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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1881 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ivonbrook, Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 17,469 entries.

Researched, transcribed, compiled, edited, indexed, formatted, encoded and copyright © 2003,. All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME   Relation.Con.Age.Sex   Occupation         Born             Handicap    Comments   

#161---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p32)
Mk1045a  Arthur K.     RAINES       Head    U 34  M  Bleacher              Leicester LEI         Employing 5 men 1 boy
#162---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p32)
Mk1046a  John          YEOMANS      Head    M 67  M  Boot maker            Church Broughton
Mk1046b  Ann           YEOMANS      Wife    M 53  F  Boot makers wife      Morton
#163---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1047a  Isaac         BRADLEY      Head    M 80  M  Postoffice pensioner  Woolley Moor
Mk1047b  Hannah        BRADLEY      Wife    M 79  F  Wife                  Ashover
#164---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1048a  Mathew        JACKSON      Head    M 24  M  Stone cutter          Crich
Mk1048b  Hannah        JACKSON      Wife    M 23  F  Wife                  Tansley
Mk1048c  Lydia         JACKSON      Dau       3   F                        Matlock
Mk1048d  John Wm.      JACKSON      Son       1   M                        Matlock
#165---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1049a  George        WRIGHT       Head    M 88  M  Formerly weaver       Mansfield NTT
Mk1049b  Jane          WRIGHT       Wife    M 81  F  Wife                  Matlock
#166---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1050a  John          PALFREMAN    Head    M 37  M  Weaver of cotton      Wirksworth
Mk1050b  Mary          PALFREMAN    Wife    M 34  F  Cotton weavers wife   Grindleford Bridge
Mk1050c  George Wm.    PALFREMAN    Son       9   M  Scholar               Matlock
#167---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1051a  John          WRAGG        Head    M 24  M  Farm labourer         Wessington
Mk1051b  Margaret      WRAGG        Wife    M 27  F  Weaver & wife         Matlock
Mk1051c  Caroline      WRAGG        Dau       3   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1051d  Joseph        WRAGG        Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk1051e  Fanny         PALFREMAN    Moth iL W 65  F  Formerly weaver       Stanton
#168---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1052a  Thomas        ULLYATT      Head    M 30  M  Cutter                Reneth NTT
Mk1052b  Hannah        ULLYATT      Wife    M 24  F  Formerly weaver       Tansley
Mk1052c  Thomas        ULLYATT      Son       3   M                        Tansley
Mk1052d  William       ULLYATT      Son       1   M                        Matlock
#169---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p33)
Mk1053a  Walter        TWIGG        Head    M 22  M  General labourer      Tansley
Mk1053b  Emma          TWIGG        Wife    M 24  F  Labs wife             Matlock
Mk1053c  Robert        TWIGG        Son       1   M  Labs son              Tansley
#170---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1054a  Simeon R.     WILMOT       Head    M 31  M  Bleacher              Matlock
Mk1054b  Elizabeth     WILMOT       Wife    M 26  F  Bleachers wife        Derby
#171---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1055a  Susannah      FURNIS       Head    W 59  F  Charwoman             Ashover
Mk1055b  Maria         LYONS        Lodger  U 23  F                        Witcham CAM
#172---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1056a  John          JOHNSON      Head    M 63  M  Tape weaver           Matlock
Mk1056b  Hannah        JOHNSON      Wife    M 62  F  Midwife               Matlock
Mk1056c  Christiana    JOHNSON      Dau     U 22  F  Cotton winder         Matlock
#173---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1057a  Thomas        SPENCER      Head    W 64  M  Farmer                Tansley
Mk1057b  Mary E.       YEOMANS      Gdau    U 18  F  Housekeeper           Holloway
#174---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1058a  Henry         BOWLER       Head    M 34  M  Farm labourer         Carsington
Mk1058b  Jane E.       BOWLER       Wife    M 36  F  Farm labs wife        Middleton
Mk1058c  Henrietta     BOWLER       Dau       13  F  Scholar               Biggin
Mk1058d  John          BOWLER       Son       10  M  Scholar               Carsington
Mk1058e  Ella A.       BOWLER       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Griff Grange
Mk1058f  Sarah         BOWLER       Dau       4   F                        Hognaston
Mk1058g  Harry         BOWLER       Son       3   M                        Hognaston
Mk1058h  Ann           BOWLER       Mother  W 65  F  Annuitant             Hopton
#175---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1059a  John G.       TATLOW       Head    M 38  M  Commercial clerk      Wirksworth
Mk1059b  Fanny         TATLOW       Wife    M 36  F  Commrcl clerks wife   Wild Park
Mk1059c  James         TATLOW       Father  M 64  M  Former smallwood mfr  Derby
#176---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p34)
Mk1060a  William F.    CURRY        Head    M 31  M  General dealer        Islington MDX
Mk1060b  Elizabeth     CURRY        Wife    M 29  F  Gen dealers wife      Islington MDX
Mk1060c  Gertrude E.   CURRY        Dau       4   F                        Clerkenwell MDX
Mk1060d  George F.W.   CURRY        Son       2   M                        Clerkenwell MDX
#177---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p35)
Mk1061a  William       YOUNG        Head    U 50  M  Tape weaver           Matlock
Mk1061b  Henry         YOUNG        Brother U 48  M  Calico weaver         Matlock
#178---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p35)
Mk1062a  James         WHITE        Head    M 22  M  Blacksmith            Crich
Mk1062b  Harriet       WHITE        Wife    M 22  F  Blacksmiths wife      Crich
Mk1062c  Mary Ann      WHITE        Dau       1   F                        Crich
#179---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p35)
Mk1063a  John          LEE          Head    M 24  M  Sweep                 Belper
Mk1063b  Mary          LEE          Wife    M 23  F  Sweeps wife           Lea
#180---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p35)
Mk1064a  Elizabeth     BOWN         Head    U 29  F  Charwoman             Ashover
Mk1064b  John          BOWN         Son       4   M  Scholar               Tibshelf
Mk1064c  Eliza         WOOD         Lodger    13  F  Scholar               Ashover
#181---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p35)
Mk1065a  William       WHARTON      Head    W 47  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1065b  Sarah Ann     WHARTON      Dau     U 21  F  Weaver                Tansley
Mk1065c  James         WHARTON      Son     U 19  M  Bleacher              Tansley
Mk1065d  William       WHARTON      Son     U 18  M  Farm labourer         Tansley
Mk1065e  Thomas        WHARTON      Son     U 10  M  Scholar               Tansley
Mk1065f  Emma          WHARTON      Dau     U 8   F  Scholar               Tansley
Mk1065g  John Henry    WHARTON      Son       5   M  Scholar               Tansley
#182---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p35)
Mk1066a  William       BRIDDEN      Head    M 39  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
Mk1066b  Hannah        BRIDDEN      Wife    M 30  F  Charwoman             Ashover
Mk1066c  John          BRIDDEN      Son       8   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1066d  Job           BRIDDEN      Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1066e  William T.    BRIDDEN      Son       3   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1066f  William T.    BRIDDEN      LFather W 70  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth            Lodger's Father
#183---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p36)
Mk1067a  George        BOOTH        Head    M 52  M  General labourer      Evanton LIN           "Enmbe Linon"
Mk1067b  Elizabeth     BOOTH        Wife    M 42  F  Charwoman             Ashby Zouch LEI       "Ashbadasock"
Mk1067c  William       BOOTH        Son     U 22  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1067d  Alice         BOOTH        Dau     U 19  F  Charwoman             Matlock
Mk1067e  George        BOOTH        Son       17  M  Farm labourer         Matlock
Mk1067f  Sarah         BOOTH        Dau       14  F  Mill hand             Matlock
Mk1067g  Isabella      BOOTH        Dau       12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1067h  Elizabeth     BOOTH        Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1067i  Anna M.       BOOTH        Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1067j  Thomas        BOOTH        Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1067k  Agnes         BOOTH        Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk1067l  Thomas        ATKIN        Lodger  U 23  M  Railway labourer      Sheffield YKS
#184---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p36)
Mk1068a  John          BRIDDEN      Head    M 49  M  Cotton weaver         Wirksworth
Mk1068b  Maria         BRIDDEN      Wife    M 48  F  Cotton weavers wife   Matlock
Mk1068c  Thomas        DAWES        Son iL  M 27  M  Joiner                Matlock
Mk1068d  Ann Eliza     DAWES        Dau     M 26  F  Joiners wife          Matlock
Mk1068e  Ada           DAWES        Gdau      3   F                        Matlock
Mk1068f  Fanny         DAWES        Gdau      1   F                        Matlock
#185---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p36)
Mk1069a  James         BRIDDEN      Head    M 33  M  Blacksmith            Staley Bridge LAN
Mk1069b  Maria         BRIDDEN      Wife    M 30  F  Blacksmiths wife      Tansley
Mk1069c  Anne E.       BRIDDEN      Dau     U 11  F  Scholar               Tansley
Mk1069d  Agnes         BRIDDEN      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1069e  Mary Emma     BRIDDEN      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1069f  George        BRIDDEN      Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1069g  James         BRIDDEN      Son       18m M                        Matlock
#186---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p37)
Mk1070a  Hannah        WRAGG        Head    W 50  F  Formerly grocer       Higham
Mk1070b  Peter         WRAGG        Gson      12  M  Scholar               Tansley
#187---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p37)
Mk1071a  George        ELSE         Head    M 36  M  Miller                Lea
Mk1071b  Mary Jane     ELSE         Wife    M 39  F  Millers wife          Wirksworth
Mk1071c  Mary Jane     ELSE         Dau       10  F  Scholar               Langley Mill NTT
Mk1071d  John Henry    ELSE         Son       7   M  Scholar               Darley Bridge
Mk1071e  Margret E     ELSE         Dau       6   F  Scholar               Middleton
Mk1071f  Eliza Ann     ELSE         Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#188---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p37)
Mk1072a  Herbert       TAYLOR       Head    M 30  M  Joiner & builder      Matlock
Mk1072b  Catherine     TAYLOR       Wife    M 24  F  Joiners wife          Tansley
Mk1072c  Annie         TAYLOR       Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk1072d  Mary E.       TAYLOR       Dau       1m  F                        Matlock
#189---Royal Oak Beer House---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p37)
Mk1073a  Thomas        TAYLOR       Head    M 34  M  Farmer & beer house   Tansley
Mk1073b  Mary          TAYLOR       Wife    M 35  F  Farmers wife          Ashover
Mk1073c  A.E.          TAYLOR       Sister  U 20  F  Farmers dau           Tansley
Mk1073d  E.            RHODES       Niece     12  F  Scholar               Tansley
Mk1073e  Joseph A.     SMITH        Lodger  U 24  M  Nurseryman            Tansley
---(Free Church Chapel)---
Mk1074a  George        ALLEN        Head    M 54  M  Bleacher              Matlock
Mk1074b  Maria         ALLEN        Wife    M 39  F  Bleachers wife        Manchester LAN        Pendleton
Mk1074c  William       ALLEN        Son     U 18  M  Drayman               Matlock
Mk1074d  Sarah         ALLEN        Dau     U 17  F                        Matlock
Mk1074e  Edward        DAVIS        Lodger  U 31  M  Factory hand cotton   Lea
#191---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p38)
Mk1075a  Joseph        SHEPPARD     Head    M 24  M  Police officer        Kingstone DOR
Mk1075b  Elizabeth     SHEPPARD     Wife    M 21  F  Police officers wife  Middleton
Mk1075c  Charlott A.   SHEPPARD     Dau       9m  F                        Middleton
#192---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p38)
Mk1076a  Thomas        JEWSBURY     Head    M 36  M  Tape weaver           Measham
Mk1076b  Elizabeth     JEWSBURY     Wife    M 28  F  Tape weaver           Tansley
#193---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p38)
Mk1077a  John          JOHNSON      Head    M 27  M  Quarryman             Matlock
Mk1077b  Ellen         JOHNSON      Wife    M 20  F  Quarrymans wife       Ashover
#194---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p38)
Mk1078a  Henry         DICKEN       Head    M 49  M  Stone mason           Matlock
Mk1078b  Sarah         DICKEN       Wife    M 43  F  Stone masons wife     Tansley
Mk1078c  Elizabeth     DICKEN       Dau     U 19  F  Weaver                Matlock
Mk1078d  Sarah A.      DICKEN       Dau     U 17  F  Weaver                Matlock
Mk1078e  Francis       DICKEN       Son       15  M  Masons labourer       Matlock
Mk1078f  William       DICKEN       Son       13  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1078g  Mary Jane     DICKEN       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1078h  Lucy E.       DICKEN       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1078i  Henry         DICKEN       Son       2   M                        Matlock
#195---Matlock Cliff---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p38)
Mk1079a  Thomas        FENTRAN      Head    U 72  M  Farmer                Stanton
Mk1079b  Hannah        FENTRAN      Sister  U 64  F  Housekeeper           Stanton
Mk1079c  George        FENTRAN      Nephew  U 44  M  Farmers assistant     Harthill
#196---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p38)
Mk1080a  Henry         TOMLINSON    Head    M 32  M  Farm labourer         Farnsfield NTT
Mk1080b  Sarah         TOMLINSON    Wife    M 24  F  Farm labs wife        Mansfield NTT
Mk1080c  Henry         TOMLINSON    Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1080d  Elizabeth     TOMLINSON    Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk1080e  George        TOMLINSON    Son       6m  M                        Matlock
#197---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1081a  Thomas        KNOWLES      Head    M 75  M  Joiner & builder      Matlock
Mk1081b  Maria         KNOWLES      Wife    M 65  F  Joiners  wife         Matlock
Mk1081c  Samuel        KNOWLES      Son     U 30  M  Joiner & builder      Matlock
Mk1081d  Leonard       WILLAN       Lodger  U 50  M  Annuitant             Corby LIN
#198---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1082a  William       OUTRAM       Head    M 35  M  Profsr music,currier  Matlock               Professor of Music
Mk1082b  Annie         OUTRAM       Wife    M 28  F  Professors wife       Matlock
Mk1082c  Millicent M.  OUTRAM       Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk1082d  William T.    OUTRAM       Son       7m  M                        Matlock
#199---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1083a  Richard       JOHNSON      Head    M 69  M  Wire worker           Bridley WOR
Mk1083b  Benjamin      JOHNSON      Son     U 35  M  Card grinder          Rindle LIN
Mk1083c  Hannah        JOHNSON      Dau     U 21  F  Housekeeper           Cas.Donnington LEI
Mk1083d  William       JOHNSON      Son     M 30  M  Tin plate worker      Birmingham WAR
Mk1083e  Sarah         JOHNSON      Dau iL  M 29  F  Tinplate workrs wife  Crich
Mk1083f  Margret       JOHNSON      Gdau      2   F                        Crich
#200---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1084a  Henry         REDFERN      Head    W 50  M  Farm labourer         Matlock
Mk1084b  Mary          REDFERN      Dau     U 17  F  Housekeeper           Matlock
Mk1084c  Charlott      REDFERN      Dau     U 9   F  Scholar               Matlock
#201---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1085a  John          COTTERILL    Head    M 71  M  Retired farmer        Matlock
Mk1085b  Ann           COTTERILL    Wife    M 67  F  Retired farmers wife  Matlock
#202---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1086a  Isaac         STATHAM      Head    M 51  M  Miner (Coal)          Matlock           deaf,dumb
Mk1086b  Christina     STATHAM      Wife    M 51  F  Dressmaker            Bole Hill
#203---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p39)
Mk1087a  William       FOX          Head    M 65  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1087b  Sarah         FOX          Wife    M 56  F  Dressmaker            Bole Hill
Mk1088a  George        WALL         Head    M 51  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk1088b  Ann           WALL         Wife    M 52  F  Stone cutters wife    Winterburne DOR
Mk1088c  John          WALL         Son     U 24  M  Masons labourer       Matlock
Mk1088d  Richard       WALL         Son     U 22  M  Stone cutter          Matlock
Mk1088e  Eliza         WALL         Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1089a  John          DICKINS      Head    M 29  M  Railway labourer      Matlock
Mk1089b  Ann           DICKINS      Wife    M 31  F  Formerly mill hand    Morwood Moor
Mk1089c  Alice         DICKINS      Dau       4   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1089d  Tom           DICKINS      Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1090a  Thomas        DICKINS      Head    M 35  M  Railway labourer      Matlock
Mk1090b  Hannah        DICKINS      Wife    M 25  F  Formerly mill hand    Morewood Moor
#207---Riber Castle---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p40)
Mk1091a  Caroline      SMEDLEY      Head    W 59  F  Annuitant             Frome SOM
Mk1091b  Mary Jane     HARWOOD      Sis iL  W 50  F                        Spalding LIN
Mk1091c  John          HARWOOD      Nephew  U 22  M  Undergrad Oxford      Wirksworth
Mk1091d  Lionel        HARWOOD      Nephew  U 21  M  Solicitors art clerk  Wirksworth            Articled clerk
Mk1091e  Charles A.    HARWOOD      Nephew  U 14  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1091f  Ethel M.      HARWOOD      Niece   U 11  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1091g  Francis E.    HARWOOD      Nephew    8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Mk1091h  Lousia M.     KELT         Niece   U 20  F                        St Pancras LND
Mk1091i  Charlotte D.  HOGWORTH     Visitor W 62  F                        Edinburgh SCT
Mk1091j  Susan         TURNER       Servant U 36  F  Dom serv housemaid    Higham
Mk1091k  Jane          FRYER        Servant U 24  F  Dom serv cook         Stanton In Peak
Mk1091l  Mary          WALL         Servant U 17  F  Dom serv kitchenmaid  Riber
#208---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1092a  George A.     SMITH        Head    M 43  M  Independent minister  Nottingham NTT
Mk1092b  Lousia        SMITH        Wife    M 50  F  Ministers wife        East Ham ESS
Mk1092c  Jane B.       BROWN        Servant U 26  F  Lady help             Brocknor GLS
Mk1092d  Julin P.      SWAINE       Visitor U 43  M                        Manchester LAN
#209---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1093a  Eliza         ROD          Head    U 64  F  Annuitant             London LND
#210---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1094a  George        MERCHANT     Head    M 55  M  Coachman              Lea
Mk1094b  Mary Ann      MERCHANT     Wife    M 48  F  Coachmans wife        Shelford NTT
Mk1094c  Mary          JULIAN       Moth iL W 78  F  Retired               Wharton NTT
#211---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1095a  William       WALL         Head    M 26  M  Stone mason           Riber
Mk1095b  Emily         WALL         Wife    M 30  F  Stone masons wife     Church Broughton
Mk1095c  Florance A.   WALL         Dau       2   F                        Riber
Mk1095d  Louis         WALL         Son       1m  M                        Riber
#212---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1096a  Ann           WHOLEY       Head    W 69  F  Formerly farmer       Higham
Mk1096b  Louisa        FRISBY       Niece     14  F                        Higham
#213---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1097a  George Henry  BODEN        Head    M 26  M  Painter               Matlock
Mk1097b  Eliza         BODEN        Wife    M 26  F  Painters wife         Tupton
Mk1097c  Sarah H.      BODEN        Dau       4   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1097d  Job B.        GROCOTT      HalfBro   15  M  Painters apprentice   Matlock
#214---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p41)
Mk1098a  Mary          WALL         Head    W 86  F  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
Mk1098b  John          WALL         Son     M 43  M  Farmer                Riber
Mk1098c  Jane          WALL         Dau iL  M 39  F  Farmer wife           Bargh Sands CUL
Mk1098d  George        WALL         Gson      12  M  Scholar               Riber
Mk1098e  Sarah         WALL         Gdau      8   F  Scholar               Riber
Mk1098f  John E.       WALL         Gson      6   M  Scholar               Riber
Mk1098g  Mary          WALL         Gdau      4   F  Scholar               Riber
Mk1098h  Anne          WALL         Gdau      2   F                        Riber
Mk1098i  John          SHIMWELL     Lodger  U 55  M  Farm labourer         Chesterfield
#215---Riber Hall---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p42)
Mk1099a  James         TAYLOR       Head    W 58  M  Farmer,newsp editor   Wensley               Newspaper editor
Mk1099b  Elizabeth     PICKFORD     Servant U 22  F  Housekeeper           Matlock
Mk1099c  John          PICKFORD     Servant U 28  M  Farm servant indoor   Matlock
Mk1100a  Stephen       EALEY        Head    M 47  M  Joiner                Littlemoor
Mk1100b  Grace         EALEY        Wife    M 51  F  Joiners wife          Lea Wood
Mk1100c  John          EALEY        Son     U 19  M  Joiners apprentice    Lea Wood
Mk1100d  Anne          EALEY        Dau     U 17  F  Dressmaker            Riber
Mk1100e  Mary          EALEY        Dau       15  F                        Riber
Mk1101a  John          KIDD         Head    M 62  M  Farm labourer         Matlock
Mk1101b  Elizabeth     KIDD         Wife    M 52  F  Farm labs wife        Sheffield YKS
Mk1101c  Harriett      KIDD         Dau     U 22  F  Seamstress            Matlock Bath
Mk1101d  Joseph        KIDD         Son     U 18  M  Farm labourer         Matlock Bath
Mk1102a  Elizabeth     GREGORY      Head    W 69  F  -                     Matlock
Mk1102b  Elizabeth     GREGORY      Dau     U 48  F  Seamstress            Matlock
Mk1102c  William       ELEY         Son iL  M 32  M  Joiner                Lea Wood
Mk1102d  Mary          ELEY         Dau     M 29  F  Joiners wife          Matlock
Mk1102e  Alice         ELEY         Gdau      4   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1102f  Lilian        ELEY         Gdau      3m  F                        Matlock
#219---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p43)
Mk1103a  John          BUNTING      Head    M 47  M  Farmer of 18 acres    Matlock
Mk1103b  Hannah        BUNTING      Wife    M 40  F  Farmers wife          Matlock
Mk1103c  Sarah Ann     BUNTING      Dau       13  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1103d  Isabla        BUNTING      Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1103e  Kate          BUNTING      -         7   F  Scholar               Matlock
#220---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p43)
Mk1104a  John          MILWARD      Head    M 38  M  Farm labourer         Knifeton
Mk1104b  Sarah         MILWARD      Wife    M 35  F  Farm labs wife        Horslingfield STS
Mk1104c  Thomas        MILWARD      Son       12  M  Farm labourer         Caudon? STS
Mk1104d  Hannah E.     MILWARD      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Ashover
Mk1104e  Sarah Ann     MILWARD      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Darley Dale
Mk1104f  Frank         MILWARD      Son       6   M  Scholar               Darley Dale
Mk1104g  William       MILWARD      Son       3   M                        Darley Dale
Mk1104h  Annie         MILWARD      Dau       1   F                        Matlock
#221---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p43)
Mk1105a  William       BERRISFORD   Head    M 41  M  General labourer      Matlock
Mk1105b  Charlotte     BERRISFORD   Wife    M 40  F  General labs wife     Matlock Bath
Mk1105c  Flora Ann     BERRISFORD   Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Holloway
Mk1105d  Joseph        BERRISFORD   Son     U 6   M  Scholar               Lea
#222---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p43)
Mk1106a  William       ALLWOOD      Head    M 28  M  Factory hand          Crich
Mk1106b  Mary Ann      ALLWOOD      Wife    M 28  F  Factory hand wife     West Meath IRL
Mk1106c  Alice         ALLWOOD      Dau       3   F  Scholar               Crich
Mk1106d  William T.    ALLWOOD      Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk1106e  Mary          ALLWOOD      Sister  U 13  F  Scholar               Crich
Mk1106f  Thomas        ALLWOOD      Brother U 10  M  Scholar               Crich
#223---Riber Matlock Low Lees Farm---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p44)
Mk1107a  Edward J      SMITH        Head    M 27  M  Farmer of 92 acres    Windley
Mk1107b  Mary          SMITH        Wife    M 30  F  Farmers wife          Foston
Mk1107c  William       SMITH        Son       2   M                        Matlock
Mk1107d  Benjamin      ROWLEY       Servant U 24  M  Farm labourer         Turnditch
Mk1107e  John          SMITH        Uncle   U 50  M  Farm labourer         Windley
Mk1107f  John          CLIFFORD     Servant U 13  M  Farm labourer         Ilkiston
#223a---High Lees Farm---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p44)
Mk1108a  Peter         KIDDY        Head    M 55  M  Farm bailiff          Ilkiston
Mk1108b  Sarah         KIDDY        Wife    M 40  F  Farm bailiffs wife    Wirksworth
Mk1108c  Elizabeth     KIDDY        Dau     U 14  F  Farm servant dom      Wirksworth
Mk1108d  Joseph        KIDDY        Son       12  M  Farm servant          Lydney GLS
Mk1108e  Sarah Ann     KIDDY        Dau       9   F  Scholar               Lydney GLS
Mk1108f  George        KIDDY        Son       7   M  Scholar               Risca MON
Mk1108g  John          KIDDY        Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1108h  Herbert       KIDDY        Son       1   M                        Matlock
Mk1109a  Isaac         HOLMES       Head    M 59  M  Sawyer,farmer 49 ac   Belper
Mk1109b  Mary          HOLMES       Wife    M 55  F  Farmers wife          Brassington
Mk1109c  Samuel        HOLMES       Son     U 33  M  Bricklayers lab       Matlock
Mk1109d  Isaac J.      HOLMES       Son     U 22  M  Railway drayman       Matlock
Mk1109e  Elizabeth     HOLMES       Dau     U 20  F  Hosiery machinist     Matlock               Factory hand
Mk1109f  Arthur        HOLMES       Son     U 16  M  Whitesmiths apprent   Matlock
Mk1109g  Mary Jane     HOLMES       Dau       15  F  Errand girl           Matlock               At hosiery factory
Mk1109h  Mary Elizab   HOLMES       Gdau      7   F  Gdau on a visit       Matlock
#225---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p45)
Mk1110a  William       MARCHANT     Head    M 36  M  Frame smith           Lea
Mk1110b  Hannah        MARCHANT     Wife    M 30  F  Frame smiths wife     Whaley Bridge
Mk1110c  Sarah         MARCHANT     Dau       8   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1110d  George        MARCHANT     Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1110e  Elizabeth     MARCHANT     Dau       5   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1110f  Alfred        MARCHANT     Son       3   M                        Matlock
Mk1110g  Joseph        MARCHANT     Son       1   M                        Matlock
#226---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p45)
Mk1111a  Luke          HADFIELD     Head    M 61  M  Farmer,cattle dealer  Elton
Mk1111b  Charlott      HADFIELD     Wife    M 50  F  Farmers wife          Youlgreave
Mk1111c  Walter        HADFIELD     Nephew  M 31  M  Cattle dealer         Elton
Mk1111d  Ann           HADFIELD     Niece   M 37  F  Cattle dealers wife   Elton
Mk1111e  Kate Ann      HADFIELD     Niece     18m F  Cattle dealers dau    Riber
Mk1111f  Leonard Dale  BOWER        Nephew    7   M  Scholar               South Winfield
Mk1111g  Thomas        REDFERN      Servant U 16  M  Farm servant lab      Riber
Mk1111h  Ann           REDFERN      Servant U 11  F  Farm servant dom      Riber
#227---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p45)
Mk1112a  Solomon       STATHAM      Head    M 37  M  Farmer                Matlock
Mk1112b  Ann           STATHAM      Wife    M 34  F  Farmers wife          Ashleyhay
Mk1112c  Lydia Wright  STATHAM      Dau       4   F  Farmers dau           Riber
Mk1112d  George M.     STATHAM      Son       2   M  Farmers son           Riber
Mk1112e  Hannah        GRATTON      Servant   15  F  General servant dom   Bonsall
#228---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p45)
Mk1113a  Hannah        KNOWLES      Head    W 66  F  Farmers widow         Wensley
Mk1113b  Henry A.      KNOWLES      Son     U 23  M  General labourer      Matlock
#229---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p46)
Mk1114a  John George   KNOWLES      Head    M 28  M  Stoker at gas wks     Matlock
Mk1114b  Mary Ann      KNOWLES      Wife    M 24  F  Stokers wife          Ilkeston
Mk1114c  Henry J.      KNOWLES      Son       3   M  Stokers son           Matlock
Mk1114d  Frank G.      KNOWLES      Son       18m M  Stokers son           Matlock
Mk1114e  -             KNOWLES      Dau       1m  F  No name given yet     Matlock
#230---Riber Matlock---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-16-p46)
Mk1115a  William       WILSON       Head    M 61  M  Farmer of 8.25 acres  Matlock
Mk1115b  Hannah        WILSON       Wife    M 60  F  Farmers wife          Matlock
Mk1115c  Mary Ellen    WILSON       Dau     U 21  F  Farmers dau           Matlock
#1---Bridge House---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p1)
Mk1116a  Levina        HOBSON       Servant U 40  F  House keeper          Coleby LIN
Mk1116b  Alice         CURTIS       Servant U 19  F  House maid            EastBridgford NTT
Mk1116c  John          ALLEN        Servant U 16  M  Groom                 Wirksworth
---(Cromford Station Midland Railway)---
#2---Station House---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p1)
Mk1117a  Edwin         FURNISS      Head    M 65  M  Station master        Pilsley
Mk1117b  Sarah         FURNISS      Wife    M 49  F  Station masters wife  Stanton
Mk1117c  Laurence      FURNISS      Son     U 23  M  Clerk railway         Cromford
Mk1117d  Sarah         FURNISS      Dau     U 21  F  School mistress       Cromford
Mk1117e  Alfred        FURNISS      Son     U 16  M  Joiner builder        Cromford
Mk1117f  Charles       FURNISS      Son       10  M  Scholar               Cromford
#3---Wood End Villa---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p1)
Mk1118a  John Adams    WHEATCROFT   Head    M 25  M  General merchant      Matlock
Mk1118b  Evelyn        WHEATCROFT   Wife    M 29  F                        MelburyOsmond DOR
Mk1118c  Constance MW  WHEATCROFT   Dau     U 4   F                        Matlock
Mk1118d  Mary E.       WHEATCROFT   Dau       1   F                        Matlock
Mk1118e  (Infant)      WHEATCROFT   Dau       10d F                        Matlock
Mk1118f  Eliza         INAFFIELD?   Moth iL M 60  F                        London MDX
Mk1118g  Mary Eliza    INAFFIELD?   Dau iL  M 26  F                        Fordington DOR
Mk1118h  Mary Ann      LYCETT       Servant M 48  F  Monthly nurse         Old Swinford WOR
Mk1118i  Mary Eliz.    NEWTON       Servant M 29  F  Servant               Cauldson WOR
Mk1118j  Catherine     HOLMES       Servant U 22  F  Servant               Walsall STS
Mk1118k  Mary          BUTTERS      Servant U 20  F  Servant               Overseal LEI
#4---Lea Bridge---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p1)
Mk1119a  William       ELSE         Head    M 58  M  Farmer                Holloway
Mk1119b  Mary Ann      ELSE         Wife    M 54  F                        Holloway
Mk1119c  Agnes Mary    ELSE         Dau     U 22  F  Dressmaker            Holloway
Mk1119d  Emma          ELSE         Dau     U 17  F                        Holloway
Mk1119e  Charles       ELSE         Son     U 15  M                        Holloway
Mk1119f  Alfred        ELSE         Son     U 13  M  Farmers son           Holloway
#5---Lea Bridge---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p2)
Mk1120a  Andrew        SWIFT        Head    M 63  M  Warehouseman LNWR     Crich                 London & North Western Railway
Mk1120b  Hannah        SWIFT        Wife    M 61  F                        Matlock
#6---Lea Bridge---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p2)
Mk1121a  John          SPENCER      Head    M 67  M  Loco engine driver    Wirksworth
Mk1121b  Sarah         SPENCER      Wife    M 68  F                        Wirksworth
#7---Bow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p2)
Mk1122a  George        BRITLAND     Head    W 29  M  Lead smelter          Lea                   Occupancy of 5 acres of land
#8---Castle Top---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p2)
Mk1123a  Henry         TAYLOR       Head    W 41  M  Farmer                Castle Top Matlck
Mk1123b  Mary          TAYLOR       Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Castle Top Matlck
Mk1123c  Annie         TAYLOR       Dau       13  F  Scholar               Castle Top Matlck
Mk1123d  Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Dau       13  F  Scholar               Castle Top Matlck
Mk1123e  Charles       SWIFT        Fath IL M 65  M  Blacksmith farmer     Cromford
Mk1123f  Esther        SWIFT        Moth iL M 62  F                        Darley
Mk1123g  Lois          BROADHEAD    Visitor U 29  F                        Lymm
Mk1123h  Harriot       TAYLOR       Servant U 16  F  Domestic servant      Kirk Ireton
Mk1123i  John          CROOKS       Servant U 21  M  Farm servant indoor   Holloway
Mk1123j  John          FENTON       Servant U 18  M  Farm servant indoor   Cromford
#9---Bow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p2)
Mk1124a  Sarah         TAYLOR       Head    W 52  F  Farmer of 50 acres    Parwich
Mk1124b  Herbert S     TAYLOR       Son     U 23  M  Farmer                Parwich
Mk1124c  Elizabeth     BROWNSON     Sister  W 67  F                        Mercaston
Mk1124d  John          POTTER       Servant U 18  M  Farm servant indoor   Matlock
Mk1124e  George        BLACKHAM     Servant U 15  M  Farm servant indoor   Heage
#10---Bow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p2)
Mk1125a  Francis       BOND         Head    M 26  M  Quarry labourer       Bonsall
Mk1125b  Elizabeth     BOND         Wife    M 27  F                        Unknown WLS
Mk1125c  Betsey        BOND         Dau     U 6   F                        Whatstandwell
Mk1125d  David         BOND         Son     U 2   M                        Whatstandwell
Mk1125e  William       BOND         Son       8m  M                        Bow Wood Matlock
#11---Bow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1126a  Thomas W      HOLMES       Head    M 28  M  Wire marker unemplyd  Matlock
Mk1126b  Elizabeth     HOLMES       Wife    M 28  F                        Lambley NTT
Mk1126c  Sarah L.      HOLMES       Dau       5   F                        Bow Wood
Mk1126d  Elizabeth A   HOLMES       Dau       1   F                        Bow Wood
#12---Bow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1127a  William       BOND         Head    M 36  M  Wood sorter factory   Bonsall
Mk1127b  Lucy          BOND         Wife    M 36  F                        Bonsall
Mk1127c  Robert        BUCKLEY      Nephew  U 21  M  White smith           Bonsall
#13---Bow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1128a  William       SLACK        Head    M 61  M  Masons labourer       Middleton
Mk1128b  Eliza         SLACK        Wife    M 50  F  Merino dresses fctry  Leek STS
#14---Meadow Wood---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1129a  George        FOX          Head    M 52  M  Farmer 42 acres       Matlock
Mk1129b  Elizabeth     FOX          Wife    M 53  F                        Darley
Mk1129c  Elizabeth     HANSON       Servant U 26  F  Domestic servant      Cheshire CHS
Mk1129d  Thomas        RAINS        Servant U 42  M  Farm servant indoor   Darley
#15---Wood Seats---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1130a  William       FOX          Head    M 54  M  Farmer 54 acres       Matlock
Mk1130b  Sarah         FOX          Wife    M 61  F                        Sapperton
Mk1130c  Elizabeth     FOX          Dau     U 22  F  Dressmaker            Matlock
Mk1130d  Hannah R.     FOX          Dau     U 20  F                        Crich
#16---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1131a  Edward        FLETCHER     Head    M 57  M  Gardener              West Hallam
Mk1131b  Letilda A.    FLETCHER     Wife    M 33  F                        Ashleyhay
#17---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1132a  Samuel        BATES        Head    M 28  M  Ag labourer           Chellaston
Mk1132b  Lydia Ann     BATES        Wife    M 29  F                        Cromford
Mk1132c  Hannah        BATES        Dau       6   F  Scholar               Cromford
Mk1132d  William       BATES        Son       2   M                        Cromford
#18---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p3)
Mk1133a  Richard       BROCKLEHURST Head    M 75  M  Masons labourer       Matlock
Mk1133b  Hannah        BROCKLEHURST Wife    M 76  F                        Bonsall
Mk1133c  Hannah        BROCKLEHURST Dau     U 38  F  Hosiery factory       Matlock
Mk1133d  Sarah         BROCKLEHURST Gdau    U 23  F  Hosiery factory       Matlock
Mk1133e  Rebecca       WILSON       Gdau      12  F  Scholar               Shirland
#19---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p4)
Mk1134a  Richard       HINKS        Head    M 50  M  Game keeper           Barwell LEI
Mk1134b  Jane          HINKS        Wife    M 49  F                        Alderwasley
Mk1134c  Henry         NETTLETON    NurseCh   1   M  Nurse child           Bakewell
#20---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p4)
Mk1135a  Josiah        WARD         Head    M 51  M  Ag labourer           Kirk Ireton
Mk1135b  Lydia A.      WARD         Wife    M 44  F                        Wensley
Mk1135c  Joseph        WARD         Son     U 18  M  Gardener              Bonsall
Mk1135d  George Albt   WARD         Son     U 16  M  Gardener              Bonsall
Mk1135e  John Henry    WARD         Son       14  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1135f  Alice B.      WARD         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1135g  Sarah E.      WARD         Dau       9   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1135h  Lydia A.      WARD         Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
#21---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p4)
Mk1136a  Frederic      SMITH        Head    M 47  M  Labourer garden       Burbage WIL
Mk1136b  Mary          SMITH        Wife    M 49  F                        Burbage WIL
Mk1136c  Sarah         SMITH        Dau     U 20  F  Domestic servant      Burbage WIL           Out of employ
Mk1136d  Frank         SMITH        Son       6   M  Scholar               Matlock
#22---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p4)
Mk1137a  Thomas        SHAW         Head    M 35  M  Road labourer         Wensley
Mk1137b  Mary          SHAW         Wife    M 37  F                        Ashbourne
Mk1137c  William       SHAW         Son     U 13  M  Errand boy            Matlock
Mk1137d  Mary A.       SHAW         Dau       12  F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1137e  Thomas        SHAW         Son       7   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1137f  Sarah         SHAW         Dau       4   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1137g  Clara         SHAW         Dau     U 3   F                        Matlock
Mk1137h  James         SHAW         Son       1   M                        Matlock
#23---Lane Head---[Matlock]---(RG11-3451-17-p5)
Mk1138a  Francis       TAYLOR       Head    M 28  M  Mason                 Cromford
Mk1138b  Ellen         TAYLOR       Wife    M 34  F                        Cromford
Mk1138c  Mary          TAYLOR       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1138d  Ann           TAYLOR       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1138e  Robert        TAYLOR       Son       6   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1138f  Florence      TAYLOR       Dau       3   F                        Lane Head Starkh
Mk1138g  Francis       TAYLOR       Son       6m  M                        Lane Head Stark
Mk1139a  William Heny  HARDY        Head    M 39  M  Retired innkeeper     Whitwick LEI
Mk1139b  Sarah         HARDY        Wife    M 34  F                        Goole YKS
Mk1139c  Sarah A.      HARDY        Dau       12  F  Scholar               Littleover
Mk1140a  Samuel        FOX          Head    M 57  M  Labourer,mineralwrks  Starkholmes
Mk1140b  Eliza         FOX          Wife    M 56  F                        Matlock
Mk1140c  Frederick     FOX          Son     U 23  M  Labourer,mineralwrks  Starkholmes
Mk1140d  Hannah        WOOD         Dau     U 17  F  Scholar               Bakewell
Mk1140e  Dorothy       HARTSHOUSE   Gdau      5   F  Scholar               Bonsall
Mk1141a  John          FARNSWORTH   Head    M 45  M  Bricklayer            Ible
Mk1141b  Harriett      FARNSWORTH   Wife    M 44  F                        Bolehill
Mk1141c  Mary E.       FARNSWORTH   Dau     U 19  F  Scholar               Cromford
Mk1141d  John H        FARNSWORTH   Son     U 17  M  Bricklayer            Cromford
Mk1141e  Walter        FARNSWORTH   Son       15  M  Scholar               Cromford
Mk1141f  Harriett M.   FARNSWORTH   Dau       12  F  Scholar               Cromford
Mk1141g  Alfred        FARNSWORTH   Son       10  M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1141h  Wilfred       FARNSWORTH   Son     U 7   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1141i  Bertha        FARNSWORTH   Dau       5   F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1142a  Robert        GREGORY      Head    M 60  M  Road labourer         Matlock
Mk1142b  Hannah        GREGORY      Wife    M 59  F                        Starkholmes
Mk1142c  Robert        GREGORY      Son     U 23  M  Railway labourer      Starkholmes
Mk1142d  John          GREGORY      Son     U 21  M  Blacksmith            Starkholmes
Mk1143a  Hugo          FEARN        Head    M 49  M  Farm labourer         Bradlaston UNK
Mk1143b  Mary Ann      FEARN        Wife    M 50  F                        Cromford
Mk1143c  George James  FEARN        Son     U 25  M  Farm labourer         Matlock Bow Wood
Mk1143d  Annie E.      FEARN        Dau     U 24  F  Out of employment     Matlock Bow Wood
Mk1143e  Mary Ann      FEARN        Dau     U 23  F  Lea hosiery mills     Matlock Bow Wood
Mk1143f  Florence      FEARN        Dau     U 17  F  Lea hosiery mills     Starkholmes
Mk1143g  Eleanor       FEARN        Dau       15  F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1143h  Lavina        FEARN        Dau       12  F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1143i  Robert W      FEARN        Gson      4m  M                        Matlock
Mk1144a  Joseph        FOX          Head    M 67  M  Farmer 28 acres       Matlock
Mk1144b  James         FOX          Son     U 36  M  Farmers son           Matlock
Mk1144c  George        FOX          Gson    U 12  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1144d  Emma          TOMLINSON    Servant M 68  F  Domestic servant      Eackring NTT
Mk1144e  Emma          COATES       Visitor M 41  F  Domestic servant      Farmfield NTT
Mk1144f  Hannah        TOMLINSON    Visitor U 15  F  Domestic servant      Clay Cross
Mk1144g  Anna          WHITWORTH    Visitor   2   F                        Palterton
Mk1145a  Sarah         GREGORY      Head    M 73  F  Farmer 12 acres       Starkholmes
Mk1145b  James         GROWCOTT     Lodger  U 42  M  Farm labourer         Shawbry SAL
Mk1146a  Adam          KNOWLES      Head    M 41  M  Mason                 Wessington
Mk1146b  Fanny         KNOWLES      Wife    M 39  F  Masons wife           Shirland
Mk1146c  John          KNOWLES      Son       11  M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1146d  William Hy    KNOWLES      Son       8   M                        Matlock           dumb from birth
Mk1146e  Mary I.       KNOWLES      Dau       6   F  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1146f  George        KNOWLES      Son       4   M  Scholar               Matlock
Mk1146g  Fanny         KNOWLES      Dau       2   F                        Matlock
Mk1146h  Rebecca       KNOWLES      Mother  W 67  F                        Shirland
Mk1147a  Elizabeth     WOOD         Head    W 70  F  Charwoman unemplyed   London LND
Mk1148a  Lydia         STATHAM      Head    W 41  F  Laundry maid          Riber Matlock
Mk1148b  William       STATHAM      Son     U 19  M  Labourer,paint wks    Starkholmes
Mk1148c  Alfred        STATHAM      Son       15  M  Labourer,paint wks    Starkholmes
Mk1148d  Hannah        STATHAM      Dau       13  F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1148e  Joseph        STATHAM      Son       10  M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1148f  Agnes         STATHAM      Dau       8   F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1148g  John Herbert  STATHAM      Son       6   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1148h  Mabel         STATHAM      Dau       3   F                        Starkholmes
Mk1149a  Elizabeth     STATHAM      Head    U 44  F  Charwoman             Starkholmes
Mk1149b  Mary A.       STATHAM      Sister  U 42  F  Charwoman             Starkholmes
Mk1149c  Samuel        STATHAM      Brother U 34  M  Labourer road high    Starkholmes
Mk1149d  William       STATHAM      Brother U 31  M  Infirm                Starkholmes
Mk1149e  Agnes         STATHAM      Sister  U 21  F  Charwoman             Starkholmes
Mk1149f  Frederick.    STATHAM      Brother U 15  M  Labourer highway      Starkholmes
Mk1149g  Mary E.       STATHAM      Sister  U 5   F  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1150a  Samuel        STATHAM      Head    M 47  M  Labourer mineral wks  Starkholmes
Mk1150b  Ann           STATHAM      Wife    M 44  F  Labourers wife        Crich
Mk1150c  Minnie        STATHAM      Dau     U 19  F  Hosiery works         Starkholmes
Mk1150d  Joseph        STATHAM      Son     U 17  M  Railway Labourer      Starkholmes
Mk1150e  Emiley        STATHAM      Dau       15  F  Hosiery works         Starkholmes
Mk1150f  Samuel        STATHAM      Son       9   M  Scholar               Starkholmes
Mk1150g  Eadith        STATHAM      Dau       4   F                        Starkholmes

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