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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1901 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ivonbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 19,072 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2004, John Palmer.
All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation            Where born           Comments


#264---New St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0618a  George        SLATER       Head    M 46  M  Joiner                Matlock
Mk0618b  Elizabeth E   SLATER       Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock
Mk0618c  Gertrude M    SLATER       Dau     S 12  F                        Matlock
Mk0618d  Edith H       SLATER       Dau     S 1   F                        Matlock
#265---New St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0619a  Frank         HOPKINSON    Head    M 44  M  Slater                Ashover
Mk0619b  Lydia         HOPKINSON    Wife    M 45  F                        Matlock
Mk0619c  Joseph        HOPKINSON    Son     S 19  M  Apprentice slater     Matlock
#266---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0620a  Mary A        TURNER       Head    W 60  F  Sick nurse            Ripley
#267---New St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 50,ED 9, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0621a  Laban         HALLAM       Head    M 29  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk0621b  Ann E         HALLAM       Wife    M 28  F                        Chesterfield
Mk0621c  George E      HALLAM       Son     S 5   M                        Matlock
Mk0621d  Wilfred       HALLAM       Son     S 4   M                        Matlock
Mk0621e  Jack          HALLAM       Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
Mk0621f  Alice         WILSON       Stepsis S 13  F                        Matlock
#268---New St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0622a  William       ALLEN        Head    M 43  M  Scaffold builder      Cromford
Mk0622b  Elizabeth     ALLEN        Wife    M 40  F                        Bonsall
Mk0622c  Hetty         ALLEN        Dau     S 11  F                        Bonsall
Mk0622d  Sarah         ALLEN        Dau     S 9   F                        Matlock
Mk0622e  Beatrice      ALLEN        Dau     S 4   F                        Darley
Mk0622f  John William  ALLEN        Son     S 1   M                        Matlock
Mk0622g  Mary          BONSALL      Lodger  S 23  F  Charwoman             Clay Cross
#269---New St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0623a  William       FROST        Head    M 33  M  Hosiery manufr clerk  Riddings
Mk0623b  Jessie        FROST        Wife    M 24  F                        Twickenham MDX
Mk0623c  Ethel May     FROST        Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0623d  Frances E     FROST        Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#270---New St---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0624a  Abraham       HENSHAW      Head    M 66  M  Railway labourer      Staffordshire STS
Mk0624b  Jane          HENSHAW      Wife    M 54  F                        Worcestershir WOR
#271---Pope Carr, Oak house---[Matlock]---
Mk0625a  Louisa J      MCQUISTON?   Head    S 58  F  Lady Housekeeper      Tranmere CHS          Of Ladies Home
Mk0625b  Miriam        WING         Visitor S 58  F                        Stevington BDF
Mk0625c  Selina        WINDSON      Servant S 19  F  General servant dom   Cirencester GLS
#272---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0626a  Walter        BENTON       Head    M 77  M  Retired grocer        Walsall STS           Bloxwich, Walsall
Mk0626b  Mary          BENTON       Wife    M 67  F                        Pilsley
Mk0626c  Sarah E       BENTON       Servant S 28  F  Servant domestic      Ashover
#273---New St---[Matlock]---(page 51,ED 9, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0627a  Thomas A      JONES        Head    M 39  M  Bootmaker             Sheffield YKS
Mk0627b  Hannah J      JONES        Wife    M 37  F                        Darley Dale
Mk0627c  Annie L M     JONES        Dau     S 11  F                        Matlock Bank
Mk0627d  Winifred M    JONES        Dau     S 3   F                        Matlock Bank
Mk0627e  Tom Arthur    JONES        Son     S 4m  M                        Matlock Bank
Mk0627f  Margaret      SPENCER      Servant S 16  F  Servant domestic      Matlock Bank
#274---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0628a  Thomas        WARD         Head    M 77  M  Carver at "Smedleys"  Edith Weston RUT
Mk0628b  Fanny         WARD         Wife    M 63  F                        LitTorrington DEV
Mk0628c  Dorothy       WARD         Dau     S 32  F                        Southsea HAM
#275---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0629a  Ernest L      WILMOT       Head    M 30  M  Cashier at Hydro Est  Matlock
Mk0629b  Hannah E      WILMOT       Wife    M 32  F                        Matlock
Mk0629c  Harold        WILMOT       Son     S 5   M                        Matlock
Mk0629d  Edith         WILMOT       Dau     S 4   F                        Matlock
Mk0629e  Mary J        WILMOT       Mother  W 56  F  Seamstress at Hydro   Hucclescott LEI
#276---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0630a  William       ELSE         Head    M 45  M  Millers traveller     Darley Dale
Mk0630b  Ellen         ELSE         Wife    M 43  F                        Matlock
Mk0630c  Margaret A    ELSE         Dau     S 19  F                        Darley
Mk0630d  Elizabeth     ELSE         Dau     S 16  F  Milliner              Darley
Mk0630e  John          ELSE         Son     S 9   M                        Matlock
Mk0630f  Kate E        ELSE         Dau     S 5   F                        Matlock
#277---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0631a  Frederick C   GOODLAD      Head    S 44  M  Journeyman baker      Matlock
#278---New St---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0632a  Thomas        WILDGOOSE    Head    M 50  M  Mechanical engineer   Matlock
Mk0632b  Mary A        WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 50  F                        Barton Needwd STS
Mk0632c  Elizabeth     GARRICK      Moth iL W 73  F                        Barton Needwd STS
Mk0632d  Anne          GARRICK      Niece   S 16  F  Milliner              Nottingham NTT
#279---New St---[Matlock]---(page 52,ED 9, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3266)---
Mk0633a  John          PARKER       Head    M 52  M  Conductor on tram     Liverpool LAN
Mk0633b  Eleanor       PARKER       Wife    M 52  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0633c  Hannah        SLACK        Sis iL  S 62  F  Living on own means   Wirksworth
Mk0633d  George W      ASKEY        Boarder S 32  M  Surveyor D C          Curbar                [District Council?]
#280---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0634a  Elizabeth     KNOWLES      Head    M 82  F  Lodging house keeper  Brassington
Mk0634b  Elizabeth     KNOWLES      Dau     S 43  F  Lodging house keeper  Matlock
Mk0634c  Edith         SPENCER      Servant S 21  F  General servant       Derby
#281---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0635a  Anne          HODKIN       Head    S 46  F  Living on own means   Ripley
Mk0635b  Lydia         HODKIN       Sister  S 44  F                        Ripley
Mk0635c  Marie E       JENKINS      Servant S 43  F  Servant domestic      Cardigan WLS
#282---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0636a  Ernest        MOULT        Head    M 26  M  Upholsterer           Derby
Mk0636b  Anna C        MOULT        Wife    M 29  F                        BuryStEdmunds SFK
#284---New St---[Matlock]---
Mk0637a  James         HOLMES       Head    M 56  M  Bathman               Lea
Mk0637b  Hannah        HOLMES       Wife    M 56  F                        Lea
Mk0637c  Ernest        HOLMES       Son     S 17  M  Builders clerk        Matlock
#285---Matlock Bridge, The Firs---[Matlock]---
Mk0638a  Alfred C      ELSE         Head    M 52  M  Auctioneer,est agent  Matlock
Mk0638b  Sabina        ELSE         Wife    M 48  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0638c  Marjorie      KINCHANT     Niece   S 7   F                        Tooting LND
#1---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---(page 1,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0639a  Eliza A       DAVIDGE      Head    W 40  F  Florist & Fruiterer   Walworth LND
Mk0639b  Reginald      DAVIDGE      Son       11  M                        Clapham LND
Mk0639c  Nellie A L    DAVIDGE      Dau       7   F                        Tooting LND
Mk0639d  Robert N      DAVIDGE      Son       5   M                        Tooting LND
#2---Dale Rd, Burton House---[Matlock]---
Mk0640a  Susan         COOMBS       Wife    M 61  F  Temprnce Hotelkeeper  Suthon Bridge LIN     Temperance
Mk0640b  Eliza         HARRIS       Boarder W 53  F  Stationary,fancy gds  Bristol GLS           Fancy goods
#3---Dale Rd, Temperance Hotel---[Matlock]---
Mk0641a  John          TAYLOR       Head    M 64  M  Temprnce Hotelkeeper  Wreay CUL
Mk0641b  Ann           TAYLOR       Wife    M 67  F                        Bettey STS
Mk0641c  Ellen         DEAN         Sis iL  S 65  F  Cook domestic         Bettey STS
Mk0641d  Ellen W       MORRISSON    Niece   S 33  F  Upholsteress          Liverpool LAN
Mk0641e  John          COOKE        Boarder M 35  M  Artist, painter       Cape Colony ZAF
Mk0641f  Herbert E     HOSKIN       Boarder M 25  M  Watchmakers assist    Dartmouth DEV
#4---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0642a  Emma M        EATON        Head    M 26  F  Millinary shopkeeper  Matlock
Mk0642b  Lily          EATON        Sister  S 24  F  Millinary s k assist  Matlock               Shopkeeper
Mk0642c  Elizabeth     EATON        Sister  S 21  F  Millinary s k assist  Matlock               Shopkeeper
Mk0642d  Dora          EATON        Sister  S 22  F  Hospital nurse        Matlock
Mk0642e  George J      EATON        Brother S 25  M  Professnal fisherman  Matlock
Mk0642f  Anthony       EATON        Brother S 16  M  Grocers apprentice    Matlock
Mk0642g  Elizabeth     EATON        Mother  W 54  F                        Matlock
#5---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0643a  William       KIRKLAND     Head    M 49  M  Plumber               Bonsall
Mk0643b  Maude M       KIRKLAND     Wife    M 32  F                        South Hackney LND
Mk0643c  Charles Wm    KIRKLAND     Son     S 22  M  Plumber               Bonsall
Mk0643d  Edith A       KIRKLAND     Dau     S 18  F                        Matlock
Mk0643e  Ernest B      KIRKLAND     Son       13  M                        Matlock
Mk0643f  Florence M    KIRKLAND     Dau       9   F                        Matlock
#6---Dale Rd---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 2,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0644a  Robert A      HARKER       Head    S 63  M  Retail chemist,drugt  KingstonHill YKS      Druggist
Mk0644b  Sophia        RUSHTON      Niece   M 53  F  Living on own means   Doncaster YKS
Mk0644c  Edith E       RUSHTON      Dau     S 21  F  Living on own means   Doncaster YKS
Mk0644d  Alfred L      RUSHTON      Son     S 24  M  Living on own means   Doncaster YKS
Mk0644e  Gladys L      RUSHTON      Dau     S 13  F                        Doncaster YKS
Mk0644f  Frederick JD  RUSHTON      Son       10  M                        Doncaster YKS
#7---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0645a  William       EVANS        Head    M 71  M  Watchmaker,jeweller   Nottingham NTT
Mk0645b  Hannah        EVANS        Wife    M 61  F                        Nottingham NTT
Mk0645c  Charles W     EVANS        Son     S 30  M  Refractionist,jewelr  Wirksworth            Jeweller
Mk0645d  John F        EVANS        Son     S 24  M  Clerk in bank         Wirksworth
Mk0645e  Emily         EVANS        Dau     S 32  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0645f  Sarah         EATON        Servant   14  F  Servant general dom   Cromford
#8---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0646a  Mary          SALT         Head    M 60  F  Confectioner          Wirksworth
Mk0646b  Mary D        WOODLIFFE    Dau     M 28  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0646c  Sarah E A     SALT         Dau     S 21  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0646d  Elizabeth A   SALT         Dau     S 15  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0646e  Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Sister  S 65  F  Living on own means   Wirksworth
Mk0646f  J T           WALTON       Boarder M 25  M  Grocers manager       Birmingham WAR
#9---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0647a  William       BASQUIL      Head    M 35  M  Merchant Taylor       Leeds YKS
Mk0647b  Sarah J       BASQUIL      Wife    M 32  F                        HolcombeBrook YKS
Mk0647c  Elsie C       BASQUIL      Dau       10  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0647d  Ellen         BASQUIL      Dau       9   F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0647e  Frederick     BASQUIL      Son       7   M                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0647f  Thomas        BASQUIL      Son       3   M                        Matlock
#10---Dale Rd, Glenroy---[Matlock]---
Mk0648a  Agnes         HODGKINSON   Head    S 70  F  Living on own means   Kirkby Ashfld NTT
Mk0648b  Kitty A F     HODGKINSON   Niece   S 44  F  Living on own means   Edwinstowe NTT
Mk0648c  Edith M       PRINCE       Servant S 25  F  Cook domestic         Bonsall
Mk0648d  Harriet       HOLINS       Servant   17  F  Housemaid dom         Parwich
#11---Dale Rd, Rockleigh---[Matlock]---(page 3,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0649a  Joseph        SLADEN       Head    M 54  M  Coal merchant         Derbyshire
Mk0649b  Annie B       SLADEN       Wife    M 49  F                        London LND
Mk0649c  Douglas N     SLADEN       Son       9   M                        Matlock
Mk0649d  Mary E        SLADEN       Sister  S 45  F  Living on own means   Derby
Mk0649e  Bella         MACGREGOR    Servant S 28  F  General servant dom   Cromford
#12---Dale Rd, Old English Hotel---[Matlock]---
Mk0650a  Arthur        WALL         Head    M 35  M  Licensed victualler   Michelover
Mk0650b  Annie         WALL         Wife    M 29  F                        Gateacre LAN
Mk0650c  Maggie        WALL         Dau       7   F                        Hanging Bridge
Mk0650d  Guy           WALL         Son       6   M                        Matlock
Mk0650e  Florrie       SMEDLEY      Servant S 22  F  Barmiad               Matlock
Mk0650f  Lydia         CRITCHLOW    Servant S 21  F  General servant dom   Norton Green STS
Mk0650g  George        WIDDOWSON    Servant S 17  M  Boots                 Derby
#13---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0651a  William N     STATHAM      Head    M 37  M  Artist, photographer  Matlock
Mk0651b  Alice S       STATHAM      Wife    M 37  F                        -
Mk0651c  Winifred A    STATHAM      Dau       7   F                        -
Mk0651d  Percival J    STATHAM      Son       6   M                        -
Mk0651e  Leonard N     STATHAM      Son       1   M                        -
Mk0651f  Minnie        FARMER       Boarder S 22  F  Assist photographer   Colchester ESS
#14---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0652a  Grenville E   WHELDERS     Head    M 26  M  Grocer                Matlock
Mk0652b  Catherine     WHELDERS     Wife    M 22  F                        Bole hill
#15---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0653a  Fanny Lousia  FEARON       Head    W 40  F  Storekeeper B wool,F  Shefford BDF          Berlin wool and Fancy store keeper
Mk0653b  Ellen         WALTERS      Sister  S 36  F  Storekeeper B wool,F  Bedford BDF           Berlin wool and Fancy store keeper
Mk0653c  Henry P       WALTERS      Brother S 30  M  Clerk,rail engineer   Matlock
Mk0653d  Lousia M      ANFIELD      Boarder S 31  F  Assist storekeeper    East Dulwich LND      Berlin wool and Fancy store assistant
#16---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---(page 4,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0654a  Arthur        DOAR         Head    M 44  M  Bank manager          Sandiacre
Mk0654b  Esther L      DOAR         Wife    M 41  F                        Nottingham NTT
Mk0654c  Eileen M W    DOAR         Dau       4   F                        Matlock
Mk0654d  Margaret E W  DOAR         Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0654e  George C      DOXEY?       Visitor S 37  M  Bank cashier          Thorndon SFK
Mk0654f  Annie G       FAULK        Servant S 25  F  Cook domestic         Oakham RUT
Mk0654g  Florence      WAGSTAFF     Servant S 19  F  Parlour maid dom      Darley Dale
Mk0654h  Caroline A    HALLOWS      Servant   16  F  Housemaid dom         Rowsley
#17---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0655a  William       ABRAHAMSON   Head    M 27  M  Baker,confectioner    Bootle LAN
Mk0655b  Ellen         ABRAHAMSON   Wife    M 32  F                        Matlock
Mk0655c  Ellen E M     ABRAHAMSON   Dau       4m  F                        Matlock
Mk0655d  Emily         PAULSON      Servant S 17  F  General servant dom   N Collinshaw NTT
Mk0655e  Hannah        GOODLAD      Servant S 16  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#18---Dale Rd---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0656a  Samuel        BROWN        Head    W 50  M  Estate agent          Derby
Mk0656b  Lucy          BROWN        Dau     S 20  F  Housekeeper dom       Matlock
#19---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0657a  George        BUNTING      Head    M 52  M  Boot,shoe maker       Matlock
Mk0657b  Elizabeth     BUNTING      Wife    M 54  F                        South Darley
Mk0657c  Thomas H      BUNTING      Son     S 18  M  Boot,shoe assistant   Matlock
Mk0657d  George B      BUNTING      Son     S 17  M  Boot,shoe clicker     Matlock
Mk0657e  Charles H     BUNTING      Son       14  M                        Matlock
#20---Dale Rd---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0658a  William H     SHARP        Head    M 25  M  Cabinet maker         Matlock
Mk0658b  Eleanor       SHARP        Wife    M 31  F                        Thornton YKS
Mk0658c  Eleanor G     SIMPSON      Niece   S 16  F  General servant dom   PaisleyBridge YKS
#21---Dale Rd, Parrs Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0659a  Abraham       MARRIOTT     Head    M 55  M  Caretaker,Parrs Bank  Matlock
Mk0659b  Mary          MARRIOTT     Wife    M 57  F                        Sunatbury MDX
Mk0659c  George        STEIRNE      Boarder S 21  M  Clerk in Bank         Hampton Wick MDX
#22---Dale Rd, Derwent House---[Matlock]---
Mk0660a  Arthur        MARSDEN      Head    M 28  M  Drapers manager       New Whittington
Mk0660b  Alice         MARSDEN      Wife    M 30  F                        Draycott STS
Mk0660c  Alice M       MARSDEN      Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk0660d  Arthur H      MARSDEN      Son       9m  M                        Matlock
Mk0660e  Grace         HODGKINSON   Servant   14  F  General servant dom   Tansley
#23---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---(page 5,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0661a  Harry W       BARNWELL     Head    M 35  M  Watchmaker,jeweller   Birmingham WAR
Mk0661b  Ann           BARNWELL     Wife    M 44  F                        Matlock
Mk0661c  Edgar H       BARNWELL     Son       10  M                        Matlock
Mk0661d  Alfred W      BARNWELL     Son       7   M                        Matlock
Mk0661e  Eliza         LUDLAM       Sis iL  S 41  F  Living on own means   Matlock
#24---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0662a  Arthur E      DAVIS        Head    M 29  M  Chemist,druggist      Castleton LAN
Mk0662b  Lousia        DAVIS        Wife    M 28  F                        BroughtnBrigg LIN
Mk0662c  Frances L     DAVIS        Dau       8m  F                        Matlock
Mk0662d  Elsie         COOPER       Servant   17  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#25---Dale Rd, Queens Head Hotel---[Matlock]---
Mk0663a  William       SQUIRES      Head    M 46  M  Publican              Sandiacre
Mk0663b  Lucy          SQUIRES      Wife    M 51  F                        Stickney LIN
Mk0663c  John T        SQUIRES      Son     S 22  M  Publicans assistant   Draycott
Mk0663d  Elizabeth     SQUIRES      Dau     S 21  F  Publicans assistant   Draycott
Mk0663e  Ethel         SQUIRES      Dau     S 18  F                        Draycott
Mk0663f  Maud          SQUIRES      Dau     S 10  F                        Holyhead AGY
Mk0663g  William       SQUIRES      Son       6   M                        Holyhead AGY
Mk0663h  George H      SQUIRES      Son     M 28  M  Gamekeeper            Draycott
Mk0663i  Agnes M       SQUIRES      Dau iL  M 31  F                        Holyhead AGY
Mk0663j  William J     SQUIRES      Gson      4   M                        Holyhead AGY
Mk0663k  George        SQUIRES      Gson      2   M                        Holyhead AGY
Mk0663l  Millicent     SHEPHERD     Servant   15  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#26---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0664a  Mary J        HODGKINSON   Moth iL W 55  F  Living on own means   Stamford LIN
Mk0664b  Ann           BOWLER       Servant M 52  F  General servant dom   Matlock
Mk0664c  Hilda         BOWLER       Servant   14  F  Housemaid dom         Matlock
#27---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0665a  Joseph C      TAYLOR       Head    M 35  M  Railway clerk         Barnsley YKS
Mk0665b  Eliza         TAYLOR       Wife    M 37  F                        York YKS
Mk0665c  George E      TAYLOR       Son       10  M                        York YKS
#28---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0666a  Martha        FOWLER       Head    W 64  F  Boarding housekeeper  Wardmill HAM
Mk0666b  Frederick     BINGHAM      Boarder S 44  M  Joiner                Derby
#29---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---(page 6,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0667a  Joseph        WRIGLEY      Head    M 72  M  Baker,confectioner    Heywood LAN
Mk0667b  Sarah A       WRIGLEY      Wife    M 66  F                        Heywood LAN
Mk0667c  Will          WRIGLEY      Son     S 38  M                        Heywood LAN
Mk0667d  Emily         CROFT        Dau     M 32  F                        Rochdale LAN
Mk0667e  Albert        WRIGLEY      Gson      14  M                        Rochdale LAN
Mk0667f  Leah          CHATHAM      Niece   W 60  F  Living on own means   Heywood LAN
#30---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0668a  Joseph J      ROSLING      Head    M 30  M  Postman, rural        Corby LIN
Mk0668b  Annie         ROSLING      Wife    M 28  F                        Hatfield YKS
Mk0668c  Jesse         ROSLING      Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk0668d  William       ROSLING      Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0668e  John R        TREADOLES    Boarder W 69  M  Living on own means   Marston WAR
Mk0668f  Sophia B      TREADOLES    Dau     S 35  F  Living on own means   Gonerby LIN
Mk0668g  Caroline E    TREADOLES    Dau     M 40  F  Living on own means   Gonerby LIN
Mk0668h  Doris E       TREADOLES    Gdau      1   F                        Derby
#31---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0669a  Hannah        BODEN        Head    M 28  F  Boardinghouse keeper  Codnor                And fancy draper [age in 1891 Census = 27]
Mk0669b  Edith         BODEN        Dau     S 19  F  B housekeeper assist  Matlock
Mk0669c  Hannah        BODEN        Dau     S 18  F  B housekeeper assist  Matlock
Mk0669d  George S      BODEN        Son       12  M                        Matlock
Mk0669e  Annie         HILL         Boarder S 40  F  Manageress,boot+shoe  Sheffield YKS         Boot and shoe shop manageress
#32---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge House---[Matlock]---
Mk0670a  Elizabeth     BAILEY       Head    W 61  F  Living on own means   Brotherton YKS
Mk0670b  Ann E         BAILEY       Dau     S 40  F  Living on own means   Wakefield YKS
Mk0670c  Sarah A       BAILEY       Dau     S 35  F  House agent           Sheffield YKS
Mk0670d  Noel W B      CLARKE       Gson      5   M                        Norton
#33---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0671a  Ann           BRAILSFORD   Head    S 60  F  Boardinghouse keeper  Bakewell
Mk0671b  Alfred        HURSTHOUSE   Boarder W 29  M  Postman               Matlock
Mk0671c  James C       ELLIOTT      Boarder S 24  M  Grocers assistant     Kilby LEI
Mk0671d  George        WARD         Boarder S 20  M  Grocers assistant     MarkhamClintn NTT
Mk0671e  Robert S H    SCOTT        Boarder S 19  M  Butchers assistant    Clayton LAN
#34---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0672a  Jane          HUTCHINGS    Head    W 49  F  Boardinghouse keeper  Belper
Mk0672b  Daisy L       HUTCHINGS    Dau     S 20  F  Grocers assistant     Clay Cross
Mk0672c  Maud J        HUTCHINGS    Dau     S 18  F  Sewingmachine instrt  Matlock               Instructress
#35---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 7,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0673a  Ernest        HALLAM       Head    M 39  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0673b  Lydia         HALLAM       Wife    M 37  F                        Matlock
Mk0673c  Lydia A       HALLAM       Dau       10  F                        Matlock
Mk0673d  John W        HALLAM       Son       8   M                        Matlock
Mk0673e  Margaret E    HALLAM       Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0673f  Dorothy M     HALLAM       Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0673g  Charles       GREENWOOD    Boarder M 25  M  Shoe maker            Hebden Bridge YKS
#36---Dale Rd, Kingsbridge Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk0674a  Thomas A      POULTNEY     Head    M 35  M  Railway porter        Quorn LEI
Mk0674b  Sarah E       POULTNEY     Wife    M 40  F                        Edensor
Mk0674c  William       WRIGHT       Stepson S 20  M  Grocers carter        Bermondsey LND
Mk0674d  Frederick     WRIGHT       Stepson   15  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk0674e  Florence E    POULTNEY     Dau       6   F                        Matlock
Mk0674f  Arthur        POULTNEY     Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk0674g  George        POULTNEY     Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk0674h  Doris M       POULTNEY     Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0674i  Henry         WILLIAMS     Boarder S 18  M  Railway porter        Bredons hrdwk WOR
#37---Dale Rd, The Red House---[Matlock]---
Mk0675a  Albert L      ORME         Head    M 36  M  Physician, surgeon    Ireland IRL           L.R.C.P.,L.R.C.S.I.
Mk0675b  Marie G       ORME         Wife    M 33  F  Physician, surgeon    Matlock               L.R.C.P.,L.R.C.S.I.
Mk0675c  Ethel         BUSSEY       Servant S 24  F  General servant dom   Buxton Lamas NFK
#38---Dale Rd, Moss Banks---[Matlock]---
Mk0676a  Sarah         EVANS        Head    S 47  F  Living on own means   Melbourne
Mk0676b  Betsy         BARLOW       Visitor M 53  F  Living on own means   Derby
Mk0676c  Eliza         ROWLATT      Servant S 22  F  General servant dom   Fotheringay NTH
#39---Dale Rd, Glenholme---[Matlock]---
Mk0677a  Mary Ann      GILL         Hkeeper S 47  F  Housekeeper           York YKS
#40---Dale Rd, The Boat House---[Matlock]---
Mk0678a  William       EVANS        Head    M 34  M  Publican              Pitchford SAL
Mk0678b  Lucy A        EVANS        Wife    M 33  F                        Tadcaster YKS
Mk0678c  Loui          TULLOCK      Servant W 35  F  Pianiste              Southwark LND
Mk0678d  Fanny         ALLEN        Servant S 18  F  General servant dom   Winster
#41---Dale Rd---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 8,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0679a  William       ROBINSON     Head    M 38  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0679b  Hannah        ROBINSON     Wife    M 38  F                        Shirland
Mk0679c  Mabel         ROBINSON     Dau       13  F                        Shirland
Mk0679d  William       ROBINSON     Son       6   M                        Shirland
Mk0679e  Jane          ROBINSON     Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk0679f  Joseph        ROBINSON     Son       2   M                        Matlock
#42---Dale Rd---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0680a  William       HODGSON      Head    M 84  M  Retd house painter    Sheffield YKS
Mk0680b  Ann           HODGSON      Wife    M 69  F                        Sheffield YKS
#43---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0681a  William T     DALE         Head    W 46  M  Railway Inspector     Marple CHS
Mk0681b  Florence      DALE         Dau     S 13  F                        Hyde CHS
Mk0681c  Marion        DALE         Dau       11  F                        Ro---ley? CHS
Mk0681d  Jim           DALE         Son       6   M                        Chapel enle Frith
Mk0681e  Mary          GRATTON      Servant S 40  F  General servant dom   Bonsall
Mk0681f  Clara         GRATTON      Visitor S 21  F  Housemaid dom         Bonsall
Mk0681g  Frances H     GRATTON      Visitor   11  F                        Bonsall
#44---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0682a  John          WHITTAKER    Head    M 33  M  Mineral water manufr  Matlock
Mk0682b  Elizabeth     WHITTAKER    Wife    M 32  F                        Matlock
Mk0682c  Fred          WHITTAKER    Son       11  M                        Matlock
Mk0682d  John A        WHITTAKER    Son       7   M                        Matlock
Mk0682e  Constance M   WHITTAKER    Dau       10w F                        Matlock
Mk0682f  Fanny         BAGSHAW      Servant   17  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#45---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0683a  Ellen         GOODALL      Head    W 68  F  Living on own means   Matlock
Mk0683b  Emily         NEWBOLD      Sister  S 48  F  Living on own means   Matlock
#46---Dale Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0684a  Peter         GREGORY      Head    M 48  M  Furniture broker      Sheldon
Mk0684b  Sarah         GREGORY      Wife    M 45  F                        Brackenfield
Mk0684c  Annie E       GREGORY      Dau     S 20  F                        Tansley
Mk0684d  John S        GREGORY      Son       16  M  Staty engine driver   Tansley               Stationary engine
Mk0684e  Elizabeth     GREGORY      Dau       9   F                        Tansley
#47---Holt Lane---[Matlock]---(page 9,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0685a  John          TWIGG        Head    M 54  M  Grocer,cab proprietr  Tansley
Mk0685b  Mary          TWIGG        Wife    M 51  F                        Foston
Mk0685c  Thomas        SMITH        Stepson S 18  M  Cab driver            Lea
Mk0685d  George H      SMITH        Stepson S 17  M  Cab driver            Lea
Mk0685e  Francis       BARTIMAS?    Boarder M 66  M  Brick setter          Kilham YKS
#48---Holt Lane---[Matlock]---
Mk0686a  Harry         BAGSHAW      Head    M 28  M  Grocers assistant     Matlock
Mk0686b  Elizabeth     BAGSHAW      Wife    M 32  F                        Elton
Mk0686c  Truman        BAGSHAW      Son       2   M                        Matlock
#49---Holt Lane---[Matlock]---
Mk0687a  Jabey         BAGSHAW      Head    M 58  M  Carter on farm        Matlock
Mk0687b  Agnes         BAGSHAW      Wife    M 54  F                        Matlock
Mk0687c  Joseph        BAGSHAW      Son     S 22  M  Grocers assistant     Matlock
Mk0687d  Constance     BAGSHAW      Dau     S 19  F                        Matlock
Mk0687e  Frederick     NORTH        Visitor S 21  M  Hair dresser          Not known UNK
#50---Holt Lane, Holt Cottage---[Matlock]---
Mk0688a  Thomas S      TUDOR        Head    M 37  M  Railway clerk         Nottingham NTT
Mk0688b  Annie M       TUDOR        Wife    M 34  F                        Scarboro YKS
Mk0688c  Cyril S       TUDOR        Son       3   M                        Derby
Mk0688d  Dorothy W     TUDOR        Dau       3m  F                        Matlock
Mk0688e  Mary C        TUDOR        Mother  M 59  F                        Nottingham NTT
#51---Holt Lane, Rock Inn---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0689a  Thomas        GREEN        Head    W 88  M  Beerhouse keeper      Derby
Mk0689b  Sarah E       POTTER       Dau     W 57  F  Housekeeper dom       Derby
Mk0689c  John          POTTER       Gson    S 18  M  Grocers assistant     Matlock
Mk0689d  Sarah L       WHEELDON     Gdau    M 21  F                        Matlock
Mk0689e  Frederick W   WHEELDON     Gson iL M 22  M  Butchers assistant    Matlock
#52---Holt Lane---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0690a  Robert        ELLIOTT      Head    M 53  M  Horse breaker         Matlock
Mk0690b  Selina        ELLIOTT      Wife    M 48  F  Charwoman             Matlock
Mk0690c  Isabella      ELLIOTT      Dau     S 23  F  Charwoman             Matlock
Mk0690d  Harriett      ELLIOTT      Dau     S 18  F  Housemaid domestic    Matlock
Mk0690e  Harry         ELLIOTT      Son       15  M  Errand boy grocers    Matlock
Mk0690f  William C     ELLIOTT      Gson      1m  M                        Matlock
#53---Holt Lane---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0691a  Maria Birch   MARCH        Head    W 60  F                        Matlock
Mk0691b  Charles       BIRCH        Son     S 21  M  Clerk in office       Matlock               Ashalt works
#54---Holt Lane---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 10,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0692a  Thomas        SMITH        Head    M 33  M  Masons labourer       Darley Dale
Mk0692b  Eliza         SMITH        Wife    M 36  F                        Matlock
Mk0692c  George        SMITH        Son       10  M                        Matlock
Mk0692d  Hilda         SMITH        Dau       7   F                        Matlock
Mk0692e  Lily          SMITH        Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk0692f  Florence      SMITH        Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0692g  Archie        SMITH        Son       2m  M                        Matlock
#55---Holt Lane---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0693a  Robert        SELLORS      Head    M 54  M  -                     Morton            feeble minded
Mk0693b  Mary          SELLORS      Wife    M 51  F  Charwoman             Darley Dale
Mk0693c  John          SELLORS      Son     S 17  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk0693d  Joseph        SELLORS      Son       15  M                        Matlock
Mk0693e  George        SELLORS      Son       8   M                        Matlock
#56---Holt Lane---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0694a  Arthur        YOUNG        Head    M 48  M  Coal porter           BourneEnd HRT
Mk0694b  Susan         YOUNG        Wife    M 43  F                        StratfordAndr SFK     Stratford St Andrew SFK
Mk0694c  Joe           YOUNG        Son     S 20  M  Coal porter           Bullwell NTT
Mk0694d  Arthur        YOUNG        Son     S 17  M  Farm servant          Matlock
Mk0694e  Nelly         YOUNG        Dau       15  F  Dressmaker apprent    Matlock
Mk0694f  Charley       YOUNG        Son       11  M                        Starkholmes
Mk0694g  Doris M       YOUNG        Dau       10m F                        Matlock
#57---Holt Lane, Common Lodging House---[Matlock]---(page 11,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0695a  Amy           BROWN        Head    W 52  F  Manageress            Old Radford NTT       Of common lodging house
Mk0695b  Walter        WISE         Lodger  W 65  M  Journeyman saddler    Crowl? LAN
Mk0695c  Fred          JOHNSON      Lodger  W 47  M  Gardener nursery      Nottingham NTT
Mk0695d  Henry         WILLIAMS     Lodger  W 60  M  Builders labourer     Ipswich SFK
Mk0695e  James         BURKE        Lodger  M 54  M  Builders labourer     Manchester LAN
Mk0695f  Mary          BURKE        Lodger  M 47  F                        Bradford YKS
Mk0695g  Robert        MEADOWCROFT  Lodger  S 31  M  Stableman labourer    Chester CHS
Mk0695h  William       COOLING      Lodger  W 56  M  Farm labourer         Southwold NTT
Mk0695i  William       THOMPSON     Lodger  S 57  M  Wheelwright           Belper
Mk0695j  Alf           WRAGG        Lodger  S 37  M  Gardener nursery      Darley Dale
Mk0695k  Charles       BROWN        Lodger  S 28  M  Gardener nursery      Cambridge CAM
Mk0695l  William       LANGTON      Lodger  S 50  M  Joiner,wheelwright    Belper
Mk0695m  Joseph        KAY          Lodger  S 45  M  Builders labourer     Newcastle NBL
Mk0695n  William       TAYLOR       Lodger  S 46  M  General labourer      London LND
Mk0695o  William       KEMP         Lodger  S 41  M  None                  Windsor BRK
Mk0695p  Charles       COX          Lodger  S 59  M  None                  Harwich ESS
Mk0695q  John          CLARKE       Lodger  S 46  M  None                  Derby
Mk0695r  Samuel        BELLFIELD    Lodger  S 53  M  None                  Belper
#58---Holt Lane---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0696a  Joseph        SMITH        Head    M 29  M  Ag labourer           Ashover
Mk0696b  Maud          SMITH        Wife    M 25  F                        Matlock
Mk0696c  Ernest        SMITH        Son       5   M                        Matlock
Mk0696d  Annie         SMITH        Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0696e  Edward        SMITH        Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0696f  Fred          SMITH        Son       1   M                        Matlock
#59---Holt Lane---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0697a  William       LARNEY       Head    M 55  M  Builders labourer     Worsall STS
Mk0697b  Kate          LARNEY       Wife    M 50  F  Pedlar licensed       Rochdale LAN
#60---Holt Lane---(1 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0698a  Edward        HADKIN       Head    M 72  M  Shoe maker            Lincoln LIN
Mk0698b  Ellen         HADKIN       Wife    M 60  F                        Matlock
#61---Holt Lane---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0699a  William       WARR         Head    M 71  M  Retired farmer        Northampton NTH
Mk0699b  Elizabeth     WARR         Wife    M 71  F                        Nottingham NTT
#62---Holt Lane---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 12,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0700a  William       SMEDLEY      Head    M 41  M  Greengrocer           Matlock
Mk0700b  Anne          SMEDLEY      Wife    M 40  F                        Matlock
Mk0700c  Bertha        SMEDLEY      Dau       14  F                        Matlock
Mk0700d  Jane          SMEDLEY      Dau       12  F                        Matlock
#63---Holt Lane, Holt House---[Matlock]---
Mk0701a  Joseph        HODGKINSON   Head    M 50  M  Auctioneer,Valuer     Matlock
Mk0701b  Mary E        HODGKINSON   Wife    M 48  F                        Matlock
Mk0701c  Edmund        HODGKINSON   Son     S 19  M  Clerk, auctioneers    Matlock
Mk0701d  Sarah J       HODGKINSON   Dau     S 17  F                        Matlock
Mk0701e  Edith         HODGKINSON   Dau       16  F                        Matlock
Mk0701f  Mary          HODGKINSON   Dau       14  F                        Matlock
Mk0701g  Catherine     HODGKINSON   Dau       12  F                        Matlock
#64---Holt Lane, Sherwood House---[Matlock]---
Mk0702a  Arthur R      KEELING      Head    M 49  M  Plumber               Matlock
Mk0702b  Georgina      KEELING      Wife    M 50  F                        Matlock
Mk0702c  George H      KEELING      Son     S 22  M  Painter,decorator     Matlock
Mk0702d  Ernest H      KEELING      Son     S 20  M  Plumber               Matlock
Mk0702e  Lucy E        KEELING      Dau     S 18  F                        Matlock
Mk0702f  Lilian M      KEELING      Dau       15  F                        Matlock
#65---Holt Lane, Post Office---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0703a  George        HODGKINSON   Head    M 51  M  Subpostmaster,printr  Matlock
Mk0703b  Eleanor M     HODGKINSON   Dau     S 21  F                        Matlock
Mk0703c  Margaret      HODGKINSON   Dau     S 19  F                        Matlock
#66---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0704a  Harriet       SMITH        Head    W 52  F                        Matlock
Mk0704b  Oliver        SMITH        Son     S 23  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0704c  John          SMITH        Son     S 22  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0704d  Albert        SMITH        Son     S 19  M  Clerk to cab proprtr  Matlock
Mk0704e  Harriet L     SMITH        Dau     S 16  F  Confectioner,shop as  Matlock               Shop assistant
Mk0704f  Alice         SMITH        Dau       14  F                        Matlock
Mk0704g  S M           PONTIFESC    Boarder S 30  M  Grocer manager        Not Known UNK
#67---Snitterton Rd, Hopton House---[Matlock]---
Mk0705a  Sarah A       COLLINS      Head    S 55  F  Living on own means   Stedham SSX
Mk0705b  Mary          HALLOWS      Servant S 38  F  General servant dom   Middleton
#68---Snitterton Rd, The Bank---[Matlock]---(page 13,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0706a  Henry         P---?        Head    M 58  M  Bank manager          London MDX
Mk0706b  Clara J       P---?        Wife    M 45  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0706c  Kate E        P---?        Dau     S 25  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0706d  Christiana    BALFOUR      Servant S 28  F  General servant dom   Sheffield YKS
#69---Snitterton Rd---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0707a  Samuel        SLACK        Head    W 64  M  Blacksmith,engwright  Eastwood NTT          Engine wright
Mk0707b  Lousia        SLACK        Dau     S 33  F  Dressmaker            Starkholmes
Mk0707c  Mary          SLACK        Gdau    S 17  F  Dressmakers apprent   Wirksworth
#70---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0708a  William       POYSER       Head    M 51  M  Farmer                Crich
Mk0708b  Sarah         POYSER       Wife    M 37  F                        Derby
Mk0708c  John M        POYSER       Son     S 17  M  Farm servant          Matlock
Mk0708d  Sarah E       POYSER       Dau       11m F                        Matlock
Mk0708e  Sarah         CHADWICK     Visitor S 20  F                        Macclesfield CHS
#71---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0709a  George        PLATTS       Head    M 56  M  Retired farmer        Lea
Mk0709b  Mary          PLATTS       Wife    M 49  F                        Bakewell
Mk0709c  George        PLATTS       Son       15  M                        Matlock
Mk0709d  Sarah         PLATTS       Dau       12  F                        Matlock
#72---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0710a  Sarah         PLATTS       Head    W 81  F  Living on own means   Lea
#73---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0711a  William F     JORDAN       Head    M 28  M  Drapers assistant     Matlock
Mk0711b  Olive M       JORDAN       Wife    M 28  F                        Stoke Trent STS
Mk0711c  Robert W      JORDAN       Son       15w M                        Matlock
#74---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0712a  Mark          DAVENPORT    Head    M 70  M  Wesleyan Minister     Chatham KEN
Mk0712b  Charlotte     DAVENPORT    Wife    M 62  F                        Poole DOR
Mk0712c  Lucy A        NICHOLSON    Servant S 36  F  General servant dom   Swarby LIN
#75---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0713a  William H     MOTTESHEAD   Head    M 29  M  Boot,shoe dealer      Macclesfield CHS
Mk0713b  Annie         MOTTESHEAD   Wife    M 29  F                        Newcastle STS
Mk0713c  William R     MOTTESHEAD   Son       3   M                        Matlock
#76---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0714a  Alice         FINNEY       Head    W 59  F  Retired farmer        Flagg
Mk0714b  John          FINNEY       Son     S 21  M  Land surveyor         Sterndale
Mk0714c  Edward K      FINNEY       Son     S 17  M  Bankers clerk         Sterndale
Mk0714d  Emma          PICKERING    Visitor S 56  F  Farmer                Sheen STS
#77---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---(page 14,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0715a  Alice         WRAGG        Head    W 81  F  Living on own means   Brassington
Mk0715b  Elizabeth     WRAGG        Dau     S 43  F  Living on own means   Brassington
Mk0715c  Ellen         WRAGG        Dau     S 38  F  Living on own means   Brassington
Mk0715d  Lucy          HIGTON       Servant S 20  F  General servant dom   Belper
#78---Snitterton Rd, The Beeches---[Matlock]---
Mk0716a  Barbara       DOMLEO       Head    W 62  F  Boardinghouse keeper  SuttonBonntn NTT
Mk0716b  Mary E        DOMLEO       Dau     S 39  F  Bhouse keeper assist  SuttonBonntn NTT
Mk0716c  Florence E    DOMLEO       Dau     S 37  F  Bhouse keeper assist  SuttonBonntn NTT
#79---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0717a  Charles       FARMER       Head    M 51  M  Hotel Hall porter     Biggleswade BDF
Mk0717b  Fanny         FARMER       Wife    M 48  F                        Peterboro NTH
Mk0717c  Fanny         FARMER       Dau     S 24  F                        Newark NTT
Mk0717d  Arusby E      FARMER       Son     S 20  M  Butchers assistant    Newark NTT
Mk0717e  Leo           FARMER       Son     S 16  M  Saddle apprentice     Newark NTT
Mk0717f  Bernard       FARMER       Son       13  M                        Newark NTT
Mk0717g  James         FARMER       Son       10  M                        Tideswell
Mk0717h  Victor        FARMER       Son       8   M                        Litton
#80---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0718a  Elizabeth     ELLIS        Head    W 76  F  Living on own means   Matlock
Mk0718b  William       ELLIS        Son     S 49  M  Living on own means   Matlock
Mk0718c  Charles R     ELLIS        Son     S 20  M  Railway bookingclerk  Manchester LAN
#81---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0719a  Alfred C      BOND         Head    M 50  M  Railway bookingclerk  Blackheath LND
Mk0719b  Mary A        BOND         Wife    M 47  F                        Doncaster YKS
Mk0719c  Arthur W      BOND         Son     S 21  M  Railway bookingclerk  Derby
Mk0719d  Lydia         BOND         Dau       13  F                        Derby
#82---Snitterton Rd, Lynda Vista---[Matlock]---
Mk0720a  Frank         BENNETT      Head    M 53  M  Living on own means   Brixton Hill LND
Mk0720b  Amy           BENNETT      Wife    M 44  F  Living on own means   Nottingham NTT
Mk0720c  Esther        RAINS        Servant S 25  F  General servant dom   Crich
#83---Snitterton Rd, Laurel Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0721a  Thomas        BODEN        Head    M 70  M  Coal dealer           Darley Dale
Mk0721b  Charlotte     BODEN        Wife    M 63  F                        Gainsborough LIN
Mk0721c  Mary E        CLARKE       Dau     M 44  F                        Liverpool LAN
#84---Snitterton Rd, The Shaws---[Matlock]---
Mk0722a  Campbell F    CARGILL      Head    W 24  M  Architect             New Zealand NZL
Mk0722b  Esther        ROWBOTHAM    Servant M 35  F  Housekeeper dom       Derbyshire
#85---Snitterton Rd, Megdale---[Matlock]---(page 15,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0723a  Norman        HART         Head    M 41  M  Mech eng & quarry mg  Greenard MDX          Mechanical Engineer & quarry manager
Mk0723b  Sophia        HART         Wife    M 42  F                        Scotland SCT
Mk0723c  Edith K       HART         Dau       8   F                        Hornsey MDX
Mk0723d  Hetty         BRACKENBORO  Servant S 21  F  Cook domestic         Wood Green MDX
Mk0723e  Louie         SMITH        Servant S 20  F  Housemaid dom         Ashover
#86---Snitterton Rd, Gordon Villa---[Matlock]---
Mk0724a  Thomas R      WAGSTAFF     Head    S 67  M  Retired chemist       Miston NTT
Mk0724b  Lydia         TRICKETT     Servant S 23  F  Cook domestic         Grassmoor
Mk0724c  Ann           TRICKETT     Servant S 20  F  Housemaid domestic    Grassmoor
#87---Snitterton Rd, White House---[Matlock]---
Mk0725a  John          CLAY         Head    S 42  M  Living on own means   Shirland
Mk0725b  Henry         CLAY         Brother S 40  M  Living on own means   Shirland
#88---Snitterton Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0726a  John          YOUNG        Head    W 69  M  Farmer                Tansley
#89---Masson---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0727a  James         LAMBERT      Head    M 34  M  Railway labourer      Worcester WOR
Mk0727b  Elizabeth     LAMBERT      Wife    M 31  F                        Darley Dale
Mk0727c  Eva M         LAMBERT      Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk0727d  Laurence      LAMBERT      Son       5m  M                        Matlock
#90---Masson---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0728a  Adam          SPENCER      Head    M 47  M  Quarryman limestone   Matlock               Limestone hewer
Mk0728b  Jane A        SPENCER      Wife    M 43  F                        Middleton
Mk0728c  Thomas        SPENCER      Son       13  M                        Darley Dale
Mk0728d  Bertha        SPENCER      Dau       10  F                        Darley Dale
Mk0728e  Elsie         SPENCER      Dau       7   F                        Darley Dale
Mk0728f  Adam          SPENCER      Son       5   M                        Matlock
Mk0728g  Mary          SPENCER      Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0728h  Alfred        SPENCER      Son       1m  M                        Matlock
#91---Masson---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0729a  Henry         KNOWLES      Head    S 45  M  Farmer                Matlock
Mk0729b  Elizabeth     BARNET       Servant S 26  F  Housekeeper domestic  Not Known STS
Mk0729c  Anne          BARNET       Dau       5   F                        Matlock               Dau of Elizabeth Barnet
Mk0729d  Harriett      BARNET       Servant S 23  F  General servant dom   Not Known STS
#92---Masson, Lees Farm---[Matlock]---
Mk0730a  James         LOMAS        Head    M 28  M  Farmer                Chapel enle Frith
Mk0730b  Bertha        LOMAS        Wife    M 28  F                        Monyash
Mk0730c  Joseph B      LOMAS        Son       6   M                        Monyash
Mk0730d  Thomas H      GREAVES      Servant   14  M  Farm servant          Bonsall
#93---Masson, Greenhills Farm---[Matlock]---(page 16,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0731a  John          LOMAS        Head    M 34  M  Farmer                Chapel enle Frith
Mk0731b  Hannah        LOMAS        Wife    M 36  F                        Chapel enle Frith
Mk0731c  James         LOMAS        Son       10  M                        Chapel enle Frith
Mk0731d  Joe           LOMAS        Son       8   M                        Monyash
Mk0731e  Alice M       LOMAS        Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk0731f  Mary V        LOMAS        Dau       2m  F                        Matlock
Mk0731g  William W     LOMAS        Brother   14  M                        Chapel enle Frith
#94---Masson Mount---[Matlock]---
Mk0732a  Constance S   BEATSON      Head    S 55  F  Living on own means   Mosborough YKS
Mk0732b  Emily         BEATSON      Sister  S 54  F  Living on own means   Mosborough YKS
Mk0732c  E Emma        BEATSON      Sister  S 50  F  Living on own means   Mosborough YKS
Mk0732d  Clara G E     BEATSON      Sister  S 36  F  Living on own means   Leeds YKS
Mk0732e  Sarah E       BAGSHAW      Servant S 25  F  Cook domestic         Matlock
Mk0732f  Lousia        PEGG         Servant S 18  F  Housemaid domestic    Burton Trent STS
#95---Matlock Bridge, Station House---[Matlock]---
Mk0733a  John          ASHTON       Head    M 62  M  Railwystation master  Rowsley
Mk0733b  Maria         ASHTON       Wife    M 61  F                        Drayton LEI
Mk0733c  Florence M    ASHTON       Dau     S 33  F  Music teacher         Ironville
#96---Cawdor Quarries---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0734a  Alfred        SHEPPARD     Head    M 36  M  Foreman Tar paving    London SRY
Mk0734b  Lousia        SHEPPARD     Wife    M 30  F                        Matlock
Mk0734c  Eliza A       SHEPPARD     Dau       11  F                        Matlock
Mk0734d  Kate          SHEPPARD     Dau       7   F                        Matlock
Mk0734e  Minnie        SHEPPARD     Dau       6   F                        Matlock
Mk0734f  Mary A        SHEPPARD     Dau       4   F                        Matlock
#97---Crown Sq---[Matlock]---
Mk0735a  John          ADAMSON      Head    M 35  M  Tailors butler        Hull YKS
Mk0735b  Harriet       ADAMSON      Wife    M 38  F                        Wern SAL
#98---Crown Sq---[Matlock]---
Mk0736a  William       PHILLIPS     Head    M 55  M  Hairdresser           Salisbury WIL
Mk0736b  Sarah         PHILLIPS     Wife    M 57  F                        Ambursley WOR
Mk0736c  Ann           BASSHORN     Visitor M 54  F                        Ambursley WOR
Mk0736d  William       HUBBERT      Assist  S 19  M  Hairdressers assist   Manchester LAN
#99---Crown Sq---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 17,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0737a  Abram         THOMPSON     Head    M 59  M  Blacksmith            Matlock
Mk0737b  Harriet       THOMPSON     Wife    M 59  F                        Sheffield YKS
Mk0737c  George        THOMPSON     Son     S 23  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0737d  Henry         THOMPSON     Son     S 21  M  Blacksmith            Matlock
Mk0737e  Maggie        THOMPSON     Dau     S 18  F  Knitter hosiery mach  Matlock               Machine
Mk0737f  Bingham       THOMPSON     Son     S 16  M  Knitter hosiery mach  Matlock               Machine
#100---Steep Turnpike---[Matlock]---
Mk0738a  Richard       PLATTS       Head    W 77  M  Retd farmer, butcher  Lea
Mk0738b  David         HURD         Son iL  M 43  M  Draper,clothier       Matlock
Mk0738c  Florence      HURD         Dau     M 44  F                        Lea
Mk0738d  Millicent     PLATTS       Gdau      10  F                        Matlock
#101---Harrison Almshouse, No 1---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0739a  James         JACKSON      Head    M 75  M                        Mansfield NTT
Mk0739b  Sarah         JACKSON      Wife    M 71  F                        Sheffield YKS
#102---Harrison Almshouse, No 2---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0740a  Elizabeth     HOLMES       Head    W 66  F                        Brassington
#103---Harrison Almshouse, No 3---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0741a  Catherine     ELSE         Head    S 69  F                        Matlock
Mk0741b  Emma          ELSE         Sister  S 65  F                        Matlock
#104---Harrison Almshouse, No 4---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0742a  Hannah        GREGORY      Head    W 79  F                        Matlock
#105---Harrison Almshouse, No 5---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0743a  Maria         LANGHONE     Head    W 64  F                        Cromford
#106---Harrison Almshouse, No 6---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0744a  Sarah J       FOWLER       Head    W 60  F                        Greenwich LND
#107---Dean Hill Cottage---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk0745a  Martha        WARD         Head    W 62  F                        Bruisley NTT
Mk0745b  Rosa          KNIGHT       Boarder S 30  F  Deaconess in church   Tureston Aire SOM
#108---Dean Hill House---[Matlock]---
Mk0746a  Margaret      HARRISON     Head    S 62  F  Living on own means   Garghawe YKS
Mk0746b  Jane E        OLIVER       Servant S 38  F  Cook domestic         Nuneaton WAR
Mk0746c  Mary L        HAIGE        Servant S 28  F  Housemaid domestic    Ashbourne
#109---Lime Tree Hill, Lyndon cottage---[Matlock]---
Mk0747a  Emma          KIRKHAM      Servant S 62  F  Housekeeper dom       Shrewsbury SAL
Mk0747b  Florrie       SLACK        Servant S 16  F  General servant dom   Darley Dale
#110---Lime Tree Hill, Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home---[Matlock]---(page 18,ED 10, RSD "Matlock",RG13/3267)---
Mk0748a  Fanny A       PEET         Head      65  F  Lady superintendent
Mk0748b  Albert        STANNARD     Patient S 24  M  Bookbinder            Derby
Mk0748c  Elsie         BARBER       Patient S 11  F                        Derby
Mk0748d  Agnes         WILKINSON    Patient S 27  F                        Derby
Mk0748e  Rose          NEEDHAM      Servant S 18  F  Cook domestic         Liverpool LAN
Mk0748f  Lois          STEVENS      Servant S 19  F  Housemaid domestic    Castleton
#111---Lime Tree Hill---[Matlock]---
Mk0749a  Samuel        LOWE         Head    M 47  M  Manager bleach works  Lea                   Cotton etc
Mk0749b  Fanny         LOWE         Wife    M 46  F                        Matlock
Mk0749c  May           LOWE         Dau       14  F                        Matlock
Mk0749d  Mary E        LOWE         Dau       13  F                        Matlock
Mk0749e  Charles H     LOWE         Son       11  M                        Matlock

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