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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1901 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ivonbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 19,072 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2004, John Palmer.
All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation            Where born           Comments


Mk1238a  John          LEA          Head    M 63  M  Retired greengrocer   Coleshill WAR
Mk1238b  Jane Elizab   LEA          Wife    M 55  F                        Farnborough WAR
Mk1238c  Louisa Jane   LEA          Dau     S 30  F  Laundry manageress    Coleshill WAR
Mk1238d  Frank         LEA          Son     S 18  M  Hairdressers assist   Warwick WAR
Mk1238e  Florence      LEA          Dau     S 17  F  Laundry packer        Leamington WAR
Mk1238f  Hilda Margrt  LEA          Dau     S 14  F                        Leamington WAR
Mk1238g  Annie         PARFREY      Dau     M 28  F                        Leamington WAR
Mk1238h  Francis F H   PARFREY      Gson    S 1   M                        Matlock               FH=Frederick Henry
Mk1239a  Joseph        SMEDLEY      Head    M 66  M  Retired grocer        Cromford
Mk1239b  Lydia         SMEDLEY      Wife    M 67  F                        Cromford
Mk1239c  Sarah Ann     SMEDLEY      Dau     S 29  F  Dressmaker            Cromford
Mk1240a  Hannah        TOPLIS       Head    S 54  F  Dressmaker            Cromford
Mk1240b  Elizabeth     TOPLIS       Sister  S 46  F  Dressmaker            Cromford
#28---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1241a  Samuel        HOLMES       Head    M 63  M  Oiler,cotton factory  Cromford
Mk1241b  Elizabeth     HOLMES       Wife    M 51  F                        Bonsall
Mk1241c  Jane          MIDDLETON    Niece   S 15  F  Winder,cottonfactory  Sheffield YKS
Mk1242a  John          MITCHELL     Head    M 56  M  Tailor                Matlock
Mk1242b  Hannah        MITCHELL     Wife    M 58  F                        Wirksworth
#30---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1243a  William       ELLIOTT      Head    M 49  M  Farm labourer         Matlock
Mk1243b  Eliza         ELLIOTT      Wife    M 45  F                        N Wingfield
Mk1243c  William H     ELLIOTT      Son     S 16  M  Millhand,gasing cott  Matlock Bath          Cotton
Mk1243d  David         ELLIOTT      Son     S 12  M  Millhand,gasing cott  Matlock Bath          Cotton
#31---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 5,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1244a  Joseph        MILLWARD     Head    M 36  M  Coal carter           Kniveton
Mk1244b  Martha        MILLWARD     Wife    M 29  F                        Kirk Ireton
Mk1244c  George        MILLWARD     Son     S 9   M                        Kirk Ireton
Mk1244d  Alice         MILLWARD     Dau       7   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1244e  Joseph        MILLWARD     Son       6   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1244f  Edith         MILLWARD     Dau       4   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1244g  Sarah Ann     MILLWARD     Dau       3   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1244h  Mary Ellen    MILLWARD     Dau       1   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1244i  William       MILLWARD     Son       3w  M                        Matlock Bath
#32---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1245a  Josiah        MILLWARD     Head    M 26  M  Limestone quarryman   Bonsall
Mk1245b  Elizabeth     MILLWARD     Wife    M 27  F                        Cromford
Mk1245c  Tom           MILLWARD     Son       2   M                        Matlock Bath
#33---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1246a  George        BLORE        Head    M 32  M  Canal boatman         Woodheanes
Mk1246b  Sarah Jane    BLORE        Wife    M 36  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1246c  Annie         BLORE        Dau     S 1   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1246d  Liley         BLORE        Dau       2m  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1246e  Martha        BLORE        Mother  W 69  F                        Tissington
#34---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1247a  Frank         SPENCER      Head    M 45  M  Waggoner,laundry      Middleton
Mk1247b  Sarah Ann     SPENCER      Wife    M 46  F                        Eccles LAN
Mk1247c  Isaac         SPENCER      Son     S 21  M  Ballast labourer      Middleton
Mk1247d  Herbert       SPENCER      Lodger  S 18  M  Ballast labourer      Middleton
Mk1247e  Job           SPENCER      Lodger  S 45  M  Ballast labourer      Middleton
#35---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1248a  Raymond Geo   KIDD         Head    M 27  M  Fitters lab,cot mill  Matlock               Cotton Mill
Mk1248b  Sarah E       KIDD         Wife    M 28  F                        Shirland              E=Elizabeth
Mk1248c  John William  KIDD         Son       7   M                        Heage
Mk1248d  Dolly         READ         Visitor W 76  F                        Bonsall
#36---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 6,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1249a  Charles       WRIGHT       Head    M 53  M  Cooper or paint work  Wensley
Mk1249b  Hannah        WRIGHT       Wife    M 52  F                        Matlock
Mk1249c  Fanny         WRIGHT       Dau     S 21  F  Laundress             Wensley
Mk1249d  Kate          WRIGHT       Dau     S 17  F  Laundress             Wensley oaker
Mk1249e  Percy         WRIGHT       Son     S 12  M                        Wensley oaker
Mk1249f  Evelyn        WRIGHT       Dau     S 12  F                        Wensley oaker
#37---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1250a  Frederick     BARBER       Head    M 62  M  Tailor                Wirksworth
Mk1250b  Mary          BARBER       Wife    M 56  F                        Allestree
#38---Scarthin, Beswick Row---[Matlock]---
Mk1251a  Isaac         MOSLEY       Head    M 36  M  Drapers assistant     Matlock Bath
Mk1251b  Agnes         MOSLEY       Wife    M 28  F                        Edensor
Mk1251c  Richard Hy    MOSLEY       Son       4   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1251d  Mary Doris    MOSLEY       Dau       2   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1251e  Henry         MOSLEY       Brother M 42  M  Masons labourer       Matlock
#39---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1252a  George        MCGREGOR     Head    M 36  M  Paste board maker     Walsall STS
Mk1252b  Fanny         MCGREGOR     Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock Bath
#40---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1253a  Thomas        ALLEN        Head    M 34  M  Engine tenter, Mill   Clay Cross            Cotton Mill
Mk1253b  Agnes         ALLEN        Wife    M 33  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1253c  Annie         ALLEN        Dau     S 12  F                        Matlock
Mk1253d  May           ALLEN        Dau       6   F                        Matlock Bath
#41---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1254a  George        TAYLOR       Head    M 50  M  Ballast lab,railway   Matlock Bath
Mk1254b  Mary          TAYLOR       Wife    M 58  F                        Austenfield STS
Mk1254c  Thomas        TAYLOR       Nephew  S 23  M  Quarry labourer       Matlock Bath
#42---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1255a  Thomas        HEROD        Head    W 86  M                        Cromford
Mk1255b  Thomas        HEROD        Son     M 40  M  Paint works labourer  Matlock Bath
Mk1255c  Emily         HEROD        Dau     S 55  F  Cop winder,cot Mill   Matlock Bath          Cotton Mill
#43---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1256a  William       NASH         Head    M 30  M  Horse keeper          Snelston
Mk1256b  Louisa        NASH         Wife    M 30  F                        Preston LAN
Mk1256c  Norman        NASH         Son       5   M                        Ardwick LAN           Manchester
Mk1256d  Harold        NASH         Son       4   M                        Fallowfield LAN       Manchester
Mk1256e  Arthur        NASH         -         2   M                        ChorltonMedlk LAN
Mk1256f  Gladys        NASH         -         11m F                        Matlock Bath
#44---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 7,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1257a  Lydia         MOTTERSHEAD  Head    W 40  F  Millhand cot doubler  Matlock Bath          Cotton
Mk1257b  William       MOTTERSHEAD  Son     S 20  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1257c  Thomas        MOTTERSHEAD  Son     S 18  M  Labourer brickyard    Matlock Bath
#45---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1258a  Frederick     BOWN         Head    M 34  M  Coal carter           Kirk Ireton
Mk1258b  Annie Agnes   BOWN         Wife    M 33  F                        Tiscall STS
Mk1258c  Jillian       BOWN         Dau       8   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1258d  Arthur        BOWN         Son       6   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1258e  Doris Annie   BOWN         Dau       1   F                        Matlock Bath
#46---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1259a  John          ROSE         Head    M 73  M  Ag labourer           Wirksworth
Mk1259b  Hannah        ROSE         Wife    M 58  F  Monthly nurse         Matlock Bath
Mk1259c  Alfred        WOODS        Boarder M 22  M  Cooper at paintworks  Chesterfield
Mk1259d  Sarah F       WOODS        Boarder M 22  F                        Cromford
Mk1259e  Rebecca       EATON        Boarder S 49  F  Cop winder,cot Mill   Cromford
#47---Scarthin, Beswick Row---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1260a  John          FRITH        Head    W 58  M  Stone mason           Wirksworth
Mk1260b  William Hy    FRITH        Son     S 26  M  Commercial traveller  Wirksworth            Stationary
Mk1260c  Mary H        FRITH        Dau     S 22  F                        Wirksworth
#48---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1261a  John          SWIFT        Head    S 58  M  Labourer,paint works  Cromford
#49---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1262a  Frederick     HALLOWES     Head    M 36  M  Labourer general      Cromford
Mk1262b  Mary Ann      HALLOWES     Wife    M 31  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1262c  Herbert       HALLOWES     Son     S 13  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1262d  Ann           HALLOWES     Dau     S 12  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1262e  Frances       HALLOWES     Dau       9   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1262f  Martha        HALLOWES     Dau       6   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1262g  Hannah        HALLOWES     Dau       4   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1262h  Frederick     HALLOWES     Son       2   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1263a  Mary          BROOKS       Head    W 68  F  Sorter,paper mill     Wirksworth
Mk1263b  George        BROOKS       Son     M 27  M  Labourer general      Matlock Bath
Mk1263c  Harriet       BROOKS       Dau iL  M 30  F                        Bolton LAN
Mk1263d  Charles       BROOKS       Gson      7   M                        Matlock
Mk1263e  Mary Elizab   BROOKS       Gdau      5   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1263f  Edith         BROOKS       Gdau      2   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1263g  George        KIRK         Boarder S 19  M  Brickyard labourer    Bolton LAN
#51---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 8,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1264a  Elizabeth     BIDDULPH     Head    W 51  F  Smallware dealer      Stockport CHS
#52---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1265a  Joseph        HINDS        Head    M 24  M  Canal boatman         Bull bridge
Mk1265b  Martha        HINDS        Wife    M 32  F                        Lea
Mk1265c  Jane          HINDS        Dau     S 8   F                        Lea
Mk1265d  William Hy    HINDS        Son       5   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1266a  Isaac         WOODIWISS    Head    W 59  M  Frame work knitter    Bonsall
Mk1266b  Bertha        WOODIWISS    Dau     - 22  F  Hosiery worker        Bonsall
Mk1266c  Lily          WOODIWISS    Dau     - 18  F  Hosiery worker        Bonsall
Mk1266d  Charles       WOODIWISS    Son     - 17  M  Woolroom card winder  Bonsall
Mk1267a  Jacob         FROST        Head    M 58  M  Stone mason           Middleton
Mk1267b  Jane          FROST        Wife    M 62  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1267c  George        FROST        Son     S 23  M  Stone mason           Middleton
Mk1267d  Alfred        NEEDHAM      Boarder S 21  M  Joiner                MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1267e  Alfred Ed     WAINWRIGHT   Boarder S 18  M  Bricklayer            WoodhouseEavs LEI     Woodhouse Eaves
Mk1268a  George        DOXEY        Head    M 30  M  Baker,grocer,shopkpr  Cromford
Mk1268b  Elizabeth J   DOXEY        Wife    M 30  F                        Northampton NTH       J=Jane
Mk1268c  Joseph        COOK         Servant S 19  M  Baker confectioner    Evershot BDF
Mk1268d  Emma          CHECKLEY     Servant S 21  F  Domestic servant      Small Heath WAR
Mk1268e  Thomas        SLATER       Lodger  M 31  M  Joiner                Derby
Mk1269a  Thomas        HIROTS       Head    M 66  M  General warehouseman  Holmfirth YKS
Mk1269b  Hannah        HIROTS       Wife    M 65  F                        Holmfirth YKS
Mk1269c  Mary          HIROTS       Dau     S 40  F                        Holmfirth YKS     spine affected
Mk1269d  Emma          HIROTS       Dau     S 30  F  Copwinder Cottonmill  Armley LAN
Mk1269e  Ellen Ann     HIROTS       Dau     S 26  F  Copwinder cottonmill  London LND
Mk1270a  Ernest        HUDDART      Head    M 37  M  Pleasure boatman      Stockport CHS
Mk1270b  Grace         HUDDART      Wife    M 34  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1270c  Grace Ethel   HUDDART      Dau     S 13  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1270d  Mary Ann      HUDDART      Dau       11  F                        Manchester LAN
Mk1270e  Thomas        HUDDART      Son       7   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1270f  Annie         HUDDART      Dau       4   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1270g  Mabel         JEPSON       Boarder S 19  F  Copwinder,cottonmill  Uttoxeter STS
#58---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 9,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1271a  William       SEEDHOUSE    Head    M 22  M  Gasing cotton         Cromford
Mk1271b  Katherine     SEEDHOUSE    Wife    M 25  F  Cotton factory        Matlock
Mk1271c  Alfred E      SEEDHOUSE    Son       2   M                        Cromford              E=Ernest
Mk1271d  Katherine E   SEEDHOUSE    Dau       1   F                        Cromford              E=Elizabeth
#59---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1272a  Peter         HOLMES       Head    S 56  M  General labourer      Matlock Bath
#60---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1273a  James         BRUNT        Head    M 50  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1273b  Ann           BRUNT        Wife    M 58  F                        Bakewell
#61---Scarthin, Kidds Row---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1274a  Susan         TAYLOR       Head    S 79  F                        Matlock
Mk1274b  Mary Ann      TAYLOR       Sister  S 75  F                        -
#62---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1275a  Samson        BIDDULPH     Head    M 41  M  Corn miller           Ashbourne
Mk1275b  Hannah        BIDDULPH     Wife    M 42  F                        Matlock
Mk1275c  Beatrice      BIDDULPH     Dau     S 19  F  Cop winder,cott mill  Matlock               Cotton mill
Mk1275d  John William  BIDDULPH     Son     S 17  M  Paint maker           Coleshill WAR
Mk1275e  Mary Ann E    BIDDULPH     Dau     S 15  F  Cop winder,cott mill  Derby                 E=Elizabeth, cotton
Mk1275f  George Anthy  BIDDULPH     Son       13  M  Examiner warehouse    Matlock Bath          Cotton warehouse
Mk1275g  Archie        BIDDULPH     Son       11  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1275h  Nellie        BIDDULPH     Dau       9   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1275i  Annie T       BIDDULPH     Dau       6   F                        Matlock Bath          T=Teasdale
Mk1275j  Charles Fred  BIDDULPH     Son       2   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1275k  Susan B P     BIDDULPH     Dau       3m  F                        Matlock Bath          BP=Boden Powell
#63---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1276a  William       SMITHURST    Head    W 69  M  Boot maker            Matlock Bath
#64---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1277a  Eliza Jane    WHEATCROFT   Head    W 75  F  Shop keeper           Leeds YKS
#65---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1278a  Emily Maria   POTTER       Head    W 47  F  Laundress             Kebworth LEI
#66---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 10,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1279a  Harry         WHEATCROFT   Head    M 36  M  Labourer,gas works    Bonsall
Mk1279b  Sarah Ann     WHEATCROFT   Wife    M 37  F                        Cromford
Mk1279c  Arthur        WHEATCROFT   Son     S 14  M  Gasing cotton yarn    Cromford
Mk1279d  Thomas        WHEATCROFT   Son       12  M                        Matlock
Mk1279e  Hugo          WHEATCROFT   Son       6   M                        Matlock
Mk1279f  Florence      WHEATCROFT   Dau       1   F                        Bonsall
#67---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1280a  John Henry    PIDCOCK      Head    M 30  M  Stonecutter,quarry w  Chesterfield          Quarry worker
Mk1280b  Emma          PIDCOCK      Wife    M 27  F                        Bonsall
Mk1280c  Ellen Elizab  PIDCOCK      Dau       3   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1280d  Henry         PIDCOCK      Son       2   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1281a  Frederick B   BALLAND      Head    M 42  M  Grocer,shopkeeper     Nottinghamsh NTT      B=Bolton
Mk1281b  Jemonia B     BALLAND      Wife    M 42  F                        Belper
Mk1281c  Nellie        HARRISON     Niece   S 19  F  Shop assistant        Sheffield YKS
Mk1281d  Edith         PREACE       Servant S 17  F  Domestic              Burton Trent STS
Mk1281e  Mary          WRIGHT       Visitor M 61  F                        Belper
Mk1281f  Richard G     HOPKINSON    Boarder S 24  M  Coachman not dom      Ashover               G=Gregory
Mk1281g  Fred          CLARKE       Boarder W 44  M  Painter               Birmingham WAR
Mk1281h  Robert F      LYMONDS      Boarder S 90  M  Joiner                London LND            F=Francis
Mk1281i  John Leslie   WILSON       Boarder S 91  M  Joiner                Somerby LEI
Mk1281j  Henry         BURTON       Boarder W 43  M  Carver,sculptor       Kirkbymoorsid YKS
#69---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1282a  James         TOPLIS       Head    M 62  M  Labourer in brewery   Matlock Bath
Mk1282b  Lydia Hannah  TOPLIS       Wife    M 47  F                        Darley
Mk1282c  Mabel         TOPLIS       Dau       11  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1282d  James Herbrt  TOPLIS       Son       9   M                        Matlock Bath
#70---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1283a  Thomas        TAYLOR       Head    M 77  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1283b  Sarah         TAYLOR       Wife    M 84  F  Laundress             Napton WAR
Mk1283c  Albert Victr  TAYLOR       Son       12  M                        Matlock Bath
#71---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 11,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1284a  Joseph        PIDCOCK      Head    M 59  M  Labourer general      Cromford
Mk1284b  Elizabeth     PIDCOCK      Wife    M 61  F                        Crich
Mk1284c  Ellen         PIDCOCK      Dau     S 21  F  Cotton winder         Chesterfield
Mk1284d  Azariah       PIDCOCK      Son     S 17  M  Labourer general      Cromford
Mk1284e  Mary Elizab   PIDCOCK      Dau       10  F                        Cromford
Mk1285a  John          BROWN        Head    M 27  M  Doubler cotton mill   Cromford
Mk1285b  Ellen         BROWN        Wife    M 25  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk1285c  Beatrice      BROWN        Dau       5   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1285d  Florence      BROWN        Dau       2   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1285e  Herbert       BROWN        Son       10m M                        Matlock Bath
#73---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1286a  Thomas        TAYLOR       Head    M 32  M  Machine minder,mill   Matlock Bath          Cotton mill
Mk1286b  Ada           TAYLOR       Wife    M 32  F                        Darley Dale
Mk1286c  Linda         TAYLOR       Dau       8   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1286d  Lionel        TAYLOR       Son       6   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1286e  Gladys        TAYLOR       Dau       5   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1287a  Thomas        HALL         Head    W 77  M  Coachman,not dom      Parwich
Mk1287b  Mary          HALL         Dau     S 54  F  Fathers housekeeper   Bentley
Mk1287c  Thomas        BUNTING      Son iL  W 45  M  General labourer      Bonsall
Mk1287d  Pattie        BUNTING      Gdau    S 23  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1287e  Fillie        BUNTING      Gdau    S 20  F  Servant domestic      Matlock Bath
Mk1287f  Thomas        BUNTING      Gson    S 18  M  Packer, cotton mill   Matlock Bath
Mk1287g  William       BUNTING      Gson    S 15  M  Packer, cotton mill   Matlock Bath
Mk1287h  Ernest        BUNTING      Gson      12  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1288a  Walter Edwin  SMITH        Head    M 43  M  Printer,comp,bbinder  Chesterfield          Compositor and bookbinder
Mk1288b  Sarah Ann     SMITH        Wife    M 42  F                        Cuttthorpe
Mk1288c  Edwin         SMITH        Son     S 18  M  Printer,comp,bbinder  Leeds YKS             Compositor and bookbinder
Mk1288d  Edith Annie   SMITH        Dau     S 13  F                        Leeds YKS
#76---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 12,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1289a  John          ALLEN        Head    M 36  M  Cab driver            Holmesford
Mk1289b  Kate          ALLEN        Wife    M 28  F                        Weston on Trent
Mk1289c  William H     ALLEN        Son       12  M  Packer,cotton mill    Matlock               H=Hoades
Mk1289d  Esther Mary   ALLEN        Dau       4   F                        Matlock
Mk1289e  John Joseph   ALLEN        Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1289f  Benjamin Geo  ALLEN        Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk1289g  Henry L       SPRINGTHORPE Boarder S 26  M  Railway labourer      Sale CHS              L=Lineham, Sale Manchester
Mk1290a  James         ROBERTS      Head    M 43  M  Tailor                Winster
Mk1290b  Fanny         ROBERTS      Wife    M 42  F                        Cromford
Mk1290c  Harry         ROBERTS      Son     S 22  M  General labourer      Matlock Bath
Mk1290d  Lily          ROBERTS      Dau     S 17  F  Paper maker           Matlock Bath
Mk1290e  Louie         ROBERTS      Dau     S 10  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1290f  Richard       ROBERTS      Son     S 15  M  Groom servant         Matlock Bath
Mk1290g  Albert Ed     ROBERTS      Son       8   M                        Matlock Bath
#78---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1291a  Josiah        MILLWARD     Head    M 53  M  Stone cutter          Bonsall
Mk1291b  Elizabeth     MILLWARD     Wife    M 66  F                        Cromford
Mk1291c  Sarah Ann     CARLINE      Stepdau S 38  F  Porter at papermill   Cromford
Mk1291d  Ann           CARLINE      Gdau      1   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1291e  George        CARLINE      Gson      4m  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1292a  Joseph        TOMLINSON    Head    M 39  M  Carter coal           Hognaston
Mk1292b  Sarah         TOMLINSON    Wife    M 39  F                        Brassington
Mk1292c  Sarah Hannah  TOMLINSON    Dau     S 16  F  Hosiery factory       Brassington
Mk1292d  Thomas Geo    TOMLINSON    Son     S 15  M  Hosiery factory       Brassington
Mk1292e  Louisa Elizb  TOMLINSON    Dau       12  F                        Brassington
Mk1292f  Joseph        TOMLINSON    Son       10  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1292g  Eliza         TOMLINSON    Dau       6   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1292h  Ada Amelia    TOMLINSON    Dau       2   F                        Matlock Bath
#80---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 13,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1293a  Everard       KEIGHTLEY    Head    M 23  M  Brickyard labourer    Matlock
Mk1293b  Grace         KEIGHTLEY    Wife    M 29  F                        Cromford
Mk1293c  Thomas        KEIGHTLEY    Son       5   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1293d  Walter        KEIGHTLEY    Son       3   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1293e  Clara         KEIGHTLEY    Dau       9m  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1293f  John          OLDBURY      Boarder M 23  M  Wagon examiner Raily  Stockport CHS
Mk1293g  Martha        OLDBURY      Boarder M 28  F                        Wellington SAL
Mk1294a  Joseph        BRITLAND     Head    M 68  M  General labourer      Matlock Bath
Mk1294b  Mary          BRITLAND     Wife    M 66  F                        Cromford
Mk1294c  Silvester     BRITLAND     Son     S 30  M  Grocers shop assist   Cromford
Mk1294d  Martha Ann    BRITLAND     Dau     S 26  F  Grocers shop assist   Cromford
Mk1295a  Emma          SEWELL       Head    W 31  F  Beer house keeper     Sheffield YKS
Mk1295b  John          LOMAS        Visitor   11  M                        Sheffield YKS
Mk1295c  Beatrice      GOODWIN      Servant   13  F  Domestic              Wirksworth
Mk1296a  Frank         HIGTON       Head    M 35  M  Builder,joiner        Matlock Bath
Mk1296b  Hannah Elizb  HIGTON       Wife    M 36  F                        Cromford
Mk1296c  John          HIGTON       Son       8   M                        Cromford
Mk1296d  Alice         HIGTON       Dau       6   F                        Cromford
Mk1296e  Alfred        HIGTON       Son       4   M                        Cromford
Mk1296f  Dora          HIGTON       Dau       2   F                        Cromford
Mk1296g  Edith         HIGTON       Dau       2m  F                        Cromford
Mk1296h  Francis Danl  KIDD         Boarder S 38  M  Brewery traveller     Cromford
#84---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1297a  John          DICKINSON    Head    M 69  M  Bricklayer            Altofts YKS
Mk1297b  Hannah        DICKINSON    Wife    M 50  F                        Middleton
#85---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1298a  Herbert       GREATOREX    Head    M 34  M  Shoemaker,bootmaker   Bonsall
Mk1298b  Minnie        GREATOREX    Wife    M 32  F                        Cromford
Mk1298c  William Anty  GREATOREX    Son       6   M                        Cromford
Mk1298d  Herbert       GREATOREX    Son       1   M                        Cromford
#86---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---[Matlock]---(page 14,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1299a  George        TAYLOR       Head    M 32  M  Farmers son on farm   Cromford
Mk1299b  Bertha        TAYLOR       Wife    M 23  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1299c  Wilfred Jam   TAYLOR       Son       1   M                        Matlock
#87---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1300a  Richard       BOTHAM       Head    M 24  M  Fish dealer           Cromford
Mk1300b  Eliza         BOTHAM       Wife    M 24  F                        Middleton
Mk1300c  Elizabeth     BOTHAM       Dau       2   F                        Lea
#88---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1301a  Walter        KIRK         Head    M 38  M  Joiner                Pilsley
Mk1301b  Elizabeth     KIRK         Wife    M 41  F                        Parsleyhay
Mk1301c  Annie         KIRK         Dau     S 19  F  Reeler,cotton mill    Cromford
Mk1301d  Lily          KIRK         Dau     S 13  F                        Cromford
Mk1301e  Joseph        KIRK         Son       12  M                        Cromford
Mk1301f  George        KIRK         Son       10  M                        Cromford
Mk1301g  Elizabeth     KIRK         Dau       2   F                        Cromford
#89---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1302a  Harry         DAGLEY       Head    M 33  M  Railway porter        Oakham RUT
Mk1302b  Harriet       DAGLEY       Wife    M 32  F                        S Sufferham RUT
Mk1302c  Grace M       DAGLEY       Dau       5   F                        Matlock Bath          M=Millicent
Mk1302d  Eleanor Ida   DAGLEY       Dau       4   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1302e  Frances Mabl  DAGLEY       Dau       2   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1302f  John R E S D  DAGLEY       Son       1   M                        Matlock Bath
#90---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1303a  John          GREGORY      Head    M 43  M  Quarry labourer       Manchester LAN
Mk1303b  Elizabeth     GREGORY      Wife    M 43  F                        Cromford
Mk1303c  Arthur        GREGORY      Son     S 19  M  Stonecutter           Bonsall
Mk1303d  Ernest        GREGORY      Son     S 14  M  Warehouse mill hand   Bonsall
#91---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1304a  Mary Ann      WALKER       Head    W 60  F                        Cromford
Mk1304b  Frances       WALKER       Dau     S 20  F  Hosiery millhand      Tansley
Mk1304c  Samuel        WALKER       Son     S 17  M  Hosiery millhand      Matlock Bath
#92---Scarthin, Mount Pleasant---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1305a  John          SHELDON      Head    M 46  M  Grocers assistant     Middleton
Mk1305b  Hannah E      SHELDON      Wife    M 45  F                        Cromford
Mk1305c  Edith         SHELDON      Dau       15  F  Hosiery millhand      Manchester LAN
Mk1305d  Ethel         SHELDON      Dau       8   F                        Manchester LAN
#93---Scarthin---[Matlock]---(page 15,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1306a  Joseph F      DONEGAN      Head    M 51  M  Butcher               Bath SOM              F=Francis
Mk1306b  Pamela        DONEGAN      Wife    M 47  F                        Mark SOM
Mk1306c  Adaia         DONEGAN      Dau     S 21  F                        Burtle SOM
Mk1306d  Winifred      DONEGAN      Dau     S 19  F  Drapers assistant     Ilam STS
Mk1306e  Dora Helene   DONEGAN      Dau     S 17  F                        Thorp
Mk1306f  Pamela        DONEGAN      Dau     S 15  F                        Thorp
Mk1306g  Victor Tom    DONEGAN      Son     S 13  M                        Thorp
Mk1306h  Josephine F   DONEGAN      Dau       11  F                        Ilam STS              F=Frances
Mk1306i  Eric G        DONEGAN      Son       9   M                        Ilam STS              G=Grantley
Mk1306j  Oswald W      DONEGAN      Son       7   M                        Bonsall               W=Walderman
Mk1306k  Albert Ed     HEAL         Servant S 17  M  Butchers assistant    Ilam STS
Mk1307a  William       HAWLEY       Head    M 57  M  Living on means       Middleton
Mk1307b  Mary          HAWLEY       Wife    M 55  F                        Hythe KEN
#95---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1308a  Sarah Ann     POTTER       Wife    M 34  F                        Bakewell
Mk1308b  Matilda       ROWLAND      Sister  S 18  F  Cop winder            Bakewell
Mk1308c  Elizabeth An  BARLOW       Visitor S 23  F  Dressmaker            Manchester LAN
Mk1309a  Sarah         FURNESS      Head    W 70  F                        Stanton Peak
Mk1309b  Charles       FURNESS      Son     S 30  M  Clerk, railway        Matlock
#97---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1310a  Sarah         POTTER       Head    W 68  F                        Matlock
Mk1310b  Mary Amelia   POTTER       Dau     S 39  F                        Matlock Bath
#98---Scarthin---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1311a  Mary          ROLLEY       Head    W 69  F                        Alderwasley
Mk1311b  Paul          HIGTON       Son iL  W 52  M  Railway guard         Matlock Bath
Mk1311c  Joseph        HIGTON       Gson    S 23  M  Usher domestic        Matlock Bath
Mk1311d  Kate          HIGTON       Gdau    S 20  F                        Matlock Bath
#99---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1312a  George Edwin  WILDE        Head    M 25  M  Doubler,cotton mill   Cromford
Mk1312b  Emily         WILDE        Wife    M 23  F                        Wirksworth
Mk1312c  Gladys Annie  WILDE        Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#100---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1313a  Mary          FROST        Head    S 60  F                        Middleton
#101---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 16,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1314a  William       ROPER        Head    M 56  M  Labourer at brewery   Cromford
Mk1314b  Hannah        ROPER        Wife    M 56  F                        Cromford
Mk1314c  Florence      ROPER        Dau     S 17  F                        Cromford
#102---Scarthin---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1315a  Mary          KIDD         Head    W 55  F                        Mayfield STS
Mk1315b  William       KIDD         Son     S 36  M  Bill poster           Cromford
Mk1315c  Mary Hannah   KIDD         Dau     S 19  F  Shirt maker           Cromford
Mk1315d  Florence Ema  KIDD         Dau     S 16  F  Copwinder,cottonmill  Cromford
#103---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1316a  Samuel        SLACK        Head    M 31  M  Cotton doubler        Cromford
Mk1316b  Lydia         SLACK        Wife    M 30  F                        Wirksworth
Mk1316c  Ethleen       SLACK        Dau       5   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1316d  Millicent     SLACK        Dau       4   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1316e  Henry Ernest  SLACK        Son       11m M                        Matlock Bath
#104---Scarthin---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1317a  Peter         WORTHY       Head    M 33  M  Brown paper maker     Cromford
Mk1317b  Mary          WORTHY       Wife    M 46  F  Papersorter,paprmill  Cromford
Mk1317c  Thomas        WORTHY       Son       14  M  Cotton factory hand   Cromford
Mk1317d  Maria         WORTHY       Dau       12  F                        Cromford
Mk1317e  Helen         WORTHY       Dau       8   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1318a  Thomas        BODEN        Head    M 57  M  Boot maker            Stockport CHS
Mk1318b  Mary          BODEN        Wife    S 75  F                        Ashover
Mk1318c  Mary          OLDKNOW      Servant S 18  F  Domestic              Tutbury STS
#106---Matlock Bath, Derby Road---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1319a  Henry         WOODWARD     Head    M 58  M  Lamp lighter          Cromford
Mk1319b  Emma          WOODWARD     Wife    M 54  F                        Cromford
#107---Matlock Bath, Derby Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1320a  Elizabeth     OGDEN        Head    S 58  F  Own means             Matlock Bath
#108---Matlock Bath, Glenorchy---[Matlock]---
Mk1321a  Frank Robert  BELLAMY      Head    M 62  M  Congregatnl minister  Temple Cloud SOM
Mk1321b  Martha        BELLAMY      Wife    M 60  F                        Northampton NTH
Mk1321c  Frank J B     BELLAMY      Son     S 33  M                        Matlock Bath          JB=John Burdett
Mk1321d  Mabel Ethel   BELLAMY      Dau     S 24  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1321e  Elizabeth L   BELLAMY      Sister  S 64  F                        Temple Cloud SOM      L=Letitia
#109---Matlock Bath, Glenorchy Villas---[Matlock]---(page 17,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1322a  John Edward   LAWTON       Head    M 50  M  Managing Director     Manchester LAN        Of Sewing cotton Co
Mk1322b  Ellen Norton  LAWTON       Wife    M 48  F                        Dunkinfield CHS
Mk1322c  Sara          LAWTON       Dau     S 25  F                        Dunkinfield CHS
Mk1322d  Arthur        LAWTON       Son     S 23  M  Readingfor barrister  Dunkinfield CHS
Mk1322e  Albert Ed     LAWTON       Son     S 21  M  Clerk Sewing Cott Co  Dunkinfield CHS
Mk1322f  Jessie        LAWTON       Dau     S 20  F                        Dunkinfield CHS
Mk1322g  Dora          LAWTON       Dau     S 18  F                        Dunkinfield CHS
Mk1322h  Emily         BRADBURY     Servant S 29  F  Cook domestic         Wombwell YKS
#110---Glenorchy cottages---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1323a  Frank         ALLEN        Head    M 31  M  Hoist attendant at    Cromford              At cotton mill
Mk1323b  Fanny         ALLEN        Wife    M 31  F                        Bonsall
Mk1323c  Edith         ALLEN        Dau       11  F                        Bonsall
Mk1323d  Arthur        ALLEN        Son       9   M                        Cromford
Mk1323e  Harold        ALLEN        Son       7   M                        Bonsall
Mk1323f  Mabel         ALLEN        Dau       6   F                        Bonsall
Mk1323g  Bertram       ALLEN        Son       6m  M                        Matlock Bath
#111---Glenorchy cottages---[Matlock]---
Mk1324a  George        BODEN        Head    M 68  M  Pension,ex postman    Matlock
Mk1324b  Elizabeth     BODEN        Wife    M 65  F                        Yoxall STS
Mk1324c  Catherine L   BODEN        Dau     S 31  F  Dressmaker            Matlock               L=Louisa
Mk1324d  Matthew       BODEN        Son     S 25  M  Builders labourer     Matlock Bath
#112---Glenorchy cottages---[Matlock]---
Mk1325a  Hannah        WILDGOOSE    Head    W 43  F                        Cromford
Mk1325b  John Thomas   WILDGOOSE    Son     M 24  M  Fishmonger            Cromford
Mk1325c  Mary Elizab   WILDGOOSE    Dau iL  M 26  F                        Matlock
Mk1325d  Thomas        WILDGOOSE    Gson      1   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1325e  Sarah         TAYLOR       Mother  W 78  F                        Matlock
#113---Glenorchy cottages---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1326a  Thomas        SHAW         Head    M 27  M  Cotton mill labourer  Matlock               Thomas Shaw junior
Mk1326b  Sarah         SHAW         Wife    M 21  F                        Matlock
Mk1326c  Lucy Mary     SHAW         Dau       4   F                        Tansley
Mk1326d  Clara E       SHAW         Dau       2   F                        Wirksworth
#114---Upper Wood---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 18,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1327a  Mary Ann      SEEDHOUSE    Head    S 64  F  Copwinder,cottonmill  Bonsall
#115---Upper Wood---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1328a  Angelina      WOODIWISS    Head    S 34  F  Hosiery machinist     Matlock Bath
#116---Glenorchy cottage---[Matlock]---
Mk1329a  Thomas        SHAW         Head    M 55  M  Road man              Darley Wensley        Thomas Shaw senior
Mk1329b  Mary          SHAW         Wife    M 56  F                        Ashbourne
Mk1329c  Elizabeth     SHAW         Dau     S 24  F  Domestic servant      Matlock
Mk1329d  Clara         HOLMES       Dau     M 23  F  Domestic servant      Matlock
Mk1329e  James         SHAW         Son     S 21  M  Railway labourer      Matlock
Mk1329f  John Alfred   SHAW         Son     S 18  M  Mill labourer         Matlock
Mk1329g  Mary Alice    SHAW         Gdau      2   F                        Matlock Bath
#117---Fair View Terrace---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1330a  Samuel        SLATER       Head    M 28  M  Doubler,cotton mill   Wirksworth
Mk1330b  Elizabeth     SLATER       Wife    M 23  F                        Wessington
#118---Fair View Terrace,1---[Matlock]---
Mk1331a  John          HOLDEN       Head    M 42  M  Own means             Burnley LAN
Mk1331b  Amelia        HOLDEN       Wife    M 39  F                        Ireland IRL
#119---Fair View Terrace,2---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1332a  Frederic      FLETCHER     Head    M 31  M  Laundry can---?       Pimlico LND
Mk1332b  Ada           FLETCHER     Wife    M 24  F                        Stoulton NTH
Mk1332c  Freda V       FLETCHER     Dau       3   F                        Fulham LND            V=Victoria
Mk1332d  Elizabeth     SIMONS       Moth iL W 58  F                        Lowick NTH
Mk1332e  Tom           SIMONS       Bro iL  S 20  M  Bombardier,R F Art    Stoulton NTH          Royal Field Artillery
#120---Fair View Terrace,3---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1333a  Albert John   MORRIS       Head    M 29  M  Staty engine driver   Marylebone LND        Stationary engine
Mk1333b  Elizabeth     MORRIS       Wife    M 30  F                        Tuckingmill CON
Mk1333c  Annie Lilian  MORRIS       Dau       1   F                        Fulham LND
Mk1333d  Daisy Elizab  MORRIS       Dau       1   F                        Fulham LND
Mk1333e  James         WHITFIELD    Boarder S 20  M  Gas fitter            St Pancras LND
#121---Boston House---[Matlock]---
Mk1334a  John William  BODEN        Head    M 57  M  Grocer,caterer        Matlock Bath
Mk1334b  Jennifer E    BODEN        Wife    M 51  F                        Deptford KEN          E=Emma
Mk1334c  William Herb  BODEN        Son     S 22  M  Cotton examiner,mill  Matlock               Cotton mill
Mk1334d  Lucy A E      BYE          Visitor S 22  F                        Holloway LND          AE=Ann Emily
Mk1334e  Kate Zellah   CROSSLAND    Visitor S 18  F  Domestic helper       Matlock
Mk1334f  William       PARNELL      Visitor M 41  M  Marine surveyor,BoT   Deptford LND          Board of Trade
Mk1334g  Lily          PARNELL      Visitor M 39  F                        Chatham KEN
Mk1334h  Bernard       PASSELL?     Visitor S 11  M                        Wandsworth SRY
Mk1334i  John Ernest   LORD         Boarder M 26  M  Engine fitter         Whitworth LAN
Mk1334j  Walter        INGLE        Boarder S 21  M  Engine fitter         Fairburn YKS
Mk1334k  Edwin L       FISKE        Boarder S 22  M  Plumber               Loughborough LEI      L=Leonard
Mk1334l  William Hy    ENDERLEY     Boarder S 20  M  Millwrights labourer  Boston LIN
Mk1334m  Ernest        SWANN        Boarder S 28  M  Plumber               Loughborough LEI
Mk1334n  James         MILNE        Boarder M 48  M  Engine fitter         Rochdale LAN
Mk1334o  Albert        HEYWOOD      Boarder M 24  M  Engine fitter         Rochdale LAN
#122---Derby Road---[Matlock]---(page 19,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1335a  Emma          HOLLAND      Head    S 50  F  Lodging House keeper  Matlock Bath
Mk1335b  Charles W     WAINWRIGHT   Lodger  M 22  M  Staty engine driver   WoodhouseEavs LEI     Stationary engine
Mk1335c  Jane          WAINWRIGHT   Lodger  M 22  F                        Uttoxeter STS
Mk1335d  Charles Alfd  WAINWRIGHT   Lodger    4m  M                        MarstonMontgomery
#123---Rutland Arms---[Matlock]---
Mk1336a  Abraham       HIGGS        Head    W 58  M  Innkeeper             Sileby LEI
Mk1336b  Ada May       HIGGS        Dau     S 27  F                        Nottingham NTT
Mk1336c  Lizzie M      HIGGS        Dau     S 26  F                        Nottingham NTT        M=Martin
Mk1336d  Caroline      SMITH        Visitor W 27  F  Living on own means   Long Eaton
Mk1336e  Mary Ann G    NICHOLL      Servant S 21  F  General servant dom   Lichfield LEI         G=Gwendoline
#124---Mill Yard---[Matlock]---
Mk1337a  Richard       WEBSTER      Head    M 51  M  Cotton mill manager   Bolton LAN
Mk1337b  Ann           WEBSTER      Wife    M 48  F                        Stockport CHS
Mk1337c  Mary Ellen    WEBSTER      Dau     S 28  F                        Stockport CHS
Mk1337d  James         TAYLOR       Fath iL M 80  M  Retd millwright       Ashton u Lyme LAN
Mk1337e  Ann           TAYLOR       Moth iL M 80  F                        Stockport CHS
#125---Masson House---(2 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1338a  John          EVANS        Head    M 37  M  Gardener,caretaker    Matlock Bath
Mk1338b  Harriet Alma  EVANS        Wife    M 35  F                        Hartshorne
#126---Masson Cottages---(3 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1339a  William       BARNES       Head    M 39  M  Hosiery weaver        Bonsall
Mk1339b  Harriet       BARNES       Wife    M 42  F                        Bonsall
Mk1339c  Agnes         BARNES       Dau       12  F                        Bonsall
Mk1339d  Beatrice      BARNES       Dau       4   F                        Matlock
Mk1339e  Ada           WIGLEY       Niece     5   F                        Eckington
#127---Wapping---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 20,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1340a  Samuel        DAVIES       Head    M 25  M  Machine minder at     Matlock Bath          At cotton mill
Mk1340b  Annie         DAVIES       Wife    M 24  F                        Matlock
Mk1340c  Gilbert       DAVIES       Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1340d  Elsie         DAVIES       Dau       6m  F                        Matlock Bath
#128---Wapping---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1341a  Walter        RICHARDSON   Head    M 28  M  Labourer road man     Bakewell
Mk1341b  Elizabeth     RICHARDSON   Wife    M 27  F                        Bakewell
Mk1341c  Mabel         RICHARDSON   Dau       6   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1341d  Ellen         RICHARDSON   Dau       3   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1341e  Annie         RICHARDSON   Sister  S 32  F                        Bakewell
#129---Wapping---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1342a  Alfred        RICHARDSON   Head    M 31  M  Labourer railway      Bakewell
Mk1342b  Annie         RICHARDSON   Wife    M 28  F                        Burton Trent STS
Mk1342c  Florence      RICHARDSON   Dau           F                        Matlock Bath
#130---Wapping---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1343a  Clement       STAFFORD     Head    M 54  M  Railway labourer      Lenton NTT
Mk1343b  Sarah         STAFFORD     Wife    M 56  F  Cook at cottonmill    Stockport CHS
Mk1343c  John Henry    STAFFORD     Son     S 18  M  Warehouseman at mill  Stockport CHS         Cotton mill
#131---Derby Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1344a  Alfred J      POWELL       Head    M 61  M  Gardener domestic     Stoke Gatford GLS
Mk1344b  Florence      POWELL       Wife    M 42  F                        Salford LAN
Mk1344c  Mary T        DISTIN       Mother  W 73  F                        St Pancras LND
#132---Derby Road---[Matlock]---
Mk1345a  Mary          SKIDMORE     Head    S 80  F                        Matlock
Mk1345b  Mary          PYNE         Servant W 67  F  Domestic servant      Wiveliscombe SOM
#133---Woodland Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk1346a  Sarah         COALBOURNE   Head    S 40  F  Dre-? & mantlemaker   RowlandsCastl HAM
Mk1346b  Annie         HILL         -       S 35  F  Dre-? & mantlemaker   Worcester WOR
#134---Woodland Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk1347a  Thomas        DEMMAN       Head    M 29  M  Joiner                MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1347b  Ethel         DEMMAN       Wife    M 20  F                        MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1347c  Thomas        DEMMAN       Visitor M 63  M  Builder               Stonesley LEI
#135---Woodland Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk1348a  Anne Allen    WARDLEY      Head    W 63  F  Lodging house keeper  Spondon
Mk1348b  Mary Ann      BOSWORTH     Servant S 40  F  Domestic servant      Ockbrook
#136---Masson cottages---[Matlock]---(page 21,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1349a  Emma          JORDAN       Head    W 59  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1349b  Frances Emma  JORDAN       Dau     S 31  F  Dressmaker            Manchester LAN
Mk1349c  Catherine     JORDAN       Dau     S 27  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1349d  Thomas Robt   JORDAN       Son     S 26  M  Butcher               Matlock Bath
Mk1349e  Martha Jane   JORDAN       Dau     S 25  F  Cotton spinner        Matlock Bath
Mk1349f  Eliza         JORDAN       Dau       22  F  Cotton spinner        Matlock Bath
Mk1349g  Fred          WIDDOWFIELD  Boarder M 34  M  Model maker           Bradford YKS
#137---Masson cottages---[Matlock]---
Mk1350a  Mary Eleanor  WILDE        Wife    M 32  F                        Manchester LAN
Mk1350b  William Hnry  WILDE        Son     M 9   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1350c  Walter        WILDE        Son       7   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1350d  Catherine MaryWILDE        Dau       5   F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1350e  Robert Edwrd  WILDE        Son       1m  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1350f  Michael       HEALD        Boarder   29  M  Coppersmith           Switzerland CHE       Foreign subject
#138---Masson cottages---[Matlock]---
Mk1351a  Annie         BRIDDON      Head    W 60  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1351b  George W      BRIDDON      Son     M 30  M  Coach builder         Matlock Bath          W=Willoughby
Mk1351c  Eliza         BRIDDON      Dau iL  M 30  F                        Wollendon NTT
Mk1351d  John Ernest   BRIDDON      Son     S 22  M  Coach builder         Matlock Bath
Mk1351e  George Ernst  BRIDDON      Gson      10m M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1351f  Polly         CLARKE       Visitor S 24  F  Laundress             Nottingham NTT
#139---Masson cottages---[Matlock]---
Mk1352a  Clara         MOSELY       Head    M 50  F                        Salford LAN
Mk1352b  Clara         DEWHURST     Dau     S 25  F  Winder cotton mill    Manchester LAN
Mk1352c  John          DEWHURST     Gson      12  M                        Broughton LAN
Mk1352d  Benjamin      WARNER       Boarder S 23  M  Plumber               Leicester LEI
#140---Mount View---[Matlock]---
Mk1353a  Sarah Jane    BANCROFT     Head    W 35  F  Boardinghouse keeper  Walsall STS
Mk1353b  John Louis    BANCROFT     Son       14  M  Telegraph messenger   Derby
Mk1353c  William E     BANCROFT     Son       11  M                        Derby                 E=Everard
Mk1353d  Leonard       BANCROFT     Son       6   M                        Matlock Bath
#141---Woodland Terrace,1---[Matlock]---(page 22,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1354a  William Edwn  PLUMMER      Head    M 32  M  Medical practitioner  Hastings SSX
Mk1354b  Ethel         PLUMMER      Wife    M 28  F                        Greenwich LND
Mk1354c  Arthur Hrld   PLUMMER      Son       5m  M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1354d  Elsie Grace   PLUMMER      Sister  S 19  F                        Hastings SSX
Mk1354e  Esther Annie  HOLMES       Servant S 21  F  General servant dom   Matlock
#142---Woodland Cottage---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---
Mk1355a  Walter        HOLLAND      Head    M 46  M  Pleasure boatman      Matlock Bath
Mk1355b  Elizabeth     HOLLAND      Wife    M 39  F                        Northampton NTH
Mk1355c  George        HOLLAND      Son     S 17  M  Cottonmill warehouse  Matlock Bath
Mk1355d  Ernest        HOLLAND      Son       14  M  Message boy           Matlock Bath
Mk1355e  Gertrude      HOLLAND      Dau       12  F                        Matlock Bath
Mk1355f  William       HOLLAND      Son       9   M                        Matlock Bath
#143---Woodland Cottage---[Matlock]---
Mk1356a  Warren Geo    BODEN        Head    M 24  M  Cotton warehouseman   Matlock
Mk1356b  Harriet       BODEN        Wife    M 26  F                        New Basford NTT
Mk1356c  Ada Wilford   BODEN        Sis iL  M 30  F                        Swinton NTT
Mk1356d  Frederick A   BODEN        Nephew    5   M                        Basford NTT           A=Arthur
Mk1356e  Ellen         WILD         Servant S 15  F  General servant dom   Wirksworth
#144---New Bath Hotel---[Matlock]---
Mk1357a  Bertram       CLULOW       Head    M 34  M  Hotel manager         Derby
Mk1357b  Annie Alice   CLULOW       Wife    M 30  F                        Blackheath LND
Mk1357c  Phillis M     CLULOW       Dau       1   F                        Matlock Bath          M=Madele
Mk1357d  Bertha        SMITH        Servant S 28  F  Nurse domestic        Burton Trent STS
Mk1357e  Samuel        BREEN        Servant S 28  M  Porter                Co Tyrone IRL
Mk1357f  Beatrice B    HILL         Servant S 20  F  Waitress              Sutton Colfields      B=Boyce
Mk1357g  Winifred M    OMOORE       Servant S 55  F  Scullery maid         Co Clare IRL          M=Marie
Mk1357h  Florence      BURTON       Servant S 16  F  General               Ashbourne
Mk1357i  Edward        CASEY        Servant S 18  M  Billiard marker       New York USA
Mk1357j  Mabel G       HALL         Servant S 15  F  General               Cromford              G=Gertrude
Mk1357k  Harriet       GINGALL      Servant S 20  F  Chamber maid          Burton Trent STS
Mk1357l  Minnie W      GINGALL      Servant S 21  F  Chamber maid          Burton Trent STS      W=Wildma
Mk1357m  Emma          BROOKS       Servant S 21  F  Chambermaid           Wednesbury STS
Mk1357n  Mary          COLLIS       Servant S 20  F  Kitchenmaid           Derby
Mk1357o  Walter        RICHMOND     Servant S 25  M  Barman                Liverpool LAN
Mk1357p  Gladys Helen  KERR         Servant S 20  F  Linen maid            Birmingham WAR
Mk1357q  Robert        MOFFATT      Visitor M 27  M  Commission merchant   West Indies BWI       British subject
Mk1357r  Rosa          MOFFATT      Visitor M 24  F                        Birkenhead CHS        Rock Ferry
Mk1357s  Alice         JOHNS        Visitor M 51  F                        Liverpool LAN
Mk1357t  Arthur  C     PEAK         Visitor M 46  M  Solicitor             Penkridge STS         C=Copson
Mk1357u  Emily Merion  PEAK         Visitor M 37  F                        Manchester LAN
Mk1357v  Thomas Bartn  SHAW         Visitor S 42  M  Civil Service,Ag Dep  Dublin IRL            Agricultural Department
Mk1357w  George        FLETCHER     Visitor M 38  M  Civil Service,Insp    Derby                 Inspector Education
Mk1357x  Ethel         WILLIAMSON   Servant S 22  F  Domestic servant      Manchester LAN
#145---Bath Terrace Hotel---[Matlock]---(page 23,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1358a  Susannah H    HOY          Head    S 38  F  Manageress            London City LND       H=Heleiss
Mk1358b  Elizabeth     JAEMANY      Servant S 29  F  Waitress              Upnell CUL
Mk1358c  James         STEELES      Servant S 20  M  Porter                Derby
Mk1358d  Annie Elizab  RAMSDELL     Servant S 20  F  General servant       Derby
Mk1358e  Mary Agnes    WILKINSON    Servant S 34  F  Cook                  Marshal
#146---Elm Cottage---[Matlock]---
Mk1359a  James         WALKER       Head    M 29  M  Plumber               Matlock
Mk1359b  Annie         WALKER       Wife    M 35  F                        Cromford
Mk1359c  Arthur        WALKER       Brother S 20  M  Surveyers clerk       Matlock Bath
Mk1359d  Ernest        WALKER       Son       8   M                        Matlock
Mk1359e  Thomas        WALKER       Son       3   M                        Matlock
#147---Bath Terrace---[Matlock]---
Mk1360a  Mary Ann      BROCKLEHURST Head    M 65  F  Carriage proprietor   Matlock Bath
Mk1360b  Edith         BROCKLEHURST Dau     S 25  F                        Matlock Bath
#148---Portland House---[Matlock]---
Mk1361a  Elizabeth C   SMEDLEY      Head    W 52  F  Own means             Repton
Mk1361b  Jeannie       RAGG         Niece   S 21  F                        Derby
Mk1361c  Eliza         MARSH        Servant S 19  F  General servant dom   Clowne Chesterfld
#149---Portland House Cottage---(4 rooms)---[Matlock]---(page 24,ED 14, RSD "Matlock Bath",RG13/3267)---
Mk1362a  John Parker   FOX          Head    M 28  M  Groom,gardener dom    Darley Dale
Mk1362b  Ada           FOX          Wife    M 30  F                        Cheadle CHS
Mk1362c  John Hovley   FOX          Son       5   M                        Darley Dale
Mk1362d  Dorothy Mary  FOX          Dau       2   F                        Darley Dale
#150---Boston Villas---[Matlock]---
Mk1363a  John C        INNES        Head    M 50  M  Surgeon               Scotland SCT          C=Caithness
Mk1363b  Anne Alethea  INNES        Wife    M 44  F                        Birmingham WAR
Mk1363c  William C C   INNES        Son     S 18  M  Warehouseman          Cromford
Mk1363d  John P D      INNES        Son     S 17  M  Bank clerk            Matlock Bath
Mk1363e  Leslie Edgar  INNES        Son       16  M  Railway clerk         Matlock Bath
Mk1363f  Cosins Edwrd  INNES        Son       8   M                        Matlock Bath
Mk1363g  Lillie        WRIGHT       Servant S 14  F  Servant domestic      Sinfin Moor
#151---Boston Villas,2---[Matlock]---
Mk1364a  Joseph        MOTTRAM      Head    M 58  M  Commercial traveller  Winkhill STS          Traveller clothing
Mk1364b  Caroline      MOTTRAM      Wife    M 57  F                        Tiverton GLS
Mk1364c  Caroline B    MOTTRAM      Dau     S 23  F                        Chorlton LAN          B=Beatrice
Mk1364d  Gerty Ethel   TAYLOR       Servant S 18  F  General domestic      Gainsborough LIN
Mk1365a  Annie         FENWICK      Head    W 62  F  Living on own means   Ayrshire SCT
Mk1365b  Margaret      FENWICK      Dau     S 40  F                        Manchester LAN

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