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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Full details of entries found in the 1891 Census for the Wirksworth Area,
which includes the following places in Derbyshire, England:

Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Cromford,
Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Idridghay, Ireton Wood, Ironbrook,
Kirk Ireton, Matlock, Middleton, Shottle, Tansley and Wirksworth.

These parts of the Census contain 37 enumeration districts with 18,435 entries.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2003, . All Rights Reserved.

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Code    Firstname    SURNAME  Relation Con Age Sex Occupation          Where born            Comments

#71---Cross Ways---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw66a      George        POOL         Head    M 77  M  Blacksmith            Hulland Ward
Hw66b      Sarah         POOL         Wife    M 74  F  Dressmaker            Boylstone
Hw66c      Charlotte     SIMONDS      Dau     W 34  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw66d      Charlotte E   SIMONDS      Gdau      11  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw66e      Harriet A     SIMONDS      Gdau      6   F                        Hulland Ward
#72---High Field House---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw67a      Alfred E P    PERMAN       Head    M 56  M  Colliery agent        Warminster WIL
Hw67b      Hephzibah     PERMAN       Wife    M 61  F                        Broadchalke WIL
Hw67c      Alfred A E    PERMAN       Son     S 21  M  Collector             Manchester LAN        Newton Heath Manchester
Hw67d      Eliza         WEST         Sister  S 54  F  Living on own means   Broadchalke WIL
Hw67e      Eliza J       LEWIS        Servant S 18  F  Servant domestic      Uppersapey WOR
#73---Cross Ways---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---(page 12,ED 5, RSD "Brailsford",RG12/2751)---
Hw68a      George        COOPER       Head    S 60  M  Farmer                Hulland
Hw68b      William       COOPER       Brother S 50  M                        Hulland
#74---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw69a      James         HYDES        Head    M 61  M  Labourer              Crich
Hw69b      Fanny         HYDES        Wife    M 60  F                        Ashbourn
#75---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw70a      Walter        SELVEY       Head    M -   M  Police officer away   South Wingfield       Away on duty
Hw70b      Lizzie        SELVEY       Wife    M 20  F                        Ashbourn
Hw70c      Margery       SELVEY       Dau       11m F                        Ashbourn
Hw70d      Emma          ROSEWARN     Sister  M 26  F                        Staplehill STS
#76---Ward Gate---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw71a      James         SLATER       Head    S 36  M  Shoemaker             Hulland Ward
Hw71b      Elizabeth     SLATER       Mother  W 73  F  Housekeeper dom       Thorpe
Hw71c      William E     SLATER       Nephew  S 12  M  Scholar               Ashbourne
#77---Ward Gate---(3 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw72a      William       DEAN         Head    M 50  M  Coal dealer           Kirk Ireton
Hw72b      Emma          DEAN         Wife    M 42  F                        Turnditch
Hw72c      Arthur        DEAN         Gson      2m  M                        Osbeston
#78---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw73a      John          HARRISON     Head    W 79  M  Wheelwright           Ward Gate
Hw73b      George        HARRISON     Son     S 40  M  Labourer              Ward Gate
Hw73c      Samuel        HARRISON     Son     S 30  M  Labourer              Ward Gate
#79---Ward Gate---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw74a      Anthony B     DALE         Head    W 39  M  Saddler               Shirley
Hw74b      Harry H       DALE         Son       10  M                        Huddersfield YKS
Hw74c      Tom           KIRKLAND     Apprent S 19  M  Apprentice            Mugginton
#80---Ward Gate---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw75a      Joseph        TAYLOR       Head    M 30  M  Farmer                Biggin
Hw75b      Harriet       TAYLOR       Wife    M 36  F                        Biggin
Hw75c      John W        TAYLOR       Son       1   M                        Hulland
Hw75d      Thomas E      TAYLOR       Son       1w  M                        Hulland Ward
#81---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw76a      Mary          SMITH        Head    W 81  F  Living on own means   Atlow
Hw76b      Sarah         JOHNSON      Dau     W 56  F  Living on own means   Mansell Park
#82---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw77a      Frederick     SANDERS      Head    M 42  M  Cord wayner           Sturston
Hw77b      Kezie         SANDERS      Wife    M 44  F                        Hulland
Hw77c      Frances       SANDERS      Dau       17  F                        Hulland
Hw77d      George        SANDERS      Son       13  M                        Hulland
#83---Ward Gate---[Hulland Ward]---(page 13,ED 5, RSD "Brailsford",RG12/2751)---
Hw78a      John          WILLOT       Head    S 32  M  Blacksmith            Staffordshire STS
Hw78b      John          POOL         Lodger  M 52  M  Blacksmith            Hulland Ward
Hw78c      Hannah        POOL         Lodger  M 50  F                        Hulland Ward
#84---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw79a      John          WESTON       Head    M 65  M  Wheelwright           Hulland Ward
Hw79b      Sarah         WESTON       Wife    M 59  F                        Biggin
Hw79c      Thomas        WESTON       Son     S 27  M  Wheelwright           Hulland Ward
Hw79d      Ada A         GAGE         Dau     M 25  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw79e      Sarah E       WESTON       Dau     S 20  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw79f      Curtis        WESTON       Son     S 18  M  Wheelwright           Hulland Ward
Hw79g      Hubert W      GAGE         Gson      11m M                        Hulland Ward
#85---Nags Head---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw80a      Joseph        OAKLEY       Head    M 28  M  Publican              Hulland Ward
Hw80b      Harriet A     OAKLEY       Wife    M 30  F  Dressmaker            Kilbourn
Hw80c      Frances       OAKLEY       Dau       3   F                        Hulland
Hw80d      Annie         OAKLEY       Dau       2   F                        Biggin
Hw80e      Eleanor       OAKLEY       Dau       6m  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw80f      William       STEVENS      Lodger  S 62  M  Labourer              Steeple Clydn BKM
#86---Ward Gate---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw81a      Charles       MORLEY       Head    M 41  M  Farmer                Hulland Ward
Hw81b      Susan         MORLEY       Wife    M 36  F                        Leek STS
Hw81c      Silvia        MORLEY       Dau     S 14  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw81d      Samuel        MORLEY       Son       12  M                        Hulland Ward
Hw81e      Minie         MORLEY       Dau       10  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw81f      Charles       MORLEY       Son       8   M                        Hulland Ward
Hw81g      Floria        MORLEY       Dau       6   F                        Hulland Ward      crippled
Hw81h      Arthur        MORLEY       Son       4   M                        Hulland Ward
Hw81i      Joseph        MORLEY       Son       3   M                        Hulland Ward
Hw81j      Mabel         MORLEY       Dau       4m  F                        Hulland Ward
#87---Mag Fields---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw82a      William       COWLEY       Head    M 29  M  Farmer                Hulland
Hw82b      Agnes         COWLEY       Wife    M 28  F                        Derby
#88---Mag Fields---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---(page 14,ED 5, RSD "Brailsford",RG12/2751)---
Hw83a      Mary          WHITEHOUSE   Head    W 55  F                        Walsall STS
Hw83b      Thomas        WHITEHOUSE   Son     S 24  M  Brickmaker            Winsill STS
Hw83c      Solomon       WHITEHOUSE   Son       14  M                        Church Broughton
#89------(2 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw84a      Joseph        TURNER       Head    S 23  M  Labourer              Bradley
Hw84b      William       HALLSWORTH   Lodger  S 39  M  Labourer              Hulland Ward
#90---Cliffe Farm---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw85a      Arthur        HALL         Head    S 21  M  Farmer                Hulland Ward Int.
Hw85b      Lucy          HALL         Sister  S 25  F  Domestic servant      Hulland Ward Int.
Hw85c      Samuel        OAKLEY       Servant S 19  M  Farm servant          Hulland Ward
Hw85d      Henry         BUTLER       Servant   14  M  Farm servant          Hulland Ward
#91------(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw86a      Joseph        WAGSTAFF     Head    M 55  M  Labourer              Atlow
Hw86b      Dorothy       WAGSTAFF     Wife    M 61  F                        Brassington
#92---Park Hills---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw87a      William       YATES        Head    M 46  M  Farmer                Hulland Ward
Hw87b      Elizabeth     YATES        Wife    M 40  F                        Grantham LIN
Hw87c      Robert W      YATES        Son     S 16  M  Farm assistant        Kirk Burton YKS
Hw87d      Clement       YATES        Son       13  M  Farm assistant        Brailsford
Hw87e      Henry         YATES        Son       11  M  Scholar               Brailsford
Hw87f      Mary          YATES        Dau       9   F  Scholar               Brailsford
Hw87g      Annie         YATES        Dau       7   F  Scholar               Park Hills
Hw87h      Liliom        YATES        Dau       6   F  Scholar               Park Hills
Hw87i      Esther        YATES        Dau       4   F                        Park Hills
Hw87j      Sarah E       YATES        Dau       3   F                        Park Hills
Hw87k      Ethel         YATES        Dau       1   F                        Park Hills
Hw87l      Hannah I      KELSEY       Servant   28  F  General dom servant   Turnditch
#1---Intake Chapel---[Hulland Ward]---(page 15,ED 5, RSD "Brailsford",RG12/2751)---
Hw88a      John          DERBYSHIRE   Head    M 49  M  Farmer                Ashbourn
Hw88b      Elizabeth     DERBYSHIRE   Wife    M 45  F                        Ashbourn
Hw88c      Henry         DERBYSHIRE   Son       13  M                        Hulland Ward Int.
Hw88d      Gertrude      DERBYSHIRE   Dau       12  F                        Hulland Ward Int.
Hw88e      Elizabeth     DERBYSHIRE   Dau       9   F                        Hulland Ward Int.
Hw88f      Mary          DERBYSHIRE   Dau       6   F                        Hulland Ward Int.
#3---Carr Hall---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw89a      William       HALL         Head    M 61  M  Farmer                Hulland
Hw89b      Lucy          HALL         Wife    M 59  F                        Hulland Ward Int.
Hw89c      Frank         HALL         Son     S 18  M  Farmers son           Hulland Ward Int.
Hw89d      Job           BUTLER       Servant S 15  M  Farm servant          Hulland Ward Int.
Hw89e      Fredrick      THORLEY      Servant S 25  M  Farm servant          Not Known UNK
Hw89f      Thomas        RODGERS      Servant   15  M  Farm servant          Hulland Ward
#4---Brook Farm---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw90a      George        FEARN        Head    M 40  M  Farmer                Bradley
Hw90b      Harriet       FEARN        Wife    M 37  F                        Hulland Ward
Hw90c      Nellie        FEARN        Dau       10  F  Scholar               Shottle Gate
Hw90d      Esther        FEARN        Dau       6   F  Scholar               Hulland Ward
#5---Smith Hall---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw91a      William       HALL         Head    M 27  M  Farmer                Hulland
Hw91b      Avis          HALL         Wife    M 28  F                        Thurvaston
Hw91c      Frank         HALL         Son       4   M                        Hulland Ward Int.
Hw91d      Samuel        BRATBY       Servant S 19  M  Farm servant          Hulland Ward
Hw91e      John          WHITE        Servant S 17  M  Farm servant          Hulland Ward
#6---Water Lag---(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw92a      Robert        HULL         Head    M 81  M  Labourer              Warton WAR
Hw92b      Eliza         HULL         Wife    M 74  F                        Warton WAR
Hw92c      Freeman       HULL         Son     S 46  M  Cattle drover         Warton WAR
#7------(4 rooms)---[Hulland Ward]---
Hw93a      John          WEBSTER      Head    M 51  M  Labourer              Hulland Ward
Hw93b      Mary          WEBSTER      Wife    M 45  F                        Mickleover
Hw93c      William       WEBSTER      Son     S 25  M  Labourer              Mickleover
#115---White Cliff---[Ible]---(page 21,ED 4, RSD "Ashbourne",RG12/2756)---
Ib01a      Thomas        WEBSTER      Head    M 53  M  Farmer                Bonsall
Ib01b      Mary Ann      WEBSTER      Wife    M 51  F                        Bonsall
Ib01c      John          WEBSTER      Son     S 25  M  Farmers son           Ible
Ib01d      Alfred        WEBSTER      Son     S 19  M  Farmers son           Ible
Ib01e      Fanny         WEBSTER      Dau     S 17  F  Farmers dau           Ible
Ib01f      Charles H     WEBSTER      Son       14  M  Scholar               Ible                  Henry
Ib01g      Annie         WEBSTER      Dau       11  F  Scholar               Ible
#116---Ible, 1---[Ible]---
Ib02a      Aaron         BROWN        Head    M 41  M  Farmer                Cromford
Ib02b      Louisa        BROWN        Wife    M 40  F                        Bonsall
Ib02c      Fanny         BROWN        Dau     S 17  F                        Cromford
Ib02d      William G M   DOUSE        Nephew    6   M  Scholar               New Zealand NZL       George McLeam
#117---Ible, 2---[Ible]---
Ib03a      Benjamin      ELLIOTT      Head    M 60  M  Farmer                Bonsall
Ib03b      Eliza         ELLIOTT      Wife    M 46  F                        Bonsall
Ib03c      Sarah Ellen   ELLIOTT      Dau     S 13  F  Scholar               Ible
Ib03d      Eliza         ELLIOTT      Dau       12  F  Scholar               Ible
Ib03e      Mary          ELLIOTT      Dau       10  F  Scholar               Ible
Ib03f      Benjamin      ELLIOTT      Son       8   M  Scholar               Ible
Ib03g      Hannah        ELLIOTT      Dau       5   F  Scholar               Ible
Ib03h      Alice         WEBSTER      Moth iL W 82  F  Living on own means   Ible
Ib03i      Charles       ADAMS        Servant S 32  M  Farm servant          Middleton
#118---Ible, 5---[Ible]---
Ib04a      Hugh          BATEMAN      Head    W 53  M  Farmer                Winster
Ib04b      Mary Elizab   MARCHINGTON  Dau     M 19  F  Housekeeper           Grange Mill
Ib04c      Ellen         BATEMAN      Dau     S 17  F                        Grange Mill
Ib04d      John          BATEMAN      Son     S 14  M  Scholar               Grange Mill
#119---Ible, 6---(3 rooms)---[Ible]---
Ib05a      Job           KINDER       Head    M 75  M  Farmer                Ible
Ib05b      Mary          KINDER       Wife    M 74  F                        Ible
Ib05c      John          KINDER       Son     S 36  M  Quarry man            Ible
Ib05d      James         KINDER       Son     S 30  M  Quarry man            Ible
Ib05e      Joshua        KINDER       Gson    S 24  M  Quarry man            Ible
#120---Ible, 7---[Ible]---(page 22,ED 4, RSD "Ashbourne",RG12/2756)---
Ib06a      Joseph        LONGDEN      Head    S 47  M  Farmer                Ible
Ib06b      Jane          LONGDEN      Sister  S 45  F                        Ible
Ib06c      Ann           SMITH        Sister  W 65  F                        Ible
Ib06d      Charles       WARDMAN      Servant S 17  M  Farm servant          Bonsall
#121---Ible, 8---[Ible]---
Ib07a      Joseph        SMITH        Head    M 45  M  Farmer                Elton
Ib07b      Mary          SMITH        Wife    M 43  F  Farmers wife          Winster
Ib07c      Sarah Ann     SMITH        Dau     S 20  F  Farmers dau           Elton
Ib07d      George Wm     SMITH        Son     S 18  M  Farmers son           Elton
Ib07e      Carlla? H     SMITH        Dau     S 16  F  Farmers dau           Elton                 Hannah
Ib07f      Hannah        SMITH        Dau       15  F  Farmers dau           Elton
Ib07g      Joseph Henry  SMITH        Son       10  M                        Elton
Ib07h      John C        SMITH        Son       7   M                        Bonsall               Cornelius
Ib07i      Mary Taylor   SMITH        Dau       5   F                        Bonsall
Ib07j      Gertrude      SMITH        Dau       4   F                        Bonsall
Ib07k      Ernest        SMITH        Son       2   M                        Bonsall
Ib07l      Frank         SMITH        Son       10m M                        Ible
#122---Ible, 9---[Ible]---
Ib08a      Joseph        MARCHINGTON  Head    W 82  M  Farmer                Ible
Ib08b      William       MARCHINGTON  Son     S 39  M  Farmers son           Ible
Ib08c      Margaret D    MARCHINGTON  Dau     S 42  F  Farmers dau           Ible                  Daksie
Ib08d      John          MARCHINGTON  Son     M 30  M  Farmers son           Ible
#123---The Lillies Inn---[Ible]---
Ib09a      Hannah        SPENCER      Head    W 66  F  Publican              Not known STS
Ib09b      Mary          SPENCER      -       S 28  F                        Waterfall STS
Ib09c      Harriett      SPENCER      -       S 22  F                        Waterfall STS
Ib09d      Violet Annie  POYSER       -         5   F                        Causton STS
Ib09e      Gertrude M    POYSER       -         3   F                        Causton STS           Mary
Ib10a      Ann Elizabth  WORTHY       Head    W 60  F  Farmer                Hulland Ward
Ib10b      Ernest        WORTHY       Son     S 28  M  Farmers son           Bonsall
Ib10c      Victoria A E  WORTHY       Dau     S 25  F  Farmers dau           Bonsall               Ann Elizabeth
#16---Lumbar Lane---[Idridgehay]---(page 4,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id16a      John          WALLBANK     Head    M 42  M  Farmer                Brailsford
Id16b      Martha        WALLBANK     Wife    M 32  F                        Alton
Id16c      John          WALLBANK     Son     S 12  M                        Hulland Ward
Id16d      Arthur        WALLBANK     Son       9   M                        Hulland Ward
Id16e      Mary E        WALLBANK     Dau       7   F                        Hulland Ward
Id16f      Martha M      WALLBANK     Dau       4   F                        Hulland Ward
Id16g      James         WALLBANK     Son       1   M                        Idridgehay
#17---White House---[Idridgehay]---
Id17a      Robert        ELLIOTT      Head    S 59  M  Farmer                Warwickshire WAR
Id17b      Eliza         SLACK        Sister  M 71  F  General dom servant   Staffordshire STS
Id17c      Alfred        KAY          Nephew  S 37  M  General dom servant   Wirksworth
Id17d      Hannah        COLEBOURN    Servant S 15  F  Girl servant dom      Ireton Wood
#18---Sherbourn Mill---[Idridgehay]---
Id18a      Mark          MOORE        Head    M 56  M  Farmer,miller         Brailsford
Id18b      Ellen         MOORE        Wife    M 56  F                        Calverton NTT
Id18c      Lucy G        MOORE        Dau     S 20  F  Art student           Idridgehay
Id18d      Walter J      MOORE        Son     S 16  M  Assistant miller      Idridgehay
Id18e      George        BOMFORD      Servant S 14  M  Domestic general      Shottle
#19---Hill Cliff Farm---[Idridgehay]---
Id19a      John D        BARKER       Head    M 25  M  Farmer                Derby
Id19b      Mary E        BARKER       Wife    M 24  F                        Etwall
Id19c      Mabel F       BARKER       Dau       1   F                        Etwall
Id19d      Maud          ARCHER       Niece     6   F                        Etwall
#20---Ecclesbourn Cottage---[Idridgehay]---
Id20a      John C        TEALE        Head    M 57  M  Retired architect     Holmfirth YKS
Id20b      Martha        TEALE        Wife    M 48  F                        Holmfirth YKS
Id20c      Mary H        TEALE        Dau     S 20  F                        Holmfirth YKS
Id20d      John W D      TEALE        Son     S 17  M  Brewers apprentice    Holmfirth YKS
#22---Bridge House---[Idridgehay]---
Id21a      Mary A        WHEELDON     Head    M 61  F  Farmer                Bradbourne
Id21b      Job           WHEELDON     Son     S 29  M  Gardener dom servant  Idridgehay
Id21c      Eliza         WHEELDON     Dau     S 27  F  Dressmaker            Idridgehay
Id21d      Wilfred       BUTTALEY     Gson      8   M  Scholar               Shottle
Id21e      Edith M       BUTTALEY     Gdau      7   F  Scholar               Horsley
Id21f      James         HOLDEN       Boarder S 19  M  Gardener dom servant  Littleover
#23---Ecclesbourne House---[Idridgehay]---(page 5,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id22a      Alpheus H     ROBOTHAM     Head    M 58  M  Solicitor             Nottingham NTT
Id22b      Susannah      ROBOTHAM     Wife    M 58  F                        Birmingham WAR
Id22c      Susan A       ROBOTHAM     Dau     S 29  F                        Derby
Id22d      Edith M M     ROBOTHAM     Dau     S 24  F                        Derby
Id22e      Ethel P P     ROBOTHAM     Dau     S 21  F                        Derby
Id22f      Alpheus R     ROBOTHAM     Son       14  M  Scholar               Derby
Id22g      Gerald J      HARE         Visitor M 41  M  Indian Civil service  India IND             Retired
Id22h      Mary          WATSON       Servant S 21  F  Housemaid dom         Micklover
Id22i      Sarah         ELKIN        Servant S 23  F  Cook dom              Darley
Id23a      Charles       WOOD         Head    M 46  M  Farmer                Hulland Ward
Id23b      Jane          WOOD         Wife    M 45  F  Farmers wife          Hognaston
Id23c      Charles       WOOD         Son     S 15  M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id23d      Robert        WOOD         Son     S 13  M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id23e      Samuel J      WOOD         Son       10  M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id23f      Harold W      WOOD         Son       8   M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id23g      Philip R      WOOD         Son       7   M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id24a      John          WHEELDON     Head    M 67  M  Blacksmith            Hognaston
Id24b      George        WHEELDON     Son     S 36  M  Helper                Idridgehay
#26---Ithersay House---[Idridgehay]---
Id25a      John R        PARKIN       Head    M 40  M  Estate agent,archit.  Idridgehay            Architect
Id25b      Ada M         PARKIN       Wife    M 40  F                        Buxton
Id25c      Mary C        PARKIN       Dau     S 16  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
Id25d      Winifred E    PARKIN       Dau     S 14  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
Id25e      Katherine M   PARKIN       Dau       12  F  Scholar               Wirksworth
Id25f      John          PARKIN       Son       10  M  Scholar               Wirksworth
Id25g      Francis G     PARKIN       Son       7   M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id25h      Ada B         JOHNSON      Govern  S 24  F  Governess             Southam WAR
Id25i      Katherine     EVETTS       Servant S 26  F  Housemaid dom Serv    Southam WAR
Id25j      Mary C        GREGG        Servant S 22  F  Maid dom servant      Oakham RUT
Id25k      Ethel M       EVETTS       Servant S 17  F  Cook dom servant      Southam WAR
#27---The Vicarage---[Idridgehay]---(page 6,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id26a      Thomas V      MELLOR       Head    M 69  M  Clerk in holy orders  Derby                 Vicar
Id26b      Elizabeth D   MELLOR       Wife    M 64  F                        Eddlesborough BKM
Id26c      Vernon H      MELLOR       Son     S 30  M  J P, captain          Idridgehay            In 3rd Derbyshire Regiment
Id26d      Louisa        POUNTAIN     Servant S 30  F  Cook dom servant      Rolleston STS
Id26e      Kate          KEELING      Servant S 24  F  Housemaid dom serv    Derby                 Stockbrook Street
Id26f      John          WIGHTMAN     Servant S 27  M  Footman dom servant   Alfreton
Id26g      William D     PICKERING    Servant S 24  M  Coachman dom servant  Kirk Ireton
#28---Home Farm---[Idridgehay]---
Id27a      John          WINSON       Head    M 52  M  Farmer                Shottle
Id27b      Mary          WINSON       Wife    M 53  F  Farmers assistant     Idridgehay
Id27c      John W        WINSON       Son     S 19  M  Farmers son           Idridgehay
Id27d      Mary          WINSON       Dau     S 14  F  Farmers dau           Idridgehay
Id27e      Lucy          WINSON       Dau       12  F                        Idridgehay
Id27f      Evaline       REDFERN      Gdau      15m F                        Manchester LAN
#29---Post Office---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id28a      John R        STEVENSON    Head    M 23  M  Carriage builder      Hayes MDX
Id28b      Sarah A       STEVENSON    Wife    M 23  F                        Crich
#30------(2 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id29a      John W        WAYNE        Head    S 22  M  Subpostmaster         Poplar LND
Id29b      Walter        WAYNE        Brother S 12  M                        Idridgehay
Id29c      William       WAYNE        Cousin  S 17  M  Clerk                 Brixton LND
#31---Southsitch House---[Idridgehay]---
Id30a      Mary          CHAMBERS     Head    W 75  F  Living on own means   Peaking Magna LEI
Id30b      Frances M     CHAMBERS     Dau     S 43  F  Living on own means   Wilne
Id30c      Robert B      CHAMBERS     Son     S 41  M  Solicitor             Wilne
Id30d      Sarah E       CHAMBERS     Dau     S 39  F  Living on own means   Wilne
Id30e      Thomas H      IRONS        Servant S 73  M  Gardener dom servant  Hazelbeach NTH
Id30f      Mary          PARKER       Servant S 18  F  Housemaid dom serv    Newhall
Id30g      Sarah J       GODRICH      Servant S 15  F  Cook dom servant      Derby
#32---M R Station House---[Idridgehay]---
Id31a      Alfred G      BEETON       Head    M 40  M  Railwy stationmaster  Ramsey HUN
Id31b      Emma          BEETON       Wife    M 40  F                        Ramsey HUN
Id31c      Alfred        BEETON       Son     S 15  M  Railway junior clerk  Breaston
#33---Swan Inn---[Idridgehay]---(page 7,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id32a      John          BURNETT      Head    M 52  M  Publican              Cheddleton STS
Id32b      Eliza         BURNETT      Wife    M 43  F                        Etwall
Id32c      Edith         BURNETT      Dau     S 20  F                        Osmaston
Id32d      William       DUNICLIFF    Servant S 16  M  General dom servant   Findern
Id32e      John          KIDD         Visitor S 22  M                        Onscote STS
Id33a      William       DEAVILLE     Head    M 36  M  Farmer                Shottle
Id33b      Mary          DEAVILLE     Wife    M 31  F                        Hulland Ward
Id33c      Mary A        DEAVILLE     Dau     S 11  F  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id33d      Thirza        DEAVILLE     Dau     S 10  F  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id33e      Ellen         DEAVILLE     Dau     S 8   F  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id33f      William       DEAVILLE     Son     S 6   M  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id33g      Edith         DEAVILLE     Dau     S 2   F  Infant                Idridgehay
Id33h      George        BATES        Servant S 16  M  General dom servant   Shottle
Id33i      Frances       SHERRIN      Servant S 17  F  General dom servant   Wirksworth
#35---Bingley Green---[Idridgehay]---
Id34a      Joseph        WRIGHT       Head    M 60  M  Blacksmith, farmer    Shottle
Id34b      Hannah        WRIGHT       Wife    M 61  F                        Ireton Wood
Id34c      Ernest        WRIGHT       Son     S 19  M  Farmers son           Idridgehay
Id34d      Hannah S      WRIGHT       Dau     S 28  F  Farmers dau           Idridgehay
Id34e      Mary A        WRIGHT       Dau     S 26  F  Asst schoolmistress   Idridgehay
Id34f      Ada           WRIGHT       Dau     S 22  F  Farmers dau           Idridgehay
Id34g      Charles F     JACKLIN      Boarder S 22  M  Signalman railway     Kneesworth CAM
#36---Town Head House---[Idridgehay]---
Id35a      Henry         BEESTON      Head    M 65  M  Farmer                Ravensdale Park
Id35b      Mary          BEESTON      Wife    M 57  F                        Duffield
#37---The Farm---[Idridgehay]---
Id36a      William       DOWNING      Head    M 66  M  Farmer                Kirk Ireton
Id36b      Rose H        DOWNING      Wife    M 47  F                        Derby
Id36c      Robert W      DOWNING      Son     S 16  M                        Idridgehay
Id36d      Emma          DOWNING      Dau     S 15  F                        Idridgehay
Id36e      Sarah E       DOWNING      Dau     S 12  F                        Idridgehay
Id36f      Rose H        DOWNING      Dau     S 11  F                        Idridgehay
#38---The Green---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id37a      Charles       WRIGHT       Head    M 60  M  General labourer      Kirk Ireton
Id37b      Hannah        WRIGHT       Wife    M 55  F                        Ashleyhay
#39---The Green---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---(page 8,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id38a      Joseph        BARLOW       Head    M 55  M  General carter        Ashby Zouch LEI
Id38b      Mary C        BARLOW       Wife    M 45  F                        Kirk Ireton
Id38c      Francis J     BARLOW       Son     S 19  M  General carter        Idridgehay
Id38d      George        BARLOW       Son     S 10  M                        Idridgehay
Id38e      Ann           FORD         Visitor S 21  F                        Wirksworth
#40---The Green---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id39a      Lucy          PEACH        Head    W 74  F  Living on own means   Ireton Wood
Id39b      Emma          DEAVILLE     Dau     S 58  F  General domestic      Ireton Wood
Id39c      Robert        DEAVILLE     Gson    S 20  M  General labourer      Idridgehay
#41---The Green---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id40a      James         COCKAYNE     Head    S 32  M  General labourer      Kirk Ireton
Id40b      Elizabeth     COCKAYNE     Sister  S 33  F  General domestic      Kirk Ireton
Id40c      Mary H        COCKAYNE     Niece   S 7   F                        Kirk Ireton
Id40d      Elizabeth     COCKAYNE     Niece   S 2   F                        Kirk Ireton
#42---Duroe's---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id41a      John          DUROE        Head    M 53  M  Railway labourer      Denby
Id41b      Mary          DUROE        Wife    M 44  F                        Idridgehay
Id41c      Joseph        DUROE        Son     S 14  M  General dom servant   Idridgehay
Id41d      Richard       DUROE        Son     S 10  M                        Idridgehay
Id41e      Dorothy       DUROE        Dau     S 7   F                        Idridgehay
#43------(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id42a      Charles       GAMBLE       Head    M 40  M  Grocer,provsn dealer  Idridgehay
Id42b      Elizabeth     GAMBLE       Wife    M 43  F                        Wirksworth
#44---Johnston Lane---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id43a      Sarah         STEEPLES     Head    S 55  F  Washer woman          Idridgehay
Id43b      John W        STEEPLES     Son     S 9   M                        Idridgehay
Id43c      Alfred        STEEPLES     Son     S 3   M                        Idridgehay
#45---Cliff Hill---[Idridgehay]---
Id44a      Hannah        HURT         Head    W 58  F  Dressmaker            Hazlewood
Id44b      George        HURT         Son     S 23  M  Railway clerk         Idridgehay
#46---Cliff Hill---[Idridgehay]---
Id45a      Joseph        TAYLOR       Head    W 51  M  Land surveyors asst   Wensley
Id45b      Frank         TAYLOR       Son     S 22  M  Land agents assist    Bonsall
Id45c      Lizzie        TAYLOR       Dau     S 21  F                        Bonsall
Id45d      Joseph        TAYLOR       Son     S 17  M  Railway clerk         Bonsall
Id45e      Charlotte     KNOWLES      Visitor M 26  F                        Stretford LAN
#47---Cliff Hill---[Idridgehay]---(page 9,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id46a      William       OAKLEY       Head    S 76  M  Retired brickmaker    Idridgehay
Id46b      George        HURT         Boarder S 29  M  General labourer      Idridgehay
Id46c      Thomas        HURT         Boarder S 28  M  General labourer      Idridgehay
#48---Cliff Hill---[Idridgehay]---
Id47a      William       BEETHORN     Head    M 73  M  Retd Excise Officer   Kendal WES
Id47b      Emma          BEETHORN     Wife    M 68  F                        Sheen STS
Id47c      Jenny E       BEETHORN     Dau     S 23  F                        Windley
#49---Cliff Hill---(3 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id48a      Arthur        SMEDLEY      Head    S 43  M  Ag labourer           Ireton Wood
#50---Cliff Hill---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id49a      Charles       TAYLOR       Head    W 71  M  General labourer      Ireton Wood
#51---Cliff Hill---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id50a      Thomas        SWINDELL     Head    W 64  M  General labourer      Brassington
#52---Cliff Hill---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id51a      William       OAKLEY       Head    M 49  M  Farmer,general lab    Idridgehay
Id51b      Eliza A       OAKLEY       Wife    M 48  F                        Turnditch
Id51c      Emma          FOSTER       Aunt    W 66  F  Living on own means   Idridgehay
#53---Cliff Ash---[Idridgehay]---
Id52a      William       WALKER       Head    M 33  M  Farmer                Callow
Id52b      Sarah A       WALKER       Wife    M 32  F                        Turnditch
Id52c      Thomas W      WALKER       Son     S 5   M                        Idridgehay
Id52d      Lucy          WALKER       Dau     S 4   F                        Idridgehay
Id52e      Arthur H      WALKER       Son     S 2   M                        Idridgehay
Id52f      Sarah A       WALKER       Dau     S 4m  F                        Idridgehay
Id52g      Hannah D      SLATER       Servant S 17  F  General servant dom   Kirk Ireton
Id52h      Ann           WALKER       Aunt    S 78  F  Living on own means   Idridgehay
#54---Cliff Ash---[Idridgehay]---
Id53a      William       WALKER       Head    M 72  M  Farmer                Idridgehay
Id53b      Sarah         WALKER       Wife    M 70  F                        Kirk Ireton
Id53c      George        RILEY        Servant S 22  M  Farm servant gen dom  Hulland
Id53d      Joseph        HODGKINSON   Servant S 18  M  Farm servant gen dom  Kirk Ireton
#55------(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id54a      Samuel        ALLSOP       Head    M 35  M  Coachman dom servant  Kirk Ireton
Id54b      Sarah H       ALLSOP       Wife    M 34  F                        Kirk Ireton
Id54c      James M       ALLSOP       Son     S 12  M  Scholar               Mark Eaton
Id54d      John T        ALLSOP       Son     S 9   M  Scholar               Codnor
Id54e      Ernest        ALLSOP       Son     S 7   M  Scholar               Langley Mill
#56------[Idridgehay]---(page 10,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id55a      John W        WAYNE        Head    M 47  M  Butcher               Turnditch
Id55b      Susan         WAYNE        Wife    M 47  F                        Hackney LND
Id55c      Emily         WAYNE        Dau     S 23  F  Dressmaker            East London LND
Id55d      Jemima        WAYNE        Dau     S 17  F                        Idridgehay
Id55e      George        WAYNE        Son     S 15  M  Butchers son          Idridgehay
Id55f      Louisa        WAYNE        Dau     S 13  F                        Idridgehay
Id55g      Ethel         WAYNE        Dau     S 7   F  Scholar               Idridgehay
Id55h      Gladys        WAYNE        Dau     S 2   F                        Idridgehay
Id55i      Elizabeth     WAYNE        Niece   S 15  F                        East London LND
Id55j      Lionel        LAWTON       Boarder S 24  M  Painter,genl house d  Morly YKS             Decorator
Id55k      George        THISLETON    Boarder S 17  M  Railway porter        Egremont LAN
#57---Alton Manor---[Idridgehay]---(page 11,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id56a      Henry W       WALTHALL     Head    S 61  M  Magistrate landowner  Ashover
Id56b      Joseph        CROFTS       Servant S 50  M  Butler dom servant    Holbrook
Id56c      Josiah W      STEVENSON    Servant S 19  M  Footman dom servant   Darley Dale
Id56d      Frances       PORT         Servant S 74  F  Housekeeper dom serv  Burton Trent STS
Id56e      Hannah        SIMMONS      Servant S 28  F  Cook dom servant      Thorpe Acre LEI
Id56f      Kate          WALKER       Servant S 18  F  Kitchenmaid dom serv  Spondon
Id56g      Sarah         ANDREW       Servant S 27  F  Upper housemaid       MiddletonTyas YKS
Id56h      Harriet       RALPHS       Servant S 16  F  Under housemaid       Henstock SAL
#58---The Lodge---[Idridgehay]---
Id57a      John          FEARN        Head    M 32  M  Coachman dom servant  Bradbourne
Id57b      Annie         FEARN        Wife    M 35  F                        Stanton
Id57c      Sarah         WARRINGTON   Niece   S 8   F                        Stanton
#59---Manor Farm---[Idridgehay]---
Id58a      George        BOWLER       Head    M 56  M  Farmer                Staffordshire STS
Id58b      Harriett      BOWLER       Wife    M 40  F  Farmers wife          Alton STS
Id58c      George        BOWLER       Son     S 21  M  Farmers son           Cheadleton STS
Id58d      Albert        BOWLER       Son     S 10  M  Scholar               Snelston
Id58e      Arthur        BOWLER       Son     S 7   M  Scholar               Snelston
Id58f      Trevor        BOWLER       Son     S 5   M  Scholar               Snelston
Id58g      Elizabeth H   BOWLER       Dau     S 10m F                        Ashleyhay
Id58h      Elizabeth     BOWLER       Mother  M 74  F  Living on own means   Ridings STS           Near Uttoxeter
Id58i      Josiah        BOWLER       Father  M 85  M  Living on own means   Longshaw STS          Near Cheadle
Id58j      Annie         SMITH        Visitor S 20  F                        Lancashire LAN
Id58k      Samuel        BRADLEY      Servant S 17  M  General dom servant   Ambergate             ["Hambergate"]
#60---Gardeners House---(4 rooms)---[Idridgehay]---
Id59a      Josiah        STEVENSON    Head    M 48  M  Gardener dom servant  East Hagbourn BRK
Id59b      Sarah         STEVENSON    Wife    M 52  F                        Hungerford BRK
Id59c      Frank         STEVENSON    Son     S 15  M  Scholar               Matlock Bath
#61---Alton Mill---[Idridgehay]---
Id60a      William       RILEY        Head    W 77  M  Farmer,miller         Callow
Id60b      Samuel        MELBOURNE    Son iL  M 27  M  Ag labourer           Callow
Id60c      Matilda       MELBOURNE    Dau     M 26  F                        Idridgehay
Id60d      Mary A        MELBOURNE    Gdau    S 1m  F                        Idridgehay
#62---Alton Mill---[Idridgehay]---
Id61a      Lydia         MELBOURNE    Head    W 33  F  Living on own means   Idridgehay
Id61b      Samuel        MELBOURNE    Son     S 10  M  Scholar               Duffield
Id61c      William       MELBOURNE    Son     S 9   M  Scholar               Duffield
Id61d      George        MELBOURNE    Son     S 7   M  Scholar               Duffield
Id61e      Maria         MELBOURNE    Dau     S 6   F  Scholar               Duffield
Id61f      John          MELBOURNE    Son     S 5   M  Scholar               Duffield
Id61g      Arthur        MELBOURNE    Son     S 3   M                        Duffield
#63---Alton Hall Farm---[Idridgehay]---(page 12,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id62a      James         RAINS        Head    M 62  M  Farmer                Griff Grange
Id62b      Eliza A       RAINS        Wife    M 58  F  Farmers wife          Ivon Brook Grange
Id62c      Hannah M      RAINS        Dau     S 28  F  Farmers dau           Ible
Id62d      John          RAINS        Son     S 25  M  Farmers son           Ible
Id62e      Ann E         RAINS        Dau     S 21  F  Farmers dau           Alton
Id62f      Lydia         RAINS        Dau     S 20  F  Farmers dau           Alton
Id62g      James         RAINS        Son     S 18  M  Farmers son           Alton
#64---Alton Farm---[Idridgehay]---
Id63a      William       SPENCER      Head    S 55  M  Farmer                Alton
Id63b      Phoebe        TANSLEY      Sister  M 49  F  Farmers sister        Alton
Id63c      Hannah        BUTLER       Servant S 40  F  General dom servant   Biggin
#65---Heapy's House---[Idridgehay]---(page 13,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Id64a      Samuel        HEAPY        Head    W 62  M  General labourer      Idridgehay
#1---Grange Mill---[Ivonbrook]---(page 4,ED 20, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Ir1a        William T     BEESTON      Head    M 28  M  Farmer                Hulland Ward
Ir1b        Mary          BEESTON      Wife    M 31  F                        Ible
Ir1c        Isaac S       BEESTON      Son       3   M                        Ireton Wood
Ir1d        John W W      BEESTON      Son       1   M                        Ireton Wood
#2---Grange Mill---[Ivonbrook]---
Ir2a        John W        ROOSE        Head    M 33  M  Farmer                Manchester LAN
Ir2b        Ellen         ROOSE        Wife    M 35  F                        Ivonbrook Grange
Ir2c        Garnet E B    ROOSE        Son       9   M  Scholar               Ivonbrook Grange
#3---Tophill Farm---[Ivonbrook]---
Ir3a        Robert A      RAINS        Head    M 45  M  Farmer                Brassington
Ir3b        Mary A        RAINS        Wife    M 42  F                        Bradbourne
Ir3c        Sarah A       RAINS        Dau     S 21  F  Farmers dau           Bradbourne
Ir3d        Thomas H      RAINS        Son       15  M  Farmers son           Ivonbrook Grange
Ir3e        Florence E    RAINS        Dau       11  F  Scholar               Ivonbrook Grange
Ir3f        Samuel        RAINS        Son       10  M  Scholar               Ivonbrook Grange
Ir3g        Robert A      RAINS        Son       1   M                        Ivonbrook Grange
Ir3h        Stephen       RAINS        Son       7m  M                        Ivonbrook Grange
#4---Wigley Meadow---[Ivonbrook]---
Ir4a        George        KENWORTHY    Head    W 76  M  Farmer                Youlgreave
Ir4b        Ann           PARKER       Dau     M 42  F  Housekeeper           Youlgreave
Ir4c        Sarah         PARKER       Gdau    S 17  F                        Youlgreave
Ir4d        George W      PARKER       Gson    S 15  M  Lab agricultural      Youlgreave
Ir4e        James G       PARKER       Gson      12  M  Scholar               Youlgreave
Ir4f        Benjamin H    PARKER       Gson      9   M  Scholar               Youlgreave
Ir4g        Ruth          PARKER       Gdau      3   F                        Welham NTT
Ir4h        James         KENWORTHY    Son     M 37  M  Lab agricultural      Youlgreave
Ir4i        Sarah         KENWORTHY    Dau iL  M 29  F                        Youlgreave
Ir4j        Elizabeth G   KENWORTHY    Gdau      3   F                        Youlgreave
Ir4k        George        KENWORTHY    Gson      1   M                        Ivonbrook Grange
#5---Spout Farm---[Ivonbrook]---(page 5,ED 20, RSD "Matlock",RG12/2776)---
Ir5a        Elizabeth     RAINS        Head    W 81  F  Farmer                Shottle
Ir5b        Ann           RAINS        Dau     S 53  F  Farmers dau           Ivonbrook Grange
Ir5c        Samuel        RAINS        Son     S 51  M  Farmers son           Ivonbrook Grange
Ir5d        James         RAINS        Son     S 48  M  Farmers son           Ivonbrook Grange
Ir5e        Thomas        RAINS        Son     S 46  M  Farmers son           Ivonbrook Grange
Ir5f        Hannah        RAINS        Dau     S 44  F  Famers dau            Ivonbrook Grange
Ir5g        George        RAINS        Son     S 42  M  Farmers son           Ivonbrook Grange
Ir5h        Harriet       EVANS        Gdau      17  F  Farmers Granddau      Youlgreave
#1---Maglane---[Ireton Wood]---(page 1,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Iw01a      James         SMITH        Head    M 39  M  Farmer,preacher       Willington            Primitive  Methodist local preacher
Iw01b      Elizabeth A   SMITH        Wife    M 34  F                        Hulland Ward
Iw01c      David         SMITH        Son     S 11  M                        Willington
Iw01d      John D        SMITH        Son     S 10  M  Scholar               Willington
Iw01e      James E       SMITH        Son     S 8   M  Scholar               Horninglow STS
Iw01f      Isaac         SMITH        Son     S 4   M                        Burton Trent STS
Iw01g      Silas G W     SMITH        Son     S 2   M                        Burton Trent STS
Iw01h      Fred          SMITH        Son       1m  M                        Ireton Wood
#2---Hillside Farm---[Ireton Wood]---
Iw02a      Charles       SMITH        Head    M 38  M  Farmer,gardener       Markeaton
Iw02b      Hannah        SMITH        Wife    M 36  F                        Ireton Wood
Iw02c      Florance E    SMITH        Dau     S 12  F  Scholar               Milford
Iw02d      Charles H     SMITH        Son       7   M  Scholar               Milford
Iw02e      Ethel H       SMITH        Dau       3   F                        Milford
Iw02f      George        SMITH        Father  M 78  M  Retired coachman      Marchington STS
Iw02g      Martha        SMITH        Mother  M 77  F                        High Burton YKS
#3---Rakestones Farm---[Ireton Wood]---
Iw03a      George        KAY          Head    M 71  M  Farmer                Ireton Wood
Iw03b      Elizabeth     KAY          Wife    M 55  F                        Aston Trent
Iw03c      George        KAY          Son     S 23  M  Farmers son           Ireton Wood
Iw03d      Martha        KAY          Dau     S 18  F                        Ireton Wood
Iw03e      William       KAY          Son     S 16  M                        -
#4---The Laurels---[Ireton Wood]---
Iw04a      Frederick F   FOOTTIT      Head    S 40  M  Artist, landscape &   Barnsley YKS          Landscape and Figure
Iw04b      Ann           ROWBOTTOM    Sister  W 50  F                        Shephill YKS
Iw04c      Lillian M     ROWBOTTOM    Niece   S 21  F                        Derby
Iw04d      William S     GREEN        Boarder S 25  M  Architect             Bilston STS
Iw04e      Mary M        GREEN        Visitor S 22  F  Modiste               Bilston STS           [dressmaker]
Iw04f      Mary J        SAWLEY       Visitor S 26  F  Modiste               Bilston STS           [dressmaker]
#5---Windly Lane---(4 rooms)---[Ireton Wood]---
Iw05a      Robert        TAYLOR       Head    M 65  M  Farmer                Ireton Wood
Iw05b      Mary          TAYLOR       Wife    M 66  F                        Ireton Wood
Iw05c      Ellen         TAYLOR       Dau     S 22  F  Farmers dau           Matlock
#6---Top House---[Ireton Wood]---(page 2,ED 9, RSD "Wirksworth",RG12/2750)---
Iw06a      George        JEFFREY      Head    M 46  M  Farmer                Derby
Iw06b      Mary          JEFFREY      Wife    M 54  F  Farmers wife          Ireton Wood
Iw06c      John W        JEFFREY      Son     S 15  M  Farmers son           Ripley
Iw06d      Hugh B        JEFFREY      Son     S 14  M  Farmers son           Ireton Wood
Iw06e      Mary A E      JEFFREY      Dau     S 12  F  Farmers dau           Ireton Wood
Iw06f      Georgina      JEFFREY      Dau     S 10  F  Scholar               Kirk Ireton
Iw06g      Frances N L   DAUBERY      Visitor M 52  F  Living on own means   Loughborough LEI
#7------[Ireton Wood]---
Iw07a      Bryan         COLEBOURN    Head    M 44  M  Enginedriver,st eng   Hulland Ward          Stationary engine
Iw07b      Julia         COLEBOURN    Wife    M 43  F                        Kirk Ireton
Iw07c      Sarah         COLEBOURN    Dau     S 16  F                        Kirk Ireton
Iw07d      Bryan         COLEBOURN    Son       8   M                        Ireton Wood
Iw07e      Joseph        WRIGHT       Boarder S 31  M  Labourer ag           Kirk Ireton
#8------[Ireton Wood]---
Iw08a      William       BEESON       Head    S 45  M  Farmer                Ireton Wood
Iw08b      Ann           BEESON       Sister  S 49  F  Housekeeper           Ireton Wood
Iw08c      Elizabeth     ABELL        Sister  M 47  F  General domestic      Ireton Wood
Iw08d      Lucy L        ABELL        Niece     10  F  Scholar               Ireton Wood
Iw08e      Ethel A       ABELL        Niece     8   F  Scholar               Halifax YKS
Iw08f      William       SLATER       Servant W 57  M  General labourer      Turnditch

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