Updated 28 Mar 2002

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Order Microfilm for 1891 Census

Want to order 1891 Census microfilm from the PRO (Public Records Office)?
Here's what I did to get microfilm of the Wirksworth Area to use for
the Census transcriptions in this website.

  1. Browse PRO website for microfilm ref numbers. Browse catalogue.pro.gov.uk which is the Public Record Office Online Catalogue. (PROCAT) Enter "RG12" and click "GO" (to the 1891 Census selection) Scroll down to "Derbyshire". Click on "+" for Derbyshire. Click on "+" for the Registration District that you want. Read off the reference number (eg "RG12/2750" for Wirksworth.) Collect and record all the reference numbers you need.
  2. E-mail PRO for an estimate. To: (repro-ordering@pro.gov.uk) Sir, Please send me an estimate for microfilm copies of the following records in your possession: 1891 Census of England & Wales 35mm duplicate DIAZO microfilm (from existing film) Reg Reg Code District Sub-District Class/Piece Coverage Quantity 437 Belper------Wirksworth,-----RG12/2750 All 1 only ----------------Godfreyhole ----------------Gorseybank ----------------Millers Green ----------------Bolehill ----------------Alderwasley, ----------------Ashlehay, ----------------Idridghay, ----------------Ireton Wood, ----------------Shottle 438 Ashbourne---Biggin----------RG12/2751 All 1 only ----------------Hulland Ward, ----------------H W Intakes, 438 Ashbourne---Brassington,----RG12/2756 All 1 only ----------------Bonsall, ----------------Carsington, ----------------Callow, ----------------Hopton, ----------------Ible, ----------------Kirk Ireton, ----------------Middleton 440 Bakewell----Matlock,--------RG12/2775 All 1 only ----------------Matlock Bath 440 Bakewell----Matlock,--------RG12/2776 All 1 only ----------------Matlock Bank ----------------Starkholmes ----------------Tansley, ----------------Cromford, ----------------Ivonbrook Grange Contact me at: John Palmer, 29 Sutherland Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB phone: 01202-69-63-61. e-mail: (john.palmer@wirksworth.org.uk) Sincerely, John Palmer
  3. Estimate received from PRO. Reply from PRO, received 5 days later: Dear Mr Palmer, Thank you for your enquiry about microfilm. I enclose an estimate of cost of your order/invoice. The unit prices are guaranteed for three months only. Payment should be made in advance and forwarded with the estimate/invoice, which should be signed and dated and sent to the following address: Finance Section, Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond, Surry, TW9 4DU. Your order will take approximately 4 weeks to complete from receipt of your remittance. Please note that if the estimate/invoice is not returned with payment it is likely to result in a delay in processing your order. Orders will not be accepted for microfilm orders where they do not constitute a whole piece. Yours sincerely Microfilm Officer e-mail ralph.bryan@pro.gov.uk
  4. Estimate. Estimate received with above letter: PRO Ref: 95472 Estimate No: 95472 Date: 26 Mar 03 Quantity Description Unit Price Cost 66.00 Microfilm Diazo Duplicate per metre 0.90 59.40 DOCUMENT REFERENCE NO. OF METERS RG 12/2750-2751 23 RG 12/2756 13 RG 12/2775-2776 30 1.00 POST/PACK BASED ON ACTUALS, 4.73 GBP MIN 4.73 4.73 TOTAL: 64.13
  5. Order sent. Estimate signed and dated. Order form filled in, credit card number added. Posted same day 28 Mar 2002
  6. Order received. Order received ........, after ... weeks

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