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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

Br022a   Joseph         GOULD          20  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br022b   Ann            GOULD          25  f  Y
Br022c   Sarah          GOULD          1   f  Y
Br023a   William        KNOWLES        40  m  Y  Joiner
Br023b   Mary           KNOWLES        45  f  Y
Br023c   William        KNOWLES        13  m  Y
Br023d   George         KNOWLES        11  m  Y
Br023e   John           KNOWLES        8   m  Y
Br023f   Adam           KNOWLES        6   m  Y
Br024a   Thomas         ROWBOTHAM      25  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br024b   Elizabeth      ROWBOTHAM      25  f  Y
Br024c   Mary           ROWBOTHAM      6   f  Y
Br025a   Joseph         FEARN          55  m  Y  Labourer
Br025b   Martha         FEARN          55  f  Y
Br025c   Priscilla      FEARN          20  f  Y
Br025d   Patience       FEARN          15  f  Y
Br025e   Daniel         FEARN          13  m  Y
Br025f   John           FEARN          2   m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p5, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br026a   Thomas         WALTON         20  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br026b   Grace          WALTON         20  f  Y
Br026c   Mary           WALTON         3   f  Y
Br026d   Sarah          WALTON         2   f  Y
Br027a   James          WATSON         25  m  Y  Farmer
Br027b   Dorothy        WATSON         25  f  Y
Br027c   Matilda        WATSON         4   f  Y
Br027d   Mary           WATSON         2   f  Y
Br027e   Thomas         SWINDELL       25  m  N  Ag labourer
Br027f   Elizabeth      SWINDELL       25  f  Y
Br028a   William        BRIDDON        40  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br028b   Susannah       BRIDDON        35  f  N
Br028c   Sarah          BRIDDON        12  f  F
Br028d   Thomas         BRIDDON        10  m  F
Br028e   Sabina         BRIDDON        3   f  Y
Br028f   N.k            BRIDDON        1w  m  Y
Br028g   William        BRIDDON        5   m  Y
Br029a   Thomas         YATES          45  m  N  Ag labourer
Br029b   Ann            YATES          40  f  Y
Br029c   John           YATES          14  m  Y
Br029d   William        YATES          11  m  Y
Br029e   Benjamin       YATES          9   m  Y
Br029f   Mary           YATES          5   f  Y
Br030a   Robert         LOMAS          30  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br030b   Mary           LOMAS          25  f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p6, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br031a   George         TARR           35  m  Y  Tailor
Br031b   Elizabeth      TARR           30  f  Y
Br031c   Elizabeth      TARR           2   f  Y
Br031d   Mary           TARR           3w  f  Y
Br032a   Mary           BRIDDON        65  f  Y
Br032b   Sarah          BRIDDON        30  f  Y
Br032c   Elizabeth      BRIDDON        30  f  Y
Br032d   Charles        SIMCOCK        30  m  N
Br032e   Mary           SIMCOCK        25  f  Y
Br032f   John           SIMCOCK        2   m  Y
Br033a   Anthony        WALTON         30  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br033b   Mary           WALTON         60  f  Y
Br033c   Hannah         WALTON         30  f  Y
Br033d   Anthony        WALTON         4   m  Y
Br033e   William        WALKER         15  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br034a   John           WATSON         25  m  Y  Farmer
Br034b   Mary           WATSON         20  f  Y
Br034c   Richard        WATSON         2   m  Y
Br034d   Ellen          BELFIELD       13  f  Y  F.s
Br035a   John           POTTS          50  m  Y  Farmer
Br035b   Sarah          POTTS          45  f  Y
Br035c   John           POTTS          20  m  Y  Butcher
Br035d   Thomas         POTTS          13  m  Y
Br035e   Mary           POTTS          8   f  Y
Br035f   Elizabeth      POTTS          4   f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p7, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br036a   James          FEARN          45  m  Y  Stone mason
Br036b   Elizabeth      FEARN          45  f  Y
Br036c   James          FEARN          15  m  Y
Br036d   Mary           FEARN          12  f  Y
Br036e   Melicent       FEARN          10  f  Y
Br036f   John           FEARN          8   m  Y
Br036g   Thomas         FEARN          6   m  Y
Br037a   George         TAYLOR         45  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br037b   Ann            TAYLOR         40  f  Y
Br037c   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         15  f  Y
Br037d   Isaac          TAYLOR         15  m  Y
Br037e   William        TAYLOR         7   m  Y
Br037f   Mary           TAYLOR         5   f  Y
Br038a   John           LOMAS          65  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br038b   William        LOMAS          25  m  Y
Br039a   Samuel         STONE          50  m  Y  Farmer
Br039b   Ann            STONE          50  f  Y
Br039c   Matthew        STONE          25  m  Y
Br039d   Ann            STONE          20  f  Y
Br039e   Samuel         STONE          15  m  Y
Br039f   Agness         MILLNER        4   f  Y
Br040a   Samuel         TOMLINSON      65  m  Y  Cotton weaver
Br040b   Frances        TOMLINSON      60  f  Y
Br040c   Jane           STALEY         20  f  Y  F.s
Br040d   Robert         WAYNE          10  m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p8, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br041a   Ann            WALKER         35  f  Y  Lace runner
Br042a   Richard        WALKER         35  m  Y  Labourer
Br042b   Sarah          WALKER         25  f  Y
Br042c   Thomas         WALKER         3   m  Y
Br042d   Elizabeth      FLINT          30  f  Y
Br042e   Thomas         FLINT          30  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br043a   George         OLDFIELD       70  m  Y  Farmer
Br043b   Ann            OLDFIELD       60  f  Y
Br044a   Cornelius      SLATER         45  m  Y  Farmer
Br044b   Sarah          SLATER         40  f  Y
Br044c   William        SLATER         15  m  Y
Br044d   Jane           SLATER         14  f  Y
Br044e   Cornelius      SLATER         2   m  Y
Br044f   Richard        BEER           90  m  Y  Ind
Br044g   Jane           CARSON         15  f  Y  F.s
Br044h   Thomas         ALLSOP         15  m  Y  M.s
Br045a   William        GREATOREX      40  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br045b   Elizabeth      GREATOREX      45  f  Y
Br045c   Robert         GREATOREX      10  m  Y
Br046a   Robert         WALTON         20  m  Y  Cordwainer
Br046b   Martha         WALTON         20  f  Y
Br046c   Robert         WALTON         2m  m  Y
Br047a   William        THOMPSON       35  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br047b   Hannah         THOMPSON       45  f  Y
Br047c   Daniel         FEARN          11  m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p9, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br048a   William        WRIGHT         35  m  Y  Farmer
Br048b   William        WRIGHT         11  m  Y
Br048c   Robert         WRIGHT         9   m  Y
Br048d   Richard        WRIGHT         6   m  Y
Br048e   James          WRIGHT         4   m  Y
Br048f   Sarah          WRIGHT         2   f  Y
Br048g   Ann            SMITH          15  f  Y  F.s
Br049a   Henry          WATSON         50  m  Y  Blacksmith
Br049b   Eley           WATSON         45  f  Y
Br049c   Thomas         WATSON         20  m  Y  Blacksmith
Br049d   Francis        WATSON         15  m  Y
Br049e   Mary           WATSON         13  f  Y
Br049f   Hannah         WATSON         10  f  Y
Br049g   Emma           WATSON         8   f  Y
Br049h   Henry          WATSON         5   m  Y
Br049i   John           WATSON         3   m  Y
Br050a   Daniel         GOULD          25  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br050b   Elizabeth      GOULD          30  f  Y
Br050c   William        GOULD          1   m  Y
Br050d   John           LEE            11  m  Y
Br051a   Hannah         ELSE           70  f  Y  Woolcarder
Br052a   Thomas         WALTON         25  m  Y  Grocer
Br052b   Mary           WALTON         45  f  Y
Br052c   Mary           WALTON         4   f  Y
Br052d   Mary           TOMLINSON      20  f  Y  Dressmaker
------[Brassington]---(p10, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br053a   John           ROWBOTHAM      65  m  N  Lead miner
Br053b   Martha         ROWBOTHAM      60  f  Y
Br053c   Edmund         FEARN          15  m  Y  M.s
Br054a   Stephen        SHERWIN        35  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br054b   Elizabeth      SHERWIN        35  f  Y
Br054c   John           SHERWIN        9   m  Y
Br054d   William        SHERWIN        7   m  Y
Br054e   Stephen        SHERWIN        5   m  Y
Br054f   Mary           SHERWIN        2   f  Y
Br054g   Hannah         WHEELDON       25  f  Y
Br054h   Mary           WHEELDON       2   f  Y
Br055a   John           TAYLOR         60  m  Y  Lead miner
Br055b   Joseph         TAYLOR         35  m  Y
Br056a   Hannah         BRIDDON        65  f  Y  Fruit seller
Br057a   Elizabeth      JACKSON        25  f  Y  Farmer
Br057b   Sarah          JACKSON        1   f  Y
Br057c   William        POTTS          15  m  Y  M.s
Br057d   Elizabeth      BRIDDON        14  f  Y  F.s
Br058a   William        BUXTON         50  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br058b   Sarah          LOMAS          40  f  Y
Br059a   William        DALE           35  m  Y  Gardener
Br059b   Elizabeth      DALE           20  f  Y
Br059c   Elizabeth      DALE           2   f  Y
Br060a   Thomas         MILNER         45  m  Y  Farmer
Br060b   Mary           SPENCER        70  f  Y  Housekeeper
------[Brassington]---(p11, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br061a   William        WALTON         60  m  Y  Butcher
Br061b   Mary           WALTON         60  f  Y
Br061c   Ann            WALTON         25  f  Y
Br061d   Sarah          AUSTIN         15  f  Y
Br061e   Ann            GIVENS         11  f  Y
Br061f   William        SMITH          7   m  Y
Br061g   Elizabeth      FLINT          7   f  Y
Br062a   Joseph         HALL           35  m  Y  Farmer
Br062b   Sarah          HALL           30  f  Y
Br062c   Thomas         HALL           15  m  Y
Br062d   Peter          HALL           11  m  Y
Br062e   Joseph         HALL           9   m  Y
Br062f   John           HALL           1   m  Y
Br063a   Jane           HALL           70  f  Y  Woolcarder
Br064a   Mary           LEO            35  f  Y
Br064b   Isaac          LEO            11  m  Y
Br064c   Joseph         LEO            8   m  Y
Br064d   Ann            LEO            3   f  Y
Br065a   Thomas         FEARN          40  m  Y  Farmer
Br065b   Elizabeth      FEARN          30  f  Y
Br065c   John           FEARN          11  m  Y
Br065d   Elizabeth      FEARN          7   f  Y
Br065e   William        FEARN          6   m  Y
Br065f   Ann            FEARN          3   f  Y
Br065g   Sarah          FEARN          1   f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p12, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br066a   Samuel         HOUSLEY        75  m  Y
Br066b   Sarah          HOUSLEY        40  f  Y  Instructor of youth
Br066c   Ellen          HOUSLEY        35  f  Y
Br066d   Ellen          BROWN          8   f  Y
Br067a   William        HOPKINS        35  m  Y  Tailor
Br067b   Fanny          HOPKINS        45  f  Y
Br067c   Mary           HOPKINS        9   f  Y
Br067d   John           WHARTON        20  m  M  Tailor j
Br067e   Joseph         BRINDLEY       15  m  Y  Tailor ap
Br068a   George         NEEDHAM        30  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br068b   Lydia          NEEDHAM        25  f  Y
Br068c   Joseph         NEEDHAM        5   m  Y
Br068d   Elizabeth      NEEDHAM        4   f  Y
Br068e   Mary           NEEDHAM        2   f  Y
Br069a   Mary           HOPKIN         25  f  Y  Lace runner
Br070a   John           MELLER         50  m  Y  Shoemaker
Br070b   Mary           MELLER         45  f  Y
Br070c   Sarah          MELLER         15  f  Y
Br070d   Robert         MELLER         14  m  Y
Br070e   Ann            MELLER         10  f  Y
Br070f   Hannah         MELLER         7   f  Y
Br070g   Emma           MELLER         5   f  Y
Br070h   Alice          MELLER         3   f  Y
Br070i   George         MELLER         1m  m  Y
Br070j   Richard        WALKER         2   m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p13, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br071a   Edmund         BUXTON         55  m  Y  Farmer
Br071b   Mabel          BUXTON         35  f  Y
Br071c   John           BUXTON         10  m  Y
Br071d   Mabel          BUXTON         8   f  Y
Br071e   Edmund         BUXTON         7   m  Y
Br071f   Ann            BUXTON         3   f  Y
Br071g   Hannah         BUXTON         1   f  Y
Br071h   John           PRESTWICK      15  m  Y  M.s
Br071i   Ann            WAYNE          11  f  Y  F.s
Br072a   Thomas         SLACK          55  m  Y  Publican & farmer
Br072b   Jane           SLACK          60  f  Y
Br072c   Sarah          SLACK          20  f  Y
Br072d   Esther         SLACK          15  f  Y
Br072e   William        SLACK          25  m  Y
Br072f   Thomas         TWIGGE         25  m  Y  M.s
Br072g   John           JOHNSON        20  m  Y  M.s
Br073a   John           ALLSOP         55  m  Y  Farmer
Br073b   Sarah          ALLSOP         55  f  Y
Br073c   Esther         TARR           15  f  Y  F.s
Br073d   Robert         TAYLOR         15  m  Y  M.s
Br073e   Robert         JACKSON        3   m  Y
Br074a   Henry          TAYLOR         45  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br074b   Hannah         TAYLOR         40  f  Y
Br074c   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         5   f  Y
Br074d   Henry          TAYLOR         5m  m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p14, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br075a   Thomas         ALLSOP         40  m  Y  Labourer
Br075b   Hannah         ALLSOP         40  f  Y
Br075c   Thomas         ALLSOP         15  m  Y
Br075d   William        ALLSOP         14  m  Y
Br075e   Hannah         ALLSOP         5   f  Y
Br076a   Henry          GREATOREX      40  m  Y  Lead miner
Br076b   Ann            GREATOREX      35  f  Y
Br076c   Josiah         GREATOREX      7   m  Y
Br076d   John           WALTON         6   m  Y
Br077a   Thomas         HALL           30  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br077b   Dorothy        HALL           30  f  Y
Br077c   Job            HALL           5   m  Y
Br077d   John           HALL           4   m  Y
Br078a   Lydia          HANDLEY        60  f  Y  Wool carder
Br078b   Hannah         NEEDHAM        20  f  Y  Lace runner
Br078c   Thomas         NEEDHAM        1   m  Y
Br078d   Mary           NEEDHAM        3m  f  Y
Br079a   Joseph         WRIGHT         60  m  Y  Cordwainer
Br079b   Martha         WRIGHT         60  f  Y
Br080a   John           GOULD          70  m  Y  Farmer
Br080b   Alice          GOULD          55  f  Y
Br081a   William        MELBOURN       30  m  Y  Farmer
Br081b   Elizabeth      MELBOURN       30  f  Y
Br082a   Elizabeth      TITTERTON      20  f  Y  F.s
Br082b   Sarah          TITTERTON      13  f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p15, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br083a   Hannah         TOMLINSON      70  f  Y
Br083b   Katherine      TOMLINSON      30  f  Y  Lace runner
Br083c   Ann            TOMLINSON      25  f  Y
Br084a   William        ALLSOP         55  m  Y  Farmer
Br084b   Jane           ALLSOP         55  f  Y
Br084c   Mary           ALLSOP         20  f  Y
Br084d   Elizabeth      TARR           25  f  Y  F.s
Br084e   George         ALLSOP         20  m  Y  M.s
Br085a   Elizabeth      SLACK          60  f  Y
Br085b   William        SLACK          35  m  Y  Stone cutter
Br085c   Mary           SLACK          25  f  Y
Br085d   Christopher    SLACK          15  m  Y
Br086a   George         SWINDELL       35  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br086b   Rebecca        SWINDELL       40  f  Y
Br086c   Thomas         SWINDELL       14  m  Y
Br086d   Sarah          SWINDELL       10  f  Y
Br086e   William        SWINDELL       7   m  Y
Br086f   Fanny          SWINDELL       6   f  Y
Br087a   George         TAYLOR         45  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br087b   Ellen          TAYLOR         30  f  Y
Br087c   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         6   f  Y
Br087d   William        TAYLOR         4   m  Y
Br087e   Henry          TAYLOR         1   m  Y
Br088a   William        SPENCER        55  m  Y  Farmer
Br088b   Martha         SPENCER        45  f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p16, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br089a   Hannah         TARR           35  f  Y  Lace runner
Br089b   Ann            TARR           11  f  Y
Br089c   Thomas         TARR           8   m  Y
Br089d   Hannah         TARR           5   f  Y
Br089e   William        TARR           2   m  Y
Br090a   William        WAYNE          25  m  Y  Farmer
Br090b   Esther         WAYNE          20  f  Y
Br090c   John           WAYNE          25  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br090d   George         WATSON         15  m  Y  M.s
Br091a   Ann            ATHERTON       75  f  Y  Farmer
Br091b   Jane           SWINDELL       65  f  N  F.s
Br091c   William        HOPKIN         20  m  Y  M.s
Br091d   Thomas         HOPKIN         15  m  Y  M.s
Br092a   Ralph          TOPLIS         55  m  Y  Farmer
Br092b   Hannah         TOPLIS         50  f  Y
Br092c   William        TOPLIS         12  m  Y
Br093a   Benjamin       GREEN          50  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br093b   Mary           GREEN          15  f  Y
Br093c   John           GREEN          15  m  Y
Br093d   Hannah         GREEN          12  f  Y
Br093e   George         GREEN          8   m  Y
Br093f   Sararah        GREEN          6   f  Y
Br094a   Mary           CHADWIN        45  f  N
Br094b   Ruth           CHADWIN        7   f  N
Br094c   George         CHADWIN        4   m  N
------[Brassington]---(p17, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br095a   Aaron          FEARN          30  m  Y  Stone mason
Br095b   Jane           FEARN          35  f  Y
Br095c   John           FEARN          11  m  Y
Br095d   Mary           FEARN          7   f  Y
Br095e   Sarah          FEARN          7m  f  Y
Br096a   Hillaris       CROSBIE        70  f  Y
Br096b   William        FEARN          40  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br096c   John           FEARN          14  m  Y
Br096d   Mary           FEARN          11  f  Y
Br096e   William        FEARN          9   m  Y
Br096f   Josiah         FEARN          7   m  Y
Br096g   Elizabeth      FEARN          5   f  Y
Br096h   Sarah          FEARN          2   f  Y
Br096i   Jane           FEARN          1   f  Y
Br097a   John           RADFORD        40  m  N  Blacksmith
Br097b   Mary           RADFORD        40  f  Y
Br097c   Elizabeth      FEARN          65  f  Y
Br097d   Elizabeth      SMITH          25  f  Y  Dress maker
Br098a   William        SHIPLEY        70  m  Y  Shoemaker
Br098b   Ann            SHIPLEY        45  f  Y
Br099a   Henry          ROWBOTHAM      50  m  Y  Labourer
Br099b   Lydia          ROWBOTHAM      50  f  Y
Br099c   Elizabeth      ROWBOTHAM      20  f  Y
Br099d   Henry          ROWBOTHAM      15  m  Y
Br099e   John           ROWBOTHAM      10  m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p18, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br100a   Archadine      KIRK           40  m  Y  Labourer
Br100b   Elizabeth      KIRK           30  f  Y
Br100c   Richard        KIRK           6   m  Y
Br100d   Mary           KIRK           5   f  Y
Br100e   Anthony        KIRK           1   m  Y
Br100f   William        SCATTERGOOD    55  m  Y  Navy rest? pensioner
Br101a   John           FEARN          30  m  Y  Farmer
Br101b   Mary           FEARN          30  f  Y
Br101c   Daniel         FEARN          12  m  Y
Br101d   Sarah          FEARN          11  f  Y
Br101e   John           FEARN          10  m  Y
Br101f   James          FEARN          8   m  Y
Br101g   Edwin          FEARN          7   m  Y
Br101h   Mary           FEARN          5   f  Y
Br101i   George         FEARN          3   m  Y
Br101j   Ellen          FEARN          9m  f  Y
Br102a   Thomas         ALLSOP         55  m  Y  Jobber
Br102b   Margaret       ALLSOP         55  f  Y
Br102c   John           ALLSOP         35  m  Y
Br102d   Margaret       ALLSOP         15  f  Y
Br102e   John           ALLSOP         12  m  Y
Br103a   Joseph         SPENCER        20  m  Y  Butcher
Br103b   Esther         SPENCER        20  f  Y
Br103c   Mary           SPENCER        4   f  Y
Br103d   Hannah         SPENCER        2   f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p19, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br104a   John           WATSON         45  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br104b   John           WATSON         20  m  Y
Br104c   Thomas         WATSON         15  m  Y
Br105a   William        WATSON         60  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br105b   Ann            WATSON         40  f  Y
Br105c   John           WATSON         15  m  Y
Br105d   Elizabeth      WATSON         13  f  Y
Br106a   Alexander      JAMES          40  m  N  Druggist
Br106b   Elizabeth      JAMES          30  f  Y
Br106c   Elizabeth      JAMES          4   f  Y
Br106d   George         JAMES          2   m  Y
Br106e   Sarah          SLACK          65  f  Y  F.s
Br106f   Elizabeth      WEBSTER        25  f  Y  F.s
Br106g   Henry          GREATOREX      15  m  Y  M.s
Br106h   Susanna        BAGSHAW        40  f  N
Br107a   Thomas         WALTON         45  m  Y  Shopkeeper
Br107b   Sarah          WALTON         15  f  Y
Br107c   Thomas         WALTON         12  m  Y
Br107d   Richard        WALTON         75  m  Y
Br107e   Jane           WALTON         75  f  Y
Br107f   Sarah          TOMLINSON      75  f  Y  Ind
Br108a   John           TAYLOR         30  m  Y  Lead miner
Br108b   Mary           TAYLOR         25  f  Y
Br108c   Joshua         TAYLOR         1   m  Y
Br108d   Mary           TAYLOR         35  f  Y  Lace runner
------[Brassington]---(p20, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br109a   Richard        LOMAS          40  m  Y  Farmer
Br109b   Mary           LOMAS          25  f  Y
Br109c   Mary           LOMAS          4   f  Y
Br110a   Elizabeth      TOPLIS         65  f  Y  Farmer
Br110b   William        TOPLIS         40  m  Y
Br110c   Sarah          COOPER         13  f  Y
Br110d   George         BEIGHTON       3   m  Y
Br110e   George         WHEATCROFT     25  m  Y  M.s
Br110f   Eliza          ENSOR          15  f  Y  F.s
Br111a   Francis        FEARN          45  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br111b   Elizabeth      FEARN          45  f  Y
Br111c   Ann            FEARN          15  f  Y
Br111d   Sarah          FEARN          11  f  Y
Br111e   Elizabeth      FEARN          9   f  Y
Br111f   Joseph         FEARN          6   m  Y
Br111g   Emma           FEARN          6   f  Y
Br112a   Henry          WATSON         35  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br112b   Henry          WATSON         70  m  Y  Ind
Br112c   Alice          WATSON         40  f  Y
Br113a   John           BRIDDON        35  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br113b   Ann            BRIDDON        30  f  Y
Br113c   William        BRIDDON        8   m  Y
Br113d   Thomas         BRIDDON        6   m  Y
Br113e   John           BRIDDON        4   m  Y
Br113f   Ann            BRIDDON        1   f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p21, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br114a   Mary           WAYNE          20  f  Y  Farmer
Br114b   Robert         WAYNE          5m  m  Y
Br114c   Thomas         WAYNE          15  m  Y  M.s
Br114d   Thomas         NEEDHAM        25  m  Y  M.s
Br115a   James          HODGKINSON     45  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br115b   Sarah          HODGKINSON     40  f  Y
Br115c   John           HODGKINSON     6   m  Y
Br115d   William        HODGKINSON     5   m  Y
Br115e   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         7   f  Y
Br116a   William        TARR           30  m  Y  Jobber
Br116b   Ann            TARR           30  f  Y
Br116c   Mary           TARR           14  f  Y
Br116d   Josiah         COLDWELL       25  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br116e   Hannah         COLDWELL       30  f  Y
Br116f   William        COLDWELL       5   m  Y
Br116g   Ann            COLDWELL       2   f  Y
Br116h   N.k            COLDWELL       5d  f  Y
Br117a   John           FEARN          35  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br117b   Dorothy        FEARN          40  f  Y
Br117c   Thomas         FEARN          14  m  Y
Br117d   Hannah         FEARN          12  f  Y
Br117e   William        FEARN          11  m  Y
Br117f   Fanny          FEARN          9   f  Y
Br117g   Edmund         FEARN          6   m  Y
Br117h   Samuel         FEARN          4   m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p22, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br118a   Samuel         BEMBRIDGE      35  m  Y  Labourer
Br118b   Sarah          BEMBRIDGE      30  f  Y
Br118c   Mary           BEMBRIDGE      12  f  Y
Br118d   Thomas         BEMBRIDGE      11  m  Y
Br118e   Samuel         BEMBRIDGE      9   m  Y
Br118f   Harriot        BEMBRIDGE      7   f  Y
Br118g   Esther         BEMBRIDGE      4   f  Y
Br119a   William        TITTERTON      35  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br119b   Sarah          TITTERTON      45  f  N
Br119c   William        TITTERTON      10  m  Y
Br120a   Thomas         SEAL           30  m  Y  Farmer
Br120b   Mary           SEAL           20  f  Y
Br120c   William        SEAL           3m  m  Y
Br121a   Sarah          PRESTWIDGE     85  f  Y  Farmer
Br121b   Mary           PRESTWIDGE     55  f  Y
Br121c   Sarah          PRESTWIDGE     35  f  Y
Br121d   William        PRESTWIDGE     40  m  Y
Br122a   John           SLACK          20  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br122b   Esther         SLACK          20  f  Y
Br122c   William        SLACK          2m  m  Y
Br123a   William        CHARLTON       50  m  Y  Ind
Br123b   Sarah          CHARLTON       50  f  Y
Br123c   William        CHARLTON       20  m  Y
Br123d   Mary           CHARLTON       25  f  Y
Br123e   Alfred         CHARLTON       11  m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p23, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br124a   Thomas         ALLSOP         30  m  Y  Jobber
Br124b   Jane           ALLSOP         25  f  Y
Br124c   Samuel         ALLSOP         6   m  Y
Br124d   Mary           ALLSOP         4   f  Y
Br124e   Thomas         ALLSOP         2   m  Y
Br125a   William        HANDLEY        30  m  Y  Farmer
Br125b   Ann            HANDLEY        30  f  Y
Br125c   Thomas         HANDLEY        8   m  Y
Br125d   William        HANDLEY        7   m  Y
Br125e   Mary           HANDLEY        3   f  Y
Br126a   William        SEAL           30  m  Y  Farmer
Br126b   Henry          SEAL           15  m  Y  M.s
Br126c   Ann            SEAL           25  f  Y  F.s
Br126d   Elizabeth      SEAL           20  f  Y  F.s
Br127a   William        HOPKIN         40  m  Y  Maltster
Br127b   Sarah          HOPKIN         40  f  Y
Br127c   Hannah         HOPKIN         13  f  Y
Br127d   James          HOPKIN         4   m  Y
Br127e   George         HOPKIN         2   m  Y
Br128a   Robert         SLACK          55  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br128b   Sarah          SLACK          60  f  Y
Br128c   Mary           SLACK          30  f  Y  Dress maker
Br128d   Hannah         ALLSOP         25  f  Y
Br128e   William        ALLSOP         5   m  Y
Br128f   Marian         ALLSOP         4   f  Y
Br128g   Zillah         SLACK          5   f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p24, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)-------
Br129a   Thomas         SLACK          50  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br129b   Mary           SLACK          35  f  Y
Br129c   Thomas         SLACK          3   m  Y
Br129d   Mary           SLACK          1   f  Y
Br130a   John           CHARLTON       35  m  Y  Farmer
Br130b   Mary           CHARLTON       75  f  Y  Ind
Br130c   Hannah         CHARLTON       35  f  Y
Br130d   William        BEARDSLEY      15  m  Y  M.s
Br130e   Mary           MARTON         25  f  N  Dress maker
Br131a   Matthew        ALLSOP         30  m  Y  Jobber
Br131b   Elizabeth      ALLSOP         30  f  Y
Br131c   Matthew        ALLSOP         8   m  Y
Br131d   Sarah          ALLSOP         5   f  Y
Br131e   Jane           ALLSOP         10m f  Y
Br132a   William        SMITH          50  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br132b   Sarah          SMITH          55  f  Y
Br132c   Richard        SMITH          25  m  Y
Br132d   Ellen          SMITH          15  f  Y
Br132e   Eliza          SMITH          6   f  Y
Br132f   William        SMITH          2   m  Y
Br132g   Sarah          SMITH          1   f  Y
Br133a   Joseph         REPTON         20  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br133b   Ann            REPTON         25  f  Y
Br133c   Joseph         REPTON         6m  m  Y
------[Brassington]---(p25, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br134a   Daniel         SLACK          50  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br134b   Elizabeth      SLACK          60  f  Y
Br134c   William        TORR           4   m  Y
Br135a   Mary           ROWBOTHAM      80  f  Y  Fruit seller
Br135b   John           MELLOR         30  m  Y  Cordwainer
Br136a   Thomas         GOULD          30  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br136b   Sarah          GOULD          35  f  Y
Br136c   Mark           GOULD          8   m  Y
Br136d   William        GOULD          6   m  Y
Br136e   John           GOULD          4   m  Y
Br136f   Thomas         GOULD          3   m  Y
Br137a   Robert         TOMLINSON      65  m  Y  Weaver
Br138a   John           SMITH          25  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br138b   Sarah          SMITH          25  f  Y
Br139a   William        PAKEMAN        65  m  Y  Cow leech
Br139b   Ann            PAKEMAN        75  f  Y
Br139c   Thomas         PAKEMAN        30  m  Y  M.s
Br140a   Ann            SMITH          50  f  Y
Br140b   Mary           SMITH          25  f  Y
Br140c   John           SMITH          20  m  Y  Carpenter
Br140d   Esther         SMITH          15  f  Y
Br140e   Sarah          SMITH          15  f  Y
Br140f   William        SMITH          12  m  Y
Br141a   Joseph         GREATOREX      65  m  Y  Lead ore miner
Br141b   Dorothy        GREATOREX      65  f  Y
------[Brassington]---(p26, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br142a   John           HOPKIN         90  m  N
Br142b   Mary           HOPKIN         65  f  Y
Br143a   Anthony        STALEY         30  m  Y  Labourer
Br143b   Ann            STALEY         25  f  Y
Br143c   Mary           STALEY         6   f  Y
Br143d   Abraham        STALEY         4   m  Y
Br144a   Thomas         HANDLEY        40  m  Y  Labourer
Br144b   Rachel         HANDLEY        35  f  Y
Br144c   James          HANDLEY        15  m  Y
Br144d   Elizabeth      HANDLEY        12  f  Y
Br144e   William        HANDLEY        10  m  Y
Br144f   Sarah          HANDLEY        6   f  Y
Br144g   John           HANDLEY        1m  m  Y
Br145a   Simeon         WEBSTER        30  m  Y  Labourer
Br145b   Elizabeth      WEBSTER        30  f  Y
Br145c   Emma           WEBSTER        7   f  Y
Br145d   Sarah          WEBSTER        2m  f  Y
Br146a   Richard        FEARN          40  m  Y  Labourer
Br146b   Mary           FEARN          35  f  Y
Br146c   Mary           FEARN          11  f  Y
Br146d   Wakefield?     FEARN          7   f  Y
Br146e   Martha         FEARN          5   f  Y
Br146f   Selina         FEARN          2   f  Y
Br147a   Richard        JONES          50  m  N  Brasier
Br147b   Elizabeth      JONES          55  f  N
---Longcliff---[Brassington]---(p27, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br148a   Daniel         FEARN          35  m  Y  Labourer
Br148b   Elizabeth      FEARN          35  f  Y
Br148c   Hannah         FEARN          13  f  Y
Br148d   Mary           FEARN          10  f  Y
Br148e   Elizabeth      FEARN          8   f  Y
Br148f   Alice          FEARN          5   f  Y
Br148g   Daniel         FEARN          2   m  Y
Br149a   John           HANDLEY        40  m  Y  Farmer
Br149b   Elizabeth      HANDLEY        40  f  Y
Br149c   Ann            HANDLEY        6   f  Y
Br149d   Sarah          HANDLEY        4   f  Y
Br149e   John           HANDLEY        2   m  Y
Br149f   Sarah          JOHNSON        15  f  Y  F.s
Br149g   Francis        FEARN          15  m  Y  M.s
---Pike hall---[Brassington]----------
Br150a   Robert         HARTLE         50  m  Y  Shoemaker
Br150b   Mary           HARTLE         45  f  Y
Br150c   Ellen          HARTLE         12  f  Y
Br150d   John           HARTLE         7   m  Y
Br150e   Robert         HARTLE         5   m  Y
---Griff walk---[Brassington]----------
Br151a   Moses          FEARN          80  m  Y  Farmer
Br151b   Sarah          FEARN          65  f  Y
Br151c   Aaron          FEARN          25  m  Y
Br151d   Job            FEARN          25  m  Y
Br151e   Moses          FEARN          20  m  Y
Br151f   Mary           FEARN          20  f  Y
---Moor---[Brassington]---(p28, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br152a   John           BALL           60  m  Y  Farmer
Br152b   Jane           BALL           50  f  Y
Br152c   Samuel         BALL           22  m  Y
Br152d   Elizabeth      BALL           19  f  Y
Br152e   Isaac          BALL           16  m  Y
Br152f   William        BALL           4   m  Y
---Moor house---[Brassington]----------
Br153a   Thomas         BROWN          50  m  Y  Farmer
Br153b   Alice          BROWN          20  f  Y
Br153c   Mary           BROWN          15  f  Y
Br153d   Ellen          BROWN          5   f  Y
Br153e   John           LOMAS          20  m  Y  M.s
Br153f   John           REDFERN        15  m  Y  M.s
Br153g   Samuel         BALL           10  m  Y  M.s
Br153h   Jane           BALL           15  f  Y  F.s
---Curst moor---[Brassington]----------
Br154a   Isaac          RAINS          45  m  Y  Farmer
Br154b   Elizabeth      RAINS          45  f  Y
Br154c   John           RAINS          25  m  Y
Br154d   Ann            RAINS          20  f  Y
Br154e   Jane           RAINS          20  f  Y
Br154f   Elizabeth      RAINS          15  f  Y
Br154g   James          RAINS          15  m  Y
Br154h   Harriet        RAINS          13  f  Y
Br154i   Samuel         RAINS          9   m  Y
Br154j   Joseph         SCATTERGOOD    15  m  Y  M.s
Br155a   John           SHELDON        15  m  Y  Toll collector
---Clipshead---[Brassington]---(p29, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br156a   John           WATSON         55  m  Y  Farmer
Br156b   Mary           WATSON         60  f  Y
Br156c   Hannah         WATSON         20  f  Y
Br156d   John           WATSON         3   m  Y
Br156e   Thomas         JOHNSON        15  m  Y  M.s
Br156f   Robert         SHERWIN        10  m  Y  M.s
---Knocka down---[Brassington]----------
Br157a   Moses          FEARN          35  m  Y  Farmer
Br157b   Sarah          FEARN          30  f  Y
Br157c   Francis        FEARN          11  m  Y
Br157d   Mary           FEARN          8   f  Y
Br157e   Thomas         FEARN          6   m  Y
Br157f   Jane           FEARN          3   f  Y
Br157g   Moses          FEARN          11m m  Y
Br157h   Martha         WEBSTER        15  f  Y  F.s
Br158a   William        WHYSALL        20  m  Y  Farmer
Br158b   Alice          WHYSALL        20  f  Y
Br158c   Robert         MOORE          65  m  Y  M.s
Br158d   Robert         BATEMAN        30  m  Y  M.s
Br158e   John           GREATOREX      20  m  Y  M.s
Br158f   John           TAYLOR         13  m  Y  M.s
---Far moor---[Brassington]----------
Br159a   Thomas         WHYSALL        55  m  Y  Farmer
Br159b   Lydia          KIRKHAM        45  f  N  F.s
Br159c   Mary           KIRKHAM        8   f  N  F.s
Br159d   Martha         JOHNSON        15  f  N  F.s
Br159e   Joseph         WHYSALL        45  m  Y  M.s
Br159f   Richard        KIRKHAM        20  m  N  M.s
Br159g   James          NEEDHAM        20  m  Y  M.s
---Mouldridge---[Brassington]---(p30, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
Br160a   John           HARRISON       40  m  N  Farmer
Br160b   Hannah         HARRISON       40  f  N
Br160c   John           HARRISON       15  m  N
Br160d   Sarah          HARRISON       14  f  N
Br160e   Thomas         HARRISON       12  m  N
Br160f   Ann            HARRISON       6   f  N
Br160g   Joseph         HARRISON       3   m  N
Br160h   George         SALT           20  m  N  M.s
Br160i   Ann            HARRISON       15  f  N  F.s
Br161a   Benjamin       GREGORY        65  m  Y  Farmer
Br161b   Joshua         GREGORY        30  m  Y
Br161c   Hannah         GREGORY        25  f  Y
Br161d   John           GREGORY        25  m  Y
Br161e   Jonathan       SLACK          15  m  Y  M.s
Br161f   Anthony        TAYLOR         12  m  Y  M.s
---Hall sands---[Brassington]----------
Br162a   William        HODGKINSON     65  m  Y  Farmer
Br162b   Hannah         HODGKINSON     55  f  Y
Br162c   James          HODGKINSON     25  m  Y
Br162d   Elizabeth      WATERFALL      85  f  Y  Ind
Br163a   Rebecca        WEBSTER        70  f  Y  Ind
Br163b   Charlotte      POTTS          11  f  Y
---Ho.of Industry---[Brassington]---(p1, Brassington Workhouse, HO 107/197/11)---
Br164a   William        TORR           65  m  Y  Governor
Br164b   Mary           TORR           65  f  Y  Matron
Br164c   William        TOMLINSON      40  m  Y  Ag labourer
Br164d   Sarah          TOMLINSON      40  f  N
Br164e   Mary           TOMLINSON      11  f  Y
Br164f   Sarah          TOMLINSON      9   f  Y
Br164g   William        TOMLINSON      7   m  Y
Br164h   Harriet        TOMLINSON      5   f  Y
Br164i   Ann            TOMLINSON      3   f  Y
Br164j   Catharine      TOMLINSON      1   f  Y
Br164k   Robert         SPENCER        25  m  Y  Ag lab
Br164l   Mary           SWINDALL       30  f  N  Silk spinner
Br164m   George         MORLEY         75  m  Y  Ag lab
Br164n   Elizabeth      BAINBRIDGE     20  f  Y
Br164o   William        BAINBRIDGE     2   m  Y
Br164p   John           BAINBRIDGE     10w m  Y
Br164q   Ann            GILBERT        60  f  Y

------[Cromford]---(p1, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)---
Cm001a   James          CONWAY         35  m  Y  F.S.
Cm001b   James          CONWAY         9   m  Y
Cm001c   Pheabey        CONWAY         30  f  Y
Cm001d   Frances        CONWAY         7   f  Y
Cm001e   Hannah         CONWAY         4   f  Y
Cm002a   Samuel         BROWN          35  m  Y  F.S.
Cm002b   Samuel         BROWN          14  m  Y  F.S.
Cm002c   William        BROWN          10  m  Y
Cm002d   Thomas         BROWN          7   m  Y
Cm002e   Potter         BROWN          5   m  Y
Cm002f   David          BROWN          4   m  Y
Cm002g   Charles        BROWN          2   m  Y
Cm002h   Marey          BROWN          35  f  Y
Cm002i   Sarah          BROWN          5   f  Y
Cm003a   John           LOOWARD        40  m  N  Engineer
Cm003b   Edward         LOOWARD        13  m  N
Cm003c   Augustus       LOOWARD        8   m  Y
Cm003d   Sarah          LOOWARD        35  f  Y
Cm003e   Sophia         LOOWARD        11  f  N
Cm003f   Sarah          LOOWARD        6   f  Y
Cm003g   Leonard        LOOWARD        20m m  Y
Cm003h   Sarah          BEIDON         20  f  N  F.S.
Cm004a   Thomas         BOLLOCK        40  m  Y  Wheelwright
Cm004b   Thomas         BOLLOCK        13  m  Y
Cm004c   John           BOLLOCK        9   m  Y
Cm004d   Joseph         BOLLOCK        1   m  Y
Cm004e   Elizabeth      BOLLOCK        30  f  Y
Cm004f   Sarah          BOLLOCK        12  f  Y
Cm004g   Harriett       BOLLOCK        6   f  Y
Cm004h   Harriett       BOLLOCK        4   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p2, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)----
Cm005a   Robert         MICHELL        50  m  N  Sadler
Cm006a   James          BURTON         35  m  Y  M.S.
Cm006b   Jermon         BURTON         8   m  Y
Cm006c   Thomas         BURTON         6   m  Y
Cm006d   Elizabeth      BURTON         25  f  Y
Cm007a   William        KING           40  m  N  Cl
Cm007b   William        KING           6   m  Y
Cm007c   George         KING           2   m  Y
Cm007d   Sarah          KING           35  f  N
Cm007e   Mary           KING           14  f  N
Cm007f   James          BEELEY         25  m  -  Cl
Cm008a   Samuel         BROWN          60  m  Y  Publican
Cm008b   Martha         BROWN          65  f  Y
Cm008c   Francis        BROWN          25  m  Y  M.S.
Cm008d   Ann            BROWN          20  f  Y  F.S.
Cm009a   William        COLLEGE        25  m  Y  M.S.
Cm009b   N.k.           COLLEGE        1   f  Y
Cm010a   Joseph         LINICAR        65  m  Y  Boat man
Cm011a   Francis        BESTWICK       50  m  N  Cl
Cm011b   John           BESTWICK       13  m  Y
Cm011c   Henery         BESTWICK       7   m  Y
Cm011d   Mary           BESTWICK       40  f  N
Cm011e   Mary           BESTWICK       10  f  Y
Cm011f   Ann            BESTWICK       5   f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p3, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)----
Cm012a   Israel?        HAWKIN         35  m  Y  Boat man
Cm012b   John           HIBBERT        20  m  Y  Boat man
Cm012c   Thomas         HAWKIN         11  m  Y
Cm013a   Abram          WHEATCROFT     30  m  Y  Carrier
Cm013b   Sarah          WATTERFALL     30  f  Y  F.S.
Cm014a   Richard        ELLIOTT        20  m  Y  Lab
Cm015a   Samuell        WATSON         30  m  Y  Boats man
Cm015b   Henery         WATSON         9   m  Y  Boats man
Cm015c   William        WATSON         1   m  Y
Cm015d   Elizabeth      WATSON         30  f  Y
Cm015e   Henery         KINDER         10  m  N  Boats man
Cm016a   Joseph         ELLIOTT        45  m  Y  M.S.
Cm017a   John           SIDDON         65  m  N  Cl
Cm017b   Mary           SIDDON         85  f  N  Ind
Cm017c   Rebecca        SIDDON         65  f  N
Cm017d   Rebecca        SIDDON         30  f  Y
Cm017e   Mary           GREENHOUGH     20  f  Y  F.S.
Cm018a   James          BERESFORD      75  m  Y  Cl
Cm018b   James          BERESFORD      20  m  Y
Cm018c   Sarah          BERESFORD      20  f  Y
Cm018d   Sarah          SMITH          45  f  Y
------[Cromford]---(p4, Cromford district 6, HO 107/198/14)----
Cm019a   Richard        HACKETT        45  m  Y  Cl
Cm019b   William        HACKETT        25  m  Y  Mechanic
Cm019c   George         HACKETT        20  m  Y  Cl
Cm019d   John           HACKETT        12  m  Y
Cm019e   Ann            HACKETT        17  f  Y
Cm019f   Sarah          HACKETT        15  f  Y
Cm019g   Lydia          HACKETT        13  f  Y
Cm020a   Peter          ARKWRIGHT      57  m  Y
Cm020b   Edward         ARKWRIGHT      30  m  Y
Cm020c   James          ARKWRIGHT      25  m  Y
Cm020d   Augustus       ARKWRIGHT      15  m  Y
Cm020e   Mary           ARKWRIGHT      53  f  Y
Cm020f   Fanny          ARKWRIGHT      22  f  Y
Cm020g   Margaret       ARKWRIGHT      21  f  Y
Cm020h   Caroline       ARKWRIGHT      15  f  Y
Cm020i   Elizabeth      COOKE          20  f  N  Domestic F.S.
Cm020j   Hannah         EVANS          20  f  N  Domestic F.S.
Cm020k   Elizabeth      HOLMES         20  f  Y  Domestic F.S.
Cm020l   Ann            MOORE          50  f  Y  Domestic F.S.
Cm020m   Ann            MOORECROFT     15  f  N  Domestic F.S.
Cm020n   Ann            PINNOCKS       40  f  N  Domestic F.S.
Cm020o   Mary           REVILL         28  f  Y  Domestic F.S.
Cm020p   Ann            SINGLETON      26  f  N  Domestic F.S.
Cm020q   Mary           WATSON         35  f  N  Domestic F.S.
Cm020r   Mary           WIGLEY         40  f  Y  Domestic F.S.
Cm020s   Job            HOLMES         15  m  Y  Domestic
Cm020t   Robert         PRINCE         30  m  N  Domestic
Cm020u   Henery         WATKINS        25  m  N  Domestic

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.