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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1871 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 35 enumeration districts with 16,345 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2002, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code    Firstname    SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born            Comments

Mk0643a Henry        WOODHOUSE    Head    M 26  M  Cab driver            Matlock
Mk0643b Hannah       WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 28  F                        Matlock
Mk0643c Agnes        WOODHOUSE    Dau       5   F  Wife                  Matlock
Mk0643d Hannah       WOODHOUSE    Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0643e Alfred H     WOODHOUSE    Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0644a Alfred       WOODHOUSE    Head    M 53  M  Cab proprietor        Matlock
Mk0644b Mary         WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 55  F                        Matlock
Mk0644c James        WOODHOUSE    Son     U 17  M  Cab driver            Matlock
#230---Bank---[Matlock]---(page 9,ED 13, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0645a George       WALL         Head    M 60  M  Stone mason           Darley Dale
Mk0645b Rachel       WALL         Wife    M 55  F  Wife                  Matlock
Mk0645c Sarah        WALL         Dau     U 22  F  Helper in the house   Matlock
Mk0645d George       WALL         Son     U 19  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0645e Rose An      WALL         Dau     U 16  F  House servant         Matlock
Mk0646a Anthony      WOOD         Head    M 58  M  Bathman               Bonsall
Mk0646b Dorothy      WOOD         Wife    M 62  F                        Winster
Mk0646c Samuel       KINDER       Son iL  M 28  M  Domestic servant      Wirksworth
Mk0646d Ellen        KINDER       Dau     M 27  F  Household work        Bonsall
Mk0646e Sarah A      KINDER       Gdau      6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0646f Anthony      KINDER       Gson      4   M                        Matlock
Mk0646g Ellen        KINDER       Gdau      2   F                        Matlock
Mk0646h Samuel       HURSTHOUSE   Gson      14  M  Lead miner            Bonsall
Mk0647a John         WILDGOOSE    Head    M 40  M  Stone waller          Belper
Mk0647b Mary         WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 40  F                        Matlock
Mk0647c Susanna      HALL         Mother  W 79  F  Seamer                Matlock
Mk0648a Ann          WRAGG        Head    W 48  F  Farmer                Matlock
Mk0648b George       WRAGG        Son     U 19  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0648c Emma         WRAGG        Dau     U 17  F  Asst in the House     Matlock
Mk0648d Mary         ROTHWELL     Visitor M 65  F  Boardinghouse keeper  Matlock               Retired....
Mk0648e John         DAWES        Visitor U 26  M  Bathman               Holloway
Mk0648f William      SOMERVILLE   Lodger  U 36  M  Police Officer        Cumberland CUL
#234---Bank---[Matlock]---(page 10,ED 13, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0649a Elizabeth    WATKINS      Head    W 64  F  Lodging house keeper  Matlock
Mk0649b Maria        KING         Visitor U 42  F  Annuitant             Matlock
Mk0649c Mary         BOOTH        Servant U 12  F  House servant         Derby
Mk0650a William      WOOLLEY      Head    M 34  M  Labourer              Lea
Mk0650b Martha       WOOLLEY      Wife    M 35  F                        Cromford
Mk0650c John         WOOLLEY      Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0650d Joseph       WOOLLEY      Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0651a William      WALL         Head    M 34  M  Cordwainer            Darley dale
Mk0651b Sarah        WALL         Wife    M 40  F  Wife                  Matlock
Mk0651c Ellen        WALL         Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0651d Charles      WALL         Son       8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0651e Agnes J      WALL         Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0651f John A       WALL         Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk0651g Eliza        BLAND        Servant   13  F  Servant               Matlock
Mk0652a Samuel       WRAGG        Head    M 42  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0652b Sarah        WRAGG        Wife    M 42  F                        Matlock
Mk0652c John         WRAGG        Son       12  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0652d Anne         WRAGG        Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0652e Sarah E      WRAGG        Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0652f Rosey        WRAGG        Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0652g Samuel       WRAGG        Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk0653a Fredrick     WILMOT       Head    M 24  M  Nurseryman            Darley Dale
Mk0653b Dinah        WILMOT       Wife    M 28  F  Wife                  Matlock
#239---Bank---[Matlock]---(page 11,ED 13, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0654a John         WARD         Head    M 35  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk0654b Ellen        WARD         Wife    M 34  F                        Darley
Mk0654c Francis W    WARD         Son       5   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0654d John J       WARD         Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk0654e Hannah       WARD         Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk0654f Daniel       WAGSTAFF     Lodger  M 23  M  Labourer              Wholley Moor
Mk0654g Emma         WAGSTAFF     Lodger  M 27  F                        Darley
Mk0654h Thomas H     LITCHFIELD   Lodger    1   M                        Darley
Mk0655a Elizabeth    WARD         Head    W 68  F  Household work        Matlock
Mk0655b Robert       WARD         Son     U 17  M  Painter,paperhanger   Matlock
Mk0656a Thomas       WARD         Head    M 34  M  Butcher               Matlock
Mk0656b Lydia        WARD         Wife    M 28  F                        Matlock
Mk0656c George       WARD         Son     U 8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0656d Ann          WARD         Dau     U 6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0656e Lydia        WARD         Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0656f Francis      WARD         Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk0656g Fred         WARD         Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0656h Herbert      WARD         Son       4m  M                        Matlock
Mk0657a James        WALL         Head    M 29  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0657b Annie        WALL         Wife    M 27  F                        Hylton
Mk0657c Mary B       WALL         Dau       5   F                        Matlock
Mk0657d Richard B    WALL         Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk0657e Ann E        WALL         Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#243---Bank---[Matlock]---(page 12,ED 13, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0658a Michael      WHETTON      Head    M 24  M  Innkeeper             Pilsley
Mk0658b Priscilla    WHETTON      Wife    M 32  F  Wife                  Doncaster YKS
Mk0658c Mary         COUPE        Visitor U 32  F                        Doncaster YKS
Mk0659a Moses        WHEELDON     Head    M 49  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0659b Mary         WHEELDON     Wife    M 46  F                        Matlock
Mk0659c Joseph       WHEELDON     Son     U 22  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0659d Anne         WHEELDON     Dau     U 18  F  General servant       Matlock
Mk0659e Mary         WHEELDON     Dau       14  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0659f Elizabeth    WHEELDON     Mother  W 85  F                        Matlock           blind
Mk0659g Sarah        WALL         Moth iL W 80  F                        Faisley
Mk0660a Leonard      WHEATCROFT   Head    M 56  M  Farmer 50 acres       Ashover
Mk0660b Emma         WHEATCROFT   Wife    M 56  F                        Ashover
Mk0660c Leonard      WHEATCROFT   Son       15  M  Farmers son helper    Tansley
Mk0661a Susannah     WARD         Head    W 78  F  Domestic              Matlock
Mk0661b Ann          WARD         Dau       40  F  Domestic              Matlock
Mk0662a John         WHEELDON     Head    M 39  M  Labourer              Darley
Mk0662b Lousia       WHEELDON     Wife    M 39  F                        Matlock
Mk0662c John W       WHEELDON     Son       8   M                        Matlock
Mk0663a Luke         WILMOTT      Head    M 30  M  Stone cutter          Darley
Mk0663b Mary J       WILMOTT      Wife    M 26  F  Dressmaker            Ravenstone
Mk0663c Ernest L     WILMOTT      Son       10m M                        Matlock
Mk0663d Hannah       WILMOTT      Sister  U 18  F  Dressmaker            Darley
Mk0663e John P       ALLEN        Fath iL M 60  M  Gardener              Coleorton LEI
Mk0663f Catherine    ALLEN        Moth iL M 64  F  Dressmaker            Coleorton LEI
#249---Bank---[Matlock]---(page 13,ED 13, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0664a Elias        WOODHOUSE    Head    M 28  M  Bathman               Matlock
Mk0664b Elizabeth    WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 30  F  Bathwoman             Sheffield YKS
Mk0664c James        SHENTON      Lodger  U 48  M  Collier               Rosendale LAN
Mk0664d William      GAUNT        Nephew  U 19  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0665a Sarah        WRIGHT       Head    W 41  F  Landowner             Matlock
Mk0665b Henry        WRIGHT       Son     U 19  M  Paint works           Matlock
Mk0666a James        WALKER       Head    M 46  M  Labourer              Bonsall
Mk0666b Hannah       WALKER       Wife    M 48  F                        Darley Dale
Mk0666c Elizabeth H  WALKER       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0667a Charles      WOODHOUSE    Head    M 65  M  Hydropathic           Matlock
Mk0667b Matilda      WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 63  F                        Matlock
Mk0667c James        WHITE        Patient M 40  M  Timber clerk          London LND
Mk0667d Thomas       TAYLOR       Patient M 34  M  Corn miller           Strelley NTT
Mk0667e Walter       POLE         Patient U 22  M  Groom                 Gledhow YKS
Mk0667f Thomas       GAWTHORPE    Patient U 13  M  Farmers son           Greensyke UNK         YKS?
Mk0667g Oliver       KIRK         Boarder   6   M  Scholar               Workington CUL
Mk0667h Mary A       KIRK         Boarder   3   F  Scholar               Workington CUL
Mk0667i Sarah        FOX          Servant U 30  F  Domestic servant      Matlock
Mk0668a Ralph        WILDGOOSE    Head    W 77  M  Bootmaker             Darley
Mk0668b Mary         CLARK        Stepdau W 53  F                        Matlock
Mk0668c Caroline     HOLMES       Stepdau U 25  F                        Chesterfield
Mk0668d Henry        HOLMES       Gson      13  M  Labourer              Chesterfield
Mk0668e Walter       HOLMES       Gson      17  M                        Matlock
#254---Dimple---[Matlock]---(page 14,ED 13, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0669a Charles      YOUNG        Head    M 61  M  Stone mason           Darley
Mk0669b Sarah E      YOUNG        Wife    M 52  F                        Matlock
Mk0669c Isaac        YOUNG        Son       14  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0669d Ann          YOUNG        Dau       11  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0670a Charles      YOUNG        Head    M 22  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0670b Sarah        YOUNG        Wife    M 27  F                        Ashover
#1---Chesterfield Rd---[Matlock]---(page 1,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0671a Peter        ROUSE        Head    M 46  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0671b Mary         ROUSE        Wife    M 38  F                        Matlock
Mk0671c Florence S   ROUSE        Dau       14  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0671d Clementina   ROUSE        Dau       11  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0671e Catherine    ROUSE        Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0671f Maud M       ROUSE        Dau       3   F                        Matlock
#2---Chesterfield Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0672a Joseph       BOTTOMLEY    Head    M 58  M  Retired woolstapler   Shepley YKS
Mk0672b Mary Ann     BOTTOMLEY    Wife    M 48  F                        Lancaster LAN
Mk0672c John         BOTTOMLEY    Son     U 22  M  Merchant              Shepley YKS
Mk0672d William      PICKARD      Bro iL  M 50  M  Landowner             Scotsforth LAN
Mk0672e Mary Ann     PICKARD      Sist iL M 44  F                        Thackwaite CUL
Mk0672f Elizabeth F  PICKARD      Niece     11  F                        Lancaster LAN
Mk0672g Joseph W     PICKARD      Nephew    8   M                        Lancaster LAN
Mk0672h Jane P       PICKARD      Niece     4   F                        Lancaster LAN
Mk0672i Jane         SHAW         Servant U 20  F  General servant       L.Cumberworth YKS
#3---Chesterfield Rd (Duke of Wellington Inn)---[Matlock]---
Mk0673a George       WARD         Head    M 41  M  Wheelwright,innkeepr  Matlock
Mk0673b Mary         WARD         Wife    M 42  F                        Tansley
Mk0673c George W     WARD         Son     U 17  M                        Matlock
Mk0673d Elizabeth S  WARD         Dau       13  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0673e Samuel O     WARD         Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0673f William J    WARD         Son       8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0673g Fanny        GOODHALL     Servant   13  F  General servant       Tansley
Mk0673h George       ELLIOTT      Lodger  W 51  M  Carpenter             Langwith NTT
#4---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---(page 2,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0674a Thomas       GREEN        Head    M 35  M  Farm labourer         Ashbourn
Mk0674b Elizabeth    GREEN        Wife    M 46  F                        Matlock
Mk0674c Harriett     GREEN        Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
#5---Chesterfield Rd (Toll Bar)---[Matlock]---
Mk0675a John         DODSON       Head    W 74  M  Toll Bar Tenter       Bulbey YKS
Mk0675b Mary         DAWSON       Gdau      10  F                        Eccles LAN
#6---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0676a Anthony      BUNTING      Head    M 51  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0676b Hannah       BUNTING      Wife    M 53  F                        Long Clawson LEI
Mk0676c Mary         BUNTING      Dau     U 20  F                        Matlock
Mk0676d Alice        BUNTING      Dau       10  F                        Matlock
#7---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0677a Ann          PROCTOR      Head    U 63  F  Boardinghouse keeper  Wingerworth           Retired...
#8---Matlock Bank---[Matlock]---
Mk0678a George       FARNSWORTH   Head    M 26  M  Nurseryman            Matlock
Mk0678b Fanny        FARNSWORTH   Wife    M 28  F                        Sutton Ashfld NTT
Mk0678c Theresa W    FARNSWORTH   Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0678d Arthur       FARNSWORTH   Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk0678e Leasowe S    FARNSWORTH   Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0678f Ellen E      SADLER       Servant U 19  F  Servant (domestic)    Higham
#9---Wold Farm---[Matlock]---
Mk0679a John         GOODWIN      Head    M 49  M  Farmer of 110 acres   Matlock               Empl 1 man 1 boy
Mk0679b Eliza        GOODWIN      Wife    M 37  F                        Derby St Alkmund
Mk0679c Thomas       GOODWIN      Son       14  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0679d Ann E        GOODWIN      Dau       13  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0679e John G       GOODWIN      Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0679f George W     GOODWIN      Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0679g Mary         GOODWIN      Dau       4   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0679h James H      GOODWIN      Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0679i Harriet      WILMOT       Servant U 20  F  General servant       Darley
#10---Balmoral House---[Matlock]---(page 3,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0680a Michael T    WORRALL      Head    M 52  M  Retired merchant      Studley WAR
Mk0680b Martha       WORRALL      Wife    M 57  F                        Salford LAN
Mk0680c Ann          FRANKLIN     Servant M 38  F  Domestic servant      Tarporley CHS
#11---Chesterfield Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0681a John         WILDGOOSE    Head    M 46  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk0681b Betsy        WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 50  F                        Matlock
#12---Chesterfield Rd---[Matlock]---
Mk0682a Ralph        DAVIS        Head    M 56  M  Hydropathist          Matlock
Mk0682b Ann          DAVIS        Wife    M 62  F                        Waterhouses STS
Mk0682c Sarah        BUCKLEY      Dau     U 42  F                        Matlock
Mk0682d Harriett     WALL         Dau     W 26  F                        Matlock
Mk0682e John Anthony WALL         Gson      5   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0682f Josiah H     WALL         Gson      3   M                        Matlock
Mk0682g Harry        WALL         Gson      1   M                        Matlock
Mk0682h John         HORTON       Bro iL  U 65  M  Annuitant             Hinks STS
Mk0682i Jane         HAMMERSLEY   Boarder W 60  F  Annuitant             Leicester LEI
Mk0682j George       CHAPMAN      Boarder M 49  M  Wheelwright           Glaston RUT
Mk0682k William H    LUCAS        Boarder U 27  M  Jeweller              Birmingham WAR
Mk0682l Maria        HERDSMAN     Servant W 53  F  General servant       Marylebone MDX
Mk0682m Amy          WALL         Servant U 23  F  General servant       Matlock
Mk0682n Joseph       WOOLLEY      Boarder U 55  M  Annuitant             Blyth NTT
#13---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0683a Hannah       LUDLAM       Head    W 41  F  Farmer                Ashover
Mk0683b Mary         LUDLAM       Dau       9   F  Scholar               Ashover
Mk0683c Sarah        LUDLAM       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Ashover
Mk0683d Mary Jane    BUNTING      Servant U 24  F  Domestic servant      Darley
Mk0683e Sidney       BARKER       Servant U 19  M  Dom servant           Darley
Mk0683f William      WILMOT       Father  W 76  M  Retired farmer        Darley
#14---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---(page 4,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0684a John         LUDLAM       Head    M 29  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk0684b Jane         LUDLAM       Wife    M 28  F                        Matlock
Mk0684c Mary         LUDLAM       Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0684d John         LUDLAM       Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk0684e Mary         LEE          Servant W 75  F                        Kirk Ireton
#15---Cuckoostone Grange---[Matlock]---
Mk0685a Jonathan     STORER       Head    M 41  M  Farmer of 100 acres   Wirksworth
Mk0685b Ann          STORER       Wife    M 33  F                        Buxton
Mk0685c John E       STORER       Son       11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk0685d Frederick    STORER       Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk0685e Henry        STORER       Son       8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk0685f William      STORER       Son       4   M                        Wirksworth
Mk0685g Frances H    STORER       Dau       1   F                        Wirksworth
Mk0685h Joseph       STORER       Brother U 40  M  Farmers assistant     Wirksworth
Mk0685i Elizabeth    STORER       Mother  W 69  F                        Burton Needwd STS
Mk0685j Elizabeth    GODDARD      Servant U 14  F  Servant domestic      Great Hucklow
#16---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0686a Sarah Ann    PALETHORPE   Head    U 36  F  Farmer of 20 acres    Canwick LIN
Mk0686b Frank        PALETHORPE   Son     U 16  M                        Matlock
#17---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0687a Francis      HAYNES       Head    M 73  M  Farmer of 190 acres   Denby
Mk0687b Sarah        HAYNES       Wife    M 65  F                        Breadsall
Mk0687c Samuel       HAYNES       Son     U 25  M                        Denby
#18---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0688a Joseph       HOLMES       Head    M 51  M  Farmer occ 60 acres   Hopton
Mk0688b Eliza        HOLMES       Wife    M 50  F                        Stockport CHS
Mk0688c Robert       HOLMES       Son     U 17  M                        Manchester LAN
#19---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---(page 5,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0689a Thomas       ADAMS        Head    M 54  M  Farmer occ 100 acres  Lambley NTT
Mk0689b Mary Ann     ADAMS        Wife    M 48  F                        Witham onHill LIN
Mk0689c Catherine    ADAMS        Dau       13  F                        Lambley NTT
Mk0689d John         ADAMS        Son       3   M                        Mapperley
#20---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0690a Joseph       WHEELDON     Head    M 57  M  Farmer occ 23 acres   Matlock
Mk0690b Hannah       WHEELDON     Wife    M 57  F                        Matlock
Mk0690c Joseph       WHEELDON     Son     U 15  M  Labourer              Ashover
#21---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0691a Robert       WILMOT       Head    M 52  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0691b Christiana   WILMOT       Wife    M 52  F                        Matlock
Mk0691c Harriett     WILMOT       Dau     U 24  F  Factory girl          Matlock
Mk0691d Simeon R     WILMOT       Son     U 21  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0691e Ann          WILMOT       Dau     U 18  F  Factory girl          Matlock
Mk0691f Sarah        WILMOT       Dau     U 16  F  Factory girl          Matlock
#22---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0692a William      YOUNG        Head    M 27  M  Brick manufacturer    Crich
Mk0692b Emma         YOUNG        Wife    M 29  F                        Crich
Mk0692c Frederic     GOODLAD      Lodger  W 52  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0692d Frederic     GOODLAD      Lodger  U 14  M  Labourer              Matlock
#23---Matlock Moor---[Matlock]---
Mk0693a Joseph       WILMOT       Head    M 39  M  Farmer,stone cutter   Ashover               Occupying 7 acres
Mk0693b Sarah A      WILMOT       Wife    M 36  F                        Darley
Mk0693c Elizabeth    WILMOT       Dau     U 16  F                        Darley
Mk0693d Thomas       WILMOT       Son       8   M  Scholar               Darley
Mk0693e Hannah       WILMOT       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Darley
Mk0693f Sarah A      WILMOT       Dau       3   F                        Darley
Mk0693g Emma         WILMOT       Dau       1   F                        Ashover
#24---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(page 6,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0694a Charles      WOODHOUSE    Head    M 38  M  Watchman              Matlock
Mk0694b Ann          WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 39  F                        Matlock
Mk0694c Elizabeth    WOODHOUSE    Dau     U 18  F  Servant               Matlock
Mk0694d Matilda      WOODHOUSE    Dau     U 16  F  Servant               Matlock
Mk0694e Joseph       WOODHOUSE    Son       14  M  Dom servant           Matlock
Mk0694f Enoch        WOODHOUSE    Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0694g Sarah Ann    WOODHOUSE    Dau       7   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0695a Dennis       WRAGG        Head    M 44  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk0695b Sarah        WRAGG        Wife    M 38  F                        Matlock
Mk0695c Hannah       WRAGG        Dau     U 19  F  Factory girl          Matlock
Mk0695d Ann          WRAGG        Dau     U 17  F  Factory girl          Matlock
Mk0695e Eliza        WRAGG        Dau       14  F  Scholar               Codnor
Mk0695f Rosa         WRAGG        Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0695g William      WRAGG        Son       6m  M                        Matlock
Mk0696a Mark         DOVE         Head    M 28  M  Ag lab                Selston NTT
Mk0696b Mary         DOVE         Wife    M 30  F                        Crich
Mk0696c William      DOVE         Son       5   M                        Crich
Mk0696d James        DOVE         Son       2   M                        Darley
#27---Hurst Farm---[Matlock]---
Mk0697a Eliza        WILDGOOSE    Head    W 46  F  Farmer of 200 acres   Matlock               Empl 2 men
Mk0697b Eliza        WILDGOOSE    Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0697c Margaret     WILDGOOSE    Sist iL U 69  F  Annuitant             Matlock
Mk0697d Emma         MARRIOTT     Niece     4   F                        Matlock
Mk0697e John         WILDGOOSE    Visitor U 17  M  Ironmonger            Macclesfield CHS
Mk0697f Emma         LYNAM        Servant U 18  F  General servant       Crich
Mk0697g Francis      GRETTON      Servant U 18  M  Farm servant          Bonsall
Mk0697h Herbert      HOUSLEY      Servant U 15  M  Farm servant          Ashover
#28---Hurst Hill---[Matlock]---(page 7,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0698a George       HOUSLEY      Head    M 51  M  Ag lab                Stanton
Mk0698b Grace        HOUSLEY      Wife    M 49  F                        Ashover
Mk0698c Sarah Jane   HOUSLEY      Dau       11  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0698d Anne Maria   HOUSLEY      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Matlock
#29---Asker Farm---[Matlock]---
Mk0699a William      WRAGG        Head    M 43  M  Farmer occ 37 acres   Matlock
Mk0699b Sarah        WRAGG        Wife    M 42  F                        Ashover
Mk0700a Sidney       WOODHOUSE    Head    M 29  M  Mason                 Matlock
Mk0700b Elizabeth    WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 29  F                        Matlock
Mk0700c Elizabeth    WOODHOUSE    Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0700d Elias        WOODHOUSE    Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk0700e Annie Eliza  WOODHOUSE    Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk0700f Sarah        WOODHOUSE    Dau       14d F                        Matlock
Mk0701a Samuel       GILL         Head    M 41  M  Labour                Beeley
Mk0701b Martha       GILL         Wife    M 40  F                        Matlock
Mk0702a John         STATHAM      Head    M 35  M  Bleacher              Matlock
Mk0702b Elizabeth    STATHAM      Wife    M 29  F                        Darley
Mk0702c Sarah        STATHAM      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0702d Frederick    STATHAM      Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0703a Michael      WOODHOUSE    Head    M 47  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0703b Elizabeth    WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 46  F                        Matlock
Mk0703c Ann          WOODHOUSE    Dau     U 23  F  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0703d Joseph       WOODHOUSE    Son     U 20  M  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0703e Edward       WOODHOUSE    Son     U 18  M  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0703f Hannah       WOODHOUSE    Dau     U 15  F  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0703g Mary Elizbth WOODHOUSE    Dau       13  F  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0703h Michael      WOODHOUSE    Son       10  M  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0703i Eliza        WOODHOUSE    Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0703j William      WOODHOUSE    Son       5   M  Scholar               Matlock
#34---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(page 8,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0704a Adam         WOODHOUSE    Head    M 43  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0704b Jane         WOODHOUSE    Wife    M 47  F                        Matlock
Mk0704c Mary Ann     WOODHOUSE    Dau     U 22  F  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0704d Harriett     WOODHOUSE    Dau     U 19  F  Servant bleach works  Matlock
Mk0704e Charles      WOODHOUSE    Son     U 17  M  Servant bleach works  Matlock
Mk0704f Selina       WOODHOUSE    Dau       14  F  Servant bleach works  Matlock
Mk0704g Levi         WOODHOUSE    Son       12  M  Servant bleach works  Matlock
Mk0704h Herbert      WOODHOUSE    Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0704i Adam         WOODHOUSE    Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0705a David        DOXEY        Head    M 61  M  Bookkeeper            Wirksworth
Mk0705b Ann          DOXEY        Wife    M 64  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0705c Elizabeth    DOXEY        Dau     U 34  F  Assist housekeeper    Cromford
Mk0706a George       BEARDOW      Head    W 54  M  Labourer              Ashover
Mk0706b Samuel       BEARDOW      Son     U 18  M  Labourer              Ashover
Mk0706c William      BEARDOW      Son       13  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0706d Hannah       GREEN        Servant W 71  F  Servant               Darley
Mk0707a William      BOAM         Head    M 24  M  Ag lab                Matlock
Mk0707b Betty        BOAM         Wife    M 24  F                        Matlock
Mk0707c Mary         BOAM         Dau       4m  F                        Matlock
#38---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(page 9,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0708a James        DAVIS        Head    M 47  M  Barytes manufacturer  Matlock
Mk0708b Lydia        DAVIS        Wife    M 51  F                        Middleton
Mk0708c William      DAVIS        Son     U 19  M  Barytes manufacturer  Matlock
Mk0708d Ruth         DAVIS        Dau       11  F  Bleach works hand     Matlock
Mk0709a James        HUGHES       Head    M 42  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0709b Mary         HUGHES       Wife    M 39  F                        Wirksworth
Mk0709c Mary         HUGHES       Dau       11  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0709d Joseph       HUGHES       Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0709e Elizabeth    HUGHES       Dau       4   F                        Matlock
Mk0709f Harriett     HUGHES       Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0710a John         HURSTHOUSE   Head    M 43  M  Cotton bleacher       Matlock
Mk0710b Sarah        HURSTHOUSE   Wife    M 54  F                        Matlock
Mk0710c Edmund       HURSTHOUSE   Son     U 19  M  Draper out of employ  Matlock
Mk0711a Isaac        KNOWLES      Head    M 31  M  Coachman              Matlock
Mk0711b Clara        KNOWLES      Wife    M 21  F                        Bonsall
Mk0711c Arthur       KNOWLES      Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0711d John         KNOWLES      Son       7w  M                        Matlock
Mk0712a William      KNOWLES      Head    M 29  M  Labourer              Matlock
Mk0712b Martha       KNOWLES      Wife    M 23  F                        Matlock
Mk0712c Ann elizabth KNOWLES      Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk0713a John         KNOWLES      Head    M 57  M  Ag lab                Newbrough STS
Mk0713b Sarah        KNOWLES      Wife    M 56  F                        Longford
Mk0713c Charles      KNOWLES      Son     U 20  M  Ag lab                Matlock
Mk0713d John Herbert KNOWLES      Son     U 18  M  Ag lab                Matlock
Mk0713e Edmund       KNOWLES      Son     U 16  M  Ag lab                Matlock
Mk0713f Thomas       KNOWLES      Son       13  M  Bleach works lab.     Matlock
#44---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(page 10,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0714a Peter        DEUXBERRY    Head    M 52  M  Gardener              Otley YKS
Mk0714b Eleanor L    DEUXBERRY    Wife    M 54  F                        Yoxall STS
Mk0714c Thomas       DEUXBERRY    Son       12  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0715a James        SMITH        Head    M 43  M  Ag lab                Carsington
Mk0715b Sarah        SMITH        Wife    M 44  F  Straw bonnet maker    Quarn
Mk0715c Selina       EYRE         Niece   U 15  F  Servant domestic      Bradbourne
Mk0716a Edward H     GARTON       Head    U 37  M  Bleacher, barytes     Matlock               Manufacturer, farmer emp 47 men,22 boys,3 women,17 girls
Mk0716b Mary         GARTON       Mother  W 69  F                        Nottingham NTT
Mk0716c Anne M       GARTON       Sister  U 48  F  Bleacher              Matlock
Mk0716d Emma         GARTON       Sister  U 31  F  Bleacher              Matlock
Mk0716e Percy        COLLES       Visitor M 30  M  Billiard table maker  Leamington WAR
Mk0716f Mary         COLLES       Visitor M 29  F                        Whaley Bridge
Mk0716g Mary         TWIGG        Servant U 42  F  Servant domestic      Matlock
Mk0716h Mary         MARGERISON   Servant U 21  F  Servant domestic      Matlock
Mk0716i Ann          DAVIS        Servant U 22  F  Servant domestic      Grareslane NTT
Mk0717a Joseph       WOODSHOUSE   Head    M 53  M  Bleacher              Matlock
Mk0717b Ann          WOODSHOUSE   Wife    M 57  F                        Matlock
Mk0718a John         RHODES       Head    M 30  M  Coachman              Ashover
Mk0718b Amy          RHODES       Wife    M 23  F                        Ashover
Mk0718c Ann Eliza    RHODES       Dau       4   F                        Ashover
Mk0718d Mary E       RHODES       Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk0718e Sarah        RHODES       Dau       4m  F                        Matlock
#49---Lumsdale---[Matlock]---(page 11,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0719a George       THOMPSON     Head    M 54  M  Cotton carder         Matlock
Mk0719b Bertha       THOMPSON     Wife    M 54  F                        Stockport LAN
Mk0719c Elizabeth    THOMPSON     Dau     U 20  F  Mill hand             Stockport LAN
Mk0719d Edward       THOMPSON     Son     U 17  M  Blacksmith            Stockport LAN
Mk0719e Mary         THOMPSON     Dau     U 15  F  Mill hand             Matlock
Mk0719f William      THOMPSON     Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0719g Emma         THOMPSON     Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#50---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---
Mk0720a Richard      WHEELDON     Head    M 24  M  Miller's carter       Matlock
Mk0720b Maria        WHEELDON     Wife    M 20  F                        Matlock
Mk0720c Elizabeth    WHEELDON     Dau       7m  F                        Matlock
#51---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---
Mk0721a George       CHILDS       Head    M 52  M  Malster               Blackwall
Mk0721b Hannah       CHILDS       Wife    M 45  F                        Ashover
Mk0721c Samuel       CHILDS       Son       13  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0721d Emma         CHILDS       Dau       12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0721e Ralph        CHILDS       Son       10  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0721f Lydia        CHILDS       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0721g Arthur       CHILDS       Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0721h David        CHILDS       Son       4   M                        Matlock
Mk0721i Vaughan      CHILDS       Son       2   M                        Matlock
#52---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---
Mk0722a Henry E      BAILEY       Head    M 32  M  Miller                Matlock               Empl 13 men and 1 boy
Mk0722b Mary Ann     BAILEY       Wife    M 31  F  Scholar               Collingham NTT
Mk0722c Catherine H  BAILEY       Dau       6   F                        Collingham NTT
Mk0722d Ernest H     BAILEY       Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk0722e Mary         BRINDLEY     Servant U 24  F  General servant       Hartington
Mk0722f Catherine    MARGERISON   Servant U 14  F  General servant       Matlock
#53---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(page 12,ED 14, RSD "Matlock",RG10/3631)---
Mk0723a Trophimus    LANE         Head    M 23  M  Miller                Stathern LEI
Mk0723b Sarah        LANE         Wife    M 28  F                        Matlock
Mk0723c George T     LANE         Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk0723d Mary A       LANE         Dau       2m  F                        Matlock
#54---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---
Mk0724a Joshua       WILDGOOSE    Head    M 38  M  Stone cutter          Belper
Mk0724b Mary Ann     WILDGOOSE    Wife    M 38  F                        Biggin STS
Mk0724c Anthony      WILDGOOSE    Son       13  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk0724d Sarah        WILDGOOSE    Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0724e Alice        WILDGOOSE    Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0724f Joshua       WILDGOOSE    Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk0724g Margaret     WILDGOOSE    Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk0724h John         WILDGOOSE    Son       9m  M                        Matlock
#55---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---
Mk0725a Anthony      OGDEN        Head    M 70  M  Labourer              Darley
Mk0725b Sarah        OGDEN        Wife    M 75  F                        Darley
#56---Matlock Green---[Matlock]---
Mk0726a Joseph       SMITH        Head    M 62  M  Retired farmer        Sutton
Mk0726b Ann          SMITH        Wife    M 61  F                        Staveley
Mk0726c Sarah        SMITH        Dau     U 27  F                        Calow
Mk0726d George H     SMITH        Son     U 22  M  Pawnbroker            Calow
Mk0726e Emily        SMITH        Dau     U 19  F                        Chesterfield
Mk0726f John         DUDLEY       Visitor U 31  M  Spade,shovel manufr   Staveley

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Schedule---Address---[Township]---(Page, Enumerator's District, Registrar's Sub-District, PRO reference)
         #1---Coldwell St---[Wirksworth]---(Page 1, ED 1, RSD "Wirksworth", RG10/3594)---

In the Census, each household is given a "No. of Schedule". The Address lists "Road,Street &c, and No. or Name of House". A Page number is given, each page holding up to 25 entries. Enumeration District, Registrar's Sub District and Public Record Office reference number are also present. All this information is given in the listing in red. The Public Record Office number can be used to order microfilm of the Census from the PRO, or view at a reference library.

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