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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in 1901 census

Listed are people who declare they were not born in Derbyshire
Click on the county code, click on the name, go straight to the Listing to see the full 1901 Census details
(See Chapman County Codes to find county/country represented by code)
3,611 strays among 19,072 people from 88 counties & countries

AGY Anglesey -- AUS Australia -- BDF Bedfordshire -- BEL Belgium -- BKM Buckinghamshire -- BRA Brazil -- BRE Breconshire -- BRK Berkshire -- BWI British West Indies -- CAE Caernavonshire -- CAM Cambridgeshire -- CAN Canada -- CGN Cardiganshire -- CHE Switzerland -- CHI Channel Islands -- CHS Cheshire -- CMN Carmarthenshire -- CON Cornwall -- CUL Cumberland -- DEN Denbighshire -- DEU Germany -- DEV Devon -- DFS Dumfriesshire -- DOR Dorset -- DUR Durham -- ENG England -- ESP Spain -- ESS Essex -- FLN Flintshire -- FRA France -- GIB Gibralter -- GLA Glamorganshire -- GLS Gloucestershire -- HAM Hampshire -- HEF Herefordshire -- HOL Holland -- HRT Hertfordshire -- HUN Huntingdonshire -- IND India -- IOM Isle of Man -- IOW Isle of Wight -- IRL Ireland -- ITL Italy -- JAM Jamaica -- JSY Jersey -- KEN Kent -- LAN Lancashire -- LEI Leicestershire -- LIN Lincolnshire -- LKA Ceylon -- LND London -- MAY Mayo -- MDX Middlesex -- MER Merioneth -- MGY Montgomeryshire -- MON Monmouthshire -- NBL Northumberland -- NFK Norfolk -- NTH Northamptonshire -- NTT Nottinghamshire -- NZL New Zealand -- OXF Oxfordshire -- PEM Pembrokeshire -- PER Perthshire -- POL Poland -- RAD Radnorshire -- RUT Rutland -- SAL Shropshire -- SAM South America -- SCT Scotland -- SEA At Sea -- SFK Suffolk -- SGP Singapore -- SOM Somerset -- SRY Surrey -- SSX Sussex -- STS Staffordshire -- SWE Sweden -- UNK Unknown -- USA United States of America -- WAR Warwickshire -- WES Westmoreland -- WGM West Glamorgan -- WIL Wiltshire -- WLS Wales -- WOR Worcestershire -- YKS Yorkshire -- ZAF South Africa.

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Mk0655a   ABRAHAMSON William 27 Bootle LAN
Mk0062a   ALLEN Maria 58 Pendleton  LAN
W043g     ALLEN Mary 31 Heaton Moor LAN
Ty056c    ALLEN Mary A 12 Oldham LAN
Mk0795y   ARROWSMITH John A 39 Liverpool LAN
Mk1373a   ASHBY Frederic 39 Kirkby LAN
Mk1373b   ASHBY Frederic Wm 19 Kirkby LAN
W836d     ASHWORTH Samuel 23 Newchurch LAN
Mk0603h   ASPINALL Joseph 66 Salford LAN
Mk0358c   ASQUITH Gladys 2 Manchester LAN
Mk0358a   ASQUITH Herbert 27 Manchester LAN
Mk0358b   ASQUITH Mary A 24 Manchester LAN
Mk0028a   ASTBURY Robert W 22 Warrington LAN
W465d     AULT Bernard Jas 14 Manchester LAN
W540b     AULT Elizabeth 32 Manchester LAN
Mk0041e   AVERING John 58 Oldham LAN
Mk1515b   BAKER Mary Ann 43 Oldham LAN
Ty007e    BARBER Elizabeth 17 Manchester LAN
Cm109b    BARKER Eleanor 41 St Hellens LAN
Mk1308c   BARLOW Elizabeth An 23 Manchester LAN
Mk0290a   BATES (Mrs) 72 Oldham LAN
Mk1635c   BENNETT William Fay 30 Liverpool LAN
Ty130d    BENT Minnie 20 Hulme LAN
Ty130c    BENT Samuel 22 Stretford LAN
Cm069b    BIDDULPH John 48 Manchester LAN
Cm058e    BINS Joseph 24 Denton LAN
Mk0403f   BLOOD Samuel 10 Birkdale LAN
Cm040m    BOLD Sarah F 23 Manchester LAN
Mk1426e   BOND Sarah Ellen 14 Gorton LAN
Mk1426d   BOND William 17 Openshaw LAN
Cm119i    BOOTH Edwin 24 Bury LAN
Mk0028c   BOWERING Dorothy 7 Warrington LAN
W140a     BOWERS Thomas 60 Nutsfit? LAN
W572d     BOWMER Rosetta 2 Manchester LAN
Mk0854a   BRADBURY George 69 Manchester LAN
Sh05b     BRAYTON-N Josephine L 31 Manchester LAN
Br024a    BREAKELL Thomas 39 Lower Brough LAN
Br024d    BREAKELL William H 37 Lower Brough LAN
W294b     BREWSTER Adaline 34 Eagley LAN
W294a     BREWSTER James 48 Eagley LAN
Mk1635s   BROOKS Annie 26 Urmston LAN
Mk1263c   BROOKS Harriet 30 Bolton LAN
Md066b    BROOKS Mary Eliz 39 Manchester LAN
Mk0888b   BROUGH John 21 Staley Bridge LAN
W898b     BROWN Alice 44 Manchester LAN
Mk0362b   BROWN Alice M 35 Liverpool LAN
Mk1641u   BROWN Amy Ellen 61 Littleboro LAN
Mk1285b   BROWN Ellen 25 Liverpool LAN
Bn112a    BROWN Mary Ann 48 Manchester LAN
Mk1639y   BRUNNER Clara 20 Bootle LAN
Mk1639x   BRUNNER Louise 55 Liverpool LAN
Mk0393c   BUCKLE Emma 44 Manchester LAN
Mk0393d   BUCKLE Francis 6 Manchester LAN
Mk1613a   BUCKLEY Francis 52 NewtonWillows LAN
Mk0190b   BUCKLEY Mary K 23 Oldham LAN
Mk0695e   BURKE James 54 Manchester LAN
Mk1382e   BURNS Mary Ellen 15 Manchester LAN
W671a     BUTTERWORTH Charles S 37 Rochdale LAN
W671d     BUTTERWORTH Dorothy 3 Bury LAN
Mk1441a   BUTTERWORTH James 24 Rochdale LAN
W671b     BUTTERWORTH Mary Alice 34 Rochdale LAN
Mk0316yg  BUTTERWORTH Simon 54 Rochdale LAN
W671c     BUTTERWORTH Tom 7 Rochdale LAN
W788b     BYARD Ada 25 St Michaels LAN
Ty012c    BYARD Mary E 3 Bolton LAN
Ty012b    BYARD Miranda 33 Manchester LAN
Mk1570c   CAIN Ida A 18 Stratford LAN
Mk1639t   CALVERT James M 61 Rochdale LAN
Mk1626b   CARDIN Eva M 42 Manchester LAN
Mk0316t   CATHER Sarah A 56 Liverpool LAN
Mk1645o   CAVIT Sarah F 39 Manchester LAN
Mk0162a   CHAMPION Margaret 65 Manchester LAN
Mk0667f   CHATHAM Leah 60 Heywood LAN
Cm123a    CHESWORTH John 39 Salford LAN
Cm067a    CHESWORTH Thomas 69 Manchester LAN
Mk0721c   CLARKE Mary E 44 Liverpool LAN
Mk0316yq  CLEGG Mabel 23 Oldham LAN
Mk0041g   COLLINS Margaret J 24 Oldham LAN
Mk0795j   CONNER Elizabeth 28 Liverpool LAN
Ty145b    COOKE Sarah A 56 Hurst LAN
Mk1570f   COOPER Emm M 50 Preston LAN
Bn051e    COTTERILL Ada W Emma 17 Manchester LAN
Bn304c    COTTERILL Ann 9 Harpurhey LAN
Bn304d    COTTERILL George 2 Harpurhey LAN
Bn304b    COTTERILL Samuel 13 Salford LAN
Ad40c     COXON Frank 29 Bury LAN
Mk0759f   CRAWFORD Edith D 30 Manchester LAN
W875d     CRESSWELL Agnes E 21 Liverpool LAN
Mk0524a   CRIDLAND Frank 41 Liverpool LAN
Mk0524c   CRIDLAND John H 13 Burscough Brg LAN
Mk0667d   CROFT Emily 32 Rochdale LAN
Mk1645q   CROSFIELD Helena M 31 Liverpool LAN
Mk0380o   CROSSLEY John 49 Burnley LAN
Id06c     CRUMP Mary M 27 Haigh LAN
W849b     CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth 56 Liverpool LAN
Mk0406o   CUNNINGHAM Margaret 47 Manchester LAN
Mk0014n   DAFFERN James 31 Salford LAN
Ty072f    DAGGETH Francis C 34 Bradford LAN
Mk1405c   DAVENPORT George Victr 13 Ashton u Lyme LAN
Mk1405d   DAVENPORT Herbert 12 Ashton u Lyme LAN
Mk1405a   DAVENPORT John 44 Bury LAN
Mk1405b   DAVENPORT Mary Ann 42 Ashton u Lyme LAN
Mk1642x   DAVIES Cissie 27 Manchester LAN
Mk0422b   DAVIES Mary I 46 Haywood LAN
Mk0519b   DAVIS Alice 53 Bamford LAN
Mk0662a   DAVIS Arthur E 29 Castleton LAN
Mk0798c   DAWSON Bekey Ellen 36 Heywood LAN
Id01b     DEAVILLE Annie 30 Manchester LAN
Id12b     DENNY James N 40 Ellvestone LAN
Mk1352b   DEWHURST Clara 25 Manchester LAN
Mk1352c   DEWHURST John 12 Broughton LAN
Mk1579b   DONEGAN Lily 30 Manchester LAN
Bn107e    DURDEN Evelynn 2 Salford LAN
Bn107d    DURDEN William E 5 Salford LAN
Mk1092b   ECCLES Alice 24 Newton Heath LAN
Mk1092a   ECCLES Sarah A 52 Knot Mill LAN
Mk0718c   ELLIS Charles R 20 Manchester LAN
Sh30e     ELSE Frederick 41 Manchester LAN
Mk1507b   EVANS Eliza 53 Manchester LAN
W471d     FARRAND Daniel 29 Liverpool LAN
Br121c    FEARN Frank 27 Manchester LAN
Mk1365b   FENWICK Margaret 40 Manchester LAN
Mk1515g   FERRYMAN Elizabeth 70 Oldham LAN
W446a     FIELD Alan P 25 Blackburn LAN
Mk0406m   FLANAGHAN Martha A 34 Liverpool LAN
Br087b    FLINT John 12 Manchester LAN
Mk1641x   FORSHAW Thomas S 65 Liverpool LAN
Mk1643g   GALLOWAY Nancy 53 Wilpshire LAN
W278a     GAMBLE Percy 30 St Helens LAN
Mk0528c   GELDART Ebenezer 20 Liverpool LAN
Mk0528d   GELDART Lily 18 Liverpool LAN
Mk1643h   GIBSON Edith 18 Salford LAN
Cm032b    GOULD Mary 28 Manchester LAN
Mk1427b   GRAHAM Sarah A 30 Salford LAN
Md083b    GRATTON Eliza 36 Manchester LAN
Bn204a    GRATTON William 49 Manchester LAN
Bg12b     GREATHOLDER Hannah 49 Salford,Manch LAN
Hw83a     GREATOREX James 42 Manchester LAN
Hw83c     GREATOREX James 8 Manchester LAN
Hw83b     GREATOREX Leah 24 Burn Cross LAN
Mk1633b   GREENWOOD Jane 45 Rochdale LAN
Mk1633d   GREENWOOD Maud 9 Rochdale LAN
Mk1633c   GREENWOOD Vincent 14 Rochdale LAN
Mk1570b   GREGORY Daisy 24 Stratford LAN
Mk1019b   GREGORY Emily C 48 Manchester LAN
Mk1303a   GREGORY John 43 Manchester LAN
Mk0919g   GULLIVER Nellie 9 Manchester LAN
Mk1461f   HAMMOND Maud 8 Manchester LAN
Mk0316yl  HARDERN Henrietta 50 Rochdale LAN
Mk0316ym  HARDERN Jesse 16 Oldham LAN
Mk1639w   HARLEY Matilda 48 Liverpool LAN
Mk1639v   HARLEY Robert 52 Liverpool LAN
Mk1600a   HARNESS George T 44 Wainfleet LAN
Mk0316yj  HARTLEY Richard 50 Liverpool LAN
Cm052g    HARVIE Katherine A 14 Manchester LAN
W018a     HAWORTH Arthur 34 Lancaster LAN
Id09g     HAYWARD Leah M 36 Knowsley LAN
Mk0795f   HENRY Ann J 29 Liverpool LAN
Mk0927e   HENSON Violet Wd 1 Seaforth LAN
Id09c     HERMAN Nellie C 21 Preston LAN
Mk1334o   HEYWOOD Albert 24 Rochdale LAN
Mk0380f   HIGHAM Martha 50 Hulme Manch LAN
Mk1114b   HILL Harold H 5 Newton Heath LAN
Mk0316x   HILTON James 57 Oldham LAN
Mk0316ya  HILTON Mary I 55 Oldham LAN
W008a     HINDLE James 66 Haslingden LAN
Mk1269d   HIROTS Emma 30 Armley LAN
Mk1331a   HOLDEN John 42 Burnley LAN
Mk1065b   HOLMES Arthur J 19 Liverpool LAN
Mk1485f   HOLMES Edith 14 Bury LAN
Mk1512b   HOLMES Lousia 44 Liverpool LAN
Mk1065a   HOLMES Selina A 41 Liverpool LAN
Mk0768a   HOPE Alfred 32 Heaton Chapel LAN
Mk0766c   HOPE Florence E 37 Stretford LAN
Mk0480b   HOPE George A 39 Manchester LAN
Mk0766a   HOPE John T 63 Manchester LAN
Id09e     HORTON Henrietta 20 Preston LAN
Mk0736d   HUBBERT William 19 Manchester LAN
Mk1270d   HUDDART Mary Ann 11 Manchester LAN
Mk1576a   HUGH George 37 Manchester LAN
Mk0404b   HURST Harold 13 Manchester LAN
Mk0404c   HURST Walter 10 Manchester LAN
Mk1214a   JACKSON Allan P 51 Ulviston LAN
Mk0380a   JACKSON Anne 58 Bamford LAN
Mk1366e   JACKSON Annie Howard 46 Kirkland Pton LAN
Bn021d    JACKSON Joseph Henry 8 Manchester LAN
Mk1214b   JACKSON Susan E 57 Manchester LAN
Mk1502a   JAQUES Fred 8 Denton LAN
Mk1502b   JAQUES Lewis 6 Denton LAN
Mk0795o   JEFFREY Elizabeth 58 Elswick LAN
Cm174a    JEPSON James 27 Everton LAN
Ty105c    JEPSON Robert 29 Chorlton LAN
Mk1357s   JOHNS Alice 51 Liverpool LAN
Ad31a     JOHNSON Anne 47 Manchester LAN
Mk1434e   JOHNSON Caroline 24 Southport LAN
Mk1636b   JONES John W 16 Salford LAN
Mk1182g   JONES Thomas 81 Manchester LAN
Mk1349b   JORDAN Frances Emma 31 Manchester LAN
Mk0406k   KEANS Margaret 22 Manchester LAN
Mk1422a   KELLEY Alexander J 32 Liverpool LAN
Mk1574d   KERR William 19 Liverpool LAN
W356b     KILLER Mary Ann 67 Lancaster LAN
Md028b    KILLER Sarah 66 NewtonWillows LAN
Mk0180e   KING Caroline 24 Manchester LAN
W587b     KIRK Frances 47 Manchester LAN
Mk1263g   KIRK George 19 Bolton LAN
W587d     KIRK John 21 Manchester LAN
W587c     KIRK Mary Ellen 24 Manchester LAN
Mk0001c   KIRKHAM Edward John 15 Liverpool LAN
Mk0001d   KIRKHAM Olive Duleel 13 Liverpool LAN
Mk0001a   KIRKHAM Thomas Poton 39 Liverpool LAN
Mk0840b   KNOTT Edith Mary 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk0840c   KNOTT Winifred 23 Mottram LAN
Mk0893a   KNOWLES Alice 67 Oldham LAN
Mk0143b   KNOWLES Elizabeth A 37 Manchester LAN
Mk1041b   KNOWLES Emma 24 Newton Heath LAN
Mk1632h   KNOWLES William C G 2 Lytham LAN
Mk1641v   KRAUSS John Samuel 59 ChorltonMedlk LAN
Mk0041m   LAJAR Margaret 51 Oldham LAN
Mk0041f   LAJAR Richard 57 Oldham LAN
Mk1517d   LANDMORE Lucy Edith 2 Liverpool LAN
Mk0316r   LANGFORD Elizabeth 79 Manchester LAN
Mk0697b   LARNEY Kate 50 Rochdale LAN
Mk1640h   LATHAM Eleanor 54 Liverpool LAN
Mk0893b   LAWTON Charlotte 36 Manchester LAN
Mk1322a   LAWTON John Edward 50 Manchester LAN
Bn036a    LEEMING Joseph 54 Preston LAN
Mk0041k   LEES Jane 37 Oldham LAN
Mk0603d   LEES John Jos 38 Oldham LAN
Mk0041j   LEES Ralph 48 Oldham LAN
Mk0603b   LEES Robert P 35 Oldham LAN
Mk0237b   LEWIS Henrietta 26 Salford LAN
Mk1574b   LILEY Martha E 30 Liverpool LAN
Mk0271e   LILL Annie 17 Bradford LAN
Mk0271c   LILL Charles W 23 Manchester LAN
Mk0271d   LILL Edith 21 Levenshulme LAN
Mk0271g   LILL Herbert 11 Bradford LAN
Mk0271f   LILL Sydney 15 Bradford LAN
Mk0795s   LINGARD John 62 Oldham LAN
W544d     LITTLE Leonard 11 Manchester LAN
Mk0795e   LONSDALE Elizabeth 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk1334i   LORD John Ernest 26 Whitworth LAN
W696e     LUNN William 3 Manchester LAN
Mk0981a   MACCALLUM Andrew E 28 Didsbury LAN
Mk0981b   MACCALLUM Jane 26 Manchester LAN
Bn161d    MARSDEN George 25 WallGreton LAN
Bn161c    MARSDEN John 31 WallGreton LAN
Bn161b    MARSDEN Joseph 33 WallGreton LAN
Ty074a    MARSDEN Samuel 35 Manchester LAN
Mk1640t   MARSHALL Frank 48 Liverpool LAN
Bn076a    MARSHALL William 53 Manchester LAN
W838b     MASKREY Harriett B 12 Manchester LAN
Kk051b    MASKREY Rose 30 Liverpool LAN
Ty001c    MCMUNN Hannah 24 Ashton Lyne LAN
Ty001a    MCMUNN Thomas 50 Ashton Lyne LAN
Mk1640o   MEADOWS Amy C 34 Rainhill LAN
Mk1640m   MEADOWS Leonard 25 Rainhill LAN
Mk1640n   MEADOWS Sydney C 29 Rainhill LAN
Mk1635r   MELLOR Emily 23 Stretford LAN
Br074a    MELLOR John 48 Liverpool LAN
Bn043b    MILLS Ann 47 Rhodes LAN
Mk0438a   MILLS Catharine M 65 West Derby LAN
Bn043c    MILLS Hilton 12 Stalybridge LAN
Bn043a    MILLS James 47 Oldham LAN
Kk004b    MILLS Mary 55 Liverpool LAN
Mk1334n   MILNE James 48 Rochdale LAN
Mk0316yp  MILTON Agnes L 25 Oldham LAN
W227b     MOORE Julia K 26 Fleetwood LAN
Md068a    MOORE Robert 59 Manchester LAN
Mk0013d   MORRIS Edith A 7 Ardwick,Manch LAN
Mk0641d   MORRISSON Ellen W 33 Liverpool LAN
Mk1352a   MOSELY Clara 50 Salford LAN
Mk1364c   MOTTRAM Caroline B 23 Chorlton LAN
Mk1256e   NASH Arthur 2 ChorltonMedlk LAN
Mk1256d   NASH Harold 4 Fallowfield LAN
Mk1256b   NASH Louisa 30 Preston LAN
Mk1256c   NASH Norman 5 Ardwick LAN
W898c     NAUGHTON Anne 17 Farnsworth LAN
Mk0748e   NEEDHAM Rose 18 Liverpool LAN
Mk0451d   NICHOLLS Laura 4 Manchester LAN
Mk0772d   OATES Dorothy M 10 StAnnesonSea LAN
Mk0772e   OATES Reginald 7 StAnnesonSea LAN
Mk0552w   OGDEN Ethel G 10 Paddiham LAN
Mk0552u   OGDEN Robert J 38 Preston LAN
Mk0316u   OLIVER Elizabeth 63 Liverpool LAN
Id09a     OUTRAM Fanny 66 Salford LAN
Mk0633a   PARKER John 52 Liverpool LAN
Mk1462m   PARKINSON Margaret 23 Manchester LAN
Mk1357u   PEAK Emily Merion 37 Manchester LAN
Mk0795c   PEARSE Theresa 23 Liverpool LAN
Mk1230a   PEARSON Alfred Josph 26 Manchester LAN
Mk1230b   PEARSON Emma Verona 24 Ramsbottom LAN
Bn074b    PEARSON James Norman 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk0929c   PEARSON Mee 15 Rochdale LAN
Cn37b     PEDDER Ellen 43 Garstang LAN
Cn37c     PEDDER Minnie 14 Garstang LAN
Cn37a     PEDDER William Hy 38 Scroton LAN
Mk0499a   POLLITT Elizabeth 58 Bamford LAN
Mk1641k   PORRITT Joseph 62 Edenfield LAN
Mk0308b   POTTER Bessie 47 Broughton LAN
Mk0765b   POTTER Phyllis E 34 Rochdale LAN
Mk1344b   POWELL Florence 42 Salford LAN
Mk1637p   PRENDERGAST Sarah 27 Hyde LAN
Mk0475d   PRESTON William 52 Ratcliff LAN
Bn014b    PRINCE Violet 37 Manchester LAN
Bn314d    RAYNES Cecil F W 1 Manchester LAN
Mk0402b   READY Martha 45 Manchester LAN
W376c     REDFERN Annie 12 Gorton LAN
Mk0211e   REDMAGNE Leonard 56 Manchester LAN
Ty014b    REEVE Emma 25 Manchester LAN
Mk1641l   RICE Sophia 47 Chorley LAN
Mk1635m   RICHMOND Mary Louisa 18 Warrington LAN
Mk1357o   RICHMOND Walter 25 Liverpool LAN
Mk1609a   ROBY Eliza 57 Liverpool LAN
W665b     ROLLEY Ada 29 Manchester LAN
Ir5a      ROOSE John W 43 Manchester LAN
Bn058d    ROTHWELL Mary 37 Liverpool LAN
Mk0610b   ROUSE Amy 40 Houghton LAN
Mk1588b   ROWBOTTOM Edith M 28 Bowden LAN
Mk0224c   ROWBOTTOM Maggie 20 Warrington LAN
Mk0221c   SCARLETT Arthur D 7 Heaton Masey LAN
Mk0221d   SCARLETT Eric A 4 Heaton Masey LAN
Mk0428g   SCHOFIELD Jesse 31 Rochdale LAN
Ty145c    SCHOFIELD Kate 54 Hurst LAN
Ty121c    SCHOLES Florence 24 Manchester LAN
Ty121a    SCHOLES James H 52 Accrington LAN
Ty121b    SCHOLES Mary M 51 Manchester LAN
Mk0671e   SCOTT Robert S H 19 Clayton LAN
Bn058b    SEYMOUR Sarah 49 Liverpool LAN
Mk0195d   SHARP John 27 Manchester LAN
Mk1305c   SHELDON Edith 15 Manchester LAN
Mk1305d   SHELDON Ethel 8 Manchester LAN
Cm071a    SHERLOCK John 73 Manchester LAN
Cm039b    SHERLOCK Mary 34 Slaley Bridge LAN
Mk1418a   SHINWELL Samuel 50 Manchester LAN
Md012b    SLACK Amelia 41 Manchester LAN
Mk1525b   SMEDLEY Elizabeth 36 Manchester LAN
Mk1635p   SMITH Ada Harriet 25 Liverpool LAN
Cm072b    SMITH Elizabeth A 47 Manchester LAN
Ty123a    SMITH Emily 37 Manchester LAN
W852c     SMITH Florence M 25 Wigan LAN
Mk1247b   SPENCER Sarah Ann 46 Eccles LAN
Mk0551q   SRIGLEY? Thomas W 13 Lancaster LAN
Ty090a    STALEY William 54 Manchester LAN
Mk0991b   STATHAM Amelia 36 Salford LAN
Mk0015f   STEELE Thomas 45 Manchester LAN
Mk0311b   STOCKS Ada M 48 Hulme LAN
W651f     STONE Annie Mary 9 Manchester LAN
Mk1445e   STONES Hilda C 16 Liverpool LAN
Mk0552q   STOTT Thomas H 40 Manchester LAN
W046a     STOWELL Reginald 28 Salford LAN
Mk0314d   SUNDERLAND Henry 23 Gorton LAN
Mk0995b   SWIFT Margaret 52 Liverpool LAN
Mk0078b   SWINDELL Sarah A 62 Manchester LAN
W707b     TATLOW Ellen M 26 Manchester LAN
Mk0240b   TAYLOR Annie 28 Manchester LAN
Ty012d    TAYLOR Charles 78 Bolton LAN
Mk0830b   TAYLOR Emily 26 Stalybridge LAN
Mk0552o   TAYLOR Fanny 26 Liverpool LAN
Mk1337d   TAYLOR James 80 Ashton u Lyme LAN
Mk1597c   TAYLOR John 5 Manchester LAN
Kk012a    TAYLOR Mary 68 Manchester LAN
Mk0999a   TAYLOR Richard 50 Rawtenstall LAN
Mk0240a   TAYLOR Tom 29 Manchester LAN
Hw14i     TAYLOR Vincent 2 Manchester LAN
Mk1201c   TAYLOR William H 21 Accrington LAN
Cm105j    THOMAS Samuel J 25 Liverpool LAN
Mk0316yc  THOMPSON Egbert 26 Oldham LAN
Cm065c    THOMPSON John 25 Rochdale LAN
Mk1182b   THORPE Mary E 35 Manchester LAN
Cm119h    TODD Sandy 26 Bury LAN
Mk0847d   TOPLIS Bertha Alice 12 Southport LAN
Mk0783b   TRAVIS Sarah 38 Manchester LAN
Mk1646f   TURNER Alice 27 Padgate LAN
Ad39g     TURNER Freeman P 11 Manchester LAN
Ad39f     TURNER Harold 13 Manchester LAN
Mk0077b   TWIGG Alice 28 Manchester LAN
Mk0591b   TWIGG Minnie 25 Manchester LAN
Mk0591c   TWIGG Thomas 22 Manchester LAN
Mk0603f   VIEVERS Robert 59 Chatburn LAN
Mk0163b   WAGSTAFF Agnes 26 Manchester LAN
Mk1421c   WAGSTAFF Eveline C 16 Longsight LAN
Mk0795v   WALKER Alice 58 Heywood LAN
Md007b    WALKER Mabel Ann 40 Manchester LAN
Mk1066b   WALKER Mary A 63 Liverpool LAN
W580b     WALKER Mary A 65 DaltonFurness LAN
Mk0650b   WALL Annie 29 Gateacre LAN
Mk1600f   WALLIS Sam S 2 Blackpool LAN
Mk0026d   WARD Fanny 10 Southport LAN
Mk0603l   WARD Henry 65 Salford LAN
Mk1077e   WARD Irene 2 Ormaston LAN
Ty090h    WARING Charles 46 Blackburn LAN
Mk1596b   WARING Elizabeth 22 Rochdale LAN
Mk1596a   WARING Esther 51 Rochdale LAN
Mk1596c   WARING Samuel 29 Rochdale LAN
Mk0765f   WATH Elizabeth 68 Shaw LAN
Br028d    WATSON Anne 4 Manchester LAN
Mk0316yt  WATSON George R 17 Failsworth LAN
Br097e    WAYNE Walter 13 Manchester LAN
Mk1337a   WEBSTER Richard 51 Bolton LAN
Mk1087c   WESTON John E 6 Heaton Norris LAN
Cm178d    WESTON Sarah Ann 28 Denton LAN
W561b     WEYWELL Agnes 30 Manchester LAN
W561c     WEYWELL Gertrude 10 Manchester LAN
Mk0316q   WHALEY Lewis N 25 Ashton LAN
Mk1508b   WHEATCROFT Eliza V 33 Manchester LAN
Mk0482e   WHITEHEAD Letty 28 Oldham LAN
Mk1350a   WILDE Mary Eleanor 32 Manchester LAN
Mk0795g   WILKINSON Sarah C 23 Liverpool LAN
Mk0795h   WILLIAMS Edith 21 Liverpool LAN
Mk1637f   WILLIAMS Hannah B 26 Liverpool LAN
Br072h    WILLIAMS May Wright 14 Liverpool LAN
Mk1357x   WILLIAMSON Ethel 22 Manchester LAN
Ty013b    WILMOT Martha 38 Birkenhead LAN
Kk025i    WILSON Charles 21 Liverpool LAN
Mk0559e   WILSON Leonora 22 Ulverston LAN
Mk0695b   WISE Walter 65 Crowl? LAN
Bn217a    WITHAM Albert N 32 Stalybridge LAN
Bn217b    WITHAM Sarah A 26 Manchester LAN
Mk0511b   WOOD Alfred 23 Bolton LAN
Mk1641d   WOOD Catherine 70 Bolton LAN
Mk0316yr  WOOD Jane 50 New Church LAN
Mk1503a   WOODCOCK Frederick A 50 Patricroft LAN
W094b     WOODHOUSE Hannah 31 Heywood LAN
Cn40f     WRIGHT Mary 55 Scawley LAN
Mk0667e   WRIGLEY Albert 14 Rochdale LAN
Mk0265a   WRIGLEY Arthur 29 Rochdale LAN
Mk0667a   WRIGLEY Joseph 72 Heywood LAN
Mk0667b   WRIGLEY Sarah A 66 Heywood LAN
Mk0667c   WRIGLEY Will 38 Heywood LAN
Cm133d    ADKIN Bertha 35 Sheepshead LEI
Cm133c    ADKIN Elizabeth 70 Sheepshead LEI
Cm050a    ADKIN George 38 Loughboro LEI
Id56c     AITKIN Alexander 1 Leicester LEI
Bn242a    ALESBROOK George 50 Stableton LEI
Bn199b    ANSELL Ann 44 Rothley LEI
Bn199c    ANSELL Ellen 21 Leicester LEI
Bn199d    ANSELL Florence 15 Leicester LEI
Mk0733b   ASHTON Maria 61 Drayton LEI
Bn186b    BAKER Clara 27 Leicester LEI
Bn184a    BAKER James 56 Leicester LEI
Bn184b    BAKER Priscilla 58 Leicester LEI
Mk0276a   BAKER Robert H 38 MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1636l   BARKER Thomas 23 CasDonnington LEI
Mk0452b   BATES Alice 40 Lowesby LEI
Mk0452e   BATES Charles 9 Hungarton LEI
Mk0452f   BATES Edgar 5 Hungarton LEI
Mk0452c   BATES Eleanor 12 Hungarton LEI
Mk0452g   BATES Norman 3 Normanton LEI
Mk0452a   BATES Thomas 43 Hungarton LEI
Mk0452d   BATES Winifred 11 Hungarton LEI
Mk1416b   BAYAN Annie 51 Kegworth LEI
Mk0571c   BERRIDGE John W 26 Cossington LEI
Cm060h    BEXON A 22 Shephed LEI
Mk0469b   BIRCH Sarah 72 Markfield LEI
Mk1391a   BODEN Annie 47 MeltonMowbray LEI
Cm091b    BODEN Susan 52 Gilmorton LEI
Mk0145g   BOOT Thomas 67 Earl Shelton LEI
Cm060i    BRADLEY S 19 Thorpe Acre LEI
W656a     BRAY Charles 37 StoneyStardon LEI
Mk0380j   BREWINS Susannah 35 StoneyStanton LEI
Ad01j     BUCKLER John E 26 Leicester LEI
Mk1487c   BUNDETT Eva 9 Leicester LEI
Mk1487d   BUNDETT Frank 6 Leicester LEI
Bn178a    BUNTING Elizabeth 59 Ingleby LEI
Mk1559f   BURNETT Annie 4 Leicester LEI
Mk1559d   BURNETT Bertha L 10 Leicester LEI
Mk1559c   BURNETT Ralph H 13 Leicester LEI
Mk1559e   BURNETT Thomas C 9 Leicester LEI
Mk1644o   BURTON Bertha 28 Laughton LEI
Mk0259b   CAHILL Eliza M 22 Donisthorpe LEI
W300e     CHADBURN Ellen 31 Ashby LEI
Mk1546a   CHAPLAIN Thomas 58 Kegworth LEI
Mk0380m   CHESTERTON William E 47 Leicester LEI
Mk0860a   CLARKE John Joseph 53 Leicester LEI
W221c     CLAYTON Albert E 23 Ashby LEI
W221b     CLAYTON Emma 44 Hinckley LEI
W051b     COOKE Agnes 32 Coleorton LEI
Mk1367a   COOPER Clara 39 Leicester LEI
Mk1504b   COOPER Mabel F 22 Leicester LEI
Mk1504a   COOPER Sarah Ann 56 Leicester LEI
Mk0552s   CROSHER John 63 Leicester LEI
Mk0552t   CROSHER John B 22 MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1637t   CURTIS Alicetta 18 MeltonMowbray LEI
Sh57d     DAKIN John Henry 38 CasDonnington LEI
Mk1434f   DAWKINS Annie Ethel 20 Leicester LEI
Mk0015a   DAY Robert Wm 31 Sutton St Jas LEI
Mk1347b   DEMMAN Ethel 20 MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1347c   DEMMAN Thomas 63 Stonesley LEI
Mk1347a   DEMMAN Thomas 29 MeltonMowbray LEI
Mk1430b   DRABBLE Emma 30 Moulton LEI
W101d     DRING Harriet 13 Shepshed LEI
Hw57c     EASTER Arthur 16 Kegworth LEI
Mk0671c   ELLIOTT James C 24 Kilby LEI
Mk1618a   ELLIS James 42 Blackfordby LEI
Br147a    ELLIS Joseph 64 Hatherin LEI
Mk1618b   ELLIS Sarah 41 MktHarborough LEI
Mk0394e   FARMER Arthur 21 CasDonnington LEI
Mk1538a   FARMER Charles H 40 Appleby Magna LEI
Mk0482j   FARNSWORTH Alice 28 Muston LEI
W426b     FAWCETT Mary Ann 40 Leicester LEI
Mk1334k   FISKE Edwin L 22 Loughborough LEI
Mk0482yk  FLAVELL Sarah 32 Armsby LEI
Mk1490a   FLUDE Joseph 61 BroughtnAstly LEI
Br038b    FOSTER Mary Jane 41 Rawlestone LEI
W655a     FREER Henry 36 Enderby LEI
Cm060d    GAMBLE E 24 Leicester LEI
Mk0216b   GOORVICK Catherine 31 No Mans Heath LEI
Mk1644p   GORDON Hannah 58 Desford LEI
Cw10a     GOSLING William 35 Rothley LEI
Mk1403a   GRANES Albert Ed 33 Leicester LEI
Br089a    HALL Sarah 64 Belton LEI
Cw11a     HANCER Samuel 28 Lt Tissington LEI
Id51b     HARDY Mary 35 Leicester LEI
Mk1003a   HARDY William H 59 Whitwick LEI
Md168f    HARRISON Arthur 4 Enderby LEI
Md168d    HARRISON Edith 7 Enderby LEI
Md168b    HARRISON Emma 28 Leicester LEI
Md168c    HARRISON Evelyn 9 Enderby LEI
Md168a    HARRISON George 30 Enderby LEI
Md168e    HARRISON Ida 5 Enderby LEI
Ad18b     HASTINGS Sarah A 52 Foxen LEI
W619a     HATCHETT James 33 Coalville LEI
Mk1217a   HAYWOOD William 32 Leicester LEI
Mk1336a   HIGGS Abraham 58 Sileby LEI
Mk1566a   HIGGS Elizabeth 86 Leicester LEI
Mk0390a   HILL William 57 Hungarton LEI
Mk1024a   HINKS Richard 74 Leicester LEI
Mk1539a   HIZES? Herbert 29 WoodhouseEavs LEI
Mk1539c   HIZES? Herbert W 3 Loughborough LEI
W896a     HOMER John 49 Ashby LEI
Kk025h    ISON? Gertrude 23 Loughborough LEI
Sh40a     JACKSON Eliza 71 Cullsten LEI
Mk1131d   JOHNSON Alfred 27 Leicester LEI
Mk1640d   KEY William Hy 57 Leicester LEI
Br128c    KNIFTON John Curtis 16 Ashby LEI
Cm078f    LAND Anthony 20 Leicester LEI
W005b     LAND Minnie 32 Coalville LEI
Mk1187a   LANE Trophimus 53 Syston LEI
W620c     LEE John R 26 Leicester LEI
Mk0238a   LEWIS Joseph 56 Loughborough LEI
Mk0306a   LEWIS William 54 Loughboro LEI
Mk1370b   LUSBY Nellie 30 MarketHarbrgh LEI
W309b     MALPASS Elizabeth E 33 Loughboro LEI
Cw09h     MANSTON George 14 Thorpe Acre LEI
Ty050b    MARSH Mary 49 Leicester LEI
Mk0814c   MARTIN Isaac 19 Loughboro LEI
Md097a    MARTIN Thomas H 36 Enderby LEI
Cm127a    MEE William 57 Stainton LEI
Mk0037a   MILLS Samuel 56 Belton LEI
Mk0589a   NEALE Emily 73 Loughborough LEI
Mk1267d   NEEDHAM Alfred 21 MeltonMowbray LEI
Bn009e    NEW George Henry 7 Ashby LEI
Bn009d    NEW John 12 Ashby LEI
Bn009c    NEW Percy C 14 Ashby LEI
Cm060a    NEWTON G H 26 Shepshead LEI
Mk1336e   NICHOLL Mary Ann G 21 Lichfield LEI
W101b     OGDEN Ethel J 27 Coalside LEI
Mk1129h   PAKER Geoffrey L V 10 Loughboro LEI
Mk0103b   PARSONS Emma 33 Lowesby LEI
Mk1566c   PEARSON Jane Elizab 68 Horncastle LEI
Ad21d     PETTS Edward 20 Belgrave LEI
Mk1278a   POTTER Emily Maria 47 Kebworth LEI
Mk0674a   POULTNEY Thomas A 35 Quorn LEI
Mk0005b   PRIDE Harriett 48 Leicestershre LEI
Mk1471e   REPTON Florie James 5 CasDonnington LEI
Br123b    REPTON Sarah Jane 59 Wymondham LEI
Kk077b    RICHARDSON Ann 31 Mackfield LEI
Mk0542b   ROBERTS Elizabeth 36 Earl Stilton LEI
Cm128b    ROBINSON Elizabeth 41 CasDonnington LEI
Mk1505a   ROBINSON Samuel 64 Markfield LEI
W489c     ROUSE Barton 28 Hamburton LEI
Kk104b    SAMPSON Mabel 37 Leicestershre LEI
Cm060f    SEAL R 38 Hercaston LEI
W622a     SHARKEY John H 53 Coalville LEI
Mk1566b   SHARP Catherine 42 Leicester LEI
Mk0990b   SHARPE Sarah A 36 Kegworth LEI
W287b     SHERRIFF Susannah 49 Not Known LEI
Mk0334p   SHIPMAN Agnes 26 Leicester LEI
Mk0812c   SMITH Elizabeth 79 Leicester LEI
Mk1458b   SMITH Emily 23 Wattham LEI
Cm060g    SMITH L 21 Loughboro LEI
W438a     SOUTHAM George 39 Enderby LEI
W803c     SQUIRES Archibald 19 Thurrington LEI
W803b     SQUIRES Elizabeth E 41 Thurrington LEI
W803e     SQUIRES Harold E 14 Thurrington LEI
W803d     SQUIRES Lilian G 16 Thurrington LEI
Id10b     STOKES Mary A 69 HigherBraghtn LEI
Mk1334m   SWANN Ernest 28 Loughborough LEI
Cm060b    SYKES H 56 Woodhouse LEI
Mk1637h   TAYLOR Annie Elizab 23 Ashby LEI
W067a     TAYLOR John 34 Leicester LEI
Sh71i     TAYLOR Samuel 30 Chillwall LEI
Mk0538f   THORPE Frederick W 24 St George LEI
Mk1267e   WAINWRIGHT Alfred Ed 18 WoodhouseEavs LEI
Ad23b     WAINWRIGHT Anna M 58 Billesdon LEI
Mk1335b   WAINWRIGHT Charles W 22 WoodhouseEavs LEI
W674a     WALKER Ann 46 Burton Lazars LEI
Br077e    WALKER Harriett 10 Coalville LEI
Ad27b     WALLIS Elizabeth 54 Billesden LEI
Mk1509b   WARD Florence H 30 Leicester LEI
Mk1352d   WARNER Benjamin 23 Leicester LEI
Mk0840d   WEBSTER Alice 24 Leicester LEI
W510a     WEBSTER Annie 59 Kegworth LEI
Ty127c    WEBSTER Clara 20 Leicester LEI
Ty127a    WEBSTER Joseph 34 Leicester LEI
Mk1548a   WEST Diana L 71 Sibeley LEI
Mk1504c   WHITE Frederick L 25 Leicester LEI
Mk0963b   WHITE Mary 61 MeltonMowbray LEI
W552d     WILEMAN Thomas 18 Ashby Zouch LEI
W683a     WILKINSON William 73 Hoadley LEI
Mk0482ym  WILLIAMS Mary 42 Kibworth LEI
Mk1221b   WILLN Mary Elizab 43 Thaddingworth LEI
Mk1193a   WILMOT Charlotte 65 Loughborough LEI
Mk0629e   WILMOT Mary J 56 Hucclescott LEI
Mk1281i   WILSON John Leslie 91 Somerby LEI
Kk101c    WINSON Walter 11 Leicester LEI
W174g     WIRBITON Thomas 23 Quorn LEI
W230a     WITHERS Albert H 35 Charnford Shd LEI
Bn257a    WORMLEIGHTON William 64 Loughborough LEI
W285b     WRIGHT Isabella 48 Wilson LEI
Mk0036a   WRIGHT Michael 54 Croft LEI
Mk0551f   ABRAHAM Annie E 25 Wainfleet LIN
Mk0919b   ADAMS Ellen 38 Wainfleet LIN
W129b     ALLEN Betsy 49 Bardney LIN
Mk0877c   ANDREWS Sarah 89 Manthorpe LIN
Mk0354e   ARCHER Martha J 48 Stamford LIN
Mk1120a   ATKIN Thomas 47 Lincolnshire LIN
W489a     ATKINSON Thomas 56 Earl Head LIN
Id22a     BALDWIN George H 27 SuttonStJames LIN
W341a     BARKER Alice 57 Spalding LIN
W461k     BARMAN Lydia 27 Hackem? LIN
Mk1395c   BATES Arthur Harly 6 Sutton Budge LIN
W360b     BEESTON Ann 70 Ropsley LIN
Mk0482h   BELLAMY William H 40 Horncastle LIN
Mk1474b   BIRD Lizzie 29 Middle Rasen LIN
Mk0372e   BLAKEY Henry 22 Lincoln LIN
Mk0721b   BODEN Charlotte 63 Gainsborough LIN
Mk0226c   BONSALL Martha 49 Moltan?Chapel LIN
Mk0185b   BOOT Matilda 34 S Lincolnshir LIN
Mk1190b   BOOTH Diana 65 Lincoln LIN
Mk1195a   BOOTH George 66 Boston LIN
Mk1403e   BRADSHAW Eva 23 Gainsborough LIN
Mk0447b   BRAMWELL Jessie M 39 Alford LIN
Mk0561a   BRENNAN Kate 29 Boston LIN
Mk1161j   BROUGHTON William 21 Spalding LIN
Mk1435c   BURLEY Gertrude 24 Sleaford LIN
Mk0385b   BUXTON Ellen E 61 Caistor LIN
Ad11b     CAULDWELL Jane E 56 MountPleasant LIN
Mk1190a   CLAYTON Ephraim 55 Lincoln LIN
Mk0953b   COLLIS Beatrice 28 Stowe LIN
Mk1642g   COOK Alice Maria 41 Boston LIN
Mk1642f   COOK Henry John 41 Wainfleet LIN
Mk0640a   COOMBS Susan 61 Suthon Bridge LIN
Mk0547a   COUSINS John E 35 Grantham LIN
W134b     COX Matilda 49 Lincoln LIN
Mk0795l   CREE Elizabeth A 27 Weston LIN
W359d     CROSS Kate 23 Stamford LIN
W849c     CUNNINGHAM Thomas 26 Crewell LIN
Mk0482yp  DADLEY Mary A 44 Stamford LIN
W297c     DAKIN Charles H 16 Sturton Stowe LIN
W297b     DAKIN Sarah A 43 Bransby LIN
Mk1413b   DALTON Mary Ann 31 Sutton Bridge LIN
Mk0662b   DAVIS Lousia 28 BroughtnBrigg LIN
Mk1636a   DOUBLEDAY Augustus C G 21 Sleaford LIN
Mk0227a   DRAKE Algernon R L 24 Market Rasen LIN
Mk1640g   DUNCAN Margaret 77 Walton LIN
Mk1334l   ENDERLEY William Hy 20 Boston LIN
Mk0482l   EVISON James T 31 Grimsby LIN
Mk0841a   GEORGE William 62 Hollreach LIN
Mk0424d   GOODWIN Mary S 30 Boston LIN
Mk0482u   GOOSEMAN Arthur 34 Grimsby LIN
W715b     GOULD Kate 30 Sutton St Edm LIN
W437a     GOULDING Walter 32 Waddington LIN
Bg15a     GREATHOLDER William 81 Boston LIN
Mk1628c   GREATOREX Sarah A 36 Marston LIN
Mk0698a   HADKIN Edward 72 Lincoln LIN
Cw11b     HANCER Ada Ellen 37 St Fred? LIN
Mk0932d   HANCOX Albert 18 Ashby LIN
Mk0287e   HANCOX George 19 Frodingham LIN
Mk0314e   HANCOX Walter 16 Ashby LIN
Mk0563c   HARDY Harold N 26 Blyton LIN
Mk1600b   HARNESS Mary A 48 Skegness LIN
Mk1395e   HARRISON John Henry 18 Grimsby LIN
Ad30b     HARRISON Sarah J 44 Miningsby LIN
Ad18a     HASTINGS James 49 Bilsby LIN
Mk0482g   HICKSON Harry M 43 Grimsby LIN
Mk1539b   HIZES? Emma 29 Fosdwyde? LIN
Mk0268b   HODGE Charlotte 25 Stamford LIN
Mk0268c   HODGE George A 2 Gt Grimsby LIN
Mk0268d   HODGE Walter B 10m Boston LIN
Mk0664a   HODGKINSON Mary J 55 Stamford LIN
Mk1607d   HOLLAND Robert C B 70 Raithby LIN
Md033b    HOUGHTON Mary Anne 39 Medlam LIN
Mk1640x   HOWSON Julia 64 Grantham LIN
Ty072b    HURD Sarah J G 57 Spalding LIN
Mk0019e   JAMES Albert E 38 Grantham LIN
Cn14a     JONES Ada 32 Walton Mills LIN
Mk0835c   KEIL Ellen 18 Wainfleet LIN
Mk1152b   KNOWLES Harriett 31 Boston LIN
Mk0482a   LAMMING Tom 36 Cleethorpes LIN
Mk0838b   LEES Harriett 26 Holbeck LIN
Mk0271b   LILL Emily A 43 Louth LIN
Mk0271a   LILL William 44 Legbourne LIN
W145b     MARSH Eliza 70 Lincoln LIN
Mk0482q   MARTIN Alfred 35 Grantham LIN
W490b     MILLER Alice 27 Hogsbank? LIN
Mk0482t   MOUNTAIN George 26 Grimsby LIN
Mk1643u   NEARN? Emma 67 Haceby LIN
Mk0826b   NICHOLSON Annie Maria 44 Hogsthorpe LIN
Mk0712c   NICHOLSON Lucy A 36 Swarby LIN
Mk0826d   NICHOLSON Walter H 12 Tenby LIN
Cm047b    NICKLINSON Fanny 49 Lincoln LIN
W646b     NOBLE Annie M 43 Long Sutton LIN
Mk1027a   O'CONNOR Augusta 60 Dornington LIN
Ad29b     PEACOCK Lucy J 46 Alford LIN
Mk1642o   PHELPS Marie 39 Louth LIN
Mk1569b   PICKEN Emil J 40 Lincoln LIN
Mk0841c   POLLARD George 50 MeltonMowbray LIN
Mk0482b   RACE Syssie 19 Grimsby LIN
Mk0282a   REYNOLDS James M 32 Melbourne LIN
Mk1627b   REYNOLDS Mary 63 Lincoln city LIN
Mk1627a   REYNOLDS Thomas 61 Marston LIN
Mk0966a   RODGERS John 46 Thurlby LIN
Mk0668a   ROSLING Joseph J 30 Corby LIN
Mk0030c   RYCROFT Miriam A 20 Grimsby LIN
W823c     SEWTON Florence 26 Gt Grimsby LIN
Mk0581b   SHARP Eliza A 63 Tetney LIN
Mk0604e   SHIPHAM John 78 Gainsboro LIN
Mk0113a   SHIPSIDE John H 30 Spalding LIN
W626b     SLATER Clara 31 Epworth LIN
W626e     SLATER Ida morgan 5 Epworth LIN
Mk0043b   SLATER Mary E 49 Bourne LIN
Mk0482f   SMITH George 52 Grimsby LIN
W372a     SMITH Georgina 58 Whaplode LIN
Md020b    SPENCER Elizabeth 49 Blankney LIN
Mk0663b   SQUIRES Lucy 51 Stickney LIN
Mk1638w   STAVIN Walter 24 Binbrook LIN
Mk0379a   STEELYARD Mary A 38 Boston LIN
Mk1572d   STONE Lusiana E 33 Lincoln LIN
W001b     SYMONDS Catherine M 35 Scawby LIN
W001a     SYMONDS Christophr B 35 Brigg LIN
Sh60b     TAYLOR Eliza 50 MarketDeeping LIN
Mk1364d   TAYLOR Gerty Ethel 18 Gainsborough LIN
Mk1378d   TAYLOR Minnie 18 Gainsborough LIN
Mk0474b   TAYLOR Rebecca 33 Billingham LIN
Mk0474a   TAYLOR William 30 Bonby LIN
W187a     THOMPSON Elizabeth 61 Whaplode LIN
Mk0668g   TREADOLES Caroline E 40 Gonerby LIN
Mk0668f   TREADOLES Sophia B 35 Gonerby LIN
Mk0256a   TURNER George (Mrs) 49 Gainsborough LIN
Cm052i    UNSE? Emily Ellen 20 Sutherton LIN
Cm120b    WAIN Nellie 40 Hoes Keney? LIN
Mk0754b   WALTON Jennie 30 Lincoln LIN
W474i     WARD Elizabeth 20 Gamston LIN
W217b     WARDMAN Harriet 34 Lg Bennington LIN
Mk1641c   WATSON Sybil M E 11 Stamford LIN
Cm082a    WATSON William 47 Lyston LIN
Mk0803b   WELCH Fanny Kate 36 Boston LIN
Ty072c    WELLBERRY Agnes 43 PinchbeckWest LIN
Mk1152c   WHEBOURNE Charles 10 Boston LIN
Mk1206a   WHITE Ethel 18 Lincoln LIN
Mk0082a   WILKINSON John E 33 S Lincs LIN
Mk0322a   WILLAN Anne E 63 Cosby LIN
Cn40a     WRIGHT John 36 Hibaldstow LIN
Cn40b     WRIGHT Mary 38 Norton LIN
Cn40c     WRIGHT Mary Ethel 8 Norton LIN
Cm046a    WRIGHT William John 44 Tetford LIN
Hw71b     YATES Elizabeth 49 Grantham LIN
Mk0604d   SHIPHAM Elizabeth D 16 Matara LKA
Mk0604c   SHIPHAM John F 20 Colombo LKA
Mk0010d   SMITH Florence M 13 Trincomala LKA
Mk0010c   SMITH Lilian Maud 15 Trincomala LKA
Mk0601b   ALLCROFT Iley S 42 Chelsea LND
Mk0934c   ALLEN James 18 Putney LND
Mk1643c   ALLEN Sarah Ann 60 London LND
Hp02b     ALLSOP Elizabeth 31 London LND
W796b     ALSOP Alice 42 London LND
Mk0653d   ANFIELD Lousia M 31 East Dulwich LND
W461d     ARKWRIGHT Ellen A 17 London LND
W461c     ARKWRIGHT Henry F 19 London LND
W461e     ARKWRIGHT Olive Lucy 15 London LND
Mk0275a   ATKINS Henry W 38 London LND
Mk0767a   BAKER Lucy 43 Camberwell LND
Mk0030b   BARNARD Emily E 44 Lambeth LND
Mk0030a   BARNARD Henry deCrez 53 Lambeth LND
Mk0593d   BECK Cicely 8 Wandsworth LND
Mk0720a   BENNETT Frank 53 Brixton Hill LND
Mk1645s   BENNETT George 62 Hoxton LND
Mk0406c   BIRNIE Selina M 47 Marylebone LND
W053b     BLASTOCK Annie 60 London LND
Mk0719a   BOND Alfred C 50 Blackheath LND
Mk0380h   BOTTLE Alice 46 Stk Newington LND
Mk1031b   BOWLER Hannah M 31 Strand LND
W300b     BOWLES Jane C 47 Marylebone LND
Mk1642r   BOWRIE John Wm 28 Dalston LND
W353d     BRAGG Alice L 40 London LND
Mk0190e   BRIGHT Dorothy 4 Marybowne LND
Mk0190d   BRIGHT Jessie 26 Newington LND
W158c     BRITTAIN Thomas E 27 Dalston LND
Md162b    BROOKS Frances 54 Westminster LND
W668b     BROWN Emily 33 Bow LND
Mk0428e   BROWN Harry 35 Tottenham LND
Mk1334d   BYE Lucy A E 22 Holloway LND
W840b     CARLINE Annie S 38 Marylebone LND
Mk1051b   CARLINE Mary E 18 London LND
Mk1645n   CAVIT Thomas E 39 London LND
Mk1129b   CLIPPITT Clara L 42 Dalston LND
Mk1129a   CLIPPITT John W 49 Clapton LND
Mk1357b   CLULOW Annie Alice 30 Blackheath LND
Mk0047a   COCKING William 59 Westminster LND
Mk0380c   COTHINGHAM Emma 31 Casland Rd LND
Mk0334l   CRAIG Kate 33 London LND
Mk0978b   CROWDER Louisa 35 Westminster LND
Id06a     CRUMP James B 65 London LND
Ty008b    DALE Julia R 37 Holloway LND
Mk1640c   DARLEY Arthur Wm 53 Clapham LND
Mk0639a   DAVIDGE Eliza A 40 Walworth LND
Mk0639c   DAVIDGE Nellie A L 7 Tooting LND
Mk0639b   DAVIDGE Reginald 11 Clapham LND
Mk0639d   DAVIDGE Robert N 5 Tooting LND
Cm064a    DAWES Alfred James 38 Bow LND
Mk1645l   DAY Edwin 75 Clapham LND
Mk1586d   DEAPOTER Augustus E 58 LewishamGreen LND
Mk1432h   DILLEY Thomas 26 Westminster LND
Mk1344c   DISTIN Mary T 73 St Pancras LND
Bn215a    DURANT Minnie 25 London LND
Mk0062d   FINCH Charles W 4 St Pancras LND
Mk1332c   FLETCHER Freda V 3 Fulham LND
Mk1332a   FLETCHER Frederic 31 Pimlico LND
Mk1054b   FLINT Jane 36 London LND
Mk0744a   FOWLER Sarah J 60 Greenwich LND
W353a     FOX Caroline 52 London LND
Mk0432b   FROGARTT Mary A 37 Edgeware LND
Mk0432c   FROGARTT Susan M 7 Hendon LND
Ty088e    FULLER Albert 15 Camden Town LND
Mk0912a   GILES Herbert E 26 Deptford LND
Mk0907e   GLYNN William 41 London LND
W624a     GODDARD George Fred 42 London LND
W044c     GOULD Henry H 5 Brixton LND
Mk1484a   GROVES Frank 26 London LND
Ty072d    HAMMOND William J 50 Bloomsbury LND
Mk1407c   HARRIS Benjamin 52 London LND
Mk1644d   HART Albert 38 London LND
Mk0267a   HART John 63 London LND
W348b     HARVEY Julia A 55 London LND
Mk1638p   HARWOOD Robb 31 London LND
Mk1593a   HAY John H 78 Bloomsbury LND
W901c     HICTON Mary 11 Chelsea LND
Mk1269e   HIROTS Ellen Ann 26 London LND
Mk1642h   HOLLAND Alfred James 34 Chelsea LND
Bn248c    HOLLIS Jesse 39 StGeoHanoverS LND
Bn248a    HOLLIS Thomas 73 Marylebone LND
Kk018a    HOLMES Andrew 50 London LND
Mk0198d   HOLMES Lilian 5 London LND
Mk0480c   HOPE Annie M 41 Paddington LND
Mk1358a   HOY Susannah H 38 London City LND
W630b     JAMES Louisa A 43 Poplar LND
Mk1643v   JAMES William 69 Westminster LND
Mk1645y   JEFFERSON Fanny Mary 41 Marylebone LND
Mk1646j   JONES Bessie Hannh 25 London LND
Hp01k     JONES Charles E 20 London LND
Mk1432j   KARMER Alfred Robt 25 Limehouse LND
Mk0605d   KILLICK Charles W 2 Clapham LND
Mk0638c   KINCHANT Marjorie 7 Tooting LND
Mk0100a   KIRBY Alfred E 29 London LND
Cm045c    KIRK Gladys Ada 5 S Kensington LND
Mk0643b   KIRKLAND Maude M 32 South Hackney LND
Mk1646m   LEA Norah 28 St Pancras LND
Mk1641q   LEWIS Hester 49 Hackney LND
Mk1281h   LYMONDS Robert F 90 London LND
Mk0017d   MACKINTYRE Ambrose 24 London LND
W086e     MADDEN Maud A 28 St Pancras LND
Mk1638c   MALLARD Florence L 23 Kings Cross LND
Mk1640u   MARSHALL Minnie Irene 32 London LND
Bn216b    MASON Lydia 43 London LND
Mk1589b   MELLER Ann F 34 Fulham LND
W174e     MELLOR Mabel 28 London LND
Mk0445a   MIDDLETON Laetitia 59 London LND
Ad44b     MILLS Florence 35 Bloomsbury LND
Mk0315e   MINNS? Richard N 25 Victoria Rd LND
Bn061e    MOODY Herbert 12 Highbury LND
Mk1333a   MORRIS Albert John 29 Marylebone LND
Mk1333c   MORRIS Annie Lilian 1 Fulham LND
Mk1333d   MORRIS Daisy Elizab 1 Fulham LND
Cm096e    MORRIS John 25 London LND
Mk0996a   MYCOCK Elizabeth 38 London LND
W499b     NAINLAN John 30 Woolwich LND
Mk1644i   OGDEN Edith Eliza 28 London LND
W735c     OLIVER Albert A A 41 Not Known LND
Mk0441b   PARK Lucy C 32 Bow LND
Mk1334f   PARNELL William 41 Deptford LND
Mk0996f   PHILIP William J 67 London LND
Mk0791g   PHILLIPS James 41 Camden Town LND
Mk1639s   PIGGOTT Eliza Emily 50 London LND
Mk1639r   PIGGOTT Lucas C 60 London LND
W623b     PILLEY Sophia 52 Borough LND
Mk1354b   PLUMMER Ethel 28 Greenwich LND
Hp01a     POLE-GELL Henry C 72 London LND
Hp01b     POLE-GELL Teresca C C 66 London LND
Mk1425b   POTTER Louisa 52 St Johns Wood LND
Mk1440d   PRICHARD Emily Jane 25 Walworth LND
Mk1053c   PURSLOW Edward 27 London LND
Bn251a    PURSLOW James 41 London LND
W467g     REVEN John William 3 London LND
Mk1638s   RICHARDSON Daisy Maud 25 Holloway LND
Mk1638t   RICHARDSON Florence E 23 Holloway LND
Mk1642k   RICKMAN William 52 Park Lane LND
Mk0829b   SAMUELS Emily 54 Paddington LND
W004c     SEARLE Allan Dudley 21 Peckham LND
W376d     SHARPE W H Leigh 20 Lewisham LND
Mk0014j   SHAWCROSS Thomas 35 London LND
Cn04f     SHEEN Samuel 18 London LND
Mk1646k   SHOTTER Hamilton G 29 London LND
Mk1644u   SHURMUR William 58 Lambeth LND
Mk1644f   SIEGENBERG Michael 47 London LND
Mk0649b   SLADEN Annie B 49 London LND
W885h     SMITH Blanche J G 44 Camberwell LND
W856b     SMITH Charles H 10 London LND
W885g     SMITH Emily E L 53 Paddington LND
Ad19a     SNOW George 39 London LND
Mk0450e   STACEY Robert 18 Poplar LND
Mk0445c   STOCKEY Elsie 17 London LND
Mk0445b   STOCKEY Hilda 19 London LND
Mk1572e   STONE Amelia M 27 London LND
Id05a     STORY John S 54 MileEnd LND
Ty072i    STURGEON Katherine F 36 Bloomsbury LND
Mk0765g   TARGLANT Elizabeth 24 London LND
Mk0695n   TAYLOR William 46 London LND
Mk0289c   TOLLADY Albert H 20 Marylebone LND
Mk0289b   TOLLADY Caroline 49 Marylebone LND
Mk0289d   TOLLADY Kate L 19 Marylebone LND
Mk0289e   TOLLADY Leonard A 14 Marylebone LND
Sh13d     TOMBLIN John 69 London LND
Md124a    TOPLIS William 46 London LND
Mk0678c   TULLOCK Loui 35 Southwark LND
Mk0464c   TURNER John W 21 Clapham LND
Bn228b    VIGE Elizabeth 72 London LND
W400a     WAGSTAFF Fred 34 London LND
Cm120a    WAIN Joseph 45 London LND
Ad52j     WALKER Constance 2 London LND
Mk1453d   WALKERDINE Sidney Henry 14 Blackheath LND
Mk1453b   WALKERDINE Sydney A 38 London City LND
Mk0922b   WALTON Louisa 31 London LND
Mk1410g   WATSON Arthur 16 Brompton LND
Mk1643q   WEBB Bertha M 28 London LND
Mk1645c   WEBB Conrade E 66 St Marylebone LND
Mk0176b   WEBB Ethel L 7 EastGreenwich LND
Mk0032g   WEBSTER Emilie 57 St Georges Sq LND
Mk1635d   WEBSTER Gertrude S 26 London LND
Ty072k    WHITE John 35 London LND
Mk1333e   WHITFIELD James 20 St Pancras LND
Mk1642y   WHITWAM Ellen 56 Islington LND
Mk1643a   WHITWAM Jessie 26 Dulwich LND
Hw20e     WICKENS William 19 Hammersmith LND
Mk1498b   WIDDOWSON Mary 73 St Pancras LND
Mk1640y   WILLIAMS Herbert Gray 46 London LND
Mk0298b   WILMOT Elizabeth J 32 Westminster LND
W230b     WITHERS Matilda 36 Brixton LND
W230c     WITHERS Violet J 8 Spitalfields LND
Mk1503b   WOODCOCK Ellen 45 London LND
Mk1404a   WOODFIELD William 73 Southwark LND
Mk1145b   WOODHOUSE Lydia M 32 Kentish Town LND
Mk1129c   WRIGHT Sydney B 29 Kensington LND
Br089e    WRIGHT Thomas 3 London LND
Mk0674c   WRIGHT William 20 Bermondsey LND
MAYO county
Ad09a     ATTRIDGE Elizabeth 44 Belmullet MAY
Mk0601d   ALLCROFT Evelyn 5 S Tottenham MDX
Mk0601c   ALLCROFT Marjorie 9 S Tottenham MDX
Bn199a    ANSELL William 46 Tottenham MDX
Mk0380q   BARWICK Belinda 42 London MDX
Mk0242b   BONNER Annie A 49 Hanwell MDX
Mk0723d   BRACKENBORO Hetty 21 Wood Green MDX
Mk0596a   CAMPBELL Hettie 29 Hackney MDX
Mk0623b   FROST Jessie 24 Twickenham MDX
Mk0723c   HART Edith K 8 Hornsey MDX
Mk0723a   HART Norman 41 Greenard MDX
Mk0961c   LOMAS William 13 Hornsey MDX
Mk0659b   MARRIOTT Mary 57 Sunatbury MDX
Mk1582a   MCARTHY Phillip J 39 London MDX
Mk1082a   MIDDLEDITCH Henry H 34 Hornsey MDX
Mk0231b   MULLEY Emma 70 Pinner MDX
Mk0231a   MULLEY Joseph 60 London MDX
Mk0706a   P---? Henry 58 London MDX
Mk0316yd  RATHBONE Frances 52 Hornsey MDX
Mk1637y   SEYMOUR Florence E 21 High Barnet MDX
Mk0384b   SHAW Ada 28 Twickenham MDX
Mk0659c   STEIRNE George 21 Hampton Wick MDX
Id08a     STEVENSON John R 33 Uxbridge MDX
Mk1405f   STONEMAN Emma 74 Highgate MDX
W296c     WILKINS Ellen L 28 London MDX
Sh80a     HICKMAN Frank 37 Bala MER
W525c     GRIFFITH Elizabeth 34 Llanbryn MGY
Mk0491b   LILLEY Mary I 27 Llanfyllin MGY
Mk1045a   SAVAGE George P 38 Arddleen MGY
Mk0482p   WATKINS Alfred E 23 Llanionog MGY
Mk0376c   DAVIES Annie C 23 Tredegar MON
Md126b    FLINT Gwenilliam 36 Blaenavon MON
Ad57b     SNOW Hannah 47 Penalt MON
Md126g    SPRAKE Edith 34 Blaenavon MON
W099j     SPRAKE Laura 30 Blaenavon MON
Mk0319h   TURTON Edith A 3 Waun Lleod MON
Mk0319j   TURTON Edward W 7m Waun Lleod MON
Mk0031b   BAILEY Elizabeth 37 Bedlington NBL
W639a     BLACKLOCK Robert 62 Haydon Bridge NBL
Ty018b    BRIDDON Mary 28 NewcastleTyne NBL
Mk1420b   FOUKES Mary Jane 43 Morpeth NBL
Mk1642b   HENDERSON Marion H 36 Newcastle NBL
Mk1645x   JEFFERSON Thomas 52 Newcastle NBL
Mk0017h   JOHNSON Hannah 67 NewcastleTyne NBL
Mk0695m   KAY Joseph 45 Newcastle NBL
Mk0891b   KINCH Kate Edith 42 Newcastle NBL
Mk0319k   MARSHALL Gertrude L 6m Blyth NBL
Mk0319i   MARSHALL Gladys 2 Blyth NBL
Mk1645k   MEIN Helen 14 Newcastle NBL
Mk1645j   MEIN Isabella 44 Ponteland NBL
Mk0603i   MILLER Alexander 36 Newcastle NBL
W503b     POTTER Martha 32 Shorewood NBL
Mk1644m   STEPHENS Annie J 61 Newcastle NBL
Mk1635e   STODDART Bethia L 33 Berwick Tweed NBL
W086b     WALDO Katherine A 17 Lourik NBL
Mk0148a   WRAGG Barbara 44 Northumberlnd NBL

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