Updated 20 Nov 2004

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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1901 Census INDEX Layout

The explanation of the layout of the 1901 Census INDEX on this website is given here.


CODE  SURNAME   Firstname  AGE
W001a SYMONDS Christophr B 35

  • CLICK on the NAME to go straight to that entry in the LISTING

  • CODE column serves as a reference to each entry, eg: W001a
    Prefixes are:
       Ad=Alderwasley    As=Ashlehay      Bg=Biggin         Bn=Bonsall
       Br=Brassington    Cw=Callow        Cn=Carsington     Cm=Cromford
       Hp=Hopton         Hw=Hulland Ward  Ib=Ible           Id=Idridghay
       Iw=Ireton Wood    Ir=Ironbrook     Kk=Kirk Ireton    Mk=Matlock
       Md=Middleton      Sh=Shottle       Ty=Tansley        W=Wirksworth
    Digits indicate the household in the order written down in the Census.
    Suffix a,b,c etc indicate order within the household,
    "a" is usually the head of the household,
    "b" the wife,
    "c,d,e etc" are usually children.
  • AGE column shows the age declared, which is intended to be at the last birthday.

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