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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

------[Matlock]---(p8, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk167a   William        BURTON?        55  m  Y  Post boy
Mk167b   Sarah          BURTON?        50  f  Y
Mk167c   John           BURTON?        40  m  Y
Mk167d   William        HOLMES         25  m  Y  Paste maker
Mk167e   Ann            HOLMES         25  f  Y
Mk167f   George         ROSS           60  m  I  Ind
Mk167g   Mary           ROSS           60  f  N
Mk168a   William        STANDALL       40  m  Y  Victualler
Mk168b   Sarah          STANDALL       40  f  Y
Mk168c   Agnes          STANDALL       5   f  Y
Mk168d   John           STANDALL       5   m  Y
Mk168e   Ann Elizabeth  STANDALL       7m  f  Y
Mk168f   Mary           HARTLEY        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk168g   Charles        NUTTALL        20  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk169a   Thomas         NEWTON         60  m  Y  Toll taker
Mk169b   Mary           NEWTON         50  f  Y
Mk170a   Thomas         WILD           35  m  Y  M.S.
Mk170b   Penelope       WILD           30  f  Y
Mk170c   Joshua         WILD           5   m  Y
Mk170d   James          WILD           3   m  Y
Mk170e   Jane           WILD           2   f  Y
Mk170f   John           BOOKER         30  m  N  M.S.
Mk170g   Mary           BOOKER         30  f  N
Mk170h   Hannah         WALKER         1m  f  N
------[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk171a   Anthony        BROOKS         40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk171b   Hannah         BROOKS         40  f  Y
Mk171c   Thomas         BROOKS         20  m  Y  Ostler
Mk171d   Anthony        BROOKS         20  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk171e   Eliza          BROOKS         15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk171f   Ely            BROOKS         14  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk171g   James          SPENCER        15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk172a   Thomas         SMITH          25  m  Y  Gardener
Mk172b   Milicent       SMITH          25  f  Y
Mk172c   Mary Ann       SMITH          6   f  Y
Mk172d   Elizabeth      SMITH          3   f  Y
Mk172e   Catherine      SMITH          9m  f  Y
Mk172f   Ann            HENDERSON      40  f  N
Mk172g   Jennete        HENDERSON      15  f  S
Mk173a   James          HYNES          30  m  Y  Paper maker
Mk173b   Catherine      HYNES          30  f  I
Mk173c   Mary           HYNES          2   f  I
Mk173d   Ann            HYNES          4m  f  I
Mk174a   William        STEVENSON      30  m  N  Paper maker
Mk174b   Elizabeth      STEVENSON      30  f  N
Mk174c   George         STEVENSON      7   m  N
Mk174d   Isabella       STEVENSON      4   f  N
Mk174e   Ann            STEVENSON      1   f  Y
Mk174f   Fanny          SHEPHERD       12  f  N  Paper finisher
Mk174g   Mary           SHEPHERD       30  f  N  Paper finisher
------[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk175a   George         POTTER         25  m  Y  Shoe maker
Mk175b   Sarah          POTTER         20  f  Y
Mk175c   Eliza          POTTER         3   f  Y
Mk175d   Emma           POTTER         4m  f  Y
Mk176a   George         WINSON         40  m  Y  Shoemaker
Mk176b   Ann            WINSON         40  f  Y
Mk176c   Samuel         BAKER          16  m  Y  Shoem Ap
Mk176d   Mary Ann       WILDGOOSE      10  f  Y  F.S.
Mk177a   Thomas         STAFFORD       29  m  Y  Tailor
Mk177b   Margaret       STAFFORD       24  f  S
Mk178a   Joseph         BODEN          60  m  Y  Spar turner
Mk178b   Sarah          BODEN          55  f  Y
Mk178c   Thomas         BODEN          16  m  Y  Gardener
Mk178d   Ann            OTTER          52  f  N
Mk178e   Mary           OTTER          20  f  N
Mk179a   John           SMEDLEY        50  m  Y  Spar turner
Mk179b   Ellen          SMEDLEY        50  f  Y
Mk179c   Thomas         SMEDLEY        20  m  Y
Mk179d   Peter          SMEDLEY        18  m  Y
Mk179e   Ellin          SMEDLEY        16  f  Y
Mk179f   Samuel         SMEDLEY        13  m  Y
Mk179g   Jervis         SMEDLEY        11  m  Y
Mk180a   Samuel         BROOKE         40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk180b   Sarah          BROOKE         45  f  Y
Mk180c   William        BROOKE         20  m  Y
Mk180d   Zacarias       BROOKE         15  m  Y
Mk180e   Anthony        BROOKE         10  m  Y
Mk180f   Mary Ann       BROOKE         9   f  Y
Mk180g   Isaac          BROOKE         5   m  Y
Mk180h   Mary           BROOKE         80  f  N
------[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk181a   Mary Ann       BACON          36  f  N  F.S.
Mk181b   Hannah         DONCASTER      40  f  Y  F.S.
Mk181c   Martha         STRUT          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk181d   Henry          RILEY          25  m  Y  M.S.
Mk182a   John           BUNTING        20  m  Y  Labourer
Mk182b   Sarah          BUNTING        20  f  Y
Mk182c   Anthony        BUNTING        1m  m  Y
Mk183a   William        SMEDLEY        25  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk183b   Anne           SMEDLEY        25  f  Y
Mk183c   Jane           SMEDLEY        6   f  Y
Mk183d   John           SMEDLEY        3   m  Y
Mk183e   Ellen          SMEDLEY        1   f  Y
Mk183f   Isaac          BOWLER         30  m  Y
Mk183g   Ann            BOWLER         30  f  N
Mk183h   Elizabeth      BOWLER         7   f  Y
Mk183i   Emma           BOWLER         5   f  Y
Mk183j   Hannah         BOWLER         3   f  Y
Mk183k   Thomas         BOWLER         2   m  Y
Mk183l   John Samuel    BOWLER         6m  m  Y
Mk183m   Charles        PRINCE         20  m  Y  Shoemaker
------[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk184a   Joseph         BODEN          35  m  Y  Post boy
Mk184b   Hannah         BODEN          45  f  Y
Mk184c   William        BODEN          10  m  Y
Mk184d   Sarah          BODEN          8   f  Y
Mk184e   Anne           BODEN          4   f  Y
Mk184f   Thomas         RYLAND         70  m  N  Ind
Mk184g   William        RYLAND         35  m  N  Plater
Mk184h   Ellen May      RYLAND         20  f  N
Mk184i   Wilfred Henry  RYLAND         8m  m  N
Mk184j   Hannah Maria   WHITFIELD      20  f  N  Ind
Mk184k   Mary Anne      BROWN          20  f  N  F.S.
Mk185a   Edward         BIRD           35  m  N  Artist
Mk185b   Edward         BIRD           4   m  Y
Mk185c   Elizabeth      BIRD           30  f  N
Mk185d   Elizabeth      BIRD           13  f  N
Mk185e   Thomas         BIRD           11  m  Y
Mk185f   Mary Ann       BIRD           9   f  Y
Mk185g   Clara          BIRD           6   f  Y
Mk185h   George Henry   BIRD           2   m  Y
Mk185i   Emma           BIRD           9m  f  Y
Mk185j   Thomas         BIRD           40  m  N  Spectacle m
------[Matlock]---(p13, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk186a   Nathaniel      HALL           45  m  Y  Schoolmaster
Mk186b   Susan          HALL           45  f  N  Milliner
Mk186c   Ellen          HALL           8   f  Y
Mk186d   Agnis          HALL           6   f  Y
Mk186e   Elizabeth      ELSE           18  f  Y
Mk186f   Harriett       BAYCLIFFE      48  f  N  Ind
Mk186g   Frances        BAYCLIFFE      40  f  N  Ind
Mk186h   Fanny          BAYCLIFFE      20  f  N  Ind
Mk186i   Elisabeth      WRAGG          15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk187a   Richard        WALKER         70  m  Y  Victualler
Mk187b   Elizabeth      WALKER         60  f  Y
Mk187c   Thomas         WALKER         30  m  Y  Farmer
Mk187d   Richard        WALKER         20  m  Y  Traveller
Mk187e   Elisa          WALKER         25  f  Y
Mk187f   Hannah         WALKER         24  f  Y
Mk187g   Thomas         MARSH          30  m  Y  M.S.
Mk187h   Timothy        FRENCH         15  m  F  M.S.
Mk187i   Ann            FOULK          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk187j   Sarah          HOLMES         15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk187k   Sarah          JOHNSON        15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk187l   Joseph         FIELDING       55  m  N  Ind
Mk187m   Martha         FIELDING       40  f  N
Mk187n   George         RATCLIFFE      45  m  N  Ind
Mk187o   Fanny          RATCLIFFE      45  f  N
Mk187p   Fanny          RATCLIFFE      20  f  N
Mk187q   Joseph         LOCKWOOD       20  m  N  Ind
Mk187r   John           MELLORS?       30  m  N  Ind
Mk187s   Elisabeth      MELLORS?       30  f  N
------[Matlock]---(p14, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk188a   William        STAFFORD       25  m  Y  Surgeon
Mk188b   Emma           STAFFORD       25  f  Y
Mk188c   Selina         STAFFORD       2   f  Y
Mk188d   Ida elisabeth  STAFFORD       9m  f  Y
Mk188e   Ann            WRAGG          18  f  Y  F.S.
Mk189a   Joshua         SMITH          67  m  N  Post master
Mk189b   Mary           SMITH          35  f  N
Mk189c   Harriett       SMITH          25  f  N
Mk189d   William Henry  SMITH          20  m  N
Mk189e   Mary Ann       SMITH          17  f  Y
Mk189f   Elizabeth      WRAGG          17  f  Y  F.S.
Mk189g   Sarah          FREON?         30  f  N  Ind
Mk189h   William henry  ?              6w  m  N
Mk189i   Elizabeth      LAWRENCE       60  f  N  Ind
Mk189j   George V       STAFFORD       25  m  N  Attoney Clerk
Mk190a   Benjamin       BRYAN          40  m  N  Labourer
Mk190b   Henrietta      BRYAN          20  f  Y
Mk190c   Emily          BRYAN          12  f  Y
Mk190d   Anne           BRYAN          9   f  Y
Mk190e   Benjamin       BRYAN          1   m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p15, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk191a   Elizabeth      HAWKRIDGE      35  f  Y  School mistress
Mk191b   Elizabeth      ALLSOP         15  f  Y
Mk191c   Hannah         ALLSOP         10  f  Y
Mk191d   Emma           ALLSOP         7   f  Y
Mk191e   Mary Ann       SOWTER         9   f  Y
Mk191f   Eliza Winter   BULL           4   f  N
Mk192a   Robert         HARTLE         40  m  Y  Couch? maker
Mk192b   Ann            HARTLE         35  f  Y
Mk192c   Frederic       HARTLE         14  m  Y
Mk192d   Robert         HARTLE         9   m  Y
Mk192e   Francis        HARTLE         7   m  Y
Mk192f   George         HARTLE         5   m  Y
Mk192g   Susannah       HARTLE         18m f  Y
Mk192h   Lydia          COLLEY         40  f  Y
Mk192i   Mary           WATSON         45  f  Y
Mk192j   Mary           SPENCER        25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk193a   Samuel         EDGAR          30  m  S  Surveyor?
Mk193b   Mary           EDGAR          30  f  N
Mk193c   Ann            WILDGOOSE      15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk193d   Sarah          WRIGHT         35  f  N
Mk194a   James          RAWLINSON      60  m  Y  Artist
Mk194b   Elizabeth      RAWLINSON      60  f  N
Mk194c   Elizabeth      RAWLINSON      40  f  Y
Mk194d   Elizabeth      STAFFORD       20  f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p16, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk195a   James          KING           35  m  Y  Tailor
Mk195b   Lydia          KING           30  f  Y
Mk195c   William        KING           8   m  Y
Mk195d   Lexcey         KING           7   f  Y
Mk195e   Charles        KING           5   m  Y
Mk195f   Thomas         KING           10m m  Y
Mk196a   Susan          HALL           20  f  Y  Schoolmistress
Mk196b   Edison?        HALL           12  m  Y
Mk196c   Emma           HALL           18  f  Y
Mk196d   Margaret       HALL           17  f  Y
Mk196e   Helen          ALLSOP         9   f  Y
Mk196f   Jane           SMEDLEY        9   f  Y
Mk196g   Mary Ann       LEES           11  f  Y
Mk196h   Elizabeth?     LEES           4   f  Y
Mk196i   Harriett       ADAMS          17  f  Y  F.S.
Mk196j   Louisa         BUCKLEY        15  f  N
Mk196k   Mary           BARKER         35  f  Y
Mk197a   Thomas         WOOD           55  m  Y  Post master
Mk197b   Mary           PEARSON        60  f  Y  Washerwoman
Mk198a   George         WALKER         35  m  Y  Lead miner
Mk198b   Lydia          WALKER         30  f  Y
Mk198c   Thomas         HOWEL          40  m  N  Ind
Mk198d   Ibarrich       HOWEL          50  f  N  Ind
Mk198e   Jane           HOWEL          40  f  N  Ind
------[Matlock]---(p17, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk199a   Thomas         SMEDLEY        30  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk199b   Ann            SMEDLEY        30  f  N
Mk199c   Eleanor        SMEDLEY        1   f  Y
Mk200a   William        SMITH          30  m  Y  Gardener
Mk200b   Sarah          SMITH          30  f  Y
Mk200c   John           SMITH          10  m  Y
Mk200d   William        SMITH          8   m  Y
Mk200e   George         SMITH          6   m  Y
Mk200f   Samuel         SMITH          5   m  Y
Mk200g   Lydia          SMITH          3   f  Y
Mk200h   Mary Ann       SMITH          2   f  Y
Mk200i   Joseph         SMITH          3m  m  Y
Mk201a   Edward         WHEATCROFT     25  m  Y  Post master
Mk201b   Jemmima        WHEATCROFT     30  f  Y
Mk201c   Walter         WHEATCROFT     6   m  Y
Mk201d   Adolphus       WHEATCROFT     5   m  Y
Mk201e   Sydney         WHEATCROFT     3   m  Y
Mk201f   Rosalina       WHEATCROFT     1   f  Y
Mk201g   Caroline       WHEATCROFT     3m  f  Y
Mk201h   James          PEARSON        26  m  Y  Ind
Mk201i   Sarah          WIGLEY         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk201j   Elizabeth      WILD           11  f  Y  F.S.
Mk201k   James          WILD           16  m  Y  M.S.
Mk202a   William        PEARSON        30  m  Y  Ind
Mk202b   Harriett       PEARSON        30  f  Y
Mk202c   Louisa         PEARSON        4   f  Y
Mk202d   Sarah Ann      PEARSON        2   f  Y
Mk202e   Hannah         BARTON         19  f  Y  F.S.
Mk202f   Mary           KNOWLES        15  f  Y  F.S.
------[Matlock]---(p18, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk203a   Peter          SMEDLEY        60  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk203b   Alice          SMEDLEY        60  f  Y
Mk203c   Hannah         LITCHFIELD     20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk204a   Benjamin       RAWSON         60  m  N  Ind
Mk204b   Elizabeth      NEWMAN         70  f  N  Ind
Mk204c   Dorothy        SANDESON       50  f  N  F.S
Mk205a   Joseph         BRITLAND       55  m  Y  B?
Mk205b   Sarah          BRITLAND       55  f  Y
Mk205c   Sarah          BRITLAND       15  f  Y
Mk206a   Robert         JONES          30  m  N  Clerk
Mk206b   Charles        NIXON          18  m  N  Ind
Mk207a   John           BROADPORT      30  m  S  Tea dealer
Mk207b   Elizabeth      BROADPORT      25  f  Y
Mk207c   Mary           BRIDDON        30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk207d   James          ABEL           35  m  N  Bookseller
Mk207e   Mary Ann       ABEL           30  f  N
Mk207f   Alexander      ROSS           30  m  S  Ind
Mk207g   Ann Charlotte  ROSS           40  f  S  Ind
Mk208a   George         HARDY          15  m  Y  M.S.
Mk208b   Thomas         CARUTHERS      20  m  S  M.S.
------[Matlock]---(p19, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk209a   George         HARTSTAFF?     35  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk209b   Maria          HARTSTAFF?     25  f  Y
Mk209c   George         HARTSTAFF?     8   m  Y
Mk209d   Mary           HARTSTAFF?     6   f  Y
Mk209e   Emma           HARTSTAFF?     4   f  Y
Mk209f   James          HARTSTAFF?     2   m  Y
Mk209g   Charles        HARTSTAFF?     2m  m  Y
Mk209h   Samuel         HURD           25  m  Y  Mason
Mk210a   Henry          DUNN           35  m  Y  Labourer
Mk210b   Mary           DUNN           25  f  Y
Mk210c   George         DUNN           8   m  Y
Mk210d   Eliza          DUNN           3   f  Y
Mk211a   George         BESWICK        60  m  Y  Sawyer
Mk211b   Hannah         BESWICK        50  f  Y
Mk211c   Thomas         BESWICK        20  m  Y  Joiner
Mk211d   Mary Ann       BESWICK        15  f  Y
Mk211e   Richard        BESWICK        14  m  Y
Mk212a   Charles        WOODIWISS      35  m  Y  Plasterer
Mk212b   Mary Ann       WOODIWISS      13  f  Y
Mk212c   Charles        WOODIWISS      11  m  Y
Mk212d   Henry          WOODIWISS      8   m  Y
Mk212e   Sarah          WOODIWISS      5   f  Y
Mk212f   Henrietta      WOODIWISS      4   f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p20, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk213a   Anne           DAKIN          45  f  N  Washerwoman
Mk213b   Joseph         DAKIN          15  m  Y  Ap mason
Mk213c   Francis        SMITH          50  m  Y  Joiner
Mk213d   Sarah          STANDEY        7   f  N
Mk214a   John           MARSHALL       40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk214b   Sarah          MARSHALL       35  f  N
Mk214c   John           MARSHALL       15  m  Y  Labourer
Mk214d   Daniel         MARSHALL       12  m  Y
Mk214e   George         MARSHALL       9   m  Y
Mk215a   James          PEARSON        60  m  Y  Paper maker
Mk215b   Sarah          PEARSON        60  f  Y
Mk215c   Sarah          WILD           13  f  Y
Mk215d   Joseph         WILD           7   m  Y
Mk216a   Thomas         BEADSHALL      35  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk216b   Mary           BEADSHALL      30  f  Y
Mk216c   Thomas         BEADSHALL      6   m  Y
Mk216d   Ellen          BEADSHALL      4   f  Y
Mk216e   Henry          BEADSHALL      2   m  Y
Mk217a   George         MARSHALL       45  m  Y  Shoemaker
Mk217b   Jane           MARSHALL       45  f  Y  F.S.
Mk217c   Joseph         GOODWIN        30  m  N  M.S.
Mk217d   Jane           GOODWIN        20  f  Y
Mk217e   John           GOODWIN        4   m  N
Mk217f   Ann            GOODWIN        3   f  N
------[Matlock]---(p21, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk218a   Anthony        BODEN          65  m  Y  Baker
Mk218b   Abel           BODEN          32  m  Y  Baker
Mk218c   Lydia          BODEN          30  f  Y
Mk218d   John           BODEN          9   m  Y
Mk218e   Anthony        BODEN          7   m  Y
Mk218f   Fanny          BODEN          5   f  Y
Mk218g   Joshua         BODEN          2   m  Y
Mk218h   Elizabeth      HALL           16  f  Y
Mk219a   William        MOTHAN?        25  m  Y  Labourer
Mk219b   Rebecca        MOTHAN?        20  f  Y
Mk219c   Susannah       MOTHAN?        1   f  Y
Mk219d   William        BIRD           30  m  N  Artist
Mk219e   Sarah          BIRD           30  f  N
Mk220a   Henry          TIJOU          25  m  N  Victualler
Mk220b   Sarah          TIJOU          25  f  Y
Mk220c   Samuel         TIJOU          3m  m  Y
Mk220d   William        CAVE           15  m  Y  M.S.
Mk220e   William        COURT          20  m  Y  Gilder
Mk220f   Sarah          DEVONPORT      20  f  N  F.S
Mk220g   Catherine      EVANS          18  f  N  F.S.
Mk221a   John           OGDEN          45  m  Y  Labourer
Mk221b   Elizabeth      OGDEN          60  f  Y
Mk222a   Francis        OGDEN          25  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk222b   Mary           OGDEN          19  f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p22, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk223a   George         NEEDHAM        70  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk223b   Grace          NEEDHAM        70  f  Y
Mk223c   Sarah          NEEDHAM        30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk223d   Richard        NEEDHAM        10  m  Y
Mk224a   Joshua         TOMISSON       70  m  Y  Ind
Mk224b   Eliza          TOMISSON       25  f  Y
Mk224c   Emma           HENSTOCK       16  f  Y  F.S.
Mk225a   William        MARTIN         15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk226a   John           PEARSON        30  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk226b   Charlotte      PEARSON        30  f  Y
Mk226c   Hannah         PEARSON        6   f  Y
Mk226d   Charlotte      PEARSON        2   f  Y
Mk227a   William        YOUNG          40  m  Y  Post boy
Mk227b   Sarah          YOUNG          35  f  Y
Mk227c   Mary           YOUNG          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk227d   John           YOUNG          10  m  Y
Mk227e   Elizabeth      YOUNG          8   f  Y
Mk228a   Thomas         BUNTING        60  m  Y  Miller
Mk228b   Martha         BUNTING        20  f  Y
Mk228c   Elizabeth      BUNTING        8m  f  Y
Mk228d   Elizabeth      TURNER         30  f  Y
Mk229a   Thomas         PEARSON        60  m  Y  Labourer
Mk229b   Elizabeth      PEARSON        40  f  Y
Mk229c   William        PEARSON        9   m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p23, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk230a   Mary           YOUNG          70  f  Y
Mk230b   John           BLUNSTONE      20  m  Y  M.S.
Mk230c   Mary           WOODHOUSE      10  f  Y
Mk231a   Joseph         SMITH          45  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk231b   Ann            SMITH          45  f  Y
Mk231c   John           SMITH          11  m  Y
Mk232a   James          SHEPHARD       20  m  N  Paper maker
Mk232b   Mary           SHEPHARD       20  f  Y
Mk232c   Isabella       SHEPHARD       1   f  Y
Mk233a   James          BODEN          30  m  N  Marble mason
Mk233b   Ann            BODEN          30  f  N
Mk233c   John           BODEN          3   m  Y
Mk234a   George         SCOTHERN       25  m  Y  Gardener
Mk234b   June?          SCOTHERN       20  f  Y
Mk234c   Elizabeth      SCOTHERN       2   f  Y
Mk234d   John           MURPHY         22  m  I  Marble mason
Mk234e   Elizabeth      MURPHY         20  f  Y
Mk235a   Joseph         MARTIN         42  m  Y  Post boy
Mk235b   Hannah         MARTIN         25  f  Y
Mk235c   Joseph         MARTIN         17  m  Y  Factory boy
Mk235d   Henry          MARTIN         7   m  Y
Mk235e   Mary Ann       MARTIN         5   f  Y
Mk235f   Sarah          MARTIN         3   f  Y
Mk235g   John           MARTIN         7   m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p24, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk236a   George         SAXTON         84  m  Y  Victualler
Mk236b   George         SAXTON         42  m  Y  Victualler
Mk236c   Eliza          SAXTON         56  f  Y
Mk236d   Harriett       SAXTON         45  f  Y
Mk236e   Charlotte      DALE           30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236f   William        POTTER         20  m  Y  M.S.
Mk236g   Maria          POTTER         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236h   Sarah          BRINSLEY       17  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236i   Hannah         SHELDON        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236j   Elizabeth      ADAMS          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236k   Hannah         BODEN          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236l   Dorothy        SWIFT          18  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236m   Dolly          DOXEY          25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236n   Dorothy        WILDGOOSE      40  f  Y  F.S.
Mk236o   Edward         BEAUMONT       50  m  I  Ind
Mk236p   Thomas         BOOKE          55  m  N  Ind
Mk236q   Elizabeth      BOOKE          55  f  N
Mk236r   Sarah          SHORT          30  f  N  Ind
Mk236s   Hannah         SHORT          60  f  N  Ind
Mk236t   James          MARTIN         33  m  N  Merchant
Mk236u   Elizabeth      MARTIN         20  f  N
Mk236v   John           BEVERLEY       45  m  N  Ind
Mk236w   Sarah          BEVERLEY       40  f  N
Mk236x   William        BEVERLEY       5   m  N
Mk236y   N.k.           BEVERLEY       30  f  N
Mk236z   N.k.           BEVERLEY       25  f  N
Mk236za  N.k.           BEVERLEY       18  m  N
------[Matlock]---(p25, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk237a   Hestor         EVANS          60  f  Y  Inn keeper
Mk237b   Walter         EVANS          25  m  Y  Attorney
Mk237c   Frederic       JAMESON        40  m  N  Merchant
Mk237d   Jane           JAMESON        30  f  N
Mk237e   Sarah Ann      HARDWICK       35  f  N  Ind
Mk237f   Maria          BUTLER         50  f  N  Ind
Mk237g   Frances        ROWE           30  f  N  Ind
Mk237h   Henry          HENTON         30  m  N  Ind
Mk237i   Maria          HENTON         30  f  N
Mk237j   Maria          WADINGTON      35  f  N
Mk237k   Ann            HOBSON         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk237l   Martha         MELER?         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk237m   Elizabeth      HARDY          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk237n   Rebeca         SUTTON         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk237o   Elizabeth      HAYNES         15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk237p   Isaac          BUCKLEY        20  m  Y  M.S.
Mk237q   Abraham        GOODARD        20  m  N  M.S.
Mk238a   Ann            MASON          45  f  Y  Victualer
Mk238b   James          MASON          13  m  Y
Mk238c   Susannah       MASON          7   f  Y
Mk238d   Jane           MASON          5   f  Y
Mk238e   Hannah         BRIDDEN        30  f  Y  F.S.
------[Matlock]---(p26, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk239a   Joseph         PEARSON        40  m  Y  Farmer
Mk239b   Ellen          PEARSON        45  f  Y
Mk239c   Thomas         PEARSON        20  m  Y  Farmer
Mk239d   Ellen          PEARSON        15  f  Y
Mk239e   Joseph         PEARSON        15  m  Y
Mk239f   Mary Ann       PEARSON        13  f  Y
Mk239g   James          PEARSON        11  m  Y
Mk239h   Lydia          PEARSON        9   f  Y
Mk239i   Anne           WHITE          25  f  N  Ind
Mk239j   May            WHITE          20  f  N  Ind
Mk240a   Samuel         WRAGG          40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk240b   Amelia         WRAGG          40  f  Y
Mk240c   Isaac          WRAGG          10  m  Y
Mk240d   Elizabeth      WRAGG          6   f  Y
Mk240e   Lucy           WRAGG          5   f  Y
Mk241a   Elizabeth      YOUNG          25  f  Y
Mk241b   William        YOUNG          9   m  Y
Mk241c   Benjamin       YOUNG          8   m  Y
Mk241d   Hannah         YOUNG          5   f  Y
Mk241e   Sarah Ann      YOUNG          2   f  Y
Mk242a   Thomas         SPENCER        60  m  Y
Mk242b   Peggy          SPENCER        65  f  Y
Mk242c   George         SPENCER        12  m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p27, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk243a   Frances        SHORE          60  f  Y  Post mistress
Mk243b   Martha         SHIRWIN?       18  f  N  F.S.
Mk243c   Mary           TAYLOR         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk243d   James          STEEDMAN       50  m  N  Chemist
Mk243e   Leah?          STEEDMAN       45  f  N
Mk243f   Elizabeth      STEEDMAN       25  f  N
Mk243g   Mary           STEEDMAN       21  f  N
Mk243h   Sarah          STEEDMAN       18  f  N
Mk243i   Emma           STEEDMAN       15  f  N
Mk243j   Emma           BRI?           21  f  N
Mk243k   Jane           YEOMAN         23  f  N  F.S.
Mk243l   Elizabeth      ALLEN          45  f  N
Mk243m   Arthur         ALLEN          20  m  N  Independant
Mk243n   Mary           ALLEN          11  f  N
Mk244a   Robert         GRAY           50  m  Y  Labourer
Mk244b   Sarah          GRAY           46  f  Y
Mk244c   Jane           GRAY           19  f  Y  F.S.
Mk244d   Sarah          GRAY           13  f  Y
Mk244e   John           GRAY           11  m  Y
Mk244f   William        GRAY           9   m  Y
Mk244g   Thomas         GRAY           4   m  Y
Mk244h   Mary           GRAY           1   f  Y
Mk245a   John           NOEL           65  m  Y  Mason
Mk245b   Martha         NOEL           50  f  Y
Mk245c   Hannah         CADMAN         40  f  N  Ind
Mk245d   Harriett       WINDLE?        60  f  N  Ind
------[Matlock]---(p28, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk246a   Job            HODGKINSON     40  m  Y  Innkeeper
Mk246b   Sarah          HODGKINSON     40  f  Y
Mk246c   Sarah          THOMPSON       21  f  Y  F.S.
Mk246d   Christiana     TAYLOR         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk246e   William        WORLATE        20  m  N  M.S.
Mk246f   Richard        NELSON         20  m  N  Contractor
Mk246g   Edward         SAXTON         25  m  N  Tobacco dealer
Mk246h   William        FERGERSON      40  m  N  Mill owner
Mk246i   Mac            FARNELL        45  m  I  Silk dealer
Mk246j   John           IREDALE        55  m  Y  Farmer
Mk246k   Martha         IREDALE        45  f  Y
Mk246l   John           LIVESAY        45  m  Y  Engraver
Mk246m   Henry          ROBINSON       30  m  Y  Clothier
Mk247a   James          ALDERSON       45  m  N  Joiner
Mk247b   Elizabeth      ALDERSON       50  f  Y
Mk247c   Paul           ALDERSON       15  m  Y
Mk247d   Martha         ALDERSON       11  f  Y
Mk248a   John           TAYLOR         25  m  Y  Butcher
Mk248b   James          TAYLOR         20  m  Y
Mk248c   Sarah          TAYLOR         20  f  Y
Mk248d   Mary Ann       TAYLOR         12  f  Y
Mk248e   Thomas         COOK           16  m  Y  Butcher Ap
------[Matlock]---(p29, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk249a   William        BOWRING        30  m  Y  Ostler
Mk249b   Elizabeth      BOWRING        25  f  Y
Mk249c   Harriett       BOWRING        7   f  Y
Mk249d   Maria          BOWRING        5   f  Y
Mk249e   Ann            BOWRING        1   f  Y
Mk249f   Sarah          BOWRING        73  f  Y
Mk250a   John           HICKTON        34  m  Y  Labourer
Mk250b   Ellen          HICKTON        30  f  Y
Mk250c   Mary           HICKTON        8   f  Y
Mk250d   George         HICKTON        7   m  Y
Mk250e   Henry          HICKTON        4   m  Y
Mk250f   John           HICKTON        1   m  Y
Mk250g   William        NUTTALL        18  m  Y  Mason
Mk250h   Charles        PEARSON        45  m  Y  Pen.army
Mk251a   George         BRIDDON        70  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk251b   George         BRIDDON        25  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk251c   Horation       BRIDDON        20  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk251d   Ann            BRIDDON        55  f  Y
Mk251e   Ann            BRIDDON        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk251f   Harriett       BRIDDON        3   f  Y
Mk252a   Hannah         BOWN           45  f  Y  Grocer
Mk252b   Anne           BOWN           5   f  Y
Mk252c   Lydia          ROPER          30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk252d   Thomas         GREEN          25  m  Y  Gardener
------[Matlock]---(p30, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk253a   George         REDFERN        40  m  Y  Ostler
Mk253b   Sarah          REDFERN        40  f  Y
Mk253c   George         REDFERN        12  m  Y
Mk253d   Hannah         REDFERN        8   f  Y
Mk253e   Ann            REDFERN        5   f  Y
Mk253f   Elizabeth      YOUNG          17  f  Y  F.S.
Mk254a   Hannah         HOLLINGWORTH   60  f  Y
Mk254b   Samuel         HOLLINGWORTH   35  m  Y  Shoe maker
Mk254c   Peter          WILD           60  m  Y  Shoe maker
Mk254d   William        WATHDALE       15  m  Y  Shoe maker
Mk254e   William        PEDLEY         35  m  Y  Mason
Mk255a   George         TAYLOR         60  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk255b   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk255c   Sarah          TAYLOR         19  f  Y  F.S.
Mk255d   William        TAYLOR         15  m  Y  M.S.
Mk256a   Hammah         KNOWLES        30  f  N  F.S.
Mk256b   Louisa         KNOWLES        12  f  Y
Mk256c   Hannah         KNOWLES        9   f  Y
Mk256d   Selina         KNOWLES        6   f  Y
Mk256e   Julia          KNOWLES        5   f  Y
Mk256f   Bethany        KNOWLES        3   f  Y
Mk257a   John           VALLANCE       50  m  Y  Spar man
Mk257b   Mary           VALLANCE       50  f  Y
Mk257c   Mary           SPENCER        30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk257d   Katharine      KNOWLES        15  f  Y  F.S.
------[Matlock]---(p31, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk258a   Eleanor        SMITH          60  f  Y
Mk258b   Eliza          BUXTON         25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk258c   Thomas         BURNES         25  m  Y  Ind
Mk258d   Mary           BURNES         20  f  Y
Mk258e   Mary           MILNES         30  f  Y  Ind
Mk258f   Sarah          HOCKINGBOTTOM  25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk259a   William        ADAM           45  m  S  Mineralogist
Mk259b   Emma Rebecca   ADAM           40  f  N
Mk259c   William        ADAM           1   m  N
Mk259d   Jane Lucy      ADAM           5   f  N
Mk259e   Anne Maria     ADAM           3   f  N
Mk259f   Sarah          KNOWLES        15  f  Y
Mk260a   Joseph         DERBYSHIRE     70  m  Y  Slater
Mk260b   Ann            DERBYSHIRE     65  f  Y
Mk260c   Joseph         ROTHWELL       35  m  N  Tailor
Mk260d   Mary           ROTHWELL       30  f  Y
Mk260e   Gertrude       ROTHWELL       2   f  Y
Mk260f   James          ROBERTS        40  m  N  Merchant
Mk260g   Ann            ROBERTS        40  f  N
Mk260h   Thomas         ROBERTS        3m  m  N
Mk261a   Francis        MARTIN         40  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk261b   Frances        MARTIN         35  f  Y
Mk262a   Jane           SMEDLEY        55  f  Y  Victualler
Mk262b   Isabella       MARPLES        20  f  Y  F.S.
------[Matlock]---(p32, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk263a   Joseph         HODGKINSON     30  m  Y  Grocer
Mk263b   Elizabeth      HODGKINSON     25  f  N
Mk264a   Sarah          MERCHAMT       55  f  Y  Grocer
Mk264b   Maria          PEARSON        12  f  Y  F.S.
Mk265a   Edward         GREGORY        30  m  Y  Mason
Mk265b   Harriett       GREGORY        25  f  N
Mk265c   Hannah         GREGORY        5   f  Y
Mk265d   Elizabeth      GREGORY        3   f  Y
Mk265e   Sarah Grace    GREGORY        1   f  Y
Mk265f   Grace          GREGORY        70  f  Y
Mk266a   John           ALLSOP         45  m  Y  Carrier
Mk266b   Elizabeth      ALLSOP         45  f  Y
Mk266c   Hannah         ALLSOP         24  f  Y
Mk266d   Jane           ALLSOP         20  f  Y
Mk266e   Edward         ALLSOP         15  m  Y
Mk266f   William        ALLSOP         14  m  Y
Mk266g   Mary           ALLSOP         13  f  Y
Mk266h   Dorothy        ALLSOP         12  f  Y
Mk266i   Maria          ALLSOP         11  f  Y
Mk266j   Sarah          ALLSOP         10  f  Y
Mk266k   John           ALLSOP         8   m  Y
Mk266l   Elizabeth      ALLSOP         5   f  Y
Mk267a   Samuel         PALIN          30  m  Y  Post boy
Mk267b   Jane           PALIN          25  f  N
Mk267c   Robert         KENT           40  m  N  Joiner
Mk267d   Barbara        WILSON         35  f  N
------[Matlock]---(p33, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk268a   James          NEWBOLD        40  m  N  Attorney
Mk268b   Hannah         NEWBOLD        35  f  Y
Mk268c   Eliza          NEWBOLD        20  f  Y
Mk268d   Ellen          NEWBOLD        1   f  Y
Mk268e   Mary           NEWBOLD        12  f  Y
Mk268f   Thomas         NEWBOLD        3   m  Y
Mk269a   John           WITHERS        15  m  N  Shopkeeper
Mk269b   Anne           WITHERS        18  f  N
Mk269c   Jonathan       HODGKINSON     18  m  Y
Mk269d   Catherine      MARPLES        16  f  Y  F.S.
Mk270a   William        DERBYSHIRE     40  m  Y  Slater
Mk270b   Mercy          DERBYSHIRE     35  f  N
Mk270c   Arthur         DERBYSHIRE     8   m  Y
Mk270d   Alfred         DERBYSHIRE     6   m  Y
Mk270e   Mary           KIRKBY         50  f  N  Ind
Mk270f   Mary           KIRKBY         22  f  N
Mk271a   John           BUXTON         40  m  Y  Spar turner
Mk271b   Mary           BUXTON         35  f  Y
Mk271c   Agnis          BUXTON         16  f  Y
Mk271d   Sarah          BUXTON         13  f  Y
Mk271e   Herbert        BUXTON         8   m  Y
Mk271f   Caroline       BUXTON         1   f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p34, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk272a   Mary           CUMMING        55  f  Y  Inn keeper
Mk272b   William        CUMMING        25  m  Y  Surgeon
Mk272c   Alice          ANN?           35  f  N
Mk272d   Benjamin       BROADHURST     30  m  N  M.S.
Mk272e   Susan          CHATFIELD      40  f  N  F.S.
Mk272f   Ann            HARRISON       55  f  N  F.S.
Mk272g   Mary           GRETOREX       15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk272h   Thomas         HOWARD         65  m  Y  M.S.
Mk272i   Mary Ann       HOLLAND        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk272j   Mary           KNOWLES        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk272k   Ann            KNOWLES        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk272l   Margaret       YOUNG          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk272m   Ann            YATES          15  f  N  F.S.
Mk272n   Selina         WALKER         15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk272o   Hannah         MASSEY         30  f  N  F.S.
Mk272p   Joseph         WORDSWORTH     25  m  N  M.S.
Mk272q   James          HARDY          20  m  Y  M.S.
Mk272r   William        BINLEY?        20  m  Y  M.S.
Mk272s   William        WRAGG          35  m  Y  M.S.
Mk272t   William        DAYKEN         40  m  N  Manufacturer
Mk272u   Ann            DAYKEN         40  f  N
Mk272v   John           DAYKEN         15  m  N
Mk272w   James          DAYKEN         14  m  N
Mk272x   Samuel         EVELEIGH       25  m  N  Ind
Mk272y   Eliza          EVELEIGH       20  f  N
Mk272z   William        PRIEST         25  m  N  Merchant
Mk272za  Fanny          PRIEST         20  f  N
Mk272zb  Owen           LEWIS          44  m  N  Merchant
Mk272zc  Sarah          LEWIS          30  f  N
Mk272zd  Margaret       ?              19  f  Y  F.S.
------[Matlock]---(p35, Matlock, district 14, HO 107/198/5)---
Mk273a   William        SOUTHAM?       40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk273b   Fanny          SOUTHAM?       40  f  Y
Mk273c   Elizabeth      SOUTHAM?       16  f  Y  Factory girl
Mk273d   John           SOUTHAM?       14  m  Y
Mk273e   George         SOUTHAM?       12  m  Y
Mk273f   Mary Ann       SOUTHAM?       6   f  Y

------[Matlock]---(p1, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)-------
Mk274a   William        SMEDLEY        26  m  Y  Spar turner
Mk274b   Mary           SMEDLEY        30  f  Y
Mk274c   Ann            SMEDLEY        5   f  Y
Mk274d   Alfred         SMEDLEY        5   m  Y
Mk274e   William        SMEDLEY        1   m  Y
Mk274f   Alfred         PREIST?        30  m  N
Mk274g   Sarah          PREIST?        30  f  N  Artist
Mk275a   Thomas         ROBINSON       60  m  N  Ind
Mk275b   Elizabeth      ROBINSON       70  f  N
Mk275c   Thomas         AIKIN          7   m  Y
Mk275d   Maryann        SELLERS        15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk275e   Henry          ELEY           41  m  N  Clergyman
Mk275f   Sarah          WEBSTER        44  f  Y
Mk275g   Mary           WEBSTER        50  f  N
Mk275h   Mary           WILLS          34  f  N  F.S.
Mk276a   Henry          COLLINGWOOD    34  m  N  Ind
Mk276b   Jane           COLLINGWOOD    34  f  Y
Mk276c   Catherine      COLLINGWOOD    9   f  N
Mk276d   Jane           COLLINGWOOD    8   f  N
Mk276e   Mary           COLLINGWOOD    6   f  Y
Mk276f   Henry          COLLINGWOOD    5   m  Y
Mk276g   Edward         COLLINGWOOD    3   m  Y
Mk276h   Blanche        COLLINGWOOD    2   f  Y
Mk276i   Frederic       COLLINGWOOD    1   m  Y
Mk276j   Isabella       FAULKNER       20  f  N  Governess
Mk276k   Mary           HALL           25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk276l   Ann            CHALLENGER     25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk276m   Hannah         SPRINGTHORPE   25  f  N  F.S.
Mk276n   Catherine      COTTON         20  f  N  F.S.
------[Matlock]---(p2, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk277a   George         MARTIN         40  m  Y  Spar turner
Mk277b   Elin           MARTIN         35  f  N
Mk277c   Charles        MARTIN         13  m  Y
Mk277d   William        MARTIN         11  m  Y
Mk277e   Henry          MARTIN         8   m  Y
Mk277f   Thomas         MARTIN         5   m  Y
Mk277g   Elin           MARTIN         1   f  Y
Mk278a   Edward         STORER         45  m  Y  Labourer
Mk278b   Mary           STORER         40  f  Y
Mk278c   Edward         STORER         8   m  Y
Mk278d   Ann            STORER         5   f  Y
Mk279a   Elizabeth      KNOWLES        67  f  Y  Toll B keeper
Mk280a   Charles        MILNES         40  m  Y  Merchant
Mk280b   Mary           MILNES         30  f  Y
Mk280c   Mary           EATON          50  f  Y  Dress maker
Mk280d   Elizabeth      FRISBY?        28  f  Y  F.S.
Mk280e   Alice          HARDING?       18  f  Y  F.S.
Mk280f   William        OLDHAM         22  m  Y  M.S.
Mk280g   Mary           MILNES         6   f  Y
Mk281a   Sarah          ROSE           50  f  Y
Mk281b   Jane           ROSE           15  f  Y
Mk281c   Ann            TAMRARD?       32  f  N  Ind
Mk281d   Diana          SALMON         40  f  N
Mk281e   Rachal         SALMON         51  f  N
------[Matlock]---(p3, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk282a   ?              FOX            45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk282b   Priscilla      FOX            45  f  Y
Mk282c   Mary           FOX            24  f  Y
Mk282d   Ann            FOX            19  f  Y
Mk283a   John           BERDIN?        35  m  N  Coachman?
Mk283b   Elizabeth      BERDIN?        30  f  N
Mk283c   Eliza          BERDIN?        3   f  Y
Mk283d   Ann            BERDIN?        4m  f  Y
Mk284a   Hannah         CARDIN         60  f  Y  Widow
Mk284b   Hannah         CARDIN         60  f  Y
Mk284c   John           CARDIN         20  m  Y  Wheelright
Mk284d   Henry          CARDIN         15  m  Y
Mk284e   Mathias        CARDIN         15  m  Y
Mk285a   Michael        CARDIN         50  m  Y  Miner
Mk285b   Hannah         CARDIN         35  f  Y
Mk285c   Thomas         CARDIN         20  m  Y
Mk285d   Mordicai?      CARDIN         14  m  Y
Mk286a   George         ROWSON         50  m  Y  ?
Mk286b   Ann            ROWSON         50  f  Y
Mk286c   Ester          ROWSON         45  f  Y
Mk287a   Catharine      LEACROFT       50  f  Y  Ind
Mk287b   John           GREAVES        46  m  N  Ind
Mk287c   Carliona       PARKER?        46  f  Y
Mk287d   Brook          LEACROFT       19  m  Y
Mk287e   Hannah         HORSTON?       35  f  Y  F.S.
Mk287f   Ester          FOX            25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk287g   Joseph         MARIOTT?       40  m  Y  M.S.
Mk287h   Nichalaus?     SHAW           25  m  Y  M.S.
Mk287i   Louisa         GREAVES        45  f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p4, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk288a   Benjamin       GREGORY        21  m  Y  Labourer
Mk288b   Mary           GREGORY        20  f  Y
Mk288c   Elizabeth      GREGORY        4m  f  Y
Mk289a   Josua          GREATOREX      35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk289b   Ann            GREATOREX      35  f  Y
Mk289c   Thomas         GREATOREX      22  m  Y
Mk289d   Ann            GREATOREX      17  f  Y
Mk289e   Sarah          GREATOREX      14  f  Y
Mk289f   Job            GREATOREX      12  m  Y
Mk289g   Enock          GREATOREX      7   m  Y
Mk289h   Emma           GREATOREX      6   f  Y
Mk289i   Joseph         GREATOREX      3   m  Y
Mk289j   Mary           GREATOREX      1   f  Y
Mk290a   Adam           KNOWLES        35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk290b   Hannah         KNOWLES        30  f  Y
Mk290c   Anthony        KNOWLES        68  m  Y  ?
Mk290d   Mary           KNOWLES        10  f  Y
Mk290e   Ann            KNOWLES        8   f  Y
Mk290f   Jane           KNOWLES        2   f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p5, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk291a   William        CH?            55  m  N  Surgeon
Mk291b   George         HEZIER         30  m  N  Surgeon
Mk292a   Betty          BRINSLY        45  f  N  Carrier
Mk292b   Mary           BRINSLY        24  f  Y
Mk292c   George         BRINSLY        12  m  Y
Mk292d   Elizabeth      BUXTON         11  f  Y
Mk292e   John?          BUXTON         2   m  Y
Mk292f   Sarah          BUXTON         1m  f  Y
Mk292g   Mary Ann       CHADWIN        12  f  Y
Mk292h   John           SMITH          15  m  Y
Mk293a   John           TISDALE        70  m  Y  Labourer
Mk293b   Hannah         TISDALE        62  f  Y
Mk293c   Joseph         TISDALE        15  m  Y
Mk294a   Joseph         BRIGHT?        56  m  Y  Publican
Mk294b   Susan          BRIGHT?        48  f  N
Mk294c   Thomas         WALL           40  m  N  Labourer
Mk295a   William        HOLMES         25  m  Y  Labourer
Mk295b   Hannah         HOLMES         25  f  Y
Mk295c   Hannah         HOLMES         5   f  Y
Mk295d   Martha         HOLMES         3   f  Y
Mk296a   Alice          KNOWLES        65  f  Y  Farmer
Mk296b   Elizer         KNOWLES        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk296c   Maria          KNOWLES        18  f  Y
Mk296d   Maria          KNOWLES        8m  f  Y
Mk296e   Joseph         WOODWARD       26  m  Y  Butcher
Mk296f   Ester          WOODWARD       22  f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p6, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk297a   Mary           SMITH          80  f  Y  Widow
Mk298a   James          SMITH          36  m  Y  Gardener
Mk298b   Sarah          SMITH          34  f  Y
Mk298c   Sarah          SMITH          10  f  Y
Mk298d   Ann            SMITH          7   f  Y
Mk298e   George         SMITH          3   m  Y
Mk298f   William        SMITH          3m  m  Y
Mk298g   Ann            WOODRUFF       73  f  Y
Mk299a   George         WRIGHT         35  m  Y  Cordwainer
Mk299b   Ann            WRIGHT         36  f  Y
Mk299c   Robert         WRIGHT         9   m  Y
Mk299d   Samuel         WRIGHT         7   m  Y
Mk299e   Fanny          WRIGHT         5   f  Y
Mk299f   Joseph         MACHIN?        40  m  Y  I.M.?
Mk300a   Elizabeth      SARLE          45  f  N
Mk300b   Elizabeth      SARLE          6   f  N
Mk300c   Robert         SARLE          17  m  N  Hatter
Mk300d   Henry          SARLE          4   m  N
Mk301a   Joseph         RING           84  m  Y  Ind
Mk301b   Sarah          RING           16  f  Y  F.S.

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.