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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in 1901 census

Listed are people who declare they were not born in Derbyshire
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(See Chapman County Codes to find county/country represented by code)
3,611 strays among 19,072 people from 88 counties & countries

AGY Anglesey -- AUS Australia -- BDF Bedfordshire -- BEL Belgium -- BKM Buckinghamshire -- BRA Brazil -- BRE Breconshire -- BRK Berkshire -- BWI British West Indies -- CAE Caernavonshire -- CAM Cambridgeshire -- CAN Canada -- CGN Cardiganshire -- CHE Switzerland -- CHI Channel Islands -- CHS Cheshire -- CMN Carmarthenshire -- CON Cornwall -- CUL Cumberland -- DEN Denbighshire -- DEU Germany -- DEV Devon -- DFS Dumfriesshire -- DOR Dorset -- DUR Durham -- ENG England -- ESP Spain -- ESS Essex -- FLN Flintshire -- FRA France -- GIB Gibralter -- GLA Glamorganshire -- GLS Gloucestershire -- HAM Hampshire -- HEF Herefordshire -- HOL Holland -- HRT Hertfordshire -- HUN Huntingdonshire -- IND India -- IOM Isle of Man -- IOW Isle of Wight -- IRL Ireland -- ITL Italy -- JAM Jamaica -- JSY Jersey -- KEN Kent -- LAN Lancashire -- LEI Leicestershire -- LIN Lincolnshire -- LKA Ceylon -- LND London -- MAY Mayo -- MDX Middlesex -- MER Merioneth -- MGY Montgomeryshire -- MON Monmouthshire -- NBL Northumberland -- NFK Norfolk -- NTH Northamptonshire -- NTT Nottinghamshire -- NZL New Zealand -- OXF Oxfordshire -- PEM Pembrokeshire -- PER Perthshire -- POL Poland -- RAD Radnorshire -- RUT Rutland -- SAL Shropshire -- SAM South America -- SCT Scotland -- SEA At Sea -- SFK Suffolk -- SGP Singapore -- SOM Somerset -- SRY Surrey -- SSX Sussex -- STS Staffordshire -- SWE Sweden -- UNK Unknown -- USA United States of America -- WAR Warwickshire -- WES Westmoreland -- WGM West Glamorgan -- WIL Wiltshire -- WLS Wales -- WOR Worcestershire -- YKS Yorkshire -- ZAF South Africa.

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Mk1081c   BALL Emily E 25 Norwich NFK
Ad51a     BARNARD Arthur 46 Norfolk NFK
Mk1395a   BATES Arthur John 30 Upnell NFK
Mk0275e   BEASLEY Charles R 25 Hilgay NFK
Mk0031e   BECKETT Lavinia S 24 Norwich NFK
Mk0757a   BENNETT John W 27 Southery NFK
Mk0757b   BENNETT Mary L 28 Southery NFK
Mk1577a   BILHAM Albert C 57 Stow Bedon NFK
Mk0675c   BUSSEY Ethel 24 Buxton Lamas NFK
Mk1564c   CHUBB Gilbert E 13 FornsettStPtr NFK
W548b     COLEMAN Alfred 24 Winfarthing NFK
Mk0428b   COOPER Jane 29 Norfolk NFK
Mk0015c   DAY Ernest B 9 Orpevill? NFK
Hp01h     EVANS Maude 15 Wymondham NFK
Hp12a     GRIX John 70 East Bilney NFK
W471g     HAZEL Charles Hy 3m Mandesley NFK
Mk0874b   HOLMES Emma 50 Rednall NFK
Mk0055b   HOPKINSON R G 60 Wells by Sea NFK
Mk0482yc  HUGH Percy 25 Heacham NFK
Mk1564d   JOLLY Robert 50 Norwich NFK
Cm040g    LAMBERT Elizabeth 40 Norfolk NFK
Ty111c    LANCASTER Julia 27 Fundonhall NFK
Mk1517a   LANDMORE Frederick W 38 Norwich NFK
W301a     MAINPRICE John C 54 Gt Yarmouth NFK
Mk1452a   PLUMMER Clement E B 47 Norwich NFK
Mk0925a   PORTER George 53 Witney NFK
Mk0188d   SCOTT Herbert 21 N Waltham NFK
Mk1643b   SEAMAN Alfred 57 East Lexham NFK
Cm040i    SOUTHEY Gertrude 20 Norfolk NFK
Mk0598a   THOMPSON R B 39 Norfolk NFK
W089b     TOMLINSON Emma 33 East Harling NFK
W715f     WRIGHT Henry 75 East Rudham NFK
Mk1639e   ABBOTT George S 38 Northampton NTH
Mk1643d   BARTON Alice Faith 35 Peterboro NTH
Mk1321b   BELLAMY Martha 60 Northampton NTH
Mk0759o   BENNETT Sarah 21 Oundle NTH
Mk1645e   CLARE Mary C 48 Wellingboro NTH
Mk0482i   CRADDOCK George 32 Wellingboro NTH
Mk0334n   CRAIG Harrietta 20 Peterboro NTH
Mk0334m   CRAIG Margaret 30 Peterboro NTH
Mk1413a   DALTON Frederic 39 Kettering NTH
Cm065a    DEW John 74 Aston NTH
Mk1268b   DOXEY Elizabeth J 30 Northampton NTH
Mk1379b   ETHERIDGE Elizabeth 39 Tywell NTH
Mk0717b   FARMER Fanny 48 Peterboro NTH
Mk1332b   FLETCHER Ada 24 Stoulton NTH
Mk0759d   HART Ernest F 10 Oundle NTH
Mk0759c   HART John H A 24 Oundle NTH
Mk0786a   HERSON William 62 Oundle NTH
Mk1355b   HOLLAND Elizabeth 39 Northampton NTH
Mk1521b   HOLLEBY Caroline 31 Muskham NTH
Mk1640l   HOPEWELL Ann Alice 46 Kettering NTH
Mk0246b   JELLY Sarah A 56 Yarwell NTH
W300f     JIMSON Martha E 30 Ashley NTH
Cn14b     JONES William C 10 Wollaston NTH
Hp01i     JONES William T 36 Wollaston NTH
Mk0369a   KNAPP Randolph 26 Barnack NTH
W426a     MASON Michael 65 Rushden NTH
Cm148b    ORME Katherine 54 Crick NTH
W359f     POSTLE Robert 33 Kingscliffe NTH
W492b     POTTER Annie 31 Wellenborough NTH
Mk0520k   RICHARDSON Elizabeth 72 Wollaston NTH
Mk0676c   ROWLATT Eliza 22 Fotheringay NTH
Mk1082e   ROWLATT Lucy 24 Fotheringhay NTH
Mk1332d   SIMONS Elizabeth 58 Lowick NTH
Mk1332e   SIMONS Tom 20 Stoulton NTH
Mk0415b   SWINDELL Fanny 40 Spratton NTH
W375a     TALBOT Joseph Henry 36 Slapton NTH
W092a     TALBOT William 40 Slapton NTH
W400d     WAGSTAFF Bob 5 HighamFerrers NTH
W400e     WAGSTAFF Cecelia Kate 3 HighamFerrers NTH
W400c     WAGSTAFF Frank 7 HighamFerrers NTH
Mk1446b   WALTHALL Hannah Elizb 41 Gayton NTH
Ad01e     WARMINGTON Hannah 34 Aynho NTH
Mk0032a   WARNER Herbert 48 Findon NTH
Mk0699a   WARR William 71 Northampton NTH
Mk1641b   WATSON Emily 46 Water Hewton NTH
Mk1641a   WATSON William Hy 47 Lamport NTH
Ty127b    WEBSTER Mary A 33 Sibbestoft NTH
Mk0244f   WELLS Harry 18 Kettering NTH
Mk1646l   WISSEN John Wm 40 Barnack NTH
Mk0794b   WRIGHT Albani A 51 Stanion NTH
Mk0794a   WRIGHT John 52 Marston NTH
Mk0417a   WYKES Brouett 31 Spratton NTH
W250c     ABBOTT Hannah 34 Sutton Ashfld NTT
W250d     ABBOTT John G 30 Sutton Ashfld NTT
W250b     ABBOTT Mary B 67 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Hw01b     ABELL Elizabeth 50 Wilford NTT
Mk0294a   ALLSOPP Alfred 44 MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294d   ALLSOPP Clara 21 MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294c   ALLSOPP Eliza A 23 MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0294b   ALLSOPP Elizabeth 44 MansfieldWood NTT
Mk0547g   ANTCLIFF Ada A 24 Mansfield Wdh NTT
Mk0555b   ANTCLIFF Annie E 38 Collingham NTT
Mk0555f   ANTCLIFF Arthur 17 Newark NTT
Mk0555c   ANTCLIFF Emily M 14 Newark NTT
Mk0555a   ANTCLIFF George W 48 Caunton NTT
Mk0255a   ANTCLIFF James 41 Caunton NTT
Cm142a    ARKWRIGHT Mary E 75 Newark NTT
Mk1442a   BAGULEY Robert 52 Beeston NTT
Mk0031d   BAILEY Eveline M 11 Basford NTT
Mk0972b   BAILEY Mary Ann 61 Collingham NTT
Mk0031c   BAILEY William L 13 Basford NTT
Mk0969b   BAKER Elizabeth 42 Barnley NTT
Mk0969a   BAKER Emmanuel 45 Collingham NTT
Mk0969c   BAKER Frank 11 Collingham NTT
Bn186a    BAKER James 29 Skegby NTT
Mk0969d   BAKER Louisa E 5 Collingham NTT
W111b     BALDOCK Mary A 69 Old Bashford NTT
Id22b     BALDWIN Sally S 27 Old Basford NTT
Mk1281a   BALLAND Frederick B 42 Nottinghamsh NTT
Mk0443d   BALLINGTON Mary 40 Worksop NTT
Mk1121a   BALLINGTON Sarah E 48 Worksop NTT
Cm046e    BARLOW Ada 22 Pleasley NTT
Bn027c    BARLOW Anne Mary 20 Mansfield NTT
Bn027a    BARLOW James 42 Mansfield NTT
Ad45e     BARNES John W 21 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0419d   BARRATT Frederick L 23 Nottingham NTT
Mk0419c   BARRATT William E 24 Nottingham NTT
Sh58i     BATES Mark 17 SuttonBonngtn NTT
Mk0593a   BECK Arthur 39 Nottingham NTT
Mk0552l   BECK Elizabeth 65 Nottingham NTT
Mk0552m   BECK Mary J 34 Nottingham NTT
Mk0720b   BENNETT Amy 44 Nottingham NTT
Ty130a    BENT Samuel 45 Mansfield NTT
W474b     BERRIDGE Ada M M 48 Nottingham NTT
W454d     BERTRAM A 25 Lowdham? NTT
Mk1640w   BESCOBY Sarah Anne 59 Retford NTT
Cm138a    BIDDULPH Jane 36 Pleasley NTT
W639b     BLACKLOCK Jane 60 Leverton NTT
Mk1356c   BODEN Ada Wilford 30 Swinton NTT
Mk1356d   BODEN Frederick A 5 Basford NTT
Mk1356b   BODEN Harriet 26 New Basford NTT
Mk1426a   BOND Annie 48 Stapleford NTT
W581a     BOOTH Harry B 23 Nottingham NTT
Mk1592e   BORT? Lillian G 26 HucknallHauth NTT
W269a     BOWYER Mary A 78 Nottingham NTT
Md032b    BRACE Mary Eliz 26 Pleasley NTT
W793g     BRADBY Charlotte 70 Markham NTT
Mk1433c   BRADWELL Janet 24 Nottingham NTT
Sh19b     BRAINLEY Mary 58 Rempstone NTT
Mk1351c   BRIDDON Eliza 30 Wollendon NTT
W004a     BROOKES Caroline 56 Nottingham NTT
Bn249b    BROOKS Mary 48 Farnsfield NTT
Mk0695a   BROWN Amy 52 Old Radford NTT
W422a     BUDWORTH Martha 61 Brinsley NTT
Bn106b    BUNTING Margaretta 48 Nottingham NTT
Bn203b    BUNTING Sarah E 28 Pleasley Hill NTT
W004b     BUTLER Beatrice L 16 Nottingham NTT
W373b     BUXTON Annie Elizab 35 Warsop NTT
Mk1374b   BUXTON Elizabeth 62 Nottingham NTT
Mk1635y   BYRON Frederick Wm 29 Mansfield NTT
Ty144c    CARTER Isaac 20 HucknallTorkd NTT
Mk0583a   CHALLAND Henry 39 Southwell NTT
Mk0890b   CHECKLEY Pattie 42 Nottingham NTT
Mk0890a   CHECKLEY William 57 Ragnall NTT
Mk1351f   CLARKE Polly 24 Nottingham NTT
As12a     CLAY William 22 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0241a   COLLINSON Mary Maud 53 Mansfield NTT
Ty145a    COOKE Charles H 57 SuttonAshfld NTT
Mk0695h   COOLING William 56 Southwold NTT
Mk1414a   COOPER Henry 54 Eastwood NTT
Ad37g     COOPER Sarah 71 Billborough NTT
W281b     COULTHREAD Sarah A 38 Daneswell NTT
Mk1444a   CUBLEY Henry H 42 Newark NTT
Mk0482c   DADLEY Ethel 18 Nottingham NTT
Mk1621b   DENNIS Monica 27 Nottingham NTT
Mk0654b   DOAR Esther L 41 Nottingham NTT
Sh22c     DOMBLES George 69 SuttonBonngtn NTT
Sh22d     DOMBLES Sarah 68 SuttonBonngtn NTT
Mk0716a   DOMLEO Barbara 62 SuttonBonntn NTT
Mk0716c   DOMLEO Florence E 37 SuttonBonntn NTT
Mk0716b   DOMLEO Mary E 39 SuttonBonntn NTT
Br075c    DOOLEY Mary 8 Greasley NTT
Br075b    DOOLEY Sarah 30 Greasley NTT
Mk0227b   DRAKE Lilian R 18 Nottinghamshr NTT
Mk0545b   DUDLEY Annie 24 Newark NTT
Mk0545c   DUDLEY Ethel M 16 Meden Bank NTT
Mk0545d   DUDLEY Florence M 14 Meden Bank NTT
Mk0545e   DUDLEY George W A 11 Meden Bank NTT
Mk0545f   DUDLEY John H C 6 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0551p   EDISON Charles P 13 Shireoaks NTT
Mk1215a   ELLIS William Thos 28 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0881e   ESMENT Albert 22 Nottingham NTT
Mk0645b   EVANS Hannah 61 Nottingham NTT
Mk0645a   EVANS William 71 Nottingham NTT
W899g     EVANS William 43 SuttonAshfld NTT
Sh59e     EVERY John 19 Beeston NTT
Mk0717d   FARMER Arusby E 20 Newark NTT
Mk0717f   FARMER Bernard 13 Newark NTT
Mk0717c   FARMER Fanny 24 Newark NTT
Mk0316ye  FARMER John H 40 Nottingham NTT
Mk0717e   FARMER Leo 16 Newark NTT
Mk0431b   FARNSWORTH Fanny 58 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0246c   FAWKES Joseph F 23 Claythorpe NTT
W111a     FINLEY Eleanor 39 Nottingham NTT
Mk1409e   FORRINGTON Betsy Margrt 19 Beckingham NTT
Mk0414a   FOSTER Charles R 29 Worksop NTT
W112a     FRITCHLEY John K 45 Hyson green NTT
Mk1048b   FROST Elizabeth 23 Langley Mill NTT
W612b     FULHAM Harriet 11 Lambley NTT
W805d     GADSBY Joseph 11 Rempstone NTT
W278b     GAMBLE Alice M L 28 Eastwood NTT
Mk0632d   GARRICK Anne 16 Nottingham NTT
Sh66j     GEORGE Eliza Hannah 33 Kimberley NTT
W797b     GIBBS Nellie 36 Saundby NTT
W797a     GIBBS Thomas 79 Bole NTT
Md141d    GOODALL Ernest 15 Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0210c   GOODMAN Frederick G 13 Nottingham NTT
Mk0210b   GOODMAN Therza 41 Eastwood NTT
Mk1207b   GRATTON Annie 37 Codnor Park NTT
W648a     GRATTON John 70 Retford NTT
Mk0424a   GRIFF George 61 St Marys Par NTT
Mk0424c   GRIFF Gertrude S 27 St Marys Par NTT
Mk0424b   GRIFF Sarah 62 Arnold NTT
W719c     HALL Luke 15 Nottingham NTT
Mk1624b   HALLAM Fanny A 56 Retford NTT
W803k     HAMPSON William H 19 Cropwell Brdg NTT
Sh16b     HANCOCK Emma 30 Nottingham NTT
Mk0541a   HAND Henry 58 Eastwood NTT
Cm086c    HARRISON Lilian 23 Mansfield NTT
Mk0944b   HARRISON Louisa 66 Nottingham NTT
Ad66a     HARRISON Richard 68 Nottingham NTT
Bn044c    HARTLE Charles Fred 14 Nottingham NTT
Ad18c     HASTINGS Lillie 26 Sutton Ashfld NTT
W824a     HAWLEY Dinah 52 Newark NTT
W644b     HEMMING Emmeline 37 Nottingham NTT
W644a     HEMMING John Perry 38 Nottingham NTT
Mk0927d   HENSON Aleck Clive 6 Ruddington NTT
Mk0927b   HENSON Emma 33 Ruddington NTT
Mk0927a   HENSON Richard 36 Ruddington NTT
Mk0927c   HENSON Tom Harold 12 Ruddington NTT
W712c     HIDES Elizabeth A 83 Greasley NTT
Ty144a    HIGDEN Thomas 57 SuttonAshfld NTT
Mk1336b   HIGGS Ada May 27 Nottingham NTT
Mk1336c   HIGGS Lizzie M 26 Nottingham NTT
Mk1433d   HILL Rebecca 26 KirkbyAshfld NTT
Mk1636p   HINTON John H E 17 Tankersley NTT
Mk0648a   HODGKINSON Agnes 70 Kirkby Ashfld NTT
W792a     HODGKINSON John 35 Lowdham NTT
Mk0648b   HODGKINSON Kitty A F 44 Edwinstowe NTT
Mk0547c   HOLEGATE Edwin 8 Greasboro NTT
Mk1521a   HOLLEBY Frederick Wm 30 Edwinstowe NTT
Ad35c     HOLMES Edward 14 Elstone NTT
Mk1093b   HOLMES Elizabeth 48 Nottingham NTT
Ad35b     HOLMES Maria 33 Elstone NTT
Mk1218b   HOPE Jess 21 Worksop NTT
Mk1640k   HOPEWELL Robert Wm 47 Granby NTT
Sh56f     HOUGH Lizzie 15 Nottingham NTT
Mk1084b   HOYLAND Elizabeth 53 Sutton NTT
Mk1641s   HUGHES George D 77 Nottingham NTT
Mk0370b   HURSTHOUSE Florrie 24 Nottingham NTT
Mk0496b   HURSTHOUSE Jessie A 48 New Basford NTT
Mk0228b   JACKSON Eleanor 26 Nottinghamshr NTT
Mk0739a   JACKSON James 75 Mansfield NTT
Mk0228a   JACKSON John Wm 28 Worksop NTT
Mk1636o   JEFFERY Albert 28 Nottingham NTT
Mk0695c   JOHNSON Fred 47 Nottingham NTT
Mk0930e   KEYTE Edward 15 Nottingham NTT
Mk0930f   KEYTE Ellen Marie 13 Nottingham NTT
Mk0930b   KEYTE George 20 Nottingham NTT
Mk0930d   KEYTE Walter 17 Nottingham NTT
Mk0930c   KEYTE William 19 Nottingham NTT
Mk1646g   KING Lydia E M 31 Newark NTT
Mk0241c   KIRK Jennie 27 Southwell NTT
Mk1486a   KNIGHT Thomas 51 Clayworth NTT
W728b     LAND Anne E 38 Trent NTT
W731a     LAND Mary Ann 64 Nottingham NTT
Ad45c     LAVER Doris 14 Nottingham NTT
Sh30a     LOOSE William 56 Mansfield Wdh NTT
Hw40b     LOWE Hannah 34 Under Wood NTT
Hw40c     LOWE Herbert 8 Cinderhill NTT
Hw40a     LOWE Thomas 31 Old Radford NTT
Bn032b    LUMBY Eliza Alice 27 MansfieldWdhs NTT
Bn032a    LUMBY Ernest 27 Pleasley Hill NTT
Bn032c    LUMBY Lucy May 6 MansfieldWdhs NTT
W309d     MALPASS Claude E 5 Nottingham NTT
W309c     MALPASS Joseph henry 8 Nottingham NTT
Mk1536b   MARSDEN Lizzie A 30 Annersley NTT
W793b     MARSH Amy 28 Retford NTT
W793a     MARSH John 39 Retford NTT
W793d     MARSH Lottie 6 Clayworth NTT
Ad11c     MARSHALL Mary E 16 Dunham NTT
Mk0041i   MARTIN Jane 38 Chilwell NTT
Mk0814a   MARTIN John 46 Arnold NTT
Mk0041h   MARTIN Johnstone 40 Chilwell NTT
Ty137d    MAYFIELD Annie 44 Warsop NTT
Mk0366c   MILLS Florence 12 Beeston NTT
Mk0366a   MILLS Job 30 Bunny NTT
Sh57c     MITCHELL Agnes 16 Pinxton NTT
Id39b     MOORE Ellen 65 Calvatory NTT
Mk1468b   MOORE Lydia 48 Budley NTT
Md068b    MOORE Sarah A 50 Eastwood NTT
Mk1085a   MORLEY William 44 Sutton NTT
Mk0795r   OAKEY Arthur A 47 Nottingham NTT
Mk0795x   OAKEY Mary E 45 Nottingham NTT
W398h     OATES Eliza Ann 20 Eastwood NTT
W392c     OGDON Fanny 12 Newark NTT
Mk1433b   OLIVER Mary Ann 64 Southwell NTT
Cm060e    ORRIDGE W 25 Mysall NTT
Bn130i    OSBORNE George 18 Blidworth NTT
Mk1423a   OSBOURNE John Knight 28 Ollerton NTT
W012a     OWEN Hugh 58 Nottingham NTT
Cm160b    PARKER Elizabeth 30 Radford NTT
Mk0459a   PARKIN John 41 Bartley NTT
Mk0655d   PAULSON Emily 17 N Collinshaw NTT
Mk0977b   PAULSON Esther E 51 Bainby NTT
Mk0977e   PAULSON George V 15 Collingham NTT
Mk0977c   PAULSON John H 22 Collingham NTT
Mk0977d   PAULSON Walter E 20 Collingham NTT
Mk0977a   PAULSON William 50 Bainby NTT
Bn086d    PEACH Ailoth 20 Radford NTT
Bn086f    PEACH Sarah L 26 Skegby NTT
Id38a     PEARSON Sarah 61 Nottingham NTT
Ad31h     PEPPER Fanny M 16 Granby NTT
Mk1642n   PHELPS Arthur 57 Sneinton NTT
Cm209b    PICKERING Dinah 39 Collingham NTT
W317g     PICKERING Lucy 14 Cottingham NTT
Ad71k     POLLARD Charlotte 16 Langley Mill NTT
Mk0520i   POLLARD Mary 58 Nottingham NTT
Ad43f     POLLARD Sarah A 14 Langley Mill NTT
Mk1595a   RAMSHALL Lydia 41 Newark NTT
Mk0400g   RAWSON George 29 Nottingham NTT
Mk0892a   REASON William 59 SuttonAshfld NTT
Mk1396b   REEDS Elizabeth 54 Nottingham NTT
Cm121g    RENSHAW John 26 Gringley NTT
Id20b     ROBINSON Sarah A 36 Nottingham NTT
Mk0966c   RODGERS Harriett L 13 Radcliffe NTT
Mk0966d   RODGERS Kathleen M 10 Collingham NTT
Ty146b    RODGERS Mary 64 Nottingham NTT
Mk0966b   RODGERS Mary Alice 44 Collingham NTT
Mk1000a   ROE John H 31 Attenboro NTT
W674f     ROLLEY Mary Elizab 17 Nottingham NTT
Mk0570a   ROPER Thomas A 28 Nottingham NTT
Mk0449a   ROWBOTTOM Ester J 42 Tuxford NTT
W868d     RYDE Leonard 29 Nottingham NTT
Ty069a    SANDERSON William 77 Retford NTT
W661a     SCOTHERN Henry 37 Nottingham NTT
W435a     SCOTHERN John 59 Burton Joyce NTT
Mk1082d   SCOTHORN Harriett 35 Kirkby NTT
Mk0990a   SHARPE George S 36 Bradmore NTT
Mk0316yi  SHAW William H H 35 Nottingham NTT
W009a     SHIELDS John 56 Newark NTT
Mk0604a   SHIPHAM Arthur 46 Retford NTT
Mk1385a   SHIPLEY William 37 Mansfield NTT
Ty067a    SIDDON Thomas 59 Nottingham NTT
Bn034e    SISSONS Florence 13 Pleasley Hill NTT
Bn308a    SISSONS James 30 Pleasley NTT
Bn034b    SISSONS Mary 49 Pleasley Hill NTT
Bn034c    SISSONS Mary Ellen 20 Pleasley Hill NTT
Bn034d    SISSONS Maud 18 Pleasley Hill NTT
W708c     SLACK Maria 80 Arnold NTT
Md116b    SLACK Mary E 24 Pleasley NTT
Mk0707a   SLACK Samuel 64 Eastwood NTT
W087f     SMITH Edwin 22 Newark NTT
Mk1526a   SMITH George 28 Ruddington NTT
Mk0825b   SMITH Harriet 44 Mansfield NTT
Mk0825c   SMITH Henry Revill 21 Mansfield NTT
Cm146b    SMITHARD Sarah E 55 Old Basford NTT
Kk033e    SPARROW Clara A 13 Burton NTT
As21c     SPENCER Ada M 4 Warsop NTT
Cw01d     SPENCER Mary H 18 Beeston NTT
W803a     SQUIRES Gershom 43 Cropwell Brdg NTT
Mk1343a   STAFFORD Clement 54 Lenton NTT
Mk1592b   STAINSBY Blanch H 39 HucknallHauth NTT
Mk1507c   STANLEY Edgar 40 Nottingham NTT
Mk0042a   STARR Charles 55 Hucknal Torkd NTT
Mk0943b   STATHAM Hannah Kate 56 Nottingham NTT
Mk0540a   STORER John 29 Basford NTT
W868b     STRAW Annie 35 Sneiton NTT
W868c     STRAW Gertie 31 Sneiton NTT
W868a     STRAW Marshall 27 Sneiton NTT
Bn075e    SWIFT Mary Nordis 24 Nottingham NTT
Mk1636m   TACEY Charles 20 Carlton NTT
Mk1520b   TAYLOR Annie 34 Nottingham NTT
Mk1433a   THICKETT Annie 53 Nottingham NTT
Mk0974b   THOMPSON Elizabeth 46 Winkburn NTT
Mk0555g   THOMPSON Fanny 66 Collingham NTT
Mk0555h   THOMPSON Katherine 28 Collingham NTT
Mk0574b   THOMPSON Sarah 27 Fotheringhay NTT
Mk0298h   TRUEMAN Benjamin 50 Sutton Ashfrd NTT
Mk0688e   TUDOR Mary C 59 Nottingham NTT
Mk0688a   TUDOR Thomas S 37 Nottingham NTT
Mk0582a   TURTON Samuel T 54 Cullingham NTT
Mk1598b   TYSON Thomas C 68 Nottingham NTT
Ty065a    ULYETT Thomas 50 Renneth NTT
Sh19a     VALENTINE Elizabeth 76 Rempstone NTT
Mk1549e   VEARNALS Arthur O 25 Lenton NTT
Mk1421a   WAGSTAFF Elizabeth 74 E Bridgford NTT
Mk0724a   WAGSTAFF Thomas R 67 Miston NTT
Mk1161i   WALKER Benjamin 26 Barton NTT
Mk1453e   WALKERDINE Edith Esther 11 Radford NTT
Mk0994c   WALTON Albert F 10 Skegby NTT
Mk0449e   WARD Dorothy 2 Tuxford NTT
Mk0671d   WARD George 20 MarkhamClintn NTT
Mk0449c   WARD Mabel 17 Worksop NTT
Mk0745a   WARD Martha 62 Bruisley NTT
Mk0449b   WARD Wallas 16 Tuxford NTT
Mk0449d   WARD Warrick 15 Tuxford NTT
Mk0355a   WARDLE John 39 Norton NTT
Cn09a     WARDS George W C 46 Nottingham NTT
Mk0699b   WARR Elizabeth 71 Nottingham NTT
Mk0065d   WARWICK Arthur 43 Nottingham NTT
W399e     WESTON Eliza 17 Skegby NTT
W399c     WESTON Emma 22 Mansfield NTT
W398b     WESTON Hannah Maria 46 Eastwood NTT
W399d     WESTON William 19 StonefordLane NTT
Md211d    WHEELDON Joe 13 CropwellButlr NTT
Md211e    WHEELDON Kate 11 CropwellButlr NTT
Mk1636h   WHITE Arthur 26 HucknallTorkd NTT
Mk1206d   WHITE Mabel 8 Collingham NTT
Mk0482yb  WHITWORTH George 69 Ampton NTT
Mk0392b   WILDGOOSE Annie 46 Caunton NTT
W296a     WILKINS Mary S 70 Nottingham NTT
Mk0982b   WILSON Annie W 33 Nottingham NTT
Mk0982a   WILSON Charles A 37 Nottingham NTT
Mk0982c   WILSON Hilda 14 Nottingham NTT
Mk0982d   WILSON Irene E 10 W Bridgeford NTT
W506c     WINSON Maud 10 Nottingham NTT
Cm089a    WITHAM Ann 72 Pleasley NTT
Mk0041d   WOODGER Mary 78 Nottingham NTT
Mk1173b   WOOLLEY Maria 34 Nottingham NTT
Ty044f    WRAGG Sarah 70 Graves Lane NTT
W485b     WRIGHT Emma 52 Eastwood NTT
Mk1635l   YEOMANS Elizabeth A 26 Toton NTT
Mk0807a   YOUNG George 24 Hucknall NTT
Mk0871a   YOUNG Henry Wm 22 HucknallTorkd NTT
Mk0694c   YOUNG Joe 20 Bullwell NTT
Mk0722a   CARGILL Campbell F 24 New Zealand NZL
Mk1597b   PICKFORD Sarah 33 New Zealand NZL
W510e     WEBSTER Ada 19 New Zealand NZL
W510b     WEBSTER Annie 31 New Zealand NZL
W510d     WEBSTER Charles 21 New Zealand NZL
W510f     WEBSTER Ethel 16 New Zealand NZL
W445a     WEBSTER John 29 New Zealand NZL
W510c     WEBSTER Joseph R 24 New Zealand NZL
Mk0611b   ALLEN Florence 34 Sydenham OXF
Mk0380l   ALLEN Sarah 50 Little Hasley OXF
W704a     BORSBERRY Henry 55 Hook Norton OXF
W062d     CHAULK Alice 23 Thame OXF
W062c     CHAULK Jane 38 Lt Haseley OXF
Mk1561d   COLLINSON Alfred G 22 Eynsham OXF
Mk1561b   COLLINSON Annie M 50 Mitten OXF
Mk1561c   COLLINSON Charlotte A 23 Eynsham OXF
Mk1561e   COLLINSON Elsie A 20 Eynsham OXF
Mk1561a   COLLINSON Henry 53 St Ebbs OXF
W480g     ELKINGTON Sarah A H H 43 Sandford OXF
Mk0553b   FOSTER Rosa C 31 Henley Thames OXF
Mk0964c   FRANKLIN Albert 13 Banbury OXF
Mk0964b   FRANKLIN Annie 28 Wardington OXF
Mk0964f   FRANKLIN Gladys 5 Banbury OXF
Mk0964d   FRANKLIN Rose 11 Banbury OXF
Mk0964e   FRANKLIN Samuel 9 Banbury OXF
Mk0964g   FRANKLIN William 3 Banbury OXF
Mk0919f   GALLOWAY Amy 28 Oxford OXF
Mk0179a   GESSEY William 48 Water Eaton OXF
Mk1638m   HOLLAND Ellen Maria 23 Chesterton OXF
Mk0891a   KINCH George Henry 47 Deddington OXF
Mk1384a   LAKE Frances Sarh 44 Souldern OXF
Mk0285a   PROFFITT Edward 33 Barton OXF
Mk1462h   ROBINSON Agnes Annie 24 Banbury OXF
W475a     STEVENS Sarah 52 Bucknall OXF
Mk0790a   STEVENS Thomas 82 Banbury OXF
Mk0876e   WOODLEY Thomas S 19 Witney OXF
Ad09b     ATTRIDGE Elizabeth 70 St Davids PEM
Mk1644h   WAKE Charlotte 73 Pembroke PEM
Mk0884d   NICOLAS Margaret E G 54 Perthshire PER
Mk1639i   GOULD Alexander 53 Poland POL
Cm040l    MORGAN Lucy 21 Vealt RAD
W706b     BROOKS Eliza 61 Oakham RUT
Mk1084g   BROWETT Rachael 23 Morcott RUT
Mk1436e   BURTON Caroline M 21 Langham RUT
W910a     CASTERTON Charles 62 Empingham RUT
Mk1302b   DAGLEY Harriet 32 S Sufferham RUT
Mk1302a   DAGLEY Harry 33 Oakham RUT
Mk0014p   DAIE? Edward 48 Tuffenham RUT
Mk0654f   FAULK Annie G 25 Oakham RUT
W372b     GOUDE Susan 40 Hetton RUT
Mk1610e   PRESTON William 42 Cattesmore RUT
Mk0628a   WARD Thomas 77 Edith Weston RUT
Mk0735b   ADAMSON Harriet 38 Wern SAL
Mk0345b   BALLINGTON Eliza 41 Shrewsbury SAL
W085a     BENYON John 67 Wem SAL
W162b     BRATBY Alice 33 St George SAL
Mk1510a   BURGESS Henry 44 Song SAL
Mk0337b   CLARKE Edward 49 Wellington SAL
Mk0337a   CLARKE Mary 59 Shipnall SAL
Mk0217a   COLLEY George 39 Ellesmere SAL
Mk0217c   COLLEY Mary A 41 Ellesmere SAL
Mk1573b   DAWS Florence 21 Shrewsbury SAL
Mk0534i   DEAN William H 20 Baschurch SAL
Mk0545a   DUDLEY John H 40 Aquaduct SAL
W619d     EDWARDS Mary 16 Clee Hill SAL
Mk0678a   EVANS William 34 Pitchford SAL
Mk0287b   EYRE Annie 47 Cleobury Mort SAL
Bn233b    GREAVES Mary 43 Wellington SAL
Mk0277c   GREENFIELD Annie 42 High Offery SAL
Mk1061a   GROWCOTT Charles 61 Shrewsbury SAL
Ty113b    HANDLEY Sarah A 28 Dawley SAL
Kk008b    HOMBERSLEY Elizabeth 41 Normacot SAL
Kk008a    HOMBERSLEY William 83 Ketley SAL
Mk0086b   IBOTTSON Isabella 37 Bridge North SAL
Sh20b     JEFFREY Agnes A 30 Hawley SAL
Mk1477d   JONES May 21 Bridgenorth SAL
Mk1635t   JONES Sarah Jane 27 Preesgween SAL
Mk0747a   KIRKHAM Emma 62 Shrewsbury SAL
Mk0303b   LANGFORD Emily A 27 Oldbury SAL
Mk0303a   LANGFORD George 55 Broseley SAL
Bn033b    LONGDON Rachel 58 Stanton SAL
W634a     MARTIN Edward 42 Clee Hill SAL
W634b     MARTIN Mary 45 Clee Hill SAL
Mk1293g   OLDBURY Martha 28 Wellington SAL
Mk1636d   POUND Charles 21 Ludlow SAL
Hp07b     PYKETT Maggie 24 Shrewsbury SAL
W654b     RILEY Martha 31 Caynham SAL
Mk0335b   STEPHENS Harriett 48 Horsehay SAL
W358b     TAIT Anne 46 Hinstock SAL
Mk1601c   TEASDALE Thomas 32 Albrighton SAL
Hw75b     WHEATLEY Elizabeth 44 Stretton SAL
Cm040k    WILLIAMS Alice 23 Whitchurch SAL
W474f     COLLIN Frederick C 16 Georgetown BG SAM
W474g     COLLIN H C 13 Georgetown BG SAM
Mk1643f   ADAM Catherine 41 Scotland SCT
Mk1643e   ADAM Ellen 71 Scotland SCT
Id56a     AITKIN James 67 Scotland SCT
Hp05a     ARCHIBALD James 40 Scotland SCT
Mk1524d   BENNRIE Margaret R 72 Scotland SCT
Mk1642q   BOWRIE William 59 Scotland SCT
Mk1641f   BULLOCH John 80 Scotland SCT
Mk1639d   CABLE John 66 Scotland SCT
Mk1639u   CALVERT Catherine 62 Scotland SCT
Mk1605b   CARDIN Frances 40 Scotland SCT
Mk0455a   COCHRANE Jeassie 53 Edinburgh SCT
Mk1501d   COVENAY Helen 59 Colvend SCT
Mk0334h   DALZIEL Frances 43 Scotland SCT
Hp01e     DAVIDSON Bessie 30 Perth SCT
W594c     DRYBURGH Grace C 27 Scotland SCT
Mk0576d   DURWASH Griff 24 Scotland SCT
Mk0576b   DURWASH Lawrie 26 Scotland SCT
Mk0576c   DURWASH Louisa 19 Scotland SCT
Mk1538c   FARMER Francis H 9 Edinburgh SCT
Bn035b    FELLOWS Harriett 25 Scotland SCT
Mk1365a   FENWICK Annie 62 Ayrshire SCT
Ty076a    FORBES William 41 Aberdeen SCT
Mk1593g   FRASER Jane 29 Rothshire SCT
W461j     FROST Ellen 54 Scotland SCT
Mk0482v   GRAY Patrick 25 Glasgow SCT
Mk0759a   HART John B 49 Scotland SCT
Mk0723b   HART Sophia 42 Scotland SCT
Mk1593b   HAY Jemima R 67 Blair Atholl SCT
Mk1363a   INNES John C 50 Scotland SCT
Mk1524b   JAFFREY Agnes C 30 Scotland SCT
Mk1524a   JAFFREY William 30 Scotland SCT
Mk1643m   JENKINS Helen P 58 Scotland SCT
Mk0997b   JEPSON Martha 63 Scotland SCT
Mk0795d   KEMP Emily 51 Scotland SCT
Mk1440a   LENNOX William 64 Scotland SCT
Mk0883a   LESLIE Josephine 70 Edinburgh SCT
Mk0144l   MACKENZIE James M 47 Aberdeen SCT
Mk0014m   MACLACHLAN Peter 22 Lanard SCT
Mk1646e   MACLEOD Duncan M 25 Scotland SCT
Mk0014l   MACRAE Hector 22 Inverness SCT
W039b     MANNACH Bessie 30 Glasgow SCT
Ty137f    MCDONALD Archibald 28 Scotland SCT
Cm043a    MCDONALD Elizabeth 43 Scotland SCT
Mk0482yd  MCFARLAND Robbie 26 Grennock SCT
Id40b     MCINTOSH Jane 46 Scotland SCT
Id40a     MCINTOSH William 43 Scotland SCT
Mk0406i   MCLAREN John 37 Glasgow SCT
Cm201b    MCVICKERS Catherine 32 Glasgow SCT
Bn227b    MITCHELL Elizabeth 62 Harwick SCT
Id14e     MUCKLE William 25 Scotland SCT
Mk0460a   MUIR James G 47 Scotland SCT
Mk0911c   NELSON Annie M S 15 Scotland SCT
Mk1084j   NOTMAN John H 16 Airrie SCT
Mk1084d   NOTMAN Mary J 21 Rossshire SCT
Cm043b    PORTER Agnes 24 Scotland SCT
W711f     RICHARDSON James S 6 Scotland SCT
Mk1593f   ROBERTSON Annie 29 Scotland SCT
Mk1642i   ROBSON John 58 Scotland SCT
Mk0759i   SHAW Ellen M 62 Scotland SCT
Mk0759h   SHAW Marion M 64 Scotland SCT
Mk0406e   STEWART James L 25 Dundee SCT
Mk0254d   SUTHERLAND Margaret 37 Scotland SCT
W268b     TAYE Annie 53 Scotland SCT
W095b     TIPPER Mary A 58 Stranrear SCT
Sh68a     WALL Alexander 66 Scotland SCT
Sh68b     WALL Annie 30 Scotland SCT
Sh68d     WALL Jane 24 Scotland SCT
Sh68c     WALL William 28 Scotland SCT
Mk0552p   WATSON Mary 51 Dumbarton SCT
Mk0551g   WEBSTER George A 32 Scotland SCT
Hp01c     WEIR Elizabeth 40 Thurso SCT
Mk0275b   ATKINS Mary A 37 On Sea SEA
Mk1380a   WALLIS George 41 At sea SEA
Sh81b     CALLADINE Sarah 41 Leiston SFK
Bn278b    COOPER Henrietta R 29 Shotley SFK
Mk0654e   DOXEY? George C 37 Thorndon SFK
Mk1610c   GOULD Charles W 3 Chelmsford SFK
W615b     GRAFTON Annie 32 Mildenhall SFK
Mk1645v   JAGGARD Laura H 61 Ixmouth SFK
Mk1645u   JAGGARD William 62 WalshamWillow SFK
Mk0636b   MOULT Anna C 29 BuryStEdmunds SFK
Ad31e     NEWMAN Laura A 24 Cavendish SFK
Bn209a    O'BRIEN Lucy 88 BuryStEdmunds SFK
W391e     PALMER Edward 16 BuryStEdmunds SFK
Mk0450a   READ James D 46 Blundeston SFK
Mk1228b   SMITH Agnes 37 Hundon SFK
Mk0289a   TOLLADY Harry 49 Bury St Edmds SFK
Cm042a    WEBBER Walter F 32 Bungay SFK
Mk0695d   WILLIAMS Henry 60 Ipswich SFK
Mk0694b   YOUNG Susan 43 StratfordAndr SFK
Mk1047b   SKINNER Margaret A 36 Straits SGP
Mk1321e   BELLAMY Elizabeth L 64 Temple Cloud SOM
Mk1321a   BELLAMY Frank Robert 62 Temple Cloud SOM
Mk0558b   BROOKSBANK Susan S 54 Long Sutton SOM
Mk1641m   COX Edith Ramsey 28 Yatton SOM
Mk0759k   CROSS Julia M 41 Bath SOM
Cm037b    DILLON Rhoda 46 Nether Stowey SOM
Mk1306c   DONEGAN Adaia 21 Burtle SOM
Mk1579a   DONEGAN Frank J 26 Work? SOM
Mk1306a   DONEGAN Joseph F 51 Bath SOM
Mk1306b   DONEGAN Pamela 47 Mark SOM
Mk0541e   DONEGANI Horace G 23 Weston SOM
Mk0405b   DRURY Mary A 62 Bath SOM
Ty102b    ELLIS Emily 39 Weston SOM
Mk1412a   ETCHES Marion 26 Edington SOM
Mk0406h   FISHER S 41 Clutworth SOM
Ty111e    FLETCHER Martin 43 Bath SOM
Mk1608b   FOWLER Martha G 51 Taunton SOM
Mk1640s   GILLIMORE Kathleen R 30 Yatton SOM
Mk1610b   GOULD Ellen 32 Minehead SOM
Mk1610a   GOULD William 32 Minehead SOM
Mk0759j   GRATTON Eleanor M 26 Chard SOM
Mk0405c   GREGORY Annie A 27 Bath SOM
Mk0409a   HEAL John P 35 Wellington SOM
Mk0745b   KNIGHT Rosa 30 Tureston Aire SOM
Ad17a     LEE Benjamin 50 CheltonPolden SOM
Ad17b     LEE Sarah E 50 Winscombe SOM
W776d     MILLARD Sarah 53 Corston SOM
Bn061a    MOODY Alfred Wm 41 Bath SOM
Bn061b    MOODY Alma 40 SheptonMallet SOM
Bn061d    MOODY Violet 15 Clandown SOM
Mk1130c   MORGAN Emily 18 Bristol SOM
Mk1085b   MORLEY Florence 42 Bath SOM
Mk1644l   PARSONS Anna Maria 48 Moorlinch SOM
Mk0755b   PLATTS Mary 35 Ashcott SOM
Mk1345b   PYNE Mary 67 Wiveliscombe SOM
Mk0402f   READY Frank M 9 Wincanton SOM
Mk0295f   VIVIAN George 61 Bath SOM
Cn40d     WRIGHT John 6 Upper Wooton SOM
W474c     BERRIDGE Grace Lilian 19 Lower Norwood SRY
W474d     BERRIDGE Muriel 18 Lower Norwood SRY
W300a     BOWLES Charles E B 52 Woking SRY
Bn195b    COMERY Caroline 28 Surbiton SRY
Bn278a    COOPER John W B 37 Croydon SRY
Mk0904a   DANIELS Edward Wm 45 Godstone SRY
Mk0453a   DICKENS Frances 71 Croyden SRY
Mk1644s   FITZJAMES Ethel Annie 28 Richmond SRY
Mk0549d   GOSLING Ella 32 Richmond SRY
Mk1646h   GRAHAM Alice 55 Albury SRY
Mk0759b   HART Elizabeth K 47 Guildford SRY
Mk1593d   HAY Edith 35 Carshalton SRY
Mk1593c   HAY Emily 38 Carshalton SRY
Mk1593e   HAY Rose 28 Carshalton SRY
Mk0605a   KILLICK Charles 30 Dorking SRY
W015c     NORTON Frank 2 Guildford SRY
Mk1334h   PASSELL? Bernard 11 Wandsworth SRY
Mk0520j   RICHARDSON Edwin 67 Peckham SRY
Mk0795w   SERLE Richard T 50 Rother---? SRY
Mk0734a   SHEPPARD Alfred 36 London SRY
Mk1601e   THORNTON Frederick S 41 Surrey SRY
Mk0032d   WARNER Annie 19 Kingston Hill SRY
Mk0921a   WHERRETT George 50 Walton SRY
Mk0800a   WHERRETT William 25 Croyden SRY
Mk1218d   WHITE Felix Walter 26 Epsom SRY
Cn40e     WRIGHT Frances E 4 Shelford SRY
Mk0907d   BAILEY Frank 33 Brighton SSX
Mk1577b   BILHAM Rhoda 59 Rotherfield SSX
Mk0488b   BODEN Alice M 21 Worthing SSX
Mk0231e   BUNNING? Adelaid E 44 Arundle SSX
Sh81c     CALLADINE H 60 Brighton SSX
Mk0705a   COLLINS Sarah A 55 Stedham SSX
Mk1635g   JORDAN Alberta B 17 Worthing SSX
Br131c    MACRAE Colin J 30 St Leonards SSX
Mk1107c   NIBBS Eliza M 65 Brighton SSX
Mk1354d   PLUMMER Elsie Grace 19 Hastings SSX
Mk1354a   PLUMMER William Edwn 32 Hastings SSX
Mk0402e   READY Dora 11 Brighton SSX
Mk0402d   READY Ethel 12 Brighton SSX
Mk0604b   SHIPHAM Annie 45 Brighton SSX
W299a     VARNEY Henry 26 Brighton SSX
Kk021b    WHEELDON Henrietta A 46 Ecclesbourne SSX
Ty072e    WOOD Herbert G 31 Newhaven SSX
Mk1503c   WOODCOCK Mary 6 Brighton SSX
W472p     (NOT KNOWN) Charles 21 Newcastle STS
Mk0058b   ADAMS Caroline 48 Sudbury STS
Cm133b    ADKIN Sarah 33 Dunstan STS
Ty093b    ALLEN James 55 Lichfield STS
Mk0895b   ALLEN Sarah Elizab 45 Warelow STS
Hw81b     ALLSOPP Mary 43 Stanton STS
Ty030b    ALLWOOD Rose 28 Burton Trent STS
Mk0552j   ANDREWS Gertrude 18 Blakwall STS
Mk1582b   ARNOLD Lucy C 29 Hilderstone STS
Mk1406b   ASBURY Alice 36 Longton STS
Mk1638e   ASBURY Edith 20 Stapenhill STS
Mk1406a   ASBURY Thomas 34 Stoke Trent STS
Mk0249b   ASTLES Agnes 26 Willenhall STS
Mk1366d   BADGER Henry B 33 Wolverhampton STS
Mk1499b   BADGER Rhoda Jane 30 Ellastone STS
Cm078e    BALL James Ernest 36 Freehay STS
Ad31j     BAMFORD George H 18 Repton STS
Mk1353a   BANCROFT Sarah Jane 35 Walsall STS
Mk0729b   BARNET Elizabeth 26 Not Known STS
Mk0729d   BARNET Harriett 23 Not Known STS
Hw12d     BARNETT Samuel Wm 9 Smethwick STS
Cm142f    BARRET Mary E 22 Burton Trent STS
Ty108a    BARTON Ellen 43 Willenhall STS
Mk0308e   BATES Clara 29 Burton Trent STS
Kk073a    BATES Fredrick 36 Alrewas STS
W474e     BATKIN Wilmot C 13 Ilton STS
Mk0573a   BECK Albert 29 Hatton STS
Mk0573b   BECK Sarah 28 Onecote STS
Ty061a    BEECH Hugh 50 Walsall STS
Hw06b     BEESTON Jane 41 Drayton STS
W089g     BENTLEY Annie 59 Sandon STS
Mk0626a   BENTON Walter 77 Walsall STS
W085b     BENYON Martha 67 Chesterton STS
W028a     BEVAN Selina 62 Hanbury STS
Sh37c     BIRKIN Ellen 19 Newcastle STS
Ty019b    BLACKWELL Mary 41 Willenhall STS
Mk1515h   BLAGG Elizabeth 21 Stoke Trent STS
Mk1052a   BLAYMIRE George 31 Mayfield STS
Sh58h     BLOOD George 20 Stapenhill STS
Hp14b     BLORE Ellen 73 Calton STS
Hp14a     BLORE George 71 Calton STS
Hp14c     BLORE Joshua 67 Calton STS
Cw01a     BLORE Simon 74 Calton STS
Mk1324b   BODEN Elizabeth 65 Yoxall STS
Mk0212b   BODEN Maria 40 Willenhall STS
Cm117d    BOSLEY Albert E 9 Alstonfield STS
Cm117a    BOSLEY Joseph 37 Alstonfield STS
Cm117e    BOSLEY Wilfred 7 Alstonfield STS
Cm117c    BOSLEY William 15 Alstonfield STS
W558c     BOTHAM George 16 Burton Trent STS
W799a     BOWLER Elizabeth 64 Alstonefield STS
Id45a     BOWLER George 31 Chedleton STS
Mk1258b   BOWN Annie Agnes 33 Tiscall STS
Mk1184b   BRADBURY Sarah A 40 Lichfield STS
Mk1637u   BRADSHAW Annie 23 Hednesford STS
Mk1135e   BRAMHAM Esther 23 Burton Trent STS
Mk1357m   BROOKS Emma 21 Wednesbury STS
W836a     BROWN Emma 60 Burslow STS
Mk1611b   BUCKLEY Catherine 49 Burton Trent STS
Cm007b    BUCKLEY Maria 30 Pelsall STS
W080a     BUCKNALL Elizabeth 64 Waterfall STS
Mk0334f   BULLOCK Clara 23 Rolleston STS
Ty040b    BUNTING Ann 43 Willenhall STS
Mk0833b   BUNTING Hannah 56 Staffordshire STS
Mk0843b   BUNTING Henrietta 41 Tutbury STS
W291b     BUNTING Isabella 48 Bilston STS
Ty017b    BUNTING Jane 77 Hazeley STS
W291c     BUNTING John 8 Bilston STS
Mk1510b   BURGESS Rose 43 Wolverhampton STS
Bn256a    BUSH Isaac 60 Burslem STS
Mk1188b   BUTTERY William 30 Hollington STS
Mk0017j   CALLWELL Jane 72 Staffordshire STS
W256c     CALOW Joseph 4 Hanley STS
Ad42c     CAMPION Malcom 21 Kingston STS
Ad50d     CARRINGTON Arthur B 12 Wetton STS
Ad50a     CARRINGTON Ellen 47 Wetton STS
Ad50b     CARRINGTON John A 15 Wetton STS
Ad49h     CARRINGTON Samuel 16 Wetton STS
Ad50c     CARRINGTON William 14 Wetton STS
Mk1637s   CHADWICK Clara 19 Burton Trent STS
Mk0186d   CHADWICK Herbert 30 Burton STS
Bn135b    CHARLESWORTH Ruth 23 Burton Trent STS
W583d     CLAXTON Adeline B 7 Burton Trent STS
Hw12a     COLLEY Enoch 40 Wolverhampton STS
Mk0953c   COLLIS Rose 9 Stafford STS
Mk0953a   COLLIS William Hy 31 Ellaston STS
W622c     CONIBEAR Eliza 20 Burton Trent STS
Sh32f     COPE Martha 34 Uttoxeter STS
Mk0371e   CORRALL Gertrude A 27 Henley STS
Mk0406g   CRISWELL? Henrietta S 50 Lipton STS
Mk0650f   CRITCHLOW Lydia 21 Norton Green STS
Id06d     CRUMP Florence M 23 W Bromwich STS
Id06e     CRUMP Hilda M 14 W Bromwich STS
Mk1444b   CUBLEY Julia Gert 43 Dresden STS
Hw19c     DAKIN Sarah Jane 17 Onecote STS
Id05b     DAUKS Ellen 46 Litchfield STS
Sh53b     DAVENPORT Sarah Ann 35 Rushden STS
Mk1084c   DAVIES Alice M 23 Lichfield STS
Mk0453e   DAVIS Jessie 6 Burton STS
Mk0641c   DEAN Ellen 65 Bettey STS
Ty058a    DENNIS Henry F 49 Burton Trent STS
Mk0453c   DICKENS Oscar 16 Burton Trent STS
W472o     DISHLEY Thomas 21 Newcastle STS
Mk1306i   DONEGAN Eric G 9 Ilam STS
Mk1306h   DONEGAN Josephine F 11 Ilam STS
Mk1306d   DONEGAN Winifred 19 Ilam STS
Mk0223a   DOOLEY John 30 Burton STS
Mk1387a   DUNN Charles 44 Brierley Hill STS
Mk1387d   DUNN Florence 24 Brierley Mill STS
Mk1387c   DUNN Gertrude 21 Brierley Mill STS
Mk1129g   ELLIOT Geoffrey F 11 Walsall STS
Mk0932b   EMERY Harold 9 Wolstanton STS
Mk1412c   ETCHES Alice 11 Ilam STS
Mk0915c   EVERETT Elizabeth 20 Leek STS
Mk0915b   EVERETT Henrietta 41 Leek STS
Id43b     FEARN Annie 45 Stanton STS
Br131f    FEARN Francis E 6 Uttoxeter STS
Mk0536a   FELTHOUSE Charles 37 Tamworth STS
Mk0536b   FELTHOUSE Fanny 61 Tamworth STS
Mk0536c   FELTHOUSE Herbert 30 Tamworth STS
W048c     FIELD Anne E 21 West Bromwich STS
Mk1464a   FINNEY William 58 Alton STS
W097b     FISHER Gertrude M 42 West Bromwich STS
Sh32b     FLETCHER Frances M 40 Uttoxeter STS
Br110b    FLINT Hannah 35 Kingsley STS
Hw27a     FLOWERS John 38 Cheadle STS
Hw27d     FLOWERS Sam 9 Cheadle STS
Mk1424d   FOLLOWS Clement H 7 Coxley STS
Mk1424b   FOLLOWS Esther 30 Bilston STS
Mk1424a   FOLLOWS James Daniel 33 Bilston STS
Mk1424e   FOLLOWS Ralph W 3 Coxley STS
Mk1424c   FOLLOWS Wilfred 9 Coxley STS
Mk1044a   FOX Luke W 35 Burton STS
Mk0432a   FROGARTT Albert 36 Fuizeley STS
Br119b    GARNER Emily 38 Wolstanton STS
Mk0632c   GARRICK Elizabeth 73 Barton Needwd STS
Mk1637k   GEARY Emily 23 Tutbury STS
Bn299a    GERARD Benjamin 41 Cauldon STS
Sh42e     GIBBS Ann Cecilla 23 Chase Town STS
Mk1357k   GINGALL Harriet 20 Burton Trent STS
Mk1357l   GINGALL Minnie W 21 Burton Trent STS
Mk0216a   GOORVICK Ernest E 30 Barton Needwd STS
Br120i    GOULD Martha 84 Burton STS
As05a     GOULD William 58 Wetton STS
Bn046d    GREENOUGH Kate 12 Uttoxeter STS
Mk1542b   GREGORY Eliza 44 WheatonAshton STS
Mk0476f   GRINDY Joseph 47 Waterfall STS
As19d     GRUNDY Maria 61 Oakamore STS
Bn259a    HADDOCK George 39 Kings Bromley STS
Hp18d     HADFIELD Harriet 33 Waterfall STS
Hp18b     HADFIELD Lydia 69 Wallbrook STS
Md156a    HANDS Charles 22 Walsall STS
Md149b    HANDS Elizabeth 46 Walsall STS
Mk1082g   HANSLOW Ada 17 Five Ways STS
Mk0200b   HARDY Fanny 29 Alton STS
Br134d    HARRISON John 75 Onecote STS
Kk057a    HARRISON John 84 Cheadle STS
Mk1459f   HARRISON John 77 Roleston STS
Mk1406e   HAWLEY E Sheldreda 34 Longton STS
Mk1638u   HEADLEY Dorinda F 34 Harborne STS
Mk1306k   HEAL Albert Ed 17 Ilam STS
Br149b    HEATHCOTE Louisa 36 Waterfall STS
Mk0624a   HENSHAW Abraham 66 Staffordshire STS
W232b     HIGTON Mary E 24 Dudley STS
Mk0029f   HILL Frank 23 StrettonBurtn STS
Mk0559d   HILL Lillie F 29 Newcastle STS
Mk1477c   HINGLEY Ethel 18 Wolverhampton STS
W526b     HITCHCOCK Roseanna 23 Burton Trent STS
W798b     HODGKINSON Rose A 28 Burton Needwd STS
Mk0012b   HODGSON Annie Maud 32 Tamworth STS
Ty159a    HOLLAND William 52 Helstone STS
W290a     HOLLINGSHEAD James 72 Latheridge STS
Mk1418f   HOLMES Emily 24 Barton STS
Hw52b     HULME Rachel 34 Caverswall STS
Mk0434b   HURD Florence L 29 Wolverhampton STS
Mk0434e   HURD John E 1 Wolverhampton STS
Mk0145h   HYDEN Fanny 18 Cannock STS
Sh75b     JACKSON Annie 25 Lullington STS
Mk0870a   JAMES John 54 Stafford STS
Mk1270g   JEPSON Mabel 19 Uttoxeter STS
W584b     JOHNSON Bessy 68 Ellaston STS
Cn27a     JOHNSON Ralph 38 Bradnop STS
W513b     JOHNSON Sarah 60 Boyleston STS
W710a     JONES Benjamin S 49 Wolverhampton STS
Mk0008g   JONES John 34 West Bromwich STS
W710b     JONES Sarah E 47 Wolverhampton STS
Mk0711b   JORDAN Olive M 28 Stoke Trent STS
W042a     KELSALL Mary 25 Stoke Trent STS
Mk1315a   KIDD Mary 55 Mayfield STS
W105a     KILLER Anne 60 BartonNeedwod STS
Mk0895g   KINDER George 25 Burton STS
Mk0795p   KITCHINGS James 52 W Bromwich STS
Mk0281b   KNOWLES Elizabeth 39 Cannock STS
Mk1152e   KNOWLES John 87 Newbury STS
Cn01b     LAMB Mary 48 Ilam STS
Bn008a    LAND Jane 32 Tipton STS
Bn049c    LAND Mary Ann 22 Burton STS
Mk0697a   LARNEY William 55 Worsall STS
W673a     LAWTON Frances A 29 Silverdale STS
Mk0018l   LAWTON John 45 Wednesbury STS
Ty095f    LESTER Percy 21 HallstoneFlds STS
Sh53l     LINES Ernest 19 Lichfield STS
W362b     MACBETH Martha Fanny 36 Wednesbury STS
W276f     MACK Charlotte 45 Burton Trent STS
W309a     MALPASS Reuben 35 Adbaston STS
W716d     MANLEY Richard 26 Not Known STS
Mk0660b   MARSDEN Alice 30 Draycott STS
W509c     MARSH John J 15 Mayfield STS
W837b     MASKREY Keturah 31 Staffs STS
Mk0760g   MASON Ada 20 Dunishall STS
Hw84d     MASSEY Harold 19 Burton STS
Kk025g    MATHEWS Edith 23 Anslow STS
As25b     MATKIN Annie 37 Butterton STS
Mk1252a   MCGREGOR George 36 Walsall STS
Sh42a     MEDDINGS William B 59 Bymhall STS
W316a     MEETTIT Thomas Wm 30 Calton STS
Mk0482ya  MELLOR Harry 23 Leek STS
Br074b    MELLOR Mary Ann 43 Waterhouses STS
Mk1188a   MELLOR William H 29 Hollington STS
Mk1188e   MELLORS Charles R 2 Hanley STS
Mk1188c   MELLORS Ellen 33 Bramshall STS
Mk1188d   MELLORS Hilda 12 Hanley STS
W463b     MILLER Matilda 46 Barton STS
Ad44a     MILLS George 28 Marchington STS
W157a     MILLWARD Samuel 59 Longnor STS
Mk1104b   MILLWARD Sarah 56 Alstonfield STS
Ty095g    MILWARD Hannah 22 Shawfield STS
Mk1641g   MOORE Edwin Samson 51 Newcastle STS
Mk0713b   MOTTESHEAD Annie 29 Newcastle STS
Mk1364a   MOTTRAM Joseph 58 Winkhill STS
Mk0760a   MOXON William 46 Rugeley STS
W907a     MYCOCK Hannah 88 Ipstones STS
Br025a    MYCOCK John B 53 Alstonfield STS
W907b     MYCOCK Olive 47 Bradnop STS
As01a     MYCOCK Rupert 30 Leek STS
Ty088a    MYCOCK William 67 Warsler STS
Hw44b     NASH Ellen 50 Longton STS
Hw44a     NASH Samuel 50 Scropton STS
Mk0826e   NICHOLSON Reginald S 11 Longton STS
Mk1208b   OAKS David 31 Ellaston STS
Mk1208d   OAKS Emma 25 Stanton STS
Mk1208a   OAKS George 28 Ellaston STS
Mk1208c   OAKS George 1 Ellaston STS
Mk1318c   OLDKNOW Mary 18 Tutbury STS
Br080a    OULSNAM John 39 Barlaston STS
Mk0377e   OWEN Hetty 20 Tutburt STS
W423b     PALIN Jane 47 Hansworth STS
Hw49b     PARKER Maria 60 Burton Trent STS
Cm052h    PARR Elizabeth 18 Stownal STS
W440a     PATTIN Arthur Edwd 34 Wolverhampton STS
Mk1357t   PEAK Arthur  C 46 Penkridge STS
Mk0494b   PEAT Alice 26 Burton Trent STS
Mk0732f   PEGG Lousia 18 Burton Trent STS
Mk0714d   PICKERING Emma 56 Sheen STS
As07b     PICKERING Hannah 49 Boylston STS
W130b     POTTER Mary J 24 Burton STS
W575d     POYSER Violet A 15 Caulton STS
Mk1281d   PREACE Edith 17 Burton Trent STS
As19b     RAINS Sarah 61 Ashbourne STS
Ad42e     RAWLINS George 16 Kingston STS
Bn314a    RAYNES Ann 67 Alrewas Hay STS
Mk0892e   REASON Ethel 18 Staffordshire STS
Ad49g     REDFERN Edwin 63 Wetton STS
Ad49d     REDFERN George H 29 Wetton STS
As05b     REDFERN John 43 Butterton STS
Ad49a     REDFERN John 75 Wetton STS
Ad49e     REDFERN Mary 25 Wetton STS
As05c     REDFERN Mary 54 Wetton STS
Ad49b     REDFERN Mary A 65 Eckstone STS
Ad49c     REDFERN Sarah E 33 Grindow STS
Ad49f     REDFERN William 23 Wetton STS
Hp11b     REPTON Sarah 75 Caulton STS
W498a     RHODES Benjamin 53 Longton STS
W498b     RHODES Elizabeth 49 Hanley STS
W428e     RHODES Martha Ellen 27 Abbey STS
Mk1342b   RICHARDSON Annie 28 Burton Trent STS
Mk0954a   RIPTON Alice 25 Bramshall STS
Sh58g     ROACH John 20 Coton Elms STS
Kk110f    ROBINSON George 18 Waterhouses STS
Mk0048b   ROOSE George 30 Sheen STS
Cm206b    ROSE Mary 58 Willand STS
Mk0443a   ROWLAND Charles 87 Burton Trent STS
Mk0018j   RUSHTON Arthur 18 Leek STS
W138c     RUSSELL Laura 21 Rowley STS
Cn06e     SEALS Emma Louie 9 Ilam STS
W722b     SHAW Elizabeth A 42 Crape March STS
Mk1644r   SHAW Millicent A 64 Wolverhampton STS
W807i     SHERIFF Hesikiah 7 Margaton STS
W807e     SHERIFF Hope 7 Calton STS
W807f     SHERIFF John W 3 Longton STS
W807c     SHERIFF Tillidia 12 Cresswell STS
W288a     SHERRIFF Joe 29 Burton STS
Kk063b    SHERWIN Selina 30 Cannock STS
Ty063b    SHIPLEY Maria 82 Hanley STS
Hp01j     SIDWELL William 24 Tutbury STS
Sh56g     SIGLEY? Lawrence 17 Leek STS
W006a     SIMKISS William H 35 Oldbury STS
Mk1569g   SIMPSON Edith 17 Kings Bromley STS
Hw55b     SIMS Margret 64 Calton STS
Mk0075b   SLACK E 30 Colton STS
Mk1095a   SLACK Eliza 67 Leek STS
Br037c    SLACK Harriett 51 Butterton STS
Sh45d     SLANEY Thomas 40 Denstone STS
W678b     SLATER F Edward 25 Lichfield STS
Mk1411b   SLATER Sarah N 24 Burton Trent STS
Mk0246a   SMEDLEY Betsy 60 Loughton STS
Mk1357d   SMITH Bertha 28 Burton Trent STS
As19c     SMITH Charles 63 Ashbourne STS
Kk014c    SMITH Ezra Thomas 16 Burton Trent STS
Mk1526c   SMITH Grace O 5 BartonUnderwd STS
W472n     SMITH Jesse 26 Newcastle STS
Cm145b    SMITH Lilly 34 Burton Trent STS
Cw01e     SMITH Mathew 72 Calton STS
Bn007b    SMITH Sarah 34 Tipton STS
Kk014d    SMITH Silas Geo Wm 12 Burton Trent STS
W146c     SMITH Thirza 18 Dudley STS
W125a     SMITH Thomas C 29 Mayfield STS
Mk0011d   SPEED George A 15 Newcastle STS
Mk0011c   SPEED Mary Ann G 21 Newcastle STS
Mk0011b   SPEED Sarah F 23 Newcastle STS
Cw09b     SPENCER Emily 36 Shenston STS
Mk1025b   SPENCER Emma 24 Rookery STS
W205f     SPENCER Fanny 9 Walsall STS
W205b     SPENCER George 17 Walsall STS
W205c     SPENCER Joseph 14 Walsall STS
W575b     SPENCER Mary 38 Waterfall STS
W205d     SPENCER Mary A 15 Walsall STS
W205e     SPENCER May 12 Walsall STS
Mk1025d   SPENCER Olive 1 Uttoxeter STS
W424d     SPENCER Polly 14 Walsall STS
Md191b    SPENCER Priscilla 26 Wednesbury STS
Ib5c      SPENCER Thomas 18 Stafford STS
W468d     STAFFORD Annie B 11 Banbury STS
W468c     STAFFORD Mary C 15 Banbury STS
W468b     STAFFORD Mary Elizab 36 Banbury STS
Hw52a     STANLEY John 45 Dresden STS
Mk0212a   STARKEY William 76 Willenhall STS
Mk0541f   STICKLAND Clara 21 Ch Broughton STS
W797d     STONE Ada 20 Burton Trent STS
Mk1462k   STONE Florence 27 Tipton STS
Ad67b     STORER Elizabeth 81 Cotton STS
Mk0482yn  SUMMESLIN? Walter I 32 Wolverhampton STS
Sh56b     SUTTON Lizzie 31 Butterton STS
Sh53n     SWINDELLS Catherine 30 Rushden STS
Mk0641b   TAYLOR Ann 67 Bettey STS
W235b     TAYLOR Emma 28 Burton Trent STS
Mk1520a   TAYLOR Frank 33 Staffordshire STS
Mk1254b   TAYLOR Mary 58 Austenfield STS
W673b     TAYLOR Selina 50 Silverdale STS
W317d     TAYLOR William 73 Ilam STS
W839a     TAYLOR William 40 White Heath STS
Mk0586b   TEASDALL Lizzie 34 Burton Trent STS
Mk0264b   THACKER Eliza A 26 Needwood STS
Mk0133a   THOMPSON George H 49 Mayfield STS
Mk0795u   THORNEYCROFT Thomas F 67 Newcastle STS
Mk0253b   TOPLIS Hannah 32 Willenhall STS
W480j     TOPLIS Mary E 18 Rolloerton STS
Bn272d    TOPLISS Hannah 18 Moisa STS
Mk1366b   TRESISE Fanny 40 Buxton Trent STS
Mk1366c   TRESISE Jessie 9 Buxton Trent STS
Mk1366a   TRESISE Joseph Nichl 40 Buxton Trent STS
Br037a    TRUMAN Sarah 54 Butterton STS
Ad39b     TURNER Annie 47 Pensnet STS
Ad39e     TURNER Naomi 15 Burton Trent STS
Ty079b    TWIGG Hannah 54 Burton Trent STS
Ad01h     UDALE Harriet 27 Calwick STS
W367d     UDALL Annie 12 Burslem STS
Mk0286c   UDALL May 9 Wolverhampton STS
W199b     VALLANCE Emma 51 Longnor STS
Cm142g    VARNON Olive B 18 Barton STS
Mk0578a   WAGER Mary 57 Longnor STS
Mk0224b   WAGSTAFF Matilda 45 W Bromwich STS
Mk1335c   WAINWRIGHT Jane 22 Uttoxeter STS
Mk1224d   WALDREN Arthur 22 Wensbury STS
Br115b    WALKER Mary 29 Stanton STS
Br077a    WALKER Robert 60 Mayfield STS
W405b     WALKER Sarah 32 Tipton STS
W405c     WALKER William 13 Dudley STS
Mk0502b   WALL Mary 23 Norton Green STS
Ad27a     WALLIS Edwin F 52 Comberford STS
Br046b    WALTON Ann 50 Waterhouses STS
W472m     WARD Edward 22 Newcastle STS
Kk006b    WARD Mary 39 Stanton STS
As33a     WARD Thomas 51 Gravelly Bank STS
Ib9c      WARDLE Arnold L 2m Knutton STS
Ib9b      WARDLE Elizabeth 30 Silverdale STS
Sh45e     WARRINGTON Elijah 18 Barton Walton STS
Br039b    WATSON Elizabeth 34 Mayfield STS
Mk0553d   WATSON Emma 24 Burton Trent STS
W480i     WATSON Irene 17 Rollerton STS
Mk1459e   WEAVING Tom 13 Stapenhill STS
Cm042e    WEBBER Agnes L 4 Burton Trent STS
Cm042b    WEBBER Anne Laura 33 Wolverhampton STS
Cm042c    WEBBER Harold G 10 Burton Trent STS
Cm042f    WEBBER Marion I 2 Burton Trent STS
Cm042d    WEBBER Walter T 7 Burton Trent STS
W536a     WEYWELL James 76 Yoxall STS
Mk1081b   WHEATCROFT Sophia C 49 Wolverhampton STS
Ad56a     WHITEHURST Joseph 51 Dilland STS
Mk1035e   WHITWORTH Selina 2 Lower Golman STS
Mk0501a   WILDGOOSE Mary A 68 Marston STS
Mk0632b   WILDGOOSE Mary A 50 Barton Needwd STS
Mk0846b   WILDGOOSE Sarah 42 Barton Needwd STS
W472a     WILLIAMS Alfred 51 Stafford STS
Ad42d     WILSON William 24 Kingston STS
Mk1527e   WOLLERSCROFT George 26 Ilam STS
Mk1527d   WOLLERSCROFT Mabel Rose 1 Mayfield STS
Mk1527b   WOLLERSCROFT Rose E 26 Swinscoe STS
Mk1527a   WOLLERSCROFT William 29 Mayfield STS
Mk0594d   WOOD - 17 Burton STS
Cn08i     WOOD Sarah Ann 24 AbbotsBurnley STS
Mk0034b   WOODHOUSE Mary 37 Burton Trent STS
Hp14d     WOOLISCROFT Mary 79 Calton STS
W285a     WRIGHT Charles 53 Barton Needwd STS
Hp17e     WYATT George 63 Stone STS
As37b     YATES Elizabeth 38 Basford STS

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