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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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STRAYS in 1901 census

Listed are people who declare they were not born in Derbyshire
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(See Chapman County Codes to find county/country represented by code)
3,611 strays among 19,072 people from 88 counties & countries

AGY Anglesey -- AUS Australia -- BDF Bedfordshire -- BEL Belgium -- BKM Buckinghamshire -- BRA Brazil -- BRE Breconshire -- BRK Berkshire -- BWI British West Indies -- CAE Caernavonshire -- CAM Cambridgeshire -- CAN Canada -- CGN Cardiganshire -- CHE Switzerland -- CHI Channel Islands -- CHS Cheshire -- CMN Carmarthenshire -- CON Cornwall -- CUL Cumberland -- DEN Denbighshire -- DEU Germany -- DEV Devon -- DFS Dumfriesshire -- DOR Dorset -- DUR Durham -- ENG England -- ESP Spain -- ESS Essex -- FLN Flintshire -- FRA France -- GIB Gibralter -- GLA Glamorganshire -- GLS Gloucestershire -- HAM Hampshire -- HEF Herefordshire -- HOL Holland -- HRT Hertfordshire -- HUN Huntingdonshire -- IND India -- IOM Isle of Man -- IOW Isle of Wight -- IRL Ireland -- ITL Italy -- JAM Jamaica -- JSY Jersey -- KEN Kent -- LAN Lancashire -- LEI Leicestershire -- LIN Lincolnshire -- LKA Ceylon -- LND London -- MAY Mayo -- MDX Middlesex -- MER Merioneth -- MGY Montgomeryshire -- MON Monmouthshire -- NBL Northumberland -- NFK Norfolk -- NTH Northamptonshire -- NTT Nottinghamshire -- NZL New Zealand -- OXF Oxfordshire -- PEM Pembrokeshire -- PER Perthshire -- POL Poland -- RAD Radnorshire -- RUT Rutland -- SAL Shropshire -- SAM South America -- SCT Scotland -- SEA At Sea -- SFK Suffolk -- SGP Singapore -- SOM Somerset -- SRY Surrey -- SSX Sussex -- STS Staffordshire -- SWE Sweden -- UNK Unknown -- USA United States of America -- WAR Warwickshire -- WES Westmoreland -- WGM West Glamorgan -- WIL Wiltshire -- WLS Wales -- WOR Worcestershire -- YKS Yorkshire -- ZAF South Africa.

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Mk1635u   MARTINSSON Agda B E 19 Sweden SWE
As33h     BARBER Alfred G 1 Not Known UNK
Id18a     BEESTON Henry 76 Not Known UNK
Mk0422c   BLACKSHAW James 57 Not Known UNK
Hw88b     CLERK Mary 69 Not Known UNK
Mk0806b   DAVIS Eliza 43 Not known UNK
Mk0305e   FAY Emily E 52 Not Known UNK
Ty051f    HAMILTON Ada 20 Not Known UNK
W877b     HOUGHTON Mary J 39 Not Known UNK
W532a     KIRK John 75 Not Known UNK
Mk1632g   KNOWLES Jane 43 Not Known UNK
Sh59d     LANGLEY William 22 Not Known UNK
Ib9d      LIGHTFOOT Frances 52 Not Known UNK
W789c     MARPLES Arthur 88 Not Known UNK
Mk0687e   NORTH Frederick 21 Not known UNK
Mk0704g   PONTIFESC S M 30 Not Known UNK
Ty155a    SMITH Edward 35 Not Known UNK
As33g     SMITH Eric 15m Not Known UNK
Hw32a     SMITH Sarah 55 Not Known UNK
W537b     SPENCER Jane 32 Not Known UNK
W589b     SPENCER Jane 32 Not Known UNK
Mk1101c   STEEPLES Ethel 16 Not known UNK
Mk0511e   STONE William 23 Not known UNK
Mk0561b   TOBIN Helen 52 Not known UNK
Mk0244c   WARD Violet 6 Not Known UNK
Mk0316yb  WHALEY Richard 63 Great -? UNK
As33i     X Douglas 1 Not Known UNK
Ad69c     ALLSOP Edith M 8 Ohio USA
Ad69e     ALLSOP Hilda M 4 Ohio USA
Ad69d     ALLSOP Robert 6 Ohio USA
Mk1357i   CASEY Edward 18 New York USA
Mk1544d   CHARGE Carolina L 30 Newton, MA USA
Mk1640j   HART Mabel Dollie 22 Ohio USA
Mk1645b   LYMAN Herbert 36 Boston USA
Br131a    MACRAE Isaac V 82 USA
W299b     VARNEY Mary E 35 Not Known USA
Mk1082f   WALDRON Lucy 31 United States USA
Mk0373b   WHEELDON Irene 19 United States USA
W472l     (NOT KNOWN) Thomas 60 Birmingham WAR
Hp05b     ARCHIBALD Stewart 9 Milverton WAR
Mk1431a   ASPREY Eliza 52 Southerne WAR
Mk0249d   ASTLES Doris 1 Birmingham WAR
Mk1515a   BAKER Charles 53 Aston WAR
Mk0661a   BARNWELL Harry W 35 Birmingham WAR
W155e     BARTLETT Albert I 20 Kineton WAR
W155h     BARTLETT Andrew A 15 Kineton WAR
W155f     BARTLETT Annie E 17 Kineton WAR
W155g     BARTLETT Evelyn A 25 Kineton WAR
W155d     BARTLETT Frederick D 23 Kineton WAR
Mk1575j   BAYLISS Mary A 23 Birmingham WAR
Mk1645t   BENNETT Harriett 57 Birmingham WAR
Mk1275d   BIDDULPH John William 17 Coleshill WAR
Mk1639f   BLACKWELL George Grove 59 Stratford WAR
Mk1532a   BODEN Annie 92 Warwick WAR
Bn053h    BRADY Henrietta 70 Birmingham WAR
Mk0546c   BRITAIN Caroline 51 Birmingham WAR
W158a     BRITTAIN Thomas 62 Birmingham WAR
Md159b    BROOKS Ann 56 Nuneaton WAR
Mk1642e   BROWETT Aelfreda 22 Hall Green WAR
Mk1642d   BROWETT Isabel 55 Lindon End WAR
Mk0362d   BROWN Alice L 11 Coventry WAR
Mk0362c   BROWN John William 15 Coventry WAR
Mk0521b   BUCKLEY Sarah A 53 Birmingham WAR
Mk1636g   BUTLER Harold Henry 17 Thurleston WAR
W541a     BUTLIN George 48 Ryton WAR
Mk0513b   CASHMORE Edith 25 Birmingham WAR
Mk1268d   CHECKLEY Emma 21 Small Heath WAR
Mk1281g   CLARKE Fred 44 Birmingham WAR
W674e     COPE Elizabeth 76 Coventry WAR
Hp01f     CURTIS Mary 18 Birmingham WAR
Mk1405e   DAVENPORT Reginald 7 Atherstone WAR
Mk0541d   DONEGANI Emma 26 Birmingham WAR
W456b     DRANFIELD Margery Jane 33 Birmingham WAR
Cm207b    EATON Anne 42 Atherstone WAR
Kk035a    EDWARDS John 59 Bidford WAR
Mk0594b   ELLIOTT Annie 33 Tamsworth WAR
W828a     ELLIOTT David 31 Birmingham WAR
W828b     ELLIOTT Nellie 34 Birmingham WAR
Mk0594c   ELLIOTT W H 6 Birmingham WAR
Mk1507a   EVANS Frederick 67 Birmingham WAR
Mk0183c   EVANS Lilian 4 Rugby WAR
Mk0183d   EVANS William M 3 Rugby WAR
W003a     FENNELL John 69 Halford Br WAR
Mk0482r   FLETCHER Henry H 27 Birmingham WAR
W394a     FROST Mary Ann 79 Birmingham WAR
Mk0549g   GAYDON Amy 17 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk1622a   GILLARD Mary 67 Birmingham WAR
Mk0056b   GOODLAD Louis 44 Birmingham WAR
Mk0793b   GOODWIN Emma 56 Brailes WAR
Ty111d    GREEN Alice 22 Birmingham WAR
Mk0513c   GREGORY Ernest 28 Birmingham WAR
Md149a    HANDS Charles 47 Attborough WAR
Md149c    HANDS George 19 Nuneaton WAR
Md149d    HANDS William H 14 Nuneaton WAR
W633b     HARDY Ellen 25 Pailton WAR
Cm103i    HODGKINS Kate 8 Warwick WAR
Mk0609c   HOPKINSON Minnie 24 Warwickshire WAR
Mk1637r   IBBOTSON Sylpha A V 17 Birmingham WAR
Mk1363b   INNES Anne Alethea 44 Birmingham WAR
W073a     JELLYMAN Jane 62 Birmingham WAR
Md117a    JEPSON Joseph 78 Nunneaton WAR
Md121b    JEPSON Mary B 28 Birmingham WAR
W637d     JOHNSON Sydney 10 Claverdon WAR
W007b     JOHNSTON Kate P 35 Stratford Avn WAR
W007a     JOHNSTON Robert 34 Stratford Avn WAR
Mk1079a   JONES Marianne 55 Rugby WAR
Mk1357p   KERR Gladys Helen 20 Birmingham WAR
Mk1238e   LEA Florence 17 Leamington WAR
Mk1238d   LEA Frank 18 Warwick WAR
Mk1238f   LEA Hilda Margrt 14 Leamington WAR
Mk1238b   LEA Jane Elizab 55 Farnborough WAR
Mk1238a   LEA John 63 Coleshill WAR
Mk1238c   LEA Louisa Jane 30 Coleshill WAR
Ad17d     LEE Albert 18 Tamworth WAR
Ad17c     LEE George 19 Tamworth WAR
Ad17e     LEE Herbert E 16 Tamworth WAR
Mk1407b   LEES Alice Maud 26 Smithwick WAR
Mk0482x   LEIGH Walter 24 Birmingham WAR
Bn053a    LLOYD Richard 46 Birmingham WAR
Mk0316d   MARRIOTT Elizabeth 39 Manchester WAR
Ad28d     MAWBY Edith 14 Long Lawford WAR
Mk0377c   MCFARLANE Jeannie 20 Merevale WAR
W463a     MILLER Henry C 50 Birmingham WAR
W029f     MINCON Nelly 19 Leamington WAR
Mk0606a   MOORE Albert 24 Birmingham WAR
Mk1468e   MOORE Amelia 17 Birmingham WAR
Mk1468g   MOORE Ernest 7 Birmingham WAR
Mk1468f   MOORE Harry 11 Birmingham WAR
Mk0606c   MOORE Lydia 15 Birmingham WAR
Mk1641h   MOORE Mary 51 Birmingham WAR
Mk1641i   MOORE Minnie Mary 28 Birmingham WAR
Ty006a    NOBLE Joseph 53 Allesley WAR
Mk0746b   OLIVER Jane E 38 Nuneaton WAR
Mk1238g   PARFREY Annie 28 Leamington WAR
W377e     PAYNE Mary Elizab 20 Neth Whitacre WAR
W425d     PEARSON Ethel May 22 Coventry WAR
W424b     PICKARD Matilda 43 Coventry WAR
Mk1053b   PURSLOW Hannah 60 Cubbington WAR
Bn251b    PURSLOW Jane 35 Coventry WAR
Mk0892d   REASON Florence 23 Warwickshire WAR
Mk1496e   RODGERS Thomas 56 StratfordAvon WAR
W138b     RUSSELL Amy A 23 Bascote WAR
Mk1523a   RYDER James Insole 45 Birmingham WAR
Ad45k     RYDER Marie 39 Edgbaston WAR
W661b     SCOTHERN Hannah 38 Birmingham WAR
W622b     SHARKEY Eliza 74 Dordon WAR
W093d     SIERS Albert W 20 Athertstone WAR
Mk0278b   SMITH Emily 51 Ettington WAR
Mk0380i   SMITH Emily C 39 Leamington WAR
Mk0795n   SMITH Frederick W 43 Birmingham WAR
Mk1053a   SMITH James 62 Coventry WAR
Ad19b     SNOW Alice 36 Birmingham WAR
Id10a     STOKES John M 59 Birmingham WAR
Ad28b     STORER Sarah A 51 Wolaton WAR
Mk0938d   STOWE Beatrice 20 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk0938c   STOWE Frederick 18 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk0938a   STOWE Frederick 43 StratfordAvon WAR
Mk0895h   TAYLOR Arthur Wm 23 Cherington WAR
Mk1283b   TAYLOR Sarah 84 Napton WAR
W138a     THURMAN Elizabeth 45 Bascote WAR
Bn229b    TOMISSON Emma 54 Alvescot WAR
Mk0668e   TREADOLES John R 69 Marston WAR
Bn228c    VIGE William H 7 Birmingham WAR
Ad23a     WAINWRIGHT Isaac 54 Nuneaton WAR
Mk0795a   WALTON George F 47 Edgbaston WAR
Mk0646f   WALTON J T 25 Birmingham WAR
Mk0544e   WARD Ruth 68 Birmingham WAR
Mk0482yf  WHITSET William J A 29 Wroxall Abbey WAR
Mk0542e   WILKS Henry C 25 Leamington WAR
Mk0928a   WILLIAMS Thomas H 42 Nuneaton WAR
Mk1221a   WILLN John 69 Atherstone WAR
Mk0795b   WOOD Ellen 28 Fulford WAR
W434b     WOODWISS Maud 25 Birmingham WAR
Bn197c    WRAGG William 1 Birmingham WAR
W649c     WYN Alfred Edwin 29 Edgbaston WAR
Mk0070d   BROCKBANK Albert 22 Staveley WES
Mk0379b   CHRISTPHRSON Thomas R 29 Windermere WES
Mk0764b   IRELAND Frances J 33 Kendal WES
Mk0764a   IRELAND Philip 36 Kendal WES
Mk0280f   ORMROD Charles T 19 Milnthorpe WES
Mk0372d   PARKER Isaac 26 Kendal WES
Mk0764c   RICHARDSON Margaret J 18 Levens WES
Mk0389b   STUCKLEY Emily A 34 Ambleside WES
Mk0511a   WOOD Mary 55 Kendal WES
Bn298b    FERN Elizabeth 32 Dufferin WGM
W764b     BEALING Elizabeth 45 Knoyle WIL
Kk065b    BROWN Agnes J 43 Burbridge WIL
Cm078a    CLARK Eliza 49 Lea WIL
W176b     ELSE Emily 59 Salisbury WIL
Mk1594d   FOREMAN Georgina 27 Salisbury WIL
Cm078d    GREENWOOD Lucy 39 Lea WIL
Mk1378c   GREY Ada 30 Bradenstoke WIL
Mk1378b   HILDER Annie 44 Bradenstoke WIL
Ty086b    KIRBY Maria 37 Wotten Basset WIL
Mk0970b   KIRKLAND Emma 52 Malmesbury WIL
Mk1644j   LUSH Leonard S 52 Warminster WIL
Bn061c    MOODY Millie 21 Lemington WIL
Mk1588e   NEWBY Florence 21 Jewesbury WIL
Mk0736a   PHILLIPS William 55 Salisbury WIL
Mk1646i   RAINHAM Matilda 60 Trowbridge WIL
Mk1032a   SMITH William 44 Burbage WIL
W045b     SOWTER Sarah 40 Burbage WIL
W375b     TALBOT Emily 38 Warminster WIL
Mk1459a   WEAVING John 50 Wroughton WIL
Mk1043a   WOOD Mark 32 Notton WIL
Md180b    HARWARD Eliz C 58 Barbadoes WIN
Md083a    GRATTON Francis H 45 Monmouth WLS
Mk1129f   HOWELL Rowland A 12 Abergavenny WLS
Mk0635c   JENKINS Marie E 43 Cardigan WLS
Mk1060a   JONES John 61 Newport WLS
Mk1462e   JONES Laura Ellen 23 Chepstow WLS
Cm143a    JONES W H 27 Brecon WLS
Mk0961b   LOMAS Sarah 50 Wales WLS
Mk1518c   MILES Annie 29 Tenby WLS
Hp01d     MITCHELL Mary E 24 Denbigh WLS
Ad26b     REPTON Susannah 57 Ruabon WLS
Mk1462a   SHAW Eamy Frances 31 Chepstow WLS
W288b     SHERRIFF Martha 28 Llangollen WLS
W146a     SMITH Thomas 84 Pontypool WLS
W475b     STEVENS Amy E 25 Llanarch WLS
W475c     STEVENS Mabel 24 Llanarch WLS
W397d     THOMAS Sarah jane 20 Llandegai WLS
Bn062c    WORTHY Ellen 30 Pwllheli WLS
Mk0601a   ALLCROFT Edward 41 Witley Cru- WOR
Ad08h     BALLARD Mary 24 Hanbury WOR
Mk0736c   BASSHORN Ann 54 Ambursley WOR
W425a     BOWN John 54 Worcester WOR
Mk1643i   CHAMBERS John 43 Warley WOR
Mk1636c   CHANCE Isaiah Fred 25 Lye WOR
Mk1544c   CHARGE Ernest H 37 Worcester WOR
Md129a    CLAYTON Mary 65 Malvern WOR
Mk0047b   COCKING Caroline 41 Eversham WOR
Cm052a    COOPER Charles Arth 33 Ridmarley WOR
Mk0357a   COX Frederick 55 Evesham WOR
Mk0357b   COX Mary A 51 Evesham WOR
W849d     CUNNINGHAM Jane 25 Smethwick WOR
Mk0534b   DAKIN Susannah 50 Imberley WOR
W773a     DAVIS Sarah 72 Budley WOR
Kk035b    EDWARDS Sarah 59 W Bromwich WOR
Mk0183a   EVANS William 27 Malvern WOR
W048b     FIELD Harriet 51 Oldbury WOR
W048a     FIELD John Edward 50 Oldbury WOR
W063d     GOODHEAD Hugh W 21 Stourbridge WOR
Bn134b    GRATTON Alice 40 Dudley WOR
Mk0868b   GREATOREX Agnes 36 Hampton WOR
W757a     GRIFFITHS Thomas H 48 Broadwas WOR
W359b     HARLEY Winifred C 42 Harrington WOR
Mk0624b   HENSHAW Jane 54 Worcestershir WOR
Mk1346b   HILL Annie 35 Worcester WOR
Ad29c     HOBDAY Thomas R 54 Ombersley WOR
Mk0930a   KEYTE Mary 46 Broadway WOR
Mk0727a   LAMBERT James 34 Worcester WOR
Mk0968a   LAMBERT William Fk 26 Worcester WOR
Mk0428f   MERCHANT Frederick 25 Stourbridge WOR
Mk1468a   MOORE Albert 48 Kidderminster WOR
Mk1438c   MOORE Florence 40 Worcester WOR
Mk1484c   MOORE Jessie 20 Worcester WOR
Mk1468c   MOORE Joe 22 Worcester WOR
Mk1438a   MOORE Joseph 70 Kidderminster WOR
Mk1438b   MOORE Mary 70 Bromyard WOR
Mk1438d   MOORE Mary 25 Worcester WOR
Mk1494a   MOORE Tom 25 Worcester WOR
Mk1638x   OTRIDGE Elizabeth H 24 Worcester WOR
Mk1496b   OXLEY Jane 52 Bicknell WOR
Mk0736b   PHILLIPS Sarah 57 Ambursley WOR
Mk0285b   PROFFITT Alice 37 Cropthorn WOR
Mk1368b   ROWLAND Martha Mary 58 Persloe WOR
Mk0440b   SCOTT Flora 16 Stourport WOR
W319d     SLADE Richard 43 Cook Hill WOR
Mk1386e   SPEED Mary Louise 18 Worcester WOR
Mk0938b   STOWE Mary 40 Alderminster WOR
Mk0250b   TAYLOR Sarah A 34 Netherton WOR
Mk1555a   TISSINGTON Julia G 50 Pershore WOR
W004d     WALLING John Edward 27 Drybrookhill? WOR
Mk0994b   WALTON Lucy 37 Alfrick WOR
Mk1501b   WARDLE Emily 42 Worcester WOR
Mk1206b   WHITE Edith 13 Worcester WOR
Mk1206c   WHITE James 10 Malvern WOR
Id06g     WILLIAMS Emily E 17 Worcestershir WOR
Mk0674i   WILLIAMS Henry 18 Bredons hrdwk WOR
Mk0171b   WOLLEY Martha 23 Dudley WOR
Mk0479g   WOTTON Georgina 21 Pepperwood WOR
Mk0479f   WOTTON Rose M 25 Pepperwood WOR
Mk0735a   ADAMSON John 35 Hull YKS
Mk0321a   ALLCART? Harriett 67 Sheffield YKS
Mk0934b   ALLEN Annie 39 Sheffield YKS
Mk0795z   ALLEN John T 14 Sinley YKS
Ad03e     ALLSOP Amelia C 16 Barnsley YKS
Mk0305a   ASKER Jane 64 Leeds YKS
Ty029b    ASKEW Mary 29 Catcliffe YKS
Md040b    AXE George 81 Hatfield YKS
Md216d    BACON Clarissa 2 Sheffield YKS
Mk0670b   BAILEY Ann E 40 Wakefield YKS
Mk0670a   BAILEY Elizabeth 61 Brotherton YKS
Mk0670c   BAILEY Sarah A 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk0706d   BALFOUR Christiana 28 Sheffield YKS
Mk0602b   BARBER Emma 60 Sheffield YKS
Mk0602a   BARBER Frederick 63 Sheffield YKS
Mk0235a   BARBER William H 30 Sheffield YKS
Sh05a     BARLOW Mary Ellen 54 Sheffield YKS
Mk0199b   BARNES Edith 6 Sheffield YKS
Bn295a    BARNES Sarah 76 Not Known YKS
Mk0017c   BARRATT Martha 11 Sheffield YKS
Mk0419b   BARRATT Susannah 47 Sheffield YKS
Mk0685e   BARTIMAS? Francis 66 Kilham YKS
Mk0647d   BASQUIL Ellen 9 Sheffield YKS
Mk0647c   BASQUIL Elsie C 10 Sheffield YKS
Mk0647e   BASQUIL Frederick 7 Sheffield YKS
Mk0647b   BASQUIL Sarah J 32 HolcombeBrook YKS
Mk0647a   BASQUIL William 35 Leeds YKS
Mk0732d   BEATSON Clara G E 36 Leeds YKS
Mk0732a   BEATSON Constance S 55 Mosborough YKS
Mk0732c   BEATSON E Emma 50 Mosborough YKS
Mk0732b   BEATSON Emily 54 Mosborough YKS
Mk0782b   BEDDINGTON Annie 50 Bramhope YKS
Sh24a     BENTLEY Amelia 50 Leeds YKS
Kk022b    BIRCH Rebecca 30 Scarborough YKS
Mk1069a   BLEDFIELD Harry 37 Bradford YKS
Ty126a    BODEN Hannah 50 Grenoside YKS
Ty090g    BOND Lucy 68 ThorntonCravn YKS
Mk0719b   BOND Mary A 47 Doncaster YKS
W551d     BONINGTON Harry 40 Leeds YKS
Mk1445g   BOOTH Florence Rth 21 Leeds YKS
Mk1445f   BOOTH Maud Mary 22 Leeds YKS
Bn254a    BOTHERILL Frederick W 37 Mkt Weighton YKS
Mk1419b   BOWLER Hannah 63 Sheffield YKS
Ty078b    BOWLER Harriett C 41 Bradford YKS
Mk1322h   BRADBURY Emily 29 Wombwell YKS
Mk0310b   BRADSHAW Hannah J 63 Sheffield YKS
Mk0952b   BRADWELL Annie 36 Dewsbury YKS
Mk1636x   BRAMELD Christiana 16 Kilnhurst YKS
Mk0445d   BRAMWALL John N 56 Leeds YKS
Ty018c    BRIDDON Charles Edw 5 Huddersfield YKS
Ty018d    BRIDDON Dorothy 4 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0391b   BRIDGE Ada 53 Tickhill YKS
Mk0391g   BRIDGE Anna M 60 Tickhill YKS
Cm066c    BRITLAND Edith 29 Sheffield YKS
W892a     BROCKLEHURST Eliza 57 Hull YKS
W906a     BROCKLEHURST Frederick 32 Sheffield YKS
Mk0861a   BROOKS Walker Ellis 33 Doncaster YKS
Mk0558a   BROOKSBANK Charles 62 Huddersfield YKS
W668a     BROWN Herbert 37 Sheffield YKS
W668c     BROWN Herbert H 7 Sheffield YKS
Ty052e    BROWN Joseph W 20 Mkt Weighton YKS
Mk0482yo  BRUSUP James 48 Hull YKS
Mk0052d   BRYARS Elizabeth 16 Swinton YKS
Mk0052c   BRYARS Ellen 18 Swinton YKS
Mk0052b   BRYARS Emma 38 Thorne YKS
Mk0052f   BRYARS Eva 12 Swinton YKS
Mk0052e   BRYARS Henry 14 Swinton YKS
Mk0052g   BRYARS Walter 11 Mexboro YKS
Mk1094a   BUCKLEY David 24 Sheffield YKS
Cm175d    BUCKLEY Elizabeth 4 Sheffield YKS
Cm175c    BUCKLEY Grace 6 Sheffield YKS
Cm014c    BUCKLEY John 22 Sheffield YKS
Cm175b    BUCKLEY Maria 28 Sheffield YKS
Cm175a    BUCKLEY William 31 Sheffield YKS
Mk1229b   BUNTING Lavinah 41 Sheffield YKS
Mk0193b   BUNTING Margaret 26 Hull YKS
Mk1057a   BURGESS Elizabeth 62 Sheffield YKS
Mk0695f   BURKE Mary 47 Bradford YKS
Mk1639p   BURNETT Ellen Maud 31 Sheffield YKS
Mk1639q   BURNETT James Edward 6 Rotherham YKS
Mk1281j   BURTON Henry 43 Kirkbymoorsid YKS
W865b     BYARD Thirza A 29 Dentshead YKS
Hp01g     CAMPBELL Esther 29 Sheffield YKS
W179c     CARMAN William H 23 Sheffield YKS
Mk0991e   CASTLE Mary 41 Leeds YKS
Mk0480a   CAULFIELD Ann 85 Sheffield YKS
Mk0809b   CHAMBERLAIN Alithea 49 Doncaster YKS
Mk1544e   CHARGE Dorothy M 6 Sheffield YKS
Cm067b    CHESWORTH Mary Jane 72 Hull YKS
Cm078c    CLARK Annie 18 Scarborough YKS
Ty116b    COCKELL Ellen 61 Craike YKS
Ty116c    COCKELL Sarah A 26 Pontefract YKS
Ty116a    COCKELL Thomas 59 Ackton YKS
W336b     COCKERILL Annie 35 Atwick YKS
W336a     COCKERILL Thomas 38 Amotherby YKS
Mk0428a   COOPER John S 31 Sheffield YKS
W281a     COULTHREAD George D 41 Finninglay YKS
Ad40d     COXON Edith 25 Greenfield YKS
Mk0833e   CRAGG Bolton 53 Yorkshire YKS
Mk0524b   CRIDLAND Ann 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk0007a   CROFT James T 68 Sheffield YKS
Mk1380d   CROSSLEY John 55 Halifax YKS
Mk1642c   CROWTHER Ida Louise 25 Huddersfield YKS
Id06b     CRUMP Caroline 54 Barnsley YKS
W849a     CUNNINGHAM John 60 York YKS
Md078a    DAKIN George 34 Sheffield YKS
Hw20c     DALE Harry Harvey 20 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0583e   DAVIES Lydia 21 South Kirkby YKS
Mk1409f   DAWSON Annie 20 HoylandCommon YKS
Mk0316yf  DAWSON Seth 57 Skellinthorpe YKS
Mk0015d   DAY Stanley J 7 Settle YKS
Mk0015g   DAY William 35 Sheffield YKS
W064b     DICKEN Elizabeth 67 Marsden YKS
Mk1297a   DICKINSON John 69 Altofts YKS
Mk1461g   DOWNS Frederick 45 Hull YKS
W442g     DOXEY Annie 17 Sheffield YKS
Mk0029b   DOXEY Eva R 49 Sheffield YKS
Mk0395b   DOXEY Lucy 26 Sheffield YKS
Mk0547f   DRABBLE Clara C 52 Rotherham YKS
Mk0232b   DRAKE Elizabeth A 30 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0232a   DRAKE Joseph 36 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0551o   EDISON John S 16 Beaucliffe YKS
Mk1046a   ELLIS John 30 Dungworth YKS
W163b     ELSE Rose 22 Sheffield YKS
Mk0638b   ELSE Sabina 48 Sheffield YKS
Mk0678b   EVANS Lucy A 33 Tadcaster YKS
Mk0084a   FALDING Arthur E 42 Sheffield YKS
Mk0754f   FARMER Jessie 21 Sheffield YKS
Mk1105a   FARNSWORTH George W 44 Sheffield YKS
Ty035a    FELTHOUSE Thomas 24 Sheffield YKS
Bn040b    FERN Mary 40 Wombwell YKS
Sh42c     FLETCHER Gerald 16 Sheffield YKS
Sh42d     FLETCHER Mariam 13 Sheffield YKS
Mk0553a   FOSTER Richard A 37 Bradford YKS
Mk0380n   FOSTER William B 45 Oldborough YKS
Mk0381a   FOWLER John 52 Masham YKS
W353b     FOX Emily 15 Sheffield YKS
Cm011d    FOX George E 35 Cudworth YKS
W353c     FOX Robert 11 Sheffield YKS
Mk1635a   FOX Sarah Louisa 49 DewsburyMoor YKS
Mk1157c   FROGGAT Bernard 18 Sheffield YKS
Cm023b    FROST Ethel 20 Aldwark YKS
Bn189b    FROST Sarah 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk1413k   GALLIMORE Annie 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0324a   GAUNT Mary A 68 Sheffield YKS
Mk0528b   GELDART Harriott 52 Elton YKS
Mk0528a   GELDART Thomas 54 Bedale YKS
Mk0179e   GESSEY Arthur W 11 Witherby YKS
Mk1416c   GIBSON Frances 23 York YKS
Mk0677a   GILL Mary Ann 47 York YKS
Mk0603j   GLEDHILL Joseph A A 28 MillersBridge YKS
Mk0194a   GOODLAD Albert V 34 Sheffield YKS
Bn134d    GRATTON Frank E 10 Sheffield YKS
Bn134c    GRATTON George T 14 Sheffield YKS
Bn134e    GRATTON Hannah 1 Sheffield YKS
Hw83d     GREATOREX Ethel 3 Sheffield YKS
Cn38b     GREATOREX Hannah 46 Sheffield YKS
Mk0759l   GREAVES Alice 48 Liversedge YKS
Br022a    GREEN-ARM. Edward 72 Almonbury YKS
Mk0673g   GREENWOOD Charles 25 Hebden Bridge YKS
Mk1644x   GREENWOOD Frank 30 Honley YKS
Mk1633a   GREENWOOD James 56 Hebden Bridge YKS
Mk1645a   GREENWOOD Joseph J G 8 Harrogate YKS
Mk1644y   GREENWOOD Sarah E G 30 Golcar YKS
Mk0225a   GREGORY Ezra 43 Sheffield YKS
Bn272b    GREGORY Francis 38 Sheffield YKS
Sh05d     GREGORY James 92 Wakefield YKS
Bn272c    GREGORY John R 30 Sheffield YKS
Mk1541a   GREGORY Reuben 44 Moseley YKS
Md050a    GREGSON Walter 48 Haworth YKS
Mk1395d   GUIST Elsie Gert 15 Sheffield YKS
W157e     HADFIELD Charles 53 Sheffield YKS
Mk0288a   HAGUE John 63 Gleadless YKS
Mk1637w   HAGUE Mary 18 Sheffield YKS
Mk0769b   HAIGH Annie 27 Holmfirth YKS
W872b     HAINES Jane 25 Sheffield YKS
Mk1637v   HALE Lily 26 Sheffield YKS
Mk0482s   HALL Ben 21 Sheffield YKS
Mk1644n   HALL Henrietta 48 Hebden Bridge YKS
Mk1641w   HALSALL Sarah Helen 56 Sheffield YKS
W416b     HALSTEAD Emily 31 Todmorden YKS
W416c     HALSTEAD Percy 10 Todmorden YKS
W416a     HALSTEAD Stephen 34 Todmorden YKS
Mk1003b   HARDY Sarah 54 Goole YKS
Mk0644a   HARKER Robert A 63 KingstonHill YKS
Mk0774b   HARRISON Eva 32 Sheffield YKS
Mk0746a   HARRISON Margaret 62 Garghawe YKS
Mk1451b   HARRISON Martha Ann 45 Sheffield YKS
Mk1281c   HARRISON Nellie 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0316yk  HARTLEY Hannah 53 Thirsk YKS
Mk0003a   HARTLEY Hodgson Genn 54 Halifax YKS
Mk0261c   HAWLEY Edith 15 Sheffield YKS
Mk0261b   HAWLEY Florence 36 Sheffield YKS
Bn004f    HESILWOOD Grace 26 Darnal YKS
Sh25b     HICKMAN Nanny 48 Clayton YKS
Sh25d     HICKMAN William B 12 Batley YKS
Mk0669e   HILL Annie 40 Sheffield YKS
Mk1641p   HILL Frederick D 32 Hull YKS
Mk1269b   HIROTS Hannah 65 Holmfirth YKS
Mk1269c   HIROTS Mary 40 Holmfirth YKS
Mk1269a   HIROTS Thomas 66 Holmfirth YKS
Mk1446f   HOBSON Edgar 19 Sheffield YKS
Cm040h    HODEMAN Alice 31 Hull YKS
W783a     HODGKINSON Samuel 29 Sheffield YKS
Mk0680b   HODGSON Ann 69 Sheffield YKS
Mk0680a   HODGSON William 84 Sheffield YKS
Mk0528e   HOLDEN? Albert 6 Randon? YKS
Mk0572d   HOLMES Elizabeth J B 17 Sheffield YKS
Md222c    HOLMES John 20 Darfield YKS
Md222d    HOLMES William H 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0766b   HOPE Mary 64 Holmfirth YKS
Mk0768b   HOPE Winifred 27 Sheffield YKS
W556b     HOPKINSON Emma 23 Sheffield YKS
W305b     HOUGHTON Charlotte 63 Shire Green YKS
Mk0394a   HOUSEY Blanche E 44 Hull YKS
Mk0910b   HOUSLEY Rose 48 Hull YKS
Mk1563a   HOYLAND Francis 47 Stannington YKS
Mk1576b   HUGH Edith M 32 Scarboro YKS
Mk0482w   HUMMINGFIELD William E 23 Sheffield YKS
Mk0144j   HUNTER Florence A 38 Intake YKS
Mk1640b   HUNTINGTON Edwin 36 Goole YKS
Mk1637n   HURST Amy Frances 23 Halifax YKS
Mk0317c   HURST Clarice E 14 Huddersfield YKS
Mk1638l   HURST Evelyn Edith 17 Huddersfield YKS
Mk1638k   HURST Minnie L 22 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0404a   HURST Sarah A 48 Sheffield YKS
Mk1334j   INGLE Walter 21 Fairburn YKS
Mk1603b   INNOCENT Edith 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk1640a   JACKSON Samuel R 41 Sheffield YKS
Mk0739b   JACKSON Sarah 71 Sheffield YKS
Sh75a     JACKSON Thomas 30 Todmorden YKS
Mk0870b   JAMES Annie 17 Sheffield YKS
Mk0870c   JAMES John 15 Sheffield YKS
Ty137e    JOHNSON Elizabeth 31 Sheffield YKS
W469a     JOHNSON George 42 Hawley YKS
Mk0891e   JOHNSON Mary Ann 21 Guisborough YKS
Mk1638v   JOHNSON William 60 Leeds YKS
Mk0549b   JONES Annie 42 Sheffield YKS
W737a     JONES Charles 54 Gleadless YKS
W737e     JONES Oswald 12 Grimesthorpe YKS
Mk0627a   JONES Thomas A 39 Sheffield YKS
Mk1639k   KAY Henry 46 Keighley YKS
Mk0794c   KAY John S 26 Leeds YKS
Mk0963d   KEY Annie 35 Sheffield YKS
Mk0963c   KEY James 18 York YKS
Mk0042d   KIRK Marian R 22 York YKS
Mk0001b   KIRKHAM Eliza Alice 38 Halifax YKS
Mk1486e   KNIGHT Elizabeth 11 Middleham YKS
Ty168c    KNOWLES George 26 Warrell YKS
Mk0138a   KNOWLES William 71 Sheffield YKS
W419a     LAND Henry 34 Wrenthorpe YKS
W419d     LAND John William 22 Wrenthorpe YKS
Mk0004d   LEASON Ann 22 Rotherham YKS
Bn036b    LEEMING Roselina 50 Sheffield YKS
Mk1574a   LILEY William W 43 Selby YKS
Cm006g    LIPTON David 74 Grassington YKS
Mk1401c   LISTER Agnes Bertha 29 Hull YKS
Mk1295b   LOMAS John 11 Sheffield YKS
Cm142c    LONGSTAFF Elizabeth 56 Arkengale YKS
Br019d    LUND Frank 7 Bingley YKS
Br143f    LUND Henry 17 Bingley YKS
Br019c    LUND Herbert 9 Bingley YKS
Br019a    LUND James 31 Bingley YKS
Br019b    LUND Mary Jane 38 Bingley YKS
Br019e    LUND May W 5 Bingley YKS
Mk1370a   LUSBY John Henry 28 Sheffield YKS
Mk0017e   MACKINTYRE Sarah 22 Barnsley YKS
Br131b    MACRAE Elizabeth 57 Bedale YKS
Cm052e    MARR Edith Ellen 19 Sheffield YKS
Mk0885a   MARSDEN Joseph 47 Sheffield YKS
Mk0901a   MARSDEN Lewis 46 Sheffield YKS
W793e     MARSH Charles E 5 Crooks YKS
W793c     MARSH Cyril 8 Attercliffe YKS
Mk0475e   MARSH Henry 58 Dewsbury YKS
Mk1384f   MARSHALL Florence 24 Stocksbridge YKS
Mk1084e   MARTIN Annie 20 Loxley YKS
Mk0437b   MAXFIELD Annie 39 Sheffield YKS
Mk0437a   MAXFIELD Henrietta A 42 Sheffield YKS
Mk1571d   MEDD John 32 AppletonMoors YKS
Mk1589a   MELLER Charles M 81 Ecclesfield YKS
Mk0348b   MELTAM? Harriett A 68 Sheffield YKS
Mk0977g   MERRYWEATHER George 23 Hooks YKS
Mk1241c   MIDDLETON Jane 15 Sheffield YKS
W490c     MILLER Amey 5 Sheffield YKS
Cm200d    MILLINGTON John 10 Worker? Bank YKS
Mk1643x   MONTGOMERY Margaret B 40 Sheffield YKS
Mk1639j   MOORE Frederic 40 Keighley YKS
Mk0272b   MOORE Rose 36 Sutton Hull YKS
Mk0972c   MOUNT Emily 42 Worrall YKS
Ty088b    MYCOCK Emma 65 Hatfield YKS
Mk0603n   NADIN Emma J 29 Bradford YKS
Mk0349b   NEEDHAM Mary M 38 Sheffield YKS
Mk1219a   NETTLESHIP James 30 Mean YKS
Ty137a    NEWTON Francis 73 Sheffield YKS
Ty137b    NEWTON Harriett H 75 Sheffield YKS
Ty137c    NEWTON Mary H 67 Sheffield YKS
Mk0826a   NICHOLSON Arthur W 43 Hull YKS
W646a     NOBLE Balmforth 43 Queensbury YKS
W015a     NORTON Frank 30 Sheffield YKS
Mk0772b   OATES Annie 40 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0772f   OATES Hubert L 2 Rotherham YKS
Mk0321b   OSBOLDISTON Kate E 20 Sheffield YKS
Mk0706b   P---? Clara J 45 Sheffield YKS
Mk0706c   P---? Kate E 25 Sheffield YKS
Mk1513b   PALFREYMAN Annie 27 Horbury YKS
Cm151a    PARKER Francis 61 Bramley YKS
Cm119b    PARKER Ruth 29 Sheffield YKS
Mk0459d   PARKIN Ethel A 11 Sheffield YKS
Mk0459c   PARKIN Fanny 13 Sheffield YKS
Id14d     PASSAM Ada M 19 Eltofts YKS
Id34f     PASSAM Annie 20 Eltofts YKS
Mk1003d   PATRICK Deborah 79 Selby YKS
Sh33g     PECK Alfred 16 Hull YKS
Ad21c     PETTS Harry 22 Clayton YKS
Md103a    PETTS John 46 Sheffield YKS
Ad21e     PETTS Nellie 18 Thornton YKS
Mk0001f   PICKLES Edward G 70 Halifax YKS
Bn263c    PLANT Anne 13 Hull YKS
Bn263b    PLANT Anne E 40 Sheffield YKS
Bn263e    PLANT Elsie 10 Hull YKS
Bn263a    PLANT George 42 Beverley YKS
Bn263d    PLANT Harold 12 Hull YKS
Bn263h    PLANT James 3 Hull YKS
Bn263f    PLANT Lucy 8 Hull YKS
Bn263g    PLANT Millie 5 Hull YKS
Mk0795t   POOL Thomas E 56 Hull YKS
Mk0898b   PORTER Ann Jane 28 Leeds YKS
Mk0533a   PORTER John 60 Ecclesfield YKS
W610b     PRESTON Rachel 49 Swinton YKS
W610a     PRESTON Thomas 52 Leeds YKS
Bn054b    PRINCE Jane 26 Sheffield YKS
Bn057a    QUANT John Cheadle 51 Kirk Smeaton YKS
Mk0354a   RACKSTRAW Harry C 32 Sheffield YKS
Mk0354c   RACKSTRAW Lilian E 2 Sheffield YKS
W480h     RAYNER Lilian 31 Pudsey YKS
Mk1578a   READ John W 29 Sheffield YKS
Bn244b    REDFERN Lydia 48 Sheffield YKS
Bn279b    REDWOOD Clara 17 Mirfield YKS
Mk0971b   RHODES Eliza 49 Horbury YKS
Mk0971a   RHODES Joseph 50 Ossett YKS
Mk1638q   RICHARDSON Thomas 59 Doncaster YKS
Mk1641o   RIGBY Margaret 60 Leeds YKS
Mk0202b   RILEY Florence 27 Sheffield YKS
Mk0858b   ROBERTS Mary Hannah 47 Middlesbro YKS
Mk1644t   ROBINSON Martha 28 Bradford YKS
Mk1643y   ROBSON Charles T Y 31 KirbyFleetham YKS
Mk0877a   RODGERS Miriam 49 Ripon YKS
Mk0134f   ROLLINGS Joseph 12 Sheffield YKS
W733b     ROPER Francis 28 Sheffield YKS
Mk0668b   ROSLING Annie 28 Hatfield YKS
Mk0197b   ROUSE Annie 44 Sheffield YKS
Id66a     ROWBOTTOM Annie L 62 Sheffield YKS
Mk0644d   RUSHTON Alfred L 24 Doncaster YKS
Mk0644c   RUSHTON Edith E 21 Doncaster YKS
Mk0644f   RUSHTON Frederick JD 10 Doncaster YKS
Mk0644e   RUSHTON Gladys L 13 Doncaster YKS
Mk0644b   RUSHTON Sophia 53 Doncaster YKS
Cn09c     RUSSEL Maud 30 Malton YKS
Mk1644q   SALES Joseph Henry 51 Rotherham YKS
Mk1645i   SALES Mary Ann 78 Barnsley YKS
Bn188b    SANDARS Sarah A 31 Sheffield YKS
Mk0221b   SCARLETT Edith Ann 37 Mkt Weighboro YKS
W050b     SCOTHERN Clara 36 Sheffield YKS
Mk1641e   SEATON Edith Jane 23 Sheffield YKS
Mk0074a   SENIOR Joseph 53 Holmsfield YKS
W480b     SEVERN Adelaide E 46 Hull YKS
Mk1295a   SEWELL Emma 31 Sheffield YKS
W823b     SEWTON Ette 30 Hull YKS
W823e     SEWTON Grace 13 Sheffield YKS
W823d     SEWTON Harriet A 20 Goole YKS
W823a     SEWTON John 60 HuttonCranswk YKS
Mk0658b   SHARP Eleanor 31 Thornton YKS
Mk1631b   SHAW Francis 68 Sheffield YKS
W324b     SHAW Sarah E 45 Cowley YKS
Bn315a    SHELDON Joseph 41 Sheffield YKS
Cm163b    SHEPHERD Lily 26 Sheffield YKS
W667a     SHILLITO Percy 31 Sandal+Walton YKS
Mk0215e   SIDDALL Emma 71 Sheffield YKS
Mk0658c   SIMPSON Eleanor G 16 PaisleyBridge YKS
Mk0262a   SIMPSON Fred 28 Saddleworth YKS
Mk0933a   SIMPSON Harry 24 Saddleworth YKS
Mk0388a   SIMPSON Mark 70 Sheffield YKS
Mk0382g   SINCLAIR Emily 26 Sheffield YKS
Mk0380p   SLATER John B 57 Emley YKS
W461l     SMITH Amy 18 Barnsley YKS
W146b     SMITH Annie 30 Moorlock YKS
Mk1288d   SMITH Edith Annie 13 Leeds YKS
Mk1288c   SMITH Edwin 18 Leeds YKS
Mk0334j   SMITH Frances 22 Rotherham YKS
Mk0334i   SMITH Harriett 51 Maltby YKS
Mk0192c   SMITH Herbert 5 S Kirkley YKS
Mk0857c   SMITH Kathleen 7 Sheffield YKS
Mk1446e   SMITH Martin 36 Leeds YKS
Mk0857d   SPENCER Doris 1 Sheffield YKS
Ad40e     STENTON Walter 44 Bradford YKS
Mk0385c   STEVENS Nelly 8 SheffieldMoor YKS
Cn17a     STEVENSON Tom 32 Sheffield YKS
Mk0316ys  STOCKDALE Thomas W 64 Settle YKS
Ty151b    STONE Mary 38 Warrell YKS
W641b     STORER Edith A 25 Sheffield YKS
Mk0323b   SWIFT Annie E 45 Sheffield YKS
W685b     SWIFT Mary Jane 40 Sheffield YKS
Mk0083a   SWINDLE Samuel 34 Sheffield YKS
W358c     TAIT Agnes 17 N Grimstone YKS
Mk0665b   TAYLOR Eliza 37 York YKS
W334b     TAYLOR Elizabeth 40 Emswell YKS
Mk0665c   TAYLOR George E 10 York YKS
Mk0665a   TAYLOR Joseph C 35 Barnsley YKS
Mk0737b   THOMPSON Harriet 59 Sheffield YKS
Mk1182a   THORPE Arthur 37 Sheffield YKS
Hw59d     TILL Cecil W 10m Leeds YKS
Mk0560c   TISSINGTON Annie 20 Doncaster YKS
Mk0067b   TOMLINSON Mary A 25 Sheffield YKS
Mk0316yn  TOULSON Elizabeth 47 Sheffield YKS
Mk0688b   TUDOR Annie M 34 Scarboro YKS
Mk0019a   TUMMON? Joseph 34 Sheffield YKS
Mk0881c   TURNER Claude W 10 Sheffield YKS
Mk0769a   TURNER Sarah 65 Holmfirth YKS
Mk0835a   TWIGG Arthur 51 Hoyland YKS
Ad04b     TWIGG Elizabeth G 45 Greasborough YKS
Mk0835b   TWIGG Emily 52 Heeley YKS
Ad04a     TWIGG William 49 Masborough YKS
W279b     VALLANCE Edith E 23 Goole YKS
Mk0603g   VIEVERS Ann 56 Gisburn YKS
Kk025b    WAILES K L 32 Bingley YKS
Kk025a    WAILES W F 39 Leeds YKS
Cm120c    WAIN Edith 17 Hull YKS
Cm040c    WALKER Dorothy K 17 Scarborough YKS
Cm040d    WALKER Edwin J 21 Scarborough YKS
Cm040a    WALKER Edwyn 63 Hutton YKS
Md045a    WALKER Eliza 62 Barnsley YKS
Cm040b    WALKER Elizabeth 50 Hull YKS
Md045c    WALKER John Wilcock 19 Barnsley YKS
Md045b    WALKER Margaret Ann 30 Barnsley YKS
Cm040e    WALKER Roger B 14 Scarborough YKS
Mk0795q   WALKER Sam 67 Longwood YKS
Mk0489a   WALKER Sarah 65 Sheffield YKS
Mk1018a   WALTHALL Clement 27 Sheffield YKS
W693d     WARD Ann 67 Leeds YKS
Mk1634a   WARDALE Arthur 41 Norton YKS
Cn09b     WARDS Edith 32 Malton YKS
Cm082b    WATSON Anne E 45 Sheffield YKS
Mk0603a   WATSON James 65 Bradford YKS
Mk0014g   WATTS Bertha 7 Bradford YKS
Mk0014f   WATTS Ernest 10 Bradford YKS
Mk0014d   WATTS George 14 Bradford YKS
Mk0014e   WATTS Herbert 13 Bradford YKS
Bn083b    WEBSTER Minnie 24 Sheffield YKS
Mk1277a   WHEATCROFT Eliza Jane 75 Leeds YKS
W397b     WHEATCROFT Lucy 30 Selby YKS
W525b     WHEATCROFT Sarah 77 Wilsden YKS
Ty052a    WHITE John 56 Halifax YKS
Mk1512g   WHITNEY Dora A S 37 Maysden YKS
Mk1349g   WIDDOWFIELD Fred 34 Bradford YKS
Mk1407a   WILDE Eliza Jane 50 Rotherham YKS
Bn105e    WILDGOOSE Emily 17 Sheffield YKS
Bn017a    WILDGOOSE Jane 76 Not Known YKS
Ty036c    WILLEY Alice M 8 Rotherham YKS
Ty036d    WILLEY Ida L 1 Rotherham YKS
Ty036a    WILLEY James 39 Barnsley YKS
Ty036b    WILLEY Letitia W 33 Rotherham YKS
Id06f     WILSON Ian 62 Barnsley YKS
Mk0260d   WILSON William 44 Barnsley YKS
Mk0145f   WOOD Joseph 57 Sheffield YKS
Mk1404b   WOODFIELD Martha 27 Woodhouse YKS
Ad38a     WOODHEAD James 43 Huddersfield YKS
Mk1640f   WRAGG Lois 39 Bradfield YKS
Mk1640e   WRAGG William Hy 35 Bradfield par YKS
Cm046d    WRIGHT William Jas 23 Sheffield YKS
Mk0850c   WRIGLEY Alfred 21 Leeds YKS
Mk0850b   WRIGLEY Sarah Ann 44 Huddersfield YKS
Mk0850a   WRIGLEY Walter 46 Leeds YKS
Hw71c     YATES Robert Wm 26 Kirkburton YKS
Mk0520l   YOUNG Mary 76 Bedall YKS
Mk0641e   COOKE John 35 Cape Colony ZAF
Mk0549e   GOSLING Dudley 2 Mashrualand ZAF
Mk1642a   HOLLINS Olive Ruth 20 Cape Colony ZAF
Mk0129a   PESKELL John 62 Cape Colony ZAF

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