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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1851 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Griffe Grange, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 16,103 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code   Firstname      SURNAME        Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

#034---Cromford---[Cromford]---(p9, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm193a   Timothy        JEPSON         Head      M  51  M   Cordwainer          Cromford
Cm193b   Elizabeth      JEPSON         Wife      M  52  F                       Cromford
Cm193c   Peter          JEPSON         Son       U  21  M   Railway clerk       Cromford
Cm193d   Mary Ann       JEPSON         Dau       U  14  F   Factory worker      Cromford
Cm193e   Elen           JEPSON         Dau       U  19  F   At home             Cromford
Cm194a   George         BODEN          Head      M  73  M   Butcher             Cromford
Cm194b   Mary           BODEN          Wife      M  75  F                       Abotts Bromly STS
Cm194c   Mary           CARDEN         Dau       M  35  F   Household work      Cromford
Cm194d   William        CARDEN         Gson      U  17  M   Servant             Cromford
Cm194e   Emma           CARDEN         Gdau         14  F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm194f   Elizabeth      CARDEN         Gdau         11  F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm194g   Michael        CARDEN         Gson         8   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm194h   George         CARDEN         Gson         3   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm195a   Simeon         SPENCER        Head      M  51  M   Fruiterer?          Middleton
Cm195b   Elizabeth      SPENCER        Wife      M  48  F                       Cromford
Cm195c   John           SPENCER        Son       M  22  M   Assist to father    Matlock
Cm195d   Eliza          SPENCER        Dau       U  25  F   Factory hand        Matlock
Cm195e   Rainie         SPENCER        Dau       U  23  F   Factory hand        Matlock
Cm195f   Fanny          SPENCER        Dau       U  19  F   At home             Matlock
Cm195g   Roseanah       SPENCER        Dau          8   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm195h   Elizabeth      SPENCER        Dau iL    M  24  F                       Ashover
Cm195i   Emily          SPENCER        Gdau         1m  F                       Cromford
#037---Cromford---[Cromford]---(p10, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm196a   William        HEATLEY        Head      M  50  M   Inland Rev Officer  Armagh IRL
Cm196b   Sarah          HEATLEY        Wife      M  55  F                       Solihull WAR
Cm197a   James          ASHWORTH       Head      M  44  M   Hatter              Derby
Cm197b   Sarah          ASHWORTH       Wife      M  44  F   Hat trimmer         Maidstone KEN
Cm197c   Emily          ASHWORTH       Dau       U  15  F   Hat trimmer         Maidstone KEN
Cm197d   William        ASHWORTH       Nephew    U  17  M   Hatter              Barnsly YKS
Cm197e   Elizabeth      ASHWORTH       Niece     U  7   F   Scholar             Burton YKS
Cm198a   William        BRITLAND       Head      M  52  M   Lead miner          Cromford
Cm198b   Hannah         BRITLAND       Wife      M  52  F                       Holloway
Cm198c   Mary           BRITLAND       Dau       U  25  F   Paper mill          Malock
Cm198d   Peter          BRITLAND       Son       U  22  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Cm198e   William        BRITLAND       Son       U  21  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Cm198f   Joseph         BRITLAND       Son       U  18  M   Lead miner          Matlock
Cm198g   Dorothy        BRITLAND       Dau       U  15  F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm198h   George         BRITLAND       Son          11  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm198i   Able           BRITLAND       Son          9   M   Scholar             Cromford
#040---Cromford---[Cromford]---(p11, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm199a   Anthony        BRITLAND       Head      M  27  M   Lead miner          Bolehill
Cm199b   Margrett       BRITLAND       Wife      M  22  F   Paper mill or baker Cork IRL
Cm199c   John           BRITLAND       Son          11m M                       Cromford
Cm200a   William        ROBINSON       Head      M  52  M   Smelter of lead ore Yorkshire YKS
Cm200b   Sarah          ROBINSON       Wife      M  56  F                       Cromford
Cm201a   George         COLLIDGE       Head      M  35  M   Tailor              Wirksworth
Cm201b   Hannah         COLLIDGE       Wife      M  30  F                       Cromford
Cm201c   Mary           COLLIDGE       Dau          11  F                       Matlock
Cm202a   John           GELL           Head      M  39  M   Grocer              Matlock
Cm202b   Jane           GELL           Wife      M  38  F                       -
Cm202c   Elizabeth      COULSON        Visitor   U  42  F   Ladys maid          Newcastle Tyne NRL
Cm203a   Joseph         CHEETHAM       Head      M  39  M   Tailor              Holloway
Cm203b   Elizabeth      CHEETHAM       Wife      M  42  F   Dressmaker          Smedley LAN
Cm203c   William        HAMER?         Lodger    M  28  M   Groom               Harlow ESS
Cm203d   Mary           HAMER?         Wife      M  20  F   Dressmaker          Cromford
Cm203e   Elizabeth      HAMER?         Dau          1   F                       Cromford
Cm203f   Sarah          HAMER?         Dau          3m  F                       Cromford
Cm204a   James          WRIGHTMAN      Head      M  43  M   Coal merchant       Heanor              Empl 4 men
Cm204b   Mary Ann       WRIGHTMAN      -         M  43  F                       Cromford
Cm204c   James S        WRIGHTMAN      Son          4   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm204d   Hannah         ELLIOTT        Servant   U  13  F   Servant             Cromford
#046---Cromford---[Cromford]---(p12, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm205a   Nathaniel      STALEY         Head      M  42  M   Empl at Paint Works Cromford
Cm205b   Jane           STALEY         Wife      M  42  F   Inft School Teacher Cromford            Formerly
Cm205c   Mary           STALEY         Dau          6   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm205d   Ellen          STALEY         Dau          4   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm205e   Martha         STALEY         Dau          2   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm206a   Joseph         HIGGOTT        Head      W  60  M   Miller 14 acres     Winster             Empl 3 men
Cm206b   Mary Ann       HIGGOTT        Dau       U  29  F                       Cromford
Cm206c   Francis        HIGGOTT        Son       U  25  M   Miller              Cromford
Cm206d   Judith         HIGGOTT        Dau       U  21  F                       Cromford
Cm206e   John           TAYLOR         Gson         5   M   Scholar             Grafton St Lndn MDX
Cm206f   Mary           STAFFORD       Servant      20  F   Servant             Ible
Cm207a   Joseph         CLOSE          Head      M  46  M   Millwright          Bisley GLS
Cm207b   Honor          CLOSE          Wife      M  50  F                       Cranham GLS
Cm207c   Emma           CLOSE          Dau       U  24  F                       Painswick GLS
Cm207d   Frederick      CLOSE          Son       U  22  M   Millwright          Painswick GLS
Cm207e   William        CLOSE          Son       U  19  M                       Painswick
Cm207f   Joseph         CLOSE          Son          13  M   Scholar             Alton STS
Cm207g   Thomas         CLOSE          Son          9   M   Scholar             Alton STS
#049---Cromford---[Cromford]---(p13, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm208a   Lewis          MARSDEN        Head      M  32  M   Coal merchant       Oaker
Cm208b   Rebecca H      MARSDEN        Wife      M  25  F   Coal merchants wife Burlington YKS
Cm208c   Henry          MARSDEN        Son          1   M   Coal merchants son  Cromford
#050---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm209a   John           MART           Head         64  M   Farmer publican     Cromford            26 acres
Cm209b   Lydia          MART           Wife         59  F   Farmers wife        Cromford
Cm209c   Paul           MART           Son          22  M   Farmers son         Cromford
Cm209d   Mary           FLETCHER       Servant      15  F   Farmers servant     Codnor
Cm209e   Lydia          SMITH          Gdau         2   F                       Cromford
Cm209f   William        BEARD          Visitor      34  M   News Agent          Chesterfield
#051---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm210a   Joseph         KIRK           Head      M  40  M   Boatman             Cromford
Cm210b   Dorothy        KIRK           Wife      M  40  F   Boatmans wife       Cromford
Cm210c   Mary           KIRK           Dau       U  20  F   Factory girl        Cromford
Cm210d   Maria          CARLINE        Dau iL    U  19  F   Factory girl        Cromford
Cm210e   Elizabeth      CARLINE        Dau iL    U  17  F   Factory girl        Cromford
Cm210f   George         WALKER         Gson         1   M                       Cromford
#052---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm211a   Francis        FLINT          Head      M  20  M   Master cordwainer   Cromford
Cm211b   Elizabeth      FLINT          Wife      M  17  F   Cordwainers wife    Cromford
#053---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm212a   Samuel         TAYLOR         Head      M  46  M   Hatter              Cromford
Cm212b   Ann            TAYLOR         Wife      M  47  F   Hatters wife        Cromford
Cm212c   Mary           TAYLOR         Dau       U  16  F   Cotton spinner      Cromford
Cm212d   Silvester      TAYLOR         Son       U  13  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm212e   Samuel         TAYLOR         Son       U  11  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm212f   Martha         TAYLOR         Dau       U  6   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm212g   Martha         CORDEN         Lodger    U  60  F                       Cromford
Cm212h   James          TAYLOR         Son       U  9   M   Scholar             Cromford
#054---North Street---[Cromford]---(p14, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm213a   John           CARLISLE       Head      M  64  M   Labourer            Middleton
Cm213b   Rebecca        CARLISLE       Wife      M  59  F   Labourers wife      Whetton STS
Cm213c   William        HOLEHOUSE      Gson      U  18  M                       Matlock
#055---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm214a   Anthony        BODEN          Head      M  65  M   Frmy cotton spinner Matlock             Formerly
Cm214b   Hannah         BODEN          Wife      M  61  F   House keeper        Matlock
Cm214c   Samuel         BODEN          Son       U  33  M                       Matlock
Cm214d   James          BODEN          Son       U  21  M   Cotton spinner      Cromford
Cm214e   Walter         SHUTT?         Visitor   U  51  M   Gardener            Cromford
#056---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm215a   Elizabeth      PIDCOCK        Head      W  68  F                       Cromford
Cm215b   Ellen          PIDCOCK        Dau       U  31  F   Cotton spinner      Cromford
Cm215c   John           PIDCOCK        Son       M  27  M   Lead miner          Cromford
Cm215d   Martha         PIDCOCK        Dau iL    M  23  F   Cotton spinner      Cromford
Cm215e   Joseph         PIDCOCK        Gson         5   M                       Cromford
Cm215f   Mary           BROOKS         Niece     U  36  F                       Cromford             dumb
#057---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm216a   Grace          KIDD           Head      W  62  F                       Cromford
Cm216b   Thomas         KIDD           Son       U  27  M   Lab in coal yard    Cromford
Cm216c   Ann            KIDD           Gdau      U  14  F   Cotton factory      Matlock
Cm216d   Selina         KIDD           Gdau         2   F                       Cromford
#058---North Street---[Cromford]---(p15, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm217a   John           ROPER          Head      M  63  M   Hatter              Cromford
Cm217b   Hannah         ROPER          Wife      M  65  F   Hatters wife        Matlock
Cm217c   Enoch          ANDREWS        Son iL    M  29  M   Blacksmith          Cromford
Cm217d   John           ROPER          Son       U  24  M   Lead miner          Cromford
Cm217e   Martha         ANDREWS        Dau       M  38  F   Formerly spinster   Cromford
#059---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm218a   Peter          BRITLAND       Head      M  39  M   Labourer            Cromford
Cm218b   Mary Ann       BRITLAND       Wife      M  32  F   Labourers wife      Cromford
Cm218c   Lydia          BRITLAND       Dau       U  2   F                       Cromford
Cm218d   William        BRITLAND       Son       U  1   M                       Cromford
Cm219a   Peter          BRITLAND       Head      W  74  M   Pauper cottonspinnr Cromford            Formerly
Cm219b   Sarah          BRITLAND       Dau       U  28  F   Cotton spinner      Cromford
#061---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm220a   Mary           BRITLAND       Head      W  62  F   Formerly servant    Wolerton SAL
#062---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm221a   Richard        TURNER         Head      M  40  M   Labourer            Cromford
Cm221b   Martha         TURNER         Wife      M  52  F   Labourers wife      Hulland Ward
#063---North Street---[Cromford]---
Cm222a   Thomas         HUDSON         Head      M  48  M   Tailor              At sea
Cm222b   Dorothy        HUDSON         Wife      M  44  F   Tailors wife        Cromford
Cm222c   Joseph         HUDSON         Son          14  M   Cotton spinner      Cromford
Cm222d   Grace          HUDSON         Dau       U  19  F   Cotton spinner      Cromford
Cm222e   Elizabeth      HUDSON         Dau       U  16  F   Cotton spinner      Cromford
#064---School House---[Cromford]---(p16, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm223a   William        SHAW           Head      M  47  M   School master       Sussex SSX          North Street School House
Cm223b   Ann            SHAW           Wife      M  49  F   School masters wife Yorkshire YKS
Cm223c   John           SHAW           Nephew    U  14  M   Scholar             Gibralter GIB       British
Cm223d   Anne           SHAW           Dau          9   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm223e   Fanny          SHAW           Dau          6   F   Scholar             Cromford
#065---School House---[Cromford]---
Cm224a   Patience       BUXTON?        Head      U  22  F   School mistress     Lynn Regis? NFK     North street School House
Cm224b   Alice Ann      AIVEY          Assistant U  20  F   School mistress     Stepney MDX
Cm225a   Ann            LYMN           Head      U  75  F   Cotton spnnr pauper                     Formerly
#067---Lime Tree---[Cromford]---
Cm226a   William        SMITH          Head      M  51  M   Garden labourer     Cromford
Cm226b   Hannah         SMITH          Wife      M  49  F   Labourers wife      Cromford
Cm226c   Mary Ann       SMITH          Dau       U  20  F   Garden labourer     Cromford
#068---Lime Tree---[Cromford]---
Cm227a   Ebenezer       BODEN          Head      M  46  M   Farmer              Cromford
Cm227b   Sarah          BODEN          Wife      M  41  F   Farmers wife        Ashover
Cm227c   William        BODEN          Son       U  20  M   Coal Agent          Ashover
Cm227d   Joseph         BODEN          Son       U  16  M   Labourer            Cromford
Cm227e   Ebenezer       BODEN          Son       U  13  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm227f   George         BODEN          Son       U  11  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm227g   Sarah          BODEN          Dau          9   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm227h   Anthony        BODEN          Son       U  6   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm227i   John Edward    BODEN          Son          3   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm227j   Henry          BODEN          Son          1   M                       Cromford
#069---Lime Tree---[Cromford]---(p17, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm228a   Lydia          PEARSON        Head      W  86  F   Annuitant           Matlock
Cm228b   Joseph         ROLLY          Son iL    M  52  M   Hatter              Cromford
Cm228c   Mary Ann       ROLLY          Dau       M  48  F   Hatters wife        Cromford
#070---Lime Tree---[Cromford]---
Cm229a   James          BROWNSON       Head      M  70  M   Wood turner         Derby
Cm229b   Sarah          BROWNSON       Wife      M  60  F   Domestic duties     Matlock
Cm229c   Emily          BROWNSON       Dau       U  24  F   Cotton spinning     Cromford
Cm229d   George         BROWNSON       Son       U  17  M   At home             Cromford
#071---Lime Tree---[Cromford]---
Cm230a   Samuel         SMITH          Head      M  53  M   Gardener            Cromford
Cm230b   Mary           SMITH          Wife      M  50  F   Gardeners wife      Crich
Cm230c   Elizabeth      SMITH          Dau       U  27  F   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Cm230d   Mary Ann       SMITH          Dau       U  25  F   Cotton spinner      Wilne
Cm230e   Emma           SMITH          Dau       U  23  F   Cotton spinner      Wilne
Cm230f   James          SMITH          Son       U  17  M   Under gardener      Cromford
Cm230g   Philip         SMITH          Son       U  14  M   Under clerk         Cromford            Solicitors under clerk
Cm230h   Susannah       SMITH          Dau          11  F   Scholar             Cromford
#072---Oak Hill---[Cromford]---
Cm231a   Robert         JONES          Head      M  45  M   Perpetual Curate    Pembroke PEM        Of Cromford, Reverend
Cm231b   Fanny          JONES          Wife      M  45  F   Wife of curate      Ilkeston
Cm231c   Fanny N        JONES          Dau          7   F   Scholar at home     Cromford
Cm231d   Martha         ALLEN          Servant   U  24  F   House servant       Winster
Cm231e   Grace          EATON          Servant   U  21  F   House servant       Cromford
#073---Oak Hill---[Cromford]---(p18, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm232a   G H            ARKWRIGHT      Head      -  -   M   Rector of Heath &   -                   Ault Hucknall, Revd, who is FROM HOME
Cm232b   Eleanor        COULSON        Servant   U  44  F   House keeper        Gatisheas? DUR
Cm232c   Elizabeth      HARRISON       Servant   U  34  F   House maid          Swadlincot
Cm232d   Harriet        REEVES         Servant   U  28  F   Cook                Fistern
Cm232e   Ann            SPENCER        Servant   U  17  F   Kitchen maid        Tissington
Cm232f   Daniel         HITCHMAN       Servant   U  26  M   Groom               Winderden WAR
Cm233a   Edward         HARRISON       Head      M  44  M   Farm bailiff        Yelderley
Cm233b   Elizabeth      HARRISON       Wife      M  48  F   Bailiffs wife       Bradley
Cm233c   Elizabeth      HARRISON       Dau       U  16  F   Bailiffs dau        Cromford
Cm233d   Louisa         HARRISON       Dau          14  F   School bailiffs dau Cromford
Cm233e   Edward         HARRISON       Son          12  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm233f   William        HARRISON       Son          10  M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm233g   Frederick      HARRISON       Son       U  8   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm233h   Eliza          SMEDLEY        Servant   U  18  F   House servant       Ashover
#075---Rockhouse Ldge---[Cromford]---
Cm234a   John           BURDIN         Head      M  48  M   Coachman            Scrooby NTT
Cm234b   Elizabeth      BURDIN         Wife      M  44  F   Coachmans wife      Thurnscoe YKS
Cm234c   Eliza          BURDIN         Dau       U  13  F   Scholar             Matlock
Cm234d   Ann            BURDIN         Dau       U  10  F   Scholar             Matlock
#076---Lime Tree---[Cromford]---(p19, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm235a   Edwin          MEAKIN         Head      M  36  M   Marble mason,clerk  Cromford            Parish clerk
Cm235b   Ann            MEAKIN         Wife      M  29  F   Domestic duties     Cromford
#077---Rock House---[Cromford]---
Cm236a   Frances        ARKWRIGHT      Head      U  54  F   Annuitant           Matlock
Cm236b   Ann J          WILDEY         Visitor   U  44  F                       Lichfield STS
Cm236c   Mary           WALKER         Servant   U  33  F   House keeper        Wirksworth
Cm236d   Ann            PRICE          Servant   U  30  F   Ladys maid          Knighton? RAD
Cm236e   Mary           WIGLEY         Servant   U  50  F   Laundry maid        Bonsall
Cm236f   Mary Ann       JESSOP         Servant   U  21  F   Waiting maid        Wirksworth
Cm236g   Eliza          WALL           Servant   U  25  F   House maid          Smalley
Cm236h   Mary           WOOD           Servant   U  17  F   Laundry maid        Wirksworth
Cm236i   Elizabeth      YOUNG          Servant   U  21  F   Kitchen maid        Nottingham NTT
Cm236j   William        HOLE           Servant   U  24  M   Groom               Ashover
Cm237a   John           SEDDON         Head      M  77  M   Retired cashier     London LND
Cm237b   Rebecca        SEDDON         Wife      M  78  F   Wife                Laughton? YKS
Cm237c   Thomas         STEVENS        Son iL    M  33  M                       Netherthorpe? OXF
Cm237d   Sarah          STEVENS        Dau       M  42  F   Wife                Cromford
Cm237e   Mary           EDWARDS        Servant   U  25  F   House servant       Matlock
#079---Cold Street---[Cromford]---
Cm238a   George         HACKETT        Head      M  29  M   Comm clerk to C S   Cromford            To cotton spinner
Cm238b   Lydia          HACKETT        Wife      M  29  F   Comm clerks wife    Cromford
Cm238c   Richard        HACKETT        Son          8   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm238d   Emily          HACKETT        Dau          7   F   Scholar             Cromford
Cm238e   Charles        HACKETT        Son          5   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm238f   George         HACKETT        Son          4   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm238g   James          HACKETT        Son          2   M                       Cromford
Cm238h   Lydia          HACKETT        Dau          3m  F                       Cromford
#080------[Cromford]---(p20, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm239a   Richard        HACKETT        Head      M  56  M   Manager & clerk     Cromford            In cotton spinning
Cm239b   Mary           HACKETT        Wife      M  43  F   Domestic duties     Cromford
Cm239c   Sarah          HACKETT        Dau       U  24  F   Dress maker         Cromford
Cm239d   John           HACKETT        Son       U  21  M   Ag labourer         Cromford
Cm239e   Richard        HACKETT        Son          8   M   Scholar             Cromford
Cm240a   Mary           RATCLIFF       Head      U  42  F   Cotton spinner      Matlock
Cm240b   Ann            STOCKS         Visitor   W  69  F   Formerly FWK pauper Cromford
#082---Wharff Yard---[Cromford]---
Cm241a   Mathew         HUGHES         Head      U  44  M   Carriers Agent      B...ton? NTH        For Messrs Wheatcroft
Cm241b   Sarah          LYNNELL        Niece     U  25  F   House keeper        Liverpool LAN
#083---Wharff Yard---[Cromford]---
Cm242a   Francis        BESTWICK       Head      W  44  M   Wharfinger          Alstonfield STS
Cm242b   Hannah         BESTWICK       Dau       U  28  F                       Alstonfield STS
Cm242c   John           BESTWICK       Son       U  22  M   Wharfinger          Kirk Ireton
Cm242d   Henry          BESTWICK       Son       U  17  M   Tea dealer          Carsington
Cm242e   Ann            BESTWICK       Dau       U  14  F                       Carsington
Cm242f   Emma           BRITLAND       Visitor   U  21  F   Infnt schoolteacher Cromford            Formerly
#084---Leaford House---[Cromford]---(p21, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm243a   Francis        BARTON         Head      M  38  M   CHPR Railway Agent  Hope                Cromford and High Peak Railway
Cm243b   Ann            BARTON         Wife      M  35  F   Agents wife         Heanor
Cm243c   Eliza          BARTON         Dau          1   F   Agents dau          Cromford
Cm243d   Andrew         BARTON         Son          2m  M   Agents son          Cromford
Cm243e   Sarah          RAYNOR         Mother iL W  71  F   Formerly Landlady   Alfreton
Cm243f   Mary           GREEN          Servant   U  18  F   House servant       Whalley CHS
#085---Junction Inn---[Cromford]---
Cm244a   Francis        BROWN          Head      M  33  M   Farmer 1 servnt boy Sterson?
Cm244b   Ann            BROWN          Wife      M  38  F   Farmers wife        Wirksworth
Cm244c   Elizabeth A    BROWN          Dau       U  10  F   Farmers dau         Cromford
Cm244d   James S        BROWN          Son          4   M   Farmers son         Cromford
Cm244e   Aaron          BROWN          Son          1   M   Farmers son         Cromford
Cm244f   Frank          BROWN          Son          1m  M   Farmers son         Cromford
Cm244g   Elizabeth      LYSON          Visitor   M  45  F   Annuitant           Woodbough NTT
Cm244h   Ann            LYSON          Visitor   U  13  F   Annuitant           Wollaton NTT
Cm244i   David          BROWN          Servant   U  19  M   House servant       Cromford
#086---Railway End---[Cromford]---
Cm245a   George H       GUY            Head      M  22  M   Sail maker          Nottingham NTT
Cm245b   Ellen          GUY            Wife      M  21  F   Sail makers wife    Nottingham NTT
Cm245c   Harriet A      GUY            Dau          1m  F                       Nottingham NTT
Cm245d   Mary           WARD           Visitor   W  62  F   Frmy cotton winder  Enderley LEI        Formerly
#087---Railway End---[Cromford]---(p22, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm246a   William        KIDD           Head      M  36  M   Porter              Fawfieldhead STS
Cm246b   Esther         KIDD           Wife      M  37  F   Porters wife        Warslow STS
Cm246c   Jemima         KIDD           Dau          11  F   Scholar             New Town STS
Cm246d   William        KIDD           Son          9   M   Scholar             Middleton
#088---Railway End---[Cromford]---
Cm247a   Joseph         NEWTON         Head      M  34  M   Labourer            Cromford
Cm247b   Elizabeth      NEWTON         Wife      M  40  F   Labourers wife      Cromford
Cm247c   Grace          NEWTON         Dau       U  10  F   Scholar             Matlock
Cm247d   Hannah E       NEWTON         Dau          8   F   At home             Cromford
Cm247e   Mary           NEWTON         Dau          5   F   At home             Cromford
Cm247f   Emily          NEWTON         Dau          1   F                       Cromford
#089---Railway End---[Cromford]---
Cm248a   Thomas         BULLOCK        Head      M  50  M   Wheelwright         Idridghay
Cm248b   Elizabeth      BULLOCK        Wife      M  45  F   Wheelwrights wife   Crich Carr
Cm248c   Sarah          HOLMES         Dau       M  23  F   Works at factory    Alderwasley
Cm248d   Daniel         HOLMES         Son iL    M  25  M   Ag labourer         Matlock
Cm248e   Harriet        BULLOCK        Dau       U  16  F   Cotton factory      Cromford            Works at
Cm248f   Mary Ann       BULLOCK        Dau       U  14  F   Cotton factory      Cromford            Works at
Cm248g   Elizabeth      BULLOCK        Dau          9   F   Scholar             Cromford
#090---Railway End---[Cromford]---
Cm249a   Samuel         JOHNSON        Head      M  27  M   Boatman             Crich
Cm249b   Ann            JOHNSON        Wife      M  25  F   Boatmans wife       Crich
Cm249c   Kezia          JOHNSON        Dau          7   F   Scholar             Crich
#091---Birchwood---[Cromford]---(p23, Matlock district, Enumeration district 9b, HO 107/2150)
Cm250a   Samuel         BROWN          Head      W  46  M   Farmer 56 acres     Kirk Ireton         2 sons employed
Cm250b   William        BROWN          Son       U  20  M   Farmers son         Cromford
Cm250c   Sarah A        BROWN          Dau       U  14  F   Farmers dau         Cromford
Cm250d   Charles        BROWN          Son          11  M   Farmers dau         Cromford
Cm250e   Mary Ann       BROWN          Dau          9   F   At home             Cromford
Cm251a   Thomas         BUNTING        Head      M  41  M   Wheelwright         Cromford
Cm251b   Mary           BUNTING        Wife      M  38  F   Wheelwrights wife   Alderwasley
Cm251c   Aaron          BUNTING        Son          9   M   At school           Alderwasley
Cm251d   Herbert        BUNTING        Son          7   M   At school           Matlock
Cm251e   Sarah A        BUNTING        Dau          2   F   At home             Cromford
Cm251f   William        SPENCER        Servant   U  15  M   Wheelwright         Cromford

#001------[Carsington]---(p1, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn01a     George         WILSON         Head      M  21  M   Game keeper         Burton on Trent STS
Cn01b     Hannah         WILSON         Wife      M  19  F                       Stapleford NTT
Cn02a     Jacob          STAFFORD       Head      M  57  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn02b     Thomas         STAFFORD       Son       U  24  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn02c     William        STAFFORD       Son          13  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn03a     William        STEEPLES       Head      W  75  M   Lime burner         Hopton
Cn03b     James          STEEPLES       Son       M  34  M   Lime burner         Hopton
Cn03c     Sarah          STEEPLES       Dau iL    M  25  F                       Hognaston
Cn03d     James          STEEPLES       Gson         5   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn03e     Ann            STEEPLES       Gdau         2   F                       Carsington
Cn03f     Mary           STEEPLES       Gdau         1m  F                       Carsington
Cn04a     Benjamin       ALLSOP         Head      M  47  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn04b     Elizabeth      ALLSOP         Wife      M  66  F                       Parwich
Cn04c     Aaron          TAYLOR         Son iL    U  30  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn04d     Isaac          TAYLOR         Gson         5   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn05a     John           BOWLER         Head      M  48  M   Farmer of 200 acres Broadbourne         Empl 2 labs
Cn05b     Ann            BOWLER         Wife      M  36  F                       Hopton
Cn05c     John           BOWLER         Son       U  22  M   Farmers son         Bradbourne
Cn05d     William        BOWLER         Son          16  M   Farmers son         Carsington
Cn05e     Joseph         BOWLER         Son          12  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn05f     Mary           BOWLER         Dau          12  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn05g     Samuel         BOWLER         Son          6   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn05h     Henry          BOWLER         Son          4   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn05i     James          GOODWIN        Servant   U  20  M   Farmers servant     Biggin
Cn05j     Sarah          WILKINSON      Servant      14  F   House servant       Carsington
#006------[Carsington]---(p2, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn06a     Francis        SLATER         Head      M  66  M   Farmer of 41 acres  Brailsford
Cn06b     Hannah         SLATER         Wife      M  56  F                       Brassington
Cn06c     Robert         SLATER         Son          15  M   Farmers son         Carsington
Cn06d     Dorothy        SLATER         Dau          12  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn07a     John           FEARN          Head      M  26  M   Stone mason         Carsington
Cn07b     Rose           FEARN          Wife      M  26  F                       Ashover
Cn07c     Emma           FEARN          Dau          1   F                       Carsington
Cn07d     Ruth           FEARN          Dau          3m  F                       Carsington
Cn08a     Joseph         WEBSTER        Head      W  68  M   Timber faller       Balledon
Cn08b     John           WEBSTER        Son       U  44  M   Sawyer              Carsington
Cn08c     Simeon         WEBSTER        Son       U  19  M   Sawyer              Carsington
Cn08d     Elizabeth      TODD           Dau       M  38  F   Gardeners wife vist Carsington          Visiting
Cn08e     Sarah Elizabth TODD           Gdau         1   F   Gardeners dau visit Carsington          Visiting
Cn08f     Mary Ann       WEBSTER        Gdau         7   F   Scholar             Carsington
#009------[Carsington]---(p3, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn09a     Edmund         BEARDSLEY      Head      W  56  M   Highways labourer   Carsington
Cn09b     Rebecca        BEARDSLEY      Dau       U  22  F                       Carsington
Cn09c     Ann            BEARDSLEY      Dau          13  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn09d     John           BEARDSLEY      Son          9   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn09e     Edmund         BEARDSLEY      Son          7   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn09f     Hannah         BEARDSLEY      Gdau         1   F                       Carsington
Cn10a     Samuel         STEVESON       Head      M  47  M   Salt dealer         Carsington
Cn10b     Elizabeth      STEVESON       Wife      M  41  F                       Mayfield
Cn10c     Mary           STEVESON       Dau       U  16  F                       Carsington
Cn10d     Elizabeth      STEVESON       Dau          8   F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn10e     Ann            STEVESON       Dau          4   F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn10f     Thomas         STEVESON       Son          2   M                       Carsington
Cn10g     Thomas         STEVESON       Father iL W  73  M   Formerly farmer     Stanton
Cn11a     Richard        SMITH          Head      M  49  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn11b     Hannah         SMITH          Wife      M  30  F                       Carsington
Cn11c     Henry          SMITH          Son          10  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn11d     Helen          SMITH          Dau          6   F   Scholar             Bolehill
Cn12a     George         SMITH          Head      W  52  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn13a     George         ALLSOP         Head      W  42  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn13b     John           ALLSOP         Son          13  M                       Carsington
Cn13c     George         ALLSOP         Son          9   M   Scholar             Carsington
#014------[Carsington]---(p4, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn14a     Stephen        STEEPLES       Head      M  28  M   Lime burner         Carsington
Cn14b     Ann            STEEPLES       Wife      M  28  F                       Carsington
Cn14c     William        STEEPLES       Son          3   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn14d     Mary           STEEPLES       Dau          7m  F                       Carsington
Cn15a     Thomas         GREGORY        Head      M  62  M   Ag lab              Carsington
Cn15b     Milicent       GREGORY        Wife      M  55  F                       Kirk Ireton
Cn16a     Matthew        WEBSTER        Head      M  42  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn16b     Ann            WEBSTER        Wife      M  33  F                       Carsington
Cn16c     Anne           OLDFIELD       Dau iL       10  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn16d     Joshua         OLDFIELD       Son iL       9   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn16e     Mary           WEBSTER        Dau          1m  F                       Carsington
Cn17a     William        GREATOREX      Head      M  55  M   Green grocer        Carsington
Cn17b     Hannah         GREATOREX      Wife      M  57  F                       Hollington STS
Cn17c     Andrew         GREATOREX      Gson         10  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn17d     Harriett       GREATOREX      Gdau         1   F                       Carsington
Cn18a     Robert         MILLWARD       Head      M  31  M   Cordwainer          Wirksworth
Cn18b     Mary           MILLWARD       Wife      M  46  F                       Carsington
Cn18c     Fanny          MILLWARD       Dau          11  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn18d     Robert         MILLWARD       Son          9   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn18e     Greville       MILLWARD       Son          2   M                       Carsington
#019------[Carsington]---(p5, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn19a     Thomas         CALDER         Head      M  34  M   Lead miner          Aldwark             surname is CALDWELL in 1861
Cn19b     Hannah         CALDER         Wife      M  40  F                       Heage
Cn19c     Mary           CALDER         Dau          10  F                       Crich
Cn19d     Jane           CALDER         Dau          7   F                       Crich
Cn19e     Elizabeth      CALDER         Dau          6   F                       Crich
Cn19f     Ann            CALDER         Dau          2   F                       Heage
Cn19g     Thomas         CALDER         Son          6m  M                       Carsington
Cn20a     William        FLINT          Head      M  34  M   Ag lab              Middleton
Cn20b     Martha         FLINT          Wife      M  34  F                       Carsington
Cn20c     Ann            FLINT          Dau          7   F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn20d     Francis        FLINT          Son          4   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn20e     Mary           FLINT          Dau          2   F                       Carsington
Cn20f     Fanny          FLINT          Dau          2m  F                       Carsington
Cn20g     Sarah          BACON          Dau iL       10  F                       Carsington
Cn21a     William        FEARN          Head      M  51  M   Stone mason         Middleton
Cn21b     Sarah          FEARN          Wife      M  76  F                       Tissington
Cn22a     Dorothy        LOMAS          Head      W  77  F   Recg Parish Relief  Kirk Ireton         Receiving
Cn23a     Elizabeth      DONCASTER      -         U  54  F   Dress maker         Carsington
#024------[Carsington]---(p6, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn24a     Matthew        BACON          Head      M  63  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn24b     Elizabeth      BACON          Wife      M  59  F                       Weston under Wood
Cn24c     Matthew        BACON          Son       U  20  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn24d     Isaac          BACON          Son       U  17  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn24e     John           BACON          Son          14  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn24f     Samuel         BACON          Gson         13  M   Miners boy          Carsington
Cn24g     Ann            MARSHALL       Dau          31  F   Grooms wife visitng Carsington
Cn24h     Mary Jane      MARSHALL       Gdau         7m  F                       Carsington
Cn25a     George         SMITH                    U  65  M   Lead miner          Hopton
Cn26a     Anthony        REPTON         Head      M  58  M   Ag lab              Sawley
Cn26b     Martha         REPTON         Wife      M  57  F                       Wirksworth
Cn26c     Benjamin       REPTON         Son       U  22  M   Ag lab              Hopton
Cn27a     Thomas         WILSON         Head      M  38  M   Blacksmith          Cheadle STS
Cn27b     Elizabeth      WILSON         Wife      M  37  F                       Carsington
Cn27c     Lucy           WILSON         Dau          11  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn27d     Elizabeth      WILSON         Dau          9   F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn27e     Matthew        WILSON         Son          6   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn27f     Hannah         WILSON         Dau          1   F                       Carsington
Cn28a     Samuel         SMITH          Head      M  51  M   Timber faller       Hopton
Cn28b     Dorothy        SMITH          Wife      M  56  F                       Brassington
#029------[Carsington]---(p7, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn29a     George         REPTON         Head      M  43  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn29b     Elizabeth      REPTON         Wife      M  43  F                       Carsington
Cn29c     Eliza          REPTON         Dau          10  F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn29d     Samuel         REPTON         Son          8   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn29e     Mary           REPTON         Dau          7   F   Scholar             Carsington
Cn29f     George         REPTON         Son          5   M                       Carsington
Cn30a     John           DONCASTER      Head      M  50  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn30b     Maria          DONCASTER      Wife      M  40  F                       Mugginton
Cn30c     Isaac          DONCASTER      Son          6   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn30d     Henry          DONCASTER      Son          3   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn30e     Ann            DONCASTER      Dau          1   F                       Carsington
Cn30f     Edward         HITCHCOCK      Nephew       6   M                       Mugginton
Cn31a     Charles        LAMB           Head      M  26  M   Lead miner          Bradley
Cn31b     Mary           LAMB           Wife      M  35  F                       Brassington
Cn31c     Emma Maria     LAMB           Dau          7m  F                       Carsington
Cn31d     Elizabeth      OLDFIELD       Mother iL W  65  F   Formrly farmers wife                    Biggin
Cn31e     Mary           HEATHCOTE      Niece        9   F   Scholar             Hognaston
Cn32a     Samuel         JOHNSON        Head      M  29  M   Ag lab              Wirksworth
Cn32b     Harriett       JOHNSON        Wife      M  27  F                       Carsington
#033------[Carsington]---(p8, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn33a     Joseph         REPTON         Head      W  33  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn33b     Joseph         REPTON         Son          10  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn34a     Richard        BATTERLEY      Head      M  50  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn34b     Elizabeth      BATTERLEY      Wife      M  45  F                       Crapper
Cn34c     John           BATTERLEY      Son       U  23  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn34d     Thomas         BATTERLEY      Son       U  19  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn34e     William        BATTERLEY      Son       U  16  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn34f     Hannah         BATTERLEY      Dau          14  F                       Carsington
Cn34g     Richard        BATTERLEY      Son          9   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn34h     George         BATTERLEY      Son          4   M                       Carsington
Cn34i     Elizabeth      BATTERLEY      Sister       70  F   Formerly servant    Carsington
Cn35a     William        BATTERLEY      Head      M  64  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn35b     Frances        BATTERLEY      Wife      M  63  F                       Brassington
Cn36a     John           GREATOREX      Head      M  29  M   Ag lab              Carsington
Cn36b     Helen          GREATOREX      Wife      M  23  F                       Taddington
Cn36c     Henry James    GREATOREX      Son          1   M                       Carsington
Cn37a     Joshua         REPTON         Head      M  37  M   Lead miner          Carsington
Cn37b     Annabelle      REPTON         Wife      M  30  F                       Carsington
Cn37c     John           REPTON         Son          7   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn37d     Edward         REPTON         Son          5   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn37e     Mary           REPTON         Dau          3   F                       Carsington
#038------[Carsington]---(p9, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn38a     Robert         WILKINSON      Head      M  43  M   Shoe maker          Wirksworth
Cn38b     Ann            WILKINSON      Wife      M  42  F                       Carsington
Cn38c     Robert         WILKINSON      Son       U  18  M   Shoe maker          Wirksworth
Cn38d     Ann            GREATOREX      Mother iL W  73  F   Frmrly farmers wife Cromford
#039---Rectory House---[Carsington]---
Cn39a     Edward         STEVENSON      Head      M  58  M   Farmer of 12 acres  Holbrook            And working Bailiff for Mr Plant
Cn39b     Frances        STEVENSON      Wife      M  58  F                       Middleton
#040---Rectory House---[Carsington]---
Cn40a     Robert         PECTON         Head      U  26  M   Curate of Carsington                    Liverpool LAN Bachelor of Arts
#041---Miners Arms---[Carsington]---
Cn41a     Isaac          TAYLOR         Head      M  35  M   Victualler, farmer  Carsington          Of 63 acres
Cn41b     Sarah          TAYLOR         Wife      M  34  F                       Brassington
Cn41c     Benjamin       TAYLOR         Son          11  M   Scholar             Brassington
Cn41d     William        TAYLOR         Son          8   M   Scholar             Hopton
Cn41e     Thomas         TAYLOR         Son          7   M   Scholar             Bonsall
Cn41f     John           TAYLOR         Son          2   M                       Carsington
Cn41g     Sarah          TAYLOR         Dau          1m  F                       Carsington
Cn41h     Frances        OLDFIELD       Servant      14  F   General servant     Carsington
Cn41i     Francis        STAFFORD       Servant   U  26  M   Farmers servant     Carsington
Cn42a     Hannah         FORD           Head      W  55  F   House keeper        Congleton CHS
Cn42b     Emma Johnson   FORD           Dau       U  28  F   School mistress out Sheldon STS         Of situation
Cn42c     Helen          FORD           Dau       U  23  F   School mistress     Congleton CHS
#043------[Carsington]---(p10, Brassington district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2146)
Cn43a     William        BESWICK        Head      M  58  M   Farmer of 30 acres  Carsington
Cn43b     Sophia         BESWICK        Wife      M  50  F                       Handley
Cn43c     George         BESWICK        Son       U  23  M   Farmers son         Carsington
Cn43d     John           BESWICK        Son       U  22  M   Farmers son         Carsington
Cn43e     Ann            BESWICK        Dau       U  20  F   Farmers dau         Carsington
Cn43f     William        BESWICK        Son       U  18  M   Farmers son         Carsington
Cn43g     Thomas         BESWICK        Son          14  M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn43h     Hannah         MILNES         Visitor   W  75  F   Formrly farmers wife                    Handley
Cn44a     Anthony        GREATOREX      Head      M  37  M   Ag lab              Carsington
Cn44b     Mary           GREATOREX      Wife      M  47  F                       Carsington
Cn45a     John           BANKS          Head      M  30  M   Shoe maker          Carsington
Cn45b     Sarah          BANKS          Wife      M  29  F                       Hartington
Cn45c     James          BANKS          Son          6   M   Scholar             Carsington
Cn45d     Barbara        BANKS          Dau          4   F                       Carsington
Cn45e     Bennet         BANKS          Dau          1   F                       Carsington

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Code   Firstname  SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born          Comments

Ad01a  Job        PEAT     Head       M  61  M  Farmer of 100 acres Ashleyhay           Empl 3 labourers

Number---Address------[Place]-----(page, Registrar's District, Enumeration District, Home Office number)

#001---Knobb Farm---[Alderwasley]---(p1, Wirksworth district, Enumeration district 3, HO 107/2145)

In the Census, each household is given a #"number of Householders Schedule". A Page Reference number is given, each page holding about 20 entries. Registrar's District, Enumeration District and Home Office reference number are also present. All this information is given in the listing in red. The Home Office (Public Record Office) number can be used to order microfilm of the Census from the PRO, or view at a reference library.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.