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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W087a     John           BUXTON         43  m  N  Chair bottomer
W087b     Samuel         BUXTON         15  m  Y  Labourer
W087c     Henry          BUXTON         4   m  Y
W087d     Mary           BUXTON         14  f  Y
W087e     Sarah          BUXTON         7   f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W088a     John           BAMFORD        67  m  Y  Blacksmith
W088b     Elizabeth      BAMFORD        40  f  Y
W088c     Anne           BAMFORD        13  f  Y
W088d     Mary           BAMFORD        3   f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W089a     Ann            ARMSTRONG      65  f  Y  Farmer
W089b     Elizabeth      ARMSTRONG      25  f  Y
W089c     Fredrick       SIMS           9   m  Y  Grandchild
W089d     George         HODGKINSON     30  m  N  Solicitor
W089e     Ann            DUDSON         40  f  Y  F.S.
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W090a     James          KNIVETON       20  m  Y  Warehouseman
W090b     Ellen          KNIVETON       20  f  N
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]---(p18, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W091a     William        DEAVILLE       65  m  Y  Pig Jobber
W091b     Ann            DEAVILLE       65  f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W092a     Isiah          ABBOTT         25  m  Y  Horse dealer
W092b     Mary           ABBOTT         20  f  Y
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W093a     Ann            DAKIN          50  f  N  School
W093b     Sarah          DAKIN          25  f  N
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W094a     Mary           JAMES          70  f  Y  Ind
W094b     William        MELVILLE       4   m  Y  Grandchild
W094c     Mary           MELVILLE       2   f  Y  Grandchild
W094d     Ellen          STAFFORD       20  f  Y  F.S.
W094e     Sarah          SMEDLEY        14  f  Y  S.Girl
W094f     William        GRATTON        40  m  Y  Miner
---St Johns St---[Wirksworth]------------
W095a     Thomas         HIRST          30  m  N  Clerk
W095b     Elizabeth      HIRST          25  f  Y
W095c     Jermyne        HIRST          2   m  N
W095d     Thomas         HIRST          1   m  N
W095e     Hannah         FOULK          20  f  Y  F.S.
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W096a     Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      45  f  Y  Straw Bonnet M
W096b     Elizabeth      REPTON         30  f  Y
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W097a     Benjamin       MASKERY        40  m  Y  Mason
W097b     Elizabeth      MASKERY        40  f  Y
W097c     Martha         MASKERY        10  f  Y
W097d     Mary           MASKERY        5   f  Y
W097e     William        MASKERY        2   m  Y
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]---(p19, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W098a     Hannah         MARSHALL       45  f  Y  Laceworker
W098b     Elizabeth      MARSHALL       20  f  Y
W098c     Frances        MARSHALL       19  f  Y
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W099a     Joseph         BUTLER         30  m  Y  Wheelwright
W099b     Elizabeth      BUTLER         30  f  Y
W099c     Samuel         GODBEHERE      75  m  Y  Woolcomber
W099d     Sarah          GRIFFIN        12  f  Y
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W100a     Mary           STEAR          70  f  Y  Widow
W100b     Robert         STEAR          45  m  Y  Nailor
W100c     James          STEAR          35  m  Y  Labourer
W100d     James          HIDES          12  m  Y  Grandchild
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W101a     Samuel         WRAGG          39  m  Y  Miner
W101b     Sarah          WRAGG          39  f  Y
W101c     Ann            WRAGG          18  f  Y  Tape Lapper
W101d     James          WRAGG          15  m  Y
W101e     Robert         WRAGG          11  m  Y
W101f     Nathaniel      WRAGG          8   m  Y
W101g     William        WRAGG          4   m  Y
W101h     Samuel         WRAGG          5m  m  Y
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W102a     John           HALL           45  m  Y  Dealer in Earthenware
W102b     Sarah          HALL           40  f  Y
W102c     John           HALL           15  m  Y
W102d     Edward         HALL           12  m  Y
W102e     Jabez          HALL           6   m  Y
W102f     Elizabeth      HALL           9m  f  Y
---Warm brook---[Wirksworth]---(p20, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W103a     Benjamin       DAKIN          50  m  Y  Chimney Sweep
W103b     Hannah         DAKIN          50  f  Y
W103c     Joseph         HANSON         20  m  N  Sweep
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W104a     Mary           LUDLAM         60  f  Y  Widow
W104b     Lydia          LUDLAM         30  f  Y
W104c     Edward         LUDLAM         25  m  Y  Silk weaver
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W105a     John           CLARK          35  m  Y  Silk weaver
W105b     Mary           CLARK          25  f  Y
W105c     Emma           CLARK          3   f  Y
W105d     William        CLARK          10m m  Y
---Warm brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W106a     Samuel         SIMPSON        40  m  Y  Weaver
W106b     Ann            SIMPSON        40  f  Y
W106c     Anthony        SIMPSON        14  m  Y
W106d     Sarah          SIMPSON        8   f  Y
---Warm brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W107a     Thomas         ROPER          60  m  Y  Job labourer
W107b     Ruth           ROPER          50  f  Y
---Warm Brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W108a     Nathaniel      WATERFIELD     30  m  Y  Lime Burner
W108b     Ann            WATERFIELD     35  f  Y
W108c     Mary           WATERFIELD     12  f  Y
W108d     Thomas         WATERFIELD     6   m  Y
---Warm brook---[Wirksworth]------------
W109a     Joseph         PAKEMAN        30  m  Y  Ag Lab
W109b     Sarah          PAKEMAN        30  f  Y
W109c     James          PAKEMAN        6   m  Y
W109d     Ellen          PAKEMAN        5   f  Y
W109e     Francis        PAKEMAN        8m  m  Y
---Warmbrook---[Wirksworth]---(p21, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W110a     Mary           ORRAGE         71  f  Y  Rag gatherer
W110b     Alfred         ORRAGE         25  m  Y  Lamp lighter
W110c     Hannah         CLAY           54  f  Y
W111a     Henry          BOWER          32  m  Y  Brazier
W111b     Ann            BOWER          30  f  Y
W111c     Ellen          BOWER          9   f  Y
W111d     Robert         BOWER          8   m  Y
W111e     Ann            BOWER          6   f  Y
W111f     Priscilla      BOWER          4   f  Y
W111g     John           BOWER          2   m  Y
W111h     Henry          BOWER          5w  m  Y
W112a     Thomas         HOLEHOUSE      64  m  Y
W113a     George         HOLEHOUSE      35  m  Y
W113b     Elizabeth      HOLEHOUSE      25  f  Y
W113c     William        HOLEHOUSE      6   m  Y
W113d     George         HOLEHOUSE      2   m  Y
W113e     Fanny          WESTON         12  f  Y
W114a     Dennis         ALSOP          20  m  Y  Horse dealer
W114b     Matilda        ALSOP          20  f  Y
W115a     John           MARSON         50  m  Y  Nailor
W115b     Alice          MARSON         50  f  Y
W115c     Elizabeth      MARSON         15  f  Y
W115d     James          MARSON         15  m  Y
W115e     John           MARSON         ?   m  Y
W116a     William        WINSON         40  m  Y  Shoe Smith
W116b     Jemima         GAMBLE         40  f  Y  Lodger
W116c     William        GAMBLE         19  m  Y
W116d     George         GAMBLE         15  m  Y
W116e     Fanny          GAMBLE         14  f  Y
W116f     Mary           GAMBLE         7   f  Y
W116g     Harriott       GAMBLE         2   f  Y
W116h     John           GAMBLE         1   m  Y
---Warmbrook---[Wirksworth]---(p22, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W117a     Samuel         BOWDEN         25  m  Y  Joiner
W117b     Ann            BOWDEN         20  f  Y
---Town Head---[Wirksworth]------------
W118a     John           SAXTON         40  m  Y  Shoe m
W118b     Alice          SAXTON         40  f  Y
---Town Head---[Wirksworth]------------
W119a     John           HEATHCOTE      60  m  Y  Miner
W119b     Elizabeth      HEATHCOTE      60  f  Y
W119c     Francis        HEATHCOTE      20  m  Y
W119d     Mary           HEATHCOTE      18  f  Y
W119e     Thomas         HEATHCOTE      10  m  Y  Grandchild
W119f     Elizabeth      HEATHCOTE      8   f  Y  Grandchild
W119g     John           HEATHCOTE      5   m  Y  Grandchild
---Lees Cottage---[Wirksworth]------------
W120a     Edmund         HODGKINSON     60  m  Y  Ind
W120b     Ann            HODGKINSON     50  f  Y
W120c     Fanny          BEESON         20  f  Y  F.S.
---Lees Cottage---[Wirksworth]------------
W121a     James          WALL           50  m  Y  Bank Clerk
W121b     Sarah          WALL           35  f  Y
W121c     Sarah          WALL           80  f  Y  Widow
W121d     Elizabeth      STAFFORD       25  f  Y  F.S.
W121e     Elizabeth      MELLOR         15  f  N  Visitor
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p23, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W122a     Joseph         WARDMAN        40  m  Y  Miner
W122b     Ann            WARDMAN        40  f  Y
W122c     William        WARDMAN        18  m  Y  Miner
W122d     Sarah          WARDMAN        14  f  Y
W122e     Ann            WARDMAN        7   f  Y
W122f     Joseph         WARDMAN        4   m  Y
W123a     Ellen          SLACK          60  f  Y  Ind
W123b     George         SLACK          25  m  Y  Butcher
W123c     Sarah          SLACK          15  f  Y
W123d     Ann            THOMPSON       1   f  Y  Grandchild
W124a     John           LAND           40  m  Y  Blacksmith
W124b     Sarah          LAND           40  f  Y
W124c     Dorothy        LAND           15  f  Y
W124d     Sarah          LAND           15  f  Y
W124e     Ann            LAND           12  f  Y
W124f     Mary           LAND           10  f  Y
W124g     James          LAND           7   m  Y
W125a     George         ROPER          45  m  Y  Labourer
W125b     Hannah         ROPER          45  f  Y
W125c     Samuel         ROPER          15  m  Y
W126a     John           LUDLAM         50  m  Y  Weaver
W126b     Elizabeth      LUDLAM         50  f  Y
W127a     James          SIMS           50  m  Y  Tailor
W128a     Anthony        SPENCER        45  m  Y  Miner
W128b     Grace          SPENCER        40  f  Y
W128c     Elizabeth      SPENCER        15  f  Y
W128d     Thomas         SPENCER        12  m  Y
W128e     Ellen          SPENCER        9   f  Y
W128f     William        SPENCER        7   m  Y
W128g     Robert         SPENCER        4   m  Y
W128h     James          POTTER         75  m  Y  Ind
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p24, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W129a     Daniel         HARRISON       55  m  Y  Labourer
W129b     Hannah         HARRISON       45  f  Y
W129c     Charles        HARRISON       20  m  Y
W129d     Frances        HARRISON       20  f  Y
W129e     Sarah          HARRISON       15  f  Y
W130a     Ann            BAMFORD        46  f  Y  Dress Maker
W130b     Sarah          BAMFORD        15  f  Y
W130c     Eliza          BAMFORD        8   f  Y
W130d     George         BAMFORD        17  m  Y
W131a     William        WILSON         35  m  Y  Weaver
W131b     Mary           WILSON         34  f  Y
W131c     Mary           WILSON         11  f  Y
W131d     William        WILSON         9   m  Y
W131e     Samuel         WILSON         6   m  Y
W131f     Hannah         WILSON         2   f  Y
W131g     Alice          WILSON         62  f  Y  Widow
W132a     Ann            DOXEY          45  f  Y  Hucster
W132b     William        DOXEY          11  m  Y
W132c     Thomas         DOXEY          9   m  Y
---Westend---[Wirksworth]---(p25, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W133a     Edward         MOSS           60  m  Y  Horse Trainer
W133b     Mary           MOSS           20  f  Y
W133c     Joseph         MOSS           25  m  Y
W134a     Mary           SMITH          50  f  Y  Ind
W134b     Frances        MOSS           20  f  Y  F.S.
W135a     Ann            STEVENSON      30  f  Y  Lace worker
W135b     Mary           STEVENSON      4   f  Y
W135c     John           STEVENSON      2   m  Y
W136a     Isaac          BIDDULPH       40  m  N  Miller
W136b     Mary           BIDDULPH       45  f  Y
W136c     Anthony        BIDDULPH       12  m  Y
W136d     Mary           BIDDULPH       11  f  Y
W136e     Ann            BIDDULPH       8   f  Y
W136f     Hannah         BIDDULPH       75  f  Y  Widow
W137a     Joseph         LANCASHIRE     45  m  Y  Lace agent
W137b     Julia          LANCASHIRE     40  f  Y
W137c     Elijah         LANCASHIRE     5   m  Y
W138a     Benjamin       STREET         30  m  Y  Publican
W138b     Sarah          STREET         35  f  Y
W138c     Ann            GREATOREX      12  f  Y  F.S.
W138d     John           FEARN          40  m  Y  Labourer
---Pig Market---[Wirksworth]------------
W139a     Sarah          SHAW           60  f  Y  Toy Seller
W139b     Mary           SHAW           40  f  Y
W139c     Hugh           SHAW           35  m  Y  Joiner
---Pig Market---[Wirksworth]---(p26, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W140a     William        LOWE           40  m  Y  Publican
W140b     Ann            LOWE           45  f  Y
W140c     Matthew        FORD           20  m  Y  Plumber
W140d     Dorothy        FORD           20  f  Y
W140e     William        FORD           1   m  Y
W140f     Thomas         JOLLY          20  m  Y  Coal Miner
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W141a     Isaac          SMEDLEY        30  m  Y  Publican
W141b     Mary           SMEDLEY        20  f  Y
W141c     Isaac          SMEDLEY        1   m  Y
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W142a     George         WAYNE          35  m  Y  Butcher
W142b     Hannah         WAYNE          30  f  Y
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W143a     Mary           MOOR           35  f  Y  Publican
W143b     Walter         MOOR           8   m  Y
W143c     Frances        WHITWORTH      20  f  Y  F.S.
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W144a     Samuel         EVANS          30  m  Y  Draper
W144b     Mary           EVANS          30  f  N
W144c     Samuel         EVANS          9   m  Y
W144d     William        EVANS          7   m  Y
W144e     Mary           EVANS          5   f  Y
W144f     Elizabeth      EVANS          3   f  Y
W144g     Emma           EVANS          1   f  Y
W144h     Elizabeth      BRIDDON        25  f  Y  F.S.
W144i     Mary           POYSER         15  f  N  F.S.
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W145a     Thomas         SCOTT          30  m  Y  Draper & Grocer
W145b     Richard        SMITH          15  m  -  Apprentice
W145c     William        UNDERWOOD      25  m  N  Dissenting Minister
W145d     Elizabeth      UNDERWOOD      25  f  Y
W145e     Jemima         REDFERN        20  f  Y  F.S.
W145f     Eliz           TYERS          25  f  Y  Visitor
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]---(p27, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W146a     Henry          MARSDEN        45  m  Y  Brazier
W146b     Ann            MARSDEN        40  f  Y
W146c     William        MARSDEN        15  m  Y
W146d     Daniel         MARSDEN        10  m  Y
W146e     Henry          MARSDEN        3   m  Y
W146f     Eliza          MARSDEN        1   f  Y
W146g     Ann            WHITWORTH      15  f  Y  F.S.
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W147a     Hannah         SPENCER        50  f  Y  Grocer
W147b     Edith          SPENCER        40  f  Y
W147c     Elizabeth      SPENCER        35  f  Y
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W148a     William        CLOUGH         45  m  Y  Butcher
W148b     Sarah          CLOUGH         40  f  Y
W148c     Hannah         CLOUGH         14  f  Y
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W149a     Elizabeth      HULBERT        60  f  N  Ind
W149b     Harriette      HULBERT        25  f  N
W149c     Daniel         HULBERT        25  m  N  Clerk
W149d     Catherine      HULBERT        20  f  N
W149e     Mary           ALSOP          15  f  Y  F.S.
W149f     Margret        BANKS          15  f  Y  F.S.
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W150a     Joseph         BIRDS          35  m  N  Draper
W150b     Maria          BIRDS          24  f  Y
W150c     Catherine      BIRDS          1   f  Y
W150d     Matilda        BIRDS          2m  f  Y
W150e     Mary           GOULD          15  f  Y  Ind
W150f     Henry          GLAVE          21  m  N  Journeyman
W150g     Francis        CLARK          15  m  Y  App
W150h     Mary           ASHOVER        17  f  Y  F.S.
W150i     Mary           WOOTTON        17  f  Y  F.S.
---Market place---[Wirksworth]---(p28, Wirksworth, district 1, HO 107/198/11)---
W151a     James          WHITTAKER      40  m  Y  Bookseller
W151b     Hannah         WHITTAKER      45  f  Y
W151c     James          WHITTAKER      9   m  Y
W151d     Millicent      WHITTAKER      14  f  Y
W151e     Sarah          WHITTAKER      12  f  Y
W151f     William        WHITTAKER      4   m  Y

---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p1, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W152a     George         WILSON         45  m  Y  Grocer
W152b     Mary           WILSON         40  f  Y
W152c     Daniel         WILSON         20  m  Y  Surgeon
W152d     Mary           WILSON         15  f  Y
W152e     Ellen          WILSON         15  f  Y
W152f     Elizabeth      WILSON         14  f  Y
W152g     Jane           WILSON         10  f  Y
W152h     Margret        WILSON         1   f  Y
W152i     Samuel         WILSON         12  m  Y
W152j     William        WILSON         8   m  Y
W152k     George         WILSON         15  m  Y  Grocer app
W152l     William        POYSER         15  m  Y  App
W152m     Samuel         WAIN           30  m  Y  M.S.
W152n     Hannah         WATSON         15  f  Y  F.S.
W152o     Ann            SLATER         15  f  Y  F.S.
W153a     James          WALL           15  m  Y  Shoem app
W153b     John           WALL           13  m  Y
W153c     Elizabeth      WALL           9   f  Y
W153d     Charles        MASKERY        10  m  Y
W154a     Mary           WOODROFFE      40  f  Y
W154b     Mary           WOODROFFE      10  f  Y
W154c     Susannah       WOODROFFE      4   f  Y
W154d     Ann            WOODROFFE      20  f  Y
W155a     Joseph         HUNT           65  m  Y  Schoolmaster
W156a     Thomas         LOMAS          75  m  Y  Ind
W156b     Mary           BONSALL        30  f  Y  F.S.
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p2, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W157a     Samuel         WOOD           75  m  Y  Hat m
W157b     Sarah          WOOD           70  f  Y
W157c     Samuel         WOOD           45  m  Y  Hat m
W157d     John           WOOD           25  m  Y
W157e     John           SILCOCK        13  m  N
W158a     Henry          ALLSOP         40  m  Y  Innkeeper
W158b     Mary           ALLSOP         35  f  Y
W158c     Henry          ALLSOP         15  m  Y
W158d     Jane           ALLSOP         2   f  Y
W158e     Thomas         ALLSOP         1   m  Y
W159a     John           CLOUGH         75  m  Y  Ind
W159b     Ann            CLOUGH         30  f  Y
W160a     John           POYSER         40  m  Y  Miner
W160b     Joseph         POYSER         20  m  Y  Silk weaver
W160c     John           POYSER         15  m  Y  Lead miner
W160d     Thomas         POYSER         14  m  Y  Tape weaver
W161a     Margret        ALSOP          60  f  Y
W161b     Elizabeth      VALENCE        5   f  Y
W161c     Ruben          FLIN           45  m  N  Wire worker
W161d     Charlotte      FLIN           8   f  Y
W161e     N.K.           FLIN           65  m  S
W161f     N.K.           FLIN           35  m  S
W161g     N.K.           FLIN           30  f  S
W161h     Thomas         HUGHES         13  m  I
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]---(p3, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W162a     Joseph         FROST          55  m  Y  Stocking m
W162b     Fanny          FROST          55  f  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W163a     Silvanus       GRIFFIN        75  m  Y  Shoe m
W163b     Joseph         GRIFFIN        30  m  Y  Shoe m
W163c     Ann            GRIFFIN        35  f  Y
W163d     William        GRIFFIN        1   m  Y
W163e     John           KEY            9   m  Y
W163f     Joseph         KEY            6   m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W164a     Edward         GODBEHERE      20  m  Y  Chair m
W164b     Ann            GODBEHERE      20  f  Y
W164c     Simeon         GODBEHERE      4   m  Y
W164d     Edward         GODBEHERE      1   m  Y
W164e     Samuel         GODBEHERE      45  m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W165a     Elizabeth      THOMPSON       45  f  Y
W165b     Job            THOMPSON       20  m  Y
W165c     George         THOMPSON       15  m  Y
W165d     Jane           THOMPSON       14  f  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W166a     Samuel         GODBEHERE      25  m  Y  Labourer
W166b     Mary           GODBEHERE      20  f  Y
W166c     Hannah         GODBEHERE      4   f  Y
W166d     Daniel         GODBEHERE      15  m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W167a     Thomas         POTTER         30  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W167b     Elinor         POTTER         30  f  Y
W167c     Mary           POTTER         13  f  Y
W167d     James          POTTER         10  m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]---(p4, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W168a     Thomas         POTTER         65  m  Y  Gingham weaver
W168b     Sarah          POTTER         65  f  Y
W168c     Sarah          WOODROFFE      20  f  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W169a     William        FOULK          65  m  Y  Thatcher
W169b     Ellen          FOULK          55  f  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W170a     William        DAWSON         25  m  Y
W170b     Hannah         DAWSON         15  f  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W171a     Daniel         WILSON         61  m  Y  P
W171b     Daniel         WILSON         14  m  Y
W171c     Joseph         WILSON         12  m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W172a     Joseph         SLACK          35  m  Y  Lead miner
W172b     Ruth           SLACK          35  f  Y
W172c     Joseph         SLACK          15  m  Y
W172d     Hannah         SLACK          10  f  Y
W172e     John           SLACK          6   m  Y
W172f     Ruth           SLACK          3   f  Y
W172g     Job            SLACK          1   m  Y
W172h     John           SLACK          20  m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W173a     Samuel         ALLSOP         40  m  Y  Ag Lab
W173b     Grace          ALLSOP         35  f  Y
W173c     John           ALLSOP         15  m  Y
W173d     Charles        ALLSOP         13  m  Y
W173e     Alfred         ALLSOP         1   m  Y
---Bowling Gr Ln---[Wirksworth]------------
W174a     Edward         MOULD          40  m  Y  Lead miner
W174b     Mary           MOULD          40  f  Y
W174c     Samuel         MOULD          15  m  Y
W174d     Edward         MOULD          15  m  Y
W174e     James          MOULD          15  m  Y
W174f     Francis        MOULD          8   m  Y
W174g     Charles        MOULD          4   m  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p5, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W175a     German         BUXTON         50  m  Y  Dealer in glass
W175b     Mary           BUXTON         45  f  Y
W175c     Elizabeth      SANDERS        70  f  Y
W176a     Samuel         HAWLEY         25  m  Y  White Smith
W176b     Mary           HAWLEY         20  f  Y
W176c     Ellen          HAWLEY         3   f  Y
W177a     Thomas         ROPER          75  m  Y  Rag man
W177b     Thomas         ROPER          50  m  Y  Rag man
W178a     William        STORER         75  m  Y  Joiner
W178b     Alice          STORER         55  f  Y
W179a     John           WIGLEY         50  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W179b     Hannah         WIGLEY         50  f  Y
W179c     Samuel         WIGLEY         25  m  Y  Labourer
W179d     John           WIGLEY         15  m  Y  Stone mason
W179e     Mary           WIGLEY         25  f  Y
W179f     Ann            WIGLEY         2   f  Y
W180a     Thomas         HOUGHTON       65  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W180b     Ruth           HOUGHTON       60  f  Y
W180c     James          WIGLEY         60  m  Y  Lead miner
W180d     William        GRATTON        35  m  Y  Lead miner
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p6, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W181a     Jeremiah       KNIVETON       40  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W181b     Jane           KNIVETON       40  f  Y
W181c     Sarah          KNIVETON       14  f  Y
W181d     George         KNIVETON       11  m  Y
W181e     William        KNIVETON       2   m  Y
W182a     Isaac          GRATTON        40  m  Y  Lead miner
W182b     Alice          GRATTON        40  f  Y
W182c     James          GRATTON        15  m  Y
W182d     Millicent      GRATTON        10  f  Y
W182e     Alice          GRATTON        7   f  Y
W182f     Elizabeth      GRATTON        5   f  Y
W182g     Hannah         GRATTON        1   f  Y
W183a     Job            BUNTING        45  m  Y  Lead miner
W183b     Mary           BUNTING        50  f  Y
W183c     Hannah         BUNTING        20  f  Y
W183d     Job            BUNTING        15  m  Y
W183e     Mary           GRATTON        4   f  Y
W184a     Thomas         ABBOTT         65  m  Y  P
W185a     John           HAWLEY         65  m  Y  Victualler
W185b     Allice         HAWLEY         65  f  Y
W185c     Ann            HAWLEY         30  f  Y
W185d     Sarah          HAWLEY         11  f  Y
W186a     Samuel         BRIDDON        50  m  Y
W186b     George         BRIDDON        20  m  Y
W186c     William        BRIDDON        15  m  Y
W186d     John           BRIDDON        10  m  N
W186e     Mary           BRIDDON        10  f  N
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p7, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W187a     George         SEEDS          25  m  Y  Labourer
W187b     Ann            SEEDS          25  f  Y
W187c     Elizabeth      SEEDS          6   f  N
W187d     William        SEEDS          5   m  Y
W187e     James          SEEDS          1   m  Y
W188a     William        KNIVETON       70  m  Y  Labourer
W188b     Mary           KNIVETON       70  f  Y
W188c     Joseph         KNIVETON       40  m  N  Silk weaver
W188d     Martha         KNIVETON       40  f  Y
W189a     William        SHELDON        60  m  Y  Dealer in rags
W190a     Robert         STEAR          35  m  Y  Silk weaver
W190b     Mary           STEAR          45  f  Y
W190c     Sarah          STEAR          15  f  Y
W190d     Ann            STEAR          13  f  Y
W190e     Elizabeth      STEAR          9   f  Y
W191a     Peter          HOUGHTON       35  m  Y  Silk weaver
W191b     Mary           HOUGHTON       30  f  Y
W191c     William        HOUGHTON       12  m  Y
W191d     Hannah         HOUGHTON       9   f  Y
W191e     Robert         HOUGHTON       5   m  Y
W191f     Peter          HOUGHTON       3   m  Y
W191g     Mary           HOUGHTON       3d  f  Y
W191h     Johnathan      WIGLEY         70  m  Y  Ind
W191i     Ester          STEAR          25  f  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p8, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W192a     William        PARSONS        50  m  N  Silk weaver
W192b     Elizabeth      PARSONS        45  f  Y
W192c     Jemima         PARSONS        20  f  Y
W192d     Martha         PARSONS        15  f  Y
W192e     Elizabeth      PEACH          10  f  N
W193a     Job            BUNTING        45  m  Y  Silk weaver
W193b     Sarah          BUNTING        45  f  Y
W193c     William        BUNTING        8   m  Y
W193d     John           CROOKES        40  m  N  Sawer
W194a     Abanathan      HAWLEY         35  m  Y  Lead mier
W194b     Elizabeth      HAWLEY         35  f  Y
W194c     John           HAWLEY         10  m  Y
W194d     Elizabeth      HAWLEY         6   f  Y
W194e     Francis        HAWLEY         5   m  Y
W194f     Allice         HAWLEY         4   f  Y
W194g     Abernathan     HAWLEY         2   m  Y
W194h     George         HAWLEY         4m  m  Y
W195a     John           DAWSON         40  m  Y  Stone mason
W195b     Mary           DAWSON         30  f  Y
W195c     Mary           DAWSON         10  f  Y
W195d     John           DAWSON         5   m  Y
W195e     William        DAWSON         1   m  Y
W196a     Maria          BRIDDON        65  f  N
W197a     John           PEARSON        40  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W197b     Elizabeth      PEARSON        40  f  Y
W197c     Samuel         PEARSON        15  m  Y
W197d     Thomas         PEARSON        11  m  Y
W197e     Ann            PEARSON        10  f  Y
W197f     Mary           PEARSON        6   f  Y
W197g     Hannah         PEARSON        1   f  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p9, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W198a     Hannah         RIDGARDS       65  f  Y
W198b     Elizabeth      RIDGARDS       35  f  Y
W199a     John           ROWLAND        50  m  Y  Butcher
W199b     James          ROWLAND        15  m  Y
W200a     William        WARDMAN        50  m  Y  Labourer
W200b     Jane           WARDMAN        50  f  Y
W200c     Frances        STAFFORD       25  m  Y  Stocking m
W200d     Ann            STAFFORD       25  f  Y
W200e     Frances        STAFFORD       5   m  Y
W200f     William        STAFFORD       1   m  Y
W201a     Noah           MELBOURN       30  m  Y  Ag Lab
W201b     Hannah         MELBOURN       30  f  Y
W201c     John           MELBOURN       7   m  Y
W202a     Frederick      COLLEDGE       30  m  Y  Tape weaver
W202b     Mary           COLLEDGE       30  f  Y
W202c     Isiah          COLLEDGE       11  m  Y
W202d     Mary           COLLEDGE       7   f  Y
W203a     James          THOMPSON       25  m  Y  Lead miner
W203b     Eliza          THOMPSON       20  f  Y
W203c     N.K.           THOMPSON       2w  f  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p10, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W204a     James          WOODHOUSE      30  m  Y  Silk weaver
W204b     Harriott       WOODHOUSE      35  f  N
W204c     John           WOODHOUSE      11  m  Y
W204d     Eliza          WOODHOUSE      10  f  Y
W204e     William        WOODHOUSE      7   m  Y
W204f     James          WOODHOUSE      3   m  Y
W204g     Sarah          WOODHOUSE      1   f  Y
W205a     Ambrose        BLACKHAM       50  m  -  Nail m
W206a     Sarah          WILSON         55  f  Y
W206b     Joseph         WILSON         15  m  Y
W206c     Lydia          HARDING        25  f  Y
W206d     George         WILSON         14  m  Y
W206e     Emma           WILSON         11  f  Y
W206f     John           RHODES         40  m  N  Hat m
W206g     Hannah         RHODES         40  f  N
W206h     John           RHODES         15  m  N
W206i     Mary           RHODES         2   f  Y
W207a     Rebecca        THOMPSON       45  f  Y
W207b     John           THOMPSON       20  m  Y
W207c     Elizabeth      THOMPSON       15  f  Y
W207d     Rebecca        THOMPSON       12  f  Y
W207e     Job            THOMPSON       10  m  Y
W208a     Anthony        WARDMAN        35  m  Y  Stone mason
W208b     William        WARDMAN        15  m  Y
W208c     Sarah          WARDMAN        10  f  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p11, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W209a     John           SMITH          40  m  Y  Stocking m
W209b     Mary           SMITH          40  f  Y
W209c     William        SMITH          15  m  Y
W209d     Hannah         SMITH          15  f  Y
W209e     Martha         SMITH          11  f  Y
W210a     John           WARDMAN        40  m  Y  Lead miner
W210b     Mary           WARDMAN        40  f  Y
W210c     Hannah         WARDMAN        13  f  Y
W210d     John           WARDMAN        10  m  Y
W210e     Mary           WARDMAN        7   f  Y
W210f     Fanny          WARDMAN        5   f  Y
W210g     William        WARDMAN        2   m  Y
W211a     James          GELL           25  m  Y  Cotton spinner
W211b     Mary           GELL           30  f  Y
W211c     Ann            GELL           8   f  Y
W211d     Alfred         GELL           6   m  Y
W211e     Louisa         GELL           5   f  Y
W212a     Samuel         MASKERY        50  m  Y  Sawyer
W212b     Elizabeth      MASKERY        45  f  Y
W212c     John           MASKERY        20  m  Y
W212d     Susannah       MASKERY        15  f  Y
W212e     Sarah          MASKERY        15  f  Y
W212f     Charles        MASKERY        12  m  Y
W212g     Jane           MASKERY        9   f  Y
W212h     Elizabeth      MASKERY        5   f  Y
W212i     John           MASKERY        55  m  Y  Butcher
W212j     William        WALL           1   m  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p12, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W213a     John           BROUGH         50  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W213b     Sarah          BROUGH         60  f  Y
W213c     Hannah         BROUGH         15  f  Y
W213d     George         GRATTON        25  m  Y  Tape weaver
W213e     Sarah          GRATTON        25  f  Y
W213f     Mary           GRATTON        11m f  Y
W214a     Robert         TAYLOR         40  m  Y  Sweep
W214b     Susannah       TAYLOR         40  f  Y
W214c     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         15  f  Y
W214d     George         TAYLOR         12  m  Y
W214e     Hannah         TAYLOR         8   f  Y
W214f     Mary           TAYLOR         6   f  Y
W214g     Philip         MACDONALD      20  m  N  J.Sweep
W215a     William        WOODHOUSE      35  m  Y  Silk weaver
W215b     Sarah          WOODHOUSE      25  f  Y
W215c     Elizabeth      WOODHOUSE      20  f  Y
W215d     Hannah         WOODHOUSE      6   f  Y
W216a     Elizabeth      FRITH          45  f  Y
W216b     William        FRITH          15  m  Y
W216c     John           FRITH          15  m  Y
W216d     Septemes       FRITH          9   m  Y
W216e     Ann            FRITH          7   f  Y
W216f     Mary           FRITH          4   f  Y
W216g     George         FRITH          1   m  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p13, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W217a     George         THOMPSON       35  m  Y  Lead miner
W217b     Martha         THOMPSON       30  f  Y
W217c     Elizabeth      THOMPSON       13  f  Y
W217d     Martha         GRATTON        15  f  Y
W217e     Martha         DOXEY          65  f  Y
W217f     Sarah          THOMPSON       8   f  Y
W218a     William        ABBOTT         30  m  Y  Butcher
W218b     Elizabeth      ABBOTT         30  f  Y
W218c     Josiah         ABBOTT         9   m  Y
W218d     William        ABBOTT         7   m  Y
W218e     John           ABBOTT         4   m  Y
W218f     James          ABBOTT         1   m  Y
W218g     Josiah         ABBOTT         55  m  Y
W218h     Robert         ABBOTT         15  m  Y
W219a     James          TARRAND        30  m  Y  Lead miner
W219b     Jane           BREWIL         35  f  Y
W219c     Emanuell       BREWIL         13  m  N
W219d     Sarah          BREWIL         10  f  Y
W219e     Joseph         WRAGG          80  m  Y  Ind
W219f     Ester          WRAGG          75  f  Y
W219g     Sarah          WRAGG          50  f  Y
W220a     Thomas         GREENHOUGH     35  m  Y  Butcher
W220b     Hannah         GREENHOUGH     30  f  Y
W220c     Ellen          GREENHOUGH     10  f  Y
W220d     Debroah        GREENHOUGH     8   f  Y
W220e     Thurza         GREENHOUGH     5   f  Y
W220f     David          GREENHOUGH     2   m  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p14, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W221a     Ann            BAMFORD        60  f  Y
W221b     James          BAMFORD        35  m  Y  Tailor
W221c     Sarah          BAMFORD        25  f  Y
W221d     Ann            BAMFORD        6   f  Y
W221e     Elizabeth      BAMFORD        5   f  Y
W221f     John           BAMFORD        2   m  Y
W221g     George         TOMLINSON      15  m  Y  Shoe m ap
W222a     Joseph         WHITE          65  m  Y  Labourer
W222b     Grace          WHITE          60  f  Y
W222c     Harriott       WHITE          15  f  Y
W223a     Thomas         THOMPSON       30  m  Y  Gingham weaver
W223b     Grace          THOMPSON       30  f  Y
W223c     Jervice        THOMPSON       2   m  Y
W224a     Thomas         MASKERY        55  m  Y  Butcher
W224b     Hannah         MASKERY        60  f  Y
W224c     Hannah         WHITE          3   f  Y
W225a     John           ELSE           65  m  Y  Lead miner
W225b     Ann            ELSE           65  f  Y
W225c     Mary           ELSE           8   f  I
W226a     James          BRIDDON        35  m  Y  Tape weaver
W226b     Ann            BRIDDON        40  f  Y
W226c     John           BRIDDON        14  m  Y
W226d     Ann            BRIDDON        15  f  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p15, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W227a     William        HOUGHTON       25  m  Y  Lead miner
W227b     Mary           HOUGHTON       20  f  Y
W227c     James          HOUGHTON       4   m  Y
W227d     Mary           HOUGHTON       11m f  Y
W228a     Anthony        WARDMAN        20  m  Y  Frame W K
W228b     Mary           WARDMAN        20  f  Y
W228c     William        WARDMAN        10m m  Y
W229a     Peter          HOUGHTON       60  m  Y  Lead miner
W229b     Mary           HOUGHTON       60  f  Y
W230a     William        DOXEY          60  m  Y  Cotton spinner
W230b     Benjamin       DOXEY          55  m  Y  Cotton spinner
W231a     William        ROPER          80  m  Y  Cotton weaver
W231b     Mary           ROPER          75  f  N
W232a     George         BUXTON         25  m  Y  Labourer
W232b     Hannah         BUXTON         20  f  Y
W232c     Ellen          BUXTON         2m  f  Y
W233a     John           TAYLOR         40  m  Y  Shoe m
W233b     Mary           TAYLOR         30  f  Y
W233c     George         TAYLOR         20  m  Y
W233d     Joseph         TAYLOR         15  m  Y
W233e     Samuel         TAYLOR         15  m  Y
W233f     Benjamin       TAYLOR         5   m  Y
W233g     Martha         TAYLOR         13  f  Y
W233h     Sarah          TAYLOR         10  f  Y
---Dale---[Wirksworth]---(p16, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W234a     John           HAWLEY         30  m  Y  Carrier
W234b     Lydia          HAWLEY         30  f  Y
W234c     Elizabeth      HAWLEY         7   f  Y
W234d     John           HAWLEY         3   m  Y
W235a     Lowe           ELLIOTT        65  m  Y  Ind
W235b     Henry          ELLIOTT        30  m  Y
W236a     Isaac          ALLSOP         70  m  Y  Ind
W237a     Joseph         GRATTON        55  m  Y  Lead miner
W237b     Mary           GRATTON        50  f  Y
W237c     Robert         GRATTON        20  m  Y
W237d     James          GRATTON        10  m  Y
W237e     Richard        GODBEHERE      14  m  Y
W238a     James          ELSE           35  m  Y  Lead miner
W238b     Hannah         ELSE           35  f  Y
W238c     James          ELSE           9   m  Y
W238d     William        ELSE           8   m  Y
W238e     John           ELSE           3   m  Y
W238f     Thomas         ELSE           3m  m  Y
W238g     Eliza          DEAN           15  f  Y
W239a     Thomas         GIBBONS        40  m  Y  Blacksmith
W239b     Sarah          GIBBONS        30  f  Y
W239c     Thomas         GIBBONS        8   m  Y
W240a     John           CLOUGH         30  m  Y  Butcher
W240b     Elizabeth      CLOUGH         30  f  Y
W240c     Joseph         CLOUGH         15  m  Y
W240d     John           CLOUGH         8   m  Y
W240e     Ann            CLOUGH         5   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p17, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W241a     Isaac          GALLEMORE      30  m  Y  Stone mason
W241b     Mary           GALLEMORE      30  f  Y
W241c     John           GALLEMORE      7   m  Y
W241d     Ann            GALLEMORE      4   f  Y
W241e     Mary           GALLEMORE      1   f  Y
W241f     Elizabeth      GALLEMORE      1   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W242a     William        MARSH          40  m  Y  Grocer
W242b     Ann            MARSH          35  f  Y
W242c     Mary           MARSH          11  f  Y
W242d     Joseph         MARSH          7   m  Y
W242e     Ann            MARSH          5   f  Y
W242f     Matilda        MARSH          3   f  Y
W242g     Ruth           MARSH          11m f  Y
W242h     Mary           GAMBLE         20  f  Y  F.S.
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W243a     Mary           TUNSTALL       60  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W244a     William        BLACKWALL      30  m  N  Labourer
W244b     Sarah          BLACKWALL      40  f  Y
W244c     William        BLACKWALL      2   m  Y
W244d     Hannah         BROOKS         13  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W245a     Thomas         WINSON         20  m  Y  Blacksmith
W245b     Julia          WINSON         20  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W246a     Robert         FOX            50  m  Y  Joiner
W246b     Elizabeth      FOX            50  f  Y
W246c     Robert         FOX            13  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p18, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W247a     Thomas         ELSE           55  m  Y  Lead miner
W247b     Isabella       ELSE           50  f  Y
W247c     James          ELSE           15  m  Y
W247d     Elias          ELSE           14  m  Y
W247e     Samuel         ELSE           12  m  Y
W247f     Isabella       ELSE           11  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W248a     Jane           ELLIOTT        60  f  N
W248b     Jane           ELLIOTT        30  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W249a     John           ALLSOP         70  m  Y  Lead miner
W249b     Charles        ALLSOP         25  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W250a     William        GRATTON        60  m  Y  Lead miner
W250b     Elizabeth      GRATTON        60  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W251a     Ruth           COOK           55  f  Y
W251b     Charlotte      COOK           30  f  Y
W251c     John           COOK           25  m  Y  Labourer
W251d     William        COOK           20  m  Y
W251e     Sarah          COOK           20  f  Y
W251f     Joseph         COOK           15  m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W252a     Elizabeth      BUSH           75  f  Y
W252b     Martha         BUSH           30  f  Y
W252c     Ann            WILDGOOSE      3   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W253a     Thomas         WILD           60  m  Y  Shoe m
W253b     Lucy           WILD           25  f  Y
W253c     Harriett       WILD           27  f  Y
W253d     Eli            WILD           15  m  Y
W253e     Mary           WILD           14  f  Y
W253f     Mary           DUDSON         15  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p19, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W254a     Sarah          SLACK          55  f  Y
W254b     Mary           SLACK          20  f  Y
W254c     Sarah          SLACK          15  f  Y
W254d     Samuel         SLACK          13  m  Y
W254e     James          OXLEY          7   m  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W255a     Thomas         BUSH           40  m  Y  Shoe m
W255b     Elizabeth      BUSH           45  f  Y
W255c     John           IBBOTSON       20  m  N
W255d     Mary           IBBOTSON       20  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W256a     Hannah         UDALE          45  f  Y
W256b     Elizabeth      UDALE          15  f  Y
W256c     Thomas         UDALE          14  m  Y
W256d     James          UDALE          9   m  Y
W256e     Hannah         UDALE          9   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W257a     Robert         MILLWARD       55  m  Y  Shoe m
W257b     Elizabeth      MILLWARD       50  f  Y
W257c     Moses          MILLWARD       20  m  Y
W257d     William        MILLWARD       15  m  Y
W257e     Emanuel        MILLWARD       13  m  Y
W257f     Martha         MILLWARD       15  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W258a     Ann            HOUSDEN?       65  f  Y
W258b     Samuel         MELBOURN       30  m  Y  Mason's lab
W258c     Hannah         MELBOURN       25  f  Y
W258d     Maria          MELBOURN       8   f  Y
W258e     John           MELBOURN       25  m  Y  Grocer's H?
W258f     Hannah         MELBOURN       25  f  Y
W258g     William        MELBOURN       7   m  Y
W258h     Sarah          MELBOURN       3   f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p20, Wirksworth, district 2, HO 107/198/11)---
W259a     Grace          WINSON         50  f  Y
W259b     Peter          WRAGG          20  m  Y  Labourer
W259c     George         BUXTON         25  m  Y  Shoe m
W259d     Mary           BUXTON         25  f  N
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W260a     Isaac          FOULK          55  m  Y  Farmer
W260b     John           FOULK          20  m  Y
W260c     Hannah         FOULK          15  f  Y
---Green Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W261a     Henry          NEEDHAM        45  m  Y  Labourer
W261b     Mary           NEEDHAM        45  f  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.