Emma          WHEELDON     Dau     S 13  F                        Matlock
Mk0339e  Dora M        WHEELDON     Dau     S 8   F                        Matlock
#344---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0340a  Samuel        WALTERS      Head    M 35  M  Gritstone hewer       Matlock
Mk0340b  Sarah         WALTERS      Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock
Mk0340c  Charles R     WALTERS      Son     S 11  M                        Darley
Mk0340d  Mary J        WALTERS      Dau     S 7   F                        Matlock
#345---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 54,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0341a  William       BROWN        Head    M 51  M  Carter                Matlock
Mk0341b  Florence      BROWN        Wife    M 39  F                        Matlock
Mk0341c  Emily H       BROWN        Dau     S 13  F                        Matlock
Mk0341d  Enest A       BROWN        Son     S 11  M                        Matlock
Mk0341e  Winifred M    BROWN        Dau     S 5   F                        Matlock
#346---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0342a  George        HALLAM       Head    M 22  M  Tram driver           Matlock
Mk0342b  Frances       HALLAM       Wife    M 24  F                        Derby
Mk0342c  Ainsley       HALLAM       Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
#347---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0343a  Robert        SEARLE       Head    M 31  M  Stoker                Matlock
Mk0343b  Miriam        SEARLE       Wife    M 26  F                        Matlock
Mk0343c  Clara E       SEARLE       Dau     S 4   F                        Matlock
Mk0343d  Sarah         BROWN        Visitor S 8   F                        Matlock
#348---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0344a  Florence      WILMOT       Head    S 26  F  Laundress             Darley
Mk0344b  Eliza         DAVIS        Sister  W 42  F  Dressmaker            Darley
Mk0344c  Richard       WILMOT       Brother S 32  M  Builders labourer     Darley
Mk0344d  Howard        BERRISFORD   Bro iL  M 38  M  Builders labourer     Matlock
Mk0344e  Harriett      BERRISFORD   Sister  M 40  F                        Darley
Mk0344f  Harold        BERRISFORD   Nephew  S 9   M                        Matlock
Mk0344g  Wilfred       BERRISFORD   Nephew  S 6   M                        Matlock
Mk0344h  Blanche       BERRISFORD   Niece   S 4   F                        Matlock
Mk0344i  Maud          BERRISFORD   Niece   S 3   F                        Matlock
#349---Matlock Bank---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0345a  John          BALLINGTON   Head    M 42  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk0345b  Eliza         BALLINGTON   Wife    M 41  F                        Shrewsbury SAL
#350---Matlock Bank---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0346a  Edward        KELLY        Head    M 38  M  Tailor                Calcutta IND
Mk0346b  Ada           KELLY        Wife    M 27  F                        Matlock
Mk0346c  Mahala        KELLY        Dau     S 2   F                        Matlock
Mk0346d  Edward A      KELLY        Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
#351---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 55,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0347a  Fred          HOLMES       Head    M 43  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0347b  Dora          HOLMES       Wife    M 38  F                        Higham
Mk0347c  Albert        HOLMES       Son     S 16  M  Page boy              Matlock
Mk0347d  Frank         HOLMES       Son     S 14  M                        Matlock
Mk0347e  Edward        HOLMES       Son     S 12  M                        Matlock
Mk0347f  Mabel         HOLMES       Dau     S 9   F                        Darley
Mk0347g  Nora          HOLMES       Dau     S 6   F                        Darley
Mk0347h  Donald        HOLMES       Son     S 4   M                        Darley
Mk0347i  Lillian       HOLMES       Dau     S 2   F                        Matlock
#352---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0348a  John          MELTAM?      Head    M 65  M  Retd schoolmaster     Taddington
Mk0348b  Harriett A    MELTAM?      Wife    M 68  F                        Sheffield YKS
#353---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0349a  Rowland J     NEEDHAM      Head    M 42  M  Gritstone quarryman   Youlgreave
Mk0349b  Mary M        NEEDHAM      Wife    M 38  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0349c  Marian        NEEDHAM      Dau       8   F                        Eagle Tor
Mk0349d  Lilian        NEEDHAM      Dau       4   F                        Matlock
Mk0349e  James         NEEDHAM      Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk0349f  Francis       WHITE        Boarder S 39  M  Carter                Darley
#354---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0350a  Ernest R      FARNSWORTH   Head    M 32  M  Manager Bleach Works  Matlock               Part manager of Bleach Works
Mk0350b  Fanny         FARNSWORTH   Wife    M 26  F                        Matlock
Mk0350c  Florence      BRANSBY      Servant S 20  F  Domestic              Newmarket,Clay X
#355---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0351a  John Lee      SMITH        Head    M 58  M  Plumber               Matlock
Mk0351b  Selina M      SMITH        Wife    M 61  F                        Crich
#356---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0352a  Millicent     ABBOTT       Head    W 47  F                        Belper
Mk0352b  Harriett      ABBOTT       Dau     S 15  F                        Belper
#357---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0353a  John          CANTRILL     Head    W 48  M  Bath attendant        Duckmanton
Mk0353b  Miriam B      CANTRILL     Dau     S 11  F                        Matlock
Mk0353c  Elizabeth A   ALVEY        Hkeeper S 44  F  Domestic              Chesterfield
#358---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0354a  Harry C       RACKSTRAW    Head    M 32  M  Coal merchant         Sheffield YKS
Mk0354b  Mary A        RACKSTRAW    Wife    M 29  F                        Matlock
Mk0354c  Lilian E      RACKSTRAW    Dau     S 2   F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0354d  -             RACKSTRAW    Dau     S 3w  F                        Matlock
Mk0354e  Martha J      ARCHER       Nurse   W 48  F  Monthly nurse         Stamford LIN
#359---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 56,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0355a  John          WARDLE       Head    M 39  M  Mason stone           Norton NTT            Near Mansfield
Mk0355b  Lucy          WARDLE       Wife    M 39  F                        S Wingfield
Mk0355c  Dorothy       WARDLE       Dau     S 7   F                        Matlock Bridge
Mk0355d  Edward        OSBORN       Boarder S 28  M  Miller                Ramsey HUN
#360---Matlock Bank---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0356a  Thomas        BRIDGE       Head    M 32  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0356b  Mary E        BRIDGE       Wife    M 28                           Chesterfield
Mk0356c  Florence J    BRIDGE       Dau     S 5                            Matlock
Mk0356d  Margaret J    BRIDGE       Dau     S 3                            Matlock
Mk0356e  Percy A       BRIDGE       Son     S 10m M                        Matlock
Mk0356f  Francis       WHITE        Bro iL  S 22  M  Joiner,carpenter      Chesterfield
#361---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0357a  Frederick     COX          Head    M 55  M  Tea agent             Evesham WOR       rather deaf
Mk0357b  Mary A        COX          Wife    M 51  F                        Evesham WOR
#362---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0358a  Herbert       ASQUITH      Head    M 27  M  Dealer smallw/fancy   Manchester LAN        Smallwares and fancy goods
Mk0358b  Mary A        ASQUITH      Wife    M 24  F                        Manchester LAN
Mk0358c  Gladys        ASQUITH      Dau       2   F                        Manchester LAN
#363---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0359a  Anne H        BROMHEAD     Head    W 64  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0359b  Evangeline H  BROMHEAD     Dau     S 37  F                        Sale CHS
#364---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0360a  Hannah        MITCHELL     Head    W 54  F                        Youlgreave
Mk0360b  Alvina R      MITCHELL     Dau     S 24  F  Bookshop assistant    Matlock
Mk0360c  Florence      MITCHELL     Dau     S 17  F  Millinery assistant   Matlock
#365---Matlock Bank---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0361a  Samuel        BUCKLEY      Head    W 77  M  Retd stone mason      Matlock
#366---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0362a  Thomas        BROWN        Head    M 40  M  Manager of Gas Works  Jersey CHI
Mk0362b  Alice M       BROWN        Wife    M 35  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk0362c  John William  BROWN        Son     S 15  M                        Coventry WAR
Mk0362d  Alice L       BROWN        Dau     S 11  F                        Coventry WAR
Mk0362e  Robert O      BROWN        Son     S 2   M                        Matlock
#367---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0363a  Thomas B      RICHARDSON   Head    M 53  M  Gardener              Ilkeston
Mk0363b  Fanny E       RICHARDSON   Wife    M 49  F                        Ilkeston
#368---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 57,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0364a  Joseph        HOLMES       Head    M 39  M  Builders labourer     Brassington
Mk0364b  Evaline       HOLMES       Wife    M 40  F                        Codnor
Mk0364c  Ernest H      HOLMES       Son     S 13  M  Office boy            Matlock
Mk0364d  Herman B      HOLMES       Son     S 12  M                        Matlock
Mk0364e  Reginald      HOLMES       Son     S 10  M                        Matlock
#369---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0365a  Parmenas      BROWN        Head    S 55  M  Heath cutter          East Moor
Mk0365b  Susan         BROWN        Sister  S 49  F  Dressmaker            Old brampton
Mk0365c  Mary          BROWN        Sister  S 37  F  Stocking knitter      Ashover
#370---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0366a  Job           MILLS        Head    M 30  M  Gas stoker            Bunny NTT
Mk0366b  Annie         MILLS        Wife    M 40  F                        Ireland IRL
Mk0366c  Florence      MILLS        Dau     S 12  F                        Beeston NTT
Mk0366d  Frank         MILLS        Son     S 10  M                        Matlock
Mk0366e  Job           MILLS        Son     S 8   M                        Matlock
Mk0366f  Eveline       MILLS        Dau     S 6   F                        Matlock
Mk0366g  John          MILLS        Son     S 4   M                        Matlock
Mk0366h  Sarah         MILLS        Dau     S 2   F                        Matlock
#371---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0367a  John          WOODHOUSE    Head    M 23  M  Gas fitter            Matlock Bridge
Mk0367b  Edith         WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 27  F                        Derby
Mk0367c  Hubert        WOODHOUSE    Boarder S 6   M                        Matlock
Mk0367d  Edith         WOODHOUSE    Boarder S 3   F                        Matlock
#372---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0368a  Charles       TOWNDROW     Head    M 29  M  Gas works labourer    Ashover
Mk0368b  Clara         TOWNDROW     Wife    M 29  F                        Brampton
Mk0368c  Eliza A       TOWNDROW     Dau       7   F                        Brampton
Mk0368d  Alick         TOWNDROW     Son       6   M                        Brampton
Mk0368e  Alice         TOWNDROW     Dau       4   F                        Brampton
#373---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0369a  Randolph      KNAPP        Head    M 26  M  Railway porter        Barnack NTH
Mk0369b  Georgina      KNAPP        Wife    M 25  F                        Upper Hackney
Mk0369c  Doris         KNAPP        Dau     S 2   F                        Darley Dale
Mk0369d  Fanny         JOHNSON      Visitor S 21  F  Dressmaker            Darley Dale
#374---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 58,ED 8, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0370a  Frank         HURSTHOUSE   Head    M 26  M  Man servant           Tansley
Mk0370b  Florrie       HURSTHOUSE   Wife    M 24  F                        Nottingham NTT
Mk0370c  Tom           HURSTHOUSE   Son       2   M                        Matlock
#1---Crown Square---[Matlock]---(page 1,ED 9, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0371a  Peter         HOLMES       Head    M 43  M  Draper                Cromford
Mk0371b  Francis E     HOLMES       Wife    M 40  F                        Westbury Trym GLS     E=Ellen
Mk0371c  Oliver N      HOLMES       Son       6   M                        Matlock Bridge        N=Newton
Mk0371d  Dora Minnie   MANN         Boarder S 36  F  Drapers assist        Wolverhampton
Mk0371e  Gertrude A    CORRALL      Boarder S 27  F  Milliner              Henley STS            A=Alice
Mk0371f  Eleanor       MUSGRAVE     Servant S 26  F  Servant (dom)         Cromford
#2---Crown Square---[Matlock]---
Mk0372a  Thomas A      BODEN        Head    M 38  M  Butcher               Matlock
Mk0372b  Elizabeth     BODEN        Wife    M 36  F                        Lea
Mk0372c  Charlotte C   BODEN        Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk0372d  Isaac         PARKER       Servant S 26  M  Butcher               Kendal WES
Mk0372e  Henry         BLAKEY       Servant S 22  M  Butcher               Lincoln LIN
Mk0372f  Frederick     WALKER       Boarder S 28  M  Ironmongers assist    Wirksworth
#3---Crown Square---[Matlock]---
Mk0373a  Kate Lydia    BODEN        Head    S 31  F  Confectioner, shopkp  Matlock Bath
Mk0373b  Irene         WHEELDON     Servant S 19  F  Servant dom           United States USA     British Subject
Mk0373c  Sarah Jane    SLADEN       Boarder S 46  F  School mistress       Derby
#4---Crown Buildings---[Matlock]---
Mk0374a  Joseph        MARSDEN      Head    M 55  M  None                  Yeldersley
Mk0374b  Charlotte     MARSDEN      Wife    M 54  F                        Scropton
Mk0374c  Philip A      MARSDEN      Son     S 15  M  At school             Wellington CMN
Mk0374d  Mary A        MARSDEN      Sister  S 63  F  Living on own means   Ripley                Hammersmith, Ripley
#5---Bank Road---[Matlock]---
Mk0375a  William       GRAY         Head    M 48  M  Inspector of Police   Willington
Mk0375b  Mary          GRAY         Wife    M 52  F                        Ilkeston
Mk0375c  Betsy Alice   GRAY         Dau     S 17  F                        Baslow
Mk0375d  Alfred E      GRAY         Son     S 14  M  Florists errand boy   Castleton
#6---Bank Road---[Matlock]---
Mk0376a  John          WALTON       Head    M 75  M  Living on own means   Chesterfield
Mk0376b  Alice         WALTON       Wife    M 64  F                        Belper
Mk0376c  Annie C       DAVIES       Servant S 23  F  Servant dom           Tredegar MON
#7---Bank Road---[Matlock]---(page 2,ED 9, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0377a  H Marion      HALL         Dau       12  F                        Matlock Bridge
Mk0377b  Irene M       HALL         Dau       11  F                        Matlock Bridge
Mk0377c  Jeannie       MCFARLANE    Visitor S 20  F  Governess             Merevale WAR
Mk0377d  Bertha        STONE        Servant S 26  F  Housemaid dom         Elton
Mk0377e  Hetty         OWEN         Servant S 20  F  Cook dom              Tutburt STS
#9---Bank Road---[Matlock]---
Mk0378a  Horace        LOVEDAY      Head    M 31  M  Bank cashier          Derby
Mk0378b  Alice         LOVEDAY      Wife    M 27  F                        Derby
Mk0378c  Hilda M       LOVEDAY      Dau       7m  F                        Matlock
Mk0378d  Sarah         BIRCH        Servant S 17  F  Servant dom           Ellaston
#10---Bank Road---[Matlock]---
Mk0379a  Mary A        STEELYARD    Head    W 38  F  Apartment keeper      Boston LIN
Mk0379b  Thomas R      CHRISTPHRSON Boarder S 29  M  Ironmongers manager   Windermere WES        CHRISTOPHERSON
Mk0379c  Harriett      BROWNE       Visitor S 58  F  Living on own means   Derby
Mk0379d  Sarah I       SLATER       Servant S 19  F  Servant dom           Matlock

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