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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1841 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook, Kirk Ireton,
Matlock, Middleton, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 33 enumeration districts with 15,539 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation    Comments

---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W427a     George         TAYLOR         37  m  Y  Shoemaker
W427b     Ann            TAYLOR         31  f  Y
W427c     Henry          TAYLOR         6   m  Y
W427d     Elizabeth      TAYLOR         16  f  Y
W427e     George         TAYLOR         6   m  Y
W427f     Benjamin       TAYLOR         4   m  Y
W427g     John           TAYLOR         2   m  Y
W427h     William        TAYLOR         2d  m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(p20, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W428a     George         JOHNSON        40  m  Y  Tailor
W428b     George         JOHNSON        16  m  Y  Tailor
W428c     Joseph         JOHNSON        6   m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W429a     Thomas         BUXTON         40  m  Y  Miller
W429b     Sarah          BUXTON         35  f  Y
W429c     John           BUXTON         7   m  Y
W429d     Thomas         BUXTON         5   m  Y
W429e     Isaac          BUXTON         2   m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W430a     John           STEEPLES       35  m  Y  Labourer
W430b     Jemima         STEEPLES       40  f  Y
W430c     Thomas         STEEPLES       15  m  Y
W430d     John           STEEPLES       14  m  Y
W430e     James          STEEPLES       12  m  Y
W430f     Sarah          STEEPLES       10  f  Y
W430g     Samuel         STEEPLES       4   m  Y
W430h     Elizabeth      STEEPLES       1   f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W431a     Benjamin       PALFREYMAN     20  m  Y  Tape weaver
W431b     Elizabeth      PALFREYMAN     20  f  Y
W431c     Elizabeth      PALFREYMAN     9m  f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W432a     Samuel         JOHNSON        75  m  Y  Tailor
W432b     Mary           JOHNSON        70  f  Y
W432c     John           BUXTON         45  m  Y  Flour dealer
W432d     Hannah         BUXTON         40  f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(p21, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W433a     Ann            WETTON         78  f  Y
W433b     Joshua         WETTON         48  m  Y  Weaver
W433c     Hannah         WETTON         50  f  Y
W433d     William        WETTON         20  m  Y  Labourer
W433e     Thomas         WETTON         17  m  Y  Tape weaver
W433f     Ann            WETTON         9   f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W434a     William        BRIDDON        30  m  Y  Weaver
W434b     Ann            BRIDDON        30  f  Y
W434c     John           BRIDDON        9   m  Y
W434d     Maria          BRIDDON        7   f  Y
W434e     Job            BRIDDON        4   m  Y
W434f     Ann            BRIDDON        2   f  Y
W434g     William        BRIDDON        5m  m  Y
W434h     Job            BRIDDON        30  m  Y  Tape weaver
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W435a     George         PALFREYMAN     25  m  Y  Tape weaver
W435b     Fanny          PALFREYMAN     25  f  Y
W435c     Selina         PALFREYMAN     2   f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W436a     George         WETTON         60  m  Y  Ag Labourer
W436b     Alice          WETTON         60  f  Y
W436c     Job            WETTON         20  m  Y  Tape weaver
W436d     Charlotte      WETTON         15  f  Y  Tape weaver
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W437a     Thomas         MELBOURNE      30  m  Y  Labourer
W437b     Fanny          MELBOURNE      30  f  Y
W437c     Thomas         MELBOURNE      7   m  Y
W437d     John           MELBOURNE      3   m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(p22, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W438a     Benjamin       FLETCHER       40  m  Y  Publican
W438b     Mary           FLETCHER       35  f  Y
W438c     John           FLETCHER       8   m  Y
W438d     Hannah         FLETCHER       6   f  Y
W438e     Mary           FLETCHER       4   f  Y
W438f     Joseph         FLETCHER       2   m  Y
W438g     Sarah          FLETCHER       5m  f  Y
W438h     James          TOPLIS         65  m  Y  Indept
W438i     Ann            WOOD           14  f  Y  F.S.
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W439a     Samuel         EVANS          60  m  Y  Book-keeper
W439b     Elizabeth      EVANS          60  f  Y
W439c     Mary           EVANS          20  f  Y  Dressmaker
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W440a     Samuel         WOOD           30  m  Y  Labourer
W440b     Elizabeth      WOOD           30  f  Y
W440c     Elizabeth      WOOD           5   f  Y
W440d     Mary           WOOD           3   f  Y
W440e     Ann            WOOD           1   f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W441a     John           WETTON         60  m  N  Labourer
W441b     Sarah          WETTON         45  f  Y
W441c     Henry          TAYLOR         65  m  Y  Gardener
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W442a     William        WINT           55  m  Y  Carpenter
W442b     Samuel         WINT           23  m  Y  Weaver
W442c     Mary           WINT           57  f  Y
W442d     Hannah         WINT           33  f  Y
W442e     Charlotte      WINT           25  f  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(p23, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W443a     William        JESSOP         40  m  Y  Labourer
W443b     Ann            JESSOP         40  f  Y
W443c     Rebecca        JESSOP         14  f  Y
W443d     Mary           JESSOP         12  f  Y
W443e     Thomas         JESSOP         10  m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W444a     William        WALKER         35  m  Y  Tape weaver
W444b     Ann            WALKER         35  f  Y  Tape weaver
W444c     Martha         WALKER         9   f  Y
W444d     Ann            WALKER         7   f  Y
W444e     Samuel         WALKER         4   m  Y
W444f     William        WALKER         2   m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W445a     Mary           STAFFORD       45  f  Y  Tape weaver
W445b     Joseph         GREGORY        13  m  Y  Tape weaver
W445c     Sarah          STEEPLES       10  f  Y  Tape weaver
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W446a     Isabella       FLINT          45  f  Y  Dressmaker
W446b     Elizabeth      SMITH          20  f  Y  Dressmaker
W446c     Mary           SMITH          15  f  Y  Dressmaker
W446d     Sarah          FLINT          10  f  Y
W446e     Ellen          FLINT          8   f  Y
W446f     William        FLINT          6   m  Y
W446g     Charles        FLINT          2   m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]------------
W447a     Benjamin       POYSER         35  m  Y  Tape weaver
W447b     Ann            POYSER         30  f  Y
W447c     Sarah          POYSER         13  f  Y
W447d     Ann            POYSER         11  f  Y
W447e     John           POYSER         10  m  Y
W447f     Benjamin       POYSER         8   m  Y
W447g     Mary           POYSER         6   f  Y
W447h     Ellen          POYSER         4   f  Y
W447i     Hannah         POYSER         2   f  Y
W447j     Henry          POYSER         7m  m  Y
---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(p24, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W448a     Alice          SWEETING       57  f  Y  Tape weaver
W448b     James          SWEETING       21  m  Y  Tape weaver
---Stone Bridge---[Wirksworth]------------
W449a     William        SMITH          55  m  Y  Farmer
W449b     Ann            SMITH          50  f  Y
W449c     William        SMITH          17  m  Y
W449d     Stephen        STEEPLES       35  m  Y  M.S.
W449e     Samuel         SMITH          13  m  Y  M.S.
W449f     Hannah         WOOD           14  f  Y  F.S.
W449g     Joseph         ROBB?          70  m  N  Visitor
---Hob farm---[Wirksworth]------------
W450a     William        KAYS           45  m  Y  Farmer
W450b     Martha         KAYS           35  f  Y
W450c     Samuel         KAYS           15  m  Y
W450d     William        KAYS           12  m  Y
W450e     Thomas         KAYS           10  m  Y
W450f     Andrew         KAYS           8   m  Y
W450g     George         KAYS           6   m  Y
W450h     Albert         KAYS           5m  m  Y
W451a     Samuel         BRATBY         35  m  Y  Ag labourer
W451b     Hannah         BRATBY         30  f
W451c     Ellen          BRATBY         10  f  Y
W451d     Sarah          BRATBY         5   f  Y
W451e     Betty          BRATBY         3   f  Y
W451f     Hannah         BRATBY         1   f  Y
---Hole House---[Wirksworth]---(p25, Wirksworth, district 3, HO 107/198/11)---
W452a     William        KEYS           25  m  Y  Farmer
W452b     Phoebe         KEYS           25  f  Y
W452c     Thomas         WINSON         15  m  Y  M.S.
---Ivy cottage---[Wirksworth]------------
W453a     Mary           SELLORS        60  f  Y
W453b     Mary           SELLORS        15  f  Y  Seamstress
W453c     David          BROWN          90  m  Y  Indept
---Hurt's cottage---[Wirksworth]------------
W454a     John           HUGHES         35  m  Y  Farmer
W454b     Mary           HUGHES         30  f  Y
W454c     William        HUGHES         8   m  Y
W454d     Elizabeth      HUGHES         5   f  Y

---Wirksworth moor---[Wirksworth]---(p1, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W455a     Charles        COLLEGE        64  m  Y  Calico weaver
W455b     Sarah          COLLEGE        67  f  Y
W455c     James          COLLEGE        40  m  Y
W455d     Elizabeth      COLLEGE        40  f  Y
W455e     Mary           COLLEGE        4   f  Y
---Wirksworth moor---[Wirksworth]------------
W456a     John           STONE          34  m  Y  Ag Lab
W456b     Ann            STONE          38  f  Y
W456c     Thomas         STONE          7   m  Y
W456d     Robert         STONE          5   m  Y
W456e     Rebecca        STONE          3   f  Y
W456f     Mary           STONE          3m  f  Y
---Wirksworth moor---[Wirksworth]------------
W457a     Joseph         SILKSTONE      37  m  Y  Lead miner
W457b     Mary           SILKSTONE      31  f  Y
W457c     Francis        SILKSTONE      9   m  Y
W457d     Elias          SILKSTONE      5   m  Y
W457e     Mary           SILKSTONE      2   f  Y
W458a     Samuel         SMITH          26  m  Y  Ag Lab
W458b     Elizabeth      SMITH          23  f  Y
W458c     Samuel         SMITH          3   m  Y
W458d     Hannah         SMITH          1   f  Y
W459a     Samuel         ALLEN          67  m  Y  Lead miner
W459b     Mary           ALLEN          65  f  Y
W459c     Millicent      STREET         27  f  Y  Lace worker
W459d     Thirse         STREET         3   f  Y
W459e     Martha         ALLEN          20  f  Y  Lace worker
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p2, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W460a     William        ALLIN          42  m  Y  Lead miner
W460b     Ann            ALLIN          40  f  Y
W460c     Mary           ALLIN          15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W460d     Hannah         ALLIN          15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W460e     William        ALLIN          13  m  Y
W460f     Elizabeth      ALLIN          10  f  Y
W460g     Ellen          ALLIN          8   f  Y
W460h     Harriett       ALLIN          5   f  Y
W461a     Thomas         ALLIN          44  m  Y  Lead miner
W461b     Susannah       ALLIN          38  f  Y
W461c     John           ALLIN          15  m  Y  Ag Lab
W461d     Phebe          ALLIN          16  f  Y  Lace worker
W461e     Thomas         ALLIN          14  m  Y  Bleacher
W461f     Mary           ALLIN          13  f  Y  Cotton factory
W461g     Sarah          ALLIN          10  f  Y
W461h     Samuel         ALLIN          8   m  Y
W461i     Emma           ALLIN          1m  f  Y
W462a     John           SMITH          35  m  Y  Ag Lab
W462b     Mary           SMITH          40  f  Y
W463a     Thomas         ALLIN          29  m  Y  Lead miner
W463b     Mary           ALLIN          21  f  Y
W463c     Charles        ALLIN          4   m  Y
W463d     Elizabeth      ALLIN          3   f  Y
W463e     John           ALLIN          6m  m  Y
W464a     Sarah          OXSPRING       69  f  N
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p3, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W465a     Lydia          ALLEN          65  f  Y
W465b     Lydia          ALLEN          15  f  Y
W466a     James          BARKER         30  m  Y  Brick maker
W466b     Ann            BARKER         30  f  Y
W466c     Josiah         BARKER         10  m  Y
W466d     Henry          BARKER         7   m  Y
W466e     John           BARKER         5   m  Y
W466f     Samuel         BARKER         2   m  Y
W466g     Frances        BARKER         4m  f  Y
W467a     William        GRATTON        30  m  Y  Lead miner
W467b     Elizabeth      GRATTON        28  f  Y
W467c     Ann            GRATTON        7   f  Y
W467d     Mary           GRATTON        5   f  Y
W467e     John           GRATTON        3   m  Y
W467f     Emma           GRATTON        1   f  Y
W467g     Elizabeth      GRATTON        65  f  Y
W468a     Samuel         SMITH          75  m  Y  Ag Lab
W468b     Sarah          SMITH          64  f  Y
W468c     John           SMITH          12  m  Y
W468d     Jane           SMITH          15  f  Y
W468e     Daniel         SMITH          27  m  Y  Ag Lab
W469a     Francis        TOMLINSON      37  m  Y  Lime burner
W469b     Martha         TOMLINSON      35  f  Y
W469c     John           TOMLINSON      9   m  Y
W469d     Joseph         TOMLINSON      7   m  Y
W469e     Elizabeth      TOMLINSON      5   f  Y
W469f     Hannah         TOMLINSON      2   f  Y
W469g     Mary           TOMLINSON      1m  f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p4, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W470a     Ann            SMITH          73  f  Y  Farmer
W470b     Ann            SMITH          40  f  Y
W470c     John           BARBER         18  m  Y  Ag Lab
W471a     John           OXSPRING       38  m  Y  Farmer
W471b     Lydia          OXSPRING       39  f  Y
W471c     Joseph         OXSPRING       14  m  Y
W471d     Thomas         OXSPRING       11  m  Y
W472a     William        OXSPRING       40  m  Y  Lead miner
W472b     Elizabeth      OXSPRING       37  f  Y
W472c     Richard        OXSPRING       11  m  Y
W472d     Sarah          OXSPRING       9   f  Y
W473a     Walter         SNOW           44  m  Y  Ag Lab
W473b     Mary           SNOW           44  f  Y
W473c     Elizabeth      SNOW           19  f  Y
W473d     Thomas         SNOW           17  m  Y
W473e     Francis        SNOW           14  m  Y
W473f     Ann            SNOW           11  f  Y
W473g     Walter         SNOW           6   m  Y
W473h     Mary           SNOW           3   f  Y
W473i     William        SNOW           1m  m  Y
W474a     Henry          TAYLOR         35  m  Y  Lead miner
W474b     Mary           TAYLOR         30  f  Y
W474c     John           TAYLOR         16  m  Y
W474d     Ann            TAYLOR         12  f  Y
W474e     Mary           TAYLOR         9   f  Y
W474f     Phebe          TAYLOR         5   f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p5, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W475a     John           HYDE           26  m  Y  Cotton st.weav.
W475b     Martha         HYDE           25  f  Y
W476a     Samuel         DAWSON         40  m  Y  Ag Lab
W476b     Ann            DAWSON         45  f  Y
W477a     Joseph         MARSON         54  m  Y  Cotton st weaver
W477b     Sarah          MARSON         48  f  Y
W477c     Charles        MARSON         26  m  Y
W477d     Harriett       MARSON         24  f  Y
W477e     Henry          MARSON         19  m  Y
W477f     Emanuel        MARSON         17  m  Y
W477g     Elizabeth      MARSON         15  f  Y
W477h     Edward         MARSON         12  m  Y
W477i     Maria          MARSON         10  f  Y
W477j     Enoch          MARSON         8   m  Y
W477k     Joseph         MARSON         5   m  Y
W477l     Josiah         MARSON         3   m  Y
W478a     George         BRADBURY       60  m  N  Hatter
W479a     Isaac          SPENCER        24  m  Y  Ag Lab
W479b     Rachel         SPENCER        26  f  Y
W479c     Hannah         SPENCER        5   f  Y
W479d     Ann            SPENCER        1   f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p6, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W480a     Robert         BARKER?        40  m  Y  Lead miner
W480b     Martha         BARKER?        40  f  Y
W480c     Ann            BARKER?        19  f  Y
W480d     Sarah          BARKER?        17  f  Y
W480e     Lisah?         BARKER?        10  f  Y
W480f     Edward         BARKER?        5   m  Y
W480g     James          BARKER?        9m  m  Y
W481a     George         BUCKLEY        45  m  Y  Lead miner
W481b     Martha         BUCKLEY        50  f  Y
W481c     Elizabeth      BUCKLEY        20  f  Y
W481d     Ellen          SMITH          50  f  Y  Ind
W482a     Joseph         STORER         31  m  Y  Shoe m
W482b     Alice          STORER         31  f  Y
W482c     George         STORER         2m  m  Y
W483a     Thomas         HALL           35  m  Y  Farmer
W483b     Mary           HALL           35  f  Y
W483c     Salana         HALL           11  f  Y
W483d     Thomas         HALL           10  m  Y
W483e     Mary           HALL           5   f  Y
W483f     John           HALL           5   m  Y
W483g     Josuha         HALL           3   m  Y
W483h     Henry          HALL           4m  m  Y
W484a     Elizabeth      FLINT          78  f  Y
W484b     George         GREEN          20  m  N  Stone mason
W485a     Peter          JONES          40  m  Y  Ag Lab
W485b     Mary           JONES          45  f  Y
W485c     Henry          JONES          20  m  Y  Ag Lab
W485d     William        JONES          15  m  Y  Ag Lab
W485e     Maria          JONES          15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W485f     Mary           JONES          5   f  Y
W485g     Benjamin       BUCKLEY        25  m  Y  Lead miner
W485h     George         BUCKLEY        20  m  Y  Lead miner
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p7, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W486a     Joseph         FLINT          65  m  Y  Mine agent
W486b     Elizabeth      FLINT          65  f  Y
W486c     Martha         FLINT          20  f  Y
W486d     Elizabeth      LOWE           4   f  N
W487a     Samuel         SLACK          50  m  Y  Lead miner
W487b     Sarah          SLACK          46  f  Y
W487c     Samuel         SLACK          20  m  Y
W487d     Hannah         SLACK          18  f  Y
W487e     Sarah          SLACK          16  f  Y
W487f     George         SLACK          15  m  Y
W487g     Millicent      SLACK          12  f  Y
W487h     William        FLINT          20  m  Y  Lead miner
W487i     Elizabeth      FLINT          20  f  Y
W487j     Sarah          FLINT          5m  f  Y
W488a     Job            ROSE           60  m  Y  Lead miner
W488b     Job            ROSE           10  m  Y
W489a     George         LAND           46  m  Y  Lead miner
W489b     Thomas         LAND           18  m  Y
W489c     Mary           LAND           22  f  Y
W489d     Ann            LAND           16  f  Y
W489e     Elizabeth      LAND           12  f  Y
W489f     Sarah          LAND           5   f  Y
W489g     Selena         LAND           3   f  Y
W489h     John           LAND           14  m  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p8, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W490a     William        WALKER         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W490b     Lydia          WALKER         27  f  Y
W490c     Ann            WALKER         1   f  Y
W491a     Henry          FLINT          39  m  Y  Lead miner
W491b     Mary           FLINT          41  f  Y
W491c     John           FLINT          17  m  Y  Lead miner
W491d     Joseph         FLINT          15  m  Y  Ag Lab
W491e     Edward         FLINT          13  m  Y  Ag Lab
W491f     Rueben         FLINT          9   m  Y  Brick maker
W491g     Henry          FLINT          11  m  Y  Cotton factory
W491h     Herbert        FLINT          7   m  Y
W491i     Elizabeth      FLINT          5   f  Y
W491j     Hannah         FLINT          2   f  Y
W492a     David          OXSPRING       32  m  Y  Lead miner
W492b     Ann            OXSPRING       33  f  Y
W492c     Thomas         OXSPRING       11  m  Y
W492d     Sarah          OXSPRING       6   f  Y
W492e     Mary           OXSPRING       4   f  Y
W492f     John           OXSPRING       1   m  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p9, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W493a     Samuel         WRIGHT         55  m  Y  Ind
W493b     Elizabeth      GREENHOUGH     26  f  Y
W493c     Mary           GREENHOUGH     5   f  Y
W493d     Milicent       GREENHOUGH     2   f  Y
W493e     Elizabeth      GREENHOUGH     14  f  Y
W494a     Elizabeth      LAND           67  f  Y
W494b     Ann            SMITH          25  f  Y
W494c     Ann            SMITH          9   f  Y
W494d     Samuel         SMITH          7   m  Y
W494e     Sarah          SMITH          5   f  Y
W495a     Isaac          SLACK          50  m  Y  Lead miner
W495b     Hannah         SLACK          53  f  Y
W495c     Isaac          SLACK          19  m  Y
W495d     William        SLACK          15  m  Y
W495e     Samuel         SLACK          12  m  Y
W496a     William        HUNT           46  m  Y  Farmer
W496b     Elizabeth      HUNT           45  f  Y
W496c     Thomas         HUNT           6   m  Y
W496d     Sarah          HUNT           4   f  Y
W496e     Frances        HARRISON       16  f  Y  F.S
W497a     Thomas         HAMSHIRE       70  m  Y  Ind
W498a     Joseph         ALLSOP         27  m  Y  Shoe m
W498b     Ann            ALLSOP         26  f  Y
W498c     Joseph         ALLSOP         6   m  Y
W498d     William        ALLSOP         4   m  Y
W498e     Charles        ALLSOP         3   m  Y
W498f     Elizabeth      ALLSOP         15m f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p10, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W499a     Joshua         BUCKLEY        20  m  Y  Lead miner
W499b     Mary           BUCKLEY        20  f  Y
W500a     George         BUCKLEY        50  m  Y  Lead miner
W500b     Milicent       BUCKLEY        46  f  Y
W500c     John           BUCKLEY        18  m  Y
W500d     Elizabeth      BUCKLEY        15  f  Y
W500e     Milicent       BUCKLEY        5   f  Y
W500f     Mahaly         BUCKLEY        2   f  Y
W500g     Sarah          BUTLER         18  f  Y
W500h     Emma           BUTLER         13  f  Y
W501a     Thomas         BROOKES        76  m  Y  Victualler
W501b     Mary           BROOKES        68  f  Y
W501c     Samuel         BROOKES        28  m  Y  Lead miner
W502a     Ann            BUTLER         41  f  Y  Farmer
W502b     Richard        BUTLER         8   m  Y
W502c     Ann            BUTLER         6   f  Y
W502d     Elizabeth      BUTLER         5   f  Y
W502e     William        BUTLER         3   m  Y
W502f     Isaac          BUTLER         1   m  Y
W502g     Elizabeth      BRUNT          13  f  Y  F.S.
W503a     George         ROOSE          54  m  Y  Lead miner
W503b     Temperance     ROOSE          52  f  Y
W503c     Sarah          ROOSE          24  f  Y
W503d     Francis        ROOSE          19  m  Y  Lead miner
W503e     Luke           ROOSE          17  m  Y  Lead miner
W503f     Martha         ROOSE          13  f  Y
W503g     Godfrey        ROOSE          11  m  Y
W503h     Josiah         ROOSE          15m m  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p11, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W504a     Hannah         SIMPSON        75  f  Y
W504b     Elizabeth      SIMPSON        35  f  Y
W504c     Thomas         SIMPSON        8   m  Y
W504d     Mary           STREET         42  f  Y
W505a     Thomas         HODGKINSON     40  m  Y  Brick maker
W505b     Catharine      HODGKINSON     60  f  Y
W506a     Samuel         STREET         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W506b     Hannah         STREET         28  f  Y
W506c     Elizabeth      STREET         7   f  Y
W506d     Lydia          STREET         4   f  Y
W506e     Emma           STREET         1   f  Y
W507a     John           LAND           23  m  Y  Lead miner
W507b     Mary           LAND           24  f  Y
W507c     George         LAND           2   m  Y
W508a     Charles        SILKSTONE      50  m  Y  Lead miner
W508b     Catharine      SILKSTONE      50  f  Y
W508c     Mary           SILKSTONE      6   f  Y
W508d     Joshua         SILKSTONE      5   m  Y
W509a     Benjamin       KNIVETON       73  m  Y  Victualler
W509b     Hannah         KNIVETON       75  f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p12, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W510a     Mary           SILKSTONE      75  f  Y
W510b     Millicent      SILKSTONE      35  f  Y
W510c     George         SILKSTONE      7   m  Y
W511a     Samuel         FLINT          25  m  Y  Lead miner
W511b     Mary           FLINT          25  f  Y
W511c     John           FLINT          9   m  Y
W511d     Joseph         FLINT          7   m  Y
W511e     Samuel         FLINT          5   m  Y
W511f     Mark           FLINT          3   m  Y
W511g     Hannah         FLINT          6m  f  Y
W512a     Thomas         HOLMES         50  m  Y  Lead miner
W512b     Elizabeth      HOLMES         49  f  Y
W512c     Walter         HOLMES         17  m  Y  Lead miner
W512d     James          HOLMES         15  m  Y  Ag Lab
W512e     Hannah         HOLMES         13  f  Y  Cotton factory
W512f     William        HOLMES         53  m  Y  Calico factory
W513a     William        SIMS           60  m  Y  Lead miner
W513b     Dorothy        SIMS           55  f  Y
W513c     Samuel         SIMS           20  m  Y  Lead miner
W513d     Elizabeth      SIMS           20  f  Y  Cotton factory
W513e     Lydia          SIMS           15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W513f     Frances        SIMS           15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W513g     Lueazer        HARRISON       10  f  Y  Cotton factory
W514a     Stephen        GLOVER         24  m  Y  Ag Lab
W514b     Martha         GLOVER         20  f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p13, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W515a     Robert         FLINT          55  m  Y  Lead miner
W515b     Hannah         FLINT          20  f  Y  Dressmaker
W515c     Latishia       WEST           30  f  Y
W515d     Elizabeth      WEST           5   f  Y
W515e     Samuel         WEST           1   m  Y
W516a     John           FLINT          40  m  Y  Lead miner
W516b     Mary           FLINT          35  f  Y
W516c     John           FLINT          8   m  Y
W516d     Robert         FLINT          2   m  Y
W516e     Mary           FLINT          9   f  Y
W516f     Clara          FLINT          1   f  Y
W517a     Jonathan       ELLIOTT        76  m  Y  Lead miner
W517b     Jonathan       HOUGHTON       50  m  Y  Lead miner
W517c     Dorothy        HOUGHTON       50  f  Y
W518a     Ann            LAND           35  f  Y  Dressmaker
W518b     Ann            LAND           14  f  Y
W518c     Thomas         LAND           12  m  Y
W518d     Abigal         LAND           10  f  Y
W519a     James          SIMS           25  m  Y  Lead miner
W519b     Ann            SIMS           25  f  Y
W519c     Joseph         SIMS           5   m  Y
W519d     James          SIMS           2   m  Y
W519e     John           SIMS           1   m  Y
W520a     Edward         ROBINSON       43  m  Y  Stone mason
W520b     Hannah         ROBINSON       50  f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p14, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W521a     Charles        KNIVETON       55  m  Y  Calico weaver
W521b     Mary           KNIVETON       50  f  Y
W521c     Charles        KNIVETON       25  m  Y  Calico weaver
W521d     Martha         KNIVETON       20  f  Y
W521e     Sarah          KNIVETON       15  f  Y
W521f     Hannah         KNIVETON       15  f  Y
W522a     Nehemiah       KNIVETON       69  m  Y  Calico weaver
W522b     Elizabeth      KNIVETON       60  f  S
W522c     Elizabeth      KNIVETON       30  f  Y
W523a     George         SMITH          42  m  Y  Lead miner
W523b     Martha         SMITH          38  f  Y
W523c     Ann            SMITH          15  f  Y
W523d     Elizabeth      SMITH          11  f  Y
W523e     Alexander      SMITH          9   m  Y
W523f     George         SMITH          7   m  Y
W523g     Thomas         SMITH          5   m  Y
W523h     Agness         SMITH          1   f  Y
W524a     Charles        KNIVETON       50  m  Y  Lead miner
W524b     Hannah         KNIVETON       45  f  Y
W524c     Mary           KNIVETON       20  f  Y  Cotton factory
W524d     John           KNIVETON       15  m  Y  Lead miner
W524e     Susannah       KNIVETON       15  f  Y
W524f     Hannah         KNIVETON       5   f  Y
W524g     Martha         KNIVETON       2   f  Y
W525a     William        COLLEDGE       40  m  Y  Weaver
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p15, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W526a     Hannah         SLATER         50  f  Y
W526b     John           SLATER         20  m  Y  Ag Lab
W526c     Elizabeth      SLATER         15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W527a     William        WALKER         58  m  Y  Lead miner
W527b     Catherine      WALKER         59  f  Y
W527c     Catherine      WALKER         23  f  Y
W527d     Mary           WALKER         21  f  Y
W527e     Henry          WALKER         19  m  Y  Stone mason
W528a     Peter          BRITLAND       35  m  Y  Lead miner
W528b     Elizabeth      BRITLAND       35  f  Y
W528c     Ann            BRITLAND       13  f  Y
W528d     Abel           BRITLAND       10  m  Y  Cotton factory
W528e     Lydia          BRITLAND       4   f  Y
W528f     James          LOWRIE         3   m  N
W529a     Joseph         MOSELY         50  m  Y  Ag Lab
W529b     Sarah          MOSELY         51  f  Y
W529c     Ann            MOSELY         17  f  Y  Lace worker
W529d     Mary           MOSELY         15  f  Y  Lace worker
W530a     Joseph         HALLAM         56  m  Y  Hosier
W530b     Ellen          HALLAM         63  f  Y
W530c     Elizabeth      WAGSTAFF       20  f  Y
W530d     Ellen          HOUSLEY        5   f  N
W531a     Joseph         WALKER         25  m  Y  Stone mason
W531b     Margaret       WALKER         25  f  Y
W531c     Catherine      WALKER         4   f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p16, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W532a     Jethro         SHAW           52  m  Y  Ag Lab
W532b     Mary           SHAW           56  f  Y
W532c     Jethro         SHAW           30  m  Y  Ag Lab
W532d     Francis        SHAW           12  m  Y  Ag Lab
W532e     William        SHAW           15  m  Y  Ag Lab
W532f     Elizabeth      HIBESON        33  f  Y
W532g     John           HIBESON        7   m  Y
W533a     Abraham        ELLIOTT        35  m  Y  Lead miner
W533b     Hannah         ELLIOTT        40  f  Y
W533c     John           ELLIOTT        21  m  Y  Lead miner
W533d     Jonathan       ELLIOTT        15  m  Y  Lead miner
W533e     Ellen          ELLIOTT        15  f  Y
W534a     Mark           FLINT          50  m  Y  Lead miner
W534b     Ann            FLINT          50  f  Y
W534c     Mark           FLINT          25  m  Y  Lead miner
W534d     James          FLINT          22  m  Y  Lead miner
W534e     Hannah         FLINT          20  f  Y
W534f     Joseph         FLINT          19  m  Y  Lead miner
W535a     William        STREET         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W535b     Mary           STREET         25  f  Y
W535c     Asenath        STREET         12  f  Y
W535d     Samuel         STREET         10  m  Y
W535e     Andrew         STREET         8   m  Y
W535f     Martha         STREET         6   f  Y
W535g     Sarah          BEADLING?      50  f  Y
W535h     Sarah          STREET         15  f  Y  Cotton factory
W535i     George         STREET         14  m  Y  Lead miner
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p17, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W536a     James          WALKER         31  m  Y  Stone mason
W536b     Elizabeth      WALKER         33  f  Y
W536c     Mary           WALKER         6   f  Y
W536d     Elizabeth      WALKER         3   f  Y
W536e     Millicent      WALKER         1   f  Y
W537a     Robert         WALKER         65  m  Y  Lead miner
W537b     Hannah         WALKER         60  f  Y
W537c     Samuel         WALKER         20  m  Y  Lead miner
W537d     Rachel         WALKER         20  f  Y
W537e     Maria          WALKER         21  f  Y
W537f     Daniel         WALKER         15  m  Y  Stone mason
W537g     William        WALTHALL       35  m  Y  Spar turner
W537h     Edith          WALTHALL       20  f  Y
W537i     Eliza          WALTHALL       5   f  Y
W538a     Henry          WALKER         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W538b     Martha         WALKER         30  m  Y
W539a     Jabez          KNIVETON       20  m  Y  Lead miner
W539b     Hannah         KNIVETON       25  f  Y
W539c     Mary           KNIVETON       9m  f  Y
W540a     John           BROOKS         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W540b     Mary           BROOKS         25  f  Y
W540c     Charles        BROOKS         5   m  Y
W540d     William        BROOKS         1   m  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p18, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W541a     Ralph          GELL           55  m  Y  Calico weaver
W541b     Ann            GELL           55  f  Y
W541c     Samuel         GELL           25  m  Y  Calico weaver
W541d     Harriett       GELL           20  f  Y
W542a     Thomas         THOMPSON       30  m  Y  Lead miner
W542b     Sarah          THOMPSON       30  f  Y
W542c     John           THOMPSON       9   m  Y
W542d     Thomas         THOMPSON       4   m  Y
W542e     Hannah         THOMPSON       5   f  Y
W542f     Mark           THOMPSON       11m m  Y
W542g     Samuel         THOMPSON       7   m  Y
W543a     Samuel         LAND           28  m  Y  Lead miner
W543b     Ann            LAND           30  f  Y
W543c     Eliza          LAND           3   f  Y
W543d     Samuel         LAND           5m  m  Y
W544a     Mary           BARKER         60  f  Y
W544b     Samuel         BARKER         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W544c     Mary           BARKER         20  f  Y  Lace worker
W545a     William        WRIGHT         30  m  Y  Lead miner
W545b     Grace          WRIGHT         30  f  Y
W546a     Daniel         WALKER         55  m  Y  Lead miner
W546b     Hannah         WALKER         65  f  Y
W547a     John           BRADSHAW       30  m  Y  Weaver
W547b     Elizabeth      BRADSHAW       30  f  Y
W547c     Jamimah        BRADSHAW       70  f  Y
---Bolehill---[Wirksworth]---(p19, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W548a     Edward         BARKER         35  m  Y  Lead miner
W548b     Peggy          BARKER         26  f  Y
W548c     Charles        BARKER         4   m  Y
W548d     Mary           BARKER         3   f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W549a     Thomas         MILLINGTON     25  m  Y  Tallow chandler
W549b     Ann            MILLINGTON     21  f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W550a     John           MARSHALL       55  m  Y  High Constable
W550b     Elizabeth      MARSHALL       41  f  Y
W550c     Mary           MARSHALL       14  f  Y
W550d     Joseph         MARSHALL       12  m  Y
W550e     Ann            MARSHALL       9   f  Y
W550f     Jane           MARSHALL       6   f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W551a     Silence        SMEDLEY        63  f  Y
W551b     Thomas         SMEDLEY        14  m  Y  Ag Lab
W551c     George         SMEDLEY        20  m  Y  Ag Lab
W551d     Sarah          SMEDLEY        11  f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W552a     George         TISSINGTON     69  m  Y  Lead miner
W552b     Ann            TISSINGTON     65  f  N
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W553a     James          TURNER         35  m  Y  Engine worker
W553b     Sarah          TURNER         35  f  Y
W553c     William        TURNER         11  m  Y
W553d     Elizabeth      TURNER         9   f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W554a     John           YOUNG          35  m  Y  Cotton factory
W554b     Elizabeth      YOUNG          30  f  Y
W554c     John           YOUNG          6   m  Y
W554d     George         YOUNG          1   m  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]---(p20, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W555a     Samuel         WALL           70  m  Y  Hatter
W555b     Hannah         WALL           65  f  Y
W555c     William        BROOKS         21  m  Y  Lead miner
W555d     Martha         BROOKS         21  f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W556a     Mary           YOUNG          67  f  Y
W556b     Hannah         YOUNG          36  f  Y  Cotton factory
W556c     James          YOUNG          25  m  Y  Cotton factory
W556d     Mary           YOUNG          14  f  Y  Cotton factory
W556e     William        YOUNG          5   m  Y
W556f     Mary           YOUNG          3   f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W557a     Thomas         DOXEY          50  m  Y  Lead miner
W557b     Mary           DOXEY          50  f  Y
W557c     Henry          DOXEY          15  m  Y  Ag Lab
W557d     Joshua         DOXEY          10  m  Y
W557e     Francis        DOXEY          3   m  Y
W557f     Emma           DOXEY          15  f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W558a     George         WATSON         20  m  Y  Ag Lab
W558b     Mary           WATSON         20  f  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W559a     William        LAND           30  m  Y  Lead miner
W559b     Mary           LAND           30  f  Y
W559c     Elizer         LAND           11  f  Y
W559d     Martha         LAND           10  f  Y
W559e     Mahala         LAND           8   f  Y
W559f     William        LAND           7   m  Y
W559g     Mary           LAND           4   f  Y
W559h     Joseph         LAND           2   m  Y
W559i     Henry          LAND           8m  m  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]---(p21, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W560a     Thomas         YOUNG          30  m  Y  Cotton factory
W560b     Lydia          YOUNG          20  f  Y
W560c     Ann            YOUNG          8   f  Y
W560d     James          YOUNG          5   m  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W561a     John           SHAW           60  m  Y  Farmer
W561b     William        SHAW           24  m  Y  Maltster
W561c     John           SHAW           20  m  Y  Farmer
W561d     Mary           FROST          24  f  Y  F.S.
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W562a     Joseph         FLINT          35  m  Y  Wharfinger
W562b     Mary           FLINT          30  f  Y
W562c     George         FLINT          10  m  Y
W562d     Joseph         FLINT          3   m  Y
W562e     Charles        FLINT          2   m  Y
W562f     N.k.           FLINT          2m  f  Y
---Cole Hills---[Wirksworth]------------
W563a     William        JOHNSON        40  m  Y  Ag Lab
W563b     Hannah         JOHNSON        48  f  Y
W563c     Barbara        JOHNSON        14  f  Y
W563d     Thomas         JOHNSON        12  m  Y
W563e     Charles        JOHNSON        10  m  Y
---Cole Hills---[Wirksworth]------------
W564a     James          BENNET         30  m  Y  Ag Lab
W564b     Mary           BENNET         20  f  Y
W564c     James          BENNET         3   m  Y
W564d     John           BENNET         1   m  Y
W564e     William        ATTENBOROUGH   40  m  Y  Ag Lab
---Cole Hills---[Wirksworth]---(p22, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W565a     William        BENNET         47  m  Y  Ag Lab
W565b     Nabakak        BENNET         45  f  Y
W565c     William        BENNET         3m  m  Y
W565d     Elizabeth      GOODWIN        20  f  Y
W565e     Micah?         GOODWIN        4m  m  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W566a     Joseph         SLACK          40  m  Y  Lead miner
W566b     Dorothy        SLACK          35  f  Y
W566c     Esther         SLACK          15  f  Y
W566d     Dorothy        SLACK          15  f  Y
W566e     William        SLACK          14  m  Y
W566f     Josiah         SLACK          11  m  Y
W566g     Martha         SLACK          9   f  Y
W566h     Joseph         SLACK          4   m  Y
W566i     Samuel         SLACK          1   m  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W567a     Francis        ROPER          40  m  Y  Shoe m
W567b     Esther         ROPER          40  f  Y
W567c     Ann            ROPER          20  f  Y
W567d     Daniel         ROPER          15  m  Y
W567e     Godfrey        ROPER          15  m  Y
W567f     Henry          ROPER          14  m  Y
W567g     William        ROPER          12  m  Y
W567h     Francis        ROPER          10  m  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W568a     William        OLIVER         30  m  Y  Quarry lab
W568b     Esther         OLIVER         25  f  Y
W568c     Elizabeth      OLIVER         9   f  Y
W568d     Frances        OLIVER         2   f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]---(p23, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W569a     Arthur         SPENCER        69  m  Y  Farmer
W569b     Hannah         SPENCER        70  f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W570a     Edward         GODBEHERE      24  m  Y  Lead miner
W570b     Ruth           GODBEHERE      64  f  Y
W570c     Sarah          GODBEHERE      15  f  Y
W570d     Ruth           ALSOP          30  f  Y
W570e     William        ALSOP          11  m  Y
W570f     Hannah         ALSOP          8   f  Y
W570g     Elizabeth      ALSOP          4   f  Y
W570h     Fanny          ALSOP          1   f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W571a     John           SLACK          37  m  Y  Stone mason
W571b     Elizabeth      SLACK          32  f  Y
W571c     Hannah         SLACK          10  f  Y
W571d     Thomas         SLACK          4   m  Y
W571e     Mary           SLACK          2   f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W572a     Job            DOXEY          50  m  Y  Quarry lab
W572b     Ann            DOXEY          48  f  Y
W572c     Thomas         DOXEY          10  m  Y
W572d     Samuel         DOXEY          12  m  Y
W572e     John           DOXEY          5   m  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W573a     Samuel         FLINT          30  m  Y  Wharfinger
W573b     Mary           FLINT          30  f  Y
W573c     Henry          FLINT          5   m  Y
W573d     Mary           FLINT          6   f  Y
W573e     Elizabeth      FLINT          4m  f  Y
---Middle Peak---[Wirksworth]---(p24, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W574a     John           BENNET         40  m  Y  Quarry Lab
W574b     Elizabeth      BENNET         40  f  Y
W574c     Henry          BENNET         15  m  Y
W574d     John           BENNET         12  m  Y
W574e     Hannah         BENNET         10  f  Y
W574f     William        BENNET         6   m  Y
W574g     Samuel         BENNET         3   m  Y
---Middle Peak---[Wirksworth]------------
W575a     Joseph         PEARSON        50  m  N  Farmer
W575b     Mary           PEARSON        50  f  N
W575c     Jonathan       PEARSON        15  m  Y
W575d     John           PEARSON        12  m  Y
W575e     George         FOWLER         15  m  N
W575f     John           SHELDON        40  m  N
---Greenhough House---[Wirksworth]------------
W576a     James          ELLIOTT        40  m  Y  Lead miner
W576b     Ann            ELLIOTT        40  f  Y
W576c     Hannah         ELLIOTT        17  f  Y
W576d     Samuel         ELLIOTT        15  m  Y
---Steeple Grange---[Wirksworth]------------
W577a     John           SMEDLEY        64  m  Y  Silk dyer
W577b     Elizabeth      SMEDLEY        53  f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W578a     George         AUSTIN         24  m  Y  Lab
W578b     Harriett       AUSTIN         25  f  Y
W578c     Jane           AUSTIN         18m f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]---(p25, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W579a     Anthony        WOODHOUSE      40  m  Y  Lab
W579b     Ann            WOODHOUSE      45  f  Y
W579c     Anthony        WOODHOUSE      20  m  Y  Lab
W579d     William        WOODHOUSE      15  m  Y  Lab
W579e     Fanny          WOODHOUSE      15  f  Y
W579f     Mary           AUSTIN         3   f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W580a     Charles        KEELING        30  m  Y  Lab
W580b     Hannah         KEELING        25  f  Y
W580c     Ann            KEELING        9   f  Y
W580d     Harriett       KEELING        6   f  Y
W580e     Mary           KEELING        18m f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W581a     Edward         BROOKS         55  m  Y  Lead miner
W581b     Susanna        BROOKS         54  f  Y
W581c     Richard        BROOKS         20  m  Y  Lead miner
W581d     Mary           BROOKS         19  f  Y  Cotton factory
W581e     George         BROOKS         16  m  Y  Lead miner
W581f     Elizabeth      BROOKS         12  f  Y  Lace worker
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W582a     Isaac          SLACK          55  m  Y  Lab
W582b     Ann            SLACK          50  f  Y
W582c     Harriett       SLACK          9   f  Y
W582d     Thomas         MARCHANT       20  m  Y  Lab
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W583a     Joseph         KIRK           35  m  Y  Quarry Lab
W583b     Rachel         KIRK           35  f  Y
---Rise End---[Wirksworth]------------
W584a     William        HOUSLEY        25  m  Y  Lab
W584b     Mary           HOUSLEY        25  f  Y
W584c     George         HOUSLEY        2   m  Y
---Bole Hill---[Wirksworth]---(p26, Wirksworth, district 4, HO 107/198/12)---
W585a     Isaac          LAND           40  m  Y  Lab
W585b     Hannah         LAND           40  f  Y
W585c     George         LAND           15  m  Y
W585d     Thomas         LAND           15  m  Y
W585e     Isaac          LAND           12  m  Y
W585f     Francis        LAND           6   m  Y
W585g     William        LAND           2   m  Y
---Bole Hill---[Wirksworth]------------
W586a     Samuel         SILKSTONE      50  m  Y  Lab
W586b     Eliza          SILKSTONE      50  f  Y
W586c     Ellen          SILKSTONE      15  f  Y
W586d     Joseph         SILKSTONE      13  m  Y

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.


Code     Firstname      SURNAME       Age Sex DBY Occupation Comments

Ad01a    John           WILMOT         40  m   Y  Farmer

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.