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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

Mk302a   John           CARDING        29  m  Y  Labourer
Mk302b   Elizabeth      CARDING        25  f  N
Mk302c   Ann            CARDING        4   f  N
Mk302d   Alice          CARDING        2m  f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p7, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk303a   James          CAMPION        75  m  Y  Labourer
Mk303b   Hannah         CAMPION        75  f  Y
Mk303c   Lydia          CAMPION        50  f  Y
Mk303d   John           CAMPION        20  m  Y
Mk304a   Samuel         HODGKINSON     70  m  Y  Grocer
Mk304b   Catharine      HODGKINSON     55  f  N
Mk304c   Ann            HODGKINSON     40  f  Y
Mk304d   Lindsey        HODGKINSON     25  m  Y
Mk304e   Mary           HODGKINSON     15  f  N
Mk304f   James          TURNER         12  m  Y  M.S.
Mk305a   Phineas        LUDLHAM        71  m  Y  Farmer
Mk305b   Sarah          LUDLHAM        75  f  Y
Mk305c   Mary           GRATTON        36  f  Y  Miller?
Mk305d   Job            GRATTON        2   m  Y
Mk306a   Alice          SAXTON         50  f  Y  Governess
Mk306b   Maryann        SAXTON         50  f  Y  Governess
Mk306c   Eliza          KEBBELL?       25  f  Y  Governess
Mk306d   Ann            WALL           20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk306e   Ann            RIDD           15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk306f   Ann            HENSTOCK       20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk306g   Joseph         WRIGHT         15  m  Y  M.S.
Mk307a   William        KING           66  m  N  Farmer
Mk307b   Mary           KING           55  f  N
Mk307c   Robert         SMITH          25  m  Y  M.S.
Mk307d   Maria          SMITH          13  f  Y
Mk307e   Ann            SMITH          3   f  Y
Mk307f   Elizabeth      SMITH          1   f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p8, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk308a   Thomas         WATTES         22  m  Y  Draper
Mk308b   Edward         GREENBY?       20  m  Y  Ap
Mk308c   Robert         MARSDEN        14  m  Y  Ap
Mk308d   Eliza          MARIATT        28  f  Y  F.S.
Mk309a   Francis        ROPER          32  m  Y  Publican
Mk309b   Elizabeth      ROPER          34  f  Y
Mk309c   Mary           ROPER          5   f  Y
Mk309d   Jane           ROPER          3   f  Y
Mk309e   Elizabeth      ROPER          1   f  Y
Mk309f   Lydia          HODGKINSON     20  f  Y  Ind
Mk309g   Sarah          FROST          19  f  Y  F.S.
Mk309h   James          BARNES         63  m  Y  Labourer
Mk309i   Joseph         ?              33  m  Y  M.S.
Mk310a   James          BLOOD          30  m  Y  Labourer
Mk310b   Jamima         BLOOD          40  f  Y
Mk311a   Robert         WRIGHT         60  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk311b   Ruth           WRIGHT         60  f  Y
Mk311c   Emily          MOUNTENAY      20  f  Y
Mk312a   James          MARRIOTT       60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk312b   Rachall        MARRIOTT       60  f  Y
Mk312c   Mathew         MARRIOTT       20  m  Y  Farmer
Mk312d   Maryann        MARRIOTT       26  f  Y  Aarmer
Mk312e   Isaac          HATFIELD       15  m  Y  Labourer
Mk312f   Joseph         HATFIELD       10  m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk313a   James          MARRIOTT       30  m  Y  Farmer
Mk313b   Ann            MARRIOTT       25  f  Y
Mk313c   Hannah         MARRIOTT       7   f  Y
Mk313d   Joseph         POYZER         14  m  Y  M.S.
Mk314a   Job            BODEN          45  m  Y  Labourer
Mk314b   Hannah         BODEN          45  f  Y
Mk314c   Lydia          BODEN          15  f  Y
Mk314d   Henry          BODEN          10  m  Y
Mk314e   Job            BODEN          11  m  Y
Mk314f   Hannah         BODEN          8   f  Y
Mk314g   George         BODEN          5   m  Y
Mk314h   Lizia          BODEN          4   f  Y
Mk315a   Peter          TIPPING        45  m  Y  Labourer
Mk315b   Frances        BIRD           30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk315c   Matilda        BIRD           2   f  Y
Mk316a   Joseph         HOLMES         45  m  Y  Plasterer
Mk316b   Lydia          HOLMES         45  f  Y
Mk316c   Anthony        HOLMES         19  m  Y
Mk316d   Joseph         HOLMES         15  m  Y
Mk316e   Henry          HOLMES         10  m  Y
Mk316f   Ester          HOLMES         17  f  Y
Mk316g   Elizabeth      HOLMES         14  f  Y
Mk316h   Mary           HOLMES         12  f  Y
Mk316i   Samuel         HAYNES         82  m  Y  Farmer
------[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk317a   Samuel         HAYNES         38  m  Y
Mk317b   Lydia          HAYNES         25  f  Y
Mk317c   Ann            HAYNES         6   f  Y
Mk318a   Joseph         GRETOREX       45  m  Y  Farmer
Mk318b   Ellin          GRETOREX       45  f  Y
Mk318c   Hariot         GRETOREX       22  f  Y
Mk318d   Simon          GRETOREX       20  m  Y
Mk318e   John           GRETOREX       18  m  Y
Mk318f   Maryann        GRETOREX       17  f  Y
Mk318g   Joseph         GRETOREX       14  m  Y
Mk318h   Anthony        GRETOREX       12  m  Y
Mk318i   Agness         GRETOREX       10  f  Y
Mk318j   Job            GRETOREX       8   m  Y
Mk318k   Francis        GRETOREX       2   m  Y
Mk319a   Isaac          HATFIELD       40  m  Y  Farmer
Mk319b   Hannah         HATFIELD       40  f  Y
Mk319c   Maryann        HATFIELD       15  f  Y
Mk319d   George         HATFIELD       10  m  Y
Mk319e   William        HATFIELD       9   m  Y
Mk319f   Edward         HATFIELD       6   m  Y
Mk319g   Hannah         HATFIELD       4   f  Y
Mk319h   Luke           HATFIELD       2   m  Y
Mk320a   Luke           NEAL           41  m  Y  Hirer?
Mk320b   Mary           NEAL           48  f  Y
Mk320c   Ann            WEATHERHEAD    56  f  Y  Ind
Mk320d   Thomas         WRIGHT         37  m  Y  Silk ?
Mk320e   Natalia        WRIGHT         28  f  N
Mk320f   Emma S         WRIGHT         18  f  Y
Mk320g   Emma sarah     WRIGHT         13  f  N
Mk320h   George         WRIGHT         8m  m  Y
Mk320i   Eliza          GRATOREX       19  f  Y  F.S.
Mk320j   Lucy           FORARD         20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk320k   N.k.           FORARD         20  f  N  F.S.
Mk320l   Caroline       ELEY           40  f  N  Ind
Mk320m   Elizabeth      KING           8   f  N
Mk320n   Anthony        KNOWLES        65  m  Y
Mk320o   Mary           KNOWLES        7m  f  Y
Mk320p   Elizabeth      WEBSTER        25  f  N
------[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock, district 15, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk321a   Mary           SMITH          80  f  Y
Mk321b   Sarah          SMITH          30  f  -
Mk321c   Maria          BOND           25  f  -  F.S.

---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p1, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6----
Mk322a   John           BALLINGTON     65  m  Y  Farmer
Mk322b   Ann            BALLINGTON     55  f  N
Mk322c   Thomas         BALLINGTON     14  m  Y
Mk323a   James          WALKER         65  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk323b   Hannah         WALKER         55  f  Y
Mk323c   James          WALKER         25  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk323d   Abe?           YOUNG          25  m  Y  Panter
Mk323e   Ann            YOUNG          25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk324a   George         KNOWLES        70  m  Y  Farmer
Mk324b   Job            KNOWLES        35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk324c   Eliza          KNOWLES        25  f  Y
Mk324d   Robert         TURNER         13  m  Y  M.S.
Mk324e   Rachel         GREATOREX      14  f  Y  F.S.
Mk325a   Thomas         BROOM          25  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk325b   Jane           BROOM          25  f  Y
Mk326a   Francis        HURSTHOUSE     30  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk326b   Elizabeth      HURSTHOUSE     25  f  Y
Mk326c   Esther         HURSTHOUSE     7   f  Y
Mk326d   Thomas         HURSTHOUSE     2   m  Y
Mk327a   George         HAWLEY         30  m  Y  Wheelwright
Mk327b   Mariah         HAWLEY         25  f  Y
Mk327c   John           HAWLEY         5   m  Y
Mk327d   George         HAWLEY         1   m  Y
Mk327e   Mary           HORTON         15  f  N  F.S.
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p2, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk328a   Sarah          FENTAM         50  f  Y
Mk328b   John           FENTAM         20  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk328c   Sarah          BRADLEY        30  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk328d   Edward         BRADLEY        35  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk329a   George         YOUNG          60  m  Y  Painter
Mk329b   Peter          YOUNG          15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk329c   Rebecca        YOUNG          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk330a   Thomas         WILDGOOSE      45  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk330b   Elizabeth      WILDGOOSE      45  f  N
Mk330c   Sarah          WILDGOOSE      20  f  Y
Mk330d   Rebeccah       WILDGOOSE      15  f  Y
Mk330e   Job            WILDGOOSE      15  m  Y
Mk330f   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      14  f  Y
Mk330g   Joshua         WILDGOOSE      8   m  Y
Mk330h   Sarah          WILDGOOSE      4   f  Y
Mk331a   William        CASH           25  m  Y  Lawyer
Mk331b   Hannah         CASH           25  f  N
Mk331c   Mary           CASH           1   f  Y
Mk332a   John           HURD           30  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk332b   Esther         HURD           30  f  Y
Mk333a   Laurance       WILDGOOSE      35  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk333b   Elizabeth      WILDGOOSE      30  f  Y
Mk333c   Sarah          WILDGOOSE      11  f  Y  Tape mill
Mk333d   John           WILDGOOSE      5   m
---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(p3, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk334a   Grace          HAWLEY         85  f  Y  Ind
Mk334b   Grace          HAWLEY         45  f  Y  Ind
Mk334c   George         HAWLEY         14  m  Y
Mk335a   Bridget        BUNTING        55  f  I
Mk335b   William        BUNTING        15  m  Y  Bleach yard
Mk335c   Joseph         BUNTING        14  m  Y  Bleach yard
Mk335d   Sarah          BUNTING        10  f  Y
Mk335e   Adam           BUNTING        6   m  Y
Mk335f   James          SMITH          70  m  Y  Gardener
Mk336a   Robert         BUNTING        40  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk336b   Isabella       BUNTING        40  f  Y
Mk336c   William        BUNTING        15  m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk336d   James          BUNTING        15  m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk336e   Bethia         BUNTING        15  f  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk336f   Ann            BUNTING        13  f  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk336g   Robert         BUNTING        11  m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk336h   John           BUNTING        8   m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk336i   Sarah          BUNTING        6   f  Y
Mk336j   Ellen          BUNTING        4   f  Y
Mk336k   Eliza          BUNTING        2   f  Y
Mk336l   Samuel         BUNTING        1m  m  Y
Mk337a   George         BODEN          45  m  Y  Publican
Mk337b   Ann            BODEN          55  f  Y
Mk337c   Ann            BODEN          15  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p4, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk338a   Barnard        HOLMES         40  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk338b   Sarah          HOLMES         40  f  Y
Mk338c   John           HOLMES         6   m  Y
Mk338d   Edward         HOLMES         2   m  Y
Mk339a   Henry          FRECKINGHAM    40  m  N  Ag Lab
Mk339b   Ann            FRECKINGHAM    15  f  Y
Mk339c   Henry          FRECKINGHAM    14  m  Y
Mk339d   Sarah          FRECKINGHAM    12  f  Y
Mk339e   Alles          FRECKINGHAM    11m f  Y
Mk339f   Anthony        BUNTING        20  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk339g   Hannah         BUNTING        20  f  N
Mk339h   Ann            BUNTING        2m  f  Y
Mk340a   Joseph         WRAGG          75  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk340b   Phebe          WRAGG          65  f  Y
Mk341a   Jessiah        WAGSTAFF       45  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk341b   Hannah         WAGSTAFF       50  f  Y
Mk341c   Henry          WAGSTAFF       10  m  Y
Mk342a   Adam           RAWSON         70  m  Y  Hatter
Mk342b   William        RAWSON         45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk342c   Lydia          RAWSON         40  f  Y
Mk343a   Anthony        LEEYS          60  m  Y  Grocer
Mk343b   Esther         LEEYS          50  f  Y
Mk343c   Joseph         BELL           20  m  N  M.S.
Mk343d   Hephzibah      PEARSON        20  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p5, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk344a   Sarah          SYHAY?         35  f  Y  Farmer+butcher
Mk344b   Hannah         RENSHAW        20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk344c   Richard        PLATTS         15  m  Y  Ap
Mk344d   George         ROYLE          13  m  Y  M.S.
Mk345a   Mary           NUTTALL        60  f  Y  Ind
Mk345b   Martha         ELSE           35  f  Y  F.S.
Mk345c   Martha         EDLEY          45  f  Y  Ind
Mk346a   Charles        BUCKLEY        40  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk346b   Millicent      BUCKLEY        45  f  Y
Mk346c   Ann            BUCKLEY        20  f  Y
Mk346d   Peter          BUCKLEY        15  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk346e   Samuel         BUCKLEY        15  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk346f   Thomas         BUCKLEY        12  m  Y
Mk346g   George         SHAW           25  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk346h   Grace          SHAW           30  f  Y
Mk347a   Joseph         NEAL           80  m  Y  Ind
Mk347b   Hannah         NEAL           84  f  Y
Mk347c   John           NEAL           45  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk347d   Jeremiah       NEAL           30  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk348a   Thomas         MARSHALL       65  m  Y  Ind
Mk348b   Ann            HOPKINSON      45  f  Y
Mk349a   Sarah          YOUNG          45  f  Y  Beerhouse keeper
Mk349b   Charles        YOUNG          30  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk349c   Ann            YOUNG          20  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p6, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk350a   James          BOAM?          75  m  Y  Clock maker
Mk350b   Hannah         BOAM?          70  f  Y
Mk350c   Solomon        CARDEN         35  m  Y  Paint grinder
Mk350d   Mary           CARDEN         30  f  Y
Mk350e   Joseph         CARDEN         12  m  Y
Mk350f   Ann            CARDEN         10  f  Y
Mk350g   John           CARDEN         5   m  Y
Mk350h   George         GREGORY        50  m  Y  Farmer
Mk350i   Sarah          GREGORY        45  f  Y
Mk350j   Sarah          GREGORY        15  f  Y
Mk351a   John           ADAMS          50  m  N  Surgeon
Mk351b   Harriott       ADAMS          55  f  N
Mk351c   Susan          ADAMS          28  f  Y
Mk351d   Carline        ADAMS          25  f  Y
Mk351e   Hellen         ADAMS          21  f  Y
Mk351f   Henry          ADAMS          18  m  Y  Surgeon Ap
Mk351g   Ann            FROST          20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk351h   Joseph         SLATER         17  m  Y  M.S.
Mk352a   Joseph         JANNEY         70  m  Y  Grocer
Mk352b   Joseph         JANNEY         20  m  Y
Mk352c   Betty          JANNEY         60  f  Y
Mk352d   Mary           TWIGG          12  f  Y  F.S.
Mk353a   George         REDFERN        35  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk353b   Esther         REDFERN        30  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p7, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk354a   Sarah          TWIGG          40  f  Y  Ind
Mk354b   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      19  f  Y  Framework K
Mk355a   Joseph         ALLWOOD        35  m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk355b   Christina      ALLWOOD        36  f  Y
Mk355c   Mary           ALLWOOD        6   f  Y
Mk355d   William        ALLWOOD        4   m  Y
Mk355e   Matilda        ALLWOOD        2   f  Y
Mk355f   Christina      ALLWOOD        1   f  Y
Mk356a   Daniel         HURD           30  m  Y  Builder
Mk356b   James          HURD           25  m  Y  Builder
Mk356c   Hannah         HURD           25  f  Y
Mk356d   Eliza          HURD           20  f  Y
Mk356e   John           WILDGOOSE      15  m  Y
Mk356f   Jane           WILDGOOSE      2   f  Y
Mk356g   Eliza          MARRIOTT       15  f  Y
Mk357a   Daniel         HURD           64  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk357b   Elizabeth      HURD           20  f  Y
Mk358a   John           SMITH          28  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk358b   Sarah          SMITH          29  f  Y
Mk358c   Eliza          SMITH          6   f  Y
Mk358d   Mary           SMITH          3   f  Y
Mk358e   Hannah         SMITH          4m  f  Y
Mk359a   John           SKIDMOOR       26  m  Y  Pasteboard m
Mk359b   Mary           SKIDMOOR       25  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p8, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk360a   George         GOODLAD        55  m  Y  Miller
Mk360b   Mary           GOODLAD        45  f  Y
Mk360c   Richard        GOODLAD        23  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk360d   Frederick      GOODLAD        20  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk360e   George         GOODLAD        18  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk360f   Mary           GOODLAD        15  f  Y
Mk360g   John           GOODLAD        12  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk360h   Emanuel        GOODLAD        10  m  Y  Pasteboard m
Mk360i   Elizabeth      GOODLAD        8   f  Y
Mk361a   Thomas         TOPHAM         35  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk361b   Hannah         TOPHAM         35  f  Y
Mk361c   Ann            TOPHAM         10  f  Y
Mk361d   Karzia         TOPHAM         6   f  Y
Mk361e   Thomas         TOPHAM         2   m  Y
Mk361f   David          MARRIOTT       75  m  Y  Ind
Mk362a   Henry          POTTER         40  m  N  Hosier
Mk362b   Hannah         POTTER         13  f  Y
Mk362c   Anna           POTTER         12  f  Y
Mk362d   John           POTTER         10  m  Y
Mk362e   Thomas         POTTER         5   m  Y
Mk362f   Henry          POTTER         3   m  Y
Mk362g   Susannah       COOK           45  f  Y
Mk363a   Mary           WALSON?        40  f  Y  Ind
Mk364a   Lydia          FLINT          84  f  Y  Ind
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk365a   Lydia          KNOWLES        79  f  Y  Ind
Mk365b   Elizabeth      KNOWLES        40  f  Y
Mk365c   John           BROWN          50  m  Y  Framework K
Mk366a   George         RAWSON         45  m  Y  Tailor
Mk366b   David          RAWSON         35  m  Y
Mk366c   Sarah          RAWSON         55  f  Y
Mk366d   James          RAWSON         12  m  N
Mk366e   John           RAWSON         9   m  N
Mk367a   Thomas         MARSDEN        40  m  Y  Lime burner
Mk367b   Mary           MARSDEN        40  f  Y
Mk367c   John           MARSDEN        6   m  Y
Mk367d   Ann            MARSDEN        3   f  Y
Mk368a   Ralph          WILDGOOSE      47  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk368b   Sabra          WILDGOOSE      52  f  Y
Mk368c   Job            WILDGOOSE      26  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk369a   William        BOAM           30  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk369b   Mary           BOAM           25  f  Y
Mk369c   Ann            BOAM           6   f  Y
Mk369d   Mary           BOAM           3   f  Y
Mk369e   Elizabeth      BOAM           2m  f  Y
Mk369f   Charlotte      BOAM           15  f  Y
Mk370a   John           SLATER         25  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk370b   Ann            SLATER         25  f  Y
Mk370c   Hannah         SLATER         1   f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk371a   John           TWIFORD        60  m  N  Ag lab
Mk371b   Mary           TWIFORD        58  f  Y
Mk371c   John           TWIFORD        30  m  Y  Tape weaver
Mk371d   George         TWIFORD        28  m  Y  Ag Lab
Mk372a   Sarah          ALLEN          75  f  Y  Ind
Mk372b   Anthony        ALLEN          55  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk372c   Ann            ALLEN          50  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk373a   John           PURSGLOVE      44  m  Y  Framework K
Mk373b   Mary           PURSGLOVE      34  f  Y
Mk373c   Hannah         DAY            10  f  Y
Mk374a   Thomas         KING           40  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk374b   Elizabeth      KING           50  f  Y
Mk374c   Ann            KING           9   f  Y
Mk374d   Frederick      WALTERS        25  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk375a   Elizabeth      WRAGG          65  f  Y  Farmer
Mk375b   Hannah         WRAGG          40  f  Y
Mk375c   George         WRAGG          20  m  Y  Farmer
Mk375d   Ann            WARD           20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk376a   Joseph         HIGGS          75  m  Y  Farmer
Mk376b   Elizabeth      HIGGS          71  f  Y
Mk376c   Mary           HIGGS          16  f  Y
Mk376d   Martha         ADDY           35  f  Y
Mk376e   Joseph         ADDY           12  m  Y
Mk376f   William        WILKSON        15  m  Y  M.S.
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk377a   Isaac          BUCKLEY        65  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk377b   Mary           BUCKLEY        59  f  Y
Mk377c   Job            BUCKLEY        15  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk378a   Michael        HURSTHOUSE     32  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk378b   Elizabeth      HURSTHOUSE     29  f  Y
Mk378c   John           HURSTHOUSE     11  m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk378d   Joseph         HURSTHOUSE     9   m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk378e   Susannah       HURSTHOUSE     7   f  Y
Mk378f   Samuel         HURSTHOUSE     5   m  Y
Mk378g   James          HURSTHOUSE     2   m  Y
Mk379a   Henry          HALL           48  m  Y  Framework K
Mk379b   Susannah       HALL           49  f  Y
Mk379c   William        HALL           23  m  Y  Cotton bleacher
Mk379d   Elizabeth      HALL           18  f  Y
Mk379e   Mary           HALL           16  f  Y
Mk380a   John           WRAGG          25  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk380b   Hannah         WRAGG          25  f  Y
Mk380c   William        WRAGG          2   m  Y
Mk380d   Lydia          WRAGG          1m  f  Y
Mk380e   Lydia          BODEN          20  f  Y
Mk381a   Mary           SMITH          56  f  Y  Ind
Mk381b   Emma           SMITH          25  f  Y
Mk381c   Sarah          SMITH          20  f  Y
Mk381d   George         SMITH          8   m  N
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk382a   Anthony        WILDGOOSE      55  m  Y  Joiner
Mk382b   Rebecca        WILDGOOSE      55  f  Y
Mk382c   Mary           WILDGOOSE      28  f  Y
Mk382d   Ellen          WILDGOOSE      25  f  Y
Mk382e   Eliza          WILDGOOSE      4   f  Y
Mk383a   John           BROWN          50  m  Y  Framework K
Mk383b   Sarah          BROWN          46  f  Y
Mk383c   Francis        BROWN          21  m  Y  Framework K
Mk383d   Mary           BROWN          19  f  Y  Framework K
Mk383e   Thomas         BROWN          17  m  Y  Framework K
Mk383f   John           BROWN          15  m  Y  Framework K
Mk383g   Jane           SMITH          55  f  Y
Mk384a   Lenard         WHEATCROFT     25  m  Y  Farmer
Mk384b   Ellen          WHEATCROFT     18  f  Y
Mk384c   Ellen          WHEATCROFT     65  f  Y
Mk385a   William        SIMPSON        45  m  N  Ag lab
Mk385b   Elizabeth      SIMPSON        50  f  Y
Mk385c   John           SIMPSON        6   m  Y
Mk385d   William        MILNES         30  m  N  Coal miner
Mk385e   Sarah          MILNES         40  f  N
Mk385f   Emma           MILNES         2   f  N
Mk385g   Thomas         RILEY          35  m  N  Ag lab
Mk385h   Elizabeth      RILEY          35  f  Y
Mk385i   Elizabeth      RILEY          2m  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p13, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk386a   Susan          BALLINGTON     57  f  N  Ind
Mk386b   Samuel         BALLINGTON     21  m  N  Ag lab
Mk386c   James          DIXON          53  m  Y  P?
Mk387a   Samuel         POTTER         49  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk387b   Rebecca        POTTER         41  f  Y
Mk387c   Mary           POTTER         14  f  Y
Mk387d   Ann            POTTER         12  f  Y
Mk387e   Emma           POTTER         9   f  Y
Mk387f   Samuel         POTTER         6   m  Y
Mk388a   Frederick      WRIGHT?        26  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk388b   Elizabeth      WRIGHT?        24  f  Y
Mk388c   Charles        WRIGHT?        3   m  Y
Mk388d   George         WRIGHT?        1   m  Y
Mk389a   Hannah         POTTER         51  f  Y  Ind
Mk389b   Ann            POTTER         45  f  Y  Ind
Mk390a   Elizabeth      SHAW           60  f  Y  Ind
Mk390b   Elizabeth      SHAW           25  f  Y  Ind
Mk391a   William        BECK           40  m  N  Ag lab
Mk391b   Betty          BECK           30  f  N
Mk391c   Isaac          BECK           7   m  N
Mk391d   William        BECK           3   m  Y
Mk391e   John           BECK           1   m  Y
Mk392a   William        DIXON          60  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk392b   Ann            DIXON          55  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p14, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk393a   Ann            BUCKLEY        30  f  N  Ind
Mk393b   Sarah          BUCKLEY        12  f  Y
Mk393c   Esther         BUCKLEY        11  f  Y
Mk393d   Mary           BUCKLEY        7   f  Y
Mk393e   Jane           BUCKLEY        3   f  N
Mk394a   George         WRIGHT         60  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk394b   Hannah         WRIGHT         54  f  Y
Mk394c   Samuel         WRIGHT         19  m  Y
Mk394d   James          WRIGHT         15  m  Y
Mk395a   George         WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Framework K
Mk395b   Elizabeth      WOODHOUSE      30  f  Y
Mk395c   Dolley         WOODHOUSE      8   f  Y
Mk395d   Mariah         WOODHOUSE      7   f  Y
Mk395e   Joseph         WOODHOUSE      5   m  Y
Mk395f   Mary           WOODHOUSE      1   f  Y
Mk396a   Barbier?       KNOWLES        30  f  Y  Ind
Mk396b   Samuel         KNOWLES        7   m  Y
Mk396c   James          KNOWLES        3   m  Y
Mk397a   William        SLATER         30  m  Y  Marble mason
Mk397b   Hannah         SLATER         30  f  Y
Mk397c   Samuel         SLATER         10  m  Y
Mk397d   Sarah          SLATER         5   f  Y
Mk397e   John           SLATER         3   m  Y
Mk397f   William        SLATER         1   m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p15, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk398a   John           SLATER         45  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk398b   Elizabeth      SLATER         45  f  Y
Mk398c   Joseph         SLATER         15  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk398d   William        SLATER         14  m  Y  Bump mill
Mk398e   James          SLATER         10  m  Y
Mk398f   Ann            SLATER         6   f  Y
Mk399a   Edward         WOODHOUSE      20  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk399b   Ann            WOODHOUSE      20  f  Y
Mk399c   Eliza          WOODHOUSE      9m  f  Y
Mk400a   Thomas         BURNLEY        45  m  N  Framework K
Mk400b   Mary           BURNLEY        35  f  Y
Mk400c   Elizabeth      ASH            65  f  Y  Ind
Mk401a   George         SHAW           40  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk401b   Mary           SHAW           40  f  Y
Mk401c   Ellen          SHAW           7   f  Y
Mk401d   George         SHAW           3   m  Y
Mk401e   Sarah          SHAW           1m  f  Y
Mk402a   Lydia          WHITE          40  f  Y  Bump minder
Mk402b   William        WHITE          19  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk403a   Thomas         DAVIS          25  m  Y  Framework K
Mk403b   Hannah         DAVIS          25  f  N
Mk403c   Rachel         DAVIS          3   f  Y
Mk403d   Marck          DAVIS          2   m  Y
Mk403e   Jessiah        DAVIS          9m  m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p16, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk404a   Luke           POYSER         45  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk404b   Sarah          POYSER         50  f  Y
Mk404c   Mary           WAINE          40  f  Y
Mk405a   George         DERBYSHIRE     55  m  Y  Slater
Mk405b   Joseph         DERBYSHIRE     24  m  Y  Slater
Mk405c   Lubin?         DERBYSHIRE     20  m  Y  Slater
Mk405d   Mary           DERBYSHIRE     13  f  Y
Mk405e   Hannah         DERBYSHIRE     11  f  Y
Mk405f   Emma           DERBYSHIRE     5   f  Y
Mk406a   Anthony        CARLINE        69  m  Y  Framework K
Mk406b   Ann            CARLINE        67  f  Y
Mk406c   Ann            CARLINE        30  f  Y
Mk406d   Titus          CARLINE        25  m  Y  Framework K
Mk406e   George         CARLINE        20  m  Y  Framework K
Mk406f   Hannah         CARLINE        8   f  Y
Mk407a   Ann            ASHTON         59  f  Y
Mk407b   Samuel         ASHTON         25  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk407c   Jessiah        ASHTON         20  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk407d   Christana      ASHTON         20  f  Y
Mk407e   Grace          ASHTON         15  f  Y
Mk407f   Silance        ASHTON         15  f  Y
Mk408a   George         DERBYSHIRE     31  m  Y  Slater
Mk408b   Lydia          DERBYSHIRE     30  f  Y
Mk408c   Ruth           DERBYSHIRE     2m  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p17, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk409a   Samuel         HURSTHOUSE     41  m  Y  Ag alb
Mk409b   Mary           HURSTHOUSE     42  f  Y
Mk409c   John           HURSTHOUSE     14  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk409d   Samuel         HURSTHOUSE     11  m  Y
Mk409e   Ann            HURSTHOUSE     10  f  Y
Mk409f   Francis        HURSTHOUSE     8   m  Y
Mk409g   Mary           HURSTHOUSE     6   f  Y
Mk409h   Hannah         HURSTHOUSE     3   f  Y
Mk409i   Samuel         HURSTHOUSE     9m  m  Y
Mk410a   Adam           BAGSHAW        30  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk410b   Sarah          BAGSHAW        30  f  I
Mk410c   Elizabeth      BAGSHAW        8   f  N
Mk410d   Mary           BAGSHAW        7   f  N
Mk410e   John           BAGSHAW        4   m  N
Mk410f   Thomas         BAGSHAW        6   m  Y
Mk410g   Sarah          BAGSHAW        6m  f  -
Mk410h   George         BRYAN          30  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk410i   John           WHEATLEY       20  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk411a   William        HATFIELD       42  m  Y  Framework K
Mk411b   Francis        HATFIELD       19  m  Y  Framework K
Mk411c   Mary           HATFIELD       17  f  Y
Mk411d   Lucey          HATFIELD       14  f  Y
Mk411e   Elizabeth      HATFIELD       8   f  Y
Mk411f   George         HATFIELD       7   m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p18, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk412a   Hannah         WRAGG          60  f  Y  Framework K
Mk412b   Mary           ASHTON         31  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk413a   John           WALTON         60  m  Y  Sawyer
Mk413b   Marther        WALTON         60  f  Y
Mk414a   George         SMITH          56  m  Y  Gardener
Mk414b   Sarah          SMITH          51  f  Y
Mk414c   Mary           SMITH          32  f  Y
Mk414d   Henry          SMITH          26  m  Y  B packer
Mk414e   George         SMITH          18  m  Y  B packer
Mk414f   Joseph         SMITH          16  m  Y  B packer
Mk414g   Gervis         SMITH          13  m  Y  B packer
Mk414h   Edward         SMITH          10  m  Y  B packer
Mk414i   Marther        SMITH          8   f  Y
Mk414j   Sydney?        SMITH          7   m  Y
Mk415a   Sarah          WILLMOTT       45  f  Y
Mk415b   Robert         WILLMOTT       20  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk415c   Hannah         WILLMOTT       15  f  Y  Flax dresser
Mk415d   John           WILLMOTT       15  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk415e   Joseph         WILLMOTT       13  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk415f   Ann            WILLMOTT       10  f  Y
Mk415g   Mary           WILLMOTT       7   f  Y
Mk415h   Emma           WILLMOTT       5   f  Y
Mk416a   Horatio        DAVIS          35  m  Y  Framework K
Mk416b   Millicent      DAVIS          35  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p19, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk417a   Thomas         BALLINGTON     20  m  Y  Framework K
Mk417b   Ann            BALLINGTON     20  f  Y
Mk417c   Harriett       BALLINGTON     2   f  Y
Mk418a   Robert         WARD           40  m  Y  Stone cutter
Mk418b   Hannah         WARD           35  f  Y
Mk418c   Harriett       WARD           15  f  Y  Tape mill
Mk418d   Emma           WARD           13  f  Y  Tape mill
Mk418e   Samuel         WARD           11  m  Y  Bleach yard
Mk419a   John           HAYNES         40  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk419b   Mary           HAYNES         35  f  N
Mk419c   Emma           HAYNES         3   f  N
Mk420a   Joseph         WOODHOUSE      54  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk420b   Mary           WOODHOUSE      19  f  Y
Mk420c   Michel         WOODHOUSE      18  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk420d   Hannah         WOODHOUSE      10  f  Y
Mk421a   William        CROWDER        80  m  Y  Framework K
Mk421b   Elizabeth      CROWDER        70  f  Y
Mk421c   Margret        CROWDER        40  f  Y
Mk421d   Marther        CROWDER        1   f  Y
Mk422a   Elizabeth      WHARTON        70  f  Y
Mk422b   Ann            WHARTON        40  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk422c   Elizabeth      WHARTON        16  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk422d   Mary           BALLINGTON     23  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p20, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk423a   Jerremy        BALLINGTON     53  m  Y  Framework K
Mk423b   Rebecca        BALLINGTON     53  f  Y
Mk424a   Robert         BODEN          51  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk424b   Barbry         BODEN          51  f  Y
Mk424c   Samuel         BODEN          18  m  Y  Bleacher
Mk424d   Hannah         BODEN          13  f  Y
Mk424e   William        DIXON          19  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk424f   James          DIXON          17  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk424g   Thomas         ASKEY          23  m  I  Ag lab
Mk424h   Jane           ASKEY          25  f  I
Mk424i   Mary           ASKEY          3   f  I
Mk425a   William        SMITH          40  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk425b   Elizabeth      SMITH          37  f  Y
Mk425c   Margrett       SMITH          13  f  Y
Mk425d   William        SMITH          11  m  Y
Mk425e   Joseph         SMITH          9   m  Y
Mk425f   George         SMITH          7   m  Y
Mk425g   Elizabeth      SMITH          3   f  Y
Mk425h   Isaac          SMITH          1   m  Y
Mk426a   William        ALLWOOD        68  m  Y  Framework K
Mk426b   John           ALLWOOD        26  m  Y
Mk426c   Elizabeth      ALLWOOD        34  f  Y
Mk426d   Samuel         ALLWOOD        5   m  Y
Mk426e   Mary           ALLWOOD        3   f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p21, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk427a   William        DAVIS          60  m  Y  Framework K
Mk427b   Hannah         DAVIS          58  f  Y  Framework K
Mk427c   John           DAVIS          31  m  Y  Framework K
Mk427d   Ralph          DAVIS          25  m  Y  Framework K
Mk427e   Phineas        DAVIS          23  m  Y  Framework K
Mk427f   Mary           DAVIS          19  f  Y
Mk427g   George         DAVIS          12  m  Y
Mk427h   Joseph         DAVIS          9   m  Y
Mk427i   William        DAVIS          7   m  Y
Mk427j   Noah           BAGSHAW        20  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk428a   John           CROWDER        35  m  Y  Framework K
Mk428b   Millicent      CROWDER        35  f  Y
Mk428c   William        CROWDER        8   m  Y
Mk428d   Ruben          CROWDER        7   m  Y
Mk428e   Elizabeth      CROWDER        5   f  Y
Mk428f   Hannah         CROWDER        3   f  Y
Mk428g   Herbart        CROWDER        1   m  Y
Mk429a   Mary           MARSHALL       30  f  Y
Mk429b   Benjamin       MARSHALL       15  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk429c   Ann            ROPER          30  f  Y
Mk430a   John           MARRIOTT       25  m  Y  Butcher
Mk430b   Ann            MARRIOTT       25  f  Y
Mk430c   Eliza          BROXUP         21  f  Y
Mk430d   Joseph         HATFIELD       15  m  Y  M.S.
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p22, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk431a   James          COOPER         45  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk431b   Mary           COOPER         39  f  Y
Mk431c   Charlotte      COOPER         15  f  Y
Mk431d   Sarah          COOPER         13  f  Y  Flax spinner
Mk431e   John           COOPER         11  m  Y
Mk431f   Ann            COOPER         8   f  Y
Mk431g   Jane           COOPER         6   f  Y
Mk431h   George         COOPER         4   m  Y
Mk431i   Tolemay?       COOPER         2   f  Y
Mk432a   John           WRAGG          35  m  Y  Stone cutter
Mk432b   Sarah          WRAGG          35  f  Y
Mk432c   Denis          WRAGG          15  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk432d   Samuel         WRAGG          13  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk432e   Mary           WRAGG          10  f  Y
Mk432f   Joseph         WRAGG          8   m  Y
Mk432g   James          WRAGG          5   m  Y
Mk432h   John           WRAGG          2   m  Y
Mk432i   Cathrine       WRAGG          1   f  Y
Mk433a   John           DIXON          31  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk433b   Ann            DIXON          31  f  Y
Mk433c   Mary           DIXON          9   f  Y
Mk433d   Ann            DIXON          6   f  Y
Mk433e   John           DIXON          3   m  Y
Mk433f   William        DIXON          1   m  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p23, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk434a   George         WILSON         20  m  N  Stone geter
Mk434b   Elizabeth      WILSON         25  f  Y
Mk434c   Mary           WILSON         5m  f  Y
Mk435a   George         BALLINGTON     45  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk435b   Elizabeth      BALLINGTON     45  f  Y
Mk435c   Henry          BALLINGTON     15  m  Y  Shoe m Ap
Mk435d   Jessiah        BALLINGTON     15  m  Y  Shoe m Ap
Mk435e   Anthony        BALLINGTON     13  m  Y  Shoe m Ap
Mk435f   Mary           BALLINGTON     12  f  Y
Mk435g   John           BALLINGTON     10  m  Y
Mk435h   Hannah         BALLINGTON     8   f  Y
Mk435i   Thomas         BALLINGTON     4   m  Y
Mk436a   Thomas         BUCKLEY        57  m  Y  Farmer
Mk436b   Hannah         BUCKLEY        58  f  N
Mk436c   Mary           BUCKLEY        25  f  Y
Mk436d   Benjamin       BUCKLEY        20  m  Y
Mk437a   John           OATS           70  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk437b   Mary           OATS           60  f  Y
Mk437c   Luke           OATS           20  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk438a   John           WILDGOOSE      40  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk438b   Mary           WILDGOOSE      17  f  Y
Mk438c   Harriett       WILDGOOSE      11  f  Y
Mk438d   Hannah         WILDGOOSE      8   f  Y
Mk438e   Amey           WILDGOOSE      6   f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p24, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk439a   Ann            HIGGS          60  f  Y  Ind
Mk439b   John           HIGGS          25  m  Y  C K
Mk439c   Lydia          WILDGOOSE      15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk440a   Samuel         DIXON          50  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk440b   Sarah          DIXON          50  f  Y
Mk440c   Jessiah        DIXON          14  m  Y  Cotton mill
Mk440d   Sarah          DIXON          20  f  Y  Cotton mill
Mk440e   March?         DIXON          10  m  Y
Mk440f   Job            DIXON          8   m  Y
Mk440g   Henry          DIXON          6   m  Y
Mk440h   Emma           DIXON          2   f  Y
Mk441a   James          KING           64  m  Y  Tailor
Mk441b   Mary           KING           60  f  Y
Mk441c   Anthony        KING           25  m  Y  Bump mill
Mk441d   Elizabeth      KING           20  f  Y
Mk441e   Lexey          KING           5   f  Y
Mk441f   John           KING           13  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk441g   Luke           BALL           7   m  Y
Mk442a   George         ADDY           32  m  Y  Butcher
Mk442b   Millicent      ADDY           32  f  Y
Mk442c   George         ADDY           11  m  Y
Mk442d   Elizabeth      ADDY           9   f  Y
Mk442e   Isabella       ADDY           7   f  Y
Mk442f   Marther        ADDY           3   f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p25, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk443a   Samuel         SMITH          70  m  Y  Gardener
Mk443b   Cathrine       SMITH          60  f  N
Mk444a   Samuel         ALSOP          58  m  Y  Grocer
Mk444b   Ann            ALSOP          54  f  Y
Mk444c   Elizabeth      ALSOP          16  f  Y
Mk445a   James          WOODHOUSE      55  m  Y  Framework K
Mk445b   Amy            WOODHOUSE      55  f  Y
Mk445c   Esther         WOODHOUSE      15  f  Y
Mk445d   George         WALL           25  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk445e   Rachel         WALL           25  f  Y
Mk445f   Sharlott       WALL           3   f  Y
Mk445g   Esther         WALL           1   f  Y
Mk446a   Ruth           DAVIS          60  f  Y
Mk446b   Anthony        DAVIS          30  m  Y  Cotton mill
Mk446c   James          DAVIS          15  m  Y  Cotton mill
Mk446d   Isabella       DAVIS          20  f  Y  Cotton mill
Mk447a   James          HAWLEY         25  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk447b   Rebecca        HAWLEY         22  f  Y
Mk447c   Mary           HAWLEY         6d  f  Y
Mk448a   Elias          WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Framework K
Mk448b   Marther        WOODHOUSE      30  f  Y
Mk448c   Ralph          WOODHOUSE      6   m  Y
Mk448d   Eliza          WOODHOUSE      4   f  Y
Mk448e   Rachel         WOODHOUSE      9m  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p26, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk449a   George         ROADS          50  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk449b   Elizabeth      ROADS          55  f  Y
Mk449c   Martin         ROADS          25  m  Y  Flax spinner
Mk449d   Ellen          ROADS          15  f  Y  Flax spinner
Mk449e   Mary           WAINE          90  f  Y
Mk450a   George         LUDLAM         25  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk450b   Ann            LUDLAM         25  f  Y
Mk450c   Sarah          LUDLAM         2   f  Y
Mk450d   Mary           LUDLAM         3m  f  Y
Mk451a   Peter          WRAGG          50  m  Y  Joiner
Mk451b   Grace          WRAGG          50  f  Y
Mk451c   John           WRAGG          30  m  Y  Joiner
Mk451d   Susannah       WRAGG          25  f  Y
Mk451e   Ann            WRAGG          21  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk451f   Peter          WRAGG          20  m  Y  Joiner
Mk451g   Silence        WRAGG          17  f  Y  Tape weaver
Mk451h   Mary           WRAGG          14  f  Y
Mk451i   Elizabeth      WRAGG          7   f  Y
Mk451j   Henry          WRAGG          6   m  Y
Mk451k   Sarah          WRAGG          4   f  Y
Mk452a   Peter          SPENCER        65  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk452b   Mary           SPENCER        65  f  Y
Mk452c   Mary           SPENCER        25  f  Y
Mk452d   James          SPENCER        20  m  Y  Ag lab
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p27, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk453a   William        WALTON         50  m  Y  Framework K
Mk453b   Matilda        WALTON         40  f  Y
Mk453c   William        WALTON         20  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk453d   Sarah          WALTON         10  f  Y
Mk453e   Mary           WALTON         8   f  Y
Mk453f   Eliza          WALTON         1   f  Y
Mk454a   George         SMITH          30  m  Y  Publican
Mk454b   Rachel         SMITH          30  f  Y
Mk454c   Sarah          SMITH          4   f  Y
Mk454d   Mary           SMITH          2   f  Y
Mk454e   Job            SMITH          1m  m  Y
Mk454f   William        MILLANY        36  m  I  Hawker
Mk454g   Bernard        MILLANY        3   m  Y
Mk454h   Margret        MILLANY        7   f  Y
Mk454i   John           MILLANY        3m  m  Y
Mk454j   Mary           MILLANY        32  f  I
Mk455a   George         HAYES          35  m  N  Framework K
Mk455b   Hannah         HAYES          35  f  Y
Mk455c   Eliza          HAYES          9   f  Y
Mk455d   George         HAYES          1   m  Y
Mk455e   John           HAYES          30  m  N  Framework K
Mk456a   Adam           KNOWLES        20  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk456b   Ann            KNOWLES        25  f  Y
Mk456c   Esther         KNOWLES        25  f  Y
---Matlock bank---[Matlock]---(p28, Matlock, district 16, HO 107/198/6)---
Mk457a   Charles        WOODHOUSE      35  m  Y  Framework K
Mk457b   Elizabeth      WOODHOUSE      35  f  Y
Mk457c   Hannah         WOODHOUSE      15  f  Y
Mk457d   Adam           WOODHOUSE      13  m  Y  Framework K
Mk457e   William        WOODHOUSE      12  m  Y  Framework K
Mk457f   Millicent      WOODHOUSE      10  f  Y
Mk457g   Charles        WOODHOUSE      9   m  Y
Mk457h   Elizabeth      WOODHOUSE      8   f  Y
Mk457i   Enoch          WOODHOUSE      6   m  Y
Mk457j   Dell           WOODHOUSE      3   m  Y
Mk457k   Sidney         WOODHOUSE      1   m  Y
Mk458a   George         DAVIS          50  m  Y  Framework K
Mk458b   Hannah         DAVIS          55  f  Y
Mk458c   Thomas         WALL           30  m  Y  Butcher
Mk458d   Ellen          WALL           30  f  Y
Mk458e   Ann            WALL           7   f  Y
Mk458f   Hannah         WALL           6   f  Y
Mk458g   Selina         WALL           4   f  Y
Mk458h   Fanny          WALL           1   f  Y
Mk458i   Ann            BLACKWALL      50  f  Y  Ind

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.