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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1881 Census for the Wirksworth Area, which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ivonbrook, Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 36 enumeration districts with 17,469 entries.

Researched, transcribed, compiled, edited, indexed, formatted, encoded and copyright © 2003,. All Rights Reserved.

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Code       Firstname     SURNAME   Relation.Con.Age.Sex   Occupation         Born             Handicap    Comments   

#152---Derby Road---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-3-p27)
W466a      Jemima        WINSON       Head    W 81  F  Green grocer          Wirksworth
#153---Derby Road---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-3-p27)
W467a      Hannah        MASKREY      Head    W 55  F  None                  Callow
W467b      John          MASKREY      Son     U 32  M  Plasterer             Wirksworth
W467c      James         MASKREY      Son     U 16  M  Stonemasons apprent   Wirksworth
W467d      Walter        MASKREY      Son       13  M  Errand boy            Wirksworth
#154---Derby Road---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-3-p27)
W468a      Joseph        TOMLINSON    Head    M 63  M  Retd farmer,butcher   Carsington
W468b      Anna M.       TOMLINSON    Wife    M 53  F                        Heage
#155---Derby Road---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-3-p28)
W469a      Anthony       WARDMAN      Head    M 24  M  Saddler               Wirksworth
W469b      Mary A.       WARDMAN      Wife    M 25  F                        Ashleyhay
W469c      Gertrude      WARDMAN      Dau       4   F                        Wirksworth
W469d      Rosalind      WARDMAN      Dau       3   F                        Wirksworth
W469e      Allen         WARDMAN      Son       2   M                        Wirksworth
W469f      William       WARDMAN      Son       6m  M                        Wirksworth
#1---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W470a      John          SALT         Head    W 43  M  Cooper                Hilton
W470b      Emily Louisa  SALT         Dau       9   F                        Wirksworth
W470c      Mary          LEASON       Servant U 25  F  General servant       Longford
#2---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W471a      John          WESTON       Head    M 27  M  Carrier               Wirksworth
W471b      Hannah Maria  WESTON       Wife    M 26  F                        Mary Green NTT
W471c      Walter        MACLURE      Nephew    12  M  Scholar               Manchester LAN
W471d      Fanny         MACLURE      Niece     3   F  Visitor               Manchester LAN
#3---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W472a      Mary          PEAT         Head    W 82  F  No occupation         Castle Greasley
W472b      Elizabeth     PEAT         Dau     U 50  F  No occupation         Wirksworth
W472c      Mary          PEAT         Dau     U 49  F  Dressmaker            Wirksworth
W472d      Anthony Jsph  PEAT         Son     M 39  M  Shoemaker             Wirksworth
W472e      Thomas        DOXEY        Boarder U 49  M  Retired gold miner    Wirksworth
#4---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W473a      Martha        HODKIN       Head    W 55  F  Draper                Heage
W473b      Lydia         HODKIN       Dau     U 24  F  Draper                Marehay Ripley
#5---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W474a      John          PEARSON      Head    M 30  M  Grocer                Wirksworth
W474b      Fanny         PEARSON      Wife    M 29  F                        Ashbourne
W474c      Louisa Ann    PEARSON      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W474d      Mary Ellen    PEARSON      Dau       4   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W474e      Clara Lilian  PEARSON      Dau       11m F                        Wirksworth
#6---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W475a      Frederick     BRAILSFORD   Head    M 26  M  Hairdresser           Alfreton
W475b      Eliza         BRAILSFORD   Wife    M 28  F                        Somercotes
W475c      Arthur        BRAILSFORD   Son       1w  M                        Wirksworth
#7---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p5)
W476a      Thomas        HANSON       Head    M 73  M  Cordwainer            Wirksworth
W476b      Sarah         HANSON       Wife    M 54  F                        Bonsall
W476c      Emma          FROST        Dau iL  U 16  F  Servant               Bonsall
W476d      William       HOLMES       Boarder U 48  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
#8---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p6)
W477a      Charles       HANSON       Head    M 45  M  Cordwainer            Wirksworth
W477b      Mary          HANSON       Wife    M 45  F                        Wirksworth
W477c      Thomas Henry  HANSON       Son     U 20  M  Bankers clerk         Wirksworth
W477d      Walter Ern.   HANSON       Son     U 18  M  Joiner apprentice     Wirksworth
W477e      George        HANSON       Son     U 11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W477f      Eugene        HANSON       Son       7   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W477g      Lawrance      HANSON       Son       2   M                        Wirksworth
#9---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p6)
W478a      Sarah         SPENCER      Head    U 49  F  Retired farmer        Wirksworth
#10---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p6)
W479a      Henry         TWIGG        Head    U 66  M  Grocer                Wirksworth
#11---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p6)
W480a      Michael       RIDOUT       Head    M 50  M  Grocer                Dorset DOR
W480b      Mary          RIDOUT       Wife    M 43  F                        Wirksworth
W480c      Alfred        RIDOUT       Son     U 18  M  No occupation         Wirksworth
W480d      Mary          RIDOUT       Dau     U 21  F  Dressmaker            Wirksworth
W480e      Annie         RIDOUT       Dau     U 5   F                        Wirksworth
#12---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p6)
W481a      William       WEBB         Head    M 49  M  Physician, surgeon    Barton Needwd STS     MD Univ St Andrews, Fellow RCS Engl & Edinb, consulting surg.
W481b      Elizabeth H   WEBB         Wife    M 47  F                        Stafford STS          H=Harriett
W481c      John Wm K     WEBB         Son     U 25  M                        Wirksworth            K=Kinderdine
W481d      Florence      JAMES        Visitor U 23  F                        Rudgely STS
W481e      Arthur        TAYLOR       Servant U 29  M  Groom dom servant     Kirk Langley
W481f      Phobe         WHEELDON     Servant U 30  F  Groom dom servant     Ashleyhay
W481g      Ellen         HARRIS       Servant U 23  F  Cook dom servant      Harringworth NTT
#13---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W482a      William       JAMES        Head    M 37  M  Printer compositor    Wirksworth
W482b      Louisa Jane   JAMES        Wife    M 29  F                        Wirksworth
W482c      Herbert W.    JAMES        Son     U 8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth            W=Warrington
W482d      Edmund H.     BROADHURST   Boarder U 28  M  Bankers clerk         India IND             British subject
#14---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W483a      John          SEEDS        Head    M 50  M  Boot maker            Wirksworth
W483b      Elizabeth     SEEDS        Wife    M 51  F                        Ashbourne
#15---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W484a      Samuel        ALLSOP       Head    M 66  M  Joiner                Wirksworth
W484b      Ann           ALLSOP       Wife    M 61  F                        Wirksworth
W484c      Sarah         ALLSOP       Dau     U 22  F                        Wirksworth
W484d      Emmy          ALLSOP       Gdau      6   F  Scholar               Borrowash
#16---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W485a      Robert        SPENCER      Head    M 80  M  Retired tradesman     Wirksworth
W485b      Mary          SPENCER      Wife    M 79  F                        Middleton
W485c      Ann           HALL         Sis iL  U 72  F  General servant       Middleton
#17---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W486a      William       ROEBUCK      Head    M 70  M  Tailor                Sheffield YKS
W486b      Mary Ann      ROEBUCK      Wife    M 78  F                        Wirksworth
#18---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W487a      Thomas        BYARD        Head    M 31  M  Farm labourer         Ashleyhay
W487b      Lydia         BYARD        Wife    M 28  F                        Bolehill
W487c      Thomas        BYARD        Son       2   M                        Bolehill
#19---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W488a      Patience      WARDMAN      Head    W 68  F  Income from land      Middleton
W488b      Mary          WARDMAN      Dau     U 26  F  No occupation         Wirksworth
#20---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W489a      John          SHIELDS      Head    M 38  M  Tailor                Newark NTT
W489b      Ann           SHIELDS      Wife    M 40  F  Milliner              Wirksworth
#21---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p7)
W490a      John C        THORNTON     Head    M 35  M  Grocer                Ganiston YKS          C=Clarkson
W490b      Louisa        THORNTON     Wife    M 33  F                        Wirksworth
W490c      Mary          THORNTON     Dau       4   F                        Wirksworth
W490d      Margret G     THORNTON     Dau       2   F                        Wirksworth            G=Grace
#23---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p8)
W491a      Joseph        ALLEN        Head    M 48  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W491b      Hannah        ALLEN        Wife    M 46  F                        Wirksworth
#23---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p8)
W492a      Lydia         REDFERN      Head    W 58  F  Char woman            Idridgehay
W492b      John          REDFERN      Son     U 23  M  Masons labourer       Ashleyhay
#24---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p8)
W493a      Emanuel       BOTHAM       Head    M 28  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W493b      Elizabeth     BOTHAM       Wife    M 27  F                        Wirksworth
W493c      James Henry   BOTHAM       Son     U 7   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W493d      Sarah Ellen   BOTHAM       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W493e      Ernest Wilfd  BOTHAM       Son       4   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W493f      Bertha Jane   BOTHAM       Dau       2   F                        Wirksworth
W493g      Kate Elizab   BOTHAM       Dau       9m  F                        Wirksworth
W493h      Jane          TARRANT      GMother W 78  F                        Pinxton
#25---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p8)
W494a      Alfred        WILLIAMS     Head    M 32  M  Cordwainer            Toaster NTH
W494b      Mary          WILLIAMS     Wife    M 36  F                        Wirksworth
W494c      Emma          WILLIAMS     Dau     U 12  F  Scholar               Belper
W494d      Mary          WILLIAMS     Dau     U 8   F  Scholar               Matlock
W494e      Jane          WILLIAMS     Dau       5   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W494f      Edward        WILLIAMS     Father  W 72  M  Formerly cordwainer   Toaster NTH
W494g      Daniel        SMITH        Boarder U 23  M  Quarry man            Wirksworth
#26---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p8)
W495a      John          MATHER       Head    M 42  M  Innkeeper,stonemason  Wirksworth
W495b      Elizabeth     MATHER       Wife    M 44  F                        Alderwasley
W495c      Mary Ann      MATHER       Dau     U 19  F                        Wirksworth
W495d      Alice         MATHER       Dau     U 13  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W495e      William John  MATHER       Son       11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W495f      Richard Thos  MATHER       Son       9   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W495g      John          FROST        Boarder M 29  M  Saddler,harness mkr   Wirksworth
#27---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p9)
W496a      William       ELSE         Head    M 54  M  Lead ore miner        Wirksworth
W496b      Elizabeth     ELSE         Wife    M 50  F                        Bolehill
W496c      Fanny         ELSE         Dau     U 23  F  Domestic servant      Bolehill              Out of situation
W496d      Kate          ELSE         Dau     U 20  F  Seamstress            Bolehill
W496e      Annie Dora    ELSE         Dau     U 17  F  Domestic servant      Bolehill              Out of situation
W496f      Clara         ELSE         Dau     U 6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W496g      Sarah         ELSE         Dau       4   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W496h      Mary          ELSE         Dau       3   F                        Wirksworth
#28---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p9)
W497a      Elizabeth     MATHER       Head    U 40  F  Dress maker           Wirksworth
W497b      Emma          RICHARDSON   Visitor U 45  F  General servant       Wirksworth
#29---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p9)
W498a      Francis Heny  STEVENS      Head    M 33  M  Inn keeper            Ockbrook
W498b      Sarah         STEVENS      Wife    M 32  F                        Bucknell OXF
W498c      Elizabeth M   STEVENS      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Mottington CHS        M=Mary
W498d      Amy Elizab    STEVENS      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Denby Tressnant WLS
W498e      Mabel C       STEVENS      Dau       4   F  Scholar               Denby Tressnant WLS    C=Constance
W498f      Laura         STEVENS      Dau       9m  F                        Wirksworth
W498g      Harriett      SPENCER      Servant U 13  F  General servant       Middleton
#30---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p9)
W499a      William       BYARD        Head    M 62  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W499b      Mary          BYARD        Wife    M 55  F                        Wirksworth
W499c      Eliza         BYARD        Dau     U 18  F  Seamstress            Wirksworth
W499d      Andrew        BYARD        Son     U 15  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
#31---St John Street---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W500a      George        DAKIN        Head    W 68  M  Formly chimneysweep   Wirksworth        invalid
W500b      Samuel        DAKIN        Son     U 33  M  Chimney sweep         Wirksworth
#32---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W501a      Mary Alice    MATHER       Head    U 44  F  Dress maker           Wirksworth
W501b      Mary Ann      SLATER       Servant U 16  F  General servant       Idridgehay
#33---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W502a      Joshua        FORD         Head    W 79  M  Retired grocer        Kirk Ireton
#34---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W503a      Susanah       BARLOW       Head    W 77  F                        Wirksworth
W503b      John          SMITH        Son     M 45  M  Cordwainer            Wirksworth
W503c      Henry         STEEPLES     Boarder M 33  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W503d      Sarah         STEEPLES     Wife    M 25  F                        Bonsall
#35---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W504a      Hance?        CLELAND      Head    M 31  M  Tailor                Ireland IRL
W504b      Mary Ann      CLELAND      Wife    M 32  F                        Ireland IRL
W504c      Amey          CLELAND      Dau       7   F  Scholar               Ireland IRL
#36---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W505a      Susan         PRESSLING    Servant U 30  F  Cook dom servant      Defden ESS
W505b      Lydia         PRESSLING    Servant U 19  F  Housemaid servant     Defden ESS
#37---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W506a      Joseph        SPETCH       Head    M 30  M  General labourer      Pilsley
W506b      Mary Ann      SPETCH       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Danesmoor
W506c      Eliza Emma    SPETCH       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Danesmoor
W506d      Sarah Ellen   SPETCH       Dau       3   F                        Danesmoor
W506e      William       SPETCH       Father  M 63  M  Coal miner            Hample YKS
W506f      Grace         GHENT        Visitor U 21  F  General servant       MansfieldSttn NTT
#38---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p10)
W507a      William       REPTON       Head    M 30  M  General labourer      Carsington
W507b      Elizabeth     REPTON       Wife    M 25  F  Dress maker           Carsington
W507c      Joseph Fred   JOHNSON      Stepson   6   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W507d      Samuel        JOHNSON      Stepson   1   M                        Wirksworth
#39---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W508a      Thomas        BAGGALEY     Head    M 76  M  Retired engineer      Butterley
W508b      Mary          BAGGALEY     Wife    M 57  F                        Wirksworth
W508c      Fanny         FRITCHLEY    Sis iL  U 55  F  Annuitant             Wirksworth
W508d      Matilda       ROBERTS      Gdau    U 16  F  Dress maker           Derby
W508e      Mary          FRITCHLEY    Visitor U 16  F  Dress maker           Wirksworth
W508f      Annie         FRITCHLEY    Visitor U 15  F  Pupil teacher         Wirksworth
#40---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W509a      Ann           OAKLEY       Head    W 62  F  Annuitant             Wirksworth
#41---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W510a      Joshua        WINSON       Head    M 51  M  Boot maker            Wirksworth            Joshua Junior
W510b      Sophia        WINSON       Wife    M 44  F                        Wirksworth
W510c      Robert        WINSON       Son     U 23  M  Accountant            Wirksworth
W510d      Sophia        WINSON       Dau     U 6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#42---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W511a      Joshua        WINSON       Head    M 78  M  Cordwainer            Shottle               Joshua Senior
W511b      Maria         WINSON       Wife    M 74  F                        Wirksworth
W511c      Annie         WINSON       Gdau    U 21  F  Dress maker           Wirksworth
#43---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W512a      George        ALLSOP       Head    M 35  M  Joiner & carpenter    Belper
W512b      Saloma        ALLSOP       Wife    M 33  F                        Belper
W512c      Henry Archer  ALLSOP       Son     U 13  M  Scholar               Belper
W512d      Margret S     ALLSOP       Dau       11  F  Scholar               Belper                S=Saloma
W512e      Maud Gert     ALLSOP       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W512f      George E      ALLSOP       Son       8   M  Scholar               Belper                E=Earnest
W512g      Thomas Fred   ALLSOP       Son       7   M  Scholar               Ripley
W512h      Harold Edgar  ALLSOP       Son       3   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W512i      Alfred James  ALLSOP       Son       10m M                        Wirksworth
#44---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W513a      Emanuel       MILWARD      Head    U 36  M  Cordwainer            Wirksworth
#45---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p11)
W514a      Elizabeth     BAGGALLY     Dau     U 38  F  House keeper          Wirksworth
W514b      Mary          BAGGALLY     Dau     U 22  F                        Wirksworth
W514c      Fanny         BAGGALLY     Dau     U 21  F                        Wirksworth
W514d      Frederick     BAGGALLY     Gson      8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
#46---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p12)
W515a      John          WEBSTER      Head    M 50  M  Builder & surveyor    Wirksworth
W515b      Betsey        WEBSTER      Wife    M 53  F                        Worksop NTT
#47---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p12)
W516a      William       CLAY         Head    M 30  M  Cordwainer            Wirksworth
W516b      Fanny D       CLAY         Wife    M 28  F                        Bolehill              D=Dorothy
W516c      Henry Edgar   CLAY         Son       5   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W516d      Samuel B      CLAY         Son       4   M                        Wirksworth            B=Bertram
W516e      Marion Ethel  CLAY         Dau       2   F                        Wirksworth
W516f      Frederick Wm  CLAY         Son       7m  M                        Wirksworth
#48---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p12)
W517a      John          HAWLEY       Head    M 48  M  Lead ore miner        Wirksworth
W517b      Anne          HAWLEY       Wife    M 48  F                        Wirksworth
W517c      Nathan        HAWLEY       Son     U 23  M  Waggoner              Wirksworth
W517d      Frederick     HAWLEY       Son     U 17  M  Telegraph clerk       Wirksworth
W517e      Albert        HAWLEY       Son     U 13  M  Wine merchant clerk   Wirksworth
W517f      Sarah Elizab  HAWLEY       Dau     U 21  F                        Wirksworth
W517g      Annie         HAWLEY       Dau     U 12  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W517h      Fanny         HAWLEY       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#49---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p12)
W518a      George        NALL         Head    U 72  M  Cordwainer            Wirksworth
W518b      Ann           EATON        Niece   U 48  F  Tape winder           Wirksworth
#50---St Marys Gate---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p12)
W519a      Ann           KILLER       Head    W 41  F  Shop keeper           Barton Underwood
W519b      William       KILLER       Son       8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W519c      Mary          KILLER       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W519d      James         KILLER       Son       3   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W519e      Elizabeth A   SPARE        Niece   U 13  F  Scholar               Uttoxeter STS         A=Ann
W520a      Thomas        LEASON       Head    M 65  M  General labourer      Boylstone
W520b      Mary          LEASON       Wife    M 54  F                        Derby
W520c      Sarah         LEASON       Dau     U 27  F  At home               Boylstone
W520d      William       LEASON       Son     U 24  M  Blacksmith            Yeavley
W520e      Sarah E A     SALT         Niece     1   F                        Wirksworth            EA=Elizabeth Alice
W521a      John Poyser   WILSON       Head    M 50  M  Registrar,joiner      Shottle               Reg.of Marriages,joiner,wheelwright,Smith master empl 2 men,2 boys
W521b      Dorothy       WILSON       Wife    M 38  F                        Ashleyhay
W521c      Joseph C.T.   BAKER        Apprent U 18  M  Joiner,wheelwright    Crich
W521d      Charles       HALKSWORTH   J'man   U 21  M  Blacksmith j'man      Beeley
#53---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p13)
W522a      William       MEADE        Head    U 46  M  Chimney sweep         Granford MDX
W522b      Hannah        BULLOCK      -       M 56  F  Charwoman             Wirksworth
#54---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p13)
W523a      John          FLINT        Head    M 50  M  Gardener              Wirksworth
W523b      Hannah        FLINT        Wife    M 49  F                        Wirksworth
W523c      Jane          FLINT        Dau     U 18  F                        Wirksworth
W523d      Joseph        FLINT        Brother U 48  M  Unemployed            Wirksworth        deaf,dumb from birth
#55---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p13)
W524a      William       WRAGG        Head    U 43  M  Shoe maker            Wirksworth
#56---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p13)
W525a      Thomas        TAYLOR       Head    M 37  M  Wheelwright           Carsington
W525b      Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Wife    M 33  F                        Wirksworth
W525c      Thomas        TWIGG        Boarder U 40  M  Farm labourer         Kirk Ireton
#57---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p13)
W526a      Martha        TIPPER       Head    U 45  F  Dress maker           Wirksworth
#58---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p13)
W527a      John          EATON        Head    M 44  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W527b      Ann           EATON        Wife    M 45  F  Cotton warper         Wirksworth
W527c      Arthur        EATON        Son       9   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
#59---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p14)
W528a      Jairie        THOMPSON     Head    M 42  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth            [Jairie short for Gervaise]
W528b      Elizabeth     THOMPSON     Wife    M 41  F                        Whaplode LIN
W528c      Henry         THOMPSON     Son     U 14  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W528d      George        THOMPSON     Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W528e      John          THOMPSON     Son       7   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W528f      Thomas        THOMPSON     Son       5   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W528g      Frederick     THOMPSON     Son       3   M                        Wirksworth
W528h      Fanny         SHRIEVES     Niece     9m  F                        Derby
#60---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p14)
W529a      Sampson       WAYWELL      Head    M 49  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W529b      Grace         WAYWELL      Wife    M 51  F  Cotton winder         Wirksworth
#61---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p14)
W530a      Joseph        MASKREY      Head    M 66  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W530b      Hannah        MASKREY      Wife    M 56  F                        Wirksworth
#62---Water Lane---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p14)
W531a      Charles       CASTERTON    Head    M 42  M  Railway gate keeper   Empingham RUT
W531b      Charles Wm    CASTERTON    Son     U 14  M  Scholar               Leicester LEI
W531c      Richard E     CASTERTON    Son       11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth            E=Eusebine
#63---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p14)
W532a      Bartholemew   MASKREY      Head    M 38  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W532b      Annie         MASKREY      Wife    M 36  F  Tape wrapper          Masham
W532c      Mary Ann      LUNN         Niece     10  F  Scholar               Claycross
#64---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p14)
W533a      John          FORD         Head    M 37  M  Farm labourer         Kirk Ireton
W533b      Annie Maria   FORD         Wife    M 33  F                        Wirksworth
W533c      Arthur Wm     FORD         Son     U 9   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W533d      Ada Jane      FORD         Dau       5   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W533e      Samuel Robt   FORD         Son       3   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W533f      Lucy Dorothy  FORD         Dau       1   F                        Wirksworth
#65---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p15)
W534a      Mary          MOLD         Head    W 70  F  No occupation         Shottle
#66---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p15)
W535a      William       TATLOW       Head    M 58  M  Tape manufacturer     Derby                 Employing 2 men, 23 women
W535b      Mary          TATLOW       Wife    M 53  F                        Wirksworth
W535c      William E.    TATLOW       Son     U 18  M  Asst to above manuf   Wirksworth
W535d      Mary A.W.     TATLOW       Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W535e      Arthur C.     TATLOW       Son       11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W535f      Hannah        RILEY        Servant U 26  F  Domestic servant      Wirksworth
#67---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p15)
W536a      Joseph        JOHNSON      Head    M 46  M  Tailor                Wirksworth
W536b      Bessey        JOHNSON      Wife    M 48  F  Dressmaker            Ellaston STS
W536c      Barbara       STEEPLES     Niece   U 13  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#68---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p15)
W537a      Thomas        PICKARD      Head    M 54  M  Stone cutter          Alderwasley
W537b      Maria         PICKARD      Wife    M 46  F                        Gorsey Bank
W537c      Thomas W      PICKARD      Son       6   M                        Gorsey Bank           W=Walker
W537d      Susanna       PICKARD      Mother  M 73  F  Formy schoolmistress  Alderwasley
#69---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p15)
W538a      William       BOTHAM       Head    M 53  M  Cotton tape weaver    Youlgrave
W538b      Elizabeth     BOTHAM       Wife    M 42  F                        Wirksworth
W538c      John          TAYLOR       Son     U 16  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W538d      David         BOTHAM       Son     U 15  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W538e      Annie         BOTHAM       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W538f      Joseph        BOTHAM       Son       8   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W538g      Hannah        BOTHAM       Dau       5   F                        Wirksworth
W538h      Frederick Wm  BOTHAM       Son       2   M                        Wirksworth
W538i      Mary Jane     BOTHAM       Dau       1   F                        Wirksworth
#70---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W539a      Henry         TAYLOR       Head    M 24  M  Farm servant          Wirksworth
W539b      Caroline      TAYLOR       Wife    M 25  F                        Dubridge
W539c      Ada           TAYLOR       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W539d      Arthur Geo    TAYLOR       Son       3   M                        Dubridge
W539e      William       TAYLOR       Son       1   M                        Wirksworth
#71---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W540a      George        FROST        Head    W 67  M  Shoe maker            Wirksworth
W540b      Clara         FROST        Dau     U 20  F  Servant at home       Wirksworth
#72---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W541a      William       SEEDS        Head    M 64  M  Gingham weaver        Gorsey Bank
W541b      Hannah        SEEDS        Wife    M 59  F  Charwoman             Wirksworth
W541c      William       SEEDS        Son     U 17  M  Factory hand          Gorsey Bank
#73---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W542a      Mary          HYDES        Head    W 70  F  Unemployed            Pontefract YKS
#74---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W543a      Mary Ann      WETTON       Wife    M 57  F                        Middleton
W543b      William       WETTON       Son       11  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W543c      Hannah        HUNT         Dau     M 22  F                        Wirksworth
W543d      Florence      HUNT         Gdau      4   F                        Ripley
#75---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W544a      Joseph        HAYNES       Head    M 22  M  Farm labourer         Ashleyhay
W544b      Eliza         HAYNES       Wife    M 21  F  Tape lapper           Wirksworth
W544c      George        HAYNES       Son       3m  M                        Gorsey Bank
#76---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p16)
W545a      Edward        CORDEN       Head    M 65  M  Quarryman             Gorsey Bank
W545b      Ann           CORDEN       Wife    M 60  F  Laundress             Gorsey Bank
W545c      Edward Geo    CORDEN       Son       13  M  Scholar               Gorsey Bank
#77---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W546a      George        TAYLOR       Head    M 73  M  Stone cutter          Gorsey Bank
W546b      Mary          TAYLOR       Wife    M 70  F                        Gorsey Bank
#78---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W547a      Francis       DENNIS       Head    W 66  M  Weaver of cotton      Measham
W547b      Catherine     KNOWLES      Dau     M 30  F                        Tansley
#79---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W548a      Maria         WALKER       Head    W 70  F  House keeper          Ripley
W548b      Joseph        HAYWOOD      Gson    U 15  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
#80---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W549a      Charles       PEARSON      Head    M 44  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W549b      Ann           PEARSON      Wife    M 38  F                        Middleton
W549c      Joseph        PEARSON      Son     U 24  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W549d      Martha        PEARSON      Dau     U 20  F  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W549e      Walter        PEARSON      Son     U 18  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W549f      Elizabeth     PEARSON      Dau     U 16  F                        Wirksworth
#81---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W550a      James         ROBINSON     Head    M 50  M  Plasterers labourer   Ashbourne
W550b      Ann           ROBINSON     Wife    M 42  F                        Wirksworth
#82---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W551a      John          MATHER       Head    W 46  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W551b      Mary          MATHER       Dau       13  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W551c      Elizabeth     MATHER       Dau       11  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W551d      Thomas        MATHER       Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
#83---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W552a      Joseph        FOULK        Head    U 67  M  Farm labourer         Gorsey Bank
#84---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p17)
W553a      John          HAYNES       Head    M 52  M  General labourer      Ashleyhay
W553b      Ann           HAYNES       Wife    M 43  F                        Kirk Ireton
W553c      Sarah         HAYNES       Dau     U 13  F  Scholar               Ashleyhay
W553d      John          HAYNES       Son       9   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
W553e      Herbert       HAYNES       Son       8   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
W553f      Ernest        HAYNES       Son       5   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
W553g      Arthur        HAYNES       Son       3   M  Scholar               Ashleyhay
#85---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p18)
W554a      George        TAYLOR       Head    M 43  M  Tape weaver           Wirksworth
W554b      Catherine     TAYLOR       Wife    M 43  F                        Ashbourne
W554c      Sarah         TAYLOR       Dau     U 20  F  Tape lapper           Tansley
W554d      Harriett      TAYLOR       Dau     U 17  F  Tape weaver           Tansley
W554e      Herbert       TAYLOR       Son       11  M  Scholar               Tansley
W554f      Annie         TAYLOR       Dau       10  F  Scholar               Tansley
W554g      Lilly         TAYLOR       Dau       7   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W554h      Leslie        TAYLOR       Dau       5   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#86---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p18)
W555a      Frances       WELLS        Wife    M 31  F  Dress maker           Wirksworth
#87---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p18)
W556a      Francis       WETTON       Head    M 41  M  Lab limestone quarry  Callow
W556b      Mary Ann      WETTON       Dau     U 20  F  Not employed          Crich
#88---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p18)
W557a      William       EAGLE        Head    M 37  M  General labourer      Coppersale ESS
W557b      Margram       EAGLE        Wife    M 30  F                        Measham
W557c      Sarah Ann     EAGLE        Dau       9   F  Scholar               Measham
#89---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p18)
W558a      George        KAY          Head    M 44  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W558b      Ann           KAY          Wife    M 43  F                        Kirk Ireton
W558c      Amey          KAY          Dau     U 19  F                        Wirksworth
W558d      William       KAY          Son     U 17  M  Farm servant          Wirksworth
W558e      Albert        KAY          Son     U 15  M  Farm servant          Wirksworth
W558f      Elizabeth     KAY          Dau     U 11  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W558g      Ellen         KAY          Dau     U 9   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W558h      John          KAY          Son       6   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W558i      Joseph        KAY          Son       4   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
#90---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W559a      Anthony       MASKREY      Head    M 50  M  Stone mason           Gorsey Bank
W559b      Ann           MASKREY      Wife    M 50  F                        Gorsey Bank
W559c      Bertha        MASKREY      Dau     U 17  F  General servant       Gorsey Bank
W559d      Rosetta       MASKREY      Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Gorsey Bank
W559e      Walter        MASKREY      Son       12  M  Scholar               Gorsey Bank
W559f      Mary Hannah   MASKREY      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Gorsey Bank
W559g      Thomas        WETTON       Gson      5   M  Scholar               Gorsey Bank
#91---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W560a      Charles       MASKREY      Head    M 44  M  Stone mason           Wirksworth
W560b      Ann           MASKREY      Wife    M 43  F                        Wirksworth
W560c      William       MASKREY      Son     U 20  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W560d      Bertha        MASKREY      Dau     U 14  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#92---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W561a      John          WOOD         Head    M 24  M  General labourer      Dumfreceshire SCT
W561b      Mary Ann      WOOD         Wife    M 23  F  Tape lapper           Wirksworth
W561c      John Charles  WOOD         Son       2   M                        Gorsey Bank
W561d      Bertha        WOOD         Dau       10m F                        Gorsey Bank
#93---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W562a      William       TAYLOR       Head    M 47  M  Small ware dealer     Wirksworth
W562b      Elizabeth     TAYLOR       Wife    M 47  F  Charwoman             Measham
W562c      Elizabeth A   TAYLOR       Dau       12  F  Scholar               Manchester LAN        A=Ann
#94---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W563a      William       MASKREY      Head    W 65  M  Stone mason           Gorsey Bank
#95---Gorsey Bank---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W564a      Isaac         SPENCER      Head    W 82  M  Wheelwright           Gorsey Bank
#96---Hob Farm---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p19)
W565a      Thomas Benj   HANDLEY      Head    U 26  M  Farmer 120 acres      Wormhill              Employing 2 labourers
W565b      Hannah Grace  HANDLEY      Sister  U 24  F  Housekeeper           Wormhill
#97---Hobhouse Farm---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W566a      Elizabeth     BUXTON       Head    W 73  F  Farmer 84 acres       North Wingfield       Employing one lab
W566b      Thomas        BUXTON       Son     U 56  M  Farming for mother    Spancarr
W566c      Mary          BUXTON       Dau     U 43  F  Spinster              Spancarr
W566d      William Aron  HOLMES       Servant U 14  M  Farm servant          Kelstage
#98---Stone Bridge Farm---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W567a      Thomas        HARDY        Head    M 53  M  Farmer of 63 acres    Kegworth
W567b      Jane          HARDY        Wife    M 54  F                        Backley
W567c      John          HARDY        Son     U 14  M  Farmers son           Wirksworth
W567d      Elizabeth     HARDY        Dau       12  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W567e      Sarah         HARDY        Dau       10  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#99---Mill Houses---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W568a      William       SCOTHERN     Head    M 21  M  Tape dyer             Burton Joyce NTT
W568b      Mary Ann      SCOTHERN     Wife    M 20  F                        Wirksworth
W568c      Alice Winfrd  SCOTHERN     Dau       4m  F                        Wirksworth
#100---Mill Houses---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W569a      James         WAYWELL      Head    M 58  M  Cotton tape weaver    Kinsley STS
W569b      Zillah        WAYWELL      Wife    M 49  F                        Middleton Youlgr
W569c      James Henry   WAYWELL      Son     U 20  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W569d      Walter        WAYWELL      Son     U 15  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W569e      Frederick C   WAYWELL      Son       6   M  Scholar               Wirksworth            C=Charles
#101---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W570a      Mary          FLETCHER     Head    W 75  F  Farmer of 12 acres    Hognaston
W570b      Mary Ellen    BEARDSLEY    Gdau    U 21  F  General servant       Alton
#102---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W571a      Samuel        BEARDSLEY    Head    M 22  M  General labourer      Alton
W571b      Emma          BEARDSLEY    Wife    M 25  F  Tape lapper           Wirksworth
W571c      Hannah        PEARSON      Sis iL  U 22  F  Tape winder           Wirksworth
#103---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p20)
W572a      Isaac         LAND         Head    M 53  M  Joiner                Wirksworth
W572b      Mary          LAND         Wife    M 50  F                        Wirksworth
W572c      Bertha        LAND         Dau     U 22  F  Housemaid             Wirksworth
W572d      John L        LAND         Son       6   M  Scholar               Wirksworth            L=Laurance
#104---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p21)
W573a      Benjamin      POYSER       Head    W 77  M  Cotton tape weaver    Millers Green
W573b      Jane          POYSER       Dau     U 30  F  Cotton tape weaver    Millers Green
#105---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p21)
W574a      Isaac         SMITH        Head    M 44  M  Farming 69 acres      Muggington            Employing 1 man
W574b      Mary Ann      SMITH        Wife    M 46  F                        Shottle
W574c      George        SMITH        Son     U 17  M  Assisting on farm     Shottle
W574d      Mary Ann      SMITH        Dau       8   F  Scholar               Shottle
W574e      Mary          SMITH        Moth iL W 71  F  Annuitant             Atlow                 Visiting
W574f      Arthur        JOHNSON      Visitor U 14  M  Scholar               Ward Gate
W574g      Elizabeth     STEEPLES     Servant U 17  F  General servant       Wirksworth
W574h      Thomas        BUXTON       Servant U 15  M  Farm servant indoor   Ashleyhay
#106---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p21)
W575a      Samuel        FEARN        Head    M 36  M  General labourer      Ingleby
W575b      Hannah        FEARN        Wife    M 32  F  Tape weaver           Millersgreen
W575c      Sarah Ann     FEARN        Dau       4   F                        Millersgreen
W575d      Elizabeth A   KINDER       Niece   U 18  F  Tape weaver           Millersgreen          A=Alice
#107---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p21)
W576a      Henry         BOTHAM       Head    M 26  M  Tape weaver           Millersgreen
W576b      Mary Ann      BOTHAM       Wife    M 24  F                        Millersgreen
W576c      Mary Elizab   BOTHAM       Dau       5   F  Scholar               Millersgreen
W576d      Thomas Wm     BOTHAM       Son       2   M                        Millersgreen
W576e      Walter        BOTHAM       Son       6m  M                        Millersgreen
#108---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p21)
W577a      William       BOTHAM       Head    M 60  M  Tape weaver           Middleton Youlgr
W577b      Alice         BOTHAM       Wife    M 36  F                        Wirksworth
W577c      Albert        WILSON       Stepson U 12  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W577d      Joseph        BOTHAM       Son       9   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W577e      Ada           BOTHAM       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#109---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p22)
W578a      George        ELLICOCK     Head    M 47  M  Tape weaver           Derby, Talbot St
W578b      Ellen         ELLICOCK     Wife    M 46  F                        Wirksworth
W578c      Margaret      ELLICOCK     Dau     U 16  F  Assistant weaver      Wirksworth
W578d      Mary          ELLICOCK     Dau       13  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W578e      Jane          ELLICOCK     Dau       9   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W578f      Edith         ELLICOCK     Dau       7   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
#110---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p22)
W579a      Abraham       BOWMER       Head    M 37  M  Calender minder       Wirksworth            In factory
W579b      Jane          BOWMER       Wife    M 38  F                        Wirksworth
W579c      Catherine     BOWMER       Dau       9   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W579d      Rosetta       BOWMER       Dau       8   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W579e      Ellen         BOWMER       Dau       6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W579f      Mary Ann      BOWMER       Dau       5   F                        Wirksworth
W579g      Benjamin      BOWMER       Son       1   M                        Wirksworth
#111---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p22)
W580a      Ralph         HOROBIN      Head    M 60  M  Cotton tape weaver    Upper Tean STS
W580b      Selina        HOROBIN      Wife    M 57  F                        Upper Tean STS
#112---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p22)
W581a      William       ELLICOCK     Head    M 26  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W581b      Sarah         ELLICOCK     Wife    M 26  F  Tape lapper           Wirksworth
W581c      John Edward   ELLICOCK     Son       7   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
#113---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p22)
W582a      Joshua        KINDER       Head    M 46  M  General labourer      Wirksworth
W582b      Hannah        KINDER       Wife    M 42  F  Cotton warper         Wirksworth
#114---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p22)
W583a      Morrice       ELLICOCK     Head    M 52  M  Cotton tape weaver    Derby
W583b      Emma          ELLICOCK     Wife    M 50  F                        Derby
#115---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W584a      John          KIRK         Head    W 54  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
#116---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W585a      George        WAYWELL      Head    M 40  M  Labourer unemployed   Gorsey Bank
W585b      Hannah        WAYWELL      Wife    M 26  F                        Millers Green
W585c      Mary Ann      WAYWELL      Dau       6   F  Scholar               Wirksworth
W585d      Albert        BRENTNALL    wifeson   6   M  Scholar               Wirksworth            Son of wife
W585e      George Henry  WAYWELL      Son       3   M                        Millers Green
W585f      Isaac         WAYWELL      Son       1   M                        Millers Green
#117---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W586a      Edward        HALL         Head    M 52  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W586b      Elizabeth     HALL         Wife    M 40  F  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W586c      George        TAYLOR       Nephew  U 17  M  Pupil teacher         Clay Cross
W586d      Hannah Elizb  WATERFIELD   Gdau      3   F                        Millers Green
#118---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W587a      John          ELLICOCK     Head    M 50  M  Cotton tape weaver    Derby
W587b      Hannah        ELLICOCK     Wife    M 52  F                        Wirksworth
W587c      Mary          SEEDS        Moth iL W 91  F                        Wirksworth
#119---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W588a      Harriett      WAIN         Head    W 60  F  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W588b      Elizabeth     WAIN         Dau     U 32  F  Tape weavers dau      Wirksworth
W588c      Isaac         WAIN         Son     U 16  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W588d      Herbert       WAIN         Gson    U 9   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
#120---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W589a      Richard       WAIN         Head    M 32  M  Cotton tape weaver    Wirksworth
W589b      Sarah Ann     WAIN         Wife    M 29  F                        Wirksworth
W589c      Earnest       WAIN         Son       4   M  Scholar               Wirksworth
W589d      George        WAIN         Son       11m M                        Wirksworth
W589e      Sarah         WAIN         Mother  W 76  F                        Alderwasley
#121---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p23)
W590a      Joseph        WHEATCROFT   Head    M 56  M  Justice ofthe Peace   Cromford
W590b      Sarah         WHEATCROFT   Wife    M 57  F                        Wilsden YKS
W590c      Clara         WINSON       Servant U 21  F  Domestic cook         Wirksworth
W590d      Phillippa     SANDERS      Servant U 19  F  Domestic housemaid    Dovedale
#122---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p24)
W591a      Francis       STAFFORD     Head    M 64  M  General servant       Carsington
W591b      Sarah         STAFFORD     Wife    M 67  F                        Turnditch
#123---Millers Green---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-4-p24)
W592a      John          BOWMER       Head    M 33  M  Manager tape factory  Wirksworth            Cotton tape factory
W592b      Anne          BOWMER       Wife    M 28  F                        Wirksworth
W592c      Anne Elizab   BOWMER       Dau     U 3   F                        Wirksworth
W592d      Florence M    BOWMER       Dau       1   F                        Wirksworth            M=Mary
W592e      William Arth  BOWMER       Son       7m  M                        Wirksworth

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