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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk617a   Jane           LOWE           75  f  Y  Publican
Mk617b   Timothy        SPENCER        40  m  Y  Publican
Mk617c   Jane           SPENCER        40  f  Y
Mk617d   William        SPENCER        8   m  Y
Mk617e   George         SPENCER        6   m  Y
Mk617f   Jane           SPENCER        4   f  Y
Mk617g   Herbert        SPENCER        1   m  Y
Mk617h   Anthony        WALTON         16  m  Y
Mk617i   John           WALTON         14  m  Y
Mk617j   Elizabeth      WALTON         10  f  Y
Mk617k   Ann            WALTON         35  f  Y  F.S.
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk618a   William        MELVILLE       25  m  N  Clark
Mk618b   Susana         MELVILLE       25  f  Y
Mk618c   Ellen          MELVILLE       3m  f  Y
Mk618d   Sarah          WHEELDON       25  f  Y  F.S.
Mk618e   Hannah         WHEELDON       13  f  Y  F.S.
Mk618f   John           MELLOR         15  m  Y  M.S.
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p14, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk619a   Charles        WRIGHT         50  m  Y  Dealer in Pots
Mk619b   Mary           WRIGHT         50  f  Y
Mk619c   Ann            WRIGHT         30  f  Y
Mk619d   June           WRIGHT         6   f  Y
Mk619e   Mary           SMITH          25  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk620a   Thomas         DRAPER         34  m  N  Shoe m
Mk620b   Elizabeth      DRAPER         35  f  N
Mk620c   Thomas         DRAPER         10  m  N
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk621a   Hannah         BREALSFORD     70  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk622a   Samuel         SHEPPERD       55  m  Y  Lab
Mk622b   Sarah          SHEPPERD       53  f  Y
Mk622c   Mary           SHEPPERD       18  f  Y
Mk622d   Thomas         SHEPPERD       17  m  Y  M.S.
Mk622e   Eliza          SHEPPERD       14  f  Y
Mk622f   William        SHEPPERD       12  m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk623a   Benjamin       HILL           45  m  Y  Blacksmith
Mk623b   Hannah         HILL           40  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk624a   Thomas         REEDS          20  m  Y  Shoe m
Mk624b   Mary           REEDS          30  f  Y
Mk624c   Hannah         DICKINS        4   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk625a   Luke           ROBINSON       45  m  Y  Joiner
Mk625b   Elizabeth      ROBINSON       45  f  Y
Mk625c   Sarah          ROBINSON       15  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk626a   Solomom        FOX            45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk626b   Ann            FOX            45  f  Y
Mk626c   Solomon        FOX            12  m  Y
Mk626d   Samuel         FOX            10  m  Y
Mk626e   Sarah          FOX            8   f  Y
Mk626f   Luke           FOX            5   m  Y
Mk626g   George         FOX            2   m  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p15, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk627a   William        ROBERTS        80  m  Y  Lab
Mk627b   Catharine      ROBERTS        70  f  Y
Mk627c   John           KNOWLES        40  m  Y  Hatter
Mk627d   Catharine      KNOWLES        40  f  Y
Mk627e   Samuel         KNOWLES        19  m  Y  Ap
Mk627f   Ann            KNOWLES        18  f  Y
Mk627g   Catharine      KNOWLES        16  f  Y
Mk627h   Mary           KNOWLES        12  f  Y
Mk627i   Hannah         KNOWLES        9   f  Y
Mk627j   William        KNOWLES        3   m  Y
Mk627k   Eliza          KNOWLES        9m  f  Y
Mk628a   Sophia         ROBINSON       60  f  Y  Ind
Mk628b   Elizabeth      ROBINSON       20  f  Y
Mk628c   Joseph         ROBINSON       24  m  Y  Farmer
Mk628d   George         ROBINSON       22  m  Y  Joiner
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk629a   Mary           WHITE          25  f  Y  Publican
Mk629b   William        WHITE          6   m  Y
Mk629c   Sarah          WHITE          3   f  Y
Mk629d   John           WHITE          7m  m  Y
Mk629e   Thomas         SHEPERD        35  m  Y  Mason
---Matlock town---[Matlock]---(p16, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk630a   Anthony        PEARSON        40  m  Y  Hatter
Mk630b   Dorothy        PEARSON        40  f  Y
Mk630c   Eliza          PEARSON        8   f  Y
Mk630d   Matilda        PEARSON        5   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk631a   James          KNOWLES        55  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk631b   Jane           KNOWLES        45  f  N
Mk631c   Thomas         KNOWLES        15  m  N
Mk631d   Hannah         KNOWLES        12  f  N
Mk631e   William        KNOWLES        8   m  Y
Mk631f   Ann            KNOWLES        5   f  Y
Mk631g   Emma           KNOWLES        2   f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk632a   Robert         GREGORY        60  m  Y  Gardener
Mk632b   John           GREGORY        30  m  Y  Gardener
Mk632c   Robert         GREGORY        20  m  Y  Gardener
Mk632d   Hannah         GREGORY        17  f  Y
Mk632e   Mary           GREGORY        15  f  Y
---Matlock town---[Matlock]----------
Mk633a   Grace          HOLMES         30  f  Y
Mk633b   Isaac          HOLMES         5   m  Y
Mk633c   Peter          HOLMES         3   m  Y
Mk633d   Mary           HOLMES         11m f  Y
Mk634a   Peter          KNOWLES        45  m  Y  Miner
Mk634b   Mary           KNOWLES        44  f  Y
Mk634c   Grace          KNOWLES        15  f  Y
Mk634d   Mary           KNOWLES        15  f  Y
Mk634e   Ellen          KNOWLES        9   f  Y
Mk634f   John           KNOWLES        6   m  Y
---Cliff---[Matlock]---(p17, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk635a   George         BROOKS         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk635b   Ann            BROOKS         23  f  Y
Mk635c   Mary           BROOKS         4   f  Y
Mk635d   Joseph         BROOKS         2   m  Y
Mk636a   William        YOUNG          50  m  Y  Weaver
Mk636b   Elizabeth      YOUNG          50  f  Y
Mk636c   Lydia          YOUNG          19  f  Y
Mk636d   John           YOUNG          17  m  Y
Mk636e   William        YOUNG          14  m  Y
Mk636f   Henry          YOUNG          12  m  Y
Mk637a   John           HOLE           45  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk637b   Ann            HOLE           35  f  Y
Mk637c   Samuel         HOLE           6   m  Y
Mk637d   Sarah          HOLE           4   f  Y
Mk637e   Jane           HOLE           1   f  Y
Mk638a   Thomas         JONSON         55  m  Y  Weaver
Mk639a   Isaac          LONG           35  m  Y  Lab
Mk639b   Catherine      LONG           35  f  Y
Mk639c   Mary           LONG           13  f  Y
Mk639d   Elizabeth      LONG           9   f  Y
Mk639e   Alice          LONG           6   f  Y
Mk639f   Jane           LONG           1m  f  Y
Mk640a   Ashton         GERRAM         85  m  Y  Ind
Mk640b   Hannah         VALLANCE       65  f  Y
---Riber---[Matlock]---(p18, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk641a   John           TAYLOR         65  m  Y  Farmer
Mk641b   Ann            TAYLOR         30  f  Y
Mk641c   George         TAYLOR         25  m  Y  Farmer
Mk641d   Samuel         HOLMES         20  m  Y  M.S.
Mk641e   Ann            HOLMES         15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk642a   Benjamen       TWIGG          36  m  Y  Mason
Mk642b   Ann            TWIGG          35  f  Y
Mk642c   Mary           TWIGG          12  f  Y
Mk642d   Ann            TWIGG          10  f  Y
Mk642e   Esther         TWIGG          8   f  Y
Mk642f   Elizabeth      TWIGG          6   f  Y
Mk642g   William        TWIGG          5   m  Y
Mk642h   Millicent      TWIGG          2   f  Y
Mk642i   Sarah          TWIGG          1m  f  Y
Mk643a   Ann            COTTERILL      68  f  Y  Ind
Mk643b   John           COTTERILL      32  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk643c   Ann            COTTERILL      28  f  Y
Mk643d   Ralph          COTTERILL      3   m  Y
Mk643e   John           COTTERILL      1   m  Y
Mk644a   George         DICKENS        30  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk644b   Elizabeth      DICKENS        30  f  Y
Mk644c   Thomas         DICKENS        15m m  Y
Mk645a   Elizabeth      HUDSTONE?      45  f  Y
Mk646a   Timothy        TAYLOR         35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk646b   Sarah          TAYLOR         25  f  Y
Mk646c   John           TAYLOR         2   m  Y
Mk646d   Mary           TAYLOR         2m  f  Y
Mk646e   Mary           EDWARDS        15  f  Y  F.S.
---Riber---[Matlock]---(p19, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk647a   George         WALL           40  m  Y  Farmer
Mk647b   Mary           WALL           40  f  Y
Mk647c   Stephen        WALL           18  m  Y
Mk647d   Sarah          WALL           15  f  Y
Mk647e   Richard        WALL           13  m  Y
Mk647f   George         WALL           11  m  Y
Mk647g   Mary           WALL           9   f  Y
Mk647h   John           WALL           5   m  Y
Mk648a   John           WEBSTER        66  m  Y  Miner
Mk648b   Sarah          WEBSTER        63  f  Y
Mk648c   John           WEBSTER        30  m  Y  Miner
Mk648d   Thomas         WEBSTER        2   m  Y
Mk648e   Hannah         WEBSTER        24  f  Y
Mk648f   Hannah         WEBSTER        4   f  Y
Mk649a   Joshua         STATHAM        36  m  Y  Joiner
Mk649b   Sarah          STATHAM        35  f  Y
Mk649c   William        STATHAM        15  m  Y  Spinner
Mk649d   Isaac          STATHAM        15  m  Y  Spinner
Mk649e   John           STATHAM        6   m  Y
Mk649f   Lydia          STATHAM        2   f  Y
Mk650a   Henry          WALL           45  m  Y  Farmer
Mk650b   Elizabeth      WALL           45  f  Y
Mk650c   Thomas         WALL           10  m  Y
---Riber---[Matlock]---(p20, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk651a   John           GREGORY        65  m  Y  Joiner
Mk651b   Mary           GREGORY        25  f  Y
Mk651c   Hannah         GREGORY        17  f  Y
Mk652a   Barnett        BURTON         50  m  Y  Miner
Mk652b   Hannah         BURTON         50  f  Y
Mk652c   Thomas         BURTON         18  m  Y  Miner
Mk652d   Ann            BURTON         11  f  Y
Mk652e   William        BURTON         7   m  Y
Mk652f   Mary           BURTON         4   f  Y
Mk653a   Adam           KNOWLES        34  m  Y  Miner
Mk653b   Mary           KNOWLES        33  f  Y
Mk653c   Henry          KNOWLES        7   m  Y
Mk653d   Mary           KNOWLES        2   f  Y
Mk654a   John           DICKIN         40  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk654b   Ann            DICKIN         40  f  Y
Mk654c   Thomas         DICKIN         12  m  Y
Mk654d   Harriat        DICKIN         10  f  Y
Mk654e   William        DICKIN         6   m  Y
Mk654f   Marrina        DICKIN         2   f  Y
Mk655a   Elizabeth      WILDGOOSE      65  f  Y
Mk656a   Thomas         KNOWLES        34  m  Y  Joiner
Mk656b   Ann            KNOWLES        23  f  Y
Mk656c   Martha         KNOWLES        1   f  Y
Mk656d   Thomas         KNOWLES        1w  m  Y
---Riber---[Matlock]---(p21, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk657a   William        PLATTS         60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk657b   Martha         PLATTS         50  f  Y
Mk657c   William        PLATTS         15  m  Y
Mk657d   Mathew         PLATTS         14  m  Y
Mk657e   George         PLATTS         12  m  Y
Mk658a   James          CARLINE        50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk658b   Joseph         CARLINE        15  m  Y
Mk658c   Mary           CARLINE        15  f  Y
Mk658d   Henry          CARLINE        10  m  Y
Mk658e   Hannah         CARLINE        10  f  Y
Mk659a   Frances        HAYNES         65  m  Y  Farmer
Mk659b   Mary           HAYNES         55  f  Y
Mk659c   Thomas         HAYNES         20  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk659d   Anthony        HAYNES         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk659e   Ellen          BARKER         15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk660a   Elizabeth      KNOWLES        40  f  Y  Spinner
Mk660b   George         KNOWLES        12  m  Y
Mk660c   James          KNOWLES        7   m  Y
Mk660d   Ann            KNOWLES        67  f  Y
Mk661a   George         WRIGHT         49  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk661b   Jane           WRIGHT         41  f  Y
Mk661c   John           WRIGHT         15  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk661d   William        WRIGHT         11  m  Y
Mk661e   James          WRIGHT         8   m  Y
Mk661f   Benjaman       WRIGHT         4   m  Y
---High Lees---[Matlock]---(p22, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk662a   John           ALSOP          60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk662b   Mary           WILDGOOSE      55  f  Y  F.S.
Mk662c   Sarah          WILDGOOSE      20  f  Y  F.S.
Mk662d   John           PLATTS         18  m  Y  M.S
Mk662e   James          GANNT          14  m  Y  M.S.
---High Lees---[Matlock]----------
Mk663a   Lawrance       FERN           41  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk663b   Ellen          FERN           41  f  Y
Mk663c   Sarah          FERN           15  f  Y
Mk663d   William        FERN           13  m  Y
Mk663e   Lawrance       FERN           10  m  Y
Mk663f   Hugh           FERN           8   m  Y
Mk663g   George         FERN           4   m  Y
Mk663h   John           FERN           2   m  Y
---Low lees---[Matlock]----------
Mk664a   Mathew         MARSH          35  m  Y  Farmer
Mk664b   Matilda        MARSH          25  f  Y
Mk664c   John           MARSH          2   m  Y
Mk664d   Mary           MARSH          6m  f  Y
Mk664e   Mathew         MARSH          10  m  Y  M.S.
Mk664f   Marria         MARSH          15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk664g   Sophia         SHIPLEY        10  f  Y  F.S.
---Low lees---[Matlock]----------
Mk665a   Sarah          HENSTICK       37  f  Y
Mk665b   Richard        HENSTICK       13  m  Y
Mk665c   Elizabeth      HENSTICK       10  f  Y
Mk665d   Hannah         HENSTICK       7   f  Y
Mk665e   James          HENSTICK       5   m  Y
---Low lees---[Matlock]---(p23, Matlock, district 18, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk666a   Ann            ELSE           75  f  Y
Mk666b   William        ELSE           35  m  Y  Lab
Mk666c   Hannah         ELSE           35  f  Y
Mk666d   Ann            ELSE           15  f  Y
Mk666e   Job            ELSE           15  m  Y
Mk666f   Dorothy        ELSE           13  f  Y
Mk666g   Mary           ELSE           5   f  Y
Mk666h   Emma           ELSE           4   f  Y
Mk666i   John           BROOME         15  m  Y  Lab
---Little moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk667a   George         WIGLEY         70  m  Y  Farmer
Mk667b   Sarah          WIGLEY         70  f  N
Mk667c   John           WIGLEY         40  m  Y
---Little moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk668a   David          BERESFORD      30  m  Y  Lab
Mk668b   Ann            BERESFORD      35  f  Y
Mk668c   David          BERESFORD      3   m  Y
Mk668d   William        BERESFORD      2   m  Y
---Little moor---[Matlock]----------
Mk669a   William        FOX            45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk669b   Ann            FOX            45  f  Y
Mk669c   Ann            FOX            25  f  Y
Mk669d   William        FOX            22  m  Y  Farmer
Mk669e   Mary           FOX            20  f  Y
Mk669f   Joseph         FOX            19  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk669g   Samuel         FOX            18  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk669h   Marria         FOX            14  f  Y
Mk669i   Selina         FOX            11  f  Y
Mk669j   Luesia         FOX            9   f  Y
Mk669k   Timothy        FOX            6   m  Y
Mk669l   Hannah         FOX            1   f  Y

---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p1, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk670a   John           STATHAM        50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk670b   James          STATHAM        25  m  Y  Shoemaker
Mk670c   Ann            STATHAM        20  f  Y
Mk670d   John           STATHAM        20  m  Y  Tailor
Mk670e   Harriett       STATHAM        14  f  Y
Mk671a   George         BUNTING        35  m  Y  Miner
Mk671b   Susannah       BUNTING        35  f  Y
Mk671c   Jesse          BUNTING        12  m  Y
Mk671d   Richard        BUNTING        6   m  Y
Mk671e   Matilda        BUNTING        2   f  Y
Mk672a   George         SHAW           35  m  Y  Hatter
Mk672b   Hannah         SHAW           25  f  Y
Mk672c   John           SHAW           4   m  Y
Mk672d   Mary           SHAW           2   f  Y
Mk672e   Elizabeth      SHAW           1   f  Y
Mk673a   Joseph         FOX            55  m  Y  Farmer
Mk673b   Elizabeth      FOX            55  f  Y
Mk673c   Thomas         FOX            25  m  Y
Mk673d   Elizabeth      FOX            20  f  Y
Mk673e   Mary           FOX            15  f  Y
Mk673f   Frances        FOX            13  f  Y
Mk673g   Kabia          FOX            10  f  Y
Mk674a   William        EYRE           65  m  Y  Hatter
Mk674b   Hannah         EYRE           40  f  Y
Mk675a   Ralph          KINDER         40  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk675b   Elizabeth      KINDER         55  f  Y
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p2, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk676a   Vinor          GREGORY        65  f  Y    [=Lavinia?]
Mk676b   Joshua         STATHAM        30  m  Y  Tailor
Mk676c   Mabel          STATHAM        25  f  Y
Mk676d   George         STATHAM        6m  m  Y
Mk676e   William        GREGORY        7   m  Y
Mk677a   Elizabeth      SHAW           75  f  Y
Mk677b   Sarah          SHAW           65  f  Y
Mk677c   James          MOLD           40  m  Y
Mk677d   Elizabeth      MOLD           45  f  Y
Mk678a   James          SWIFT          40  m  Y  Miner
Mk678b   Hannah         SWIFT          15  f  Y
Mk678c   Ruth           SWIFT          11  f  Y
Mk678d   Edward         SWIFT          8   m  Y
Mk678e   Phillis        SWIFT          6   f  Y
Mk678f   Charles        SWIFT          4   m  Y
Mk679a   James          SLATER         25  m  Y  Hatter
Mk679b   Mary           SLATER         20  f  Y
Mk679c   Elizabeth      SLATER         2   f  Y
Mk679d   Mary           SLATER         1   f  Y
Mk679e   Eliza          BATANAY        20  f  Y
Mk680a   Thomas         WARNER         60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk680b   Mary           WARNER         50  f  Y
Mk680c   Rebecca        HARVEY         80  f  Y  Ind
Mk680d   Joseph         TOPLIS         15  m  Y  Labourer
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p3, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk681a   Thomas         CARLINE        20  m  Y  Cordwainer
Mk681b   Ann            CARLINE        30  f  Y
Mk681c   Elizabeth      WRAGG          8   f  Y
Mk681d   John           WRAGG          5   m  Y
Mk681e   Emma           WRAGG          3   f  Y
Mk682a   Samuel         FOX            30  m  Y  Cordwainer
Mk682b   Mary           FOX            30  f  Y
Mk682c   Frederick      FOX            7   m  Y
Mk682d   Sarah Ellen    FOX            1   f  Y
Mk682e   Samuel         FOX            3m  m  Y
Mk682f   Martha         BARTON         14  f  Y  Servant
Mk682g   John           JOHNSON        35  m  N  Hatter
Mk683a   Samuel         FOX            50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk683b   Mary           FOX            40  f  Y
Mk684a   Solomon        STATHAM        25  m  Y  Butcher
Mk684b   Ann            STATHAM        25  f  Y
Mk684c   Hannah         STATHAM        6   f  Y
Mk684d   William        STATHAM        3   m  Y
Mk684e   Lydia Wright   STATHAM        10m f  Y
Mk685a   Roger          WRIGHT         60  m  Y  Hatter
Mk685b   Hannah         WRIGHT         60  f  Y
Mk685c   Hannah         WRIGHT         35  f  Y
Mk685d   Harriet        WRIGHT         3   f  Y
Mk686a   Ann            BODEN          35  f  Y
Mk686b   Ebenezer       BODEN          15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk686c   Mary Ann       BODEN          8   f  Y
Mk686d   George         BODEN          6   m  Y
------[Matlock]---(p4, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk687a   Adam           KNOWLES        30  m  Y  Stone mason
Mk687b   Hannah         KNOWLES        30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk687c   James          KNOWLES        10  m  Y
Mk687d   Henry          KNOWLES        7   m  Y
Mk687e   Adam           KNOWLES        3   m  Y
Mk688a   George         GREGORY        30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk688b   Mary           GREGORY        20  f  Y
Mk688c   Alice          GREGORY        5   f  Y
Mk689a   John           KIRK           30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk689b   Mary           KIRK           30  f  Y
Mk689c   William        KIRK           8m  m  Y
Mk690a   German         BUXTON         55  m  Y  Lab
Mk690b   Susannah       BUXTON         60  f  Y
Mk690c   Ann            WRAGG          15  f  Y
Mk690d   Charles        SELLARS        6   m  Y
Mk690e   George         SELLARS        4   m  Y
Mk690f   Mary           WRAGG          11  f  Y
Mk690g   Job            SMEDLEY        1   m  Y
Mk691a   Francis        GREGORY        50  m  Y  Lab
Mk691b   Hannah         GREGORY        50  f  Y
Mk692a   Thomas         MATHER         35  m  Y  Wool carder
Mk692b   Catharine      MATHER         35  f  Y  F.S.
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p5, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk693a   Mary           KIDD           45  f  Y
Mk693b   John           KIDD           20  m  Y  Lab
Mk693c   Mary Ann       KIDD           7   f  Y
Mk694a   William        STATHAM        40  m  Y  Hatter
Mk694b   Hannah         STATHAM        40  f  Y
Mk694c   Abanathan      STATHAM        15  m  Y
Mk694d   Esther         STATHAM        15  f  Y
Mk694e   Isaac          STATHAM        14  m  Y
Mk694f   William        STATHAM        13  m  Y
Mk694g   Ellen          DUFFIN         65  f  Y
Mk695a   Samuel         STATHAM        50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk695b   Sarah          STATHAM        50  f  Y
Mk696a   Joshua         CARLINE        60  m  Y  Hatter
Mk696b   Jane           CARLINE        60  f  Y
Mk697a   Joseph         CARLINE        35  m  Y  Butcher
Mk697b   Mary           CARLINE        35  f  Y
Mk697c   John           CARLINE        10  m  Y
Mk697d   Joseph         CARLINE        10  m  Y
Mk697e   Sarah Ann      CARLINE        8   f  Y
Mk697f   Mary           CARLINE        5   f  Y
Mk697g   Elizabeth      CARLINE        2   f  Y
Mk697h   John           AIKIN          1   m  Y
Mk698a   William        FOX            25  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk698b   Mary           FOX            25  f  Y
Mk698c   Samuel         FOX            5   m  Y
Mk698d   Sarah          FOX            3   f  Y
Mk698e   Esther         FOX            1   f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p6, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk699a   Mary           FROGGETT       95  f  Y
Mk699b   Mary           FROGGETT       35  f  Y
Mk699c   Ebenezer       FROGGETT       15  m  Y  Labourer
Mk699d   Elizabeth      FROGGETT       14  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk699e   Sarah          FROGGETT       10  f  Y
Mk699f   William        FROGGETT       8   m  Y
Mk699g   John           FROGGETT       6   m  Y
Mk699h   Thomas         FROGGETT       8m  m  Y
Mk700a   James          WALKER         80  m  Y
Mk700b   Mary           WALKER         74  f  Y
Mk700c   Job            WALKER         35  m  Y  Hat maker
Mk700d   Elizabeth      WALKER         30  f  Y  F.S.
Mk700e   James          WALKER         5   m  Y
Mk700f   Elizabeth      WALKER         7   f  Y
Mk700g   Job            WALKER         2   m  Y
Mk701a   James          FOX            25  m  Y  Wheelwright
Mk701b   Esther         FOX            20  f  Y
Mk701c   Mary           FOX            7m  f  Y
Mk702a   George         BEATON         45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk702b   Ellen          BEATON         40  f  Y
Mk702c   James          BEATON         9   m  Y
Mk702d   Ellen          BEATON         6   f  Y
Mk702e   Mary           BEATON         3   f  Y
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p7, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk703a   John           FOX            55  m  Y  Labourer
Mk703b   James          FOX            20  m  Y  Labourer
Mk703c   Harriett       FOX            15  f  Y
Mk703d   Samuel         FOX            15  m  Y  Cotton carder
Mk703e   John           FOX            12  m  Y
Mk703f   Miles          FOX            10  m  Y
Mk703g   William        FOX            7   m  Y
Mk704a   Horatio        HOLMES         20  m  Y  Hatter
Mk704b   Ann            HOLMES         20  f  Y
Mk704c   Sarah          HOLMES         4m  f  Y
Mk705a   Thomas         CARLINE        40  m  Y  Grocer
Mk705b   Sarah          CARLINE        45  f  N  Straw bonnet m
Mk705c   Sarah          CARLINE        15  f  Y
Mk705d   Ebenezer       CARLINE        15  m  Y  Hatter
Mk705e   Henry          CARLINE        13  m  Y
Mk706a   John           WALKER         45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk706b   Ann            WALKER         50  f  Y
Mk707a   George         DICKENS        55  m  Y  Hatter
Mk707b   Jane           DICKENS        50  f  Y
Mk707c   Jane           DICKENS        15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk707d   William        DICKENS        5   m  Y
Mk708a   John           SEEDHOUSE      25  m  Y  Cotton carder
Mk708b   Hannah         SEEDHOUSE      25  f  Y
Mk708c   Ann            SEEDHOUSE      2   f  Y
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p8, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk709a   William        FOX            60  m  Y  Farmer
Mk709b   Ellen          FOX            50  f  Y
Mk709c   Joseph         FOX            15  m  Y
Mk710a   Isaac          STATHAM        30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk710b   Hannah         STATHAM        25  f  Y
Mk710c   Samuel         STATHAM        7   m  Y
Mk710d   Emma           STATHAM        5   f  Y
Mk710e   Joseph         STATHAM        3   m  Y
Mk710f   Alfred         STATHAM        10m m  Y
Mk711a   William        CARLINE        30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk711b   Ann            CARLINE        30  f  Y
Mk711c   Abanathan      CARLINE        11  m  Y
Mk711d   Maria          CARLINE        10  f  Y
Mk711e   Hannah         CARLINE        7   f  Y
Mk711f   Alfred William CARLINE        2   m  Y
Mk712a   James          GREGORY        30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk712b   Sarah          GREGORY        30  f  Y
Mk712c   James          GROWCOT?       3   m  Y
Mk713a   Samuel         BRADSHAW       45  m  Y  Labourer
Mk713b   John           BRADSHAW       15  m  Y
Mk713c   James          BRADSHAW       12  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk713d   Joseph         BRADSHAW       5   m  Y
Mk713e   Job            BRADSHAW       2   m  Y
Mk713f   Sarah          BRADSHAW       40  f  Y
Mk713g   Julia          BRADSHAW       20  f  Y
Mk713h   Lydia          BRADSHAW       15  f  Y
Mk713i   Mary           BRADSHAW       10  f  Y
Mk713j   Sarah          BRADSHAW       5   f  Y
Mk713k   Elizabeth      BRADSHAW       4   f  Y
Mk713l   Hannah         BRADSHAW       9m  f  Y
------[Matlock]---(p9, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk714a   Isaac          STATHAM        60  m  Y  Cl
Mk714b   Mabel          STATHAM        65  f  Y
Mk715a   Anthony        CARLINE        60  m  Y  Hatter
Mk715b   Hannah         CARLINE        60  f  Y
Mk715c   Eliza          CARLINE        15  f  Y
Mk716a   Richard        BROCKLEHURST   30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk716b   Hannah         BROCKLEHURST   30  f  Y
Mk716c   Sarah          BROCKLEHURST   8   f  Y
Mk716d   Mary Ann       BROCKLEHURST   5   f  Y
Mk716e   Elizabeth      BROCKLEHURST   2   f  Y
Mk717a   Luke           FOX            60  m  Y  Labourer
Mk717b   Esther         FOX            60  f  Y
Mk717c   Jonothan?      WALKER         14  m  Y
Mk718a   Martha         BRADLEY        60  f  Y
Mk719a   Thomas         BUNTING        54  m  Y
Mk719b   Mary           BUNTING        50  f  Y
Mk720a   Simon          SWEETIN        45  m  Y  Hatter
Mk720b   Mary           SWEETIN        40  f  Y
Mk720c   Maria          SWEETIN        20  f  -
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p10, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk721a   Francis        TAYLOR         25  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk721b   Alice          TAYLOR         30  f  Y
Mk722a   John           GREGORY        50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk722b   Sarah          GREGORY        50  f  Y
Mk722c   Joseph         GREGORY        20  m  Y  Tailor
Mk722d   Hannah         GREGORY        20  f  Y
Mk722e   William        GREGORY        15  m  Y
Mk723a   Samuel         STATHAM        25  m  Y  Mason
Mk723b   Sarah          STATHAM        25  f  Y
Mk723c   Joshua         STATHAM        5   m  Y
Mk723d   Elizabeth      STATHAM        4   f  Y
Mk723e   Mary Ann       STATHAM        2   f  Y
Mk723f   Hannah         STATHAM        1m  f  Y
Mk724a   John           STONE          40  m  Y  Mason
Mk724b   Sarah          STONE          30  f  Y
Mk724c   Esther         STONE          4   f  Y
Mk724d   Mary Ann       STONE          2   f  Y
Mk724e   Lydia          STONE          3m  f  Y
Mk725a   Samuel         GREGORY        30  m  Y  Hatter
Mk725b   Theodosia      GREGORY        30  f  N
Mk725c   Ann            GREGORY        7   f  N
Mk725d   Mary           GREGORY        4   f  Y
Mk725e   John           GREGORY        2   m  Y
Mk726a   Joshua         STATHAM        60  m  Y  Hatter
Mk726b   George         STATHAM        35  m  Y  Hatter
Mk726c   Alice          STATHAM        20  f  Y
Mk726d   Ann            STATHAM        7   f  Y
---Starkholmes---[Matlock]---(p11, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk727a   John           YOUNG          50  m  Y  Hatter
Mk727b   John           YOUNG          15  m  Y
Mk727c   Sarah          YOUNG          50  f  Y
Mk727d   Grace          YOUNG          15  f  Y
Mk727e   Sarah          YOUNG          9   f  Y
Mk728a   Luke           FOX            20  m  Y  Hatter
Mk728b   Hannah         FOX            20  f  Y
Mk728c   Hannah         FOX            3   f  Y
Mk728d   Luke           FOX            2   m  Y
Mk728e   John           FOX            6m  m  Y
Mk729a   Mary           WALKER         75  f  Y
Mk729b   Thomas         WALKER         40  m  Y
Mk729c   Elizabeth      WALKER         40  f  Y
Mk729d   Hannah         WALKER         35  f  Y
Mk729e   Sarah          WALKER         30  f  Y
---Willersly Lane---[Matlock]----------
Mk730a   Richard        REDFERN        50  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk730b   Mary           REDFERN        55  f  Y
Mk730c   Mary           REDFERN        20  f  Y
Mk730d   William        REDFERN        15  m  Y
Mk731a   George         WARD           20  m  Y  Labourer
Mk731b   Susannah       WARD           20  f  Y
Mk731c   Hannah         WARD           2   f  Y
---Willersly Lane---[Matlock]---(p12, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk732a   Joseph         SMITH          40  m  Y  Labourer
Mk732b   Sarah          SMITH          40  f  Y
Mk732c   Catharine      SMITH          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk732d   Ann            SMITH          12  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk732e   Emma           SMITH          10  f  Y
Mk732f   Elizabeth      SMITH          6   f  Y
Mk732g   Sarah          SMITH          3   f  Y
Mk733a   Dorothy        CHATHAM        75  f  Y  Ind
Mk733b   Thomas         CHATHAM        45  m  Y  Shoemaker
Mk733c   Mary           CHATHAM        45  f  Y
Mk733d   Mary           CHATHAM        45  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk733e   Elizabeth      BRITLAND       30  f  Y  Ind
Mk734a   James          HOLMES         25  m  Y  Game keeper
Mk734b   Sarah          HOLMES         41  f  Y
Mk735a   Sarah          REDFERN        30  f  Y
Mk735b   Elizabeth      REDFERN        25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk735c   Ann            REDFERN        25  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk735d   Mary           REDFERN        20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk736a   John           HOLMES         40  m  Y  Lab
Mk736b   John           HOLMES         10  m  Y
Mk736c   Daniel         HOLMES         15  m  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk736d   Rowland        HOLMES         6   m  Y
Mk736e   Samuel         HOLMES         4   m  Y
Mk736f   Sarah          HOLMES         40  f  Y
Mk736g   Martha         HOLMES         15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk736h   Elizabeth      HOLMES         8   f  Y
---Bow wood---[Matlock]---(p13, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk737a   Esther         ELLIOTT        80  f  Y
Mk737b   Jane           ELLIOTT        30  f  Y
Mk737c   James          ELLIOTT        30  m  Y
Mk738a   Joseph         COTTRELL       40  m  Y  Lead smelter
Mk738b   Mary           COTTRELL       40  f  Y
Mk738c   Ann            COTTRELL       9   f  Y
Mk738d   John           COTTRELL       5   m  Y
Mk738e   James          COTTRELL       4   m  Y
Mk738f   George         COTTRELL       2   m  Y
Mk739a   Timothy        TAYLOR         50  m  Y  Farmer
Mk739b   Timothy        TAYLOR         25  m  Y
Mk739c   Susannah       TAYLOR         15  f  Y
Mk739d   John           TAYLOR         15  m  Y
Mk739e   Mary           TAYLOR         15  f  Y
Mk739f   Rebecca        TAYLOR         55  f  Y
Mk740a   William        YOUNG          50  m  Y  Lead miner
Mk740b   Susannah       YOUNG          55  f  Y
Mk740c   Mary           YOUNG          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk740d   William        YOUNG          14  m  Y  Wool carder
Mk740e   George         YOUNG          12  m  Y
Mk741a   Ellen          STONE          20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk741b   Mary Ann       STONE          20  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk741c   Dorothy        STONE          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk741d   Mary           STONE          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
Mk741e   Maria          DAISE          15  f  Y  Cotton spinner
------[Matlock]---(p14, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk742a   William        GOODALE        20  m  Y  Lab
Mk742b   Fanny          GOODALE        15  f  Y
Mk743a   George         ELLIOTT        55  m  Y  Smelter
Mk743b   Milicent       ELLIOTT        45  f  Y
Mk743c   Samuel         ELLIOTT        15  m  Y
Mk743d   George         ELLIOTT        14  m  Y
Mk743e   Nehemiah       ELLIOTT        12  m  Y
Mk743f   Robert         ELLIOTT        10  m  Y
Mk743g   Sarah          ELLIOTT        7   f  Y
Mk743h   Esther         ELLIOTT        6   f  Y
Mk743i   Ann            ELLIOTT        4   f  Y
Mk743j   William        ELLIOTT        15  m  Y
---Lea bridge---[Matlock]----------
Mk744a   James          BARBER         30  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk744b   Mary           BARBER         30  f  Y
Mk744c   Hannah         BARBER         2   f  Y
Mk745a   John           WAIN           35  m  Y  Whitesmith
Mk745b   Mary           WAIN           40  f  Y
Mk745c   Joseph         WAIN           4   m  Y
Mk746a   James          MOULD          45  m  Y  Ag lab
Mk746b   Elizabeth      MOULD          45  f  I
---Broad meadow---[Matlock]----------
Mk747a   Thomas         HOLMES         30  m  Y  Farmer
Mk747b   Edith          HOLMES         40  f  Y
Mk747c   William        HOLMES         7   m  Y
Mk747d   Thomas         HOLMES         3   m  Y
Mk747e   John           HOLMES         10m m  Y
---Woodseats---[Matlock]---(p15, Matlock, district 19, HO 107/198/7)---
Mk748a   Luke           FOX            40  m  Y  Farmer
Mk748b   Rebecca        FOX            35  f  Y
Mk748c   William        FOX            12  m  Y
Mk748d   Charles        FOX            10  m  Y
Mk748e   George         FOX            3   m  Y
Mk748f   Rebecca        FOX            7   f  Y
Mk748g   Sarah          FOX            6   f  Y
Mk748h   Mary           FOX            4   f  Y
Mk748i   Josiah         FOX            2   m  Y
---Castle top---[Matlock]----------
Mk749a   William        TAYLOR         45  m  Y  Farmer
Mk749b   Mary           TAYLOR         35  f  Y
Mk749c   John           TAYLOR         15  m  Y
Mk749d   Mary           TAYLOR         7   f  Y
Mk749e   Elizabeth      TAYLOR         5   f  Y
Mk749f   Henry          TAYLOR         2   m  Y
Mk749g   Elizabeth      HOLMES         15  f  Y  F.S.
Mk749h   Dorothy        SMEDLEY        45  f  Y  F.S.

------[Tansley]---(p1, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty001a   John           TWIGG          60  m  Y  Ag. Labr.
Ty001b   Joseph         TWIGG          20  m  Y  Ag  Lab
Ty002a   Mary           ROBERTS        60  f  Y
Ty002b   Joseph         SLACK          20  m  Y  Wood Turner
Ty003a   William        WHITE          30  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty003b   Margaret       WHITE          25  f  Y
Ty003c   Samuel         WHITE          12  m  Y  Cotton
Ty003d   Mary           WHITE          10  f  Y
Ty003e   Elizabeth      WHITE          5   f  Y
Ty003f   Sarah          WHITE          2   f  Y
Ty004a   Thomas         WRAGG          35  m  Y  Wisket Maker
Ty004b   Rachel         WRAGG          30  f  Y
Ty004c   James          WRAGG          76  m  Y  Wisket Maker
Ty005a   William        SLACK          50  m  Y  Farmer
Ty005b   Elizabeth      SLACK          45  f  Y
Ty005c   Matthew        SLACK          14  m  Y  Farmer
Ty005d   Levina         SLACK          12  f  Y
Ty005e   John           SLACK          10  m  Y
Ty005f   George         SLACK          8   m  Y
Ty005g   Isaac          SLACK          5   m  Y
Ty006a   John           BROOKS         66  m  Y  C.Weaver
Ty006b   Hannah         BROOKS         63  f  Y
Ty006c   Samuel         BROOKS         30  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty006d   Richard        BROOKS         15  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty006e   John           BROOKS         5   m  Y
Ty006f   James          BROOKS         9   m  Y  A.Lab
------[Tansley]---(p2, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty007a   William        SPENCER        34  m  Y
Ty008a   John           MELLER         30  m  Y  Farmer
Ty008b   Joseph L       MELLER         60  m  Y  Farmer
Ty008c   Hannah         MELLER         60  f  Y
Ty008d   Elizabeth      MELLER         20  f  Y
Ty008e   William        HOLMES         15  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty009a   Samuel         OGDEN          30  m  Y  Hatter
Ty009b   Hannah         OGDEN          30  f  Y
Ty009c   Elizabeth      OGDEN          10  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty009d   Samuel         OGDEN          1   m  Y
Ty009e   Harriet        KATER          70  f  Y
Ty010a   Charles        WILMOT         35  m  Y  A.Labourer
Ty010b   Ann            WILMOT         30  f  Y
Ty010c   Charles        WILMOT         10  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty010d   Elizabeth      SHUTER         30  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty011a   Joseph         BALL           70  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty011b   Joseph Jr      BALL           20  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty011c   James          BALL           10  m  Y
Ty011d   Sarah          BALL           15  f  Y
Ty012a   Francis        DICKEN         40  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty012b   Dorotha        DICKEN         40  f  Y
Ty012c   Eliza          DICKEN         14  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty012d   Francis Jr     DICKEN         12  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty012e   Elizabeth      DICKEN         1   f  Y
Ty012f   Henry          DICKEN         9   m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty012g   Sarah          DICKEN         6   f  Y
Ty012h   Mary           SPENCER        6   f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p3, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty013a   John           HEROD          35  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty013b   Elizabeth      HEROD          35  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty013c   Susanah        HEROD          13  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty013d   James          HEROD          12  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty013e   Harriett       HEROD          10  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty013f   William        HEROD          8   m  Y
Ty013g   Thomas         HEROD          6   m  Y
Ty013h   Elizabeth      HEROD          3   f  Y
Ty014a   Samuel         TWIGG          30  m  Y  A.Lab.
Ty014b   Ann            TWIGG          30  f  Y
Ty015a   Hannah         WILMOT         40  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty015b   Robert         WILMOT         11  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty016a   John           WILMOT         45  m  Y  Bleacher
Ty016b   Lydia          WILMOT         40  f  Y
Ty016c   William        WILMOT         10  m  Y
Ty016d   Sarah          STONE          80  f  Y
Ty017a   Samuel         TWIGG          50  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty017b   Cathrine       TWIGG          50  f  Y
Ty017c   John           TWIGG          15  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty017d   Sarah          TWIGG          15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty017e   Jane           TWIGG          10  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty017f   Martha         SPENCER        2   f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p4, Tansley, District 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty018a   Joseph         OGDEN          70  m  Y  Farmer
Ty018b   Ann            OGDEN          60  f  Y
Ty018c   John           SELLORS        60  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty018d   Henry          SELLORS        25  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty018e   John           CARDIN         25  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty018f   George         CARDIN         25  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty018g   George         BUNTING        20  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty018h   Ellen          BUNTING        20  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty018i   Ann            SHARLEY        15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty018j   Ellen          HILLMAN        8   f  Y
Ty019a   Anthony        WRAGG          30  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty019b   Mary           WRAGG          30  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty019c   Sarah          WRAGG          12  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty019d   Joseph         WRAGG          8   m  Y
Ty019e   Phoebe         WRAGG          6   f  Y
Ty019f   Anthony        WRAGG          4   m  Y
Ty019g   Mary           WRAGG          1   f  Y
Ty020a   Charles        SELLORS        25  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty020b   Sarah          SELLORS        35  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty020c   Ann            BALE           11  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty021a   John           COCKANE        40  m  Y  Cord wainer
Ty021b   Mary           COCKANE        38  f  Y
Ty021c   Grace          COCKANE        15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty021d   Thomas         COCKANE        15  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty021e   Ann            COCKANE        9m  f  Y
Ty021f   William        COCKANE        12  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty021g   John           COCKANE        10  m  Y
Ty021h   Hannah         COCKANE        8   f  Y
Ty021i   Rebecca        COCKANE        6   f  Y
Ty021j   Mary           COCKANE        3   f  Y
Ty021k   Fany           BARTON         15  f  Y
------[Tansley]---(p5, Tansley, district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty022a   William        ELLIS          25  m  Y  Joiner
Ty022b   Elizabeth      ELLIS          20  f  Y
Ty022c   Thomas         ELLIS          4   m  Y
Ty022d   William        ELLIS          2   m  Y
Ty023a   Thomas         STRANGE        45  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty023b   Sarah          STRANGE        45  f  Y
Ty023c   Thomas         STRANGE        20  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty023d   Samuel         STRANGE        11  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty023e   James          STRANGE        2   m  Y
Ty023f   Sarah          STRANGE        7   f  Y
Ty023g   Ann            STRANGE        5   f  Y
Ty023h   Elizabeth      LEE            30  f  Y
Ty023i   Elizabeth      LEE            1   f  Y
Ty024a   George         BUNTING        45  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty024b   Mary           BUNTING        45  f  Y
Ty024c   John           BUNTING        18  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty024d   Elizabeth      BUNTING        15  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty024e   Lydia          BUNTING        13  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty024f   Joseph         BUNTING        11  m  Y
Ty024g   William        BUNTING        8   m  Y
Ty024h   James          BUNTING        2   m  Y
------[Tansley]---(p6, Tansley district 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty025a   Samuel         SMITH          20  m  Y  Dyer
Ty025b   Mary           SMITH          20  f  Y
Ty025c   George         SMITH          1   m  Y
Ty026a   John           STONE          35  m  Y  Stone Mason
Ty026b   Mary           STONE          35  f  Y
Ty026c   James          STONE          12  m  Y
Ty026d   Sarah          STONE          10  f  Y
Ty026e   Thomas         STONE          7   m  Y
Ty026f   Hannah         STONE          6   f  Y
Ty026g   Mary           STONE          3   f  Y
Ty026h   Job            STONE          8m  m  Y
Ty027a   Hannah         FOX            70  f  Y
Ty027b   Lucy           FOX            45  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027c   James          FOX            42  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027d   Job            FOX            35  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027e   Jane           FOX            30  f  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027f   Luke           FOX            25  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027g   James          WILKINSON      12  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027h   William        PEAT           40  m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty027i   Samuel         PEAT           7   m  Y  Cotton W.
Ty028a   Thomas         BODEN          65  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty028b   Elizabeth      BODEN          65  f  Y
Ty028c   William        MARSH          20  m  Y  A.Lab
Ty028d   William        TAYLOR         4   m  Y
------[Tansley]---(p7, Tansley, District 1, HO 107/197/14)---
Ty029a   Samuel         TARNERTH       25  m  N  Cotton W.
Ty029b   Ann            TARNERTH       25  f  Y
Ty029c   Henry          TARNERTH       2   m  Y
Ty029d   Cathrine       TARNERTH       3m  f  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.