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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---Biggin Hill Ln---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk032a   William        BUTLER         30  m  Y  Farmer
Kk032b   Elizabeth      BUTLER         35  f  Y
Kk032c   Hannah         BUTLER         11  f  Y
Kk032d   William        FEARN          14  m  Y  M.s
---Biggin hill ln---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk033a   Henry          BROWN          75  m  Y  Farmer
Kk033b   Jane           BROWN          70  f  Y
Kk033c   George         BROWN          40  m  Y
Kk033d   Ellen          BROWN          35  f  Y
Kk033e   Andrew         BROWN          30  m  Y  Miller
---Wheat sheaf---[Kirk Ireton]---(p8, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk034a   John           FORD           45  m  Y  Publican
Kk034b   Elizabeth      FORD           40  f  Y
Kk034c   Elizabeth      FORD           15  f  Y
Kk034d   John           FORD           15  m  Y
Kk034e   Mary           FORD           11  f  Y
Kk034f   Selina         FORD           9   f  Y
Kk034g   Matilda        FORD           7   f  Y
Kk034h   William        FORD           4   m  Y
Kk034i   Hannah         ALLSOP         25  f  Y
Kk034j   James          CASHOW         15  m  N  Strolling player
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk035a   Thomas         COCKAYNE       30  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk036a   William        WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Joiner
Kk036b   Hannah         WOODHOUSE      25  f  Y  Dress maker
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk037a   Isaac          SLATER         55  m  Y  Publican+farmer
Kk037b   Hannah         SLATER         50  f  Y
Kk037c   Mary           SLATER         30  f  Y
Kk037d   Isaac          SLATER         20  m  Y
Kk037e   Alice          SLATER         15  f  Y
Kk037f   James          PHILIPS        25  m  N  Strolling player
Kk037g   Sarah          PHILIPS        25  f  N  Strolling player
Kk037h   Thomas         PHILIPS        9   m  N  Strolling player
Kk037i   Thomas         ASHINGTON      25  m  N  Strolling player
Kk037j   Mary           ASHINGTON      20  f  N  Strolling player
Kk037k   Sarah ann      ASHINGTON      3   f  N
Kk037l   Daniel         ASHINGTON      1   m  N
Kk037m   Daniel         KEMP           35  m  N  Strolling player
Kk037n   Mary           KEMP           35  f  G  Strolling player
---Rectory House---[Kirk Ireton]---(p9, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk038a   Robert         GILL?          50  m  Y  Clerk, Rev
Kk038b   Sarah          BANKS          35  f  Y  F.s
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk039a   John           COCKAYNE       80  m  Y  Ind
Kk039b   George         COCKAYNE       25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk039c   Phebe          WIBBERLEY      15  f  Y
Kk039d   Elizabeth      COCKAYNE       9   f  Y  F.s
Kk039e   Mary           COCKAYNE       30  f  Y  F.s
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk040a   Thomas         TAYLOR         35  m  Y  Wheelwright
Kk040b   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         35  f  N
Kk040c   Robert         TAYLOR         7   m  Y
Kk040d   William        TAYLOR         5   m  Y
Kk040e   Mary           TAYLOR         3   f  Y
Kk040f   James          TWIGG          20  m  N  Ap wheelwright
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk041a   Isaac          BAILY          25  m  Y  Farmer
Kk041b   Hannah         BAILY          25  f  N
Kk041c   Isaac          BAILY          1   m  N
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk042a   Richard        BROMLEY        45  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk042b   Ann            BROMLEY        45  f  Y
Kk042c   Mary           BROMLEY        20  f  Y
Kk042d   Hannah         BROMLEY        15  f  Y
Kk042e   John           BROMLEY        14  m  Y
Kk042f   Thomas         BROMLEY        12  m  Y
Kk042g   Charles        BROMLEY        6   m  Y
Kk042h   Emma           BROMLEY        3   f  Y
Kk042i   Elizabeth      GREATOREX      2   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p10, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk043a   John           MILLINGTON     65  m  Y  Farmer
Kk043b   Mary           MILLINGTON     65  f  Y
Kk043c   Robert         MILLINGTON     21  m  Y
Kk043d   Elizabeth      MILLINGTON     2   f  N
Kk043e   Sarah          HOLMES         12  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk044a   James          SIMPSON        40  m  Y  Butcher
Kk044b   Margaret       SIMPSON        40  f  Y
Kk044c   James          SIMPSON        15  m  Y
Kk044d   Ann            SIMPSON        10  f  Y
Kk044e   Ann            FOULD          60  f  Y
Kk044f   Mary           WARD           40  f  Y  F.s
Kk044g   Mary           HOLBROOK       5   f  N
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk045a   Joseph         LEEDHAM        45  m  Y  Farmer
Kk045b   Mary           LEEDHAM        45  f  Y
Kk045c   Mary           LEEDHAM        14  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk046a   George         AUSTIN         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk046b   Sarah          AUSTIN         35  f  Y
Kk046c   Thomas         AUSTIN         10  m  Y
Kk046d   Elizabeth      AUSTIN         3   f  Y
Kk046e   John           AUSTIN         8   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk047a   Joseph         DOWNING        40  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk047b   Elizabeth      DOWNING        40  f  Y
Kk047c   Sarah          DOWNING        12  f  Y
Kk047d   John           DOWNING        8   m  Y
Kk047e   Philip         DOWNING        6   m  Y
Kk047f   Josiah?        DOWNING        2   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p11, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk048a   Robert         ELLIOTT        55  m  N  Farmer & factor
Kk048b   Mary           ELLIOTT        40  f  Y
Kk048c   Mary           ELLIOTT        20  f  Y
Kk048d   Sarah          ELLIOTT        15  f  Y
Kk048e   John           ELLIOTT        14  m  Y
Kk048f   Hannah         ELLIOTT        10  f  Y
Kk048g   Harriet        HAYNES         25  f  Y  F.s
Kk048h   Thomas         GREATOREX      15  m  Y  M.s
Kk048i   John           ELLIOTT        60  m  N  Check factor
Kk048j   Charlotte      ELLIOTT        25  f  N
Kk048k   Harriet        ELLIOTT        15  f  N
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk049a   Samuel         MILBOURN       75  m  Y  Huckster
Kk049b   Rebecca        MILBOURN       10  f  Y
Kk049c   John           MILBOURN       20  m  Y
Kk049d   Edward         MILBOURN       14  m  Y
Kk049e   Sarah          SHOWN?         30  f  Y
Kk049f   Rebecca        SHOWN?         4   f  Y
Kk049g   Thomas         THORNLEY       20  m  Y  Engine smith
Kk049h   Samuel         THORNLEY       15  m  Y  M.s
Kk049i   Samuel         COCKRAM        15  m  Y  Joiner
Kk049j   Samuel         COCKRAM        45  m  Y  Joiner
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p12, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk050a   Robert         BURTON         55  m  Y  Farmer
Kk050b   Ellen          BURTON         60  f  Y
Kk050c   Elizabeth      SMITH          15  f  N
Kk050d   William        MURFIN         15  m  Y  M.s
Kk050e   William        SHELDON        70  m  N  Farmer
Kk050f   Sarah          SHELDON        60  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk051a   William        WRIGHT         35  m  Y  Blacksmith
Kk051b   Fanny          WRIGHT         35  f  Y
Kk051c   Hannah         WRIGHT         15  f  Y
Kk051d   Charles        WRIGHT         13  m  Y
Kk051e   Elizabeth      WRIGHT         11  f  Y
Kk051f   Francis        WRIGHT         9   f  Y
Kk051g   George         WRIGHT         5   m  Y
Kk051h   John           WRIGHT         2   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk052a   James          MATKIN         40  m  Y  Farmer
Kk052b   Mary           MATKIN         30  f  Y
Kk052c   Alice          MATKIN         7   f  Y
Kk052d   Mary           MATKIN         5   f  Y
Kk052e   Hannah         MATKIN         2   f  Y
Kk052f   Judith         WEBSTER        50  f  Y  F.s
Kk052g   Philip         HEATHCOTE      15  m  Y  M.s
Kk052h   Samuel         FROST          20  m  Y  Draper J
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk053a   James          MASSINGTON     25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk053b   Sarah          MASSINGTON     25  f  Y
Kk053c   Hannah         MASSINGTON     5   f  Y
Kk053d   Mary           MASSINGTON     5   f  Y
Kk053e   John           MASSINGTON     10m m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p13, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk054a   Francis        BROWN          55  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk054b   Hannah         BROWN          55  f  Y
Kk054c   Mary           BROWN          30  f  Y  Lace maker
Kk054d   Elizabeth      WRIGHT         55  f  Y
Kk054e   Hannah         MOSLEY?        15  f  Y
Kk054f   Thomas         MOSLEY?        11  m  Y
Kk054g   Sarah          MOSLEY?        72  f  Y
Kk054h   Rebecca        MOSLEY?        7   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk055a   John           DEAN           50  m  Y  Farmer
Kk055b   Sarah          DEAN           50  f  Y
Kk055c   German         DEAN           14  m  Y
Kk055d   Samuel         DEAN           12  m  Y
Kk055e   Elizabeth      DEAN           15  f  Y
Kk055f   Ann            GREGORY        20  f  Y  F.s
Kk055g   John           GREATOREX      15  m  Y  M.s
Kk055h   Mary           WILDEN         30  f  Y
Kk055i   James          WILDEN         4   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk056a   Ann            MILLINGTON     50  f  Y  Pauper
Kk056b   Mary           MILLINGTON     25  f  Y  F.s
Kk056c   Elizabeth      MILLINGTON     3   f  Y
Kk056d   Frances        MILLINGTON     8m  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk057a   John           HOLMES         50  m  Y  Lab
Kk057b   Rebecca        HOLMES         50  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk057c   Esther         HOLMES         25  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk057d   Ellen          HOLMES         15  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk057e   George         HOLMES         12  m  Y
Kk057f   German         HOLMES         9   m  Y
Kk057g   Richard        HOLMES         25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk057h   William        HOLMES         5   m  Y
Kk057i   John           HOLMES         1   m  Y
Kk057j   Hannah         TOMLIN         2   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p14, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk058a   Thomas         HOLMES         40  m  Y  Lab
Kk058b   Hannah         HOLMES         40  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk058c   William        HOLMES         15  m  Y  Lace runner
Kk058d   Hannah         HOLMES         10  f  Y
Kk058e   Ann            HOLMES         7   f  Y
Kk058f   Emma           HOLMES         5   f  Y
Kk058g   Harriet        HOLMES         1   f  Y
Kk058h   William        HOLMES         3   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk059a   William        COWLEY         50  m  Y  Farmer
Kk059b   Catherine      COWLEY         70  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk060a   William        BRATBY         30  m  Y  Maltster J
Kk060b   Catherine      BRATBY         30  f  Y
Kk060c   William        BRATBY         10  m  Y
Kk060d   Henry          BRATBY         5   m  Y
Kk060e   James          BRATBY         3   m  Y
Kk060f   Mary           BRATBY         1   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p15, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk061a   Thomas         PEAT           35  m  Y  Farmer+shoe m
Kk061b   Sarah          PEAT           30  f  Y
Kk061c   Emma           PEAT           2   f  Y
Kk061d   Mary           HARRISON       75  f  Y
Kk061e   Samuel         DEAN           15  m  Y  Ap
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk062a   Stephen        YEOMANS        35  m  Y  FWK
Kk062b   Margaret       YEOMANS        35  f  Y
Kk062c   George         YEOMANS        13  m  Y  FWK
Kk062d   William        YEOMANS        12  m  Y
Kk062e   Mary           YEOMANS        11  f  Y
Kk062f   Ann            YEOMANS        9   f  Y
Kk062g   Margaret       YEOMANS        7   f  Y
Kk062h   Stephen        YEOMANS        4   m  Y
Kk062i   Sarah          YEOMANS        1   f  Y
Kk062j                  YEOMANS               Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk063a   John           HALL           30  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk063b   Mary           HALL           30  f  Y
Kk063c   Elizabeth      HALL           6   f  Y
Kk063d   William        HALL           4   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk064a   George         HEATHCOTE      35  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk064b   Elizabeth      HEATHCOTE      45  f  Y
Kk064c   Mary           HEATHCOTE      9   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk065a   John           PICKERING      25  m  Y  FWK
Kk065b   Deborah        PICKERING      25  f  Y
Kk065c   Sarah          PICKERING      4   f  Y
Kk065d   Ann            PICKERING      2   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p16, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk066a   Timothy        GREATOREX      45  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk066b   Hannah         GREATOREX      40  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk067a   Robert         SMITH          30  m  Y  Rat catcher
Kk067b   Mary           SMITH          35  f  Y
Kk067c   Ann            HOLMES         9   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk068a   John           BROWN          25  m  Y  FWK
Kk068b   Mary           BROWN          20  f  Y
Kk068c   Hannah         BROWN          1   f  Y
Kk068d   Sarah          PEAT           40  f  Y  Shoe maker
Kk068e   Edward         PEAT           9   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk069a   Stephen        PICKERING      55  m  Y  FWK
Kk069b   Hannah         WOOD           25  f  Y  Sempstress
Kk069c   Stephen        WOOD           1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk070a   Zachariah      PICKERING      20  m  Y  FWK
Kk070b   Sarah          PICKERING      25  f  Y
Kk070c   Stephen        PICKERING      1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk071a   Dorothy        BOWER?         41  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk071b   John           BOWER?         12  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk072a   William        BRINDLEY       45  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk072b   Elizabeth      BRINDLEY       45  f  Y
Kk072c   Samuel         BRINDLEY       15  m  Y
Kk072d   George         BRINDLEY       10  m  Y
Kk072e   Henry          BRINDLEY       7   m  Y
Kk072f   Mary           BRINDLEY       3   f  Y
Kk072g   Hannah         HOLMES         85  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p17, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk073a   Catherine      KINDER         35  f  N  Ag lab
Kk073b   Mary           KINDER         13  f  Y
Kk073c   William        KINDER         11  m  Y
Kk073d   Samuel         KINDER         9   m  Y
Kk073e   Joshua         KINDER         7   m  Y
Kk073f   Stephen        KINDER         5   m  Y
Kk073g   Elizabeth      KINDER         3   f  Y
Kk073h   Patience       KINDER         1   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk074a   William        MOYER?         50  m  N  Rat killer
Kk074b   Phebe          MOYER?         40  f  N
Kk074c   Joseph         MOYER?         13  m  N
Kk074d   Henry          MOYER?         11  m  Y
Kk074e   William        MOYER?         9   m  Y
Kk074f   Mary           MOYER?         9   f  Y
Kk074g   Samuel         MOYER?         6   m  Y
Kk074h   Hannah         MOYER?         5   f  Y
Kk074i   Isaac          MOYER?         2   m  Y
Kk074j   John           MOYER?         8m  m  Y
Kk074k   Dorothy        COTES          45  f  N
Kk074l   Alfred         COTES          20  m  N  M.s
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk075a   Thomas         WARD           30  m  Y  Lab
Kk075b   Ann            WARD           30  f  Y
Kk075c   John           WARD           10  m  Y
Kk075d   Hannah         WARD           8   f  Y
Kk075e   Sarah          WARD           5   f  Y
Kk075f   Ann            WARD           4m  f  Y
Kk075g   Sarah          THORNELY       45  f  Y  Lace maker
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p18, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk076a   Thomas         WARD           71  m  Y  Shoe maker
Kk076b   Samuel         REPTON         25  m  Y  Lab
Kk076c   Elizabeth      REPTON         25  f  Y
Kk076d   Hannah         REPTON         11m f  Y
Kk076e   Elizabeth      AUSTIN         6   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk077a   Samuel         HOON           55  m  Y  Farmer
Kk077b   Mary           HOON           60  f  Y
Kk077c   William        ALLSOP         10  m  Y  M.s
Kk077d   Samuel         JOHNSON        65  m  Y  M.s
Kk077e   Samuel         SMITH          5   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk078a   James          RENSHAW        30  m  Y  Shoemaker
Kk078b   Sarah          RENSHAW        35  f  Y
Kk078c   Mary           RENSHAW        12  f  Y
Kk078d   Ann            RENSHAW        6   f  Y
Kk078e   John           RENSHAW        2   m  Y
Kk078f   Mary           WRIGHT         8   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk079a   Charles        PICKERING      50  m  Y  FWK
Kk079b   Sarah          YEOMANS        70  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk080a   German         MILLINGTON     45  m  Y  Stone mason
Kk080b   Mary           MILLINGTON     45  f  Y
Kk080c   Mary           MILLINGTON     10  f  Y
Kk080d   William        MILLINGTON     6   m  Y
Kk080e   John           MILLINGTON     4   m  Y
Kk080f   Edward         MILLINGTON     1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p19, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk081a   George         FORD           45  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk081b   Hannah         FORD           40  f  Y  Lace work
Kk081c   Margaret       FORD           20  f  Y  F.s
Kk081d   Humphrey       FORD           15  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk082a   Andrew         COCKAYNE       25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk082b   Elizabeth      COCKAYNE       20  f  Y
Kk082c   Mary           COCKAYNE       2   f  Y
Kk082d   Sarah          COCKAYNE       1   f  Y
Kk082e   Ann            DEAN           25  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk082f   Ann            DEAN           1m  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk083a   James          ALLSOP         70  m  Y  Farmer
Kk083b   Hannah         ALLSOP         50  f  Y
Kk083c   John           ALLSOP         25  m  Y
Kk083d   Thomas         ALLSOP         20  m  Y
Kk083e   Robert         ALLSOP         14  m  Y
Kk083f   Hannah         ALLSOP         6m  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk084a   John           DAVENPORT      30  m  Y  Shoemaker
Kk084b   Hannah         DAVENPORT      8   f  Y
Kk084c   Martha         DAVENPORT      5   f  Y
Kk084d   Mary           DAVENPORT      5   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk085a   Elizabeth      STEEPLES       65  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk085b   Elizabeth      STEEPLES       25  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk085c   Martha         STEEPLES       15  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk085d   Thomas         STEEPLES       15  m  Y
Kk085e   Mary           STEEPLES       13  f  Y  F.s
Kk085f   Louisa         COCKAYNE       3   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p20, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk086a   Samuel         GREATOREX      40  m  Y  Wheelwright
Kk086b   Sarah          GREATOREX      30  f  Y  Dress maker
Kk086c   Ann            WINSON         4   f  Y
Kk086d   Emma           RENSHAW        15  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk086e   John           PATCHET        60  m  N  Lab
Kk086f   Ann            PATCHET        70  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk087a   Samuel         HOLMES         30  m  Y  Lab
Kk087b   Elizabeth      HOLMES         35  f  Y
Kk087c   George         HOLMES         3   m  Y
Kk087d   Edwin          HOLMES         10m m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk088a   Elizabeth      HARRISON       55  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk088b   Robert         HARRISON       30  m  Y  Lab
Kk088c   Mary           HARRISON       20  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk088d   Sarah          HARRISON       15  f  Y
Kk088e   Hannah         FORD           5   f  Y
Kk088f   Sarah          SMITH          5   f  Y
Kk088g   John           FORD           6   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk089a   Mary           HAYNES         75  f  Y  Pauper
Kk089b   Frances        HAYNES         40  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk089c   Thomas         HAYNES         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk089d   Ann            HAYNES         30  f  Y
Kk089e   Louisa         HAYNES         8m  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk090a   Ann            MILES          55  f  Y  Pauper
---Coffin Lane---[Kirk Ireton]---(p21, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk091a   David          DEAN           50  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk091b   Mary           DEAN           50  f  Y
Kk091c   Lydia          DEAN           15  f  Y
Kk091d   Mary           DEAN           14  f  Y
Kk091e   Joseph         DEAN           10  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk092a   Robert         ?              45  m  Y  Farmer
Kk092b   Hannah         ?              45  f  N
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk093a   John           BROWN          50  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk093b   Mary           BROWN          50  f  Y
Kk093c   Ann            BROWN          20  f  Y  F.s
Kk093d   Alice          BROWN          20  f  Y
Kk093e   Hester?        BROWN          10  f  Y
Kk093f   George         BROWN          15  m  Y  Tailer ap
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk094a   Francis        STAFFORD       55  m  Y  FWK
Kk094b   Sarah          STAFFORD       50  f  Y
Kk094c   Francis        STAFFORD       20  m  Y  FWK
Kk094d   Mary           STAFFORD       15  f  Y
Kk094e   George         STAFFORD       15  m  Y  FWK
Kk094f   John           STAFFORD       13  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk095a   James          WIGLEY         55  m  N  Woolcomber
Kk095b   Betsy?         WIGLEY         50  f  Y
Kk095c   Elijah         WIGLEY         12  m  Y
Kk095d   Ann            WIGLEY         10  f  Y
Kk095e   Currina?       WIGLEY         8   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk096a   Samuel         SHEPHERD       40  m  Y  Tailor
Kk096b   Mary           SHEPHERD       40  f  Y
Kk096c   Ann            SHEPHERD       7   f  Y
Kk096d   George         CLEMENSON      70  m  Y  Cordwainer
---Well Bank?---[Kirk Ireton]---(p22, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk097a   James          COCKAYNE       25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk097b   Mary           COCKAYNE       25  f  Y
Kk097c   Mary           COCKAYNE       3   f  Y
Kk097d   Harriet?       COCKAYNE       1   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk098a   John           FORD           30  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk098b   Ann            FORD           30  f  Y
Kk098c   Sarah          FORD           4m  f  Y
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk099a   Mary           AUSTIN         60  f  Y  Laundry woman
Kk099b   George         DEAN           7   m  Y
Kk099c   William        DEAN           2   m  Y
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk100a   Joseph         PICKERING      35  m  Y  FWK
Kk100b   Daniel         PICKERING      15  m  Y  M.s
Kk100c   Alfred         PICKERING      14  m  Y  M.s
Kk100d   Charles        PICKERING      11  m  Y
Kk100e   Betty          PICKERING      8   f  Y
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk101a   Joseph         KIDDEY         50  m  Y  Clock maker
Kk101b   Ann            KIDDEY         48  f  N  F.s
Kk101c   Maria          KIDDEY         25  f  Y
Kk101d   Joseph         KIDDEY         20  m  Y  M.s
Kk101e   Mary           KIDDEY         15  f  Y
Kk101f   Elijah         KIDDEY         15  m  Y
Kk101g   Edwin          KIDDEY         13  m  Y
Kk101h   Georgiana      KIDDEY         9   f  Y
Kk101i   Oliver         KIDDEY         6   m  Y
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]---(p23, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk102a   Thomas         WARD           35  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk102b   Ann            WARD           30  f  Y
Kk102c   George         WARD           12  m  Y
Kk102d   John           WARD           10  m  Y
Kk102e   Henry          WARD           7   m  Y
Kk102f   James          WARD           4   m  Y
Kk102g   William        WARD           2   m  Y
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk103a   Thomas         BARKER         80  m  Y  Tailor
Kk103b   William        BARKER         45  m  Y  Tailor
Kk103c   Mary           BARKER         45  f  N
Kk103d   Mary           HARDY          8   f  N
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk104a   Joseph         DEAN           60  m  Y  Ag lab
---Nether lane---[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk105a   Anthony        GREATOREX      35  m  Y  Quarry man
Kk105b   Richard        GREATOREX      10  m  Y
Kk105c   William        GREATOREX      8   m  Y
Kk105d   Daniel         GREATOREX      13  m  Y  M.s
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk106a   Ralph          WARD           65  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk106b   Ann            WARD           60  f  Y
Kk106c   Mary           WARD           15  f  Y  Lace runner
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk107a   Henry          VALLANCE       80  m  Y  Cordwainer
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk108a   William        SMEDLEY        45  m  Y  Baker
Kk108b   Lucy           SMEDLEY        43  f  Y
Kk108c   William        SMEDLEY        13  m  N
Kk108d   Mary           SMEDLEY        12  f  Y
Kk108e   Francis        SMEDLEY        10  m  Y
Kk108f   Sarah          SMEDLEY        8   f  Y
Kk108g   Grace          SMEDLEY        5   f  Y
Kk108h   Charles        SMEDLEY        4   m  Y
Kk108i   Henry          SMEDLEY        2   m  Y
Kk108j   Ann            SMEDLEY        1   f  Y
Kk108k   Thomas         GAMBLE         80  m  Y  Baker
Kk108l   Grace          GAMBLE         85  f  Y
Kk108m   William        DEAVILLE       20  m  Y  Baker
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p24, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk109a   Ann            MELLOR         45  f  Y  Laundry woman
Kk109b   Harriet        MELLOR         9   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk110a   Benjamin       HICKLIN        35  m  Y  Wheelwright
Kk110b   Lydia          HICKLIN        45  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk111a   Frances        SHEPHERD       65  f  Y  Widow
Kk111b   Mary           SHEPHERD       25  f  Y  F.s
Kk111c   George         SHEPHERD       3   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk112a   Robert         WINSON         55  m  Y  Farmer
Kk112b   Hannah         WINSON         55  f  Y
Kk112c   Amaly          WINSON         15  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk113a   George         WRIGHTSON      35  m  Y  Farmer
Kk113b   Dorothy        WRIGHTSON      40  f  Y
Kk113c   George         WRIGHTSON      6   m  Y
Kk113d   Robert         WRIGHTSON      4   m  Y
Kk113e   Charles        WRIGHTSON      2   m  Y
Kk113f   William        WRIGHTSON      3m  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p25, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk114a   William        WHEATCROFT     30  m  Y  Brickmaker
Kk114b   Mary           WHEATCROFT     30  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk115a   John           SPENCER        60  m  Y  Stockinger
Kk115b   Elizabeth      SPENCER        70  f  Y
Kk115c   John           SMITH          16  m  Y  Stockinger
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk116a   Benjamin       HUDSON         50  m  Y  Weaver
Kk116b   Hannah         HUDSON         50  f  Y
Kk116c   Joseph         HUDSON         20  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk116d   Ann            HUDSON         19  f  Y  F.s
Kk116e   George         HUDSON         12  m  Y
Kk116f   Thomas         HUDSON         11  m  Y
Kk116g   Elizabeth      HUDSON         9   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk117a   Samuel         SHARP          60  m  N  Ag lab
Kk117b   Ellen          SHARP          60  f  Y
Kk117c   Sarah          SHARP          30  f  Y  F.s
Kk117d   William        SHARP          3   m  N
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk118a   Ann            POYSER         50  f  Y  Shopkeeper
Kk118b   Elizabeth      ---TH?         15  f  Y  Dressmaker
Kk118c   Ann            WATSON         5   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk119a   Daniel         DOXEY          30  m  Y  Stonemason
Kk119b   Ann            DOXEY          25  f  Y
Kk119c   John           DOXEY          ?   m  Y
Kk119d   Sarah          DOXEY          8m  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk120a   Ann            FORD           50  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk120b   Mary           FORD           30  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk120c   David          FORD           25  m  Y  M.s
Kk120d   Frances        FORD           12  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk120e   Ann            FORD           3   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p26, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk121a   Dorothy        WOODHOUSE      65  f  Y  Widow
Kk121b   Samuel         WOODHOUSE      25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk121c   Henry          WOODHOUSE      20  m  Y  M.s
Kk121d   Mary           ATKINS         40  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk121e   John           WARD           25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk121f   William        GREATOREX      20  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk121g   Ellen          WOODHOUSE      10  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk122a   Thomas         WOODHOUSE      40  m  Y  Lab
Kk122b   Mary           WOODHOUSE      35  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk122c   William        WOODHOUSE      14  m  Y
Kk122d   Sarah          WOODHOUSE      10  f  Y
Kk122e   Henry          WOODHOUSE      8   m  Y
Kk122f   Ann            WOODHOUSE      7m  f  Y
Kk122g   Ann            WOODHOUSE      35  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk122h   Sarah          WARD           15  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk123a   Joseph         SMITH          25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk123b   Elizabeth      SMITH          25  f  Y
Kk123c   William        SMITH          1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk124a   William        GREATOREX      40  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk124b   Elizabeth      GREATOREX      30  f  Y
Kk124c   Robert         GREATOREX      7   m  Y
Kk124d   Mary           GREATOREX      5   f  Y
Kk124e   Samuel         GREATOREX      3   m  Y
Kk124f   Henry          GREATOREX      1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p27, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk125a   John           PEAT           60  m  Y  Weaver
Kk125b   Jane           PEAT           55  f  Y
Kk125c   Harriet        PEAT           20  f  Y  Lace worker
Kk125d   Luke           WOOD           20  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk125e   Elizabeth      WOOD           20  f  Y
Kk125f   John           WOOD           1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk126a   Samuel         HARRISON       45  m  Y  Sawyer
Kk126b   Millicent      HARRISON       45  f  Y
Kk126c   William        HARRISON       10  m  Y
Kk126d   Sarah          HARRISON       7   f  Y
Kk126e   Sarah          WILSON         59  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk127a   Stephen        KINDER         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk127b   Hannah         KINDER         25  f  Y
Kk127c   John           KINDER         8   m  Y
Kk127d   William        KINDER         1   m  Y
Kk127e   Samuel         FORD           80  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk128a   Lydia          HARRISON       45  f  Y  ?
Kk128b   Milicent       BRUNT          55  f  Y  Lace runner
Kk128c   Thomas         BRUNT          20  m  Y  Lab
Kk128d   William        BRUNT          15  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk129a   William        MILLWARD       45  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk129b   Martha         MILLWARD       40  f  Y
Kk129c   Mary           MILLWARD       15  f  Y
Kk129d   Thomas         MILLWARD       11  m  Y
Kk129e   William        MILLWARD       6   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p28, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk130a   James          WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Joiner
Kk130b   Hannah         WOODHOUSE      30  f  Y
Kk130c   Harriet        WOODHOUSE      7   f  N
Kk130d   Dorothy        WOODHOUSE      2   f  N
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk131a   Francis        BLACKWELL      20  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk131b   Margaret       BLACKWELL      20  f  Y
Kk131c   Francis        BLACKWELL      1   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk132a   Mason          ROEBUCK        35  m  Y  Schoolmaster
Kk132b   Mary           ROEBUCK        30  f  I
Kk132c   Thomas         ROEBUCK        35  m  Y  Artist
Kk132d   Harriet        ROEBUCK        30  f  Y
Kk132e   Frederick      ROEBUCK        5   m  Y
Kk132f   Thomas         ROEBUCK        60  m  Y
Kk132g   Ellen          ROEBUCK        30  f  Y
Kk132h   Sarah          ROEBUCK        8   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk133a   Mary           JOHNSON        70  f  Y  Pauper
Kk133b   Harriet        FORD           5   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk134a   Gervas         WOOD           65  m  Y  Ag lab
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk135a   George         OAKLEY         20  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk135b   Hannah         OAKLEY         25  f  Y
Kk135c   William        OAKLEY         3   m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk136a   Michael        HOON           30  m  Y  Shoemaker
Kk136b   Sarah          HOON           25  f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]---(p29, Kirk Ireton, district 12, HO 107/198/1)---
Kk137a   John           BROWN          25  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk137b   Hannah         BROWN          30  f  Y
Kk137c   Samuel         BROWN          5   m  Y
Kk137d   Sarah          BROWN          3   f  Y
Kk137e   Lydia          BROWN          1   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk138a   Henry          SPENCER        35  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk138b   Ann            SPENCER        25  f  Y
Kk138c   Hannah         SPENCER        2   f  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk139a   Moses          COWLEY         35  m  Y  Ag lab
Kk139b   Ann            COWLEY         30  f  Y
Kk139c   Charles        COWLEY         11  m  Y
------[Kirk Ireton]----------
Kk140a   Robert         JOHNSON        60  m  Y  Farmer
Kk140b   Alice          JOHNSON        60  f  Y

---Arm Leys---[Middleton]---(p1, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md001a   John           HOLMES         45  m  Y  Ag Lab
Md001b   Ruth           HOLMES         45  f  Y
Md001c   Hannah         HOLMES         20  f  Y
Md001d   Ann            HOLMES         13  f  Y
Md001e   George         HOLMES         11  m  Y
Md001f   Samuel         HOLMES         8   m  Y
Md001g   Elizabeth      HOLMES         6   f  Y
Md001h   William        HOLMES         3   m  Y
Md001i   John           HOLMES         8m  m  Y
Md002a   William        MOORE          60  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md002b   Ann            MOORE          60  f  Y
Md002c   Thomas         MOORE          35  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md002d   James          MOORE          20  m  Y  Ag Lab
Md002e   Edward         MOORE          20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md002f   Samuel         MOORE          15  m  Y  Blacksmith Ap
Md003a   Margaret       ADAMS          75  f  Y  Ind
Md003b   Abraham        WALKER         35  m  Y  Shoe M
Md003c   Ann            WALKER         35  f  Y
Md003d   Robert         WALKER         11  m  Y
Md003e   Hugh           WALKER         9   m  Y
Md003f   Thomas         WALKER         5   m  Y
Md003g   Hannah         WALKER         2   f  Y
Md003h   Sarah          WALKER         3m  f  Y
Md004a   Samuel         MATHER         35  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md004b   Sarah          MATHER         30  f  Y
Md004c   Hannah         MATHER         10  f  Y
Md004d   Elizabeth      MATHER         8   f  Y
Md004e   Samuel         MATHER         5   m  Y
Md004f   Thomas         MATHER         5   m  Y
Md004g   George         MATHER         2   m  Y
Md004h   Robert         MATHER         70  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md004i   Hannah         MATHER         15  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
---Waterlane---[Middleton]---(p2, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md005a   Edward         MATHER         35  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md005b   Sarah          MATHER         35  f  Y
Md005c   Elizabeth      MATHER         15  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md005d   Hannah         MATHER         14  f  Y
Md005e   Mabel          MATHER         10  f  Y
Md005f   William        MATHER         5   m  Y
Md005g   Mary           MATHER         9m  f  Y
Md006a   James          RAINS          55  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md006b   Ann            RAINS          60  f  Y
Md006c   John           RAINS          30  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md006d   Samuel         RAINS          20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md006e   William        RAINS          15  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md006f   Frances        RAINS          7m  m  Y
Md007a   John           SPENCER        40  m  Y  Hatter
Md007b   Sarah          SPENCER        30  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md007c   Edith          DOXEY          55  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md008a   Samuel         BROOKS         50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md008b   Mary           BROOKS         50  f  Y
Md009a   Edward         ADAMS          55  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md009b   Rebecca        ADAMS          50  f  Y
Md009c   Mary           ADAMS          20  f  Y  Lace Worker
Md009d   Ann            ADAMS          15  f  Y  Dress Maker
Md009e   Martha         ADAMS          14  f  Y  Lace Worker
Md009f   Emma           ADAMS          12  f  Y
Md009g   Robert         ADAMS          9   m  Y
------[Middleton]---(P3, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md010a   Robert         ADAMS          40  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md010b   Hannah         ADAMS          15  f  Y
Md010c   Ann            ADAMS          12  f  Y
Md010d   Robert         ADAMS          9   m  Y
Md010e   Elizabeth      ADAMS          7   f  Y
Md010f   Mary           ADAMS          3   f  Y
Md011a   Joshua         BROOKS         50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md011b   Elizabeth      BROOKS         50  f  Y
Md011c   Joseph         BROOKS         18  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md012a   Thomas         THOMPSON       35  m  Y  Labourer
Md012b   Mary           THOMPSON       35  f  Y  Lace Worker
Md012c   Mary           THOMPSON       16  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md012d   Ann            THOMPSON       12  f  Y  Lace Worker
Md012e   James          THOMPSON       10  m  Y
Md012f   Charlotte      THOMPSON       8   f  Y
Md013a   James          SPENCER        50  m  Y  Stone Scafler
Md013b   Sarah          SPENCER        45  f  Y
Md013c   Job            SPENCER        25  m  Y  Labourer
Md013d   Anthony        SPENCER        20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md013e   James          SPENCER        20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md013f   Benjamin       SPENCER        15  m  Y  Labourer
Md013g   Thomas         SPENCER        15  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md013h   Elizabeth      SPENCER        14  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
---Waterlane---[Middleton]---(P4, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md014a   Isaac          SPENCER        50  m  Y  Labourer
Md014b   Rebecca        SPENCER        40  f  Y
Md014c   Anthony        SPENCER        15  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md014d   William        SPENCER        13  m  Y
Md014e   Rebecca        SPENCER        9   f  Y
Md014f   Thomas         SPENCER        4   m  Y
Md015a   George         SPENCER        55  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md015b   Hannah         SPENCER        55  f  Y
Md015c   George         SPENCER        20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md015d   Richard        SPENCER        20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md015e   Anthony        SPENCER        15  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md015f   William        KEELING        7   m  Y
Md016a   John           BUCKLEY        50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md016b   Elizabeth      BUCKLEY        40  f  Y
Md016c   Ann            BUCKLEY        15  f  Y  Twist Reeler
Md016d   Sarah          BUCKLEY        13  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md017a   Benjamin       STALEY         55  m  Y  Tailor
Md017b   Mary           STALEY         50  f  Y
Md017c   Benjamin       STALEY         20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md018a   John           BROOKS         30  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md018b   Mary           BROOKS         30  f  Y
Md018c   Thomas         BROOKS         10  m  Y
Md018d   William        BROOKS         6   m  Y
Md018e   Mary           BROOKS         4   f  Y
Md018f   Samuel         BROOKS         1   m  Y
---Waterlane---[Middleton]---(P5, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md019a   Abraham        DOXEY          65  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md019b   Lydia          DOXEY          15  f  Y
Md020a   John           BROOKS         20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md020b   Elizabeth      BROOKS         25  f  Y
Md020c   John           BROOKS         2   m  Y
Md020d   Mary           BROOKS         7m  f  Y
Md021a   Francis        BATEMAN        50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md021b   John           BATEMAN        20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md021c   Mabel          GALLIMORE      55  f  Y  F S
Md022a   John           DOXEY          25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md022b   Mary           DOXEY          20  f  N
Md022c   Samuel         DOXEY          4   m  Y
Md022d   Daniel         DOXEY          2   m  Y
---Hall Back---[Middleton]----------
Md023a   John           BROOKS         50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md023b   Hannah         BROOKS         45  f  Y
Md023c   Edward         BROOKS         25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md023d   Isaac          BROOKS         20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md023e   Martha         BROOKS         20  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md023f   Mary           BROOKS         15  f  Y
Md023g   Samuel         BROOKS         14  m  Y
Md023h   Maria          BROOKS         9   f  Y
Md023i   Lois           BROOKS         5   f  Y
Md023j   Hannah         BROOKS         2   f  Y
---Hall Back---[Middleton]---(P6, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md024a   Nathaniel      BROOKS         65  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md024b   Hannah         BROOKS         65  f  Y
Md024c   Hannah         BROOKS         30  f  Y  Factory
---Hall Back---[Middleton]----------
Md025a   Daniel         BROOKS         30  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md025b   Sarah          BROOKS         25  f  Y
Md025c   Ann            BROOKS         2   f  Y
Md025d   Mary           BROOKS         3m  f  Y
---Hall Back---[Middleton]----------
Md026a   Samuel         BROOKS         25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md026b   Ann            BROOKS         20  f  Y
Md026c   Sarahann       BROOKS         6m  f  Y
Md026d   Joseph         BROOKS         20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md026e   Lydia          BROOKS         15  f  Y  Cotton Factory
---Kid Lane---[Middleton]----------
Md027a   Phillip        WALKER         30  m  Y  Labourer
Md027b   Mary           WALKER         30  f  Y
Md027c   Elizabeth      WALKER         5   f  Y
Md027d   Mary           WALKER         2   f  Y
---Kid Lane---[Middleton]----------
Md028a   William        SLACK          45  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md028b   Fanny          SLACK          45  f  Y
Md028c   Daniel         SLACK          25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md028d   William        SLACK          20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md028e   Joseph         SLACK          15  m  Y
Md028f   Hannah         SLACK          15  f  Y
---Butterly Yard---[Middleton]---(P7, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md029a   John           SPENCER        85  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md029b   Isaac          SPENCER        82  m  Y  Breeches Maker
---Butterly Lane---[Middleton]----------
Md030a   Job            BATEMAN        60  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md030b   Ann            BATEMAN        55  f  Y
Md030c   Ann            BATEMAN        19  f  Y
Md030d   Phillip        BATEMAN        15  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md030e   Margaret       BATEMAN        12  f  Y
Md030f   Job Bateman    ADAMS          5   m  Y
---Butterly Lane---[Middleton]----------
Md031a   John           CLAYTON        55  m  Y  Farmer
Md031b   Martha         CLAYTON        55  f  Y
Md031c   Thomas         CLAYTON        10  m  Y
---Butterley Lane---[Middleton]----------
Md032a   Benjamin       CLAYTON        30  m  Y  Draper
Md032b   Mary           CLAYTON        25  f  Y
---Coach Yard---[Middleton]----------
Md033a   Henry          SPENCER        30  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md033b   Mabel          SPENCER        25  f  Y
Md033c   Isaac          SPENCER        4   m  Y
Md033d   Elizabeth      SPENCER        3   f  Y
Md033e   Sarah          SPENCER        1   f  Y
Md033f   Benjamin       SPENCER        3m  m  Y
---Coach Yard---[Middleton]----------
Md034a   James          SPENCER        25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md034b   Charles        SPENCER        25  m  Y
Md034c   George         SPENCER        7   m  Y
Md034d   Samuel         SPENCER        5   m  Y
Md035a   Dorothy        SHELDON        25  f  Y  Cotton Factory
Md035b   Elizabeth      SHELDON        25  f  Y  Cotton Factory
Md035c   Emmela         SHELDON        6   f  Y
Md035d   Mahala         SHELDON        6m  f  Y
---Green---[Middleton]---(P8, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md036a   Daniel         WALKER         40  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md036b   Ann            WALKER         35  f  Y
Md036c   Joshua         WALKER         12  m  Y
Md036d   Amelia         WALKER         5   f  Y
Md036e   Robert         WALKER         1   m  Y
Md037a   Adam           WALKER         25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md037b   Martha         WALKER         20  f  Y
Md037c   Sarah          WALKER         6   f  Y
Md037d   Andrew         WALKER         4   m  Y
Md038a   Martha         HIGTON         55  f  Y
Md038b   Rosamund       HIGTON         15  f  Y  Cotton Factory
Md038c   Rachel         HIGTON         20  f  Y
Md038d   Martha         HIGTON         3m  f  Y
Md039a   Jacob          BROOKS         25  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md039b   Mary           BROOKS         20  f  Y
Md039c   John           BROOKS         1   m  Y
Md039d   Sarah          GRATTON        25  f  Y  Cotton Factory
Md039e   Martha         GRATTON        20  f  Y  Lace work
Md040a   Hugh           WALKER         30  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md040b   Mary           WALKER         30  f  Y
Md040c   Obadiah        WALKER         9   m  Y
Md040d   Joseph         WALKER         7   m  Y
Md040e   Ann            WALKER         5   f  Y
Md040f   Sarah          WALKER         4   f  Y
Md040g   Frances        WALKER         2   f  Y
Md040h   Mary           WALKER         2w  f  Y
Md040i   Harriet        MOORE          15  f  Y
---Green---[Middleton]---(P9, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md041a   Samuel         BROOKS         50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md041b   Hannah         BROOKS         25  f  Y
Md041c   Mary           DOXEY          70  f  Y
Md042a   Josiah         SLACK          35  m  Y  Ag Lab
Md042b   Martha         SLACK          35  f  Y
Md042c   William        SLACK          15  m  Y  Ag Lab
Md042d   Ann            SLACK          14  f  Y  Cotton Factory
Md042e   Elizabeth      SLACK          8   f  Y
Md042f   Henry          SLACK          6   m  Y
Md042g   Martha         SLACK          3   f  Y
Md043a   Josiah         SLACK          65  m  Y  Butcher
Md043b   Mary           SLACK          60  f  Y
Md043c   James          SLACK          10  m  Y
Md044a   George         SPENCER        40  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md044b   Ann            SPENCER        35  f  Y
Md044c   Benjamin       SPENCER        15  m  Y
Md044d   Lois           SPENCER        15  f  Y
Md044e   John           SPENCER        14  m  Y
Md044f   Rueben         SPENCER        11  m  Y
Md044g   Mary           SPENCER        7   f  Y
Md044h   Isaac          SPENCER        5   m  Y
---Green---[Middleton]---(P10, Middleton, HO 107/198/17)---
Md045a   Benjamin       CLAYTON        50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md045b   Sarah          CLAYTON        45  f  Y
Md045c   John           CLAYTON        20  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md045d   Millecent      CLAYTON        20  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md045e   Elizabeth      CLAYTON        15  f  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md045f   George         CLAYTON        12  m  Y
Md045g   James          CLAYTON        10  m  Y
Md045h   Sarah          CLAYTON        7   f  Y
Md045i   Isaac          CLAYTON        3   m  Y
Md046a   Thomas         SPENCER        50  m  Y  Lead Miner
Md046b   Dinah          SPENCER        40  f  Y
Md046c   Thomas         SPENCER        20  m  Y  Cotton Spinner
Md046d   John           SPENCER        15  m  Y
Md046e   Daniel         SPENCER        15  m  Y
Md046f   William        SPENCER        12  m  Y
Md046g   Hannah         SPENCER        10  f  Y
Md046h   Isaac          SPENCER        75  m  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.